Dick’s Sporting Goods Will DESTROY All Guns Removed From Shelves

by | Apr 18, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 70 comments

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    Dick’s Sporting Goods pulled all of their guns they determined to be “assault weapons style” from the shelves in the wake of the Parkland Florida school shooting.  Now, they’ve announced that they will destroy all guns that weren’t sold because they took them off the shelves.

    “We are in the process of destroying all firearms and accessories that are no longer for sale as a result of our February 28th policy change,” a spokesperson from Dick’s Sporting Goods told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. “We are destroying the firearms in accordance with federal guidelines and regulations.” Instead of  returning them to the manufacturer, the sports retailer decided to destroy the “assault-style rifles.”

    Following the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, the retailer had pulled modern sporting rifles from its namesake stores nationwide. When it later opened its specialty Field & Stream stores, it introduced the modern sporting rifles to its product line there. The company did not comment on what it did with the firearms it pulled from its Dick’s stores in 2012.

    According to Fox News, on February 28, 2018, the Pittsburgh-based company announced it would immediately stop selling assault-style rifles and ban the sale of all guns to anyone under 21 at their Field & Stream stores. It was not immediately clear how many firearms will be destroyed but all of the rifles will be demolished at distribution centers and then delivered to a salvage company to be recycled.

    “Thoughts and prayers are not enough,” the company said in a statement. “We support and respect the Second Amendment, and we recognize and appreciate that the vast majority of gun owners in this country are responsible, law-abiding citizens. But we have to help solve the problem that’s in front of us.”  So they intend to destroy guns that good people would never use to harm anyone unless a self-defense situation warranted it.  That’s like castrating yourself because your neighbor has too many kids. But no one has ever accused a gun control activist of using logic.

    Dick’s Sporting Goods is also facing a battle with the gun rights crowd over their controversial decision to deny 18-20 year-olds their Constitutional and basic fundamental human right of self-defense by refusing to sell them guns. The sporting goods store is currently facing two lawsuits due to the self-imposed age limit on purchasing firearms because legally, those who are 18 may purchase guns.



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      1. I don’t and would not buy anything from these guys. They own the guns, they can do as they darned well please, but these guys were the first to jack up ammo prices when we had shortages a few years back.They are trash.

        • Rellik, I used to go to Dick’s for some ammo and gun cleaning supplies on occasion but not anymore. In reality they haven’t had AR15s since SANDY HOOK. Their selection of camping and survival gear sucks. Bass Pro is my #1 local source for what I need. The salespeople are always helpful and know the products. One time I asked for help at Dick’s and the sales clerk gave me that DUH look that libturds always have, LOL.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            I went from buying shooting stuff to sneakers and now nothing from Dicks. Rural King opened up near me. They’re far more in tune with my shopping desires and needs which do not include anything related to the various religious “Worshipping The Sphere/Spheroid” affiliations.

            • Kevin2, I’ve never heard of Rural Kings. I’ll have to look them up. The only GOOD sporting goods stores in my area are Bass Pro Shops and Academy. Academy is better as a secondary source but Bass Pro will remain my primary source as long as they’re still around. Bass Pro has a better selection of guns than Academy.

              • Brave : Rural King is not as big as Bass Pro and are not only dedicated to sports, hunting, fishing, and camping. They are a country feed store crossed with a mini wally world crossed with a gun room. Ammo as cheap as wally world prices, almost always in stock and gun prices that will blow Bass Pro away. Not as big of a selection but pretty good size. They will order for you to as long as their supplier carries what you want. Great store and all the popcorn you can eat at the door.

                • I like Bass Pro and Rural King, but my only complaint is they don’t have off brands of guns, like CZ, Stoeger, etc.. But the main brands they have plenty of. Cabellas’ gun counter is much longer than Bass Pro and has more variety.

                  Rural King’s popcorn is a hoot, gotta have my popcorn!

            • Rural King is great. They pay cash for everything and pass on discounts to the public. Well run outfit. Have great prices on guns and ammo.

          • Was in a Cabella’s this weekend. Mentioned Dick’s, Man said they had two new employees that had just Quit Dick’s because of their policy

            • Quick, let’s start a “Weapon Rescue” and buy them out before they are destroyed.

              We can’t allow this calamity to occur ….

          • In 2012 they moved them to their Field and Stream Stores and sold them there… They won’t destroy these ones either they will have them for Black Friday Sales when they re-introduce them there again…

        • rellik : I used to buy ammo every once in a while, when they had something on sale, but NEVER again. You are 100% correct. They can do whatever they want within the law with their firearms. This is where we can make a difference. If every law abiding citizen, that believes in the second amendment, quit shopping at Dicks for anything ( hunting, camping, fishing, and sports gear ), it would put a real hurting on them and they would care. They are catering to a crowd that they think is keeping them in business, but we are the ones that keep them in business. Don’t buy anything from Dicks until they make some policy changes.

        • There is a reason they call themselves dics

        • The lesson here: Don’t be a Dick…..

      2. Simple fix, to hell with Dick’s, no pun intended.
        If they want to screw their stock holders and lose 10s of thousands of sales, Who cares.

        Ya cant fix Stupid, so why try.

        • I wasn’t going to renew my NRA membership after the sent a letter to the BATF requesting review of the bump stocks. However, after all this bullshit, I finally did my renewal.

          That being said, I won’t buy anything from Dick’s.

          Makes you wonder, though, are they going to ban belt loops next?


      3. Thirty thousand white women are raped by black men every year in the USA.


        • BCA: That situation and that figure/statistic does NOT unfortunately surprise me at all, as they are vile, savage apes that should all be set back to Africa, where ever, they need to go. Blacks have the nerve to constantly cry racism while the violence situation in which whites are the victims and blacks are the assailant is sky-high, out of control. I would love to know how many WHITE men rape she-booms annually? You can bet a pretty penny it is NO where, even remotely close to what blacks do to our mothers and sisters and wives and on and on and on. No good for nothing, wild savage gorillas! Guys, the God’s honest truth is there is only one way to deal with this and all of the other “problems” in this country, 1 way only. . .think about it.

          • I believe the 2015 FBI crime statistics said it was two or three white on black rapes.

          • Concerned Citizen:

            On average, annually, white men commit twelve rapes of black women. Statistically it is zero.

            • Well, that would be two felonies then: rape and bestiality.


          • @ CC Remember what you said when the fourth turning winter gets here. There will be a lot of work to be done.

        • But it is all those nasty Amish savages that is to blame (/sarc)

          • Lauren Southern, in a sane world, would have won at least two Pulitzer Prizes by now for her investigative journalism. Awesome post. These folks are going to need our help soon. There’s a few sites where Boers are asking for Bitcoin donations. Sorry, don’t have the URLs right now. Busy.


            • Some of the nice people, who I have supported, have been disappeared.

              Liberals and their apologists don’t seem to understand what is real. It’s impossible to communicate the situation to them. These kinds of discussions are only for people who appreciate them.

      4. Dick’s … appropriately named

        • Have you been screwed by Dick? If so, fuck’m

      5. Lost my business.

      6. why do I feel like I should be checking the dumpsters outside the local distribution center…….

        • NEC: Nah, they are already on their way down to Mexico…Barry Hussein the Mooooslim has it all rigged up, just like the old days. . . . .

        • metal recycling thieves already beat you to it.

      7. My God, I will NEVER buy another thing from that bunch of ultra liberal, progressive fags!! They can keep up their pandering to the anti-gun crowd, so vile and disgusting. Clearly DSG does NOT give a flying “F” about the citizens being able to purchase all types of legal firearms in this damn country. Folks, this is really serious what is going on and no laughing matter at all. Communities are banning AR-15’s and ALL weapons they consider “Assault weapons” – you know that complete b.s. term made up by the clown media and the liberals and all of the gun hating queers.

        • Why do you think gun show attendance has been so high?

          People are buying up all these guns and ammo at really high volumes because they know a gun ban is coming.

          I suspect they don’t plan to turn them back over to the government (wink, wink).

          • JS, speaking of which, I went to a gun show in my area just this past weekend. Stocked up on more ammo for all my ‘liberty tools’. The place was packed with wall-to-wall people. From what I saw gun sales were up from the last gun show I went to. One ammo vendor got totally sold out before the day was over. As far as giving up anything, that will be “hot lead ONLY”.

        • The progressive communists have taken control of our schools, media and large swaths of our Government. The Republic is in great peril right now. Evil triumphs when good men say nothing. I don’t have the means to homeschool or send to a private school so all I can do is push back

      8. No more shopping at Dick’s for me. They are dead to me.

      9. The stock holders should demand the firing of management for destroying all those weapons after what they paid for them. No one should stay in business throwing profit down the drain like that. Your stockholders are your priority and stupid policy shouldn’t go unpunished. They could have returned them to the manufacturers or sold to other retailers.

      10. There’s one in our local shopping mall. I looked it over when it first opened and haven’t been back since. Poor selection and way overpriced. No loss!!

      11. Well, not only is Dick’s totally anti-gun, they’ve proved they’re stupid when it comes to simple business. Consider their options – 1. return to manufacturer and receive either credit or some other refund 2. sell to local or other vendors 3. have a one-off sale and just get rid of excess and for them, unwanted merchandise 4. donate to local law enforcement, Boy Scout, VFW or some other group(s) and get a tax credit 5. sell @ cost to employees (hell, those poor souls will need them when word gets out that they work at a sporting goods store and can’t buy a gun to defend themselves with…. I’m sure there’ are other good ways to clear their stores out. This is a ‘dick drama’ for sure. Last – I’d not buy a box of band-aids from their stores ever because of this move of theirs.

      12. Never showed there never will.

      13. BOYCOTT

      14. bye bye dicks……never even look at the place again. let alone buy anything.!!!!!!

      15. The article is BS. Dick’s stopped selling AR-15s right after Sandy Hook, 2012, more than 5 years ago. I remember going into a Dick’s right after New Year’s 2013 looking for some ammo and the AR-15s were gone at that time. Last time I went into a Dick’s was last summer and no AR-15s then, either. They stopped selling them because of SANDY HOOK, NOT PARKLAND.

      16. Mac, you were misled on this one.

        • …. and Dick’s was doing the misleading with their virtue signalling PR.
          So, do as the Libtards do, don’t shop there anymore and sell your stock if you have any. The almighty dollar still speaks loudest.

        • They moved them over from penis’s (what we dubbed dicks after the first ban and jacked up ammo prices) to their field and stream stores. Those are the stores that just stopped selling them. Either way I won’t be setting foot in either place…ever.

      17. If Dick’s stopped selling AR’s 5 years ago, what does this mean? “We are in the process of destroying all firearms and accessories that are no longer for sale as a result of our February 28th policy change,”
        Is this just another lie?
        Has anyone asked them?

        • Then it was AR15s, new policy is anything now defined as an “assault weapon”, including 10-22s.

      18. Sounds like a good con for those within Dick’s, who happened to be connected and more equal than others to obtain a free, off the books, no paper ail, “officially” destroyed “assault weapon”. Knowing what liars and hypocrites Liberals are, it would not be surprised that a pro-gun control member of Dick(head) would have an excuse as to why he needs one. So how will we know/they prove that ALL of them were in fact destroyed? We certainty can not trust any dotgov LEO agency to enforce the law, since they seem to believe that they are above the law. And if you wanted to do another version of ATFE’s operation Fast and Furious, here is a batch of guns that can be diverted to criminals and gang bangers.

      19. and it did not prevent 1 act of violence or school shooting.Now if you told me 23 of the last24 shooters bought their weapons at dicks then you would have someting

      20. Ugh…..

        What freakin’ idiotic virtue-signalling cuck soi boys!!


      21. You can bet that this will be used in advertising through social media for the youth market.

      22. Dicks now renaming itself Cunts.

        • +1

      23. good for them it will just speed their demise up, however I’d be curious after all is said and done. Will those managers of the distribution centers involved come forward, (once their jobs are gone)due to the impending loss’s these blokes will suffer, and tell us did they destroy the guns? or is it a ploy to garner patrons? of which those social justice warriors will not set foot inside anyhow, after all they have amazon! mark my words unless I am wrong we will find out they didn’t do what they said!

      24. See ya Dicks. Hope you go bankrupt in quick order.

      25. Folks,

        Don’t worry. They’ll be bankrupt soon. Libtard Soccer Moms don’t shop there.


      26. I stopped shopping there. My they go out of business like Gander Mountain.

        Frigging IDIOTS!!!!

      27. I favor Diamondback Sports here in Tucson. Their employees are the best I ever came across in the firearms buying business. And they don’t patronize women or condense either. Store has good prices on ammo and even did a special order for me without requiring a down payment. I predict Dick’s will not be around much longer. Destroying perfectly good weapons to make a political statement,how stupid

      28. not to promote anyone but check buds gunshop for prices. And no I am not affiliated with them, just a customer

      29. Penis’s and field and stream stores are for the Fudds of the world. You know the type,

        “I’m glad they banned those guns I don’t use them anyway”.

        As they buy their trap shells and duck decoys and 500.00 dollar camo suits and waders. As long as they don’t mess with their shotguns and and bolt rifles they will throw your ilk under the bus. .

        Fudds are the last of the liberal gun owners. And are the ones that champion the “commonsense gun laws”. When you see the latest poll shows 57% of gun owners favor 30 round mag bans, or the like, it’s the Fudd’s that they asked.

        Fudds are the Second amendment’s worst enemy. And when the time comes will turn you in to the government without a second thought. And will meekly turn in their guns, when all others have been confiscated. When finally asked to hand theirs over,and will do it without as much as a harsh word. That’s why they are allowed to have them…

        These two stores are the exact same models as two recently bankrupt stores that are no more. Penis’s will go the way of MC sporting goods and field and stream will match Gander Mountain.

        Letting politics and biases enter into your business and alienating half your customers is a guaranteed road to failure…ask the NFL.

        MC sporting goods was great 25 years ago and sold every kind of sporting good. Then they started picking which sports were good..racquetball and golf, and which were bad hunting and fishing. People decided not to buy their golf stuff from a place that is maligneing their hunting hobby. Just like they will with penis’s.

        I rarely see more than 5 or 6 cars in field and streams parking lot even around Christmas time. Everything in the store is over priced and brands are high end.
        Just like Gander Mountain found out, there are way more poor and lower middle class hunters and fisherman looking for bargains than luxury, fly in to Canada, resort “sportsman” willing to drop 5 grand on supplies for the weekend hunt.

      30. Communists being communists,(sigh), when did they take over America?

      31. Haven’t stepped foot into a dicks since their announcement…

      32. Well these Guy’s live up to their name….LOL


      33. So Dicks was in the news for pulling “assault weapons” of which they already pulled and have not sold for at least five years. Now they will destroy the “assault weapons” of which have not had for many years. Dick head media whores.

      34. This is good news. Dicks is so stupid that they are going to buy the guns they are going to destroy and actually increase a demand for paid for guns taken off the market, which of course is good news to gun manufacturers.

      35. They’re going to stock the BK-11 instead. Perfect for shooting yourself in the foot.

      36. The chain has been going downhill for a few years now. The people who work there are not very bright and I notice it is not well managed as had been. I now avoid going there as there are much better options. I bet they will not be around in the number of stores in the next year.

      37. Up here in the north land its L&M Supply . Great stock of hand guns , shot guns and rifles including AR,s plus they will order anything you could want.

      38. I will no longer do any business with these dicks!

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