Desperation: Greece To Allow Sale of Expired Foods to Citizens

by | Oct 15, 2012 | Headline News | 264 comments

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    In just a few years we’ve seen the country of Greece go from being a popular tourist destination in one of the world’s largest economic regions, to being on the brink of complete and utter collapse. With untold billions in private and public sector debt, the situation in Greece (and other debt laden European countries like Spain and Italy) has devolved to such an extent that some EU member nations are mobilizing their military personnel in preparation for full spectrum meltdown across the entire region.

    Jobs are so scarce that many have been forced into underground barter economies and family farming to make ends meet. From massive austerity spending cuts that have torn to shreds the government social safety net, to shortages in critical life saving medicines and the near breakdown of the nation’s power grid, Greece is experiencing all of the overt signs of a nation on its last leg.

    Now, with food prices rising to unattainable levels for the majority of the Greek population, the government is taking the desperate step of allowing merchants to sell expired foods, presumably at cheaper prices, so that poverty-stricken Greeks have at least something to put on their tables, regardless of the health risks posed:

    Voz Populi (Google Translated):

    Greece will allow the sale of expired food at a price lower than the original, in a move that the government has not been able to justify but consumer groups have interpreted as evidence of their inability to stop the escalating cost of commodities.

    The regulations exclude meat and dairy from the list of perishables that can be sold and sets a ceiling dates you can continue marketing. Thus, foods in which the expiration date is indicated by the day and the month, may continue on the shelf for another week. In the event that the “best before” only month and year point, the sale may be extended for one month, and in the event that the date indicated year alone, the sale date may be extended by one quarter.

    Though Moraitakis Efe declined to specify the reasons for this decision and merely noted that the legislation already existed, consumer groups and even government agencies have criticized the measure. “Virtually admit their inability to control prices,” Efe reported Tsiafutis Victor Consumers Association ‘Quality of Life’, one of the oldest in Greece.

    Food Inflation

    In the Greece of the crisis, the wage and pension cuts and rising unemployment, food prices and commodities has not stopped rising. Between August 2011 and August 2012, the price of sugar shot up 15%, the eggs, 6.8% for butter by 3.2% and that of coffee, 5.9%, according to data from the Statistics Authority.

    “It is an immoral act,” criticized Tsiafutis. “Instead of taking initiatives to control prices, allow the sale of food past the expiration date.”

    Moreover, from the National Food Agency gets even concerned that the measure serves to something. “It is doubtful that these foods are to be sold at low prices, because the price control mechanisms have failed,” said Yannis Mijas, president of this organization linked to the government. Indeed, the measure of how much states must be the initial price reduction, which is at the discretion of the merchant.

    To Mijas, selling expired food is also a moral dilemma, to divide consumers into two groups: those who can afford basic food and those who, because of poverty, “are forced to resort to dubious quality food.”

    Sourced via Zero Hedge and What Really Happened?

    Look to Greece as an example of what we’re going to see in America.

    Though not yet as pronounced , we are already experiencing similar effects right here at home.

    Amid the never-ending promises of brighter days ahead, each month we add more to our already unsustainable national debt, prices for essential goods like food and gas continue to rise, more people join government support programs, and thousands of jobs are vaporized.

    Like Greece, life as we know it in America is on a steady and progressively worsening decline.


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      1. $2,000,000 for moldy loaf of bread. Coming soon to a fiat currency economy near you.

        • This is amazing to me considering I remember reading an article where it was illigal for the homeless to dig in the garbage for food here in the USA.

          Make sense out of that will ya!

          • Like the plague, the economic crisis is spreading.

            Family Homelessness In DC Up 18 Percent From Last Year
            (link on Drudge Report)

            • Who here thinks that the Master Race Banksters are hungry or eating expired food?

            • Some excellent comments follow and excellent article:
              Why Does the Government Care so Much About Vaccinating You?

              Food, water, plague, war—whatever it takes to kill the goyim, leaving only enough survivors to serve the Master Race.

              October 18, 2010 Senior Sephardi Rabbi Ovadia Yosef announces that Gentiles only exist to serve Jews:
              “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel… In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created.”
              “Yosef: Gentiles exist only to serve Jews” by Jonah Mandel, Jerusalem Post, 10/18/2010

            • OK Thumbs-downers, you first!

              You get your vaccinations before everyone else.

              You get your GMO meals before everyone else.

              You get your fracked water before everyone else.

              You get to die on the frontlines for the Master Race before everyone else.

              Go get yours first.

            • John Q. Public, if you think that the Jewish bogeymen are out to get you then pick up and move to Iran, or Palestine, or any other Middle-Eastern hellhole where Jews are made to feel less than welcome.
              What part of the Jewish “master plan” involved them ending up in a homeland surrounded by bearded nut-bars that are wiling to die to exterminate them?
              Such a devious and fiendishly clever plan they have, living every day on the brink of nuclear anihilation. I must simply be too dumb to make sense of their grand plan since it seems to me that they have zero chance for survival when the U.S. goes tits up.
              How lucky we are to have folks like you around to spot their insidious plots and shine a light on it for the rest of us…
              Seig heil, mein freund, Seig Heil!

            • @ Ausprepper

              How very ‘kosher’ of you.
              From which yeshiva dormitory do you post from?

          • 21 Signs … About to Go to a Whole New Level

            “The global debt crisis has reached a dangerous new phase. Unfortunately, most Americans are not taking notice of it yet because most of the action is taking place overseas, and because U.S. financial markets are riding high.”

            “Things in Greece are much worse than they were six months ago…”

            “Sadly, the U.S. is not alone. Nations all over the globe are experiencing similar problems.”

            Direct link below

          • Tina, as a former small business owner that had to clean up the trash around my garbage bins thanks to the homeless using them as a shopping venue I support stopping them from entering my trash. And you want to know what was worse? When my $9 hr clerks left the lock off the bin and the homeless guy cut hit foot after bouncing inside to see what he could find his “legal advocate” wanted to know what kind of settlment I was going to offer him……so I do make sense out of that 150%.

            • jim what happened to that, im curious what the hell this guy thinks he can get. that is sad anymore where common sense is thrown out and you have to put up signs private property and any injury is not fault of business and its still not enough, its like you have to kill them or something to get out of complete nonsense. I hope that POS didn’t get a dime, sounds like a inside job or something. why would the bum even think about a settlement, and does that person still work for you and if that bum got anything id hire a private investigator to see if the 2 were connected in anyway. probably not but who knows these days. the only thing these young people know is to steal lie and cheat thier way thru life, if you write bad feedback wont hurt my feelings i can take a punch or 2 and internet tough guys dont hurt either. Jim I hope you did ok and this POS didnt get a dime but only some stale care package.

            • Clint I told the lawyer to pound sand and said if he pursued it further I’d try to get him disbarred. That was not even the worse event I ever had. I walked out the back of my food service business one night to see three guys cutting the lock on my bin. I politely asked them to leave and turned to my side illustrating my holstered large cap 9mm. 11 minutes later the police arrived and they told them I brandished it and threatened them. From an unarmed, hand cuffed position I managed to get 1 of the 7 officers to look at my security camera. It showed them I never even put my hand on the gun and they let me walk. 3 against one, if theyd taken action against me I’d have brought all three down, but if I didn’t have my own video they’d have lied and screwed me good.

            • What? You pay your staff $9.00 an hour? I wouldn’t be surprised if your staff weren’t dumpster diving too, so they could stay alive. Are they straight out of school? Dont you have a minimum wage over there? That’s $360 for a 40 hour week!!!! That’s disgusting!
              No wonder your country is in trouble. It would be close to 20 years, maybe more, that I earnt that! 1987 or 1988 maybe?
              Sorry Jim, I just can’t wrap my head around that.
              Oh, and why didnt you just leave the food set out for the homeless on a table, instead of turfing it out in the bin? Treating the down trodden with humanity and care goes a long way.

            • Jim: In almost every locale, once garbage is ‘put to the curb’ it’s considered abandoned and anyone can take it, even the police. Since you have a business, the large dumpster is loaned to you by the garbage service company for which you pay a fee along with the scheduled pickups, correct? The dumpster, and its contents, therefore belongs to the garbage company, not you. It sounds like the ‘legal advisor’ is looking for for a ‘free meal’ just like his client. Sorry to hear about this B.S. When the collapse comes, we get rid of the lawyers first. Talk about your useless eaters! P.S. as a side note; there’s a website that touts the dumpster-diving lifestyle; they call themselves “Freegans”.

            • Terandak Jack,

              You obviously know ‘jack’ about running a small business. My husband has run a small business for over 15 years. He has always treated employees well, but never have been able to pay them high salaries.

              Only big businesses like GE – that earn billions, yet somehow paid ZERO taxes in 2010…can afford to pay their employees large salaries.

              Btw…I work in the small business too. My husband and I do NOT make a high salary. In fact, we have taken pay cuts. We just try to survive this administration and the ever increasing rounds of new regulations, taxes, etc.

            • T.Jack,

              Let me guess. When you go out and eat and the food costs more than you like I’m guessing you are one that B & M’s the loudest aren’t you? You know I had a nice young lady that managed my business for me that made a whopping 11.25 an hour. Due to her diligence she bought a home last year and still makes less than $12 working for the people I sold my food service business too. She saved the down payment and qualified for a loan with a $400 a month payment. She’s 27 years old now and does quite well. Most of the “kids” who worked for me were high school or junior college age and $9 an hour was fair and equiatable. You could jion your soicalist buddy obama and force me to pay more? Then you can B&M more at the higher prices but more likely you’ll be like the other liberals and just quit coming all together so I would have to lay off the kids. THANKS TO THE LIKES OF YOU…and obama of course.

          • Well some places have laws against being homeless but that does not mean that they help the homeless. They just push them elsewhere.

            • They tried to do that with John Rambo and look what happened?

            • i find it funny, however, that although much food is wasted in the food industry (coming from a resturant line cook turned organic farmer- there is a lot of waste!) on our farm we donate “seconds” to food not bombs and other charitable organizations every week. we do not have homeless rummaging our compost.

              in contrast, when i worked in the resturant business, we had dumpster diver issues, kinda scary when you’re leaving work alone at 2 am and put the trash out on someone’s head. i started to set aside meals sent back to the kitchen for those folks, many of whom i met with food not bombs who makes hot meals for the homeless on the weekends and many help with the prep and distribution, more than one could say about 2nd gen welfare cases expecting handouts from my income taxes. many of the people have young kids and have been abandoned by the “system” or have abandoned it….they do not get SNAP, or SSI, or any of that crap and rely on the kindness of others… if caring is socialist or whatever… than color me red!
              i got in some deep shit from management for that. but my reasoning was you PAY a company to remove your trash. the less trash the less money spent to remove it, the less in our landfills, hungry people are fed…. so i suggested we donate to a local soup kitchen, tax deductable $ in pockets. the answer was always a resounding NO. in the meantime, cronic illnesses abound in the homeless community, due to malnourishement, sending them to the ER unable to pay bills, sending healthcare prices up up up…

              call me a commie or obama zombie if you like, it would not be true, i just feel we must have the humanity to care for those less fortunate for the good of humanity itself. if you cannot fathom sharing a crumb with a starving man, you don’t deserve that loaf of moldy bread yourself. eventually you might get robbed for that loaf of bread, when you could’ve shared a bit with compassion.
              the web is interconnected….you can’t have tit without the tat…
              and processed food with an expiration date usually is good well beyond that date, but SHOULD NOT BE SOLD, and being processed lacks nutritional value anyhow. i have eaten many cans of expired food in my life (distributed freely at local food pantries) and not died of botulism or gotten sick.

          • Tina, everything is illegal in the US. You can’t even feed the homeless without breaking a “law”.

            Yet, millions are about to go voice their support for such lunacy by “voting” for the criminal of their choice to make sure it keeps on going down the drain.

            The corp will continue to do what it is doing so long as the people continue to support it’s authority to do it.

            Go ahead and vote, but don’t come crying to me. I predict in the next election the people will have to vote with their guns.

          • What is needed thousands of homeless to do it, get arrested and get three hots and a cot as punishment.

            I have no doubt that jails will become de-facto shelters.

            • They will be called FEMA camps….

            • No what we’ll have is a workforce like in China, chained up working for a dollar a day, except here in the USA they’ll be closing factory’s like those making uniforms for the police and military, closing factory’s here putting those folks in a situation of possibly being hungry and homeless, then they’ll be put in prison. They’ll get their three hots, a cot and their old job back for a dollar a day.
              And that’s how America will be competitive with their communist slave labor and third world counterpart. This is what the American people have been sold out too.

            • @Kevin2: they already do it in many places especially in inclimate weather… many will commit a misdemeanor just to get arrested and believe me, most know the technical differences between the levels of crimes… i’ve worked with the “homeless” for 20+ years…

          • I’m so glad we have Obama as our leader. Obama makes me feel so safe and secure. Obama is so smart and convinced Columbia admin Dept that he was never on the back of a milk carton in Kenya. Then while here, he became a respectable alumni member and earned his Nobel peace prize in 2009! Wow, then it was Al Gore in 2007 another smartie pants. How about Jimmie Carter in 2002. Hats off to all you fruit Ninja’s who never had a clue what the hell you are doing.

        • Just like in Greece, USA will one day no longer be able to pay all the people in make-work jobs.

      2. Stick to Ouzo and Retsina!

        • I love the taste of Retsina!

      3. This gas thing in California.

        I am beginning to think the resellers are never going to give up their “new normal” price of $4.60.

        They released the winter blend stockpile… supposedly we were going to see the prices “drop as fast as they went up”. It hasn’t happened and I begin to wonder if it is ever going to happen.

        Well… bike and train for me at this point 9_9

        I’d do a motorcycle but on the 405 Freeway I could measure my life expectancy in weeks. So that’s not gonna happen.

        Coming soon to a State near you, I rather suspect. Unless there is massive demand destruction here (which I’m not seeing) I think they’re going to be perfectly content with “adjusting your price expectations”.

        • yeah, it might drop a little, but i don’t think we’ll see it below $4.00 again, ever…..

          • 3.60 In Houston right now. Has been fairly stable over last 6 months-I assume because we refine so much locally…

          • It will drop considerably when its nationalized after the revolution .

        • I have not paid under $4.00 a gallon since the new administration took office. Everything in CA is going up, a friend that lives in OR and compare food prices every other week she beats me every time on the same items. Hold on to your pantyhose it’s going to be a bumpy ride!!

          • Sart using Target, Walmart and 99 cent stores for alot of your shopping. Lots cheaper than regular markets unless a good sale is going on. If you don’t have a Vons/Safeway card you are really missing out. Ya gotta look around.

            • Safeway is in another town, we do have a grocery outlet I make sure to check exasperation dates like a hawk. For the size town I live it sure doesn’t have much. Dixon has a super Walmart it’s 20 min. away but that just brings us back to the fuel thing. Anyone else feel like a dog chasing his tail? Winter garden is in just waiting for the weather to make up it’s mind before lay lettuces. I’m looking just not liking what I’m seeing!!!!

            • @justamom, are “exasperation dates” well beyond “expiration dates”? LOL!

          • South East Michigan gas was around 4.12 last friday.
            Yesterday it was 3.72. Interesting it dropped almost the exact ammount put on it for tax. Think Mi is second highest in US at 67.1 now where NY is 67.4. We were at 57.8 as of jan.1st. which I think only 19cents of the 57.8 was MI state tax. Cali and Conn. are tied for third at 67.0

        • Its not just gas. Pacific Gas and Electic is at .33 cents a kilowatt hour if you use “too much” electricity as the bureacrats determine. Try running a food business with freezers and not use too much juice? Oh and that is before state mandated cap and trade hits next year thanks to the Gore machine (yes he has set up the brokerage so he can make a small percentage).

          • Awhile ago tonite tv news says Soc Sec cost of living raises will only be between 1 and 2 percent per mo!

            Due to such “Low” inflation!

            I read a year ago on some econonomic site, a guy figured out what True cost of living raises Should have been ever since Klinton changed method to not count any forms of energy(electric-gas-propane etc), and also Not count any food increases when they make yearly adjustments to soc sec raises.

            That guy said basically whatever your soc sec monthly check is now(one year ago from today) figure it should be aprox. Between 80% More to even Double the current amount.

            That seems correct to me.

            I think their overall plans are that they cant just destroy incomes for the 1/2 of middle class folks who still are younger and working.

            But that they also plan to destroy 100% of middle class, especially the White folks part. Otherwise the retired 1/2 could assist the rest 1/2 with soc sec income.

            They plan to completely destroy entire middle class white america. Its the only hope they got to convince our majority to conform to all their crap plans.

            I Hope so many folks get on board in stocking food and ammo etc etc that when time comes them assholes whos doing all this stuf get a real shocker suprize!

            Like 50-million folks with a Rifle in one hand…And a Rope in the Other hand!…..if nothing to lose no more, why not?

        • I heard on the news that the CA winter blend wont be ready for the gas pumps until the end of the month.

          So you wont see any change in the gas prices till then.

        • I have been paying over 1.29 per litre for gasoline for months now.

      4. Some of this already goes on in the US but most retailers don’t get caught. Another food related problem occurs with imported seafoods that are contaminated w/ bacteria (or radiation). Most imported foods are not inspected but we pay taxes to supposedly insure our foods are safe and heavily regulated. Yeah, right.

        Expired fresh foods or processed foods aren’t nearly as dangerous as the meats and dairy foods. Here in the US nder-our-noses, recently some expired cuts of beef were repackaged and resold. The butcher shop (a retailer) was caught stealing the old meats from another chain store’s dumpster and they had the final proof of his scam. He was arrested.

        I suspect it will worsen here just as it will worsen in Greece and the other EU countries.

        • I posted this on the last topic but it bears repeating. In the small southern town where my wife grew up, it’s been reported that folks have been going to the Dog Pound and for the $5 fee, taking home some “Fresh meat on the Hoof”.

          All of the bigger dogs are gone-gone-gone!

          • I am a dog lover but that makes me laugh…Ask Obama how to cook em, he should know cause he loves dogs too, and he also had a dog on the roof…of his mouth, not his car…

            • Quite true. In Tacoma WA I understand strays are not as much of an issue and in some areas the squirrel population is drasticly reduced.

              When I had bigger buildings it was not an uncommon site to see cat and dog hides in the dumpster.

            • Hell invite him over for dinner. Just make sure you have an extra for Moochelle.

            • Obama would never eat a dog. Dogs are considered unclean animals by Muslims.

          • They must own a chinese restaurant. Hahaha. If anybody gets hungry eyes for my dog, they will be eating a lead sandwich. Then guess who’s feeding time it will be! BOW WOW WOW

            • It was reported some time ago on tv that the head upitty monky in chief and his sheboon send a plane to some state way out west(maybe calif? cant recall now) to bring back to whitehouse a PIZZA cook because the assholes likes his way of cooking pizza best.

              The reporter also said on a Regular basis at least once per week, the hobammys entertain alot, even as many as Over 1000 guests Per party!

              And for these partys on a weekly basis, they Import Fresh Steaks flown in from JAPAN!

              The steaks go for an avg cost of at least $150.00 Per LB!
              Thats price for steak ONLY not shipping or plane ride etc!

              Think its called “Kobe” beef(?)..I call it Bullshit!

              Them kommie lib monkys Are the worst most upitty arrogant seen in a very long time.

              They try to Outspend everyone on everything and then both take so many fuckin vacations even investigative reporters cant keep count.

              Even Hillery had just 2-3 secretary type aids. Sheboon has last I read aprox. 23 or was it 26 Persoanl aids!

              There is just no amount of classLESS arogance they wont attempt. And to still see so many Idiots, White idiots all over tv showing such massive support for this failure of the Inth degree is simply Mindblowing!

              Nothing will ever convince them fools to admit they was and still are wrong. Neocons aint much better. But Liberals dems I cant even be in same vicinity any longer or I may go off on em!

          • Dog …….the other white meat .

            • Dog when prepared properly is a fine meal. It all depend on what it was in in the prior 30 days. Same with cat except it is on the greasy side.

              When it comes to it Cook off the fat and mix it with other meats with cover flavor. And remember if it smell gross it is from what they were eating. That in self does not make it bad. Its just juck yard dag tastes like shit.

            • Chimp: the Other Dark Meat

            • Kung Pao Pooch – spicy

          • Rev.

            First off, dogs aint got hooves, even I know that. I like dogs as pets but not to eat, I think you could go to jail for that. I just don’t believe it.

            • It is common in may cultures, including asian, to eat dog or cat. It is considered very good eating. I personally could not do it but it is done.

            • tastes like chicken.

            • Depend on where you are. And why would a dog be any different then a cow or chicken. Many place breed dogs for food.

            • What did one lesbian frog to say to the other?

              Hey, we do taste like chicken….

              Come on Rick, everything taste like chicken.

            • @HBB, “On the hoof” is just an expression. My Brother-in-law is a Leo for the county that my wife grew up in. According to him they had been finding the remains of dogs in empty lots and once in a park, picked clean of meat.
              There is one guy who they are watching as they suspect him of running a “Shade Tree’ butcher shop. “Shade Tree” is another expression meaning without a permit.

              I really don’t care if you don’t believe me.

            • Meow!

            • In China, although its against the law there, its not enforced much. Some chineese folks who know the “code word” can get the butcher shop to sell Aborted Baby. Whole or Parts.

              They then make some soup like meal from it. After eating it is supposed to enhance sex like an aphrodisiac I guess.

              I never been there and only read this stuf. Not certain if true?…But with so many far out enhanced sex beliefs some nations or cultures has, wont suprize me.

              Plus in china most have been brainwashed to think alot different than the west when it comes to life issues and unborn babys. So yeah it may just be for real eh.

            • Angelo Mysteriouso ,
              Yeah it wouldn’t surprise me if it was true …..eastern medicine is based a lot on superstition . But then again , I have always thought that aborted fetus’ would make great bass bait . The thing about any food is how its prepared and seasoned ………Weather its a cow , dog , or human , a competent chef can make anything taste good and you would like it , until you found out what it was . Thats the scary part . Beware of the chinese restaurant next to the free clinic 😉

          • In Berlin during WWII cats were called “Roof Rabbits” by the locals.

            One has to wonder what the cats were eating?

            • That is a big problem. Because you do want to stay away from the ones eating human remains. They will transmit the same diseases. Just like weeds go straight though a horse to the manure.

            • And the Russians called Berlin women ” free range snapper ” , and they didn’t care what or if they were eating .

        • This is why I have given up eating seafood. I will only buy wild caught Pacific salmon–anything that is farm raised is bacteria-laden and terrible tasting. And I don’t trust them selling me gulf shrimp either.

          • I thought all the fish caught off the Pacific has radiation. I haven’t eaten any tuna since Fukishima.

            • My tuna is before and immediately after the gulf disaster.
              It happened in April, and I added to my supply in June.

            • I had just bought 70 cans of tuna @ .45 each, the week before Fukishima blew. Haven’t bought any since and I’m sitting on these for as long as I can.

          • Sharon, there are some ‘safe’ wild caught fish but at this point, salmon is probably not safe because a portion of the salmon’s lifespan is spent near Japan. Try searching online (search: salmon migration Japan fukishima) — there are too many links to list here.

            I’m with you on farm-raised (buildup of nitrites). Gulf-oil shrimp (shrimp in general) don’t make it into our kitchen. Look for fish wild caught in the Icelandic region.

            • At this point try wild Atlantic salmon/seafood.

            • C, Wild caught Atlantic salmon is rare (endangered, actually) — can you elaborate?

              John W, You’re right. And Farm-raised salmon has chemicals added into the feed to increase the pink color of the salmon. Also there was a recent article on sewage-contaminated shrimp from Vietnam.

              All of this should serve as a reminder to us about our foods and food sources. Without medical intervention, a food-related bacterial infection has a higher probability of being fatal.

            • @ Zoltanne

              Agreed per the Icelandic seafood.
              Although the stuff from Norway & Nova Scotia is just as good, but harder to locate.

          • Farm raised also has no Omega 3 fats. I will not eat any seafood which comes from Vietnam or any Asian country. Raised in sewer water.

        • Anyone hear from Manos? I hope he is OK.

          • @Red Leader…..was wondering about Manos too….also, where is Burt the Brit, Ranchers wife…and other “regulars?” Are you guys ok? I miss your informative comments!! take care>CC

        • In the town where I live there is a small store on main street called Courtneys, all food sold there is past the expiration date. I am not sure how they do this, but the store has been in operation for at least 6-8 years. They sell everything a regular grocery store sells but it is all expired. I have never shopped there but my good friend has a sister who works there. I understand they are doing a lot of business.

          • I only give so much credit to dates on canned goods anyway. When I was growing up, they didn’t even have them. I have read several places that there isn’t a common/official guideline to them, that each company decides what date to put and the amount of time before expiration or sell by keeps getting shorter. I don’t know if this is just so they can cover their butts, or to promote more sales, but I think most canned foods are fine after the dates. Just my opinion though.

            • The Mormons have an official guideline of shelflife for food storage items. My friend sent me these.

              Here are a couple examples of common food storage items. Sometimes, canned foods have a “code” and not an expiration date.

              Meat, Chili, can, Hormel, Dinty Moore – 5-8 years
              CODE: Second and third number is month, next two are day, last number is year.

              Meat, Spam, Hormel – 5-8 years
              CODE: Second and third number is month, next two are day, last number is year

              Meat, Tuna, can, Starkist – 4-6 years
              CODE: Last letter on second row is year, with G= 1998, F=1997, E=1996. Three numbers before that are Julian calendar day

            • hey carolina girl I agree with you totally. My grandmom had a relative that worked ar campbells soup in NJ ( I am in southeastern NC now) and he brought her cases upon cases of canned soup. I was about 4 years old and we ate that soup intil i was in my teens, no joke. I am alive and well! Those lables with exp dates are not a uniform standard. Sometimes it is done during processing sometimes during packaging etc etc, I will eat my stuff until it blows up. My grandma did not even keep hers in a basement etc. It was in an upstairs extra bedroom with a window open in the summer, plenty of sunshine and no A/C, held up just fine.

            • Just cracked a 2nd tin of coffee that expired in 07. I do believe the labels are hokum.

            • The dates on the labels are to protect the manufacturer and seller as much as the user. They don’t want to be sued. The dates are put there knowing they you will buy it before the date, take it home and possibly leave it on the shelf for a few months before you remember to use it. So they allow plenty of “just in case” time. If it is handled and stored carefully it will greatly exceed the expiration date but what if it was held in very high or low temps? That could shorten it’s life. There are many variables to they allow for a lot of “just in case” time.

      5. I grew up eating day old bread.

        • Hey, good for toast.

        • I just had week old bread for toast earlier . Tastes fine to me.

      6. I eat expired food all the time. It is the downside of having multiple years of food storage. Last week I ate cup-a-soup that expired in 2008. It tasted fine and I’m not sick. There are stores in Amish country whose entire inventory are expired foods they bought in bulk. A great alternative for those who want a budget food storage program.

        When the weather cools down I will be breaking out my most expired hot chocolate and oatmeal. MMM MMM good.

        • Stuff is sold in the US that is called food that no self respecting bacteria would touch with a ten foot pole.

          • Agreed Kevin2. Nothing like finding an open bag of corn chips pushed to the back for 8 months and the recent kid states… still taste fresh… eh,gads.

            • opps, should be resident kid ;)but you get the point 😀

            • Hehehe. I’m glad you corrected that! I thought you were feeding your baby corn chips *AND* (s)he was talking to you and telling you they tasted OK.


            • A friend grinds whole wheat to make bread. You have about 24 hours of shelf life before mold and bacteria get it.

              Wholesome food spoils very quickly.

            • Kevin2, I grind wheat berries to make our bread and a loaf lasts 4-6 days. Most sandwich-bread recipes turn out 2-3 loaves that are about 9×5 (standard loaf pan). One loaf can be refrigerated or frozen and the other is left in the bread box to eat. After the 4-6 days, if any bread remains, I cube and toast for croutons or bread crumbs. Sometimes I’ll cut recipes in half for just 1 loaf because fresh bread is much better than frozen.

              There are also other tricks to making fresh breads using different techniques like refrigerated dough for artisan breads. Those techniques take a small amount of dough from the ‘dough batch’ and make rounded loaves that can be as large or as small as you want. Custom loaves, if you know what I mean.

              Homemade breads don’t have the preservatives that the store breads have. And grinding grains means that you have fresh ‘oil’ coming from the grains so if/when you make your own breads, keep these things in mind so you don’t have waste.

        • This is in reply to the comment that whole, wholesome food spoils more rapidly than commercially preserved food:
          That is correct. I have been stocking up on those food preserving bags, like the Debbie Meyer green bags. They absorb ethylene oxide and thereby retard spoilage. They work well for veggies I get out of my garden, and the bread storage bags work great – I can keep a loaf of bread fresh at room temp for 10+ days if it is in one of those bags.

          I look at these bags as part of a self reliant eating strategy – it is a non-toxic, reliable way to be able to eat and not waste food I grow or make.

      7. And Here in the USA they will continue, for a while at least,putting less and less in the packages,to fool us or them or whomever they think it is fooling. After that, when they can no longer justify selling containers less than half full,will they actually start shrinking the packages to fit the food item, till they become so small they can no longer sell only an ounce of ice cream, or a handful of pasta or cereal.

        …THEN and only then will they start allowing the selling of expired stuff. Because by that time more people will be smashing down doors rather than paying to get the stuff anyway.

        • Very hard times are coming and so many are unprepared.

          • Susan,

            I agree. Very hard times are coming and so many are unprepared.

            “For every 1 person added to the labor force since January 2009, 10 were added to those not in the labor force.”


          • So many simply do not have the money to spend on preps. Try supporting two or three kids on eighteen bucks an hour or less.

            • Most people I know here in my small town would die for $18.00 an hour. Try supporting 2-3 kids on 2 part time jobs paying a little over min. wage.

            • $18/hr yeah, i’d love that job! i’ll settle for what i’ve got: $8/hr and all the fresh produce my gut can handle…three kids, hubby, goats chickens, cats dog, all need to eat, and we manage… actaully last year we grossed $9000, a family of 5, w/o any state benefits, and lived just fine off the grid with minimal bills. but with the cost of everything skyrocketing, a pay increase would be nice.
              but i’m content to stay employed, warm and eat good this winter. all other extravagances be damned. as long as people need to eat, and are willing to support small local organic farms (a trend which is happily growing even in a floundering economy) i will have work, and my community will have food… a beautiful cycle; a key component of “survival, sustainablity etc”: stocked up food will only be good for so long, connect with your local farms NOW! ask about gleaning after harvest, dehydrate, buy 1/2 a cow or pig, see about bartering services for food… create a relationship with a local farm, and maybe in hard times they will help you out with much needed nutritional food.
              there is more to life than money and the sooner ya’ll realize this, the better off you and I will be post collapse!

        • Ramen noodles …still $1 a pkg, but quantity of 5, not 6, and the individual pkg is smaller. Anyone that eats these can plainly see the pkg is smaller.
          I have lots of tp…and I mean I am the tp queen if it is a barter item.
          I placed some of Big Lots ($6.40 for a 24 double roll ain’t bad at their 20% off sale)beside another brand–it was not smaller in thickness, but narrower.
          It’s very noticeable when this is placed on the tp receptacle.

          • all the packages say “sold by weight, not volume” for a reason…

      8. My biggest resource at the grocery store is the “last day of sale” items. I find that if you immediately can, freeze or dehydrate it as soon as you get home that most times you’ve gotten yourself a pretty good deal.

        • Absolutely Daisy, The local Dollar General about once a month stocks a couple clearance shelves with stuff about to expire. It goes without saying the manager is now my new best friend 🙂 I use to find stuff expired on the shelves, and they would automatically discount it huge for me if I pointed it out. That is until some woman made a stink behind me in line one day, saying it should be thrown out etc… I mean like a bag of rice or beans just does not become poisonous when the date on the package arrives. Now they won’t do it, oh well! Peace

          • Stupid people. She will be wishing for a bag of anything expired, sooner or later.

        • Daisy

          Beef dates are not all alike. When steaks and roasts meet their date they get ground into hamburger. When hamburger is expired it’s expired. It’s lowest on the food chain.

          • I didnt know that, I love hearing tips on here each day and when people know what the hell they are talking about. that makes sense.

          • I have cold cuts that if expired I throw on the frying pan and let cook. What bacteria lives on food once cooked properly? Its the blue rare and rare eaters that get sick with their food still mooing and bleeding all over the plate. Blackened everything for me and I have eaten expired everything and don’t get sick at all.

      9. Expiration dates are conservative by nature , the product is perfectly fine to eat the majority of the time . Salt has an expiration date ……to my knowledge , salt never goes bad .
        Our ancestors ate food regularly that by todays standards was well past the mark . Too much sheltering makes for a weak immune system .

        • That’s what I tell myself when I eat pizza that sat out all night for lunch the next day.

        • Sure, go ahead and get a good case of salmonella or e.coli. that’s a sure fire survival strategy. Why would anyone mess with borderline food? Canned food is good way past the date but meat and similiar products are just not worth the risk.

          • You cook your meat ? I do . If your starving , cooking questionable meat to a crisp and eating , is still better than starving . You know your going to die if you dont eat .

        • Regarding salt, if it’s iodized then it actually does expire due to oxidation and iodine being a naturally evaporative chemical and becomes just plain ol’ salt. Roughly takes 2 years.

          We need iodine to stay healthy. Lack of it leads to mental retardation in children, thyroid problems, goiters.

          A disaster diet is going to be short changed on iodine unless you live near the ocean/sea for edible seaweed or seafood so remember to stock up on iodized salt for your storage needs and rotate it every year into sidewalk de-icer or using it in canning or preservation or something.

          Plan on about six lbs a person a year.

          • There are many foods besides seafood that contain iodine, such as eggs.

      10. Multi-Level View of Survival

        It was in the years leading up to Y2K that I got really serious about my preps. I did a fair amount of research on how to get ready for the potential event. However, the results of my research were unsatisfactory: Each store had a list of “must have” equipment, and each author had a list of “must do” actions. The “musts” were often conflicting and most appeared poorly thought out. It just didn’t make sense.

        This started many months of thinking. Somehow people have been living on this planet for thousands of years without space blankets and spark plugs. When you get down to the basics of the basics, what is really needed?

        The Four Requirements for Life: Only 4 things are needed to sustain life.
        They Are:


        The order is very important… Without shelter a person may last only hours in a storm. Without water a person may last only a few days. Fire is needed to purify water. And finally, a person can go without food for a few weeks, making it the lowest priority item of the four. It turns out that these four needs are always being met in normal everyday living. In a sense we are always in a “survival situation”, but seldom think of it that way.

        Three Levels of Living:
        This simple concept led to another question: How did people from years ago meet their survival requirements without modern technology? I choose three situations to study more closely:

        Modern – In the currently “developed” countries, meeting our four basic needs are performed with great ease and convenience:
        Shelter – Our houses, apartments, and clothing provide luxurious comfort from the elements.
        Water – Modern plumbing brings safe clean water to us at the turn of a spigot.
        Fire – Oil, gas or electricity heats our homes completely automatically. Electricity provides light, heat, cooling, food preservation, and entertainment
        Food – A short trip to a supermarket provides fresh food items from around the world.

        1800s – Two Hundred years ago people did not have electricity, running water and global fresh fruits, but still thrived. (Some people, such as the traditional Amish, still live this way.) Their needs were met slightly differently:
        Shelter – Houses and clothing provided protection.
        Water – Often pumped by hand, from well or rainwater.
        Fire – Heat from a wood or coal stove. Light from kerosene lamps.
        Food – Produced on local farms. Stored over the winter by canning or drying.

        Primitive – One Thousand year ago people were still living and thriving using even less technology. Consider the life of the aboriginal people world-wide:
        Shelter – Tipi, earth lodge, log cabin, etc. and clothing were made from natural materials.
        Water – From surface water (springs, rivers, etc.) and rainwater.
        Fire – wood fire on the ground.
        Food – hunting, foraging, some agriculture. Long term storage by drying.

        Each of the four requirements can be met on any level described above. Consider, for example, that the electricity to your house goes off for several days. It may be quite possible, even enjoyable, to fire up the wood stove and light the oil lamps. If these items are not available, it may still possible to build a fire in the back yard for some heat and light.
        Obviously, each person’s situation is different and may not allow for all possible levels for each requirement. However, with some thought and creativity, many can be made possible with minimal cost.

        This approach has given me great comfort over the past few years. After a storm or other disruption, I do a quick mental check: Using any level, do I have access to sufficient Shelter, Water, Fire, and Food? If the answers are “Yes” I know that I will be okay.

        • I read an Article in Geographic years ago about an archeologist who found dried fruit, seeds, and some type of food (slips my mind what it was) preserved inside clay jars in some Chinese emperors tomb, thousands of years old. The seeds had a 50% or so germination rate, almost all the dried fruit would be considered edible, and much of the food in the clay jars would have also been safe to eat. Not sure if this would be my first choice for dinner, but it does go a long way towards backing up the notion that proper processing makes all the difference. Clay

          • My son and I just opened some Neo-life dried onions purchased in 1986. I used them in a few things. Not sure of the nutritional value, but I plan on using it to stretch my current supplies.

        • It is true that we can survive in altered conditions, more primitive circumstances, as our ancestors did, however, their lifespan was certainly curtailed because of it. Consider the aboriginals who lived in the long houses here in southwestern Ontario; they lived communally in long houses corraled by tall pole fencing to keep out the wild animals and enemies. They did their cooking over an open fire inside the longhouse and consequently inhaled the smoke from the fires causing a lot of lung problems. Their lifespan was 40+ years. Not all of us would flourish under similar conditions, even those of us who are strong. We are softer, lazier, not used to deprivation and hard work, cold weather with no central heating and hot water in abundance. I’m sure I would be one of the first to go with my lung problems and arthritis. I have tried to imagine myself in a tent in the dead of winter but I don’t get any further than a couple of days before pneumonia sets in. That’s why I just don’t get any further planning a bug out plan with a tent because unless I have a solid secondary residence to flee to, I’d not last a week in a tent here in the winter, snow or no snow. I’m sitting tight and preparing the bug-in barring any earth shattering event of an earthquake. I do have the requisite bug out bags/sleeping bags etc for a short evacuation.

        • ~~~Somehow people have been living on this planet for thousands of years without space blankets and spark plugs~~~

          And this is why I have no OA or mylar bags in my preps…many years before these became ‘a must have for prepping’, people were storing foods in 5 gallon buckets.

          • True enough. But given the fractional cost of a mylar bag and 2000 cc’s of oxygen absorbers versus the cost of 5 gallons of pretty much any storage foods? It’s simply not worth the gamble for us although other’s may and do feel differently.

            I feel pretty secure that my long long term storage items will be there for me or my children 15-30 years from now.

      11. “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

        • Have you hugged your strawman today? -Nathan Ranger

          • “The trouble with quotes on the internet is it’s difficult to determine if they are genuine”…. George Washington

      12. When you compete with the third world for labor and attempt to retain your developed standard of living through debt in the end you end up eating a bowl of rice and a fish head for dinner.

        Debt was the catalyst but free trade is the root cause globally.

        • Fish Heads, Fish Heads, Rolly Polly Fish Heads, Eat them up Yum!!! LOL… I miss Dr. Demento, Can you tell?

          • in the morning, laughing, happy fishheads. in the evening, floating in the soup……..

        • Compete with the third world; become the third world.

      13. Seems like Greece’s YOY food price rise in about the same as here. And as PP says we have whole stores based on outdated canned food in this area. You have to really check the prices though as some stuff isn’t a bargain. However, my wife did pick up all the Spam they had at $1.40 a can Saturday. I know, I know it’s SPAM….but I love it fried up with potatoes in bacon grease. I don’t think Greece has a “food stamp” program like here so maybe that makes it more difficult for them.

        • Spam is about 2.25 at its cheapest here, great find!!!

          • It is @2.99 here. For SPAM.

            • My hubby says SPAM is Something Posing As Meat.

            • Yes. And if SPAM is this high now…
              LOL I know people who have never had it! Anyone remember potted meat? I got some the other day for old times sake;)

            • SPAM, one of the few things Minnesota is famous for. (Besides cold temps, bad sports teams, Al Franken, and Jesse “The Body” Ventura). Hormel at one time even had a SPAM museum! SPAM, you betcha!

            • @ DollarstoDonuts, I bought some today. I have eaten it from time to time, my whole life. I love to take it with me when I go out on a week long fishing trip. I have many cans stored alongside my spam.

      14. Thank-You Copperhead for your latest bits of advice and receipes and encouragement. A much needed and appreciated contribution.

        • HK: No-, thanks to you as a fellow prepper. I’ve been going through some testing as of late and just thought these may help out.

      15. I have been told that velveeta has a half life instead of shelf life, also that it is made from coffemate and spam juice. Yum!

      16. Interesting the price increases they quoted. In my part of the US, sugar, in the past 12 months, went from $2.49 to $2.99 for 4 lbs…approx 20%. Eggs went from $1.59 to $1.79…approx 17%. Butter from $1.99 to $2.99…approx 50%. The US has seen much higher grocery spikes than Greece (or, in essence, lower dollar value). Not downplaying Greek suffering. Just interesting that the US sheeple are still so blind and all they can do is complain when gas goes up 2%.

        • I have noticed that sugar is alternately available in 5# or 4# bags. This seems to be true in all different sorts of shops. .60/pound is about the average I am seeing and it hasn’t changed much in months. When it did go up, it was about 10% or 5 cents/pound..

          Butter is another item that varies in price. We have a convenience store chain here that regularly has butter at the lowest price in the area. In Walmart, it can vary from $1.99 house brand to over $4 local specialty brand.

          Eggs are sensitive to season. Jumbos are $1.74 at the moment. Smaller eggs are less. In Spring and Summer, they are cheapest.

          Scanning the shelves when I shop, I routinely do see items about 5% off. But, a lot of the savings are only a few pennies. They can add up, but it is the same with running all over to get a price. You have to balance the cost of gas with the savings.

          I check out the Mennonite dented/expired store every once in a while. Some bargains, but not too many, considering. Our local Amish gave an entire community salmonella last year when they made ice cream with raw whole eggs. They aren’t always the best example.

          Still, meats,dairy and produce are very high. These are the items that are shipped daily, so I think the gas price is a factor, as well as the cost of keeping them refrigerated.

          Propane is really down in the Upper Midwest, this season. $1.30-$1.56/gallon, varies by supplier and you are usually tied to your supplier because they own the tanks. We got a fill today and it came in 4 cents below the contract price and 35 cents below last year. We are having another mild Fall, so I expect our heating/hot water bill to be lower, again.

          Meanwhile, Obama administration has put the Petroleum Reserve in Alaska on stricter limits while his wife tells us we are in the midst of a huge recovery. They report. You can decide.

          • Propane in Ky is about $2.10–I’m paying $1.80 until I get my locked in price for 800 gallons; then it’s the going rate–whatever that is.

        • Did any of you notice that social security says that inflation is very low, (!!!) so checks won’t increase. This will affect my mother, not that she’s expecting to receive a check much longer, anyway. Wonder if our Senators and Representatives will also consider a much lower COLA since prices are so “low”.

          • did you know ssn numbers go by where you are at, for example people in maine and new your their ssn start with 007 002 etc. and people in the midwest start with 481 484 etc and people west are in the 5 506 554 etc. just a tip

          • Most of our rulers are multi millionaires. Pelosi is worth over a hundred million as are Feinswine and Kerry. They could really care less about us besides all they care about is the minority voters.

            • And yet, I hear Mr. Pelosi hasn’t been paying the members of the football team he owns.

        • Miss Anona

          You must be mistaken because inflation does not effect food. Food not an input into the official Consumer Price Index. Ignore it, It’s not important.

        • Miss A,good to know

      17. Has anyone heard from Manos in greece?

      18. Most canned goods, except for canned fruit, will last way beyond the expiration date. I’ve had canned chili that was 2-3 years old and it tasted fine; never got sick once. When shopping for expired foods, I would still be very careful, though. It’s only a matter of time before the EU’s troubles come to our shores. i fear this winter will really be tough. Thanksgiving and Christmas may not be so hot either. Best wishes and keep prepping. braveheart

        • I would buy expired to use now, put the newer stuff away.

      19. I got a 20 pound bag of small cooking onions for pocket change this weekend. Any ideas on how best to preserve these?

        • Chop and freeze.

          • Dry them and store in a freezers bag. Pickle them and can them to last years. Pickled onions can be used in cooking. Plant the smaller ones for next years crop.

        • Cook the onions Daisy and eat them as soon as possible. The iron in them will put hair on your chest. Winter is coming to Canada this next weekend.

          Stay warm! 🙂

          • @ Mr. Kidd

            For all our differences, I gotta hand it to ya…you do have a great sense of humor!

        • Daisy,

          You could dehydrate them and save for use later. I use dried onions in spaghetti sauce, stews, soups, etc.

        • Daisy,
          Get the dehydrator running and dry them, that is the best way I have found for onions/next best would be to can them.If you dry them, vacuum pack em and they will almost last forever.

        • Hi Daisy,

          Connie posts here periodically (Rancher’s Wife) and I have really enjoyed her blog – very practical, useful information. She has a quick entry on onions:

          and more on some peppers she did with some pictures (I think you could do onions the same way, though — I really want a dehydrator!)

          I’ve been loading up on meat at ridiculous prices and looking at her canning advice on that too (love the canned bacon!)

          • Thanks everyone, for all the great advice – I think I will hang some, dehydrate some and freeze some, thank goodness for the food processor to speed the chopping along!

            • @ Daisy, not sure if you have tried this or not(when peeling onions) light a candle near your chopping/prep area….not sure why, but I never get any tears! Wish I could take the credit, but saw it on Marthas show some years ago, and never 4got it!! Cheers….CC.

        • Let them marinate in your Bra for 4 days. It should improve your PH balance .

        • So dehydrating seems to be the preferred choice – does anyone have a really strong favorite for a dehydrator?

          I’m looking for larger volume as it’s feeding time at the zoo around here. I think it won’t be long until I have to serve meals in buckets.

          • BleakoEcobamics,

            Stay away from any dehydro that is not adjustable for the temp. My 1st one sucked it was from academy. I picked up the Nesco American Harvest from Amazon for around 60.00 and it came with some really cool fruit roll up trays and a jerky maker. I have 5 pounds of venison going in it right now and the first 4 batches tasted great.


            Keep Prepping

          • Also something i learned this yr is dehydrating fresh veggies, Try a little kosher salt on squash and zuccunni sliced thin. Now thats some good eats. Even after the great hail storm as I call it, most of my plants came back and are still producing today..


            • Using “Kosher” salt is like using “Holy water” to cook with. Does the Rabbi’s blessing extend the shelf life?

            • Roger ~

              Kosher salt is a different texture – much more coarse – and contains no preservatives.

              ~ D

          • daisy, I have an Excalibur and love it! A lot of the smaller ones you have to stir them and continually check them, but not with the Excalibur. Set it and forget it. It is wonderful.

        • I store our homegrown onions (they’re storage onions) and they last about 6 months in cool, dark, and dry conditions. Also like to have some dried on hand so I chop some for the dehydrator. They don’t need to be blanched beforehand. I store in glass jars but don’t vacuum seal.

          Wear eye goggles. 🙂

          • I chop and freeze a few bags of onions, just to pull them out and use quick (very handy). Large amounts, I chop and dehydrate (outside on screened porch) if you do them inside, the house will smell like them for weeks. I know, I learned the hard way. I store them in canning jars with a 100 cc oxygen absorber.

          • I read chewing gum helps..haven’t tried it yet.

      20. It’s a very sad fact, I call it deceptive attrition – getting the tribe conditioned for the real deal. The SHTF club members see it and prepare like-wise. The non-members just yell ‘WTF’ at by-standers. I am so blessed that 3.5% – 7% increase doesn’t make needful things non-affordable, it just makes me frantic; plan my budget better and pray – alot! for those sheep that bought the program and expected a better show.

        I pray that Manos and family are staying safe, any news from him?

      21. > It takes your food seven seconds to get from your mouth to your stomach. One human hair can support 6.6 pounds.
        > The average man’s penis is two times the length of his thumb.
        > Human thighbones are stronger than concrete.
        > A woman’s heart beats faster than a man’s.
        > There are about one trillion bacteria on each of your feet.
        > Women blink twice as often as men.
        > The average person’s skin weighs twice as much as the brain.
        > Your body uses 300 muscles to balance itself when you are standing still.
        > If saliva cannot dissolve something, you cannot taste it.
        > Women will be finished reading this by now.
        > Men are still busy checking their thumbs.

        • LOL thanks for the laugh! Going to try this on my husband.

          • JL: His thumb or yours. JUST KIDDING, and forgive me on that one,but could not restrain myself.(LOL)

            • His thumbs baby 😉 . If you only knew what I know! There’s more reason then onei have been faithful! 🙂

      22. Daisy,

        You could dry some of them and you can also hang them a net bag for several months.
        Been awhile since I got to post Bow season is open and I need way more practice.Cannot wait for rifle season now that I have 4 ranches to hunt.
        But Elk in CO the first week Nov.
        Mean while still putting up veggies and also got my winter plants going great.. Glad to see everyone is still awake.Keep prepping folks it looks to be a long cold winter ( In more ways then one)


        • @ DPS

          Best of luck on your hunt

          • Anton,

            Thanks bud, really been needing the upcoming break.And can wait for some elk chile or better yet elk ribeye with egs.. Now thats damn good eats.


      23. i go to the supermarket everyday right when they open, go to the meat clearance section and scoop whatever they have. cook it up and can em. i want to prolong the time we have before we have to go out and eat squirrels, pigeons, cats dogs or whatever is out there. i’m no hunter so forget about hunting “big game”. come to think of it, i better research about eating meat from the wild. i always wondered what if it came down to it and i shot a squirrel. what if it had rabies? how would i know?…. in the meantime, i’ll be glad i made the trip to the grocery to get the “almost expired” meats and made some tasty ass stew with them to enjoy while the rest of the zombies are out rioting….

        • Asian prep,

          If you have not started hunting you better learn fasy buddy, If a animal doesn’t look heathy then don’t eat it. You may also wanna hit the book stores and learn how to process wild animals. Like the old saying Killing is the easy part, cleaning and processing well thats when the work begins.


      24. DUTCH OVEN: They can be used over coals from a campfire or in a fireplace or by using charcoal briquettes outdoors.

        If you are thinking of getting one a few hints are in order: First you need to first determine what size you would want to use. The 8″ is just about too small even for a couple but can be useful to cook small deserts. The 10″ Dutch oven with legs is great for a family of three or four and is very versatile. The 12″ is the most versatile and is good for larger groups like 6-8 people, where-as the big 14″ is really for even larger groups of 10-15 people. The most useful to me are the 10″ and 12″ models. They come in cast iron and cast aluminum, I recommend the cast iron, unless weight is an big issue in which case the aluminum may be an acceptable choice (however, aluminum doesn’t heat evenly quite as well as the cast iron, nor does it retain heat very long). I had an aluminum one for a few years and it just didn’t taste the same and was a bit more finicky to cook with. I got rid of it and bought a cast iron one. I recommend the Lodge brand but there are many really great ones out there. You can find them sometimes at garage sales (rarely), hardware stores or at outdoor supply stores. Dutch ovens have a flat bottom sitting on three short legs protruding about an inch and a half. They usually have a heavy gauge strong wire bail and the lid is made of the same heavy cast iron material with a small loop handle in the center. The rim of the lid is usually flanged so that hot coals will stay on the lid while cooking. Look for one with a strong wire bail handle that moves easily and a lid that has a lip around the top edge (this helps to keep any coals from rolling off during cooking or when you lift the lid). Some brands have lids that do not have the ridge and have dimples on the underside of the lid to help condense steam and drip back down on your food, but these can’t be used as a frying pan and the ridge or flange is important.

        Tools that you will find useful include: A pair of thick leather gloves for moving the hot oven from the cooking area to the picnic table or elsewhere; a pair of heavy pliers (the boy scouts have an aluminum pair with angled jaws that are most useful with Dutch ovens), used to lift the hot lid and set it aside on stones (to keep the bottom of the lid clean) or bricks next to the fire, it also has a hook on the end of one handle that makes carrying the oven to the table much easier; you can get larger lid lifters that cost more and are bigger but they don’t work a lot better; a small shovel or trowel is helpful in moving around the coals from either your fire or charcoal briquettes, you could use a set of barbeque tongs as well for this. If you get a Dutch Oven that does not have legs you might get some larger metal tent stakes and put three of them in a triangle pattern to support the oven over coals. If you do this take a second set of three and put the oven on the first set then pound in the second set just outside of the oven as blockers to keep the oven from sliding off of the first set.

        After you determine which oven you want, and get it, you will need to season it. To do so first wash the oven with warm water and just a little mild soap to remove the waxy film put on the oven when it is packaged. Then rinse it in clean water and carefully dry it inside and out. Put a small amount of good vegetable oil or Crisco in the oven and wipe it over all of the surfaces, inside and out, the lid too. Place the oiled oven in your kitchen oven at 400 degrees for an hour, then turn off the heat and let cool in the oven. After letting it cool but while it is still warm coat it with oil or Crisco again and repeat the process. 400 degrees for an hour then turn the heat off and let it cool inside the oven. Be sure to have an open window near-by cause it will smoke up the place. When cool enough to touch wipe it down once more with oil on a paper towel and store with the lid propped open with a crumbled chunk of aluminum foil. The oven will have a brownish color to it. After many uses it will be black (this is good, it means it is well seasoned).

        After each use of your Dutch oven, clean it. There are stories saying you just scrape it out and turn it upside down in the fire. That is how the early pioneers and mountain men supposedly cleaned their ovens. A Dutch oven can be cleaned like that, but it burns out all of the seasoning. Scrape the oven out with a plastic or wood spatula or spoon to remove most all of the stuck-on food, and boil an inch or two of water in the oven to steam it out (don’t use soap or you will ruin it and have to clean it off and re-season it). This also gives you time to eat with everyone else. After the oven has steamed a while, scrub it with a green scrubby pad or a wood bristle kitchen brush, just to remove any remaining food particles, pour out the water and rinse with clean warm water. Then wipe it dry and coat it lightly with a good vegetable oil while the oven is still warm. Lastly place a wadded up piece of aluminum foil inside the oven so it hangs out a little. Then place the lid on the oven and put it away. The foil helps keep the lid slightly ajar for air movement.

        Controlling the heat in a Dutch oven can be done in several ways, the one main and easiest way to test the temperature is to lift the lid. If the food is not cooking fast enough add some heat. If it’s cooking too fast take off some heat. Remember, it’s much easier to raise the temperature of cast iron than to lower it. Another good way to test the temperature is called the 2-3 briquette rule. Using this rule, you take the size of the oven and place that amount of briquettes on the lid and place that amount under the oven. Then take 2-3 briquettes from the bottom and move them to the top. This technique will maintain a temperature of 325E to 350E degrees. Refer to the table below for common oven sizes. For every 2 briquettes added or subtracted to/from this the net change is about 25E degrees.

        Use this chart as a starting point and adjust from there!

        Oven size
        Briquettes on top
        Briquettes on bottom





        Remember that this would give the oven a cooking temperature of about 325E-350E. For every 2 coals added or subtracted to this amount, the temperature will be affected by about 25 degrees.

        A couple general guidelines to use when experimenting with the Dutch oven include:

        1. Soups or stews need more heat on the bottom than on the lid. Place 2/3 of the coals below and 1/3 of the coals on top.

        2. For meat, poultry, potatoes, vegetables and cobblers use the chart above.

        3. Cakes, bread, biscuits and cookies require most of the heat to be on top of the oven. Place 1/3 of the coals below and 2/3 of the coals on top.

        You can even stack a couple of the ovens that have legs to conserve your briquettes. Remember to keep them shielded somewhat from wind or your heat will not be uniform (especially with the aluminum ovens).

        There are a couple of other things to remember about temperature control. The first is that you can rotate your oven a third of a turn every ten minutes (may be necessary if you have a windy day, or you can just block the wind with something). And then rotate the lid a third of a turn the other direction (this is important if you use an aluminum oven, remember they don’t radiate the heat as evenly). Next if you are baking bread, rolls, or cake remove the bottom heat after two thirds of the cooking time. It will finish cooking from the top heat (if you have an iron oven). This will keep it from burning on the bottom.

        One last thing, when you are cooking something with a lot of sugar that might make a sticky mess of your oven you can line the inside of the oven with aluminum foil. Then when you are finished you can lift out the foil and throw it away. This may help someone out, in the cooking dept.

        • I give my girl a dutch oven every nite !

        • I wish I could give this ten thumbs up.

        • I’m curious how important are the feet?

          It seems like you could rig up a flat bottomed dutch oven for a fire, but you wouldn’t be able to use one with feet well on a stove.

          OK, I realize this is probably a really ignorant question, but hey … it’d help me out! This is also on my shopping list with the dehydrator 🙂

          • Bleako, we have 2 cast iron dutch ovens (some are made w/ enamel coatings, that’s why I differentiate). One of our dutch ovens is for the rocket stove or wood cook stove (or even our regular gas stove). My husband cut off the feet, then grinded the base smooth from burrs. That dutch oven can sit directly on a grill or a wire shelf.

            Our other cast iron dutch oven has the feet attached for campfire/hearth and tripod cooking. It can hang or sit just above or beside coals.

            Those who live in the burbs and are looking for another way to cook foods if/when the home stove no longer works — make a rocket stove. There are a few good YouTube videos to make one on-the-cheap. They are heated with sticks or any scrounged wood. An excellent way to cook for free using dropped wood.

        • Copperhead,

          Thanks for this. I have always (very long time) been curious about how to use a dutch oven AND I never knew how to season a a cast iron pan. I have had a set of skillets forever and only the large one do I use on a regular basis as the other ones were misused in the first place and stick etc. Thanks again

      25. Years ago I would stock up on roast beef hash. I don’t like one of the ingrediants in corned beef hash. It had no exspiration date at all and I ate the last of it maybe 10 years after purchase. I just checked the date on a recently purchased can of RBH and it is may2015. I exspect it to be OK well past that. I was getting to wonder about the shelf life of canned foods and read online that some canned food that was 100 years old was found to be still edible. They didn’t say how it tasted. Also I read that plain dried potatoes last a long time. I also had some dried milk called sanilac, it was a number of pouches in a box. It had no date and sometimes I’ll still use a little of that and it seems OK and it was purchaced in the mid 1990’s! Guess what some of the foods in my supply are. I try to buy foods that are as current as possible and then store them in a cool dry place and I think they will be “good” for a good number of years but I will be doing some rotation sometime soon. I really would like to get a vacum sealer for rice and beans. Something more to get! Just my 2 cents. Have a wonderful evening.

      26. This why so many people that have invested in food, water, and other necessities instead of the volatile stock market have a hell of a nice investment right there on their property that can be used 24 hours a day and don’t have to wait until the next business day to cash it in. There are so many items that we all use and need that really don’t expire as long as they are kept dry. Many items that can be put away and forgotten about are at garage sales, flea markets, and specials at stores. Food and water or essential, but those items that you don’t have to rotate are also very important and needed.

        I have said this many times, but people don’t see the importance of candles for one example. At garage sales all the time are candles for pennies, as people don’t see their many uses until they need them. Life without light is hell and dangerous to move around. Candles can be used to help heat food and sterilize items such as first aid supplies. Candles also supply a small heat source, to at least warm your hands with. I say the more candles someone has the absolute better.

        As SHTF approaches, even on a smaller localized level, people need to have something to fall back on. That commercial that says like it never even happened must be omitted from people’s plans to handle dire circumstances. Someone might never be there to pick up the pieces after something happens. There may never be a recovery.
        By the way Copperhead is really trying to ready everyone and this is wonderful. A big double thumbs up for copperhead trying to give us all additional information on survival tips. Each one of everyone out there has valuable information and when they share it, this helps us all.

        • Bi, A couple of winters ago we had a spell of -40 degrees F. for a long time. I experimented by turning our furnace off. I was able to keep the main room in my basement at the same temperature all day and into the evening by keeping 16 candles lit. I started blowing out 2 at a time and the temperature started going down with less than 16 candles. This is just a synopsis, I hope it is understandable.
          I buy all the candles I can at yard sales, goodwill, etc. They are great.

          • Yes, I have been addicted to picking up candles too…its the 1st thing I look for at yard sales. Today, at a thrift store I picked up 9 large (never used) for the cost of $2.00!! I have a bunch of used ones that I will melt in the next day or 2 to pour over pine cones and the egg cartons & toilet paper “tubes” filled with lint to make fire starters. take care{ CC.

      27. Many older people have been saving preps a long time, eating perfectly good expired food with no adverse effect. Off topic, they have’nt responded enough to rid the nation of this phony left-right political circus foisted upon the electorate every four years. Nothing changes, the enrichment of the few at the expense of the many continues on. I can’t see a case for either option. Obama, a dismal repressive record on jobs, personal liberty, while sucking up to big money. Romney castigating the 47%, calling them the abusers, while planning war on Iran to placate military, oil and banking intrerests. The majority support a reduction in war spending. Both want continued tax cuts for wealthy, with higher taxes for everybody else. Exploding health care costs, plans to reduce Social Security payouts. The majority support universal health care and hands off Social Security. Both liars, there lies the no difference in the agenda and debates. How can anyone justify voting for either? Is it because you have a 50/50 chance of being wrong? The only intelligent vote is for one of the alternate candidates. Otherwise you become a tool of the corrupt establishment and a glutton for punishment.

      28. Be informed: Just trying to sharing somethings with all of you that will use it. Doing this now before the SHTF and the net goes bye-bye. we do not have long.


        • @ copperhead. You are getting people, including those that are really not preparing, really thinking about preparation and maybe even saving their lives for what is coming, that is so very constructive and uplifting positive.

          By the way the earthquakes have been going crazy, all sorts of new spots. The Mid-Indian Ridge just had a 5.0 and this shows me that the Australian plate is getting ready to unload a really big one. That line from Indonesia to Tahiti is primed, especially the area from the Soloman Islands to Samoa. Even good old Yellowstone got active last night. I would be shocked if there was not at least a 7.0, probably 7.3-8.6, and not surprised if a mega earthquake broke loose.

      29. It was the Veteran, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press.

        It was the Veteran not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech.

        It was the Veteran, not the lawyer, who has given us the right to fair trial.

        It was the Veteran, not the campus organizer, who has given us freedom to demonstrate.

        It is the Veteran, who salutes the flag, who served under the flag, and whose coffin is draped by the flag, who allows the protester to burn the flag.

        I salute my fellow BAND OF BROTHER’S

        • copperhead,
          Well said, yet we were spit on at San Fran when we can home from S.E. Asia, by some “Peace loving” people.

        • Copperhead,
          Well said. Those that oppose the very basic freedoms and liberties afforded to us through the blood of the patriots who paid the ultimate price will not prevail. Make no mistake about it, The veterans will stand behind the righteous. It will be a feeling from the soul that can not be denied from not coming from from the Creator himself.

      30. Don’t make too much of “expiration dates” on the food you buy.

        My father spent his life in the food industry and stories of incomprehensible laws and paid-off USDA inspectors were a weekly entertainment for us.

        Having said that, most food bearing a so-called expiration date is pure hard-sell sales tactic and has little bearing on the nutritive value or safety.

        Why the devil would Coke carry and expiry when the stuff is literally sterile????

        Cheese is itself a method of preserving milk; it if gets moldy, cut it off and eat the remains. You should see real cheese that’s “aged” for a while!

        While some foods, notably prepared and proteinacious foods that act as ad hoc petri dishes, yes, the expiry makes sense. But even then there are significant tolerances built into the dating.

        So buy “expired” food without guilt or care. If it doesn’t smell, isn’t slimy, green or moldy, it’s probably just fine to eat. When in doubt, don’t.

        But don’t fret over it as though we’ve returned to Upton Sinclair’s Chicago.

        Far from it. This was an invention of the industry itself to increase post-purchase wastage and drive replacement sales.

        • I believe you’re right, and if you open a can and are hesitant about it, feed it to the hogs.

      31. I don’t buy this story? rrrrrr

      32. @DPS

        i’ve basically spent my whole life in the city/suburbs. never had the chance to go camping. right now i live in southern california so not really sure about hunting around here…maybe the dessert? well the bright spot for me is that the killing part is as you say the easy part. breaking down the animal is my forte. i’m a trained chef so that animal will be used from hoof to horn. making sausages to making jerky. i have no worries about that. chasing or finding the beast would be the hardest part for me. LOL. im pretty good with the knife too. i have broken down a while side of beef to steaks in an hour or so. i pity the fool who sneaks in to the house and my boning knife is within reach. i’ve broken whole pigs as well and the human anatomy is might close to them…. in any case, one must crawl before he or she walks. looks like with my hunting skills, pigeon will be what’s for dinner LOL. they do taste like chicken HAHAHA

        • *desert

        • Asian: just always use Proper bait when hunting….Try fresh Bananas or coconuts.

          • i’ll be sure to tune in to your survivalist channel on youtube, champ.

      33. Though times look bad in Greece and Spain, you can count on the EU and IMF to continue to pump Euros to prop up the political class and their big money friends.

        When you look at how long this has dragged on and continues, I have to believe the USA, being such a diverse group of independent states will be able to weather the total incompetence of the federal fiscal policy for many years to come.

        When the wheels finally come off, there will be many large areas inhabited by large populations of minority groups that will experience some of the dramatic “mad max” type situations many on this site seem to predict, but for the most part most of us will only see it in the media.

        As we enter a new paradigm those with the skills and mindset of “I will do for myself and mine”, for the most part should come out on the other side stronger and more determined to rebuild in the image our founding fathers envisioned upon establishment of this great republic… limited government of the people, by the people, for the people.
        Old WallyDogs advice:

        1. Don’t panic.
        2. Slowwwww dowwwn.
        3. Make wise decisions.
        4. Continue to reinforce your love for your family.
        5. Remember seldom in life are things ever as bad, as we build them up in our heads to be.

        Stay safe my friends!!!!

        • Stay thirsty my friends ^^

      34. COMMUNICATION: WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS it is still possible to have a neighborhood communication “alert” system just like the old days, using a loud bell and a known code for the number of chimes (1 chime = alert; 2 = major alert; 3 = immediate danger, etc). Large brass bells are a thing of the past or extremely expensive, cast iron bells are fragile and mostly for “atmosphere” and looks, but you can build a good bell yourself.

        The steel used in 20-40 lb. propane tanks is of good quality, and the older tanks which are often available for free are very thick and strong. Removing the valves and flooding the tank with water removes any danger of residual propane gas exploding. Then the top of the tank may be cut off and the tank hung upside down by the base. Struck with a wooden mallet, these “bells” have a remarkably loud sound which carries for a considerable distance.

      35. If in doubt, check it out:

        Canned, dehydrated, etc. stuff lasts for a long time.

        • I seen a documentary tv show once that was all about them guys who first went to north pole back in late 1890’s era I think it was.

          The narator mentioned that commercial canning process was just started back near time of mission to N.pole.

          Well he said something about modern times people went to trace the route or whatever. Them guys found a few old canned food items that were verrified as from the orig trip and were aprox. 100 yrs old.

          Them guys tried to eat it and nothing was wrong with the food. Guess it all depends on type of foods. What can go bad if sealed good and zero leaks?

          • @ Angelo

            Ambient temp at which canned food is stored, has a lot to do with the rate at which it spoils or becomes unfit to eat.

          • I recall a documentary about a trip thru northern waters of Canada– trying to find a Northwest passage to the Pacific — the cans were lined or sealed with LEAD & the researchers thought that the men died of lead poisoning (or the lead poisoning made them too weak to hunt, tolerate the cold etc)… careful with that stuff.
            That being said, I eat expired stuff all the time. when in doubt, bring it to a boil for 10 minutes just in case. (Do not lick any spoon, can opener, finger, etc till the food has been cooked…) It doesn’t hurt to have a small taste first,best done on an empty stomach; place a small sample in mouth BUT DO NOT SWALLOW right away. wait. spit it out, wait some more. Like maybe 1/2 hour to an hour. if you feel okay, then the stuff is good & can be eaten… If you feel “off” or ill, cook the food or feed it to the dog/poultry/etc.( Or the compost pile.)

      36. “Long Pork Meats” will soon be back in style for Din Din !!!

        YUM YUM ;0P

        History shows Man will gladly eat Long Pork Sandwiches when faced with continuous starvation … it is coming .

        EAT THE RICH !!!

        They Graze better than the common man and drink refined water producing a spectacular tasting Long Pork Bar-B-Que Rump Roast !!!

        Tastes just like Real Pork !!!

        ;0P Slurp !!!


      37. Did anyone else watch “The Walking Dead “? The dog food made a very great point to preppers. Honestly we think dog food = not for people. But really dog food manufacturers have stricter controls then people food. Because our pets normally only eat one kind of food. How ridiculous is that?

        • I am curious. Can somebody who buys dog food in cans and dry type bags, check to see if theres any Kosher seals on it?

          Reason I ask is since even toilet bowel cleaner products and aluminum foil has kosher seal aprovals stamped on it, it got me wondering is all. It wont shock me if answer is yes. Them bastards swindle $$$ in any way posible as long as sheeples keep paying without complaint.

          • Couldn’t find anything about kosher on a can of Gravy Train. Bag of dry food is a local brand only….nothing on it either. But I’m not sure what a kosher seal looks like.

        • saw it. thought to myself…well sh*t…if there isn’t anything else to eat LOL.

          • I remember the news stories of old retired on social security ladies eating cat food back in the day. Hey if your going to eat dog or cat food at least find the chunky kind 🙂 liek bennifuls has some veggies in it too 🙂

        • They may have stricter standards now. I worked in a rendering plant for cash when I was laid off in my younger years. I used to take the “dead stock” truck out to winch dead cows on and bring back. Some were so bloated the winch would pull the leg off. The really bad ones were thrown into the blood pit wholesale. The worm fed them into the grinder and then they dropped down into huge cookers and were cooked until they were “meat scrap”. This is the coating that is on the corn nuggets in dry dog food. The rest of the “good” animals were skinned and butchered and the organs and meat were delivered to Alpo for canned food. In the summer, when these animals lay outside in the heat overnight, they would be crawling with maggots.I’ve seen some of the men taking their lunch break sitting on these same animals.There were basically no sanitary rules or inspections. I suppose I could eat it if I had to.BTW I still buy this brand of dry food from the same plant. My dog LOVES it.

      38. Heh I can just picture a trailer for a movie, featuring Obama as “Wreck It Ralph”

      39. @Kevin2
        Quick Tip: The molds (fungus) that grow on a variety of things need ait almost as much as we do. Answer simple: Tell friend to remove the air – FoodSaver containers. Small hand pump easily charged with the current produced by a small swatch of Solar panel. In fact, a LOT of little nasties don’t exactly fare well when the pressure drops to something like one finds at about – Oh say – the summit of Mt Everest, Eh? Food for thought.

      40. if the food isn’t rank and/or sharp tasting or the can not bulging or the lid edge not rusty, i’d eat what came my way… in the majority of instances, the “best used by” or “sell by” dates are there to insure the sheeple will keep buying and never check to see if the food is good… dating is used as a “fear factor” to keep the $$$ rolling into the grocery conglomerates… how else are they going to make it they don’t..??? they can’t advertise that their canned oorn can last up to and likely beyond 5 years or that the foil-packed tuna will still be edible after 3… when i was a teen, i spent summers with my Grandmother and we ate commercially canned foods that were likely 10+ years old… all were stored in a dark, cool basement that was more like a root cellar… she lived to 98 and i’m now 60… and we also ate home-canned foods as old… they can keep their dates and fear-mongering… my wife and i have 3 pressure cookers and 3 dehydrators and we’re getting ready to put up a 50lb bag of fresh corn… enjoy.

      41. A thought on SPAM- old vets remember C_RATS enough said right!

        • I forgot and how could I, a little TABASCO and it is ALL good then!!!

          • Don’t leave home without it.

      42. From the article:

        >>”“It is an immoral act,” criticized Tsiafutis. “Instead of taking initiatives to control prices, allow the sale of food past the expiration date.””<<

        This shows a complete lack of understanding about the havoc price controls would wreak on the supply side of the equation. The cure would be far worse than the disease. In every case of price control implementation, suppliers are forced to absorb rising costs of production until they either completely pull their products out of the marketplace or go bankrupt.

        If I had to choose, I'd prefer having grocery stores stocked with expensive food than having no food at all. Although the resulting food riots as depicted in the movie 'Soylent Green' would result in the same level of chaos.

      43. since next Monday, this expired food thing will start working.

        Expired food will be sold in separate shelves, mentioning the day of the expiry and the day of the “suggested” consuming.

        to be honest, i know that many cans can be consumed safely many years after.

        But in any case, are we certain about the crap that we eat in local restaurants, Mc Donalds, KFC, or other food chains?

      44. Ive been flyin expired food & meds all over the world and no one aint died yet from an outdated Tums……STOP WHINNIN my fellow Americans ! Trust me,.. if your hungry enough ” You’ll eat the STANK off of shit, to chase hunger away ….BELIEVE THAT ! Just sayin .

      45. hahaa, the premier of ontario (equivalent to the governor of a state) resigned last night. no real reason given. but i know why, because the mafia corruption dragnet is about to take these animals out. this is the first time a premier of this province has resigned since 1874. my suggestion to dalton mcguinty is to secure legal help and leave the province. my suggestion to all other politicians in the western world. take a cue from dalton. your time is up . im the sherriff. and i have arrived. i will make all politicians and civil servants lives a nightmare until they cry uncle.

        • You are not a Sheriff. You are an Idiot.

        • @eeder…heard on the news tonight, that some think the real reason Dalton McGuinty stepped down was because he wants to run against Justin Trudeau for Prime Minister of Canada?? Thinks he can beat Stephen Harper for the job!!

        • I rather like my Premier. Brad Wall.

      46. hahaha, vikram pandit just stepped down as ceo of citibank. this is about to turn into a cascade troughout government and business. little of what we knew will be left! this is wonderful!

        • With this many in a row could you have sniffed up your ass any more than you did.

      47. it looks like dalton mcguinty started a rush to the door of the ptb! they are running like rats guys. the time to apply the pressure harder on ALL animals in politics and business is NOW. lets do this guys!

      48. all we have to do is inform them we will be using the laws they created , to prosecute and sue them!

        • Sue them for what. They were following the laws that were on the books. So looking for your pound of flesh is for the most part a waste of time. Plus it keeps us all divide so the rebuild take longer and the system can still be exploited.

      49. im taking odds on who will go next. it will likely happen today, what do you think guys? what ptb criminal is going to step down suddenly next!?

        • See above

      50. dalton mcguinty, vikram pandit, ?

        • Repeat See above

      51. haha, they dont know what to think on cnbc right now. this is the moment ive been waiting for. BENJI BOY! ive got you in my sights boy!i think you should stand down next. dalton mcguinty, vikram pandit, benjamin nutanyahoo, barry soetoro, …….

        • It fun to play with names but when trying to make a point some (Mosty) have no idea of who you are talking about and I wonder if you know who or what you are saying when it leave your finger tips.

      52. As a kid growing up in a semi-tropical climate (S. Fla) I thought that I has seen some pretty weird foods, like frogs legs, gator tail, raw oysters and conch.

        But I remember my first time of walking thru a food market in S.E. Asia as a mind blower! I mean stuff like live snakes were for sale, and types of meat which I have no idea even today where it came from. I think some of it was Rat.

        I remember my Dad speaking how he lived on black beans in Depression era Cuba for years. Rice and beans, maybe a little fish that you caught. For years!

        Now many people bitch if they have to eat the same thing two days in a row.

      53. looks like the trolls and shills are out in full force. i think rev ike is a troll. a PAID TROLL…QUIT TROLL.

        • Let’s not forget to give thanks to George Soros, MoveOn, Media Matters, HuffPo, and Politico for all they do. 😉

        • @eeder, no I am not a troll, I am a Presbyterian, hope that helps.

        • First why do you care. As long as he point out your flaws we need him here.

      54. Confirm on the Vikram Pandit Story; Front page, top of column at CNBC. I’ve thought for a while that we’d start seeing a ‘rush for the exits’, this may be the start of it. FWIW, when we start hearing about Dimon or Blankfein or Cohn taking off (JPM, GS, etc.) it might be time to get in the ‘duck and cover’ position. Ever since the stories about DHS’s ammo purchases came out I’ve thought the same thing over and over, “What are they NOT telling us…”
        Eyes open wide folks…mayhaps ‘something wicked this way comes.’

      55. When I lived in Europe, Greece was Thee place to go…beautiful, economical and friendly.

        Politicians with Obama’s mindset “fundamentally changed” Greece.

        Anyone dumb enough to follow in these footsteps and allow America to see the same fate deserves to be eating expired food…and they should be happy that it’s from a store shelf as opposed to comming from a trash can.

        THAT is what you leftists and liberals are setting yourselves and everyone else up for.
        you should be proud of yourselves for being so successfull at ignoring history and, fooling yourselves into believing that socialism / communism’s failures can be blamed on past leaders actions instead of human nature.

        Greece, Spain and, Italy are microcosms of what happens to nations when they toss achievment into the crapcan and install a government that fosters dependency of the masses.
        You get less and less producers who pay for it all and, angry leeches who were promised it all…and it all comes crumbling down.

        So you Obama supporters on here who see no problem with 16 million more people living off the welfare rolls and 47 million dependent on food assistance from the government while we’re now past 16 trillion in debt to pay for it all…
        Who are YOU going to try and blame when our TWICE in 3 years credit downgraded rating is yet again downgraded to 3rd world staus and, the credit and reputation of the U.S government’s word isn’t enough to secure the money to refill your EBT cards?

        YOU elected / mandated this problem in your quest to get something for nothing.
        Just like europe, even if you’re offered a job, you can’t even afford the gas to get to it now!

        Take a look at some store “sale advertisements” for this week…steaks for $7.99 a pound?
        …From the country that produces the most beef on the planet?
        We produce so much beef in America, it should be hard to give it away!
        Corn prices are thru the roof due to “green” ethanol….which USED to feed beef cattle, make them huge and cheap enough to feed a family.

        Then there is Obama’s fuel prices…that harvesting equipment runs on diesel fuel…which has seen it’s price double in 3 years!

        So for you idiots who can’t put 2 and 2 together, lemme explain it,
        Obama’s energy schemes have doubled the price of fuel…which makes it cost more to harvest the corn and transport it to market, grind it into cattle feed…and double the cost of beef!

        Then we can add in the reduced spending power of EVERY American who’s fuel cost to drive to work has doubled over the same 3 year period and now has LESS to spend on food for the family!
        Businesses are struggling so, there have been no salary raises…so middle America has to suck it up and feel the pain of dealing with less…and lower quality everything.

        And soon…when those coal plants shut down do to OBAMA’s EPA regs and, the coal miners are all put on welfare too…electricity prices will skyrocket…which is what OBAMA told ( warned ) you would happen under HIS policies and our eletricity will resemble our gas prices.

        The middle class will be feeling that too!

        Isn’t it obvious that the middle class…who has to work to pay for everything they have…are the worst effected by OBAMA’s leftist lunacy?

        The rich can take the hits because they have the means right now.

        The “poor” can take the hit because their lives are subsidized by the rich and the middle class.

        The middle class…who OBAMA constantly claims to be helping are the folks being beaten to death by his “helpfullness”.

        I’d rather he STOPPED “helping” since all his “help” has raised my food, fuel, insurance and tax costs to DOUBLE what they were before he started “helping” me.

        Last year I made $2000 less and ended up paying $2000 MORE in taxes than the year before!
        Mostly because my health insurance thru my employer is now counted as “income” when it never was before!

        Hmmm 2 grand of my money…gone…and probably handed over to the Obama donors @ Solyndra who took nearly a billion dollars of OUR money, recycled it into OBAMA’s reelection fund and quickly went bankrupt while it’s owners took the 5th whe asked by congress where all that cash disappeared to.

        You libs want “green jobs”…try driving an over priced windmill or, solar cell to work and let us know how that works out for ya!

        Reelect this clown.
        And when YOUR elected leaders deem expired food as “good enough for you”…don’t be surprised when people who don’t like expired food blame YOU for electing this mess into office.

        • -Sepp…great post. Will you send it to my Obot neighbors not speaking to me now that sent ME an email complaining about Obama Healthcare???
          Don’t ask.

      56. Sepp You said it and many are thinking it! But don”t have the Guts to Admit It! We have been led down the Path to Destruction, by this Evil Cabal, of Marxist and Traitors…I hope the chains of enslavement rest light upon their Backs! These Pundits that support Obrownmao, are going to feel the Sting of the Whip First…I think that Civil War is Guaranteed..We are overdue for a reset and it will be This Election Year! Semper Fi

      57. Guys, do you look at the stocks?

        I don’t think so. The companies are making money, that’s why the stocks are rising.

        Companies making money:

        Crises? What crises?

        I think you are fooling yourselfs. We – I expected a crash in 2008, but it didn’t come. It is more unlikely now.

        • @Dick Miller.

          How can they not make money when QE infinity exists?

        • That is the same thing people were saying in 1928

      58. We have heard how bad Spain is except I just watched Spain in a soccer game and the stands were packed , so how were people buying tickets if they re digging in dumpsters

      59. who is trying to fool who here? there is NOTHING wrong with PAST date canned foods. Of course bread and milk can spoil as can fresh meats etc. Boxed food like dehydrated potatoes, pasta and canned food (veggies, meats etc) are good for YEARS past exp date.

      60. Do any of you realize that the whole “can’t sell food past its expiration date” thing is, in fact, one of the regulations that most of you complain about?

        Same goes for the “it is illegal to pull edible food out of dumpsters” laws.

        A regulation hurts one group while helping another. It is decided when society decides which group is more deserving.

      61. Greece,I have some expired food cans in my Prepper Pantry, are you interested. I will give them to you, no charge. I don’t mean to joke about these people and their plight. The same problem may be coming to the USA soon.

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