Did the DNC Keep Press Silent With Cell Jamming Signal? “Officials Barely Acknowledge They Use It”

by | Aug 12, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 34 comments

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    Image: Alan Levine, Flckr

    Image: Alan Levine, Flickr

    Free speech, abridged.

    Yet another report has emerged in the aftermath of the DNC convention alleging that staffers used sophisticated technologies to blackout negative coverage and literally drown out dissident voices.

    Hillary’s 2016 coronation just wouldn’t be the same without the Orwellian overtones.

    First there were reports that the convention had installed white noise generators over the sections that were pro-Bernie states. The white noise significantly drowns out the voices of anyone shouting in the radius.

    Plenty of people find it hard to believe that such a device would be used against protesters in order to carefully control the DNC convention and make sure that it friendly for Hillary. However, a reporter on the campaign trail pointed out the use of these machines months before convention ever began.

    Listen to the difference of before and after (around 9:20) the Clinton event when the white noise generator was switched on to cover-up the speech and make it incoherent.

    Check out the video at around 8:36

    But that’s not all.

    Now reporters are coming forward to explain how their cellular and wifi devices were blacked out from transmitting images, posts, texts and communications when they encountered the perimeter of the convention at the Wells Fargo Center.

    After several journalists, protesters and activists talked to each other about the signal jamming, the problem became apparent, as Mint Press reports:

    Technology developed to jam cellphones during the Iraq War may be getting deployed against journalists reporting on protests against the political establishment in the United States.

    While police and government surveillance of protests, including monitoring of cellphone use, is well-documented, efforts to block signals at protests remains an oft-repeated, but never proven, rumor.

    It may be impossible to definitively prove that authorities are using cellphone “jamming” technology, but journalists working with both mainstream and independent media reported unusual difficulties accessing the internet during recent protests at the gates of the Democratic National Convention, consistent with the effects this very real technology could have.

    During the protests outside the DNC, which I covered for MintPress News, I experienced this personally, with my internet connection behaving suspiciously near the convention’s security fences and entrance gates, often abruptly blocking my tweets and other communication. The same was true for every other journalist I spoke with who covered the protests.

    “It’s scary for me as a journalist because that’s how state suppression of events occurs,” said Desiree Kane, a freelance journalist and direct action organizer who covered the Republican National Convention for MintPress and also took part in protests in Philadelphia.

    “That’s exactly how it happens is you block communications of what might be going down,” she added.

    Chilling for free speech, this problem with services was something that even the mainstream media had difficulties dealing with, and intensified during certain heightened activities, like President Obama’s speech or during the use of riot cops to quell protests:

    Kane found that her cellphone service disappeared just as she filmed a group of armored riot police briefly deployed to the disruption outside of the DNC.

    […] “I walked away maybe five blocks back to my car,” where she found her service returned, allowing her to upload her video.

    “Even mainstream journalists were starting to question whether we had some kind of jamming,” Ziegler told me.

    Here’s an example of a cell phone jammer in action:

    This stuff is military technology, as Mint Press makes clear, that has been used in theaters of war such as Iraq and Afghanistan, and is now being deployed on the streets of America – even to prop up an illegitimate leader.

    It is worth noting that while greater attention has been paid to law enforcement’s use of large-scale military equipment like armored vehicles, cellphone jamming is another example of wartime technology brought home for domestic use. During the Iraq War, cellphone jammers known as Warlocks, were a highly secretive device designed to block the detonation of remote-control bombs.


    The use of cellphone jamming technology to protect the president, as may have occurred on July 27 during the convention, is an open secret: occasionally reported on, but rarely discussed. The Washington Post reported in 2009:

    “As President Obama’s motorcade rolled down Pennsylvania Avenue on Inauguration Day, federal authorities deployed a closely held law enforcement tool: equipment that can jam cellphones and other wireless devices to foil remote-controlled bombs, sources said.

    It is an increasingly common technology, with federal agencies expanding its use as state and local agencies are pushing for permission to do the same. … But jamming remains strictly illegal for state and local agencies. Federal officials barely acknowledge that they use it inside the United States, and the few federal agencies that can jam signals usually must seek a legal waiver first.”

    If elections are supposed to be about the voice of the people, and its participation in choosing our leaders, then technology has brought us to a sad day.

    Ironically, when she was Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton condemned Iran for jamming Twitter and social media, and thereby blocking an Arab Spring-style revolution, which Hillary helped to foment in several other Middle Eastern and African nations.

    Is jamming cell phone signals a viable, constitutionally-protected option for police, or do such actions by police and governments fall within the same  realm as Iran’s response to quelling organized protests by shutting off access to Facebook and Twitter? We note that at the time the Iranian government shut down the ability for protesters to organize they were met with strong opposition by none other than our own Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who said:


    “The United States believes passionately and strongly in the basic principle of free expression.”

    “We promote the right of free expression.”

    “And it is the case that one of the means of expression, the use of Twitter is a very important one, not only to the Iranian people but now increasingly to people around the world, and most particularly to young people.”

    “And I think keeping that line of communications open and enabling people to share information, particularly at a time when there was not many other sources of information, is an important expression of the right to speak out and to be able to organize.” -Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

    Yet, Hillary may have used this same anti-democratic tactic of silencing free speech “on her own people” during the DNC where she didn’t want anymore bad press.

    The hand-picked nominee has come complete with the package deal of a bought and sold media, who will sing her praises and bury coverage of her opponents. They will also handle optics at events, use staged actors, hire seat fillers, coordinate teams to shout things like “USA! USA!” or “Hillary” over crowds that boo, say things like “Bernie” or “No More War” and anyone who would dare to question the presumptive next ruler of the United States.

    We are in for dark times, and these high tech tools of control are just the beginning. What other tricks do they have up their sleeves?

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      1. Do they think Americans won’t resort to the old school printing press if necessary? These clowns are going to wake up one day and realize the enormity of their mistakes. Hopefully, as they’re being walked to the gallows.

      2. I love how every time some journalist wants to make something sound sinister they point out how it was designed for military use.

        • McLovin, you make it sound like signal jamming (and the gist of the article) ISN’T SINISTER?
          Are you for real?

          So what if it was designed for military use?
          The fricken internet was so designed, GPS, etc. What difference does it make?
          According to your logic, signal jamming at a convention or news conference is permissible? WTF?

          Bring on the world wide EMP somebody, and level the playing field!

          • Every square inch of federal property has long been EMP-proofed and then retrofitted just to make sure. Not to mention an endless supply of fuel and ‘genny’s to keep themselves comfy. The “feds” have seen to it that no matter what happens “they have an out” and a myriad of options (not one of them legal or remotely fair).

            • Equorial, then we as a country are doomed to future slavery and there’s no real hope of meaningful change.
              Would you agree?
              I’m glad we’ve had the life that we’ve had. It’s been a good one.
              Ruination is on the horizon, in one form or another.

              Thinking about your post a second (third?) time, what if..EMP does happen and most private sector businesses, local governments, trucking companies, railroads, etc. collapse, what would, or could, the fed. gov. do on such a massive scale? Continuity of government..of what?

              • McL, I only hear crickets.

                • My point was numbnuts there is a laundry list of civilian-legal products originally designed for military use.

            • “Every square inch of federal property” blah-blah-blah – Not even close to true. Your highest levels of Tyranny, yes, but not most “Federal property”.

        • They were designed for the military. They used it to jams cellular calls that activates roadside bombs in Iraq.

          • Yes I am well familiar with them. My humvee in Iraq in 08 was equipped with one called a CREW Device COUNTER RADIO ELECTRONIC WARFARE

      3. Beware thieves are now using jammers to block WiFi surveillance cameras and alarms as well as the cell transmitter in home alarms that calls the police if the alarm is tripped.

        They also use jammers to block the signal used to lock your car from a key fob. They then watch you go into the store, and rob your unlocked car that you thought you locked.

        If your home WiFi goes dead without the power going out, the first thing you should do is arm yourself, then check your wifi router.

        • For about $120 dollars you too, can stop cell calls and WiFi in their tracks.
          That stuff has been on the ‘net for over 5 years or so now. At one time, you could get the plans and make one yourself…
          You can also get a WiFi sniffer that’ll allow you to intercept WiFi cams as well…

      4. Your Democrat party at work Making sure you have no rights.

        • nutria 123

          Republicans are only marginally better as both feed from the same international corporate bowl. The Democrats do set the bar however.

      5. Cell phone jamming and white noise have both been available for a long time. Hardly new or secret technology. I will say it again but most here are misguided regarding trump. He is the only R candidate that ran that can’t beat Hilary. He lies his ass off and pretends he didn’t say something or was joking. He rips off workers and he doesn’t have any where near the money he pretends to have. He has switched positions on major issues in short periods of time. He reminds me of an annoying 7th grader who plays word games and lies. Trump does not need to be president and needs to crawl back to his flim flam little world. HRC is also a complete loser and I disagree about almost everything she stands for. She will be best in 4 years and we won’t have Trump trying to get us all killed. We had this election in the bag and we nominate a life long democrat who pretends to be a conservative.
        On a different note, the R should have let Garland have a senate hearing. He would have been wayyy better than HRC’s nominees. Stupid move and we will be screwed by far left judges.

        • I agree. Plus, I am really starting to doubt that Trump was ever a serious candidate in the first place. Yes, he panders to a lot of red meat populist issues, but it always seemed a bit too convenient to me, as if he was there to sabotage those issues instead of truly champion them. The terrifying thing is that he is now the nominee. This gives us four possible choices for the election: Trump, Clinton, Stein or Johnston. None of the above is a true lifelong conservative or libertarian. So the real choice is none of the above, as all of them are statists who will destroy the constitution. Which means the real question is where do we go from here? I wish I had a good answer because to me all I see in our future are bad options that will either leave us with no basic human rights or embroiled in a civil war that will cost millions of innocent lives. It’s like the globalists stacked the deck for a perfect storm of bad options for the average person in which the globalists win no matter what.

          I am tired of thinking about this because I see no good solution. I think I’ll just go play Pokemon Go so that I can distract myself while awaiting the inevitable. At least that way I can ignore the runaway freight train loaded with explosives and nuclear waste that is headed for us in the next few months and have some fun before the pain. I gotta go… there’s a Dragonite in the area and I think I’ll try to catch him.

          • Idiot go play games, people like you who don’t like Trump are the same one who voted for Obummer. Suck a dick!

            • Kevin. If you are keeping up on the election, you know that most republicans didn’t vote for Obama. A lot are not voting for Trump because he isn’t the real deal. Trump is a democrat looking for attention. Trump appears to be doing his best to lose. Trump needs to be trounced. Reading your well thought out and clever suck a dick comment explains your thought process. You have either been watching Trump talk or you lack logic and creativity. Trump is going to lose and I will make sure he loses big. We need to nominate a republican next time.

              • Tunkcuf, there will not be a “next time”. This election will determine the Supreme Court. We as Americans have a choice, vote Hillary and watch what’s left of our constitution shredded. This will assure a response from patriots. Or vote Trump. We KNOW what Hillary will do, At least with Trump we have a chance of preventing an all out Patriot response. (For more info on that, refer to Newton’s 3rd law) Which any level headed American does not want in their back yards for their children to witness.

            • I never voted for a Democrat in my life and am not about to start now. Yes, when it comes down to it in November, I will hold my nose and cast my ballot for Trump. However, I will not wear blinders and follow a candidate with religious zeal like you seem to. My intellect will not allow me to do so. Donald Trump is not Jesus Christ and I refuse to worship at his altar like you and many others who have turned off their minds seem to. Life rarely presents us with a pure binary choice of good versus evil. In this case, I see it as evil versus a slightly lesser evil. Either way, you are voting for evil. Learn to question and think critically. It is the beginning of enlightenment.

          • Winston, I like your assessment of the situation.
            Recall the many who have questioned whether Trump
            has been placed there to guarantee the Hitler win.

            I wish we knew what that golf game between him and Billy boy was about and what they “agreed” on.

            My take is the best thing that could happen is if absolutely nobody voted this November.
            What a message that would be for the elites.

            Like you I’m done worrying about the outcome. Where I reside we don’t vote, so what the hell.

            • I used to think those people were a little too conspiratorial because, who the hell would subject themselves to that much scrutiny only to troll the public? Then again, I may well have underestimated Trump’s narcissism. I hope I am wrong and he gets elected and does an acceptable job as President. I just refuse to give up my right to question his campaign as no one makes as many gaffes as he does without either being incompetent or wishing to throw the race. Does he lack the necessary level of empathy it takes to see how his comments may be perceived by people who are not his fanboys? The general public likes to believe they are making an intelligent choice when they vote and he just does not instill confidence in the majority of the electorate.

              What really upsets me is that this should have been a great year for the Republicans. The Democrats have a very weak candidate in Hillary Clinton and an abysmal record in Barack Obama. Any of the other Republican candidates would have made mincemeat of her (if they only chose to put forth the effort). But Trump is as much a product of discontent amongst Republican voters with their own party’s lies as he is of discontent with the policies of the Democrats. People are tired of being lied to and too many people put their trust in someone they hoped was above it all. He isn’t. I sadly am coming to the conclusion that his whole campaign is a lie and that the second amendment will soon be a distant memory. I want to weep bitterly for my country which is now and truly dead and question if it is even worth fighting for. It’s not that the concept isn’t worth the battle, it is whether or not there are enough people who love and respect freedom enough to keep the fire burning. I fear they do not and that the general public is just too stupid to see the need to think for themselves. If this is true, then the only path forward is to learn to love your servitude and that is something I simply cannot do.

      6. Rage against the machine.

      7. I cut the grass today. Got tired of watching it grow.

        It didn’t complain.

        • Anon,of course it didn’t complain of the atrocities you committed against your lawn,you jammed their signals!

        • I ate two McDoubles yesterday. No one complained.

      8. WD

        With all the electronic gadgets we have today we find ourselves in a tizzie about the way the DNC blocked electronic communication and so forth.

        The Video was excellent.

        But! Do we not carry the same stuff around with us that the government or whoever can ease drop on our lives. They can hack into servers or your cell phone. Open your car doors. Open your Garage door and track you by satellite. OnStar, or turn on your t.v. cam and watch and listen.

        I’ll even bet there is some goon who knows when the night some people get lucky in bed. Might listen in. Hehehehe!

        So it is all a trade off. What you want and you worry about security later.

        We either learn semaphore, beat out our messages on a jungle drum or put up with the system.

        • Anon,try to minimize electronics but mostly to not become too dependent.The irony is was on a cell phone about an hour ago talking to a bud about the value of carrier pigeons!

      9. The TPP “trade deal” is said to have language that will police internet free speech. I’m thinking united boycotts will be the American people’s answer to the greater corporate takeover at every level.

      10. Hitlery: the 100% approved by Goldmun Suchs candidate

      11. Free speech is not only being attacked in America. In Italy a new law such as already in existence in Germany, Sweden, and other Countries, is now Law in Italy. Questioning the official version of historical account that people were murdered by a method known as gas chambers and that six million Jews died in this manner. It is true that before the beginning of the war, there were a total of three and one half million Jews living in Germany. It is also a fact that this alone proves that it would be impossible to kill six million. One camp lowered its claim from four million to one and one half million, yet the number six million continues to be upheld.

        Not only are the numbers off. The supposed gas chambers have been examined by professionals from the gas chamber industry in America. After examination the experts found that the buildings were never used for this purpose.

        Billions of reparations were paid by Germany for a crime that has been disproved. Rather than apologize and repay the money, Isreal continues to loot Europe (Germany in particular) and clamps down on any one who dares to call out the Jews on the absurd claims of their particularly stunning victimhood. Jail time for the truth era in Italy.

        The United States pays Isreal four Billion annually. Why?? I contend it is because the Rothschilds and other Jewish families, far from being victims, control America, Europe, Australia, and the world; and these people created World War Two and continue to wage war and otherwise condemn the world to their devious machinations.


      12. It should be clear to everyone by no that the USA is at war with it’s own people and the governmment are using immigrants as an excuse to impose more laws so that the police state can get away with more than just murder like it’s already is doing.

        This would be stopped but for two things

        1. The USA public have become cowards
        2. Far too many brown shirts working for the state.

        The only major employer in many towns is now the state and this is why you have this infestation of brown-shirts that are working against you all or are becomeing mr pig police officers

      13. Went and saw one of my brothers for the first time in 20 plus years.l last night…

        Three years younger than me and lung and back infections are killing him…

        Bones are turning soft and he will never be going home…

        What I fear???

        Nothing no more…we are all sculptors working in the stone of our lives, carving our masterpiece…

        What I hold as good and right may not be right for you…it’s called freedom…

        I’ll be there standing until it’s over…they had better rethink their lane of world domination…

      14. They will not jam 911 calls because they are on a different frequency hence a cell phone that hasn’t been activated can still call 911.
        Large groups ummm let’s say BLM for example use their contacts list and group messaging to send out im’s to their second in command and second forwards to everyone on their contacts list and so on and so forth.
        I’m just really surprised a group of concerned citizens haven’t been running Jammers at their protest.
        Anyway never play with Jammers and never ever try dialing 911 to see if they work cause dispatch can tell if you are using a jammer and that will bring heat.
        I’m thinking about taking the advice of JWR and going iridium of anyone has input on that subject it is welcomed.

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