Dictators of the Roman and American Empires – The Blue Ribbon Has To Go To Obama

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    obama-dictator2 obama-dictator

    Every group (and especially an empire) needs its good or evil spokesperson, leader, or figurehead to focus upon: the embodiment of the particular group or nation.  The size of the group is irrelevant: there simply must be a leader that exemplifies the characteristics of the group.  History is replete with great leaders, however, benevolence and goodness are not necessarily a leader’s qualities.  For every good leader, it seems there are a plethora of those who are self-serving, power-hungry despots whose aims are either not for the people or (the other end of the spectrum) against the people.

    To be sure, these bad leaders are usually good actors: able to dupe the people into believing that they are the ones who are fit to lead.  In this manner, the leader chosen is a reflection of the people and needs only feed upon the wants and desires in the populace and then manipulate those desires to his advantage.  We continue with the last segment but this time in micro perspective: a comparison of the Emperor Nero of Ancient Rome with the “would-be Emperor” and dictator of America, President Barack Husein Obama II.

    Behind every evil leader are bad people who are aiding the despot’s rise to power.  The Emperor Nero (born December 15, in the year 37 A.D.) was aided to take the throne by his mother, Agrippina, who proclaimed him worthy of it and enabling it in the year 54 A.D., when he was only 16 years old.  Agrippina had been married to the Emperor Claudius (her third husband), and probably poisoned him.

    With Barack Obama, we saw that he was aided and mentored by convicted terrorists of the Weather Underground, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.  Nero (in his youth) was taught by the stoic philosopher and essayist Seneca, well-known in his time for espousing profound words of a stoic lifestyle while not living up to those words in his personal life.  Obama’s mentors in his youth were the instructors in the Indonesian madrassa, teaching him his fundamentals in the Muslim religion.  Later he became an “acolyte” of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  Check out this quote:

    “To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.” (Barack Obama)

    Regarding narcissism, both Nero and Obama are running neck-and-neck for the top dog position.  Nero commissioned a bronze statue of himself almost the height of the Statue of Liberty, portraying him as a deified sun-god with a ship’s keel on a globe, symbolizing his power over water and earth.  No such statue exists as yet for Obama.  Nero also had a tremendous palace built for himself called the Domus Aurea, the “House of Gold,” literally, that actually was so immense that it took up 1/3 of the city over hundreds of acres.  This monument to his vanity was, coincidentally, built on the remains of a burned-up section resulting from the Great Fire of Rome in the year 64, that had a high probability of being arson directed by Nero’s order.

    Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.  We are the change that we seek.”  (Barack Obama)

    Nero’s character (studied by ancient and modern essayists) was not much different, as can be seen with a quote from one of the modern sources:

    “He wanted to be close to the people – but as their god, not as their friend.” (Alessandro Viscogliosi)

    Eccentricities with Obama are his innumerable rounds of golf played, his endless trips (to Africa, the Far East, and Martha’s Vineyard) at taxpayer expense, and his real-estate purchases that rival Nero’s.  Obama owns his home from Chicago, IL, valued at $1.65 million and 6,199 square feet.  Not bad for a “grass-roots community organizer!”  Oh, but in addition to that is his “cabin” in Rancho Mirage, CA, in the same gated community of Thunderbird Heights that once housed Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope.  The tiny cabin is 8,232 square feet, and it set Barack back by $4.25 million.

    Obama and Nero each bypassed the Senates of their respective nations to accomplish their aims.  Nero, in order to tax the rich, used a ploy to bring charges against the wealthy in order to secure their wealth and property.  Need we list all of the things Obama has done in this regard, from Federal land grabs, water and mineral rights grabs (see my article on the CKST water compact in Montana), EPA restrictions, and Obamacare, the granddaddy of them all that will allow either Federal or State confiscation of a person’s estate if they owe Medicare at the end of their lives.

    Nero ordered his first wife to be killed and actually kicked his second wife to death while she was with child.  He also caused the murder of his mother, Agrippina, and his stepbrother, Britannicus.  To coat the icing on the cake, he ordered his teacher, Seneca to kill himself, which he did.

    And Obama?  Benghazi.  The CH-47 with Seal Team 6 on board, taken down by an RPG.  The drone strikes on foreign civilians (“collateral damage”) and American citizens (due process under the Constitution denied by the NDAA).

    The Blue Ribbon has to go to Obama, just for the amount of lives and nations that he affects (and afflicts).  He is certainly a puppet in the hands of the globalists and oligarchs who have specifically tailor made him for their “fundamental transformation” of the U.S. and its eventual absorption into their global domination plans.  Still, looking at both Nero and Obama, we see they possess many of the same qualities: self-aggrandizement, certainty in their own infallibility, masterful deceit of the masses, and inherent beliefs in their own superiorities.  Narcissism unfettered.  Just as in unjust legislation, the problem is twofold: much damage is done when such dictators begin their reign, and it is very hard to remove them from their positions of power once they are thoroughly ensconced.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. Blue Ribbon Has To Go To Obama’s HANDLERS. Congratulations AIPAC masters.

        • Obama’s handler is Satan. The same handler for German National Socialist Hitler.

          • Keep your SLAVE status. Merry Christmas.

            • Delighted to be a Bond Slave to Jesus Christ!

              It’s quite wonderful.

              • Slave… Keep your bond but I highly recommend taking some free crash courses from JQP and ThemGuy to truly understand the concept. Remember…..Jesus didn’t want blind slaves, rather he wanted followers who are awaken to the truth and don’t justify wrong doings under his name. Please take the course asap. Merry Christmas.

        • I have never before seen a Nobel Peace Prize winner be responsible for sooooo many deaths. The world is at war and it is entirely Obamas fault.

          • Jeremiah Johnson: ” Obama’s mentors in his youth were the instructors in the Indonesian madrassa, teaching him his fundamentals in the Muslim religion.”

            Also, Valerie Jarrett is a very influential Muslim advisor to Obama. Some even say she’s a “handler.”

            • I call Valerie Obama’s “brain”.

          • “Entirely” is a bit naïve. The things happening now were rolling long before Barack Obama was born.

            • George Bush’s fault?

        • Stolz, DING DING DING DING DING! We have a winner! Leave it to the tribe.

      2. This piece of shit shouldn’t get a blue ribbon, he should get hung.

        • Very nice comparison. Now if only we could do obama like they did JULIUS CESAR…

          • A good burning at the stake would fit well. Screaming in agony would serve justice.

        • uh oh, that’s a hate crime. Your on the no fly list now….

        • Free Slave mentioned hobammys First 5-6 years of youth training as muslim etc…However How does that stack up to Afterwards when his definate Kommie-Mommie and even MORE actual certified CPUSA Top leadership Members that his TWO grandparents,which he resided with Far longer into his lifes learning curve when mommie the kommie Took hobammy back after his first 5-6 years with the islamic daddy afrcian eh?

          Logic and Common sense dictates that what he first was taught as a small kindergartener kiddie, was far surpassed by their kommie teachings which had a far greater impact on his adult life such as Now as usa prez, by, the later and much LONGER training recieved from both the kommie mommie and documented high up CPUSA member grandparents once They got their claws/hooks into his worthless sorry ass eh.

          So far his every issue and exec order etc has well proved him to be more of a bonafied communistic type than any sort of muslim…Plus how many devout muslims ever carried a Gold tiny replica of the HINDU-Monkey god, in his front pants pocket as a “Good Luck Charm” per hobammys Own words and if I recall also wrote in His own Book…That sure smacks of what muslims calls “Idols of worship” no?

          So yes while every neocon and especailly with fox tv shows they all 24/7 Foam at Mouth daily when constantly promoting him as a islamic muslim…But I’d just bet…

          That if for example Russia and Putin preceeded the GW bush swindle WMD Lie wars in mid east, when fox tv and us state dept etc were frantic to create a brand New “Boogy Man” illusive enemy…”If” they could have choose Putin that far back instead?….Then Today and since 7 yrs ago when hobammy first became selected as prez/residnt..

          ALL the promotions and 24/7 propagandas You folks be hearing would be alot closer to:..”Boy oh Boy but that hobammy is sure the number one main usa communist enemy eh folks”…they would never call him a muslim based on his real actions and lack of any attendance to any type religious institution/church/mosque/synagogue.

          If we could Rate it all like percentages…and if “100%” is top full end of iine…I’d rate him more like a probable 95+% Bonafied certified Kommieboy Vs 5% or less a muslim….”by their Fruits ye shall know them” eh.

          And I would not be shocked if a Real actual muslim priest or whatever lable they get called now ever Had to Rate him on being a muslim and practicing muslim based on their Own islamic rules etc….Then he’d fail miserably and likely get rated even Less than 5% as I rated him here.

          Plus for past 7 years of being in office the Two major daily newspapers of state of Israel, Jeruselam Post, and Harratzz papers has written more articles in abject Praise of how great hobammys been for sirael and for jewish folks there and Here in usa too, than we can count or list here now….One would be Hard pressed to actually locate any such israel papers articles that were negative on Hobammys “Service to Israel state and to it’s residnt jews and usa jews also”

          That is as, PER those too many to count/list here articles over close to eight years now…Try reading a few see for Yourself…if we has any doubters/naysayers here…

          Or check SHTF acrhives for some of the Many JQP and I has already posted articles of and Links to them in the past couple years now…Then once read such praise articles From said israel published sources…Try again to convince self or others hes a muslim..

          ps: acording to his Own book, his first book I believe it was, He admits and wrote that besides early childhood muslim trainings…once past 5-6 yrs old His momma and Grandparents taught him a BUNCH of Other type religions and he stated in that book at his own house then, with mom, that she gave him a bunch of Various religious books such as Hindu book, the KJV bible book, and several others so he can later in life decide which If Any religion he prefered…of which his answer in the book was “NONE of the choices” was hobammys main decision.

          Which throws water on that “muslim-Fire” Fox and neocon repubs so desperatly try to convince folks of …Typical for MSM eh…Fake/Fraud propaganda mixed with a wee bit tiny get a magnafying glass 10X or greater to See the facts or truths msm etc promotes to get You to agree with MORE WARS! to benifit, israel/aipac.

          The Only real ‘god” he worships is twofold of himself, and power/money.

          • I don’t believe Obama is a muslim. Every film clip where he supposedly admits it is total bs. I don’t believe he is a communist, either. First thing he did was hand Treasury to Goldman Sachs. He is owned by banksters. Like banksters he worships Mammon.

      3. The problem with our narcissist POTUS, is we can’t do anything that will turn him into a martyr. We would be stuck with a millstone about our necks for the next 100 years. Certainly our enemies want him around as he is causing more damage to our economic and social fabric than they could ever hope to do without a full war response. So we just have to suffer.

        • Right. JFK was just like that. He was a really shitty president but because he got killed everybody thinks he was wonderful.

          • What did JFK do that was bad?

            • K2, that evil bastard tried to get rid of the fed reserve! As far as I know his executive order still stands (in mothballs). How dare he try and make the treasury print our own money!

            • Bay of Pigs

              Escalated the Vietnam war

              Cuban Missile Crisis – a failure because he had to withdraw from Turkey

              Allowed Khrushchev to constructed a wall separating East and West Berlin

              Just to name a few….

              • “Bay of Pigs”

                Bad idea inherited. He should have stopped it before it started.

                “Escalated the Vietnam war”

                After Diem assassination summer 1963 he started to remove US personnel with the first 1000 about a month before he was killed. Johnson reminded that order.

                “Cuban Missile Crisis – a failure because he had to withdraw from Turkey”

                The Titan liquid fueled missiles were scheduled for removal as they were obsolete. With the recent advances in ballistic sub missiles the Turkey Based Rockets were not needed. The USSR got nothing.

                “Allowed Khrushchev to constructed a wall separating East and West Berlin”

                “Allowed”? The wall was in the Soviet Sector. The USSR had nukes. You pick your fights. That wasn’t worth WWIII.

                We came to within one vote on a Soviet Sub from WWIII in Oct 1962. Kennedy had the intelligence to not listen to mad man Curtis LeMay. The outcome was the absolute best that could have came out from that crisis.

                • rescinded not reminded

                • Thanks for the recap. I was a kid when all that happened, but remember my dad and his brothers talking about it. Scary times.

      4. I wish I could offer attribution for this saying, but I’m certain the person who spoke it would be pleased to have it repeated to other likeminded people!

        “This is the government that the Founders warned us about”!

        • please repeat it OFTEN, roy!

      5. a rally on a specific day, in a number of cities, totaling one million armed people, should get some attention.
        at least I think so.

        • Yeah, but the liberals and their media would scream that the crazy gun nuts were showing another example of why we need more gun grabs…

          • @six,
            they’re going to keep yelling that anyway; do something or do nothing. Their battle cry will only get louder and more frequent.
            Also, I suspect that so long as sane gun owners do nothing to be in the public eye, the strategically placed nut jobs will keep being the only “representatives” of gun owners the masses see.
            I like what the story about feeding TX homeless claims gun owners did. THAT is a statement. Kind, responsible, moral, peaceful, loaded. Amen.

      6. As the way things go. Obama will always be around even after he leaves the White House. How many other Presidents had to add their 2 cents to all the issues of the day. In fact many Sec. Of State and Sec. of War find a way back into the news. Fucker’s can’t shut up!

        Only way to do it for good is a Civil War.

        • Sling-

          That snake will stay around Washington and cause as much trouble as he can. If it happens to be Cruse in the white house next we will start to see him uncover all of the crap Obama has done in darkness. Every time Cruse or Trump wipes out one of his executive orders he will call a press conference.

          Hillary dosent like him, but she will cover up for him, for the cause…

        • Sling, civil war 2 is exactly where we are headed regardless of who wins the election, er, selection. There’s always been very bad blood between the Obamas and Clintons. I love it and laugh whenever I see commie POS fighting each other.

        • Got to give Bush some respect. He has kept his mouth shut ever since he left.

          The only time Cheney speaks up is when Obama does the next treasonous act. Which is about every 3 months.

          • George Bush keeps his mouth shut because he wants Obama to protect him from being tried for war crimes. Ditto Cheney. They both talk very very softly about Obama because all he has to do is say he won’t protect them. They would get “taken” for trial. He would just have to let it be known he will only kick up a bit of fuss, nothing dangerous.

            This is ignored by MSM. Those bad boyz are considered war criminals as bad as the Nazis throughout most of the world.

      7. Obullshit says and does exactly his scripted orders. I really am not a hater, but I hate that con job lying bastard. If you are white he hates you too.

      8. He needs a cell next to Hillary.

        • A cell is too good for these types

        • A cell is too good for these types

      9. Its a tad over the top to put Obama up with Nero. He is a legend in his own mind however with a HUGE ego. I’ll give Wilson top billing to put the US on the wrong course with The Federal Reserve, WW1 (not our war, not our problem) and Federal Income Tax (Temporary of course).

        Interestingly and quite understandably his core supporters with a 80 IQ would back him regardless what he did because if you got them to agree that it was wrong to do (a virtually impossible task) it still would not be his fault. Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush. He bombed Libya without Congressional approval or even telling them before hand using US air power to support AQ and facilitated / supported the creation of ISIS. No problem, its Lincoln, FDR and Obama as the three greatest Presidents of all time.

        Obama just has more leeway as the US is psychologically compensating for slavery and its aftermath thus sheltering him. He is using it to move “the agenda”.

        All the above being said he made one terrific decision and that was to authorize John Kerry to inform Putin that Assad can stay in power thus possibly averting a beyond frightening confrontation with Russia. That decision might not, most likely wouldn’t have been made by McCain or Romney. For that I’m grateful.

        • “…to inform Putin that Assad can stay in power…”

          The confrontation will come when obama either breaks his promise or those spec ops units finally assassinate Assad. All obama is doing, is STALLING FOR TIME to get everything set up the way the neocons want it.

          • Maybe so but by now McCain would have been cratering Russian airfields and I would in a futile effort of finding a basement in Florida.

            • I agree with you, Kevin. They would already have us in WWIII. I don’t have a basement either, wanting a partially underground houselette though. I need a roof for water catchment here in dry NM. Obama has serious self control and if his controllers want war he will deliver. I can’t imagine why they would, though. How careful is Obama to not blow up Syria’s oil capabilities? McCain et al aren’t known for self control. Trump does not have self control, he reminds me of McCain sometimes. Hillary is cold as ice and will probably ascend. Bush Cubed, Romney, Obama, Hillary all are on the cerebral self-controlled end. All ice cold.

              My guess we’re meant to have a plague… leaves assets intact. Nuclear destruction is too messy and we already have Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima. The only reliable way to depopulate is plague. 7 billion to 1/2 billion without destroying the ecosphere? Plague. Folks are wrong if they think the Bigs don’t want a beautiful planet, they do. Their perspective is not self control but a reduction in population. I don’t think the time has come because a wipeout plague has not been released yet. Just prototypes. I believe they practice on Africa because nobody cares about Africa. Every time a half dozen heroes go to help but there is never containment like you would see in the US when I was young.
              BTW, the best defense against plague is natural healthy food. Perhaps at the basis of GMOs. I believe in a garden but I also believe in wild food, with higher nutrient density.

              • Rebecca

                You better read up on what a Bioengineered germ can do. Healthy food is fine but not a very good protection.

                • I am aware of what bioengineering germs can do, majored in biology. However there has never been a defensive apparatus made that is better than our body’s defense system. We eat poorly for the most part, and do not keep that machinery working. Since any bioengineering virus will not have a related vaccine, the few that survive will be automatically immune for some reason, or their immune system will be strong enough to survive it. I’ve mentioned it before, The Coming Plague written by a journalist, although old is the best written for a layperson. I am not saying eating well is going to save you. I say may as well shoot your best shot. Less exposure helps too, so living in a less populated area might help. A tiny exposure traditionally allows your body to build up antibodies that might save you if you get heavier exposure. This is where get vaccines.

        • Great points made sir, to it I add: remember we live and have lived in a corporate world for a very.long time now, the OBama presidency will be remembered as the Goldman/Morgan presidency. Before him was Exxon/MIC and so on back through time, people place far too much blame on Obama and Bush, as if a single word they say is not carefully scripted for them. The corruption in our world now has gotten so bad now its hard for most to see it, easier to blame the front man and sleep better.

          Nothing will change till we realize this.

      10. Do you really think that it was Obama who made the decision to let Assad stay in power?

        • obola simply did what the teleprompter told him to do…

          I think I saw kim jong-un playing with the wires but I could be mistaken???

          Or maybe it was???,,,??? Harvey, the dog next door???

          Yea, that’s it, it was the dog next door with the bloodshot eyes!!!

          • I just can’t take anything seriously anymore…

            We all know what you want is the guns I sold last year so I guess you alphabet soup Nazi’s will just have just have to suck it up and get another six and look elsewhere…

            ps: I still do have the broken rubber band and half a box of paperclips…is it true rubber bands need to be registered now???

            • only if they hold more than 10 paperclips.

              Say…I’ll trade you a pair of scissors for that broken rubber band (for my slingshot).

              • Are the scissors sharp????

            • I have a slingshot… I’ll match your bid and raise you a federal reserve note.

        • Of course Obama didn’t make the Assad decision. He was following script… absolutely Assad must go… then the script changed. Possibly because Syria now has a central bank.

      11. What can I say about Barry that hasn’t been said these past 7 years?….hmmmm?

        Love all of his names, Obozo-Ohomo-Obamao-Barry the fairy- King Barack- Ovomit-and The African Virus!

        • don’t forget the obamination!

          • oops, i forgot the halfrican too….OMFG!….this makes me a RACISS, doesn’t it!

            • Nahh
              You were racist before you were born

      12. This maybe possible, I’ve read many places that many believe Obama is the Anti- Christ. Well, if this belief, insight is correct, Obama will probably not be leaving office and we as a people are going to see our world move from chaos to greater chaos and control. Choice whom you will serve, that’s the real question and decision everyone will have to make.

      13. Obama will gladly leave office when he can. He will get 250-500k per appearance. The only think to worry about is the time between now and then. If you thought he was bad wait for Hillary. Or the other train driving us off the cliff a little slower…trump. Rand will bail out of the race soon and so will I. There isn’t a candidate on either side who can do the job. By the way, the left said bush wouldn’t leave when his time was up and I don’t think he shut the door on the way out.

      14. Well as much as it saddens me and turns my stomach. I have one thing to add. Unlike Nero I think the Senate and the House at least most of it are in it with Obama. Groomed themselves to bring in One World Government. Follow the money and you find the power. Look at the power and you realize who is controlling things.
        Why won’t people wake up?

        • It’s what they put in the water Mike…

          I guess we are all our own last stands, just waiting for the time to come…

          and a Merry Christmas To All!!!!

          • So I am my own Alamo. ” Remember the Alamo “

            • Amen brother, Remember the Alamo!!!

      15. Obama is just a puppet and nothing will change unless you go after the puppet masters who control Congress.

        We know who’s behind 9-11 and who the world is all in debt too and has control over the media as well as the banking and that ISIS was created using US military hardware by the same people.

        Voting just gets you a new face but no control over the strings

      16. People will not wake up because once they finally do follow the $$$ cash trails, and conect them dots, the picture they get is the Third Rail of Taboo’s….Then they return to sleep.

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