Dissolving Micro-Chip Will Tell Big Brother Your Every Move

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    Dissolving Tracking Chip

    John Rogers PhD and his team work out of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. They, along with other teams at Tufts are developing transient electronics, tiny micro-thin chips that dissolve when they have served their purpose.

    On April 8th this year their research paper was presented to the American Chemical Society at their annual National meeting, this year it was held in New Orleans.

    Rogers spoke eloquently of the technology, explaining its possible use and exactly how the chips work. There was nothing negative at all in the presentation. Nothing was mentioned about the possible negative uses of such technology.

    In a nutshell, micro-thin, soluble electronic chips are implanted into an equally thin medium that is also soluble. The amount of ‘wrapping’ around the chip denotes how fast it will dissolve. Once the final encapsulation layer has dissolved, the chip,within an hour, does the same, leaving no trace behind. There’s nothing at all to indicate it was ever there in the first place.

    Rogers said during his presentation:

    “…many new opportunities open up once you start thinking about electronics that could disappear in a controlled and programmable way.”

    Indeed they do.

    The good doctor highlighted some areas he feels transient electronics could be useful. Cell phones that cease to work at a given, pre-ordained date when you would have to buy an updated phone. Water sensors that would not need to be collected after submitting their data. Medical implants that were not required for life would just fade away to save further surgery to retrieve them.

    He also briefed the audience on piezoelectric transient electronics. These are like tiny generators that produce electricity without an outside source, their zinc-oxide components make them work purely by muscle power, possibly making them the pacemaker of the future.

    What was not said was that these tiny electronic devices are small enough to be injected and implanted without the recipient noticing. They can, as Rogers admitted, be placed in cell phones at the time of manufacture or at any point thereafter. It seems logical to assume that they could also be put into computers, cars, flashlights or any other object you care to think of.

    How about babies? That would be relatively easy.

    Children could be traced, tracked and followed from cradle to grave…how convenient.

    Shop lifters could be transiently tagged so the ‘monitors’ would know if they went near forbidden stores.

    Hell, we could self-destruct terrorists…or anyone else that happened to be inconvenient if we laced the inner wrappers with cyanide. Agenda 21 made easy.

    How about implanting people so if they overeat, smoke or take drugs, the chips dissolve and eliminate the person problem? Far less people would need medical insurance.

    I think the chances of transient electronics being used purely for the good of mankind is zero. The possibilities for this technology are huge and extremely wide ranging and there is no reason to think that governments won’t use it.

    At the end of his presentation Rogers thanked the benefactors that had provided research grants:

    Defence Advanced ResearchProjects Agency (DARPA)

    The National Science Foundation

    The Airforce Office Of Scientific Research

    The US Department Of Energy

    The National Institute Of Biomedical Imaging and Engineering

    The National Institute Of Health

    Not a lot more to say really is there?

    Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

    Chris Carrington is a writer, researcher and lecturer with a background in science, technology and environmental studies. Chris is an editor for The Daily Sheeple. Wake the flock up!


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        • Total mark of the beast. They “try” to shove those demonic devices into people, it is time for a total revolution. That is when every single last person of any faith needs to arm themselves and get together with others and not one fucken second take this shit from any government of the world. They put that into you and the government, any of them, will find a way of completely controlling you like some Borg on the science fiction Star Trek series.

          Rememebr how I was talking about BO trying to fund the mapping of the brain. Yeah to shove one these devices into you to lobotomize your free will. This is going into your body, that is the plan. This is PURE EVIL and the mark of the darkest of the wicked. Use it for good purposes, HORSE SHIT they will.

          • And many will line up to get theirs first.

            • The RFID chip was in the original bill (H.R. 3200) of Obamacare.

              “H.R. 3200 section 2521, Pg. 1001, paragraph 1.
              The Secretary shall establish a national medical device registry (in this subsection referred to as the ‘registry’) to facilitate analysis of postmarket safety and outcomes data on each device that— ‘‘is or has been used in or on a patient; ‘‘and is— ‘‘a class III device; or ‘‘a class II device that is implantable, life-supporting, or life-sustaining.”

              This wording was removed only after public outrage.

              The final version of Obamacare that did pass is many pages long and very difficult for the average person to fully understand. It allows for ‘future laws and regulations’ to be passed to enable smooth implementation and application of the healthcare mandate.

              • I was trying to be sneaky—

                I asked the radiologist, when I went in for an MRI, if implanted RFID chips would mess with MRIs…He said he thought they would, so I asked how they might get around that when an MRI was needed. He told me and I quote “they’ll let us know that when the time comes”.

                I took that to mean, that the discussion about implanting everyone with chips might have already been touched upon.

                • @ sixpack— yeah right..
                  They” pulled in your radiologist and had this “conversation” with him.


              • Almost Every state or fed law or act or bill I ever read always has at the very ending of all wordings this statement…”And for Other Purposes”…A True Law should state exactly What it is and means, what All potential fines or jail it affords for offences etc. And NO More such as, for Other purposes!

                Basically Every law has that so does that mean whenever in the future “They” choose to Add More its ok to do so?

                I plan to go with the US Const where it states “ALL Laws made Not in Compliance with THIS Const are NULL and VOID from their Inception. To me that means from the very moment some asshole got the “Idea” in their small puny Mind. US Const also says NObody needs to obey it NOR can be arrested NOR convicted etc.

                But the ONLY way today anyone can actually Depend on and Do such is if Many stand as One, and back each other to the Hilt. Any individual who trys this rejection method will be shot dead or imprisioned pronto. Unless they have heavey backups and Like minded folks standing together.

                Soon it won’t be safe to go in public Alone Anywheres. I pak a gun just to walk to my Mail Box already! its just 250 ft or so and I am in a very Low population rural white Mich area. I pak it though, as you just Never know right. I think I may begin to invite a few folks to Reside here perhaps on my 10 acres build a cabin or? So I too can have backup other then rely on just neighbors. Not many of them here, even Less thats awake!

                Living alone is great…Untill shtf when you Must have help and backups.

            • Yes, they will….so they can keep getting food stamps and disability etc.

              Keep preppin’

              • I agree. The other day I was in a buisness when this low life came in. She tried to return a item of clothing that it was obvious she had worn it was food stained. The Lady who owns the buiness pintd to a big sign NO RETURNS. She tried to say it woudnt fit her. The owner stated that,s why we have dressing rooms. So she Gave up on that and started telling Wal Mart let her return stuf. The owner told her Im not friggin Wal Mart!then the lowlife got a phone call. She was yakking away. Telling the caller Ive got plenty of hours. We get two free cell phones fron the food stamps and my parents furnish me one. I know all the info on the woman .She is in her late thirties she has 4 children from three different fathers. One chid a girl about 16 is pregnant. She has Been going to college for 18 years, never worked, never married. And she was telling whoever she was yakking to that she was trying to get a disability SSI because she is obese and cant work. Culls like her will be first inline to get the chip.

                • Oh yeah, we all just stop what we’re doing and have an open conversation that handily makes every point someone like you wants to make…sounds more to me like you have waaaayyy too much time on your hands, to be standing around the customer service desk waiting to overhear something useful.

          • “Some will live..some will die”

            Kathleen Sebilius..HHSsecretary..

            Brave new world indeed..

            and just in.
            Secret court order…millions of verizon customers calls scanned by nsa..even the nytimes is outraged.

            go figure..


            • Even Al Gore tweeted out against it….Kind of shows you where we’re headed if even Gore won’t take it.

              • It appears to me that no matter what the scandal of the day is involving the big house, they will not stop and they will get away with anything they wish to. The majority of people in this country are brain dead and the only thing they fear is having their comfort level compromised in any way.

                Who cares if the President is a lying manipulator, who cares if the rights of a free society are being eliminated, who cares if we are going to be tracked and spied upon, just don’t interrupt my entitlement check and do not ever, interrupt my game playing or favorite television shows.

                The schools can indoctrinate your children into believing whatever they want them to, the media can raise homosexuality to a level higher than Mother Theresa, the vile pigs in Washington can look the other way when destructive bills are secretly passed in the middle of the night, or upon executive order.

                There is no voice for the freedom and liberty fighting Americans anymore. The majority is in control now and they are willing to follow the herd mentality until they are annihilated or imprisoned. So many people laugh at the idea of a government out to change our society into a one world order, or they believe it will be a good thing.

                Food will become scarce and very expensive, electricity and fuel will become a luxury. When it gets to a point where it affects the majority of the sheep, there will be hell to pay, not for the ones in charge but for the ones who prepared and saw the writing on the wall. They will be blamed for this dyeing society, the preppers, the preachers and the freedom loving and fighting Americans will be persecuted and robbed by the ignorant unprepared herd.

                The fat evil bastards will sit back and watch the show, they will blame us as well, it is all a set up and everyday it is getting closer and closer to the end of America as we know it.

                When a society starts to idolize false gods which is exactly what is going on in this country regarding the current administration, they are doomed to fail. When you can be destroyed if you come out publicly and denounce the president but put on a pedestal if you denounce God then for me, it is the end of times.

                • Payroll to Population Drops to 43.9%…

                  Drudge Report

                • VERY well said! As I’ve said before- I no longer and can no longer worry about what “Americans” do/don’t do- I can only worry about myself, and hope that I can affect the people I care about by my personal actions, and hope to start that little ripple in the pond. It’s gotta start somewhere. We can’t keep waiting and hoping for some “sign” or some “leader” to materialize to start leading us back to freedom. We can only start taking it back ourselves, one little bit at a time, and hope that our examples will have a positive influence on others. When you have nothing else left- defiance becomes its own reward.

                  • All I had to read was DARPA to know this won’t be used for anything good…

            • Heard on tv news that NY Times had huge story, maybe Headlines too(?) saying that “Obamma has LOST ALL Cerdibility”! It was due to that verizon cell phone info to feds scandle. BUT..Is that really just “Code” for they are pissed that hobammy so far has rejected Netanyahoo’s demands to get usa to carpet bomb syria and Iran?

              Like to Pressure their Former “messiahboy” into doing it.

              Something very wicked this way cometh or else Why all a sudden has Every MSM on Both sides aisle gone Against Their saviour messiahboy hobammy? This aint simply due to fed spying on Press emails or that Fox news guy charged as acomplice with Leaks. Every so called “Leak” is Allowed to Leak out. To believe such vast high tech systems They have cannot stop important stuff from leaking out? I aint buying it. Somethigs afoot.

          • Hey Earthquake Boy…..can you cut the doom and gloom shit short til I get done with my Cheerios for once Jeeez ? I mean, dont you have a fault line or a tech tonic plate in Mogadishu you can study this morning ?


              Obama’s Super Secret Treaty Which Will Push The Deindustrialization Of America Into Overdrive

              “Did you know that Barack Obama has been secretly negotiating the most important trade agreement since the formation of the World Trade Organization? Did you know that this agreement will impose very strict Internet copyright rules, ban all “Buy American” laws, give Wall Street banks much more freedom to trade risky derivatives and force even more domestic manufacturing offshore?

              If you have not heard about this treaty, don’t feel bad. Obama has refused to even give Congress a copy of the draft agreement and he has banned members of Congress from attending the negotiations. The plan is to keep this treaty secret until the very last minute and then to railroad it through Congress and have it signed into law by October.

              The treaty is known as the “THE TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP”, and the nations that are reported to be involved in the development of this treaty include the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand,Chile, Peru, Brunei, Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia. Opponents of this treaty refer to it as “the NAFTA of the Pacific”, and if it is enacted it will push the deindustrialization of America into overdrive.

              The “one world” economic agenda that Barack Obama has been pushing is absolutely killing the U.S. economy. As you will see later in this article, we are losing jobs and businesses at an astounding pace. And each new “free trade” agreement makes things even worse.”

              The Economic Collapse Blog

              • KY Mom, don’t take this wrong but: how did this secret get out? With it being out we should have ample time to educate out reprs. If Obama is going to try to ram it through, the cat is out of the bag (so to speak) then we need to hear from the elected elites on this.

                • I wrote to both of my senators about this. No reply from either, but most interesting is that they didn’t send a whine for donations. This has to be really untouchable.

                • Newswithviews website writers had articles of that trans pacific crap quite awhile ago. At Least 6-12 months it seems like. The Only True secret stuff NOT leaked out is Never leaked. All the rest like this issue is Meant to be leaked out. It is called Controlled Opposition. Many groups or reporters or websites, and I am NOT saying that site KY Mom posted is one such as I do Not know either way if they are or not, but Many Are Controlled Opposition. Such as Hannity-O’Rielly-Glen Beck!- etc.

                  Their job is get Us to believe They are on Our side so we feel somebody IS working hard to oppose evils. That way We will go Back to sleep, at least that is Their hope to accomplish. If I am wrong? Then WHY do we Never hear or see guys such as Shiff ET AL, Ever tell us the Rest of the story?…When has anybody heard any them guys tell us How we do NOT need a Usury intrest money system? Why do They Never discuss That?…Nor do any ever make any mention of WHO are these elusive TPTB folks? Many Here Knows Who it is and what Their religion is etc. Why don’t shiff and Beck et al mention thsese issues?

                  CONTROLLED OPPOSITION! Is My guess. I Trust NONE. Unless they speak publically of WHO and WHAT those TPTB truly are. To speak 1/2 truths is Worse than Silence and Lies outright. So Far the ONLY folks I ever see speak 100% truths are right Here This webiste forum!

                  PS KY Mom I am NOT knocking Your post info as it is good info. I am just speaking of those who give us such info yet Hold back the rest of it all.

              • yeah , I read that article . pretty disturbing . Most disturbing because congress isnt raising hell about it . I believe all in D.C. are too fat and happy . Why rock the boat when you have it so good . pretend to be concerned and do nothing , collect your cash and binies , wave the flag and do it for the children

          • Like I’ve said before; they want to bring about the Star Trek universal utopia.

            The only problem facing that end is human nature.

          • Attention Utah Data Center, I’m just speaking a patriot fantasy out loud. No plans afoot, you dig? Just abstract thoughts … First Amendment at work.

            Does anyone know where our pal John Rogers can be found? Where he drinks his coffee, sleeps, goes jogging, etc? It would be mete and proper if some of us munchkins visited him to show our gratitude for his exemplary work.

            /sarcasm off

            You bring the tar, I’ll bring the feathers. (On the way to the detergent aisle in a big boxer noticed that their cotton rounds might make good bore cleaners for my 12-gauge. Picked up 1,000 of them).

            Do you know what’s been here for a long time, decades? The technical types bleating that “my work has no social consequences, it’s totally non-political” while they bask in unlimited power elite funding working for the tyrant.

            I mean nobody any harm, I just want to make electrons do more creative things [do what my master who’s paying for it all wants done]

            Without reverting to an anti-intellectual know-nothingism we have to do what we can to mentor the tech types to see that there are larger issues at play than :

            “Golly gee, life is so wonderful having a patron with bottomless pockets. Yessir, I’ll invent anything you want invented.”

            If it in fact means a few techno weinies do get tarred and feathered, that might be necessary to stop these things being forcibly implanted in people we love.

            You sleep with dogs you wake up with fleas. Let the de-lousing parties begin.

          • If this is the mark of the beast, then what do people of faith in Christ have to fear. The rapture of the church is near and we won’t have to worry about it. What are we going to do, tell God we don’t like what His word is telling us is going to happen and try to change it. Good Luck, tell me how that works out for you.

            • I believe the mark of the best will be something you clearly know what you are recieving. When people stand on judgement day; they will have no excuss to say I didn’t know it was the mark. Just my 2

              Watch your six

        • Welcome to 1984. As tyrannical as this govt has become I can see a day when this is forced on every American citizens with the exception of the illegals caused they’re special and better than us who were born here.

          I imagine a time when this will progress to the point where once implanted they can block you from making commercial transactions if you oppose TPTB.

          And waiting in the wings is the super duper version that can shut you down permanently if you oppose the govt.

          Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought we could live in a “Blade Runner or Total Recall” world. Guess I gave them too much credit. 😉

          • “Illegals”? Don’t you mean ‘undocumented democrats’?

        • I am a victim of mnd control, I am convinced that I was set up by the president/ mk ultra. I ended up arrested ,put in the hostpitol and hen drugged. I have all of my evidence and I need help stopping hese evil people. I was tortured and left with a diagnosis os psycosis. My life has been ruined. Before the hostpitol I had been remote controlled by frequencies to knock on a strangers door and told them I was Mary Magdalene, when I arrived at the hostpitol the mind controler provoked me to say I was mother of god. These people are stalking me, I am scared. I am a 22 year old white woman with a four year old son. Please help.

      1. Well the FIRST se would be to keep track of Amanda Byrnes.

        • @Durango kidd,

          Lol Wtf? You mean the former Nickelodeon teen star Amanda Bynes? Who gives a hoot. We need to keep track of “BO” the White House Dog. He might bury a terribly big bone in our backyards!

          • I’m not as worried about the bone buried in my backyard, as I am the bone he’s trying to bury up my backside!

            • SIXPACK they have their injections we have ours its called LEAD

        • Are we trying to play a game.

          Also where do you get 100 million gun owners. You would be lucky if 10% cared and of that very few would act or even take the time to vote or join anything.

          • @Facebook,

            What are you bamblin on about? All that matters to me is I get off my ass when the time comes to defend my freedom. I can’t worry about you 100million other people or 10% of the population. I hope you do the same and while you’re at it tell, 99million other people it’s time to rock n’ roll! they’ll know what to do. That’s how it works.

          • History shows that only 3% actually fought during the Revolutionary war.

          • Last week the city I live in had a ” gun amnesty” day. Seeing that line of cars trading their guns in for a $50 grocery gift card for a handgun, $100 for a rifle and $150 for an automatic gun. Idiots.


        the rfid tracking chips are easily defeated with a electric field generator .

        you can buy one online it even blocks cellphones and microwave transmissions .

        cost $1500.

        for every technology developed to enslave man there is another to defeat it …

        only be SELF Education Training will you and your family Survive and Thrive against the NWO ZOG AMERIKAN FEDGOV STATEGOV .


        N.O. ;0p

      3. What this chip will do is follow every move of the working and honest folks. But, what this chip needs to do is follow the life-long welfare recipient and find out why they never look for work.

        • We need them to follow Hillary, Eric, and the IRS. I guess the rest of the elected creeps also. Gee… I don’t remember. I don’t recall. WTF does it mater? By Golly Ge it does mater what the little FH are doing and not what little old you and me are doing.

          By the way we are paying them to what? Serve US!!!!!

        • Ugly, That is a GREAT statement..

      4. Oh boy,

        “…many new opportunities open up once you start thinking about electronics that could disappear in a controlled and programmable way.”

        At least half the reason that a host of things are NOT attempted is the issue of ‘plausible deniability’…and everything about THIS – IMHO – just screams that. Draw your own conclusions as to how this will be used…the moment it arrives.

        JOG *3 days…and none too soon…*

        • JOG,

          Where ever it is you are going I hope they don’t find you and yours… I envy you.

          May the cedars be many and tall, the caves few and well hidden..


        • JOG,
          If I don’t catch you before you leave, I just wanted to say it has been my deep pleasure to have come to know you. You are one of the true blue persons here, that I would let ‘watch my six’.
          If we don’t get to meet in this life, then here’s hoping we will see one another in the next…(hopefully years from now…)

          In the spell between now and then,
          I wish you luck in your ‘endeavor’, and I am filled with trepidation for you, because I know, that destiny and Murphy will travel with us all. Be careful in all you do…

          Considering the situation in Syria, and with the following info, your departure is probably timed in excellent fashion… you should be about set up and ready before the first monetary and/or dust and/or radioactive clouds begin to haunt us in the future dystopia of America… the first land of ‘unwalled villages’… 😉 (I trust you catch the reference…)

          Good luck, and God bless…

        • JustOneGuy,

          Thank you for all you have shared with us. You will be missed.

          May God bless and guide you in your new home.

          Take care!

          KY Mom

        • JOG,

          You will be sorely missed. Best wishes and Godspeed to you.

      5. “I don’t do this very well.” Don’t escort me out, haven’t had my desert…

      6. Fine article by Chris C.

        ANY chip– temporary or not– is the “Mark of the Beast”, or at least its precursor.

        Why do I say that?

        One, because evil is that which destroys. And any evil, including this, is about control.

        Two, contol is diametrically opposed to human freedom.

        [Remember how the (so-called) ‘Patriot’ Act took away so many of our God-given freedoms?]

        Three, we need to use moral (good) means to achieve a good end or goal or purpose. There are other ways that do Not involve RFID chips to achieve the alleged positive outcomes cited in Chris’s fine article.

        To use a bad or destructive or evil means to achieve that end or goal or purpose is immoral and is destructive of the quality of life of everyone.

        When evildoers ‘behind’ the scenes collapse and destroy (remember, evil is that which destroys) the international banking system, that will set the stage for government(s) to tell everyone that the (implanted) RFID chip will be the “means” (and the only means) by which “funds” can be accessed with which to purchase food and all other items.

        According to one or two Messages (at wwwdot thewarningsecondcoming dot com), Our Lord warned the visionary (Maria) two things about these chips: one, for those who accept the chip, it will be very difficult if not nearly impossible to escape the diabolical influence it will have on the recipient; and two, implanted within the chip will be a deadly disease designed to wipe out millions and millions of people.

        Remember, because evil is that which destroys, we must RESIST and REFUSE anything that smacks of simplism or simplistic solutions posing as “wonderful inventions to liberate humanity” or “protect” humanity (as what was used to sell the UNpatriot Act to the sheeple). Horse manure!

        Watch your six, everyone.

        The Lone Ranger

        • I believe I read something 10+ years ago that there is an ink (like a tattoo) that can be scanned like a chip could be. I have a feeling the technology is more advanced than we know it to be. I believe tattoos have been mainstreamed expressly because of this. Conditioning.

          • yes, there is an ink like that.
            it’s on the bottom of every one of your checks.
            it’s called magnetic ink.

            • The Moody Blues band’s song from around 1969 “In the Begining” if I recall right. Was probobly the very first mention of magnetic ink. Recall that song anybody?

              Its not really a ‘song” as it begins with a bunch of computer boot-up sounds and phone conection hookups type sounds. THEN you hear a young guys voice say “I..I Think!….Therefore I AM! At least I Must be…I Think!

              THEN a Great Voice of a Computer says “Of Course you are my Little star! The guys voice returns with “Huh who who what is that? I cant recall every word now, the guy banters back and forth with computer voice, argues “no No I AM More than That! I Know I Am!” computer generated voice that sounds like its in a deep hall echo etc. It tells the Human guy..

              “We’ve Miles of FILES of Your Forefathers Fruit!(off spring/decendants). And to SUIT OUR Great Computer!

              Your’re MAGNETIC INK!…Then it breaks away goes into the song “Lovely to see you again my friend” Walk along with me till the next bend.

              Seems a few Older Rock bands were the good guys side trying to give advance warning messages perhaps eh. They the moddy blues Knew of it as far back as 1969!

              PS: Besides Magnetic ink like on “checks” etc, they now and for awhile now have a similar ink for Tatoos that is fully Invisible! Once applied it soaks into and “melds” with the Skin of a human where it can’t be removed period. It remains Invisible, untill it is “Scanned” and then shows the hidden ID info etc. There was a full color Photo of this “Ink” on a Cover of TIME Magz, or Newsweek Magaz about a DECADE ago. It showed a humand head and Face from a partial side/front side angle. And his forehead had the Invisible Tatoo implanted into it. The Photo colorized the tatoo a little to highlite it so it was sorta visible in photo. Scary stuff.

              A Chip maybe can be Dug out. Not so with special Ink that becomes One with skin. Imbeded in skin, invisible, and UNremovable unless you Remove Forehead or Right Hand!

              QUESTION: What is the main Plan for all those “Pre-trib-Raptured” out Before it occures, After they realize their pastors taught BOGUS Falshoods, and they Will have to Wait for Christs Return,like the Rest of us believers, untill After most tribulations Unfold?(as is stated in several various biblical verses Including what Christ Himself says).

              I picture Tens of Millions such christians either begging for Food etc, or going ape wild and going against Prepared christians that rejected Falshoods from such Wolves in sheeps clothes preacher types. Hopefully they shall awaken prior to it gets too late.

              • What is the purpose of the rapture? Is the church appointed to wrath? “For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Thess. 5:9).
                Was not Noah and family safely protected before the flood? What about Lot and family in Sodom and Gomorrah?
                God will remove the church before the tribulation.
                The tribulation is again for God to deal with the nation of Israel. The 49th week. While this is going on, the marriage supper will be going on with Christ and his bride ( the church).
                When Jesus comes for his church, he comes as a thief in the night,( “For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord” (1 Thess. 4:16-17). ) When he comes at the end of the tribulation he comes and every eye will behold him.
                There are 2 distinct events coming in relation the Christ’s return ; 1 where the church is removed and the next when Christ returns with his saints to put an end to the tribulation and establish his kingdom on earth. Also notice how Hollywood is putting out movies with supernatural events involving mass disappearances of people. Preparing peoples minds to coming events and while giving them something else to believe in. Whether we agree on the timeline is however less relevant on in whom we trust!
                We do not know the day or the hour, nor do we know how much we may experience or endure before Christ’s return.
                It is very biblical to prepare for future unknown events. ” Proverbs 30:25 Ants are creatures with little strength, but they prepare their food in the summer”

      7. I’m sure it will be put to good use.

        • O first and the rest of the gov. should be the first, they said they would be more transparent, lets see??

          • Amen.

      8. Heard they are FREE on your first doctor visit under Obamacare.

        • So that’s why they keep trying to get me to get a colonoscopy, whether I need it or not!

      9. You will have to check your roll of toilet paper before using to make sure you are not inserting a chip when you wipe……..or you will surely get one in your cheerios. Our tax dollars at work I guess. These are for the hard cases who keep screens on their windows to keep the PTB from flying robotic bug spies into your house. Har Har.

        • Or it could be in your bowl of soup when you eat out next.

          • POP– and just exactly WHOM would TPTB be tracking if they put a chip into an innocuous bowl of soup? In order for an RFID chip to be of any assistance to any body of power, it must first be identified to a SPECIFIC person. In reference to “The Mark of the Beast”, that particular method will, according to the Bible, be WILLINGLY accepted by Satans’ minions… in order to buy or sell or have any transactions with Satan, et al. I and my family are very aware of the passages in the Bible concerning the Mark and will NOT accept said mark even if our own deaths are imminent! I will most likely die when this prophecy is unleashed, but I will take GREAT satisfaction with removing from this earth several of satans minions before I go. I AM one of Jesus’ warriors. PERIOD!

            • curious, just foolin’ about. Reeeellllaaaax.

          • Don’t swat that fly on the wall too hard. It might short out and injure you. Their newest bugs look like normal house flies etc. You can’t even hide in a cave now in our new enlightened world order.

            • All the more reason to use a metal pancake turner for a fly swatter! Swat that MoFo good!

      10. You can bet they will soon be a required shot before your child can enroll for his/her next year of school. And parents will line up like dutiful little sheep to get their children inoculated. Trekker Out.

        • Exactly why you home school or privite (parent controled) your kids. I have not had a flu shot in 20 years and you know what… I hardly ever get the flu…. hmmmmmmm. RED PILL OR BLUE PILL……

          • No pill

        • Beware the next round of flu shots.

      11. (Spit on the Ground)

        • lol…best comment so far buzzfix.

      12. Get off the system. Remember my screen name… I see whats coming and there will come the day I have to say … time to quit.. its been fun… I fly under the radar at work … OPSEC… and I am getting complettely off the system. Yes they know and have info on me but being retired millitary .. they do anyway. But I live far … very far from work and they do not know where that is… (good old UPS store that give out real looking adresses.) I am off the system for the most part and if you do this and stay low and quiet you are one step ahead. Just be that guy in the crowd no one remembers. Then when the time comes you can be part of the solutiion to this orwhellean mess. We live in interesting times….. like the last days…. kinda exciting but scary… Keep the Lord in front, your freinds and family close, say your prayers, prep like crazy, keep your powder dry, and enjoy the little things….

        • Man on Inside: Exactly. You got to be like a…”Them Guys”! aka Who was that guy? or Who Were Then Guys?

          We Are them what Your Momma Warned you about! or she Should have! “Stay Away from…Them Guys!”

          But everything is reversed now “Summer will be winter and winter will be summer, things shall reverse” Jesus Christ sometime Prior to 1 AD.

          Them guys are Now the Real good guys…And those you was told to trust always? Thats the Bad real bad guys.

      13. Too freaking scary!

      14. It seems that with each passing day of discovering what it is that we are contending with it’s as if I have awoken to find that I am currently residing in Hell. It grows ever more difficult to envision a positive outcome to all this but all I can do is keep on striving to keep the flame of truth burning. I am thankful that y’all are here fighting the good fight.

        Bless Y’all & Godspeed


      15. One New York City child has been killed by the NY CITY POLICE every 3 days for the past 13 years !!!

        — does that make you angry ??? it’s false by the way .

        — then why doesn’t this which is real get your attention ??? YOU are paying for are directly responsible for it , with Billions in $$$ Military Aid to Illegal Israel .

        One Palestinian child has been killed by the ZOG AmeriKan sponsored Israel IDF Gestapo every 3 days for the past 13 years .


      16. There is a book called “The Cattle” that describes a chip that everyone will be required to have implanted. It will tell the goverment exactly where each person is, and if the government wants to get rid of that person, they simply send a signal to the chip inside that person and it will stop his heart. I forget the name of the author.

        • It’s called Snake Pliskin asshole Escape from New York DUH !

          • Again, what is with the GD attacks on people without provocation. Average Joe are you a damn juiced up LEO or just a born asshole yourself? Why start with the namecalling?

        • DaisyK

          The author was Greg M. Sarwa and it
          is an excellent read.

        • Realtime,

          They are not the source of our rights. Our rights are not gone until we say they are.

          They’re “coming for us” are they? Today is a good day to die. Some of us will die.

          Some of them will die. I cannot guarantee myself that I will live long and free. All I can

          guarantee myself is I will die fighting before I will be a slave. Molon Labe 300 ^^^

      17. These people have way too much time on their hands, and we’re paying for it. Implant the damn thing and find just what a great life I can’t have anymore because of the great economic recovery we’re having. Bunch of worthless Socialistic Commies. Getting time to dust off the blunderbuss. I suspect that when they implant the damn things in oblabla voters, they will find absolutely no brain activity. Damned Zombies.

      18. “We Are This Far From A Turnkey Totalitarian State


        US govt secretly collecting data on millions of Verizon users: Report


        “The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.”
        Adolf Hitler

        we are literally living a nightmare in this once proud country
        and the huge majority of our leaders remain silent or are even actively complicit in the destruction of our freedoms

        how’s it going to end ???

        • Satori, I totally Agree with every word you wrote. These people in congess must be chiped their selfs,cant they see how this will afect their own family tree. I try to talk to people about it, and they just say not in my life time, ya ok how about your kids, then they just act like I’m not there. I feel like I am living in Bizarro World..

      19. This is a tangent but I think it is pertinent to this site. I have been seeing many more resistant infections in the last month then I have seen before.

        One case is my own experience. I injured myself gardening and, despite careful care, it became infected. It took three rounds of antibiotics (including one injection)to get it under control. I even cultured it. The results showed normal skin bacteria, sensitive to all three antibiotics. But it took much longer to respond to any of them than I would normally expect.

        I have also seen a bunch of strep throat cases that have not responded to standard therapies and a friend (who never gets sick)is also dealing with an odd infection that decreases with antibiotic therapy and then returns as soon as treatment as stopped. Of course, he is also using herbal supplements to help with his treatment- I think without those he would be really sick instead of just barely winning the battle.

        I’ve practiced medicine for a long time and the resistance that is getting out into the community is frightening. (And the resistance within the hospital system is catastrophic- it is the worst place for a sick person to be.)

        I know most of you have your favorite ways to boost the immune system and fight infection. Just remember to stock up. we focus so often on the exotic illnesses like MERS and H7N9 but hundreds of people are debilitated or die from these resistant germs that are becoming rampant in our communities. Treat every small wound as a potential site of severe infection and make cleanliness, like regular hand washing, a regular part of your routine. I know I am increasing the infection control procedures in my household.

        • Excellent!! Thanks. Reminds me that I need to get more Z-pac.

          Keep preppin’

          • Great…You were just reading about antibiotic resistance and yet you want to rush our and get MORE Z Packs?….Really?…

            Fed Guy 20002

            • I can’t even list all the herbs, tinctures, and essential oils I have in stock!
              My antibiotics are only 5. Z-pac is the only. One I’m out of.
              Stay calm. I have a balanced approach to Wellness.

              Keep preppin’

        • @ Merree.

          I think it is two parts. The germs are getting more resistant to our drugs by mutation. Our immune system is failing due to over usage of antibiotics and overindulgent lifestyles.

          How many germs are children exposed to when they play in the dirt? I still play in the dirt. Nothing fancy on cuts. Just Hydrogen Peroxide.

          • BS. Gas gangrene in your leg and you die without medical care.
            Collect five different antibiotics and know how to use them.
            Commies everywhere.

            Semper Fi

          • It may be sort of like this, just using bugs as example, not humans.
            Water bugs, whatever you call them–cockroaches– whatever, the bugs that like water were an occurrence years ago.
            I moved into a rental, got these bugs in my boxed stuff, carried them with me to the country house we bought.
            The man spraying told me the bugs were becoming immune/resistant to the spray and a new spray was being created at that time.
            He said never had the attempt to get rid of the bugs been as hard as then, requiring many second sprays at homes.
            This was in the 80s.
            Now, use this analogy to antibiotics for humans?? Our bodies have acquired an acceptance to this drug, an evolution process??

        • Hi Merree-same experience here, but cut my finger on one of those plastic hang tags at the grocery store. Usually, I clean small cuts, then Neosporin and a band-aid and I’m fine, but not this time. Took several rounds of anti-biotics and it’s finally gone….but what a hassle!

      20. Are you kidding? They already know where we are if you were born here in a hospital, have a phone, computer or social security card, address? You can run but can you really hide, can your family, your mom?

        Move to the country, buy land with lots of tree and woods and at least we can dig holes and hide! drones can’t do trees!

      21. To Meree re. my take on infections: You must go as Organic as you can, eat lots of garlic to strengthen your blood, you must be far from as many previously used human sites as you can, build you house on fresh ground or previously undisturbed areas, you can’t play or dig in any ground that has had constant use by humans, warm pond water is full of skin eating stuff and soon to be in the soil. cutting yourself today can get you killed in the burbs, playgrounds,and hospitals everywhere.

        If rats live in a cage to long the dirt and disease will kill them all and that’s what is happening to the garbage dump that used to be the beautiful planet Earth. Nasty growing bacterium that has never bothered humans before can now feast on our weakened immune systems!!! Move far into the country!

        • Speaking of garlic; I have had fever blisters for 44 years…and never, until last week, have I heard of using crushed garlic on them.
          Go figure!! 🙂

          • Tea Tree essential oil does wonders! Helps heal them up fast
            And curbs the pain too!!
            Wal-mart with the vitamins.

            Keep preppin’

            • Sorry–I am anti-walmart.
              I use Puritan Pride.

      22. ONe more silly point… get in the SUN the SUN heals and do not listen to all the crap about skin cancer, it’s not from the Sun or why do people living along the equator have some of the lowest rates of skin cancer in the world! don’t use Sun screen ever it has cancer causing agents in it by the ton! 30 or more minutes of SUN we need back into the light why does the scientific community suddenly think the Sun is a killer it’s all connected someplace!!! liars! the Sun cures and cleans!

      23. are you kidding me???

        are you freakin’ kidding me ???

        sorry we plunged your country into total economic destruction
        destroyed millions of dreams
        threw countless thousands out onto the streets

        For hard-hit Greeks, IMF mea culpa comes too late


        the IMF
        one of the most corrupt institutions on the planet

      24. What You Should Know About The Government’s Massive Domestic Surveillance Program


        this was made possible by Democrats and Republicans alike

        and oh
        don’t ya love this little bit of info ?

        “During a press conference, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) said that the order the Guardian obtained is “the exact three-month renewal” of program underway for the past seven years. “It’s called protecting America,” she said. Asked if other phone companies are giving similar data to NSA, the senators said, “We can’t answer that.”

      25. Your privacy policies on everything, banks, credit cards, cell phones, computers, software erase domestic spying laws.

        Nothing is private anymore. If you have a computer or phone with you when you talk to your attorney, doctor or Pastor, you can be recorded.

        The liberals famous line is if you have nothing to hide whats the problem? DOJ and NSA’s famous line is we have strict rules against misuse of your information. Yeah right just like the strict rules and criminal laws against the HHS, IRS and EPA using your information!! How did that work out for you??? Now NSA has tapped 129,000,000 MILLION Verizon customers; for what??? My God folks that’s almost half the US population.

        What’s next???????

        • Actually I believe that they are already archiving all communications at the UTAH facility. This is just the tip and what they allow the public to be aware of. We are supposed to get mad about this and then be OK with it. Then we a satisfied on the subject for a while. They are logging all of this I am sure. If anyone of us ever gets out of line or they need a convenient scape goat, they just pull our files and purchases and make us look to be a domestic terrorist that buys ammo, powder, and speaks of revolution, etc…. Pretty good plan I’d say.

        • What’s next? The gulag is for commies since most everybody is a commie, rest are cowards. Commies love to kill commies. Stalinist commies most of all. Coming to a ‘hood near you.
          Commies will red thumb this post.



        Judge Roger Vinson
        a name that should go down in infamy

        anyone who thinks the Courts will protect and defend the Constitution

        they are actively aiding and abetting treason

        “The FISA court order, signed by Judge Roger Vinson, compelled Verizon to provide the NSA with electronic copies of “all call detail records or telephony metadata created by Verizon for communications between the United States and abroad” or “wholly within the United States, including local telephone calls,” The Guardian said.”

      27. the United States is no longer a country ruled by law.

        • Ruled by commie law in a nation of commies. Pisses those commies off when you point this out. On this site the commies red thumb anything said against the commies.

          • “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”
            -Inigo Montoya

            • @common sense

              Lets change it up a bit.

              Commie [Government] hater says:

              “Ruled by Statist law in a nation of Statists. Pisses those Statists off when you point this out. On this site the Statists red thumb anything said against the Government.”

              Here come the red [Ststist] thumbs.

              • YMWW,

                Far better. Statist is accurate and from many points of view, insulting.

                I have too poor of grammar to be a grammar nazi but I would hope people want to be understood. All we need to do then is use words that are applicable and accurate.

                I just was/am getting tired of the missuse of communist.
                If someone wants to discuss something they need to actually understand what is being discussed.

      28. I don’t see why everyone is so concerned. I mean really???? Heck, Kim Kardashian is knocked up by a thug, Lindsey Lohan is in rehab for the 95th time. Oh, and let’s not forget to watch “dancing with the stars” or insert any other stupid shit on tv here. We have entirely too many idiots in this country that have NO clue what is going on other than who won the game last night. I’ll almost be glad when the wheels fall off and the shooting starts. We need a complete reset to zero.

      29. RIGHT NOW …

        Israel is trying to “jam” Twitter with this historical nonsense so that people ignore tweets about Israeli military action as part of the “re-enactment.” But reports are that Israel is shelling Syria at this moment. So this “re-enactment” is being used to confuse the reports on what is going on, just as the “drills” confused the Air Traffic Controllers on 9-11.



        • I see you’re continuing to do Satan’s work.

      30. I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” – Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001, to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.


        • More braindead Nazi-Muslim crap. You’re like a broken record.

          • BC: No! it Is You thats a broken record. You refuse to even read Any links anybody posts to Confirm the truth. You Refuse to Ever admit You are who is wrong. Then You call nazi or antisemite or hater to those providing this service To you so that You can awaken.

            You barn cat ARE the perfect Liberal dem deluded fool. or else the perfect deluded neocon evangelical jewdeo christian whackjob fool. BOTH are why america is so fucked up today.

            You never read even a single Link John Q Public gave you the other day right. And he provided enough links to keep You learning for a long while. Yet you ignore it all to keep Your False beliefs of a group of pure evil bastards. You must have been brainwashed badly by some phony preacherman such as Hagee or fallwell eh. I PITTY folks like You barn cat. You are in for a deep sadness when finally you realize the very same group you so Idolize and so unquestionably defend are comming to Murder You and Yours. Any Real Honest preachers out there should Employ You to Act as Yourself in a Video he can show to His church group as a good explaination as to What a True Christian should NOT believe in!

            • Them Guys, my dear brother, remember: you can lead a horse to water….. When you try to share truth with those that don’t care for the message, they’ll always critize or slam the messanger and not the message. Don’t stoop to their level. Enjoy the fact that you’ve (me too) done your research and found the evidence that leads to the truth.
              To the rest of your post: AMEN!

              • DRD5508

                I have to admit that at times it is a bit overwhelming. How do you absorb so much at once even if it can be true. How do you distinguish those who mean harm and those who embrace America and its ideals. Or are we all becoming haters of everyone. It is my suspicion that we have lost the luxury of time to get to know each other and thereby confrontation is a step away from any equitable conversation. It is exaggerated by the cubicle lifestyle we now lead by the very advances in communication. Examples are texting, E-mail cellphones and iPods. Lost of facial expression/human input, depletes the transmission of information. A step away from becoming machines.
                I am truly at a loss on how I will engage others when it all starts. What criteria should I use to determine friend or foe?

                • slingshot, ‘friend or foe’ would you agree that it is natural to profile? What has worked for me over the years is to realize there are only 2 types of people: Givers and Takers or another way to state it is: Those that want to be served and those that will serve. Lazy people want to be served and are takers. Those that enjoy working and helping others (via serving them) tend to be more honest.
                  There are trully only 2 paradigms: good and evil. Yes I know I’m keeping it simple but at the same time it makes it easier to cope with.
                  As an example: I’m not religous, I’m a Christian. I know that evil rejects God and the sanctity of life. Good allows others to serve themselves in whatever capacity they choose. As a Christian, I’m not instructed to change the world or others, but to be light and salt. I’m to be changed and offer an alternative for people, which we can call missionary work.
                  Whether in the world or under the light of Christ, I must refrain from slandering the messanger and discern what is true and what is false. For even in evangelical circles there is a lot of slandering happening without dealing with the topics/subjects that divide us.
                  This country as well as the world is coming unglued via division. My definition of an American is one who accepts the constitution as a rule of law, yet we aren’t (as a nation) unified on that.
                  I know slingshot that whatever I write can come across as preachy but that isn’t my intent. I feel for the people of this nation that are being subjected to a form of slavery (lost freedoms). The bigger picture is that none of us have it, only parts of it. Even what I know can be overwhelming to many.
                  My greatest advice to you and others: Don’t let anyone change what you are (I didn’t say ‘who you are’ that’s opinionated) and at the same time always be ready to aid those in need.
                  slingshot, you’ve got a friend here; stay the course, I enjoy your input on this site.

      31. I do not see a genuine civilian use for that technology. medically, it’s useless for vitals are taken via many different means. However, I do see a military use that is terrifying. Implant the chips into soldiers for basic vital signs. When a soldier is wounded they can use the chips to determine if the solider is viable and if they should risk lives to save them. I can also see them putting these chips on prisoners for monitoring. No civilian will willingly take that chip but boy they can force it on our soldiers and the prison population.

        • Body temp, blood flow, electrical impulse variations. You are prob on to something.. They may only need to know dead or alive or almost dead. Then determine whether to send for rescue.

          • ninaO

            Thanks so much. Love Country Joe. Time Trippin’

      32. Bugs can be hidden anywhere. Hidden in your phone or your coat or in your car. I’m more concerned about the chip that’s permanently injected under your skin.

      33. Average Joe, F#$% you! If you don’t like what you see here, go somewhere else and stop attacking intelligent people! Be Informed, good afternoon, sir, and I’m with you all the way about the chip. I won’t take any chip under any circumstances. Plus, I’m damned sick of these trolls attacking intelligent people like you who are part of the backbone of this community and provide a most valuable service concerning seismic activity. I also enjoy your articles. You’ll always have me as a defender; I’ve got your six covered. I believe when they try to force chips on everyone it will be game on. No RFID chips for me, but I won’t turn down potato chips or corn chips. braveheart

      34. Cuzzinjim, be careful what you wish for; it just might show up on your doorstep. The RFID chip is only ONE trigger for Civil War 2. braveheart

      35. Injected or implanted without them knowing?

        I am a paranoid conspiracy guy but who fails to notice being stuck with a needle or a small bit of localized surgery? I know RFID are small but a “new” hard lump in my body, especially after that guy bumped into me associated by a sharp pain and obvious injection site, is not something I am going to ignore.

        Be smart, be aware, but don’t be stupid.

        • These are miniscule, about the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen. I think that the author is suggesting that they could be included in routine medical care, like if you were a person who might get a flu shot.

          As well, they could easily be consumed without the knowledge of the victim, and depending on the purpose of the particular chip, that could work sufficiently.

          ~ Daisy

          • I understand how small they can be. Ever had a splinter? Cactus spine? Or other small foriegn body jammed into you?

            Ever consider the bore of needle neccessary to inject the roller on the end of a pin?

            Even dumb people will flinch back when mr vaccinator comes at them with a horse needle.

            Consumed equals chewed- first chance of device damage/destruction.
            Consumed equals stomach acid- a disolvable device introduced to my digestive acid is chance two for damage/destruction.
            Consumed equals excreted- this is an in/out process, especially for a nondigestable bit.

            Just because people are selling fear does not mean I have to buy it.

          • Something used to “track” a person and transmit with intelligible data can be passed thru a typical injection point using a slightly larger gauge needle than a typical insulin needle such as a vaccine or lab work needle…Something used to “monitor” something would have to be placed or laid onto what it is one was trying to get a reading on…

            But you are correct…they can put one in you without you ever knowing they did or knowing its there…There is no “lump” left behind…Currently it will exit on its own at some point unless grafted in place…The human body will expel what it knows does not belong there, for today’s technology anyway …Just like a splinter…

            I am not a biblical scholar by any means but my understanding it that “the mark” would be accepted by the people and thus no need to sneak it in a cup of coffee so to speak…And they will regularly “show it” to conduct the aspects of their life it allows them to conduct…Maybe I’m wrong on that but that’s what I always understood…

            Fed Guy 20002

            • One last try…

              Will this “chip” be loaded into pre loaded vaccine needles? Or will it be in standard vial form?

              Do I need to make sure I suck up this chip when I prepare my syringe?

              Do they inform the health workers? Or does a doctor/nurse have to not see this “chip” floating around in the shot I am giving my patient?

              How much alteration will be required to introduce millions of chips into the vaccine manufacturing process?

              Who does quality control and checks that every shot has at least one chip but not too many as will potentially clog the needle?

              Please use common sense, they need not sneak a chip into you, they don’t need to.
              Arrested? Chip them.
              Want food stamps? Chip them.
              Want SS? Chip them.
              Join the military? Chip them.
              Government job? Chip them.
              Enter the US? Chip them.
              Want health care? Chip them.

              They can simply chip every government employee, benefit receiver, and criminal and get the majority without ever pretending this is not voluntary.

              Sneaking them into you has soo many potential leaks (info) and other pitfalls, beyond the absolute negative reaction should this get exposed the cost/benefit analysis says no way.

              But feel as you will.

      36. I read this and that freaky statue out side of Builderberg 2013 comes to mind.

      37. The mark of the beast?

      38. Daisy, good evening, always a pleasure to hear from you. I agree that someone could try to sneak one of these chips into, for example, someone’s food or drink, but make damned sure no one sees you do it; that’s the tricky part. No chips for me under any circumstances. braveheart

      39. TESTIMONY OF DANIEL J. SOLOVE “RFID TAGS AND INFORMATION PRIVACY” Before the Subcommittee on Privacy and Confidentiality of the National Committee for Vital Health Statistics Hubert H. Humphrey Building, Room 705-A 200 Independence Avenue SW, Washington, DC 20201 Jan. 11, 2005 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM


        This is how RFID was legislated from 2005 till now to get us chipped. Crazy? Download read and decide for yourself.

        “There are some special unique issues involving the use of RFID in the medical context. RFID in the medical context has many potential benefits. People can either wear a bracelet or some item with an RFID chip or have one implanted in them. This will allow medical personnel to read the chip and locate health information about a patient. This might help diagnose unconscious patients or discover allergies. Many people might voluntarily want to use such technology. But there are costs that might inhibit the process.”
        Daniel J. Solove
        Subcommittee Testimony


      40. @ Kentucky Mom the rfid chip is still in the healthcare bill they just changed the official name and can be found in the beginning of the bill under administrativr simplification which is synonymous with the HIPAA act/compliance more info can be found on HHS website. And just for giggles google ( 666 11th street HIPPA Act )a you will see that the chips birth in legislation started there.

      41. NinaO, thanks for that link to country joe and the fish; brought back some memories for me. braveheart

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