DHS No-Work List Coming to an Employer Near You

by | Dec 17, 2010 | Headline News | 52 comments

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    We’ve previously mused that the international no-fly lists maintained by DHS, FBI, CIA, et. al. were likely established not to protect us from potential terrorists entering the United States, but rather, to create a national security infrastructure to control travel within the United States, as well as to prevent would-be ‘extremists’ from leaving US borders. This theory has been made more palatable by the very fact that tens of thousands of so-called migrant workers enter the United States via our Southern border every week. If our benevolent government’s interests were to protect the people of the United States by keeping terrorists and criminals out of out our country, we certainly would have secured our southern border by now. But we are now farther than ever from having our sovereign land protected from those who may harm us by crossing the Rio Grande.

    We’ve now learned, via a great bit of reporting by Kurt Nimmo of Infowars.com, that the Department of Homeland Security is expanding their security lists to screen not just for potential terrorists and extremists boarding airplanes, but those who are seeking employment.

    It’s been aptly named the “no work list,” and is designed to vet employees prior to being hired. For the time being, it is limited to about 500 organizations – namely in the contractor community – which deal primarily with industries like construction, ports and transportation:

    TWIC is short for Transportation Worker Identification Credential and SWAC stands for Secure Worker Access Consortium.

    TWIC is a biometric credential that ensures only vetted workers are eligible to enter a secure construction site, unescorted, Ironworkers Local 361 in Ozone Park, New York, explains. Before issuing a TWIC, TSA must conduct a security threat assessment on the TWIC applicant. An applicant who, as a result of the assessment, is determined to not pose a security threat, will be issued a TWIC card.

    In other words, construction workers in New York will need permission from the TSA and DHS in order to practice their profession and earn a living. It was much the same in the former Soviet Union and authoritarian states such as China where the government determines all aspects of an individual’s life and where even the mildly rebellious are severely punished.

    Because securing every aspect of our lives from “terrorists” now falls on the Department of Homeland Security, we can see continued expansion of this program, eventually leading to employee security checks for any jobs that may be deemed important to national security.

    Those with a limited view may see this as a necessary security implement. We need our ports secured from terrorists right? And anyone working on large-scale skyscrapers should be vetted so they don’t plant explosives that could threaten the stability of steel buildings.

    Considering, however, that just about anything these days can pose a national security threat, it’s only a matter of time before the program goes mainstream.

    Mall employees, for example, work in public venues that see thousands of shoppers come and go on a daily basis. One threat, real or perceived, may immediately lead to a security partnership between DHS and mall management companies that may one day require all employees of a mall to be biometrically vetted prior to being hired.

    The same holds true for pretty much any industry segment. Want to be a teacher, or a waiter, or even a call center representative? Because you’ll be dealing with the public, you’ll probably need to be screened to make sure you don’t pose a threat.

    One day, those job applicants who indicate on their resumes that they are “TWIC Certified” may be put at the top of the hiring list, while those without TWIC certification will be moved to the bottom of the barrel.

    For those with the credentials to get hired by a TWIC Employer, their certification can be taken away just as quickly as it was granted. So, if you’re ever listed as a potential “threat” or “domestic extremists” your employer can be immediately notified by DHS:

    I acknowledge that if TSA or other law enforcement agencies determine that I pose an imminent threat to national security or transportation security, my employer may be notified.

    Source: TSA TWIC Disclosure Certification

    Have a Facebook page where you rant about government policies or politics? You might get fired if you pop up on DHS’s threat assessment list.

    Neither DHS or TSA has commented on whether or not verification of legal immigration status will be required in order to obtain a TWIC Card.


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      1. Sketch

        I’m wondering if there is MORE to the story. maybe the ‘lists’ are only for gov’t job sites? there’s got to be more to the story. There always is.

      2. Dipshit

        I want to be on everyone’s list.  Get me on it, please!   I love membership lists!  Do I get a nifty membership ID card?  Do they have status levels?   I want to achieve super secret double Diamond Platinum level.  Do I get luggage tags too?   Yippee!

      3. VRF

        Been saying this myself for years

      4. Tom

        Form a line folks, last name first with right index finger on scan bar.

      5. TnAndy

        “I was (or will be ) a highway man, along the coach roads I did ride
        Sword and pistol by my side,
        Many a young maid lost her bobbles to my trade,
        Many a soldier shed his life’s blood on my blade”

        What is it Celente says about people “losing it” ?

      6. Donald

        They getting to the point of
        Nazi Germany  .They are going to spread this homeland security  crap big time .ditting at a byus stop may require full body pat doewns and a 15 minute interview, it will only ened when americans have enough and do wah the Greeks are doing now !

      7. MadMarkie

        Every time that they do something really stupid like this more and more people wake up to what is happening in our poor country.

        This morning I woke up to the news that the Bush Tax Cuts have been extended for another 2 years and that Unemployment Benefits have been extended for another year. This will ONLY add another 1 trillion $ to our current national debt of almost 14.5 trillion $. Boy, are we as a country totally and completely

        Not that I am complaining, mind you. My Tier III Unemployment Benefits were scheduled to run out at the end of January 2011. Now Tier IV kicks in for me and I also get to be a 99 weeker! But will there be any more jobs available by the end of 2011? I think not; so what do we do then???

        We have known people who have gotten themselves so far into debt that they have ended up using one credit card to pay the minimum monthly payment on another credit card. This is the situation that the United States currently finds itself in; Quantative Easing, also known as printing/creating money that doesn’t actually exist. It only works for but a very brief and limited period of time.

        2011 promises to be a really interesting year. Merry Christmas, God Bless & good luck to all. Please do your utmost to enjoy the holidays, they may be the last for us as a country as we traditionally know them.

      8. Anonymous

        Ear marks!  I didn’t get any ear marks.  Did you get any ear marks?

      9. Goldenfoxx

        Comments….. If anyone can retire, retire.  This is our plan within the next 6 months.  I just read where Nevada’s unemployment is now 14.5%.  They just opened up a new glitzy hotel and casino called Cosmopolitan.  If there ever was a city where terrorism would take place, I think it would be Las Vegas.  All that money and sin flowing in and out of it is a terrorists dream. It’s close to the border and people are crossing it freely.  There is no safe place to be, the Nazis are winning and the people are rolling over.  Where’s our Congress?  Why they are moving us closer and closer to total clamp down. Where are your papers sir?

      10. Anonymous

        You’re on double double probation Dipshit!
        “If you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any pudding, how can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat!”
        “You! Yes, you! behind the bikesheds, stand still laddie!”

      11. koolstad

        Comments…..Nothing new, class A drivers were submitted to this years ago. The bottom line is the progressive parasites are expanding  gov. jobs as rapidly as possible. Draw your own conclusions.

      12. sketch

        re-read the article a little more slowly – and i think y’all are chicken littles. the sky is NOT falling. there it is in black and white – “TWIC ‘is a biometric credential that ensures only vetted workers are eligible to enter a secure construction site, unescorted,’ ”


        now… if say you were putting a safe in your house, and it was SO big that you needed to hire someone to do it for you – would you not want to make sure that person didn’t come back and rob you?? 

        There have been ‘secured’ lists since security clearances have been in place. Hell, a LOT of private companies now check your credit record before you get hired. where’s the ‘the sky is falling’ uproar over that?? it’s STILL a ‘list’.

        a LOT of you need to calm down and think – not just take everything so literally. You claim NOT to be sheep of the MSM, but if you don’t look at thing logically, and still take other news as gospel, you’re still a sheep – just in a different meadow.

      13. lostinmissouri

        And this helps unemployment how?

        you know, the more you practice,  the better shot,  you become.
        practice,  practice,  practice!

      14. MadMarkie

        @ Goldenfoxx –
        My application for early SS retirement benefits goes in today! I ran the numbers and it turns out that it would take 11 years and 3+ months beyond the regular benefit available at 66 for the difference to equal out. That would make me 77 years old before I would see any increase in the benefit amount by waiting until 66 to start drawing. The four years between 62 and 66 + 11 years, 3 months = 15 years. I don’t think that our poor country has 15 years left the things are going. Get as much as you can while there is still anything left to get.

      15. nitro25

        Sketch, please take no offence.

        But you sound like a Jewish shop keeper in 1936 Berlin.

        It’s called incrementalism, it’s how the Federal Reserve has conquered Washington and our economy; and how the UN is going to control every aspect of your life through Agenda 21.

      16. Tom

        Most of our politicians are on the no-work-list.  Government doesn’t make money.  They just give us fiat (except the U.S. Mint).

      17. Anonymous

        The rest of it is probably in the Health Care bill….  Were not sure what’s in it.  You’ll find out when we vote it in & then we we’ll read it. NP

      18. JJ


        Terrorism….what the big army calls the little army.

      19. Mike F

        Are all the Illegals going to automatically get  approved TWIC cards so they can go register to vote Democratic?  More Govt. in your face bullshit we all don’t need.


      20. Dipshit


        Hilter’s trains ran on time, course they were heading to the ovens.

      21. Anonymous

        things are getting so 1984 it is almost like orwell was a prophet. If you don’t work for big brother, you are one of the pathetic penniless poor living in the slums

      22. Gods Creation

        Maybe that will inspire a few more to go it alone and make some money on the internet rather than working for the corp.

        Good luck,

      23. Mark

        Nazi Germany had Krystallnacht and a bevy of exclusionary laws to ban Jews from doing anything.   AmerikA is well on the road to our own version of this, except this is intended to punish critics, skeptics, Christians, Constitutionalists, pro-lifers, libertarians, free thinkers, or anyone who exposes the truth about the burgeoning tyranny of the government.  But take heart my brave brothers and sisters, and do not fear. Expose the Truth, stand for moral principle, and trust that G-O-D  W-I-L-L  P-U-N-I-S-H  T-H-E  W-I-C-K-E-D.    All of those who buy into the satanic world system with all of its greed, bloodlust, pride and corruption will be destroyed in the end.

      24. caryn

        Comments…..pay off all of your debts, then quit your job or retire if you can. then create your own  job for cash/trade only.

      25. 11 Bravo

        Mushy….Mushy…….Where are you on this ?  Can some 10’s get me a TWIC ?

      26. Bubba

        They are only doing this for everyone’s security, don’t you know?  Plus, it gets a lot more people hired to do the gropes, er, “safety checks” — coming soon to a theatre, ballpark, shopping center, museum, sports arena, concert, city park… you get the idea

      27. Goldenfoxx

        Comments….. MadMarkie
        @ Goldenfoxx –

        My application for early SS retirement benefits goes in today! I ran the numbers and it turns out that it would take 11 years and 3+ months beyond the regular benefit available at 66 for the difference to equal out. That would make me 77 years old before I would see any increase in the benefit amount by waiting until 66 to start drawing. The four years between 62 and 66 + 11 years, 3 months = 15 years. I don’t think that our poor country has 15 years left the things are going. Get as much as you can while there is still anything left to get.
        Exactly–we’re right behind you! I told my niece today, have your kids make more babies so they can be slaves to us…,,,in that kind of mindset when TSWHTF…who loses though?  You all know…..

      28. sketch

        @ Nitro25 & Dipshit

        guys – if you really feel that way – if you TRULY and DEEPLY feel that way, then what are you doing about it?  writing your congressman? have you even bothered to do THAT? are you organizing a community response? what? other than posting on discussion boards?

        Please tell me how this is ANY different than the 1940’s or 50s? incremental-ism? yes – but not on this front. i’ll call your bullshit and demand proof. where is it? are you telling me that the people that built area-51 and worked the Manhattan project were not vetted?

        I’ve been in EMS for 16 years. I have to undergo background checks every time I re-up my certs. Are you telling me that convicted rapists, molesters, thieves and thugs should be trusted to walk into people’s homes and care for them when they are at their worst, most of the time helpless? you people need to wake up a little, breathe, and consider everything involved. you honestly have no F*ing clue who the people are that you place so much trust in – EMS, fire fighters, cops, teachers, doctors – ALL VETTED against some kind of LIST (about the only ones that AREN’T vetted are the politicians). Get over your selves and THINK for YOURSELVES. The media – ALL media is just propaganda trying to get you on to “their side”.

      29. clark

        I’m fairly certain that for hundreds of years in America Doctors didn’t undergo a vetting process like anything we have today and yet things were ok for the most part.

        Sketch says, “Are you telling me that convicted rapists, molesters, thieves and thugs should be trusted to walk into people’s homes and care for them…
        EMS, fire fighters, cops, teachers, doctors – ALL VETTED against some kind of LIST…”

        You repeat yourself, me thinks.
        Also, it doesn’t seem like you read much, say for instance, Pro Liberate

        Especially this one:

        As I consider it, the people I feel safest with usually don’t get much “vetting”
        It’s more of an honor thing, the chefs who make my pizzas don’t get vetted, nor the delivery man I invite inside.
        The self-employed plumber isn’t vetted, neither is the PC repair guy.
        I didn’t vet my landlord either and I feel quite safe when the landlord is around.
        It seems the only time I feel I’m in danger is when I’m around those who have been officially vetted. Why is that? Is it because only “certain” kinds of people pass the vetting process? And perhaps it has nothing to do with how honest or trustworthy they are, perhaps it’s more about party loyalty and other thuggish qualities?

        DHS Press Secretary Arrested on Child Seduction Charges


        TSA agent, While conducting a search of checked bags, he stole $16,000 in cash


        There’s plenty of links for the other professions as well. The bottom line seems to be the official vetting process doesn’t do what it’s made it out to.

        “I believe one of the most serious misunderstandings about totalitarianism is that it arrives as a full package that requires no assembly. That it is put on the people, like a winter coat. All at one time, and in full view for all to see.

        This is a grave misunderstanding.”


      30. Anonymous

        @ caryn –
        You’re 100% correct; that’s right where my wife and I are at today. We don’t have any bills besides our regular monthly living expenses, no car payments, no credit card payments and our home is paid for.
        I have a couple of friends who have been involved in the underground/’black’ economy for years, cash only under the table or barter. They do very well at it.
        Given the increased interest of backyard gardening in my area, I am thinking of setting up the square foot gardens and PVC pipe greenhouses for others. Find a need, a ‘nitch’ market and fill that need. Essentially what I am planning is a “Mr. Fix-It” type of operation based on my painting, carpentry and plumbing skills.
        God Bless, Merry Christmas and good luck in the difficult times that currently face us.

      31. mushroom

        the next dog i get must be  vetted.   .   .

      32. Anonymous

        Yeaah, lets order all politicians get Vetted..NOW!
        lets stop playing around..lawyers, doctors, judges, mayors…etc…every fucking last one!..it needs to be on the lips of every American, and it should pull 100% of us.
        I know deep in our hearts thats how everyone should feel..why should we deal with anything less?

      33. VRF

        Yeaah, lets order all politicians get Vetted..NOW!
        lets stop playing around..lawyers, doctors, judges, mayors…etc…every fucking last one!..it needs to be on the lips of every American, and it should pull 100% of us.
        I know deep in our hearts thats how everyone should feel..why should we deal with anything less?

      34. Max Hardwood

        Last week, I purchased an enclosed trailer from a dealer here in
        Colorado:  he had to check some ‘list’ to make sure I wasn’t a
        terrorist! Big Brother always watching every move I make…..
        as much as I try, it’s unavoidable. 

      35. Dipshit

        How come the poser Obama did not get vetted?  Still waiting to see a REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE signed by the attending physician.  I have to show mine to get basic services.  If I walked in with that phony baloney crap document the Obamabots posted I would be denied.   His records are sealed, and why is that?

      36. overtheedge

        I’m with Sketch on this one. Everyone in the workforce is already vetted to some extent. It’s called the hiring process.

        The job might not require anything beyond a strng back, but the employer will still ask a few questions before hiring you. This is cursory vetting. You trust Bob’s Mama pizza to deliver a good pizza. Bob will vet his prospective employees for insurance requirements.

        The only major difference here is centralization of the list of fully vetted laborers. For some, there will be an upside with fewer folks seeking a job. For others, not so good. The big questions will be transparency in the vetting process and security of the information gathered.

      37. Sketch

        @ Clark who said “I’m fairly certain that for hundreds of years in America Doctors didn’t undergo a vetting process like anything we have today and yet things were ok for the most part.”

        You like links – how about people slipping through the vetting process – so you’re saying there shouldn’t be one at ALL? go ahead, search for news stories about handymen who rape old ladies, or truck drivers who plow into people while high on crack or any number of things that don’t require a ‘list’.  see how many more stories you get compared to the number of ‘vetted’ people.

        When was the last time you went to a ‘shade tree surgeon’? or even a ‘doctor’ that didn’t go to medical school? put up or shut up – otherwise, you’re perpetuating the very system you condemn. You’re a hypocrite, me thinks.

      38. Anonymous

        just watched the new robinhood movie, and i must ask , how  was thatlet out of hollywood? instead of the collectivist love story I was expecting, it was a wonderful a d somewhat historic synopsis on the philosophy our constitution was based on (anglo-saxon common law)and is was eerily poignant to the times we are living in.

      39. Anonymous

        C’mon, there’s been “vetting” on construction sites since before WW2.   No union card, no work.   Enforcement?  Sure, we break your arms, or your kneecaps.   No need for Government to get involved, except these unions have been riddled with Communists since the 1920s.   Where is J Edgar when we need him?

      40. Anonymous

        Aren’t the dog breeders & vets vetted?  I like the way you think Dipshit.  Try walking into the military with that “phony baloney crap document“ and you wouldn’t be given access with eyes only clearance to be THE commander in chief.  But now the homo’s get to come out, but not because the military asked for them to come out.  Because, the libs want their vote!  I would pay a fee to vote.  Kinda like keeping the trash out of the neighborhood.  This is opening up a BIG can of worms & snails.  What’s next, trans?  Chaos for 2011.  Cities & states going broke/insolvent.  Food & silver are cheap, get some if you can afford it.

      41. REB

        No offence intended …but I have to wonder when people  on one hand preach that this govt is corrupt and taking us to hell in a handbasket … then tell me that if a person is vetted(approved) by that same govt that they are good to go…..makes no sense to me,cant have it both ways.
        I can maybe understand it if its done voluntarily in an employee/employer relationship,but not when mandated by a govt bureauacrat…that would imply two things…that the govt is trustworthy and that its actually looking out for the people…thats too much to ask.
        Best to trust and verify,especially to verify if they are “papered” but thats just me.

      42. Sketch

        REB – please tell us the difference between the gov’t having security clearances and the private sector having several lists to go by, when BOTH exist primarily to serve themselves.

        the gov’t has site and security clearances (which primarily look at your financial history and criminal record – all of which can vary depending on your requested access.)

        While the private sector has financial history/credit reports, criminal records, union lists, career associations (i.e. AMA…etc), technical certs, board certifications, licenses, mandated college degrees for jobs that don’t really require one and a plethora of other banal requirements that people need to follow in which to gain employment in a given career field. The only way around these is to start your OWN business, and even then, you need to abide by certain ‘lists’ so that you are ‘accredited’ or ‘bonded’ or ‘insured’.

        give me a break people. LISTS are everywhere. you just don’t like to look at them or yourselves.

      43. jimbo


      44. Dipshit

        Now that the Homos are getting everything on a silver plate, how about those that want to bang their sister and hot 1st cousins?  Perversion is mainstream, time for some family love.

        2,4 6, 8, time to family fornicate! 

        2,4 6, 8, time to family fornicate!

        Sing it brothers & sisters.

      45. Anonymous

        At least with incest the plumbing will be used as intended!

      46. REB

        Sketch….. in reality there is very little difference today between govt and business,we have in place in America today a form of fascism,business and govt morphing into an entity that is almost seamless,that is where we get alot of this BS coming from… to answer your question; theres really no difference BUT there is supposed to be.

        My point/question is simple,govt mandating anything outside the basic tenents given it by the constitution is outside their legitimate authority(regardless of whether or not people have grown accustomed to;or even agree with the govts action).

        The problem is that now an unconstitutional entity(DHS) is decreeing this new edict of ceasars,another layer to control who can get certain work…we have to say no at some point….when? I’m saying now is that time. 
        I have already had to quit the job market in part because of all the rules that I refuse to comply with,all I am seeing is more regs and hoops and the way it seems to be going is that the only people who can work in some fields anymore are those who will jump through those hoops,basicly conformists(with the govicorp rules) get the opportunities,its not hard to understand how much deeper the issue goes here than just a simple background check for job-site security sake.
        My question however goes well  beyond this forum and out into what I see/hear quite often in the real world …it got me to thinking and that is the basis of the question itself,it wasnt personal to you or anyone else here,just something I question.Thanks!

      47. clark

        Sketch, I think we have been through this before.
        You say, “search for news stories about handymen who rape old ladies, or truck drivers who plow into people while high on crack or any number of things that don’t require a ‘list’.”

        Those things happen anyway, being vetted does nothing to stop it.

        “…it is possible, in fact, to have this substance in your blood, even while driving, and not commit anything like what has been traditionally called a crime.”

        To defend against mad handymen, having families that can look out for one another or being able to defend themselves and the like are what reduces and removes the risk as much as possible.

        It’s called the free market, the opposite of goberment dependence.

        You say, “shade tree surgeon” but the results by many surgeons today are not any better. Haven’t you seen the widely publicized numbers of errors they make? Haven’t you been reading how the big corporations in tandem with government create the health problems they benefit from?


        People should be free to do business with whomever they wish, shade tree or not. Certification doesn’t mean they know anything, it just means they managed to pass a test so they can prescribe drugs that kill and maim more people than any illegal substance does.

        “Depending on whose studies you believe, both pharmaceuticals and the medical system are listed as being among the leading causes of death in the U.S.” http://karendecoster.com/page/5

        Big Pharma: Keeping You on Dope

        You shouldn’t tell people to shut up, it’s not polite.

      48. mickey the pirate

        Guess who pays to get on the new LIST…The job applicant…this bull&^it is simple…its another example of the
        Permission to work tax
        Most workers need one…daycare…healthcare, teaching, law, auto repair, construction trades…you need a LICENCE in order to work…Its a way to control people and to collect a tax…simple as that…
        No, we do not need this nonsense…if we could get along without all this years ago we still could…back in the day, we did not worry about the doctor or the fireman diddling our kids, if it happened, and the guy was not first taken out by the local Klan or an angry parent, they stood trial, went to prision and were murdered there soon afterward.. This BS about keeping us safe is just noise to hide the truth…its not about “THE CHILDREN” and its not about “TERRORISTS” its about control of the people…I knew we were in for it when the Nazis came up with the whole concept of a “department of Homeland Security” The name itself screams jackboots and loss of rights…so why are you damn idiots crying now about it and worried because they are creating a department of citizen informants to spy on your every move and to inform on you to the KGB if you act up..(wallmart employees and trash collectors recruited to report suspicious activities) You fools..its too damn late..you little sheep should have taken to the streets with pitchforks and torches the moment that GW and friends came up with this crap instead of singing “I’m proud to be an Amerikan” as you were beating your chest waving your remember 9-11 flag, wearing your official (non-terrorist patriot) lapel pin and cheering as the jack booted nazis took over the country while you cheered…Didn’t you learn anything? Ya never ever EVER give any government any new powers or responsibilities or permissions…because they not only don’t give them back…but because they distort, expand and grow those new permissions to ten million percent of what you had intended…
        You may need to think about it…the bill of rights was a specific list of things government could not do to you….EVERYTHING else they kept… then you gave away your flimsy piece of paper that was protecting you (just a little) too since the boogy man was out there waiting to get you…as your government and the media told you over and over and over…so you caved in and the government now has your little piece of paper to use to wipe their soiled rear ends with too….hee heee heeee
        Poor little lambs…now the slaughter may commense

      49. Sum Dude

        @ Sketch: You sound like a gov paid troll. @ Clark: Great comments! @ Dipshit: Your comments about Obama’s Birth cert are Right On! I had to show a birth cert just to get a DRIVER’s License! How is it that a Presidential candidate isn’t required to do the same? Comments…..

      50. Bed Richard

        Major thanks for the blog.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

      51. ELUDZ


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