Disaster-Prepared Earthship Bunkers “To Survive The Apocalypse… And Start Again”

by | Nov 28, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 56 comments

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    Image: Erik Wannee, Creative Commons.

    Evolve or die?

    It won’t be an easy path, or one that the masses will have an opportunity to follow before things fall apart, but it could still influence the future of the way we live… a least what remains of humanity in the aftermath.

    A prepping company that caters to wealthy people concerned with the rising tensions and the dark trends that are enveloping America – economically, socially, politically and even environmentally – is not only constructing bunkers to house survival communities, but attempting to steer this conscious development into a better way of life.

    via UK Mirror:

    The US company creating the $1.5million “Earthship” eco-structures says humans “must evolve” and insists they “will soon be a necessity” for our species “to survive on this planet.”

    The bizarre U-shaped hideaways, which can reportedly survive in any climate, can be deployed to any part of the world and are self-sufficient enough to survive in isolation – during a killer virus outbreak or a radiation catastrophe.

    The Earthships’ thick walls are built from car tyres packed full of mud and small stones which form a “earth brick”.

    “The resulting bearing walls it forms is virtually indestructible,” Mr Reynolds explained.

    The homes are made almost entirely from recycled materials including glass and wood and are “off-grid” – power comes from solar panels and wind turbines nearby and they are earthquake-proof.

    IT is perhaps not surprising that the best way to survive would be sustainable, in an environmental sense, and self-sustaining in another… many preppers and homesteaders doing it this way all along. The best way to hedge against a collapsing system is to live outside of it, and insulate against its shocks and pressures.


    Image: Biodiesel33, Wikimedia Commons.

    via Media Drum World:

    These Eco houses built to survive natural disasters could keep you safe during Armageddon – if you can afford the princely sum of $1.5million.

    “Our houses would work during and post disaster,” said Agate, a spokesperson for the company.

    “Our buildings resist earthquakes, typhoons and even fire. We want to emphasise how strong they are. Ponded tyres are so strong and the house provide you with all necessary need for human to survive. Earthship is an eco-system in itself.

    “The purpose of the homes is to make people self-sufficient and the house itself takes care of them. The house provides people with shelter, energy, fresh water, food and waste disposal -sewage and garbage.

    For those dedicated enough to build or buy into it, completely resilient structures can buffer everything from roaming hordes and rioting masses to nuclear, biological and chemical war and simply a logical extension.

    If taken seriously enough, these communities could emerge on the other side of… just about anything.

    This style of housing has popped up in the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona over the past several decades – in part out of the necessity of coping with the harsh growing climate and low rain fall.

    But these same custom-made adaptations to desert conditions are equally vital to independent, off grid and out-in-the-middle of nowhere patriots who’d seek not only to survive, but to thrive without the interference of a society hell-bent on taxation, building codes, permits, inspections, fines, fees and… control.

    Is it the way of the future?

    “There is a fight going on to provide people with more freedom to take care of themselves in ways that respect and understand the ways of the planet. This fight is with lawmakers and government institutions.

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      1. didn’t mention oxygen……do they provide THAT?

        • Pussies go underground. Real men stay and fight. When the pussies emerge from their hole in the ground they will not survive a post-apocalyptic world very long.

          • There’s a reason those SCI FI movies have structures like that in them…’cause “FI” stands for “fiction”, certainly not “fit.”

          • HERE HERE

              • The first rule of prepping is don’t tell people you are prepping.

              • Thieves entered the home and took their supplies and guns “while they were sleeping”.

                No alarm system ??? No watchdog ??? No gun safe ???

                As much gear n grub as the thieves stole, they could have just as easily slipped into the bedrooms and slit their throats.

                No alarm system ??? No watchdog ??? No gun safe ??? 🙁

          • It pays to be smart. Even tigers have stripes, to blend in with the dry grass. Helps them to sneak in on their prey.

            Earthen buildings like these may be the way to go, even without an apocalypse. No chemicals, fire-proof, and tornado-proof.

        • for a down payment, i got a perfectly functioning kidney and 7 bucks….they got a layaway plan?

          • All you really need to start an “earthship” is a plot of land. Old tires can be collected or purchased cheaply. Dirt to fill them is everywhere.

            Use your imagination. 🙂

      2. Looks like alot of glass to me. Im thinking a group of people would have to be like nomads and follow the weather patterns for best survival cus one little hickup and your done . Tornadoes toss big things around .

      3. So are you trying to sell us on this crap?

        • Not me thats for sure. I can think of a hell of alot better things to do with 1.5 million like buy some property in mountains and blast a home into the mountain side and have granite walls or better yet buy an island and make it self sufficient

      4. I’ll take the cabin at the BOL any day over one of those weird structures. I don’t like all that glass myself.

        • All that glass faces South, they are passive solar heated. The Earth mass that they are built from store up the excess heat and it slowly radiates into the living space. It takes only a minor amount of heat on the coldest cloudiest days to stay warm.

          I grew up in a passive solar heated house. It was glorious sitting baking in the sun in the living room, on a January day school was closed due to a blizzard.

          We had a two day power failure mid winter, the house never went below 50 degrees with no heat, and it was 20F outside.

          A house that is quake proof, very fire resistant, heavily shielded on three sides, self heating in the winter, and earth cooled in the summer is golden for living off the grid.

          These really are a preppers bug out location dream. The only downside is radon in areas where the natural native building materials are high in radon producing minerals.

          • Ive got a natural cave. stays at 58 degrees winter and summer. Not a pane of glass anyplace.

            • Old Guy,
              Having your own cave is so cool. Would you consider renting it out to a mad scientist?

              • I haven’t even shown my family where its located. Its a wild cave not on my land. I likely am the first human to ever do anything with it. Maybe im the first human to ever enter it. accessible only by foot. I wore out a pack burro stocking it with useful things. If I die there isn’t anyone going to benefit from those preps. Lots of wild caves in the national forest around here. The Known ones have jail bars across the entrance.

          • In Canada, we call 20F “beach weather!” 🙂

          • Yes they are state of the art houses and all of these designs are by Mike Reynolds in New Mexico. I know him and have collaborated with him and he is a great guy as well as super smart about self reliance housing. He has the absolute best designs on self reliance and off grid housing bar none and many functioning all over the world. I do fully agree a million dollars is absurd. But Mike does not charge that much and actually will give anybody his ideas for FREE online! Just like me. So somebody here got hosed , but that is not Mikes fault. Anybody wants one I will build it for you for far less. And get you fit and healthy to boot !

            Many of the comments here point out the supposed “prepper” group think ignorance. Mostly just a bunch of fat guys that could not fight their way out of a wet paper bag HA HA AH HA AH.

            • The house I grew up in was quite conventional looking. A modified bi-level. During the energy crisis of the 70’s dad was bitching about his heating bills. He complained about it costing $350 to heat the house, I’d read an article about people getting whacked by $800 to $1,000 January bills. I asked if that was his January bill. He said no it was for the entire winter! I cracked up laughing, it was the first time I grasped how good my dads design was.

              Dad was a rocket engineer, so he needed a licensed architect to sign off before he could build it. The architect looked at the drawings for about a day or two and called dad, the architect said he’d wave the $700 fee, if dad would sign over the rights to the design. That was a huge amount of money in those days.

              • Plan twice, your dad was a smart guy ! You can still build a very efficient small house for very reasonable with little or no heating bill at all even in snowy climates. Most people want far too big of a house and don’t really need it.My next and likely last one will be just about 1000 SF and no more and very energy efficient. as well as off grid. I have built just under a hundred houses and lots of commercial structures and I have one more left in me for myself. It will look a lot like these earthships and at least 1/2 buried with clear story front windows and a section of window wall behind a burm that allows sunlight all year round. Actually in most states you do not need an architect to draw plans for a home.

            • Ya buddy, you’d like to think that posters here at SHTF plan are nothing but a bunch of old fat guys that can’t fight. We’ve got some news for you, if you ever pick a fight with this bunch of “old fat guys” we’ll give you a one time lesson in marksmanship you’ll never hear coming. Enjoy living in your liberal echo chamber, better yet, why don’t you go hang out with all the other snowflakes at Mother Jones, or the Daily Kos, we hear they lost their village idiot.

              • Colt, I am certain I can out shoot you, and outperform you in any event you choose. I will put any amount of money on it you want ? And I am the exact opposite of a liberal by anybodies standard. You morons are so mind fucked you do not know your ass from a hole in the ground on many matters. And the truth is most of you are fat guys that could not fight your way out of wet paper bag. I am not making anything up here nitwit. The same statistics nationwide exist on all prepper sites just like any part of our society. 73 % of Americans are either overweight to the point that it greatly affects their health or they are simply obese. And most likely that number is 80% + on the prepper sites. If you had any sense you would realize I am simply telling it like it is and have helped many people heal themselves and get super fit and strong and healthy. But you can keep talking your crap and stay fat as long as you like ?

                I was seriously injured in a motorcycle racing accident and crippled some years back (2006) and healed myself and am now stronger and healthier than I was in RVN in 68/69 ! It took me 6 years to do one pushup(I can do as many as you like now) because I broke off the top of my scapula and my right arm popped out and destroyed all the connective tissue , as well some broken ribs and massive fractured skull and concussion and a ruptured spleen. I had a fever of 105 for 2 weeks and my brain swelled up and had goo leaking out of my ears. In and out of consciousness the entire time and damn near died. And I healed myself and never went to the doctor except the emergency room and left. So you don’t know what tough is asshole. Few of you here know what tough is or isn’t ! Beyond that I know I have fired probably 5 times more rounds than you or most on this site and a bunch in combat as well. I am well versed in many firearms and munitions from almost 50 years of experience and I am still strong as an ox and can hike like a mule !~ So you too can eff off with your ignorant comment. I am simply saying what is and I live exactly what I say in spades ! Unlike the vast majority of prepper types who largely live in fantasy and bullshit.

            • Dude, your are either full of shit or just willfully ignorant. Go to their website. He DOES NOT give away his ideas for free. Shit, hes trying to sell his whacky ass blueprints for thousands upon thousands of dollars. There IS a home on the site for sale for 1.5 million, so STFU. Hes a quacky leftover treehuggin hippie from woodstock trying to make a quick buck on gullible idiots.

              • You don’t need any blueprints only his already proven methods and some ability. And no I am not full of shit and know exactly what I am talking about from years of hands on experience. He has sold a lot of these homes and the big fancy ones with all the bells and whistles are costy. But none of that is at all necessary. There are fools who spend to much in every even and matter, including prepper junk, so go fuck yourself asswipe and you SHTF up !

              • Actually he has spent 40 years developing these designs and is in fact at the top of the pile in his field. As well as a good guy and an engineer.

                So because it is a bit different and far more efficient than the ticky tacky ramblers, that makes him some how wrong or a bad guy ? You guys are whacked not him. time to rethink your entire life numnuts and wake the fuck up.

          • Now as I am old, I may not be too smart but tell me that structure will work if someone decides an EMP bomb would be great for our country?

            • Yes it will because it is self contained and likely completely off grid

      5. Cute dwellings. Don’t see how they’ll augment survival other than being in some location where building codes don’t prevail. To be blunt, I’m pretty burned-out on all those so-called experts in survival or prepper b.s. that have come to resemble the old ‘flower-power’/hippie movement. Time’s a-coming will need more of a Taegukgi reality. Won’t be a whole lot of time to worry about what spices you’ll add to your home-grown rutabagas, a mentally-soothing contour or color-scheme to your dwelling.

        • No doubt the prepper thing is full of BS . But you could not be more wrong about having the skills to grow your own rutabags and herbs !

          By the way can you run a mile with full field gear, a rifle and 250 rounds and then setup a defensive position and be ready to fight immediately ? If not you are fooling yourself just like most here are ? Living in prepper fantasy.

      6. Home is where you’re at and that could change several times.

      7. Those earthships are not all 1.5 million dollars. Usually they are made from recyclable materials. http://earthship.com/Earthships-for-Sale/
        The whole idea is to have everything under one roof… including growing your own food, recycle the water, etc.
        https://youtu.be/znAX13Q6AKQ talks about building codes.
        If it is a preppers dream for an Apocalypse I don’t know, but it sure is the best option for living 100% off-grid where permitted. There has been 40 years of research in these homes. I would take one of these homes any time, too old to fight anyway…

      8. I Would like A Map Where All these bunkers are So I Can plug the Air Vents And Weld the Doors Shut. lol And Justice For All.

        • Look between Tres Piedras and Taos, N.M. and you’ll find several.

        • and why would you want to do that ? are you a murderer or just a dumb ass nitwit

      9. It says that there will be big earthquakes in the endtimes mountains and islands would be moved . Wouldn’t want to be underground? And the earth will burn. Sounds like an above ground fireproof building might be best. steel roof ,stucco or hardie board cement siding with metal window shutters? Or just a steel shed in the back yard? I often wondered if the earth burning like the sun and the elements burning was uranium burning . If not would the atmosphere oxygen be burnt to the point were there was air only at low elevations. Maybe that’s why almost no flesh will be spared? A large steel building would be like a big air tank maybe? Maybe bugging to a steel warehouse? Maybe that’s why it says if these days weren’t cut short no one would survive? Seems like only the most fanatical believers are going to suffer the least? And maybe that’s the whole point? Burning the Tares.

        • Lone wolverine:

          The sun will expand and all the planets will be heated and devoured into it. Earth is third in line. Mercury is small and closest. Next is Venus which is already hot, volcanic and uninhabitable. We are between Venus (hot) and Mars (cold). As earth becomes too hot to live on, man will most likely go to Mars. It’s a long way away. But there is no doubt about it. We, will be gone and forgotten, just like all the people who lived before.

          I like your comment about “Heaven Kingdom”. And free energy explanation.


          • But when, 5 billion years ? hardly a threat ?

            Something will get us long before that and it will likely be our own doing.

        • During a huge crustal shift the volcanic heat would cause the ground to heat up. the organic compounds could burn. the water could boil into scalding steam. Stay out of the low valleys. be up on the high rocky places.

      10. This bunk is bunk.

        I will go on vacation. I’m not going to fight any kind of bs civil war. There will be places in remote areas unaffected by America and the developed world.

        The elite won’t be in bunkers. Don’t waste your mental energy thinking about such rediculousness.

        For a million and a half bucks, I’ll get a yacht, an island, and some new under wear.


      11. One look at that survival structure and a group of raiders would know that it contained enough food and goodies to seriously raid. This struture would be hard to hide and defend against hungry determined people.

        • These houses were never intended as survival structures per se? They are off grid ultimate efficient houses. All one need do to make them resistant and far less detectable is to build them so the window walls are behind a burm of earth and still let the sunlight in. Simple solution of design and topography. These re my first choice for survival, but location would be a serious factor as well. Consider that no matter what kind of structure , you will still need to defend it no matter what, so there is no perfect answer. These buildings are very comfortable and easy to maintain with little or no energy needed off any grid source.

        • Swamp, and what structure isn’t ?

          Here is my ultimate SHTF plan. Once we have any serious breakdown I have a cave to go to that only 3 people even know it exists and they will all be with me and also well fit and trained out . There is also a clean water source at the location and an abundance of game. And no people for many miles in any direction. I already live in a low population area and it is not all that far from where I am. I can be there with all necessary items in tow in about 2 hours to 3 hours including loading and gathering up time, from decision to vacate. Unloading will be another matter because there is no road to the exact spot, but we have a plan for that as well already. Then after things calm down and many people kill themselves off we will emerge and build a structure like these. All the while living comfortably with little stress. There are also other alternate plans depending on the severity of a breakdown. But removing yourself from any chaos for a few months will be the key to success ! There will be no roving bands or any such thing where I am talking about, not even close and an abundance of free building materials and animals or vehicles to use for the work upon return to a new location that I already have figured out. Realize there will not be any rules as exist today and your skills and mindset are what will save you as well as your health, fitness and training ! so why worry ? just get up to speed and smile.

      12. Let’s be reasonable. They’re showing us what we can get for $1.5 million. What can I get for $5,000?

      13. In the movie Shenandoah. With jimmy Stewart . They tried to stay out of the civil war. If America catches a cold . The world will get the flu? O buy the way if anyone can find the truth about the word America. We were taught it’s from Amerigo Vespucci. But how many times was a continent named after someone’s first name . And Vespucci discovered South America Brazil. I believe America is from the Greek. Ame. Is amore. Like that’s amore the song .amore means heaven. And Rica is kingdom . Like Puerto Rico . The kingdoms port. So America means ..Heavens kingdom. In the Greek . If you try to look that up . Ame Rica. You will be blocked. One way or another. The children of there father Satan hard at work. Another great lie is the Hucules fountain. A air pressure water pump. Try to find that one.

      14. O for those how can understand my discription. The Hurcules fountain. Is a flask on the bottom a double ended flask in the middle and a half flask on the top. Two double holed rubber stoppers in between with glass tubes. The water going through creates air pressure to force water to the top. It’s free energy. If you make a big one with a water wheel.

        • Another thing . If the planets are large magnets spinning around a stator?? Making it arch with static electricity. Just like every generator ? Eventually all planets would be pulled in and the sun would become a large black magnet that will no longer be gyro stabilized by the spinning planets . It would be free . And would be attracted to another big black magnet at ever increasing speeds. And when they hit there would be a Big Bang . That would start everything all over again?

      15. Black moe is right pussys hide under ground men take their beatings just how it goes. These luxury bunkers are rediculous. Just dig a fuckin hole and cover it with timbers pile dirt on top of timbers cover with foliage stay inside for the disaster then cum out swinging. Everybody gotta die someday. Flat screen tvs and leather sofas are the last thing I’m gonna be thinking of when the balloon goes up. Shit I don’t care about luxury crap now. I live like a grunt and don’t give a fuck.

      16. I don’t think the Earthships are much protection against radiation. They have at least one side open with very large slanted windows. They are totally self-sufficient as to water and power though. They use used building materials somewhat; like wood pallets, glass bottles, and aluminum cans. Would be great if you did not have to worry about radiation.

      17. Ugh, I seriously cannot believe this article, and the comments…Wth.
        First of all do your research; http://earthship.org
        Take a look for yourselves. The article on this website was a click and paste job, sloppy.
        Partnerships do not cost anywhere near a million dollars to build. They are cheap, most of the materials used are recycled.
        As for that big wall of glass, it houses a greenhouse. And can influence an aquaponic system if you choose to build one.
        Research before you type, please.

        • Lena most just react like Pavlov’s dog and don’t do much actual THINKING these days. And it aint just the left wing fools ! excellent comment

      18. I am very interested how that building would do during an EMP bomb? And the after events that are bound to happen. Crazy gangs seeking food and water so they and their families can survive the next day.

        • No different than any other building. Depends on the people and the fortifications and mindset of the people ! But these buildings are easy to build and comfortable.

          No building can save anybody , only you can save yourself via your health, fitness, training, knowledge and mindset. Most supposed prepper types leave out the most important factors and are already living a shitty life in various forms and degrees of misery, weakness and ignorance. Nothing new at all.

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