Destiny Looms: Choose Your Way or it Drags You

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    This article was originally published by Doug “Uncola” Lynn at

    But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come. – 2 Timothy 3:3

    Fate leads the willing and drags along the reluctant. – Seneca

    Posting articles online, especially for readers of high intelligence, can be quite a balancing act. In fact, with certain topics, it is like walking a tightrope while wearing ice-skates in a crosswind. At times, the tightrope represents the delicate balance between the cerebral hemispheres. According to Left- Brain Right-Brain Theory, the left-brained technicians incline towards logicanalysis, and objectivity, and the right-brained artisans are intuitivesubjective, and romantic.

    Although I can play either side, I personally favor the creative aspects of artistic, conceptual visualization. This may be why left-brained people rarely get my jokes. For instance, if I wrote how mechanical engineers design weapons and civil engineers design targets, there would be comments in the ensuing thread informing me that both types of engineers design FAR more than just those two categories. Even more importantly, extreme caution must be applied to never get the science wrong, ever. Make one mistake and medieval heretics burned at the stake will gaze up from hell and say: “There but for the grace of God, go we” as the left-brainers, with smoking pens in melted shirt pocket-protectors, dance upon my ashes.

    So it’s a fine line.

    Effort is required, not only to countervail the cerebral hemispheres, but to reach the blue-pilled wonders while still engaging the red-pilled cynics; to affect those in my personal circle as well as strangers; and concurrently appeal to both conspiracy speculators and the… shall we say…trusting ones.

    All that was a preamble for this:

    In this article, (gasp) I want to reference stories and personalities that were recorded in the Bible.

    My reasons for doing this are, first, for purposes of illustration; and secondly, because the Bible stories and characters represent a universal reference point from which to begin a conversation I believe is important at this time.

    To the non-believers, I say it’s no different than citing any other historical record, legend, myth, or fairy tale.

    To the believers, I’d ask you to look beyond what is written here and fill in the blanks according to your faith; and remember that even the self-proclaimed Son of God used a little creative licensenow and then to make the occasional point. I say that with all due respect.

    Moreover, although I have taken every precaution to be accurate, I will not quote chapter and verse in this one; it’s not that kind of essay. Finally, some of the readers may not appreciate my raising more questions than answers here. In that regard, please accept my apologies in advance.

    Here goes:

    Time’s Up

    Can you feel the noose tightening? Can you see and smell the foul feculence flung towards the whirling flabellum?

    Like the divided hemispheres of a giant brain, so is America today. Except no longer are the two sides working for the betterment of one nation. On the contrary, for the past several decades the collective schizophrenia of the Political Left has progressively degenerated. Upon the election of Donald Trump, however, a psychotic break was induced of a magnitude not seen since Jeffrey Dahmer’s final dinner party, at midnight, on Halloween.

    In addition to hallucinations of Russian election hacking, and delusions of presidential obstructions of justice, the FirstSecond, and Fourth Amendments to the United States Constitution are under simultaneous attack by both the psychotically sadistic Deep State and their self-flagellating, collectivist gimps.

    It has become so bad, the internet memes are ridiculing the same maniacal, flakesfreaks, and fruitcakes who were calling Trump “Hitler” last fall for NOW begging him to take away their guns. That is, until the Electronic Social Planners remove such politically incorrect demonstrations of online mimetic communication. Yes, just as the dingbats, dummies, dorks, dolts, and dopes descend into unredeemable devastating delirium, the World Wide Web is being pureed into soft servings for the suffering and sickly snowflakes to swallow.

    Sadly, the once promising new frontier, and former Wild West of free speech, is dying.

    Online censorship by Google, YouTube’s Third Strike against Alex Jones and other independent and conservative users, ever-expanding thought control by Twitter, and electronic jackbooted smackdowns by Facebook are the norm today instead of the previous random, occasional, or accidental incidences. Someone, somewhere, has turned has turned down the heat and the big freeze is on.

    Chillingly, in the example of YouTube’s censorship of Alex Jones, the newly self-appointed Ministry of Truth has justified their Orwellian attacks over an allegation of Jones calling the Parkland school shooting survivors “crisis actors”. However, it appears YouTube can provide no actual proof of this allegation because Jones says it never happened.

    Good luck seeking out truth on the World Wide Web anymore as online fact-checkers, like Snopes and Politifact now rise to the very top of every controversial internet search to calm the natives with lies. Even as I type this, the internet is being scrubbed harder than a Denny’s restaurant floor after hours. But who is watching the watchers?

    Like Dorothy and Toto in a Brave New World, neither are we in Kansas anymore. On the contrary, we are finally seeing behind the curtain and viewing the actual wizards who were lurking in the shadows for quite some time.

    But will the general public wake up from the nightmare before it’s too late? Likely not.

    In the impressionable days of my youth, I recall watching a version of “Titanic” on television where the survivors on that sinking vessel we’re trying to escape to the upper decks. On the way, in an interior hallway, they came across zombie-like passengers, in a trance-like state of shock, descending down the wrong way into the abyss. Those images haunted me at the time. They still do.

    These are the days of cognitive dissonance: Of those holding on to a phony Russian election hacking narrative in order to maintain faith in a nation that would never elect a misogynistic reality TV star for president; and those who believe the same president will save the United States. Unfortunately, both dreams will have the same bad ending.

    I hate to be the pessimist here, but even if Trump and his Mighty Deplorables can divert sideways from the forthcoming iceberg, the greater mass beneath the surface is far too vast; and we’re traveling too fast. Like the RMS Titanic, and those who once clawed on the exterior of Noah’s Ark in the pounding rain, America will soon sink to the ocean floor under waves raging over and upon the Sea of History. The laws of nature, like physics, will not be denied. It is a matter of mathematical certainty and the manifestation of time.

    In the meantime, however, it’s obvious the Orwellian Authoritarians are fighting on the side of the morons as the lunatics run wild in the asylum-like ship of state.

    So what can be done?

    I don’t know, but I keep thinking of three personalities as recorded in the Bible. Each one chose differently in the headwinds of tumultuous times: Barabbas, Judas Iscariot, and Daniel.

    Barrabbas the Fighter

    In the raging waters of history that transitioned time from BC to AD, ancient Rome ruled the Old World with an iron fist. Naturally, there were freedom fighters at that time who bravely battled against the injustice. These warriors lived and died by the sword like fleas dreaming of defeating a barbaric behemothic beast. Barabbas of the Bible was one such soldier; a true man of action. His name indicates he was the son of an important man; yet Barabbas soon became infamous as a murderer, thief, and insurgent. In the eyes of the authoritarian state, and as written in the scriptures, he was guilty as charged. Before long, the Romans had their man. Barabbas stood condemned.

    Likewise, in the minds of the globalists today, the nationalists who desire to pick up their allegorical and literal swords to defend their sovereignty already stand convicted. For example, this is realized by the Afghani’s who are currently waging guerrilla warfare and daily combating superior technology on their own turf. Are they winning, or merely surviving? Either way, they likely consider themselves fortunate to have the allied assistance of other entire rogue nation-states.

    By the same token, what type of fighters will fill the ranks of the American Patriot Army? How will the early musters withstand drone strikes, let alone a superior trained and organized enemy with air superiority and higher caliber firepower equipped with night-vision technology? How will patriots organize? Where will they train? How will they acquire the provisions to reload and feed their civilian army? Where will their families live, and who guards them, as the fighters wage rural and urban warfare?

    In my mind, as you can see, the Biblical example of Barabbas raises some questions. What are the best answers?

    Do you see all these great buildings?’ replied Jesus. ‘Not one stone here will be left on another; every one will be thrown down.’ – Mark 13:2

    Judas the Sell Out

    Anyone who has ever attended Sunday school, or a church sermon, has likely heard the Biblical narrative of Judas Iscariot.  He was one of the original twelve apostles and he later betrayed his leader when circumstances became grim. Throughout the millennia, Judas has become infamous as the Patron Saint of “If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em & Make a Little Money Besides”.

    In the mind of Judas, his betrayal made sense at the time; although it did not work out well for him in the end. He later realized the error of his ways and even tried to make amends by giving the money back. But it was too late. That train had left the station long before.

    In my opinion, Judas Iscariot is the archetype of every minion who, against their own conscience, ever did, or will do, the criminal and immoral bidding of their Totalitarian State Masters. As for those without a conscience? They never stood a chance anyway. In every instance throughout civilized history, the arrogant fools, and the greedy betrayers, ended up getting what they deserved; even if not immediately.

    Whether by pride, or perceived practicality, both fighters and sell-outs will make their choices and place their faith in the wisdom of their rationalizations.

    Perhaps the mutual commonality between both Barabbas and Judas Iscariot was how they each thought they knew best when the inevitable concatenation of Providence, or destiny, had other plans.

    Who knew. Can anyone ever know?

    what is mankind that you are mindful of them – Psalm 8:4

    Daniel in Babylon

    The Biblical Book of Daniel is a challenging study because, like the Book of Revelation, the narrative is not recorded in chronological order. Not being a theologian myself, I additionally scrutinized various other examinations written by those more well-versed than me (get it?).

    According to Biblical and historical record, Daniel was a teenager when Nebuchadnezzar conquered Jerusalem in 606 BC. Daniel was well educated and fluent in both the Aramaic and Hebrew languages. Although, in his own language, his name translated to “God is Judge”, Daniel was taken to serve in the kingdom of Babylon where his name was changed to “Belteshazzar”, which means “Bel’s Prince”.

    In captivity, however, Daniel and his friends kept their traditions and called each other by their given names. In other words they remembered who they were. They accepted their fate but only unto a certain point. For instance, they would work on behalf of the Babylonian Kingdom, but they would not bow down to worship the king; even under penalty of death. The Biblical record is clear that Daniel and his friends believed it was their God who established kingdoms and ruled over the rulers. The Christian theologians believe this carries into the New Testament as well, citing scriptures like Luke 2:1-3.

    Daniel behaved as a loyal subject of the government, but only until the government tried to regulate his relations with his God. Then, he chose to obey the higher law instead of man’s law. In the New Testament, it appears the early Apostles concurred with that plan also, according to Acts 5:29.

    Another interesting component in the Book of Daniel is that, unlike those who favored Barabbas and Caesar over Jesus near 6.4 centuries later, Daniel appeared to have a superior understanding of the times in which he lived. He believed it was foretold that the length of his nation’s captivity would last 70 years, so when that time was up –  the then elderly Daniel said a prayer to the same God that (he believed) enabled him to interpret dreams as a young man.

    Interestingly enough, following that prayer, the Biblical record claims that God, in turn, provided mathematical equations to Daniel that predicted not only the exact times of Jesus, but into our present day as well. Of course, that is far beyond the purview of this writing.

    What I do find most interesting, however, about Daniel’s prayer (Daniel 9:4-19) is not how he appears to fall on his proverbial sword rather than live by it, but in how he pleads for his nation to be restored for his God’s sake and not his own.

    In the interest of moderate comparison, an appeal like Daniel’s could be distilled similar to as follows in a modern plea to either Providence, or destiny; depending upon one’s particular persuasion:

    Please hear what I have to say. We were a nation once fortunate and wise; a nation that held the law in high esteem.  We had a republic but, unfortunately, we could not keep it. We lost it all because of what we did, as well as what we did not do. It was completely our fault.

    We were not diligent. We were not honorable. We did not value liberty enough. We lied and we cheated. We corrupted ourselves and we let ourselves become corrupt.

    As a result of both our shameful complacency and outright failures to uphold truth, honor, liberty, and justice, we have experienced, and will continue to experience, the devastating consequences.

    Again, we fully deserve what has happened, what is happening now, and what will continue to happen, because of what we did, in addition to what we did not do.

    It would be so great if our direction could be changed; if we could turn things around, and return our nation back to “good”. Perhaps this could be done now; not because we deserve it but, instead, for the sake of truth, honor, liberty, and justice, once more.

    Can you imagine at this time, a unified modern America making such an appeal? Me neither.

    So, I ask: How can a nation repair its defects and deficiencies unless it squarely, and humbly, faces them first?


    No matter how one approaches today’s dire societal circumstances, it should be obvious we are not now facing Red-Coats arriving here by ships from across the sea. It then becomes a question whether or not a Revolutionary era call-to-arms would succeed. Our time is unique and the technological aspects of modern warfare, surveillance, and communications, are unprecedented in all of history.

    Either Constitutional Law will be reestablished in America, and the treasonous cabal of Deep State minions are tried and convicted for their crimes –  or –  Trump and company turns out to be a minor speedbump on the final stretch towards the New World Order.

    Can you see many other options?

    Because, from my perspective, the United States is a massive debt-infused economic balloon about to burst, while plodding through minefields located in several hotspots around the globe that could start World War III, literally, with a sigh, and facing two national elections; this fall and in 2020.

    If the economy deflates before either election, do you think Trump’s tax cuts and trade protectionism will be blamed in the minds and mouths of Orwell’s’ minions? Advertising works.

    Regardless, even if Trump and the Deplorables pull off wins in the next two elections (in a smart and diligent effort to conserve ammo) what happens next? The Insane Snowflakes, the Military Industrial and Surveillance Complex, and the Orwellian Media Messengers will deliver mass chaos until the U.S. Constitution explodes into a thousand white and yellow fragments like the conch shell in William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies”.

    But what if Trump and the Deplorables lose the next two elections? Will they abide with the new leadership after seeing the revealed widespread corruption at the highest levels of government and in the media? How do those genies go back in the bottle? In truth, they can’t.

    In any scenario, the civil divorce will be ugly and America’s children will suffer.

    Looking back, could there have been any other outcome? Given human nature, perhaps it was always inevitable.  Maybe it’s just time. Even if one wanted to fight, how can they know they’re not fighting against destiny or something bigger; battling against that which was unavoidable anyway?

    What if America’s seemingly psychotic breakdown is more spiritual in nature? Because, right now, it does seem as if the Perception Puppets are dreaming a new reality; like an incantation.

    That’s a far cry from a Daniel-type appeal. Could anything less save the nation anyway?


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      1. Wow! How thoroughly insightful; so terribly sad an ending to such a great experiment.

        • Ah, metaphor.
          But, guess what?
          The Daniel option will not be available to you, this time.

      2. “Either Constitutional Law will be reestablished in America, and the treasonous cabal of Deep State minions are tried and convicted for their crimes – or – Trump and company turns out to be a minor speedbump on the final stretch towards the New World Order.”

        Likely a minor speed bump is how it’ll probably turn out.

        We be FUBAR’d. And we did it to ourselves.

        • The beast system will be built and come about according to Scripture. The choice a man has to make is will he go along with it or fight like hell against it? This literally is good versus evil and your souls and mine are what’s at stake.

          • Menz,
            I’m not too worried about my soul. But I now question why bother with all the idiots we live with. I have always been taught to be a soldier and do the “right” thing. As I age it becomes clear there are simply people that just aren’t worth the effort. Let God sort it out.

      3. Wow, that was a (can’t find the right word here) worth the time to read. I’m not especially religious, but the content states exactly how I feel about the times. It is too late to save it, it is mortally wounded, and we can only hope for time as it rots beneath us, for our children’s sake. Hopefully it will not be long before something new arises from the ashes for our posterity,

      4. There is only one thing on this earth that can prevent what the author writes about. Force. How do I put this? Be ready to be worse than the enemy. Set aside your humanity in the face of evil and become greater in all ways than what has set its face against you. Remember, be able to recall what is good when the job is done. For during the fight is not the time to apply any principle beyond survival.

        • yeah, well, I have a feeling the enemy will set aside it’s humanity too, that’ what makes all wars so horrific, the mere inhumanity unleashed on all from all sides.

      5. Rellik and Menzo, I’m the same way. I’ll be fighting the NWO, period. And no I won’t try to rescue any idiot sheeple from the path they’re on. They won’t listen anyway. They deserve whatever they get.

      6. To defeat unprincipled inhumane enemies, you must be more unprincipled and inhumane….You must think of the enemies of America and Christianity as ‘insects’ to be exterminated. (not murdered of killed). And you must show no remorse or compassion whilst the extermination is carried out. Otherwise it will be principled & humane that end up exterminated.!!!!!

        • Dear J and others who want to fight:
          My “flesh” side wants to fight, but my “spirit” says to get closer to God and let God make the decisions and help direct me and my family. It’s hard to take that path because I’m a patriotic red blooded America and proud of it, but I know deep down inside myself that God wants us to look at Him and not get caught up in the anger of what’s being done to this great country. I hope and pray I can do it God’s way, and not my own way, which is to fight.

      7. There will be no turning back. I think that Rome still controls the whole show out of the Vatican. Above the Christians, the Muslims and all the rest. The approaching 1000 points of light that Poppy Bush spoke of in his NWO speech are likely to be all of the military vehicles at night coming for the final solution and death upon this once great nation and its once free people.

        • Aljamo, all the more reason why we must have our own ‘final solution’ for our enemies.

      8. There will not be any measurable resistance. Right now the Seattle Police are alleged to be disarming innocent civilians. Are there any Seattle police being killed?

        • This is CA, not the south.

      9. Learned something about the deep states control during WW2. Guess what two cities in Japan had the largest Cristian populations? And what city had the largest Cristian church in all of east Asia? I’ll give you a hint , One starts with H, and one starts with N. The American people are handicapped by the inability to comprehend the control and level of evil of the children of Satan? Revelation 2:9,3:9 John 8:44.

      10. You have a Republic if you can keep it ,Benjamin Franklin is said to have spoke these Words . My Fellow Americans time to understand what our American Mission Statement is a Prayer to God .The Declaration of Independence is that Truth to a Candid world and We The People ARE STILL HERE . Evil is defined and was present then and it is Present now . Can ANY MAN OR WOMEN DEFEAT IT WITHOUT THE AMOUR OF GOD ,Not A Chance . Hell on Earth has always been here and requires Good Men and Women to do Nothing so GOD heard our American Prayer as of old AND AS OF TODAY He will Hear our reciting our mission I quote And For The Support of This Declaration,with a Firm Reliance On THE PROTECTION OF DIVINE PROVIDENCE ,We Mutually Pledge To Each Other Our Lives ,Our Fortunes ,And Our Sacred Honor . The last election 65 million American signed their names to our Republic , WE THE PEOPLE ARE STILL HERE .

      11. Oh crap. The constitution is being destroyed? NOT. Trump and his idiots have done more to destroy this country than anyone ever. People read what they want into things. Just like immigration. When the constitution was written people didn’t even need ANY paperwork to come here. The constitution is doing just fine. And so is the US. People who want to put trash conspiracy online and not be responsible for what happens like the “pizza gate” conspiracy? I would have taken the website and YouTube trash that posted that and put them in a firing squad. If it’s true then prove it in a court of law. After all THATS exactly what our constitution requires. Period. Now ever lunatic on the planet posts junk.

        • So Naya doesn’t believe in a global satanic pizza, I mean, pedo network. Go back to sleep, Naya. Good night.

          • Yes, good night Naya.

      12. Globalism = Total World Domination = New World Order.

        It’s all the same thing.

        There are no Constitutions, no Bills of Rights, and certainly no 2ND Amendments in any of these scenarios.

        Even now we see an entrenched establishment who views government as something to be left to the professionals (professional politicians). The people are too stupid to know what they want; the majority of Americans know for damn sure they don’t want this BS.

        Trump will be impeached, mainly as an open display of disgust by the U.S. government for the will of the American People.

        I hope we are all sufficiently well-armed and well-stocked for what is coming.

        The main proponents towards total world domination, the U.S. government, will crash the world economy, then declare war against Russia.

        It will be a race to the finish.

        China will cease exporting all the essentials the U.S. needs to survive and then just sit back. In four years all the China crap will either be worn out or broke. Life in the U.S. will come to a full stop.

        Then a desperate U.S. government goes nuclear rather than accept defeat.

        If we are lucky, it will all be over in just 5-years.

      13. Destiny looms? Prepare to sacrifice this life for the eternal next one. Regardless of the cost.

      14. “Trump will be impeached, mainly as an open display of disgust by the U.S. government for the will of the American People.”

        Something will happen before November, count on it. The left brain wants total control of the masses, the right brain wants law an order, small government, and to be left alone.

        The October surprise that is coming, will trigger a violent outcome. I prepare for that.

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