Did Mysterious Chinese Blogger Predict Disappearance of AirAsia Flight?

by | Dec 29, 2014 | Headline News | 110 comments

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    A mysterious user of the Chinese social media network Weibo apparently predicted the disappearance on AirAsia Flight QZ8501 almost two weeks before the plane went missing, urgently warning Chinese nationals not to use the airliner in dozens of posts.

    The report, carried by the Epoch Times, relates the story of how the individual “repeatedly warned people away from Malaysia Airlines (and) AirAsia.”

    “Do not become another victim of MH370,” warned the individual in a December 15 post, adding that AirAsia was about to be targeted by “powerful” forces which he referred to as the “black hand”.

    “This is a life-saving message to Europe or the US tour, do not take AirAsia (or) Malaysia Airlines airliner,” states the translated version of one of the posts.

    The user went on to assert that the “black hand” was out to “ruin AirAsia,” Malaysia’s second largest airline company. Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 went missing in March earlier this year, while MH17 was shot down over Ukraine in July.

    The individual repeated his warning in subsequent posts made on the 16th and 17th of December, writing, “This is a major event in human life, we have to pay attention,” adding, “far from AirAsia, Malaysia Airlines away, cherish life.”

    Speculation on the Reddit forum by Chinese users suggests that the posts may have originally been made on the 15th but then later edited with the prediction about AirAsia added after the disappearance of Flight QZ8501.

    The user made a total of 39 posts on the subject which were viewed by 650,000 people. After flight QZ8501 disappeared, users returned to the threads to express amazement at the individual’s prediction, speculating that he was an “insider” of some kind or connected to the Malaysian or Chinese government.

    Investigators are still hunting for the wreckage of the AirAsia flight, which had 162 passengers on board when it disappeared during a flight from Surabaya to Singapore, with the head of Indonesia’s search-and-rescue team asserting that the plane is likely to be at the bottom of the sea.

    No Chinese nationals were on Flight QZ8501 when it went missing.

    A separate report carried by Russian news outlet Sputnik claims that “a relative of a missing passenger received a text message from an unknown sender, stating that the plane made an emergency landing and all passengers were alive,” although this was never subsequently confirmed.

    Unidentified objects discovered in the Java Sea by an Australian AP-3C Orion patrol aircraft are not likely to be wreckage from the AirAsia Flight.

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      1. On Purpose

        Another EMP weapon test? Just like the Malaysia flight, this one has vanished into thin air.

        And, just like the flight over Ukraine, the pilot was told to divert his plane??


        • Paranoid

          This is STUPID. The aircraft builders should e told it they cannot find a airplane any time thty will be swimming i8n the closest ocean trying to fin it. I can find my dog by the chip in it’s ear and they cannot find a Billion dollar airplane?

          • Keith

            You need to Bring the dog to the Vet to scan the chip ,it’s not traceable by satalite….

            • Dynamag

              Nice lmao

            • Marcus

              be careful, science makes their head hurt 😉

            • Joe

              As far as i know yall you have to do ig go to the place you got your dog and pay a fee of I think 100.00 or more dollars.
              They already have the info intheir database which to me makes sense.

          • Mountain Trekker

            The Black Hand. He must have been referring to Ferguson Mo.

            • Mountain Trekker

              I know how every one hates it when we go off subject, but I’m doing it anyway. Just bought my own 1000 gallon propane tank and it has been set but not hooked up yet, I’m still on a 500 gallon company tank until I use up whats in it. I’ll soon be getting my propane from another company which is usually 20 cents a gallon cheaper, any who, I asked the new dealer which is a friend if I can set my own tank up so I can fill 20 pound bottle off of it, he said I could but he wasn’t allowed to tell me how. So my question is, how do I do this and what fittings do I need and would I have to put those fittings on before I fill the tank. Trekker Out. Fill Me In!

              • REB

                A fella I know just bought a small adapter that allows him to re-fill small propane bottles from a large one,he got it on-line…Im sure it can be tracked down if one were to search it online…sorry that I dont have any more info on it at this time(wont see him for awhile) but I hope thatll help…REB

                • The Old Coach

                  I have and have used one of those adaptors. It only works with a bottle that you can invert so that liquid propane issues from the outlet valve. From a big tank like that, the outlet, which is on the top, will issue only gas, and at a reduced pressure at that.

              • apache54

                you need what they call a WET LINE, it is a hose that is connected to a special port in the tank which feeds from the lower side of the tank which is where the propane is still in a liquid state. this is a common thing where i live and you can actually almost totally empty your tank from that line, easily fill 100 lb bottles.
                hope this helps.

              • WIprepped

                I have a 500 gal. that I fill my own tanks with. My propane guy got the valves and hose and installed it for me. I looked everywhere and I could not buy the valve needed. The valve goes on the top of the tank where there is a connection with a pipe attached internally that goes to the bottom of the tank. I don’t know for sure but I think this valve can be put on even with gas in the tank. If your tank doesn’t have this connection, you could put a valve and hose on the drain under the tank. Make sure it’s empty! A 30 pounder takes between 5 and 10 min. to fill depending on temp. Every propane guy is gonna tell you this won’t work by gravity and they’re all full of crap.
                molon labe

                • Mountain Trekker

                  Hey guys Thanks for the info. Must be some propane dealers on this site, they gave me thumbs down for asking. Trekker Out.

            • Marcus

              Actually, the phrase “black hand” may be more telling that folks realize. It all depends on the translator, the original cultural intent of the Chinese author, and the lingual basis for the original phrase.
              “shǒu dǎnɡ”, literally “black hand” in direct translation is their conservative political party. Other cultural references could point to criminal or criminal acts involving paying for crime “black mail” (see Gaelic/Scottish origin) etc

        • egore

          No, the pilot asked to divert his plane to fly over a storm.

      2. Sgt. Dale

        Yes he did ask to fly higher, but told “no”. So saying that did they use a EMP weapon on It? If it was over the storm they couldn’t get to the plane. Just a thought!

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Need to check the Planes Manifesto to see who was on the plane TP2B plotted to kill. You know like some Korean Diplomat, or a Russian Call Girl who knew too much.

          What I would be more in fear of is the day a huge CME/ EMP from the Sun, blast the Earth’s atmosphere and render all electrical instruments dead as a door nail, and Tens of Thousands of Planes drop from the sky all at once. That will be a spectacular event, that scares the masses into their caves. And it would all happen with in 30 mins to an hours time, tens of thousands of airplane crash like a bullet into ballistic gelatin scattering plane pieces every where. The FAA and NTSB will have their hands full. lol

          • Anonymous

            Manifest…not manifesto….the plane was not a person.

            • Marcus

              maybe he plane left a manifesto detailing why it was dissatisfied with Asian politics and hijacked itself….

      3. aljamo

        I have’nt been on a airplane since returning from Vietnam in early 1972. I would’nt get on a airplane for any amount of money. You must be ready to die to trust getting on any flight. Thanks, but no thanks. I keep myself firmly planted on the Earth’s surface.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Aljamo, I’m the same way. If I can’t get to some place by driving, then I don’t need to go.

          • apache54

            lots of these planes are getting older and the airframes are getting on the verge of NOT being safe, and some airlines are having repairs and or inspections done in countries that cannot even read the manuals so they are using interpreters to read the manuals and relay what work is to be done. a very dangerous scenario!

        • Nobama

          I’ve been on way too many planes. Flown over 850,000 miles over the last 15+ years. Still well shy of the 1M miler club, probably never will make that. Traveling sucks. So does Obola.

      4. JRS

        Hmmmm…(adjusts chinstrap on colander) Didn’t Malaysia find that several of the former leaders of an Anglo-Zionist Empire were guilty of war crimes?

        Tsk, tsk, tsk… time for your lesson on co-operation and your place in the world order.

      5. GMAFB

        “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”

        Benjamin Franklin
        (1706 – 1790) founding father, author, scientist, inventor & statesman

        Same shit, new day…

      6. Renee

        What’s up with the American flag below the cockpit window?

        • JRS

          @Renee…It’s not the corporate US flag. If you zoom in, it has a crescent moon and a sun in the blue background.

        • Charley Waite

          The plane was named the Spirit of Obama, so the flag and the result were totally appropriate.

          • wrong

            obama’s spirit is friends with the devil

          • Nobama

            The “Spirit of Obama” is a SBD monkey fart.

      7. Sinner

        OFF TOPIC

        Two Cops ambushed in L.A., one shot and killed in Phoenix.

        Christians attending Christmas services in Ferguson MO needed a Police escort due to Muslim protest groups surrounding Churches.

        Huge African American brawls in Chicago and Orlando over the Christmas break, Shopping Malls shut down due to Black teen violence.

        Black female Rapper tweets that “It is moral to rob Whites as reparations for slavery”. Also says that the decedents of Slave owners should be hunted down and tortured to death.

        Protestors demonstrate outside of services held to honor Cops killed in NY last week. Chant that they want “More Dead Cops”.

        Protestors plan to “shut down” the “ball drop” on New Years Eve in NY City.

        Are we seeing the start of guerilla/asymmetrical warfare within the U.S. ?

        As Emperor Barry say’s, “Stay the Course”.

        • Renee


          “Black female Rapper tweets that “It is moral to rob Whites as reparations for slavery”. Also says that the decedents of Slave owners should be hunted down and tortured to death.”

          -That’s been going on for a long time. It’s nothing new.

          • Sinner

            I was not aware of it. Also just viewed a video on Brietbart where Christmas Carolers in Portland OR sang songs where they wanted “More Dead Cops” as well.

            For those of us who are old enough to remember, the Civil Rights movement, which later became the “New Left” and violent “Weather Underground” of the 1960’s, started out slowly about “Black Rights” but kept building month by month, event by event. Just like what is going on now.

            Stage #3 of a Communist takeover is CRISIS. (KGB Col. Yuri Besmenov)

            • sixpack

              The Portland Police Bureau could stand to lose a few more cops…

              • Sinner


                You comment is disgusting to me, however if you really feel that way, why don’t you just go to your local Police Station and tell them that?

                I’m very certain that they would really like to get to know you better. Better yet, if you should own a firearm, bring that along.

                • JRS

                  Another statist badge licker.

                  Do you fear for your life without the blue mafia?

                  Do you need protection from the violent world that surrounds you?

                  Do you wish to give your natural rights away to a group of thugs that support only the corporate state?

                  Time to take responsibility for your own protection and your family’s safety…no one will do it for you.

                  • Sinner


                    Siding with the Communist protestors calling for “More Dead Cops’ only shows who you really are, a Communist Troll/Useful Idiot.

                    If you were a real Patriot, you would be trying to open eyes to the coming Revolution Obama has planned, not helping to destabilizing the country by attacking the Police.

                    • JRS

                      ha,ha,ha….well, of course we don’t want the police force being taken over by communists.

                      Hell, they would soon be killing people with impunity like 12 year olds with plastic toys… or burning infants in their cribs, or stopping people just to “see their papers”, or to steal their cash just because they can by “asset forfeiture”

                      WAIT…they have already been taken over by the communists. The Fraternal Order of Police is a communist entity. They work for the Obama communist state and not the freemen of this country. If you side with the communists, you certainly must be one.

                    • slingshot


                      If the Police strongly engage, we will have disorder everywhere.
                      If the Protestors strongly engage, we still will have disorder everywhere.
                      No win situation. especially after plenty of blood is spilled.

                      If the police or the looters come to take my stuff, you know the rest. Let us not kid ourselves. It is going to happen one way or another.

                    • Anonymous

                      Sinner, should this go to a revolution of more then ideas, who do you suppose will be among the first to point their weapons at you ? Hint,they will have badges. Go ahead, keep that cop loving going. Your energy would be better spent trying to see that the police are held to the same standards of conduct as the man on the street.

                • BJ

                  You claim to worship the God of the bible, yet you fear like a child of no one?? You not only fear satan, you support him at the same time. Do you really know who your heavenly father really is? Or who you are and the freedom/liberty freemen were given in this country?

                  • the renegade braveheart

                    Slingshot, ANYONE who forces their way into my home, REGARDLESS of who they are, will die, period!

                • sixpack

                  Sinner, if you want to see something disgusting, try researching the PPB history. Look for cops who kill unarmed citizens in Portland Oregon…hell, just skip over to:


                  The list is very long, especially for a city the size of Portland. We make Ferguson look like a walk in the park.

                  • sixpack

                    At least you can say we shoot just as many latinos and whites as we do blacks…

                  • sixpack

                    According to the list, PPB has killed as many as 13 in one year…ain’t that something to be proud of our killer cops for?

                    Sinner, don’t talk to me about the Portland Police Bureau. I’ve helped more than a hundred people file IA complaints, regarding abuses by police…and those were only some of the people who lived to tell about it.

                    • Anonymous

                      Some people refuse to listen to the truth, their lips are wrapped too tightly around the badge that oppresses them.

                    • BJ

                      Oh, but that’s ok six….most cops are really good and hey….I am sure those shot by the cops were breaking a statute and deserved what they got. They probably should of just done what they were told to do. Good ole cops…..they keep us safe 😉

                • mad irishman


                  When you have two enemies fighting one another, with your side being collateral damage from time to time, who do you prepare to fight and keep your eye on?

                  The more formidable enemy, not the sorry saps caught up in TPTB’s little war games.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Sinner, another great reason to have your Gun Carry permit, and carry 24/7/365. And why I also carry 2 spare magazines per gun. Let them try.

          The facts area: 15% of America’s Slave Owners were Black. And only about 3% of all Slaves taken from Africa were brought to America. The Bulk majority went to South America and the Caribbean. I would Tweet back to the Hoodie, that “WE will offer one way tickets back to Africa for any and all black people who don’t like it here in America.” And don’t come back. Just let these Hoodies spend a few days and nights back in their native Rwanda or Somali, and they will change their F-N Ghetto Rap Tune.

          • Sinner

            At the start of the War of Northern Aggression, there were more slave owners among the General Staff of the Union Army than the Confederate Army.

            Also only 5% of the men who fought for The South owned slaves, while many who fought for the North were Irish immigrants who were brought over here and promised U.S. citizenship for serving. (Sound Familiar?)

            • Hunter

              Sinner..legend has it:

              ..per the Irish way back then..& unto today:

              ..GOD allowed them to create ‘whiskey’ in the 1500’s..so as to keep ’em from conquering the world!!!


              • slingshot


                Tis True Lad.

                And we would have invented the internet before Al Gore.

                • Ghost Rider

                  My neighbor has that on a bumper sticker. I smile every time I see it.


              • Mcdave

                Erin Go Bragh!

          • Dynamag

            The way I look at the big picture and believe me I’m not a racist however this may be construed to maybe appear that way but I’ll assure you that it’s not I have good friends that are AA’s but if you really stop and think about it sure slavery was wrong but besides South Africa look at Africa as a whole,and some cities in the US for that matter when they say they want reparations I say that they should be paying whomever took them away from where they lived doesn’t look to me that Africa has changed into some utopian society (beautiful country) at least in the US they can become whomever they want to be be it a President or a Drug Dealer. And I’m sure im going to war with some people but that’s just my opinion that’s all peace

        • BJ

          Shame on those christians in name only…..they don’t serve the Almighty Yahweh God of the Bible.

        • Jim in Va.

          Well I guess my 18 ancestors that fought for the Union are turning in their graves,5 of which died in combat. how much reparation do they want?

          • slingshot

            Jim in Va.

            They want to put you in chains.

        • Enemy of the State

          Notice that Mac doesn’t post these stories anymore?
          What’s up with that ?
          Is it because of all the cops that post here lately?
          Things that make you go .. Huhh ?

          • BJ

            Ever wonder why so many of them post on a site like this these days?

        • the renegade braveheart

          Sinner, sounds like that black female rapper should suffer an ‘accident’.

      8. john

        I found another cool website again all free and downloadable http://www.theartofmanliness.com everything from how to Ger dressed running out the door how to pick handcuffs tomahawk defense to how to get along with your wife and kids. I’m also curious to know how many of you took advantage of the army manuals I pointed out before the holidays? I sure did my printer hasn’t stopped since I pointed it out to date I have 114 manuals sitting on my book shelf. Covering topics from counter insurgency to field communications not only do they teach you how to operate this stuff also shows the tech behind it. I urge you all to check it out.. MH-370? Undoughtly a military experiment in reverse stealth technology I read some thing about it a long while ago. Thought id toss in a simple perimeter defence tool I read about called redneck barb wire: 1000 yards of of 12 lbs test fishing line add tion your #4 Snell hooks string it threw the grass snow whatever you see your opponents coming at you 2 shots over there heads get them crawling lol can also be strung up in trees as a net rigged with a trip wire. That should slow em up lol I don’t care how tough you think you are it will freak you out. 15 barbed hooks stuck in you? ???? You going to panic just evil I tell ya just evil lol. Hope this helps. Oh can also be added to the rose bushes outside your windows for added security. You’ll hear em screaming long before he’s any real threat

        • Archivist

          I’ve had all the Army manuals and ones from the other services for a number of years.

          Everyone should check out the Usenet newsgroups. There is one newsgroup on technical ebooks which has thousands of useful books on every subject. Just get NewsRover or other newsreader software, and you can download all the books your hard drives can hold. There are also fiction books, magazines, comic books, movies, TV shows, and every type of music, new and old. Get the Calibre ebook management software (free download), and you don’t have to worry about which format ebook you download. Calibre can read and convert most ebook formats. I try to download just PDF or convert other downloads to PDF because PDF is supported by more computers than any other format.

        • the renegade braveheart

          John, I probably missed your post about the army manuals. which article did you post them on and I’ll check them out?

          • john

            i posted them a while back but the link didnt work just goggel army field manuals airforce marine naval and it will take you to any number of sites that are readily avaliable for download in pdf format they are titled by number not name example FM-21-12 i beluve is the SAS survival book thats sold for $50 or more. these are free. how you like the REDNECK BARB WIRE lol nasty stuff in them manuals.

            • john

              my parttular favorite was one i found on insurgency tactics. teaches you hit and run tactics for one man or 20. booby traps shotgun shell land mines. the barb wire. one could be a real pain in someones ass with these tactics.

      9. JRS

        Well, this will most certainly be off topic…most comments are, anymore, so WTF.

        Being as I have been imbibing a little home made juice and thinking about the future of modern civilization (ha,ha), I think I’ll rant about the PM bugs (yea, I got some).

        According to the words of the song playing here in the background (Fool Hearted Memory…Thanks, George) the faith you put in a plug of shiny metal is the same as the faith put into a misguided woman. The value of a piece of metal will never be worth shit in today’s economy or the future economy. Sure, you can pull your history book out and point to here, here, and here and say it was once money. Too bad.

        Money is whatever is generally accepted as currency. It only represents surplus energy or labor. Yellow gold once did, but no longer does…at least in the Western world. Black gold is the new currency in today’s world.

        I would suggest that you put your spare fiats into black gold. The price is going to go down for 3-6 months at least. Before you think it has bottomed, buy some empty fuel oil tanks from the fools that think oil is going to last forever (Larry Kudlow fans) and fill them with diesel, K1, or petrol.

        Black gold is energy slaves…yellow gold just sits there.

        Back to your regularly scheduled programming from the teevee.

      10. hammerhead

        They didnt find mh370 and they aint gonna find this one either .
        These planes will be “refitted” and repurposed .

        • T-town

          And then there is that theory.

        • the renegade braveheart

          I smell a false flag on this one.

          • John W.

            False flag, eh? Either that or the Joos did it right? What a joke. You would not know a false flag if you saw one.

            • the renegade braveheart

              John W., let me set you straight. First, I didn’t say a word about members of “that tribe”. Second, I still remember seeing the 9/11 attacks on TV and somehow I knew that was false-flag. I still suspect false-flag on MH370 and MH17. If you want to trust whatever government tells you about anything, go ahead and be a damned fool. I have the good sense not to trust government, corporate media, etc.

              • Anonymous


                John W. has it correct, you’re a story teller, not to be taken seriously. Your recent posts on the last 3 articles have proven this beyond any doubt, especially the ones about not being able to get credit due to ” Insufficient Income”.

                • the renegade braveheart

                  Anon, I’ll address this only one more time. On the credit issue, and everyone who’s ever had loan or credit card knows this, when you fill out an application for any type of loan or credit card, you have to show some kind of history for payments on any type of loan, credit card, etc. I cannot show any such history. I tried EVERY method that is known for establishing credit, all to no avail. I was told by many people my income level was too low according to their policies. It’s possible I could have been misled in some of those cases, but I’ll never know for sure and these days I just don’t care about it. That was an experience I’ll never go through again. Everyone seems to forget these credit policies have certain criteria you have to meet and even if you meet all the criteria you will still have trouble trying to get what you want. How much trouble did you, or John W., or ANYONE have trying to establish credit? EVERYONE HAS SOME KIND OF TROUBLE TRYING TO ESTABLISH CREDIT AND THAT IS A FACT. The people who have the power to approve and reject credit applications are not the best people in the world to deal with. They are notorious for playing games. You and John W. can believe whatever you want, I don’t care, but you don’t come on here calling me a liar. Both of you can get f#$%ed!

                  • Anonymous


                    If you’re not liar then you’re the biggest God Damned idiot on the planet. Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY knows how to establish a credit rating. You simply deposit a certain sum of cash in your bank, take out a loan in the EXACT same amount pledging the cash in your account as collateral. Simply pay back the loan on time per the terms, repeat the process by borrowing larger amounts while pledging the cash equivalent as collateral, and VIOLA!, you have established a credit rating. ANYBODY can and has gotten credit even without a verifiable source of income. Remember the ” liar’s loans” of the mid 2000 decade where people were borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars t but a house and their incomes were NEVER verified by the loan company! And you insist on keeping with your sorry assed story about how only YOU were never able to get credit? Sorry dude but;s that’s bullshit.

                    • BJ

                      I tried this with my CU, and learned one thing…… make sure the institution you are borrowing from to establish some credit actually reports to ALL THREE agencies; Equifax, Experian and Transunion. The CU I borrowed from against what I had in my savings, only reported to Transunion and it didn’t do anything for my FICO score.

                    • the renegade braveheart

                      Anon, OK, I’m finished with this subject. Like I said, you and John W. can believe whatever the f#$% you want. I don’t give a shit about how you look at me just like I don’t give a shit about credit. I say you and John W. are BS trolls, so we’re even.

                    • Anonymous


                      sounds good to me, but now that you’ve been told exactly HOW to establish a credit rating, do NOT cry about it in future articles unless you want everybody to know you’re an idiot.

        • White Fox

          I don’t like this. Three Malaysian jets lost this year. One hijacked, one a false flag shoot down, and now another one goes missing without a trace. One relative of a missing passenger reportedly got a text saying the plane made an emergency landing and everyone’s alive. If they can’t find any wreckage or remains of QZ, I’d say it got MH370ed and evil is most definitely afoot. So far they’ve found nothing.

          • the renegade braveheart

            Anon, I’ve NEVER cried about it, period. so have a nice day.

        • hammerhead

          Well They found the wreckage and bodies.
          Came back to say i was wrong on this one.
          Thats a good thing…….

          • White Fox

            Yes, but it only proves the point many people have been saying about M370. If it crashed at sea there would’ve been floating wreckage, debris, and remains like with QZ. So unless it crashed intact or on land somewhere where it’s not been found or was shot down by a country not willing to admit it, someone has it. I don’t know why they’re so sure it’s in the South Indian ocean and that it went south, and they didn’t find anything in that area.

      11. Satori

        off topic
        but very interesting article of what will happen
        when the lights go off

        Britain unprepared for severe blackouts, secret Government report reveals


        ““Populations are far less resilient now than they once were,” it concluded. “There is likely to be a very rapid descent into public disorder unless Government can maintain [the] perception of security.”

        “Current business contingency plans were based on the assumption that “a critical mass of staff remain available”. Yet just one third of staff may be able or willing to make it to work in the scenario as “people will look after themselves and their families before their workplace”.

        I think it is safe to say that this includes police,fire and medical staff as well

        • Archivist

          I think that 1/3 is too generous. Just a snowstorm has kept 90% home from my previous job. SHTF might just keep close to 100% home.

      12. swinging richard

        I hope someone can find the poster of these warnings and find out if there is any truth to the story. Resorting to murder of innocent people to ruin a business is not acceptable.

      13. Clem kadiddlehopper

        Whether he actually predicted it or not, there is some strange stuff going on with this airline.

      14. Copperhead



        We’ll be in Hawaii on your dime!

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

      15. Night Breaker

        With a big Boom attached ,
        New years eve ?

        Semper Fi 8541

        • the renegade braveheart

          Night Breaker, I would love to believe I’m wrong, but we’ll see. Think of the impact a significant terrorist attack could have on New Year’s Eve. That would be a helluva way to start off a new year. As I said, I hope I’m wrong.

      16. anonymous

        Take your head out of your ass, it will smell differently to you, and you will see that this is not a false flag.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Anon, my head has never been in my ass. I sincerely hope I’m wrong about a false flag. I don’t want that any more than anyone else here. In the meantime, go suck an egg.

          • Nobama

            Let’s see, AirAsia CEO sold over 940k shares of his company’s stock just days before the incident. Wonder what information he knew ahead of time.

            Obama went golfing with the Malaysia Prime Minister just days before the incident. Wonder what they talked about.

            False flag? Naw.

      17. pig killer

        someone is trying to cover their tracks from the malaysian plane disappearance.

        it’s a zog c.i.a. created…


        red her·ring
        noun: red herring; plural noun: red herrings

        something, especially a clue, that is or is intended to be misleading or distracting.


        • pig killer

          the proof is in the puddin’…

          AirAsia CEO Dumped Shares Days Before Flight Disappeared
          Move prompts speculation Tony Fernandes had prior knowledge!

          • Condor Day:4

            Who am I?

            I am behind communism
            I am behind radical feminism
            I am behind homosexual-ism and “gay marriage”
            I am behind multiculturalism
            I am behind anti-Christianity

            I am behind a one world government
            I am the “divider and conquerer”
            I am the race baiter and the slave trader
            I am censorship
            I am anti-gun

            I am open borders
            I am eminent domain
            I am against English as the official language of the government
            I am a dual citizen with loyalty not to your nation
            I am the reason your daughter has such low self esteem and dresses like a whore

            I am the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, central banking and big corporate money.
            I am usury, fractional reserve lending, world currency and fiat money
            I am the MSM, Hollywood, tabloid journalism and pornography
            I am the corrupt judicial system that frees the guilty – and imprisons the innocent

            I am the nation’s high end drug dealer
            I am the re-writer of history to my advantage
            I am the military industrial complex
            I am an unregulated nuclear state (Israel)
            I am an international terrorist

            I am the WTC ‘93, OKC ‘95, 911, the Lavon Affair and the USS Liberty incident
            I am “war by way of deception”
            I am the aggressor – yet always the victim
            I am the eternal radical
            I believe that chaos equals cash and that gray equals green

            I will defraud your country without conscience or consequence
            I legislate from the bench, not from the Constitution
            I contrive to make the simplest notion complicated
            I succeed when you fail
            I have killed more innocents than any others

            I am your last, your current, and your next war

            Who am I?

            Answer: I am the International Jew

            • Anonymous

              Who am I?

              I make posts at times when normal people are asleep.
              I’m afraid to comment while an article is still current because I’ll likely be censored.

              I’m a sorry, old, one trick pony who has NOTHING to offer anybody with an IQ over 50.

              I’m becoming more irrelevant by the day and soon will be confined to a nursing home { THANK GOD!}

              I have NO life anymore, I like to think I’m still the bad ass Harley rider from the 60’s man, but the truth is I’m just a sorry old drunk. { Hey, that’s ALL there is to do in northern Michigan!}

              I just cut and paste the same silly diatribes because my insanity will not allow for logical thinking anymore.

              I create imaginary enemies so I can froth at the mouth on my computer, claiming it’s my JOB to ” awaken” people, which is nothing but a sorry assed excuse for inactivity.

              I smell terrible because I no longer practice normal hygene.

              Who am I?

              Answer: Everyone’s FAVORITE nutjob!

      18. ridiculous

        empty the seats of an airplane and that empty cylinder looks like a nuke could fit like a glove.
        3-4 planes, still functioning, loaded with nukes, blending in with other passenger jets.

        that could ruin a large nation like the US.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Ridiculous, THAT scenario would make 9/11 look like child’s play.

      19. KazKillinger

        Fuck em, the black hands diet is gonna change over time from money to lead, kind of like that whole evolution charade they are cohersing our sons into believing. Suck my cock but do NOT chaff my ass.


        Son of A Patriot

      20. Copperhead


        Go to Home Depot or Walmart and buy a can of black spray paint.
        The brand pictured works great.

        Stir up each ant mound as you go and the area around them with a stick .
        The ants will emerge by the hundreds to defend the mounds.

        Spray each mound and the surrounding area,
        making sure you get plenty of paint on the ants as well.

        Once the ants realize they live in a black neighborhood,
        they quit working and start killing each other.

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Copperhead, I just spit up some drink into my keyboard. That is damned good. Been hanging around Eppe?

      21. Copperhead

        The Case of the Dark Dilemma

        “Now let me see if I have this right. The family situation is so unstable, ‘Junior’ doesn’t even know where to send a Father’s Day card. There’s no guidance or discipline in the home. Junior gets dumped into the education system where he is socially promoted because the overwhelmed school district can’t deal with the undisciplined whelp. Junior’s major formative influences are ‘gangsta’ rap videos and a corresponding peer group of gangsta wannabes.

        At age 18, Junior is turned loose on society carrying a bad attitude, a broken compass and little respect for authority. Junior gets himself in big trouble with the law and meets dire consequences. Then, the situational diagnosis is that the police need more training and understanding?

        Pardon me for asking, but do you really believe that bullshit?”

        MTCFEMF!!//RIP Americam

      22. Rockmanr

        now a second plane disappears in that area of the world. They will not find the plane because it landed and is now hidden. Some is building an attack force. Sub these planes in flight for real flights and then free sailing to target large cities with dirty bombs or nuclear weapons Hit a couple of cities at the same time in kamikaze attacks

      23. Jake

        BUAP Boeing Uniterruptible Autopilot, this is how the so called “black hand” remotely takes over planes, they have been doing this since before and including 911. Search out BUAP Boeing Uniterruptible Autopilot, you will find your answers, it is not the “black hand” it is Serco

      24. sycosquid

        Everyone knows Asians can’t drive cars, why the hell would you let them fly planes?

      25. George G

        Most of these comments are ridculous. Most of them dont make sense. You guys are retarded.

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