Do You Trust This Man With Your Future?

by | Mar 23, 2012 | Headline News | 304 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Despite every critical forecast he made resulting in the exact opposite of what he predicted, the mainstream media, government officials and financial institutions continue to trust him to inform us of the state of our economy, our country’s fiscal health, and the stability of our monetary system (all of which are doing just fine, by the way).

    The Great Forecasts Gone Wrong, By Ben Bernanke (Via The Daily Crux):

    Mr. Bernanke maintains that inflation is under control, the Fed’s loose monetary policy was not responsible for the housing bubble (or any historical price bubbles, for that matter), and full recovery is dead ahead.

    Nevermind that 11 of 13 leading economic indicators have missed consensus estimates, home sales are trending down again, food stamp participation is rising, alternative unemployment statistics are above 20%, gas prices are about to break new records, and our national debt is up over 50% since President Obama came into office.

    There is absolutely nothing to worry about here.

    Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner, and President Obama have everything under control.


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      1. first

        • First what? Idiot? Grow up! Let’s stay on subject, or is this above your heads and too much for your pea-brains?!

          • This was a great site to come to and discuss serious issues. But if this crap continues on with “hidden due to low commit” and “first” then I’ll take my business else were. I understand completely about peoples first amendment rights. And that’s why I haven’t spoke up and said anything until now. This isn’t about someones right to say something. There NOT saying anything that has to do with the subjects. I would really appreciate the monitor doing some monitoring. These clowns are just that, clowns. Come on, just look all the thumbs down on these people. The people that visit this site don’t like it either. Please do something about it soon before the people here start to leave. This was a great site for a long time. I’d love to see it that way aegean.
            Your articles are great, but some of these comments really do need to be monitored. My best regards, Dean.

            • You would stop visiting a site because some guy thinks it’s funny to get under your skin. Move on and stop being the child you blame these guys of being. It’s the word first and they do it ONLY because they know it pisses someone off. It get’s a rise out of you and they know it. Rise above it Dean. We can’t fix or make everyone conform to one way of thinking.

        • More Proof

          • Talking to yerself again?
            (Word:ya Need 2 change UR
            Writing style……..)


            • Funny,how these trolls
              cannot seemto get past
              the Veneer -hey, SAM? Howxitgoin?

              You FAILED miserably(?)with
              the TekRoanin Psy-Op

              Nice try, though. i guess

              Almost forgot- Lets see if
              You can possibly Top Soakie

              Cheerio 🙂

            • … there is only one tekroanin. established 1998.

              … tekroanin = ninaorket = NinaO ;0P pssszzt

              … and my baby is very concerned his bad DHS FREEMAN DOMESTIC TERRORIST LISTED tainted name is being used by none FBI Anti-Terrorist personnel!

              … I suggest you find another name for your little Psy-Ops Domestic Terrorist Party!

              … Thank You! ;0) have a nice NWO Zionist Fascist Tax Debt Slave Day! ;0)

              … Toodles!

              ~NinaO’s Mummy Dearest

        • I did not know ole Ben was a virgin. LOL!!!

          • where did u hear this?

      2. Ahhhh…what the heck….FIRST!!

        • Even More

          • Aww..whats the matter princess, can’t handle anyone having a little fun? Maybe your part of the problem. Explain to everyone how calling first is in any way distracting to the article. There are so many off topic posts on here sometimes you have to scroll back up to remember what the subject was. You and people like you will NOT be able to survive a SHTF scenario because your a bit too sensitive. When the world becomes kill or be killed you will be hiding like a scared little girl. I have been a prepper for a long time and came to realize that sometimes you have to take a break and have some fun. Don’t worry, your testicles will drop some day…probably.

            • Dangit,BRW-shh,-everything is all
              Fine, now, Marsha wasn’t hurt(?)-or
              was she?

        • I just red thumbed ya. you are now just 1 red thumb behind the first first. If you pass bearhead, it will be a shtfplan milestone(record)for you. Something to be proud of, the rest of your days. Kevin-shtfplan “first” record holder

          • You could and do carry on a conversation with yourself. So, you can count.

      3. Trust your government. Ask any american indian.

        • Trust the Jews, ask Jesus.

          • Wow! What an Anti-Semitic thing to say!!! Jesus was a Jew too, ya know. And it wasn’t the Jews that put Him to death… it was God that allowed it so that His plan would be fulfilled. Or, did you not know that? Ya know… John 3:16?
            “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.”

            • It wasn’t really the Jews, it was the Pharisees and scribes that had “infiltrated” via living in Judea, that caused him to be put to death. Mat 12:14 Then the Pharisees went out, and held a council against him, how they might destroy him…. They were doing the work of the Jewish church/priests which were intimidated by Christ. They were actually and formerly from the tribe of the Kennites (translated as “sons(offspring) of Cain). Jesus even told them they claimed to be Jews, but were of their father,the devil, the first murderer….. God allowed it,cause he knew it must happen that way; but it wasn’t the jews that did it. Just sayin’

            • “And they come to Jerusalem: and Jesus went into the temple, and began to cast out them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves; and would not suffer that any man should carry any vessel through the temple. And he taught saying unto them, is it not written, my house shall be called upon nations the house of prayer? but ye have made it a DEN OF THIEVES. and the scribes and priest heard it, and sought how they might DESTROY him: for THEY feared him, because all the people were astonished at his doctrine.

              When jews refer to gentiles as goyem, Do you tell them- WOW, what an anti-gentile thing to say??? NO you don’t!

              When the news anchors tell you that arab muslims, think we are infedels, so we should kill them(arab muslims are semites), do you say- Wow, what an anti-semitic thing to say???? NO you don’t!

              When the israeli’s bomb and kill arab muslims(since they are arabs they are semites) Do you say-Wow, what an anti-semitic thing to do. No you don’t.

              When the united states government bombs and kills arab muslims(they are arab, so they are semites) do you say-Wow what a anti-semitic thing to do. NO you don’t.

              I do not like or dislike any group more or less then any other. What I am trying to point out to you is that you and a majority of americans have been conditioned by the mass media and others to think a certain way. WAKE UP SHEOPLE!

              By the way, I think jesse Jackson is an a$$hole. I know, Wow, what a racist thing to say.

            • Christ said that no man takes His life but freely gave it. He was God in human flesh. At the very least, He could have called the angels of Heaven to destroy the earth. It was not the point of a roman spear and sword or even the nails that held Him to the cross, it was my sin and His love and mercy towards me that put Him there.

            • “Jesus answered: Thou [Pontius Pilate] shouldst not have any power against me, unless it were given thee from above. Therefore, he that hath delivered me to thee [Caiphas], hath the greater sin.”
              John 19:11

              “And the WHOLE people answering, said: His blood be upon us and our children.”
              Matthew 27:25

              “…the synagogue of SATAN, who SAY they are Jews, and are NOT, but do LIE. ”
              Apocalypse 3:9

            • Thumbs up and a salute for you!

          • Anti semetic? Wacked Jesus, enslaved a planet with debt. I could go on.

            It’s time we look at zionism for what it is.

            • Anti-semitic…anti-gentile. Who cares about labels? It’s what’s in the heart that counts.
              God’s plan was, from the beginning, that Jesus would be killed by evil men. And by faith in him, we can have his sacrifice as OUR substitute offering to cover our sins.
              And let’s not forget the most important thing- Jesus didn’t stay in the grave. And he isn’t dead now!

              Don’t get me started preaching or we’ll be here all night! There’s lots more to say on the subject, but if I go any further I’ll have to pass the collection plate. And I know you’re all such tightwads the First Church of the Smokinest Okie(Reformed) would go broke!

          • For the most part Kev, I see were you are coming from. However; as for me, I do dislike one or three groups more than the others and it has nothing to do with their ethnicity or me being conditioned by anyone. I hate faggots, atheists, and muslims. If hating muslims makes me a sinner or bigot, than so be it. They have a false religion and pray to a god that doesn’t exist. Their religion says it’s ok to kill anyone that dosen’t think or beliece like they do. They believe in killing their own chldren if they decide they don’t want to believe in a fake saviour and god; or even if they just want to fit in with Americans and keep their religion to themselves. Is it possible you have become too politically correct?

            • Talking about Muslims, my dad made an interesting point to me the other day. The muslim religion has alot of things in common with the old babylonian(sp?) religion. The Bible talks about the rise of babylon in the last days I believe. Perhaps this is referring to the muslim religion. I have to shake my head when I hear, “islam is a religion of peace”, but yet they kill innocent people for not converting to their religion. They go on a rampage if you burn a koran. Yep, sounds like a religion of peace and tolerance to me.
              I do not hate someone for what they do but I do hate what they do. Without Christ, I would be just as guilty as they. We are all sinners and God died for us all. (Romans 3:23). We all deserve hell and by His grace and mercy paid our price on the cross.

            • I agree with SmokinOk, It’s whats in the heart that counts. For referancing purposes, the label semitic shouldn’t be used for the Jews. Semite labeling was derived from the offspring of Shem, the oldest son of Noah. Racial identification by linguistic argument is always precarious, and the question is; who really are the jews? In biblical days, the “Jew” was describing anyone that lived in Judea. That’s how the imposters,Pharisees and Scribes, infilterated the “House of Juda”, and (Judah) and were also called Jews. Since Judah was one of the original twelve tribes that were known as the “Israelites” and remained in the country of Israel along with the tribe of Benjamin, they have been referred to as Israel through out most of history. In all reality the “house of Israel”, the other ten tribes, which were taken captive by the Assyrians and crossed the Caucus Mountains to settle through out most of western Europe and later to North America being called Caucasians; are more the “house of Israel” than the now called Jews. When People make referance to the “Jewish” people as being “God’s only chosen people”, they speak in error. God’s covenant was with Abraham, Iasiac and Jacob, and the twelve tribes that followed, including Joseph’s and the Jews. Abraham’s son Ishmael was not included with that covenant. God loved Ishmael and his descendants, the Persian and Arabian peoples, and has given them the same oportunity for salvation as he has everyone else he created, but only by the blood of his “only” begotten son, Jesus Christ! NOT Mohammed. Hope this helps with clarification and NO collection plate please, unless you want to help Mac with keeping this site up. Back to prepping for the storm.

            • So, you hate atheists because they don’t beleive in what you do? Gee, that’s a good christian attitude! LOL!

            • and faggots hate you. You pap smear breath.

          • Wow Kevin, it never ceases to amaze me: the ignorance of so-called christians. They don’t even know their own Bible. Jesus was a Jew, born to the House of David on his mother’s side. The Old Testament mentions the coming Lamb of God who would take away the sins of the world. Jesus himself alluded to this many times in the Gospels. As the the Son of God he had to shed his blood to expiate the sins of all mankind. It wasn’t the Jews who killed Jesus, it was everyone who sinned. But perhaps it’s your anti-semitism that has interfered with you education and thereby, your ability to read. Do you often refere to 5th grade as your “Senior Year”?

            • @G8- I wread every comment above, word for word those were interesting and thought provoking. I got to yours,and for some reason I laughed. Did I say Jesus was not a jew? NO. Did I say anything about the blood line of Jesus?? NO. Did I say anything about the circumstances around his death? NO. Did I point out that not just jews are semites? YES. For some reason the only thing you did not address was my main point(why is that). Palastinians, and some muslims ARE arabs, are they not? So that makes them semites. You speak of David, why is that? The kingly line of the jews perhaps?(you jewish? my 5th grade brain can’t tell) Since you brought up the old testement, I will bring up the new testement. Didn’t the jewish people lose their status as the chosen people for breaking their pact with God???????

            • Kevin : I was commenting on you earlier remark about not trusting the Jews, “just ask Jesus”, it appeared to be anti-semitic. If I am mistaken in this belief, then I apologize for lumping you in with John Q. who regularly goes on these illiterate anti-Jewish tirades. I wrote my piece before seeing your second comment. Again, my apologies.

            • @G8-I only have a few problems with the jews and none of them have to do with religion. 1- Duel israeli/us citizenships in our government(makes me question their loyalty to the usa). 2- Our media is dominated/payed off by them( THAT is DOCUMENTED in senate hearings and you will NEVER,NEVER,NEVER see an anti-israeli story in our media) 3-The fiat banking systems hierarchy is dominated by them(I hate that system, its communist,and anti-us constitution, and it funds these wars) 4-The phrase “anti-semite”(its a label meant to divide,like “racism).

              That phrae “anti-semetic” is the big one!!!

              Why is there such a phrase?

              Why is it, if you even wisper any kind of criticism of isreal/jews, you get shouted down/labeled?

              Why is it, we are encouraged by our media, and others to hate and criticize arabs,palastinians, and muslims. Why can’t we hate the hindu’s? ?

              Why is it that 3 million deaths of jewish people ALWAYS outweighs(in our media,politicians, and movie culture) the 30-35 million that died in WW2?

              Why are we taught that others are the chosen people?(what does that make me? un-chosen) What happend to “all men are created equal, are endowed by their creator”?

              I do not CARE if johnq speaks his mind about me,muslims,jews or anything else. I have wread anti-everything else on this blog. What has happened to FREEDOM OF SPEACH in our country? (doesn’t mean I agree with him)

              These are QUESTIONS I ask you,america,and myself.
              I believe we have been brainwashed on many issues, such as: our world view,racism, interpretation of history,interpretation of current world events, and yes-“anti-semetism”. Don’t take this the wrong way(I am not being, and hope you don’t take this as, hateful,disrespectful to you or your apology)BUT I need ANSWERS to these questions I ask myself and america, NOT apologies.

            • I cannot think that we are useless or God would not have created us. There is one God looking down on us all. We are all the children of one God. The sun, the darkness, the winds are all listening to what we have to say.” -Geronimo

          • God says this concerning the Jews:

            (Gen 12:3 NIV) I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

            • Have you wread any of the new testement? Glenn(beck) is that you?

            • there is no god!!! It was all made up to controll people… and it works!!!

            • Barncat, PLEASE read the Holy Bible more carefully.

              God made the Genesis 12:3 covenant with ABRAM when he was a GENTILE.

              Notwithstanding errant exegesis by Protestant dispensationalists and Zionists, God was not speaking to or about Jewish people because THERE WAS NO JEWISH NATION THEN, THERE WERE NO JEWISH PEOPLE THEN—ABRAM, NOT YET ABRAHAM, WAS STILL A GENTILE and God was speaking to Abram alone.

              St. Paul affirms in Galatians 3:6-8 that God’s covenant with Abram, later Abraham, was made to him as a Gentile:

              “As it is written: Abraham believed God, and it was reputed to him unto justice. Know ye therefore, that THEY WHO ARE OF FAITH [not those who deny the Faith, not those who revile Jesus], the same are the children of Abraham. And the scripture, foreseeing, that God justifieth the GENTILE by faith, told unto Abraham before: In thee shall all nations be blessed.”

              St. Paul further elaborates on the justification of and covenant with Abraham BEFORE he was a Jew in Romans chapter 4.

            • Wow, stumbled into the “holy roller” hour when I was expecting a commentary on the Bernanke snake. And according to the current “clock” it isn’t even Sunday yet. Times must be bad at “holy” for the collection plate to be making the rounds this early.

              Believe what you want, it is still a “semi-free country”, but do try to stay relevant to the topic. I feel certain there are numerous “religious blogs” where many of these observations, assumptions, and proclaimations would be better posted/received.

              Personally, don’t have a “religious bone” in my body. Spiritual…absolutely, but “man-made and endorsed religion” is anathema in my unhumbled opinion. Don’t disappoint me “red-thumbs”.

            • @yental,

              Ditto, glad to hear I am not the only one who has the same thoughts!

            • This has been sitting in moderation limbo since March 23.

              Gentiles, by faith, are Abraham’s heirs.

              The Synagogue of Satan, those who SAY they are Jews, and are NOT, but do LIE (Apocalypse 3:9) are NOT Abraham’s heirs. Those who instigated the judicial murder of Jesus Christ and who now revile Jesus Christ are not Abraham’s heirs.

              This is how God judges them:

              axe laid to the root (Matthew 3:10)
              cast into the fire (Matthew 3:10; 7:19; Luke 3:9)
              condemned (Mark 16:16)
              cut down (Matthew 3:10)
              in vain do they worship me (Matthew 15:9; Mark 7:7)
              judgment of Hell (Matthew 23:33)
              shall be broken (Matthew 21:44)
              shall be ground into powder (Matthew 21:44)
              the kingdom of God shall be taken from you (Matthew 21:43)
              woe (Matthew 23:13, 14, 15, 16, 23, 25, 27; Luke 11:42, 46, 47, 52)
              wrath (Matthew 3:7; Luke 3:7; 21:23; St. Paul in I Thessalonians 2:16)
              you do not enter the kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 23:13)

              Some “blessing” God gives them!

              So PLEASE read your Bible more carefully. Please THINK more carefully. Don’t be a fool or a slave of the genocidal synagogue. Prosecute the guilty; leave the innocent alone.

            • And I say read more Dawkins, Hitchens and Harris.

              Do we still need bronze age thinking in this modern age? Nope.

              Does science answer all questions? Nope, nor does it claim too. Do they change their views when new findings or evidence is put forward and peer reviewed? Yes. Is there bad science out there? Yes, normally paid for by those who want the answers their way (Monsanto anyone?)

              I read the whole bible (old/new) front to back (fastest way to make an atheist). Slightly more peaceful then the Koran (read that too) but only by a hair. Least if you turn your back on the bible/god you’re not suppose to be killed immediately. But anyone that doesn’t convert is to be killed (though no time line is given that I can recall).

              But to be as arrogant and ignorant to say your god is the true/only god and everyone else’s is fake, is just that. It’s funny that people believe god would have made contact with some of the least intelligent people on the planet at that time instead of the Chinese. The Chinese at the time were already scholars, and doing advanced mathematics. Capable of sailing great distances (evidence suggests maybe even making it to Ireland via the North Passage).

              And don’t forget, don’t bash atheists, everyone is one. Unless you believe in every god ever invented. For example, do you worship Zeus? If not you’re an atheist in regards to Zeus.

              My favorite quote of late, “So making a woman wear a burka is religious oppression. But telling a woman she cannot have an abortion is freedom of religion?” Isn’t telling someone else what they can/cannot do wrong, period? What if the Buddhists are right, and they’re not against abortions (actually have no stance on it) and everyone else’s god is wrong. You’ve not forced your misguided beliefs on someone else possibly endangering their lives. Should the woman have to tell EVERYONE that she has complications with the pregnancy and is terminating it for medical reasons? She has to make this possibly humiliating information known to the world (what if she was raped by her father, yeah that won’t emotionally scar her or anything)? She will be hassled outside of the clinic by small minded arrogant and ignorant people otherwise. Do these people have the right to publicly humiliate this poor woman who just wants to live or try to restore some normalcy to her life?

              I’m personally not a fan of abortions for non-medical reasons or rape/incest (say as a form of birth control). But it’s not my place, nor would I presume to be so arrogant as to think it was, to tell anyone that if they mentioned they were going to have one.

              But to have the government tell everyone how to live their lives based on a religion of many (but not all) is completely and immorally wrong. If you’re against abortion, then don’t have one!

              I think religion on a whole is outdated and used to control people. But I don’t go door to door telling my neighbors this. People on here can get a gist of what I’m saying and move on, they’re not forced to read all of this.

              Now then, if you managed to read down to here AND stay awake AND agree with me, give me a big thumbs down as I’m against the establishment. So up is bad, down is good.

              Hope everyone has a great day/night.

          • Sorry I don’t trust a person based upon their religion. That your comment insinuates that you do is troubling. Please seek psychiatric help immediately. Only large doses of Haldol and Geodon can save you from the alien invaders. Don your tin foil hat!!!!

            • WOW!! 2000 years on from Jesus and people are STILL using religion for an excuse to hate one another. Jews did it!! No!! It was Muslims!!! Wait – what about Chritians?!! Let’s blame them too!!!
              The Christians did it!!!
              Them dirty Arabs have murder in their hearts!! Let’s just kill em all of them because that’s what they really want to do to us!!!! And when we exterminate all the Arabs and Muslims we’ll just say the Jews made us do it. So its there fault!!!
              Hmmmm …..Do I see a pattern here?
              Doesn’t matter what religion someone is – If you use religion as a platform to hate another group because they are “evil” or they are “murderous” or “they” aren’t of our Religion, therefore they are wrong in there thinking, so should be wiped from existence, then you aren’t Religious.
              You are a murderous scum bag using Religion as an excuse to harm or oppress others who aren’t of your faith and therefore you can safely say that you are a brain washed nut job.
              Grow up. Learn to show some compassion. And stop letting yourself being led along by your nose.
              Muslims AREN’T taught to hate through the teachings of the Koran. And Christians don’t learn from Bilbe teachings that they must hate non Chritians.
              I challenge any one on this site, reading my little rant, to prove to me WHERE in the Bible, that it says Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddists or any other Religion should be errdicated for their Faiths?

              WHAT, are people thinking?

            • Don’t be too quick to issue that kind of challenge; I am positive that most of these knuckleheads could find verses in triplicate in each representative text expressing why their religion is the one true religion and all nonbelievers need to be killed/will rot in hell, etc.

            • @ Able Sable

              No Christian here suggested eradicating anyone. No Christian here even remotely suggested that Scripture teaches us to do that.

              On the other hand, Judaism’s holy books and the rabbis, then and NOW, teach that non-Jews are not human and should be eradicated whenever possible—and they have certainly done that through the millennia, especially in the twentieth century.

              Prosecute those guilty of crimes against humanity, including economic crimes against humanity; leave the innocent alone.

            • I really did not want to post this BUT, why not. “how to kill goyem and influence people”. I know. Since I posted this I AM BEING ANTI-SEMETIC. I will pick on the catholics next thread.

            • [sigh] More delayed “moderation”:

              Here is a recent example of Judaic genocidal racism resulting in the death of a Florida man:

              Connect the dots:
              (1) what Chabad teaches about killing Gentiles &
              (2) what the Chabadniks did—they dumped a dying man off their property, a man who had celebrated Purim with them. They didn’t call an ambulance. They let the Gentile die, EXACTLY as their Master Race creed teaches.

              Chabad’s rabbis discuss Maimonides’ advice on killing Gentiles:
              Scroll down to the Commentary on Halacha 1:

              Understand what a Gentile’s life is worth to the Master Race.

            • To Karma, Mike L, and Able Sable; I don’t want you to say all Christians think as I do. Most don’t and that is probably a good thing. Secondly, don’t confuse “christianity” with religions. Christianity is a way of life, and it is not contingent upon any one sect or religion (Mormon,Catholic,Babtist,etc.etc.). I just said I “hate” faggots(male homosexuals) because God hates Homosexuality. God doesn’t change just because the times and the world does. He could give a hoot about “political correctness”. God hated faggotism so much that He destroyed every man,woman,child and animal in several cities; mostly talked about was Sodom and Gommorah. Why I hate “atheist”; if they don’t believe in the one and only God, the Father of all living, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, they will probably fall for anything and anything else would be either making themselves to be a god or falling under the spirit of an evil god. I hate both of these types or groups of people and don’t want to associate or have them any where near my family. As far as muslims, there are probably some peaceful ones but I won’t put my children in a position of testing that possibility. Most are so devouted to their belief they follow any orders put forth by their leaders. Those orders are not from the the one and only true God. The reason I am even putting this out there is because the shit is about to hit the fan, and this site is all about “preparring” for it. If you live near or know anyone living near muslims here in America, you had better be prepared. Muhammed Hisham Kabbini- The Chairman of the Islamic Supreme Council of America, has said quote; “…the Mahdi will lead a World Revolution that will institute a “New World Order” based on the religion of Islam. The Mahdi will offer the religion of Islam to the Jews and Christians;if they accept it they will be spared, otherwise they will be “killed”….and prophet Jesus will be the “executioner under” Mahdi… and Islam will be victorious over all the religions.” unquote. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t want any part of Islam, Chrislam, or Muslim. Sounds more like “evil” than “peaceful to me, and it definetely isn’t coming from the God I worship. You decide and prepare accordingly. I have too many elderly and children that will depend on me when SHTF, and I won’t take a chance that some Muslim may kill them to take what they need for survival. All the “political correctness” in the world won’t save you when an order, to kill all that isn’t muslim, is put forth by the Islamic leaders. “You” can give them a big christian hug for me.

        • When you get to the stage when bernyankme flies in front of the moon, it’s hilarious. Brings a smile to my face everytime. 5270 yeehaa!

        • Thank you Kevin. Yes you are right. We all need a little fun now and again. And as for all of those who put the hate on you for first you can clearly see none of them stayed on topic. LOL

      4. Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner, and President Obama are the holes of an ass.

        • Ben Bernake, Tim Geitner they’re arsonists looking for more matches. And Congress is say “Who do we make the check out to! :)”

        • Bill, honestly, stop it! Assholes all over the world are insulted by this comparison.

          • Net – Good point. Sorry. 🙂

      5. i dont trust obama or about 90 percent of the liberals and about 20 percent of the republicans. we need to watch ourselfs and not worry about any of this crap, just be prepared and have many backup plans. it amazes me that with all the technology and all the FBI,CIA,DEA,DHS and so many more that we cant for once and for all know for sure if obama is even legally allowed to give orders. i love the clip i saw on u tube from when obama tried shaking the hands of russia political people and they didnt shake his hand, made my day. he deserves this and obama trying to take over our lives and tell us whats best isnt going to fly. do your job and get either obama out of office or make sure none of us vote for this idiot in NOV. our country used to be great and we used to have nice roads, now china has new buildings and perfect roads while everyone in this country tries to screw each other and the states try to sqeeze every single cent from us, this is not america anymore.

        • I saw that video. Barry was besides himself that they weren’t falling all over him like Jean Schmidt.

        • Wait let me get this strait….you trust 80 percent of the republicans?
          Last time I checked I couldn’t tell a difference between most members of congress regardless of a D or an R preceding their name.

          I personally don’t trust one gawd damn one of them.

          Nothing is gonna change via the vote….sorry, it doesn’t matter what party holds POTUS and/ or a majority in congress.
          A major overhaul and a fresh start is needed, otherwise we will just keep living the same paradigm over and over and over.
          I’m F’ing sick of it….how much more tyranny do we accept….how much more of the same ole same ole before we say enough?

          I got slack for saying this before…but F it the truth be told, I’m not voting again…voting ain’t gonna fix this mess….the system is fixed by the owning class….and guess what we ain’t the owning class…were the working class!

          There is a cure, it ain’t purty but its the reality we have to face… but unfortunately to many Americans are still stuck in the matrix…so we just keep playing the same game over and over, and each time the house wins and we loose a little more and more.


          • The real problem is that you can never throw the bums out because they are a direct reflection of the people that elect them. The bums are elected by the bums that vote for them, until that changes nothing will change.

            • Yes, with good reason the Founders did not make franchise universal. I firmly agree with the “Starship Troopers” idea of franchise – only those who have done a term of service in defense of the federation for which they wish to earn full citizenship, are allowed to exercise the right of franchise. That brings up another major flaw of our way of government; namely that citizenship is freely given at birth – no strings attached – instead of earned. Only a very few in my opinion, deserve the privileges of citizenship; namely veterans, and those foreigners who through persistance have navigated the INS monster and bothered to learn English and pass a civics test which most Americans would fail, have earned the privilege of citizenship.

        • Other than Ron Paul, which Republicans can we trust?

          • I trust Ron Paul to legalize drugs and let Iran develop nukes. We WILL see Washington DC and/or New York City dissolve in a nuclear fireball because people like him are allowing it to happen.

            • Your buying into the left right paradigm that there is a difference. With the exception of Ron Paul, they are all bought off and they have have their media cheerleaders. MSNBC for Dems and Fox for Repubs, etc.

              North Korea has nukes why are we not invading them? (Hint: Frozen Chosen) Pakisstan? India?

              Iran is not suicidal. They put a lot talk out for domestic consumption. This is really about the world’s reserve currency, the dollar. They can print unlimited amounts to because everyone is forced to use it for oil purchases. Iran, China, Russia, India and many others are attacking the dollar now. When they are successful, the dollar will be seen to be worthless by the world and then stand by!

              Spending our blood and treasue attacking these mid east countries is a delaying action. We can no longer afford it and it dosn’t change anything.

            • If Ron Paul legalizes drugs are you going to stop using them? You like the police state and the war on liberty disguised as a war on drugs?

              You want to invade Iran? How about you get out of your barn, don a uniform, and get your butt over there and be the first to invade. I already done my time, got the t-shirt, and I don’t believe a word of any of the shit which our leaders spout to encourage armchair generals like you to support another war. If the Iranians could be encouraged to nuke DC instead, I might even give them a thumbs up.

            • I think Ron Paul should allow the re-introduction of Hemp production 100%. I’m no fan of anyone using drugs like marijuana but the Hemp plant it derives from is truly a wonder material, with thousands of uses in hundreds of industries.
              If you use drugs recreationally, that’s your problem. And I have no respect for people stupid enough to use anything just to get a high (medical marijuana is fine, if you truely need it)
              But just imagine how this planet could get its self back on its feet using this high yield, multi purpose, renewable resource. It’s just the stupid laws that were put in place to control people that’s ruined this plants use.
              Contol!! And who controls it?

            • so your saying vote for Paul…cool

          • Jason Chavez, Congressman, Utah
            Rand Paul, Senator, Kentucky

            …offhand, thats all I can think off.

            • I am down with that. I might consider adding Walter Jones of NC.

        • If you print enough money (or in their case create with a computer as printing isn’t really required anymore) the can will go down the road some. At least past November 2012 which is what is happening.

          Mark my words they will:

          1) Get gasoline prices under $3.75 by then end of August. Its a typical cyclical thing but of course we’ll be told its due to the master’s great work at restoring our economy.

          2) Inflation will be reported to be non existent.

          3) Unemployment it will be said is under 8% and the world is just itching to hum along if those ugly Republicans would just be put out to pasture.

          I think the lame stream media will sell all of this quite well for their chosen one. I wonder if printing (creating) will work for them another 4 years after that? I kind of doubt that one.

          • The mainstream media will continue to be Obama’s accomplices. That much is true. You can’t predict what will happen to the economy though. There are too many unpredictable events that take a long time to develop. You can’t predict when you’ll have an avalanche and that’s a million times less complex than the economy.

            • Not sure I can agree with that; I do think they can predict the economy quite well. In fact when it goes sideways they just “fail” to report at the appropriate time. For a great example look up some headlines for the Thursday after BJ Clinton beat G.Bush. I recall the headline quite well: “Economy Not that Bad.” Yet right up until the election they were selling us on a recession forming.

              Probably the only thing they can’t predict is Hugo, Assad or Akmed whatever his name actually throwing a wrench at the monkey and messing with the world oil markets. But those three don’t want to displace Obama.

            • The main stream media like Fox will continue to be the Neocon’s accomplices. Mitt, Rick, Newt will do the same thing as Obama. You don’t have a choice. How else do you get close to a billion dollars for an election campain? They will all prompte more wars around the globe and you will buy into it, hook, line an sinker. We cannot afford it anymore.

            • The media IS controlled by the “shadow guvment”. Are you daft enough to think this poor excuse of an administration(sic) has been the only recipient of the media?

              Barn Cat, you do disappoint.

            • Red Leader,

              Basically, you just said all we can afford is Ron Paul.

      6. Does it really matter whether anyone trusts this troll? If Obama is re-elected, he will likely be re-appointed. If the other guy is elected, we’ll be in war and the gov’t will begin cutting everything. It’s crap city no matter what happens IMO.

        • Which troll?

      7. sixth.

      8. “Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner, and President Obama have everything under control.”

        Of course they do. Their plan is right on track to collapse the current system and implement their own….communism.

        • Excellent Point!

        • That is exactly their plan. Has anybody heard that a new movie is coming out about Obama this summer? It’s by Dinesh D’Sousa who is the author of many NY Times bestsellers. The producer is the same guy who did Schindler’s List, Braveheart and Jurassic Park. This is a factual film and not a hit piece. I have a link here to the brief video trailer and discussion by Mr. D’Sousa.
          Hope it’s okay to post:

          • I watched this. Then I went to the movies “trailer”. I can’t tell if this movie is pro Obama or not. It seems to be sponsored by the 2012 Obama’s America Foundation, LLC., but not sure who this organization is. The producer of this film is the same one who produced Schindler’s List…Gerald R. Molen. Directed by the Communist/Bolshevik Spielberg. What gives? Anyone?

        • Their plan is right on track to collapse the current system and implement their own….JUDEO-ZIONISM.


          October 18, 2010 Senior Sephardi Rabbi Ovadia Yosef announces that Gentiles only exist to serve Jews:
          “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel… In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created.”
          “Yosef: Gentiles exist only to serve Jews” by Jonah Mandel, Jerusalem Post, 10/18/2010

          “Aaron ben Joseph ha-Levi of Barcelona (1235 – c.1290) author of Sefer haHinukh, agrees with Maimonides. He writes: ‘A gentile slave has to be enslaved forever … one of the main reasons being that since the Jewish nation is the elite of the human race and the Jews were chose to worship their creator and to serve before Him they deserve to have slaves to serve them. If they will not have slaves from the midst of the neighboring nations they will have to get slaves from their own midst and they (i.e., the Jewish slaves) will be unable to serve God; therefore we are command to keep gentiles slaves forever …’”
          Judah M. Rosenthal. The Slavery Controversy and Judaism. Conservative Judaism, Volumes 31-32, p.171.


          • Their are evil people in all groups and nationalities. It is when these evil elements use religion as a springboard for their own selfish greed that they become exposed. We were warned that the devil had sown tares among the wheat.

            • Yes, but particularly evil are those groups who plant colonies amongst other nations and societies and quietly replace or subvert the host institutions until that people is no longer in control of its own imperatives.

              This is what jew-led Bolsheviks have done to America; replaced its people by inventing the pathology of racism and using it to stigmatize normal ethnic-tribal behavior.


          • We need to send that “waasculi rabbi” a case of pickled pigs feet for Christmas. He would probably hide in the basement while eating them like a “coke-head” snorting lines. Any bets?

        • No, it won’t be communism. It will be the one-world government prophesied in Revelation. It’ll make Nazi Germany look warm and fuzzy by comparison.

      9. Just do the exact opposite of what Bernake advises and you’ll be OK.

        If he says it’s under control – it’s a loose cannon just waiting to fire. If he says not to worry, lose sleep checking your preps. If he says your pension is safe – check your kids have enough to support you in old age.

        This guy is the class clown who never grew up, and learned responsibility

        • Yep. I sold my 3 houses late 06 doubled on all 3. Been renting ever since and buying pm’s.

          • Sounds like you made a smooth move just in time. My real estate dump came in early 08 and trippled up just before the bubble burst. PMs are good only if you dump for mass preps, at the right time. Whenever that right time is. I prefer to not gamble when it comes down to eating (long term) or holding something shiney that may or may not have any bartering value. There will come a time when the people will throw their gold into the streets.

      10. As my granny would have said, “He’s as crooked as a dog’s hind leg!”

        • Come home. Your dog misses you.

        • Agree with your granny.

          There are no mistakes, incompetence, or missteps by this administration! They know EXACTLY what they’re doing.

          • I must agree with you–RWM..there is not enough incompetence in THE WORLD to account for all this corrupt, intended evil taking place.
            It is what it is–the plan.

        • Well, actually, ma’am, he is from just north of there.

      11. The sides have clearly formed.

        Good vs. Evil.

        We live in a War Zone, 24/7.

        • EA you are absolutely right, and are side is loosing.
          Pretty damn sad when we out number them 100 to 1, hell maybe more.

          Sure the game isn’t over, but its late in the final quarter and we are getting routed!

          • It’s always darkest before the Dawn. I believe those who chose to violate, we’ll call it, “Cosmic Law” will be given exactly what the deserve. The Destroyers WILL BE DESTROYED!

            • Singing to the choir….

            • God will repay them for what they’ve done but make no mistake: they will win. We’re going to see a world-wide economic collapse. Most people on the earth will die.

      12. Oh yeah they know what their doing. Have you ever thought of how such incompetent people get to this level?

        Now we have what 22 million incompetent government employees. Oh let’s not forget the Postal Service.

        We are so screwed!!!

        • It’s raining.

          • How close are you?

            • San Marco Square, Italy

      13. Our government is inept,corrupt and they seem to have their own adgenda that has nothing to do with the well being of it’s citizens. We are living in very trying times. I see a bleak future.

      14. Just want to know how much “tradition” (physical & paper gold) uncle ben owns. Would pick him out of boat load of rice anywhere. Bet he would tell his security guard to try to pick up a super glued $50 AGE while getting in his gov SUV.

        • “Where there is no justice the people perish”

          people are losing faith in the “system”
          it doesn’t work for them
          pretty soon more and more will start living by their own rules
          and I’m talking about working people,the middle class

          this is a VERY dangerous situation for TPTB
          they know this is happening
          this is why all the draconian laws are being passed
          here and in other western countries
          its all falling apart
          “they” got too greedy this time

        • If I stole millions of dollars I could pretend to be sorry too.

      15. Mac, I’m scared to click on the red, white and blue to the right! Is it safe?

      16. I feel like an pig is a cage just waiting for the end .Might as well look the part wallow eat drink and wait.I’m really getting worn out by this stuff.I really believe it’s just around the corner the house of card’s are going to fall.Just wish I could see the future.Just a bit a moment to know does any one feel me out there?

        • Nope.

          I feel like a boar: looks like a pig, but can – and will! – kill if being attacked and pissed off enough.

          Currently, I am far, *far* beyond simply “pissed off”.
          I am just about to enter the phase when eyes start glowing red, foam dripping from mouth, fangs bared, and anything hostile within a 20-yard radius is about to get royally fucked.

          I suggest Ben Bernanke & Co. and their minions keep the safe distance from my house.
          Just in case, you know…

        • Frosty21,

          The future is just that, it will never arrive because we live in the moment. There is a feeling of uncertainty in the air and uneasyness. I share your concerns, but I will not allow it to overcome my life and daily duties.
          If you are prepared mentally and spiritually, then you are ahead of the game. To me, this is a very dangerous game indeed. We are pawns in this game and there is much to lose if we play along.

          Coyote is always out there waiting, and Coyote is always hungry. – Navajo

          • “Here, coyote. It’s 55gr Spitzer for breakfast. Coyote not hungry anymore.” – NetRanger


            Simple problem. Simple answer.

            • Ya, ‘Net Ranger’-
              i find it odd that
              i cannot seem to Click
              on your Link…

            • Well, I have my browser clearing my cookies and I think I forgot to type in a site. Should work now…

          • I’m prepared spiritually. I repented of my sins and accepted what Jesus did on the cross as payment for those sins. I accepted Jesus as Lord and have lived for Him for decades. If you follow Jesus with your whole heart then God will change you for the better.

            (Luke 12:4-5 NIV) “I tell you, my friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that can do no more. {5} But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear him who, after the killing of the body, has power to throw you into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him.


        • SILLY,-UR targetting
          THE WRONG

          • Doncha know he/they are/were

            the dang ‘Patsy(s/s’)’- Huh,Beaar?,
            in all the/that Mess? Copy?


      18. I am no fan of Ben Bernanke, but hindsight is always 20/20. Lets remember that it was Bush’s policies that got US into this financial mess.

        And I am talking about his daddy, GHWB, who started this NWO insanity and ordered American defense corporations to move some operations to China in advance of the Great Betrayal.

        It also included the phony wars of crony capitalism; massive government spending authorized by a corrupt Congress; tax and trade policies designed to enrich the Uber Rich & GB’s at OUR expense; and a doubling down of Bush’s stupidity by O’Bummer as soon as he took office.

        Uncle Ben is just the poor SOB who has to contend with the consequences of these actions , or get a real job in a jobless economy, or go back to acadamia.

        Considering the clusterfuck that he inherited from Greenspan, I don’t think he has done that bad of a job keeping the economy afloat while in an untenable position. Still, I think he should be indicted for theft, embezzlement, and treason.

        Kill the FED!!!

        • wait a min, I dont think it was bush that got us in this mess durango. it was dodd frank who gave loans to people that could not afford them, people who were minorities that were told if they cant pay the feds will pick up the loss and repay the banks for the loss, that was a big chunk, lower taxes were in and business was doing good for the most part. gas went up so did inflation. not getting pissy with you or anything i just would like to hear why bush had in this. yes he was shady in parts but i think it was the democrats and red tape that did this mainly. that is what I was thinking, but then read the end of what you were saying and i just dont know enough to comment on that. but i think a big chunk was the housing. anyway love hearing everyones comments

          • Eric: Don’t be distracted by the symptoms. Frank Dodd is a symptom, the goal of which was to create paper mortgages from incompetent home buyers which the GB’s could securitze and pass off as collateral to investors to generate more wealth for themselves.

            Greenspan was responsible for the housing and tech bubbles.

            Follow the strategy of the NWO Globalists in government: Frank Dodd was just one tactic to stimulate the economy and enrich the GB’s.

            The mess started with GHWB, continued with Clinton, with Jr, and with Obama.

            911 was an inside job. It occurred on Jr’s watch. Jr initiated the phony war with Iraq to appease the Dual Citizens in State, DoD, and Security.

            WE have spent a couple of trillion dollars on these wars while underwriting a 700 trillion dollar Defense Budget.

            Bush jr approved the 800 billion dollar bank bailout: nationalizing the debt of the Federal Reserve, while letting the GB’s keep the equity.

            The banking franchise of the FED should have been suspended, the assets confiscated, and those banking franchises resold to new investors to recapitalize the banks.

            Bush jr authorized that mess. A mess that WE are still paying for.

            Obummer doubled down on Jr stupidity by creating a 787 billion dollar “stimulus package” that didn’t stimulate the economy; only government jobs.

            Its all Bush’s fault. 🙂

          • Eric: I forgot to point out, but the “evisceration” of the US Industrial base mentioned by Kevin, occurred … no, was encouraged by GWB.

            From 2001 when he took office until Obummer took over, 42,400 factories were transferred to China and 60 million jobs.

            This was the Great Betrayal.

            If its not GWB fault, whose fault is it?

            • “If its not GWB fault, whose fault is it?”

              Actually it’s all their faults but from a purely legal perspective one must say that the President that signed the agreements is at fault. That is Bill Clinton.

              Democrats so love that man that they just can’t scorn him. He talks so nice when he “Feels your pain”. This is the very reason this stuff becomes law. People focus on the personality and forgo the facts. Clinton lied regarding his position on trade to get elected. This is defined as betrayal. Personally I heard him say “No NAFTA” at a UAW get out the vote rally. He then literally twisted arms to get NAFTA through the House of Reps. Those Democrats that voted for NAFTA were rewarded by getting re-elected in their primaries because the Democrat body politic “just love their guy in Washington”. They were then given China Free Trade for their loyalty. Ask any of them who screwed them and it’s Bush. At least Bush told the public what he wanted to do. In reality their own Democrat Congressmen and Senators cost them their jobs.

              I cannot understand why organized labor did not vote out the “Free Trade” Democrats in the primaries in districts that were guaranteed by demographics to remain Democrat. The politicians have a saying about an incumbent only loosing if “caught in bed with a live boy or dead girl”; they’re probably correct.

        • durango kidd

          Two things pretty much put us there we are today. One is the evisceration of US industrial capacity with the loss of it’s associated employment to Free Trade with slave labor nations and second is the deregulation of finance and banking.

          While Republicans pushed for both of the above Democrats not only went along but a Democrat President so revered today William Jefferson Clinton signed all of it into law. Actually he went the added mile to sway vital Democrat support for NAFTA in the House of Representatives after campaigning against it. While 83% of US Senate Republicans voted for China Free Trade (which do to their size and ultra low wage was far more damaging than NAFTA) 80% of US Senate Democrats followed suit. These “Champions of the working class” included Biden, Kennedy, Edwards and Kerry. Glass- Steagall The banking regulation adopted in the wake of the great depression was whittled down for two decades until finally abolished in 1999 by Bill Clinton. At that point Wall Street and Banks merged (with the Federal Reserve having a direct line to inject “money” into Wall Street) and were supposed to be “self Regulating”. The fox was put in charge of the chicken coop.

          The reality is the Republicans propose this nonsense. The main stream media alerts the voting public. The voting public votes out the bad Republicans and votes in labor friendly Democrats and those Democrats finish the proposals the Republicans originally proposed. The main stream media is moot when Democrats accomplish their Wall Street mission. The public not following the course of events thinks the Republicans are the sole enemy while Wall Street / Banking interests continue their plunder.

          The sad fact is the middle class has no friends.

          • I want to make sure this is clear.

            While GH Bush 41 desired to sign NAFTA into law Bill Clinton did it.

            While GW Bush 43 desired to sign China Free Trade into law Bill Clinton beat him to it and signed it into law.

            • Kevin2: I don’t disagree with your points, but the problem really began with the Great Betrayal orchestrated by GHWB (41).

              This was the beginning of the FREE TRADE process that developed into NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO.

              Now WE have “patriots” like Ron Paul touting FREE TRADE, which is the system that the NWO Globalists have devised to turn US into economic serfs.

              Then WE have “libertarians” like Lew Rockwell espousing personal liberty, while again, promoting the NWO economic program of FEE TRADE, as if it were a FREEDOM, instead of a demonic system designed to transfer the wealth of the Middle Class to the Uber Rich, and burden US with taxes to support the Very Poor.

              Bernanke is just a puppet.

            • durango kidd

              That Free Trade predated GH Bush. Remember “We’re Living Here In Allentown” by Billy Joel? That song told the woe of the Steel Industry in the 1970s. The “Problem Began” when robber barons hijacked the government not long after the turn of the previous century.

              They have a plan that the pubic buys line hook and sinker. It is get the public to watch the Republican Party that admits what they want regarding trade and financial deregulation and have the Democrat Party slip it in.

              Forget Bush 41 because he is as much as a pawn as Clinton. Like in boxing you focus on your opponents right hand and the left hook knocks you out. Consider both party’s the right and left hand of the same body.

            • DK

              Well we will just agree to disagree. A standard ties the bankers hands preventing “Money for Nothing” which translated will eventually be “Money with no value”.

              Those jobs left because of China Free Trade which encouraged the jobs to flee for cheaper labor. All Bush had to do was nothing and nothing he did.

              If you think for a nano second that the Democrats are in the corner of the US middle class the last 20 year history disproves that. All they do is talk much kinder but in the end they make it happen and in doing so betray their supporters. Actions speak louder then words. That in mind what is the excuse of 80% of US Senate Democrats including Biden, Kerry, Kennedy and Edwards with their “yea” vote. Funny how Biden, Kerry and Edwards were “bumped up” with party backing to run for President (or become the vice President)?

              Look at all of them as one body with two arms.

          • You are all missing the point. Neither party represents the interests of those who believe in the constitution. In truth, there is no two party system, they both are puppets for those who are really calling the shots. To my mind, those who vote as Republicans because they percieve Republican politicians to be the lesser of two evils to be the real villians. All that kind of voting ensures is that nothing will change; good cop – bad cop will continue for another election cycle.

            • It runs in the family…great gran daddy Augustus Bush as a banker helped financed Hitler and then went on to be a US senator……the rabbit hole is deep….very deep!

            • MHM: No WE understand that there are only Globalists and Patriots in government today, and damn few Patriots at that, whether they be Detards or Retards.

              WE were just discussing the economics.

            • It all began when the us gov. became a corporation and thus a business seeking profit in the 1870s.

            • ~Moon~

              ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!! Spot on the money, sir!!!

              I’ve always said that the Republican & Democrat parties….are merely opposite cheeks, on the same ass!!!

          • Kevin2: While it is true that Robber Barons go back a century or more in America, things were pretty good here in America until Bush 41 took office and the agreements he had ironed out with China (for the benefit of the Uber Rich) under the auspices of the GB’s and PTB while he was Ambassador to China.

            Bernanke, Obummer, and the Clinton’s for that matter, are just puppets for people like the Bush Family.

            The Bush family is part of the 6000 wealthy families in America who control the lion’s share of the wealth in this country and increased their personal fortunes by 100 million per family over the past 30 years; while the middle class has been stripped of their jobs and income.

            The past 30 years represent the real turning point in the fortunes of the average American, and marks the decline of this nation. Bush 41 was only the VP under Reagan, but he was the driving force in the globalization of America’s wealth.

            All of you people who gave me a thumbs down for pointing out the Bush presidencies as the turning point in OUR fortunes as a Nation, only evidence your blind allegence to stupidity.

            This is why you believe Lew Rockwell when he pushes the FREE TRADE of the GB’s, (the same system that is destroying you, but not me)as a FREEDOM.

            It is also why you believe Ron Paul when he says that gold back money is the answer to America’s economic problems. It is not. Metal money would only strip America of its remaining wealth and drain America of its gold reserves.

            Use your fucking brains, my peeps!

            FREE TRADE is the demon that is destroying you and your families. It subsidizes the factories that the GB’s have built offshore using your deposits, and that subsidy is evidenced by the balance of trade deficits that WE run with China and Mexico, among others.

            The table is tilted in favor of the Uber Rich who own these factories and the GB with their partners the CCP.

            The Chinese take the trade subsidies WE send them to build up their economy and their MIC; then print and use their own Rmb to buy FRNs to the tune of one billion dollars a day.

            Did you think they used OUR dollars to buy FRN’s? NO. They print Rmb’s and then buy dollars to suppress the value of their currency. Where do these Rmb’s go?

            To the Federal Reserve.

            While the FED is destroying you purchasing power, they are preparing to magnify their own by this transfer of Rmb to themselves.

            When the Rmb is adjusted upwards somewhere down the road, the GB’s will be sitting on a shit load of Rmb that has increased in value by 20,30,40,50 percent or more.

            All of you people who gave me a thumbs down are economic idiots and political sheeple. W is not your friend and never was. He is a criminal and a traitor who needs to be indicted.

            Wake up you dumb fucks!

            • Durango Kidd

              The gold issue is another subject but let me say the US dollar is toast because of no backing. The Fed can (and is) destroying the value of money with ink, paper or a mere key stroke because of no standard gold or otherwise. Oh wealth? The gold we presently have is 2 cents on the dollar and soon without one ounce being removed it will be one cent on the dollar because they are printing virtually an unlimited supply of dollars. We NEED a standard.

              NAFTA was rammed through both Houses and Clinton signed it in his first term and he gave us China Free Trade in the final months of his second term. I’m not giving GHB or GWB a pass but you are covering poor Bill Clinton well.

              Clinton twisted arms and signed not one but two Free Trade agreements into law. You can’t get more guilty then that. “Your Honor I present the signature of the sitting President as evidence”. The difference between GHB & GWB and Clinton? Clinton campaigned AGAINST Free Trade. The Bushes told you where they stood.

              The right and left are but two arms on the same body. Your saying “bad right hand” while the left hand hits you over the head. Feeling the pain you say, “the right hand told the left hand to hit me”.

            • Actually, started on “that island” just off the coast of your beloved republic. Passed into law, oh if one can recall, Dec. 23, 1913! YOUR “elected guvment”!

              All of you get a bloody, fracking(in the northern central states) clue!!!!!!

            • K2: I agree that Clinton is guilty as sin, but the man is a fucking clown, a puppet for the money people that run this country.

              NAFTA costs US 100B a year. China 300B.

              Why do you think Clinton and pappy Bush toured the world like father and son; with the elder Bush calling him a “son”? It was to consolidate the NWO and heal the divide that threatened the corporate state.

              Its because the SOB (Clinton) implemented all of the policies that were initiated by Bush SR. Policies to entrench the NWO into OUR lives, make US economic serfs, and erode OUR liberties. Today WE live with the results of those initiatives.

              The seeds for America’s decline were planted by Bush Sr while Amb to China and bore fruit after his election as president. Clinton completed the transactions and then GWB “let the dogs out” by encouraging 42,400 FACTORIES to leave this country while he spent the US treasury making the world safe for Crony Capitalism: a policy O’bummer follows to this day.

              Some Marxist! Its corporate fascism with a social face! And the middle class pays for both.

              Follow the money Kevin. The money is the power behind the throne. And as a general rule, and in the aggregate, Retards have more money than Demtards.

              Soros is the exception to the rule.

            • Kevin: The dollar is backed by the full faith and credit of the United states and the greatest ensemble of weaponry ever collected by a single power.

              Every other currency is fiat too. For the US to go on the gold standard would only complete the “evisceration” of the nation.

              Its not whether the money needs backing or not; whatever backing it had would soon be siphoned out of the country just like fiat.

              The table is tilted. Until the system is honest, the wealth of America will continue to disappear, and there is nothing that gold could do to restore a level playing field on its own.

              There are many calls from many quarters for a gold standard. As a miner that would only benefit me. But if metals were ever to back FRN’s the metal would soon follow the fiat into the coffers of the GB’s.

              It would complete the rape of America.

            • DK- Yourin AZ, right? I am thinkin on taking the metal detector to old towns around/north of Dolan spring. What cha think? been out there???????

            • DK- thats around 40-50 miles south of hover dam!

            • DK- off 95

            • Kevin: Yeah, I have been there before. Check the links at SHTF Mining, especially the map links. You might want to buy the gold maps for Utah and AZ.

              Twenty bucks apiece. Must have.

            • ok. thanks!

            • DK- I have ran into ms-13 mother f^ckers cookin dope in the desert before. The desert can be a jungle at times!!! Give me ratlers before tweekers anyday!!!!

            • DK

              “Follow the money Kevin. The money is the power behind the throne. And as a general rule, and in the aggregate, Retards have more money than Demtards.”

              Neither the Republicans or the Democrats are in charge of “The Throne”. Neither set policy and you know that. Both are mere employees of their masters who have the money. The Democrats are just cheaper employees but just as loyal to their master. Actually more loyal because they are willing to betray their constituents. Republicans come straight out regarding their support for Free Trade. Every Democrat pre election is against it (regardless if their voting record shows otherwise) but actions speaking louder then words they support Free Trade with slave labor nations in virtually equal percentages as the Republicans.

            • ~DK & Kevin 2~

              Nice informative debate with regards to economics & its affiliated past/current political skulduggery…

              …however in reality, the US dollar is in fact backed by something!

              We know them as…THERMONUCLEAR WEAPONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • GS: I mentioned that, or at least alluded to that in the thread.

              The RmB will develop as a world currency just like the Euro did (and better) and the GB’s at the FED will profit tremendously as it is revalued upwards.

              The dollar is not going away anytime soon. It is the primary source of wealth for the Uber Rich.

              No collapse.

        • This insanity began in the Garden of Eden when men decided to “be as gods” (Genesis 3:5) and to cooperate with Satan.

        • @durango kidd:

          With all due respect, I believe you are seriously mistaken.
          Unless you are joking, of course.

          The global ruling elite are ultimately responsible for all atrocities, wars, economic rises, et cetera, et cetera.
          Rockefellers, Rotschilds, and others.

          The politicians are just their pawns, albeit powerful ones.

          On a side note:
          I don’t know what people in those Muslim countries really think and plan to do if and when they get nuclear weapons.
          But then again: I really doubt they want to kill us.
          I am pretty sure that people everywhere are essentially the same: they want to live their lives, love their families, raise their kids, and they do NOT want to kill some other normal people and start wars.

          I was born and raised in the Soviet Union, and lived in post-Soviet Russia until I emigrated to the U.S.
          When I was a kid, we were taught that America (and all “capitalist” countries) were our enemies who wanted to kill us.
          Obviously, that’s bullshit.

          But I am sure it works the other way around, too: all those people out there have no quarrel with us.

          I say: if Rockefellers and others want to make a few extra trillion dollars, let them fight their own wars.
          They have big families. Lots of men and boys. Let them all die if that’s their choice.
          I’ll just sit and watch, and place my bets, and eat my popcorn.

          If Ben Bernanke’s masters want to rob my family, my kids, of our hard-earned money, let them design some clever scheme which will not be as bold and obvious as the old ones.
          If they can fool me, fine: I’ll accept it until I figure it out.
          But when the cocksuckers generate yet another man-made economic crisis and rip the benefits right in front of my eyes, I AM FUCKING PISSED OFF!!!

          • angry…being born in Russia, I would assume your history books about WWII read quite a bit differently than the ones here in America.We were later taught that the USSR was going to nuke us at any time. I can recall as a young student of having to get under our school desks as a “duck and cover” nuclear drill.When you investigate much of the history we were taught, it turns out that’s not really how it was.

            • JRS

              We were taught here in the US that the USA won WWII. Not too much was said about the USSR fighting and destroying 3/4 of the NAZI army. My friend married a woman from Belarus and he has been there several times. There are many monuments to “The Great Patriotic War” and all of them have three flags, USSR, US and UK. These monuments were built during the cold war. Imagine putting up a monument saying anything good about the USSR in 1970. Hell proposing such a thing would put you on some watch list. My friends wife was taught that the US and UK helped the USSR greatly in WWII.

              I’m not saying the USA is bad. I was born here and like it here. We are however fed lots of BS and many don’t realize how much of what we know just ain’t so. The “Free Press” is an illusion.

            • Kevin2…agreed.However, if you want to see who destroyed the German POWs who surrendered it wasn’t the USSR. Search “Eisenhower Death Camps”.He starved to death over 1 million German POWs by starving them in camps with no shelters or latrines and no food. They starved or froze to death in their own excrement.He got around the Geneva Convention by classifying them as unarmed enemy combatants instead of POWs. We certainly HAVE been fed a lot of BS.

            • JRS

              I trust neither the US or any other nation. The USSR starved millions of their own to get the farms into a collective and my guess is that the typical German POW had a better chance with the US then USSR. That aside we’re not saints and will cover our tracks too.

          • Angry Citizen: Just because I rail on Bush, don’t think I am any more fond of Bernanke, O’bummer, or the Clinton’s.

            I am just giving credit where credit is due.

      19. History repeats itself, yet these imbeciles fail to look at what happened throughout human history. YOU CAN’T PRINT YOURSELF OUT OF DEBT. I can remember helicopter ben saying that he could get the country out of debt by throwing money out of a helicopter. In other words this ASININE approach is suppose to stimulate people into buying goods. Germany tried this approach in the 1920’s and 30’s and so did Yugoslavia, and Zimbabwe resulting in buckets full of money to pay for a pack of gum.

        Those who fail to learn from history’s f ups are doomed to repeat them. Of course Germany took care of this problem with a war time economy and a near total martial law state. Yeah, maybe this is what they are aiming at, martial law for the U.S. It just baffles me how anyone with a college education can be so f’en shit stupid trying to stimulate an economy by printing more money like water.

        The answer is to make your country’s money actually worth something against other currencies. Something that actually has something to back up your dollar. I look at the comparisons between the stock market to actually money, gold. Let’s see waht was the price of gold when the stocks were at 6500 or so and what is the price of gold now with the DJIA at 13000. In reality the true value of stocks have not gone up at all, if anything dropped in gold value dollars.

        Those in the government will make it seem that everything is fine. Yet how much does your dollar buy now in food in comparison to 10 years ago? A hell of a lot less. The freaking containers have gotten smaller and the prices have gone up. Remmeber when tuna came in much bigger containers? How about liquid soap? Go to the market and look at all these containers that are no longer in 4, 8, 16, 32, 48, and 64 oz. Funky sizes that don’t even add up evenly in metric system either, so they can’t try to say that products are going metric. Look at sugar now sold in 4 pound bags rather than 5 and still charging the same price or more.

        There is so much deception that goes on it is sickening. One of the key survival traits of people if awareness, the ability to sift through the crap and find the truth. These governments, and I am talking about all the governments of the world, are grand masters of fooling the general population. Governments offer a little chicken feed after starving the population to death and then say look at all we have done for you.

        Thankfully the people here and on other sites like this can see the f’en garbage that the governments feed us and throw it right back into their face and say, we are not going to shallow this poison, this manure. Most others will to a point, and governments know generally how much to feed them before they regurgitate by at them.

        I say all governments for two reasons. First because all governments on this planet have become incredibly corrupt and serve only themselves and their inner circle. Second because there are many people from other countries that visit this site and should realize that their government is not immune from the same vile contamination and infection that has driven an once powerful wonderful place to live, the United States, into a position that I never thought it would reach.

        You know Mac, I don’t know how you continue to put these articles on without becoming enraged at the pure crap that the government feeds us. I am sure glad you and others are trying to make people aware. As many people aware as possible so maybe they can start to prep and get ready and have a chance of making it through the nightmare coming. If it is not some geophysical calamity, it will be a manmade catastrophe. Probably the third world war. Keep up the good work 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • Speaking of smaller containers….I just opened up acase of Coors.I won’t be getting any more of that.They dropped the cans to 10 oz.

          • JRS

            Please say it isn’t so. 10oz beers? That is drawling the line. They’re going in a dangerous area now. That just might “Awaken the sleeping (off a hangover) giant and fill him with rath and fury”.

            • Seriously, beer is closely associated with sports (Circus) and may just awaken a whole lot more people.

          • It’s better in the bottle anyway. They start shrinking my bottles and I’m really calling Golden CO, again. Since they started lining the aluminum with “blue plastic” I stopped drinking the “light” variety. I despise the after taste of aluminum and plastic, so bottles only. When they stop shipping in glass, I’ll start brewing my own. Here’s to ya.

          • hmm! I searched around the net about these 10 oz cans, they say they are promotional, Looks like thet have the modifications in their filling line and their all ready to go for the inflation adjustmented 10 oz “fun” size(10 oz cans have been around 6-7 years according to what I found)

          • JRS-say it isn’t so
            Thats 4 beers short of
            a case in BeerMath…

      20. Move along…nothing to see here….Helicopter Ben is directing traffic….just ignore the resounding implosion you hear…it’s only the economy of the formerly great United States of America…that’s right, just keep moving along…

        • Irish Spring soap went down to 4 oz from 4.5 oz. Same size box though.

          • Make your own………

            Keep preppin’

      21. Coinage act of 1792.

        Section 19

        And be it further inacted, that if any of the gold and silver coins wich shall be struck or coined ………………for the purpose of profit or gain or otherwise with a fraudulant intent, and if any of the said officers or persons embezzle any of the metals………………………………………………………………………..every such officer or person who shall commit any or either of said offences, SHALL be guilty of a felony, and SHALL suffer DEATH.

        Ah, the gold old days. When punishment fit the crime.

        OFF with their HEADS!

        • Prosecute the guilty; leave the innocent alone.

          • “How do they know that you are innocent unless they interrorgate you?”
            A friend who was a cop told me that a while back.

          • Joe- 2 things.1- If the currency ever collapses, you won’t be putting cop,and friend into the same sentence. Most will become common thieves, stealing from people they pull over to feed their families,and to hell with your family and mine.(to any cop reading this-YOU KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE). 2-JohnQ is not talking about THIS particular post. He is very religeous(nothin wrong with that) he is talking about something else.

      22. i have seen it written in aricles that bernanke is an expert regarding the great depression of the 30’s…and what caused it and how to avoid it…well, he certainly did his homework cause he is doing everythig exactly the way they did things back i am fully expecting this depression to last at least twenty years while we get sent back to fight more wars in the mideast. things here are not gonna get better for a long long time…planted beets, beans, carrots, squash (summer and winter, cucumbers, potatoes, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, okra..and some flowers too. i am canning, sewing, taking inventory, and keeping my ears and eyes open….stocked up on fuel for tractor, propane for heat, water collecting system…i am getting ready.

      23. the criminals are running society and slowly turning it into a giant prison.

        • Interesting analogy.

          The criminals control and administer the prison while the law abiding are the inmates.

          • N fucking RA!!!

      24. they all need to be immediately arrested, tried and jailed (or worse).

      25. when TPTB make their power grab…is it a good survival strategy to try and fight federally-backed police and military forces?

        I guarantee none of us would last very long once we’re videotaped or seen by drone or satellite engaging presidentially-mandated forces. If you survive your first encounter or firefight…they’ll be after you like you’re “The Running Man”.

        All I’m saying here is that all of us in the prepper community who wish to outlast the approaching turmoil will need to decide what is best in our plans to “survive” if the US govt. decides to go Stalin-esque on the populace (forcibly occupy, disarm, confiscate, detain, try on false charges, suspend the U.S. Constitution etc.)

        I’ve already made my decision what I will do if these horros come to pass….y’all need to make yours as well.

        After all, how can one prep to “survive” when the very turmoil and shortages that will make all despair are the result of the very government we swear to obey?

        • I shall be invisible, lol
          BTW I never swore any allegiance to the Federal Govt or state. Like wise the military doesn’t swear an oath to the government, they swear an oath to the Constitution and the ideals of our country.

          • CountryBoySeein’-

            You are absolutely 100% correct. I swore to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies – foreign or “DOMESTIC.” And to follow LAWFUL orders of those appointed above me.

            • I really love how the military runs their macho mouth about how they swore to protect the U.S.constitution and yet we are losing our rights daily and have for some time.

              Those wars you fight in are for the banks and corps.
              Not freedom.

              I’d have to suggest the military is as much to blame for this mess as our politicians.

              NONE of you will give us back our country.
              Soon you will be killing U.S. citizens for the banks and corps.

              By default, You are my enemy.

          • you’re right….that’s what I meant to say…

      26. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed but if I were first in line to “leave a reply” to every story somebody took the time to put together for us to read, it sure as hell wouldn’t be “first” and that was it. To all the first line cutters that cant reply with intelligence – y’all need to get a damn education and a bit more for-thought. mho


        And now about the recovery we have all recovered from. I am personally not feeling recovered at all. In that being said these cute little 12 oz Busch Lights will help with the pain for the rest of tonight. Tomorrow I will kick myself in the ass for drinking all of them today. Thanks for hearing me ramble. Now for some George Straight.

      27. @frosty, I feel your pain. Is it a blind side sucker punch or death by a thousand cuts? TPTB want to continue to be TPTB, that is a given. Americans love their country and want an even better country for their children. O/T: Some point to Russia and Argentina as countries that weathered an economic collapse and have continued forward. However, in both those countries property was either gov or privately owned. Meaning very few mortages, as we know them in the US. I may have missed it, but I have not read the implications to US home owners in the event of an economic collapse which many believe is inescapable, but when? DK, any thoughts? So Frosty, live for today, plan for tomorrow. Plan for the worst, hope for the best. I like my old Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared. You’ve got to continue to live, love, and laugh. Help yourself and help others. Molon LABE!

      28. When I see Bernanke speak, I know he’s lying and soon I start to yawn. This is dangerous as the New Jersey Homies have told businesses, law enforcement and citizens that yawning is a sign of someone being a terrorist. They also mentioned goose bumps; well Bernanke never gave me those, so maybe I’m safe. Sadly, I think he’ll hold his position for some time to come.

      29. the blind leading the blind…

      30. wow
        how absolutely disheartening to see so many people HERE
        absolutely LOCKED into the left/right paradigm

        do you REALLY think things will be DIFFERENT
        if the Repubs take over ?
        or if the Dems are running things?
        DO YOU REALLY ???? DO YOU REALLY ?????????

        It’s A Big Club boys and girls and WE ain’t in it

        “Forget the politicians, they’re irrelevant.

        Politicians are put there to give you that idea that you have freedom of choice. You don’t. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything.”

        • could not agree with you more.They play the sheeple into thinking that the next 4 yrs it will be better,things are gonna change if you vote for me,but in my 46yrs here I have realized it is a shell game.I used to do my part for the system but now I do my part for my family.I work for cash mostly now and pay as little tax as I can get buy with and anything I can do too starve them out.There is not gonna be any ssi when I get there so I could give 2 shits about that.My so called pension is a joke.I think we are gonna have a huge meltdown before it is said and done.

      31. Brainwashing and deception !

      32. Burn-a-nakee is just like the majority of the “progressives”, living with a warped mind that the elitiest will rule the world with a better understanding of what will better serve “their” next generation, not ours. It is not “just” liberals and democrats. Don’t believe me, do the research on the truth behind the evil Bush family agenda; then see how many people were mysteriously “snuffed out” during the Clinton’s years, (last count was over 50) that have had ties to them. Their all in bed together. It will all play out just like the “word” says it will. How well we ride out the storm depends on how well we are preparred for riding out the storm of storms, and how many are willing to work together. My plan doesn’t include lazy crybabies,or punks & pricks on a power trip. I have little tolerance for B & G ing and P & M ing. So get off the rag and man & woman UP!

      33. At last this site publishes some positive news. Of course the feds have it all under control. Thanks to them, everything is getting better. And to think you all were worried something bad might happen.
        Gas prices are the best econimical indicator. The prices here in Southern Indiana have risen almost a dollar a gallon in a few months. 25 cents this week. How can the economy be getting better if gas keeps going up?
        For those of us who see the truth. We are mocked by these people, these Obama-nationists. They make it so obvious. They don’t even care that we see through their lies. Its like them saying. ” We’re a bunch of fasicst pigs! Don’t we look all dignified like with our fancy suits on TV! We’ve got everyone else brainwashed into thinking everything is fine, so what are you gonna do?”
        Its been once again proven that shit floats. Their arrogance will be their demise.

      34. I know this is a little off subject, but has anyone heard anything about the videos Andrew Breitbart had on Obama? Have they been released anywhere?

      35. Control..?

        Wasn’t that the nefarious enemy on “Get Smart”?

        Maxwell Smart was 40 years ahead of his time..


        • I think the enemy was “Chaos”. Maxwell and 99 worked for control. I liked the cone of silence.

          • Your shoe is ringing!

      36. Bernanke is the puppet master of the NEW WORLD ORDER..

        A benign crazy uncle personage to placate the world..

        Let me ask all of you a simple mathematic 3rd grade question..???

        We all see the unemployment figyas every Thursday at 830 a.m. est..

        oh Only 345,000 new jobless claims this’s great news!! We’re in a recovery!!!

        Follow me on this..

        so every week assume only 300,000 Americans lost their jobs and filed NEW unemployment claims that week..

        Multiply that times 4 weeks and what;s the number?

        1.2 million JOB LOSSES..for one month!

        and how many jobs created?

        great..we created 200,000 jobs for the

        However..they Always neglect the 1 million job losses..every month..

        Is it me or am I living in a parallel universe?


        • possee

          They never state the type of job created. We loose a $55,000 manufacturing job and get two $18,000 service industry jobs and it’s stated that we have, “Tremendous job growth”.

          It’s stated that all men are created equal but I’ll tell you all jobs are not.

          • kevin2

            Correct you are..
            Given the absolute bullshit fed us by ALL GOVERNMENT SHILL MSM including the SO called “fair and balanced” fox news idiots cabal.

            we have nothing left but alternative sites like this and many others to hopefully dispense the real numbers and truth..
            Many of them even dispense absurd non truths to drive traffic to their sites equivocating “buzz’ headlines that are totally bs..

            It takes hours of discernment to decipher the truth out there..
            I’ll stick with the gut philosophy..

            Keep on prepping..


            • Hey posse, I have been entertaining myself lately(when I am watching tv/reading “news” papers. By googling hosts on cnbc, fox and the rest(including so called “associated press reporters”), you would be (not)surprised by how many of those people are married/related/ to investment brokers,companies ceo’s, and banksters. My favorite is when you CAN’T easily find whom is related/married to whom. It’s classic $hit! These “reporters” whom work for a.p. are a joke. 9 times out of ten, when they write “articles” they are conected to who will profit.

            • possee

              Do not underestimate the capacity of the power elite to create some alternative web sites to capture info (users) and pass on 1st class waco ideas to discredit facts in circulation. I’m convinced that many of the books about JFKs murder (Castro, Mafia) are just there to flood the population with false ideas discrediting the valid theories.

              It’s damn near a full time job finding and shifting through everything to find the most likely truthful information. None of this is completely reliable but generally much more reliable then the MSM.

      37. … someone might wanna ask good ole’ crooked ben who’s gonna pay off that 15 TRILLION DOLLARS AmeriKa was robbed of … when he sent it to england … to bailout europe just a few months ago!

        $$$ 15,000,000,000,000.00

        15 trillion plus add the 5 trillion from a year ago … 20 trillion of AmeriKa’s money gone …

        $$$ 20,000,000,000,000.00

        thats all money borrowed by the way … from foreign creditors … more national debt … but it gets better … are ya ready ??? that money debt isn’t backed by gold … nope none … THE druggy murdering gangster CLINTONS LOOTED FORT KNOX in the 90’s … it’s backed by american federal public lands! millions of acres of american federal public lands!


        if AmeriKa doesn’t pay it back your federal public lands, millions of acres land , water and minerals , all through out the western united states becomes full property of foreigners all over the world!!!

        guess who owns most of the debt???

        ameriKa is a lie … except the fact you have all been betrayed SOLD OUT by your own government elected officials … “YOU ARE NOT FREE!” NONE OF YOU! YOU are NUTHIN BUT HUMAN RESOURCES – DEBT SLAVES! and you all have a EUGENICS expiration date stamped on your assess 40 YEARS!


        your children never had a chance… they are all born fascist debt slaves from now too their deaths.

        helicopter ben bernanke has made this a reality!


        • … oooh and lets not forget the 3.6 TRILLION stolen by the FEDS when the NWO Fascist CIA FEDS/ Israel Zionist Mossad Jews BLEW up the NY Twin Towers, an Building 7 with a Intentional Planned Federally FBI Directed – Syntax Explosive Demolition on 9/11 2001 … KILLING BLOWING TOO TINY Bloody BITS and Bone FRAGMENTS 3000 Innocent Americans for PROFIT! In a DICK CHENEY Directed FED Terrorist FALSE FLAG!

          One of those KILLED by DICK CHENEY and the GEORGE BUSH’s was named DAVID BERNARD … a childhood FRIEND!!!

          the CIA Feds stole from the american citizens that day …

          $$$ 3,600,000,000,000.00 Dollars!!!

          Using the Towers Demolition as a Cover Up of the Crimes against Humanity!!! Against the FREE American People!!!

          That’s now …

          $$$ 23,600,000,000,000.00 STOLEN BY THE CIA FEDS from YOU the American Citizens!!!

          and not one crooked politician person has been arrested by a LAW PIGGY FED or STATE for these Felonious CRIMES against humanity and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!

          The Enemy is not over there… the ENEMY is RIGHT here in AMERIKA , SITTING in the WHITE HOUSE ,the US CONGRESS and YOUR STATES GOVERNOR MANSIONS!!! Sitting on the BOARDS of WALL STREET’S Biggest Fattest Investment Houses!!!


          • … it’s not that 3% of True Harsh Reality – mixed in with the Very False Fux News Pro Democracy=Debt.Slavery GREED Consume propaganda driven reality which you see every day that you need worry about!

            … it is THAT Which you can’t see , can’t control.

            … that will destroy the very fabric of your precious lives.

            Stay Frosty… LOCK -N- LOAD!

            it’s comin’ … it will get a lot worse before the end.

            ~NinaO’s Mummy Dearest

      38. I would have to agree that: (1) price inflation is under control by the Federal Reserve (they’re doing what they can to stem hyper-inflation which would kill the dollar in all international markets), (2) they’re not really responsible for the various financial bubbles (they’re only printing the money that congress tells them to), and (3) full recovery must be ahead – because it sure ain’t behind us or with us right now.

        • Judging by the response, I think what I wrote above is being misconstrued – I’m not saying Bernanke is a man to follow, nor am I justifying his actions – I’m just saying that if you spin the facts from his vantage point, and the point of view of the establishment – he (they) believe he’s doing the right things and making progress. The things he is doing is economic damage control on a reactionary basis – like a doctor administering health care to someone who abused their health for decades. Bernanke is almost irrelevant to the current economic health of the US.

      39. It was six years ago today that the Fed stopped reporting M3 to the public. I don’t trust “the Ben Bernank” as far as I can throw him.

        • I wouldn’t trust Ben Bernanke to start with a B.

      40. It was six years ago today that the Fed stopped reporting M3 to the public. I don’t trust “The Ben Bernank” as far as I can throw him.

        • Sorry for the duplicate post. I thought I had to repost because the first time I forgot to fill in a name.

      41. For the love of God and all that is Holy.

        Read the first comment. Again.

        Hey, guess what?

        NOT FIRST!


      42. Bernanke isn’t stupid. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s doing what he’s doing to bring about a one-world government. He’s an accomplice in the destruction of the US economy and the bankrupting of millions of Americans. After the collapse and millions die, their blood will be on his hands and other people like him.

        • Barn Cat–he and they are part of a group that worship a different God–Satan.

      43. in this coming election, how to vote to a == No More Fed? No More Bernanke? No More Obama?

        • Vote? How do we determine? I’m for anybody besides the OBUMINATOR,Pelosi,Reid,Bernanke-bunch. If we get Romney, we just have a slower more disguised death. Why? Anyone that the Bush Family is promoting, is going along with their NWO agenda. I am afraid Ron P could be another R Perot incognito, he is a wealthy Texan that doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell. He preaches a good sermon but why doesn’t he quit already and let his vote go to Santorum. I not excited about his chances but at least, on the outside, he has some morals. Neuter would steal from taxpayers ten fold. That is exactly what he did “lobbying” for Fannie under the guise of an historian. WTF did Fannie Mae need an historian for anyway? They didn’t; it was just another insider’s bj.

      44. What can he do?
        If he cuts the national debt imports become cheaper for teh USA but USA EXPORTS will cost more & USA manufacturers will struggle.
        However if he devalues the USA dollar, then MORE people will buy USA exports as the goods will be cheaper.
        However I agree that the USA will NEVER repay their national debt which will only weaken the dollar badly!
        I can see that the USA may bring out a new type of dollar & try to start from scratch all over again!
        They may even start a gold standard!

      45. Fractional reserve banking distorts the supply and devalues the dollar. Devaluing the dollar is treason and should be punishable by death. However, Bernanke gets away with it by claiming the FRN is money when in fact it is only a debt note.

      46. Maybe Ben needs to hire the same Astrologers who work for MSM, who are able to predict “election” results before the actual “election”…

      47. My dear Mac,

        I have to admit that i trust him …… clean my toilet. 🙂

        • Manos,

          You’re a better man than I (or more gullible, maybe).

          My own opinion is that he would try to cheat on that too if it meant that some hidden agenda would be fulfilled.

          What we are seeing is a realization by TPTB that regardless of how ugly and dishonest the truth is, they don’t need to hide it because the American people are so well trained to ignore “conspiracy theory” stuff.

          This is why we can see this stuff, thinly veiled as it is. They used to hide it and have to step very carefully. As things have progressed, they’ve made slip ups that should have tipped off the people but they just pass it off as conspiracy theory.

          Those of us that are now awake see this all as completely transparent yet the general public has no clue.

          My brother has even said this. He has several self avowed conservative friends that voted for Obama. When he asked them why he gets mamby-pamby answers. They really DON’T KNOW WHY THEY VOTED FOR OBAMA!!! …it doesn’t surprise me but it was shocking to my brother.

          Normalcy bias. People want to go around in their little world believing the government will take care of them because we elected them to do just that.

          Nothing could be farther from the truth.

          • netranger

            It takes years for someone to awaken from the slumber and only if they choose to do so in the first place..

            The left/right paradigm is in full swing now with even more subdivisions within their respective ranks..

            Bernanke and the feds have done an outstanding job of squelching the truth to the vast majority.and dividing the opposition further..

            As chief puppet for the can only imagine who pulls his strings..?

            Meanwhile, the market heads higher and higher..all is well folks..

            me thinks not..


          • Net Ranger and Possee,

            In any case, punishment is on the way as i wrote bellow.

            It doesn’t matter if one steals a paper clip or a whole country’s soul.

            Punishment will arrive, and the sword will cut whatever it finds hanging outside the pants 🙂

            I wish i see it. I wish i’ll be there to watch them cry for their misserable little accounts.

            Because their punishment is not death. Their punishment will be to force them to survive with $200 per month.

            Let them see how on earth we manage to survive, put gas, buy food, take kids to school, support our parents, and still keep smilling.

            I wish you all the best. Above all, i wish you and your families are healthy.


            • manos..

              Severe austerity upon them……

              all of them!! worldwide !

              would be perfect justice

              the sword of Damocles..

              stay well friend..


            • Hey,

              just stoped drinking. I handled 5 buds, but the 6th beat me up.
              i think i’m going to bed now.
              i hope i don’t dream of Bernanke.
              Have you got the you tube i sent you?

      48. @everyone-silver doctors have a good write up/pictures on tungsten filled gold bar. 1 kilo gold bar that is swiss, found in uk

      49. Hidden due to low comment rating.

      50. Bernanke, a current event news reporter.

        What else where you looking for, the sage of O(ba)ma(ma)ha?


      51. @ manos,

        Wonderful thought, him bending over a toilet scrubbin’ some nasty crap he laid. Now he has to clean it up.
        Would love to see it happen.

        Take care and thanks. Was wondering the latest $ from Greece? Do we still have to wait till Tusday?

        Y’all Beware!

        • Y’all Beware,

          Don’t worry, They don’t let the cow die. They gonna milk it, and milk it, and then feed it a bit, and then milk it again.
          But noway they let her die.

          As for Mr Bernanke, he will find his punishment.
          It’s certain that sooner or later, one way or another he is going to face the judgment. This may not be in some physical form, but spiritual. In any case, it will eventually come.

          Call it religion, call it supreme being, call it universal laws, or just action and reaction in physics.

          be safe. God Bless.

      52. When we purchased our homestaed and few acres, the old guy we bought it from was retiring and threw in with the deal- three broken down old horses. There names were ‘Just a Horse’, ‘Somebody’ and ‘Anybody.’ Seemed like odd names but we just kept calling them that. Last year the old mare ‘Somebody’ had to be put down. Later, we bought a younger brood mare and named her ‘Nobody.’
        Recently, my 15 yr old nephew came to visit from California. He’d never been to our farm, or to Oklahoma. Within a week he’d run the tractor through two fences, burned up his new overalls with the welder and sunk the old aluminum boat in the stock pond. I tell ya, the boy has potential! He’ll make a fine okie farmer someday.
        His first morning here, I said “Well, you’ve had 4 bowls of wheaties and a half dozen poptarts. You ought to have plenty of energy for chores.”
        “Sure, Unk. Just point me at ’em.”
        “First, go out to the barn and see if Anybody is there. And feed Nobody the extra protein feed from the red barrel. And feed Just a Horse from the brown barrel.”
        “Huh?” he said.
        “Oh, and if Anybody is not in the barn, make sure she’s not in the north pasture. I just sprayed it and I don’t want Anybody out there. You got all that?”
        “You want me to feed nobody? OK I won’t, but what about chores?”
        I cuffed him on the ear. “Look, just go see if Nobody is in the barn. She’s pregnant and I want to keep an eye on her. Nobody needs special care.”
        “Who needs special care?”
        “Like I told you, Nobody. Are you deaf? Now don’t forget to feed Just a Horse too.”
        He looked bewildered. “Hey Unk, my Mom said that somebody died out here on the farm recently. Is that true? Who was it?”
        “Yes, it was just Somebody. She was very old and got real sick, so I shot her. Put her out of her misery. She’s buried out past the west pond.”
        His eyes got wide, “You shot somebody and buried ’em out back? Does the sheriff know? You reckon they’ll string you up like in the movies?”
        “Of course not! It was no big deal. Stuff like that happens all the time. Now go get to your chores.”
        I didn’t have the heart to tell him that tomorrow we’re gonna go pick up 3 new coon hound pups. I think I’ll name them ‘Come Here’, ‘Sick ‘Em’ and ‘Git!’

        • That’s a lot of global green house gas… Never get a heart transplant. I’m going out to buy some incense and a rotor tiller in Happy Valley.

          The real Anonymous. That wasn’t me – someone’s trolling with my name again.

          And smiling – ew….*shudder*

        • You freakin’ Rock Soakie 🙂

      53. That’s a lot of global green house gas… Never get a heart transplant. I’m going out to buy some incense and a rotor tiller in Happy Valley.

        The real Anonymous. That wasn’t me – someone’s trolling with my name again…

        And smiling – ew….*shudder*

        • wow you stay up late.

        • I’d know the real Anonymous anywhere. If people want proof, show them that blank ID card. That should settle it. Happy tilling.

        • i hear there’s some mighty terratorial
          folks out thataways. Just sayin’

      54. I’m LAST ! 🙂

      55. @Satori,

        I thought about what you were saying, “They own you. They own everything.”

        If I was generally speaking, I could agree with what you are saying.
        However, they will not own my heart, my soul, my lead or my trigger finger.

        Y’all Beware! They might after death do us part!LOL

      56. I GOTTA ASK…I would like to state that I like your website but, Mac , Do you absoluutely positivly have (ANY PROOF) that the shit is going to hit the fan? And if so , a range YOU can predict bro………? If not, I suggest you try to encourage people to prepare for the ultimate because I have prepped to my best financial ability , and being a military trained individual, I have honed a skill for patience. Whith that said I just got to ask you as an editor in chief…do you have the FACTS to back up your blogging ? Dont get me wrong , you do have a point to be ready in the event of an emergency regardless a earthquake, Hurricane,forein attack or civil unrest, but “DO YOU HAVE CONCRETE EVEIDENCE THAT WE AS A REPUBLIC ARE ABOUT TO FOLD LIKE A CHEAP SUIT” ?If not Mac Slavo, are you preppared to tell people of the United States to practice the six(6) “P’s” =Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance!
        P.S. I’ve noticed that there is some plagerism goin on on at least 5 to 10 site repeating ther same manuscript and not changinging verbage or predicate adjectives and leavin me speechless that there is some CLOWN OUT THERE THROWIN A JEDI MINDFEEERK ONN THE FOLKS …help me MAC…!

        • I find it rather ironic, if not hypocritical, that yet another “Veteran” should challenge Macs credibility W/his site.

          I read SHTF daily for some time now and have NEVER seen outright lies,To the contrary.

          When? Just WHEN are you current and former Vets going to stand up for our constitution?????

          It is the armed forces that lack the credibility.
          All of you stood, before GOD,and took an OATH.
          You all are as complicicit as the damn bankers.
          NONE of you will stop this.
          The armed forces have been “captured” just as our political, judicial, regulatory systems have.

          IMO, You all are a disgrace to your uniform.
          You swore to uphold our constitution and you blew that off evidently as “Just a god damn piece of paper”.

          • It’s not plagirism when you post an article from another site when you give credit to original – in this case “Daily Crux”

      57. @ Manos,

        I probably have missed these replies but what do you need that we could ship to you and know it would get to your hands?

        Y’all Beware! Willing to try!

        • Y’all Beware,

          Now that you mention it, there is this group in Heraklion which gathers medicines, food, and clothes.

          For the time being they take the stuff door to door, to people who suffer.

          But slowly they are trying to overcome bureaucracy, in order for people abroad to send stuff without been stuck in the customs.

          It’s in the facebook and called “give” group.

          As soon as i have more info i’ll send them to you.

          Thanks for your concern.

      58. Off topic…

        Yesterday I saw the movie “Hunger Games”. Here is a brief description. It is set in the future where a new “order” of government now controls what was formerly the USA. (The country had been destroyed by natural disasters and war.) These rulers have divided the country into 12 divisions. The people (most of the population) in the divisions live in poverty and do all the work – grow the crops, mine coal, etc. The privileged rulers live in wealth in a beautiful city (looked like near Denver). Every year the “rulers” select a a boy and girl teenager from each division who must fight the others to the death, as tribute for their ancestors in the divisions who rebelled against the rulers of the new order. The rulers manipulate the “games” and add hazards for their enjoyment and better ratings.

        I keep thinking about the movie.
        KY Mom

        • KY Mom ~ I took my girls to see it too. We read the series of books together first. I’ve used it as a teaching tool – it’s an excellent illustration of the end-result of things that are going on right now.

          Sick and true.

          • Daisy,

            Excellent idea to read the book together and use as a teaching tool with your children. Difficult times are ahead and so many are unprepared. I pray for our country.

            Take care.
            KY Mom

          • “The Hidden”

        • Thanks for the info about the movie. I had heard it was a dark movie. There is so much hype everywhere that I figured it must have some sort of “satanic” undertones like the Harry Potter crap. It seems you and Daisy have used it to give your kids a deeper understanding of how it predicts a possible time in the near future. The problem I have with hollywood movies is their liberal agenda to warp and shape the minds of the young and weak to accept a future without God and Christianity at the forefront. I think 99% of people watching this movie would accept this as reality for their future and just go along with the status quo. Just sayin’

        • In the Hunger Games, the USA is now called PANEM. The entire dystopian deal is, without a doubt, written with Agenda 21 in the back of Susanne Collins’ mind.

          I read the books some months ago. Just watched the first movie yesterday. My thinking is this is what happens if they ever take our guns.

          They are slowly getting us ready. FIGHT IT! Educate your kids. The ones that won’t obey are a dying breed.

          The Hunger Games series should wake people up. I think it has. But, yet, others, it gets them used to the idea. Never under estimate the normalcy bias capacity of sheople.

      59. You know Bernanke is only pushing the line that his handlers give him but if the economy is as bad as they say i am not seeing it where I live. Every Hotel is full, every restaurant, full, every gas station, full, the interstate where i live is bumber to bumber traffic and people are driving giant pick-ups and SUV’s. Every theme park is packed and I could go on but I think you get the point. The American people are responsible for this problem, they elect bad actors, the refuse to save and they spend money they don’t have (ie: credit cards). They spend on luxeries and expect others to take care of their necessities. When the American people pull their heads out of their rectums that is when this problem will end.

      60. Ky Mom: Movies are great entertainment; but that’s all that they are: fiction.

        I have never seen a Sci Fi movie acknowledge the presence of Almighty God in OUR lives or active in His Creation.

        If you were God, if you created this universe, would you fail to interact with it?

        Everything in Creation, both visible and invisible, is designed to magnify the Glory of God; even US. Especially US.

        He yearns for OUR companionship. He desires a personal relationship with US. If WE will diligently seek His face, He will respond to US: as individuals, groups, and nations.

        If he be with US, who can stand against US?

        There is nothing to fear. We know the future, the ultimate future, and if these times are to be more difficult then any time before, would you really want to miss it?

        Not me.

        The Lord is on His throne and everything is proceeding according to plan. His plan.

        Rejoice! 🙂

        • Durango Kidd,

          Thank you for you words of wisdom and encouragement!

          I still am concerned for the future – for my children and grandchildren and all the other families too. I know in my heart that difficult times are ahead. While you may own a gold mine, I do not.
          I work, but am not rich. My husband and I are doing our best to prepare for our family. Extra money is saved and spent carefully. Will it be enough? I hope so.

          KY Mom

      61. All is not lost.. Fight!!

      62. tells me to sell gold. I’ve be short minors for a month or two. took a beating friday, still up
        20%. it ends like it ends. just posting my thoughts. we may be in a gold bubble& i didn’t realize it. Bugging out to watch the last week of spring training in fl. my most relaxing week of the year.

      63. do u trust ewem? gold companies selling themselves&late in the cycle. gold won’t breek 3k.

        • adk: I recognized the break out of gold in 2000 too. Been a m iner ever since. Its not over by a long shot.

          I predicted this drop in price last fall on these pages. It might go lower too, depending upon when China wants to jump in.

          Now is the time to back up the truck if you can.

      64. … the hunger games movie and book series are more FACT than anyone may suspect … they’re simply prepping you all for your future … research …

        … U.N. AGENDA 21 … it has already started!!!

        … your global enslavement is here.


        • Nope.

          Not as long as 100 million of my brothers still have ammo.

      65. Hidden due to low comment rating
        I cannot beleive anyone would entertain the idea of more Odumbo punishment. Do you want to see all of your Constitutional Rights manipulated ? HELLO.

      66. Next Exit Memory Lane (Closed For Construction)

        I often wonder why I keep driving a truck. Between the traffic jams, dispatchers lies and speed cops it has more than enough stress for one job. Then, occasionally, I’m reminded why. Sometimes the music and the memories and the moment all come together in a magical way.
        Like driving into Amarillo at sunrise and hearing George Strait singing Amarillo By Morning. That’s actually happened a couple of times. Or going through El Paso while Marty Robbons sings his signature song. I didn’t see Rosa’s Cantina, but it’s probably still there.
        The best of these moments was back in 1998. It was July 4th and I was driving across that long, low bridge over Mobile Bay. Just after sundown but not yet very dark. The partiers out on the pontoon boats were just starting to send up the first of their fireworks and the flashes reflected nicely on the water. Then Lee Greenwood came on the radio, doing God Bless The USA. It was an incredible moment.
        I fully acknowledge that much is messed up in this country. And, thanks to the folks here and a few other sites, I’ve been getting an education the last couple of years. With all that though, I do still love this country. America used to be great because of her people. And if the people would once again become great, in integrity, in responsibility, by insisting on honesty from themselves and especially those in office, she could become great again. But I digress…
        I had another one of those magic moments this morning. Heading east out of Amarillo, just a few miles into Oklahoma you come to the town of Elk City. I used to live there. As I rolled through town, suddenly the memories came tumbling back. It’s 1979. I’m a year out of high school. Rock solid, bullet proof and working the oil fields in the boom times.
        Vicky lives next door and she’s beautiful. I’m 19 and she’s 16 (ok, she’s 15 1/2 but she looks 16). And we are madly in love, or as much as you really can be at that age. We’re gonna get married as soon as she turns 18 and (of course) live happily ever after. Only trouble is, her dad hates my guts. He says I’m too old for her. Or she’s too young. Whatever. Vicky’s older brother likes me and, with his help, we have our time together. Lots of it.
        We go to Foss reservoir. A pitifully unscenic little lake, but we aren’t there for the scenery. Standing beside the car, in the moonlight, we listen to the radio. She teaches me to dance. I teach her…um, a couple of things.
        We go to the county fair. I win her a little stuffed bear. She holds me tight on every carnival ride. She’s wearing cherry lipstick. I can still taste it an hour after saying goodnight. Life is good.
        Then, a few months into our happily ever after, her old man up and moves the family back to southern California (the bastard). Her brother Don stays in Oklahoma. I get her new address from him. We correspond daily. Her dad intercepts the mail. We use her high school friend’s address and correspond some more. I call her, at the friends house, every Saturday. We talk for hours. I drive out to see her. (what’s a measley 1200 mile trip to a young guy in love?)
        I have no directions to her house. And she’s not expecting me. Doesn’t matter. I’ve got Love Radar. Never having been to the mountains north of San Bernardino, I drive straight into Rim Of The World High School. Walk right into the building just as she’s coming out of class. She squeals with delight. It’s like a scene from a movie.
        We spend the afternoon and evening together. . We walk by a beautiful mountain lake, but it may as well have been Foss Reservoir. We aren’t there for the scenery. This time, I already know how to dance. And she knows…some things. She still has that cherry lipstick.
        That evening, I take her home. Memory gets a little fuzzy here, but it has something to do with an angry old bastard and a 12 gauge Remington pump. She stands on the porch, crying. And screaming ‘Daddy, No! I love him.’ I stand in the driveway, cussing him in three languages (english, okie english, and one I made up for the occasion), he swears at me and glares. I stand my ground, still cursing him. She cries. He racks one into the chamber. She screams. I stand my ground still, but stop cursing. He clicks off the safety. “Just shoot me, you bastard!” (guess I’ll find out if I am really bulletproof) He levels it at me. She runs into the house, hysterical. I turn and get into my car, expecting him to shoot me in the back. He just glares as I drive off.
        Back home in Oklahoma, we still wrote to each other. And talked on the phone. But, in time, it seems we drifted apart. Fewer calls and letters. Then, finally none. The last time we talked, we agreed to always be friends. And we agreed that neither was dumping the other. Still, she cried. And I felt terrible. But we both knew the old love just wasn’t there anymore.
        I never saw Vicky after that wild night in her front yard. But I still think of her once in a while. I hope she’s had a wonderful, challenging, fantastic life. I know I have. Seems God knows his plans even when we don’t. This fall I’ll celebrate 30 years with Mrs Okie. She’s still just as sweet and beautiful as the day I met her.
        When you approach the Okla City metro area from the west, the first suburb is Yukon. Right there on the water tower by the highway it says ‘Welcome to Yukon, Home of Garth Brooks.’ For a hundred miles, from Elk City to Yukon, I kept reliving those memories, and feeling a tiny twinge of pain. And wondering about the used to be’s and the might have beens. Then just as I drove by the water tower, there was Garth, on my radio. He’d been reading my mind, I guess. He sang…”I could have missed the pain, But I’d have had to miss…the …dance.” I had to get off at the next exit.
        No, it aint that I was too choked with emotion. What do you take me for? A mushy, romantic old softie? I had to get 100 gallons of diesel and a cup of coffee. This freight has to be in Little Rock this afternoon and I need to scoot before morning rush hour starts.

        • Okie, have you ever had the privilege of hauling a trailer load of potato chips and having to go across the scales? I’m not talking Pringles…

        • As a retiree from many different jobs and habits; I am with you SmokinOk. 15 years truckin’,with enough stories to fill a 53 footer. Walked out from behind a desk in 1982 with four years of experience and a college degree in banking and finance pissed away. Did many things and owned and sold two succesful businesses since then, but my most memorable experiences came from behind a steering wheel of a whizzing diesel and the stereo blaring those memories thru my soul. Wouldn’t take a million? well maybe $100K? for them but I wouldn’t give a dime to go thru it again. Happy Truckin’.

        • @okie-Look out for yourself, out there.

        • I wish I could send your stories–dh’s brother drives mostly to Texas and New Mexico…he’s almost 78–yep—takes a special person to truck.
          Or one who’s second wife, after being married to the first one for 48 years(dumb move, takes all his money??

          I thank God for farmers at every meal–need to include truckers with that, huh?

        • Thanx for making me laugh
          and cry(And get Goosebumps)
          all in the same post.
          ‘The Dance’ is a hard one
          to listen to, as it was the
          one my Ma chose for Pa’s service-
          nonetheless, I’ll listen away

          All really Great songs,and thank
          you for the reminder of why
          this is truly a great nation,
          And- all is not lost 🙂

        • SmokingOkie…you write some of the best screed on this board. Hats off to you old man….

      67. We hear you loud and clear. I’ve had the same moments. Those cell phone commercials where they say “can you hear me now?” Space Oddity and Eight Miles High. Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Major Tom and yes, Rocket Man (with no lisp). Does he really like girls? I don’t think so. He’s the one confused in a fudge factory.
        I think you’ve climbed that water tower with a can of spray paint SOkie. We’re pretty green up here once you get here. Keep looking up and don’t forget that 30 means pearls.
        I can’t comment on politics but Mac knows that. First for me was forgetting to flip the un anti-gravity switch up in the private office.

      68. Between this post and the majority of insane posts, I’d say we’re fucked…

        • If you’re not sure, it means no.

        • You could say that!

      69. Have you seen the short video mentioned in this article?

        Will Bernanke Become ‘Hurricane Ben’?

        … “The government will have to cut back on Medicare. That will be the day of generational reckoning. Who will pay granny’s medical bills?” …

      70. Who would be happy with this?:

        … “The fact is that the Fed is happy with 2% inflation each and every year. Compound 2% inflation year after year, and you know what’s happening? – you’ve effectively wiped out the middle class. Between inflation, stagnant wages, higher taxes, and no jobs, the middle class has hit the brick wall like a fresh egg hitting the trunk of a redwood tree. Whoosh!” …

        … I seem to recall a certain know-it-all banker-type from this very board boasting how happy he was with inflation – called it a good thing even – while beating his chest saying how proud he was to be a mercantilist same as all the rest of ’em. His position is, just add more goberment to business, call it free trade, and everything will be alright?
        He’s a very confused and angry man… going on about how Everything in Creation, both visible and invisible, is designed to magnify the Glory of God,… except for illegals,… and those who wish to trade with whomever they please, somehow they get to be the bottom of the list of untouchables and need to be ruled over by the likes of him? Psft. No wonder so many People are turned off of Christianity.

        There’s lots of People like him in the world,… and they often make the exact same points Ben Bernanke does. A lot of times you can’t even tell the two apart. A lot.

        It’s just good to see so many other People Opting Out – quite like Gandhi and his promotion of using his own spinning wheel to make his own cloth – that caused quite the ripple in the industrial world.

        Don’t let the banker-types and the goberment lovers get ya down or mislead ya, prepping, a.k.a. Opting Out, is a fine idea. Timeless even.

        • clark

          The problem is they have omitted food and fuel for the last 15 years in the inflation formula. They basically include those items that have a lower price due to low wages making globalization look attractive while suppressing commodities which rise more directly with an increase in the money supply. Their intentionally cooking the books to hide the result of too much debt and the associated increase in money supply. Inflation using the old established formula that included those two minor things food and fuel is over 10%. Prices are set to double in less then seven years if it does not get worse. Unfortunately as bad as that is it’s no doubt very conservative.

        • Clark: WE know who the “mercantilist” is: its China.

          There is no such thing as FREE TRADE. Global trade is managed trade. Managed by the GB’s for the GB’s under NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO; at the expense of the middle class.

          Illegals are criminals.

          You are a fucking idiot! 🙂

      71. You ask: Do I trust this man with my future????

        and I ask you: what future?

      72. Death N Taxes



      73. Mac your site has gone to hell in a hand basket since you opened up this comment section. In the past it was much more cordial than it is today. I only stop by about twice a month now because of this. Your articles are spot on but you seem to have attracted a bunch of kids.

        • Scott, maybe you have a different look of America and it’s freedoms than I do, but this site has a good cross section of what “true” Americans are all about. I see moms and grandmothers who care about what kind of world their offspring will have. I see Dads and grandpappys that are working hard to provide and do their part to make their families better. There are single parents that come here from all over the world as well, and they see their times just as tough. I see a site, where I feel a kin to people that are sick and tired of the extreme liberals(dems and repubs both, which include fake conservatives) trying to shove their agenda of gay praise and no God praise; where they are ok with killing babies and christians and won’t say anything against the hundreds of thousands of muslims they have let into this once great country that want to destroy what our forefathers fought and died for. I see a site that isn’t tied to that ideaology of “it has to be politically correct” and has to be continually about the topic or we will block it and “kick” you off. I come back here because I feel at home with people here,and with all races and backgrounds, as long as they don’t want to kill me because I believe in the letter my Heavenly Father sent to us. I like being prepared for whatever tomorrow brings and helping others with that same way of thinking. I have my principals and freedoms granted by God first and then by the Constitution of the USA. I will live by it and die by it. If I step on toes, then maybe toes needed stepping on. I take my thumbs down and move on. If you don’t stand for something; then you will probably fall for anything. If I feel I am not welcome here, than so be it. I’ll move on. Until then, Mac has been fair and given everyone lots of leeway here and I for one applaud him for that. He has advertisers with good and helpful things that can make a big differance in peoples lives when the SHTF. It “will” get a lot worse, before it gets better. I say, get on board or just observe, but either way “quit your damn whining”.

          • Thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement!

            This web site goes ’round because all of you make it possible. My intention is to keep the free flow of information alive and well, and i certainly appreciate the many topics everyone discusses and the links & videos everyone shares. i’ve been talking about adding a community forum for some time, and this is in the works (as soon as our server migration is completed). there is so much great information being shared that it’s time we organize it in an orderly fasion and open SHTFplan to more user interaction. My hope is that this new feature will be running in beta version within a couple weeks (we’ve had a glitch with our database migrations, but we’re close).

            thanks all!


            • I need to chime into this. I just started to write on this site because another site has censored me that I enjoyed commenting on. I am personally grateful I can attempt to help people with what I know and express myself about the MANY, MANY, MANY problems that have hit this planet and the United States.

              While Scott is partially correct that there are some very childish antics on this site by individuals that do not take the nightmare coming seriously, there are some “very wise statements” and information that GOOD people try to help others with. Freedom has this and I rather have a few asinine comments than try to go to a site that you have to watch your words and walk on eggshells to have your comment posted and not trashed.

              Some people do not care about a thumbs down rating for their comments, but I personally do. If I said something that was not constructive and did not add to the very interesting group conversation going on then I would be disappointed and try to do better next time.

              Mac, I do not know you but I find this site very important to making people aware of the God awful times that are most likely rapidly approaching. One day everyone could be wishing that sites like this still existed after SHTF destroys the internet or we are all censored. Enjoy this site and others while we still can and be thankful to Mr. Salvo and others that provide us all with this. Two thumbs up! and a big 🙂 for SHTF site.

            • All good- If you go Social Network
              on me…..Well, i guess i don’t need
              to Warn you…

              I love this site because
              it is relatively Anonymous,

              Ya, would be nice if our
              Handles were protected, but
              Hey- gotta have some Fun 🙂

            • @informed- Why would ANY site censor you? I have wread your posts, and find them logical and stimulate thought. As for antics on this sight, if you are refering to anything I have done here, I would like to explain my views on sillyness. I have spent many moons in adverse conditions and enviroments(-145F to +145F) and I have discovered that any adverse situation is handled better with a smile and it is contagious. I believe there are situations for 100% seriousness, but a blog is not one of them.

      74. Recently, while I was working in the flower beds in the front yard,
        my neighbors stopped to chat as they returned home from walking their
        dog. During our friendly conversation, I asked their little girl what
        she wanted to be when she grows up. She said she wanted to be
        President someday.

        Both of her parents, liberal Democrats, were standing there, so I
        asked her, “If you were President what would be the first thing you
        would do?” She replied… “I’d give food and houses to all the
        homeless people.” Her parents beamed with pride!

        “Wow…what a worthy goal!” I said. “But you don’t have to wait until
        you’re President to do that!” I told her. “What do you mean?” she
        replied. So I told her, “You can come over to my house and mow the
        lawn, pull weeds, and trim my hedge, and I’ll pay you $50. Then you
        can go over to the grocery store where the homeless guy hangs out,
        and you can give him the $50 to use toward food and a new house.”

        She thought that over for a few seconds, then she looked me straight
        in the eye and asked, “Why doesn’t the homeless guy come over and do
        the work, and you can just pay him the $50?” I said, “Welcome to the
        Republican Party.”

        Her parents aren’t speaking to me.

        • Shirley,

          No, that little girl is no Republican. If she were, he’d have asked you to tax the homeless guy 25% and give her the money so she could go out and buy guns and bombs so she could make war unnecessarily to help out our banker buddies and fund more homeland security grant increases.


          • NetRanger, she probably meant the Ron Paul republican party? Saying anything more than simply ‘republican party’ would’ve probably caused their eyes to glaze over and they’d cover their ears?

            At any rate, her last line was pretty funny, even if it was a bit sad.

      75. Bernyank me’s baby name in another language would be- Bernyankmeaye babyaye!

        • @ kevin. In regrads to your question, I have read some of your comments and many are quite thought provoking and add A LOT to the site. We are all trying to figure out what is happening in this upside world and the more minds working on this the better for all of us. I have been a bit puzzled by your desire to be the first one posting, but this of course is harmless fun. What I was referring to with antics are individuals that turn a very serious conversation into a gossip column about totally irrelevant material to the subject and or even the site itself.

          You sir, are quite interesting and try your best to show us information that we might not know. Many links to news that we might need to read. You are quite correct that humour is a good break to doom and gloom. I personally really enjoy when people come up with all sorts of new ideas to help us all.

          I was censored on another site by what I believe was because I did not give my e-mail address to the owner and this irritated the individual even though e-mail like this site is not required. It was also over (I think) an article that I highly criticized because the advice given I knew was going to be an extreme health risk to people, and I expressed myself to make sure others were not harmed. I have had 2 computers fried from getting e-mail viruses even with the Norton Anti-Virus and I don’t use my e-mail for fear of losing a third computer. This evidentally some people take offense to. It is too bad because the owner of the site is a really nice person and you can see how misunderstandings develop in everyday life.

          I am just grateful that Mr. Slavo, (Mac, sorry for misspelling your name before), allows me and others to freely comment and get out what we all think. There are truly some brilliant minds out there with some wise advice and just plain different comments that really make you think. This is a fine site that is working well for all of us.

      76. I don’t even trust this man with his own children!

        Very insightful Mac, thank you!


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