DHS Insider Warns: “It’s Already Begun. You’re Seeing It Now.”

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    (SHTF Plan Editor’s Note – Full Report Below) 

    In December of 2012 we published a report from the Northeast Intelligence Network detailing a possible set of scenarios and timelines. In the report, Doug Hagmann interviewed an anonymous DHS Insider with information that was absolutely mind blowing.

    The Insider claimed that in the Spring of 2013 life for the average American would begin to change significantly. He advised that these changes would be revealed after a large collapse in the price of precious metals, which like other financial instruments, were being manipulated by the powers that be. The claims were dismissed by many as ridiculous, with suggestions that the “anonymous source” must be a fake if he won’t even reveal his name.

    Given the blowback anonymous sources in recent years have experienced – Bradley Manning, Juliane Assange, and now Edward Snowden to name a few – is there any question as to why any Insider leaking information would want to remain anonymous?

    That aside, consider not who the Insider is, but rather, the validity to the claims made in December and beyond.

    The price of precious metals has collapsed over 25% in the last 6 months, and just hours after we ran a follow-up report on April 15, 2013, stock markets began to tumble. To add to the intrigue, over the last several weeks Americans have been made privy to the inner workings of a government hell-bent on monitoring and controlling every last activity and digital interaction of a once free public.

    Life for Americans, by all accounts, is changing rapidly.

    And, now, on the heels of a recent interview in which Insider claimed things were about to get very ugly, the Hagmann and Hagmann Report has revealed even more information.

    Take note folks. What you are about to read is scary stuff – frightening, actually.

    Given the events of the last six months, those who doubt the legitimacy of the information below are simply not paying attention.

    You may be asking: When is this going to happen?

    According to The Insider, it’s already begun. We’re seeing it right here and now.

    Read it, understand it and share it with those you care for, because this is getting serious.

    All signs point to massive paradigm shift, and it’s going to affect everyone on this planet.

    More DHS insider from DC

    Northeast Intelligence Network / Doug Hagmann

    As noted in my June 7, 2013 report titled DHS Insider: It’s about to get very ugly, the additional information provided to me that was temporarily withheld from publication is now being released. The methodical and incremental release of information was (and is) deliberate, to allow other things to play out, such as the public exposure to the name Edward Snowden and his revelations regarding just how extensive the domestic surveillance apparatus is – and who the surveillance is actually targeting.

    Back to the early hours of June 7, 2013

    “You’ve got to understand that they are trying to find the likes of me,” stated my source. Pretty soon, no one is going to be talking to anybody, especially in the alternative media, even about the damn weather. They won’t risk it, and I’m not just talking about a risk to their careers, either. There has been a systematic method of intimidation with some known and even ‘approved’ media contacts, not just against them, but against their families,” he emphasized.

    “Just give it two weeks at most, it will come out that no one will talk to the media,” he added. [Author note: See this article about AP CEO confirming their sources won’t talk anymore, dated 19 June 2013]. “But let me give you some details about some things I was told too. I know this is second-hand information, but it was from someone in a position of authority to know, someone I trust, and someone who I expect to reveal to [name of elected official deleted] the true extent of what has and in some cases, still is taking place. This individual is preparing to disclose much, and has obtained legal counsel, but the problem is that one misstep could be fatal in a literal sense, and [this source] knows that. If not fatal, there are other legal challenges, especially under a corrupt judiciary. By the time this appears in print, the disclosures will likely have already been made, just not made public.”

    The Holder hammer & the Chicago plumbers

    “The revelation last month that the Justice Department seized two months of telephone records from the Associated Press (AP) last year is only a small part of the story. The public admission is that the Holder Justice Department obtained only telephone records from three locations, something like 20 lines, and records of calls from the House press gallery for about two months. That’s one of the biggest lies ever told,” stated my source.

    “The truth is that it was not limited to AP, and not limited to just number identification and call duration, but was an extensive and active wiretapping operation that included every reporter’s telephone conversations, landline and cell, text messages from their personal and business cellular telephones and other electronic devices. The primary focus is on the press gallery, where everything was monitored in real time.”

    “Not only were the communications of reporters compromised, so were the private communications of congressmen and their aides. Listen to what I am saying,” he stressed, “the operation was much larger than anyone can imagine. Recordings, actual voice recordings, were turned over to the Obama administration, along with transcripts of texts, other communications and contacts.”

    “NSA assets were used, with the NSA acting as the collection agency for their intermediate client, the DHS. Then, at the highest levels of DHS, they sifted through the information collected. But the ultimate client or recipient of the information was the Obama White House. I don’t know if other agencies were involved in sorting through the material, but DHS, and this was limited to the highest of levels at DHS under the personal direction of Janet Napolitano, provided volumes of data directly to the Obama administration. One person inside the administration I know received the data was Valerie Jarrett,” he stated.

    “The other part of the lie is that this operation lasted only two months. That’s a lie. It went on well into late last year, was halted shortly after the election, but then picked back up sometime in January,” he said. Something happened in January where there appeared to be another active wiretapping operation started, but this one appeared to be more focused, or more limited in scope. Maybe, and I’m just guessing here based on some of the things I heard, that the Obama people had narrowed their interests based on the fruits of the previous operation.”

    Now the ‘Holder hammer’ is coming down on anyone who opens their mouth, or previously leaked any information that could have been or be detrimental to Obama. I can tell you that Valerie Jarrett is working, out of the White House, with DHS and other agencies to co-ordinate their efforts with Justice,” the latter a reference to the Eric Holder Justice Department. “At the same time, on the media side, there is a ‘plumbers team’ headed out of Chicago, with a long reach to the New York and Washington press correspondents. So they are not only going after those on the inside, but the journalists from the other side.”

    “The intimidation factor is huge if a media contact is outside of a small circle of ‘vetted’ journalists who are completely loyal to Obama and his agenda. If you are not part of that inner circle, you are a target, it’s that simple. You are seeing the formation of a state-run media and an administration that will intimidate, punish or prosecute anyone considered unfriendly to the Obama camp from the inside and the outside. Like I said, this also involves elected officials, their staffs and even in some cases, their families. And it is all being done under the color of authority and the pretext of national security,” he added.

    Loyalty to the man, not the office

    It was at this point I asked my source, what were or are they looking for?

    “Anything and everything,” he responded. “Obviously, it’s about loyalty to the man, damn the country and damn the law. Protect the man and the agenda, which is not just his agenda, but the people who put him in office.”

    Like who? I asked.

    “Who benefits? This is about dismantling the United States and nothing less. This is about foreign interests who have taken over our government without a shot. Look at Syria and our economy, both issues that are expected, at least as discussed within DHS,  to play out this year. You had it correct on both counts when you wrote about our involvement in Syria, by way of weapons shipments from Benghazi, to open another war. You also had it correct when you wrote about the killing of the U.S. Dollar. You want to know how I know this? Because the blowback from those two issues alone, one foreign and the other domestic, are what DHS is gearing up for in our ‘homeland,’” he stated.

    “Unless there are enough people who wake up fast enough, we will become involved in a war in Syria, with boots on the ground, facing not only Syrian troops but Russian forces. There will be blowback here in the United States. Along with this, you will see the U.S. dollar ‘collapse’ as the reserve currency, and social uprisings here in the U.S. over both. It will be DHS teamed with other federal agencies who will meet, with force, the uprisings. There will be chaos here, but it is expected to be different depending upon where you are at. Big cities will have the most problems, and plans are being made to cordon off cities and restrict travel at the time when these uprisings start. I really didn’t want to use this phrase, but expect martial law to be used ‘for the security’ of those affected by the turmoil.”

    “Then, you will see the internet being regulated in a manner that will serve only the agenda of this administration. Either right before or during these events, so-called citizen journalists will be particularly vulnerable. Watch for a serious crackdown of bloggers, online news publications and websites, but not in the way that will be immediately obvious. The ‘plumbers team’ have coordinated their efforts with Internet Service Providers to identify the people like you and others who publish their information on web sites. At first they will cite violations of terms of service. Then, they will select a few ‘troublemakers’ and identify them for criminal prosecution. Others will experience hacking and other electronic attacks. And during all of that, there will be the Obama team flooding the internet with misinformation and disinformation. In fact, that is already taking place.”

    During our conversation, I started to ask about certain journalists and bloggers who died, either from ‘natural causes’ or in accidents, suicides, and under other strange circumstances. My source interrupted before I could finish my question.

    “Don’t even go there, don’t bother asking me, because I just don’t know, he stated in a rather agitated manner. I do have my suspicions about one, maybe two who got a bit too close to the truth and foolishly trusted certain people, but I really don’t know for sure.”

    So, what will all of this look like, I asked, when it all comes down.

    “I’ve thought about that myself, and have seen some DHS documents outlining different scenarios. Maybe not what you think,” he replied. “Outside of the rioting in certain urban areas, the low stocks at your local stores, and rationing of gas, maybe not as dire as you imagine. My best guess is a combination of the riots of the 1960′s along with the gasoline rationing of the 1970′s, at least at first. Once people who want to save the country, those with good intentions begin to organize, it will become incrementally worse,” he stated.

    “Like a car careening off a cliff, but not hitting the bottom right away. It will hit jagged edges first, each time suffering more damage. Each blow will be worse than the next.”


    “Let me try to sum it up for you. It’s getting late, and I mean it’s getting late this morning and late for our country. This is all about centralization of power and pursuing an agenda that makes no sense or has any benefit to the United States.  All of the things we are seeing are related. The IRS, Syria, Benghazi, the NSA, and just about everything you can name is about one thing: the consolidation of power and the centralization of authority. This party did not start with Obama, and might not end with him either.”

    I interjected my surprise at this point, noting that I thought the worst, like others, that we might not see another presidential election. “When did I mention anything about an election?”

    “You’re not thinking big enough,” he admonished. Nobody is thinking big enough, or has been thinking at all, which is why we’re in this position. This is a global agenda, or an agenda of the global interests, the money interests. Do you think for one second that if a person, and I don’t give a damn who it is or what position they hold, becomes a liability to those interests that they wouldn’t get rid of them? Don’t you think those in power know this?

    Cryptically, he spoke of Obama’s apparent infatuation with Abraham Lincoln and asked, rhetorically whether that means anything. A country that will fall into a civil war of sorts, and all of the things common to both. Does Obama know something, or feel something? Is that playing in to his desire for oaths only to him, and not the country? Think about it.”

    Time frame

    As we were parting, I felt a bit like Peter Falk playing Columbo in the 1970′s television series when I said that I had “just one more question.” When is all of this going to start?

    What? He turned and looked at me as if I had uttered an insult.

    “It’s already begun. You’re seeing it now. If you want to know a date when our money will tank, or when the war goes hot, or when you won’t be able to get food or gas, I can’t tell you, and I don’t think anyone can. But remember what I said before, about the metals taking a hit and something happening after that. Look at the metals market. The U.S. has very little gold. Everything you see is being manipulated, from the economy to the metals to foreign policy. I believe that most politicians know how dire things are, and most are clawing their way for a seat at the global table. But if I had to answer you, and I guess I will so you’ll let me leave, I’d look for something to happen in early July as a precursor to the more major events later in the summer or fall, maybe in October.”

    “But don’t try to look at dates for answers, look at events, even the small ones. Remember, their objectives haven’t changed, only their plans to adapt to the right conditions. To the unaware, it will look like everything was just one big unfortunate coincidence.”

    Report originally published at The Northeast Intelligence Network.

    It Has Begun


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      1. I’m going to a Revival next week!

        • I can no longer be an optimist anymore.
          Some people can see sunshine even when
          it’s raining.
          I wish them the best of luck.

          • Made a quick trip to Denver this week and what did I see on the Interstate? Armored vehicles being hauled on Semi’s headed towards Denver. The vehicles looked like the one’s DHS ordered, but were marked ARMY. Took a picture of one. There were other assorted semi’s hauling other military gear.

            Next we have multiple fires in Colorado raging at the same time? Usually you have one fire that begets others. Not 5-7 scattered all over the front range. Local News was hinting that one of them could be arson? Then the arson subject went quiet.

            Lots of little things adding up?

            • In NC I have been seeing ALOT of Osprey aircraft flying over head too. Something is going down SOON very Soon.

              • I see Chinook and Blackhawk helicopters quite often in Northeast KY. A Chinook flew so low and fast today it shook my friend’s house and scared his wife and child. His wife said it flew so low that she thought it was going to hit their house. The gov. knows something we don’t. They are training for something.

                • Thats happening here in S.W.Missouri 3 Helicopters almost daily flies from maybe Springfield down to Dam on Tablerock lake then return following the river. They don’t fly over my house anymore. I contacted the National guard HQ in Spfld I own everything from heaven to hell and I will shoot down all who volate my airspace. Since then they fly around me.

                • Everyone just calm down. I promise you, I am as distrustful as the next person, but Marine helos are over my house every day. Of course they are stationed on my base. I plan on going out flying with them soon. We do most of our training stateside. DHS would be way more of a concern to me.

                • The fact is that: I’ve seen more military aircraft within the last year and 1/2 than I have in my entire lifetime combined. I’ve seen aircraft in places that you would think you would never see them. My house will rattle and I know something is coming. Sure enough I walk outside and 2 – 3 Blackhawks will fly right over my house at a low altitude. Chinooks skim treetops near my house. Sometimes Chinooks will hover in the same spot for hours and hours. Like I said before, the gov. knows something we don’t and they are preparing for it. It’s not hard to see that something just isn’t right…

              • Three weeks ago in Raleigh,NC on a saturday,there was a Apache Long Bow Helicopter flying over that city. It was fitted with racks but i did not see any missiles. I saw it from the fair grounds for about 3 hours.

                But, Thursday June 20th 2013 took the cake, the skies in eastern North Carolina were alive with Chemical trails. Blotted out the blue sky. Spotted four planes spraying in all directions of the compass.

                have a nice day………..

                • I see a lot more helicopter activity in Raleigh also and saw a new armored Raleigh PD vehicle with machine gun turret ( less gun )

                • Well, that being said, the unit I’m in in the AF has been accused of spraying chemicals in the air to change weather patterns. Not that some funky shit doesn’t go on elsewhere, I can tell you that without question, we are not spraying chemicals. I’m on the jets EVERY DAY and don’t mistake a contrail for “seeding the clouds”. I don’t believe 95% of what the .gov says, but changing the weather, I don’t think so. My tinfoil hat can only absorb so much.


                    — Kristen Meghan, former Air Force Bio-Environmental Engineer gave a ground breaking presentation of what she had discovered about Chemtrails while serving her Country. Keep in mind, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Geo-Engineering agenda.


                  • Weather Modification And The U.S. Military
                    “We want to control the weather by 2025.” U.S. Air Force — Familiar with the UN Weather Weapons Treaty of 1976?


                  • CuzzinJim = troll

                  • That’s funny, I worked as an aircraft electrician, and I say you’re wrong dude. The reality of the matter is this, you might work in one single squadron say 24 +- a few spare jets, you might even support your brother and sister squadrons doing the same so maybe you worked or support say 124 jets total, most likely just one kind of jet as well, but the reality is you don’t know what those jets down in (that hangar you don’t have security access to) are doing. You also likely don’t work in the fuel dump, or deal with tanks or fuel. (even as an electrician there’s not much to do here with NORMAL (non geoengineering) fuel tanks, wing tanks, center-line tanks) You also don’t know anything about civilian operations. More than likely you’ve only seen a depot team once or twice in your life helping troubleshoot with intermittent problems, or rolling out some new TCTO. So what makes you an expert about operations on the thousands of airports and bases and hangars you don’t work on, have never seen, and don’t have security clearance for? Also, you completely ignore the RF side of this whole thing, it’s not just that they are spraying, then they ENERGIZE it with HF/VHF in whatever combo they need to carry out their operations. There are also LOCAL CITY SNOWPACK geoengineering contracts!

                    But in fact, the information is already out there about GeoEngineering SAG/SRM operations

                    While you are late to the game (I was too) I suggest you

                    start here


                    and here

                    Also read dutchsince’s comprehensive information on it all!

                    before you dig this hole any deeper.

                    And alternatively if you now suddenly agree after being enlightened about all this, you’ll need to ask yourself, when they EVER asked your permission to do any of this? It won’t be long before your conclusion is they NEVER ASKED, they JUST DID IT.

              • I live in South West, OH, and on average 2-4 times a week, I have been witnessing the USAF C5’s flying over. We live near one of the largest USAF bases, but the rate at which they are coming and going is definitely accelerated.

                • Good to see a fellow man tht frequents this site. I know right where your at bud.
                  Seen a few Blackhawks flying over the same part of the state one day last week.
                  Standing by in OH,


              • Of course, there are a ton of these based at New River, NC at the Marine base there. With the drawdown in Afghanistan, more are flying around NC.

              • You have two Marine Corps bases in NC. The Osprey is a USMC aircraft.

              • Nothing in Indy, no military vehicles, just police and hospital helocopters every other nite.

              • I also live in NC,I see a lot of military choppers everywhere now

            • Are you suggesting the army started the fires to cover up the fact that they have DHS style armored vehicles? Seems a bit much, I’d be surprised if they didn’t have them.

            • My nephew lives in metro Denver and tells me that the fedearl center at Alameda and Kipling has stocked up on military vehicles of late. What used to be an open area is now filled with some forms of military hardware.

              • The movement was by commercial trucking. One here one there over a couple of days. I saw six different shipments over 2 days all going the same direction. No convoy.

              • Where else do you think they would store all the Hardware coming back from the Middle East. Iraq (were stored in Kuwait) and Afghanistan.

                No GREAT conspiracy there, equipment stored in the dry parts of the West, remain useable a lot longer. There is very little corrosion encountered. Plus, since all these vehicles are in Desert camouflage they blend in better.

                Colorado is a great place to store unneeded military equipment, centrally located and can be moved easily to the Far East (Korea) or the Middle east just as easily.

                Really, you all need to get a hobby or something. Enjoy life more, be ready but reduce the stress on your body and mind. have a picnic.

                BTW I have my Stores, ammo, and equipment and I am not going to spend years worrying every minute, about what might happen. I’m ready for it, in any case.
                Only The Lord knows when and where and who the bell will toll for.

            • I saw the same thing on my way to Chicago a couple days ago! It’s starting I guess.

              • I say when the shooting starts aim for the balls they will fall

                • Jackbooted thugs all have miniscule sized peckers, and that is the source of their psychopathic, authoritarian, bully-boy behavior and resentment towards the whole world for being short changed on the size of their John Henry.

                  I bring this up, because swampratt’s advice is going to be a challenge – it won’t be easy, to hit a target that small.

                  And, right now – ammo is so hard to find and so expensive to buy when you do find it, that most of us can’t afford to spend much time on the range improving our marksmanship skills.

            • Coincidence? I think not.

                • It’s on baby.

                  Get ready to start shouting “Wolverines” at them Russkie bastards.

                  • Are you serious Theguy? Would you rather have Muslims who will behead you if you do not turn to Allah(Anti-Christ)or a few Russians who really are no different than our corrupt leaders? The Syrian rebels who are fighting the Syrian government are Al Qaeda Muslims who are sweeping through Syria targeting all of the Christians for slaughter.

                  • @ Theguy,

                    We’ve been around on this claim before. A few threads ago. It won’t be Russian airborne dropping out of the sky. It will be our own .mil or LE or FLEA. To disarm and round up the Liberty Movement.

                    Just two facts for starters. The Russians lost 20 million people in their Great Patriotic War, second world war eastern front, than we’ve lost in all our wars since 1776. By a large margin. That war was fought on Russian home turf.

                    The Russian military exists to defend Russia’s blood and soil. They aren’t in 160 nations starting wars for profit in a dozen places at once the way we are. Militaries exist for two reasons. To defend the home, at home. Such as Switzerland’s citizen soldiers. Or they’re scattered all around the globe. For empire. Like ours is.

                    Maybe if we’re lucky the cheese eating euro-peons (didja catch the deliberate misspelling?) in those blue brain buckets will march down the road.

                    “Mister and Mrs. American Homeowner, we are your friends. We are here to gather those nasty firearms with which you kill so many of yourselves.

                    Free French cheese and Belgian beer if you get on the bus to Camp Fema. Where you will take a hot shower and go to dinner.” /sarc

                    Yeah, Fritz or Pierre … like the showers at Treblinka?

                    In any event it won’t be the Russian Airborne.

                    Let’s keep our eyes on who the real adversary is most likely to be.

            • They are preburning the only place to run to (en mass). The mountains and forests. They know Matthew 24 well, Let those who are in Judea (new Judea for us) flee to the mountains.

              • I sort of agree, but he was talking to the Jews about a time that will happen after what we experience.

                • Both wrong about Mathew 24. Christ was warning Both christians and jews of His day, to be ready at a moments notice to Flee.. It directly ties in with Christ’s Other prophecy event, of what he scolded the pharise rabbis and Their jewish followers (talmudics) of.

                  That being Their, the Jews, Temple would Again be demolished and even worse this second time around. Unlike solomons First temple destruction, this new 2nd temple destruction would result in “Not One Single stone left standing upon another stone.”( Proof that western wailing wall cannot be remains of the 2nd temple, like pastors claim it is, that wall has hundreds of multi ton size “stones” standing upon other stones, so those preachers are wrong or Lying).

                  That was fullfilled in 70 AD. And the aprox 1/2 of who’d be the saved folks THEN, 70 ad era, Where mainly the Christians who believed in and Trutsed Christs predictions. The Vast majority of talmudic judaic jews did NOT trust nor believe in Christ, but rather they severly Hated Jesus with a burining passion. Even 40 yrs After they killed him. Therefore jews is who refused to Listen to Christs warning prophecy of a 2nd time of temple destruction. About 1.1 to 1.2 Million jews were killed by Roman armys. But they had almost an Ongoing war with about 3 seperate huge or semi-large battles with roman armys. They kept taunting rome leadership, and much like todays usa african rebel riotings and lootings and overall constant threats of more of such, Rome finally said Ok assholes you Bit off way more than you can this time jew, I mean Chew!

                  So That mathew 24 warning of flee to mountains occurd back in 70 AD…Get it yet?

                  It seems way to many folks today are thinking that Every prophecy or events said to someday occure, is always all about OUR time today, or “end times” events. Thats simply wrong headed. It should be read more like an “Ongoing” long drawn out “series” of Related events, that “Someday” yes will be an end in final fullfillment and That occures When the Day of the LORD, Return of Christ happens.

                  That applies also to book of revelation events. John was told to write down stuff that already happened, and WILL in the Future happen right up to the final phase, return of Jesus to Earth and a return to REMAIN Here. He aint evacuating folks from earth for 7 yrs, nor 7 days. He is returning to Stay and RULE planet earth under HIS NWO govnt. The “Church” or True believers HE finds Worthy as such is whos scheduled to rule With Him then as HIs “administration”.

                  Remember, Flee to mountains for those IN “Judea” was for 70 ad era. Not 2013, NOT usa. NOT EU…Not said to occure Twice. These type false scenarios Must be repeated over and over by todays False prophet Preachers in order to get alot of christian folks to buy into Their agenda. That agenda is You pay to rebuild a Thrid temple-aka-world HQ of All “Synagouges of Satan”(where does it say that,jews Must build 3rd temple, in an IN contextual verse or chapter of verses?) So todays Fake jews or “Khazers” who are Really EDOMITES of Esau(jacobs Mortal enemys) and are NOT of the orig 12 tribes of israel, can swindle the world, specially the white western nations into a NWO run as a Jwo “J” as in Jews master race concept of rulership and Ownership of entire world including You humans too aka as Slaves of jews. That concept is IN Their Talmud books verses for you Nay-sayers! Look it up.

              • Warning, If your not there already, YOUR TRESSPASSING.

                • How can a person who is not there be trespassing ???? If your not “there” you are not there. Therefore you are not there and can’t be there to trespass. But if you are there and not here you would be trespassing here if you were there and not welcome here. Then again, if there in ambiguous in terms of an area, you could be here on your way there and be there making there here and be trespassing. Fuck I am so confused.

              • Jesus was talking specifically about Judea when he said that, and he spoke specifically about the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple, which happened in 70 AD. If you want to believe the lies that have infiltrated and corrupted Christianity, go ahead. But careful study and God-given reason show that there is no definitive antichrist in the Bible, no 7 year tribulation, and no new temple to be built. These are deceptions carefully crafted over the centuries that we would ignore the one piece of evidence that no man can deny—that Christ revealed the truth about the fall of Israel 40 years before it happened, THUS HE DEMONSTRATED HIS DIVINITY AS LORD. Why is it that we Christians seldom if ever reflect on this or even share it with others in our witness? When so many secular experts say he never existed, that the bible is corrupted, and whatever else, THIS TRUTH STANDS. Add to this all that Christ says that we know to be true and our understanding of his revelation becomes clearer.

                • Chuck! Wow. I didn’t yet scroll down to see Your post about Judea 70 ad era prior to adding My similar post on this issue. Nice to see Another person who is Wide awake and jewised up, to all of todays false preachers aka wolves, who are basically most all “Judiaizers” to the I’nth degree eh. Judiasering IS where the Big$$$$ is at for them mammon worshiper false teachers.

                  Also it keeps em all Inline with Their True Bosses, the IRS-501-C Non profit status,who such false pastors Must answer too Instead of answering to God as their true “Boss”. Selling their souls to Satan and their services to Talmudic Judicas to keep that xtra 30% that normally goes to taxes. Kinda like “30-Pieces of Silver” huh.

              • Matthew 24 was written to the jews(Israel)

            • Saw a low flying C5 Galaxy in Fredericksburg VA yesterday. Don’t have a large airport close by, thought it strange. Richmond could be a possible landing point.

              • Gino,

                there is post or base which has a big enough strip for a C5 to land or lift in that area. I know, I used to go there for training and stay at the Richmond hotels…

            • I drive ag-related trucks in Ne. and in the past 6-8 weeks I have seen 7 DHS plated vehicles on hwy2 east of Broken Bow. White Ford Expeditions or Explorers. Always in pairs or trips. 5 of our 12 other drivers have seen DHS vehicles as well as fed plates on various vehicles, brand, colors and type running the gammet. Some drivers on either the 11th or 12th were chatting on the radio about an unmarked white freightliner going west with a blank intermodal van setting on a heavy haul trailer with at least 3 spotted escort vehicles. This ain’t right!

            • Sometimes the sun still shines quite brightly while it is raining.

            • We had the Gaurds come in this morning to fight the Wolf Creek fires so maybe thats whats you seen in Colorado.

            • anyone that is a cop today is a traitor. When the collapse comes the cops will be wiped out like a turd stain between your but cheeks, than the politicians will be hunted, than all those Zionist Jews that run the corporations

            • They are removing over head cover so you will not find any safe place to hide.

          • Amazing everyone has heard of the CIA and the FBI but 10 years ago you could mention the NSA and most would just scratch their head and look at you like what are you talking about. If you want some real interesting reading just pick up one of James Bamford’s old books such as the Puzzle Palace or Body Of Secrets he was writing about this Org. over 30 years ago. Trekker Out.

            • just like those puppies in animal farm by G.O everybody forgot they were in the barn

            • No Such Agency…

            • Hi new book The Shadow Factory talks about immediately pre-9/11 and the patriot act. I heard about Bamford on Lou Dobbs when Body of Secrets came out.

              Off topic…Lou Dobbs was ranking the best alternative names for OBummer. unfortunately he did not list some of the more colorful ones noted on this site. But lou was enjoying himself.

              • OBowelmovement

                • OBeezlebub

                  • oASSHOLE

                  • OBamboozle

                  • Omaumau–the Mau Mau’s were the terrorists of Kenya that helped to kill off most of the white Brits that remained after Kenya became independent…

              • Barackalypse Obamageddon

          • @ OutWest

            There’s nothing wrong with being an optimist.

            Through God, all things are possible.

          • OutWest: You do not have to be an optimist, be a realist;
            but don’t surrender before you have seen the whites of their eyes and put a bullet between them!

            Engage My peeps! Let your Barnhardt out! 🙂

          • I have been posting to my FB, writing Senators/Congressmen/President. I have been praying for God to change the heart of our politicians to focus on America more than Foreign Affairs. I have prayed Monsanto and gang would disappear. I have prayed, ranted and raved about the injustices in our country and Obama’s attempt to change America but nothing changes it keeps getting worse. Then yesterday I came up on a post of a friend and it was a photo of Jesus and it said, “Shhhhhhhhhhh, Let Me handle this!” Wow, hit me hard because it is true.. So, I let go of the fear for our country and Americans and the world because deep inside I know a higher power than US, you and me, will take care of this in due time. Release..let go…and though it may get worse before it gets better know and trust that these evil men and women that are making life on earth HELL…it will not last much longer… Their reward is waiting for them~

            • Thankyou….for re-affirming all………to let go..yes..to let go…………for all will be shown and all will be restored into the glory that is!
              It is difficult to see and hear the horrific topics daily and not be affected…..but, in my heart..I know the joy of seeing a tiny insect or a colourful butterfly or a magnificent hummingbird and that quietens my soul..for I know that the hand of God is at work, every second….and that one day..all will be as it should! Love and Light!

            • Thank you. So many times we forget that we have someone all powerful to handle these fears for us. Just let go and let God. But don’t quit praying.

            • I can appreciate your passion and spiritual desire for the filthy, stinking, maggot infested slimeballs in D.C. to come to their senses and end their arrogant and out of control criminality and war mongering all over the world, but I do not think it will ever happen.

              These cockroaches are drunk on their own power and their diabolically insane arrogance to rule the whole planet.

              From the way I read the tea leaves – there is only one way to stop what our corrupt leaders are doing. Russia and China are going to have to nuke Washington, D.C. and send our criminal rulers to Hell, so they will be reunited with their Daddy, Satan.

              • the same people that manipulate the uk and america, control russia and china the same way.. its all a set up.. you need to understand the bigger picture..

                look at man made religion, its all been created by the same bloodlines to divide and conquer and keep the masses distracted and disempowered… we’re the ones’ we’ve been waiting for!.. we just got to realise it!!.. think about it.. the elites that killed jesus cos of his teachings are the same bloodlines that created the version of christianty we have today, do you honestly think they would give us anything that empowered us!? they’ve got things set up so that we’re putting our faith, belief n energy “over there”, into “that” figure. doesn’t it make more sense to put our faith, belief n energy into our spirit, that bit of “god” inside us all!!?

                as for america, its seen as the “land of the free” around the world, doesn’t it make sense to destroy it and what it sybolises, and have their nwo replace it from the ashes of the old??..

                lets just hope enough people realise they’re true potential and save the day…!!

          • Its HARD to be optimistic, I admit… but we only see the little picture and we are too close to the events. God sees the overall picture from a more detached viewpoint.

            Things will change but not as TPTB think.

            There are a number of reasons to be optimistic: 1.God is real, this is His world, and He is on the side of the people. 2.There are a lot more of us than them. 3. I won’t mention the 3rd point because TPTB will see it too. 4. Mike Ruppert calls them the powers that were because as the petroleum runs out, so will they. You can’t have globalism or even a federal government with no oil. Our whole civilization is predicated on an abundance of cheap fossil fuels… read what Peak Oil experts are saying: things will become increasingly local when the oil runs out. 5. Even climate experts are saying that the Federal government will collapse as a result of extreme climate events coming our way.

            Unfortunately, I can’t write point number 3 without TPTW seeing it and is very, very important!

          • I know just what you mean,but I can’t help but see the colostomy bag as being half full, and not half empty…

          • Faith in something greater than government is a cause for optimism. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Enjoy every day for each is truly precious.

        • The real and only purpose of the immigration bill in the Senate. Is to create a slave workforce of immigrints to support the waning dollar and economy, As our dollar is held up by labor not by war like it was by our forefathers when money was real. Since money is corrupted, labor of slaves supports it. We don’t have enough slaves anymore to support it and this bill is a last ditch effort to legalize 11 million new slaves to “save the dollar”

          • They’re going to need a few million ‘enforcers’ to deal with a restive citizenry. What better source than the illegals? Just sign up and be a citizen in a year. It’s going to be ugly.

            Write or call your reps now, today, and get this immigration bill killed. If it can be delayed for a year, anything like the scenario in the article will kill it permanently.

            • ? How many cowboys needed to drive a 1000 head of cattle

              • Quite a few cowboys are needed when the cattle is armed and pissed.

            • I have a picture in my head of the illegals in line just like in Blazing Saddles waiting for their badge.

              • They don’t need no steenking badges…

            • You can’t kill a bill that NSA has solidified by blackmailing every senator, representative, judge and member of the executive. Do you think all of that data collection was aimed at you? BO realy believed in his “hope and change” until he learned he was a pawn. The sociopaths that run our country are easier to blackmail than a well connected call girl. Well, maybe not. Those gals are all working for some branch of homeland security.

              • The Washington Times published an article by Shaun Waterman on Friday, June 21, 2013 that is titled:

                “Surveillance contractors gave millions in campaign cash to congressional lawmakers”

                Here is the link:


                And, guess who the top recipient was of this dirty money?

                “By far the largest recipient of campaign contributions was GOP Sen. John McCain of Arizona, the ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, who got more than $420,000.”

                So, let me break it down for you. Our US Senators and Congressmen – who all are required to take an oath to protect, defend, and obey the Constitution – are taking money from the private telecommunication companies who they awarded lucrative contracts to, so they could participate in the illegal and unconstitutional creation of this criminal NSA spying and surveillance network – knowing full well that what these telecom companies would be doing would violate the law and the 4th Amendment rights of every single American citizen.

                And, the despicable slab of treasonous human scum, John McCain – is the top recipient of this dirty money.

                High Treason, folks. Every last piece of human filth who is involved in this NSA scandal is guilty of High Treason.

                Notice who is screaming the loudest and trying to defend this NSA illegal surveillance program? McCain, and the rest of the rats who took money from these telecom companies.

            • At least we will be able to profile them.

            • Right Smokey, why would they come to a country locked down in martial law, rioting in cities and with a worthless currency.

              • create the problem, get the reaction, and offer the solution.. simples.. 😉

          • Immigration “reform” is immigration “surrender”. We now live on a corporate plantation, where the price of labor is determined by how many low payed workers can flood into the country. Standard of living is collapsing because of this.

            • I believe that the large companies that hire illegal aliens take into account the amount those illegals can get in public assistance, and make sure that the pay doesn’t exceed the allowable income. I say this based on experience. I worked 16 years for a small company when a big, nationwide company bought it up. Of course, a major pay cut was planned for the sales department (we were all commissioned salespeople, making $55k to $100k annually)and all new hires were to be paid $6.00/hour, and a special HR person was assigned to help the new hires to fill out applications for foodstamps. The company was Lee Enterprises, and I’m please to report that they’ve since gone bankrupt…

          • @ Steven

            ObamaCare is the real slave maker. The Immigration bill is just the insurance that it will remain.

            …It’s way more than 11 million people, btw. Think three times as much and you’ll be much closer to the truth (illegals that are here).

            • Obama is a fag

              • They’re ya go– that’s how you show them. You’re amazing.

        • BIG Off Topic, really big…:-)

          Dear XXXXXX,

          Thank you for contacting us.

          We only purchase non “GMO” popcorn kernels to produce our products.

          If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at the address listed below.


          Larry Williams
          The Popcorn Factory
          [email protected]

          For those that need buckets of popcorn!!

            • The country is going to hell and you are talking about pop corn, you are an idiot.

              • Non GMO popcorn kernels are easily store and highly nutrious when popped. I’d say that JayJay is very wise and appreciate the link.

                Thank you JJ. 🙂

                • Popcorn makes the best cornmeal when ground. Much better than Dent Corn. Popcorn also runs through the grinder much easier.

                • How do you pop corn without a microwave?

                  • ENFP I remember one summer it was so hot in Missouri that the cattle all froze to death. The corn started popping in the field and they thought it was a blizzard.WASP

                  • Dam, don’t you kids know anything?

                    Over your well concealed campfire, of course
                    you still have to worry about that great aroma.

                    Rather have some Jack Daniels myself helps with sleeping!

                    Rest well, with loaded weapon.

                  • How do you pop corn without a microwave?

                    Oh my god… Please at the first chance you get, unplug that microwave and CUT the CABLE OFF OF IT! Nothing is good that comes OUT of a microwave. Everything can be cooked without it.

                    I have a “popcorn popper” one with the stirring stick, however, traditionally since the 60’s I’ve used a sauce pan with a cover, then dump it all into a paper bag (if I don’t feel like cleaning dirty bowls)

                    I used straight butter for the oil to pop, but recently I changed to coconut oil with reduced heat about medium. Coconut oil is NON GMO, good luck Monsanto making GMO coconut trees! The final benefit is your off the straight butter again.

                    I never heard of this popcorn place, but I got my NON GMO popcorn from “Crown Jewel Gourmet Popcorn” (recently found off a link on a side youtube embedded link (either Rumor Mill News, Blacklisted News Or What Really Happened), so I will check this place out as well, the more non gmo popcorn, and corn the better I say. I got no problems buying from BOTH of ya. Just wish it was in the store locally. Ya know..

              • Jack wont eat until this is all over!!

          • You can also get non-GMO bagged popcorn under the “Popcorn, Indiana” brand name in Kroger’s. Made with real butter, just like the kind you’ll barter for soon!

          • FYI…Popcorn is Never a GMO

            “At the Seeds of Doubt conference recently, Jeffery Smith, executive director of the Institute for Responsible Technology and GMO expert, assured us that even though almost 90% of the corn grown and eaten in this country is GMO corn, popcorn comes from a different seed and has not been genetically modified.”

            “So, while you should assume that your Doritos brand corn chips and those sweet corn cobs on sale at the grocery store are Genetically Modified even though they are not labeled as such, you’ll never have to worry about your popcorn being GMO. Makes you feel a little bit better about ordering that large tub at the movie theater!”

            • Thanks EA..cause ordering lots of popcorn is on my list.
              Gotta get 5 gallon buckets–used the last two for tomatoes.

              • Can popcorn be ground up and used as corn meal? I can’t think of any reason why not.

                • It’s crazy hard to grind with a hand grinder. I think there are other types of corn that grind easier.

                • Buy a nice Mortar and Pistol. It’s dual use…

                  • Mortar and pistol….?

                    What are you going to do – shoot the freaking popcorn in the mortar…??

                  • to brane frees….a mortar and pestle is used to grinding corn and such to make bread. the natives used them all the time. learn something before you post.

                  • to redneck….

                    Yep, a mortar and pestle is used for grinding.

                    However – a mortar and pistol don’t make a very useful combination.

                    Learn something before you try to educate.

                • Check out the grainmaker mill. It’s awesome, made in Montana, lifetime replacement on parts, and ginds popcorn as easy as wheat with just one pass. Can ya tell I LOVE mine?

                  • +1 for the Grainmaker Mill. They also give a military discount!

                  • We love our Grainmaker 116. When the neighbor kids come over that is the first place they go. We load it up and they grind away. It takes about 5 pounds to wear them out. (for a few minutes)

                    In addition to Popcorn, the Grainmaker also grinds Ezekiel Mix which has large beans. It is a very high quality, 100% American made grain mill, that can be passed on to the next generation.

                    Grainmaker also makes a bicycle kit for the mill and an electric motor kit.

            • Yeah be a real Patriot and buy NON Gmo Popcorn at the Movies while watching Spielbergs hit movie “Swindlers List”! aka More Brainwashing propaganga for the sheeps.

            • Popcorn– the commercial brands at grocery stores– IS most definitely toxic!!! GMO’S or not, the bag has toxic chemicals which leach out when cooked.

              You can get non-GMO corn from the health food stores, pop it in the microwave by placing it in a paper bag–partially folded down, and season it when it comes out…look up on the Internet.

              Eat that toxic crap from the grocery store, if you like. Me and mine no longer consume that crap!!

              • Please Unplug your Microwave and CUT THE CABLE OFF.

                If you knew what those things are both capable of in a (DANGER / WARNING kind of way) and also knew what they do to your food, you wouldn’t have one in the house.

                IT KILLS YOUR FOOD. Instead of explaining how I learned this firsthand in the 70’s, and then re-affirmed again in the 90’s from my electronics professor, I’ll leave you off to Zenhaven’s fine article


                Bout the only thing I am not sure I agree that it promotes obesity, I believe the GMO’s (specifically HFCS) are doing that, not the microwave, but hey I am no nutrition expert.

          • Gotta get some of that! I found a lot of GMO free and Gluten free freeze dried food at http://www.srmarketplace.com Their food is really top quality! We have a lot of allergies in our family and this site as been a big help in getting safe food storage for our preps.

          • Popcorn is one of the most available & inexpensive “corn” on the market. A 50 lb bag retail at Sam’s Club is just over $20. This corn can be used to make corn meal just like regular corn but the kernals are harder so you need a robust grinder. I’ve been grinding popcorn into corn meal for about four years & it works great. It’s also a much cleaner corn than bulk corn and can be stored in vacuum sealed bags or containers for up to 25 years. It’s a great prepper investment folks!

        • It’s too late for that, God has been replaced with ALLAH..

          • RealWorld if you think GOD has been replaced with a arab god then you need to move your ass to an ARAB country

            • If you could be bothered to learn even the tiniest bit about this you would know it is the same god. Jews, christians, and muslims all worship the same god. They simply disagree about the messiah.
              Jews, still waiting.
              Christians say it is jesus.
              Muslims say it is mohammed.

              But when should facts get in the way of some good hate?

              • COMMON SENSE you are incorrect muslims worship the sun
                god which was named in honor of NIMROD jews and christains worship the true GOD maybe you should pick up a bible and research it

                • Bible thumpers need to see the film Zeitgeist to know why all of these gods were made up to instill fear in ignorant peasants. While you are promoting a god ask him or her why the F does he or she allows murder, incest, rape, genocide, greed, etc etc etc. Then tell people again its gods will. wake the hell up. Tell that to the children beaten, raped and killed every minute of the day. Then listen to your own moronic explanations.

                  • Tom, God doesn’t do it, people do. (Our will against His. Who do you think will win ?)

                  • Sorry, Tom, I have seen it and it is utter hogwash, tailored for people who have no knowledge of the word of God, nor an ounce of reason in their minds. Case in point: Zeitgeist makes a lot of the December 25 celebration of Christmas and proceeds to mention an Egyptian god who also was born on December 25 to a virgin and was the god of the Sun(I think). In any case, the Gospels never state that Jesus was born on that date, and it is nowhere to be found I n the Bible because IT IS A ROMAN CALENDER THAT HAS DECEMBER 25. The Egyptians didn’t use a Roman calendar, nor did the Hebrews.
                    Zeitgeist is a SHAME, A HOAX, AND A LIE.
                    Do your own research and you will find this to be true.

                  • It’s called a free will.

                • But as John says in the bible, and I think a couple other apostles too said it, ALL who reject that Christ was Man AND God in the Flesh and after death Arose again, are OF “Antichrist”…Therefore that claim of jews worship same god as christains does?…Sorry. By Their rejection of Jesus, even today after 2000 yrs time to awaken, it means jews are also antichrists as it is written.

                  There is ONE covenant Recognized today and ever since Christ Enacted it in His days, that being the NEW covenant. Of which the NEW testement is a testimony of it and explaination of it etc. Jews and Christians trying to still Live the Old test or First covenant,are wasting their time as it was Replaced by a New, Better, and Permanant, never again to be replaced, Covenant of Christianity. Talmud religious agendas or beliefs is as fake or wrong as allah/koran is. ONE WAY ONLY! Christ and the NEW covenant period. All who reject it will persih. Includes jews too.

              • No common sense, Muslims say it is the mahdi. That’s the 12th imam for Shiites, I believe. Anyway they are also still waiting. Mohammed was just a prophet.

              • No No, allah is not the same as God. Nowhere does God nor Jesus say to “kill the non-believers”. Nowhere. Never.

              • Ouchie, “common sense”. If Jesus is recognized by Islam as a prophet of Allah as well as Mohammed, how can they be the “same” person? And if Jesus claimed he was from the father, that if you have seen him you have seen the father, and that he was the I Am—claims that Mohammed never made in all of his incoherent blithering’s(have you read the Koran? it is amazing that this jumble of interconnected and laughably inconsistent statements are the foundation of anyone’s faith), than what end does Mohammed serve? If Mohammed was not leading humanity to salvation through Christ, he is not of Christ , and not of God. End of story.

                • It seems strange to me for anybody to actually believe that its so important to learn of God, yet the koran version allah would actually entrust such writings of such importance to a guy called mohamad who was an Illiterate man!..Mohamahd needed another person to do the writing, and had zero ways to confirm whats written back then, was what mohamahd told the writer guy to write, as an illiterate cannot confirm if the guy got it as dictated right. With so many arabs alive god or allah wasnt able to find one man that Can write and read?

                  But also remember in your truth quests, do not stop short by study of just comparing a bible to the koran. Be certain to Include the jewish Talmud writings too.

                  Because while I admit I have NOT read that much of Neither, talmud Nor koran, of what I Have seen or read of BOTH religious teachings, and while since 9/11 we heard quite alot from MSM’s regarding Korans verses to Kill us infidels etc etc…So Far to Date, not one Single MSM newspaper-magazines-TV news-TV documentarys-Hollywood movies etc, has EVER YET said a single word related to what the jewish Talmude Verses state.

                  And so far from the Little of each I have become aware of, the jew talmud is Far Worse and contains Far Far greater numbers of “Anti-Gentiles”(all non jews are gentiles or goyims as jews prefer) Verses as compared to the Koran has. Also while koran gives folks a chance to convert(not that I agree or would do so) far as I know of the jew talmud does NOT, and instead teaches jews to Murder/Kill off All gentiles except for a small number gentiles to be Kept as Slaves of the jews once they achieve their main master race desires of a Jwo- nwo world govnt etc. By all means research Both as MSM will Never tell you the bad side of judaisim, like they do with the arabs koran.

          • It’s all fairy tales anyway.

        • Here is a video I took yesterday in my hometown of Winchester, VA of an unmarked military convoy heading into town. Several of the vehicles toward the middle carried trailers that were covered in canvas. I suspect National Guard. Everyone should document and post their videos/pictures to the Internet when you see abnormal military/police activity.


          • last feb. i was headed north on 75, north of ocala fl. and i saw 2 humvee’s south bound and both had m60’s in the turrets. i’ve never seen them on the road with weapons before

            • Sounds like it was a national Guard Unit heading for their two weeks of Summer training.

              Relax and don’t worry the black helicopters aren’t coming! Yet!

        • Oh…lol I thought you said Revolution, my bad

        • God bless ya!

      2. I work with Federal folks all day long. I’d would be surprised if they starved every night as they tried to make dinner. Most don’t work all day and they yell at the contractors that serve them treating them like animals. If they were this organized to do something I’d be worried. However I’m not. When TSA starts using real people to enforce things instead of the starwars character band I’ll take this stuff more serious. Just keep prepping folks. Keep on keeping on.

        • I know one TSA screener. He appears to be a young video playing extra from the “Idiocracy” cast. Total loser in sky blue blouse.

          There are millions upon millions of the brain dead among the minions of the overlords. You will find them stripping off their uniforms and burning them when We The People start shooting back.

        • Sounds like where I work ( DHS / PMC ) I wonder how many of us are Fed contractors or workers on this site? Kind of ironic isn’t it?

          Keep Prepping, Stay Alert , Thrive

          Semper Fi 8541

        • Simple… what to do about all the socialists and commies…think DEMS.

          1. DO NOT HIRE THEM
          7. JOIN THE NRA
          9. HIDE YOUR WEALTH

          I’m sure there’s more.

          • Sounds like you need a head check!

          • Damn, DS&C, The only problem with your misguided point is that repubs and “conservatives”, including the always vaunted ex, and present military; spent decades putting this “socialist” “communist” agenda into place. Helped by the always controlled right wing knee jerk media that is somehow always called “liberal”.

            It just happens someone who calls himself a “Dem”, with none of their original values, has the steering wheel.

            Heck, “leftists” were the first group they practiced all this union busting, bash a hippie for Jesus, bad drugs, secret arrests, Cointelpro, MK-Ultra, Phoenix Program, anti-civil rights shit on. Now it’s just coming for the rest of us.

            Look around and be truly honest, a lot of “patriot flag wavers” put this mess into place and got a fat paycheck doing the devil’s work.

      3. “Given the events of the last six months, those who doubt the legitimacy of the information below are simply not paying attention.”

        I find the DHS insider more reliable than Gerald Celente by far. Mac, thanks for the update.

          • Quantum?

            They got that working eh?

            Welllll shit. That’s… interesting.

            SO! Now all the encryption programs will no longer need this big obvious “back door” thing everyone’s talking about all the time… because these wuantum things tear through the highest encryption imaginable like it was wet toilet paper.

            Among other things.

            I wonder if they can make Cylons soon, then. By “soon” I mean within 100 years. How much more convenient would that be… Cylon’s don’t complain when you sieze their 401K’s…

        • Check out my screen name… this guy is not kidding…. did you see where stocks are going this week… and gold… Just sayin… read the patterns…. trouble is coming and it will start slow and then pick up… alos get some wlamart pay as you go phones and pay cash… then set them up under different names. Get an FRS, CB, and a ham.

          • You are full of shit. You are illiterate and do not have inside info. In fact you made similar statements in the not recent past.

      4. Ok I’ve heard enough. How many times have we heard that the end is near. Buy gold, bullets and food, we are told time and time again.Can someone give me some guidance here? I am rather tired of the anonymous DHS source or the one from the military saying all hell is going to break loose next week or month. Put a name and face to it . We are , I believe , starting to cry wolf all too often. So now what do we do ?

        • If you’ve followed that advice, bought the bullets, bandaids, food, water, shelter, security, then gold, then you’re good.

          Now go enjoy life while things are ‘normal’, you can go to a movie, go out to diner, stop for gas without too much concern you’re going to get shot for whatever you might have in your pockets.

          If you’ve done your preperations, go live a little!

          • If you live in the South, I would suggest that you get plenty of DEET/OFF and stuff that relieves the itch and sting of bug bites. There is “Skin So Soft” in a crème that has bug repellent that works good against biting flies. Some Botanical mixes are good but have strong scents.
            A long hot summer comes our way.

            • ive lived down here on the edge of the glades for over 50 years and im here to tell you if it aint got deet these skeeters dont care ,ive used skin so soft around town where they spray ,but once you get out in the swamp them skeeters dont care if you got avon on ,FYI the best thing that you can get for bug bites and stings is household ammonia ,ive been useing it for the last 35 years at my place ,i keep it in the house on the porch and in the shop ,when the grandkids get in the red ants or stung by wasp ,i soak a rag with the ammonia and hold it on the bite/sting it neutralizes the enzymes in there poisan

              • “Them skeeters don’t care if you got avon on.” LOL! Thanks for the laugh, and the vivid picture!

              • I’m sure the ladies are just as disgusted as the skeeters. 🙂

            • Skin So Soft also comes in a spray bottle. Spray a little bit on a wet wash cloth to apply before going outside.

              Mosquitos don’t like the scent.

          • HisArmsWide,

            Some of the best advice ever offered on this site!! Bravo!!

        • I’ve been prepping since 08. I thought things would melt down a long time ago. The world will move forward but I would suggest take a break and have what makes you comfortable for preps. I took a vacation this year and removed myself from the reality for a while. I suggest you do the same. Keep your sanity the storm will come soon enough.

          • Here’s a prep…if you are a sr. level person… I threaten to leave my company for a competitor. Scored a $12k raise. That offset the inflation. The wife did the same.
            So being a heavy hitter at work…then flexing your muscles is a prep. The I teamed up with my crew and we got the assholes fired off. They were standing in our way. Doing an internal take over of your company with your crew of guys is key to surviving. The VPs all bought too much house, too many kids and wives that don’t work. We own them! They depend on us. They can either play by our rules or projects fall behind.

            Any assholes who come in and fuck with us…get stonewalled, their projects stalled and their people sent on a wild goose chase. Sorry…that’s the world today.
            If a hungry bear is in camp…you cut the hamstrings of the slowest asshole not in your crew.
            He gets eaten…problem solved. Then when new fuckers come in…. you keep a patsy ready….so if the bear gets hungry again…you feed it. Often with temp labor. Always keep temp labor around for this purpose.
            The budget monster often needs to be fed.

            Lately there’s this asshole at work.. he’s got clout….so I’m letting him die on the vine and making sure I’m too busy and servicing my team. So he does not drag me into his asshole world. We just stall out his career. We keep him in the dark.

            So look at the workplace….run with your pack..and take down any that stand in your way. Befriend the secretaries…they are like watch dogs.


            ps. Spare me the Kumbya crap. Tried it…does not work. It’s a wolf pack these days.
            Eat or be eaten.

            Yeah….looks like the banking assholes threw the switch…Cyprus was a test.

            Better clear our your bank account…stock the place like a bad winter is setting in.

            Keep in mind the Commies are in charge now.

            So what you need to do is get control of their systems and run it as your own for your own good.

            Good luck.

            PS. I still think they will engineer a dollar crash…then the cities will riot..then Russian and others will be brought in as peace keepers.. and never leave.

            Welcome to the new Communist United States.
            I blame the Dems…congress sold you out.
            Be happy that Fat Ted Kennedy is dead.. he was the biggest traitor to the United State.

            My angle…
            Time to stave out the dems.
            No jobs, don’t rent to them… Or better yet…rent to them to suck of their wealth..keep them in poverty. They are the people that enslaved us. Yeah the dialect of dems vs repubs..what the banksters wanted. I know. Still… seems all the dems want out guns, liberty, freedom, money and much more. Fuck them all.

            By shipping all the factories over seas….they created a nation with their hand out.
            Of course they will vote dem.

            Well there you go.

            Crew Leader signing out.
            About me… just a normal middle aged fat guy in IT.
            NRA member, Repub.
            I support the constitution.
            Never arrested
            Tax payer
            Hubby and father.
            Been at the same work place, same house and the same wife for decades.
            Basically…I’m the salt of the earth.
            Never took an unemployment check or welfare check.
            So basically the dems have been stealing from me my entire life.
            With this.. we feed them to the lions.

            Any questions?

            Build your own crew…it’s a prep.

            I recommend reading many books. If you are a mechanic…be the best….the one that gets shit done. If you are a short order cook…be the best… clean the fuck out of the place….blaze at all you touch. What you will gain is clout. The owners or top dogs will side with you over the middle mgt. fuck you will out shine. That’s how you start to build up your crew. Then you bring in a few heavy hitter and mentor the new guys.

            Mgt. Never takes apart a crew that is a machine. I have never seen it happen.

            • Sounds like you’re fat and happy!

            • Moron
              AmeriKa is a 1 party system.
              Both Support the Federal Reserve, Bailouts, IsraHell, Open Borders, War, Gay Rights, Gun Registration and restictions….

            • Again, Not saying Dems don’t suck, but you’re being naive if you think Dems have put you in this barrel. It’s better to know your actual enemy than side with the team who has never ever done you one single favor (repubs) but only fed and manipulated your basic hate, to pull off their long term agenda.

          • I agree completely. Events are proceeding just as I thought they would, but taking longer than I first thought. The controller’s schedule of events is their own. We will get indications, and must deduce from those events. I will try and enjoy the last periods of calm before the storm. Once we pass a certain point, and I think we are close, nothing is ever going to be the same as it has been. Lately, this one idea has been stuck in my mind, and won’t leave. Time to stock up a bit more, and look over what you have already done. Once the change happens, it’s on.
            It’s hard to think about draining the swamp, when you’re up to your ass in alligators.

          • this latest round of howling sounds the same as last summers howling,,,its going to happen about october, can you say, The sky is falling,,,,I knew you could….

        • @Chris45. Hows about we head over to your basement and share your Cheetos.

        • I agree. And I think websites like these – ” the end is coming soon.. run for the hills!” are a con job.

          • Seems funny that everything they talked about has and is coming true in spades…. I used to laugh at the “tin foil hat” people to until they started beeing right every time… like for the last decade… but don’t prep or be ready for the next decade…. less for the rest of us to feed…

        • Chris 45: You are correct amigo. That’s how Castro and his crew have kept the Cuban people enslaved by continually telling them that the Yankees are going to invade any day and overturn the glorious revolution. It’s been done for 50 years in Cuba and for over 60 years in N. Korea. It’s always next week, month, year, whatever and the folks believe, just like here.

          • To all you thumbs down clowns: I’ve been reading this blog for nearly four years and every week or so some “insider” says were on the ‘brink’ of this disaster or that. You’ve all become so addicted to the ‘collapse-of-the-week’ that you can’t stand it when someone like me points out the foolishness of your unfounded worries. None of these other so-called imminent collapses have happened and yet you clowns still believe in each and every one that comes along. And when it doesn’t occur you forget about it because here comes someone with a new collapse scenario for you latch on to. You’re a pathetic bunch; always living for tomorrow when the collapse is ‘sure’ to come and you miss living in today. Some of you think you’re living in today but prepping is just practicing for tomorrow at today’s expense. I still go to my various social groups and meet with friends (not preppers). Last week we were visiting family out of state and next month we’re going on an extended cruise to Alaska. By the angry responses I’ve seen here by many folks, they appear to be suffering from ‘collapse fatigue’ (the endless waiting). When I’m fly fishing in Alaska, walking on a glacier, or just relaxing on the deck of the ship, collapse will be that last thing on my mind. I know how to take care of my body and my mind. Being in a constant state of anxiety is going to cause you folks to have heart attacks or strokes before you can survive the ‘collapse’. Chill out before it’s too late and learn to have some fun!

            • Che, your alot like the world was in Noah’s day, only difference is they missed the cruise. And it’s still to be seen what you’ll miss. Trekker Out. Chillin in Wyoming.

              • MT. Trekker: I’ve been listening to this “End-Times” garbage for over 40 years from Hal Lindsey, Jerry Falwell, Jim Bakker, Jim Hague, Jack Van Empy, et.al. Some form of judgment day was always ‘just-around-the corner’ from one thing or another according to this or that sign or prophesy. There is no NWO run by a secret cabal of the ‘scary-group-of-the-month club’ be it the Illuminati, CFR, Trilateral Comm., Bilderberger Gp., Masons, or whom ever. You and the others really need to grow up-there’s no Boogyman out there. What’s going on is a serious financial situation caused by stupid and greedy men-period. They’re just a bunch of real financial fuckups-not master minds out to control the world. Me-I’m going on my vacation cruise and not letting anyone steal a moment from me worrying about what I cannot change anyway. See you on deck pal!

                • Che, just one more reply, You say you have been listening to this End Time garabage for 40 years. Well as far as when the Schumer is going to hit the fan, that is anyones guess, but as for Hal Linsey, Jerry Falwell Et.Al. I’ll just refer to (2 Peter 3:3,4)Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers walking after their own lust, And saying, where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.)Feel free to read the rest on your own or disregard at your own peril. Trekker Out.

                  • MT. Trekker: Perhaps I haven’t expressed myself as well as I could’ve. My point is that NO ONE knows the exact day WTSHTF and worrying about it by thinking that this sign, or that particular event is the beginning of the end. Jesus said “no one knows the day and hour…” Matthew 24:36 and Mark 13:32. I’m not sweating the stuff I can’t control and that makes my life a lot more peaceful. I’m going fly fishing when I get to Alaska. Peace!

        • What is wrong with chris45’s comment? He does make a good point. There are too many “anonymous” sources. The buying gold silver bullets etc are redundant. The comments about any day now and the end is near are silly.
          Looking for validation for prepping shows an insecurity about the cause. Shout people down and make fun of people who think you are nuts. If you are right, who cares. No need to get angry. There were numerous people saying the economy would implode after the national debt hit 12..13..14 trillion. Didn’t happen.
          Keep prepping and quit looking for outside validation.

        • Chris45 I hear ya on the crying wolf too offen, I hear myself sometimes and realize how I must sound to someone who has no idea about what is happening. The trouble is this, at the end of the day a wolf did show up. We’ve all heard enough and we’re all alarm fatigued and we all probably need a very long vacation, that doesn’t change the fact that there is a big bad wolf stalking us and the rest of the village will not see it until its too late. Keep prepping and chin up.

        • You want a name and face? It’s called Barack Obama.

          • get over your hate and get a life.

        • Well, I just keep praying & prepping and contacting my “representatives” hoping they will actually follow the Oath they took to support & defend the Constitution. Other than that I stay informed from many sources and make my decisions as I go. You cannot live in fear of what will come and we know it IS coming. To be able to predict the exact moment is foolhardy at best. The collapse is a long, drawn out event that gains momentum like a boulder rolling down a steep hill. The fall of the U.S. has already started & every day it gets worse. One day it will hit hard and the U.S. dollar will be worthless. Then you will know it’s time to break out the “Survival Manual” and hold onto your horses! It’s going to be a rough ride!

        • CHRIS 45 here is some advice f$%k yourself

        • Play some golf. play some tennis. Take a hike in the woods. Go fishing, or prospecting. The weather is great. Life is sweet. Get laid if you are stressed. It will mellow you out.

          Take your vitamins and call me in the morning if you are not feeling better.

        • prepare and wait. there will be a point where you will know one way or the other. At a certain point if you are not already prepared it will be too late. In that case just lay down and rest.

      5. Im so glad I got out of stocks. My wife and I KNOW something bad comes this way.

        Gold and silver take another dive today. The market get a multi-hundred point haircut.

        If you have not done any preps then you are going to be in deep kimchee (sp?) in the near future.

        Millions on welfare, food stamps, UI, take away the support and have food shortages. Then watch the sparks fly.

        The riots here will be met with the .40 hollow points…you know the 1.2 billion rounds the gov purchased.

        • http://www.monex.com/prods/gold.html

          The way I see it….the boomers are a bunch of greedy thieves…so I’ll keep buying gold and silver.

          Executive orders….good luck finding my junk. ha

          Also…here’s a biggie… I think the currencies will be destroyed and an electronic currency will be created….transactional taxes.

          So this means….for the underground economy to function…it’s barter ville.
          That means silver and gold for arms length to get drugs, sex and avoid taxes.

          With silver used in so many industrial processes…I’ll stick with silver.
          When I die… a trusted family member will give the location of my silver “hoard”.
          And WTF….what the fuck is it with the liberal media always referring to silver and gold “hoarding”. Funny how they make out God’s money in negative light….and always talk down to it as a “barbaric relic” but the central banks and even China and Russia are stacking. See….lies…nothing but likes.

          Don’t trust anyone but God.

          I expect to see the world collapse in pockets.

          WE need to talk more about that… the Pocket of SHTF we will see..not a global one.

          I do expect to see some type of global planned shtf.

          Now have you noticed that there’s no more bees?

          I think the elite are using the Monsanto chemicals as well as the chemtrails to
          kill off the bees. One year… crop failure.
          And they will go “OOPS”. Millions, maybe billions will starve.
          Soilent Green baby.

          If I told you back in the 60s there would be 7.5 billion on the planet and the US would have no factories…they’s all be in china…would you believe it?
          Then the prez. creates the NDAA bill and can lock your ass up forever.

          There you go.

          It’s all going down.
          And WTF is going down in Brazil.

          Seems all the socialist and commie nations are falling apart.

          If the SHTF hit the fan and we get to mad max days… I’ll just go hang out in the farming place I was born. Plenty of deer, well water, fire wood, massive grain silos.

          I heard that many farmers are stock piling grain…as they know one year the prices will spike and there’s the threat of crop loss.

          Anyone remember the Irish potato famine…they were growing a mono crop!


          So there you go… I see the boomers starting to die off.
          The greatest generation are gone. Their kids..the “silent generation”…as the book the 4th turning calls them… inherited wealth…bought second homes and big RV and boats, toys… now are entering their late 70s and early to mid 80s. They will be dead in under ten years. So… plenty of toys and fun stuff to buy up.

          I figure… I might trade in my silver for some nice real estate for the kid one day.

          Later the boomers…as they near retirement will nationalize/”deprivatize” 401k and IRA…basically stealing your equity stocks and give you a cash account…at that point…they will destroy the currency and you get suck with toilet paper.

          We’re so on to this generation of thieves.

          As for investment.. I’d keep stacking… forget the prices and keep buying..buy on the dips. Then later…maybe leave rental real estate to the kids that’s professionally managed.

          There you go…many end games.

          Common theme…too many people and I fear the elite are engineering many solutions.
          The elite are the Bilderbergers. What they forget…is that their kids and lineage will get caught in their spider web.

          In time they will die off like many generations.

          I take heart in the fact that millions of Americans are getting armed up.
          So if they ever create death camps….millions will storm the gates….

          Crew Leader….signing off.

        • I believe it was 1.6 billion and the gubmint ordered another couple hundred million just the other day. They are arming to kill the people of this country. Pretty sad what our own countrymen are doing to destroy this once great land.

      6. Americans and Preppers:

        The events we are talking about are not just Depression stuff. It is a total make-over on a USA and World basis. We are talking currency collapse and a new currency structure to buy and sell.

        This means that everything could be confiscated and that any dollar stuff could lose all its value, whether in bank, stocks, or cash hidden. This means that exchanging PMs could be worthless too. That is, what currency would you sell your gold or silver for?

        I have some silver rounds only for hope. By hope, I mean that I can buy a bushel of wheat or get some gasoline. Paper dollars wont mean much.

        It is time to take preps seriously. Keep it simple. We are not talking luxury, we are talking survival in a new economic system. It will shock us all. This includes those that have been prepping for awhile.

        Good luck.

        • The Bible talks about throwing their silver and gold into the street because it is worthless and a days labor for a days worth of food.

        • i think your right Ugly about the shock part

          alot of people i talk to seems to think life is going to be like little house on the prarie ,i tell them its going to be more like nightmare on elm street

        • oh UG,
          You are so right…it amazes me how many people I know still don’t get it…
          And I fully believe tht new currency you speak of,
          is going to be ALL digital.

          • It speaks of that also…..

            • Shootit and Jerry….

              A decent analysis of Daniel is the 1940s small booklet by Alvin McCain called ‘Daniels 70 Weeks’.

              Those days are here.

              • Another good resource with multiple articles and daily news that pertain to end times.


                The Daily News is like Drudgereport, but has more articles pertaining to things talked about in scripture.

        • Some days I really wonder if they could pull off this one world order thing. If you have read the book of Daniel, the dream of the statue, that he interpreted for the king represented the different kingdoms throughout history. It is my understanding that we are now living in the time of the toes. It says in chapter 2 verse 42, “As the toes were partly iron and partly clay, so this kingdom will be partly strong and partly brittle. verse 43 And just as you saw the iron mixed with baked clay, so the people will be a mixture and will not remain united, any more than iron mixes with clay. So for anyone believing in the Bible, it would appear that they will not be able to pull this off.

        • Gold and silver are both currency, there are States trying to pass laws to accept gold and silver for purchases and in Utah it is currently legal!

          • I disagree Teedi. Gold and Silver are money. Dollars, Euros, Yen etc. are currency.

      7. I will fight and die if necessary to provide ANOTHER example to our posterity of how true freedom loving Americans will react and handle future attempts at tyranny.

        I will fight and die if necessary so I can go to my grave knowing I left my children and their posterity a FREE America. What they do with it is up to them. I hope I have taught them what they need to know to leave the same inheritance to their successors.

        And to this I pledge my honor, my fortune and my life.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Pretty sure I read that somewhere…Well said.

        • Amen to that.

          Considering we’re all on a red list. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and Mac, your articles for the last two years or so.

          Something wicked this way comes.

          Standing by in OH,


        • The plan at this point will be to avoid the military and take out the traitorous government officials.

          • Gorilla tactics come to mind I was trained well and I’ve not forgot’in. I shoot as well as any sniper, i may not last long but I won’t go alone, my freedom is worth dying for they better feel the same God as my witness they’ll die trying to take it.

          • Cut off the head of the snake and it will die.

        • Funny, i was just thinking sort of the same thing as your post when i was reading the post before yours, only difference is at some point im just not going to go along with anything and will fight anyone who tries to fuck with me, ill most likely end up dead and i dont care, have no intention of being anyones slave, least of all some hired government pricks who think they are our rulers and that our only option is to obey, not going to happen.

          • Amen to that kula,

            I am NO slave to any man. I will die on my feet fighting for the ideals for which this country was founded. For my unborn children and for the people. I will depart with my finger on the trigger. some of us may not make it far, but they are gonna know they raped, pillaged, and plundered the wrong people.

            Molon Labe!

            Standing by in OH,


      8. Like i said earlier you can feel the tension in the air! Plan and rehearse your bug out or exit strategy! If your going to hunker down, rehearse your protection strategy! Your window of opportunity will only be about 72 hours until Marshall law takes effect! Key word BANK HOLIDAY! And when you hear it RUN TO THE HILLS! Be safe and may God bless,…Steve

        • Stinky Steve.

          Me too on the Bank Holiday or Internet Shutdown.

          72 hrs. if that.

        • Keep in mind several holiday weekends are upcoming. Perfect time to lengthen a holiday for the greedy fckrs.

        • In order to be taken seriously, you might want to consider spelling “martial” correctly.

          • Sorry, I had my English made guitar amplifier on my mind at the time! I’ll try to use better, spelling and grammar next time!

        • Agree. If anyone still has money in the bank get it out NOW! Buy food, guns, ammo and other tangible assets! Close all Safe Deposit Box accounts! The banks are NOT your friends!

      9. One of the interesting, but chilling, facts about sociopaths – like Obama, Hitler, even smaller monsters like Gacey and Bundy – is that they have a keen instinct which enables them to affect whatever expression, tone, body language or mannerism is needed at a specific moment, to make them appear human. Study Bundy’s interviews.

        A pure sociopath can manage to choke up with emotion while recounting to an eager interviewer, the likelihood that his poor grandmother may not be long for this world… even hours after giving the order to a subordinate to put the pillow over granny’s face as soon as the speaker is safely visible in another location.
        When one combines the utter lack of morality of the sociopath with the solipsistic and narcissistic mental disorders, then one has a man whose murderous capacity is no different than any of the others of that ilk throughout history. It is merely a matter of degree, and time.

        Keep the FAITH

        • he maybe good ,but he has a hard time with the eyes ,just watch them when he’s being heckled ,the longer it goes on ,and the more he looses control of the situation ,he could cut glass with his eyes

        • Read this by M.S. Peck and tell me it doesn’t fit Obama to a tee?

          According to Peck an evil person

          Is consistently self deceiving, with the intent of avoiding guilt and maintaining a self image of perfection

          Deceives others as a consequence of their own self deception

          Projects his or her evils and sins onto very specific targets (scapegoats) while being apparently normal with everyone else.

          Commonly hates with the pretense of love, for the purposes of self deception as much as deception of others

          Abuses political (emotional) power (“the imposition of one’s will upon others by overt or covert coercion”

          Maintains a high level of respectability and lies incessantly in order to do so

          Is consistent in his or her sins. Evil persons are characterized not so much by the magnitude of their sins, but by their consistency (of destructiveness)

          Is unable to think from the viewpoint of their victim (scapegoat)

          Has a covert intolerance to criticism and other forms of narcissistic injury
          Most evil people realize the evil deep within themselves but are unable to tolerate the pain of introspection or admit to themselves that they are evil. Thus, they constantly run away from their evil by putting themselves in a position of moral superiority and putting the focus of evil on others. Evil is an extreme form of what Scott Peck, in The Road Less Traveled, calls a character disorder.

          • y99,
            I read Dr. M. Scott Peck’s “People of the Lie” many years ago, in the ’80s. Even a psychiatrist of his stature was nearly overwhelmed by the completely compelling nature of some of his patients’ evil. The rest of us walk right past such people, usually oblivious, and many are taken in by them. Now that I’ve seen Dinesh D’Souza’s movie “2016”, it occurs to me that someone ought to do a study on Obama based on the conjecture that he is innately evil.

            • I see the parallels and completely agree, MSP new BHO for the evil SOB he is before any of us.

              all it takes is to know the signs.

        • Watchman,
          Interesting. I bought “The Sociopath Next Door” by Dr. Martha Stout two years ago. That was an alarming read. Kids who torture frogs sometimes end up as corporate CEOs or politicians, and they often have a lot of charm and charisma. However, they have a complete lack of the capacity (or the “reflex”) for empathy. People are like game pieces to them. Some do choose to become serial killers. Perhaps others have been among our US presidents.
          “People who are psychopathic prey ruthlessly on others using charm, deceit, violence or other methods that allow them to get what they want. The symptoms of psychopathy include: lack of a conscience or sense of guilt, lack of empathy, egocentricity, pathological lying, repeated violations of social norms, disregard for the law, shallow emotions, and a history of victimizing others.”
          – Robert Hare, Ph.D
          It almost makes me glad that I’m a spaz who makes a social mistake nearly every day. Maybe there’s some hope for us semi-sociable klutzes.

      10. Know who you can trust…and who you can’t.

        It shouldn’t be that difficult if life is on the line.

      11. Talk to your immediate communities folks, I was just doing the same. People are feeling it in the air and it’s bad. At least I have a few on my side.

        Food, water, gasoline, guns, PMs, Power and whatever else you can think has to be stored today before tomorrow. Today’s market lapse was just a taste of things to come real soon. It will not be good. I plan to bug in with my neighbors and preppers. Keep the faith and keep prepping.

        Best wishes to all.

        • Yeah Watchdog… “talk to your community” because you know they will be grateful for your own personal little supermarket after they take you out.

          If they don’t share your last name; it’s naive to think they will be apart of your team.

          I’m praying my little neighborhood all gets on the bus or heads to town on their on accord for some readily available FEMA Help. They less I have to keep my eye on the better.

      12. 9/11 The Falling Man

        9/11 was one of the most pivotal events in world history. Its impact will be felt for years to come. You owe it to yourself to go beyond the sound bites and the simplified official story. This is an extremely complicated story with numerous players and motives. The 9/11 information doesn’t all make sense or fit neatly together. It’s a story full of espionage, deceit, and lies. But if there are forces out there tricking us, they can only succeed if we, the general public, remain ignorant and passive.


        • It no fun when everyone else get to the beating of the Nina before I can get my licks in.

          Remember no one cares what you say. Well there are a few that support you and that’s why they have been receiving a lot of flak. It time for you to fad away.

          • yawn …

        • Millions of sperms and this is the one that made it. All the good stuff drip down the pigs leg I guess.

          • Facebook Page

            There are people here that I don’t like. There are people here that don’t like me…such is life.

            If your attitude and outlook is in real life as it is on here I think you are the most reprehensible, vile individual I have ever had the misfortune to come across.

            To refer to someones mother that way is disgusting and I think it gives a fair insight into the way you were raised that you even considered putting that on a forum.

            You ceased being entertainment a considerable time ago. Most of your posts are rambling and incomprehensible, what is it, drink, drugs or you just can’t be bothered to learn how to communicate properly in English ?

            Your constant references to knowing where people are etc are getting old and tired, you need new material mate. You strike me as a small, weedy ineffectual little man who has to go for it on screen as he does not have the backbone or balls to do so in real life…maybe that’s why your wife became your ex-wife….just saying.

            You know nothing about the people on here. I know this as a fact because I DO know some of the people on here on an off-screen personal basis and you are so wide of the mark its laughable.

            You constantly have a go at Daisy…I find this odd. Why don’t you tell everyone how you tried to help others today, how you tried to pass on your thoughts and wisdom. Or is it less to do with that than it is the knowledge that she outsmarts you on a daily basis? Or maybe you have the hots for her and know she is so far beyond your grasp you choose to insult her instead? Who knows.

            You said you hope she moves to your neck of the woods….I really wish I could because nothing would give me more pleasure than to rip your head off and shit down your neck…an often used British saying for you there.

            Before you accuse me of being an on-line Daisy groupie…she’s my friend, my real life friend, an off the screen going out to visit again next year type of friend, you know someone who does not exist just on screen, a flesh and blood real friend, someone who knows the fine detail of my life as I do hers. Someone I would trust with my child’s life Facebook. Sadly there are not many people that an individual can trust to that extent. It’s possibly something you have never experienced with your ‘issues’. Yes, I know you have few.

            Finally, I wish you good luck for the future, someone as blatantly language challenged,ineffectual and small balled as you is going to need as much luck as they can get when the hammer falls, though thinking about it I’m sure there may be some use for you, fish bait maybe.

            Don’t waste your time replying…you are no longer part of my on-screen life in any way, shape or form. Crawl back under your stone, you are lower than a worms belly. There will be no comment from me to you at any point in the future, something I’m sure you’ll be pleased about.


            • Amen. Nut said.

            • Burt…if I could give you a 1000 thumb’s up, I would! God bless you for speaking the truth so eloquently and may God watch over you and your family in the trying times ahead.

              • JP

                thank you.

                Take care

                • JP

                  I think all of us will need blessings and more than a smattering of good luck to get us through what’s to come.

                  I owe so much to the posters on this site. I arrived here a good while ago with a vague feeling that all was not well with the world and I’ve been learning ever since.

                  Knowledge can be very empowering and learning new facts and trying things suggested by others can give a person a measure of confidence in their own abilities.

                  Take care

                  • Burt….thank you and you are truly a giant in heart & spirit, unlike that “unmentionable” thing that I won’t waste my time reading anymore! Yes, I agree, we will all need as many blessings as we can possibly get and a ton of good luck and this site has truly been very helpful in many diverse ways that I didn’t even realize when I first came upon it! There are so many excellent posters and I appreciate them all!

                    Take care to you too…..

            • There will be future replies. You threaten never to reply to me many times and you always do.

              And yes I did help.

              I point out to the readers they are taking survival advice from someone who ran from this country. Couldn’t handle a single tragic death without curling up in a ball and running up a hill to hide. Openly admit she was not prepared to do what is needed. And then is coming back to where there is help again.

              Her comments are fun to read and I do enjoy them. But she teaches nothing and now writes stories without doing proper research and then is debunk easily. Ex. Supreme court case. By the way then reflect badly on Mac. Because he just let’s it slide because it poor daisy and she needs help getting more hits on here site.

              Lizzie it was nice to see you can get heated up still. And I do meet with some Her in person. I have made many contacts here both for bus ness and prep.

              Oh and I am sorry for my poor writing skills. But I was to busy doing what my country asked of me. And then when that was over I was to busy making tons of money and wealth to care. I just give the make it pretty work to the edumaccatted like you to do it for me so I can go home. What was that you did again. Maybe you uses to work for that company that cleaned up my imgane over there. Maybe.

              Since your statement are all keyboard bs you and daisy can sit back with your candy and cry together about how the mean old Facebook was. If your skin is this thin you are screw.

              And in the end daisy does have my respect. She is trying and that is how she should be read. As a success story. But she not there yet.

              And when it come to helping out. My offer was for real. If she approaches me at a gun show I will prep her with what she needs to defend herself. (Once she completes residency requriment here in Wa.) (We are experts at real world female defence against the evils out there)

              So in the end what have you done but cried today.

              And take note for all many of th old here are closing the bunker doors.

              JOG. I hope a farmer doesn’t allow a tower when you though you could get away. Now voolge is floatingnetwork bossters and many are for Alaska.

              Mean old fbp standing by for the shitstorm today will hold.

              • Your garbage is unitelligble. I feel sorry for your “clean it up and make it pretty” person. I really doubt you even have one though. You seem like a fake to me.

      13. Rush said today on his Radio show, of the money going to California for OB care 200 Million of it is gona be funeled into get the vote out.Meanwhile Using IRS and now theNSA stoping us from getting Donations too be able to work the other side, they have a open check book, an power. I dont know how we can Compete with that. The Media is Another big Problem bing Controlled, even Hannity on radio he talks in Circles,I havent had tv for years but I’m sure fox news is the same way,Politics and thats it,like there on egg Shells. If your awake at all and see whats going on around us, what this guy is Saying is Believable too me. I’ll keep stocking..

      14. We here all ready know the shit’s gonna hit the fan Mac!

        There is no timeline exact..but all the fucking signs are up and glaring..and way too fast for my liking..in my 60 plus years here on earth..
        I,as a grandpa, have twins boy and girl due any day by my beautiful 23 year old daughter and I am quietly frightened for their future,as well as hers and my other 2 young adult kids…

        Something very nefarious is about to unfold in magnitudes we have never witnessed in our lifetimes..

        Perhaps a followup on this projected expose should be seriously considered..

        At this point…anything is possible folks…

        I am not a religious man by proxy…but my intuition and beliefs tell me something wicked this way comes…and soon..

        May God Bless all of us in these times upon us..



        • and may I humbly add..

          May all these evil luciferian worshipping moneychanging scumbags be brought to swift justice once and for all..



          • Possee..my prayer nightly.
            Dear God, come smite these evil bastards.

        • possee

          like you i have a new grandbaby several other grandchildren and my own kids and wife ,i am not a soldier ,i am a simple country person mechanic ,but the only reason ,and i mean the only reason i prepare is for them ,if the lord will give me the means and strength i will do everything in my power to keep them out of harms way and not starve to death

          • amen to that lower 40

            Us older folk are mean spirited when it comes to kin..

            We have already lived life..and will protect our own no matter what the consequences..

            Thank you..


            • I wish you old fuckers were my grand parents!

              • Josh

                Consider yourself adopted.

                Take care

        • Possee

          Don’t forget I want the baba pictures lol. I agree with you totally, life is getting more scary and precarious by the day. I also am not overly religious but I have thanked God that I managed to get out of the city before ‘it’ goes down, whatever it maybe. Okay the place looks like a squat right now but we’re getting there!

          May God help us because nobody except Him and ourselves will do so.

          Take Care x

          • Burt

            You will definitely get the pix..
            Still awaiting the pix from the baby shower..had over 60 folks all day from 1til midnight..of course it became a bit of a blur by then due to adult libations..

            You have a great location..is there well or town water?

            I received all the prior pix and awaiting the afters..

            Yeah it appears the veil is coming off slightly for the ptb…it’s gonna be a long haul for all of us..

            Tell manos to post once in while..unles he’s knee deep in the olive groves..lol..


            • Posse

              I look forward to seeing them. Got a couple of after pix but I have wondered more than once “oh Lord what have we done” lol town water system but all downpipes will be going into butts and plenty of space for more on the property. We don’t do baby showers here, sounds like a bit of a party lol.

              Manos has moved out of town and his access to internet is limited. The olive harvest went well and he has apparently put several gallons aside so when we get out there we have some to take home. He said I offered to buy the first beers but if my memory is correct that was you…..we will toss for it when we get there lol, or we could get together, deny all knowledge and make one of the others pay.

              I’ll mail you over the weekend x

      15. A very smart man said that he has spend a lifetime reading 10s of 1000s of pages of philosophy, history, etc. and writing 1000s of pages on the same. He said that at the end the only hope found in this world is in Christ. That hope is needed now and will be needed more if this slide into tyranny continues. Prep, Pray and Pay attention. This will likely get much worse before it gets any better.

        Esse Quam Videri

        • My neighbor says the same. He is a professor in physics and has spent his career searching for the beginning of life, what was before the so called Big Bang theory etc…

      16. What if in the next three years stocks go up and down like they have been doing? And at the end of the third year Obama steps down as Prez and the newly elected one obtains officer? I guess my point is that what if in the next three years is the same stuff that’s been happening? Nothing really out of the ordinary? Will we stil be reading about insiders this and insiders that? Saying the end has all ready happened or watch out for the next few months! I dunno anymore

      17. Yeah, rumor has it that albacore tuna have started to show up.

        >{{{{{{}}> >{{{{{{}})> >{{{{{{}}> >{{{{{{}})> >{{{{{{}}>

        • About tuna, and I have much tuna!!:-)
          I started stocking tuna and salmon in 2008. But in April, 2010, when BP screwed up the gulf waters, I stocked LOTS of tuna and a few frozen fish and more canned salmon.
          I don’t eat fish/shrimp in diners any longer because I can’t trust where it is from, California waters, Japan’s Pacific?? Heck, even my salmon(bought AFTER Japanese radiation disaster) is questionable and it says Alaska waters.
          Revelation?? Maybe. It’s sad because I like tuna salad, baked fish, and all kinds of shrimp dishes a lot.
          And fish is so crucial to a healthy diet. Yeah, fish tablets daily, but not the same.
          ‘May love be the light that guides us through the darkness’…cause it’s acoming!! 🙁

      18. There might be some do’s and don’t’s to this Prepping, thats another Subject. In my prepping I,ve been Weaning my dog off water an food, just when I was almost done he died..man

        • I’ve been weaning myself off of eating as much as I’ve been used to. No more snacks, sweets and second helpings. I’ve been getting used to using less spices and cooking less to begin with…in other words, I’m getting myself used to food RATIONING now, so it won’t be such a shock when I hove to do it to survive.

          • Sixpack

            Evening. Now that’s a bloody good idea, I hadn’t considered that at all. Excellent, thanks.

            Take care x

            • Burt, and others.
              Call me silly–I really don’t care–but I have begun running just a few inches of water in the tub and taking sponge baths.
              Getting ready, yep.
              No air even now and the thermostat reads 79.
              The oscillating fan is nice though; I know–even that will not be here.

              • Call me nuts but I had my teeth pulled and sold the gold. I also don’t have to barter or store toothpaste. I have bought a hand grinder for my food and drink my bath water. I also eat only what I kill and catch along with grow. I have also quit using toilet paper and don’t use soap when I pound my clothes on a rock. I have performed several surgeries on family members and have perfected the art of circumcision. One of my kids was born without eyelids so I used the foreskin from his penis and made eye lids. He is now cockeyed but doesn’t look like a lizard anymore and it is much easier for him to sleep. I also have up frozen food and now I drink my Popsicles. Standing by in the state hospital.

                • …er, nice to hear that even people like you are getting prepared…I think.

          • Sixpack,
            I’m buying Tabasco Habanero sauce by the gallon jug! Otherwise, I’m down to about 1,200 calories a day…

          • @sixpack, I live off my pep’s everyday,its nice to know you dont have to go anywere to Survive,and you dont have to deal with the sheeple.Five of us did a bugout this past weekend,the only thing we took was are bo bags,and I grab two of my Laying hen’s,lived off the land. I had to come home to make hay, were all selfemployed,their still there. Figured out somethings I need in my bag. I will only bug out if push comes Shove.

        • P.A. Sorry, but it just seems some dogs never learn.WASP

        • dang ,thanks for the post ,i was just getting ready to try that with the family

        • I dont want anybody to think I would really let my dog die ,he is the king of the farm, he sleeps in the bed I sleep on the Couch..Its a joke..

          • P.A. no need to apologize, some thing are just to deep for some on this site. Seem like when they started prepping they for got to stock up on a case of humor. Treker Out.

        • You want a name and face? It’s called Barack Obama.

        • If you were trying to be funny, it did NOT work. There are plenty of people I know that if I had to choose between saving them from drowning or my dog (a one or the other but hot both option), I’d look at them and say: Sucks to be you. I hope that there will be dogs in heaven.

          • LMAO!

          • Dogs rool, Jeff!

          • @Jeff if your trying to be Serious, it’s not working. No one has more Compassion for an Animal than me, but too say you would let your mother, father,brother,sister,friend,Neighbor drowned too save your dog is sick, you need to find the Lord my friend..Good Luck..

      19. My heart and soul identify with Spartan culture even though in fact I would not have lasted a week in their warrior curriculum.

        I will not run for the hills. I will not surrender. I fully expect to die for the liberty I prize above all. But not until I have killed as many of the tyrants and their suckups as I can.

        I have been a radical standing against tyranny as I understand it since 1967. We are born to be free. I will not run like a frightened rabbit. I don’t care what “color of authority” they show against me. Government did not give us our freedom. Liberty is our birthright.

        Check out William Wallace’s Freedom Speech.

        Check out King Leonidas’s speech about “when few stood against many.” The 300. No matter what liberties hollywood took with the facts they did stand and fight and die.

        The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights are worth fighting and dying for. I have no intention of peacefully cooperating in a world where they are only wistful memories.

        I have no illusion that I bear any resemblance to a Spartan, ancient or modern. Wouldn’t last a week in that environment.

        Be that as it may, I am not afraid to kill and die as necessary. What I am afraid of is dying dishonorably. For example, on my knees.

        • I could not write as well as you have, but I feel the same. I for one will not go quietly into the night and fog!

        • There we were….
          THREE against a THOUSAND
          they were the toughest three we ever fought.

        • Amen to that, Happy Friday all
          It’s kind of hard for me to rap my head around
          all of this (try as I might). I can’t fully comprehend
          how some people can commit attrocities
          against their own countrymen (or any other human
          beings for that matter). Power, Ignorance? Greed, hate, pure
          freakin evil. I guess some people knowingly
          or indirectly have provided themselves to serve the
          evil one. In the End, we know how the story goes
          and who will ultimately prevail. I totally agree, we have
          been put in a position that most of us do not desire.
          Sometimes I think, Do these A-holes stupid pieces of garbage poor excuses for human beings who are in power (either in the shadows or in the limelight) not know how
          this is going to end? I hope no one ever forgets (in every
          country) who in Power is ultimately responsible for this
          crap. Violence is usually not the answer, but when
          you are pushed into a corner and have no other
          choice but to defend your life and your family, even the smallest critter
          will put up the “fight of its life”. I think this is a Marine
          phrase I read somewhere, if you ever have to do close
          quarters combat: 80% Ferocity, 20% skill)
          Like someone famous once said 🙂 “They drew First blood, I didn’t.”
          That actually sound like a good movie to watch
          for the weekend, or maybe “The Patriot”.
          Stay safe all, Peace out

      20. What I want to know is where exactly have any type of military mobilization in the U.S. has begun. First thing I am going to look at are the most economic troubled areas, these are going to be the tru hellholes at the offset of this. Then I would look at any type of movement around seismic areas, both for earthquakes and volcanoes. I would even look at the sinkhole possibilities in the Gulf states also. Then I would look at high priority terrorist targets, you start to see a high presence at these places, look out.

        Another issue I would pay extremely close attention to is troop and heavy weapon movement out of this country. You start to see naval ships racing to the Middle East, it is game over. Same goes true if you start to see any type of speciality type of evacuations of high value sites of national importance, such as naval, army, and air force bases. Start seeing drones everywhere along with the classic black helicopters, this means they are expecting something.

        This is where, when you can get a reliable source or see for yourself firsthand, the SHTF community can add much to what is going on. When you see or hear of something, report it here, everybody wants to know. The ears and eyes out there can piece together better what the government is up to. I can tell you this, IT AIN’T GOOD. 🙁

        • Has anyone read the book “Dragon’s Fury” Volumes I-V by Jeff Head? This is a series on the coming Third World War. I am going to read it again and start doing some comparing of events.

        • I wonder what the creeps in D.C. are going to do, if they let their Israeli masters blackmail them into going to war with Iran and then Russia and China decide to drop a few dozen nukes on American soil as a demonstration of their displeasure?

        • Well… I know of a little town in WV where the state police have recently gotten ahold of two HumVees in the last year. The only possible reason that I’ve heard for it is that they might be able to get in to deal with marijuana crops that other vehicles can’t. Doesn’t seem like a good reason for it.

        • In the past 3 days I’ve seen numerous wheeled armored vehicles being transported via truck through KY, mainly along I64 & I65. All of them light brown in color, no camo and no markings.

          Also lots of helicopter activity, seems more than usual given I’m about 40 miles from Ft. Knox as the crow flies.

          The tension is thick and everyone can feel it.

          Molon Labe

      21. To everyone, I just got home from some more prep shopping and doing some more shopping over the weekend. I’m also going to strip down my weapons and give them a good check and add some oil as necessary plus inventory all of my supplies. I feel the tension in the air; something is coming soon; I can feel it. This is one time in my life I hate anticipating anything. But I know I must rise to the occasion when it finally comes. I may not survive the war that’s coming, but if necessary, I will go down fighting. i’m not submitting to the NWO. I refuse to have any part of it. NOMI CATIMF braveheart

        • Just got a shopping cart full of sugar and Luck’s canned blackeyed peas on sale at Rose’s. The sugar was 50 cents a pound, and the peas were 60 cents a can. A two-liter soda bottle holds 4 pounds of sugar safe from ants.

          Ate some home canned cabbage last week.

          Recipe for Fried Cabbage:

          Fry 1 lb. of bacon and put aside. Pour out some of the grease and save for another time. Put cut up head of cabbage in frying pan. Fry it until it has wilted down some. Add one teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of sugar. Stir and continue frying until the cabbage starts to brown a little. Crumble up the bacon, put it in the cabbage and stir. Serve. Yum. Bacon fat rules!

          If you use canned cabbage, you don’t have to wait for it to wilt down, just get it hot and continue with the salt and sugar.

          • Fried cabbage is also outstanding if you add in a can of corn beef hash.

          • Archivist

            Afternoon. My prepping is slowly but surely getting less and less. This is not by design, at least not my design but food prices here are through the roof and set to rise further due to low wheat projections.

            I really can see why obesity is such a massive issue here, it is so much cheaper to buy the pre-packed crap than to buy fresh and so many families just can’t afford decent food. We are lucky so far but resources are not bottomless.

            Good luck on the continued stocking up.

            Take Care

            • Burt, I just stated that very thing to my husband.
              It is very difficult for us, just the two, to have fresh vegetables and fruit in this house. They are costly even at the farmer’s market. $1.50 for two tomatoes??
              I thought of those 3/$1 macaroni boxes, and those awful $1 chicken nugget boxes from Mc. (I love them by the way)
              Of course those same folks can buy a steak fries package and feed their younguns if they would.
              I lovem! 🙂

              • Jay jay

                I know it…we are making sure the garden and greenhouse are ready to start as early as we can growing as much as we can early in the spring. We have uncovered 3 fruit trees amongst the undergrowth out the back and they lookalike they’ll bear we’ll, a bonus as we didn’t know they were there.

                We’re holding on to the fresh so far, but not as much of it as there used to be due to the ost.

                Take care x

              • Not sure where anyone lives but look into Bountiful Baskets fresh fruit and veggies. A food co op. I know they are in quite a few States. Been enjoying. It tor a few months. For example cherries are $8 a lb not on sale. $5 on sale. We got 16 lbs for $23. It is worth the time to look into.

            • Beef prices are going to fall over summer as beef are slaughter en mass. The west didn’t get much rain/snow over winter and spring so the hills are dry… BLM now kicking cattle off land way early, which means ranchers have to buy hay and hay is spendy and will get MUCH more expensive $300/ton. So instead of feeding them they will slaughter a big portion. Then come late fall/winter prices will skyrocket, way passed where they are today… which is an all time high if for some reason your head has been buried in the sand…

          • Here is an Italian cabbage recipe. Its called Vairds. Its from central Italy in the Abruzzia provence.

            1 head cabbage cut up
            1/4 cup olive oil
            1 cup dry red wine
            2 (maybe more) heaping tablespoons rosemary
            4 or so tablespoons garlic
            salt / pepper to taste

            Cook cabbage down until wilted in large pot might need a bit of water so it does not burn on the bottom.

            add all the above
            stir occasionally
            keep lid off so water evaporates and flavors concentrate
            keep tasting it, it will go from quite bland to very favorable, give it time, maybe 2 hours

            its actually better the next day


            • Kevin

              Mmmm, that sounds nice

              Take care

          • Archivist,
            That’s how I cook cabbage! And I grow my own, both green and red, since it’s so easy. I gotta douche it down real good with Tabasco before eating!

            • Fried cabbage is so much better than boiled cabbage. Boiling leaves the cabbage limp and lifeless. The fried cabbage still has some of the original crispness. My mama boiled cabbage until my uncle told her about frying it.

              If you want it to be healthier, leave out some of the bacon. You don’t really have to cook a whole pound.

              • Try steaming all vegetables. A little steamer tool can be had for any size pots. It uses far less water, which ends up vitamin intense when done, and any vegetable not cooked too much can be hot, delicious and crunchy. A steamer tool is good for drying things out that you won’t want to touch the bottom of a pan.

            • Ewwww! You dousche your cabbage?

            • We live in a wooded area and I tried to grow broccoli and cabbage last year and the cabbage loopers ate everything to the nub. I would have 20 on each plant and even tried picking them by hand and they just layed more. What do you do to keep them off without bt?

      22. Talk about scaring the shits out of me.
        5 kids and a wife, no money, no preps, no guns, and short on brains.
        I don’t like this one bit!

        • What was Solzhenitsyn’s comment in his novel Gulag Archipelago about he wished people had met the KGB with fireplace pokers, steak knives, pitchforks, hammers, wrenches …? The USSR made no pretense that anyone had rights. That’s in our future.

          When your choice may be a bullet in the back of the head kneeling beside a ditch or fighting any way you can ….

          You may not have firearms. You do have weapons. Starting with the will to fight.

          Is there a swimming pool near you? A Big Berkey and purifiers makes even that water drinkable.

          Finally, if you are caring for your family you’ve proven you have tons of the right stuff.

          Many people here post excellent comments on where to start. ^ V

          No retreat. No surrender.

      23. It’s clear that their attempts to push the law abiding citizenry into violence has not worked, creating food and gas shortages is a sure way to get the response they desire. It will cause crime to spike like we’ve never seen, violent crime will cause people prepared to fight back and defend what is ours and this alone could give them reason for martial law.

        I believe many former military and hardcore preppers will be targeted with trumped up BS for no other reason than to create fear with our communities.

        Either way I believe nothing is beyond these power hungry progressives, each of us needs to understand that the fight will start where our feet are planted, if it really gets bad and you must defend yourself from criminals / Govgoons then be prepared to keep moving forward, bugging out in my opinion under these circumstances is only delaying the inevitable.

        • I well remember the gas shortages of the 70’s. In Oregon they had the odd-even days for buying gas. When it was our day to get gas, I would get up real early to be near the first of the line. Then I would go home and siphon it out and go back. Another problem we had in the 70’s was the shortage of canning lids. Anyone else remember that?

        • Rather than “progressives”, you could’ve left out the political paradigm and just said “elites”.

          • Sorry, I’ve studied the issue of human sociology, progressivism is a stepping stone to collectivism, and collectivism is by nature communism.

            I happen to know and believe that the future of man is wholly based on the individual, it is individual human beings through self-inspection that have made this world a better place, history proves collectivism is the rats nest of the mob.

        • I think this is most of the reason they have control of otherwise good people. The ‘holdouts’ are the ones they haven’t come up with anything to blackmail them with or threaten them with…yet.

      24. Another example of the “Holder Hammer” coming down… Michael Hastings.

        Watch your back, Mac.

        • Thx EA… the way I see it, if the hammer IS comng down, everyone here is in the same boat… enemies of the state… the whole damn lot of us.

          • Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

            I SHALL FEAR NO EVIL!

            Bless all of Y’all! Be Strong!

          • Thank you sir ill have another!

          • Well then I can say that that I went down with good people.

          • yep… and there are about 299 million of us compared to about 1,000 of them. : ) (Plus, we got GOD on our side!!)

      25. Woe to thee as I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death as thou art the baddest MFer in the valley. Woe to thee as I meet my brethren in the halls of Vallhalla. I shall make my stand as a free man and fall as a proud man if so be it.

      26. …”I’d look for something to happen in early July as a precursor to the more major events later in the summer or fall, maybe in October.”

        I am not an oracle. But I think we have a little time. I tend to agree that most monetary system failure happens at the end of the 4th quarter or beginning of he first quarter. Or so it seems. We have had a lot of “hiccups” happen in October so that would be my best guess. I am certainly no financial wizard. I just know the dollar is in the throws of “death rattle”. There is not much time left.

        God only knows.

        Either way, it is going to happen and will be upon us soon.

        Are you prepared?

      27. Usually gold and silver have a rise in price when stocks take a dive like now. The fall of both metals and stocks is of some concern. Some people are talking of heading out for a bit, to see which way the wind blows. I have an uneasy feeling about where we are headed, have had it for some time, but it seems different now.

        • Watch the Metals on Monday morning. They will smack it down HARD mon/tues. This dead cat bounce today will be food for the big boys early next week

      28. “One person who speaks the truth constitutes a majority of one.” – Henry David Thoreau

        For me, the KEY to assessing the CREDIBILITY of Mr. Haggman’s source and his shared information above is first and foremost CONTEXT.

        The Context HERE is not only what has been happening in our World since the former President and current President took office (examples: London bombing, Cypress bank failures/closures, and many other events) but also in our own Nation (false flags like the Batman theater shooting, Boston Marathon, and now spying on Reporters, Congressman, and us Citizens, with our elected leaders MINIMIZING these assaults on our Constitution and Liberty.)

        Thus, based on context, I find the source quite credible. These things ARE happening as we read, as we work, as we eat.

        Just because you slept soundly last night, and that you will again tonight, does Not mean the enslavers and aggressors aren’t steadily creeping into your homeland, your state, your community, your city or your town!

        Matter of fact, did you know there are patents online for your flat screen becoming a camera (for those who know how to use it as such), and for cable boxes that contain a microphone and miniature camera?

        Don’t wait for “an invasion”– we have ALREADY been invaded– in other words, the crap has ALREADY been hitting the fan!

        So what do I suggest we do?

        1- Keep an open mind. That includes considering points of view quite opposite of your own.

        2- Trust your gut, and, your intuition.

        Remember, your gut is a FEEL, not a “think”– a product of thought and knowledge already learned. When you intuit something, that is your brain and heart “putting it all together for you”, mostly by you not even TRYING to! TRUST that (when it happens).

        3- Be aware of fear, but do not be ruled by it. A skilled warrior (of any type) can co-exist with some fear, rather than suffer defeat or death by not outthinking it.

        4- Do not wait for something “big” to happen, because those big things are ALREADY happening (for example, Snowden’s revelations, the assassination [car bombing] of the 33 y.o. reporter out in L.A., etc.)

        5- Wisely use your funds, your valuable time, your precious energy.

        6- Consider trying to have a minimum of 3-months’ supply of non-perishable food and more importantly, water.

        Think of the various ways our opponents (those who oppose liberty, autonomy, creativity, freedom, self-reliance, growth of any kind) COULD paralyze us as a whole and think across the board– don’t leave anything out. Thinking like your opponent does not make you them, it just helps you outsmart them when the crap should hit the fan.

        So Prepare as you are able to, and, as YOU see fit.

        7- When you pray to your God, TRUST your God– trust your God to lead you, to inspire you, to enlighten you, to move you. Just be careful not to confuse “ego” or “bravado” with that small, still voice within you that is your Source.

        The bottom line is that all these evildoers will not win. God won a very long time ago but these people seem entrapped by their ego, among other things. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be any suffering. So prepare accordingly, as best you can.

        Yes, we need to use self-help, but also be open to community support(s), and, to prayer.

        You are being watched, surveilled, listened to, recorded, logged. If this insidious and flagrant abuse of authority and government doesn’t infuriate you, then I don’t know if you can or will defend your God-given rights to be FREE. If it DOES infuriate you (as it should) use the energy behind that anger to outthink these people so they can be defeated if they become violent. Don’t cast your pearls before swine, guard your privacy, defend your dignity. You are a child of God. So am I. And I refuse to be treated as any less than that.

        Please pray for all the Boy Scouts at the upcoming July 4th-weekend Boy Scout Jamboree because– and I don’t know why– they moved its location from a safe, secure military base to some other very less secure place and that has been concerning many people for months for false flag reasons.

        As for the rest of us, when THE assault [shtf] happens, it will most likely happen to ALL of us, and, it will happen on ALL fronts (not just ‘geographical’ but digitally) as Snowden’s revelations are teaching us, and, it will happen all at once OR one right after the other. If it goes down that way, keep calm, think, use strategy. For the record, I am a peace lover, I strive (imperfectly) every day to practice nonviolence of all types, I intensely dislike violence of any type, but at my age after all I’ve been through, I will not capitulate to evil.

        “Watch your six, because IT is watching YOU!” – the Lone Ranger

        “I believe…that truth needs to be repeated, as long as there are men who disbelieved it.”
        – Gandhi

        “It is no secret that evil is ‘live’ spelled backwards.” – M. Scott Peck, M.D.

        the Lone Ranger

      29. Information is power. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Get as much 411 as you can. Maps. Locations of any government buildings. Water sources. Grid. Agricultural information. Etc.

        Print it out if you can. Or make sure you have a Laptop and a means to recharge it. Disable the netword devices. It’s possible they can send a kill command and disable our computers. Besides turning off the Internet.

        • MAKE NO MISTAKE—THEY CAN KILL YOUR COMPUTER WITH A COMMAND. I’ve DONE IT…and it doesn’t have to be hardwired or connected to the internet, if it had wifi and/or bluetooth capabilities. Even so, a directed EMP is not out of the question. BET ON IT.

        • I have a stack of laptops that are unable to access the internet. Also, you can download a backup of the entire text of Wikipedia. They have a new one available each month. Also, they have an older backup that includes all the graphics, but it might take a few days to download. There are programs, such as Black Widow, which allow you to download entire websites so that you can browse them offline later.

          • You’ve probably got very simple software settings issues with all of those laptops. There are also necessary “drivers” you need for your modem to work. Many times, several of the internal devices on a computer stop working after a fresh installation of an operating system. I strongly suggest you go to http://www.geekstogo.com and find the sections for such problems and get help. The experts there will walk you through it on the computer you are on that still works. Please go check the web site out, and you’ll probably fix most, if not all of those unused laptops.

            • You misunderstand. My message was in response to your message about the possibility of the government killing internet attached computers. I don’t want the laptops to access the internet. The main reason they cannot access the internet is they have no wireless cards. I could plug them in if I wanted, but I want to keep them isolated so no one can hack them, especially government.

              • Okay, my mistake.

        • What is ZOG supposed to mean?

          Afghanistan has been called the graveyard of empires before and with good reason. Even Alexander the Great largely left those tribesmen alone.

          You are entitled to your own opinion as to what the truth might be, but you do not own the truth. In fact, you rarely come into any proximity to it.

      30. Oh! Don’t forget to track the traitors in the Government, Media, etc.

        • There will be no jobs or infrastructure program until after the Undocumented Democrat Amnesty, then you will see billions being spent to bring them into the unions and “out of the shadows”.

        • There will be no jobs bills or infrastructure programs until after the Undocumented Democrat Amnesty, then you will see billions being spent on union jobs to bring them “out of the shadows”.

        • A Middle East war seems inevitable

      31. Once big daddy G showed me something, 3 falling stars as I drove west, after being delivered from a festering evil, evil that God gave me discernment to see, in a large southern city, 2 nights ago a I saw 1 falling star as I drove west.
        I have taken it as a sign that things will get serious very soon.
        The first of 3 falling stars, I might add that this is the same night Granite mountain AZ / Doce fire burns like a volcano 2 miles from my house, and the night of a partial eclipse of the moon.
        Take of it what you will, but I believe when I see the third falling star it will be time. Don’t ask me for a logical answer for this. I do not have one, unless you believe in the spirit world, the gifts of the spirit and the strange workings of God.
        Prepare your hearts and minds.

      32. This supposes the population could be contained. While I don’t doubt the posibility of such a plot, they would certainly need obo’s army in full just to contain the larger cities!
        Standing ready in Daytona

        • I’m worried they will try something similar to what happened at my school over 40 years ago. There was a race riot. Someone knew about it ahead of time, because near the beginning of it, a bus showed up with an out-of-state license plate. The people on the bus started passing out weapons to the black people in the riot. School had to be closed a whole week.

      33. We have been hearing/reading this for how long now? And its the same thing, next month, next season, etc…

      34. “Freedom is the only thing worth living for. While I was doing that work,I used to think it didn’t matter if I died, because without freedom there was no point in living” Nancy Wake, the most decorated woman of WW2



        America is not just in economic decline, but on course to become the biggest welfare state in the history of the West.

        How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly–and the Stark Choices Ahead

        In How the West Was Lost, the New York Times bestselling author Dambisa Moyo offers a bold account of the decline of the West economic supremacy. She examines how the West flawed financial decisions have resulted in an economic and geopolitical seesaw that is now poised to tip in favor of the emerging world, especially China.

        Amid the hype of China rise, however, the most important story of our generation is being pushed aside: America is not just in economic decline, but on course to become the biggest welfare state in the history of the West.

        The real danger is a lost ghost economy , Moyo claims. While some countries such as Germany and Sweden have deliberately engineered and financed welfare states, the United States risks turning itself into a bloated welfare state not because of ideology or a larger vision of economic justice, but out of economic desperation and short-sighted policy making.


        N.O. ;0p

        • Now this was a good, insightful post until you boarded the crazy train again.

          Ease off the hate and more people might take you seriously.

          • J.Roy: You seem to not know what “ZOG” means. You did ask that a few posts ago, so what zog means is Zionist(jewish) Occupied Govnt. And like it or not That IS whats destroying the usa and specially whites in america.

            And when folks point that out it is not hate speech, or tin foil hat crap, nor does it make a person an evil white racist nazi. It simply means such folks aware of who and what is running all things that matter in usa govnt-msm-society and cultureal issues. And they are doing it to bring america Down so they can have total one world govnt control. And their plan and goals are to RUN it FROM Israel mainly BY and FOR benifit of jews at the expense of Gentiles or Goyims as they call us. Goyim means “Cattle Herd animals”…Their Talmud teaches that Only jews have a real God given Soul. And all NON jews or Goyim gentiles have NO soul. And therefore That gives jews the Rights to OWN-Enslave-Control the Entire world and ALL gentiles as jews please.

            Now You can bash me too, or say my info is nonsense etc all you care to. However anybody that has taken time to Research these issues has found I AM telling it as it is and the real true facts of these issues. Perhaps You too should attempt to Learn some of it prior to bashing all info related to zionists etc.

            ps, If I was betting on it, I’d bet you never as yet Read or viewed ANY info or video links various folks has provided here. Because once anybody does research and read such linked info, there is no longer any doubts as to the validity of such info. If the truth and facts are considered racist or antisemetic? It must be They who has stuff to Hide.

      36. I’m going to see the Boogie knights next week… can’t wait…he he.

        • You trying too hard. If you go back far enough all of us have criminals, maniacs and assholes somewhere in our lineage.

          You can’t blame someone for the acts of their ancestors. That sort of ridiculous thinking led to quacking about slavery reparations.

        • It’s 2013 now. Try to keep up.

      37. Mac… enemies of the state… the whole damn lot of us.

        That’s really good— usually we tend to look at “them”
        as adversaries, not as how they view us as dissidents.

        Maybe they refer to us as the SHTFplan Anarchists,
        or Mac’s Marauders, or even Slavo’s Subversives.

        Thanks for the thought provocation, Mac. You’re #1.

        • “Mac’s Marauders!”

          Now that’s a good one.

      38. Rockin Lockin Load 😉 The faithful await a nations cry.

      39. AAAAHHHH more Doom the collapse has already happened about 100 times!!!!!!Another prediction; that’s hard to do Keep it up because it will happen sooner or later but don’t tell me one insider knows when

        BULLSHIT! this kind of stuff doesn’t teach anything to anyone!!!!!

      40. Well, at least I find sanity here on this site .
        And excellent ideas on how to cope when the wheels fall off .

        Your suggestion is great Be Informed, to report what we see here .
        We all need to report whatever is going on around us .
        Here in this small town, not much to see .
        But with good reporting, we can gather much intel and plan tactics .
        After all, we are already the enemy it seems .
        And seeing what is reality without being filtered .
        I have to admit not many here wear ro se colored glasses.

        I find much good here and even on the days I feel like there is little hope,
        I go on some of the past threads and read much .
        I learn and it strengthens me to keep going .
        I’m just an old disabled woman who lives alone .
        But I do what I can . And am used to doing without,
        since I spent the better part of three years living homeless .
        Being homeless will wise up anyone .
        You can learn much by doing without .
        Keep on keeping on . We do have this site for sharing our thoughts .
        And tips .
        Take care

      41. Because it is the choice; between quietly boarding the Gulag Express, or resisting with the likelihood of dying in the process. Would you rather die with a hot barrel and an empty magazine or after ignominious groveling and protracted abuse and humiliation? Ref. A. Solzhenitsyn

        Keep the FAITH

      42. Just wait people. You’ve got a few more years. Then I’m sure we’re all in for a big surprise.

      43. The real problem that we face as a country is that people feel like they are entitled to have others do everything for them. We don’t have the “can do” spirit anymore in this country, and that’s the biggest obstacle that we have to face.

        Anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about should spend some quality time at a Wal-Mart around the first of the month. That’s when all of the sheeple come out. Watch their behavior. Entitled much?

        We used to be a nation of rugged individualists. Now we are a nation of people who ride around on electronic carts screaming “help me”.

        • Prepp In CT your post is perfect, you have addressed the biggest threat of all. The threat is not dictators, we’ve beaten them before, its not ecconomic ruin we’ve beaten that before. Its not famine we’ve beaten that too, its the entitlement collective.

          “FEED ME CEEMORE” little shop of horrors

          • The Entitlement mentality is what bothers me also about where I live, a small rural logging town. Since the fall in timber jobs, a lot of uneducated druggies and loafers. I ran a low-income trailer park where when a crisis occurred, residents would get together and solve it. Now, people behind on their rent expect the landlord to repair their infrastructure like it is owed to them. Park has to close down because too few rent payers to keep it going. Just had someone break into a storage shed there and steal the paper towels and canning supplies I stocked up and stored there. What will it be like when the Entitlements stop?

        • Prepped In CT.

          You have to wonder when you see those pictures of “People of Wal-Mart. Some are down right disgusting. I agree their behavior in the store is deplorable. Wal-Mart is the Company Store and it feels like it. More like a trap. You can see the difference when you shop at other stores. Personal hygiene stands out. Some people eat their way through Wal-Mart and hit the beer isle too.
          Leaving empty bottles and discarded cracker wrappers in their wake. Then there are those who overbuy and you see the discards in baskets at the check out. Still you will find another type of individuals at Lowe’s or Home Depot. They are people who are industrious and doing things to better themselves.
          It is remarkable to see how some neighborhoods survived the Housing downturn and financial stresses of today. Some homes are maintained while others fall into disrepair and then abandoned. A kind of Blight hits the neighborhood. Many times this leads to Mom and Pop stores closures. Even Fast Food is not immune.
          Crime eventually rises. One indication is the amount of people who have acquired large dogs. They bark at night.
          Loud thumping music, gun shots, police and medical sirens, all indicative of the downturn in some portions of society.
          I have lived at the same place for over thirty years and there has been change. Watched beautiful small homes destroyed as renters have no respect for the owners property.
          Should we have a catastrophic downturn of some sort, I am telling you we are going to have our hands full with these parasites.

          • Wait til they can’t get they’re Prozac and other mood drugs.

            Know who are the anti gun (liberals) owners are, then once SHTF at night put anti liberal who believes that you should be cared for “Lives Here”.

            This should buy us a few nights of peace and quiet.

            • Grammar correction from: SHTF at night put anti liberal who believes that you should be cared for “Lives Here”.

              To: SHTF, at night put a sign on the liberals lawn, “liberal who does not believe in guns and believes people should be entitled to be cared for.

        • Yes we try to avoid shopping on the food stamp days. Over half of the folks dont produce anything. Those parasites think someoe else will produce for them. And now the producing makers are asking themselves why? Whu should I produec when the fruits of my work are unfairly taxed & robbed. then that which was robbed is redistrbuted to the parasite takers who had ought naught to do wih my productive making. then the amount im allowed to keep has to compete in the very same markets with the so called freegoverment redistribution. I really resent my hard earned cash having to compete with food stamps and other goverment freebees. too many parasite takers and too few productive makers.

          • So why have we not taken to the streets?

            All the taxes and laws that burden us and we sit still. Are we afraid to die or being incarcerated? That we still enjoy a civilized environment or a majority knows what can happen when it goes south. Family to consider and all.

            • They still have food and TV and internet. And no one makes them work for it.

          • The elderly, disabled, and military families all get food stamps. Do you think they are parasites too?

            • sharonsj.

              We are talking about those who game the system. Not the truly in need. Yes some military families can not exist on E-1 pay.

      44. Do you hate your overlords? Is it time to run to your shelter? This is part of the path of not obeying God.
        Lev 26: I will set My face against you, and you shall be defeated by your enemies.

        Those who hate you shall reign over you, and you shall flee when no one pursues you. It also says 5 will cause 100 to flee and 100 will cause 10000 to flight. We now see hole crowds fleeing before a few police men. Fear is growing everywhere. As a child I often wondered why God is so hard on people especially in Rev. I realize that he does this and they repent not..so it gets worse and they repent not. All preppers should read Lev 26.

      45. What’s there to worry about when on CNN Money these are the titles of articles the morning after the 353 point sell off.

        “Stocks: Regaining composure after plunge
        Pre-Marketing: Sprint raises Clearwire stakes
        IPOs are back, even the bad ones
        Michael Dell: I’ll stick around if buyout voted down
        Ignore the Fed!
        Dollar headed for ‘multi-year rally’
        The new CNNMoney Portfolio
        Don’t panic! Selling now could hurt your nest egg”

        • The sellers are still looking for buyers. Who better than CNN to find them some buyers. DOW is headed below 6000.

          • I hear you, when the money news is selling rainbows and unicorns it’s time to protect your assets because the manipulators are in screw you mode.

          • I think you are optimistic. During the Great Depression, the DOW eventually lost 89% of its value. This time it may be even worse, which would mean a DOW well below 1500.

        • I just checked and the DOW is down again.

        • Doesn’t that sound like the old Soviet Union reports about how well their agriculture was doing?

      46. This has got to be the longest funeral prep ever

      47. Give me a break…..Doug hagmann and Steve Quayle and alex Jones and Glenn beck etc. are all controlled opposition…..real truthers get KILLED such as the rolling stones journalist and Andrew breitbart etc. THINK ABOUT IT

      48. And you really didnt expect any of this?? Wow!!

      49. Because it is the choice: between quietly boarding the Gulag Express and resisting with the likelihood of dying in the process. Would you rather die with a hot barrel and an empty magazine or after ignominious groveling and protracted abuse and humiliation? Your choice! Ref. A. Solzhenitsyn

        Keep the FAITH

      50. Because it is the choice: between quietly boarding the Gulag Express and resisting with the likelihood of dying in the process. Would you rather die with a hot barrel and an empty magazine or after ignominious groveling and protracted abuse and humiliation? Your choice! Ref. A. Solzhenitsyn

        Keep the FAITH

        • Don’t know what happen with this second post. Oh well

          Keep the FAITH

      51. *****MERS UPDATE*****

        World Health Organisation calls emergency meeting to respond to SARS-like outbreak


        “Health experts have started an emergency international meeting to devise ways of combating a mysterious virus that has been described as the single biggest worldwide public health threat after claiming 38 lives, mostly in Saudi Arabia.”

        MERS Cases and Deaths,
        April 2012 – Present

        Current as of June 20, 2013, 1:45 PM EDTCountries Cases (Deaths)
        France 2 (1)
        Italy 3 (0)
        Jordan 2 (2)
        Qatar 2 (0)
        Saudi Arabia 49 (32)
        Tunisia 2 (0)
        United Kingdom (UK) 3 (2)
        United Arab Emirates (UAE) 1 (1)
        Total 64 (38)

        something isn’t right ??

        the number of cases remains small and stable at this point

        but “emergency meeting” called ???

        and “single biggest worldwide public health threat ” ?????

        • Satori

          Agreed. I am getting the following from the senior staff at the hospital where the UK patients died, I used to work there just or reference as o how I know the staff.

          They cannot work out why it is only infecting some people, not all of them with other health problems. It is causing different issues in different people and the symptoms are very different from person to person. They have little idea where it came from or where it’s headed. Fact is they know very little, certainly not enough to know how to contain it if it mutates and/or becomes able to infect larger numbers of people.

          They are very worried that a simple mutation will enable it to spread through large populations and are studying those that have had it to try and find a common denominator that explains why those particular individuals became infected…what they have in common if you like, they re hoping there is one thing about those individuals, a commonality that is not present in massive numbers of the global population.

          To quote the ITU consultant that cared for 2 of the UK patients:

          ” ‘Burt’ we don’t have a fucking clue whats going on with this. we can’t see a pattern, this thing scares the shit out of me”

          Take care

          • thanks for that info Burt

            it just confirms my suspicions

          • Hajj is mid October this year- right at the start of flu season. Some medical teams are worried that MERS could be spread world wide by Islamic pilgrims.

            • Merree

              Yes, totally agreed

              Take care

      52. Interesting comment the other day. I was in Home Depot talking to Customer Service and I asked if he was in Military, because he looked like it. He said yes National Guard. I asked if had been deployed and he said no, but they are scheduled to go to Syria next year. Hmm, scheduled? Kind of like how we were building up for WWII many months before we entered it maybe?

      53. Democrats have blasted the $20.5 billion in food stamp cuts all week as cruel, while Republicans said more cuts are needed to eliminate fraud and ensure people aren’t becoming dependent on the program.

        Are we even surprised?? Just a little? Nope.


        • The generous politicans who keep giving every man, woman, child, and abortion a free lunch, need to know we can no longer afford to be generous. In this rough economy I need every penny I have to support me and mine.
          Time for forced use of Norplant the implantable contraceptive,this wonderful medical discovery prevents pregnancy for up to 5 years. If you want to have six kids with as many men that fine, AS LONG AS WE WHO WORK DONT HAVE TO SUPPORT YOU AND YOURS.

      54. World Health Organization calls emergency meeting to respond to SARS-like outbreak

        “Health experts have started an emergency international meeting to devise ways of combating a mysterious virus that has been described as the single biggest worldwide public health threat after claiming 38 lives, mostly in Saudi Arabia.”

        Telegraph dot co dot uk

      55. Jay jay

        Forgot to sign in so you’ll get the reply when it gets through moderation lol

        Take care x

      56. I’ll tell you waht folks, if it weren’t for sites like this one and several others, I would not have the needed information to be getting ready for what’s coming. The lamestream media drops hints nowadays, but are still complicit in cover-up. Thank the Lord I woke up to this in 1993.

        Gun show this weekend in Castlerock, Colorado, at the Douglas County Fairgrounds.

      57. I’d been praying for sometime that God would give me a dream or a vision about the time of year of the collapse. About a year ago I got into bed one night, closed my eyes, and this is what came into my mind: I was standing outside my favorite restaurant and it’s been closed for awhile. The big outside window had dust on it and there were streaks where raindrops had went down the glass. There were autumn leaves swirling in the parking lot. I’m convinced it will happen in the fall. And from I’ve been seeing, I think it’s coming this fall. Prepare accordingly.

      58. The seismic activity has dropped a lot in the past 24 hours, just a couple of 5+ quakes in the entire world. I have seen this before after much activity of the precursor plate boundaries. There is at least a 75% chance of a major quake within 3 days from right now, OR something much larger within 7 days. About 3 out of 4 times in the past, the same pattern happens. I still would use the previous locations I gave as the highest probability of getting hit. The government knows that the Earth is ready to unleash something huge, but they of course would never let anyone else know this.

        • @BI: My PE buddy e-mailed and said the micro-seismic activity in the southern gulf has stopped; this is very scary to him. A lot of people have left the area and went home for a while, if you get my drift. He also said something HUGE is coming to the world that has never been seen before.
          On military, I live in fly over country and the air active overhead has increased a bunch, 100% are cargo or tankers going due west 270 degrees. It scares the SH-T out of me to see all the chest thumping going on around the globe, our time for peace and tranquility is short very short.
          Thank you for your earthquake up-dates.

          Keep the FAITH

      59. We have all made statements as to what we would do and what we are doing. Acquiring massive amounts of provisions and firepower. Gearing up and fortification to protect what have. We talk about taking people out at a few hundred yards. What round is the most lethal. We talk about doing our neighbor in. I am also guilty of these thoughts and I have to ask myself just what have I become. It bothers me that I have to refer to other human beings as parasites. Even with all our BRAVADO we must guard against becoming COLD hard killers with no conscience. It is one thing to fight against an invading army or a police state. Still another to take up arms against those whom may be in dire straits through no fault of their own. Those who were victims of down sizing and the destruction of our manufacturing base. Those caught up in the credit debt cycle that many will not escape. It is hard to differentiate between those who truly need assistance and those who game the system. We constantly search for those we can either directly or indirectly blame for what will befall us. And the list is long. We were fortunate to awake to the future dangers for we would surly be in their shoes today.
        I have to say we as preppers are a tormented bunch. Knowing that we will be Judge by the actions in this life and what happens to us in the next one.

        • Slingshot

          Well said.

          Take care

        • Ecclesiastes 12:13-14

          Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every deed into judgement, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil.

        • Slingshot, you raise many excellent points. What we all don’t see today is what our fellow humans will become tomorrow.

          Some will die off due to no defenses.
          Some will try to leach off of others.
          Some will form gangs to steal from those who prepared.
          Some will still want to do what is right.

          I prefer to find myself in the last category.

          The guy who is the quiet mind-his-own-business coworker today could prove to be quite an adversary when the shtf. We just don’t know until we see it happen. Hopefully better heads will prevail all around, but learning from the past does not always show this to be the outcome.

        • I gotta agree with slingshot I just dont think taking the life of another to protect hoarded stuff is worth the damage to my soul. Killing nother person is the very last thing I wish to do.I believe if you have Know How and are lucky enough make it for 60 days you wont have to worry too much about other people. There wont be very many left.

          • Trouble is, the people stealing your food and thus condemning your family to starvation don’t have such issues of conscience.

        • Thanks for the reminder Slingshot, I think this
          will still apply: “Taking care of the orphan, widow, least among us, etc.”
          I can honestly say “I feel protected”. I know God
          watches over us. “May his Will be done.”
          Never know, maybe when stuff is scarce, we will
          see “multiplication of bread” and other good stuff? 🙂
          Peace Out

        • I really really liked that reply Slingshot. What reason is there to even prep if we’re not preparing to also bring our families, neighbors, and the world back, in a better way, and making certain that knowledge is preserved, and the next dark ages doesn’t last too long?

      60. This passed on to me by a friend in State LE. Of the 100% known gun owners 5% will use theirs right off, 20% will use theirs after a little hesitation (DHS says they will hesitate too long), and 25% will use theirs as a last resort, 30% will second guess themselves and wait to long to use them, and the rest will not use theirs at all. This has come down from DHS. It’s the 25% last resort ones that they worry about the most.

        Keep the FAITH

        • I wonder what percentage of the 20 & 25% will die because they hesitated?

          Better to be trained and ready to defend without hesitation and having to live with your actions then to hesitate and leave you family with no one to look over them.

          Is there really any good advice on this subject?

      61. Too bad the Haggmans associate with Steve Quail. Hurts their credibility. So I give this article no real weight. I could come up with these revelations and more, as anyone who has been watching could. No real new news here, is there. I would have thrown in Fema Youth, Planned Pandemic, and Serin Chemical attack on and american city by,say Syria (False Flag). Yeah, easy to have an ‘Anonymous Source’.

      62. Just fyi, I have seen UN vehicles consistently traveling in the inland empire area for the past month or so, on private transport trucks.

        • Oh god not the UN invading shit again.

      63. Mac,
        Did you delete one of my posts?
        It was there, and then it was gone…

        • BURT THE BRIT DID .

          • Nina

            I wish I had that power

            • Nina and Piper Michael

              Oh that sounds bad…not yours Piper Michael…shit I manage to drop myself in it at least once every visit lol.

              I was set up there!

              Take care

              • Burt,
                Some people will find any excuse to start an argument, I stay out of most of ’em.
                Yes, you were set up, and I cannot believe I got thumbs up for that…
                ah… sigh…
                (BTW, where is Ms. Daisy?)


                • Piper,

                  A joke I think lol. If not such is life lol.

                  Daisy is packing like crazy right now, she moves very soon. I’ll pass on your best.

                  Take care x

            • NINAO

              Don’t let her fool you.

              Y’all Beware! They have foxes in England too!!

              • Y’all

                I thought You were my friend lol

                Take care

                • Burt the Brit,

                  Foxes – Not the one men shoot, the ones we HUNT!

                  Y’all Beware! Have a great weekend.

                  • Y’all

                    Ha, gotcha, bit slow tonight. I can honestly say I have never been referred to as a foxy lady before. I m well impressed thank you.

                    As someone built for comfort not for speed I accept the compliment graciously. X

                    Take care

      64. was chatting with a coworker. very educated on the market. has a friend that works on the street. We all know that in april there was more physical gold purchased than in any month ever. The SEC approached the large brokerage houses and basically told them they had to tell their fund managers to sell ‘gold’ to drive down the price and scare investors away from the physical gold market. they fear a run on physical gold that will collapse the entire system when it becomes impossible to obtain the physical and folks call in to take possession of their ‘papered’ assets. Just another confirmation of what we all know.

        • Need a little more than ‘a friend who works on the street’, got anything from the SEC or the brokerage houses?

      65. Just how far will you take it?

        War, that is. I am sure there are many here itching for a fight. A well deserved one. Question is, is it going to limited or a scorched earth policy. Will we be able to accept collateral damage done to others by our deeds.
        In some cases our high powered rounds will penetrate homes, entering others not in the fight and can cause death. The use of incendiary munitions that have no bounds once ignited. We have seen what the riots can do. Imagine a subdivision of homes going up in flames. Could be your home like those out West. Lots of Dragon’s Breath, 37mm under the barrel flare guns and marine flares. Something to think about.

      66. Today in Houston, the energy capitol of the country. I paid $3.25 for a gallon of gas, $4.40 for a gallon of milk, and $6.00 for a jar of peanut butter. The middle class is foxtrot uniform charlie kilo echo delta.

        • I bought a 10-pound sack of Gold Standard whey protein in January for $83. Today the same bag costs $104. A 20% inflation of cost in 5 months.

          • I get the white(northern to some) beans from DG(they are the best evah :-)) and last month, the price per 1 lb. bag went to $2.70 from $2!!!

      67. Is it me and my stuff or is strange things happening on the net today.

        Keep the FAITH

      68. Hi all, Just another random thought (and I know, it is easier
        said than done). Remember, FEAR and lack
        of Faith may be the first Enemy. Whoever the agressor is, They can only
        kill you one time! (I know it sucks to think about this,
        especially for those of us that have kids)

        Just a random note: If the situation ever gets so
        out of hand where people are rounded up and put into camps, etc
        It is probably better to try and escape early on when you still
        have a bit of energy (hopefully) and have not been subjected to
        whatever fun they have in store for us. Not saying this scenario will happen,
        but good to think about all options, just in case you see it so
        you won’t be shocked. Can’t believe we are talking about
        this crap.
        Peace Out

      69. Sorry all, Anybody seen the trailers for movie
        “World War X” ? From
        past articles I have read, I know certain of our govt.
        agencies are involved with Hollyweird on certain
        movie projects. I have seen a couple of clips and my first
        thought was, crap just more of the same….Trying
        to condition the masses for major upheavals and to
        accept Violence perpetrated upon the masses? (I don’t
        know the whole plot but I guess it involves a UN worker
        “trying to save the day” ?) I may be wrong but just
        wondering if others had seen the trailers for the
        Peace out, Have a good weekend all

      70. Doug Hagmann sure spins out a good yarn. Ol’ Sorcha Faal (AKA Sucha Fail) has a bit of competition on his hands, I think.

        At the very least, I think we have a wannabe John le Carré in our midst.

        *sigh* where is the truth anymore?

      71. The Enterprise is back at Norfolk now for salvaging. The newspaper article I read said that everything that isn’t welded in place has already been removed.

      72. If you can, have a little extra food and ammo for the friends/neighbors that dont have the $$$ to prep. There are people that now live paycheck to paycheck and are losing ground. I will help someone, but I will not show them the stash.

      73. Vet what you read people,don’t take things at face value.
        Doug Haggman is a plagerist and disinfo shill.
        Same goes for his cronie friend Steven Quayle.

        • Well, if that’s the case, then why should we believe you? I mean, Steve Quayle’s financial insider “V” has been right on the money since last year and Doug Hagmann has a pretty good track record as well and he writes for the Canada Free Press and I’m not sure he would be doing that if he were a plagiarist!

          • Plagerism

            He’s been calling for martial law for years ,here is his
            report on Obama/falsegflag/martial law that never happened either.At this point in the game anyone can call shots and probably be on target 50% of the time but this guy has a record of getting it wrong and all because he has a special DHS insider.Please, do you think for one minute the PTB would allow a DHS insider especially with the ability to spy on anyone anytime,to continue leaking truths?
            Here’s a run down on Doug Haggman.
            Steven Quayle has been spewing fear and terror for years and his record is about the same as Haggman’s

            • This stuff is from 2006 and I have no reason to believe Schlussel as she could just as well be claiming his work and I’ve never heard of her before. Numerous people have believed that Martial Law will occur and it probably will.

              As far as the other website, where do you find a site like that?? Again, why would I believe someone from sites that I’ve never heard of….just because they’re bashing people that you personally don’t like? Again, not good enough…

              As far as TPTB are concerned….whether they would “allow”, (as if they’re gods) a DHS insider to leak truths…! Yeah, not everybody in the America is completely evil and there may be a few that don’t agree with what’s happening in our country-dare I say it “patriotic Americans”….hence leaks happen!

      74. If anyone has any lose prep ties they need to wrap up….

        Do it now…Today…

        I feel our time is up, and Collapse is upon us all…


      75. all of these places mentioned have army bases marine bases etc. Did anyone stop to consider that maybe that’s all of our hardware returning from assholeghanistan ?????

        • I mentioned that a couple of weeks ago and got thumbs down for it, seems to be dogma that we’ve got Chinese and UN tanks running around Iowa or wherever.

      76. Shoot the liberal media first then take it to the homes of the individual cops and politicians. They will loose their will to fight real fast.

        • I’d rather start with the asshole right-wingers who are more concerned with female body parts than creating jobs.

          • you mean like the kennedy’s, bill clinton,gary hart, john edwards, condit who had his mistress killed?

      77. This “insider” didn’t offer any information that couldn’t be gleaned from published news sources. Centralized power grab, silencing of the leakers, war with Syria, end of reserve currency status, economic collapse, etc.

        It all boils down to “something very bad is about to happen” which is what everyone on here already believes.

      78. it has always bothered me that we never made a usa militia that would be one hell of a deterrent to corrupt govt. what organization do we the people have if it comes to a revolution. i would not even know who to contact to join the fight. very sad to me. we have millions of patriots willing to fight for our country but no organization. if anyone knows of some please let me know. sincerely jimbo
        p.s. may god guide us to take our country back this i pray!

        • jimbo, Oath-Keepers, started as law-enforcement, military,anyone who has taken the oath to uphold the Constitustion of the United States of America. Now open to any Patriots. check online

        • Unorganized militia of one.

          Get another to join you and you’ve got a .gov stinger.

          What’s better is when the .gov stinger gets you to join him. Gulag time, mf.

      79. Has anyone else realized just what these revelations about the extent of our governments spying actually means? Since the inception and implementation
        of this systemic espionage against the American people, there has not been :

        A. Any law passed by the will of our elected representatives, (after all if a congressman or senator should be against passing a given law, he or she could and would be blackmailed into voting for said law).

        B. Any military decision made without forcing the top brass to follow the program. (Again if a general or commander were against a given course of action he or she would and could be blackmailed into submission.)

        C. Any corporation’s corporate agenda could be dictated to its C.E.O.’s by the simple method of disclosing information damaging to the corporation or its C.E.O.’s as individuals.

        D. Any agency such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Internal Revenue Service,
        Environmental Protection Agency………..must also get in line and submit to any orders given to them. Thus permitting these agencies to be used as desired by the PTB. So in every position in these entities, the leaders
        of same have no say so or power to resist, lest their personal information be made public endin thier careers.

        Lastly we need to inquire who is directing these operations and what is their end game plan for America.

        • You are correct!

          They put criminals and perverts into these positions so that they can control them through bribes blackmail and threats. That’s why every politician has that scummy dirt-bag look about them.

          “Convince your constituents that they need to accept intrusions on their rights due to Terrorists wanting to kill them or we will tell your wife and family about your preference for little boys.”

          The eyes are indeed the windows to the soul. Just look at the eyes of most politicians.

        • The end game plan is communism. It is here. bommies change was from commie light to stalinist communism.

      80. GREAT VIDEO at stormcloudsgathering called, “An Open Message to the NSA”

        To 6 packs: there are people on our side (the people) who can take websites down too…if TPTB to screw with our Internet service, you can be sure theirs will be destroyed as well!!

      81. Posters here are fucking idiots with no critical thinking skills (most of them). The article is FAKE. Why can’t you people see through this crap? This site repeatedly publishes bogus information which NEVER happens.

      82. The US military is moving gigantic amounts of men and materials from war zones back to the US mainland. During this time, allot of military equipment is going to be moving around all over the country. At the end of world war 2, huge stockpiles of military equipment was staged all over the country for dispositions to new bases or to be scrapped. My belief is that the large amounts of military equipment sightings is just that process; the ending of one of the longest ground wars in our history. Mr. Pres, get us the heck out of Afghanistan, let whoever wants it take it.

      83. Young Jedi.
        Sorry. The girl has no idea what she is talking about.

        There was nothing said about these products or elements being introduced into the atmosphere by any means.

        Been to Tinker AFB and aluminum oxide is used in the cleaning of jet engine turbine blades. Used it myself. A dust hazard exist with its use and filter masks must be used.
        Barium is a byproduct in dust form from aircraft braking. Used of protective gear needed. Changed a few aircraft brakes in my time.
        Stronium I have not used but the Tinker AFB is a major overhaul facility. Cyanide, acids and other heavy metals are the norm in the aircraft repair industry.

        Care to talk about carbon fibers used in the manufacture of the bypass duct of the F-117 stealth fighter or FA-18 engine, getting into the bloodstream?

      84. When “Legacy of Success” went to print 1 year ago (on Tuesday), who knew we were only scratching the surface. While Congress works on “Dead Issues” that will never pass, Executive Orders and decrees from Tsar Obama rule the day.

        (and to think people thought WE were exaggerating 1 year ago. Ha!)

      85. Come on.Give us a break. This is not inside information.

        The NWO is about to through the hammer down! Gas and food prices will rise. Water will become rationed. The DHLS will be out to enforce martial Law.

        The same things being said on the internet for the past 10 years at least and it still passes as inside information.

        It’s all about timing. If you keep making these claims over and over and over, eventually, due to pure luck you will get the timing right and look like genius.

        Just like the way Jim Sinclair predicts Gold is about to go through the roof any day now for the past 8 years. No one calls him on his miserable track record but Eventually when Gold does go through the roof he is going to quadruple his income because his followers will see him as the second coming.

      86. An idea of what may happen:

        Civil war may be used, the gun confiscation won’t work because the end goal may be to seed the population with firearms, counting on a knee-jerk reaction to murmurs of “gun grabbing”. Then the citizenry and the govt will be set against each other to fight, both sides being played for chumps, the resulting destruction inflicted on both sides will leave the infrastructure in shambles, then a third party will show up promising to fix everything, the remainder of the govt. may be assimilated into this third party, that will then construct what was previously called “the north american union” and integrate mexico and canada into the U.S. structure to “strengthen” it, and ultimately the N.A.U. will be part of the globalist structure.

        Most “risk factors” for the formation of this, that is those individuals and groups who may get enough power to offset the plans, likely are expected to snuff each other out during the conflict, or sell out to the third party, in keeping with the goals of the servants of evil who are pulling strings. “preppers” and the like may hole themselves up and then waste their resources thinking the “war” is going to be the big bad, when they really should’ve held out for later.

        By the way, The food crisis is already here, GMO food is part of the third horseman called variously famine or pestilence, don’t think this is putting events in a biblical timeline by the way, the comparison is simply appropriate. The store shelves are already largely empty of legitimate food, and anyone who goes on clean food for awhile likely won’t be able to go back to eating the GMO abominations, without health repercussions. GMO food itself may be used as a vector for disease as well, either to weaken the population for a potential biological agent (and remember kiddies, fungus is also regarded as a biological agent, and not so easily treatable as viruses and bacteria, anti-fungals and anti-microbials, anyone?) or as the carrier for the agent itself.

        All the above is not firsthand information, but rather gleaned from educated guessing on information already available, thus it should not be taken as a verbatim gameplan of evil. It is made public herein in the hopes that the information may force a delay or change of plan in the mechanisms of evil so that more people may understand, and tip the scales in the favor of Good.

      87. When the shit hits the fan we can live on grass if necessary. However there are many green plants that we can use as food. When eating raw fruit, vegetables and green vegetation containing the vital chlorophyll and enzymes our bodies will thrive; our bodies do not need as much food if it is raw. Animal protein such as meat, fish, eggs and dairy products are not necessary for good health, in fact they are all harmful to good health. The body regards cooked food as a poison, which it is forced to cope with many times a day by people who do not understand the repercussions of eating it.

      88. This is the transcript of a 55 minute public health talk that I gave 9 years ago. It is important to know these facts especially in hard times.
        Front cover of CD
        Worth more than all
        the gold of the world
        My Opinion
        Good Health is Your Birthright
        Back cover of CD
        · Sickness and disease are mainly self-inflicted
        · There is only one disease with 400 symptoms
        · The 400 medically catalogued diseases are only symptoms which are easily removed
        by curing the one disease
        · Cancer, AIDS, Heart disease, Asthma, Diabetes, Lupus, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, etc.
        etc., are only symptoms
        · By listening and applying this information, you will cure the one disease and live a life
        free of sickness and disease
        · Author and Speaker–––George Gray Ph: 02 6344 1665
        · Audio––56 mins
        Well folks––thank you for your support. I do hope that the information in my talk today
        makes a very big difference in your life. I hope today is a changing day in your life. Today
        I’m going to talk about our birthright, and how we can claim it.
        Good health is our birthright and I want to make sure that all of you can claim your
        birthright––good health.
        But before we go any further I’d like to make it very, very clear, that the information and
        suggestions in my talk are only presented as material of general interest and not as a
        prescription for any specific person or specific condition that someone may have.
        I strongly advise and encourage all of you to seek the aid of a qualified health practitioner for
        any advice pertaining to your particular condition and needs. Now my talk is my opinion––
        it’s a little bit different to the medical opinion––but you are advised to seek professional
        advice about your particular condition and needs.
        Right! We’ll get on with my opinion. Today, in the world today, there are millions of people
        suffering unnecessary sickness and disease––terrible conditions they are suffering and they
        don’t have to suffer these things––the truth is, sickness and disease are self-inflicted.
        Self-inflicted you say? Yes indeed, sickness and disease are self-inflicted. Look! I know it’s
        hard for you to get your head around this––it’s very hard to believe when you haven’t heard
        these sorts of things before.
        Apart from genetic causes and prescription drugs, all cases of degenerative disease, sickness
        and disease, are self-inflicted––yes––well how is that possible you might ask––what is it that
        I do that makes me sick you might ask––what is it that we all do that causes disease?
        To put it very bluntly––it’s the food that we eat––yes, the food that we eat, that’s what makes
        us sick––that’s what causes us to suffer disease.
        Well, what’s wrong with the food then? Well! To begin with, it’s unnatural––it’s dead––it’s
        cooked, devitalized, denatured, and the worst part about it all, is, it is acid-forming in the
        body––so did we, we all sort of get along with that? It’s unnatural the food we eat, it’s dead,
        it’s cooked, devitalized, denatured and the worst part of it is it’s acid-forming in the body––
        remember that––and as long as we continue to eat these types of harmful acid-forming foods,
        which change the chemistry of our bloodstream, from alkaline to acid, we will continue to
        suffer sickness and disease.
        Now for us to be in good health our blood must always be alkaline, with a Ph reading between
        7.2 and 7.6, and any deviation either above or below this range means disease.
        So, what is the reading? Our blood must always be alkaline and the Ph reading must be
        between 7.2 and 7.6––if it’s above that––or below that––the body is ill at ease––it is diseased.
        Right, now our planet is a lovely place––and it’s a life-sustaining planet, a living planet––and
        on this planet only life, can beget life––dead things cannot beget life. So, if dead things
        cannot beget life, it is impossible then, to regenerate our cells and tissues with inorganic dead
        matter being used as food––live food,––live organic food––natural food, full of the life
        principal, enzymes, actually gives us life, and, regenerates our live cells and tissues.
        Whereas dead, cooked, devitalized, denatured, acid-forming food, without the life principal
        enzymes––well it merely, it only just sustains us, but there is a great cost––it does not
        regenerate our cells and tissues or supply the necessary chemical elements composing them.
        Now, because people don’t die quickly from eating these unnatural foods, these dead, acidforming
        foods, they believe that these harmful foods are nutritious, and they blame all their
        illnesses and diseases on germs and bacteria.
        Sick people will often tell you, “Oh the doctor said I’ve got a virus”, or if you see them down
        the (street)––“Some kind of germ is attacking me, there’s a bug going around, I think I’m
        getting it or I’ve got it” etc.
        But in truth, it is the unnatural acid-forming food that causes all their illnesses and diseases,
        not some virus or germ. Well, how do we know this? Alright, we’ll talk a little bit about the
        “false germ theory”––don’t know if any of you have heard about the “false germ theory”––
        perhaps someone has.
        Now,––the medical profession built up on the false premise that germs cause disease has
        caused most people to be terrified of germs and bacteria, but the truth is––germs do not cause
        disease, no!! This fact was finally admitted to by Louis Pasteur on his death-bed. Now many
        times Pasteur and another Frenchman named Claude Bernard debated the germ theory of
        Pasteur said that disease came from outside the body and was brought in by germs, Bernard
        said that something had to go wrong with the body, it had to be in a run down state before
        germs could invade it––another famous Frenchman Antoine Bechamp, supported Bernard’s
        findings, and he said that disease came from within the body when it was in a run down state
        and in this condition germs could then invade it.
        Pasteur and Bechamp were not the best of friends and the record shows that Pasteur who
        plagiarised much of Bechamp’s work was favoured by Napoleon the 3rd and the High Church,
        and because of this he was more popular then Bechamp.
        Now Pasteur was very vocal and he was always expressing his opinion as he moved in the
        higher circles of society, well, eventually the people fell in behind his false germ theory. But,
        as I said before, on his death-bed he finally admitted to Professor Rennon who was caring for
        him, that he was wrong. He said: “Bernard was right, the microbe is nothing, the soil
        (meaning the body) is everything”.
        Now this meant that Bechamp who supported Bernard was also right. This important fact has
        been hushed up for many, many years by the pharmaceutical companies and the medical
        profession––well––what do we expect? I mean they earn billions of dollars a day selling their
        drugs and carrying out procedures on sick people––let’s face it; it’s not in their interests for
        people to be healthy.
        Treating the sick means big dollars––actually it’s a very, very, big business––treating the sick.
        In 1977 two doctors tried to expose the truth, Dr Archie Kalokerinos of Sydney and Dr Glen
        Dettman of Mentone, Victoria, presented a paper to the International Academy of Preventive
        Medicine at Phoenix, Arizona.
        This paper described how Louis Pasteur misled the people and set mankind on the wrong
        track––they presented evidence which showed that Bechamp was correct in claiming that
        disease happens when something goes wrong in the body that allows germs to invade it.
        And even though this evidence was presented, the truth still remains well hidden, and today it
        is so obscure, that new medical students believe what they are taught, and even their teachers
        are not aware of the truth.
        It is true however, that germs can adversely affect unhealthy people––but a healthy person is
        not affected, why?––Because germs cannot propagate in a healthy body.
        Healthy people then––have no fear of germs at all––in fact vaccinations are of no benefit to
        healthy people whatsoever.
        Now, I don’t know whether you believe in the God theory and Creation or the Evolution
        theory, but whatever you believe––we have either been created to live here on this planet in
        harmony with germs and bacteria, or we have evolved, or we are evolving to live here in
        harmony with them––either way we must live in harmony with germs and bacteria, because
        they are part of the vital cycles of life on our life-sustaining, living planet.
        Without these tiny scavengers we would die, yes we would all die without them––germs and
        bacteria are our friends really, not our enemies.
        Now in our body we have millions, or billions really, of body cells, and they continually take
        in nutrients from our bloodstream and put out toxic metabolic waste matter, and this waste
        matter must be removed from our body to keep us free from disease, and some of these tiny
        scavengers neutralize the metabolic toxic waste matter in our body, and stir it up, so that it
        can be eliminated––they do us a favour really.
        If we keep our body healthy by eating live raw food, the elimination of this metabolic toxic
        waste matter will take place very efficiently and keep us free from disease. You got that point
        that this waste matter must be removed from our body to keep us free from disease? Well,
        these tiny scavengers help us in that regard, and if we eat the right food, the elimination of
        this waste matter takes place very efficiently––keeping us free from disease.
        Now look! Because we eat too much dead food in which the life-principle, the enzymes have
        been destroyed by cooking, our toxic metabolic waste matter is not eliminated efficiently, and
        it accumulates in our body––as filth––unwanted germs and bacteria now feed on this
        accumulated filth within us and begin to multiply and put out their own toxic waste matter,
        their sewerage, which accumulates with our metabolic toxic waste matter––this condition, this
        filthy condition is what the medical profession call, sickness or disease.
        Of course the doctors will tell you that germs caused the disease, because on inspection they
        see so many of them multiplying––––Oh!! I guess it’s a bit like saying “flies caused the
        rubbish-tip––because there are so many flies out there”. Would you believe that flies caused
        the rubbish-tip? No––of course you wouldn’t, and no one could convince you otherwise.
        The problem was caused by the unnatural build up of metabolic toxic waste matter, and this
        build up of toxic waste matter was due to the continual eating of dead, cooked acid-forming
        food, and this build up of filth is what attracted the germs and allowed them to multiply.
        Look! Germs are attracted to filth just like flies, if we get rid of the filth the flies and germs
        will disappear––if we cover the rubbish-tip with earth, the flies will disappear, and, if we
        clean up our body by eating live raw food, any unwanted germs that are there, or that enter
        our body, will find no feeding ground of filth in which to multiply, and will naturally pass out
        of our body.
        So!! Healthy people then, eat live raw food and have an alkaline bloodstream with a Ph
        reading of 7.2 to 7.6––whereas unhealthy people eat unnatural, dead, cooked, devitalized,
        denatured, acid-forming food and have an acid bloodstream.
        It’s as simple as that––isn’t that simple? Yes!! We can actually choose to be healthy or sick
        today––we can eat natural food and be healthy with an alkaline bloodstream or we can choose
        to eat unnatural food and suffer ill-health and disease because of having an acid bloodstream.
        We can actually make that choice, the choice is ours.
        Well!! Most people today follow the tradition of their parents, or peers, or whatever’s
        popular, and in any case, they are addicted, to the unnatural acid-forming food, and most of
        them say; “Oh, I’ve been eating this type of food all my life, I don’t see any reason to
        But what they fail to understand is, that while we are young our body compensates for the
        self-inflicted abuse it receives––young people eat junk food, sugar, soft drinks, cooked and
        processed foods, even some have alcohol, and their body usually compensates for this abuse.
        However, as we get older, middle aged, our body is less able to compensate for this type of
        abuse, and sickness and disease begin to appear––and the older we get, the less our body can
        protect itself from the self-imposed harm caused by eating unnatural, cooked, acid-forming
        food, and when we’re that old the resulting adverse conditions are much worse.
        Now––when we are in good health, the environment within our body will be in chemical
        balance––our blood chemistry will be correct with the right Ph reading of 7.2 to 7.6, our
        blood viscosity will be low, meaning our blood will be thin, and it will flow freely, and
        deliver oxygen and other nutrients to all our body cells.
        In this condition––sickness and disease cannot occur. So, did we all get that? When is it that
        sickness and disease cannot occur? Well, that’s when we are in good health, and the
        environment within our body is in chemical balance––you remember, the blood, the Ph
        reading must be 7.2 to 7.6, the viscosity of our blood will be low, meaning it will be thin, it
        can get through in very small places, and it will be free-flowing, and delivering oxygen and
        nutrients to all our body cells.
        This is the condition in which sickness and disease cannot occur––that’s what we want to get
        to!! Isn’t that what we all want? Isn’t that what you want, to live your life free from sickness
        and disease? Yes of course it is that’s for sure!! But the addiction to the harmful foods is
        very strong, and only those with a strong will-power can overcome it.
        Some––have even said to me that they have, some with a terminal disease have even said,
        they will not change their ways and continue to live––others have said that they’d rather die
        than eat raw fruit and vegetables.
        Look! I’ve done some research in the Bible record regarding the length of time people lived,
        and what they ate, and, this may not interest many of you, but some of you, who profess to be
        Christians may find the results interesting––and some who are not Christians may also find
        the result interesting––by the way I’m not trying to promote the Bible, or any type of religion,
        or even a belief or disbelief in God.
        Now, for those of you who are interested, the Bible record shows that when God created
        Adam and Eve, they were the crowning glory of his creative achievements on earth––they
        were very different from the other creatures––from the other creatures of creation, which had
        limited life-spans.
        They had minds that could store information, and they could use reason and logic––their
        hearts had feelings and emotions, allowing them to show love and affection. Their bodies
        were very different indeed––yes, very different––they were designed to keep on renewing or
        regenerating themselves, forever! Forever!!
        Yes, the Bible says they were designed to live here on the earth, forever––as long as they
        were obedient in all things and ate the food that he provided for them, which was raw fruit,
        vegetables and green vegetation containing the vital chlorophyll and enzymes.
        Well, most of us have heard what the Bible said about Adam and Eve, we know what they
        did, we’ve heard the story––they chose to take the course of disobedience, which led––to
        learning the difference between good and bad, and at the end of it suffering death––yes they
        incurred the death penalty.
        This meant, that they had to die before reaching one thousand years of age, because the Bible
        says that one thousand years is as a day with God, and he said they would die on the day they
        were disobedient.
        But now we come to the interesting part––it took––nine hundred and thirty years––before
        Adam’s body finally wore out and he died––just imagine that!!––he must have been
        wonderfully made if this is true.
        Now the record shows that during the first sixteen hundred and fifty six years up to the flood
        of Noah, people ate raw fruit, vegetables and green vegetation containing the vital chlorophyll
        and the enzymes, and they lived for well over nine hundred years––Methuselah, the oldest
        living human, lived for nine hundred and sixty nine years eating natural raw food.
        Now after the earth had been covered by water for almost a year, there was no vegetation to
        eat when Noah and his family came out of the ark, so God allowed them to eat meat.
        Cooked meat is one of the most acid-forming foods that we can eat––it doesn’t kill you right
        away, it sustains you, but is very harmful to the body.
        Instead of returning to the natural diet of raw fruit etc. they continued eating unnatural,
        cooked, acid-forming food, which kept their bloodstream in an acid condition––their lifespan––
        consequently, kept getting shorter and shorter, and after about four hundred years of
        this type of unnatural eating, their life-span was down to about two hundred years, and a little
        later it dropped down to seventy or eighty years.
        So, what have we learned from this? According to the Bible, mankind has degenerated from
        living over nine hundred years eating natural raw food, down to living only about seventy or
        eighty years, eating unnatural, dead, cooked, acid-forming food.
        In the light of this information, those who believe the Bible should be able to see what they
        ought to be eating, but, unfortunately no group of Christians today, have returned to the diet
        supposedly designed for them by God.
        Now, if God did not create us––and we evolved as many people believe––then when we look
        at what we are eating, it’s ridiculous really. Look!!! There is no other creature on the planet
        that first destroys its food by cooking or processing before eating it. We are the only
        creatures who are not living in harmony with the natural cycles of life of our planet. Animals
        live in harmony, with the laws of nature, and the cycles of life of the planet, and they appear
        sleek and healthy, just as long as we don’t interfere with them.
        Imagine that we have a fresh bale of lucerne, and we boil this bale of lucerne in a great big
        pot, just as some people boil a vibrant stalk of spinach, or other vegetables, until they slump
        down into a soggy lump on the plate, and we dump this soggy lump of lucerne down in front
        of a horse or cow––do you think a horse or cow would eat it? Not at all, no, they’d walk right
        past it as if it were manure on the ground.
        And yet that is what people give to their families to eat, to their children––dead, cooked, acidforming
        food, and unfortunately, that is what most of mankind eat today, food that has been
        destroyed in goodness, and that’s why so many people are sick, and at the doctor’s surgery
        every other day.
        Alright, what about animals, how does the food affect animals? Well, we have these
        racehorse trainers and they feed their thoroughbreds with chaff and oats, and they do OK for
        about twenty five years. But if the same horses were put out into good pastureland, they
        would do much better and live for about fifty years. We can see that their lifespan has been
        halved by eating the wrong food.
        It’s similar with cats and dogs, if you feed them raw meat they’ll do much better and live
        much longer than if you feed them cooked food.
        What we’re trying to show here, is that unnatural food is not good for any creature on the
        planet––and calves, fed pasteurized milk, well, they all died within sixty days, and this has
        been shown by numerous experiments, and people are giving pasteurized milk to their
        children and their family members.
        Perhaps the most famous experiment was conducted by Francis Pottenger, Dr Fancis
        Pottenger. He conducted a ten year experiment with nine hundred cats, and this experiment
        went from 1932 to 1942.
        Now these cats were bred and studied for four and five generations. He divided them into six
        groups. The first group was fed raw meat, raw milk and cod liver oil––the second group was
        fed the same, except the meat was cooked, and the other groups were fed the same with
        various kinds of cooked milk, pasteurized milk, evaporated milk, and sweetened and
        condensed milk.
        Now, only the cats in the first group fed on raw meat, raw milk and cod liver oil, stayed
        healthy, and they stayed healthy throughout the whole experiment for the ten years.
        The cats in the other groups suffered skeletal deformities, parasitic infestations, arthritis,
        reproductive failure, skin lesions, cardiac lesions and many other degenerative conditions,
        which are familiar in the literature of human medicine. They even lost their sexuality and
        turned to homosexuality––they couldn’t breed in the end.
        After the experiment the pens lay fallow for several months and weeds sprang up, then the
        researchers noticed that only the pen that had housed the healthy cats, supported good growth
        of the weeds.
        So this led the researchers to perform a further experiment. They planted beans in each pen,
        and again, only the pen that had housed the healthy cats, supported good growth of the bean
        plants to any real degree. The vegetation in the other pens was sparse and scraggly, and it
        was the most sparse in the sweetened condensed milk fed cats––these cats showed the most
        deficiencies and degenerative changes during the experiment.
        So, we can see that it is important for all creatures on the planet to eat natural food. Look!
        pasteurized milk and homogenized milk are very dangerous things to take into your body, and
        people are giving these products to their children.
        Is there anyone here that knows of an adult creature on the planet that drinks milk? No, I’m
        sure there’s no one here knows of one. We are the only creatures living such an unnatural
        life-style as to drink milk, and to make it even more unnatural, we drink milk from another
        Look! The whole point of my talk is to point out that it is the food that causes us to be sick,
        and it is the food that can cause animals to be sick.
        I have a quote from a Major General, Sir Robert McCarrison. He said: “I know of nothing so
        potent in maintaining good health in laboratory animals, as perfectly constituted food, and I
        know of nothing so potent in producing ill health, as improperly constituted food.” This too,
        is the experience of stock breeders, he said, and then he asked the question: “Is man an
        exception to a rule so universally applicable to the higher animals”? What he was saying was:
        “Are we, above the laws of nature”?
        Sir Albert Howard studied the affects of epidemic diseases on well fed animals for twenty one
        years, and he mentioned such diseases as rinderpest, foot and mouth disease, septicaemia, and
        so on––things which frequently devastated the countryside.
        He said––“None of my animals were segregated, none were inoculated, they frequently came
        in contact with diseased stock, and no case of infectious disease occurred”. “The reward”, he
        said, “of well nourished protoplasm was a very high degree of disease resistance, which might
        even be described as immunity”.
        His animals were well fed and they did not get infected from contact with diseased stock. So
        again we can see that by eating the correct food and nourishing our body correctly, we have
        nothing to fear from ill health or from coming into contact with sick and diseased people––
        this will not have any affect on us if we are healthy––you remember what we learned earlier–
        – germs cannot propagate in a healthy body.
        German and French data show that foot and mouth disease hardly ever occurs in granite and
        sandy areas, but sometimes in soils high in lime, it affects up to 80% of animals. It’s been
        found that a deficiency of copper prevents animals producing enough catalase, the main
        protective enzyme of the immune system. So, if there’s any farmers here, if you’re a farmer,
        remember, too much lime, not enough copper in your pastures, and foot and mouth disease
        will appear in your animals.
        Now, I want to come to the most interesting part of my talk––this is about the one
        degenerative disease––this is very, very important. Has anyone here been told by their doctor
        that they have a particular disease? Have you been diagnosed with cancer, heart disease or
        something else?
        Well! There are some four hundred diseases catalogued by the medical profession–––but
        they are only symptoms of the one degenerative disease––only symptoms––and the
        degenerative disease is called, toxaemia of the bloodstream.
        So, let’s just go over that again, it’s pretty important. There are some four hundred diseases
        catalogued by the medical profession, and they are really only symptoms of the one
        degenerative disease, and that disease is toxaemia of the bloodstream.
        Now, people on the Western diet, which is a high fat, high cholesterol, high protein, high
        sugar, and high processed carbohydrates––they suffer with lipotoxaemia of the bloodstream.
        Lipo means fat, toxaemia means poison, hence the word lipotoxaemia. So, toxaemia of the
        bloodstream in general, and if you’re on the Western diet with lots of fat, it’s lipotoxaemia.
        Now, of course, if you have one or more of these many symptoms, including cancer, it’s only
        a symptom. Now, different diets result in different disease symptoms, for example, people in
        Japan on their low fat, high salt, cooked rice and vegetables and low fruit diet––they suffer
        mainly with stomach cancer, while people in Australia and America who eat the Western diet
        a high fat diet––suffer mainly with bowel cancer.
        But, depending on the severity of the lipotoxaemia, different symptoms will prevail, such as
        different types of cancer. The main thing that I want you to remember, is, that all the
        catalogued degenerative diseases are only symptoms of the one disease––toxaemia of the
        bloodstream––and here in Australia, people on the Western diet suffer with lipotoxaemia of
        the bloodstream.
        So, if you have some form of cancer, remember, it is only a symptom. Look, if Japanese
        people who normally suffer with stomach cancer, immigrate to Australia or America, and
        adopt the Western diet, they then suffer with bowel cancer, and if Australians or Americans
        who normally suffer with bowel cancer go to Japan and adopt the Japanese diet, they then
        suffer with stomach cancer.
        Can you see? It’s just the food that’s causing the problem, and depending on the different
        foods, different symptoms of toxaemia prevail, in Japan it’s stomach cancer, and in Australia
        and America, it’s bowel cancer.
        So the way to get rid of your so-called disease––is to adopt the natural diet. We want to get
        rid of our disease, what the doctors call a disease––we have to adopt the natural diet of raw
        fruit, vegetables and green vegetation containing vital chlorophyll and enzymes.
        Look!! There’s many things been read about and I’ve seen––people that have been
        hopelessly riddled with cancer have gone on just a grape diet, and got rid of their cancer––so
        don’t be weighed down if you have cancer––look forward to getting rid of it.
        A patient at Dr Gerson’s health clinic on the Gerson diet, which is inferior to the natural diet–
        –he was completely cured of muscular dystrophy, he’s now forty nine and completely normal.
        Another example I suppose of just how good the natural diet is, is the experience of the
        Japanese soldier who ran off and hid in the jungles in the Philippines, when the Americans
        invaded near the end of the second world war. He thought that the Japanese would eventually
        get the upper hand again and he just stayed hidden in the jungle, and it kept going on and on,
        and you know, after twenty five years, one day he just came out of the jungle ready to
        Well, when he returned to Japan they gave him a medical examination and he really amazed
        them, his teeth and his eyesight were perfect, and he looked a whole lot younger than other
        men of the same age, and he showed no sign of any degenerative disease, you know, the
        things that were considered normal for a man of his age.
        Why was he so healthy? Because for twenty five years he ate raw food, consisting of fruit,
        berries, green vegetation and other various plants––he ate the natural diet for humans, that’s
        why he was so healthy.
        But the sad thing about all this, was, that after he returned to Japan, he resumed eating the
        same food as everyone else, and in a short while his health deteriorated.
        Now the question most people want answered after hearing about the natural diet is, why are
        there so many different ailments affecting so many different people in so many different
        ways; can you answer that, they ask me.
        Well, if we take into consideration all the factors in the equation, which change the result, the
        possibilities seem infinite. If we have a mathematical formula with lots of factors and we
        change some, the result’s always different, and if we have millions of factors, you know, the
        answers, the results are infinite, nearly.
        Now if we all had the same genetic make-up, and we were all the same gender, and we were
        all the same age, and we all ate the same food, and the same amount of food grown in
        identical soil, and we all kept it in the fridge at the same temperature for the same amount of
        time, and we all suffered the same stress at home and at work, and we all had to travel the
        same distance to work, and we all received the same prescription drugs, and we all did the
        same amount of exercise, and we all cooked our food at the same temperature for the same
        length of time, and you know the list could go on and on.
        If we can change the equation in so many ways, then we can get many different results, and
        that is why so many people suffer so many different ailments in so many different degrees–––
        we all have our likes and dislikes, we all eat more of this thing than the other thing, and of
        course we are affected differently.
        Let us just look at some of the harmful acid-forming things that most people eat, and imagine
        the combinations resulting from varying the amount eaten of each item. Now, many of the
        acid-forming things are:
        So we take all kinds of meat, cooked meat, fish, oysters, eggs, bread, flour, pastry, pies,
        sausage rolls, rice, confectionary, soft drinks, cakes, biscuits, alcohol, cereals, sugar, jam,
        fried food, strong tea, coffee, vinegar, common salt, sauces, condiments, pickles, condensed
        milk, pre-cooked breakfast foods, and––etc. etc.
        Imagine eating more or less of those things, and they’re all acid-forming, so you’re going to
        get different results.
        Then there are the fats, which are at the very top of the list of harmful things––things such as
        animal protein and dairy products, which contain high amounts of fat and cholesterol, and of
        course we mustn’t forget the margarines and the processed oils––all the things that are
        supposed to be healthy––all the things that clog up our veins and arteries leading to heart and
        circulatory problems.
        We are not designed to eat cooked or processed fat––monounsaturated fats from avocadoes
        and olives are good, they’re alright for us to eat in their natural state, but our total fat intake
        should not exceed four percent of our total calorie intake––so we don’t need a lot of fat, and
        we get fats out of our vegetables and fruits.
        The Western diet uses about forty percent of the wrong kind of fat, and to make matters
        worse, it is cooked, and when it is cooked it is in its most dangerous form––it’s hard to digest,
        it disrupts our body’s chemical balance, and it is destructive to our vital organs. In fact,
        excess dietary fat is the main culprit in producing cancer and heart problems, and all the other
        so-called diseases of civilisation.
        Because our body’s digestive system cannot properly break down cooked fat, when we eat it a
        lot of it bypasses our liver and enters our lymph system, whereby it then enters our
        bloodstream, causing our blood to become thick and sticky––our red blood cells are impaired
        and stick together, and it is the same with our platelets, they also stick together, and the white
        blood cells of our immune system––well, they just can’t operate efficiently.
        When this happens our heart has to work harder, our blood pressure increases, our circulation
        is impaired, and in some areas it is completely stopped. Look, cooked fat in the Western diet
        increases the production of both male and female growth hormones, and is associated with
        lumps and cysts in the breasts of women, and ultimately breast cancer––and in men it is
        related to prostate and bowel cancer.
        The high intake of fat on the Western diet increases oestrogen production, and it is
        responsible for the premature sexual development in young girls––and high fat intake is also
        related to diabetes––this is something––fat and diabetes. High blood fat inhibits insulin from
        interacting with sugar, and it’s been known since 1936 that diabetes could be––diabetics
        rather–––could be returned to normal by withholding fat from their diet––since 1936 this has
        been known.
        And in the 1960s experiments turned fit athletes into diabetics in two days, just by loading
        their diet with fat and protein, and in some cases, if the fats were injected into the blood, it
        only took two hours to make the person a diabetic.
        Well––do you think many of the diabetics are informed about this? No––of course they’re
        not told––there is no way that the pharmaceutical companies want their sales of insulin
        stopped, or even interfered with––diabetics don’t get to hear anything about this.
        Look––all the so-called degenerative diseases can be cured by eating the natural food, and if
        you want to speed the recovery up, then you should use Reflexology. Reflexology is the best
        method by far, and there is no other form of treatment that even comes close––nothing on
        earth comes close to Reflexology treatment.
        I have seen nearly every type of serious health problem, cured with the natural diet and
        Reflexology treatment––the natural diet will eventually fix the problem on its own, but
        Reflexology speeds everything up––recovery is very quick indeed.
        Now before I finish, I thought that you may like to hear of my son’s experience. When he
        was twenty six he had major health problems, and lots of them. He had heart problems,
        bowel problems, kidney problems, liver problems, pancreas problems, digestive problems,
        and these were all serious problems.
        The doctor told him that a virus was attacking his liver, and there was nothing that could kill
        the virus––his liver was in very bad shape and there was nothing medical science could do––
        there was no treatment for his condition at all, and the doctor told him to go home and make
        his will––he said––“You’ve only got about a month to live”.
        Well, my wife and I were devastated, and our son had given up all hope––the doctor’s words
        were like a “bone-pointing report” to him.
        Now to cut the story short––we were told by an eighty two year old man who was digging
        trenches, pouring concrete, laying bricks and renovating his home, we were told by someone
        doing all this and he was eighty two, that we should try Reflexology treatment for our son––
        he said that he had been treating himself with Foot Reflexology for more than forty years.
        So I borrowed his book and I found that there were other books by the same author advertised
        in it. I purchased the book which covered the whole body instead of just the feet, and started
        to treat my son, and I put him on a no-fat diet.
        Well, he did not die as predicted by the doctor, and he kept making slow progress, because the
        liver is the slowest organ of the body to repair itself. The doctor was impressed with the way
        he responded to the treatment, and after six months when my son told him that I wasn’t able
        to get the pancreas Reflexology points to improve, he decided to send him to Westmead and
        have his pancreas examined.
        Well, sure enough, he had big problems––his pancreas was calcified to a very large extent,
        and the doctor said that he would not last a year.
        This was another “bone-pointing report” which made my job even harder––with the thought
        that a virus which could not be killed attacking him, and the doctors at Westmead predicting
        that he would be dead in a year, from his pancreas, well this was a big hurdle to overcome––
        to get it into his mind that the doctors were wrong, that’s what I had to do, that was a very
        hard thing to do.
        Well––the upshot of it all is, today he’s a very healthy forty four year old man, working very
        hard as an electrical contractor––he is of course on the natural diet ninety five percent of the
        time, and I know that Reflexology treatment played a very big part in his recovery along with
        the natural diet.
        Well, before I finish, I’d like to encourage anyone and everyone to change their eating habits
        to the natural diet and live a very healthy life-style.
        Cancer is easy to overcome, and HIV AIDS is even easier to overcome.
        Don’t let the doctors talk you into the grave with any of their “bone-pointing reports”.
        Well––now that you all know how to claim your birthright––all I can say is––good health to
        you all.
        End of the public talk.
        Abscisic Acid
        During my studies I have found that abscisic acid, found in all raw fresh fruit and vegetables,
        inhibits and destroys the unnatural growth hormone produced by cancer cells stopping the
        growth of tumours allowing time for the immune system to destroy them.
        On the natural diet you can throw away your toothbrush
        Recommended Books
        I have spent many years studying health. I did not arrive at the above information without
        learning from very learned men. Some of these men were highly experienced doctors of
        medicine––some of whom were survivors of cancer and other serious health problems. Also I
        have learned from alternative health writers and investigative journalists who wrote very
        informative books.
        Some of these books are out of print and hard to locate. You could try Health Research,
        Mokelumne Hill, California–––––The Cancer Control Society, 2043 N. Berendo, Los
        Angeles–––––and The Soil and Health Library website run by Steve Solomon. Steve has
        many books which are out of print and you can download them free of charge although a one
        time only small donation will be gratefully accepted.
        I could name many books, but if you read these books or only some of these books, you will
        not need to search further for the truth about the “oneness of disease”.
        The Elixir of Life, Arnold De Vries, Chandler Book Company, 333 North Michigan Avenue
        Chicago 1, Illinois.
        A New Health Era, Dr. William Howard Hay (Pacono Hay-Ven, Mount Pacono, Pa., 1933)
        Cancerproof Your Body, Ross Horne, Harper Collins Publishers, 25 Ryde Road, Pymble,
        Sydney, Australia, 1996.
        The Health Revolution, Ross Horne, Harper Collins Publishers, 25 Ryde Road, Pymble,
        Sydney, Australia, 1980.
        Health & Survival in the 21st Century, Ross Horne, Harper Collins Publishers, 25 Ryde Road,
        Pymble, Sydney, Australia, 1997.
        Toxaemia Explained, J. H. Tilden, M.D. Denver Colorado, 1926.
        The New Science of Healing or the doctrine of the Oneness of All Diseases, Louis Kuhne,
        German Author, Leipzig. Published by Louis Kuhne.
        Food Is Your Best Medicine, Henry G. Bieler, M.D. Random House, New York, 1965

      89. Look guys- some of this from DHS insider is useful, but I think he is trying to tell you not to not to read everything into it- your pet theory about weather modification, UFOs, Agenda 21, etc.

        Having been in military (ret 0-6) with some overseas experience and joint warfighting planning, I can tell you lots of the vehicle movement is simply coming or going to training exercises, moving stuff we are still bringing back from the ME, to long term storage depots, etc. Remember how long it took to get stuff in place for Gulf War 1? Now multiple times 10, for all the stuff and people we are still bringing back from Iraq and Afghanistan, which isn’t even done yet, on that end. Whats going on in Syria is peanuts- some special forces training a light battalion of rebels- 300 guys- and I’ll be surprised if they can do another 800 in a year.
        We don’t have anything to gain being there, and Americans are fed up- I like Jonah Goldbergs recent take on it- and suspect most in America feel the same. Let the ME sort itself out- the Muslims have been killing one another for 1400 years and we have had no luck in the last four adminstrations- Carter and on, helping the Palestinians agree, so just support Israel as the only democracy in the entire region, and be done with it.

        The Marines have announced and changed their training to go back to Amphibious power projection, vs civilian police actions, and COIN, which was NOT their mission, and despite Gen Petraeus reputation, is not a magic bullet- it didn’t work in Afghanistan- because it takes 30 years and Obama obviously cant support anything for more than the 6 weeks it takes Valery Jarret to change her mind to tell him what to do.

        The USArmy is going to have to consolidate, and for the big combined forces model that relied on overseas prepositioning with USAF logistics, that was plussed up dramatically for Afghanistan and Iraq, that is all coming home, that’s a lot of stuff, and a lot of adjusting. And just like after ANY large war- its going to shrink, probably for a generation- just read your history.

        So don’t read too much into it when you see tanks on railcars, and trucks in convoys- that’s normal business for training and putting things in long-term mothballs, not setting up secret FEMA camps, fer chrissakes.

        And don’t forget the oath every service man swore.

        Yeah, I know about the National Guard and the cops in New Orleans, but that unique to that region, and has become a cautionary lesson that I would conservatively estimate 95% of LEOs would NOT repeat, despite orders, nor would the Active Duty, and probably 3/4s of the National Guard, especially in more conservative states.

        Not to mention those serving including in the active duty and those out since. They are not idiots- they swore an oath and they aren’t going to be out there shooting civilians like Tahir Square or Tiananmen, because the US is NOT a totalitarian culture.

        And a nation wide martial law is NOT going to work, to control a populace as varied and freedom loving as the US. Just cant happen logistically and numbers wise.

        Maybe a city, for urban riots, like NY or LA, where the civilian population is already used to being sheep, but never ever gonna happened in 90% of the country. That’s not some sort of conspiracy talk, just a practical fact based on our culture and the situation on the ground. Not enough bodies, not enough bullets, not enough transport, its just logistics.

        And for the success of the narrative- yeah, I get what people say about the nitwits in the MSM, and the google nerds, and the Nudge Team, and the OFA and Occutards-
        ok, I see the fear, but that’s not happening either. The cats out of the bag on NSA IRS ATF DOJ and Benghazi and the truth will out.

        All you have to do is look at how gun control failed abjectly. Let the progressive left get more and more rattled by their own failures that simply don’t make common sense, and lets just let them continue to fake themselves out, getting more and more hysterical, for that helps everyday Americans to wake up, and vote them out in 2014.

        If you want to do something practical just start helping out with that, grass roots, talking to neighbors, get out the vote, and learn from the last election, where the middle and right was complacent, and too many stayed home.

        This one is going to be different and that’s whats got the Dems so rattled. Just be a good citizen and be informed, educate your neighbors, and get out the vote. That’s how it works. Look at the Tea Party for how-to.

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