Disney World BANS Man For Displaying Trump 2020 Sign On Splash Mountain

by | Nov 14, 2018 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    Disney World has banned a man after he held up a sign in support of president Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign on the infamous Splash Mountain. Disney World banned the man for breaking their rule against displaying signs or banners in the park.

    Dion Cini shared a photo of himself on the social media platform, Facebook.  He was on Splash Mountain at Disney World with a large Trump 2020 banner along with a note from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office saying he would no longer be allowed on the property, according to a Fox 35 report.

    Cini, who is well-known for leaving Trump banners and flags in various public locations (a practice he’s dubbed “Operation Flag Drop” on his Facebook page) also pulled a similar stunt in September at the “The Most Magical Place On Earth,” when he was banned for waving a Trump 2020 banner over the Main Street Train Station. The park allowed him to come back after the incident, according to a report by Fox News.

    But, this may be Cini’s last time setting foot on Disney properties. “Trespassed from all of Walt Disney World (WDW) properties to include, but not limited to, Theme Parks, Water Parks Resorts, and Disney Springs. Conduct not welcome on WDW Property,” the note from the Sheriff’s office read. And, according to Disney World’s website, Cini was partaking in one of the park’s “prohibited activities,” which includes “unauthorized events, demonstrations or speeches, or the usage of any flag, banner or sign for commercial purposes, or to incite a crowd.”

    A spokesperson for Disney World confirmed Cini’s ban has “has nothing to do with politics or content of the banner.” It isn’t censorship, Cini broke their rules.  “Walt Disney World welcomes all Guests to enjoy our parks; however, demonstrations and the display of signs and banners is not permitted on the premises.  We have previously reminded this guest about our rules,” the spokesperson told Fox News.

    Cini’s Facebook post sparked a slew of different reactions and opinions across the political spectrum.  Many people stated accurately that the ban has nothing to do with his political affiliation and that it’s about following the rules to maintain a “safe environment.” Others claim Disney banned Cini because the banner was pro-Trump.


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      1. I don’t want to be plastered with


        Sieg Heil Saunders and die, or the

        SS Crippleblimp Killery was ‘Hear’


        The ban is a good thing as long as they ban all people equally for this shit regardless of race, religion, resident status, party, etc.

        Private property, this man should thank all parties for not having himself fined $1,000’s for defacing property or littering… after all some people get away with murder and continue living off the US legal citizen working taxpayers in the USA as illegal aliens.

        The entire shit is upsidedown insideout.

        • Of course Disney bans anything Trump. Guess (((WHO))) owns and runs Disney? The same crowd, the (((3ews))).

          Also ditch and boycott ESPN, and most pro sports teams.

          • TSB, I’ve always hated Disney with a passion.

            • The stupid ass deserved it! He should have spent the money on preps instead! And people wonder why I have such disdain for humanity?

      2. He was given a warning after a previous incident and then went on to do it again anyway.

        I don’t have much sympathy for him, he simply chose to ignore other people property and rules while on their property.

        FWIW, if that picture is a picture of the incident, it looks like he’s creating a potential danger to others on the ride with his actions. I wouldn’t want him (or anyone else) doing that while I was on the ride.

        • If I held up a sign that read I love Disney World would I be kicked out ?

          • If you really loved Disney World you would be respecting their rules and not holding up that sign in the first place.

          • If you were told not to do it again and if they have a prohibition from holding things up on the ride (which, believe me, they do), then yes they would.

            The man wasn’t banned for holding a pro-Trump sign up, he was banned for violating their rules, PERIOD, after getting a warning the first time.

            This is a bad click bait title.

      3. What a f’n idiot.

      4. I could care less about political signs within Disney World. The problem was the FOOL held a sign on a ride and might have INJURED a passenger if he lost his grip. Hello? Ever felt the sharp edges of a plastic sign? What was he thinking?

        Groups of gays have long used rainbow flags at Disney World. It’s everywhere now. Is anyone restricting what they do? I doubt it.

        Disney used to be a wholesome place for families, not politics or subversives.

        • Disney= hangout for pedo’s.

      5. Disney is steeped in politcs, sex, and occutlism, to the nth degree.

        You point that out, to a Mystery Schooler, they act like you’re disturbing a church service full of innocents.

        Though, I am not in support of the Cini mentality, which sees pro-state propaganda as a form of rebellion or culture jamming.

        Commercials are doing this, now — selling with irritation and annoyance.

        Is this an example of higher thinking?

        Do you want billboards and slogans, at the holiday table or your own place of worship?

      6. Do you want billboards and slogans, at the holiday table or your own place of worship?

        So billboards and slogans are not good, but our Fake Holiday and worshiping a false prophet, which is total Fraud.

        Morning, Noon or Night, Make America Great Again, works for me. At the table, or in the car, in a kayak or on a bike. MAGA!!

        • For every Hellenist, Hallmark Holiday, there is generally a Biblical feast day, in the same month. It’s not as though Jews and judaizers would be putting themselves on restriction, in spite of the Adam Sandler song.

          That being said, every controversy and radical policy change has been passed back and forth, between the fake parties, until you thought it was the new normal.

          Birtherism was once against McCain.
          Obamacare began as Romneycare.
          Clintons wanted a wall.

          Were you making America great again, then?

          It seems to have been the same administration, the same agenda, to a tee, but with a changing of the guards.

      7. I’ve been to two of these overpriced, overhyped, foreginer-infested shitholes; Disneyland and Disneyworld. I won’t defend them, other than note that, for safety reasons, NOTHING is allowed to be taken on these rides. There are plenty O’ signs alluding to this along the never-ending lines. I’ve seen people escorted out for hold up a camera on Splash Mountain and the Matterhorn.

      8. Dizzy Fake World in central Florida have been fleecing customers for decades. What was $6 for entrance and a ticket book for rides is now close to $100. Wear a cannabis leaf depiction and get thrown out also. Police state shenanigans with rabid enforcers are moving into every facet of limiting freedom.

      9. Hell, a man has to TAKE OUT A FREAKIN’ LOAN just to take his family to Disneyworld. I don’t have a freakin’ bit of sympathy for anyone who goes and waste money there. For what it costs for a vacation there think what the same money would buy in preps.

        • Or he could have bought a nice dress and some panties!

      10. Free Advertising

        He was probably paid by Disney to create this story.

        Look how much free publicity Disney got when they had queer day. ???


      11. This guy did this before with a banner down Main Street. He was told to stop or next time he would be banned. He didn’t stop and now he is banned. Private property. They make the rules in their house. Of course why they okay gay day is beyond me, but again….Their house, their rules. You don’t like it. Don’t go. I certainly don’t. I hope they go broke.

      12. Just about every establishment has cameras all over the place. Where’s the video from the security cameras from the Thousand Oaks country bar? The only video to emerge was from a single iPhone and it showed an empty place.

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