DHS Publicly Denies Preparation for Riots, Civil Unrest

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The Department of Homeland Security has denied that it is preparing for domestic unrest despite the purchase of riot gear and the hiring of armed guards which the federal agency freely admits are for “riot control situations” and “civil disturbances”.

Responding to an inquiry by the International Business Times regarding the recent purchase of riot control equipment, pepper spray launchers, pepper spray projectiles, as well as the hiring of armed guards to protect government buildings, the DHS dismissed reports (primarily from Infowars) that such activity was related to preparations for domestic disorder.

“These reports are false. The referenced Federal Protective Service (FPS) acquisition request for Protective Security Officers will replace an existing contract due to expire November 2014, which provides security and screening within federal facilities throughout upstate New York,” DHS spokesman S.Y. Lee said in the statement. “This routine acquisition planning is not in response to, or anticipation of, any potential situation.”

However, that’s the opposite of what the solicitation that accompanied the hiring of the armed guards actually stated. Indeed, two of the ‘potential situations’ listed by the DHS itself as to why they were hiring armed guards to protect government buildings were “public demonstration(s)” and “civil disturbances”.

Lee also told the IBT that Homeland Security’s recent purchase of pepper spray launchers and pepper spray projectiles was for “training purposes” only, adding, “The reports about the Department of Homeland Security preparing for any extraordinary situation or domestic unrest are unequivocally false.”

If the pepper spray projectiles were for training purposes only, then why did the federal agency purchase 120,000 live projectiles in addition to 117,000 training projectiles?

Furthermore, when the federal agency purchased riot gear back in June, the DHS itself again admitted that the equipment was for “riot control situations.”

Why is the DHS denying in public media statements what it freely admits within the pages of its own contract solicitations?

Whether America is set to be hit by domestic unrest or not, the fact is that Homeland Security is preparing for that outcome. That’s not Infowars.com making such a claim – the DHS itself admits it in their own documents.

These questions were not asked by the International Business Times’ Connor Adams Sheets, who also characterized the DHS’ bid to “quash dissent, monitor public events, and infiltrate peaceful protest groups,” as a “conspiracy theory,” despite the fact that the federal agency has admittedly spied on and infiltrated peaceful advocacy groups since at least 2006, according to the ACLU.

The issue of why the DHS is now hiring an armed domestic security force in Minnesota and Wisconsin which is required to have a “Top Secret” security clearance was also not explored.

Just as with the DHS’ ammunition buying controversy, which again in this piece is erroneously dismissed as bulk buying to save money, an explanation we debunked months ago, the mainstream media seems to think that potential government malfeasance can easily be dismissed by merely reprinting the glib statements of government officials without any scrutiny whatsoever.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

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    1. Nina'os lil brother

      Great these clowns will make mobile resupply easy
      Remember to strip em of gear while still warm.
      It’s easier

      • BigB

        Of course they have denied it. On the other hand what has any government entity told us that was true lately?


        • JoeRepublic

          My rule of thumb when hearing anything the government says is based on everything is opposite. When they say they’re preparing, that means they’re not ready. When they say they’re not preparing, that means they’re ready. It also usually means they’re getting close to implementing things too. I guess we’ll see. Maybe they have another hoaxed event coming to go beyond Boston, LAX and Sandy Hoax. Count on it starting with some shit like this.

          Bring it bitches.

          • Be informed

            Just like BO denied that anyone would lose their medical insurance provider. I just can’t believe how anyone could think that the government is in their corner or telling the truth. It reminds me of those cartoons in which the person is running as fast as they can with a keg of explosives and the lite fuse following them faster than they run, then off in the distance BOOM. You would think that the cartoon character would simply dump the explosive container, but they continue to carry it. Just the same as BO supporters and those that still feel the government on their side and working for them. Throw it down before the fuse catches up with them, but so many of the masses just don’t get it and continue to support BO, the elitists, DHS, and congress, right down to the very end, BOOM!

            • sixpack

              looks to me like they’re replacing those who will not fire on innocent citizens, with those who will…plain and simple.

              • OutWest

                The DHS is beefing up for the very thing
                they are creating, civil unrest.

                What a joke. Do they think they can pepper
                spray 300 million pissed off people marching
                on the Fed with blood in their eye and
                revenge in their heart?

                Well well, the government does have a sense
                of humor after all.

                • JoeTruther

                  Your heart is in the right place. Stay in this for the long haul. Be calm and disobey. Truth will win, always does. There will come a time to storm the gov houses, but lets be coordinated and make it peaceful.

                • you don't need to know

                  Good morning ya’ll. My question to everyone here is what are you doing?

                  SOme of you say you don’t vote anymore and you get “yelled” at by other people on this site. If I vote, it’ll be for a third party candidate, which supposedly is a vote thrown away.

                  Some of you talk about “them” trying to come get your guns and what you plan on doing when they do…

                  Some of us are prepping, storing all the esentials we think we’ll need in order to survive what we all think will happen.

                  Some of us are still trying to open the eyes of our family and friends to what is coming.

                  I was listening to one of the many shows out there yesterday and it got me thinking. What am I doing?

                  My family has moved out of the city to a very small community, set up our house and am trying to get as self sufficient as we can before TSHTF.

                  But what am I doing? Nothing.

                  Yes I’m getting self sufficient and loving EVERY minute of it, but I’m not doing anything to try and stop what is happening… There’s ALOT of big talk on this site and I really want to know what you are DOING!!!!

                  And while I was listening to the show, I realized that the police state has already affected me. I”m not doing anything politically bc I just want to be left alone and want to crawl in my hole of self sufficiency. Even though I’m very aware of what is going on in the world.

                  Who’s right? Mac, who knows the government is watching him and everything he does or me that doesn’t see any hope for the way America is right now and will become very active after the reset?

                  Just curious what everyone is DOING? When will you know?

                • Ancient Echoes

                  There will not be 300 million sorry to say. We are in the minority here, isn’t that what all of the articles and comments have been telling us? Most of us cannot even get our whole family to believe and prepare for these things.

                • kimintn

                  @ydntk i am praying daily, thanking for blessings and asking for wisdom. and like you, am in self sufficiency mode waiting for whoknowswhat. in the mean time, today skies are clear and the air cool. put a meatloaf and sweet potato casserole in the solar oven, this eve will get a fire going in the fireplace and make an apple crumble for dessert. top off the day with a warm cup of hard cider and thank God once again for these many blessings. sometimes thats all i can do.

                • Anonymous

                  Hey there ding-a-ling! Have any of you so-called “blood thirsty for revolution” single-IQ folks ever been in a revolution? Ever been in a true civil uprising? Ever been in an area with civil unrest?

                  Be careful what you wish for.

                  Have any of you stopped to consider the distinct possibility that this entire Obama lie about being able to keep one’s insurance was deliberately calculated to enrage people? That it was deliberately calculated to provoke people into an actual uprising?

                  Quiz: What does Communism need for complete ascendancy to complete power? Answer: Chaos and breakdown of law and order.

                  These commies know what they’re doing. They’re evil, but they’re not stupid people.

                  The smart way to stop this is to bring profound and unrelenting pressure on our legislators to impeach Obama. All of the necessary constitutional requirements for impeachment have been met. Boehner wouldn’t make a bad President — not the best, but not the worst, and he wouldn’t be President beyond the constitutional term. And he, above all, would be in a position to set this country back on the right path and make the appointments necessary to restore this nation’s true culture and traditional values.

                  But pitchforks and torches? Won’t work and will play directly into the hands of Obama and his commies.

                  Other ideas for how to stop this evisceration of the country, short of violent revolution? Let’s hear them. But trust me, you don’t want violent revolution.

                  As for the unworthy welfare recipients who WILL riot when they get cut off from the welfare gravy train once Obama is gone….well, that’s where military and police force with lethal means keeps order. But that power must be under the control of a loyal American President, who wields it wisely, effectively, and lawfully.

                • DPS

                  You don’t need to know,

                  Here is what I am doing. Everyday I use the internet to spread the word and not just to my friends to everybody. Its a old sales trick. Use hunting dogs for leads.By using social media and blogs you can get to thousands of minds and just plant 1 seed and see if it grows.
                  Many of you don’t use Facebook, and I wonder why? Is it because everyone knows its being watched? I got news for you by posting anywhere its being watched and who really gives a #&@&. If Facebook was so bad the why does Mac have it on this very page. I’ll tell you why it directs people to this site.. Dk is right its time to engage these MF’s and get in their face and make our voice heard that we the people will not take this BS laying down. And when that doesn’t work its time to vote and make each vote count..

                  NOMI Shall I move,

              • Swinging on a star

                Bottom line,

                Obama care is going to collapse and what that will do is anybody’s guess. I would assume the regime cockroaches will scramble to save their own skins. I’m not much on buying the red flag scenario normally but I would assume they must do something to distract the millions of sheeple from the truth. This is one Mother of a mess that will not end well. Of course they are scrambling now because the idiots know what a failure this is going to be.


                • cabinfever

                  Here’s the God’s honest truth:

                  Obamacare was meant to fail because we are headed for something much much worse…the mark of the beast. They want to control every aspect, not just healthcare. That no one may buy or sell…have shelter or receive healthcare…the whole ball of wax.

                • Sigi

                  cabinfever- you may be right, but if the timing is wrong, God my be doing with them what He did with the Axis powers in WWII and the USSR- allow it to get as bad as possible so that after it is defeated it will take decades before it comes back to that point- a generation or more will have learned the lessons and had their eyes and ears freshly open to Him. Look back 100 years ago. The Progressives of this nation were ready to take us there then, but the Great Depression and WWII hit a reset button. I have fought this idea, sort of wanting it to be the end of the world, so that the Kingdom of God will come, but this idea keeps coming back to me: there may be yet another reset before the last days truly kick off. So many are ready to die- but are we ready to live?

              • braveheart

                Sixpack, those morons who are willing to shoot us will regret trying to take us on. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

                • sixpack

                  Agreed, but that doesn’t mean TPTB aren’t trying to stack the deck in their favor as much as possible.

            • wrong

              If they open their mouths there lying.

              • robert paulson

                its ok if their lying because the tar and feathers i’ve been buying arent for politicians , the tar is for my driveway and the feathers are to insulate my chickens from the cold this winter.
                oh, and that large quantity of rope i bought is just to replace some old rope that i had
                and i sure wish i could quit breaking pitchforks, those are starting to get exspensive.

                nsa; the only goverment agency that listens to the people

            • gone under

              Slightly off topic. They have prepared for something. I noticed that there are very few earthquakes within the last 24 hours(14)compared to what is normally posted 30-40. This might have something to do with the Largest Sunspot in this solar cycle facing directly at us with X flare capabilities. Maybe BI could look at this. One more thing, I think NASA lies alittle bit because they seem to be increasing the size of ISON whenever I read something. Now they gave its size in Radius instead of Diameter to make it sound smaller. 500 to 2000 meters Radius is Not small. Thats like up to 2.5 miles across which would hurt if it hit anywhere.

            • braveheart

              BI, your analogy of the cartoon character strapped with explosives perfectly describes at least 90% of the population. The feds make it clear every day through words and deeds what their intentions are toward us. There’s no question in my mind that DHS is preparing for war against us. Let them bring it on. If they want to be foolish, that’s their own affair. they will pay terribly for it. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

          • TheGuy

            That’s an interesting take on it, because technically it would make the statement true…

            “We’re not preparing… (we finished doing that months ago..)”

          • lonelonemum

            The article someone posted a few articles back needs to go on the front page of this site as a matter of urgency.

            In several areas the homeless are already being sent to the US FEMA camps. If that’s not a wake up call that something wicked this way comes, I honestly do not know what is.

            Here in the UK fuel costs mean that more people will die this winter as poverty means many will lose the heat or eat balance. Our government can afford to be more subtle as we are unarmed & they’ve already had a public test run of the civil pinch points with the riots of 2010. The Olympics also gave them the excuse to install sufficient security for themselves. The raw figures show our public finances are in worse shape that those of Greece by some margin so we have no cause for complacency, especially given the tide of humanity arriving on our shores from regions of Europe where shtf already.

            Your military has been purged of those who respect the constitution and will not fire on it’s own citizens. It looks to me as if the same process is being completed with the domestic security forces. Sadly I think Dimitry Orlov was right – the West will not fare as well as Russia did during it’s own collapse.

          • Nationcrying

            Yepper. I am thinking that if they are having a “drill” or “tests” on the electric grid system, that is a clue as to what’s coming. That’s the pattern.

          • Chef

            Agreed. That’s why I say if you hear the words “we’re here from the government, and we’re here to help.” RUN!!!!!!!!

          • Jeff

            Of course they are lying. It is the SOP, always lie. If you want to know the truth, just watch what they do. Buying billions of rounds of hollow point ammo and then passing them and the assault rifles…er…”personal denfense weapons to every alphabet soup .gov agency means only one thing, they want to shoot people. They know to that events are reaching critical mass, some thing is going to break and very soon. They are determined to give only two choices: total submission or death.

          • Grey Dog

            The amount of riot gear that was brought will be used to train officers only. They didn’t buy enough to do anything with . You have to fire so many rounds to pass the class. 120,000 live projectiles is nothing will go fast during training officers across the US. Once aging the amount brought is not enough to do a lot with when you are talking about a large city. I bet most large cities PD have that amount of riot gear on hand all ready if not more.

        • Agressive Progressive

          I feel soooo much better now!

        • pissinwiththewind

          Well, the gov did tell us they would be printing more $$$, and that was the truth. LOL.

          • Doubtful Dave

            Wow, armed guards in all of our vital areas like Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Arkansas. They’ve got us cornered for sure. Or is that they have us surrounded?
            What on earth shall we ever do, we’re doomed-doomed I tell you!

        • Paranoid

          These boys are so smart when they search a room they just yell: “Is anybody in there?” If they get a loud “NO” back, they go on to the next one.

          • sixpack

            How do you keep a CIA investigator busy?

            Put him in a round room and order him to search every corner…

        • Nationcrying

          Saved him to my favorites. Thanks for the suggestion. I am curious as to what he meant by Teton County is safe. Did I understand that and why?

        • Pissed Off Granny


          Thanks for the link. Teton County, Idaho is not only thinking about what they will do; they are acting. This article certainly is a “must read”.

        • DPS


          Thats a great link something everybody should read.


      • Rodster

        And you can keep your insurance and doctors, nuff said ! 😉

      • Justice

        The bigger the lie and the more often it’ds repeated, the more likely people will believe it !

      • st.augustine

        lil brother,easier ain’t gonna be an option,,dodging drones,helicopters and armored vehicles will determine your life span.Sabotage,booby traps and stealth will increase your life span,,,I sure do like your sister,ALOT!!!

      • AnAngryJew

        Anyone think the ‘Jericho’ plot gave the government some ideas? I mean, it seems plausible and it is the best way for them to gain total control.

        • sixpack

          Interesting how some of the marauders in “Jericho” come dressed up as cops and military troops and FEMA…hmmmm.

    2. A.Martinez no not that one!

      Was told by an Alabama State Trooper while having dinner one night. DHS will have an Officer in all 67 counties in our State by 2015.

      • Not so Much

        officer or office?

      • A.Martinez no not that one!

        In with our Sheriff’s office, sorry left that out.

        • hammerhead

          i heard the same thing , for now a sherrifs deputy may ALSO be a DHS representative .
          This is scary because it compromises the local sherrif .
          It dont seem like this should even be constitutional.

          AS far as all the supplies these thugs are buying , they are prepareing for the same “event” everyone else is.
          its nothing more than an arms race .

          • PA farmer

            “It dont seem like this should even be Constitutional”
            Lol,lol,lol..This Sentence should be at the end of every Law since ob has been in office.

    3. Sick of it all

      Denial? WTF ??? All the ammo purchased. No budget for years the failed solyndra fiasco was a cover for them to spend all of the bailout money for Gov’t. Preps to used on us when the time comes Scrap this Gov’t. The only thing I would keep is “OLD GLORY”

      • PO'd Patriot

        Relax. That’s just rain that you feel hitting the back of your necks like they told you.

        • kimintn

          “they” should know better; don’t whiz on the electric fence.

    4. DPS

      Read this earlier, Tell me why they would need Top Secret security clearance? Sound like to me they are looking for Blackwater types.
      I guess if you can’t get our military to fire on us these boy’s will.


      • BigB

        No DPS, this is the new form of the old Soviet propaganda officer assigned to units to insure compliance and loyalty to the regime. Fuckers.


        • hammerhead

          yes big b – thats why they are puttin “representatives” in the sheriffs office.
          To insure compliance .

        • Hunter

          Amerikan Commisars!

      • Ever Vigilant

        But we fire back though…

      • LSB

        Good, that will just make it all the easier to fire back.

    5. Socrates

      “These are not the drones you were looking for…”

      Oh…THOSE drones?. Not those either. Or these riot shields, or checkpoint booths or top of the line HST hollow-point bullets or any of those other things you think you might have seen or heard about. Yeah, right! What a load of… (sound of toilet flushing, cue Shrek ‘All Star’ music)

      • Kulafarmer

        Your Jeddi majic has no effect on me!

        • Mountain Trekker

          Kulafarmer, just wondering, if I post a comment from MT time zone at 12:15am it shows up as 1:15am and you can post a comment at 10:43pm and that’s the time it shows. And your probably atleast 4 time zones West of here if your in Hawaii, must be Jeddi majic. Or maybe Mac could explain this. Trekker Out.

          • hammerhead

            trekker –
            good question, i have often wondered the same thing.
            It gets confusing , and then throw in DST .
            ITS 7AM here my post will read 8am , so i am commenting
            in the future ? LOL

            • hammerhead

              OOPS !
              I am all backwards today , 8am posting as 7am.
              So i guess i am history……………

              • Mountain Trekker

                Hammerhead you must be in Eastern Time Zone, and this site must be Central Time Zone, and I’m Mountain Time Zone, don’t know what Time Zone, Kulafarmer’s in. Anywho, I did fail math. Trekker Out.

        • sixpack

          Time to add some sturdy fly swatters to my preps…

    6. SWFL

      “This routine acquisition planning is not in response to, or anticipation of, any potential situation.”

      Right, I feel much better now that we have been reassured that they are spending our money for no purpose whatsoever.
      This gives me so much more faith in the people we pay to look out for our interests so we have the time to focus on making the economy function and provide them with the
      lifestyles we can’t afford for ourselves. At least the 1/2 of the population that contribute by actually working for a living.

      • lastmanstanding

        They are spending their money and saddling us with their debt…

        The difference is that they print money and dump it into their accounts…no labor involved. We on the other hand have to labor for our money…then they steal it in a hundred different ways.

        Bottom line is they are able to buy the same damn things that we do with that money. Wouldn’t it be nice to just have $ dumped into your account with no labor incurred and purchase a fully stocked safe haven, precious metals, security, etc. because you sold your soul to fuckin satan.

        • SWFL

          Yes, except for those pesky last eight words. And overlooking the whole “strength to stand on your own” thing. And the “self respect” thing. And, of course the respect of good people, and the awareness of what company that would put me in,…
          On second thought, let’s just let that statement of yours remain ironic.

    7. Hammerun

      Well don’t ask Obama about this, he’ll have to hear it on the news first otherwise he ain’t got a clue. Yea, that’s right, Clueless!! DSAC.

    8. maudy fricket

      The government is increasingly oppressive and heavy handed. That explains some of the extra government employees and equipment. The government is also corrupt. It buys equipment from companies with politically connected lobbyists. At some point soon, corrupt and oppressive will merge, and then it’s on. Don’t go head to head with large heavily armed units. You’re the resistance not the opposing army. The government is too big to defeat. It must defeat itself. We can only help it towards it’s inevitable miserable end.

    9. Nina'os lil brother

      Spoke with one of the local deputies today at the
      Deli counter can’t remember what he said sumptn
      Bout the weather. All I noticed was he and his partner
      Now carry 2 glocks on duty vest..

      • Luddite

        Are you sure one of those wasn’t a Taser? I see a lot of LEOs sporting two holsters these days but the one on their weak-side draw is “non-lethal.”

        • Nina'os lil brother

          Nope they had the little yellow taser on side of vest.
          They had a glock on duty belt and one on chest rig
          Also had 10 mag pouches xtra zip ties

      • PrepShepherd

        I don’t see the big deal with that, If I were a deputy I’d have three, main, backup and one loaded rubber bullets. Also if they let me I’d have a 50 cal in my car lol.

    10. Ted Kennedy

      I will live in the country. And I will marry a slim mid-western American woman and raise chickens, quail & beef, and she will cook them for me. And I will have a 4WD pickup truck… maybe even a blue water sail boat to bug out with & own PM coins. Do they let you do that?

      So far…

      Does it have a water maker, PV panels & spear gun?

      • Pissed Off Granny

        Poor Ted:

        After Chappaquiddick he has never been the same…..

        • PO'd Patriot

          Jump on in Ted, the water’s fine.

        • Warchild

          Hey,easy on Ted,has been sober for over 4 years now!A member of my family has a home next to the damn bridge,though of course that one replaced in the 90’s.

        • Hunter

          Very true Granny, but you must admit he’s been sober for quite some time, lately.

      • JustMe

        Red Oktober, coming soon…

        • Sigi

          We have a winner!

      • slingshot


        Man do you have high hopes for a Zombie. ;0)

      • Sigi

        I loved Sam Neil in that film. Too bad he never got to see Montana.

    11. Tactical

      What riots and civil unrest? Love is in the air. Americans are enjoying prosperity and all are pursuing the happiness, Health care system is intact. No one listens to regular folks phone calls and on and on and on. The constitution still is the law of the land. And most importantly the main mission from the capital is justice for all. Oh sorry I thought for a second that I am part of the elite…it was a pipe dream…Ignore the comment.

    12. Shirley

      The Fed will cause either deflation or inflation, but it cannot produce stable real economic growth.

    13. Babycatcher55

      I know DHS is lying- we belong to a communications group that helps served agencies like the Red Cross, FEMA and the local health dept. there was a hospital net on today( normally on a Friday night) and the guys were communicating for the local hospitals. On the news at 10 pm, we found out there were 35 hospitals in our state doing an emergency drill, with high schoolers and off duty staff. They were preparing for…..mass casualties!! That was the scenario! We’ve done scenarios in the past about pandemics and so forth, but this is cutting a little close to home!

    14. SCTV

      That is right. I am not prepping/hoarding, I am only shopping for food that I plan to eat. As it must be replaced as it is eaten. And bulk purchases are so that I can save money too. I’m OK, You’re OK.

      • JustMe

        Happy Happy Joy Joy…

        • kimintn

          happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, joy, joy, joy! (i have an asthmahound chihuahua 🙂 )

          • JustMe

            Ren is soooooo spastic!

      • Jeff

        Ditto. Offical story; I am not prepping/hoarding. I am merely doing my part as a good consumer to stimulate the economy by buying lots and lots of stuff now. You know that you can get good deals if you buy in bulk. So I just want to save money by spending it now rather than later. .

        BTW, I never lie. Lie is such an ugly word, rather I am temporarily truth disfunctional, having mispoke and at this point what differnce does it make?

    15. Pissed Off Granny

      This is a thanks to Pine4BetterDaze that posted this website on a former article on shtf….

      world dot tv/the cia manchurian candidate groomed by communists to destroy America

      It will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up!

      Just a small excerpt from that article:

      Zbigniew Brzezinski is running Obama and is his handler.

      A quote from Brzezinski make it clear he is preparing Obama to rule over a national police state surveillance grid in America….

      “The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up to date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrievial by the authorities.”

      The article goes on to state how the Communists, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn are intertwined with Obama:

      Larry Grathwold, a former FBI informant who penetrated the Weather Underground terrorist organization, testified in a court of law that Ayers and Dorn had direct involvement in a terrorist plot which killed a San Francisco police sergeant by a bomb planted by the Weather Underground terrorists.

      Grathwold also revealed that he ask Ayers, in a meeting of about 25 well to do Weathermen, most with advanced degrees from Ivy League Universities, what they planned to do when they achieved their goal of a communist takeover of the government. Grathwold stated that Ayers paused for a moment and then said that it was likely that 50 million Americans had to be re-educated in concentration camps located in the American Southwest and that about 25 million would have to be eliminated, meaning murdered.

      Allen Hulton, a 30 year veteran of the postal service provided a sworn affidavit to Maricopa, Arizona sheriff investigators. Led by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, in an effort to determine whether or not former foreign college student, Barack Obama, was eligible to be placed on the Arizona 2012 election ballot.


      Readers should take notice this is an affidavit, and as such, is formally considered evidence, not conjecture or heresay.

      My comment:

      Go to this website and you will see a blistering account of CIA involvement of Barack Obama’s rise to fame.

      Pertaining to the headline here at shtf; homeland security IS planning a takedown of America. Obama and his communist handlers are putting their plans in place.

      • lastmanstanding

        This has been out for years Granny.

        Thanks for reposting it…sheep need to know who they voted for.

        • lastmanstanding

          ps…funny how Joe A is in the southwest…seems strange that he is still around and has a “camp” of sorts doing basically the same thing.

          Who do you believe anymore?

      • kimintn

        sorry for the fat thumb, was supposed to be thumbs up!

      • Tactical

        POG, Thanks for reminding the readers about the historical data and the criminals behind the satanic plans. The sick part is these species are still deeply involved with day to day planning. Zbigniew Brzezinski and Kissinger are only two of the many such species. These two ZOGs have committed more genocide on planet earth from north to south and east to west over that can equally match the crimes committed by their ancestors ….Lenin and Stalin. It is just amazing to see a TV station being in operation and being hosted by his filthy daughter and the rest of blood thirsty species who are now operating under a new name os “ism”.

        • Hunter


          ***(a redux somewhat, w/ apologies to Brandon Smith, I merely ‘souped’ it up a tiny bit).

          Without doubt, conservatives, especially (Christian) Constitutional conservatives, are the warrior class of American society. Always have been.
          Because the average conservative is far more likely to own firearms, have extensive tactical training/knowledge/proficiency with said weapons and possesses sufficient ammo to ‘feed’ them.
          Plus the gonads to use them.

          Ditto, he’s likely to have military experience and thus has less psychological fear of conflict; and he is more apt to take ‘INDEPENDENT’ physical action in the face of an immediate threat.

          This is the root of the enemy’s fear and worry!

          Because Constitutional conservatives are also more likely to fight based on honor, principal and heritage, rather than personal gain and therefore, less likely to get caught up in the madness of a false-flag, mindless mob activity or panic.

          They worry, because we are independent thinkers!

          Constitutional conservatives are the most substantial existing threat to the establishment hierarchy because, unlike dissenting groups of the past, we know exactly who the controlling hands are…behind the ongoing economic and social calamity.

          Thus they plot and scheme, all-the-more!

          Their response propagates the conservative culture being subjected to relentless attack by the establishment controllers, via MSM shills and using the Regime of President Barack Obama, as a middleman.
          Their goal, is to re-direct conservative rage towards the Democratic/Liberal left and away from the elite Talmudic hierarchy.

          Thus, the deliberately treasonous and criminal actions of the Out House regime, has become so absurd and so openly hostile and provocative lately, that one must surmise that, there’s is a deliberate strategy designed to provoke conservatives into off-hand but well deserved retaliation, against a puppet anti-GOD/anti-CHRIST, communist regime, rather than the real enemy behind the curtain and pulling the strings!

          I think they have ‘no clue’ what a prey species’ fear, while being hunted, is like!
          But one day, they’ll learn.

          Aim small, miss small.

    16. amused

      well when you’re ready you just let me know and we’ll go, pack a lunch, you may be dealing with some badass americans for a long time, we’ve been gathering also, and I suspect are quite ready to FUK U UP!

      the harvest is near
      still amused

    17. Boss Hog

      Da govt is denying they’re prepping for SHTF, umm ok. Thats odd they’re usually so transparent about this stuff. Well, ok me either, not prepping not one little bit nah ahh, not me.

      I don’t know why they bother trying to hide anything anymore, seriously, its not like anyone is holding them accountable for anything. Besides more than half of America thinks everything is just fine and dandy.

      The NYC mayoral election is evidence of that in and of itself. Nanny Bloomboyg wasnt enough for them apparently. Goodgrief how many clues do you need?

      After some reflection on this I think the govt deserves a pass, lets face it they deny they’re prepping and most Americans deny there is any need to prep. Its a Shakespearian tradgedy happening right in front of your eyes. Shame on us.

      • Sigi

        Shakespearian or Greek? In the later a noble hero is undone by their humanness and fallibility. America was once noble, but always human.

    18. Sgt. Dale

      They have been training for the last 10 years that I know of.
      Before when we trained for anything it was for hostages being held.
      Only two times in my 20 years with one Department did we train for crowd control. this was at the end of my time with the first P.D. I worked for.
      The equipment that some of the law enforcement agencies have today is for nothing but crowd control.
      In Illinois if you work in Cairo Il. and something happens in Rockford you can go there and help with emergencies. Like floods or crowd control. This came into play after 9/11.
      You can’t B.S a BS’ser!
      Don’t take on a group of crowd control police you will loose. I know how to overwhelm them and some day I will tell you. But for now never go head to head with them they have all sorts of toy that they can play with.

      • BadAmerican

        @sgt dale:

        Don’t be a tease. Tell us how to overwhelm crowd control tactics now. You brought up the subject. How can we practice your methods, if you keep them to yourself?

        I call bullshit. Never hold useful information for yourself, this is a sharing website.

        ….bated breath…..BA.

        • Guero

          It’s called “crossfire”.

        • Warchild

          BA,perhaps sarge thinks we have weapons of mass destruction!Actually,the govt. seems to be the worse weapon of all.

          • Sgt. Dale

            No weapons of mass “D” We have numbers.
            Its with in the blog on this site that I wrote.
            Very close.
            YOU are close. If you have read some of my other blogs on this site you would know that there is a line in the sand if they cross it its over. I will stand against any LEO that crosses the line!!!
            Yes they can but you will die trying. There is a better way.

            • Warchild

              Blog on this site,really have no idea beyond site were to start looking,that said,rain has let up,will do a little splitting of wood while I have the chance,enjoy the day folks!

        • Sgt. Dale

          You didn’t read my blog very closely. I tell you its in there.
          If you are there just to tear shit up I’m not going to tell you strait out, if you are there and being peaceful its in the blog.
          Don’t forget big brother is reading these blogs and if I tell you out right they will change their tactics.
          When the day comes and I know that the SHTF I will put it strait out.

          • Warchild

            Sarge,what is the blog site,willing to peruse it,links for different information always important,that said,they start killing civilians my time on this little blue marble is very short.

          • BadAmerican

            @sgt dale:

            “Don’t take on a group of crowd control police you will loose. I know how to overwhelm them and some day I will tell you”

            Today is the day Sir. Do tell. If, in the future, they change their tactics, we change ours. All good plans are fluid that way. Any useful information on this topic that keeps us from being cannon fodder is appreciated. In this way, an open dialogue will ensue, with more suggestions, alternate theories about applied tactics, and the pros and cons of force multipliers with regards to group size and positioning.

            I know about flanking, destabilization, bait and draw, spearhead, controlling point of contact, and evasive tactics. I do not however, know how to overwhelm, without drawing first blood or using artillery. We have practice drills against rouge elements for WROL situations, but against perceived authority, not so much.

            Any suggestion from the group, or from you is now in order. My position is clear. Crystal.

            Thanks in advance.


            • Sgt. Dale

              You my friend are a smart man. I think the only advise I can give you on this site is KNOW YOUR ENEMY AND WHERE HE THEY LIVE!!! They know where you live. This goes for any enemy

        • JRS

          lol…breathe BA breathe…

          Sarge is forever and ever an LEO at heart and can NEVER cross to the other side of that “thin blue line”.

          • BadAmerican



            Shakespeare on the Beach, Merchants of Venice, been stuck in my head all week.

            Not too trusting of LEOs either, but SGT Dale is usually on top of his game and transparent with info. That is why I called him on it. Information is king.

            ….took my dog fishin’, he has baited breath….BA.

            • Sgt. Dale

              Thanks for the compliment.
              Did you figure it out.
              LEO’s are going to protect property and people. Never attack property or people. Only fight when you are attacked.
              Read the art of war.
              I think it was a Roman general once said “Divide and conquer”.

              • DPS


                Smart man, I got it.


                • Warchild

                  Who ever starts killing civilians I am dead,unlike a knife against a tank will take down 2 minimum before am sniped/rocketed/machine gunned down ext.,am comfortable with that tradeoff.

              • Sigi

                Lots of people go around quoting Sun Tsu, so it must be a pretty decent book.

              • BadAmerican

                @sgt dale:

                Thanks for responding.

                I know what “not” to do. A frontal assault, unless used as a diversion, is a certain no go. Overwhelming a large group usually requires being part of a larger group, having superior positioning, or field of fire. Nationwide martial law means WROL to me, so game on. But prior to a major paradigm shift, tactics to disperse a riot control squad without bloodshed, or appearing to incite a violent response, is knowledge, or at least the implementation of such knowledge that I am still uncertain. Any thoughts?

                I agree with “know thy enemy”. Success is always location, location, location. Locate their weakness, whether be abode or abide.

                Again, thanks in advance, my Brothers.

                …be safe….stay the course…..BA.

                • Sgt. Dale

                  Bad my friend you have it. Knowledge, and the implementation of said knowledge. Know your enemy.

      • Warchild

        Sarge,I see any mercenaries firing on citizens I am going straight to the rock in hell,there I will sit with a beer and smoke and welcome the few I took with me.

      • Musashi

        Can they be run over by trucks?

        • Warchild

          I would say big rigs a hell of a weapon,will tip over a lot of the smaller armor the locals seem stocking up on,big military stuff,just a good target.

        • BadAmerican


          ….yeah, big smelly garbage truck with a full container in front to shield against unfriendly fire. then dump it on them….lol.

          …feces, egg, and paint filled light bulbs launched with a dog ball thrower……

          ….laser lights from the grassy knoll….

          ….a true frontal assault with topless women, lots of em…..

          …..announce to protest at location A, but go to B instead, then C, and then to A. Keep ’em hoppin’….


          • Sgt. Dale

            Are you spying on me. My friend I think you should have posed the question. You have the answer!

            • BadAmerican

              @sgt dale:

              …i know tictacs….i play COD…..L.O.L.



    19. Quadrateq

      Deception is one of the primary principles of war.

    20. Quadrateq

      Deception is one the primary tactics of war.

    21. Prepping Preacher

      if ANYONE’S lips in this current regime are moving, then lies are being spread. that is inclusive of all 535 greed/power-driven egotists, their aides, the czars, the cabinet members, and everyone else who has taken the plunge into the district of corruption’s cesspool of filth

      pray for the best while prepping for the worst


    22. jerrytbg

      They lied to us? I mean…what…nooooo!!!

      It’s Us against Them…Remember, just a thin layer of oil,
      just a wipe after all the carbon is removed…



    23. possee

      As long as JPMorganChase stays solvent and backs the nationwide EBT card system..there will be no riots aka disturbances aka unrest..

      Afterall, there’s still trillions of untapped wealth to be extracted via hidden and blatant taxation,401’s, pensions etc etc etc..

      However, if their 70 plus trillion derivatives come a tumbling down..well then… all bets are off.

      if, that is, they have enough then to pay their enforcers.


      • KY Mom


        I agree JP Morgan Chase has made LOTS of money with the EBT card system. Think of the funds with that program that flow through the bank every month.

        I see this as government and the big banks working hand in hand to achieve their goals.

        Government goal – GAIN MORE CONTROL. They are following the plan of ‘Cloward and Piven’ – overwhelm the system and let it crash. Afterward, they will replace it with the govt. ‘structure’ THEY want.

        Big Banks goal – ENRICH THEMSELVES.

        JP Morgan’s Food Stamp Empire
        – How the welfare state became a profit center.

        “According to the website of the Agriculture Department—which oversees the food stamp program—three companies administer the bulk of EBT card programs in 49 states (the state of Montana runs its own program) through multi-year contracts ranging from five to seven years.

        JP Morgan Electronic Financial Services, Inc. (a subsidiary of JP Morgan Chase), … has contracts with 24 states and two U.S. territories.”

        Just how lucrative are JP Morgan’s EBT state contracts? “…18 of the 24 states JP Morgan handles have been contracted to pay the bank up to $560,492,596.02 since 2004. Since 2007, Florida has been contracted to pay JP Morgan $90,351,202.22. Pennsylvania’s seven-year contract totaled $112,541,823.27. New York’s seven-year contract totaled $126,394,917.”

        Study: Food Stamps Most Rapidly Growing Welfare Program
        “Spending on advertising and outreach for food stamps by federal and state governments has also increased, now amounting to $41.3 million a year.”

        “States like Florida have hired ‘food stamp recruiters’, who have a quota of signing up 150 new recipients each month. Rhode Island hosts ‘SNAP-themed bingo games’, and the USDA tells its field offices to throw parties to get more people on their rolls.”

        SNAP is an “inefficient, fraud-ridden, and deeply troubled program, … with $858 million in direct fraud in 2012 and $2.2 billion a year in erroneous payments.”

    24. Unreconsructed Southron

      Well that settles. Sell all your preps. We all know the gubmint’s word is as good as gold.

      (Though they don’t even have any anymore.)

    25. watching and waiting

      Unfortunately, the members of our goverment has lost creditability with the public because they’ve been bought out and some are left wing globalists who are actively seeking to bring forth a central world goverment, distribute wealth and bring down our form of national goverment. And they are working towards that goal.

      In any transition there is miscue’s,setbacks, disruptions of plans and resistance. That is what we are seeing here. Obama has said the old order is dead. George Bush in 1991 said that the time had come for a new world order. We are in that transition and most of us see the handwriting on the wall and DHS is preparing for that day when the public says no: And the goverment says Oh yes you will.

      To bring that about, I believe we could see terrorism on a level never seen before bloody and very deadly. Americans will cry for security and the goverment will provide, at a cost. The cost being personal freedoms.

      DHS is already becoming involved in cases(crimes) that are usually handled at state level, asking for information.
      If we do pray for our country, put people in office who has our, OUR best interest in their heart, our country will soon look like the Eastern Bloc of The Former Soviet Union.

      We need men and women of moral character who stand for goodness and things that are right. I fear that in the future our streets and cities will look like Beruit or Baghdad.

      God help us………..
      Just my opinion……..

    26. Cujo

      History repeats itself, go back to Hitlers Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels.

      As Hitler stripped Germany of their Constitution Goebbels denied it was happening, he reassured them the Constitution was in place. Then one day it was gone and the SS and Brown Shirts ruled the people.

      Right this very moment Joseph Goebbels tactics are being done on the American People. Wake up you Sheeple!!!

    27. 10mm

      House Bill 992 was just passed in the HOUSE with BI PARTISIAN support. It allows derivative trading to commence and does away with the DODD-FRANK bill to prevent the 2008 type collapse. It was written in part by CITI GROUP lobbyist.70 of the 85 lines. How’s that for ya, supported by RED TEAM unanimously.

    28. Calgacus

      We thought our food stash was pretty good and then we figured that more was better. This past week made us realize we need more than we thought. We need food for about 5 years. Obamacare mess will tip us over and think next year will be very bad w/ only 2 months away. Government gone wild and will get wilder. Maybe more than 5 years but thats our new goal.
      Never thought it would be this bad this fast but I think its bad and getting worse and its here right now. Who has 5 years of food stored? Whose planning for 5 yrs?
      Beans, wheat, rice, dehydrated potatoes and bananas and apples, vitamins. We can grow a garden bigger but maybe get some dehydrated greens like kale or spinach.

      • JayJay

        Who has 5 years of stored food?
        Lots of preppers. We been doing this for a few years.
        No wheat in this house–flour, cornmeal, powdered buttermilk, and powdered eggs–yes, I dried my own eggs and sealed in mason jars–good for years.
        I wouldn’t know what to do with wheat. 🙂

        • HisArmsWide

          “I wouldn’t know what to do with wheat.:

          Sprout it to get vitamin c and other nutrients, plant it to have wheat for next year, bask in the glow of its decades long storage ability.

          • JayJay

            I don’t have an acre, just short of one; this land will grow nothing.
            Maybe a few tomatoes.
            Got vitamin C covered–even vitamin C crystals because they have a longer shelf life!! 😉
            Long storage means nothing when I don’t have a grinder or want one–nope–wheat just isn’t my thing.
            Neither is yeast bread.

          • Sigi

            Or soak and steam wheat berries- use as hot cereal; in soups in place of pasta; mix with yogurt; mix with tomatoes, onion, mint, dill and green onion as if it were tabouleh… mm mmm good! That said, I think JayJay can make it w/o wheat if she wants to.

          • LSB

            Does anyone know if wheat needs some sort of spray? I had some little bugs on mine the end of the summer. Ended up feeding it to the chickens.

        • hammerhead

          “I wouldn’t know what to do with wheat”

          LOL jayjay,you take ten pounds of wheat ,5gals water,10lbs sugar and some lemon juice and boil it for and hour or so.
          put it in a crock to ferment awhile , then it is between you and BATF what happens next………

          • JayJay

            Oh!! Sounds like fun juice!!

        • Melanie Brooks

          Jayjay…how do you dry your own eggs? Is there a site that has that info? Very interested in learning how.

      • Calgacus

        All right we will get more while we can. You need to get some wheat berries for sprouting and planting if you need to do that. I guess you dont have a grain mill but a neighbor might so worry about that later.

        How long does cornmeal last if it goes into jars that are vac sealed or bought in the cans? We dont have much but if itll store up for 5 yrs well get more,.

        Im now thinking of my printouts and info here and wondering if that could be used against us. Prepped to survive is looked at as being the enemy. Im thinking our books and stuff will incriminate us in todays gestapo tactics. Thinking hard about tossing quite a bit.

        • Sigi

          Calgacus- they’ll just use posts like the above if they desire to incriminate us, unless the EU and others who aren’t happy about the spying do something to stop the NSA program from outside. Keep your books and use them!

          There is no where to run or hide, but like Daniel and the other Hebrew youths with him, if we stand for God, then live or die we will find Him faithful.

          A nice old book I have speaks of sprouting and 7-day gardens (mature sprouts) as sources of veg should you need to live on what you store. I recommend having chia, alfalfa and radish seeds for sprouting, sunflower seeds and buckwheat groats for 7 day gardens (radish seed may work for this as well). Sunflower sprouts sold in stores are a good way to try them before hand and to get an idea of how to set up a 7-day garden since they are sold in trays with a support medium.

          • Sigi

            How could I forget- mung bean sprouts too! Lentils can be sprouted as well, but I think most people eat those when they are only 2 days gone.

            Also, Ezekiel 4:9 bread recipes call for sprouted grains and legumes which God commanded Ezekiel to eat (as a prophecy about Jerusalem’s future neediness when under siege):
            “Take wheat and barley, beans and lentils, millet and spelt; put them in a storage jar and use them to make bread for yourself.”

            • Calgacus

              maybe youre right. So I read todays piece and now think some of this might be a big bluff or the need to make us feel small by scaring us. So fuck em all. Ill keep the papers and books and hold my ground.

              We do like the sprouts and eat them. We have radish seeds and sprout those. Theyre a bit spicy and good. Thanks on the idea of mung beans. I have seen them for sale before but didnt know what theyd taste like but well get some of them. We grow greens in the winter and eat them when theyre small. City people say its micro green food.

              Ill tell the wife about the Ezekiel bread and well give it a try soon. Eagle flies on Friday so well be shopping and adding to storage again this weekend. Hope everyone else buys a little something to put away too.
              Thanks and you take care

    29. rider39

      I’m so ready to get this thing started already.

      • Sigi

        Then find something positive to do.

    30. jim in Va.

      Best get your own riot gear…you never know.

    31. Newbee

      Off topic question…Being new to prepping is see people saying that part of prepping is getting out of debt. Don’t mean to ask a stupid question but why does it matter? Other then my mortgage I owe no one nothing just wondering.Thanks

      • you don't need to know

        Because debt is a form of slavery. You are a slave to your debtor.

        • Warchild

          Perhaps,but all debts cancelled if it hits the fan,would rather still having a few mortgage/car payment or whatever then not being properly prepared as reasonably can be,that said,have no debt.

    32. SmokinOkie

      A Man Of Constant Lying
      (to the tune of A man Of Constant Sorrows)

      I am a man of constant lying
      There is no truth comes from my mouth
      When I tell you we’re headed northbound
      You know damn well we’re headed south
      (You know damn well, we’re headed south)

      Said I was born in old Hawaii
      The bastard son of a white slut
      But we all know I came from Kenya
      Was born and raised in a mud hut
      (Was born and raised, in a mud hut)

      I said that you could keep your doctor
      And keep your health plan if you like
      The only thing I didn’t mention
      Was a 600% premium hike
      (600 percent, premium hike)

      Now here I sit in the oval office
      And folks salute me as Mr Big
      But they all know deep down inside me
      I’m just a lying Marxist pig
      (He’s just a lying, Marxist pig)

      *apologies to the soggy bottom boys….and anybody else who’s feeling soggy

      • kimintn

        dr. stanley would be proud -nicely done!

    33. GUNNY

      It is fsirly simple, regardless of what DHS says,always be guided by what you can see and know. We know they purchased tons of offensive and defensive equipment and we have seen the movement of MRAP’s throughout the country. We have also seen the generaql militarization of our police forces. Those are all facts, not assumptions. With the reduction of Food Stamps and the collapse of our remaining health care system thee is the real possibility that there will be public unrest. The looting of stores, such as Walmart, is a real possibility and so are demontrations opposing Obamacare. If thousands of people get their health care plans cancelled you can count on opposition. I would suggest those of us who are preparing to simply continue. What is the worst what can happen? You are prepared and nothing will happen – this time.

    34. GUNNY

      When will this “moderation” stop and my comments be accepted at face value?

      • Warchild

        In theory you use a junk e-mail account with post they will come up quicker,tis a pain but guess if we don’t like it,well,change the channel.I find it annoying but worth riding out for info./ideas/humor even @ times.

      • DPS


        You need to put in a e-mail addy and use the same addy for every post so the system will know who you are. After a few post it will know who you are and post..


      • Vicky

        I understand your frustration. I can post, but I can’t vote, no matter how good the comment. Even though the log-in says your email address isn’t required, it is. It took about a week to get the system to remember me, but I still can’t vote except for about ten seconds after a post is made. ????

        • Pissed Off Granny


          When that happens to me I close shtf, go to my home page, type in shtf again. Usually when shtf comes up again then I can vote.

          Hope this helps.

        • Pissed Off Granny


          When that happens to me I close shtf, go to my home page, type in shtf again. Usually when shtf comes up again then I can vote.

          Hope this helps.

          • Vicky

            Thank you! I’ll try that.

        • DPS


          You can also add shtfplan to your favorites using Dedicated IP Address:
          Its at the bottom of this page.
          Thats how I saved it and it lets me vote everytime.


    35. Obtuseangler

      We were sold DHS in the wake of 9-11 as a counter to Islamic terrorism. Now DHS seems to be turned inwards towards the domestic population. Sort of a militarized FBI on steroids. The definition of “terrorist” seems to be very loose and open to interpretation. Can you say police state?

      • AnAngryJew

        I bet they consider everyone on this site a terrorist. Governments hate anyone that exposes or are aware of their corruption. We become threats through truth.

        They’ll be black bagging us within the next decade.

    36. mesquite

      Sgt. Dale is a good man and the information he gives is very helpful. There are those in the blue line who take their oaths seriously and are watching for the time when needed to stand up for those oaths. We are here.

    37. Tyranny's Foe

      Smokin’ is on fire today. . .

      Nice work!

      – TF

    38. KY Mom

      Meteor shower lights up night sky across the west

      “So-called Taurid meteor showers, which seem to come from the direction of the constellation Taurus, will reach their peak this year on Nov. 16 through the early morning of Nov. 17.”

      Next week – we could see 10-20 ‘large fireballs’ an hour.

      More Asteroid Strikes Likely…

      Drudge Report
      (Direct links below)

    39. VRF

      Here’s a good question

      When future generations ask, why we did nothing

      what will your answer be? and could you live with it?

      what if the future generation that’s asking, is your kids.

      • DPS


        Awhile back talking with some friends that refuse to prep, I was told by a few that they would not want to live in a world like I described. I had a simple answer for them. Explain that to your kids or grandkids. Needless to say not another word was spoken..


        • Vicky

          Same here. Along with the overused “We’ll just come to your house.” Made it clear that wasn’t going to happen. One set of friends is very religious and said they couldn’t live in a world like we see coming, but that God would protect them. They are such a kind and decent couple that I didn’t want to burst their bubble, but I also don’t want to have to take care of them.

          • Warchild

            Vicky,keep working on em gently,denial is understandable,have switched the thinking in loved ones heads a couple of times,not too hard with all the bad news that seems to abound.I am not a religious man @ least not by general societies standards but is there not a phrase that say god helps those who help themselves,without being obnoxious never give up on those you care about.

      • Pissed Off Granny


        My opinion it will be our generation.

        TPTB know that their good Komrades Obama and Hillary are in goosestep with their plan.

        People are really starting to wake up from their slumber and that is a huge concern for TPTB.

        • VRF

          Im just afraid this generation isn’t waking up fast enough and mad enough to do anything, and the following generations are already too deeply brainwashed to even know they are taking it up the rear

      • Warchild

        Well,no kids and do not expect long term survival so ? for me is moot,hopefully many can point out the millions that died so future generations now live in a better world.

    40. aljamo

      The people are waking up and fighting back against tyranny and government infringement on their constitutional rights. Posting on this site is a declaration of peaceful resistance and a call for a redress of greivances. The 1st amendment guarantees freedom of speech and peaceful assembly that shall not be infringed upon. This amendment is backed by the 2nd, the ability to defend free speech from enemies foreign and most importantly domestic, from which the nation finds itself under attack. Free speech and gun rights are not open for manipulation by TPTB.

      • Barn Cat

        The people are waking up? It depends on how you define it. A lot of people are seeing the direction the country is going in and they’re not happy about it. I don’t think there’s an increase in people prepping for an economic collapse. It’s still around 3% of the population.

    41. slingshot


      Your firefighting reply is on the last thread. Rookies.

    42. AnAngryJew

      DHS can kiss my ass. Scum of the earth as well as every other government agency. Liars, cheaters and will stab us all in the back the first chance they get.

      ‘riot control’ HA! More like ‘Might makes right’ or ‘Do as we say not as we do’

    43. Barn Cat

      The 2 billion rounds of hollow point ammo are gonna used as poker chips, right? And all the military vehicles provided to local police will just be in parades on the 4th of July, right? I don’t know why DHS is bothering to deny what they do. 95% of Americans are sheeple anyway.

      • Warchild

        Eh,my barrel would be well worn out before I’d hit the 2 billionth round!As much as I appreciate and realize the need for rain really not helping with my wood splitting endevours today!And why the hell does spell check want you to capitalize obama or pelosis name,what the F*$K!

    44. MrApple

      We can all relax now. They have publicly denied that the preparations are anything more than basic training. The Government only tells the truth and respects the people it serves/controls.

    45. Tactical

      Question for Madam Secretary: 4 Americans including our ambassador were killed in Benghazi. Can you please describe what happened?

      Answer by Madam Secretary: So What?

      I think that sums up the current Federal Government’s position.

    46. SmokinOkie

      Time for another round of-

      (America Is In)…. JEOPARDY!!

      Todays contestants are now entering the studio. A software developer and Obama supporter from Van Nuys, California- Joe Scheeple. A welfare mother from Queens, Myla Ebtcard. And a frustrated truck driver from Oklahoma, SmokinOkie. Now, here’s your host, Alex Jones-Trebeck!
      Alex: Thank you, Johnny Gilbert! Welcome contestants and here’s our categories. Government Boondoggles, Obscure Prepping Items, Famous Battle Cries Of World War III, Fat White Politicians, New World Order-isms, and finally, The Smell Of Fear. Ready contestants? Then…. Let’s play Jeopardy!

      Alex: Myla, choose first.
      Myla: I’ll take Freebies for $800, Alex. In fact I’ll take it every month.
      Alex: That’s not a category, Myla. And you’re obviously an idiot. Go stand in the corner. Joe, you may choose first.
      Joe: I’ll take Fat White Politicians for $600.
      Alex: The answer is… This presidential wannabe was recently on the cover of Time Magazine with the headline- The elephant in the room.
      Joe: (ding) Who is Chris Christie?
      Alex: Correct! Choose again.
      Joe: Obscure Prepping Items for $200.
      Alex: This clear liquid, usually used for mood enhancement, is also an excellent ingredient in Molotov cocktails…and it works as a motor fuel.
      Okie:(ding) What is moonshine?
      Alex: Uh, be more specific?
      Okie: What is Uncle Roy’s World Famous, Triple X, Knock Your Socks Off, Cherokee County Shine?
      Alex: Correct! Choose again.
      Okie: I’ll take Famous Banjo Players for $400.
      Alex: That’s not a category. Choose again or go stand in the idiot corner with Myla.
      Okie: Oh, I thought she was on a smoke break or somethin’. Okay, gimme New World Order-isms for $400.
      Alex: This term is used to hoodwink the masses while communism is fully implemented.
      Joe: (ding) What is Hope and Change?
      Alex: Correct! And you’re obviously not the Scheeple we thought you were. Choose again.
      Joe: Actually I was adopted, Alex. I’ll take Government Boondoggles for a thousand.
      Alex: This program will cost billions, destroy the medical industry, and ultimately, end up killing millions of Americans.
      Okie (ding) What is Obamacare?
      Alex: Can you be more specific?
      Okie: What is That Freakin’ Piece Of Crap Called Obamacare?
      Alex: That’s incorrect!
      Joe: (ding) What is the Affordable Care Act?
      Alex: Correct! Less than a minute left in the round. Choose again.
      Joe: Famous Battle Cries Of World War III for $800.
      Alex: This slogan has become nationally known as the symbol of resistance to tyranny.
      Myla: (ding) What is ‘Attention K-Mart Shoppers’?
      Alex: Incorrect. Go back to your corner.
      Joe: ding) What is ‘Remember The Alamo’?
      Alex: Incorrect! Adopted or not, you may be a true Scheeple after all.
      Okie: (ding) What is COME AND TAKE IT! ?
      Alex: Correct. You win the game! Congratulations!
      Okie: Could I trade in these prizes for a jug of that shine?

      • Warchild

        I always wanted ?’s I know the answers to for 1000 Alex!

      • DPS


        Thats some funny stuff brother. Be safe down in Houston today..


    47. concerned

      Let them come. I’ll be your Huckleberry.

    48. old guy

      you don’t need to know says:
      Comment ID: 2838490

      November 7, 2013 at 8:08 am

      Good morning ya’ll. My question to everyone here is what are you doing?
      Ok there is nothing to do that would have a viable effect on the direction our government is going. Prep learn know how & self reliance. And all you can do is try and do the right correct thing. Let it be ingrained to do right and when the time comes you wont be forced to make rash knee jerk or heart wrenching decisions. Be prepared for as many eventualities as you can. If your not contributing to the government coffers that’s a positive step. Barter, growing your own , making do, anything that eliminates the middle men and tax collection will help stop the redistribution from the making producers to the parasite takers. Become a producer and only deal with producers. If enough of us do this we can starve the beast. Vote if you wish but don’t be a denialist. Voting is futile. There hasnt been and never will be a viable political or ballot box solution.

      • Warchild

        Old guy,agree whole heartedly,am open to barter for carpentry/whatever services/skills I can supply,have had some interesting items from such activity including a KTM dirt bike.We may not be able to starve the beast to death but every little crumb taken away helps!

        • DPS


          I got one of those KTM’s myself, fun toy just havn’t race in a long time.


      • Sigi

        If voting is futile, then why are the Dems fighting voter ID’s so strenuously? It seems that any futility is due to their stranglehold on cheating ability in states with no ID requirement.

        • BadAmerican


          ….voter I.D. keeps the dead democrats from voting more than once…..just sayin’


        • old guy

          Sigi dems fighting over voter ID? its just a posturing part of the dog and pony show. There isn’t any real difference between the political partys. George Bush Sr was the first president I heard publicly state Bring in a New World Order.

    49. thisTexan has had enough

      This is off topic but it does have to do with government intrusion in our lives.
      Have any of you received some form from the census bureau called the Community something or other? We got a call about it on Friday night at 9:10 but we had not received the form they were asking why we had not returned and after much back and forth I hung up on the caller after being threatened with a $5,000 fine for non compliance.
      Got another call this morning and this person said that we had not been delivered the form because we have ONLY POST OFFICE BOXES and no street delivery because of the government! She wanted me to fill it out on the phone for “about 70 minutes” and I said no. Then she said they could send me a code and I could fill it our online but I told her I did not use the computer.
      So I said “OR?” and she threatened the $5,000 fine.She said they were sending a letter demanding that the form be completed but not the form!
      Called my Senators and my Rep but their legislative assistants say I must fill it out. Told them it was a bad law and I wanted it changed. I have filled out the long form census form before and it is way too intrusive so I can only imagine what is on this one!
      What should I do?

      • Sigi

        The census was 3 years ago. I don’t trust this- it sounds like a scam. Wait for them to send the demand letter and do some double checking. I’ll bet it doesn’t show up. You said that you filled out the long form of the census, if that was in 2010 that would have been enough. You could try calling 1-800-923-8282 to see if the US Census Bureau really are the people you’ve been talking to.

      • Them Guys

        Texan: Answer all Questions like polititions do,”I Do NOT Recall!”

        • thisTexan has had enough

          Perfect answer to all the questions Them Guy!

      • BadAmerican


        Common law default if letter is legit, sounds like a scam. Make them prove that they have standing.

    50. Calgacus

      Are you a senior because that could be your way out of that. Write a letter to your representative and tell them you are being harassed and threatened. If you are a senior tell them that too. I would like to know how this turns out and so could you keep us posted.

      • Calgacus

        Is it called american community survey, I found that on a search. It is census so read up on it if its required by law.

        Look at this link

        • Sigi

          OK- that makes it clear that they are doing smaller surveys after the big one in 2010. Should have known these guys wouldn’t be content to do it once every 10 years as was done previously.

      • thisTexan has had enough

        Yes I am a senior and so is my husband. I have called both Senators and my Representative and got calls back from all of them.The Reps office is sending me a release form so they can speak to the census bozos on my behalf and demand they send the form by Fed Ex or UPS since it cannot be mailed.
        My Postmaster returned them all to the census with the correct PO Boxes on them. She returned the 2010 Census forms also and they were eventually hand delivered to my town.
        I will keep my fellow SHTF friends posted on further developments. And maybe the need of bail money! LOL

    51. A.Martinez no not that one!

      I wonder This Texan, do the illegals in this nation get the same survey?

      • thisTexan has had enough

        A.Martinez-Senator Cruz’s office told me 1 out of 6 households get this screwy questionaire, but I have no idea how the lucky ones are picked. My guess is not randomly.

        • Calgacus

          I bet you get audited next. Anyway, good luck to you. Were rooting for you and those near you.

    52. James

      Yall really think that the average G.I. and cop will turn on his own fellow citizenry? After mom and pop chastise their soldier son about fighting with their fellow Americans, they will cease and desist. Also, there are organizations that will disobey orders from the government. There will be a very strong resistance and the guillotines will be manned, and working hard to eliminate the resistant 1% who will not willingly give up their ill gotten riches.

    53. iixsive

      There is an old saying;
      Don’t believe any conspiracy theory until it has been Officially denied…

      Well, now that it has been Officially Denied,

      its obviously true! No longer a theory…

      now we can Officially Worry……

      the Watcher

    54. StayOnTheLandGetOffTheShip

      All governments are fictitious or artificial persons existing only on paper after being created in the minds of real or natural persons, aka people, who then donate their life energy (taxes paid by wasting precious years of life to work/produce said revenue) to power such fiction. Only a true idiot would presume that anything artificial, especially a government, would have any honest, sincere concern for living people. Even if artificial intelligence exists, it’s limited logic can not allow it to feel emotion toward anything. Never expect anything that is not alive (artificial) to produce honor, compassion or anything remotely resembling good morals. Finally, never forget this is the cloak of darkness/deceit that power hungry cowards pretending to represent People while actually representing their own interests, hide behind. They are the future soft targets who will be held accountable for their evil/treasonous actions when the lines are finally drawn.

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