DHS Secretary Sees All Americans As a Threat: “Gun Control Has To Be a Part of Homeland Security”

by | Jun 15, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 147 comments

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    UN Gun Control

    The agency’s source of power has always been fear.

    And now is the time to capitalize upon it.

    Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson has seized upon the Orlando shooting and is… rather predictably… using the specter of terrorism as a pretext for instituting gun control on a wider scale. (Of course, he isn’t alone.)

    Secretary Johnson told CBS News that:

    Just days after the massacre in an Orlando nightclub left 49 people dead and 53 wounded, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson on Tuesday said that gun control is now a critical element of protecting the U.S. homeland and keeping Americans safe.

    “We have to face the fact that meaningful gun control has to be a part of homeland security,” Johnson said in an interview on “CBS This Morning.” “We need to do something to minimize the opportunity for terrorists to get a gun in this country.”


    “I thought frankly after Sandy Hook where you have schoolchildren murdered in a classroom that maybe finally this will be the tipping point and we were not able to move the needle in Congress, unfortunately,” Johnson said.

    It seems Jeh Johnson thought Sandy Hook would be all that was necessary to reign in gun rights. For him, it is all part of ‘public safety.’

    But apparently, the powers-that-be will wait for a bigger and bigger tragedy until something too big to ignore happens, then they can push for their un-American agenda with the opposition pinned down and the rest of the population too afraid to think.

    Maybe the Orlando mass murder is that event.

    DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson: Passing gun control is now ‘part and parcel of homeland security’

    Though quieter than than it has been under past heads, Homeland Security has clearly maintained the twisted view that all Americans are potential terrorists, and that a preemptive police state, complete with surveillance, data mining and social profile trolling is necessary in order to maintain relative peace.

    This attitude is noted in recent meetings of the Homeland Security Advisory Committe, discussing in part its community partnership program for Countering Violent Extremism (CVE):

    “Secretary Johnson said there is much left to accomplish in this final year of the Administration… Counterterrorism remains a cornerstone mission of the Department. There is a new environment when it comes to the global terrorism threat, which includes not only terrorist-directed attacks, but terrorist-inspired attacks. These threats call for a whole-of-government response, including military, law enforcement, and robust intelligence gathering and sharing efforts. These efforts extend to the private sector as well, and DHS is very active in this arena.”

    It is clear that so-called “right-wing extremists” are still a leading concern for Homeland Security and the federal government agencies.

    via Breitbart

    One month after the San Bernardino terrorist attack that left 14 innocent people dead, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told advisors that right wing extremists pose just as much of a threat to the country as Islamic extremists.

    Johnson made the comments during the Homeland Security Advisory Council’s (HSAC) January meeting. City of Austin Mayor Art Acevedo, whom Johnson appointed to HSACshifted the discussion to the threat of right-wing extremists, according to the official meeting minutes.

    “Member Acevedo reminded the Council that the threat from right-wing extremists domestically is just as real as the threat from Islamic extremism,” the minutes state.

    The Homeland Security Advisory Committee reports:

    “Secretary Johnson agreed and noted that CVE, by definition, is not solely focused on one religion. Member Goldenberg seconded Member Acevedo’s remarks and noted the importance of online sites in right wing extremist communities, not only in America but worldwide.”

    Against all logic, the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees immigration and the borders in addition to law enforcement and national security issues, has vowed to ‘give voice to the plight’ of Muslims, rather than focusing on keep out radical and potentially violent members of that group – essentially welcoming another attack.

    Instead, ordinary Americans, including those with dissident political views of any kind, are typically regarded as potential threats under Homeland Security watch lists.

    Flags, firearms and incendiary conversations on social media have given ’cause’ to a government that is out of control and only wants a population that is ready to turn in its guns and be afraid of what the media tells them, not a population that is ready to challenge the unconstitutional actions of its government.

    Changes are coming. Keep your eyes open and encourage those around you to stand up for their rights.

    Read more:

    Paul to Congress: “Someone Who Has Guns, Ammunition, 7 Days of Food” Can Be Considered a Potential Terrorist

    Ignoring America’s Safety, Homeland Security Vows: “Government Should Give Voice to Plight of Muslims in this Country”

    Armed Homeland Security Agents In ‘Community Outreach’ To “Let People Know They’re In The Area”



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      1. DHS ?They contracted the killer.They should surrender their responsibilities









          YOU CALL ME, A “MADMAN”??????


          • I read where the subsaharn sandniggers only have an IQ of 50 – 60. And I agree that inbreeding is a major problem with mudslimes. And, OH!, mudslimes are against homosexuality – – excepting of course, if it’s THEM doing the raping.

        • a muslim doe not tell me what to do

          • Yooper, same here. Muzzie needs to go back to the sandbox.

            • Jeh Jawnson another butterscotch crimpet. Wonder what race he belongs to today. Shame, never seem to get wrought up over all the weekend shootings of the brothers and sisters in Chitcago. But then Chitcago never did figure into the NWO.

              • Jeh is an octaroon.

                • There is a battle brewing, and its gonna last for decades.
                  Some of us are writing the handbook.
                  Listening to Bob Dylan The Times They Are A Changin’

                  We may not win, but we’ll sure bring em hell, and give em something to remember us by.

                  God speed folks. Braveheart, Patriot, rednek, and all the others I couldn’t mention, you’ll do your country proud. My faiths in you. Go write history.

        • So… Mr Jeh Johnson DHS Chief,…Let me ask you.

          “Why is it that 95% of all DHS Security Grant Funding Moneys are awarded exclusively to Jewish Religious Organizations?

          Are the Zionists running the DHS, Dual citizens, you know, like Mr Chertoff who was a dual citizen, running America’s Security as DHS Chief? BTW/ Chertoff also was in charge of the Boston Marathon Bombing security, by hiring an Israeli company for US City of Boston’s security. Gee what could possibly go wrong?

          Why are foreign Security companies running anything at all in any fashion, in the USA period!!??

          Why are there Israeli Security Companies running all the security at some US Domestic Airports? And BTW? Where and where all of the Terrorist Threats managed to create terror so far, came though Airports run by the same Israeli Company.

          IN fact every Hijacker on 9-11 went through an airport run by an Israeli Security Company.

          Mr Jeh Johnson DHS Chief. Can you connect the Dots, you friggin puppet Shill. Be a man and come clean.

          Yeah, we got the facts, and truth, and you are a sell out low life shill and fuck you.

          ~WWTI… Keep spreading the Truth, it kills them.

        • If DHS chief sees us Americans as a threat, then we Americans see him/DHS as a threat.

          And if gun control is part of his Homeland Security, then likewise, it also part of our Homeland Security.

          Gun Control: being able to hit your target… PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!

          And form Homeland Security teams– protect the Homeland from terrorists in the government!!

        • GUN CONTROL: BEING ABLE TO HIT YOUR TARGET! Practice, practice, practice!!!

        • God Damnit, I despise these White-Hating, High-Yellow, Redbone Communist/Collectives Niqqers trying “Fundimentally Change” this once White Christian Nation into a socialist Third World Helhole. Somehow, the Chosenite have convinced the White Majority in this country to turn the reings of POWER over to a Kenyan and his Mongrel henchmen.

          We, as a country, are receiving what we deserve. Why these biracial mongrels chose NOT to identify with their White Eroupen half (or quarter) is beyond me: Deuteronomy 17:15 – “Thou shalt in any wise set him king over thee, whom the LORD thy God shall choose: one from among thy brethren shalt thou set king over thee: thou mayest not set a stranger over thee, which is not thy brother.”

        • Come get em bitch’s.

      2. All the more reason to vote Anybody But Hillary

        • Careful, “anybody but Bush” is what gave us Obummer.

          • Bush never ran against Brokeback Obama. McCain and Romney did…

        • “Never let a Crises go to waste.” –From comrad obam-ma’s right hand man King of Chicago Rom.

          The Occupier poser pretend president comrad obam-ma is:

          Comrad obam-ma HATES America and Americans. Isn’t it BEYOND obvious?
          It is called TREASON. Comrad obam-ma is TREASONOUS and DANGEROUS to America.

          If you want to predict the future of your poser president comrad obam-ma’s chosen course of action? Then look at which choice/option will harm the American people and cause America as a NATION the most Damage/Harm. Bingo! That is what comrad obam-ma will do. Every time. ALWAYS. Comrad obam-ma HATES everything American. TREASON.

          Comrad obam-ma WANTS and PROVOKES a civil war. He views normal Americans as the ENEMY.So why are you suprised the gobment agencies like DHS also view you as enemy? DHS THUGS are his hommies.

          You are an enemy to their vision of “changed” USSA Amerika-UN controlled-
          Agenda 21-One world gobment HELL HOLE.

          DHS practiced with range targets of pregnant women and old guys in cover-alls.
          Every soldier knows that you FIGHT how you TRAIN. Muscle memory.

          Of course the gobment and DHS views you as enemy. You are just now figuring that out?

          They want you to be silent sheep, EASILY, led to slaughter?
          They want you to remain silent. They hate decent and free speech.
          They want you unarmed. They hate armed cattle and sheep.

          How many cattle would be slaughtered if cows-bulls-sheep were ALL armed with high capacity small arms and were skilled in firearm use? Would make pen riders job damn interesting. You think?

          How about…..
          Give the Cattle and Sheep Weapons. Plenty of Ammo. Teach ’em to shoot.
          Train up the deer too.
          Now that makes it interesting?

          Look up AppleSeed project on google. They train sheep to shoot.

      3. I typed ‘Orlando Shooting’ into Google, and here were the auto fill options…

        Orlando Shooting Hoax
        Orlando Shooting Wiki
        Orlando Shooting False Flag

        Is ‘Murica finally waking up?

        • Lot’s of folks think Orlando is in fact a hoax.

          ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiLk-V9DFpc
          ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2babRFt7e0
          ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UY5WXUfDTgg
          ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IiU89LNUD8

          • The killings were real.
            Its kinda timely when the government is pushing gay rights and gun control .
            Ya gotta wonder sometimes , seems to fit an agenda .
            And average Americans in flyover land will pay the price? hmm

            • Where are the bodies?…seen any obituaries yet?
              Not one photo or video of any EMT, ambulance or fire fighter in a HAZMAT suit…just a whole lotta cop cars….just saying…

              • That’s an interesting observation. I didn’t snap…

        • you do know google’s search uses terms and phrases you have previously used when doing the autofill thing… right….??

          • Sometimes. But when you haven’t typed in things before, they show up. — “Why ” Brings up:
            “Why is the sky blue” – I never asked this…
            “Why do dogs eat grass” – no this…
            “why am I so tired” – nope…
            “Why not both” nope.
            These are definitely other people’s searches, in fact Google’s ranking engine basically relies on how many people trust you by linking to your page, and how much they trust those linking entities. Their whole idea is based on “what other people think.” SCARY!

        • Waking up ? Some are but most are not. That seems beyond obvious since BHO was elected twice and many still believe his bullshit ?

          Most people do not fully grasp the full power of PRAVDA/MSM. even sites like MRC do not expose it for what it actually is or the fact that this is the source of this regimes power ? They keep relating to it as the “left leaning” press and it is far worse than that and far more powerful than that simple analogy or explanation. PRAVDA/MSM can create any dialogue or commentary they desire easily and spoon feed it to the masses. A good example is “undocumented workers” This false premise was created by PRAVDA/MSM so the politicos would not have to use the term illegal alien ? There are many such false paradigms created by these maniacs who call themselves journalist. What we used to call journalism is nonexistent here in USSA today. What we have is a form of the propaganda machine and indoctrination machine no different at all than what existed in the former Soviet state circa 1950s, 60s, 70s. You are only allowed to read or hear exactly what they want you to read and hear. They can also cover up any event just as easily by simply not reporting on it, as if it never happened ? And the American people are so fucking ignorant they go right along with the lies ! F&F, Benghazi, Lois Lerner and IRS crimes. The list is a very long list. This is exactly how they have fucked us and got the idiots to go along. PRAVDA/MSM is your worse enemy by far and far more powerful than most seem to realize ! They are the epitome of the governments source of power !

      4. This. And it proves how worthless the republicans are IF they do not fight back publicly. Since it’s an election year they’ll probably make a show of it and at least act like they believe in the bill of rights. We shall see.

        • Don’t believe they will this time.They are out of the closet.This election as pulled back the curtain.It’s now or never folks.Go with God
          Promised my family I would always watch over them and I will to best of my ability,even if they think I’m weird!My God have mercy on their soul because I wont!
          Maniac — out

        • the republicans have already proven they are worthless many times since they got both houses of congress in 2010.

          i am no fan of trump and do not believe he will will(because he turns off so many), but the best thing republicans could do is echo what trump says and say they will follow him.

          • 14 million voters in the primaries would disagree with you…as well as a large portion of Sanders voters.
            You are in a minority view and promoted by false polls and the lame stream media.




        • Acid, I’m definitely in agreement with you today. This particular article really set me off. Once again, the politicians show their true colors.

          • Fuck jeh Johnson

            • Careful.. he may enjoy it…

              He’s already got a Johnson stuck to him….

              • He wouldn’t enjoy what needs stuck up his ass

                • Vlad the impaler had a pretty good technique.

                  • Vlad’s technique stopped Muslim invaders where they stood.

                    There are things Muslims respect, and one of those is superior terror!

                    Thus the Spanish Inquisition also worked!

                • If Brokeback Obama chose him, he’s probably had all kinds of things stuck up his ass…

          • Braveheart, why are you always sucking up to Acidface/(Eisenshit)? You know he’s a faggot, don’t you???!!!

            • Anonymous, he’s been making some good posts that I can’t dispute. I just overlook and ignore anything else about him. No sucking up.

          • Several days ago I mentioned these new comments and perspectives from Jeh Johnson before it came up as a topic and nobody seemed to grasp it ?

            This is exactly how they create the false paradigms and new narratives I mentioned about PRAVDA/MSM above ! The only good news is that some are realizing the scams , but no where near enough ! This is all about control mechanisms created by PRAVDA/MSM. Nothing new at all.




        • Agreed.

          I am adopting a new policy.

          Shoot on sight. Done.

        • Are you aware this is all very deliberate and they are not idiots , just sociopaths and psychopaths with a twist of racism. This is the plan from your own government that you are being forced to pay for. So yes, you are paying to get fucked 24/7/365 in a myriad of ways, not just this one !


        • Brave
          Great Rant. Keep up the good work!

        • Braveheart1776:

          Countering Federal Tyranny, CFT.
          I like that. How would you pronounce the acronym?
          Sift as in sifting flour? That seems like a fitting analogy.
          We need to sift and not let any big bad pieces get through.

          • B from CA, I didn’t even think about that part. The term is something I came up with on the spur of the moment. Yes I think you could pronounce it as ‘sift’. The analogy sounds perfect.






        • But, aren’t you one of those “gays”?

          Don’t contradict yourself man!!

          • Demonic:


            • NO, its not irrelevant, B from California… acid shit (eisncrap) is constantly putting down women, blacks, and old people… if its ok for him to treat other people like shit because of different gender, etc, then its ok for us to kick his a… because he’s a disgusting faggot– and they ARE TOTALLY DISGUSTING!!!

          • EXACTLY, DMONIC!! He (Eisneshit/Acidface) is a f… faggot!

            • Anonymous and dmonic, I don’t agree with the ‘alternative lifestyles’ either, but people are going to do what they choose and be whatever they choose to be. As long as they’re not trying to hurt me, I know how to live with it. Acid has been making some damn good points that I agree with so I just overlook anything else.

        • Acid:

          Agreed. And well stated.

      9. Mac, I apologize for the all caps but this particular article about that particular fed agency really set me off this time.

        • BH

          Every day I wake up more enraged than the last.

          I don’t want my race or my culture to be extinct.

          • Acid, I share those same feelings. We’re all being forced into something we don’t want. If the feds are looking for trouble, they won’t be disappointed.

            • There goes Braveheart again– sucking up to his new faggot pal.

              • anonymous, how do you live with yourself, being a useless troll?

          • Your culture??? you mean homosexuality???

            If that’s all you have to be proud about– the f… color of your skin– then you sure as hell don’t have much to be proud about, do you? Idiot!!

          • Maybe the Indians didn’t want their color/culture to become extince either!!! Shit happens! Faggot!!

            • This article REALLY got to me too– obviously, Braveheart was right about one thing(even though he DOES like faggots!!)– we are set to have a Revolution… and frankly, I can hardly wait!

              • The fact that you can’t wait for a revolution tells me that you’ve never been in combat, likely never a real fistfight. It would be interesting to see how brave you are if ever you must face combat…

                • Leonard, the trolls won’t survive the coming civil war/revolution. That’s one good thing to come from it.

        • Same here. I know I am speaking for some of the millions of veterans like myself who will NOT allow this violation of rights to be acted upon. Jeh, if you think you can just say this kind of crap & get away with it, you will be starting an insurrection that you are not ready for.
          I have had conversations with leftys, that usually end up with them saying something like, “Well, the government has the military, and jets and Nukes”
          My answer to them is always the same.
          So, was it YOU or YOUR sons who were in the military?
          I didnt think so. So how long do you think it would be till they said, “NO” and turned on you?

          • So, they intend to use nukes and jets on the people, like Assad used his jets against his people, bought with their hard-earned and involuntarily-paid tax money? That’s what they’re saying if they bring up “nukes and jets” to claim that small arms are useless against THEIR government (which relies on HUGE ARSENALS of SMALL ARMS) over everyone else. No, this is NOT a White man’s fight against non-Whites, as some are trying to derail us all by saying. It’s EVERYONE’s fight–“Red and Yellow, Black and White…”, as the song goes. Like MLK said, “CHARACTER” is what makes the difference. Wanting to govern others is a definite sign of no character or, exactly BAD character. God won’t even rule over others whom He made in His indomitable image. They are already His, part of Him. He therefore provides for them for their existence and well-being. The DEVIL is that ruler on that mountain top who tempted Jesus with “all the kingdoms of the world and their power” (violent coercion–“government”) which is the DEVIL’s power to give IF anyone does the Devil’s way (violent coercion). (Luke 4:5-7)

      10. Meh Johnson is stuck in muh zipper….

        • Winning quote of the day sir.

      11. Fox watching the henhouse

      12. I smell a rat

        • Kula, I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut the rat you smell is FEDERAL.

      13. The blue hats are coming… the blue hats are coming…
        Perforated helmets make good pasta strainers.
        Just sayin..

        • There were some Ruskies training at camp Grayling not so long ago. Someone told me Venesualan troops as well ?
          I dunno if any of its true , but the guy is not known to be a liar .
          So will these guys put on the blue helmets ?

          • Hammerhead, if they do, they’re committing suicide.

        • I have several friends who have federal law enforcement family ties that all say that we will have gun confiscation soon in our nation. They report that Americans will have to fight our own federal forces and the 3-5 hundred thousand foreign forces that are in our nation training. This is common knowledge within these federal agencies. Americans will have to survive the initial round of confiscation and fight…once again.

          • Well, then, we better get prepared, 1 American… Just remember Putin– he was thoroughly prepared AHEAD OF TIME– and when the time was right–he struck! He dazzled everyone!! He said that he learned after WW2 that you don’t wait until the enemy bombs you– you hit hard and fast with everything you got–

            GUN CONTROL: being able to hit your target! Prepare, prepare, prepare!!

            And organize– but don’t let the BEAST catch you!!! You have to organize!!!!! Homeland Security teams (the real kind).

          • 1american, those feds and foreigners better say their final goodbyes to their families because they won’t be going home alive when they make the attempt. Someone on a previous thread stated for every cop/fed agent/ military person there are 150 people in the US to deal with. Feds and whoever allies they have don’t stand a chance.

      14. Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson…… This man came from Goldman Sachs and took over DHS. I will name him:

        Homeland Security chief “Jew Johnson”.

        • Stolz, let Johnson and his boys bring it on. we can send them running home crying for momma.

        • Jeh Johnson: Jeh Charles Johnson (born September 11, 1957)[1] is a Muslim American civil and criminal trial lawyer, and the current United States Secretary of Homeland Security. He was the General Counsel of the Department of Defense from 2009 to 2012 during the first Obama Administration. Johnson is a graduate of Morehouse College (B.A.) and Columbia Law School (J.D.), and is the grandson of sociologist and Fisk University president Dr. Charles S. Johnson.

          I don’t see anything in his background that would qualify him for Secretary of DHS. Maybe it’s the Muslim thing. Of course Obama appointed a fed judge with who is a member of La Raza so he seems to be fairly consistent with his appointments.

          DHS Missions: include preventing terrorism and enhancing security; managing our borders; administering immigration laws; securing cyberspace; and ensuring disaster resilience.

          Fail on all point of the mission…..

          • Affirmative action failure.

          • Rednek101, Johnson is a muzzie? Interesting and I’m not surprised. Also interesting that NO senior black federal official ever says anything about any of the black-on-black killings that happen daily all across the US, and especially shitcago.

          • Their mission is NOT to succeed as you define it or as it should be ? So they are succeeding in their perspective ?

            Can it be any more clear that BHO is an Islam enabler and has brought in many Muslims to his circle ? He has Muslim brotherhood advisors in the white house for fucks sake !

            Dude is a full on traitor and should be prosecuted as an example of what NOT to do, ASAP !

        • REMEMBER THAT NAME!! Jeh Johnson– Chief Nazi of Homeland Insecurity. Where does the Nazi live??

      15. TPTB are getting desperate or there is a much larger plan in operation…

        Always have a sidearm at your side wherever you go and avoid “gun free”
        zones like the plague.:.

        Avoid large gatherings too, amusement parks and movie theatres come to mind…

        Stay especially frosty until obola leaves power. We need a new government but I
        see no way for this too come too fruition before they make their play

        I have to say, that I personally can’t even begin to understand the EVIL, plain EVIL
        people that are pushing these policies???

        The only explanation that’s is rational is that we are seeing the end times coming towards us…

        • Vet1:

          “Stay especially frosty until obola leaves power.”

          What if obola doesn’t? Review his past statements…

          Thoughts anyone?

      16. DHS now regards all Americans as Potential Threats.

        Ladies and Gentlemen. The United States of America is turning into Germany during the 1930’s. There is a resemblance of the Brown Shirt’s causing riots in the streets of Berlin and the Gestopo in the shadows. Having your children turn in their parents to the authorities, as they have spoken against the State.

        It’s the elephant in the room and people do not want to speak about it. Security for Freedom and the American people will embrace it with open arms as did the Good, God Fearing German people.

        • Anon, everyone here knows I’m not afraid to speak about it. The feds are the real ‘domestic terrorists’ and the #1 threat to this nation.

      17. It’s like setting their ducks in order. After the intercepted communication between BLM and that POS Islamic pavement ape potus about riots during the conventions, this scumbag anti American putz can’t wait to blame weapons rather than the sand fleas that they bring in unvetted to kill our citizens. The neutered politician (hey Paul Ryan you POS sellout you listening) who even listens to anything you spout off needs to be registered as an enemy of the Constitution and the real American people you craven cowards. So you big fat POS bring it, you and your kind are as un-American as the demon slime in the hovel house and that evil bitch attempting to get there. You want a war, you want this nation divided, then start a push and see where it gets you. Oh but I forgot scum like you will just get on a big bird and fly to another destination and allow your brain dead alphabet soup minions to die for you. Mono Labe MF.

      18. It’s amazing how the progressives create the crisis by letting the terrorists inside the country, and when the terrorists do what they do, then they use it to crack down on average law-abiding citizens.

        • Bingo. Creating their own crisis.

      19. simply ignore all new gun control laws
        tens of millions of gun owners cannot be disarmed and the government knows it

        • But it will not stop them from trying.

      20. This makes sense, the Orlando shooter was working for DHS.
        Make America Safe for Government Criminals.

      21. Remember folks what Gun Control really is for Us.
        Two hand firmly holding your weapon. Looking down the sights. Back sight little blurry, front sight crisp and the target a little blurry. don’t forget squeezing the trigger.

        Dems in Senate trying to get gun laws passed. Do we have there names and address? I’ll bet they have armed guards.

        Now to Big Brother. Because we know you are reading these sites. Don’t start a war you can’t win. Remember we know how you are and where you live. If you think for one second that you won’t be effected by a gun grab you must live on Mars! This turn into a Civil War/Revolution, and there will be a winner and I will bet it AIN’T going to be you!


        • Sarge, like I said, neither DHS nor any other fed agency has a leg to stand on. If the feds are looking for trouble, they won’t be disappointed.

        • The thing is, none of us really want this war. It is the government that is pushing people to action by leaving no viable alternative. The government refuses to protect the citizens of this country and instead chooses to steal our money and use it to protect our enemies for the sake of the multinational corporations. We have paid too high a price in American blood for their military adventurism and now they want to take our one last chance to counter them away from us. Sorry, but if they really do this we are cornered and have no choice but to do the unthinkable and fight back. What scares me the most is that when the dust clears, we may wind up worse off than when we started, depending on who wins. I just don’t see any other real options.

      22. This is the result of the Global Zionists who control our government. Of course they see every citizen of the U.S. as a threat. They want to either have slaves to serve them or they intend to kill us. These goals have been acknowledged and confessed if you care to investigate.

        • Whether they self-identify as Zionist Jews, Ashkenazi Jews, or Atheist Jews, the one common thread in the vast majority of “Gun Control” legislation in America appears to be that the “Elephants in the Room” are predominantly ethnic Jews. Ethnic Jews are responsible for presenting, promoting, and peddling the majority of all “Gun Control” bills in Congress, dating back to the 1968 “Gun Control Act.”

          From Celler to Metzenbaum to Kohl to Feinstein to Lautenberg to Specter to Boxer to Nadler to Lieberman to Blumenthal to Schumer to Emanuel to Bloomberg, etc. ad nauseum, the “Gun Control” agenda in America is clearly a disproportionately Kosher Affair.

          Is America in need of “Separation of Synagogue and State,” or “Separation of Semitism and State” in order to protect and preserve the right to self-defense, one’s natural inherited rights, and the Constitutionally-guaranteed “right of the people to keep and bear arms?”

          Why are a coterie of Jewish “Americans” going against the will of the majority of American people, who continue to purchase firearms in record numbers?

          Why are there virtually no Jewish politicians who are staunch, vocal supporters of the 2nd Amendment?

          Finally, why do some “American” Jews, like Alan Morton Dershowitz, argue that Americans should have no right to self-defense at all, and openly advocate for an authoritarian “Police State?”

          Jewish Harvard Professor Alan Morton Dershowitz:

          “I support abolishing self-defense. No one has the right to take responsibility for their own defense. That’s what the police are for. Everyone who is arming themselves for self-defense are wrong.

          I’m in favor of broad controls on guns. If I oppose individuals defending themselves, I have to support police defending them. I have to support a police state.”

          • Check out an organization called Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO). Jews are not a monolithic group…

            • You point out a small outlier Jewish group. The majority is as Bob has described. The same in voting, 80%+ of Jews vote Democrat/Leftist.

      23. What he failed to mention is that the gubermints definition of “terror_ist” is extremely broad and far reaching. When he uses that term he means you and I. Meanwhile these bastards continue to flood this country with illegals, provide weapons of war to actual terrorist groups across the globe, foil attacks that they orchestrate and fund here in the homeland and I am the problem? Good one.

      24. DHS couldn’t pour piss out of a boot even if the directions on how to do so were written on the bottom of the boot

        I personally have seen the DHS fat Phucks around here sit in their tax paid for trucks getting fatter and more useless by the day , I also am a Private Pilot and have seen them hiding asleep at many of the airfields I frequent . Its a works program for the union government losers so they can get paid 50 grand a year to sit in a truck and look like they are doing something , along with their fat pensions that we are all paying for as we lose our jobs and security

        about a year ago I landed at a local air port after a business meeting I had , and from the elevated approach to the run way I had a great vantage point to see where they hide at that particular airport , after I tied down I walked over that way and could see the douche sleeping at a picnic table he had moved over to where he regularly hides to get paid to sleep for 8 hours a day ..when the shit hits these losers are gonna tuck tail and hide, they aint protecting anyone but their fat paychecks

        and just in case your wondering if this was a 1 time event ,, its not, its a regular daily occurrence( I know other pilots that have said and saw the same) .. I bet I could go over there right now and this fat phuck would still be there dicking off

      25. Now we have the possibility of a “No Buy” list created by a secret court… they’ll do anything they can to take away our freedoms and things are getting ripe!

        From the Daily Sheeple (who knows but I’ve been hearing it on the radio all day too)

        “NY Times Declares the Gov’t Should Secretly Suspend Our Second Amendment Rights”
        Here’s the link:

      26. Brave good one.. I won’t even phucking comment but I will say this. Been busy trying make ends meet, barely, but still have change left over for more brass and lead..

        Molon labe mother phuckers..

        The UN can eat shit and kiss my ass before I reach for the toilet paper..post my high protein stinking waste matter. My girlfriend believes me now..




      27. He is correct. An armed populace has the ability to resist a powerful central government who wishes to control them. A disarmed populace is a population of sheeple, easily controlled, bred, fattened, and then slaughtered. Just ask the North Korean citizens how it works. To the elite they will sleep much better at night knowing only their security guards are armed…

        • …unless those security guards decide to turn on them….hmmmmmm

      28. HCKS, things are tough all around, but just do the best you can with what you have. MOLON LABE

      29. so says the toughest mall cop in memphis

        • SSU, WHOA! I used to enjoy your posts. Now all of a sudden you sound like one of the trolls. What gives?

      30. Stop violence? I agree. I am 100% non-violent. So… let’s start with the leftists who, according the Black Book of Communism, published by Oxford Univ. Press, MURDERED 100 million last century. Then maybe move to disgusting Bill Ayers, who has said:

        “I can’t quite imagine putting a bomb in a building today— all of that seems so distinctly part of then. But I can’t quite imagine entirely dismissing the possibility, either.”
        Ayers confirmed that he can’t say for sure that he would never again rise up against the “violent” United States in a “very militant and serious way.” However, he said at 70 years old such a prospect is unlikely. Still, he made it clear he, like his wife, is not “committed” to an ideology of “nonviolence.”
        The former Weather Underground leader also said they should have “destroyed more property.” For the radical group, that meant bombing buildings.” From http://clashdaily.com/2014/07/bomb-country-listen-ayers-answer-kellys-question/#QwKrkEdmMCb1Qk98.99 and at http://clashdaily.com/2014/07/bbq-megyn-kelly-grills-domestic-terrorist-obamas-buddy-bill-ayers/

        Same disgusting person (I have two friends who are police, and found this quote despicable) who wrote: ““…we’re also going to make it clear that when a pig gets iced that’s a good thing, and that everyone who considers himself a revolutionary should be armed, should own a gun, should have a gun in his house.”
        – Bill Ayers, leftist activist and confidant of gun control happy Barack Obama, in A Strategy To Win, appearing in New Left Notes, September 12, 1969

        • Test:
          Zionism grew directly out of Communism. After leaving Russia, these communists dressed up their supremist genocidal ideology, but the goals are the same. Disarmed people are easy to kill.
          Soldiers in the German army were mowed down as soon as they put down their guns. Those not shot spent more than ten years in forced labor camps where most died. The few survivors were not released until 1995. This slavery was not condemned by the U.S. The unarmed Germans under the power of General Eisenhower, refused to allow anyone to give food to one and one half million unarmed men. He was not tried as a war criminal. He was rewarded.

          Never give up your guns. Fight to the death.

      31. Obama is preparing his touted Civilian corps fascists to assist in the looming gun grab attempt. Did you see the story about an ad appearing on Craigslist Orlando on June 8th, It stated: 75 Event Security Officers Needed Immediately must have D license no blue cards, You will be paid after the event is over. Is this connected to the club shooting? The Feds are in a rage to take the guns, all of the “representatives” fake bastards and bitches are screaming their treasonous bullshit to render the population defenseless.

        • aljamo, Actually many of us don’t want to fight or to go to a war and simply want to be left alone. However since the Zionist Tribe is a true blood thirsty parasites, I personally look forward to deal with them when they come. The fact is almost all of these parasites are good at killing unarmed civilians or to destroy people lives via financial disasters but when they face true war fighters they’ll scape.

          Let them try that with armed and patriots.

      32. Good luck with that, there’s around 1 cop/fed agent/military person for every 150 people in the usa; they do not have the resources.

      33. The system does not recognize your IP address or email address so your comment is under moderation. It should appear in 0 to 2 hours. Did I say something bad?

        • nope, its been doing that to me a lot lately too

          nothing has changed in my input information , yet some things i have posted sit in Mod for DAYS!..some dont even post EVER

          sure ups the aggravation level and has a chilling effect that causes some to post elsewhere

          wonder if this will even post

          some say clear your history etc.. thats not the problem , still does it

          • I experience this too, I see four causes.
            1. If I attach a live link there is always a delay until it’s tested by the moderator.
            2. I always use private browsing, this means the moment I close my window all cockies and data are deleted. Future sessions can’t access data or cookies from prior sessions. So servers can’t identify me by tagging my computer with cookies.
            3. Periodically my internet provider expires my DSL connection and upon refreshing my connection creates another provider IP address. Thus my credentials change. I may also use wifi when I travel. Yes I even checked in and posted from New Zealand.
            4. I notice that certain very sensitive topics are very easy to trigger moderator review. Likely the use of certain key words are triggering it. Easy to do when talking about certain topics.

            I know that Mac must protect his site from extremism or potentially illegal speech like threats or conspiracy. Still this is one of the most tolerant discussion sites I’ve ever seen on the web.

            I’ve really don’t mind the wait. Nice job Mac.

        • nope, its been doing that to me a lot lately too

          nothing has changed in my input information , yet some things i have posted sit in Mod for DAYS!..some dont even post EVER

          sure ups the aggravation level and has a chilling effect that causes some to post elsewhere

          wonder if this will even post

          some say clear your history etc.. thats not the problem , still does it

        • No, it’s more the email address than the IP. It’s trying to determine if you’re spam.

          Happens sometimes when using TOR (Anonymity Browser).

      34. I sum it all up with the following observation.

        The closer they get to their goals the more difficult it becomes to hide its true intent.

        • BINGO!

      35. The reason Europe is gone and done is due to having unarmed population. No matter what and under no circumstances give up your guns.

        Listen you NWO Tribe: If you think your barbaric cousins under the ISIS name can rape and kill my loved ones as they do in Europe, just try to disarm me.

        • “The reason Europe is gone and done is due to having unarmed population.”

          I think they are neither gone or done as the northern European economies are still in somewhat decent shape. Their historic manufacture of very high quality goods hasn’t been decimated by China’s mass production / ultra low labor cost. The US didn’t necessarily get the cream of Europe in immigration but we got the most industrious. As my Father says, “The lazy Italians stayed in Italy”. I think that has a lot of merit.

          Regarding guns I guess Europeans just became tired of war / violence because if a battle was fought in the US there would be little need to clean up the weapons and ammo as everyone I know would pick through that like a vulture. “Guns”? “What guns”? “Didn’t see any”.

      36. If you have to keep EVERYONE under constant surveillance then what’s even the point.

        Do you have a country at that point or what?

      37. No worries secratary johnson,millions of Americans are practicing gun control everyday and becoming better shots/learning to work with team ect.,we have your back.

      38. That makes DHS a threat to Americans. Americans are in charge of their OWN homeland security. That’s what their right to keep and bear arms is for as expressed in the Second AMENDMENT OF what was otherwise the Federalist governmentalist “supreme law of the land” U.S. Constitution before the People demanded the (weakly worded) Bill of Rights to AMEND that Constitution and do away with the “supremacy” clauses. The People are supreme only over themselves, severally. No one else on earth has legitimate supremacy over them.

        • Anonymous, BRAVO! Couldn’t have said it any better.

      39. Obama says, “You must not judge Muslims based on the acts of a few radical individuals”.

        Obama also says, “the acts of those few radical individuals is cause to judge convict and take punitive action against America’s 100 million gun owners”!

        Obama’s logic is eerily similar to outraged Muslims killing Christians all over the world because a a Charlie Hebdo “Mohamed” cartoon published in Europe.

        Obama’s false rage is not directed at the terrorists, but at the rest of free America. Obama doesn’t hate the shooter, he hates Donald Trump for simply pointing out the shooter!

      40. We can though judge one of Americas favorite rifles,millions in circulation?, due to the misuse of a few by assholes,hmmmm….,oh,and the orlando shooting douchebag did not use a AR.

      41. One day I hope to wake up and the Banks are closed.
        No more ATM withdrawals and everything is frozen.
        Then wait to see how the Free Shit Army reacts when there is no more EBT or SNAPS.
        Then the expected terrorist attacks that ISIS has stated to add to the confusion. DHS and the alphabet soup gang will be in full swing. Maybe the Gays will arm themselves or even turn on their once loved political party. Even Solid Democrats might mash their teeth.
        No more internet to rant upon. No more warnings. No more advise. You are on your own.
        The bullshit stops. It becomes real.

      42. Anon, be careful what you wish for. It will happen, just don’t know when.

      43. Braveheart1776

        It should all go down at election time. Lets see what he Brits do in the election on the E.U. Russia could spill the beans on Hillary. Who knows?

        We both know it is not getting any better. I think our country is too far gone and even Trump can’t save it.

        Look around you, Braveheart. The country is rotten to the core.

        • Anon, it doesn’t really matter which sock puppet gets ‘selected’. We’re headed toward civil war 2 and revolution.

      44. Just want to add one thing, haven’t seen it posted but researched it and it seems that big fat POS Johnson is a muslim, so wonder what his real name is that they keep from the public. No wonder that f er wants the guns gone so his sand flea satanic butt buddies don’t have to fear getting a double tap when they try to kill innocent citizens. An the Islamic scum bag put him in place, I truly hate that SOB.
        Molon Labe

        • Nam, no muslim tells me what to do. DHS doesn’t tell me what to do. let them bring it if they’re stupid enough and I believe they will be.

      45. If Jeh wants to save us from terrorism —– start by closing down the southern border!

      46. M1A1 rifles fear no evil

        • Amen to that, brother…

      47. The official apologists for Islamic radicals said it is time we all reflect about why these shootings occur – F*CK YOU, I don’t shoot people. I am not going to reflect, not take any any responsibility, not blame society, not feel any guilt, and not surrender my rights. But instead, I will continue acting and thinking in what is my best interests and be responsible only for what I do. I bet if the shooter(s) had been “right-wing extremists” they sure as hell wouldn’t be excusing the shooter(s). They would be virulently demonizing gun owners and the 2nd amendment itself. Most likely enacting “emergency laws” to strip gun owners of our property. They would be ramping up the propaganda machine aimed at those who love their liberties and don’t like abuse by gov’t. They would not waste a second to seize an opportunity to start dearming gun owners. We all realize of course the gov’t would by necessity have to violate all rights of all citizens in the process of negating the 2nd amendment, even non-gun owners.
        But another matter, the media has not widely reported the alleged Orlando shooter was reported to be gay and visited that club, and has anyone seen any of the victims? There are so many inconguent facts about what happened that one cannot coherently conclude what actually happened. Even the media has reported different versions of facts. One guy who was actually inside, while telling what he saw was cut off, it differed from the official account. Without trying to appear as a kook, was this another false flag event? We all know the gov’t lies, deceives, heavily uses propaganda, hides from the public anything that shows them in a bad way; they are grossly corrupt and despises their own citizens. They will do ANYTHING to maintain power.

      48. Mean while, 3000 unborn children are aborted everyday and nobody says shit about that. By the way gooberment, abortions are done without guns!

      49. Abortions are done without guns Whatever?Hmmmm….,so we can get rid of govt. even without firearms?

        • My message to the government is that the abortions happen without the use of guns meaning that guns are NOT the problem.

      50. If you own gold, you are an enemy and a threat to our government.
        If you are against abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, zoophilia, bestiality, pedophilia and pederasty, you are an enemy of the US government.
        If you believe in God (Christians and Orthodox Jews), and the Bible, you are an enemy of the US government.
        If you believe in States Rights, you are an enemy of the US government.
        If you believe in the 1st and 2nd Amendments, you are an enemy of the US government.
        If you believe in the Constitution of the United States, you are an enemy of our government.
        If you homeschool, you are an enemy of our government.
        If you are white, you are automatically designated as an enemy of the US government.
        If you once served in the Armed Forces, you are an enemy of the US government.
        If you are suspicious of the Federal government and if you revere individual liberty, you are a Right Wing Terrorist.
        If you believe that your freedom and way of life is under attack, you are a Right Wing Terrorist.
        If you are against globalism, you are a Right Wing Terrorist.
        If you believe in “conspiracy theories” that talk about threats to US sovereignty, you are a Right Wing Terrorist.
        If you believe in storing food, medical supplies, guns, etc. in case of a natural disaster (or a man made one), you are a Right Wing Terrorist.
        If you use cash, instead of paying for things with a credit/debit card (no paper trail), you are a Right Wing Terrorist.
        If you believe that Islam, Muslims, and Sharia Law pose a grave threat to life and liberty in the United States, you are definitely a Right Wing Terrorist.
        If you want the United Nations out of the US and the US out of the United Nations, and are against their plan for global governance (called “Communitarianism”), or are against Marxism, Communism or Socialism, you are a grave threat to our government and are a Right Wing Terrorist.
        If you know anything about globalist organizations like the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome, etc., and believe that these groups want to usher in a NWO, in fact if you believe in something called the New World Order, you are most definitely a Right Wing Terrorist and an enemy to our government.

        The noose is tightening folks, and the oligarchs in charge will use any means possible to wrest our lives, our freedoms and our free will from us.

      51. Anyone working for DHS is a traitor who sold your soul to global elites.

        • Not true Diane.
          Some good people work at many Fed jobs.
          DHS included.

          History Teaches:
          And when the head shed turns on the American people full force.
          Then those good men and ladies will Frag the TRAITOR officers.
          The bad TRAITOR officers giving orders to Murder Americans in cold blood will be dispatched just like the Vietnam fragged officers.

          Look up Operation Valkyrie during WW2.
          There were German officers that came close to taking out the mad man Hitler.
          The German Officers wanted the insanity to stop. Unfortunately the plan failed. To the detriment of the German people.

          Erwin Rommel, “the Desert Fox”, was Forced to commit suicide once the Valkyrie plot failed. Rommel did NOT go along once the extermination camps where known.
          Rommel, one of the most decorated German officers, was a part of the plan to take out Hitler.

          Same with DHS. Good people will stop the Evil.
          Look at the courage of Ed Snowden.
          Darkness is always illuminated by Light.

          The sun arises each day. Even after fierce storms.

          Good will overcome evil in the end. Fear not.
          Just because an enemy wins a battle does NOT mean the war is lost.
          Look at the courage of General Washington and the brave men that fought with him.

          Beaten is Not Defeated.
          God wins in the end.

      52. “We need to do something to minimize the opportunity for terrorists to get a gun in this country.”
        I hope that is not the basis for Mr. Johnson’s plan. It presumes that terrorists can be identified prior to their commission of a criminal act, and is therefore pretty shaky on the due process front. Also, given his delusions regarding citizens who are concerned about the growing disregard of the US Constitution being potential terrorists, I smell an end run around the 2nd Amendment.
        More importantly, it is not a strategy that is working. Homeland Security seems not to be able to find hay in a haystack. Also, if I may make an observation, those things that hurt your hands when you are sifting through hay and cause you to bleed; they are needles. No, really, they are what you should be looking for and not destroying evidence of and intelligence regarding.
        It is recognized that early intervention is key to controlling fires. That is why we have fire alarms, fire drills, fire safety classes, and teach people to use fire extinguishers. Similarly, when someone suffers a cardiac arrest and time is of the essence, there is an expectation that (rather than tweeting about the event, with photos or video) someone call 911, begin CPR, and utilize an automated external defibrillator if available.
        So, when havoc is being wreaked by a gunman, and the average police response time is a couple of minutes after the average mass shooting caper is over, we cannot have a similar expectation that a citizen, armed, practiced in shooting, trained in gun safety and law could perhaps intervene to stop the attack before the death toll rises?

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