DHS Insider: “Preparations Have Been Finalized to Respond to a Crisis of Unprecedented Magnitude Within the United States”

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    Editor’s Note: One of the questions oft asked in alternative news circles is why, if elements within the U.S. government intend to collapse our economy and implement martial, no one within these circles has spoken out. The fact is that scores of people have made it their duty to alert the American people to what’s going on behind the scenes. They’ve told us of the corruption and backroom deals. They’ve given us the warning signs to look for, many of which have already come to pass. They’ve even made us aware of the government’s response should the worst come to pass. Detractors often dismiss the warnings and insider reports as bogus, often claiming that if the sources are anonymous they can’t be legitimate. But do we blame them for taking extreme steps to protect their identities? Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning showed their faces, and now they will spend their lives as targets. Given what happened to these whistle blowers, is it any surprise that others with insider knowledge refuse to speak out in an official capacity?

    The following warning comes to us from an anonymous source embedded deep within the Department of Homeland Security who has taken it upon himself to share his knowledge with our audience through the generous contributions of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report via the Northeast Intelligence Network. The insider has taken extraordinary measures to remain anonymous, but given what we know the government is up to and the signs we see all around us, does his desire for anonymity make his claims any less legitimate than if he had included his name?

    We’ve long argued that any manufactured event would be telegraphed to the general public by whistle blowers on the inside. Deny the possibility if you so choose, but this insider, along with others who have shared their information may well be the only warning you’ll ever receive. As the Insider notes, most people simply have no idea what’s coming, nor do they care to. One morning they’ll wake up and all hell will have broken loose.

    DHS insider gives final warning
    by Douglas J. Hagmann

    Under the cover and amid the distraction of the Christmas bustle, I had my last “official” contact with a source inside the Department of Homeland Security known as “Rosebud” in my writings. My source is leaving his position, retiring along with numerous others choosing to leave this bureaucratic monstrosity. For this contact, my source took unprecedented measures to be certain that our contact was far off the radar of prying government eyes and ears. I was stunned at the lengths he employed, and even found myself somewhat annoyed by the inconvenience that his cloak-and-dagger approach caused. It was necessary, according to my source, because all department heads under FEMA and DHS are under orders to identify anyone disclosing any information for termination and potential criminal prosecution.

    “DHS is like a prison environment, complete with prison snitches,” he said, referring to the search for leaks and leakers. And the warden is obsessed. Ask anyone in DHS. No one trusts anyone else and whatever sources might be left are shutting up. The threats that have been made far exceed anything I’ve ever seen. Good people are afraid for their lives and the lives of their families. We’ve all been threatened. They see the writing on the wall and are leaving. It’s not a joke and not hype.”

    The following is a narrative from my source, prefaced with the instructions to “take it or leave it,” and “disregard it at your own peril.” He added that it’s now up to each American to act on the information themselves or suffer the consequences. “I’ve resigned myself to the fact that most [Americans] will never be convinced of the reality that is taking place right in front of them.”

    The plan explained

    “According to every internal document I’ve seen and read, and from the few people I’ve spoken with who understand what’s going on, preparations have been finalized to respond to a crisis of unprecedented magnitude within the United States. The response will include the use of lethal force against U.S. citizens under the instructions of Barack Obama.”  But why?

    “‘It’s the economy, stupid,’” he began, paraphrasing a campaign slogan coined by James Carville for Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign.  ”Just as I disclosed in our first meeting, the crisis will be rooted in an economic collapse. I told you last year, at a time when gold and silver were setting record highs, one specific indicator that time is very short. It is the final ‘smack down’ of the metals, gold and silver, that will presage the orchestrated economic collapse that is being planned by the bankers of Wall Street. Everybody needs to understand that this is a deliberate collapse of the U.S. economy with the oversight of the White House and the full knowledge of the Justice Department.  Everyone seems to be waiting for some big, history making event that will signal the start of the collapse. The fact is that the collapse has already started. It’s incremental, like a snowball rolling down a hill. It gets bigger and rolls faster. Well, this snowball is well on its way down the hill.”

    “I don’t mean to sound repetitive, by I can’t stress this enough. Contrary to what you hear, we’re already in an economic collapse, except that most people haven’t a clue. The ‘big bang’ comes at the end, when people they wake up one morning and can’t log in to their bank accounts, can’t use their ATM cards, and find out that their private pension funds and other assets have been confiscated,” he stated.

    “I’ve seen documentation of multiple scenarios created outside of DHS. Different plans and back-up plans. Also, please understand that I deliberately used the word ‘created,’ as this is a completely manufactured event.  In the end it won’t be presented that way, which is extremely important for everyone to understand. What is coming will be blamed on some unforeseen event out of everyone’s control, that few saw coming or thought would actually happen. Then, another event will take place concurrent with this event, or immediately after it, to confuse and compound an already explosive situation.” I asked for specifics.

    “As I said, there are several scenarios and I don’t know them all. I know one calls for a cyber-attack by an external threat, which will then be compounded by something far removed from everyone’s own radar. But it’s all a ruse, or a pretext. The threat is from within,” he stated. “Before people can regain their footing, a second event will be triggered.” Again, I asked for specifics.

    “I’ve seen one operational plan that refers to the federal government’s response to a significant terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Information at these levels is compartmentalized. I don’t have specifics, just plans for the response. The response will be controls and restrictions on travel, business, and every aspect of our lives, especially gun ownership and speech that incites people against the government. I guess some people would call it Martial Law, and they would not be incorrect. But understand that this will be a process deployed in stages. How quickly of a process remains to be seen.”

    The mechanics explained

    As I said, people continue to look for something big to happen first, followed by a militaristic response by the federal government against U.S. citizens. Based on what I’ve seen, I don’t believe it will happen this way, although there is one unthinkable exception. That exception would involve a ‘decapitation’ of our leadership, but I’ve seen nothing even remotely suggestive of that. But I’ve heard and even read articles where that is mentioned. Frankly, though, that’s always been a threat. I suppose that if the leadership is deemed useless, or becomes a liability to the larger agenda in some manner,  it could happen. The precedent exists. Let’s pray that it’s not the case now.”

    “I don’t think anyone except the initiated few know the precise series of events or the exact timing, just a general overview and an equally general time period. I think we’re in that period now, as DHS has their planned responses finalized. Also, the metals are important because it’s real money, not Ponzi fiat currency. The U.S. has no inventory of gold, so the prices are manipulated down to cause a sell-off of the physical assets. China is on a buying spree of gold, and other countries want their inventory back. The very people causing the prices to drop are the ones who are also buying the metals at fire sale prices. They will emerge extremely wealthy when the prices rise after the U.S. currency becomes wallpaper. A little research will identify who these people and organizations are.”

    “I’d like to add a bit of perspective that might help explain the events as I described. Do you remember former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announcing that the Pentagon was unable to account for $2.3 trillion in the defense budget? That was on September 10, 2001, the day before the attacks of 9/11. Some suggest that 9/11 was  orchestrated, in part to cover up the missing money, which is ludicrous. The result, however, was that suddenly the accounting issue took a back seat because of the attacks. The result will be the same. That’s a perfect example of the mechanics of what we are about to experience. It’s going to take years to sort out, and when it’s finally sorted out, the damage will have long been done.”

    “Please note a few final things. The relationship that exists between DHS today and the executive branch is well beyond alarming. DHS and other organizations have become the private army of the Oval Office. The NSA, and I’ve got contacts there, is taking orders from the Oval Office. The IRS is under the virtual control of the Oval Office in a manner that would make Nixon cower. Even though all roads appear to lead to the Oval Office, they lead through the Oval Office. It’s not just Obama, but the men behind him, the people who put him there. The people who put him there are the ones who created him.” I asked who created him.

    “First, ask yourself why there was such an all out effort to marginalize anyone talking about Obama’s eligibility in 2008. Even so-called conservatives pundits fell for the lie that such questions were nothing more than a diversion. They were following a specific drumbeat. That should tell every rational adult that he is a creation of the globalists who have no allegiance to any political party. He is the product of decades of planning, made for this very time in our history. He was selected to oversee the events I just disclosed. Who has that ability? He’s a product of our own intelligence agencies working with the globalists. He should be exhibit ‘A’ to illustrate the need to enforce the Logan Act. Need I say more?”

    As often said by another of my sources, the U.S. is a captured operation. The lie is bigger than most people realize or are willing to confront. That is, until there is no other option. By then, it might be too late.

    This report was originally published by Douglass J. Hagmann at The Northeast Intelligence Network. You can follow Doug’s nightly broadcasts at the Hagmann and Hagmann Report.


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      1. As interesting of a read as this is, there is nothing here I didn’t already know or have deep suspicions towards. It’s a real shame that things have gotten to the point that there is nothing shocking stated here. And now back to my preps and enjoying the holidays with family and friends. Hope everyone had a good Christmas this week.

        • I kept reading with interest hoping there would be even the tiniest of credible information. there was none and setup to feel all cloak and dagger.

          While I don’t doubt for one second that there are powers that be, including our president, who has evil in their hearts for the USA, I doubt the NSA/DHS/TSA has the power to execute any agenda against a well armed populace, whom if this does happen, will have very little to lose for fighting back.

          The power, the wine, the whores, the money inside the Washington Beltway give TPTB the illusion they can pull it off.

          Good luck, wouldn’t want to be them when they do push the button.

          • Some of the folks here blow my mind.

            This article not withstanding, does

            anyone think for them selves, or is

            proof positive the only criteria to

            what is going on. Look around, think

            independently. If it still can’t be

            seen with one’s own eyes and instincts.

            then we are the 99 percentile.

            • I’ve read enough of “Insiders” that every time I see the word I say bullshit, no I shout BULLSHIT. Insider is as fictional as “My friends cousin’s wife’s uncle daddy”. Insider can go fuck himself. Names with credibility or get call out as a bullshit fiction writer at best. The creator of insider has quite a few creations. RNC insider, Wall Street Insider, White House insider, Out House insider………..None of the insiders have ever been accurate or credible. Just because a blind squirrel can find a nut in a nut warehouse doesn’t mean he has anything over any other squirrel. Insiders accuracy is less than MSNBC’s.

              Sorry for the profanity and hostility but I just discovered a new pet peeve and it’s called “insider”. Rant over.

              • Who are “the men” behind the scenes. Name names, when you put a name to someone it exposes them. “Insiders” never give actual names of the “the men” behind the scenes.

                Ave, Caesar

                et in gloria aeterna Dei

                • Edward Snowden is a patriot who exposed unconstitutional domestic spying upon the American people through the Media, leaving family, friends, a well paying job, and the Nation he loves, under threat of death or life imprisonment, if caught.

                  Bradley Manning was an US Army PFC subject to the UCMJ Code of Conduct who chose to release millions of classified, secret military documents that may have exposed American soldiers and Marines to greater danger than they were already in.

                  For better or worse these were his brothers-in-arms. This crime is similar to and no less a betrayal than that of General Benedict Arnold who defected to the British with plans for the defense of the fort he was charged to protect, in hope of personal gain.

                  Kill the FED. Death to Traitors. Death to the NWO. 🙂

                  • You beat me to the punch. Thank you for writing what I was going to write.

                    Snowden and Manning are IN NO WAY the same case. The two names should not be mentioned together in the same vein. And, BTW, Manning’s name is CHELSEA, not Bradley.

                    Whatever Snowden’s personal motives, to date (AFAIK) he has revealed only government acts which violate the rights of American citizens.

                    I have no words for what (Wo-)manning is, other than a traitorous worm deserving much worse than heshe … it got.

                  • I have longed personally believed that something a lot worse is in the making that something like 2008 or worse that has to do with the economy. The economy could absolutely be one of the catalysts and fuses that helps light the coming nightmare. I have been hearing of this economic collapse since the 2009 and here we are approaching 2014, still nothing. There is just too much wiggle room when it comes to phantom numbers that can be done. Not to say that come 2014 that something is not planned, but solely the economy causing total upheaval, not likely.

                    Like this old cartoon I saw that said, “they will always be afraid of us as long as we keep them stupid”. This statement had impact 55 years ago as much as today. The question is how much actual control does the government have. Much of the government is smoke and mirrors and illusion because of the heavily armed state of the United States people. This is why what RICH says actually has much merit that the U.S. government MUST first find a way of disarming the population as much as possible. Controlling a mass of people is easy in an european country in which pepper spray is even illegal to own. Controlling a mass of people still armed to the teeth is another story.

                    Before the economy can be purposely collpased, the issue of the people being able to fight back must be dealt with. This is why this talk of an economic cave in is a lot of talk until the Second Amendment is collapsed. I would expect a huge false flag that attacks our rights to bear arms before a false flag of the economy imploding. It makes way more sense that to gain control over the people, you must FIRST take out the claws and teeth of the population first. IF you don’t all that the government has is the fear to control a post economic collapse people that will figure out quickly that a tyrannical government is not very controlling over people that can fight back.

                  • DK, Edward Snowden is a perfect example of why you don’t name names when talking about insiders, you’ll very quickly become a man without a country. I can understand the frustration of some, when every article is always saying this or that insider said something, often this is a mere cover for alot of BS. But you can bet if an insider was named and exposed true info, he wouldn’t be an insider in the near future. But I’ll give you some good inside info. If they’re from the Government, they’re there to help you. Trekker Out.

                  • The durango kidd says:

                    “Bradley Manning was an US Army PFC subject to the UCMJ Code of Conduct”

                    Well now, just what is contained in the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)?

                    “It has been the historic practice of the Military Services that a member of the United States (US) military who commits an offense that may be regarded as a “war crime” will be charged under a specific article of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). In the case of other persons subject to trial by general courts-martial for violating the law of war (UCMJ, Article 18), the charge shall be “Violation of the Law of War” rather than a specific UCMJ article.

                    “War crimes” are defined in the War Crimes Act of 1996 (United States Code [USC], Title 18, Section 2441) as “grave breaches” as defined in the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and any protocol thereto to which the United States is a party; violations of Articles 23, 25, 27, and 28 of the Annex to Hague Convention IV; violations of Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and any protocol thereto to which the United States is a party and deals with a non international armed conflict; and violations of provisions of the Protocol on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Mines, Booby-Traps and Other Devices (Protocol II as amended May, 1996) when the United States is a party to such Protocol and the violation willfully kills or causes serious injury to civilians.


                    Both military and civilian personnel may be categorized as war criminals. While war crimes are most often associated with members of the armed forces, civilians have been known to violate the rights of individuals protected by both the Geneva and Hague Conventions.

                    TYPES OF VIOLATIONS

                    A war crime is technically any violation of the law of war by any person, military or civilian. However, investigators should primarily concern themselves with violations that are serious in nature (e.g., failing to provide POWs recreation and education opportunities would probably not be prosecuted as a war crime) and that have a nexus to armed conflict (e.g., Iraqi civilians looting other Iraqis would probably not be prosecuted as a war crime, though they may be prosecuted in local courts).

                    The Geneva Conventions define serious violations against protected persons (e.g., POWs, civilians, wounded, sick and shipwrecked) during international armed conflict as “grave breaches.” Grave breaches can include, but are not limited to, the following:

                    • Willful killing.
                    • Torture or inhumane treatment.
                    • Biological experiments.
                    • Willfully causing great suffering or serious injury.
                    • Taking hostages.
                    • Extensive destruction and appropriation of property.
                    • Compelling a protected person to serve in enemy armed forces.
                    • Willful deprivation of right to a fair trial.
                    • Unlawful deportation, transfer or unlawful conferment.

                    Other law of war violations are called simple breaches. Simple breaches include, but are not limited to, the following:

                    • Using poison or other forbidden arms or ammunition.
                    • Treacherous request for quarter.
                    • Maltreatment of dead bodies.
                    • Firing on undefended localities without military significance.
                    • Abuse of or firing on flag of truce.
                    • Misuse of Red Cross/crescent emblem.
                    • Use of civilian clothing by troops to conceal military character during battle.
                    • Improper use of privileged buildings for military purposes.
                    • Poisoning wells or streams.
                    • Pillage or purposeless destruction.
                    • Compelling POWs to perform prohibited labor.
                    • Killing without trial spies or others who have committed hostile acts.
                    • Compelling civilians to perform prohibited labor.
                    • Violation of surrender terms.

                    ~ J. N. MAflIS
                    Lieutenant General, U.S. Marine Corps
                    Deputy Commandant for Combat Development and Integration. 22 June 1998.

                    The durango kidd would have you believe PFC Manning violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

                    On the contrary, he fulfilled his “oath” by reporting “War Crimes” committed by the USG.

                    And what did PFC Manning recieve for honoring his “oath?” A cage and torture… compliments of the USG.

                    The durango kidd has a double standard when it comes to treason. Fascist always do.

                    With DK, it’s the “rule of men;” Not the “rule of law.”

                    BTW… DK, don’t try to say PFC Manning didn’t follow protical for “incedent reporting,” he did, and was rebuffed by his superiors.

                    And that’s why he became a “whistle blower,” just like Edward Snowden.

                  • list any damage down by Manley’s disclosures

                    who was hurt ???

                    name even ONE

                  • @Satori:

                    He can’t!

                    Having “exposed American soldiers and Marines to greater danger than they were already in…”

                    That is just USG propaganda. aka Bullshit!

                    That’s the kind of crap one sells to a dumbed down, flag-waving, American moron.

                    Tragically, it works.

                  • “that may have exposed American soldiers and Marines to greater danger than they were already in”

                    You can’t possibly be this stupid. Soldiers and Marines put other people in danger. Any danger they may be exposed to is ancillary. No stooges have stirred up more shit in the past 100 years than Marines and Soldiers. Sell your BS somewhere else propaganda man.

                  • The troops protect our country, the world, and our freedom. ~ Boobus Americanus

                    Has a greater lie ever been uttered?

                  • Yo Mama: I never said that Chelsa Manning committed a “war crime” as defined by the Geneva Convention. I said she committed TREASON: which is simply defined as “aiding and abetting the enemy”.

                    You always try to change my position by restating it and including your own interpretation (and bias) of what I have (not) said. Nice try. It won’t work.

                    Every soldier, sailor, Marine, or airman is subject to the UCMJ; and if they violate that Code they are subject to Court Martial as you confirmed.

                    She may have reported “war crimes” to her superiors, as you claim (cite THAT reference), but I doubt it. If she had interpreted military activities as “war crimes” to her superiors, they would have relived her of her secret clearance. They didn’t. She didn’t.

                    Once she had “reported” these “war crimes” to her superiors (if she did), she was on record as having done so, and her duty and her oath as an enlisted person were fulfilled.

                    A PFC has neither the experience nor yhe authority within the military to make the decision to release classified military documents to a foreign national.

                    If she sincerely believed that “war crimes” had been committed, and that her superiors were ignoring her claim, she should have written her Commanding General with her allegations and copied her Congressman and Senator. Later, if necessary, she could have provided copies of those letters to the NY Times.

                    That is the proper response to criminal activities by superiors in the military. I have seen that procedure in action first hand and it works. An investigation would have ensued, the results to be determined. At worse Manning would have been given a general discharge for the good of the Army.

                    What she did was steal classified military documents and transferred them to a Foreign National. That was her mistake as a military man/woman who enlisted in the Army and voluntarily consented to be subject to the UCMJ Code of Conduct.

                    She was not a “whistle blower”, she is a traitor. Had she been a “whistle blower” she would have followed the protocol I described. It is a well known and often copied procedure for enlisted personnel. Since you have never served, there is no way for you to know that, but military personnel do know that and they use it, every day to redress their grievances.

                    Again, you display your ignorance. WRONG AGAIN!!! LMAO!!!

                    If she has any doubt about her guilt she can ‘plain it to her cell mate, “Bubba”. Death to Traitors and the NWO! 🙂

                  • The durango kidd says:

                    “Yo Mama: I never said that Chelsa Manning committed a “war crime” as defined by the Geneva Convention.”

                    Neither did I!

                    “You always try to change my position by restating it and including your own interpretation (and bias) of what I have (not) said. Nice try. It won’t work.”

                    Did you read and comprehend my post? Apparently not.

                    “Every soldier, sailor, Marine, or airman is subject to the UCMJ; and if they violate that Code they are subject to Court Martial as you confirmed.”

                    And the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) calls for the reporting of ALL “war crimes.” Not just the ones YOU, or the USG want reported.

                    Maybe you could contact John McCains office and recommend a revision to the UCMJ. One that omits the part about exposing your own governments crime.

                    “She may have reported “war crimes” to her superiors, as you claim (cite THAT reference), but I doubt it.”

                    As you’re so fond of saying DK: “Do your own research.” And if you did, you’d know the truth. It’s there! Google it!!

                    “What she did was steal classified military documents and transferred them to a Foreign National.”

                    Q: And just how is that ANY different from what Edward Snowden did. ie, “steal classified” USG/NSA documents???

                    A: It’s NOT!

                    You, and others like you, are blinded by military idolatry. You can’t see the truth; nor do you want too.

                    “She was not a “whistle blower”, she is a traitor. Had she been a “whistle blower” she would have followed the protocol I described.”

                    The only difference between Manning and Snowden is this: Snowden got out of town before he leaked USG crimes. Manning didn’t. And for that, he’s a political prisoner in the USG gulag.

                    You must be proud of your government DK.

                  • Satori: I didn’t say anyone was physically hurt by Manning’s unauthorized transfer of military documents to a Foreign National; although that was a possibility. I said it may have exposed them to greater danger.

                    Can you prove that no American serviceman or woman WASN”T hurt or endangered by that theft of documents? Didn’t think so. That data is available.

                    BTW, it’s Manning, not Manley. 🙂

                  • Yo Mama: I am proud of the Government that OUR Founding Fathers bequeathed to US. I do not support the New World Order who has hijacked OUR government like they stole the American means of production and shipped it offshore.

                    I am EXTREMELY proud of American men and women in uniform who conduct themselves honorably.

                    You ignored the biggest point that I made: namely the process available to Manning to redress her grievances regarding “war crimes” within the system.

                    WRONG AGAIN!!! 🙂

                    Snowden did not have that option because the NWO Congress had approved domestic spying and has ignored any real breach of OUR constitutional rights; at least until lately when the American people have become organized (EFF), vocal, loud, and have let their “Barnhardt” out with respect to these violations of OUR rights.

                    Snowden had no choice but to go to the Media. The NSA is effectively the top of the chain of command. Snowden is a civilian. Manning military personnel. Theirin lies the difference.

                    Manning had additional layers of the chain of command to follow before going to the Media; including the process that I described: which is a long standing practice within the military.

                    Manning is a traitor to this nation is is getting the “green weenie” she deserves!!! LMAO!!! 🙂

                  • The durango kidd says:

                    “Can you prove that no American serviceman or woman WASN”T hurt or endangered by that theft of documents?”

                    That folks is called a “Formal Fallacy.”

                    An “Appeal to probability.”

                    A fallacious appeal to possibility goes like this:

                    1. Something can go wrong (premise).

                    2. Therefore, something will go wrong (invalid conclusion).

                    BTW DK… It’s spelled “the” not “yhe.”


                    “What a tara-ra-goon-de-ay.”

                    Translation: “big, stupid goon.”


                  • The durango kidd says:

                    “You ignored the biggest point that I made: namely the process available to Manning to redress her grievances regarding “war crimes” within the system.”

                    So “process” is above “morality” and the “rule of law?”

                    And you have the nerve to call yourself a Christian?

                    No… I think you are a very sick and twisted individual!

                    The term “sociopath” comes to mind.

                    No wonder you suck up to the “Establishment.”

                  • “Justice is incidental to law and order.”

                    ~ J. Edgar Hoover

                    I’d bet that fascist is one of your favorites too.

                  • @DK

                    Q: Just who do you think wields the truncheon of the US Military?

                    A: The NWO…that’s who!

                    “I am EXTREMELY proud of American men and women in uniform…”

                    So you’re proud of “American men and women” being stooges for thw NWO?

                    Dude you’re sick. Seek help.

                  • Yo Mama: WRONG AGAIN!!! “Process” is part and parcel of “rule of law”, which is why OUR Constitution specifies, “due process”.

                    Manning had a process to follow that would not have caused her to betray her country. She didn’t follow that “process”. PFC’s are not qualified by education, experience, or special expertise to make a decision outside of the Chain of Command.

                    Of course as an Anarchist you would believe otherwise, but imagine any organization where newbies with little background, specific education, and serious experience are making life and death decisions for which they have no authorization: complete chaos, total insanity.

                    Where is the “morality” of betraying your brother and sisters in arms? 🙂

                  • durango kidd says: ” may have exposed American soldiers and Marines to greater danger than they were already in”
                    That was not what this was about… Manning did what he did because our mercenary forces were killing innocent children and women, saying ‘they should not bring them to the battlefield” that is not a soldier that is a demonic coward. That is not what America is about, in Iraq, Afghanistan etc they all did not attack us, we invaded them just like the other 32+ countries since the second world war. America was founded on God, good and wholesome values in this world. People support our troops even though they spread terror, death, suffering ,and pain to the rest of the world they are not America and if they are I will not fight to save your America . I will however fight for the Creator, good and wholesome values for everyone in this world has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness . If you do not believe that and what the US Army is doing is wrong, then we have a serious fundamental problem with what America is .
                    PS ‘US ARMY” is a privately owned Corporation look it up holding of ‘IMF’

                  • Yo Mama: You said,

                    ““Can you prove that no American serviceman or woman WASN”T hurt or endangered by that theft of documents?”

                    That folks is called a “Formal Fallacy.”

                    And that Clark, is called taking my comment out of context, as Satori wanted me to provide him proof that someone had been harmed by the theft of military documents.

                    Unless you are a confident in G-2 you would not have that information, thus my response to him. He can’t prove that no one was harmed, so why ask me to prove that someone was? The fallacy is in his argument AND yours !!!

                    WRONG AGAIN!!! 🙂

                  • The durango kidd says:

                    “Yo Mama: You said,

                    ““Can you prove that no American serviceman or woman WASN”T hurt or endangered by that theft of documents?”

                    That folks is called a “Formal Fallacy.”

                    And that Clark, is called taking my comment out of context, as Satori wanted me to provide him proof that someone had been harmed by the theft of military documents.

                    Unless you are a confident in G-2 you would not have that information, thus my response to him. He can’t prove that no one was harmed, so why ask me to prove that someone was? The fallacy is in his argument AND yours !!!

                    WRONG AGAIN!!!

                    LOL… Oh boy, me thinks someone is losing it.

                    That post is pretty much incoherent.

                    Put the pipe down DK, and call it a day.

                    You can continue your meltdown tomorrow.

                  • @Abitdodgie:

                    Amen to that!

                    Keep on speaking those words.

                    And don’t let anyone intimidate you!!

                    The keyboard is mightier than the fascists and their minions

                    The TRUTH will prevail!!!

                  • Interesting…Time will tell if this insider is right or wrong.

                • “IF” Hes a true insider, and has taken massive precautions to NOT get found out…Then why don’t any such insiders ever name all tem “TPTB” or “Banksters” or “ELIETS”?….After all if such precautions makes him feel he really is untouchable by feds, fbi, NSA spies etc…Then he is in the Perfect position to really Out those folks always called tptb or eliets or the top 1% ers…..There a good reason when a persons sworn in to take the stand in a court trial hes asked to swear to tell the Truth, the WHOLE truth and NOTHING BUT the Truth.

                  Any potential “witness” who stated “ok I will tell some truth or 1/2 the truth…But Thats as Far as it goes!” would they be allowed to take the stand and testify?…NO!

                  What better opportunity to spill ALL the beans if they are able to fully Conceal their true ID?…Yet all we ever hear or read is TPTB, Banksters, Eliets etc etc.

                  #2 wonderment I have:…Every time they say “the main First clue is when metals/Gold prices Drop big time! Then…get ready folks!”…

                  Okay let me get this straight…TPTB want to CRUSH us all, especially the white middle class majority.

                  Switch the story and gold aka metals to Corvetts IE Very Fast cars…

                  Picture being told this:…”TPTB want to devestate all of You middle class type folks…Their Main Plan is to NOT allow You to be able to Drive away fast enough to escape capture…

                  So the main first clue that They tptb are comming for YOU is that they are going to Drastically Drop the prices on a new corvette Fast car to 1/2 or Less normal, or Top prices seen…..So that means NOW Way More avg folks Can buy a Fast vette to escape since ONLY a really Fast Car will do the trick right…And That assists TPTB to capture more folks…HOW?

                  BACK to Gold/metals: same thing. IF Main goal is bankrupt or demolish buying power for the 99% and especially whitey middle class folks..Why would they First drastically lower Gold prices to make it way eaiser and way More affordable for the avg folks to buy AHEAD of teir planned takedowns?

                  Maybe its Just me?…But that sure sounds whacky as a plan. If I were to gain full economic Controls over all others…Thats the Last thing I’d contemplate!…Why make it cheeper and eaiser In Advance of the planned controls put in place?…Wouldn’t That make for way More folks that Can escape or Can survive whatever is planned?

                  Its like telling us that theres One way Out to save yer ass…Thats to take a very costly Train ride out..So just prior to screwing us TPTB are Vastly Lowering cost of Train ride Tickets!…To stop us from escapeing!

                  Maybe if TPTB are a small kindergarten class of a couple dozen 5yr olds planning it all eh.

                  I got news for all them so called insidermen and info websites…Although Yes us const says ONLY Gold and silver is to be used to coin money etc…And although Many book writer economists say we need go Back to that form moneys..

                  GET OVER IT!…It aint goig to happen!…Not Now, not tomorrow, not EVER. the banksters and top tptb has been switching SLOWLY for the past aprox 20 yrs to ALL CASHLESS global ONE Bank system. Not gold Not silver, Cashless where NOBODY Can BUY nor SELL anything worth haveing or Necessary for life and survival of it, unless the person has the “KEY” needed to ACCESS the One world global bank system…It wont matter if its a chip implant, an invisable lazer tatoo, or whatever…

                  Either You Has it or Not…if Not?..No Ticky? NO Washy!

                  NO Access. Gold or silver acts same as CASH. In ability to BYpass and avoid total controls…Yet TPTB are lowering gold prices so we can buy some eaiser and Cheeper just before they drop that hammer on US?!!!

                  Wakey Wakey folks…Does anybody Get it Yet?

                  Who or Whom TPTB is well Known, and has been mentioned here more times than one can count!…And CASHLESS total systems IS Pre Planned and IN progress NOW and for 20 Yrs already..They didn’t Spend hundreds of Billions to massively set up worldwide bank systems of avoiding Cash to pay House paymts, Utility Bills, Online shopping, and every Month more stuff You can now do Cashlessly..

                  They didn’t spend 20 yrs and countless amounts cash setting it all up, just to go to metals again.

                  Also if they switch us dollars to whatever other fiat or coins etc LIKE the EU did…So what. None of 27 EU nations when going over to the EU dollars From previous Francs, or Brit pounds, or Liyra etc, had any total collapse meltdowns did they?…

                  No. All that did occure was folks had a Deadline to spend former moneys or Trade it in for NEW EU dollars right…And Life went on as usual…Yes perhaps a couple small nations lost a “Bit” when tradeing for EU dollars I do not know either way I do not live there.

                  But I am fairly certain that NO mass collapses happened in any EU nations when switched to EU dollars at deadline to do so. Just a few issues to think of and consider I think.

                  PS Am still awaiting the anonamous insider guy that WILL tell it all, name names or Groups etc…Hell I aint even anonamous except here at this forum, and I tell all who listen who TPTB really are!!! When will truely anon insiders start doing that eh?

                  • EU dollars?

                  • Here’s the link between gold prices DROPPING and the onset of SHTF: People who have been buying gold as a hedge against a collapse in the value of the dollar are now thinking they ought to sell their gold because it seems to be on its way back down to $250/ounce, and they want to preserve their capital.

                    By driving down the price of gold (and there has been a LOT of manipulation to accomplish this), fewer people will continue to hold gold, and more people will be vulnerable when hyperinflation and currency replacement occurs.

                    It is those who have no hard money of their own who will starve during hyperinflation, and be left destitute afterwards when the dollar is replaced by the Amero.

              • Rick & Centurion,
                You’re thinking of things the wrong way. You want absolute proof with names named, rules of evidence followed, and all backed up with sworn affidavits.

                This is intelligence … nothing more. The reliability of intelligence is tested in two ways.

                First, with other intelligence. That is, with information provided by other “insiders” (i.e. spies).

                Second, in the same way that true prophets of God were tested. If what they predict comes to pass; then they spoke the Word of God (gave valid intelligence). If not; then not.

                No single intelligence agent’s information is taken as unquestioned truth. Merely more jigsaw puzzle pieces. Those pieces either help complete the picture or they were somehow left in the wrong box of puzzle pieces. It’s our job to find out which.

                On a similar note, some will criticize any government employees who work for agencies or departments that offend the Constitution, even if they don’t like what their own agency (or another agency) is doing.

                Such employees should not be insulted or discouraged. Instead, they should be brought within the fold, and encouraged to remain in their jobs to funnel intelligence out.

                Has no one read Sun Tzu?

                The SINGLE most important thing in war is information. To cut off sources of information is to cut off one’s right hand. Even “bad” intelligence is useful to help identify good/valid intelligence.

                • No Yuri thats not how it is with me. Like I said, I’ve read enough articles from “Insider” and they were all hype and fiction. You can lie to me until I stop believing and as far as the writers of “Insider” go, I’ve stopped believing their hyped up story writing. Someday they might be right but it will be as a matter of happenstance more than it will ever be to real intelligence. So I will never act or make a plan based upon “Insider”. There are much more reliable sources such as a barber, a gas station attendant, my own eyes or many of those that post replies on sites like this.

                  • Then watch with you own eyes. This administration is doing all they can to bring this country down. Barack Hussein has brought everything to an “In your face” attitude. I wouldn’t doubt anything. I take these things with a grain of salt. May not be a hundred percent true, but there is some truth in it. It is always good to be ready for anything. Our economy is fragile as everything is cyber or on the grid. It won’t take much to interrupt things for awhile. Just sayin. ….

                  • Just how has he lied? Things unfold at their own speed. Most of the tactics he warns about are obvious to anyone who just refuses to see. Start with the fake social security card, birth certificate, surrendered bar membership/law license, sealed school records, the fact that no one at Columbia ever saw Obama and go from there. The phony life story and the BS story actually written by Ayers who Obama disavowed knowing even though that in itself was a big lie. You really are dense if you do not realize that something evil is going on. Why are you even on this site?

                  • Rick,
                    I misunderstood you, then. Sorry.

                    I thought you were saying that any unnamed insider was to not be believed, but you meant this specific “Insider”.

                    I thought you were saying that Hagmann’s “Insider” shouldn’t be listened to because he doesn’t reveal his own, or his superiors’ names.

                    Regarding Hagman’s DHS “Insider”, I’m with you.
                    It’s not that it’s unbelievable, or bad information. It’s that there’s no information at all. There’s no “there” there.

                    I like the way that Jay in UK stated it below:
                    “the information he has given is so generic, so vague, so open-ended it could be a Nostradamus ‘prophecy’.”

                • “Has no one read Sun Tzu?”

                  What he said… 🙂 Seriously!

                • YMWW, good morning, and I have to agree about Manning and Snowden. In my book, they are heros, not traitors. The Army has thrown Manning into one of the deepest and darkest holes they have for his heroism. Snowden’s punishment so far is that he can never return to the US. The only way his family can see him is if they travel to another country where he is located. So far the CIA has not dared try anything on Snowden as long as he’s in Russia. There’s no telling how many other good people there are in government who are too afraid to speak out. MOLON LABE braveheart

                  • I would agree that if Snowden limited release
                    of information about NSA surveillance to the media and not to any foreign government then his actions were patriotic. However its looking more and more like he may have been compromised and that would change things.

                    Manning is mentally unstable and an acting soldier who committed treason.

                  • Kevin says:

                    “Manning is mentally unstable and an acting soldier who committed treason.”

                    Would you care to elaborate on, and intellectually defend that statement Kevin?

                  • Braveheart: Manning is not a hero. She is a traitor. Have you ever served in the military? I didn’t think so. Read my response to Yo Mama.

                    There are right ways to make your voice heard in the military, and there are wrong ways. She chose the wrong way and is now receiving her just reward.

                    On the upside, after her operation and fake vagina, she will be in the toast of Leavenworth. It’s all about supply and demand ya’know? 🙂

                  • Yo momma,

                    I would classify any man who fiilet’s their piece and has it stuffed back inside them because they feel like they’re actually a woman is mentally unstable.

                  • Braveheart,

                    More than likely russia will kill snowden, blame america and gain a moral and strategic position in the global politicsl structure.

                    Putin is a murderous kleptocratic kgb thug and will use snowden to his advantage both alive and dead.

                  • The durango kidd says:

                    “There are right ways to make your voice heard in the military, and there are wrong ways.”

                    Yea, that’s for sure!

                    Just ask a female member of the military about the “right ways to make your voice heard” after having been sexually assaulted by one of her “brothers in arms.”

                    The “right” way is this: Keep your mouth shut!!

                    That’s what they told Manning.

                    But he didn’t.

                  • Wolf359 says:

                    “I would classify any man who fiilet’s their piece and has it stuffed back inside them because they feel like they’re actually a woman is mentally unstable.”

                    What does that have to do with his leaking of documents implicating the USG in “war crimes?”

                    That’s called an “ad hominem” attack. Brilliant Woof.

                    Can’t attack the message; so attack the messenger. Brilliant Woof

                    “Putin is a murderous kleptocratic kgb thug…”

                    LOL… Unlike our “murderous kleptocratic” establishment bankster “thugs?”

                    Grow up Woof. The world ‘aint what you think it is!

                  • Yo Mama: You said:

                    “Wolf359 says:

                    “I would classify any man who fiilet’s their piece and has it stuffed back inside them because they feel like they’re actually a woman is mentally unstable.”

                    What does that have to do with his leaking of documents implicating the USG in “war crimes?”

                    That’s called an “ad hominem” attack. Brilliant Woof.”

                    Yo Mama: WRONG AGAIN! No ad hominem attack! It has EVERYTHING to do with her state of mind. Would any man in their right mind want to cut off their dick? Would you? Have you? His statement goes directly to question her state of mind, as actions speak louder than words!

                    WRONG AGAIN!!!! LMFAO!!! 🙂

                  • There is no way that Manning could have had access to all the information he did unless someone meant for him to have it or he and the security administrator were having an affair. Could not happen especially on a SCI network where you cannot just cruise around especially a lowly PFC. This was leaked on purpose. Probably to embarrass someone in the state dept.

                  • What I want to know is how two low level people like Manning and Snowden a lowly contractor no less were allowed access to so much sensitive information. Either it was deliberate or their security officer was a total moron. Even those with the highest clearance are not permitted to just browse SCI or any other secure networks. Does not happen. There is more going on here than is evident.

                • Intelligence comes from many sources…and that is something that everyone here needs to consider for post SHTF. We know that you can’t trust the Main Stream Media…..& Government Propaganda . When they shut down the internet…..& the cell towers are overwhelmed …or shut down as well……how are you going to know what is going on? How will you communicate with
                  Anyone? Everyone needs to consider this….& perhaps invest in a Ham radio transceiver . A receiver would be useful for just listening in…but if you want to be able to broadcast….so you can ask questions ….then a transceiver is needed. I recommend a unit that can be used in a portable/ mobile situation. There are 12 volt units…which you can run from the vehicle. The government may call for a blackout on shortwave transmissions…like they did in WW2, but if you are mobile….& don’t use FCC call signs …..they would have a hard time tracking you in SHTF. Just fire it up….make your transmissions…shut down & scoot. Best done where there is an intersection with many directions to depart. If they try to move under a blackout….this will be the only way to find out what is going on. I have been through communication being down after hurricanes…..and it does not take long & you realize that you have no idea what is going on….or any way to contact friends or family to see how they are doing….arrange a meet up location….etc.
                  Hope All Y’all had a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year !
                  Montgomery County Texas

                  • Here’s a scenario:

                    S has hit the fan, Someone claims that spoke to an “Insider” and that there’s food, water and medicine at the football stadium and you just need to go there. His inside information gets spread around and you hear about it and go to the Superdome and there’s nothing there but rape gangs, open septic, chaos and confusion. Or even worst, there’s busses there to take you to the train depot.

                    The only good information is reliable information from a proven source. Made up information is worthless at best, harmful to many and deadly at times.

                  • DK, here is another issue we’ll have to agree to disagree on. Manning did follow proper protocol at first and was given the brush-off by his superiors; they didn’t care. so he did the only thing he could do and went outside protocol. Say what you will; Manning and Snowden are heros in my book. Your beloved system will eventually fall under its own weight. the system is killing our country along with the globalists and has to go. we’ll have to start over from scratch to save this country; there’s no other way. DK, please wake up and smell the coffee for your sake. Sincerely, braveheart.

              • That one gave a good chuckle bud,,,

                • I think anyone who thinks there will be a “massive disarmament of the people” before the collapse, hasn’t been paying attention.

                  THEY ARE disarming people right now.

                  They’ve passed legislation in several states that take away “scary looking rifles” and hi-cap mags.

                  They’ve closed down the in-house lead mfg and stifled ammo supplies.

                  They’ve started criminalizing an ever-expanding group of people and disarming them as we speak. Do you really think these “accidental” gun illegal confiscations are just a few rogue cops making mistakes? Think again.

                  They are making their lists (gun registration), checking it twice and consolidating them, right now. They are readying the bunks for dissidents…right now.

                  THEY ARE SLOW-ROLLING US ON THE SECOND AMENDMENT, just like they’ve been doing with taking our money, a few pennies at a time. A few cents more for gas, electricity, taxes, health care, food, ammo, just a couple of bucks more here and there for permits, etc…

                  C’mon, spit the candy coating out and taste the shit being forced down your throat…RIGHT NOW.

                  How hard to we need to be kicked in the teeth, before we start spittin’ blood?

                  • I have to agree that they seem to be trying to disarm those who know how to use them. I believe that over 650,000 combat Vets suffer from PTSD. They either have had to turn in their weapons or they have been confiscated. The rest have been denied when they tried to purchase a weapon. I have never seen an info of a vet suffering from PTSD involved in a mass murder/massacre. The only people them might end up killing is themselves. So, I do see a move to disarm. we can’t let them do this.

                  • Great truths in your post 6pk.

                  • Sixpack and Yitzhak, this is only my 2 cents, but I say people need to resist any and all attempts at gun confiscation. As long as the gun grabbers don’t face resistance they’ll continue to make those raids with impunity. once they suffer a certain amount of casualties in those raids, hopefully someone will call “TIME OUT” and reconsider the whole scheme. True, I expect a lot of people on both sides will die. the key is to make the gun grabbers suffer the most casualties. MOLON LABE braveheart

                  • Yitzak: (below) you are correct. I have several patients who are Vietnam vets, and the VA is trying to RETROACTIVELY declare them to be suffering from PTSD! They offer them MONEY for their “disability”. And then, with Feinstein’s plan, they will lose their ability to own a firearm! What a plan… I am advising all my patients who are vets to NOT take this money or the label of PTSD, and NOT take the bribe that will cause them to lose their right to own firearms!

              • Thank you Rick, I seen the story from Doug Hagman and thought of his insider “ROSEBUD”
                I figured it out he said his source is leaving, it must be Whitey the gardener who mentioned weeding the rose bushes outside the OVAL OFFICE.
                Just kidding Hagman is a fear mongering whore with his inside sources. He so full of it, he said in Spring ( last Spring) life would never be the same in the US, his crap never comes thru he waits & drags out info. To prolong the fear porn. I’m with you, this inside source shit isn’t cutting it, and their credibility is zero.

                I agree prepare but live without fear!

                • From across the Atlantic I’ve been watching this “source” attentively for some time too and, once again, the information he has given is so generic, so vague, so open-ended it could be a Nostradamus “prophecy”.

                  The clincher for me is the line that he says it’s going to be an economic collapse (albeit with an add-on cyber attack). Really? There is no earthly reason why the major western economies have avoided a catastrophic collapse already, other than the fact they are being artificially kept alive by the powers that be in the face of powerful fundamentals that should bring it all down. The debacle with the Euro and the PIIGS nations in Europe is a prime example of that. So why are they keeping the show going? Because they are not yet ready for their real end-game. The one that they have built all their underground bunkers for and have drafted all the military-centric legislation for (NDAA).

                  I’ll put it another way. If “Rosebud” knew anything, he would know that TPTB are working everything up for a lockdown just in advance of the commencement of a global nuclear war, and that they will keep the economy on life support right up until the nukes start to fly. When the dust settles and they emerge from their bunkers, they will offer a unity doctrine as the antidote to the causes of human conflict. They will push for one currency, one religion, one government, and one leader. At least, that’s their desire. Let’s hope God thwarts them.

                • Let’s not forget that his insider said that the Occupy Wall Street movement was going to riot and intentionally start a civil war, that martial law would be called and the 2012 elections would be called off and Obama’s dictatorship could begin. According to top inside information, it was all planned from within the Obama administration.

                  • In the real world, an insider with that lose of a tongue would have been Clintoned and had a bullet in the back of his head years ago.

                  • Ricky,
                    Plans change. If you remember the OWS turned out not to be very popular. That is why it went away. Why are some of you people so f-cking dense? Notice all the code pink and other radical organizations that have disappeared since the WON has been president? Do you doubt for a second that if a Stupid Party president is elected that all the protests will start up again? Then again you are from commie infested Oregon.

                • I agree with you eyes. It seems that since A. Jones came up with Lindsey Williams some of the other Talkies had to come up with “their own insiders.” Steve Quayle has to be one of the biggest fearmongers out there using this idiot named “v” who is constantly putting out B.S.

                  Do I think this country is headed for a big fall? You Bet! But to use fearmongering and saying the sky is falling tommorow in order to increase one’s advertising profits is downright deceptive.

              • So a janitor at a DHS building retired and he spent a few years digging through the trash bins he emptied.

                “insider”, whatever.

              • Rick,
                Listen brother, anytime a source doesn’t name the real enemy so that we now who and what we’re up against, you know you’re being handled. It’s not these middle managers and henchmen, and agencies who are just “following orders”. There is another power behind that, which orchestrates the sub agendas to meet the main agenda. An example of a sub agenda is the so-called “Agenda 21” this is a tool and contributes to setting the conditions needed for the main, or world agenda. And this is not said to be anti-Catholic, but Catholics need to know there is a so-called religious order in their church which at its very top actually runs the Church, and controls the Pope. This is the Jesuits of course and they control through the use of thousands of minions through the membership organizations. Their main agenda is that all countries will be subject to the temporal power of the Pope, which only exists because they say so, and they get away with enforcing it.

            • Are you looking for st. Rose OR? The postman is on again tonight!

          • @ Mr. West –

            Twelve million + of the so-called ‘black-rifles’ have been sold to citizens during the time that our current “Dearest Leader” has been in office. These new firearm owners may not know what lies ahead for them …… but they would prefer to face whatever it is with an AR-15 in their hands than without it. These, added to those already existing in civilian hands, adds up to a whole lot of guns. All of these people are scared and concerned enough to pay $1,000 + for an insurance policy. Go figure.

            This fragile society of ours could get very interesting in a ‘heartbeat’! Good luck and please safely enjoy what’s left of the New Year’s festivities.

            • And slide fire has sold 2.4 million AR buttstock units, so theres at least 2 mil that are as good as an M4,,,

          • I partly agree with you. However, we do know that the DHS has purchased more ammo then they have ever before. More hollow point 40 caliber handgun ammo. around 30,000 personnel armored vehicles etc. It’s almost like they are planning a war. Yet, they are “Homeland Security”. The only ones they would end up fighting is us. I do know the veracity of the American people and that those who are armed can be tough and persevering in their defense. But, keep in mind that DHS has been doing exercises with other metropolitan areas aimed at crowd control and crisis management/unrest. The American people on the whole are not organized nor are they ready for any confrontation with armed professional troops. There are a lot of us who are combat veterans from Vietnam to Afghanistan who would be a thorn in their sides. But if they moved fast, and put the metro areas of population under martial law and shut down banks and restricted the internet, they could succeed. At least for awhile. Maybe long enough to do some damage. I do know that many of the Military would not be for this and that would be the nucleus of our resistance. So, it could happen. It will be interesting to see. I for one am not going to hysterically hoard thousands of rounds of ammo and food for 2 years and all of that. However, I am preparing with weapons, ammo, food and Silver. It’s wise to always be “Ready”.

            • Yitzak: People go off from time to time about DHS buying al that .40 cal. ammo, I say BFD! What most folks fail to consider is that small side arms (pistols) won’t win any wars. Wars are won with rifles of which DHS has very few of because there’s been no mention of large purchases of long guns and the ammo for them. Also,DHS officers and agents are only armed with their .40 cal. sidearm and most don’t train with long guns. Pistols are what you use when you get caught with your pants down and now need to get to your long gun for the fight. The effective range for .40 cal. is around 200 yards and that’s if you’re an exceptional pistol shooter. Virtually all cops, federal, state, and locals train not further than 25 yards, some few at 50 yards. I, and most other very average rifle shooters, can easily hit at 3-4X (300-400yards) that with my rifle what only and expert pistol man can do, so I’m not worried about any DHS pistoleros.

          • The “well armed populace ” will run out of ammo not long after the collapse,they will wait until most are dead and the “armed ” are no longer cocked and loaded.
            In other words Americans will do most of the dirty work for them all by themselves.

          • Mr West: I would suggest, however that you are underestimating the ability of the military-industrial complex to enforce catastrophic policies. For example:
            1) The flooding of the US military with non-nationals will remove that perceived protection that “they wouldn’t shoot their own citizens”.
            2) The existence of weaponry so advanced that the SLR is nothing more than an irritating “pea-shooter” can no longer be denied. Some we can even see in Youtube. Some, however is most likely hidden so far from the public eye that it could even be foisted upon us as the technology of aliens.
            3) …and with so much broad acceptance even from government sources that intelligent life “inevitably” exists beyond Earth, perhaps we are even being set up for a false alien invasion, either as “helpers” or invaders. Who knows?

          • Mr. West – you are ignoring the fact that the federal government has weapons of mass destruction, including bio weapons, nukes, and the weather. Also remember that there are about 15 nukes missing from our own arsenal and that we have a self declared enemy of America sitting in the highest seat of our federal government.

            If the state governments were to assume a more aggressive posture with the federal government, we might be able to relax a bit, but the states are largely standing down.

            Three percent of Americans is over 9 million, and, if armed, that would nominally be enough to stifle any military attacks by the feds, but if the feds decide on an EMP attack, or a virus attack, we could all be toast. And we don’t have the D.U.M.B. bases in which to hide.

        • I had a dream the other night that we couldn’t access our bank accounts; there was some kind of problems– blocked access to our accounts, or something. Was very stressful.

          • It will most-likely happen just like that.

            But one day it won’t be a dream.

            Don’t go to sleep at night with that worry…YOU/WE/ALL OF US HAVE BEEN TOLD BY PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD A HUNDRED IF NOT A 1000 TIMES.

            Use the money you have to save your family, friends and maybe your immediate community.

            If you can’t/won’t save your ass in the short-term their is absolute no chance of saving it in the long run.

            Why do you think that they always you…”you need to be in it for the long haul”?

            So that they can steal all of your wealth 3 4 times during your lifetime finally leaving you mentally destroyed, physically weak, old and broken.

            Please take matters into your own hands via understanding how the planet works. If animals can’t provide for themselves and their families, they die.

            Why should it be any fucking different for man?

            You must believe in yourself because no one is coming to help you…especially those who have caused the destruction of this great nation.



            • Took your suggestion. But couldn’t hit anything (yet). So I rolled out to the shop and build one. Design not to twist the body. Dual shoulder stocks like an anti aircraft set up for hover round chairs.

              • You da man…I always loved that setup on WWII navy ships and the turret guns on the bellies of the B-17’s and 29’s.

                Told you that a good hamburger and fries would clear your mind and free up creativity…or was it…?

                You/Anyone have any opinion on Dave Hodge latest articles?

                • LSM-

                  For the most part I think Dave is legit/honest, per what he posts and theorizes upon.
                  I also think its highly probable that due to his expanding readership, he’s attracted some “disinformation agents” who feed him misleading data, in an attempt to…muddy the waters, so to speak.

                  All in line w/ whitehouse (K)-czar Cass Sunstein’s dictum of discrediting web-based news/info sites, being a gubbermint priority.
                  Gotta keep the sheep in line after all…

          • it will be like the day after Gen Lee surendered ,one day you were a rich man living in the south and the next day you were pennyless ,that will be the way of the dollar (usless paper)

            • I just watched the movie “warm bodies”. It was a cute apocalypse story!

          • Most people have what two hundred bucks to their name? So big deal.

          • Anonymous,

            I have heard some other people mentioning dreams about not being able to access their money in the bank and seeing stores closed. Some have also mentioned that it was fall and they could see the fallen leaves outside.

            No one knows exactly how or when everything will happen. A physical event, (solar flare, EMP, earthquake, etc.in the U.S.) could change things very quickly. Many people can ‘sense’ things are not right.

            We just need to ‘stay the course’, stay alert, share news and info, continue prepping and offer encouragement and support to newer preppers. I appreciate the many prepper tips readers provide.

        • PB…less than nothing…and another overpaid gubt employee rides off into retirement sunset at our expense.

          Thanks for nothing rosebud.

          • lastman standing
            you may not be aware that even the gov. employees are getting reduced benefits for retirement, and there are not as much highly paid at the lower levels anymore, yes the top are still protected, but they are so greedy they are now starting to separate there own people into only two classes high up and low, there will not be a middle before long, i am NOT a gov. employee but i work with many and i know and see what is happening to them, many will be on our side and some already are!!!

              • {{{State police Lt. Paul Vance said that gun owners must fill our forms completely and some may require a notary.}}}

                You guys do know the part he played in the Connecticut Sandy Hook false flag, don’t you?

              • Deplorable sheep, sickening. This is a prime example as to why you never, ever, register! I certainly understand wanting to be legal, but you have to draw a line somewhere.
                Standing ready in Daytona

                • Matt,

                  I’m holding onto my ‘stuff’, even if Chief Chitwood rides up on his bike and tries to disarm me, lol. Thank God we’re in Florida and haven’t seen much bullying (yet). I just cannot ever forsee myself standing in line to give up anything.

              • Genius, good morning. I just finished reading the story you posted the link for. There is NO WAY I would’ve been standing in such a line to register weapons. My advice to everyone here; I DON’T CARE WHO PASSES SUCH LEGISLATION, NEVER, EVER, GET ANY OF YOUR WEAPONS REGISTERED, PERIOD! REGISTRATION IS ONLY THE NEXT STEP BEFORE CONFISCATION! NEVER SURRENDER ANY OF YOUR WEAPONS EITHER, PERIOD! MOLON LABE braveheart

              • The guns in the articles picture are all exactly the same, they want you to believe people are waiting in lines to register them, why not show the big long lines instead of the cops weapons all lined up. In reality, I bet very few sheep showed up to register. Anything from puppet, oath breaker, treasonous Paul Vance who does not uphold the United States Constitition, anything out of that Pig’s mouth I do not believe. Paul Vance should be tried for his crimes.

                • Yes Eyes, it looks like a propaganda piece! The people in the vid look like cops too. Good observation. Braveheart has the proper mindset, don’t fall for the propaganda EVER! This crap is straight out of hitlers playbook, in fact gherbils would be proud. I would like to know just how many people actually did register after the deadline expires..

              • What choice do they have? The law sucks but they will enforce it, with deadly force if necessary. Easy to be brave at a keyboard especially when you are not even involved.

            • 54…we own 2 businesses.

              We are aware of everything when it comes to the govt.

              I’ll leave it at that. God bless you.

              They will have to sleep in the bed that they made with satan…I won’t.

        • Question! Do Cons in prison have access to computers and the internet? Sure seems like a lot of AB making comments on this site. Trekker Out. Molon Labe

          • Also wondering, has Mac started censoring this site? Don’t see any comments from the likes of Eisenkraut or Peterson. No lose if he has, because they only seem to harrass, but it can bet boring, just listening to the Jew Bashers. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

            • MT, Mac Slavo DOES NOT practice censorship. It’s nice not to hear from Eisen, Peterson, or even ncjoe. braveheart

              • Braveheart, are you Mac in disguise? You seem very adamant about Mac not censoring this site. Or maybe your one of these insiders they’ve been talking about.


                  • Braveheart,correct me if I’m wrong. I think the definition of censorship would be, when your going to kick Peterson’s ass if he say’s one more word. Would that be a good definition of censorship?

              • Yes he does censor. But only when it get so loony that it is a waste of space. And remember Mac is not the only one going though the comments.

                This is still the most open site. But when ones such as nimo get off their meds You remember how bad it could get with Jew hate and stupid links and stories.

                • psycho?

                  • I always get a good laugh when a post is made that is an actual Quote by a Rabbi or jewish person, or is some info copied and pasted FROM a jewish publication.

                    And in meere seconds the usual whinners and cryers add a complaint posting, thats calling whoever posted the jewish newspapers info or that rabbis quoted statement a jew basher!

                    Yet they Never address the Fact that it was first stated by that rabbi or first Published BY for example Jersulem Post inside of Israel. None of these constant whinner types ever bashed That newspaper, nor complain of or To that particular rabbi or jewish person being Quoted.

                    No rather all the whinners ever does is name calling or bashing of the person provideing such infos.

                    Attacking the Messenger its called no?..Typical liberal Sol Alinsky tactics as Taught by Professor Obamma when he taught his Poltical lessons classes at some kommie college.

                    Ironically these Same constant whinner types never ever complain if the subject’s info is posted about are Africans, Mexicans, Japs, Chineese, Whites, or any other group…Only when the info is about them self chozen Master race promoters is when them whinners get all Red Faced, with Bulging Neck veins ready to explode! OyVey!

                    I usually assume that for example, if I see a posting that is a DIRECT Talmud Quoted Verse BY some Rabbi that states “Even the Best of Gentiles should be Killed”

                    And soon after its posted some whinner complainer trashes whoever posted That verse as info or proof of whats discussed, yet that whinner never mentions anything at all regarding that actual Verse?…I assume that whinner person MUST agree with “Kill best of gentiles”, since they never ever complain about That eh.

                    All they do complain of is that somebody made that verse KNOWN here for others to learn about…And with aprox 98% of usa POP being gentiles…Well I also assume Many posting and reading Here are gentiles!…Cant speak for others..But I am sure Glad to have learned of Their tribal plans for me since I am a gentile. Good to know who wants to Kill ya eh!

                    So Bash me all you desire to for posting This post..it just means I am on the Right, correct proper track is all!

                  • To Them Guys

                    I bet I would get a good laugh if I saw YOUR FACE!

                    This is what I see when you post something:

                    Blah blah blah blah, Jews, blah blah , blah, Zionist, blah blah, “I have the TRUTH!” Blah blah blah.

                    Blah blah blah blah blah blah, more boring commentary, blah blah blah blah

                    Seriously don’t you get sick of yourself? ‘Cause I am WAY sick of your bs. I bet 90 percent of the people who post here are either sick of you, or don’t even bother reading your crap-city missives.

                    The other 10 percent are as boring as you.

                  • According to your thumb count, it looks as if your percentages are backwards zpak. I enjoy Them Guys posts. I generally read them if I have the time. I have learned alot from them.

                  • Well, Outlaw, I don’t really give a rat’s ass about “thumb counts”. It’s a moderately free country at the moment, so you are certainly free to waste your time any way you choose. But if you actually think you are learning much of anything from the Propaganda King, then you are deceiving yourself. Which you are obviously free to do. Have at.

                  • You may not “give a rats ass about thumb counts”. However, you are speculating 90% of this community agrees with your position. I am stating that I do not agree with your position and the thumb counts you have received does not reflect that 90% of this community agrees with your position either. Maybe 40%.

                • FBP, you know better than to call Mac a censor. There could be some ‘outsider’ going through the comments and gutting them, but not Mac. Yes, it’s still the most open site. Even trolls like Peterson, Eisen, ncjoe are tolerated here. Try making the same kind of comments on any MSM site that you find here everyday and see what happens. They’ll ban you so fast it makes your head spin. NOW THAT IS CENSORSHIP. Sounds like you needed a reminder of what censorship REALLY IS. braveheart

                  • No Mac does not change any thing so it can or cannot post. Any post from a watch over poster is either allowed or not. And you have to be very “bad” to be on the banded for life list.

                    Remember the coca puff wars. I learn a lot about Mac. And all for the good. But if you don’t think he is censor HIS site so it can survive and thrive. Then you live a life of unicorns and wizards.

                    He still must walk a middle line to keep the traffic up or how else will he keep the site up.. Are you sending money like the do for raweles. No I could it.

                    This is not an arguement we should have. Yes Mac run a fantastic site. But it is for profit. And he like it to last for a long time. Mac heart is in the right place for the peppers. But he is not an angelnor a saint.

                  • FBP, half the comments you make that I thumb down would probably get a thumb up… if you could type it intelligibly. I don’t like to figure out misspelled words and typos. I don’t think I am alone on this.


                  “Get a clue Moron” … everyone is now ‘dumber’ from what you just said , enjoy your NWO ZOG tax debt slave enslavement and Eugenics designed premature ObamaDeathCare diseased death .

                  N.O. ;0p

                  • Nina hey you off the black list. Good for you. Like what was being said earlier. SHIF has been very stale and boring as of lately. Are being allow back to stir the pot. I hope so.

                    And censorship her you of all know it is. You are the one that would get entire days worth of post deleted after they were up for have a day. Or one out of 20 past moderation.

                    Good try. But you are out of practice. From using all your sneaking backup name to be posted.


                  ‘And may God have mercy on your soul.’


                  N.O. ;0p

                  ~molon labia

                  • NinaO, good evening and respect to you. FBP has been on those FDA-approved medications for too long. His mind is not right. He’s still OK in my book, but he’s wrong to call Mac a censor. I’ll stand by my defense of Mac and this site, period! MOLON LABE braveheart

                  • BH. I will also stand with Mac and descend this site. But I truly believe you should step back and that better look. I think by seeing the truth it gives even more power to the site.so it it is clear my statement here about Mac are to salute him and job well done.

                    Numbers up. And best of all he is still here. And none of us have had our doors kick in and gone missing yet.

                • NGIC, if Peterson would only engage in some inteliigent conversation when he comes on here that would be no problem. We always encourage that. His problem is that he’s a troll. He never contributes anything meaningful to our discussions. He’s always targeting KY Mom in particular for no legitimate reason. KY Mom always posts some links to interesting and important articles that we all otherwise might miss. I, for one, appreciate the links she posts. Peterson has a major problem with it and is so disrespectful to her. Yes, I admit that gets under my skin and I’ve warned him numerous times about it, yet he still keeps at it. I’ll give him credit for one thing, he does put more effort into trolling than the others. I believe in the 1st Amendment as much as anyone else here, but that doesn’t mean you can go and shout “FIRE” in a crowded theater when there’s NOT REALLY A FIRE. Now if there’s really a fire taking place, then and only then would it be different. I’m always happy to communicate with anyone who offers some meaningful and intelligent conversation. If we don’t agree on something, that’s OK. I know that’s part of what makes the world go round. My point is Mac Slavo does not practice censorship, period! I don’t practice it either! Just go to any MSM site and try to post the same kind of comments you normally find here and see how fast you get banned from that MSM site. That’s the difference between SHTFPlan.com and the f#$%ing mainstream media! MOLON LABE braveheart

                  • Oh ya Bravehearts?

            • I’m still around buddy!

              • Oh, goody goody, Peterson troll is back. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! [SARCASM}

              • Peterson troll, go f@#$ yourself!

          • Trek, I think they do. But maybe just a lot of them got out of prison and they post on this site. The Aryan Brotherhood hates blacks and jews, but while in prison the have to focus on blacks cause there ain’t many jews in there, but once they get out they turn there hate to the jews. But I think your comment was answered, by all them there red thumbs.

            • NorthGeorgiaCuzz I think you might be right. But are you related to Peterson or Braveheart? I think your messing with us. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

            • This is a global game, played by those who bear no nationality, creed or race any loyalty whatsoever.

              A suicide bomber at a russian train station.

              In France a tax rate of 75% has now been approved for the moderately wealthy. Looks like their middle class will either emigrate(to where?) or roll over and die.

              The tactics being used are the same the world over – central banking, fear mongering, divide and conquer, death and suffering. Their goal is power and us as their slaves on their global plantation.

        • I know my ex has been known to have quite a few men “Inside ‘er”

          • LOL mcLovin, say have you seen where they are putting serial numbers on condoms now?

          • hell, mclovin, warren sapp aint put as many men on their backs as MY ex!

            • aw hell, i guess from all the red thumbs, some of my exes boyfriends read SHTFplan after all…if only y’all knew how many of you there are….i hear she’s the westcoast distributer for AIDS..

          • hey mclovin

            i had a sister like that , if she had as many sticking out as she had stuck in she’d look like a porcipine

            • You guys are bad…while at a friends funeral last month and a woman was overheard talking to the minister…”well, they are finally together.” The minister replied, “yes, her and husband Stanley.” “no” the woman replied…”her legs.”

              “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

              • LMFAO!!wheeeewwww. i laughed so hard i had tears runnin’ down my leg, last.

                • MY ex has slept with so many guys, 4 murders were solved last time she has a pap smear!

            • Bless her little heart and other things. Just keeping up us guys morale.

            • dammmmit over40, THAT’S gonna be hard to UNSEE!

        • Agreed, Mr West.

          There is nothing in here worthy of “an insider”. Anyone who reads the alternative media could put together a scenario like this, lacking virtually any names or specifics. That isn’t to say that it isn’t spot-on… that is, as far as such a vague series of statements can be said to be “spot-on”. Neither is is to say that people should be any less vigilant and wise in terms of being ready. I wonder how many folk have been put off “prepping” by the failure of Y2k to produce anything of note (or its success in preventing same)?

        • Just got new readings for Lake Havasu City….fukishima distaster really bad…

          On a brand new Radex detector. Up on the mountain..I just detected .18 micro sieverts Hr.

          Annualized this puts us on the charts, between loss of white blood cells/ weight loss

          And….wait for it…. Half of population won’t survive the month..

          Should we be concerned, or are there green shoots…..and let’s not forget

          The economy is turning around?.. Just asking?

        • This is the same guy who makes claims against the military with “unnamed sources” that the Obama administration would view as treason. Is Hagmann looking to start civil war? Twisted. Real Christian Patriot!

          Listen for yourself.


      2. Keep preppin but ….yawn..another collapse story..This used to be a prepper site, not so much anymore.

        • At least im not the only one thinkin that…

        • Doug hagmann aint on my list of trusted sources .
          So i will take it on advisement.
          Been warned , but there aint no way the guberment can efficiently “lock down” the entire US .
          Aint gonna happen . shut down banks? you betcha.
          Marshal law for the entire country ? good luck.

          • Dittos on Hagmann. He’s been writing this stuff for quite a while, and always sets up that he can’t reveal his source, but it’s always a “Deep Throat” insider.

            One thing that us old folks know about conspiracies – by the time the “insider” group passes a dozen, the probability of somebody revealing it approaches 1. Either by design (infighting) or by incompetence.

            Aside from that, any sudden shutdown of the banking system does more harm to the top echelons than it does to us “little people”. That’s why they’re stretching and stretching to prevent it. We country boys will survive – the PTBs can’t make a jam sandwich even if you hand them the bread and jam.

            • That reminds me of the time David Letterman had his mother on the show to demonstrate how to make a fried bologna sandwich. He said that when he was growing up, she made the most wonderful fried bologna sandwiches, and he wanted to know how. The stage was set with a counter, hot plate, and all kinds of supplies. His mother came out, fried a piece of bologna in the frying pan, slapped it between two pieces of white bread, handed it to him, and said “enjoy.” He seemed flabbergasted that it was that simple.

              • I’ve heard gloom and doom for 20 years now….it’s really getting to be stale baloney.

                Should we prep…..of course.

                Should we buy into every bit of Oscar Meyer that comes down the internet ? You decide.

                • TnAndy: Well said, it’s been going on or at least forty years by reckoning with all the books I’ve read on collapse. It’ll happen the way the govt. is spending and the FED is printing but nobody can say exactly when. I take it from your moniker that you’re from Tennessee. One of my favorite lines is from the ‘Shooter’ when Wahlberg says “welcome to Tennessee, the patron state of shootin’ stuff”. I’ve got family up there and we go shooting when I visit.

                  • I’m in TN, not the part I’d like to be in, but it’s still a better state than some others I can think of. braveheart

                • I always hate it when I run across anything written by Hagmann and I don’t have my rubber boots handy.

                  TnAndy is right. I remember the doom & gloom hymn singers really began with the run up to Y2K, and if anyone besides myself notices – a lot of these kinds of scaremongering articles we’re seeing today are in many cases, updated versions of the same kind of fear mongering baloney that we were being fed about Y2K.

                  Its all one gigantic psy-op, if you ask me. By constantly bombarding the public with one impending threat after another, and by hysterically warning us about one horribly evil event that is about to befall us after another, after a certain point you wind up with one of two conditions, or perhaps a combination of both:

                  1. A public who has grown so tired of seeing all these scary scenarios never materializing, and so decides to start ignoring them completely.
                  2. A public becomes so schizophrenic and paranoid that they cannot think straight, and they react by becoming drug addicts or alcoholics – because they have lost the ability to see through this craziness and are unable to cope with their fear of the unknown.

                  The evil aliens who’ve hijacked our government are playing mind games with us, folks. Don’t let these psychopaths turn us all into basket cases.

              • on that note ,bologna dosent fry up like it did when i was a kid ,it just kinda turns watery and rolls up into a cup

                • You have to make cuts in the edges to help with the curling.

              • leterhead isn’t that smart, just extremely compliant to his masters at nbc.

            • But Coach, the PTB will have gold!

              • Their debts exceed their gold holdings by at least a factor of ten. What we might see is a nasty little intramural war as they sort that one out.

          • Yea he,s a Steve Quayle wana-be. I pass on that guy.

          • Doug Hagmann is really Steve Quayles puppet boy. It is pretty sickening.

          • They can lock down major cities and even some regions, and do so quite effectively if they can invoke the right crisis and get the people – including the patriots – on-side. Why make it difficult for themselves when they can maniuplate everyone into playing along? Their goal with martial law is:

            1. Cover for the round-up of key dissidents prior to WW3 starting.

            2. An excuse to keep the roads, railways, ports and airports free of civilian traffic while the military and the VIPs make their final preparations.

            If they can have a telecommunications lock-down and blame it on “foreign terrorists in the USA”, I say bingo, you’ve got your cover for the round-up, your excuse to close the roads, and many (if not most) of the patriots on-side.

          • If you don’t even know that it is martial law and not marshal law just what do you have to contribute? After five years of Obama and Holder you think there is nothing to worry about. Un fu-cking real.

        • Contrary to what you say, WARFACE,
          just what are you prepping for….?

          • Prepping for Natural disasters, i.e. earthquake, flooding, fires, windstorms, tornado, not so dreamed up guberment plan or action.

            That way, we are ready for whatever rears it’s Evil head.

            • And “whatever” can definitely rear its ugly head and surely will at some point!
              Mother nature has a way of fixing things up real good!

              • …maybe Mother Nature could create a big hole where the white house is? That would be a nice “fix” indeed. I’d love to see a lake with a few picnic tables where the federal reserve sits.

                There’s already a dense fog over the plot commonly called “congress”…

          • Fukushima

        • the site is more for spreading fear mongering garbage now.

          • 1940justme, we don’t do fearmongering here. You have us mistaken for someone else. braveheart

            • you tell me that you don’t do fear mongering here but you tell someone down the line this..

              “””braveheart says:
              Comment ID: 2890217

              December 27, 2013 at 9:29 pm

              Possee, good evening, and I have to agree. Another bogus article. braveheart”””

              anyone who follows the site can read the same stories every month, just put on a new headline and a different auther or go to Econimic Collapse and read the same stories.

              • PS, I know something serious is going to happen and have known it for many yrs, it’s what I’m prepped for, but some of the stories on here and other sites are just far out, fear mongering.

                • We have ran out of new ideas to talk about. Many are prepped the best they ever will be. But somehow the party just keeps going.

                  • ….and if an EMP is popped all of the above will come true…
                    I can’t help but think though it will have something to do with the children…bastards!

                    And then there’s my favorite…the big rock scenario…and in all probability is what it really is all about…

                    I’m just gonna keep preppin’ …oh and don’t forget to cycle them preps’. 🙂

                    See naysayers, this site is about prepping …
                    “prep the mind as well as the body”

                  • Maybe it’s time to do real stories of what’s going on in the world, As we’re speaking, the people in Ct. are lining up to register their guns..”””Connecticut residents waited in long lines on Thursday to register their firearms and high-capacity magazines before the state’s new gun laws go into effect on Jan. 1, 2014.”””

                    New Yorkers will have till the 15th to do the same thing. and NY ammo buyers will have to have a back ground ck costing them $10 to $20 whether they buy one round or a box.

                  • If we have really “ran out of things to talk about” maybe we should go back to some basics. Back to Daisy and her awesome prepping tips. Back to how to store foods cheaper, find tools and prepping items in places nobody thinks to look. Can’t we put out useful information? I’ve heard some AMAZING things that I NEVER knew from these threads. Maybe we should go back to those basic… im just sayin…

                • 1940justme, I’m a prepper also. I’ve also known something serious is coming for a good many years. I’ll grant you we get some questionable articles on occasion, but I also realize Mac Slavo HAS NO CONTROL OVER THE QUALITY OF THE INFORMATION IN ANY OF THE ARTICLES! he presents us the articles so we can read them and try to decide for ourselves whether there’s anything legit about the article. We all have that option. I’ve been coming here since May 2012 and I love it. You don’t know how many MSM sites I got banned from because someone didn’t like something I posted. I was banned from a lot of them after just ONE TIME. The last MSM site I posted on was HuffingtonPost.com. They’ll kick you off faster than anyone else in the MSM. I’m sure you mean well, but I stand by my defense of Mac and this site. This place is my home; my adopted family. don’t run down my family. MOLON LABE braveheart

                  • who’s running it down? I’m just stating facts, also I was on here a few yrs ago and stopped posting after reading the same things over and over every month or yr with just a different title. Also lost my name for some unknown reason. Most things on here have nothing to do with prepping, just a lot of science fiction stories, you lose viewers when you can keep their attention.. If this is your home, it says a lot about you, do you also watch the moonshiners, the Wildman, goldrush ect?

        • Warface, we are still a prepping site. I take the story with a grain of salt, but we all know something’s coming down the pipe. Just don’t know when or how. braveheart

          • Braveheart I think the next thing that we need to get serious about is communication and testing it asap. If we are able to communicate without this forum board I would sure like to try it. All the preps in the world won’t mean much if we can’t support one another. I don’t have ham but can CB’s be set up with repeaters?

            • get several sets together in a line and call it a “relay”. You’d be surprised how much distance can be covered, a few miles at a time.

            • My Dad was a ham operator all my life. He never taught me, nor did I take an interest until about a year or so ago. Unfortunately, he developed dementia, and is unable to teach us now. Something I definitely want to learn!!

              • All I have is a short wave radio and cb but that’s about it. I look for used ham stuff but I think folks are starting to hang on to it. Always been fascinated by it. Let’s just hope it stays a hobby and not a need.

                • Check out hamcity. I just ordered a Cpl of handhelds for $49 apiece. I thought it was a good deal to start listening in and finding others around me while I work on licensing. My dad was a ham his whole life and I hope I can get his old call sign.

          • BH. We are no longer a prepping site. We are a WHY we prep site.

            • FBP, I know you mean well and we don’t always agree on things, but I stand by my defense of Mac Slavo and SHTFPlan.com. I don’t understand you attacking Mac or the site. I realize we get some questionable articles on here from time to time, but I also realize Mac HAS NO CONTROL OVER THE QUALITY OF THE INFORMATION PRESENTED IN THE ARTICLES! This site is my home, my adopted family. I expect it when trolls come on here mouthing off their BS and I’m always ready for them. But when one of our own regulars starts attacking the site and Mac, that sends up a red flag in my mind, and still gets my dander up. FBP, you need to get off those medications. they’re screwing up your mind. braveheart

              • BH. I don’t see where this is an attack. I see it as a defence. Many here have been bitching about the stories and comment. Many are not accepting the change that happen when things grow it changes… SHIF has broken out as the leading site for discussion of the why and what we can do to stop or rebuild..

                SHIF is no longer a tactical site discussion in how to survive . It is now one of the open source strategic sites to discuss how to win in the end.

                Even daisy site is stepping away from canning leaning on new. She need more traffic and income. She couldn’t survive on what was coming from let just get along stories. There are already enough. Surval mom sites. I wish her luck but she is not dark enough to create a how to site for the surviving peppers and survivalists. Look she was to prissy to even come and get the guns I got for her.

                BH. You need to take your blinders off. You are the best troll attack dog we have. But you need to know everything about what you are protecting.. it is good here. But it is not all as it seem.

        • WARFACE, I agree there seems to be less and less prep topics but I find most of the prep stuff in the replies. I usually put prep tips and plans and links in at least 50% of my posts. I try and post tips that are relevant to the article but sometimes I just post them in any article just to get it out there. I glean a lot of info from people who post replies with tips and links so it’s all good in the end. Sitting around bitching about whats going on doesn’t help it’s thinking of solutions and tatctics that is valuable. I just appreciate Mac for not censoring and allowing free thought and speech here… 🙂

          • Genius, THANK YOU for saying Mac DOES NOT practice censorship here. I’ve been coming here since May 2012 and I find the 1st Amendment practiced more freely than at some other sites in the alternative media. Go to the MSM and all you find is communist censorship. Some more prep topics would be nice, but I’m sick of these lies about Mac Slavo practicing censorship! I know better than that and so do most other people here. braveheart

            • They are not lie. I have been censored many time. If you can’t step back and take a real look. It is time to email Mac directly. And have a talk. Yes most free comment area of all. But still is looked after for the greater good.

              • FBP, last night I went back thru some of the archives going back to September and you are right, I was wrong, that we have gotten away from our original purpose of being a prepping site and we’re sounding too much like the other sites. I owe you an apology for that part, but I still can’t believe Mac Slavo would practice censorship. We do need to return to the original purpose and have more prepping articles. I know Mac can find prepping articles somewhere. Everyone else manages to do so. Once again, I’m sorry FBP. I know you mean well. sincerely, braveheart.

                • BH. No apology is needed. And I agree with you and all that more prep stories are needed. I would like to see more real life one. Practical exp ones.

                  And Macs censorship cannot be compared to any of those ass sucking site that have a cult following. His censoring of some things is also just a forced cooling off period. He must still maintain control of HIS site. Except for true hate speech and direct violence against another poster. He doesn’t censor what people want to express. He may stop some wording so he can protect the site. And that is why he is still here and thriving.

                  Actually he has lessen up it use to be if one or two of the orig posters bitch you were sent to the black hole. Now with the larger traffic and higher comment numbers the orig poster don’t have the power they use to. And that is why they all started his sy fits. And are no longer posting here. They stop being the top dog and they didn’t like it.

                  And I believe we are equal on the want of protecting this site.

                  • FBP, your posts are sounding more coherent and sensible. glad to see you get off those meds. braveheart

                  • Yes the one needed in hospital and post detection are coming to end weaning off… still having to find good levels for all the new stuff I will need for ever. I still on serious pain meds but I been there for years. Yes the hospital ones and auto correct is a haze that will be glad to see go away. Now that I am hopefully be more active. Now hip and knee replacement has had to be talk about.

                • Where are all the how to threads on installing a stand alone off grid solar system or water system that we used to see on here? All we have now is people ranting and name calling. Obamacare is the Ace in the whole for them to coerce us into doing what they want. Wait and see. Despite what all you keyboard commandos spout there will be little if any pushback even when granny is tossed under the bus or out the window.

      3. Well, if its going to happen, let it happen.
        These are some of the last times that we will have to prepare anything

        • Go get your teeth cleaned one last time!

          • And extra eye glasses. Semper Fi. III

            • Damn, both things that I need to tend to.
              Thanks for the reminder

          • I soak em’ every nite… 🙂

            Well somebody had to say it…
            Cause if you loose the levity…you might as well give the rest away…

        • things have never before been more like they are right now!
          bruce leavitt, god rest his soul

      4. Natural and man made disasters are what folks prep for,and while a article like this does not give direct prepping ideas responses do,along with articles like this waking up a few more people.This article today also gave me a little hope for the future : http://www.fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/10-predictions-for-2014/70277 ,that said I realized from last article will need some womens clothing for hidden/camouflaged ops action!I learn new prepper tips every time I come here!

        • My grandfather said there was a man in Roxboro, NC who survived the Titanic by putting on a dress.

          • Thats the reason I keep a burnoose and burka in my closet! And you can carry an AR under your burnoose. Go ahead and look it up, I did. Trekker Out.

            • Good idea…have yet to see them in my backyard.

              Always watching.

            • i see a day when you might be caught DEAD in that burka! me, i wouldn’t be caught DEAD in one…..but i like the way yer thinkin’. i carry a field jacket 2 sizes to big just for such occasions. in a pinch i can wear it OVER my IBA…to get home when the SHTF for example.

      5. Oh Shit!!!

        • O.K., I’ll bite, oh shit what?

          • That’s my reply to the headline… yawn.

            • I’ll admit it. I didn’t drift off until I was half way throu….zzzzzzzz

      6. Ok, well we already know that DHS exists for only ONE reason. And as for “final preparations” being finalized? Been hearing that one too for quite some time. They’ve been ‘kicking the can’ down the road for so long now, i’m not so sure that they can’t keep it up for years more. Will this all collapse “some day”, YEP!! There is no doubt about that. But IMO, NO ONE will know when until right before it happens. Bottom line, PREPARE NOW if you haven’t already done so. For many, it’s to late. But if you have some extra funds, AND YOU HAVEN’T YET PREPARED FOR THE COLLAPSE, do it NOW!!!!

      7. Again, just a bunch of generalities. No dates, time frames, anything. I find it hard how “Rosebud” is able to get all this information but no dates or timeframes. I am an awaken Patriot but, if we start believing and worrying what every supposed claimed insider says with no credible results under their belt (such as an incident that occurred on the day he said it would happen) really doesn’t prove credible enough for me to prepare.

        I understand if and that’s a big “IF” this Rosebud person is legit, he needs to be cautious not to give his identity away, however, I can’t prepare on generalities that are unfounded.

        I hope that my fellow Patriots do not worry every time some claimed insider has some hot intel. Please, take your time and consult other credible sources that may support or counter these claims. Do your homework, be careful of the boy who cries wolf.



        • Misift,
          The problem is, there is not any timeline nor a Gantt chart so you won’t get a date.
          Event A leads to Event B, whenever Event A is complete and not before.
          Completeness of events depends on the say-so of those in power behind the thrones, until further notice.
          Those on the thrones do what those behind them tell them to do, until further notice, pass the TP.
          Whether or not an event is completed depends on the things that happen that either slow them down, or cancel them, hence, there are no dates. Some things that can and have slowed them down or caused postponement are articles in the Alternative media that go viral. Things like this can prevent the start of a world war.

          The best synopsis you can read that explains generally what the master plan is was written by Albert Pike. You can still find that if you google Letter to Mazzini. Read it and memorize it because they are still following that plan, as amended. Another reason why you will not get a date is because even these insiders are waiting for one. They can’t tell you because they don’t know. Only the power behind the thrones knows and they won’t tell until they are ready to.

          There is an immense power hierarchy that leads up to where the powers behind the thrones are. This isolates them pretty well, and gives rubes like us fits trying to figure out who really runs things. Plus it gives them plenty of willing dupes and pawns (millions in fact) to use so they don’t have to get their hands dirty. MOST of these pawns haven’t a clue they are even being used. Some pretty excellent research has been done going into this. These researchers studied history in order to figure it out. Some are pretty well convinced that the top of the pyramid structure is occupied by high ranking Jesuits, who since the mid 16th century have made it their business to make sure the world conforms to their idea that all Earthlings are the subjects of the Pope. If you would, please read my disclaimer:

          This is not meant to be anti-Catholic, and it is just a fact. I don’t have a problem with Catholics who love Jesus Christ. I do however have a problem with Luciferian organizations who call themselves Catholic and work to destroy our country. Good intel doesn’t care about feelings or sensitivities, it is only concerned with strategy. If you are a Catholic and now you’re in a snit about what was just said, I’m sorry you feel that way, but you still will need to know who and what your enemy is that destroys your country if you want to save it. If you feel like you have to demand proof, go look it up, because I’m not going to respond to those who don’t know but will argue with me from their ignorance. If I’m wrong, well, so what. But if I’m right, think about the implications with respect to how the US military forces are being used right about now, and how they will be used in future.

      8. Same old same old .

      9. Whatever is on the way,buckle up its going to be a very bumpy ride!!

        • Bumpy….Bumpy? MB, we ain’t seen Bumpy yet. Just wait until that rollercoaster car you’re ridin’ in does a triple Lindy. With you in it!

      10. Pretty generic. Nothing specific.

        • Yeah it can get that way from time to time. People like to lap this up for whatever reasons I can’t understand. I never understood what all the hoopla was about. This American experiment, AKA a republic, was a well thought out government but for one fatal flaw…… people’s evil intent. This government and constitution has been under attack since its inception and the evil is winning because it was known that we would become lazy and slothful. The time is coming for us to rise up and put those who disparage the constitution to be placed under our heels and crushed. The founding patriots knew this day would arrive and its here.

        • I guess you expect that whatever is being cooked up will be run on the evening news. All you people claiming to be prepping and then deny that anything will be happening. I seem to remember an anonymous source bringing down another president. I would not advise anyone to get caught crossing the current govt. as they seem to play for keeps. That just may be why no one will come forward on anything. Sounds like a smart strategy.

      11. I had a good idea yesterday for a potential last ditch shopping spree if things pop off. I created a special Amazon Wishlist (make sure you set it to private) with all kinds of preps and supplies. Keep in mind I already have my preps squared away – but if there is a trigger event I’m going buy everything on this wishlist. Do I think I will get the items shipped? Depends on the event. But most of the things are”Prime” with 2 day shipping. I figure why not max out the credit cards and take a chance at additional preps I can use or give to family / friends. By having everything set in a wishlist ready to go I only need to set quantity and order it. This would allow me to do “real” shopping at the local stores and gas up the rig one final time.

        • Not trying to be rude, but this sounds kind of ridiculous.
          If it is a true shtf event, that you are going to “max out the credit cards and take a chance at additional preps you can use or give to family / friends” then I HIGHLY doubt that the items will ever arrive.
          Perhaps if they do, then it would have been a false alarm, and you have then maxed out your cards for nothing. Or they eventually arrive, after things calm, but its too late and you are already a goner.
          There are many other things that could blow holes in this idea. Restriction of travel could mean no deliveries. Or, if it is an economic collapse, then they may not be accepting credit cards, good reason to have cash stashed for those last minute purchases. Perhaps its a cyber attack and the internet is down. Maybe the delivery guys are more worried about taking care of their families, then delivering your last minute preps, maybe they are going through those undelivered boxes making their last minute preps.
          It would be much better to already have the supplies you need, and if you’d like, have an “emergency last ditch shopping list” of items you may be able to source locally. But I would not count on an Amazon “wish list”.
          Or you may be wishing for that list to arrive while taking your dying breath.
          Remember, “if you can’t hold it, it’s not yours.
          Also, any regular of this website should know by now, that just because you “set your wishlist to private” it is not private. It could be a concern for opsec if you are wishing to not be labeled as a “prepper”. Personally I don’t give a shit anymore.
          Just things to consider, as your time may be more valuable in the final pre-collapse hours.
          Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

          • Outlaw perhaps you didn’t read my comment but I already said I have my preps squared away. I’m not basing my survival on this. Learn to read nextime ok?

            I have cash out for those in person purchases. This is just another shot at getting more things with only a minute of my time. Where is the downside in at least trying?

            There are plenty of events in which they would still ship. Maybe partial grid collapse, stock market tanking 600 points, terrorist attack in a major city. We will have 24-48 hours while the sheep are glued to cnn watching it start. Obviously an emp would render all shipping useless. Then guess what if I get my things and the event wasn’t the real deal I can always return them. I have a lots of available credit and this would just be a drop in the bucket so not too concerned about the cost of that.

            • I apologize for failing to acknowledge that you had stated you are already squared away. I am not dogging the wishlist either, as I have my own. However, I use my list as a guide to make purchases as I can afford them, and sometimes even then, if I order online, I worry about them arriving timely. Not to mention the opsec. All I am saying, is that if I feel it has hit in such a big way that I am going all in, I sure ain’t making my last minute purchases on Amazon. A natural or man-made disaster can occur with no notice. This is not the time to be waiting on UPS.
              Notice, I stated I make my list purchases as I can afford them? You stated you are not too concerned about cost, it’s just a drop in the bucket. Well make the purchases NOW then, preferably in person w/ cash.

        • Exactly what I’ve done too Chilton!

        • i gave you both green thumbs here, because you provide why this site is my favorite! even when the story is a bore, reading the comments AFTER a story is priceless to me…maybe even more expensive than that! we often see things here we never thought of. we can pick things apart here and the result is MORE information to help us prep….accolades to both of you for your posts!

          • Agreed!!

      12. Bunk

      13. I just want to buy a Harley and go riding.
        Fuck…let it all collapse.

        Ever thought of a motorcycle as a bugout thing?

        I just keep buying metals…and fuck the price.

        In the end…. I’ll have my shit.

        Here’s the end game.. a safe full of metal to go buy a nice place in the country…with plenty of preps you scored through the years.
        Then move to the deep country and shoot deer, turnkey, cut wood, drink clean water, breath fresh air and bake bread.

        The NWO…fuck ’em. Let them have everything. Money has always been a trap.
        Fuck the dollar. I keep stocking Gods money. You cannot make silver or gold.
        It’s real.

        I just want to live long enough to hear that Diane Feinstein died of being an ugly old bitch. Fuck her and all the rest of the socialist slave owners.

        I looked in the dictionary under ass-wipe and her pic. was there.

        ha.. white guys like me who have the skills and capital to create businesses and jobs are NOT. Let all the dems starve.

        At least it’s easier to get a table at the local strip joint with the economy so bad.


      14. Where did this come from Info Wars Lol

      15. “Pentagon was unable to account for $2.3 trillion in the defense budget? That was on September 10, 2001, the day before the attacks of 9/11. Some suggest that 9/11 was orchestrated, in part to cover up the missing money, which is ludicrous.

        ” The result,”Haggman is b.s.

        Sorry..it all boils down to the money and control..(of the money and the populace.. )

        If Snowden and others had the balls to reveal the truth..then these others,in deep cover, are mere cowards in my opinion..

        Better to die standing than live as a slave..

        Are Snowden and a few others the only true patriots left in the entire fucking system?

        I call bullshit on this..


        • do you still think Snowden isn’t a plant? to get you frightened about using the interwebs?

          • No Dr.Strangelove, I think your a plant to discredit Edward Snowden. Just saw on the news where a Federal Judge said NSA’s was perfectly legal to ease drop on all our calls. Last week we had a Judge that said it was unconstitutional. It don’t matter whether we’re frightened or not. You can bet the NSA and all the rest of these alphabet Federal agencies are intruding in our lives, and its not for our own good. Trekker Out. Live Free, Die Free!

        • Possee, good evening, and I have to agree. Another bogus article. braveheart

      16. One point: If the Judeo-Christian God exists (and He does, though I realize not everyone here would agree; if so, go on to the next comment), then He is involved in history. Do bad things happen? Of course? Will God allow evil to triumph temporarily in this case, if something like the above actually happens? Possibly… I don’t know. But what I do know is that God is actively involved in history, and if in fact the article above is true, or has elements of truth to it, then I can assure you that, similar to CS Lewis’ “macrobes” in That Hideous Strength, these people are actually engaged with supranatural forces beyond their ken. In Lewis’ dystopic novel, what are essentially Agenda 21 type leaders today unwittingly, in their arrogance, become unwittingly entangled with what are demons – shorn of their red suits and horns to fit modern sensibilities. What these leaders don’t know, in their love for power and – really, ultimately, death – is that it will lead to their own destruction, and it does. Maybe the article above is not valid, maybe it is. But I DO know, reading about – just today – a mall in one area being ransacked by a flash mob, and 500 kid melee at another theatre in another area, that there is serious evil about. God will NOT let evil reign long term without His intervention. I don’t know what form that intervention will take, but those that think they can not reckon with the God who is there are sadly mistaken.

        • So true, JR. In the end times, every knee will bend to The Lord. Every knee will bend.

          • Old F, Yes as the Book say’s every knee will bow and every tounge confess, that Christ is Lord. Ain’t it great to be able to do it willingly and with a happy heart. Trekker Out.

        • Well, he promised to not send a flood again, evah!!
          We’ll just have to wait for this next ‘intervention’, huh?

        • Exactly JR: Thats why Christ called them the offspring of Satan their father, and also called them The Synagouge of Satan…JOHN 8:44 and REV 2:9

          Their Faslehood is when they say Goyim are souless animals in a human skin bag.

          Truth from Christ says: They are demons of Satan their father, in human skin bags.

          • Sharia-compliant troll

      17. Well weather this guy is right or wrong, telling the truth or a lie.
        They have told the lie that the economy is perking up so much that what is left is about to fall into the abyss, then their will be no more lying to it. But then it will be to late for most people. You simply CAN NOT keep spending Trillions of dollars from thin air you do not have with out repercussions.
        Whole sections of our major city’s are like ghost towns. The people that lived their left for somewhere, do you really think the moved into a better place, got a good job? Yea right most of them are probably on the streets.
        SOMETHING EVIL THIS WAY COMES – And Brother it wont be long now…

      18. I keep trying to put this scenario in perspective. On the Eastern seaboard, if these things come to pass, the population could very well be imprisoned by a Federal hissy fit. Out west, I believe it’s a different story. For one thing, Gun Control is being able to hit what you are aiming at. Period. The police actually prefer their citizens armed, because they can ask for backup and get it, everytime. I seriously doubt that even 50% of those officers are going to become jack-booted thugs overnight, regardless of their orders. Remember, in ALL but the small, focused cases, the Federal Government, whether Justice or DHS, or ATF or FBI, they absolutely NEED the local Law Enforcement to carry out THEIR initiatives — or they’ll be standing there holding their dicks. They do not have the manpower to initiate Martial Law on their own. And how long before the broad sword of the military is unleashed on our own citizens? Who knows? But I can tell you this — it will be unbelievably costly for both sides.

        • BlackDog, I have long suspected it will be Obama’s army with foreign troops for backup. No way the feds could do it on their own. I doubt if our own military will act against us unless it’s factions co-opted by Obama. 90% of the military is overseas and I suspect they’ll be abandoned once the balloon goes up. Whoever comes to act against me, I don’t care what they’re wearing or where they’re from, they better forget it, because it won’t end well for them. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • BH have you ever listened to yourself ? You are so full of shit. Your a mouthpiece, last years T shirt. Is there a day that can go by without you threatening anyone ?

            • Dear Mother, what you call my ‘threats’ are really WARNINGS to anyone who would approach me with bad intentions toward me. I never go around having bad intentions toward other people otherwise I wouldn’t be alive right now, don’t you think? WELL DUH! You’re the one who is full of shit; just another useless troll for Obama. Enjoy that trolling check while you can because someday it will be cut off. Oh, yeah, go f#$% yourself also! MOLON LABE braveheart

      19. okay, so mainly i prep for economic reasons. Am I where I want to be? no way. a long ways to go. but this guy yesterday telling his investors to get a 72-hour bag for an economic apocalypse? 72 hours isn’t gonna mean crap–don’t get me wrong it is a start, except that now they have a gun to go harass others for food when they are out. If it really craps the bed, I will be in my house for weeks, unless i’m still drawing a pay check and will show my face at work 1.8 miles away. a quick walk (certainly not quick in these circumstances), cocked and locked looking like a hopeless, poor, dirty, down on her luck chic. I love the ideas about chalk outlines on the porch and police tape….except the police station is an easy 100 yards from my back stoop. so no police tape. just the chalk outline and something that looks like vomit and blood on the porch. I mean, if essential infrastructure and many businesses withstand the bust and are still operating in a major financial collapse, are ya’ll going to work? I’m stuck where I am, no acceptable BOL, so we’re buggin’ in.

      20. “Some suggest 9/11 was orchestrated…which is ludicrous.”

        Make me laugh.

        Another thing…he claims the collapse is intentional. What do the bankers gain by collapsing the very system they live off of?

        No, the collapse is due to events they CANNOT control…much as they will try. The reasons are limits to growth, not enough real resources left to back infinite growth on a finite planet. Not enough resources left to pay back the compound usury foisted on a gullible people years and years ago.

        Once again, when things collapse, there will be no one able to stop it. There will be no “reset”. Forever. The F word. It won’t be about a recovery in 3 months, 6 months, a year. The crash will be permanent. Gold and silver will be worthless commodities. Oil is, and will be, the “master” commodity.

        Buy some land and learn to work it by hand. There will be no oil for the common man unless you have your own “stripper” well. You will then qualify to be a feudal lord.

        • “What do the bankers gain by collapsing the very system they live off of?”
          They gain a new world reserve currency perhaps backed by gold which they have plenty of. They destroy America and all she used to stand for so they can institute a One-World feudal government.
          What he is saying in the article sounds very likely to me.

          • Since the “anonymous” comment is mine, I’ll take a crack at your comment ENFP.

            The central banks already control the ebb and flow of the world’s currency through the BIS and the SWIFT system of payment. They could implement a one world currency whenever they want to. They took the world’s currencies off the gold standard long ago…ALL of them. They don’t need to collapse anything to change the monetary system. Wasn’t too much uproar when they went to unbacked fiat paper. Nothing was “collapsed”.

            The private central banks carry no allegiance to any country. But they lose in an economic collapse since the usury they live on stops.

            IMO, they are trying to keep the economy from collapsing for as long as possible to siphon off as much wealth as they can. Thus, you get QE, shadow banking derivatives and any exotic financial instrument they can think of to keep the game going.

            Eventually, it comes collapsing down. The laws of physics take over… you can’t have infinite growth in a finite space. Unpossible.

            • JRS:

              Your article is spot on. Anyone thinking that their gold and silver will stay in place as the world currency needs to think again.

              TPTB has a ‘world currency’ already in place just waiting for the right time to pull the rug out from under us. The world currency has each nations name on it but it will be controlled through a world central bank.

              Go ahead and buy your gold and silver; but for heavens sake buy your preps before anything else. No way I would trade my families preps for a piece of metal.

      21. Yeah, it sounds like scare tactics, so does everything else that comes from any facet of government lies spoken.

      22. Tanner Gun Show in Denver this weekend.

        Saturday 9A-5P, Sunday 9A-4P.

      23. I want names and departments.

      24. Its been planned all along with Obama signing presidential directives to take over the economy,healthcare, control the military,waterways….everything. Time to bug out.

        • Where to Jim? I have to assume you mean out of country. Where would be the best long-term solution that doesn’t crush freedoms? I’m being serious here.

      25. After reading the comments I can only think, does it matter whether the Insider is a fiction or nonfiction character?

        I have to agree with Gunner’s comment, look around do we not see the Police State taking over?

        The Government overstepping it’s authority and disobeying the Constitution, what the so called Insider is saying is what is basically taking place now, the “power Grab” that is.

        • Cujo — 5 stars for you, my friend.

          I was talking with an electrician friend today
          who is working on a new vacation house for some
          people out of state.

          A couple guys came on the site, and he noticed
          they were carrying cocked and locked autos and
          said they wanted to look around. There was six
          DHS marked vehicles parked out in the driveway.

          While they were doing their thing, he stepped
          outside and there was a drone overhead circling
          the site.

          It seems the owners of the house have an autistic
          son that was ordering some things over the internet
          that raised a bunch of red flags and brought them
          to full alert.

          The electrician said he only needed to see that
          once to know the police state is alive and well.

          • Most likely they are scouting around for prime real estate to acquire when the time comes. A free vacation house might be quite an incentive to bust some heads. Then again maybe we are all just paranoids. Hopefully that is the case.

      26. Let’s look at this from a Intel Analyst view:

        True, the precious metal markets are being mannipulated. Why…??? So those buying large amounts of preciuos metal can do so at bargain rates.

        True, The Chinese are buying tons of gold.

        True, Other countries including Germany and Venezuela have asked for their gold reserves that are being held outside of their country, be physically returned to the respective countries.

        True, When elected obama (zer0) when elected in 2008 stated that he wanted an internal security force equal in power to the US Military, He now has that with the DHS/TSA. They did buy 1.6B rounds of ammo. They have been issuing Police Dept’s military equipment including weapons, Night Vision of Infared Scope’s.

        True, The NSA, FBI are now spying on US Citizens…

        True, The Boston Bombing search through the neighborhoods sure looked like a Martial Law lock down exercise and a practice search for those considered abti-govt types.

        Questionable, will the DHS, US Military, State Police and Local PD’s fire on US Citizen’s…??? I would estimate 33% would, 33% would stay home and the last
        33% would join the patriots.

        I would give this article a 60% (Medium Confidence Level) truth factor with the remainder being somewhat questionable without direct evidence to support “Rosebud’s” claims.

        Bottom line…. Don’t trust zer0, don’t trust the govt. and be prepared…. Anything could happen as they have been trying and succeeding in destroying the US economy thru massive debt spending.

      27. (Yawn)

      28. There are focus groups and tons of people sitting around all day drawing up plans and contingencies for everything. That’s so If something happens they at least have some kind of basic plans to follow, but it certainly is fluid and can/will change based on circumstances and responses. They will ALWAYS say it is fine, even when the planet is going to blow up next week, that will never admit it. So if/when the end is near and the one or more systems fail. Get together with all your friends and hunker down. If they come around tell them you are ready to fight to the death. In the big cities March against your jailors, picket their.homes and places of employment, call them what they are, liars, weasels, bloodsuckers. The one thing that scares them the most is people marching in the streets, it is the only thing they understand.

        • During SHTF, those flying the helicopter gunships would consider any size of march to be a “target rich environment.” The last thing one wants to do is lose oneself in a huge mob that makes one a target for a well-trained superbly equipped opposing force.


        • What, those are some pretty big claims, surely you have pictures, video of this.
          I see you made the exact comment, word for word all in upper case letters over at
          Dave Hodges the common sense show. My common sense tells me you are Dave spreading
          More fear.

      30. Is there a ‘glitch’ in the Matrix? Of course there is.
        Yes, we have ALL heard these kinds of stories before, from various sources. Let’s think about it from a logistics point of view.

        You have to ‘ferret out’ people within your organization, but are not totally sure *who* it is. So you compartmentalize some information with *bogus dates* and/or information. You only tell key persons this fabricated data. You then see where it shows up- alt media, TV/News senior officials. This isn’t rocket science and that is the way they have done it for years…except now they just drone and spy you to death, literally. Leak problem solved AND with all the disinfo spread out there nobody believes it now anyways!

        I know John Moore (from the John Moore Show) used to have an ‘insider’ guy who would spill the beans (supposedly) and people just got tired of hearing it. It is the SAME pattern I just described above. Once you have a confirmed data leak you spread as much disinfo as possible to quell the flames.

        Another thing about Moore or ANY other who is former ‘military intelligence’…you never retire from that job, period. You know too much and they know this as well. You are kept on a very short leash. Say one wrong thing and you fallout of a helicopter (like the 2 FBI agents did after the Boston Marathon bombing)a heart attack, or the standard fiery car crash.

        If an insider *did* try to leak out very specific known information, you can bet that their life would be forfeit and that of their family as well. Gas explosions happen all the time with our aging infrastructure, you know? It’s called being between a rock and a hard place, neither of which are good.

        The signs are all around us and growing daily. Anyone that hasn’t figured it out and put 2 and 2 together yet…is pretty much dead.

        • You’re an optimist.

      31. I’m out in the country, and the police state isn’t here yet. An all-encompassing bureaucracy is just in its beginning stages. It’s a difference between “may I please have this information, sir?” and the bullying threats that we are beginning to see in the more populated areas of the country. I know that someday that will come to my area, I just hope it is later rather than sooner. As for the rest, I will just keep moving on and adding both provisions and knowledge. Thank God I live in a rural area.

      32. I think we have enough information without getting specific dates. The economic collapse is a certainty because the Ponzi schemes, which it is, always collapse eventually and ours is at that point. Many countries are avoiding dollars as the world reserve currency and that alone will have an unbelievably bad effect on us. You just have to know a little about economics to see this.

        The other things, like the arranged tsunami,are harder to believe except that Nathan Leal at watchmanscry.com has had prophetic dreams about it. It is just hard for me to believe we have the technology to engineer such a thing. But Jesus did say unless these days are shortened no flesh would be left alive. So that makes Agenda 21 and the elite’s nefarious population reduction techniques more believable to Bible believers anyway.

      33. Just for fun I want to see how smart the people on this forum really are. Here is a post from a couple articles ago and the responses… Can any of you tell me what doesn’t make sense in ted’s replies?

        Ted Kennedy says:
        Comment ID: 2888219
        December 25, 2013 at 7:38 pm The BEST wood stove on the market.


        Genius says:
        Comment ID: 2888255
        December 25, 2013 at 8:18 pm Thats cool Ted but ya cant cook on it lol. This is what we have https://www.lehmans.com/p-3442-bakers-choice-wood-cookstoves.aspx for the money it’s a very good stove/oven. We cook and bake with it all winter long and it heats a 4 bedroom house too. Just be sure to clean it out every 3-4 weeks and its good to go. One thing we do is use the bottom ash drawer door as the intake air control it burns better that way. It comes with a water heater element and rear mounted tank too. We didn’t get it from lehmans it was from Obedias or something like that (cheaper). The article here was good, thats the way it was before the 1900′s. People are spoiled and dumbed down and have no life skills anymore. The chickens are comin home to roost and the herd of idiots will be culled. Hopefully the govt. will be culled too…

        Red Leader says:
        Comment ID: 2888450
        December 26, 2013 at 12:53 am We have the Bakers Choice stove and it is a great wood stove! It heats my whole house and you can cook on it and bake in it. Great choice Genius!

        I also don’y have to go outside and put wood in it.

        newbee says:
        Comment ID: 2888712
        December 26, 2013 at 8:34 am And does that outdoor one require electricity

        Ted Kennedy says:
        Comment ID: 2889275
        December 26, 2013 at 8:56 pm Yes, those are nice to have one inside and put your feet up but can you heat a business or green house with it? Keeps both trucks/tractors ice free/ready. Barn is always warm for livestock. Unlimited supply of HOT water in all house fixtures for entire family when elec. goes. Pump/fan/thermstat runs on one 15 amp breaker. That’s less than 4 Pv panels or .8KW gen set. Will burn hedge smoke free and even coal. Attached to end of external bldg. Back the truck up and no splitting wood, ever…

        Ted Kennedy says:
        Comment ID: 2889319
        December 26, 2013 at 9:46 pm Give a man a fish, teach 3 men how to fish. How many jobs did your stove make.

        Keep in mind according to Ted it uses around 800 watts of a/c power. OK guys give me your observations 🙂

        • 15 amps is more than 800 watts.

          • Sorry Anon, its a 15 amp breaker running 800 watts through it (approx. 7 amps AC)

        • @Genius.

          C’mon’…it’s as red as Ted Kennedys nose after drinking, isn’t it? He was obviously drinking whilst posting that reply.

          1. First states “Yes, those are nice to have one inside and put your feet up but can you heat a business or green house with it?

          -Greenhouses typically use solar passive heat to help regulate and/or provide temperature control/ yes?
          (loud buzzing sound)

          2. “Keeps both trucks/tractors ice free/ready. Barn is always warm for livestock.”

          -He just asked if you could “heat a business/greenhouse” with one, but goes on to say it will keep a barn warm for livestock. (buzzing sound again)

          3. “Unlimited supply of HOT water in all house fixtures for entire family when elec. goes. Pump/fan/thermstat runs on one 15 amp breaker.”
          (buzzer yet, again)

          -Firstly, if your electricity goes, you won’t be ‘pumping’ water (hot or cold) in that house that way.
          Also, the unit itself requires electricity, so it is a double negative statement.
          (game over)

          Some should not post while intoxicated, clearly. I usually try to overlook comments like those, but since you pointed it out… 😉

          • Very good Socrates! 5***** 🙂 BUT theres even more..

            • Other than claiming one stove is “best” and then going on to criticize the same stove, I’m not sure.

              Perhaps it would take more than 4 panels. Depends how big they are.

              I know you can circulate the water with a 12v computer cooling pump of around 25 watts. I use one on my passive solar hot water panel. However, it only has around 8 feet of head.

              What are we missing here Genius?

              • I will wait a little while to see if anyone else posts then I will give my observations. This is not personal Ted, it’s just a great post to test peoples critical thinking skills. I’m sure you like your stove and it serves your purpose well. When I post my observations it should give you something to seriously think about. See you in a while…

                • Oh and before any of you post be sure to read how Ted’s stove operates..

                • Okay, I’ll give it a shot. It doesn’t take that much energy to run the water pump. During week long power outage hubby rigged a plug to our water pump so we could fire the furnace to heat water for showers and radiators. Did all that on a baby genny and had the frige plugged in too. HOWEVER,, if he’s running a heat exchanger with an air handler for forced air, that’s a bigger load. How much I don’t know, but it does make the whirly-gig on the meter spin faster when my mom would run just the fan on her forced air system. Add the barn, and whew, he’s really juicing it, unless he’s using radiant heat.

                  Am I close?

                  • Nopity, yes you are close. My post should show up soon explaining it. One consideration for you, how long are you prepared to run your generator?

                  • at genius…..dear hubby won’t store that much fuel.So in the winter months we’ll heat primarily by wood stove, and as we did in that snow storm outage only run the pump on the furnace for heat WHILE WE ARE SHOWERING. after that it goes off. If the pump is running, may as well heat the house, ya know? and we have zone system, so we can focus it on the areas we are living in. We can run the genny a few hours each day to preserve the frig/freezer goods. I have boatloads of those prayer candles from dollar tree. I’ve tested one out. it only burned down 2mm for 1 hour of light, so they should last about 100hrs each.

        • Well hell only 3 takers? OK here’s my observations…

          Yes, those are nice to have one inside and put your feet up but can you heat a business or green house with it?

          Answer: Of course you can heat a greenhouse or business with a regular woodstove and in a power outage it is unaffected to boot.

          Keeps both trucks/tractors ice free/ready. Barn is always warm for livestock.

          Answer: Yes this is true except when there is no power.
          Also your stove uses a heat exchanger filled with water and a seperate fan to disperse the heat. In a power outage your system would fail and the water pipes would freeze in winter especially since hot water freezes faster than cold water. Any heat from the burning unit is outside and would have no effect on heating the indoors. Being a water based system it is prone to extreme damage from freezing (unlike a glycol based system of heat exchange). Basically rendering it totally useless unless you caught it in time and powered it with a generator (not feasable for long term operation).

          Unlimited supply of HOT water in all house fixtures for entire family when elec. goes.

          Answer: Again we are back to using a generator in a power outage. The unit itself will not be the only thing you will need, you will have to power your well pump too requiring a much larger generator and fuel. Also if you are using an additional heat exchanger to heat your house with it your heat will be shut down and pipe freezing will be a problem. And it cannot be used for cooking, and the heat exchanger for home heating requires either the furnace fan to run or an additional fan to circulate the heat from the exchanger.

          Pump/fan/thermstat runs on one 15 amp breaker. That’s less than 4 Pv panels or .8KW gen set.

          Answer: Going by your post of a .8kw generator (800 watts) that will only run the stove part of it. You will need to power your well pump also (significant increase in gen size) and any fans in the house for heat distribution. If you have municipal water and the power outage is of much scale there probably wont be any tap water either.
          Going by the 800 watt usage 4 solar panels wont do anything (I figure 800 watts divided by 4 = 4-200 watt panels). In real life you would need about 2400 watts of solar panels, an 80 amp vlotage reducing charge controller, a 1000 watt inverter, 24 200+ amp hour golf cart batteries, wiring, cables, mounting rack, to keep 800 watts of AC power running 24/7. This would cost about 15,000 dollars and only run your stove and nothing else. Again you will require a power source to keep the well going.

          Give a man a fish, teach 3 men how to fish. How many jobs did your stove make.

          Answer: HUH? It created about the same amount of jobs as your stove did. Jobs from the mining of the ore to the delivery man.

          In conclusion: The system you have may be fine for what your using it for but it does require power ( quite a bit) and plumbing etc. It is not feasable for any kind of extended power outage. Systems using heat exchangers are not as efficient as a the direct heat from a normal wood stove and are prone to breakdowns (pumps, leaks,power failure, fans, etc.)
          For the price of what you have you could buy 4-5 high end normal woodstoves requiring no power, no pumps, no fans, and can be used to cook and heat water. No solar system, no generator, no grid power needed. They will heat a greenhouse, a business, a barn, a house, cook and heat water, dry clothes, etc. You can make a fan powered circulator to redirect heat elsewhere from the stovepipe that would use a lot less power (about 30 watts).
          True it is more work to load wood more often but you would never be without heat and would get a lot more uses with a standard stove. With the money you would save on power you could buy a log splitter or a pellet stove (about 180 watts) which would require much less power in an outage or otherwise. Heck you could just make a stove out of a 55 gallon drum to heat your barn! I know a few people that do this and it works well.
          OK now I have explained what I see in your system, I’m not trying to be an a-hole just pointing out what I feel you need to think about and anyone else that might be considering an external woodstove. An extended power outage would be catastrophic for you. In case you do ever have a long outage I would reccomend you drain your system completely asap to avoid major damage.
          OK Ted theres my take, something to consider, Have a happy new year 🙂

          • I have to say genius, when I read that on the previous thread, I didn’t catch it. I reread what you posted for about 15 minutes, went to the website and read the ‘how it works’ and I still didn’t even consider the well pump, etc. It just goes to show, and no foul to ted kennedy, that whatever you choose to use to function as a critical part of your survival plan requires a lot, LOT of research, and yes opinions and feedback are great, but you have to make sure it is right for YOU.

            For some folks, that outdoor stove might be perfect. If they lived on a steep hillside with water nearby and could set up a hydrodam for water flow and power generation, and put a few PVs to top that off to be used with a radiant system with a low amp pump it may work. I’m no HVAC or plumber, but that is a setup I would explore at my property in Virginia. But its probably a major up front expense, and what if the damn thing breaks?
            We’ve already bought replacement fire bricks, and hubby thinks like me now, so he got 2 sets and a new ?seal? for the door on the wood stove. Everytime something breaks or needs repairing I have him buying 2 replacement parts. We just consider it a hedge against inflation.

          • Ok last thing, does anyone disagree with my assessment? Can anyone prove what I said isn’t true? I always welcome being proven wrong so I can correct myself but as far as I can see what I said is accurate. One thing about critical thinking is, you don’t always like the conclusion. Always appreciate truth over all else, thanks for the input 🙂

            • Not disagreeing with you, but I have a gravity flow water system that doesn’t require any power…so I missed the well pump or municipal water scenario.

              Also, a hot water heating system is a closed loop water system. While most modern hot water heat IS connected to the water supply, that is just to keep it topped off for evaporation.

              Like I said, I use a 12v pump to circulate mine on 25 watts… battery powered, or using a wall wort when 110v is available.

      34. This is too be expected. One must prepare, and pray

      35. This is just the latest article by Doug Hagman I have read on canadafreepress for some time. Lots of cloak and dagger stuff but little info, and now that rosebud is retiring, this may be the last article unless he has a little rosebud sprout ready to take over.
        Take the info with as many grains of salt as you like. But trouble is coming-I can feel it in my bones.

        • i gotta carry THIS grain of salt in a wheelbarrow!

      36. I must be one of the few people who considers this legit. I don’t have any problem believing that Doug Hagmann has a source deep inside DHS. It makes sense that he wouldn’t know everything. The higher up you are the less you could reveal without being outed.

        Some people are shortsighted to think that the government is only concerned with kicking the can down the road. No, they’re suppressing the gold and silver prices so they can stock up and get rich when the metal prices are no longer suppressed. After that, get ready for something to happen. False flag(s) or bail ins or some cyber attack that steals ALL the money out of your accounts.

        2014 should get really interesting. End of the petrodollar system. End of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. When the dollar collapses we’ll see martial law rolled out.

      37. Well folks don’t complacent PLEASE!
        I know we keep getting warning signs and told the SWHTF and it looks like nothing is happening.
        If the PTB keep throwing shit at us over and over again we might just drop the ball and that is when it will happen.
        Who knows what it is. Money Collapse, Natural Disaster, Bugs, Food Shortages, Water Shortage, ECT.
        I think this article is to let us know to keep prepping for when the SHTF.

        What PISSES ME OFF is they show a SWAT/Cops leading the charge. This is Bull Shit!!! I would say over 60% of the cops I know would not do anything like this. The only way the will act is to have shots at them. Look it is real simple. The ideal number of cops for every citizen is 1 to every 500 people in short we are out numbered 500 to 1. If only 25% stood up to us and fought back that makes it 75 to 1. We also know that a lot of the folks in my area are better armed than we are. So why would we lead the charge.
        The group that will lead the charge will be the U.N. Blue helmets. Or foreign forces.
        If this dose happen this country will look like Beirut.
        Please folks don’t get Complacent!!!

        • Sgt. Dale, good evening, sir. You don’t have to worry about braveheart becoming complacent. My prepping is still ongoing and won’t stop until the “magic moment”. I do take stories like this with more than a grain of salt, but I also something is coming down the pipe, just don’t know how or when. I also believe there will foreign troops involved. when they show up in your area, then it needs to be GAME ON. I know when I see them in my area that’s all she wrote. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • Why would the same persons who have been Planning all of this stuff for Many Decades now, wait till Now and drop gold from $1800 to $1200 so They tptb can buy up a bunch of Gold now?….When since they Knew what Their Plans were all along going far back could have stocked up on a bunch of gold when it was still at $45 per OZ?

            Just cause some guy writes it don’t make it credible eh.

            Use Your Own mind to think it thru.

            oh yeah them TPTB already Own most of the gold. Who do you think sells gold To the guys You are buying it from?

            • Why buy gold when with the QE you can make some serious money in equities and then buy gold. The middle class is being raped by the QE which enables the wise guys to make out like bandits due to the Fed dumping all the billions in the market leaving the average Joe with the debt. Great deal if you are one of those profiting from it like the big brokerage houses and banks are.

        • I believe you Sgt. On most cops will not fire unless fired at, and the govt. and DHS knows this,
          So that could be just how they plan this by having their provacotuer in the back of the crowd to fire this shot on the cops, then it has started.

          • I tend to think in the beginning there will be a mix of the types of cops, some wont fire and some will. As time goes on, those with a conscience will be purged, leaving in place state zealots.

        • Sgt. Dale Your a L.E.O. and ex military,let me tell you something really weird that happened at the DMV.
          I has renewed my tag by mail and the tag didnt arrive.
          So I went to the DMV copy of check in hand………
          Then when they were researching what happened,one of the clerks said “Oh it went to city X.” Not city Y where I live. Now the weird part is that my bug out place is outside of city X although I am living in city Y. Both cities are in differnet counties, and I have never used my country address out side of city X on ANYTHING, so how did DMV manage to send my tag to an address they shouldnt have known about? We are being watched is the only answer I can come up with, am I being paranoid?
          Thanks Sgt.

          • Slick
            By some chance did you put the wrong zip on your mail. That is the only way I can think of it going to the wrong address.
            As far as them (TPTB) watching you it is possible. Just remember that they can ping your cell phione whatch you on our computer, and T.V. How knows. Paranoid, I don’t think so.
            Best of luck.

            • No Sir Sarge I didnt put the wrong zipcode on the envelope…Something is rotten in Denmark. My family isnt even in the loop on my hideout address.

              • Slick
                Let us just hope it was just a fluke. Or you have a leak! I hope you find out. Good Luck and My God watch over you.

              • Property tax owner. one of the tools of LE.

          • You will realize how much they know about you when you apply for social security. The identity verification questions will show you what I mean.

        • I wonder if they would actually be in the blue helmets, i hope so because they make a nice target.

          Keep your powder dry Sgt.

        • Sgt, I gona have to Question some parts of your comment. ” The only way they will shot is if shot at”so if we the people dont comply with there Unconstitutional Request (Boston) then papare to be shot. I tried to find stat on unarmed people shot, and the only numbers I could find is to many. You can read all day long about unarmed people being shot in the back ect,ect.Dont try to feed the BULLSHIT that 60% of the gun happy Leo wont follow their masters orders, maybe 1% because they are pissing their pants.Its gona take a lot more than your word that they wont come after you and SHOT, sorry. Leo arnt nothing more than two faced thugs just waiting to use their new toys..

          • PA:
            Let me try to answer your ?
            Leo’s live in the area around the City’s that they work in. That is rule that is passed down from the City. Around where I work it is about 5 miles max. So folks known where you live.
            Do you really belive that a Local LEO is just going to fire on the public when he is out numbered by around 500 to 1. If he or she did they are a FOOL!
            How many times have you see large groups protesting, How may time have the cops used live ammo on them? In the past few large protests not one round has been fired. The last time I remeber riots was the Rodney King. More Civilians used live amo than the cops.
            Is there unarmed shootings. Hell yea there is! Hells bells I almost shot a guy that pointed his cell phone at me in very low light. The only thing that saved him was the flashlight I had in my hand. He was also carring a note on him that he wanted to die becaues his wife was leaving him.
            You also can read where armed people are shot, and armed people that are not shot.
            If a cop makes is found in an unlawful shooting he pays for it.
            Even if the Cop makes a lawful shoot. He still pays for it. He has to live with the idea he took a life. I DON’T GIVE A DAMN WHAT YOU THINK IT WILL TEAR A GOOD COP UP FOR A LONG TIME!!! Then he will get sued for taking out a Turd and that will bother the hell out of him/her for a long time too.
            You believe what you want but as for me I will not fire on someone unless there is no other choice. I’ve been on this job for almost 30 years now, and I have been down these roads!
            Have a Happy New Year!

            • Sgt, I agree in small town Environment the Percentage could change, its like any Environment people back who, or what they work for like a Union, they can lose Focus.my brother was a leo in New Orleans and like he said you might be in the right to shot but there is Civil court. most people will comply when Approached by leo, but you can watch Video after video of leo Abusing their power, and I’m Concerned with their Attitude towards how they are being trained now . Happy New Years, sgt..

              • P.A.
                Just like any other job out there.
                There are bad in every job. Only thing is that we carry guns and other little toys (Just like Batman) I know you only see the bad cops. Did you hear about the Cop In Calf. saving a life. He put his life on the line when he pulled out a person from a burning car. He was ask what he was thinking. He said “I DIDN’T THINK I JUST DID WHAT I KNOW WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO”. He was off duty. I believe there are more good things done by us cops than bad. You just hear about the bad ones.
                Great debate with you I like that it makes me think.
                I hope you had as good of a Christmas as I did.
                Happy New Year to you and yours.
                AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

      38. This article is a lot of hype by an author who’s bad at math. There are fewer than 6 million government employees and members of the military, and they’re outnumbered more than 60 to 1 by civilians. Even IF all government employees and members of the military blindly obeyed government edicts, they’ll quickly be overrun by pi$$ed-off civilians. Ever see those Black Friday videos of Walmart employees getting outnumbered and trampled by hundreds of people rushing through the doors? That’s what it will be like for anyone stupid enough to follow government mandates to disarm or otherwise separate prepared and determined citizens from what they own and what they’ve earned. Besides that, the number of guns in my county far outnumbers the population. The guvmint is gonna have to nuke us to subdue us.

        • Nick Says,
          you are correct in your numbers, but what you need to realize is that civilians will be in sporadic numbers and the (troops)
          that are sent to a specific area will be in force, so to sum it up your synopsis has some pretty big holes, now don’t take me wrong as i hops you are correct but, from my experience it will be questionable and in favor of the bad guys!! some areas will work out as the civil militia will be able even it up! just going to see how it starts to play out and adjust as it does!!

          • We don’t have enough active-duty troops to subdue the top 20 cities in population, so how can we worry that DHS and DOD will come after preppers and patriots en masse? Look at New Orleans after Katrina and New York after Sandy. It’s a mathematical and social improbability at best.

            • But what about the (in)famous blue helmets, Nick? That number could include many countries worth of troops. It could a global war fought on American soil, no?

            • No need to go door to door until a couple of weeks of no power, water or food. Whether this will happen is any ones guess but with the current cast of characters in the upper and middle echelons of power I would expect the worst and plan accordingly. The again maybe the world is unicorns and butterflies with Hagmann being full of it. Time will tell.

      39. An “insider” high enough up the food chain to see planning leaking information from an organization like the DHS is quite suspect. I take it with a grain of salt.

        The above being said if one connects the dots on that’s known such as the militarizing of the police and the too numerous to list economic indicators its obvious that something is up. The how and when are grey but the direction we’re headed in is clear.

      40. “and now they will spend their lives as targets”

        While shopping at Target.

        Pin the donkey.

      41. This article seems like more liberal hysteria and BS. This website has less and less to do with prepping and more to do with hysterics.

        The folks who write articles, like this one, seem to understand America more like a russian communist would than an American patriot does. Put your onsies ‘jammies on and head back to your “dear leader” obama’s headquarters to get a new idea for another article.

        • Clint, I do take the article with a few grains of salt, but this website is still a prepping site. Nothing has changed about that. braveheart

          • BH. Not a lot of prepping articles lately, Mac should let sites like FTTWR keep these articles,,,
            No offense Mac,,,

            • These “type” of site have a much higher view rate so there is there is a much higher amount of ad revenue earned.

              In the end. Business is business.

              • “Nailed it” FB.

        • Clint, they understand America more like a citizen of a communist country not like the communist party leaders. They knew what their government was like, only they didn’t dare speak openly about it. The day is coming when we won’t get away with speaking publicly about it either.

          • ENFP

            I know a defector from the Eastern Block that escaped in the 1980s. He was an Armenian border guard and the other guard did not show up for duty. He dropped his AK47 and just walked across the border eventually getting to the US and building a successful roofing company. He said, “Never them them know what your thinking”.

            The smart people are not speaking about it now.

        • i just went to look at the last couple weeks stories and i see several just in the past week that were prepper related and quite good. especially the comments section after the stories. if you don’t think this is a good preppers website, vote with your feet, by all means!

      42. This is an insidious effort unfortunately by people who also happen to be Americans to destroy our country and society. They know it will bring poverty, misery,and family destruction to many people. The vast majority of us and our progeny will exist in little more than servitude to the state which in turn is controlled by an extremely tiny group of people or families where all wealth, power, and knowledge is totally concentrated. These persons actually believe we exist solely to serve and them and other than that have no value.
        An acquaintance told me he once worked for a individual who was not just wealthy, but incredibly so. And he would hear this man talking openly without trying to be discrete to his associates about the contempt and hatred he had for the middle-class; that he viewed them as nothing more than cockroaches, and how he hated the fact they technically had the same rights as he.
        Now this is not to say being wealthy is bad, it is not. Nor is it to say wealthy people are bad people, this is not true. But one day even these people will have to make a decision which side they will chose to keep their status.
        Some ask, why would the very individuals who benifit from the financial system allow let alone invite a collapse. Without offering a full explanation here, a collapse is actually the most effective mechanism for concentrating wealth and power and destroying individual liberty. And they know that in a nation of more than 300 million there are enough people to form a sizable thug class to enforce and maintain their power. Hitler, Stalin,and Mao built and utilized a vast thug class of bureaucrats and police to maintain power. These minions were willing to perform the most ghastly deeds to please their masters, to shock and bust up society so it could be changed and reorganized into the way they wanted it. It was used to wipe out free thought,individualism,self-empowerment,wealth, and personal liberty.
        Look for possible future confiscated IRA’s and pension funds, investment accounts, and bank accounts (in whole or in part). Look for false flags or propaganda from the government warning the public of a variety of new dangers that they say will be necessary to impose more measures to protect us including the notion of restricting travel. Look for more and higher taxes. Look for the military and heavy-handed police to be be routinely used for social control. And of course the media is in reality a propaganda arm of the government, stay informed using alternative sources.

        • Billy, you are spot on!
          two thumbs up!!

      43. When I see the word insider, I think of Lindsey Williams, who hasn’t been right about a single thing since his prediction on gas prices in 2008.

        That said, I think the info is stuff we already have been warned about from sources that are not incognito.

      44. As a newbie, I find the some of the articles quite helpful in trying to figure out the pieces of the puzzle. I also find this forum quite informative on preps. As I have stated before, I fear we might be too little too late, and have a LONG way to go, so I am going to jump in and start asking some questions.

        My question of the night: What to do with the little money we have???

        While we have started some preps, and will continue to do so; my main concern is what should I be doing with retirement funds and savings?? Could there really be a money grab (yes, I believe so)? So, do I pull it out? And then what? If I spend it all on preps, and S doesn’t HTF, what do we then live on in retirement? Keep some cash on hand?? But if the $$ is useless, then my cash is useless. It’s all so confusing!!

        Received our first PMs package today (I must admit that was kind of exciting)!! Bought $3000 in silver oz’s and $2000 in very small amounts of gold. Good strategy or not??

        Thanks in advance for your responses, advice, or opinions.


        • Very confusing indeed.
          Keep prepping though, and do not stop. Everyday should be a goal to do something.
          Everyones priorities will vary depending on circumstances.
          For thought:
          Payoff Debt
          Payoff home and or bugout location
          Secure some emergency funding for bills such as utilities & prop taxes, 1 – 3 years.

          Most likely you will be paying taxes & utils in $ not gold or silver, you need both cash $ and metals.
          Not all eggs in one basket, and the Government could confiscate gold/silver, regulate it or put some type of
          controls on metals as well. http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/?pid=14611

          Hard Assets, durable goods, tradable goods.
          Medical supplies/needs, pet supplies/needs.
          ….on and on and on – Again depending on your situation.

          If you team up with other reliable trustworthy preppers (family/friends), you may be able to plan better and utilize resources & information.

          Just use caution, and always keep a low profile, I like blending in with the sheep sometimes. And oh boy are them sheep every where.

          Good luck on your prepping adventures !!

          P.S. If people know your a prepper, which they should not (my mininum standard = is that person a prepper ?) you may be laughed at, ridiculed, get funny looks, teased, ect ect. Ignore such responses and brush em a side, no explaining no arguing no debating, it just aint worth it. Unless of course someone is seriously interested.

          • Speaking of metals, I just saw this interesting article on the Wall Street Journal:

            Millions of Tons of Metals Stashed in Shadow Warehouses

            The world’s metal is slipping into the shadows.

            Banks, hedge funds, commodity merchants and others are stashing tens of millions of tons of aluminum, copper, nickel and zinc in a hidden system of warehouses that span the globe.

            These facilities are known to some in the industry as “shadow warehouses” because they are unregulated and don’t disclose their holdings.

            Here’s the full story:


          • Thedamhasaholeinit,
            — I get a great kick out of some of the log on names people give themselves.
            I consider you tied for first of my favorites along with Buttcrackofdoom.
            — Happy New Year —
            – Miss Dee Dee

        • Donna in NM…

          We all have our own views on this.

          I have accumulated a bunch of PMs over the last 5 years. I have stopped buying. I think they will be worth, at most, face value in a collapse. Then again, I don’t believe there will be a “reset” back to anything like there is now. You will most likely be selling those PMs for less than you paid to survive BEFORE things reach bottom.

          Good thing you at least bought them when they were priced lower than a year ago. If the price spikes upward in the near future, unload them and get some arable land if you don’t have any now. Learn how to feed yourself from that land as much as possible. It takes time to learn to do this.

          Food and water security will be the most important things to have. Guns to hunt and protection will be useful. Try to learn how to live locally since your vehicles will eventually be stranded at the end of the driveway.

          These are just my plans… most people on here think there will be a reset of some kind. I don’t.

          When the SHTF it scatters. You will not be picking it up and putting it back together. It will be TEOTWAWKI (don’t see that much on here anymore).

          Good luck and get crackin’

        • Donna–watch ‘Contagion’, ‘The Road’, and especially read ‘One Second After’ for lots of ideas what to do with those resources. 🙂
          Think, ‘what if I couldn’t leave the house for a year?’
          That question pretty much gives me lots of ideas when I do that.

        • Donna in NM
          welcome to the site, you are the first one i have seen to say they live in NM and so do i, glad to have a neighbor!

        • Donna in NM, welcome aboard and to the world of prepping. Whatever cash you have available should be invested in storable foods like freeze-dried or canned goods, water, water storage, water purification items are especially important, medical supplies, camping equipment, guns, ammo, etc. Things that are guaranteed to keep you and your family alive in any adverse situation. I would start doing it like yesterday. you will eventually receive a ‘dividend’ from your investment called ‘peace of mind’, knowing you’re doing the right thing for yourself and your family, knowing you can and will survive what’s coming. If possible, also start a garden and get some livestock. braveheart

          • Not sure if there is anything that is guaranteed to keep you alive. Just things that will improve your chances. In the end some unprepared will survive just due to dumb luck.
            Perhaps I should design a prepper product “guaranteed to keep you alive or double your money back”. Wouldn’t have to worry about giving any money back, lol.
            Good post and good advice BH.

        • Donna in NM,
          — Welcome to the site. I learn something new almost every day. I do try to stay afar from the sometimes childish arguments of the trolls and the people who just love to waste time and page space. Good luck and trust in yourself.
          — Miss Dee Dee

      45. The author goes out of his way to tell us how his source went to extreme lengths to not get caught….then tells us his source is soon retiring and is a man. Two identifiers that were unnecessarily revealed and could cause this source to be caught….if he were real.

      46. It appears that some people on this blog are so busy attacking each other , that they forget the subject. For me I’m going out Saturday and buy some silver. Peace.

      47. Oh good God – not this crap again! I’ll bet that next Christmas we read again about another “insider” with knowledge of some sinister plan being concocted.
        UT Out.

      48. Ms. Janet already gave us a similar warning and specifically said we will need to respond to multiple events occurring simultaneously. If you also listen to news sources outside of our own, such as European, Asian, and even news sources from Iran you can get a better picture of what is being planned. Whether the event(s) are sourced from within or without our country is somewhat irrelevant. Just use the time to continue to prepare.

      49. I just listened to the last hour of Ground Zero tonight with Clyde Lewis. My radio station only plays the last
        hour of his show.

        Clyde was discussing tonight this judges ruling that NSA collection of phone records is legal. Judge William
        Pauley. Of New York. Of course, the state that I live in.

        Clyde was questioning his audience; “Do you feel as if you are in a Police State? Do you feel as if you are in a state of emergency?”

        Clyde Lewis had serious misgivings about the year of 2014 and what it might bring.

        I don’t know what to think anymore. Am I living in a police state? Yes, it feels like it to me.
        I also feel I have to watch my words around people, esp. regarding Obama.

        Is there a State of Emergency? Some on the show felt the U.S. has always been in a state of emergency since 1913, when the federal reserve was initiated.

        Is Clyde fear mongering? Do you think the U.S. is in a
        state of emergency or a police state?

        I just may have to stop listening to the show, so I can
        get some sleep at night.

        Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. Thank you.

        • Emily…

          The corporate US is a police state AND in a “State of Emergency”. We have been living this since 1933 when the country was bankrupted and turned over to the bankers for “repayment”.

          It is renewed by every president since then by Executive Order. Barack Obama renewed the State of Emergency in March of 2012 by EO 13603. Look for him to renew it by March 2014 as they do it every two years.

          Bankers rule the world, for now. The corporate government takes it’s orders from them.

          We will see how much longer it lasts. When the oil pipelines slow to a trickle, they will lose that control.
          I think within 5 years it all collapses.

        • Emily,
          I don’t think the term “Police State” is an especially useful one; it tends to be used to describe all states that have any of the features of authoritarian rule yet, in reality, there is a broad spectrum from libertarianism to totalitarianism along which the world’s states are arranged.

          The United States is acquiring features of authoritarianism. If we do nothing about it, we could possibly degenerate to thorough-going authoritarianism. Bush and Obama have presided over broad decay in our civil liberties. However, the American Executive Branch of government is only one piece in a great puzzle.

          Here are some things to be concerned about. I shamelessly ripped off some of them from articles on the Innernets (cf. G. Bush, “I hear there’s rumors on the Internets that we’re going to have a draft. I don’t know how many of these Internets are carrying these rumors.”)

          1. Indefinite military detentions of U.S. citizens.
          2. Targeting U.S. citizens for killing
          3. Arresting witnesses for recording police actions
          4. Using GPS to track your every move
          5. Surveillance drones spying on American soil
          6. Militarization of state and municipal police departments
          7. Attempts to disarm the American public
          8. Unreasonable searches and seizures of personal property at concerts, festivals, airports, and even homes

          If you are easily freaked out, lessen your exposure to alarmist media. We already know the real state of things; try to concentrate on doing something productive.

          As others have pointed out here, faith matters. It gives you courage, peace of mind, and enables you to focus and get things done, especially in distressing times like we live in today.

        • Emily, this is only my 2 cents worth, but for one, I would not submit to the culture of fear concerning your speech. NEVER SUBMIT TO CENSORSHIP. Have you or anyone else ever noticed they only try to censor the speech of white people and NEVER THE SPEECH OF ANY MINORITY GROUPS? No, I never ‘go along to get along’. I speak out against Obama and even against black crime in front of other black people all the time. some have tried to take me to task over it, but nobody does. NOBODY TELLS ME WHAT I CAN OR CANNOT SAY, PERIOD! I refuse to live in fear, period! braveheart

          • @ braveheart. Censorship is nothing but control. Censorship is used like raid of blackflag on most internet sites. It is an excuse for the fat ass owners of the sites to not defend an article they printed. Or it is to make the site look as friendly as possible to the sponsors. When you have a site that has thousands of visits each day, yet 10 or less comments, this is a big fat red flag that your comments will be trashed and your time wasted writing them out.

            It is always nice to see a ratio of 100 to 1 or less of visits to comments submitted here. This shows what a free site this. I truly hope others will compare this site to the other a$$hole sites out there and see just how much freedom of speech we are allowed here. I appreciate freedom of speech and hate political correctness toxin that censors so much now almost as much as I totally hate those MF’s that are trying to take our self defense away and destroy the 2nd Amendment.

            • BI, good day to you, sir, and I have to agree totally. I still won’t submit to censorship regardless. I’m not surprised when the trolls come on here and attack us. I always expect that; I’m always ready to jump on them anyway. But when some of OUR OWN REGULAR MEMBERS OF THE COMMUNITY start attacking the site and Mac, that sends up a red flag in my mind. Facebook Page for example. I know he means well and we don’t always agree on things, but this time I had to take exception to him calling Mac a censor. We all know Mac better than that. FBP knows better than that. There have been times when the attacks on our site get to me more than they should. I just get so tired of the attacks on us. When we start getting attacked by our own people, everyone needs to sit up and take notice. braveheart

          • Hi Braveheart:

            I hope you had a great Christmas and I want to wish you a Happy New Year.

            I do have a question for you. How will you know if a site begins to censor someones posts? If a regular poster disappears from a site will you assume they just lost interest or could it be that the management decided to not let their posts be seen?

            There is no way anyone could let you know they are being censored Braveheart. It will be a sad day if that should happen but I believe eventually the internet will be subject to such scrutiny that anyone who dares voice an opinion that goes against tptb’s spin will be censored at the least; or worse, paid a visit by the ‘thought police’.

            • POG, I’ll try to answer that. I believe that no matter what website you go to, whether in the alternative media or mainstream media, a regular poster could disappear for any number of reasons. I’ve been coming here since May 2012 and never had any trouble. I used to go to some MSM sites before then and got kicked off every one of them after going there just one time. That’s how intolerant of free speech the corporate mainstream media is in my view. If any ‘thought police’ ever approach me, they’ll wish they hadn’t. MOLON LABE braveheart

            • Granny,
              Y’ ever visited any “.onion” sites? You’d need to install the Tor Browser bundle and check the links in my next post to get lists of .onion sites.
              I know, they can and have been infiltrated by feds, most notably Silk Road, but it’s safer that Facebutt (which was funded by In-Q-Tel and Accel Partners).

              • Nimrod Hunter, I’ve never heard of the “.onion” sites. Anything special about them? braveheart

                • braveheart,
                  “.onion” is a virtual Top Level Domain (like .edu, .com, .net) that becomes available when you fire up the Tor browser. The Tor network is something like an encapsulated “internet within an internet”. Inside of that, there are “hidden services”. Those are things like public encrypted proxy servers, Bitcoin payment processors, web hosting, blogs, messaging apps and IRC, lists of “bad” (Fed-operated) Tor exit nodes, H/P/A/W/V/C sites, and some darker stuff.

                  .Onion sites are provided to grant anonymity, make it possible to evade national censorship, and to give an opportunity to whistle-blowers. That anonymity is also being exploited by various kinds of black market operators.

                • Also, braveheart, you could use the TAILS operating system. It has anonymity features, encrypts everything, and doesn’t write to the local hard drive. Download it and make a bootable USB stick. Most newer PCs will boot from a USB device, though you might have to change the boot order in the BIOS of some PCs.

                  Here’s the download link for TAILS.

            • Po’d Granny my thoughts exactly, we have no way of knowing when someone is being censored. Just like at first, we’ll have no way of knowing when someone is arrested for some bogus charge, that it was really because they were a dissenter. Just like all the talk about FEMA camps, don’t know if I really believe it or not. But I do live in the West, and I know of ranches that have a lot of big buildings that sit back off of the road a good distance that you just don’t go to, and neither does anyone else other than workers. How do we know what might go on in these buildings. Lots of Horse and cattle trailers go in and out, what might be hauled in them? Probably only horses and cattle. Just some thoughts. Trekker Out

      50. Every civilization shall rise and fall. Fear is the greatest weapon in war and the tool to destroy a civilization. Faith is the greatest weapon to win a war and the tool to rebuild a civilization. It is time to accept our Fate, show no fear and gladly lay our heads on the guillotine. I am not saying without a fight but to have no fear of death. It is time as the bible says that the earth needs to be scorched. You have to burn a house down before you rebuild it. The last in line is the first in heaven. “Free will” gives you the option for two paths. Live a life of no fear due to your extreme faith or live a life of fear and have no faith. We all have the option of forgiveness but all of these types of fear stories instill fear and weakness to most and this will lead them to be decieved . We who have no fear and have extreme faith must help the weak break their fear enough to place there heads on the guillotine with faith that they will walk with Jesus. Yes prep and be ready but the greatest glory is to die for Jesus Christ as he did for us.

      51. I was watching some music videos and before these there are those irritating commericals, and one really caught me. It was about credit card fraud and what can be done to prevent it. DUH, use CASH and grind up those worthless credit cards. No fraud with cash, pay and remain anonymous.

        This is an ENORMOUS part of the any future economic collapse and part of any planned collapse, PERSONAL CREDIT CARDS and the deep dependency on them. People become totally blinded to what they are spending and how much, they lose all sense of value and what garbage they are buying and what they are. This addiction is awful and is poison. People even have a type of controlled body language when they pull out that worthless piece of plastic. Then these Mongoloids don’t even check the receipt to make sure that the cashier did not make a mistake.

        It would be most difficult to get more people to drop the credit card drug addiction, but IF this happened and people started using cash for ALL purchases the bankers would lose a magnitude of control over the population. The more people you can influence to use cash, the more you are flipping the bird to the bankers and those that aim to cause a future economic debacle to benefit their own pockets. Even though cash is fiat currency, it still is visable and someone knows their boundaries to how much they can spend within their budget. A credit card has no budget, and very few people actually practice smart finances. Some do, most don’t. Besides all of this the change you get back is kind of nice to put it into a jar and months later cash it in and purchase something you need that otherwise you might not have had the money to do so.

        • Dave Ramsey has been helping people do this for years. His philosophy is get out of debt, don’t live above your means and don’t use credit cards unless you can pay them off at the end of the month in full.

        • Informed,use cash as much as possible but will say a debit card sometimes necc. for on line purchases,some places do not accept money orders/checks though use money orders for ammo om line ect. to break trail,have delivered to work sites as has to be signed for.When going thru change jugs I look and still rarely find something silver plus a lot of wheat backs and buffaloes,plus save all nickels and pre 82 pennies.

      52. Hagmann is a buffoon who gets rich spreading fear and misinformation. What else would you expect from a buffoon. He’s so full of himself it is sickening… just go to his website Northeast Intelligence Network AKA HomelandSecurityUS. Yep… he probably does have someone “embedded deeply” called “Rosebud”, and they probably work at his site HomelandSecurityUS. Maybe it’s Steve Quayle in drag since they seem to be so closely connected with each other.

        • Son, when the hammer is dropped, just suck it up and keep your head firmly lodged up your butt; perhaps then you won’t have to see what is happening all around you.

      53. Its 4:51am who gives a hoot. Heard this before.

      54. Do not waster your time with this so called “source”. He gives little or no information. Dave Hodges site provides better and more concrete information.

        • You do realise that Dave was on Doug’s show the other day 😉

          Wake up, this is not a competition, Dave and Doug are fighting the same war, wtf are you doing????

      55. Cut some more hedge firewood for 2015.

        Next years garden is going to be awesome with more rain barrels. Eight TRUCK loads of compost spread.

        Lost a new pullet to a hawk today.

        • Earlier this fall, I had a hawk dogging my flock. The dog chased one off the coop run fence. They hid under the bushes til it got chased. I took a large ceramic owl that was laying around and drilled a hole in the bottom and ran a piece of metal conduit in it. I mounted that to a fence post.

          Hawks don’t like owls…seems to work here for when the dog’s not around.

      56. WWIII is a comin’…

        CHINA HAS JUST SENT WARSHIP’s NEAR USSA WATERS and territories in open defiance of ameriKa / nato imperialism .

        * china is to establish a military base defensive string-of-peals (Chinese invaded captured foreign pacific islands i.e. the philipines and japan exterior islands and atolls)in defense of fascist ameriKa / nato aggression and threats throughout asia .

        Bozo Obama is poking the Chinese Red Dragon with a sharpened twig … a few more times and WHAM !!!


        watch gonna do then ???

        see link below …

        ‘Molon Labia’ ;0p

        • CHINA HAS JUST SENT WARSHIP’s NEAR US Territory WATERS within ship launched nuke tipped cruise missile striking range of the ameriKan West coast military and naval bases .

          ‘Barry the Fairy’ Obama is going to get us all killed , if he and the cia keep messin’ with china !!!


          • Still using YouTube for your info. Still playing in the slow lane

        • groove on the rubble

      57. Outside intervention. China buying up assets here in US along with Gold. The reset in new currency model as opposed from current Dollar Reserve Status will be gold backed. Along with China stating a disarmed US after Sandy Hook and states chipping away real fire power to fight back from citizens is all I need to know. Latest from drudge is that female Marine no longer have to pass a physical fitness test. Next will be men. Softing up the troops.

      58. In tough times life can still be enjoyable,listen to the music these kids make with basically materials pulled from trash piles: http://www.fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/the-landfill-harmonic-orchestra/70301 ,shows not only can folks survive in tough economic times but also enjoy life and create beauty,we could learn a lot from these kids when think about how easy we have had it in comparison for most of us in this country.

      59. Nothing here to see……move on…….

        Nothing said that we do not already know……

        Ponder if real purpose of info like this is to stir certain factions of the public to a violent reaction?

        From my point of view, I am more concerned about the earth changes that are upon use that this.

      60. whether or not the DHS “insider” story is true really does not matter. As others have clearly pointed out here, we have a series of conditions that justify the consideration of worst case scenarios. I personally believe that our political system was hijacked decades ago. Anyone who stood in the way got whacked, ( JFK, RFK ). Nixon was a traitor, taking the USA off the gold standard, but even so, he was taken down for not playing ball somewhere along the line. Reagan narrowly escaped.

        then, of course, you have the world wide debt bomb. There is no escape from the inevitable collapse of this house of cards. I just marvel at the insanity of the pundits and others who act as if not a damn thing is wrong. We can all speculate about who is truly behind all of this, but it almost does not matter. The end will be ugly. I also believe that American citizens are thankfully armed to the teeth, and this will be our salvation long term.

        I have read some estimates that bout 3 million families are preppers. I am sure it is a lot more. I travel a lot in business, both domestic and international, Most business guys I talk to open up and tell me what they have been doing. Pretty amazing stuff. Likewise, I have a small place way up in a little mountain community. Almost all my neighbors prep. Nobody much talk about it. But in a small village, impossible to not know what’s up.

        So sure, we can all speculate as to when and why. Only thing that matters is that we remain aware and keep prepping. It will be up to us to rise up out of the ashes and start anew.

      61. Thursday, Dec.26th, 7PM, North Riverside Mall west of Chicago. Security tried to remove 150 “urban teens” for safety of the shoppers. Huge fight breaks out. 10 suburban PDs show up to help. No arrests. No arrests? This is who we are prepping for. Eric Holder protects them. Who protects you?

        • This is why drones, cctv cameras, NSA snooping…..are needed. Unfortunately no L.E.O. had riot control automatic shotguns to deal with the ghetto yoofs effectively. This is going to become more and more common until Law enforcement starts to use lethal froce to subdue such criminal ghetto scum.

      62. @ Warchild. You are correct that those debit cards you can purchase for like $3.95 will keep you anonymous. People use these for gifts all the time. I am extremely suspecious of any companies that will not accept money orders. I can understand checks, but money orders are almost safe as accepting cash. A company that won’t accept money to be paid is a company that is stuck into the credit card disease. They get incentives from the banks for getting people to charge things, plus it is easier. Again, a company that will not accept money orders that helps pay their bills and turn a profit is a company that I will not personally deal with.

        If you use one of those store bought debit cards, what is nice about those is speed of delivery. Sending a money order through the snail mail takes longer. I think using those automatic pay systems that a company takes money from your bank account or paycheck is absolute insanity. It is pure laziness and taking you out of making decisions and seeing what is happening to your finances. I have known people using these horrible pre pay craps and been throughly burned for it. Anyone retarded to use these should know that many of these companies have extensions that are in foreign countries like India. They have access to you personal records on top of falsely charging you the incorrect amounts. People have become zombies with their own money.

        I tell you, when life was simple there was so fewer problems. You did not have 40 million people that had their personal credit hacked at Target stores. These fools went in “thinking” they were safe and sure enough they were not. I feel sorry for any victim of a crime, but truly the stupid had something like this coming to them. If you don’t have the money to purchase a bunch of Chinese junk for Christmas you should never be putting yourself in debt charging everything. If you do have the money, and you use a credit card to purchase unless junk instead of using cash then these people deserve a lesson to not be such dumbsh#@$.

        This to me is something that is way more critical than credit cards and finances. It is that after thousands of years of living with civilization, people in general have become dumber now than any time previous. 1000 years ago people worshipped false idols and made up whacked out stories, but they could function a hell of a lot better than now. They had spacial wisdom, they knew mathematics, they had common sense, they could grow their own food, they were aware of the world around them. In other words their brains were far more functional than now. Stupid people don’t live very long. 99% of the people don’t prepare for anything, and at least 1/3 of those people EASILY have enough money to do so very extensively.

        This is the point I am trying to make. The 1% of people that actually have common sense are the ONLY chance for humanity not going extinct. Any animals that lack the common sense and wits about them like 99% of the population would be easy prey and not last very long in nature. Even the common rabbit has the sense to be alert and run at danger. Even sheep run. Most people now are zombies, android like. A world wide calamity would take out 99% of the people no problem.

        The 1% of those left still retain the inventive skills, the ability to adapt, the mental toughness. This is why I continue to give praise to the preppers/survivalists, the ONLY hope for humanity after there is a supervolcano, solar EMP, nuclear war, whatever that would end of the world as everyone knows it type of event or series of events.

        • Speaking as one of those fools, I had the money, just not in the green, foldable variety. I used my debit card, not a credit card.

          So far, no suspicious activity on my account. **knock on wood**

          • @ Jenn. Anytime you use a means of paying for something in a retail store with a way of tracing in back to your personal identification, it is a game of chance. This includes even checks. Eventually the odds of getting burned catches up with many people. A debit card bought in a retail store is safe because you remain anonymous, it is like a gift card. Personal debit cards are still dangerous because they have a link to you. Debit cards are a hell of a lot smarter than any credit card and is way more responsible. However in this age of cyber crime, why take a risk? In some crime areas I suppose it might be better not to carry cash, better to carry a firearm or some other self defense tool.

            At least using cash to me far outweighs the consequences of ID crime and the convenience of a card that can be connected to your life by a crook. I truly hope that the knock on wood you talk about is not the “woodpecker” that finally broke through your line of defenses and put deep holes into your personal information sometime in the future. Just takes one time, and like they were talking about it can affect you for 2 years or more with major headaches trying to straighten everything out with your finances and personal information that a sticken criminal scum can figure out how to physically go after you, your home and much more.

      63. The whole .GOV system with security is nothing but a potemkin village , nothing is as its seems you see all the security on display you see the equipment , you hear the stories about the great MRAP build up and DHS flexing it’s muscle . It all a charade the MRAPs’s aren’t deployable most are not in running condition , the Deisel fuel in storage tanks is contaminated because it was filled 3 years ago and no one has checked it’s viability. Most of the HI TECH equipment is inoperative due to lack of maintenance and improper storage in GSA buildings that are short on maintanence , roof leaks , improper climate control etc. , the weapons are on their last legs and are hand me downs that last saw an armorer when it left the military supply chain years ago .stockpiled ammunition improperly stored in heat and cold reducing reliability. it’s all a lie the money supposed to be used for this never made it past the appropriation committe’s and down the chain of command more was removed and pocketed by the people in charge. Most of the so called contracts were funneled to poliitical friends for favors and grossly over budgeted . Most DHS .gov workers are not payed well , Govt Scale as of late , Benefits are COMPLETELY paid by the employee, between that and taxes over HALF my pay goes to taxes and fee’s. The level of incompetence is unbelievable at the supervisory level many are political appointee’s who know NOTHING about security or Tactics. but other than that they are all Einsteins (LOL) they spend more time and energy on sensitivity and diversity training that actual useful exercises to protect vital interests I.e. ( the public). If something does happen as the article hints at, the panic and disorganization would prevent any sort of organized and effective response would be EPIC FAIL
        ( hint here you are on your own and responsible for your own well being) there are many at this agency feel the same way, we are here to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic , we serve by the will of the American people and are UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO OBEY AN ILLEGAL ORDER.

        All of the Munitions DHS supposively is stockpiling is another false “disimformatzia ” what I really think is this was destined for overseas with plausible deniability , during the IRAN CONTRA affair in the 1980’s many catches of ammunition captured from the FMLN in EL SALVADOR were smuggled in from NICARAGUA and were American commercial headstamped . we recovered a lot of 7.62X39 and 5.56×45 headstamped Winchester (WCC 89) all were in grain sacks containing about 4000 rds each. All the ammo was removed from its boxes in an attempt to conceal its source. All of this ammo was obtained in the US by being purchased in small lots possibably never exceeding 1000 rounds with each buy at normal retail outlets to avoid suspicion. With hundreds of sympathizers from LA to NY a substantial Quanity could be accumulated and then smuggled across the border to Mexico then down to Guatemala ending up in the hands of the FMLN in El Salvador. (S2 sources at the time, I kept a journal during my USMC years) I know this story all to well I was a Military Adviser at the time involved in training a counter terrorism unit ( Atlacatl Immmediate Reaction Battalion of the Salvadoran Army) . So it is not a far stretch of the imagination that all of our ammo that has been in shortage lately may have found its way to Syria and other middle east destinations.
        We all know of the scandals and atrocities that occurred durning this era .

        So here is the real “insider information”

        It’s straight out of Sun Tzu , Appear strong when you are weak, appear weak when you are strong.

        Let people illegally imigrate from parts of the world that have never had Liberty and have lived under tyranny to benefit a certain political element , remind them you let them come here, register them to vote , keep them as a permanent dependent underclass that will always vote for this political class to get free stuff increasing your power base. Gradually your rights will dissolve and your Republic will turn into a MOBACRACY. When you can no longer support the class that votes for a living rather than working for it coupled with an incompetent security apparatus .
        The Barbarians will be at the gates.

        It’s all a PSYOP.

        The Dear Leader has kept one Promise. He has fundamentally Transformed America.
        When the festivities start it is going to be really ugly.

        “Give me five years and you will not recognize Germany” Adolph Hitler September 1939

        “Give me four more years and you will not believe America ” Barak Obama November 2012




        Semper Fi 8541

        • Thanks brother…Semper Fi.

        • Night breaker, that was a very interesting post. Back in 2002, DHS was supposedly set up by 2 former high-ranking officials of the old Soviet KGB along with Markus Wolf, the head of the Stasi secret police in the former East Germany. I’d like to hear your take on why we would allow any foreigners, especially some with blood on their hands, to set up a government agency for us. We’ve always managed to set up our own government agencies with our own people pre-911. Why was it different with the creation of DHS? What do you believe DHS was created for? braveheart

          • Braveheart,
            It’s my understanding (all this is above my pay grade! ) DHS was established to prevent the kind of confusion that occurred during 911 between agencies not sharing intel and information. During the Clinton Era walls were erected in a sense that did not permit sharing of information . External threats were handled by the NSA and CIA these agencies were not permitted to operate CONUS by law and they did not share information and intellegence with domestic law enforcement agencies. ( law was passed during the Nixon Administration due to abuses during the Vietnam era ) The FBI was responsible for all investigations occuring on US soil.
            DHS was established to bridge the gap between both of these agencies and to be a clearing house of intel that could be distributed to the appropriate agencies as part of an INTEGRATED national security infrastructure.

            The story of the meeting with Markus Wolf stems from an intelligence gathering operation, the former East Germany had extensive ties to terriorist operations in Libya and other Middle Eastern Countries (Lebanon, Syria, Iran) he was extensively involved with the Moslem brotherhood in Egypt which later breed Al Quada and led to the assination of Anwar Sadat .( footnote to this story the moslem brother hood was originally set up as a Fascist movement by the German Abwher in he 1930’s.) The East Germans knew where the bodies were buried so to say. Some former Soviet officials were tapped for what they knew about the operations and whereabouts of individuals in the Taliban controled areas in Afghanistan , you remember at the time the Russians were dealing with their own problems in Chetchnya and attacks that were occuring in Moscow itself.
            It’s seems like the cold war as an unintended conseqence created the monster that is known as radical Islam.

            As far as I know there was no foreign involvement in the creation of DHS , a lot of the organization in creating the agency was intelligence based in partnership with NATO and our Allies in this respect. Operationally DHS was modeled on the old civil defense networks of the 1950’s modernized to reflect 21st Century concerns working in conjunction with other federal agencies , FEMA, FBI, US Marshall service. ( The US Military is forbidden by law from civil operations on US soil by the Posse Commitatus Act.only the national guard can be called up by an appropriate order of the states governers, Martial Law Can only be implemented by the Direct Command of the President AND CONGRESSES approval, limited Martial Law can only be implemented by the Governor of that state and the National Guard is bound by the Uniform code of military justice. All law enforcement at military Facilities / bases is bound by this law.
            DHS was intended to be an agency used to deal with preventing Catastrophic disasters manmade and natural on US soil and to organize a recovery from them if they occur.
            Many attempts have been thwarted over the years and the general public may never know the exact number that ere prevented.

            DHS’s mission is to protect the American homeland from external threats on infrastructure, commerce and the civil population from overt acts of terrorism on US soil.

            That was the original intent , the agency now is badly managed and suffers severe moral problems.

            I hope that answers some of the questions .

            Semper Fi 8541

            • Night breaker, I appreciate your response and I’m sure you sincerely believe everything you posted. I understand and respect that. But as you said, you’re most likely not at the proper pay grade to know anything sinister; I understand that. I just hope and pray what you said is true, but there is a great deal of suspicion and lack of trust concerning DHS just like any other federal agency, so I’m sure you can understand I or anyone else being skeptical of DHS or any other federal agency’s intentions toward the American people. braveheart

              • Braveheart,
                I think the biggest fear we all have is an unexpected event or combination of events by themselves not causing problems alone , but in combination producing a severe Criisis of unimagineable proportions that overwhelms the system producing such a state of disorder that no agency or form of Goverment can control or prevent.
                That precisely is what we prepare for truely then we will be on our own.
                What ever happens its origin and timing will be unknown and unexpected .
                If you have noticed not just through the “Optics” of the preparedness movement alone , but commercials on TV , businesses springing up supporting the concept and yes even government getting involved ( the gov. Ready web sites) . After Katrina and super storm. Sandy people are waking up to the sobering realization that we live in a very fragile state of existence dependent on modern technology .


                Semper Fi 8541

          • Braveheart:

            I know you are sincere in finding the truth of what is happening to your beloved country.

            When you read ANYONE’S post here you can immediately go to the internet and begin searching the subject for yourself and decide for yourself what the truth of the post is. Sometimes you need to go to page 2 or even 3 of the subject you are checking out to get to the ‘nitty gritty’. Control, Braveheart, is the end game.

            If you noticed in my post on the set up of the DHS the KGB agent, Pimakov stated “when the national ID card is issued AND THE POSSE COMITATUS ACT IS OVERTURNED, and other forms of repressive legislation are approved, the White House will have required greater control over the American people than the Kremlin could exert when Stalin was alive.”

            I know that you feel that something is not right in America, and like the rest of us, you are digging for the truth.

            Google the Department of Homeland Security hires KGB Russians; read the many articles there, and then you, Braveheart, decide what has really happened.

            One of the links is the Christian Observer Blogspot; but there are MANY other links to choose from…….

      64. WWIII : untold Truths about the upcoming ZOG (israeli zionist jew) War on Iran .

        * worth watching as it’s your child who will die a horrible death for the false jews of isreahell .

        ‘Molon Labia’ ;0p

        see link below …

          • Tel Aviv. Was such a fantastic party town when I worked in that part of the world. And the IDF women are stone cold freaks. There was one Should of brought here back with me. Legs for miles. And in shape oh my.

        • Oh wow, you said ” isreahell ” now I know you must be the one because only the one would know that which the one would know. I am in AWE!!!!

      65. Above there is talk about censorship on this site. First dangerous links that can affect people’s computers with viruses are something that must be screened. I personally am very careful about giving a link that might be a hazard to others.

        Next is something that I personally don’t want to see, someone giving threats that the feds could find an excuse to shut down the site. This must be deleted for the protection of everybody.

        The anti Jewish, anti whatever is something that I have found is seldom censored here. It can be irritating, but I just hit the down button and read those comments that have interest to me. I myself have sometimes become very upset over what the muslims do to innocent Christians, their own people, animals, and many others and expressed myself over this. I sometimes have to vent the way I feel when I see 38 innocent people murdered on Christmas just for the hell of it for example.

        Anyone that feels that this is not a free site should try to get comments through on other web sites that use the false premise of bashing to make all the comments coming in as patronizing as possible for the owner of the site. I have been permantently banned on 3 sites because I have strong opinions and I express them. I will give criticism of an article printed that has much merit to it that the owner of the site can’t have a good comeback for. When it looks bad for owner of the site they would rather delete it than print it and look foolish. They then say it was bashing. Yet they totally “allow” talk against issues that they feel is okay to “bash”. Hypocrites to what they preach about government censorship being so horrible.

        I constantly see criticism of many articles printed here, yet Mac doesn’t trash them. This is what learning from each other. I fully admit this time the earthquake predictions made were delayed, yet if someone criticizes me over this I will attempt to figure out why it is not within this 15 day window this time. I think it is because a massive quake is building or a series of large earthquakes is coming again. Still I am not sure. I am still learning about earthquake forecasting each time this cycels renews itself.

        I am just glad that I can come on to a site that is so free. They are few of them left out there that don’t take down own personal information such as your E-mail, your real name, even some want your addrees or phone number. Talk about opening yourself up to fraud and attack. Then this site allows all sorts of foul language. I rather use symbols like f$%^, sh#$, etc. because they have more impact. I still might rare use these words when I am really pissed off at something. This is allowed and hardly is on most sites.

        Anyone that talks about censorship should do a comparison to other sites and they should find out this a a free site. I respect people that practice what they preach. I have big mouth but I am fair and hate with a passion these other sites that censor simply opinions. Take it from someone that has been banned like some monster from other sites that this is a free site like what the First Amendment fully meant for all of us. The poison of political correctness does not pollute this site like practically everywhere else. Seriously everyone, compare to other sites and you will see why I personally give a big thumbs up for this site and Mac for freedom of speech and retaining this, something that is a dying breed on the internet nowadays.

        • I do the same thing, Be Informed, with articles that do not interest me or articles that carry mis-information, I just scroll through them.

          A warning to business owners about money orders. Google counterfeit money orders…..you had better know your customer before you accept one.

          I remember being in Nevada a couple years ago and the ‘cashier cages’ had signs that they would not accept any money order because of the counterfeiting. The articles I googled today show that counterfeiting is still going on.

          • Counterfeit is your middle name, Grandpuff. Keep spewing it.

            • And yours Zpak is:

              AD HOMINEM

              • u mad?

        • BI,

          As usual your posts are honest and from the heart. I’m sure most everyone on this site appreciates what you contribute. I know I enjoy your earthquake predictions. We all know its not an exact science but just the fact that you put so much into it is commendable. My thanks to you and many others who make this site what it is.


        • BI. Just because the censorship here is very low. It still is censorship. And I agree the other sites are very strict and only want comments that help their writing to increase traffic. The writer of the above story is a prime example

          Yes this is a free site. But itnisnt the holy grail of the 1st admendment

          • thumbs up

      66. I feel like something is about to pop soon. It’s very palpable today.

        • You say people but to be accurate, you should say black youths

          • Actually, I prefer something more descriptive:

            ..feral negro youfs!

            • What do people think of incidents like the Knockout game and riots by Minorities?

              Are they afraid? Don’t care? Just another day in somebody’s else’s neighborhood.

            • MT

              Whoop! There it is!

              Exactly. I do not care if it is Jews or Muslims, black or white. Male or female. Young or old. When it goes down, there are New Rules. Justification for certain actions. Not to rationalize it to minimum standards to remove human compassion but the right to survive and protect loved ones.
              Gonna be a whole new ballgame and if you can not embrace violence, you might as well die.

              • At what point of the right to survive go up against someone else right to survive.

            • IF the police had really wanted to do the job correctly full auto riot control shotguns should have been used.
              This is why the Obamas want Americans,(read white people
              here),disarmed so that feral negroes can rape, murder,assualt,rob….with impunity. Also this is why gun laws are being inacted, so that eventually if you are armed you wont shoot an attacker,(read feral negroe yoof here), because you were no supposed to have any firearms.

        • Truth is being honest. It isn’t “teens” doing this, it is 100% blacks doing this.

      67. Well said, BI.

        And I hope when we do disagree with each other, no one takes it personally. You need a thick skin in today’s world.

        • @ JRS. Just like freedom of speech, freedom of self defense, FREEDOM, we all should never take any of this for granted and always appreciate what we have and those that continue to give us those freedoms. I am loyal as hell to those that support those freedoms that are suppose to be guaranteed to all of us.

          It is so sad and pathetic how so many totally brain dead and/or lost souls out there lawyer up and loophole those freedoms to suit their own personal selfish desires. Anytime any of these other web sites fall into that goverment type political correctness disease, they are only nailing close their own future coffins IF and WHEN the government kills all of our rights to speak and even think freely.

          • Hey BI; Did you see the earthquakes in Tonga 5.8 and also the Ascension islands 5.2 and was wondering about the volcano on the Canary Islands that is building? If you commented about it let me know where i might find it?
            Also did you see where the Chinese have there war ships off the coast of California ??

      68. People talk about living the “American Dream” as if it’s about buying a McMansion and a shiny new four door pickup.

        That’s just corporate programming through teevee AKA Eddie Bernay’s school of “public relations”.

        It’s more about living life the way you see fit, without interference from the criminal classes…that includes those with “official” titles, shiny badges or polished black Bates duty shoes.

      69. Headline when I opened up my computer:


        When Senator Harry Reid invoked the ‘nuclear option’ to change senate rules of presidential nominations it was partly to allow Obama to install his appointees at regulatory agencies and to appoint judges who in many cases will HELP DECIDE THE FATE OF THE REGULATIONS THESE APPOINTEES ISSUE.

        The rules changes biggest impacts could be felt at the US Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia Circut which will end up reviewing many of the regulations enacted by Obama’s apppointees, helping increase the chances THAT THE EFFECT OF OBAMAS AGENDA WILL LAST LONG AFTER HE HAS LEFT THE WHITE HOUSE.

        It may not be as dramatic as passing sweeping regulation out of the congress but the reach of federal regulatory agencies is vast—perhaps nowhere are the stakes higher that at the EPA—they are trying an end run around congress that will include all the global warming regulations.


        Google the article. Komrad Reid just handed Obama his Christmas present early. Congress will be meaningless. And in case any of you who write articles that when we are rid of Obama we will be rid of the oppression, read the article again. These appointments “will insure that his agenda will carry on long after he is gone”.

        • Incidentally, referring to the title of the article here at shtf—-that ‘crisis of magnitude’ is going to hit January 1, when Americans find out the REAL CRISIS OF THEIR HEALTH CARE.

          When they find out they can no longer keep their doctor, when they find out that their local hospital cannot accept them (in one city alone, according to Fox news) 4 hospitals in one town are off limits to most people.

          When they find out they can no longer have the medications they have been taking.

          When they find out what their deductibles really are.

          When they find out that the ‘crisis of magnitude’ was their vote to continue the abomination of the Obama administration.

          2014 is going to be an interesting? year to say the least. Shameful what we have allowed to happen to this once prosperous and free nation. Shameful that we have been brainwashed to the point we dont, wont, and cant hold the people accountable for her downfall.

          • Howdy, Granny. I’m hearing through some personal sources that the 1st quarter of 2014 will become interesting. A few million unemployed people will have their checks cut off, Feb. will bring in a ‘government shutdown’ AGAIN, and budget cuts to other programs. Fasten year seat belt. It’s going to be a wild ride. braveheart

            • Can’t have a shut down like before. They did a two year bill. What they can do is run out of money to pay the bill higher than monthly income. Which pushes it to June because aprial I on of the month the bring in extra.

          • Exactly POG–the bank account # is given; the premium and deductibles are stated, documented.
            Now, January or after, the bank accounts have missing money because the premium was increased(surprise!!), and the deductibles will more than likely be higher also.
            What cha gonna do?
            You gave them your account #!!
            It will take months to get this straightened out and you get your reimbursement.

            • there will be no reimbursements…only more withdraws.

        • POG-

          That’s exactly what happened to the Roman Senators…they were basically nullified giving unto Caesar all the power. And we all know what happened to Caesar next. 😉

      70. Something bad is gonna happen. I can feel it. Just like the time I ate a half pund of baby swiss cheese. Damn near needed a c-section.

        • pound.

          • This new year, spell words any way you want, just to mess with people. 🙂

            Happy Holidays Maudy!

            • And Happy Holidays to you.

      71. When someone like Paul Volcker comes out and says the dollar will crash by March 2014, you better listen. It seems the powers that be care less and less what we know. This new year will be very intense. Everyone better pay attention and make some kind of preps for their household – it’s going to get ugly, and get ugly fast!!!!!!!!!

      72. Another thing most people are wrong about is the police. A lot of them will do what they’re told because of the threat to their families. Think about it. How graphic do I have to be? One of them doesn’t do what their told and one of their family members comes home in a body bag showing graphic evidence of torture. Or their wife or daughter is kidnapped and the officer is shown a video of them being gang raped. Once that happens to one cop the rest will fall in line.

        • Barn Cat

          A lot of them will do what they are told
          for the pay check at the end of the week.

          Police have debts just like everyone else.

      73. Who is this insider? The same one who leaked the info about the DHS buying all that ammo so it could not be purchased by us civilians? That myth was just debunked in a recent edition of “American Rifleman” an NRA publication. Of course, you gullible saps probably thing the NRA is part of the conspiracy, too, so you give that article no credibility. Of course, you show your gullibility every time you write some stupid crap on this site. Graze on you sheeple, graze on!

        • ncjoe, f#$% you! You’re the one with no credibility, useless troll. You’re gullible for the propaganda put out by the US government. Stop attacking the good people here and go f#$% yourself!

          • BH….just ignore this loser and maybe he’ll just go away. He provides nothing useful to this site.


            • Darkstar, I agree he never provides anything useful, but I’m still livid with people lying about Mac and this site. Ignore the trolls? Easier said than done. braveheart

        • NC Joe,
          They may not be buying ammo to keep it from the public, but they are surely buying more hollow point bullets than could ever be used by an agency with their mission statement, and hollow points cannot be used against enemy combatants in a foreign war (the prohibition against hollow points by the Hague Convention is one motive behind development of OTM ammo like the Marines’ MK-318). Who could possibly be the targets for all of that lethality-enhanced ammunition?
          The PDF of all the DHS long-term requisitions for many pistol calibers, rifle ammunition, and shotgun shells is publicly available on the Internet.

        • NC Joe:
          Why? Why do you belittle the people on this site?
          You are entitled to your opinion and I will not let anyone say that you are not, but to piss people off just for kicks is not what this site is for.
          If you want to have a good bebate GREAT, please do it.
          And if you do not like this site, don’t read it and you are free to leave.
          I hope you don’t because I like eveyones opinion.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

      74. The real pledge of allegiance as written by Robert Wayne Hinton Jr, inspired by God. I pledge allegiance to the saviour of the world, and to the forgiveness in which he stands, one Heaven under God, everlasting, with liberty and peace for all. Amen. Thank you God for waking me up! God manifest in the flesh as Jesus is the only way!

      75. Hagmann’s source confirms what I’ve been stating all along: it won’t HIT the fan, it will TAKE IT OUT– MULTIPLE things hitting AT THE SAME TIME!

        What will those things be at the same time?

        * a HAARP-generated West Coast tsunami;
        * a HAARP-generated New Madrid fault line Earthquake;
        * a Gulf of Mexico HAARP-created tsunami;
        * maybe a fourth false flag somewhere else.

        The result?

        – Banks close
        – Stores close
        – Massive panic ensues
        – Martial law is declared
        – Guns become confiscated
        – Checkpoints everywhere
        – English speaking Chinese and Russian soldiers arriving by highways and train stations

        to “assist” with Martial Law,

        which is a cover for them rounding everyone up to take to the Fema DEATH Camps!

        WHEN will this occur?

        Most likely during a January lull, about 1-3 weeks before the Super Bowl, when a lot of men are football-dependent and a lot of everyone else internet/cable-dependent.

        The last six articles at wwwdotthecommonsenseshowdotcom are crucial reading

        As are wwwdotjohnlearydotcom and wwwthewarningsecondcomingdotcom.

        First, Get right with your God and Christ. Next, Pray and prepare– spiritually, mentally, emotionally, provisionally. Then get ready to pray to Christ to send you your Guardian Angel who will then lead you to an Angel-protected place where you will be protected from the Antichrist and all his minions.

        – The Lone Ranger

        “Truth needs to be repeated as long as there are men who disbelieve it.” – Gandhi


        • The Lone Ranger:

          If anyone has been following your posts for the last few months they know that your ‘predictions’ have not come to be.

          Please let us know if you had your visit from Jesus Christ and where did you hide out during that time.

          Also the predictions for December were just that; even though you encourage people to follow your mentors advice.

          Thanks in advance for the update on my questions…..

          • I don’t feel intimidated nor put down by you, Pissed On granny. I have no reason to think less of myself, in any way. Strengthen your faith. God’s timing and humans’ timing are not one and the same. That being said, I sure wish it were!!!

            By the way, read the last 7 articles on Dave Hodges’ site. You might learn something. And yes, The Warning IS coming. Yes, we DID expect it this month, many of us did, but the ISON Comet is still about 92 million miles away. Although God could blink His eye and it could be here just like that, it will arrive in HIS time, not mine, not yours, nor anyone else’s.

            And as for hiding out? I don’t hide from no man, no woman, and I certainly don’t hide from your nasty toned cynicism behind which you hide YOUR true self. Or IS your true self your cynicism? What jaded you, granny? What wounded you earlier in life that you piss on well-intentioned folk here at shtf? Because that’s how I read you, how I feel you. Regardless, I STILL stand by every single thing I have written here. I refuse to apologize for my Faith and Won’t apologize for it, let alone my research. I don’t retreat, I don’t cower, I don’t succumb to bullcrap disguised in a nasty tone. I’ve successfully taken on nasty bosses as well as scapegoating governors. Yes, those battles did cost me a lot, but it would have cost far worse not to have engaged– that’s how crucial it is that we fight evil– but with intelligence and spiritual principles.

            So do yourself a favor: learn how to make the energy behind your so-called anger work for you, instead of using it to sling turds. I say that as a friend in the cause because you will need that energy to protect yourself against the upcoming Martial Law which WILL occur AFTER The Warning, followed by the declaration of the Antichrist, the rounding up of patriots and Christians to be beheaded and killed at the Fema DEATH camps, and much much more.

            Life is way too short to piss on people. I have done my very best to refrain from putting down others here. In addition, I don’t come here for approval. And Unlike you, I don’t come here for applause. I don’t need your approval nor do I desire it. I DO come here because in and outside my own occupation I fight evil every day and I fight for souls at the same time, including your own and my own. I put my heart and soul in my posts and they take time to write because if I can reach just one person, just one soul, then all glory be to God!

            Something wicked is already here, and something even MORE WICKED is COMING! Read Leary, read Hodges!!! But if you want to piss on me, if that makes you feel better, if that makes you feel righteous, I will not waste my precious energy or time to stop you or respond because there are far bigger issues here at stake, and we are dealing with principalities almost beyond human comprehension. The Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg group, the Trilateral Commission– they all take their orders from Satan. No wonder our whole world is so f—d up!

            I wish you well. I wish everyone well! No, I ain’t going anywhere. Tomorrow’s another day to weaken the machine, to protect souls from Satan, to share information, to enjoy life, to share God’s blessings, and to do battle with the insidious evils that the articles here at Mac’s site describe. One day at a time. Easy does it. Progress not perfection. The present moment offers us everything we need.

            – The Lone Ranger

            “The best battles ever fought ever won were those never even begun.”
            – Sun Tzu, in “The Art of War”

            “Whatever Became of Sin?” – title of Dr. Karl Menninger’s best selling book from decades ago

            “Evil results when good people remain silent.” – Edmund Burke

            “Those that make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” – JFK

            “Act as if everything depends on you but pray as if everything depends on God.” – St. Augustine

            • The LoneRanger:

              I ask you legitimate questions about the ‘predictions’ you have been posting for months and this is your answer?

              I could have stooped to calling your predictions lies which would make you a liar, Lone Ranger. And if those predictions are coming from Maria’s warning or Leary does that make them liars? Legit questions, don’t you think?

              You have no reason to try to judge what is in my heart, I love the Lord Jesus Christ, Lone Ranger, and I love America. I also love the TRUTH.

              Judging from your posts seems you are just as angry (pissed off) as I am about the TriLaterals, Bildebergers, Black Nobility, Family of 300, etc.al., as I am. I believe we will see martial law, fema camps, Christians rounded-up, etc., all done by ‘satans’ minions.

              Because you believe in Maria and her warning how is the new Pope working out for you? He is in bed with the rest of the evil doers; they have finally usurped the Vatican.

              Do you believe that Jesus Christ is just as angry at ‘satans’ gofers as you and I are, Ranger?

              Your concerns about America are legit, LoneRanger. Just quit putting timelines on them. Like Christ Jesus said…..no one but THE FATHER KNOWS EXACTLY WHEN.

              • I have a hard time believing you’re a Christian when you’re so nasty. You don’t appear to have any good spiritual fruit.

          • I have seen some of his posts, the predictions were scary indeed, however they did not come to be.

        • lol…now you KNOW the can of worms that will open on this website, Satori…too many deniers.

          • LOL

            yeah I know

            but people can read the evidence for themselves

            and accept it


            blow it off

            • Accept it or blow it off… either way. No one will get out of here alive! Neither opinions nor reality will change the facts regardless of whose mouth or ass it comes from. Again just for shits and giggles, ain’t no body gettin out of here alive… read my lips!

            • thenation.com is a communist rag that goes way back. Not a reliable source for anything.

              • …and begging for $100K to keep the site running.

                If your site ends in .com, you better have you own money to keep it up, or sell advertising that people want to buy.

                If not…you failed and are out of biz.

                That is how it works.

                • As Mac does with success.

              • BRAVEHEART:
                I have heard that rags name in many years.
                You are AGEING ourselves. It came out in the 70’s?

        • I don’t believe that hogwash for a second. Total crap. Every bit of that is part of the plan to place a carbon tax on every living creature on this planet. The “tax” will do NOTHING to reduce carbon emissions but it sure as hell will raise the cost of being alive. We will soon have to have a “license to breathe” or be arrested under the carbon tax agenda….errr…”Global Warming”. Don’t think so? Wait and see. When I was a kid we heard weekly how the planet was cooling down and how in ten years the entire world would be a huge ball of ice with all but the deep ocean critters surviving for the next 10,000 years. BULLSHIT. Now the push is on to tax the living shit out of every creature on this planet through a carbon tax. Look beyond the curtain to who is pulling the strings and see WHY they are doing it. Like everything else they will be lining their pockets with our stolen “tax” money while we starve and live like rats in an old barn. Look at Al Gore’s mansion. Look at Al Gore’s jets he flies all over the world in while spouting his bullshit about global warming. Don’t fall for this crap. Look at the ice caps. NASA shows the largest increase in the ice caps in decades in 2013 by hundreds of square miles. Does that sound like global warming? Use your head!

        • The sources in this article are laughable.

          Nasa for fuck sake. ipcc, Artic methane emergency group? funny how I tried several times to load that site and it couldn’t be found.

          Mother nature goes thru changes and man doesn’t have enough time or power here to affect anything that she does.

          I do agree with anonymus…if she blows ain’t no one getting out alive.

          I’m good with that…I have enjoyed the beautiful things that she has provided for us.

          However, she taught me the fight for survival on numerous occasions and I’m not leaving “without one helluva fight”

        • More horse hockey lunacy global warming douche bag lies. I will give them credit though: these psycho’s never stop with their disinformation tactics to rule the world.

      76. It would be so much more useful if the “source” turned over the evidence.

      77. Wouldn’t it be helpful if these “sources” would provide clear evidence. Their “sources” say they see these documents, over and, over. Cowboy up or go away…

      78. @ Thinker. You wanted to know about the recent earthquakes. The 5.8 always leads to major earthquakes, especially in South America and in Africa. That makes sense because this occurred on the mid point between the two plates. The other earthquake on the Pacific Antarctica plate I am really watching since this one leads to very large earthquakes; 7.8, 7.7, 7.5, 7.3 mostly in the Indonesia area years ago. It also lead to the 8.0 of of Peru back in August of 2007 about 3 weeks after this same area was hit. I was watching for more activity to warn VRF because he is down in Peru until a little after the New Years.

        The 5.2 in the western section of the Canary Islands was in the ocean and did not affect the islands. Again, even if it did and the entire island chain collapsed into the ocean it would NOT cause a big tsunami on the Atlantic seaboard. The collapse would not have the velocity behind to create enough energy to make anything over a 2 foot or so tall wave. Most likely it would be 9 inches high. Not even danger to a seagull on the Atlantic coast. The myth about the Canary Islands is one of the biggest misnomers on the internet now. A massive tsunami from the Caribbean plate going is what is going to cause a massive tsunami, the last time it broke on the eastern flank is 600 years ago. An asteroid or comet impact is the other cause of a massive tsunami in the Atlantic Ocean as something that will hit in the future sometime. I will continue to be watching the plates, something is very soon in the areas mentioned as danger before.

      79. Braveheart,
        — Thank you for the well wishes of Christmas.
        I have noticed that some on this site try to disrupt your direction.
        Stay focused – Keep an eye on the Prize – Believe in your conscience
        Forever on your side
        — Miss Dee Dee

        • Miss DeeDee, good evening, and thank you for those encouraging words. Before I started coming here in May 2012, I used to go to some MSM sites and post some comments they didn’t like and I was banned from them the first time around. That’s how bad they are. I won’t deviate from my path. I don’t change anything about myself for anyone. People can accept me or reject me the way I am; it is their choice. BUT I WILL NOT DEVIATE FROM MY PATH, PERIOD! Sincerely, braveheart.

          • I want to say, personally, that it am very grateful for the insight that you and others post here. I never realized how much geological stuff was going on in the planet til I came here and started learning from you guys. Keep up the good work…don’t give up, the Big One is coming…thanks. babycatcher

      80. Well, I’m sick and tired of all the gloom and doom crap. Let’s get the party started! To the DHS, Obamanites, TSA, FBI, NSA, DEA and all the other corrupt government agencies out there: BRING IT ON! I’m ready to dance!

        It took the Vietnamese 34 years of continuous fighting to win their independence. 34 years. I think our fight may be as long or longer. Too bad I won’t be around to see the finale! Too old to live that long. Lock and Load!

        • Someone down arrowed you? Must be a shill Obamanite lurking about.

      81. I’ve had a very interesting week. The regulars here know I just had a death in the family and had to deal with family issues to make sure my father is safe and his small nest egg out of reach of a predatory family member. I came home 2 weeks behind on office work and having to reschedule/book clients, decorate the house for Xmas, do ALL (as little as it was) shopping AND work my full time job. Then add all that is going on in the news. Yesterday I got so frustrated reading what is happening (now a BICYCLE tax in chicago among other things) and decided what is the point of working, just to give it all away? The more I pondered it, the madder I got, then feeling depressed and for a moment or two decided to go cold turkey on the news and internet. I was thinking I could ask you guys to send me Defcon 1 alert if a false flag event or some other possible SHTF stimulus occurred. But I slept on it.

        This morning I got up went about my business and decided ‘screwem’ If I isolate myself from what these pigs are doing they win. Even though I have a few months worth of food and other items, I made myself go out and get more preps today, and sent hubby after more PMs. We keep out private PMs from his business. he doesn’t deal in scrap metals, but in a SHTF, its ALL to support us if feasible.

        So for my efforts today I first want to say thanks to whomever pointed out that you can get canisters of tang/lemonade/etc at wholesale stores. loaded up. got more canned meats. at Wally-World (i know you guys hate this place, but i love to take advantage of their super-low price loss-leaders. Basically to those who are new to this, look at whats on sale at the grocery store. Chances are that item will be cheaper at walmart. I got cans of chicken broth for .60 a can. bought 2 cases. diced tomatoes .68 a can. Lots of beans. Lots and Lots of beans. Dak hams. Some woman who could be nappytanos’ twin was watching me like I was crazy buying beans.

        I hope my tomatoes do better this year. I would rather can than buy.

        And by the way, a few months ago we were talking about storing rice, beans, etc and talking about DE vs. O2 absorber vs. both. I just checked in on the items I put away, and I think the O2 absorbers alone did a great job. those bags look like they were vac-sealed the absorbers worked so well. Sorry to be so long-winded.

        • I couldn’t agree with you more! We are constantly buying dry foods such as beans and rice and vacuum sealing them or using O2 absorbers. Our most recent buys are the cheap Mac & Cheese that Sam’s Club has. Their own brand is $4.01 a case of 8 (or is it 10?) boxes of Mac & Cheese. Taste the same as other brands that cost more than double. We have around 600 pounds of all kinds of dry beans in storage and about 400 pounds of various rices (stay away from Brown rice, it will spoil). Sam’s and Walmart have great prices on SPAM. I know…lots of folks hate it but it will keep forever and when you get hungry there it will be. We probably have around 40 cans of SPAM of all different varieties. The Oven Baked Turkey is one of my favorites. We also stock up on Hormel brand canned goods such as Chili. Some brands of canned goods will last indefinitely if stored propery: Hormel is one of them.

          Lock and Load folks!

        • Nopittypartyhere,
          — Believe me as I tell you that you are not long winded.
          I have actually fallen asleep reading some of the other’s comments at times.
          – I usually learn something from you when you write whether you intend to be informative or not.
          My condolence once again to your loss. From what little I know of your extended family , I believe you are all Blessed.
          — Miss Dee Dee

        • nopitty–I buy the chicken/beef broth in the bouillon cubes.
          Can’t tell the difference.
          $1.25 for 25 and I use them for lots of cooking.
          We just got an IGA here and it will put chinamart(which I never shop because their prices are ridiculous), DG, and piggly-wiggly on notice to drop their ridiculous hyped prices! 🙂 Our generic canned goods are usually 45 or 50 cents.
          I now have no need to shop at Aldi’s and save gas on that 25 mile drive one way.
          Also, I have been storing for about 5 years with (60) 5 gallon buckets and never have used an 02 absorber-figured with all the storing, that saved me lots of money. I just use DE.

          • I need to explain further; with many here, the cost of absorbers is no biggy with their resources. With some, it means not stocking at all or spending on that or beans–I’d take beans any day.
            Folks been storing long term foods decades before the o2 was pushed on preppers!! 😉

            • When I got the o2 absorbers, it was part of a package deal on mylar bags. I hadn’t heard of DE yet. There was a post strongly suggested DE as opposed to O2 absorbers so I had gotten concerned I needed to re-package my goods. Folks here seem to go either/or/both on their methods. I was just adding my experience. will definitely go with DE from here out. Much cheaper.

              • I hear ya–DE is working for me just fine.
                I did have to open my buckets and refill with the DE after I learned about it.

      82. NPPH,

        Sorry to hear about the death in your family. Its never easy and then having certain family members to deal with. I also hit Wally World for deals….I mean we all have to save where we can. Keep your chin up and prep because one of these days you’ll be glad you did.


        • Thanks. dad is settling nicely into a routine with housekeepers coming in to cook/clean. I’ve just got to keep going and not get ‘frozen’ into inaction with all that is going on. I feel overwhelmed at times. The SHTF family helped me keep it together a couple of times earlier this month. Yeah, that’s how I think of you guys, extended family.

          • Your welcome….glad to see your dad is settling in. I went through a rough time with my mom a couple of years back and actually moved her in for 6 months. Eventually got her back in her own house with a full time live-in. She’s 93 and needs help with everything. To this day I don’t understand what keeps her going..but she does. Its funny….been reading on this site since late 2012 and tonight I’ve posted more than any other day. Kind of always felt that others had much more to say then I did. Look who’s rambling now lol !!

            • DS…your mom 93…born in 1920…be thankful that you have her genes, they have been thru alot…it may be the only thing that keeps you alive with what is coming.

              God bless you and NPPH.

      83. On the day they tell the American people they need to turn in their shot guns is when you will see folks finally wake up.

        NOBODY WILL DO IT. So the NWO can go fuck themselves.
        Further, at that point… I think we’ll see a military take over.

        A few generals will get together and roll into Washington with their forces.

        Yeah…bad times are coming.

        or.. I could be wrong and America will roll over like the boomer generation they are and put their asses in the air for all the world to fuck train style.

        America needs a good real crisis…. to unfatten the TV slaves and wake them up to what they have and what they might lose.

        • You got that right!

      84. @ Satori. I resepct you very, very much and thank you for all the wonderful links and time you spend, but this garbage that these chuckleheads published is utter rubbish. I can’t believe that ANY university would publish such utter horseshit and not be bounced out to some junior high school. 30 to 80 foot tsunami on a Florida coastline about 3500 miles away is utter sci fi.

        The massive Krakatau volcanic eruption did not produce a ocean wide tsunami nor did ANY other landslide. Localized, absolutely. Ocean wide, NO WAY.

        They are projecting that basically 5 miles by 5 miles by 5 miles of loose mass with hit the ocean at 220 mph. This is a fast estimate, it is more likely 100 mph. An asteroid travelling at 38000 mph with the same size and same porous rock content will create a tsunami on the Florida shores of 40 to 80 feet. That same asteroid is travelling 173 times as fast. Kinetic energy is most dependent on velocity which is squared. That means that the asteroid has 30000 times as much kinetic energy as the La Palma collapse. Yet these imbeciles are projecting the same results as a 5 mile asteroid impacting the ocean.

        A resounding BULLSHIT

        I will link up three sites to this comment that later Mac will approve after moderation that anyone can calculate the effects of asteroid impacts on land and on the ocean, and 2 really well written articles about what a myth this is.

        30000 times the energy of a Canary Islands collapse. That is 30000 times the energy in the same size asteroid travelling 173 times as fast.

        • Here are the links where people can calculate asteroid impacts on their own. It is kind of fun.


          Here is a kick butt article by TRUE tsunami experts:


          This is excellent read and explains a lot, including from the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands. People that know about water as their lives depend on this with all the dykes that hold back the ocean in their country.

          Heres is another scientist that actually spent some time with this myth:


          It is sick that anyone would continue to fear monger people with this myth and frighten people when the real threat is from a massive plate moving like it did 600 years ago that is similar in size to what happened in Japan 2 years ago. The Caribbean plate few people understand is a killer, almost as large as the Juan de Fuca plate that the Cascadia fault will one day unleash a huge tsunami on the Pacific Northwest.

          The shear amount of mass in comparison from hundreds of miles of sea floor and miles of vertical uplift that occur in comparison to 500 cubic kilometers is laughable. The Indonesian earthquake produced a 12 feet tsunami on the coast Magagascar and had thousands of times the energy released than a Canary Islands collapse. About the same distance between the Canary Islands and Florida. Yet the Canary Islands collapsing is going to cause a tsunami 7 times as high????? This is going against basic physics and mathematics.

          See why this is so upsetting. REAL life examples of tsunamis from earthquakes that generate magnitudes more energy and are dozens of times larger in size. Yet the Canary Islands are going to produce something 7 times as large. God, what manure this is still floating around like turds in the toilet around the internet.

        • I concur BI and mentioned so above. Satori always provides credible and accurate info on health related issues but I had to call bullshit as well.

          The thought of our tax dollars funding these bs organization pisses me off even more…and it doesn’t take a fucking rocket scientist from nasa to prove that we are.

          • @ lastmanstanding. I did calculations on the what the amount of energy from a 500 cubic kilometer collapse at 220 mph, with an asteroid hitting the ocean with the same energy minimum velocity of 38000 mph. Basically such a collapse would be the same as a 255 meter asteroid or about 835 feet large splashing down. I put in this landing at 38000 mph at a sharp 90 degree, porous rock, and for the sake of argument I made the water deeper at 3000 feet deep than what is typically around the Canary Islands. And yes Florida will get hit with a tsunami, of 11.9 inches.

            I admit it, when I first saw this documentary on this I was taken in until I starting plugging in numbers and found out it didn’t add up at all.

            I have seen what an .223 can do in comparison to a regular .22 LR which are essentially the same size. The velocity is the issue here. The .223 is going 3500 to 3800 feet per second and the .22 LR is going 1100 to 1200 feet per second. I like the Stinger .22 because it is going 1640 feet per second and packs more of a punch than the standard .22 and is slightly more accurate. In comparison to a collapse of the islands to an asteroid screaming in is like comparing a .223 hitting an object and like someone tossing, not throwing, the same round at an object.

            Yet these characters say the same size mass collapsing into the ocean at .06 miles per second is going to produce the same size tsunami as an asteroid travelling at about 11 miles per second. Same size mass, but the splash will be 31 times as large, cube root law, 31 times 31 times 31 = about 30000. To create a 40-80 foot tsunami 3500 miles away you need about 14 million megatons and such a Canary Islands collapse would generate around 450 megatons of energy.

            See why I get so upset? The math doesn’t add up with this, yet people continue to live in fear from this myth floating around the internet of this that CANNOT manifest itself.

            • Math (done correctly)does not lie. I have always maintained that and that it is one of many things regarding the earth that is honest.

              Then to have these aholes using a source like NASA and the Artic methane emergency group, wtf.

              Frankly, I have no respect for any of these incompetent agencies…and more frankly, wtf did all of that nasa space shit really get us? it got us all of these alphabet agencies, survellience of everything we do, corps that build weapons that offer less than nothing to humanity and the earth, enslaving technology, etc.

              Paid for by those of us by labeling it “the American dream”.

              thanks for all of your honest work and info.

              BI…we are all that is left of an incredible idea.

              “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

        • This is why having a few AK’s, AR15’s……is a good idea. Imagine when dey EBT cards dont work!

        • I see by the red thumbs that the message is not sinking in the grey matter.

          They will be Coming to YOUR Neighborhood, Soon.

      85. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDOl2L-8n4U

        RE: silver…
        Might need it to bribe your loved ones out of a fema camp.

        I don’t buy silver in dollar terms..
        I buy ounces.

        Just keep buying and hide it well and keep your mouth shut.

        Put some silver in your bugout bag.

      86. Rule #1 consider the SOURCE of the info and the Agenda of the Site.

      87. What do we have to look forward to?

        1.3 million with cuts to unemployment benefits. How is the job creation doing. There will be more of these people each week. Bring on Obama Care. Knock those working hours below 30 or fire those with company’s having more than 50 employee’s. The Fed is doing it’s part in the printing of cash. All that money. Do you see any of it? Just the banks with their hidden negative balance sheets. Waiting for gas to go up. Then food.

        In my area there are more homes that are empty. Lots of strip malls with empty stores

        Play those X boxes and text your ass off. Don’t pay attention as to what is happening around you.

      88. ZOG AmeriKa is Zionist Isreahell’s Bwiatch !!!

        ‘I hope in 2014 , you All enjoy your AIPAC zio-jew directed manipulated controlled eugenics tax debt death slavery!’

        ‘F*CK ISRAEL’

        ‘F*CK AIPAC’

        ‘F*CK the ‘traitorous piece of sell-out sheeit’ AmeriKan ZOG-FEGOV CIA NSA FBI DEA DHS DOJ USSC and Zio-Pentagon .

        ‘AmeriCan FreeMen Patriot Armed Rebellion is in the air I hope you All are Armed Up Stocked Up and Prepared for what is coming in 2014 and Beyond!’

        ‘Predator or Prey of the NWO ZOG the choice is yours.’

        N.O. ;0p

        ~Molon Labia

        Z.O.G. – Zionist Jew occupied controlled manipulated Federal and State Governments.

        • Video: Israeli Soldier’s fires with a M-16 Full Automatic Battle Rifle ‘POINT BLANK RANGE’ at a young teenage Palestinian woman and kills her .

          ‘Happy jeeew Hanukkah ZOG AmeriKa!’



          *NOW WATCH IT as you PAID FOR IT with your tax dollars and AmeriKa growing daily national debt .


          pls see link below …

            • I see you have. Not changed. When do you start beating up on soldiers and vets again.

            • I thought I was watching American forces shooting American civilians. Heck, we see videos of that almost daily now in AmeriKa.

            • OK. I just watched the video of the soldier shooting the “unarmed” woman. So what? Put yourself in the Israeli’s shoes: you have a hyped up individual coming at you not listening to your orders to stop and go away and….we all know how those idiot Jihadists love to blow themselves up and kill everyone around them so….what to do? SHOOT THEM BEFORE THEY GET CLOSE! If you don’t stop them before they get too close the next thing you hear is “zzzzzz…KA BOOM!” as they pull the cord and blow themselves up. No thanks…I’ll shoot em before they get close. I’m with the Israeli soldiers on this one.

            • War is hell. Atrocity on any side is a war crime. Which side targets military/police and which side targets civilians because they cannot fight back? Answer honestly.

              Your agenda is transparent, as always. Israel is not without sins, but if I have to choose between Jewish and Muslim neighbors I will go with the jews. They don’t target my children.

              • @anon … get a clue dimtard .

                ISRAEL Jeeews Mossad DID 9/11 !!!

                IT WAS THE F*ckin Israeli ZIO-Jeeews and AIPAC WHO DID 9/11 .

                ;0p ya’ dumb motherf*ckers.

                ‘gawddamn you trolling muthaf*ckers are some of the f*ckin dumbest motherf*ckers i’ve ever met in my f*ckin life.’

                N.O. ;0p

      89. Clones, human androids, and replicants are real and will make the perfect army- no needs for wages, family considerations, body armor, or other cumbersome logistical support like standard foodstuffs and water.

        Many folks wonder how a force could be built to go to war against its own people- this technology is one way.

        Pop culture has been telling this story for decades, from the clone army of Cobra Command in the kid’s cartoon GI Joe, to Terminator/iRobot/BladeRunner/Robocop, to Star Trek, to Star Wars: the Clone Wars.

        Very real, and close. And with insect-like hive mindedness managed by quantum computing Artificial Intelligence, aerial drone technology can already work in scalable ‘swarming’ fashion. Not unlikely that their humanoid and canine-oid counterparts can in kind.

        Remember that google has now purchased the top 8 US robotics firms? Remember that google has strategically placed 4 strange, antennae-laded barges named BAL (likely meaning Ba’al)? Remember that google and nasa co-own D’wave quantum computer?

        Buckle up Dorothy, Kansas is going bye-bye with a quickness. Fear not. Love each other. F the controllers.

      90. All this talk about being censored is B.S.

        First of all, it’s not Your Fucking Site to manage.

        If your post don’t come up and it is a nasty one, well what do you expect. Live with it.

        Moderation too. That is how Mac has set it up.

        Now what I am reading, if we are going to act like this now, we are not going to make it to the other side. In fact many will turn on each other for stupid simple things.

        • Why is this comment being censored?

          Tried to post this 30 minutes ago…

          Clones, human androids, and replicants are real and will make the perfect army- no needs for wages, family considerations, body armor, or other cumbersome logistical support like standard foodstuffs and water.

          Many folks wonder how a force could be built to go to war against its own people- this technology is one way.

          Pop culture has been telling this story for decades, from the clone army of Cobra Command in the kid’s cartoon GI Joe, to Terminator/iRobot/BladeRunner/Robocop, to Star Trek, to Star Wars: the Clone Wars.

          Very real, and close. And with insect-like hive mindedness managed by quantum computing Artificial Intelligence, aerial drone technology can already work in scalable ‘swarming’ fashion. Not unlikely that their humanoid and canine-oid counterparts can in kind.

          Remember that google has now purchased the top 8 US robotics firms? Remember that google has strategically placed 4 strange, antennae-laded barges named BAL (likely meaning Ba’al)? Remember that google and nasa co-own D’wave quantum computer?

          Buckle up Dorothy, Kansas is going bye-bye with a quickness. Fear not. Love each other. F the controllers.

          • Do you use the same name and email address ever time. After 5 times the system will start allowing you strait though. Unless you to all coco puff in here.

      91. @ Facebook page. I totally respect the First Amendment, but dangerous threats made on this site could lead to it being shut down by the federal government. Mac is so forgiving when it comes to free speech on this site, but there are some limitations that protect all of us. Mac is not the one to blame, it is the government that doens’t allow true First Amendment rights.

        As I said, links to sites that can infect all of our computers must not be posted. This is a safety issue, not a 1st. Amendment issue.

        To tell the truth I don’t think the government would allow a holy grail of the 1st Amendment web site to exist.

        What I am saying is that all of us should appreciate this site, because in comparison to the other crackerjack sites it is freedom to an extreme level. Other sites are totally worthless for comments. This is why right now there is a 32660 visits to 407 comments, a 80.2 to 1 ratio. These other a$$hole sites have 17000 visits and 5 comments, a terrible 3400 to 1 ratio. The jackasses that run these sites get some sexual fetish thrill of control with deleting almost all comments that don’t french kiss the back side of the owner. People wisely don’t waste their valuable time writing out something that will automatically be trashed. These awful sites preach freedom of speech yet resemble North Korea where ONLY rosy pro propaganda rhetoric gets printed. These sites are all over the internet. BO and the elitists are winning and this is sickening.

        We need to appreciate the freeness of this site and those other ones still out there that try their very best to retain our First Amendment rights. One day ALL of our thoughts may be totally pre-screened. God help us all if that day ever manifests itself.

        • That what I was saying.

      92. Tried to post this 30 minutes ago…

        Clones, human androids, and replicants are real and will make the perfect army- no needs for wages, family considerations, body armor, or other cumbersome logistical support like standard foodstuffs and water.

        Many folks wonder how a force could be built to go to war against its own people- this technology is one way.

        Pop culture has been telling this story for decades, from the clone army of Cobra Command in the kid’s cartoon GI Joe, to Terminator/iRobot/BladeRunner/Robocop, to Star Trek, to Star Wars: the Clone Wars.

        Very real, and close. And with insect-like hive mindedness managed by quantum computing Artificial Intelligence, aerial drone technology can already work in scalable ‘swarming’ fashion. Not unlikely that their humanoid and canine-oid counterparts can in kind.

        Remember that google has now purchased the top 8 US robotics firms? Remember that google has strategically placed 4 strange, antennae-laded barges named BAL (likely meaning Ba’al)? Remember that google and nasa co-own D’wave quantum computer?

        Buckle up Dorothy, Kansas is going bye-bye with a quickness. Fear not. Love each other. F the controllers.

        • Also there is not some one sitting there 24/7 to approve your post. Sometime it take a whole day. That why using the EXACT same name and address and ISP is important.

      93. What is with the editing/censorship of comments?

      94. Censored twice. Lets go for a third post.

      95. If fighting ever does break out in this country, the citizenry will win. There are just too many of us. I have no idea what the catalyst will be for SHTF because the list is too long. When it boils down to it, the .gov couldn’t pour piss out of a boot with the directions written on the heel without somehow screwing it up. They may have plenty of jack booted thugs, but no way in hell are they gonna imprison 300 million people with about the same amount of guns, and who only knows how much ammo.

        Don’t get me wrong, EVERYTHING is pointing in the wrong direction for our country to survive as we know it. It is sad and scary at the same time. I will do everything in my power to protect my family, friends, and myself. That pretty much leaves nothing off the table, and I’m as peaceful and law abiding as they get.

      96. Wow this place is moving slow , a lot of much more important subjects have been coming about since this was posted .
        Just an observation

        • Mac is allow holiday family time also. But there other site has been being updated daily.

      97. It’s not that they don’t name names.

        It’s like…

        “Bad stuff is gonna happen”

        – “such as?”

        “Such as… things… that are…bad… and like… the economy and stuff…”

        – “could you be more specific?”

        “Things that are really really bad…”

        Yeah, ok. Amazing powers of deduction, Sherlock.

      98. Good Sunday to all. Just checking in for the day. Not looking for any responses here, just saying that Dad checked in this morning. He has adjusted very very well, to the point that I don’t feel that I need to hurry up and relocate my family before DS 16 graduates high school. I have time to sort things and will play it by ear, but…… the point of my post is I have to give God the glory. I’ve prayed so hard, and my only Christmas wish was for dad to not be alone at Christmas and for him to be okay. There are many little things that have happened over the last two weeks since I left MS and came home. I waited and ‘listened’, waiting for God to show me the way (I tend to be impatient). Let’s just say I’m a firm believer we are presented with options (choices to make) and circumstances that happen for a reason. I know some don’t believe in Divine Intervention, but I DO. Everything is working out. I know many of you prayed for us too, may God bless you all.

      99. this sounds like something out of the going home series by A. American

      100. Yawn. Another “insider” fiction piece.

      101. Hangman is a fear monger lying pile of cow dung !!!!! Rosebud….ROFL ….if I had a nickel for every story like this I have read the past five Years I would be a millionaire

      102. This particular source sounds as if he is filtering his knowledge through a certain amount of paranoia. The article is heavy on innuendos and adjectives, with few facts.

        It is possible that they are preparing for a major natural disaster such as movement along the New Madrid Fault. The Carribean is also due for a large event involving some indunation of island communities. There are indications that the FEMA, etc. is aware.

      103. Well, all of those of you with voodoo and witchcraft skills can hex these ‘elite’ scum.
        The Joy of Satan, Satan’s Library has articles on these elite and why they do this.

      104. HOW will the elite continue to make money from me after they have collapsed the economy? If I have no job, no income or leave the marketplace for barter, how can they continue to add to their wealth?

        Gold and Silver have value ONLY if someone is willing to give you something *you* value for it. You can’t eat it.

        As for killing American Citizens, same story. Who would benefit from such a thing?

        History is full of examples from the last 100 years of countries that have collapsed financially. Last time I looked, they were still around.


        • W.B.
          I can name a few counties that collapsed when that brown stuff hit the fan. Germany, Italy, Spain, Burma, Cuba, about one half of countries in South America, and most of Africa. Some,(a very few) are back on there feet, but some have even gotten worse.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

      105. I aint been here for a few days and after reading some Insider warnings, I aint missed a thing.

        I got an Insider warning for everyone. Times are bad. Work on adding 10% more food preps to your pantry. Do this asap.

      106. It’s amusing that in this “disclosure” he says:
        “That exception would involve a ‘decapitation’ of our leadership, but I’ve seen nothing even remotely suggestive of that.”

        Really? I think Hagmann is getting his made-up stories confused at this point.

        Back on May 8th of 2012, this “insider” spoke directly of a fake assassination attempt on Obama:
        “Watch for a false flag event against Obama or his family, something that will outrage ‘black America.’ It will be carefully choreographed, but executed in a manner that will evoke the ugliest of reactions and create racial chaos in this country that will make the Watts riots, 1968 and the Rodney King riots pale in comparison. That’s the third leg in this.”

        Then on August 28th of 2012, Hagmann denies he wrote anything about an assassination:
        “I reminded him that it was Tennessee State Representative Kelly Keisling who sent an e-mail to his constituents based on what amounted to third-hand information he read on the Internet. It centered around an alleged fake assassination attempt, something I never wrote, I told him.”

        But then goes on to claim that his insider reinforced the whole assassination idea by saying:
        “But the objective of the plan is that they want to portray Obama as a victim of racist hatred by the white gun owners, the people concerned about the Constitution, the people they consider fringe. They want to silence their critics, prove that talk show hosts are causing hatred, and that all gun owners are behind the recent shootings. That’s at the heart of the plan.”

        So, either the “insider” or Hagmann himself (perhaps both, or perhaps they’re just one person) are suffering from memory loss – or simply getting their lies confused.

        At least the “insider” is claiming to be retiring, so we won’t have to read any more of this vague drivel that, despite being so broad and purposely undefined, STILL completely fails at predicting absolutely anything.

        • That guy always has been and still is filled with B.S. First time Quayle brought him on his show a few years back , i knew he was full of it when his tripe added up to nothing then as it is now.

      107. You know the DHS Insider is Hagmann right ?? right ?

      108. Occasionally,I’ll listen to the fringe,as there is often a little truth in the subject. THIS article is ridiculous.
        The government can’t DO anything to the population. There are not enough of them and way too many of us.
        Stop worrying so much…you’re driving your spouse crazy.

      109. Survivalism is not a new theme. All over the world there are now so many community running concerned this. survival aids

      110. There is a great possibility, that the coming “bang” will be staged to “cover up”…the Federal Reserve 100 years of “activity”.
        Is there any sense in this thinking?

      111. People please! If you have never seen the X Files…see it! Especially the first X Files movie! This is ridiculous…notice one thing missing from this tale? The why! So why would they do this? How would it benefit them? The result would be a world collapsed… NO ONE would have a dime left, a home left or food…it would trigger chaos around the globe and…the rich are getting insanely rich with the system as it is now…the powerful are getting more powerful with the way the systems is now.

        What I think? Either China and/or Russia plan these stories, or gold investors do. But notice how they never, ever give the reason for this alleged “earth shattering planned event.”

      112. It’s Jamacia man ! ! ! !
        Jamacia is the ones behind the world takover ! ! ! ! ! !

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