Divided America Poised For Riots: “95% Chance of Widespread Post-Election Violence”

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    This article was written by Mike Adams and originally published at Natural News.com.

    Editor’s Comment: Take a look at the possibilities – Trump could win the popular vote, but lose badly in the electoral college, or the “official” vote tally, for popular and electoral could be called for Hillary; Trump might even win the electoral college… maybe. Either which way this thing goes, there are going to be millions and millions of angry voters in this country, and there is no sense of normalcy at all. Things are at fever pitch, and the country is at a revolutionary point.

    There is a usurper at work stealing the election – or so it would appear – and there is every chance that patriotic Americans aren’t going to stand for it. Whether they remain peaceful or not, there very well could be a clash with the police state, the establishment and their loyal media cohorts. Things could get very ugly in this country, and the constitutional republic may well be past the point of resuscitation. If there is violence, it may be staged; but either way this could be the kick off point from which we can never return. Then again, there is always the chance that life will go on, not too much differently then it always has… but that seems to be a very low chance. What do you think will happen?

    ANALYSIS: Election outcome scenarios reveal 95% chance of widespread post-election violence… streets of America to run red with blood

    by Mike Adams

    My ANALYSIS of possible outcomes from the upcoming presidential election reveals that America only has a 5% chance of remaining peaceful after November 8. This does not mean the violence will occur on November 9th, but rather that events will be set into motion on that day which will lead to an escalation of violence (95% chance, see below).

    Here are the scenarios I see unfolding, all based on the best available information right now:

    Scenario #1) Trump wins popular vote

    There are three sub-scenarios under this outcome:

    Scenario 1A (10% chance): Trump wins popular vote, but democrats steal electoral vote to claim victory, overriding the voters

    Even though Donald Trump wins the popular vote, the democrats have bribed enough electoral college representatives to sway the vote to Clinton, even in contradiction to their own states’ voters.

    Should this occur, expect mass protests, violence, bloodshed and many legal challenges in those states where the electoral college votes do not reflect the popular vote. There is no question that the Trump-supporting citizens of America will not accept a “rigged” election outcome where the electoral college votes are essentially stolen from the People. This would very quickly escalate into armed citizens marching in the streets and occupying key government buildings in an armed revolution against corruption.

    Scenario 1B (60% chance): Obama declares Trump victory invalid, claiming the Russians hacked the vote

    In my analysis, this is the most likely outcome of the upcoming election, and the democrats have been planting this narrative in advance with ridiculous claims that “the Russians” are running Wikileaks and that Trump is a “Putin puppet” (direct claim from Hillary Clinton in the third debate).

    The purpose of all this is to create the narrative where a Trump victory can be declared invalid by Obama. Despite all the talk among democrats about how much they love and respect democracy, the simple truth is that they deeply hate it (and don’t trust it). There is almost no chance that Obama and the Clintons will voluntarily cede power to Donald Trump.

    If Obama declares a Trump victory invalid, all hell breaks loose across the nation, with leftists going “full terrorism” and patriots taking up arms to defend democracy against the anti-American traitors in Washington D.C.

    Scenario 1C (5% chance): Democrats accept the Trump victory and agree to peacefully transition power.

    Even if Obama and the Clintons admit defeat and agree that Donald Trump is the next President, the liberal voters go nuts and begin firebombing buildings all across America. You’ll see mass riots breaking out everywhere. Obama can then use this to declare Martial Law and, if he wishes, postpone the transfer of power to Donald Trump (or blame him for all the violence, of course).

    Remember, the democrats are already running mass staged violence across America (ProjectVeritasAction.com). They can easily stage riots, arson, bombings and much more in order to maximize chaos in the streets.

    Scenario #2) Clinton wins popular vote

    Based on current information (and considering just how much the “official” polls are completely rigged by deliberately oversampling democrats), in my analysis, there is only a 25% total chance that Hillary Clinton wins the popular vote. Here are the sub-scenarios under that 25%:

    Scenario 2A (20% chance): Clinton wins the reported vote, but Trump challenges the validity of the election results

    This scenario very likely starts with legal challenges to the mass election fraud, but could quickly escalate to a military coup or an armed citizens’ revolt where outraged Americans literally march on Washington and depose the corrupt regime in power.

    Expect huge bloodshed in this scenario. There is no question that roughly half of America simply cannot and will not accept Hillary Clinton as their president. She is too corrupt, too evil and too dangerous to maintain the consent of the governed. (Hillary Clinton is a serial criminal who must be indicted and imprisoned if America is to remain anything resembling a legitimate nation that respects law.)

    Thanks to Wikileaks and Project Veritas, everyone with a working brain now knows the democrats are hopelessly corrupt and deeply invested in widespread voter fraud to steal the White House.

    Scenario 2B (5% chance): Trump accepts the election results and tells supporters to get behind Hillary Clinton

    If Clinton wins and Trump admits she won fair and square (which seems VERY unlikely), he could publicly call for everyone to back down and accept the Clinton presidency.

    I see the chance of this at only 5%. And even then, so many conservatives and patriots are going to be so angry at this outcome that they may decide to stage their own peaceful protests.

    95% chance of mass violence in one form or another

    The upshot of all this is that I see only a 5% chance of a peaceful, non-violent outcome to this election. In most conceivable scenarios, America descends into mass violence of one form or another.

    This is a direct result of the extreme polarization of political beliefs in America today, where we have an entire class of illiterate, ignorant Hillary Clinton supporters who only watch CNN and have no idea whatsoever that the Clintons are corrupt criminals. Witness the depth of the democrats’ corruption in this Project Veritas veritas (part 3), just released today:

    On the other side, we have informed, awake Americans who understand how this election is their very last chance to restore democracy by voting against the corrupt establishment.

    These two groups cannot reason with each other. They cannot compromise, and frankly, you can’t even reason with democrats anymore because they are all so propagandized and brain damaged that they have utterly abandoned the very concept of “facts.” (To them, a “fact” is anything Hillary Clinton says, while a “lie” is anything Donald Trump says.)

    We are so far beyond the realm of reason that democrats are now essentially running America like a massive political CULT steeped in delusion and mental illness. Believing in the lies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has very nearly become a psychiatric disorder, as their ideas are rooted in such lunacy that only a mentally ill person could possibly believe them (or vote for them).

    In essence, this vote on November 8th is not merely a vote to find out whether America will reject the insane corruption of Hillary Clinton, it’s also a vote to find out whether the American people have collectively lost their minds.

    If Clinton wins, it means we will all find ourselves living in a society of mentally ill zombies and cultists who are a danger to everyone (including themselves).

    The global debt collapse will be initiated no matter who wins

    Importantly, no matter who wins, the global debt collapse is imminent, which means the entire scam of Big Government, endless growth and high entitlement payouts is going to come to a catastrophic end. And that’s mathematically guaranteed to unfold no matter who wins the presidency.

    Make sure you understand the if Donald Trump wins and takes office, the central bankers of the world will deliberately crash the system so that Donald Trump can be blamed for everything.

    I’ve even published an entire video detailing this scenario. View it here:

    This article was written by Mike Adams and originally published at Natural News.com.


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      1. Well alrighty then…….

        • Right?

          My zero’s are set to 50/200 on the AR platforms, and my RPR 6.5 can ping 4 inch groups at 1,000 yards.

          It’ll be fun.

          The best part will be when I plaster the flag of the offending demographic on the side of my vehicle door just like they used to do it on the fighter planes back in WWII.

          I anticipate Black Panther flags, green Crescent flags, and a few “Circle D’s”.

          I’ll become the new Pappy Boyington / Gabby Gobreski / Richard Bong.




          • Add Tommy McGuire to your list…(38) kills, #2 to Dick Bongs (40) kills in the Pacific.They were close friends.

            • Well…all I can say is awww shit…lock and load.

          • I’m not aware of my stats on accuracy with AK47, 22 rifle, 9mm pistol, 25 cal pistol or 38 special – BUT – somehow all of my shots leave little black holes in my target thingy. Oh – at 100 yards. Anything closer I rarely check to see if the little thingies hit the target.

          • Sometimes I question my decision to leave the “changed” USSA Amerikka.
            Then I see posts like this one by California R.
            And the sad thing is that I have more in common with many people here than the average John Q Citizen sheeple on the street.
            But posts like below PROVE: you people here are Not “my people.”
            California Resident says:
            October 26, 2016 at 12:48 pm

            My zero’s are set to 50/200 on the AR platforms, and my RPR 6.5 can ping 4 inch groups at 1,000 yards.

            It’ll be fun.

            Murdering human beings. “It’ll be Fun”. You say. Are you Insane?
            Arm chair warriors that have never been in front of the wire often say that stupid crap. Ever had your face splattered by warm goo brain matter-skull fragments-slick blood from your buddy that was beside you and is now no more?

            My decision to leave and never return is now confirmed. I should thank you.
            Because idiots like you not only make me somewhat ashamed to visit this web site.
            Not only because of the racist-anti jew comments-and displayed ignorance in general.

            But this mindset you display, shows me I’m on wrong web site, and in the wrong country. This country is sick. You are sick.

            Thanks to your failed gobment that sent my ass everywhere. I learned…..
            There are places in the world where people don’t hate each other because of skin color-religion-lack of religion. They agree to disagree. Live their respective lives in peace. Live and let live.

            That is where we NEED TO BE.
            I will live in Peace. I will not fight your wars. I will not hate my neighbor.
            I will not be sucked into your anger-hatred-racism-anti semite sentiments.
            I will farm. Grow my herds and crops. Love my wife. Raise my children to be self reliant and self sufficient. Expecting nothing for free. We will live in Peace and love one another. That is not possible in USSA.

            Have fun with your murderous violence and idiotic warfare.
            I WILL NOT PLAY. I also will not be here.
            This USSA “changed” Amerikka is not for human beings.


            • Bye!

            • W68, What a Cuck you are.
              You might consider changing your handle to W69 (Wimp – 69).

              No one WANTS to indiscriminately KILL others, but the Soldiers of BLM gangs and other Non-whites have openly declared WAR on Whites – so it’s on.
              If only more of us on this site could be like you: Rich enough to Run – Cowardly enough to snivel safely from our off-shore hide-away.

              Fight – like us, and you may die.
              Run, ye – and you will live – at least awhile.
              But, many years from now, dying in your bed, in your off-shore hideout, would you be willing trade all the days from this day to that, for just one chance to come back and KILL your enemies and tell them that they may take our lives, but they will NEVER take our freedom!?!?!?!

              Men who lack the Moral Courage to exterminate their enemies,
              Stand behind the Curtain of protection provided by Men
              with the Moral Courage to do so.

            • W68,

              With all due respect,

              You say you will “live in peace”; that you will not hate; that you will not fight MY wars; that you will not get sucked into my anti-semitism (which make no sense since I said nothing of the kind); etc…., etc….etc…

              Let me tell you what you WILL do:

              You will convert to Islam when dictated by the state to do so and then you will die, and it won’t be because of “MY” wars.

              It’ll be because you put too much misguided faith into your own normalcy bias.

              In the end, the goo that you feel on your face will be that of your kin at the hands of either Islam, or the State Collective.

              Be that as it may, I will still pray for you and your family because I KNOW that when the SHIT Hits The Fan, even the most normalcy-biased liberal will pick up a weapon.

              The fact that I claim it will be fun is merely my psychological defense mechanisms trying to prepare myself for what will be the horror of the impending truth coming to the once great, but functionally DEAD country formerly known as the United States of America.

            • You can thank the treasonist non_government for creating this climate and hard working Americans for being so ignorant as to believe their elected officials were really behind them. We will always devolve into what we actually are, animals. No matter where you go, you will be in contact with the human animal. When economies collapse and bellies are empty, the true side of the human animal presents itself. I hope you find a place that provides you with peace of mind and overall happiness. Take care, JCM

          • Add Robin Olds to your list, he was a great fighter pilot.

          • So, then you are planning to be part of the problem?

        • I used to be democrat… now, I am simply an American and I KNOW MY COUNTRY HAS BEEN STOLEN– A COUP HAS OCCURRED… and I AM VOTING FOR TRUMP!!

          They (the elite)ARE EXPECTING RIOTS… the newspapers talk about Trump supporters preparing to riot because thye are sore losers– The elite have all their dominoes in place– they are sitting up Criminal Cunt to “win” and warning the public (via newspapers) we may riot as a consequence because we are “sore losers”– as if the system were actually legitimate, which, of course, it is NOT…

          Do you feel all the tension?? I DO!!!

          • I feel it too. This isn’t just dirty tricks and politics. We are under attack by very dark forces, in the grip of true Biblical evil. Feels like no matter how the popular vote goes, the left (the globalists?) will use the outcome to initiate martial law and from there it will all be downhill. My heart is so heavy with sadness but still I am grateful that I got to see America during prosperous times where the individual was valued, the right to privacy was upheld and we enjoyed at least the illusion of freedom. So many young people just do not understand what has been lost, and they will never know.

        • ON THE FRONT DOOR OF LOCAL STORE there is a sign: stun guns for $25, pepper spray for such and such amount and clubs for sale… what does that tell you about our society? PEOPLE KNOW WHAT IS COMING

      2. It’s likely your browser’s cookies are disabled. You’ll need to turn cookies on. We can only display part of these lyrics to any suspicious robots due to licensing restrictions.

        Here come old flat top
        He come groovin’ up slowly
        He got joo joo eyeballs
        He one holy rollers
        He got hair down to his knee
        Got to be a joker
        He just do what he please

        He wear no shoeshine
        He got toe jam football
        He got monkey finger
        He shoot Coca Cola
        He say I know you, you know me
        One thing I can tell you is
        You got to be free

      3. Good time to thin out the maggots…

        • – way to thin out the maggots is to make a maggot sandwich. Hear they are quite nutritious but still have not ventured there to actually find out for sure.

        • does that list of maggots include the news media too?????

      4. Mark my words, if the Dems win, there won’t be riots. If Reps win, there will DEFINITELY be riots!

        • Either way my barrels will be hot.

        • Absolutely correct. Hillary will win. Nothing will happen. Just people swearing a lot

      5. I am going to sit back, and watch THE SCREAMS on T.V.

        Then when the power goes off I am going to pack my truck up
        with what minimum stuff I have along with all this Medieval stuff ( SIMPLE TOOLS )I have acquired, and disappear.

        I do not need to much to survive like some of you all with your high power rifles, your bunkers, etc. etc. etc.

        I have seen this coming since the 80s-90s I even got the heads up from a person that was in the loop.

        Plus I do not have much time anyway, so why not go back to nature, we are all part of the earth so no one will have to bury me, just let nature whatever is left of it take its course.

        To tell you the truth we deserve everything that is coming.


        • Another guy who doesn’t give a hoot about the future. He had enough to get by in life and to hell with the rest of us. Your days can’t end too soon. You’re one of the reasons this place is screwed up. You never engaged with the struggle against evil. You watched it on TV and that was enough for you.

          • Him

            BEND OVER LOL

            • Unseeing Eye: you are more corrupt, vile, and evil than the paragon of evil who is creating this mess, Hilary, Goldmun Sucks and the rest.

              Bend over? Using your crude, distasteful, puerile figure of speech, it is actually you, yourself, that has already bent over for the same evil that brought this whole mess on.

              You should be ashamed… except that I doubt you have the moral capacity for shame as the sociopath you are.

              • wow, uptight much, you are a boorish snob

            • Him: it will be everyone for themselves and immediate family. That’s just the way it is. What the H do you suggest ever seeing eye should do? Stay in the city which is crazy? He is bugging out and has enough preps. About the future: we can only do so much, patriots have utterly failed over six decades trying to wake people up online, videos, etc. so quit judging. If seeing eye is going to areas w. bears and mt lions (most of the usa) he damned better have a hi powered rifle.

              • I didn’t bug out. I stayed here in the city. Engage the enemy when it goes up. Taking one self out of the fight by hiding doesn’t win conflicts. Engage, when the time arrives.

        • Personally, while I am prepared, I am NOT going to sit back and eat popcorn and leave people to suffer. There are mentally handicapped, infants, elementary school people, retired WWII veterans, and more that are innocent, fought the evil and may need help. I will do as much as I can to help those.

          You people that think you will escape probably won’t. Some drone will find your BOL, some group will stumble upon your one man hideout, are something else. You also just abandon innocent people to a horrible Venezuelan fate. Disgusting.

          We can’t help everyone, true. But we CAN help who we can, and do as much as we can. All this self-absorbed horseschitt from the survivalists on this site is as despicable as the filth from the fascist left. ***If you survive and become inhuman by doing so, what is the gain?*** So, you have survived, but now you are no better than Hilary Clinton.

          Sorry, not for me.

          • Remember this Noah didn’t let everyone on the Ark. Im only going to help my grandchildren. Everyone else is YOYO. Its going to be very brutal. a stone age root hawg or die existence.

          • Test: people with underage kids will be more likely to bug out and less likely to help others as family is top priority, many will not have enough food to hand out anyway. Adults are responsible for themselves and family, not strangers, not gov. Drones will find people camping in parks or private land. Google maps can find much in wilderness areas. Parents , sons and daughters, siblings, are responsible for close relatives incl elderly , handicapped, etc. People with no family near them will stand alone or with close friends. Small groups of like minded for bartering and watch groups need to be formed now.

      6. Reeducation camp (Vietnamese: trại học tập cải tạo) is the official title given to the prison camps operated by the Communist government of Vietnam following the end of the Vietnam War. In such “reeducation camps”, the government imprisoned up to 300,000 former military officers, government workers and supporters of the former government of South Vietnam.[1] Reeducation as it was implemented in Vietnam was seen as both a means of revenge and as a sophisticated technique of repression and indoctrination, which developed following the 1975 Fall of Saigon. Thousands were tortured or abused. Prisoners were incarcerated for as long as 17 years, with most terms ranging from three to 10 years.

      7. I use to think TPTB wanted Trump to win so they can make him the fall guy for the collapsing economy. But I’m not so sure it will hold together until inauguration day.

        And if Russia really wanted to screw with us can you imagine what it would be like if they hacked the EBT system on Oct 31?

        • EXACTLY..
          If Russia REALLY wanted to mess up the America, all they would have to do is hit ONE snippet of ANY critical infrastructure…but they don’t have to HACK anything. All they have to do is a highly publicized sale of DEBT INSTRUMENTS or PUBLIC REPUDIATION OF WORTHLESS AMERICAN DEBT NOTES or ANY EU nation (EURO) nations, and POOF the entire crooked Banking system collapses OVERNIGHT..IN MINUTES actually. no hack needed.

        • For that matter, they could just do ONE large PUT OPTION buy on any Wall street performer currently suffering in the news, OR Deutsche bank, or any major US Major Bank, drop one Public PLAUSIBLE hint that they were lying about earnings or other matters and sit back and watch the high speed trading algorithms take over and watch Wall Street crash from its own interlinked corruption..

      8. If we could correctly place the blame, we would all be high fiving instead.

      9. with as many sheeple i see in a day ..no matter the corrupt outcome .. they will all crawl back under their rocks

        and the pillaging of our Bill of Rights will be completed

        the fact that even in this article they call it a Democracy is enough to seal the deal on this once great REPUBLIC

        I mean 90% of the fools in this country dont even know what form of government this country has .. that should tell you all you need to know?

        100% probability.. we the people are fuc&ed!

        • Rebel Son, You are 100% right on the mark. I like and respect Mike Adams, but when he hangs on this country being a “democracy” instead of a “REPUBLIC”, that is truly sad. When you factor in just how smart Mike is, is it no wonder we are in such a mess? It does not take a lot of research to figure out what went wrong and how and when, I did it, so anyone can; you just have to be willing to face the facts of how BIG the lie really is. I think Mike Adams really thinks we live in a democracy, other wise he would say so, right? Most people have been so indoctrinated they really do think we live in a democracy and not a republic. In fact we live in neither, we live in a “fascist oligarchy” of some sort.
          What really amazes me is how so many “smart” people refuse to listen to reason and do any research at all. They know the system is corrupt beyond repair but yet they keep tying to fix the same corrupt system!!! WHY???? It’s doomed to failure. You can’t fix it; replace it with the COMMON LAW SYSTEM we started with; “Do No Harm”.
          But I guess that is too simple or too damn hard, either way just keep doing the same thing and expect different results. But you know what that’s called? INSANITY. Yea right, you”re F***ing nuts.
          Go ahead and vote in their corrupt system, good luck with that.
          I’ll just keep tying to tell people the truth. This is NOT our lawful Constitutional government.

          Mr. Charlie out.

      10. This vote is a Defacto Referendum. Will America RETURN to a LAWFUL sane country, or will it let go from hanging by its fingernails and plunge full on into complete Insane Criminality.

        I would tell patriots that this is the point the Founding Fathers mentioned that a violent removal of corrupt government WOULD HAPPEN and they provided for it in the Constitution.

        The day has come where the TYRANNY by the mentally ill FRINGE population that comprises the current Democrat Party in CHARGE of things, MUST END for the USA sake, for the WORLDS sake, for HUMANITIES sake. We cannot survive their actions that these insane morons will do to launch a nuke war with ANYONE who stands in their way, a war Humanity cannot survive.

      11. Yes there will be.
        An African-American co-worker said that she thought there would be.

        I asked her why?

        Time to deal with it with an iron fist.

      12. I’m going to be in Mo. on a hunting trip. I’m hunting with my Black Rifles, So if TSHTF? I’m taking extra mags and Ammo so I can get home. If not I will stay in Mo until it cools off and if need be fight my way back home.

        I see the SHTF more so around the middle of January. after Hitlery steals the election and she starts her B.S. Ex-Orders.

        Any way fun times a coming!!!!


        • Happy hunting Sarge

          Just remember it depends what area in Missouri you are in Missouri is like four different states north south east west

          Always smart to have extra mags I live in Missouri and most the people I know wouldn’t think anything of it

        • Sarge,hang in Montana till it cools off?!Damn,aren’t you the optimistic sort!

          We will not riot/burn down stores ect.(well,maybe starbucks but with their awful coffee they should be destroyed!)but will resist/fight back/drop out of the system/4th gen ect.,interesting times ahead that tis for sure!

          On a side but important note,keep Eppe & family in your thoughts/prayers if religious/and remember to always make time for your family and friends,no matter how much of a pain in the ass they can be!

      13. Scenario 3: The American public accepts the election results though verified corrupt, wakes up and goes to work Wednesday morning in total disgust with the circus in Washington. 98% chance.

        We all know that Hillary is corrupt and we knew it before it was verified via Wikileaks. But we also know that Trump is corrupt. He admitted to bribing politicians. Democrat/Republican; same side of the coin. I will not vote for the lesser of two evils, I will not sacrifice my principles on the alter of political expediency.

        I will go to work Wednesday, but be ready…

      14. no mass group is going to do sh*t.. until maybe 9-10 are unemployed , kids are starving and 60% are living out of a home of any sort

        this bunch of pigs in DC know just how far they can push it.. they been testing us all for over 50 years .. they know exactly where the breaking point is , they have pushed it purposely in the past few decades , just to see where that point is

        it will be pushed many more times , and no one in mass will do a dam thing to stop them , sure you will get the 1 or 2 guys that are paying attention and sick beyond giving a shit , but those guys will be labeled as anything but patriots or freedom fighters

        the deterrent factors get played on a few and it scares the rest into acting

        unless we unite .. we can sit here and watch this all go down the tubes just like watching yer shit flush down the toilet

        • * scares the rest into NOT acting .. sorry the not got left behind

          as many of us will be

        • ” they know exactly where the breaking point is”

          Revolutions are caused by empty stomachs. Mr E=MC2 himself Albert Einstein said, “An empty stomach is not a good political barometer”. When food prices had unacceptably risen in Poland after Soviet subsidies were cut, people joined Lech Walesa’s strike.

      15. Will it start that night nov 8th when its clear who will win or next couple days after they stew on it

      16. LA Times, IBD, and Rasmussen (the most reliable of all the polls) all have Trump ahead. There is also a video of Soros stating the Trump would win, but this is misrepresented and not true https://youtu.be/LUjqM5l2Zl8?t=57 (this is from InfoWars.)

        What is going on with that fake Soros video. Well, if you know the vile, fascist, evil Alinsky jerks, this is the game: You plant a fake video like this as “red meat.” People then see it and, as it looks real, they pass it on. Then, the **dirty tricks/Alinsky fascists come out with the real transcript, and try to embarrass those who passed this on.

        Here’s the thing: What this fake Soros video does is actually illustrate a.) How desperate the left is, and b.) show how utterly SLEAZY and lying they are (I know…. what a shock! Hilary operatives LYING)

        • from an old prayer book —

          Hinder all evil counsel and purpose of unstable men, who think only of that which is not good.

          Put them to naught in their purposes, so that they must retreat and are utterly consumed with terrors. Stretch forth Thine arm to protect us who are named after Thee, so that Thy heritage be not destroyed.

          Support Thy faithful who rely upon Thee and call upon Thy name. Hear us in our distress, and Thy holy name protect us. Send us help from Thy sanctuary, and strengthen us from on high. Bless the country and the cities in which Thy holy word dwelleth.

      17. “There is no question that the Trump-supporting citizens of America will not accept a “rigged” election outcome where the electoral college votes are essentially stolen from the People.”

        Trump supporters will not riot, period, end of story. Go to court? Certainly, riot, never.

        Conversely, Hillary’s underclass supporters, in the event of a Trump victory, will riot and in the spirit of an upcoming Christmas, stock up on presents in a looting spree.

      18. Just to repeat: LA Times, IBD, and Rasmussen (the most reliable of all the polls) all have Trump ahead. BUT, there is also a video of Soros stating the Trump would win you may have seen from YouTube at https://youtu.be/cfTAD4Fzf3s?t=3 – but this is a ****faked video.*** So, what is behind this is explained here: https://youtu.be/LUjqM5l2Zl8?t=57 .

        Or if you don’t want to watch the video, that fake Soros video is just this:: If you know the vile, fascist, evil Alinsky jerks, this is the game: You plant a fake video like this as “red meat.” People then see it and, as it looks real, they pass it on. Then, the **dirty tricks/Alinsky fascists come out with the real transcript or video, and try to embarrass those who passed this on.** Gee, how clever. How Goebbelian. How luciferian (recall, Alinsky’s tribute to Lucifer in Rules for Radicals… and yes, these leftist fascists ARE really that evil).

        In sum:

        a.) The video of Soros is fake; it is from the left themselves, to set people up, then try to show how easily they are duped. Of course, psychological projection being what it is, the dupers are themselves the real dupes. But you knew that already.
        b.) It shows how desperate they are, which by implication means Trump is in the game.
        b.) This video shows how desperate the left is, how corrupt they are, how they are Goebbelian masters of deceit (gee, what shock – Hilary supporters are LIARS… go figure), and how they still use the rule book of the vile, filthy, evil, degenerate, disgusting, nauseating, lying, corrupt Saul Alinsky. And of course, from these human leftist vermin, if this video fails, they just disavow any knowledge of it. How diabolically clever. Unfortunately, those that play with the devil are eventually consumed by him. Just ask Mr. Alinsky from his current abode.

      19. “Scenario 1B (60% chance): Obama declares Trump victory invalid, claiming the Russians hacked the vote”

        If its perceived, that the US is not lawfully transitioning power, by dictatorial decree, the global stock market will crash. Add that crash to the Russian well founded paranoia as they’re being blamed, one mistake over Syria and its, “Bombs Away”.

      20. Tick Tock, Tick Tock.
        What you have is what you got.
        Tick Tock, Tick Tock.
        If you don’t have it, then you’re fucked.

        Thirteen days to go!

        Are you ready? Hope so.

        I am not giving up nothing to anyone who was foolish enough not to prep.

      21. Get ready for the new and improved ” Preparation H ” Start applying Nov 9th and be sure to us a liberal coating you’ll need it!

      22. What’s the probability that Trump wins and Obama decides to go all-in with his inflaming the world to WW3 and we all end up in a fireball? Or some locally produced and foreign-blamed “event” (EMP, intentional economic collapse, plague….)? Hell, what’s the probability that the Hildabeast wins and she suddenly starts stripping and pole-dancing!? Or Trump reveals himself to be an albino? All I do know is that ‘something’ is going to happen and it’s going to be one hell of a wild ride.

      23. Time to sharpen my scalping knife. There was a report on “The National Interest” site yesterday, which is a very creditable site, which pretty much said the same thing. The “experts” in social unrest are very concerned about violence starting Nov. 9th.

        Go Gators, beat them dogs!

      24. I pick 2A.

      25. I’ve already got my knives sharpened, mags loaded, weapons cleaned and oiled, etc. No scum will have their way with me, period.

      26. If they start it – I will finish it.

      27. I see a lot of trump signs . And zero Hilary signs. A lot of trump bumper stickers. And zero Hilary . The polls can’t be right.?

      28. Hmmm

        It seems to me that no matter the outcome, angry division, chaos and a break down of the normal order of things is going to be the rule of the day. To my mind this means in the final analysis the outcome of the election itself was never mattered to the ruling elite. The ruling elite have stolen over 20 Trillion dollars from the American people. They have used the US drained the US economic and military might to the point it is a empty shell of its former self. They are desperate for an exit strategy that keeps them not only alive, but 2 doesn’t require them to be looking over their shoulder in fear the rest of their lives. And equally important prevents any new government from retaliating against Israel for all that it has done to destroy America and our way of life to further the goals of zionism.

        Their intention was to undermine the basic foundation of the Republic and quietly slip away as it collapses. Thus leaving the rest of us fighting each other with no time, interest or ability to figure out who the real bad guys are, let along kill them. And the power and reach of the US government effectively neutered in the ensuing collapse. No I don’t believe there is going to be mass violence, let alone Armageddon. This collapse was started in 1913 and America has been in a slow motion fall ever since. It is just that we are about to hit the ground.

        • I agree, except the “empty shell” assessment.
          If it were totally spent, they would be kicking in doors and taking guns and property NOW. Instead, they are still prepping for that day.
          It is VERY close,
          but just not here yet.
          My point:
          We still have a little more time to get ready.

      29. I have studied polls for 50 years (masters in math). Any one who believes any poll in this politically charged year is a fool. Polls are for normal years when people are rational and not emotional. Polls are supposed to reflect the political demographics of normal times. That is why polls are done because they do work in normal times. But these are not normal times.

        I would not be surprised to see Trump take 4-5 % of the democrats away from Hillary in key states. If this happens every poll done to-date is crap. All the polls today rely on the old political demographics (assumptions on who to poll) to give their results.

        The primary reason for Obama to destroy this election is the what Trump will do with his new Justice department. Trump could destroy the Obama administration because of their blatant law breaking and put many in jail. Many crimes of wall street people do not have a statute of limitations on them!

        Second Trump could rip up years of business regulations going back 30 years. This would destroy the bureaucracy in medicine, energy, education, etc…without congress enacting new laws. This would include stopping the nationalizing of our police.

        Third trump could deport in 4 years up to 30 to 40 million of the 67 million immigrants in this country (legal and illegal). This would kill the plan Hillary has to make them all citizens and eliminate borders. Under existing laws Trump can build the wall – no new laws are needed.

        There are many more items. But the bottom line is Trump using existing laws on the books could dismantle the NWO work of the last 30 years without congress passing any new laws!! This is why the scenarios listed in this article are realistic…

      30. If we try to dismantle the international bankers in the USA. We will end up like Hitlers Germany he tried . Only the new messiah can stop the Jewish mafia. They butchered the Germans . And anyone else that stode in their way. They have Satan on there side . With out the messiah we have no chance. As all the others who tried. We must wait. Unfortunately.

      31. hillary wins we get war in Middle East until Isreal has all the land and oil wells.
        Then a push to send American J*ws out of U.S. Into Isreal so they can turn U.S. Into a Hell hole with crowded urban cities surrounded by government protected wild life refuges and no transportation of a private nature.

        Trump wins
        Soros paid riots
        Things Get Better
        Economic Collapse
        Things Get Better


      32. If Barry has a lick of sense he will flee to a non-extraditable Mooslim Hell-hole the day before President Trump takes office.

        Donald Trump is coming, and the Rule of Law is coming with him.

        • Donald Trump is coming and he’s bringing an ass kicking with him

          • This is going to be so much FUN!

      33. There WILL be violence if Trump wins. The Democrats have bought and paid for and trained protesters/rioters, even admitting they hired the homeless to protest and even mentally ill people to join the protests. This will probably be an excuse to declare martial law and further erode our Constitution.

      34. Nana

        “The Democrats have bought and paid for and trained protesters/rioters”.
        If these people step out of line they will quickly come to the conclusion that they aren’t getting paid enough given what will happen to them.

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