Did This Police Surveillance Camera Capture A Ghost Walking Through A Highly Secured Area?

by | Sep 27, 2014 | Headline News | 215 comments

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    When people have a run in with ghosts they will often pick up the phone and call police. But who you gonna’ call when it’s the police who face an encounter from “the other side?”

    Officer Karl Romero was watching the surveillance cams one night at the Espanola police station in New Mexico when he saw a figure of a silhouette walking through a highly secured area of the property.

    “At first I thought it was a podilla, a fly or moth, then I saw the legs and it was a human.”

    “But not a real human. No.”

    “A ghost.”

    According to detectives at the department, there is no way in or out of the secure facility without the gates being open or an alarm sounding. Of course, an enterprising prowler or hacker could probably figure out a way to disable or bypass the security system.

    But, as you’ll see in the video, the ‘ghost’ actually  walked through the fence itself, lending more credibility to the notion that it could be otherworldly.

    (Watch at Youtube)

    According to investigators, what was captured on camera was not a lighting issue or technical glitch of any kind.

    Officers have reported other spooky encounters at the station in the past, including heavy breathing down their necks when no one was present, unexplainable images in the lobby, and noises.

    What do you think? Has this police video, investigated by official sources, proven once and for all that ghosts really do exist?


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      1. Running out of fresh
        material,are we???

        • Maybe just a little something different… 🙂

          • Mac,
            We will probably find out in due time that this is something DARPA has been working on for years………OR, A GHOAST walked thru the flippin’ fence!

            • I would not be at all surprised if this was a DARPA project of some kind!

              • It wasn’t ghost. They don’t exist. Holy cow, what next?

                From the video and all credible interpretation of the video, it was obviously an alien.

                • It’s the ghost of Michael Brown. One of the detectives claims that some of his cigars are missing.

                  • Them boyz been doing too many peyote buttons ~~

                    – Spectrum

                    The POLICE STATE is ENFORCED by the POLICE.
                    -Semper Fortis

                  • Mac Slavo says:

                    “Maybe just a little something different…”


                    “Different” would be this country changing it’s present course; A course of tyranny, to a course of freedom and liberty!!!

                    That would be “different!”

                    Leave distractions like this to the pros. The National Enquirer, and The Sun!!!

                • Sterling silver,
                  sorry to burst your bubble , but some form of energies do exist and the ONE ! I personally saw along with ALL the people who lived where i grew up knew that person BEFORE they died and then for 20 years after his death he was seen almost daily around his house, youreally have been brainwashed to have a small mind! open up your thinking cap BUDDY! this world has lots of stuff you were told doesn’t exist!

                  • apache54 says:

                    “…but some form of energies do exist and the ONE ! I personally saw along with ALL the people who lived where i grew up knew that person BEFORE they died and then for 20 years after his death he was seen almost daily around his house.”

                    Sorry to burst your bubble, but you can’t prove your account.

                    Your account of events only holds if one takes it on faith.

                    Note: Your government asks for your faith!!!

                  • You mean like demons?

                  • sterling silver,
                    You are correct i do not have physical evidence only my word and i assume that is NOT good enough for you!, thats OK! i did not believe in that stuff either until i saw it with my own two eyes and yes i an very well educated and there was NO seed planted before i saw what i saw. to long of story to tell on this site for details. but it was there and it was really there. not a mind game!

                • There are more things in heaven and Earth, than are dreamed of in your philosophy.

                  You also, should get out more.

                  All things, ALL things, are energy. But, ask a scientist ‘what’ energy is… and be amazed, that you too are an energy being. Did you know you give off electromagnetic waves in the terahertz region? Ever ‘feel’ someone watching you? You would, if you were a skilled woodsman and could feel your environment. The indians knew, that all things were sacred, for a reason. Because all things are energy, the hypercosmic energy that powers atom bombs, and YOU.

                  The ancients called it spirit, but you call it energy, same difference. But, energy is in two forms, light and dark energy. Reality requires both forms, in order for ‘hardness’ to result by the flow between the two.

                  If you are mentally attached to material things, when you ‘die’, you will remain with your desire, the worst of all ‘hells’, is to remain stuck on the surface of this rock, in denial, and refusal, to accept your higher destiny, in The Light. There are those who are ‘lost’ and confused, not knowing they are dead, denying that they are. The saddest of all situations.

                  • There is no death… only transition.

                  • Dance of Death – Iron Maiden.

              • Yup,.the latest DARPA Halloween costume…think they tried it out in Syria

              • Fleck of dust floating near the camera lens.

                • No, it’s a TMZ edited hoax that Mac ran with!

                  Note: This site (shtfplan) is for “entertainment” purposes only!

                  There is “little” real discussion of real “big” problems on this site.

                  There is only a freakish, self petting/self validating/stroking of so called “conservative” American values here!

                  It’s a joke!

                  These people talk the talk, but fail to walk the walk!

                  BTW: Do yourself a favor folks… Pull that iPhone out of your ass, and get real.

              • Mac: Thanks!! for the 1984 GOOD memory visit – Reagan – Ghostbusters – not to mention these interesting tidbits gleaned from historyorb from 1984:

                “Jan 17th – Supreme Court rules (5-4) oks private use of home VCRs to tape TV programs for later viewing does not violate federal copyright laws

                Feb 26th – Rev Jesse Jackson acknowledges that he called NYC, “Hymietown”

                Mar 5th – Supreme Court (5-4): city may use public money for Nativity scene.

                Mar 5th – US accuse Iraq of using poison gas.

                Mar 16th – Gunmen kidnap William Buckley, CIA station chief in Beirut.

                Apr 23rd – AIDS-virus identified (acquired immune deficiency syndrome)

                Apr 11th – Chinese troops invade Vietnam”

                YOU WOULD THINK the “tidbits” were from 2014, not 1984…people never change.

                • PWY Preach. this was the funniest one.
                  Feb 26th – Rev Jesse Jackson acknowledges that he called NYC, “Hymietown”

                  Thanks for the Memories.

              • actually during the iraqi war some of their soldiers reported that we had invisible soldiers . they had captured an attack of one on camera showing someone getting beaten by nothing then the discovery channel even did a program on a invisible cloak we had been working on for years.

            • Propably a Holy Ghost. And it was shaped like the Virgin Mary. Quick sell copies of the Video Tape on Ebay. Then on the Third day, let there be light and there was light. There be No Mo grid down said God. Ok Budda pass the colllection plate..

            • Swamp Gas ;^)

          • That’s no ghost. It’s Obama sneaking out for a round of golf!

            • So I guess were back to the alien explanation.

          • Well..here we go again..Woman Police officer shot in Ferguson. Nobody wants peace there.

            • Talon– When you claim a news piece, post a link. Thx

              • Yup wwti..but it was developing story on drudge and just a few lines were written..oddly..there was the rest of the story blocked from view…weird..but I will post a link next time..thanks.wwti

                • Looks like 2 cops were shot in Ferguson. A Woman Cop got shot in the arm and then 3 hours later an off duty Male Ferguson Cop got shot while driving on the highway. They claim none of these shootings were related to the riots or retaliation.

              • was on TV…

              • This is why the EO needs to be Abolished from the President…making law through EO is a direct affront to Liberty and Freedom. Now if he EO’s and outlaws free speech..will we finally lock and load? Incrementalism is a sleeping pill the masses are od’ on..Generation Wuss could careless as well as those who bore them..it will be a killing field soon.

                Live Free or Die…incrementally

            • Ground Zero maybe….grand jury still has to report it’s findings.

          • I would not discount this………..
            Actually, it is a creditable story.
            Ok, how about the UFO observations and reports seen and made by millions and often discredited by the Government ” special experts” and such.

            How about the documentaries reports of people seeing apparitions of soldiers, or people in old houses,even hearing voices. And even say there is someone else that lives here. Loretta Lynn, the country music star has an apparition living in her house and actually welcomes it.
            How about reports of apparitions of the Virgin Mary.

            With the increase of occult(Satan) worship in The USA, we can expect to see these spirits manifest in our presence.

            These are spirits of deception. As goodness in the world wanes, expect to see more of this and with the presence of cameras in all areas it seems, yes, more will be reported

            To close, did any of you know that a least one female celebrity have said that she have had “Ghost Sex”?

            Very dangerous….

            If you see one say Jesus and see what it does………..

            Offpost comment>>>>>>>

            Not for me to tell anyone here what to do but…….
            Most of you like me are very unhappy about the beheading that recently occurred. In New Jersey about three years ago, an Egyptian Coptic Christian was murdered and his hands and feet was cut off by a Muslim who took his car and drove it around town and said later, he felt he had the right to do that because the person was an infidel.

            This my point, we have turned a corner here in America. War has been declared………And what I say be aware, be safe(personal protection)….Trouble is here, just awaiting for the moment…

            Isis videos do not scare me……..they inspire me………
            to work on my shot group placement………..a sin to waste good bullets…….

            Just my opinion…….Everybody be blessed

        • What? No Skousen this week?

          • There should be a Skousen/Strategic Relocation article up in the next couple days. Thanks!


            • Mac, you really came up with something different this time. I’ve been coming here for two-and-a-half years commenting on almost everything you’ve put up since then, but this time words fail me. I don’t know what to say about this one. Another skousen article soon? OK, I’ll jump on that one. Skousen is just a troll who writes articles.

              • braveheart

                Skousens articles should be on Goldman Sachs forum pages for the well heeled…

                Like most of us here can afford exclusive retreats with water and beautiful vistas…

                Never mind re locating in areas where the locals most likely are not friendlies…

                Me.. I’ll stick to my area where I know all the tundra and whom I can trust..

                Enjoy the day..


                • Possee, I have to agree on that one. But I will challenge him when he makes false statements about my beloved South. The region in GA where I’m going when the time comes is full of people I know and trust and very feasible for survival. I’ve been in that region too many times in the past not to know about it. Skousen doesn’t know the South at all.

            • Mac. This may be way off topic for most of the subject matter discussed on this site. But what about some research on physics? Strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, electromagnetic, and gravity? Visible light spectrum, Doppler shifts, and relativity. Quantum and string theory are incredibly fascinating, at least to me. String theory alone may provide an explanation for the phenomena that was captured on the above video. If it’s not a hoax. Look into Hugh Everett’s Many Worlds Theory. Imagine a 2 dimensional world instead of the 3 dimensions that we are familiar with.
              If a penney was cut into a third and the mass of that 1/3 of penney was converted into pure heat energy; how water could you boil with it? It’s based on the famous equation E=mc squared…..
              Religion is covered a lot on this site, which I have no problem with. But science can be an interesting topic also. If I get red thumbs on this proposal oh well WTF..

              • That sighting could fall into the category known as a “crisis apparition”. Usually something like that happens right at the time of someone’s passing or close to it.
                There are 3 types of apparitions: crisis, residual, and poltergeist. Most spirits are harmless. But some are dangerous.
                One thing that I would advise people not to do is play with an Ouija Board. This is just a general statement. There are bad things out there in the unseen dimensions and all they need is a portal to go through. That’s when the sh*t really hits the fan.
                No pun intended.

                • Once read a serious article about how the Ouija Board worked. The conclusion some researchers came to was that the other player was manipulating the pointer, for reasons of ego, amusement, or genuine ill will.

              • Edit: How “much” water could you boil with the conversion of the 1/3 of a penney…

              • yes it might have deen something from another dimension. the government & Eienstien tried to transport a ship by vibrating it into another dimension. it was called the Philadelphia experiment. As the magnosphere is disrupted because of the magnetic pole shifting. its polssible for other vibratory planes to be seen by us. Im of the opinion that there is a logical explanation for every thing. We just don’t know what that explanation is. Its proposed as a theory that the planet earth will move into a 4th dimesion with a reversed polarity. if that happens everything synthetic will disentergrate. the electrons holding everything not natural together will reverse and all plastics ect will return to their natural state. Also that appration could be someone who is astrial traveling. The amount of things we don’t know about greatly dwarfs the things we do know about.

            • Now I see what ‘s going on,the ghost was “strategically relocating”!

          • Speaking of Skousen’s relocation picks;

            a while back he was saying Costa Rica would be a good choice.

            After watching the CBS 48 Hours program last night, Costa Ricans are just as corrupt and heartless as any other Mexican,Central or South American government.

            Their form of justice is to rob American’s freedom and wealth in the name of “their” judicial system.

            A very sick lady is now imprisoned for up to 25 years because their “three” panel judge system is unfair and bias. No jury trial there.

            I would never even visit a place like that, much less move there. But, many will; because there is a sucker born everyday.

            • “There’s a sucker born every minute” ~ David Hannum

              BTW… they vote too!

        • lol ;0)

      2. Even the spirits are unhappy! We have enough problems without a supernatural uprising. Besides, I have no idea what kind of ammo is effective against an evil spirit!

        • Id rather supernatural than our government or the garbage the foment

          • Good point. At least I know where I stand with a wraith.

          • Kulafarmer says:

            “Id rather supernatural than our government or the garbage the foment.”

            Say what???

            Dude… put the pipe and/or bottle down!

            A bit of advice: Write drunk, edit sober.

        • Rock salt.

          • I was thinking crucifix.

        • Don’t worry. hornaday is preparing to sell you a Critical Defense variant for $39.99 as we speak and mall ninjas are already making their youtube videos about it.

        • YH, The book of Ephesians in the Holy Bible will pretty well answer that for you. Chapter 6 starting in Vs.11 “Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. Vs.12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”. And read on through Vs.17 which states ” And take the helmet of salvation, and the , which is the word of God:” Trekker Out. Greater is HE that is in me, than he that is in the world.

          • Strange YH,I know I put the ammo you need in my comment, and when I sent it, it’s missing. Vs.17″ And take the helmet of salvation,and the (sword of the Spirit,) which is the word of God.) Trekker Out. Very Strange!

          • Yeah, The Bible. THE SNAKE OIL CURE ALL for everything. How’s that working for ya so far today? As the world is collapsing all around us. God built the world in 7 days, lol..
            and 2000 years for man to destroy it. We live in a cesspool. Polution wars corruption, etc.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt, Its working out pretty good for me, hope the same for you. And may Your life be long, happy and prosperous, for the end thereof may very well be Hell for Eternity. I hope not! Trekker Out. It’s Never To Late, Until It’s To Late!

              • Why is Money Green?
                The Jews Picked it before it was ripe.

                How was the Grand Canyon Formed?
                A Jew dropped a penny down a manhole.

                Why do Jews have Big Noses?
                Because the Air is FREE.

                • Them guys, quit switching screen names.

      3. Why assume it was an evil spirit?

        • I’d be willing to bet if the spirit can’t get through the purly white gates in Heaven, they have unfinished business here on earth. I’d rather keep as much distance as I can from that spirit.

          • It was probably taped over video as many of these video system run on a 30 DAY LOOP.

            • Wow. You got red thumbs for a logical answer. Scary.

          • Where’s Jennifer Love when you need her… 🙂

            • That was a pretty good show, didnt hurt that JL is a cutey

            • Where’s Jennifer’s love when you need it ?

              ….play nice with Casper…..BA.

              • What I loved most about her in that role was her flashing eyes…
                It didn’t hurt to find out she’s petite…
                Perfect fit for my V-berth… 🙂 just sayin’…

                • I could be happy/need/desire Jennifer every night!

      4. My father passed away almost seven months ago. The morning after he died, we get a call on our house land line with the caller ID displaying his cell number. Thing is, his cell phone was already wrapped and taped securely in an envelope ready to return to his employer (who did not know he had died). I go get that envelope, rip it apart, turn on and open that flip phone, go to call history, and it says, “Dialed call one minute ago…” with the house land line phone number displayed. Freaked us out – and no, we didn’t answer the house phone!

        • Sorry to hear about your dad. My condolences.

        • I have heard similar stories of people experiencing calls from deceased loved ones that are unexplained.

          • @ T-town ~ Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero has had a series of recent shows talking about how spirit will call a person up via their landline, or, cell phone.

        • It was probably the company telling you to return the phone and shut the phone off prior to shipping. Sent via auto message to tha alternate number on file.

          And if it is what you claimed, you denied your father trying to say good bye. That may haunt you for a long time. Of course if you still believe in ghosts.

          • We hand delivered the phone and his badge to the head of HR because he had top security clearance with a defense contractor and nothing was be mailed. The company did not know he was deceased, his employee category was still “active” and nobody other than hospice, funeral director, my Mom and I knew he had died. The phone was in an envelope because it upset me too much to be around it after watching him take his last breath and die the day before. I never said my father called, I SAID we received a call from his cell phone on our land line caller ID. My father said his good-byes while still alive, there was nothing left to say. Obviously you’ve not experienced being with a parent as they take their last breath and then sitting with their dead body for three hours waiting for the funeral parlor to do the pick up. If/when that day comes, life will be very different and you won’t feel like taking cheap shots at someone you will never know.

        • The exact same thing happened to me a few days after my mom died. My phone rang, it said MOM…when I got to her house, her phone was gone, never to be seen again. I was the only one with a key to her house and the house was locked up tight. I had several unexplainable things happen for a few weeks after mom died. Then it all stopped and nothing ever since. I don’t believe in spirits but gosh that stuff was eerie.

          • When I was a little girl, 11 years old, I saw something. I was sleeping at my grannies, woke up, and there standing in the doorway was a brilliant light. I wasn’t afraid, but it did startle me some. It was very tall and had an outline of the head and shoulders of a human but the bottom half appeared robed. I didn’t know what it was but I felt a sense of safety.

            My grannie thought it was an angel. But I really have no idea. I just know it was something not everyday. I rarely share the story because even to me it is a bit much but I just saw what I saw…

      5. Honestly ghosts don’t scare me/ if I woke up and my keys were two inches to the left big deal. If i wake up to a naked midget with a clown mask holding a big knife I’ll scream like a little girl. Just saying everyone.

        • Was the naked midget a girl midget???
          Scuse me

          • At that point it doesn’t matter male or female, it only matters that I’d be in panic mode.

          • Kula, chances are it would be Ass’ed Itch. Trekker Out

            • Now, that is really scary shit.

              The midgit would be bad enough.

              • Could you imagine waking up with Ass’ed Itch standing there with nothing ON but his Under Armour Fleece Hoodie and a pair of Green Skechers. He probably wouldn’t even need a mask or a knife, he’d probably have a BB gun. Trekker Out. Oh I forgot, he already made this threat to POG if she went to her BOL!

                • hahahahaha …you put waaaay to much thought into that…

                  🙂 🙂

        • @Johnny:

          Agreed Sir.

          It’s never the plot, but the deadly fine details that bring out the plaid skirt and bobbie socks in me….lol.

          ….play nice with midget Casper…..BA.

      6. I have seen then photographed orbs all the time. If you are in touch, you could too…

        • My house is built on an old Native Indian village, some of the things I have seen would freak most out. Six years ago, Halloween, wife and girls were out trick or treating with friends. A friend was over, and I asked him if he could see the 3 orbs ten feet away. Where he says, and I took a pic on the digital camera. Zoomed in on the pic, and he FREAKED out badly. Had many instances like this, you just have get in tune and believe and you would see more than what meets the eye…

          • I lived in a town with an old Native American history also. There was a lot of paranormal activity in the house I lived in. I remember there would be spirit rappings on the walls every night. At times I did not like being alone in that house.

            • Could you imagine if your home was built, by Old Native Indians. It would probably be a TeePee or a WigWam, or maybe a Wickiup. Trekker Out.

          • I recorded a voice on a micro cassette tape. In a cemetery no less. Just one word. Loud and clear. And there was no one around except my wife when I asked the question.
            Deep male voice that sounded like it was very close to where I was standing.
            True story.

          • Another thing, Eppe. The elderly woman I was feeding dinner to was on Hospice. She passed away a couple of days ago. When I was trying to feed her she did open her eyes and was looking at something right over my shoulder. Her eyes were wide open.I swear she was looking at someone or something that I couldn’t see. Man, I got spooked. I looked behind me a couple of times but there was nothing there in the room but us. Myself and some other CNAs and nurses went to her room to help with the transfer of her corpse. Her eyes were open then but did not have the intensity of the stare when she was trying to eat.
            I think she had visitors.

            • The day before my grandmother died she kept pointing to the door in her room. Then she asked us three or four times who the little girl was. There was no little girl in the room with us. My grandmother lost a 3 year old daughter. You connect the dots.

              • I had a friend (who has since passed away) who was a nurse and who spoke of a patient she had…a man, who was speaking to something just before he passed. She couldn’t make out what he was saying and asked if he said needed something and he told her, “Oh no, I’m just fine”. Closed his eyes and stopped breathing. She never forgot about him and how calmly he told her he was “fine”.

                I just can’t help but think some folks get to see a loved one that they have lost and grieved through the veil between this world and the next at the time of their own death.

            • A lot of times, people will see dead relatives just before passing to the other side. I have known old people who talked about dead loved ones coming down the street, etc.

              this is actually quite common and Hospice workers tell family members not to discount these statements by loved ones who are passing… just because we can’t see them it doesn’t mean they are not there… all depends where your consciousness is at.

        • The day my grandmother cardiac arrested, my mother called me and told me she was dead and they were working on her trying to get her back. 10 minutes later as I’m driving home, in my left ear I heard HER voice clear as day, in her style say “I’m find P____ D____” sure enough about 20 minutes later they got her back. She survived the hospitalization and went home. Died 6 months later. That last week she was talking to everyone who had passed and sheed been non verbal for days. When she got agitated, she would calm if I read her the 23rd Psalm. More than once I heard her voice the same as that day after she passed.

      7. Better off invaded by ghosts than illegals.

        • Yeah, we don’t have to give them welfare! Trekker Out.

      8. there is an earthly energy that exists and ties everything together in the universe.

        i’ve felt it , i have sensed animals , other humans in the pitch quiet black of night , read others thoughts and known things i should not have knowledge of or known was there.

        and i once experienced an mentally jolting out of body experience that took me mentally visually into the heavens to the milky way then back to my body on earth.

        i even almost died once was on deaths door from a drug poisoning.

        So i’m going to say i believe in earthly spiritual energy and leave it at that.


        • RG, same here, hence why I say…
          Everything we know is wrong…

          • I’ve had two near death experiences. The second one, my heart stopped for about 7 minutes. The EMT revived me. I still believe I actually saw what some people describe as “the veil”.

            I no longer wonder if there is something after death. That was also when I found a firm belief in God. He sent me back for a reason. I just hope I don’t disappoint Him.

            That’s all I’ve got on this subject.

            • I hear what you are saying and agree.

              Some things can’t be explained and some we just make an educated guess at it.

              I believe there are not just four or five dimensions within our existence.

              Of course, we are in a three dimensional world, the measurement of height,width,depth from point A to B; and the spirit/Heaven world is in another dimension, sometimes referred to as the “fourth dimension”.

              God says that no flesh or blood can enter that dimension; however, the spirit bodies from that dimension can enter this one. As He tells us, He came here, Jesus Christ came here before and after the resurrection in the spirit body, and Satan, (never was nor ever will be in the flesh), as well as archangels, that were never intended to be born of the waters/bag of waters/amniotic fluid/flesh.

              I believe in “lost or restless spirits” that can’t or won’t crossover. They can’t return to flesh/organic bodies, but are in a state of limbo.

              A good example of these, in my opinion, are the aliens or what we know as UFO space creatures/ETs. In my unprofessional opinion, they are the souls of the demonic hybrids,the giants/geber of old, that have created flesh like bodies to inhabit and have the ability to traverse the earth and live among us.

              I don’t believe in them as space and time travelers. Their residence is here within the earth and under the polar ice sheets of Antarctica. Their vehicles, and their evil doings are from the wisdom and workings of their leader, Lucifer. They are intelligent, but not of God, nor want to follow Him. Their god is Satan and His work they shall do.

              There are elements within NASA and the Military that are privy to their advanced technology and too many things don’t add up to be dismissed as “conspiracy theory”. There is a belief that the gov/military are working with these entities to utilize their technology. I won’t dismiss it as hype.

              Something is up with all the unusual sightings and commotions along the 37th lattitude parallel N.
              It has been dubbed the Paranormal Highway by some and amazingly a lot of Air Force and other military installations are along this strip.

              Here is a link to check out some….
              Just add the http for a quick link.

              • Nothing ever completely dies. Whether it’s a human, an animal, or a piece of wood…mass becomes energy and energy is transformed. Time is considered to be the 4th dimension. In my opinion, the known universe is 13.5 to 14 billion years old and still expanding. Some physicists are debating whether the universe is saddle shaped or possibly flat.
                Sir Arthur Eddington made an interesting comment. His comment implied that the universe is not only a mechanical property that moves in a Newtonian fashion, but is also based on imagination and thought. Carl Sagan was talking about the Big Bang Theory-he stated that the embarrassing question pertaining to that theory was what happened before the Big Bang took place?
                There’s a possibility that time flows in layers and will converge and diverge like rivers.
                My favorite ghost story is Harry Martindale’s encounter with the Roman soldiers in the Treasury House (York, England) cellar back in the early 1950s.
                Classic case of time warp, residual haunting.

                • “Nothing ever completely dies. Whether it’s a human, an animal, or a piece of wood…mass becomes energy and energy is transformed.”…..

                  Exactly, meathead,

                  When the silver cord, or the lifeline from our soul/spirit/intellect, to the flesh, parts/breaks; the flesh returns to the ground/soil/dirt/organic material from whence it was created. The life returns/transforms back, to the Father, that gave it. Back into a spiritual body that has mass; indestructable (except by God),with mass. Will that spiritual body have a male reproductive organ as it did in the First and Second Heaven and Earth Age? Don’t know, but it does require manna/angels food to sustain it.

                  That is why God is called the consuming fire. He and only He, has the ability to consume that life/energy mass and disable it as an intelligence processing mass. Therefore; Hell/Lake of Fire/End of Existence,as we knew it, especially, for the evil and unbelieving.

                  Those that teach and believe that Hell is an eternal existence of suffering for wrong doings, have missed the mark. There comes “judgement”, at the end of this existence in the flesh, and then just rewards or the lake of fire, following the millenium. The lake consumes a spirit soul for eternity and remembrance of that soul/spirit for evermore.

                  So WWTI, you want to exist briefly, without ever having any consequential affect on anyone in the world, for anything, and being as though you never existed?

                  You are on the right track.

                  • Passin’…it’s very possible that humans have collective amnesia regarding our origins. I’m referring to something called the “revolving sword” which bars us from the knowledge of where we came from. Symbolic or an actual mechanism put in place by other intelligent beings eons ago?
                    3 books that I came across years ago that were absolutely fascinating-William Bramley’s “Gods of Eden”, Anthony North’s “The Paranormal, A Guide to the Unexplained”, and Brian Greene’s “Elegant Universe”.
                    And I would really like to know who did the quarrying and stone work at Puma Punku in Bolivia.

            • I LOVE reading books about NDE, sixpack! (NDE= Near Death Experiences).

              If one is able to go deep in meditation, he can experience the same thing (or similar thing) that NDE experience…

            • A priest once said…”Sometimes the veil between our world and the next is so thin, you can see into the next”. I thought that was a beautiful thought.

          • Ever consider religion got it all wrong? There are trillions of examples out there disproving religion. But people still cling to it. And yes eppe I did study the bible. And the older and wiser I became the more I realized its all fabricated BS. If you were vorn in Iraq you woul think Christianity was a farce. You are a product of your dumbed down child hood when you were lied to about santa clause, easter bunny and religion. Its all a farce. Brain washing is a powerful too to dupe the naive. Just look at how many numbskulls believe the MSM news cast as fact today.

            • I will also add that it took years to cleans my brain from religion. And by reading more facts and history to replace the bible BS stored on my brains hard drive. I was finally able to let go of the religios falacies.. I despize being lied to.. And anybody that just accepts what ever someone tells you with out Fact checking it has played a fool.

            • I can understand how people would confuse the concept of God with the “easter bunny” and “santa claus” fable… that is why I NEVER told my kids there was a santa claus or easter bunny– I told them the truth: that is was made up.

              And I also told them the truth about God– that He/She IS REAL. However, you obviously have had no spiritual experiences, WHDUNNIT, and that is very, very sad!!!

              also, I can understand your dislike of the Bible and I can understand your point of view (there are so many contradictions in the Bible, for one thing!!)

              However, please do not confuse religious material and man made religions with God. God is REAL. He is NOT A BOOK!!

              Hopefully, some day you will have a spiritual experiences and realize for yourself the reality of the Great Spirit from which we came.(God is Love).

              Please see videos of Dannion Brinkley (good place to start) to understand. (he was an Atheist did not believe in God either! And then he had a couple do Near Death Experiences, like eppe… and everything changed!!)

              also, the book, “Heading toward Omega”.

              • Anon, I think you are failing to understand what I am saying.

                Let me fill you in.

                As a child I was forced to go to Sunday School, forced to go to church, forced to go to Bible study class and,forced to get confirmed, force to pray, forced to believe and sing religions songs I thought were boring as hell. I also went to Church summer camp,and after I left my parents I did not participate in any Church. The only people who were church goers were dumb as hell people. Both my 2 sisters were born again religious freaks, caught in 2 failed marriages, both oppressed and take advantage by their lying husbands.

                You don’t need religion to feel any spirituality. In fact it is counter productive to think any religion is spiritual when it is forced upon you. Spirituality is natural, letting it unfold around you and the feeling of peace. Religion is a false spirituality when the entire industry is set up to fleece and dupe its followers.

                I did rejoin a Methodist for a few years agiain seeking if I missed something in my younger years. But again too I found during Bible studies it was all a fraud if you actually connect the dots.

                In my past professional career as a Firefighter and paramedic I saved lived, not some religion which has nithing to do with who lives or who dies. It was in my full control of who lives and dies. I have seen plenty of death in multiple ways. and none of it had anything to do with any religious belief. Religion is the biggest Fraud ever perpetrated on the human population.

                When 9-11 Hit, I too soon realized there were many more religions out there besides the one I was studying, and realized we are a product of where we are born, and has nothing to do with how or what we believe in a natural condition. You dont grow p learning every religion then get to chose the one you want. You are raised and brainwashed and condition to believe in one and criticize others. Thus why we are in perpetual wars in this world.

                I get plenty of spiritual just beoing out into nature, unpretentious, helping an injured bird, or moving a turtle out of the road. None of that has to do with religion. Its common sense. What baffles me more than anything. the most religious sect here in the US is a conservative Christians. but have no problem pollution the hell out of the planet which is Mother earth. You will find liberals, no religious defending the planet and nature way more that this religious sect.

                I am liberal to a point, believe in freedoms, and I am conservative in not wanting to see money wasted. I am not religious, nor am I an Athiest. I am a man, a human, I seek the truth, and do not like seeing people duped and fleeced from their wealth or dignity.

                I hope this explains where I am coming from. The Bible is a false religion promising things it in no way can deliver. People exploit other people through religion like Priests raping little boys, hiding behind the bible. The Muslims also can be peaceful but many too are just as extreme and violent as Christians. Whats the difference between beheading someone or dropping bomb on innocent children.

                Here is a list of Obama Drone kill list up to Dec 2012, then the CIA stopped releasing the killed list. As it did not fit their propaganda scheme.

                Obama DRONE KILLED LIST Before Dec 2012. No Info after posted.
                Compiled from The Bureau of Investigative Journalism reports
                Name | Age | Gender
                Noor Aziz | 8 | male
                Abdul Wasit | 17 | male
                Noor Syed | 8 | male
                Wajid Noor | 9 | male
                Syed Wali Shah | 7 | male
                Ayeesha | 3 | female
                Qari Alamzeb | 14| male
                Shoaib | 8 | male
                Hayatullah KhaMohammad | 16 | male
                Tariq Aziz | 16 | male
                Sanaullah Jan | 17 | male
                Maezol Khan | 8 | female
                Nasir Khan | male
                Naeem Khan | male
                Naeemullah | male
                Mohammad Tahir | 16 | male
                Azizul Wahab | 15 | male
                Fazal Wahab | 16 | male
                Ziauddin | 16 | male
                Mohammad Yunus | 16 | male
                Fazal Hakim | 19 | male
                Ilyas | 13 | male
                Sohail | 7 | male

                More here…


                • As a child you were also forced to eat your vegetables, get potty trained, and brush your teeth.

                  Just haven’t been the same since, have you?

                  Get over your childhood, it was a long time ago.

            • “Ever consider religion got it all wrong?”

              Whenever they try to put a person, place or thing between me and my God, I believe they got it wrong. I don’t believe in middlemen. I don’t believe I need someone to “lead me” to God. At the time of my NDE, I had pretty much done everything wrong that could be done wrong…and STILL, He sent me back. That undeserved gift of mercy, changed my outlook on life.

              I know the way, and I know what I have to do. For me, it really is that simple.

        • Believe or not,I’ve seen,experienced, and felt,and as far as I’m concerned they are what will help protect us from the Dark Side!

          • Yes remember when the world was flat. That mean old dark side off the edge where dragons lurked. That scan didn’t last long after some body had the balls to set sail and do some fact checking eh? My oh my.

          • I felt the same way throughout the 1980’s and into the early nineties until i had a close, too close, encounter.

            Usually, and for many years i wouldn’t talk of this. i am no longer afraid of anyone in this dimension or anything else, so i will put it out there for the benefit of folks like you, now; and the way i used to be.

            Please understand, when i say i am not afraid of anything.
            I mean i don’t play stupid or “tempt” people or creatures. I didn’t go to Montana and walk along the Continental Divide, alone, with grizzlies and mtn.lions within screaming distance, to not respect them and have plenty of back-up protection; however, I didn’t let fear of them stop me from enjoying the freedom God gave me and experiencing His spiritual connection with the wilderness.
            Nor, do I handle live snakes, venemous or not. I have read the bible where it says God gives us the “power” to tread on serpents. The snakes didn’t read it and they will bite the shit out of you.
            Another example of dumbass preachers taking the word literally, when it is a spiritual symbolism of being able to outsmart and rule over Lucifer and evil.

            i digress.

            About, 1995 I stood out gazing at the night sky on my mtn. top property, alone, and no one at my house but me and the dogs and wild critters. As i gazed at the stars and an occasional airplane/commercial jet, I noticed a flashing light or lights and they were moving erratically.

            Out of some insane idea that it might be aliens/UFO, and still thinking they had come to our world to somehow help us; I threw up my arms and said aloud; “Welcome to my world and i am your friend”.

            The damn thing went crazy, zig zagging, back and forth thru the sky and then closer until it was hovering over the football field size hayfield that i was standing beside. i almost shit myself and couldn’t move because I thought i was hallucinating. Nope, no doping, just a couple of beers and a cigarette.

            It was circular, about the size of a big dump truck, and quiet with several lights around it and one light brighter than the others and pointing at me. It was about a thousand feet above me at an angle and then zap, within a couple hundred feet right above me at a slight angle.

            Now granny didn’t raise no fool, so i quickly carried my skinny ass back inside and never came back out. Needless to say, i had to take a couple sleeping aids to get to sleep that night.
            The next day i tried to reason about it, and was horrified to the point that i never said a word to anyone.
            A couple weeks or months later, I awoke one morning with an unusual itch in my right hands, middle finger. I didn’t think too much about it because i was always getting briars and splinters and that is what it felt like. It became so itchy, I looked closer and went to put something on it and felt a slightly raised place and got the bright flashlight and inspected.

            There i found about an eigth inch hairline cut that was sealed off with only a microscopic trace of pinkish bloodline. Still thinking it was a piece of splinter, I got the alcohol and a needle and commenced to pry it open. it didn’t really bleed, but it did have feeling, and then i hit something solid under the skin. Finally getting around it I was able to inch it out. After washing the small rice sized piece off i realized it was opaque and like glass. On close inspection i saw it had an obleisk shape. I almost fainted and wrapped it up in toilet paper.

            Btw, I freaked out a few hours later and threw it out the window of my truck as i went down the mtn, still wrapped up in the tissue.

            I didn’t connect the two events until a few years later, and never told anyone. Inside i was still scared shitless about the events, and my family would have tried to have me commited to the funny farm, if……

            Anyways, it was thru my faith and prayers that i have come to the conclusions of the events above.

            First of all, if we open ourselves up to demonic forces/spirits; they are traversing the earth looking for a warm body to inhabit. They are not behind every bush or tree, but they are there and will jump all up in your ass if you welcome them. We ain’t talkin about the likes of ASS’d itch either.

            Secondly, thru some research into Giants/geber of old, and proof they were here, I have also come to understand the event of the finger chip, which was not a tracking chip, and from that work, make the connections to the lost,wondering souls, of those men of old.

            It is my belief and understanding, that they, the ETs/aliens/beings, returned to my home and sedated me thru some sort of gas, and inserted the object, that had nothing visible inside, because I could see right thru it.
            That object was, in my belief, a game changer; a DNA game changer. I think it was meant to disolve and seep into my body causing a change in my DNA/genetic make-up.

            I was to become another study for them, or a hybrid form of them.

            Because of my faith and quest for truth, the Higher Power, my Light, caused me to react and remove that object; and to be here as a witness for others.

            I can honestly say, with God as my witness, they are here, and they are not friendly or have our best interest in mind. They are demonic and deceptive. Steer away from anything that seems strange or abnormal. Please keep your children and grandchildren from reading or dabbling in anything having to do with the occult,wizardry,mediums,pyschics, etc.
            The Harry Potter stuff may seem harmless to ignorant parents but…It opens the door to acceptance of an unseemingly evil thing, that can take a person’s soul from them.
            We have been warned!

            • Passin- You said: “freedom God gave me” – So was god your slave master that granted you your freedom?

              People have no idea the things they say that just comes out to their mouths after years of repetition. Its like those who say, “Well God wanted it this way.” Really? Maybe it was Scoobie Doo that wanted it that way. The Man in the moon that gave you your freedoms.

            • Psychic is not bad.. they used to burn people who were psychic and that is all out of bs fear!!(and/or bible crap).

              when you are close to God (Love) you do have psychic experiences… I have had hundreds of psychic experences– where I knew things before they happened… while in higher spiritual states of conscioussness.

              read about NDE — people who have died and come back– they are always psychic. Even the Bble says something about different ones of us having various “gifts”. It is NOT BAD. the only peole who would think that are people who are not close to god/who have never had deep spiritual experineces… excuse typing.. in a hurry!

              • as far as the chip and seeing the UFO– you are not alone!! Books have been written on this subject!!! Many people have been abducted by aliens and had chips implanted. Many, many books about this!!! Look it up on the internet– they are space aliens who did this to you!!

        • Out of body Astrial travel is a lot more common than most people think. Im not a Christian. I happen to believe the theory of reincarnation has merit. We had a teen child die in a car crash. Because we grieved so hard and long for that child. We kept them earthbound. . The ghost would mess with electrical things. the TV would come on by itself. The volume would increase by itself. The phone would ring and no one there. The funniest thing that childs car if you sat in the seat and put the key in the ignition as soon as you turned the key on would ofteb start up. without engaging the starter. the starter has a separate push button that engages the starter selonid. Any way after much research we learned to let go. The childs spirit was free to move on.

          • It was Carol Ann that is caught in the TV. Poltergeist.

      9. when I was ten years old I saw my grand father about two weeks after he died at the bottom of our stairway as I was walking down the stairs one day. He smiled at me. I was happy to see him when I remembered that he had died. It scared me. He disappeared. That is my grandpa, no way would he EVER want me to be scared. so yea, I believe in “ghosts” and no, they are not all evil. Grandpa didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to me, I know that was bothering me so I believe we see them when they have “unfinished” business. I also had a friend whose college age brother was killed in a car accident. Her mom had a terrible time with his death until one morning, she came downstairs all smiles, she reported that Mike, the brother who was killed, came to see her last night and told her that he was happy and safe with God and not to worry about him any more. She was fine from then on. Believe, don’t believe. As for me I believe.

        • T, i was a mentor to a younger buddy who died on a pocket rocket motorcycle. a week after he left us, I was still upset since we connected. Was upstairs laying radiant barrier, talking to him, no one was home. I asked if he would visit me. Came out of attic, and the tv turned on all by itself. Funny, it did not scare me, just knew it was him, letting me know he was around.
          I miss my adopted son alot…

          • Sorry Eppe. If he was able to respond in some way, the good news is, he hears you and wants you to know he is ok.

            • Thanks T, he died on 8-4-06, and I have teared up as I type. He was a great friend, son I never had. When you have great friends, hold them tight, do anything they ask, help in any way, because tomorrow, they might not be around…

              • Between this and having an argument with my mom with dementia, my tear ducts have had quite a workout tonight.
                And males are not supposed to cry…
                Good night people, been hellva night….

                • Eppe ,
                  In time all things get better remember. Them as they were , they are never far , I
                  believe there is more to this life than we can see and know. All of of have our burdens to bear in this life. Things happen to all of us , what we do them that counts .

                  Personally we have to just deal with it the best we can . I will spare the gory details , I have held the hand of the dying flying toward help only to have them go the minute the EVAC helo touched the pad at the field hospital . Escorted the flag draped coffin of a close Personel friend home on more than one occasion . Things happen the reasons unknown to us. We live for them and never forget them , years later I can still recite the names and service numbers of the ones that did not come home in my unit. Many a letter was written to their families hoping to mitigate the pain. It’s never easy nor should it be , it reminds us of our own mortality , the one last mission we have to complete alone.

                  I will never forget them or the short time I had known them .
                  Eppe this is life , remember the good times. , let go of the bad.

                  Semper Fi 8541

                  • Eppe
                    Here is something I have kept in my pocket bible that I have carried around the world in more than one conflict , wisdom that never grows old

                    So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart.
                    Trouble no one about their religion; respect others in their view, and
                    demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life,
                    beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and its purpose in the service of your people. Prepare a noble death song for the day when you go over the great divide.
                    Always give a word or a sign of salute when meeting or passing a
                    friend, even a stranger, when in a lonely place. Show respect to all
                    people and grovel to none.
                    When you arise in the morning give thanks for the food and for the joy
                    of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies only
                    in yourself. Abuse no one and no thing, for abuse turns the wise ones
                    to fools and robs the spirit of its vision.
                    When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are
                    filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep
                    and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way.
                    Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.
                    Chief Tecumseh

                    Semper Fi 8541

                • dementia and alzheimers are such difficult diseases. I feel your pain eppe. at times as hard as you try, it is difficult with them. Most days now my dad is paranoid and intermittently angry at me about I have no idea what. It causes me great heart break. such a strong and healthy man being robbed of his mind.

                  If you ever need to vent your frustrations….you know where to find me. I may not post every day, but I read here daily.

                  • Eppe,am with you on comment of friends/family and staying with em thru thick and thin,good and bad times.With 3 funerals under my belt this summer was forced to see how quickly things can change and we don’t have all the time in the world,hence,enjoy the time we got and try and make the most of it.

          • Ever check to see who was holding the TV remote? LoL.

            • WWTI,
              You have no respect at all.

              Go play with your hotwheels, out in the middle of I-95.

              You continually try to make us see how atheistic you are.
              We get it.
              Get this….we don’t care! PO Granny tried to show you some compassion and see if you had a heart, and all you did was hurt her feelings. You are swine, and as swine ye shall die, unless you make a change.

              Get over yourself. We don’t care that you don’t care.
              Get a life, and try to show a little respect.

              • THANK YOU PASSING;
                You have said what I wanted to say for the 9 months WWTI has been spewing his tripe on this site. No wonder readership is very low, when you have one prick who bashes nearly everyone on his view, well what can I say? WWTI is not worth the smegma of an uncircumcised homosexual that never washes. One day everyone will see WWTI in front of the creator explaining why he did not believe in HIM. I truely feel sorry for him. Ever wonder what happened to mess his mind up so bad? Ever wonder why he has no wife? Who could put up with that kind of mindset? Lord knows I am not the perfect person, I pray often for all the BAD things I have done in my life. But that is what JESUS is for.
                With that said, I am going to to a break from here. Pull a BI and go AWOL. I WISH THE BEST TO MOST ALL THE POSTERS HERE. I will come here and read, and laugh, because others will post jokes to fill the void. I hope I have made alot of you guys and gals laugh, it is the BEST medicine, and leaving here, well it will be like herion addiction withdrawal.
                I wonder who WWTI will start trashing next?
                Maybe I will be back, who knows, but everyone needs to play nice in the sandbox, this world is caving in, and slinging sand will get you or someone killed, or worse, your soul never makes it to the other side…
                There are many posters here, not going to name anyone, that I appreciate the love and caring attitude some have had to me, it is a joy to have been here 4+ years, but it is time to leave for a while….
                Bye Bye…

                • @eppe…it is with a heavy heart I have to see you go. I can’t always be a part of discussions here because of internet restraints but I come here everyday and read the posts/comments. I often repeat your jokes to folks throughout the day to see them laugh. I will miss you. And one more thing…Don’t Let The Bastards Win!
                  God Bless You and Yours – Npgh.

                • Eppe, c’mon man who cares what WWTI thinks or says. Thats no way to react, your letting someone else get to you like that? Depriving the rest of us of your humor and input only hurts this forum. Don’t take it so seriously please. Now suck it in soldier!!

                • eppe … It’s not just your jokes that I will miss. Be well where ever this journey takes you.

                  • Eppe, if a man cries it does not mean he is weak. It means he has compassion, and that is not a sign of weakness. The experiences you have make you the person you are today. You share your humor with us who are basically strangers to you. That is character and the sign of a caring person. If you go away or lives will be less because of it.

                • There is a difference between posting something that can add to the discussion or topic, or just a few guy hanging out with nothing better to do than tell useless jokes. People that come on here and spew this religious BS, with no basis other than promoting their religions and nothing to do with the topic or discussion, should go elsewhere. When a website host builder is looking for clients to advertise and attract new viewership, who are they attracting when the discussions are religious rants or jokesters who do not add anything to the prepping subject, or preparing. People come to these sites to learn something educational to help them for SHTF. If I had a prepping group ofsay a dozen people, and as the discussion is moving forward, some idiot back in the room is cracking jokes, I would kick his ass out to the curb,because he is in the wrong forum. telling one joke or 2 is fins, if you also post something useful towards prepping or a subject news worthy. Eppe, you come here add nothing towards prepping and just count the number of jokes you posed just on this one blog or the last 10 subject blogs. You have a credibility factor of about 2% of anything serious. Most of the time I just skip over anything you write. That’s called a space waster. I am sure you are a nice guy, but what do you add to this site besides the class clown comedian. Are they laughing at you or with you? Read the last month of actual info that is worth of learning something. 2% maybe of 100 points.

                  • BTW/ When I come to this site to learn something and nothing is here from contributors I may not hang out here either. I post plenty of news links or something that comes up to add to the discussion. OK Yes I bash religion. Most of the time people don’t even realize how caught up they are in it. Religion is part of the cause of many of the problems we have here in America and the world. it is evil. I am looking for the truth, of the subjects, not off beat nonsense. If you posted 10 news articles or adding to the discussion with 1 joke ratio here and there then OK. But just jokes? I don’t see any value there. Nothing personal, just my observations. Since there seems to be a few people now trying to bash me for telling the truth, as I am calling people out to back up whet they say with some facts. But No facts mean no credibility.

                • Where is Be Informed????
                  Did he take a break from here.
                  I miss his knowledge and insights.
                  ~~ @ eppe ~ Do what you need to do.
                  You will be missed, and I hope you
                  do eventually return here.

                  • Who,what the fuck guy?!This was a article about ghosts perhaps,and of course the conversation led to other things of a similar realm.Eppe chooses to share a tale in this area and you really in this case kinda dropped the ball,was obviously a close friend of his.We have all shared a lot of practical knowledge here and my guess we will continue to,a particular subject bugs you that much just change channel for awhile.

              • Amen!

      10. This thing has been on BIN for a week

      11. The Hospice nurse told us that happen to about 1 in 10 families, and she had never once heard of anyone ever actually answering the phone. People just don’t talk about it because they’ll appear nuts. Speaking of which, I wonder if the above video could somehow be hologram technology originating from a satellite? Or not? What the hell do I know …

      12. i guess we all have seen and experienced things we don’t quite understand. But for me I have seen experienced and and felt that they will help protect us from the dark side,and continue to watch over us!1

      13. Was it a ghost or an evil spirit? They never teach about God in today’s public schools.

        Not even the Lord’s prayer. The spirits are onto something.

        • An article about dreams would be enlightening. Every once in a while I have dreamt that I was spending time with presidents. Last night it was with Bill Clinton. He was just sitting alone at a desk in a side room in my house writing and reviewing paperwork. Then I was looking for a document for him to sing to get his autograph. Like what was the purpose of that dream? I also spent time in a dream with GW Bush who I can’t stand. He some how got separated from his secret servive protection and we just were sitting in a wearhouse one on one talking. and in the dream he seemed to be a really nice guy. In reality I can’t stand him. Liar and coniving thief. So what did that dream mean?

          • I read somewhere that dreams are a manifestation of unfulfilled desire..maybe you just wanted to lie to them back..((shrugs shoulders)).;-)

          • It means….

            Birds of a feather, stick together.

            They are both atheists, and believe in allegience to the satanic gods.

            Also, it means you can’t spell….uh.”wear..house”. Duh.

            You remind me of ass’d itch. He is as dumb as a rock, and tries to make people think he is intelligent, and a real ladies man.

            btw, flown in anymore bimbos to sexually abuse, lately?
            Evidently it is the only way you can get sex/companionship; you have to pay for it.

            You seemed to be very proud of letting us know about that. You are very disturbed.

            • Funny How Christians lke pissininthewind, need to demonize anybody who disagrees with them. I am not any label, or an Athiest or a fool believer of cult satanic voodoo make believe ghost up in the sky that I worship. My life deals with facts, and honesty. Not some twisted make believe feel good, superstition. You have every right to live in your fantasy, like when you die you are going to heaven.

              If you can’t deal with hard facts with proof, then too bad for you. Show me one person who was granted everlasting life. Even Jesus died. He was never grated ever lasting life. Maybe he is up there in Heaven having a good time with the 70 virgins. To busy to come back to this twisted world to save any of you.

      14. I am in my 20s now, when I was a wee little one probably 4-5 years old, I would ALWAYS see human shaped white illuminated orb things walk around the house. Like your classic white ghost, all white, with light radiating. Every morning I’d tell my parents they came back, and they would tell me it’s only my imagination.

        I don’t know, sometimes, when you see things, and you know deep down they were there walking around night after night for a couple months… you just know. You know?

        Fast forward to today, moved into a new house, and you know, that feeling… it boils your blood, you just FEEL it. They’re THERE. Tired of being alone in my house, I got a puppy, and for a year together now life has been awesome. I get that feeling still time to time, but now, I’m not alone! Got the sidekick with me to beg for cuddles lmao

      15. This seems a bit off topic? Oh well, a break from the usual I guess. I belive in spirts, I use to stay at a friends house which was an old plantation house that was used during the civil war as a hospital…their mother use to keep pigs in the grave yard of all things. One night I woke up and I heard people screaming, shots, cannons and horses..It wasn’t a dream ethier, I was fully awake and scared as hell lol. I’ve seen some strange things there too. Never cared to stay there agian and other people who have lived their have said they heard and seen the same things.

      16. I feel for you, Eppe, dementia sucks, and experiencing it with a parent is torture. My Dad had it and being with him when he passed was a sobering experience.

      17. Oh my all the Bible Thumpers come to chime in. Try to explain the unexplainable. LoL. Should be some good Sunday conversation. The day they all gather to pray for God to fix eveything. On Gods only day of the week he has off of course. LoL

        • wwti,

          easy now, lay down the cracker pipe,and quit sucking on the glass schlong.

          you could have a coronary if you keep it up all weekend.

          • pissinginthewind. Nice mature post there. is that what you do when you have no facts to counter or back up your position? Name calling? Slander? Sounds like you are the frustrated one.

        • Loser.

        • Loser squared.

      18. Gonna swing into the saddle again, grab my lance and get back to tilting at windmills this morning.

        • If you get a chance today, swing over to Survival Sherpa and check out the beginning of a series on “Trees”. Lot of information gonna come from it.

      19. Ghosts,God,imagination, and faith are all junk science!

        These are thoughts that will not be tolerated by the state!

        There is only one almighty..

        And that is your benevolent government..

        You bitter clingers are the problem to us..

        Comply or else..


        • Dear leader has spoken…LOL

        • Imbiq, Hey Government loves Religion. That’s why they give them a Tax Free Status, just like the NFL and Nascar. They need a good Dumb source of stupid fighting machines to fight their illegal wars, Dumb, ripe and trainable rednecks from the Bible belt to believe anything they are told. If anybody intelligent would question them, there would be too much push back and disobeying of illegal war orders. Dumber the better. Volunteer here for some shiny medals and a uniform and a cool hat. After all dumb women love a man in uniform. They need a new fresh Gene pool source of more dumb off spring. They have more wars lined up after these.

      20. that’s not a ghost…that’s someone having an out of body experience, could be out for a stroll, or spying for someone.

      21. Mac.
        Thanks for something different, and a little funny. In todays world we need it.
        Again Thanks

      22. The world would be a better place if religion was banned. This is nothing more than an invented wedge issue, people killing eachother defending who religious Hoax is more believable than the others religious set of beliefs Hoax. And look at how many other innocent people get killed being in the way of these 2 cults going at it defending their big hoax. Its disgusting and uncivilized. Barbarians

        • Attention seeker.

      23. And of all the people and so called believers who set foot on this planet. Bring forth one person as proof they were saved by Christinanity who was granted ever lasting life. Just one person. Who can give testamony showing proof of life because they were a true believer. So put up or shut up with this bible babble quotes. Show me the car fax !! Facts.

      24. To put you entire faith into a religion, that it’s entire premise is to promise you everlasting life. But no body ever qualifies. With a zero success rating over 10’s of thousands of years, is pretty foolish. Never know you may be the first lucky one that qualifies. LoL

        • @WWTI ~ I will give you a quarter if you would just
          stfu for one hour.

      25. I’ll bet the ghost of Andrew Jackson is walking through the hallways of the Federal Reserve.

      26. As long as none of them are coming across our southern border…..

      27. The dead do not walk the earth, they are in Hell or Heaven awaiting the Judgment.
        (Luk 16:19) There was a certain rich man, which was clothed in purple and fine linen, and fared sumptuously every day:
        (Luk 16:20) And there was a certain beggar named Lazarus, which was laid at his gate, full of sores,
        (Luk 16:21) And desiring to be fed with the crumbs which fell from the rich man’s table: moreover the dogs came and licked his sores.
        (Luk 16:22) And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried;
        (Luk 16:23) And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom.
        (Luk 16:24) And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame.
        (Luk 16:25) But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented.
        (Luk 16:26) And beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence.
        (Luk 16:27) Then he said, I pray thee therefore, father, that thou wouldest send him to my father’s house:
        (Luk 16:28) For I have five brethren; that he may testify unto them, lest they also come into this place of torment.
        (Luk 16:29) Abraham saith unto him, They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them.
        (Luk 16:30) And he said, Nay, father Abraham: but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent.
        (Luk 16:31) And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.

        The dead are either in Hell of Heaven!

        Satan and his fallen angels were thrown out of Heaven to the Earth and they now inhabit the earth creating chaos. Any ghost figure that might have been seen is of satanic origin.

        • I respectfully correct your point, WDL.

          you say…..
          ….”Satan and his fallen angels were thrown out of Heaven to the Earth and they now inhabit the earth creating chaos.

          I say…. John was speaking about the future last days events. In rev 6:2 And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

          This hasn’t happened yet. This a depiction of Antichrist/satan coming in the clouds as Christ. He is being deceptive and has a bow, as in rainbow, around him, however this bow is “toxon” in the greek. It is a cheap frabic or “imitation”. Not the rainbow of the glory of God, and not as a warrior’s bow w/arrows.

          The rainbow of God is the brightness that shines with a rainbow of colors/glory, and surrounds Christ as He comes on the Second white horse.

          Look at the following verses: Rev 6: 4,5,6
          Those bad events aren’t following Christ. They all come with Satan’s return.

          The “evil spirits” of satan and His angels are here now, but not their full spirit bodies as when they are booted out, by Michael, the Archangel.
          They will be in body form when they come and everyone that is deceived will think it is Christ and His Angels.
          have no fear, for their time has been shortened to a five month period, not the 42 months that is commonly taught.

          • @passin…
            Perhaps you are correct, however, the following verse references disagree with you a bit. Isaiah 14:12ff, 2Cor. 4:4, Luke 10:18 and Rev 12:4-9. All of these attest to the fact that satan and his demons were cast out of Heaven to the Earth prior to John’s visions. satan still had access to God as is evidenced by Job. The next time satan is cast out will be the last time. I agree that Rev 6 is making reference to the future.

      28. Correction for the following: “The dead are either in Hell of Heaven!” Should be “The dead are either in Hell or Heaven!”

      29. I have not had the contact with ghosts that others have but I am not going to disregard the experiences of others.

      30. Ghosts aren’t spirits of the dead. They’re demons. Demons impersonate the dead because they want people to think there’s no Heaven or hell after they die. Demons are never caught unaware. They’re invisible unless they deliberately do something to be seen.

      31. About 20 years ago I bought a Christian book about Satan called “The Adversary”. Right after that a lot of strange things started happening. I felt my cat rub up against me. I reached down to pet him. He wasn’t there. I looked around and he was sleeping on a chair. When I had the book in the car I was in a grocery store. I felt someone poke me in the shoulder. I turned around. There was no one else in the grocery aisle. That happened in another store. There were other things that happened too. Once I got rid of the book the strange things stopped happening.

        • sounds to me like “evil’ spirits were attacking you. maybe Satan didnt want you to read that book? It worked too didn’t it.

        • I am not a Christian but maybe you should protect yourself when venturing off the path. A little prayer goes a long way before you open a book like that. If you believe Jesus will protect you he will. Take it or leave it…this coming from a Wiccan, believe me, don’t go messin with crap you don’t know about.

        • Imbiq, Hey Government loves Religion. That’s why they give them a Tax Free Status, just like the NFL and Nascar. They need a good Dumb source of stupid fighting machines to fight their illegal wars, Dumb, ripe and trainable rednecks from the Bible belt to believe anything they are told. If anybody intelligent would question them, there would be too much push back and disobeying of illegal war orders. Dumber the better. Volunteer here for some shiny medals and a uniform and a cool hat. After all dumb women love a man in uniform. They need a new fresh Gene pool source of more dumb off spring. They have more wars lined up after these. OK sign up here for your free flag.

      32. Not vapors in the airs!! Grab your bug out bags guys, its water!

      33. wheres BI and KY mom been? them, along with Socrates, are how I get my news.

        • Hard to say where their at. I miss BI,s earthquake predictions.

          • @Old Guy…me too. I would love to hear his opinions of the Japenese volcano eruption. So sad for those folks. But I heard they weren’t expecting it. I wonder why.

            • For quite some time ive been attempting to warn about the magnetic pole shift. this magnetic shift has been gaining speed as of late. All of these earth change related clatyclismic events are increasing both in magnitude & frequency. That’s why the urgency and desperate actions of the NWO and government folks. They want to maintain counitunity of government at all cost. BI has a talent with regards to earthquakes.

      34. Now how am I supposed to prep for ghosts, I can’t afford a proton pack. Guess I could hire a psychic Vampire to come suck the life force out of them. Prepping for one more in the bunker I guess.

      35. If spirits can manipulate objects ie throw stuff. If the “Long Island Medium” has red phone to the spirit world. How come these spirits can’t make a pact with some desperate believer..have him buy a lotto ticket…and then manipulate the numbers on the draw? What a way to get converts:O

        • if all of the organized religions are so in touch with god. why cant the preachers pick out the winning numbers? Instead they tell their congregation send your money to the lord and give you their address. Now to be serious the spirits have no use or reason for money or converts or to bother making pacts ect. Only live humans do deceitful things and manipulate so as to gain unfair advantage.

          • Bingo!

          • I don’t follow organized religion.

            In fact i only participate in some of their readings/teachings to learn, “what not to follow or say”.

            I will tell you this about the lottery. I have played with the numbers fairly regular if i have extra “recreation money”. Many years ago i wanted to win so bad, I prayed for God to help me win, “if, it was His will,” because i had been on a dry run and for so long.

            On that very first ticket, i won….you guessed it $5.00, the amount I had in the numbers. I tried the same thing again on another set of numbers, again $5.00.

            This process i kept repeating and it never failed. Always winning the minimum. I finally got the message. God didn’t want me to have a big windfall of cash from basically..ill gotten gains. It’s not how He operates.

            We still play occasionally with extra recreational money,for fun; but I don’t ask God to help with the numbers. It is too trivial. My sights are set on the eternity,and truth, and not on material wealth in this sinful world.


      36. Dont care what it is, must be a terrorist …..so bomb it.

      37. Gee, I checked here thinking I was going to see some practical information, and instead I’ve stumbled upon the bastard child of Coast to Coast and the Weekly World News.

      38. Skousen? Again? Really?? FMTT…

        I tried…honestly, I tried. I told my buddy who reads this site religiously, that I would give it a try. But now, between pandering ignoramuses like Skousen writing fluff, ghost videos (really? ghosts??), PM troll articles and links to even worse sites – I think I am done. Those of you prepped – good job and hope it gives you the peace it does me.

        Better things to do….

        • When you come on a website and start insulting the regulars, well, it becomes pretty obvious why you’re a “loner.”

      39. Need to treat others with respect

        • I came home for lunch today. faux news playing in the background. They had a UROLOGIST on the TV telling people that they cannot get ebola from droplet. That they would have to handle body fluids. blatant lie, after blatant lie. he said THERE WOULD DEFINITELY BE CASES IN THE US, BUT THEY WOULD BE ISOLATED. Now, how would he know that? AND the fuckers have to get here on an airplane. What about everybody else on that plane and everybody they get to before they get to the ER. they also said the Vaccine would be available by 2015. such BS.

          The sheep believe it and THAT scares me. I won’t go anywhere without my precious. Everything’s about to get real.

          PS Anything new Night Breaker?

          • Been out of the loop all weekend , i am sure Monday is going to be fun , ferguson acting up again , protests on wall street Monday morning, probably copycats of the Moose limb food worker ,
            Things are really getting screwed now , on site security is being amped up , due to that contractor that lost it in the Chicago TRACON fire. Now we have to look for inside problems also .
            Right now things are getting saturated, I really do not look forward to Monday morning.

            Your guess is as good as mine Sgt. Dale gets the same DHS bulletins I do.
            Any one else have any intel to add?

            Semper Fi 8541

      40. Why doesn’t this make national news. I can’t even watch the news anymore it’s so bias.
        A story like this might make some people think twice about their actions of beliefs ..

      41. The ghost is a conquistador who was murdered in 1542 out taking a stroll. Know ye not that we first arrived here in 1520? The station was built in 2006 … recent murders??
        bwa ha ha ha.

      42. The ghost of police ethics?

      43. I see eppe pulled chocks and left. Another one bites the dust. Not the same.

        See you all on the other side.

      44. On the subject of Ghosts, Space Aliens, Sasquatch, And the Lock Ness Monster…?

        Let’s just say, there is enough evidence to suggest that something is going on and that they should be investigated/studied!

        If all of the “unexplained” occurrences are nothing more than the follies of whack jobs wearing tin foil hats, then that may explain why ALCOA stock is up.
        But then that also might be just an illusion!

      45. Oh great. Illegal “ectoplasm-backs”?


      46. That’s a very poor quality surveillance tape. Good luck if you ever need to identify a real person breaking in..or out.

        If it is a ghost, it’s probably the spirit of some unfortunate person arrested for a “because I told you so” victimless “crime,” who was tortured and murdered by the Espanola PD and has come back to haunt them.

      47. Couldnt view it Mac…says its been removed? REB

      48. What a loser user….deleting the video? Cops….dummies!

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