Despair As Collapse Accelerates: “My Shotgun is Full and Well Equipped. I Hope I Don’t Need to Use It.”

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    Our long time friend and regular contributor Manos has been keeping us abreast of the day-to-day goings on in Greece for the better part of  three years. Suffice it to say, it’s getting worse with very little hope of resolution to the economic and political woes facing the country, as well as its European neighbors.

    The following is a first person perspective of the realities on the ground, and what it looks like in the midst of a truly frightening economic collapse that threatens to not only wipe out the financial wealth and life savings of an entire nation, but may potentially lead to a breakdown in the rule of law and civil war between extreme political factions trying to fill the vacuum of power.

    This is real, it’s happening right now, and it’s coming to America in due time.

    Received via email from Manos June 6, 2012

    Hi guys,

    The daily life is still the same.

    Things keep going because some divine hand still help us.

    You wake up in the morning having no mood at all. And it’s this heat which destroys your brain cells. Today, it’s 34 degrees Celsius.

    I’ve kept a small amount of around 250 euros, to buy some final provisions. Mostly meat cans, vitamins, and dried bread. I will store them to my parents’ basement, in order to have alternative escape plans.

    The rumor about a power shortage is more and more been discussed around people, and alternative media.

    It’s being said that the Power Company is no longer having the money to purchase coal and diesel.

    We don’t have a generator for home use, so in case of a failure, we must consume all refrigerator food first.

    My wife bought two big camping gas devices, with many spare bottles of gas. We can cook all meat and veggies, and then share them with the rest of the family.

    My shotgun is full and well equipped. I hope i don’t need to use it.

    My car had a small steering wheel failure last Friday, and i had to fix immediately. I don’t know if we have to leave the town in a rush.

    I tried to find a small hut in the property but nobody sells at all.

    Prices are so low, that they don’t want to sell their properties for nothing. I’m considering to buy a caravan and put it in the biggest olive-field. A small one with 2 beds, light enough to be dragged by my car, costs around 5.000 euros.

    Today the stock market is going upwards, but soon enough the final collapse will occur. Spain is going down rapidly.

    I’ll keep posting as long as I can. Don’t worry, I’m fully equipped and prepared.

    Just take care of yourselves and families.

    When the things reach to your neighborhood, you will have to fight.

    Your fellow citizens are still living in their utopia. When they realize the danger, they will turn into ruthless beasts.

    I pray for you all.

    God Bless you

    We wish our friend Manos the very best, as his family and countrymen are on the frontlines of an economic collapse that is about to affect every developed nation in the world.

    Take his warnings to heart and prepare, because once the final phase of the breakdown begins it will be too late.


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      1. My first post here. Prayers for you and yours. Be Safe.

          • I am sorry for your troubles, Manos. God bless you and yours. We are all in this together. I know the economy is a hugh problem. However, I truly believe the biggest problem of our time is Fukushima. If we are all poisioned by radiation, what difference does currency make? All preppers, please look at for daily updates. This is the biggest problem, globally, of our time.

            • I hate to say it, but if your’re right, all the rest of this economic news won’t make much difference. Both conditions cause a slow death. good luck guys.

            • Fukushima? You’ve got to be kidding–not even a blip on the Earth’s radar.

          • OQ ~ I saw your article on Survival Blog – great job and very informative! 🙂


            • Thx muchly. 🙂

              It’s embarrassing to admit when one screws up, but I figure hey – I learned from it, may as well have everyone else learn from it too (especially while that education is still not life-threatening).

            • OQ

              Good post on survival blog, if I was allowed a gun I would save it for future reference.

              Take care

            • Long-version: Unless you can cough up an actual imprimatur, I’ll readily call it a work of heresy and an enticement to sin – if only because the advertising copy tries to make ordinary folk assume that the Church somehow agrees with it, and because it encourages hatred of those whom we should actually love (that is, hatred of folk who don’t pray as we do).

              Short Version: Please keep your anti-Jew proselytism off the boards.

          • AMERICA, IS circling the trash can of history,as it slows a little more it will fall into the can,never to be heard from again…..

            • We have to believe that the Republic will be restored. If we give up hope we lose the will to fight for it.

              The Lord is Righteous.
              Standing by in Texas.

            • Texas would be better to go off on its own destiny. After blasting St Louis to the ground.

            • I’ve talked with alot of folks around Central Texas that share your thoughts about an Independent Texas.

          • OQ…..yea I saw your article as well on Survival blog…..greetings from preppers down under…..were locked and loaded as well down here……

        • Stay safe Manos. It sounds like you’ve prepared you and your family well.

          All the best.

          • Stay well Manos. I think the currency issue is hugh! However, I believe the biggest issue of our time is Fukushima. Considering this is a prepper website, I am shocked that there isn’t more information on this globally toxic subject. Stay safe, preppers.

            • spelled it wrong it is sorry.

        • I think we need to put together a care package and send it to him, it’s the least we could do for all the info he’s provided….I’m not sure what would be most useful to him right now but maybe we can set up a way to donate thru this site and have mac send it out?
          who’s with me?

          • dixon jabuti. just take the guys advice. he doesnt need anything from us and it wont get to him anyway. hes giving you a gift. i dont think he expects anything in return.

            • @eeder, I’m sure he doesn’t expect anything, and i am getting a lot from his advice and experiance, but he seems like a good guy, and as times worsen, we will all need any help we can get, i’ve read countless articles on this site and many others about how it will be important for like minded people to band together.
              my view would be no different if it were you or any other of the regulars on this site in the same position.

              At some point, everything we discuss on this site has to move from beyond the computer and into the real world, it’s time to practice what we preach.

            • Good sentiment, but a package would never reach him. The desperate people within the postal system will steal it. An electronic cash transfer would ave a better chance, but this too might well be intercepted.

              Sometimes people in Manos’ situation do things out of a sense of duty to mankind as a whole or a hope that they can help others avoid the same fate.

            • Does Manos have a PayPal account?

          • I am. Good idea.

          • Manos,
            look into zeer pots for when the power goes out. 2 terra cotta pots with wet sand between them, works by evaporative cooling. keeps food MUCH cooler than ambient air temps. Low cost appropriate technology. Good luck, brother.

            • Brilliant idea with the zeer pot!!! I’ve only been looking into dry food and canned food for storage for obvious reasons. I had no idea something like this was possible or even practical. This is definitely going to be on my prepper to do list now. Thank you for the post!

        • Lag


          Take care

          • Thank You. You too. Things seem crazier every day, so many who won’t pat attention or just don’t think it can happen to us. I just try to do a little something every day. Even if it’s just cleaning out my lifetime of pack rat stuff. But now I have to take a second look and say “I might really need that some day”.

            • Lag

              I know what you mean, my roof space gets looked at on a regular basis but most of it stays, just in case lol

              Take care

          • who must I contact to get this moderation crap off? Theres nothing in any of my posts to moderate, I’ve been posting here for some time off and on yet my comments wait hours sometimes before they are posted……….

            • The best way to have your posts auto moderated is to include an email address, even a fake one…use the same email addy each time and the system will recognize you after a few posts.



            • Ah, cool, thanks Mac!

            • Mac I add my email everytime and still I’m being MODERATED. I do notice it more when I am adding a link….

            • If you add a link you have to remove ->

              http/ww.shtfplan com/headline-news/despair-as-collapse-accelerates-my-shotgun-is-full-and-well-equipped-i-hope-i-dont-need-to-use-it_06062012#comment-590439

              like this ->

              shtfplan com/headline-news/despair-as-collapse-accelerates-my-shotgun-is-full-and-well-equipped-i-hope-i-dont-need-to-use-it_06062012#comment-590439

              to make it take. I still mess it up sometimes though.:/

            • :\

            • If you add a link, be sure to put parenthesis around it. It should be posted much quicker.

              You can add a direct link in a separate comment below it.

              Hope this helps.

              Take care!
              KY Mom

            • I have the same problem but the email thing does not help. My comments always have an email with them and still go to moderation.

        • Manos,

          You are in our thoughts and prayers!

          When I face a stressful situation, this prayer often comes to mind…

          May God grant me
          Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
          Courage to change the things I can,
          And the wisdom to know the difference.

          May you feel the Lord’s hands guide and strenghten you duing these difficult times.

          Take care!
          KY Mom

        • If I’m right, nice play on words LAG. You got in in almost without notice.

        • Americans have done little to nothing to save their land.. They traded Amerikkkan Idle for civic responsibility. It was a collective choice and effort they made every time they turned on the TV, and turned away from becoming aware and TAKING ACTION for their won country. Soon they will reap what they’ve sown. Funny how seldom we hear the Bible thumpers quote those stats.

          • I’m no Bible thumper, but noticed there are no statistics in your post, only a backwards analogy. If you start with American Idle and trade it for civic responsibility, you are left with the latter.

            Statistics: A branch of mathematics dealing with the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of masses of numerical data. – Merriam-Webster Dictionary

          • NOB, America is not in prophesy, the Nation of Babalon is!
            Rev. 18

            18:8 Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.
            18:9 And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning,
            18:10 Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.
            18:11 And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more:
            18:12 The merchandise of gold, and silver, and precious stones, and of pearls, and fine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet, and all thyine wood, and all manner vessels of ivory, and all manner vessels of most precious wood, and of brass, and iron, and marble,
            18:13 And cinnamon, and odours, and ointments, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots, and slaves, and souls of men.
            18:14 And the fruits that thy soul lusted after are departed from thee, and all things which were dainty and goodly are departed from thee, and thou shalt find them no more at all.
            18:15 The merchants of these things, which were made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and wailing,

            • Babylon. Sorry! 🙂

          • Babylon,
            18:21 And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all.

        • God bless you, Manos. In the midst of all of this, let us never forget that ordinary people are facing extraordinary challenges. I’ll pray for you and your family. God save you and keep you.

        • This site is unduly moderated. I won’t be looking at it again.

          • Thanks

        • Several of us here have received the same e mail.

          Mac had graciously introduced us to one another..and the rest is history..

          Manos is one tough soul with a great humor.

          All his correspondence warns us here and others of what is landing soon to our respective shores..

          Take heed to his letters,,

          Stay well
          Stay safe
          Be prepared..
          Keep your humor..


          • Possee


            Take care

      2. good luck and God bless, manos

      3. well at least he has good spirit and thats what its all about. shoutgun is probably the best tool to use for most people and has a good pattern so its hard to miss, but ladys and some men, dont try and shoot someone at a 100 yards with a shoutgun, still can penetrate but not the best damage. my tip of the day is dont believe the economy is getting better, one day its great next it tanks, with stock market up today its only going to come down with GDP sales.

        • Dont worry Clint, I won’t be trying to shoot anybody with a shoutgun anytime soon…..

          • oh please do! you know what I mean. If I could take any weapon that is what I would take. you can always run and hide but in a open field or if someone is higher elevation than you a high powered gun will win but in homes or close quarters battle you are the winner with the shoutgun. Another thing people dont worry about kevlar vests, most .223 ar-15 will punch thru one a level IIIA wich cops wear. so mabye if chaos happens and national guard comes in and one of those youngsters gets killed you can always pick one up that way. save your money and be more realistic with food and water and ammo.

            • I agree on the shotgun. I’ve got several big caliber rifles and an assault rifle plus a Beretta 92 and a pocket size .380. But when the shtf, and if I have to bug out, the only thing I’m grabbing besides the pistols is my 12 gauge. I can change the chokes and use it for hunting everything from small game to venison. As for bullet proof vests, they don’t cover the head and thats where I’m aiming.

            • Thanks for the tip. Kevlar is on my wish list, but I keep pushing it further down.

            • I’d like to make my own armor by taking a vest and somehow sewing a piece of iron or something dense into it- at least to protect my chest area. I just want something that can stop a high powered rifle; .308, 30-06, 7mm ect.

              As for my reach out and touch someone rifle, I got an 8mm mauser with turkish AP rounds- loaded hot I heard.

            • In some states they allow for volunteer cops. Gets you a badge, a gun and kevlar. Also allows you to carry legally in all 50 states.
              I know some of the people hate cops on this board, but if you live in the boonies they are decent folk.

            • A sawed off shotgun with the plug removed would be my choice for close quarters.
              In a survival situation, take along plenty of .22 hollow points (lots) because that’s mostly with what you’ll be hunting. Even bringing down a deer is no problem with it, with reasonable restraints. Think .240 or .270 otherwise. Expensive rounds
              , tho’.

              All things considered, having an unuttered AK47 around would be a great option! You can throw it in a mud puddle and it’ll still fire a few rounds next day. A peasant’s weapon, it will take require minimum maintenance and lots of abuse.

              Regarding Texas separating from the Union, I think we tried that once before- during the Late Unpleasantness.

          • Reach out and touch someone

            • That’s what I’m sayin’ McMillan 50 with API will git-er-done.

          • That would be very loud. Use ear protection.

        • My Mossberg Bantam 500 shoots either bird shot or slugs. I’m good either way.

      4. Greetings Everyone(esp. Manos!)
        It’s strange to think that the country and civilization that gave us the first comedies and tragedies will have a double first.A Greek tragedy in Greece!Watching the behind the scenes farce is almost funny till you realize that “austerity” to the technocrats means starvation to many thousands.And this being done by people who consider themselves at least at Christmas time “Christians”.I can see how Q.E. 3,4,5,6 is coming here.Slowly perhaps,but still coming.Argentina is still suffering from the Technocrat style of corrupt leadership.Spain is sinking almost as fast as Greece and the list continues.At least we have a little time before we get the “double tap” of nearly worthless paper money coupled with a bankrupt and corrupt government.
        Seem i’m first,and that won’t get me dinner for sure.
        Take care Manos,We’ll keep you in our prayers.
        Best to All
        hope you have your preps in order,food to eat tonight,and a safe place to sleep.

      5. OPPS!
        Make that third….still no dinner for that either!

      6. I know someone that went over to Greece last year and it was bad then. There are awful situations that WE ALL don’t hear about what is happening. The person I know went over in the central portion and had all sorts of problems with the utilities and unrest, and again this was last year.

        Greece should never be going through this, the ancient Greeks are probably rolling over in their graves. In fact the founding fathers of the United States must be doing summersaults where they are buried how a country with so much is falling just like a country with some of the richest culture and history that there is. Much of what basic democracy came from Greece. Two countries with so much potential are failing and so many people suffering.

        Manos, try to get away from the populated areas as much as possible, the higher the concentration of desperate people the more chance of getting caught up in somethiong that few will be able to get out. Try to get a shortwave radio because this may be the only way to get semi-accurate news as the internet and other communications go bye-bye when the government begins cracking down.

        It seems like country after country is going down, and the U.S. will have its time, especially if some geophysical event hits and flattens the economy like it will someday. You actually may be better off than us in the U.S. because Greece still has an excellent climate to grow food most of the year so hopefully at very least people over there in Greece won’t go hungry. If the Sna Andreas destroys california there goes almost 50% of the vegetable and fruit crops. Anyway Manos I hope you will be okay.

        • Don’t forget about Yellowstone! It has been rumbling and rising since the 80’s and it’s a Super Volcano! By itself, it could seriously damage most of North America!

          Also, anything else that happens in Fukushima (that they are conveniently NOT talking about in MSM…) as in Reactor # 4 and it’s imminent collapse and huge spread of airborne radiation spreading far and wide…almost directly to the west coast of the U.S.! So much for any crops grown on the west side! Think deeper as I believe we aren’t through with Fukushima!

          It seems to me TPTB really DO want all of this to happen if not create some of it themselves…hmmmmm???

          Hope we are ALL prepared for what’s coming…all I can say.


          • @ NeverSayDie. It is extremely interesting how the media will “say” that there is only a 1 in 10,000 chance of Yellowstone going off in our lifetimes and this is just not accurate. The actual odds are much, much higher because it has not gone off in 640,000 years. Just using basic statistics of eruption rates someone can see that if Yellowstone erupts every million years that one year after it erupted 640,000 years ago there is a 99.9999% chance it won’t erupt.

            As time goes on the odds of an eruption in any one year increases, ever so slightly. Even after 1000 years the odds of an eruption drop to 99.9% chance it won’t happen. After 640,000 years the odds are now 53% chance that an eruption won’t happen if eruptions happen every 1 million years. Even at 2 million year each eruption occurs there would be a 73% chance of no eruption. Still a 27% chance of an eruption in any given year. This is of course chance but there are other factors.

            The crust moves at 1 to 6 inches in various directions around the planet. The crust also has different thickness and weak points. The crust over the hot spot could be much more durable and thick now then it was 640,000 years ago and it might take a catastrophic event to release that magma build up. Like the National Geographic special it only takes something to unzip it enough to let the cascade begin. Much like a crack in a dam can expand more and more until the weight of the water causes a total breach and collapse.

            This is why back in 1959 when there was a 7.0 earth in Montana many scientists were worried that an eruption could be coming. As lunacy as this sounds a very large hydrogen bomb drilled down into the Yellowstone caldera and set off, before it could melt the mechanisms of the bomb, could cause the breach necessary to release the magma to the surface. No one in their right mind would ever do this, but this is one way it could trigger an eruption. Again, an earthquake close enough, and big enough, could also cause an opening and the pressure to be released from below.

            There is another way Yellowstone could blow, just from toot much pressure build up from below. Just like continuing to put air into a balloon, eventually the walls of the balloon break. The more pressure from the gases and liquid rock, the more horrific the explosion. It all depends if that build up is enough to force the cap off. The density and amount of that cap is what is not known in comparison to the previous eruptions. Could be even millions of years from now if the cap is enough to keep it sealed. Could be tomorrow because that cap can only take so much.

            Fukushima makes me so angry as before I have said just bury the mess. Only 24 feet of sand would make any radiation coming out more minute than than what is in the air anywhere. A mountain of several hundred feet would contain it totally from any explosion or anything. Fukushima is all about money, just as the Deepwater debacle and british petroleum.

            I truly feel that we have so many problems at all avenues it is so disturbing. If it is not plantery geophysical that gets the human civilization it will be the economical collapse that poor Manos is talking about. If it is not that, how about a nice plague out of India. Or like what mankind has done since humans first were here, fight. This time a world war means nukes, lots of them, and a recovery period in the terms of at least decades if not centuries. How about the sun which has belched up flares for the past billions of years, the most recent huge one only a few years ago not directed at the planet?

            It seems like someone spinning a wheel and where it lands we do not know. We just seem to know it is coming from somewhere, possibly from multiple events. Like you say preparation is key. I was thinking about Manos and all the others that try be ready and it gives those that do prepare a certain feeling of security even when things around them are collapsing like around Manos in Greece. Then I thought about someone that doesn’t prepare at all, and in fact has no survival skills on anything, what they will feel when SHTF. It was a total frightening thought to be so helpless and so unaware because of their choice to “not even try to learn” how to survive, and each of us knows so many of those that fit into that category.

            • no,BI, I know of noone that ‘doesn’t’ fit in that category!
              And that is really sad.
              DH says we have neighbors that are hiding preps…no way.

        • “From the Jews, we get compassion-from the Greeks, almost everything else”.

      7. Mac,
        I feel for Manos. It’s strange to me that this is about the only site I ever see “updates” from folks on the ground. If it is as bad, as I believe it to be, I just wonder why more Europeans with internet access are not spreading the word about the true state of the economy over there.
        I posted earlier, that I am about to jump off the “crazy train”, as I feel like a “nut job” as I have been accused of being, for all the effort I have put forth planning for event(s) that I believed would have transpired by now. I have followed Rawles, Martinson, Celente, Schiff, Farber, Walker and many other TEOTWAWKI prognosticators, and find myself questioning my veracity to prepare for “the worst” and still not really seeing even a ripple of true crisis.
        I am a believer, but it is hard to keep up the level of intensity to be “on guard” when it seems everyone around me thinks me to be out there.
        I guess I am looking for some benchmarks to convince me I have been making wise decisions and not acted a fool.

        • Scooter
          you can’t stay on alert 24/7
          take a day off
          go fishing
          or to the beach
          enjoy life
          its way too easy to obsess about all the bad things that COULD
          but PROBABLY won’t

          life is all about balance
          too much emphasis in one area always leads to problems in another

          • I would suggest a blunt to take some of the stress away.

            • I suggest a dog. Every morning ask a Lab if it’s worried. If it says yes; PANIC, If not; relax and enjoy the day, prep a little, rub the dogs belly a little, and set on the porch a little, Not only will you live longer but you will enjoy it.

        • I agree with you Scooter, it is hard not to question yourself when the MSM keeps saying how well we are doing. I just take a breath and realize what I am doing is a lifestyle change, not preparing for a disaster. It helps

          • Jim, I couldn’t agree more. When I talk to friends, it’s not that I’m “selling” them on prepping. What if a natural disaster occurs, what if you lose your job, what if someone close gets sick??? There are SOOOOO many other situations you could find yourself in that require prepping that I think it’s INSANE not to prep. If the world ends, it ends, but I’ll be 99% further along than all my other countrymen.

            So many people feel that Romney will solve all our problems, we just need a Republican in the WH. REALLY? How is he going to fix 700 Trillion in derivatives? THINK!

            Most of us on this blog ARE doing the right thing, whether you can find a reason for it or not! =)

          • Just returned from Vegas. The building there has picked up again and there are now bidding wars for the REO homes same as in Sany Eggo. The entire way on I-15 is nothing but road construction and every time we go to Vegas it seems like the cities along the way have once again doubled in size. If we are hurting then someone is doing a good job of hiding it. Even broke Calif. has freeway construction going on everywhere. Once again though we attended a graduation at a US school where the numebr of American students was almost non existant with most being foreigners. You guys are worrying about the wrong collapse.

            • John…..what you are seing is classic (socialist) Keynesian economics at play…pay a person to dig a hole, pay another person to fill it in and pick up your state sponsored pay packet…no unemployment statistic and continuation of a dollar that devalues so you you work for less in your pocket.

        • You should be preparing to ALLEVIATE fear!! Get ready and wait but don’t worry every day, be confident you have done what you can to survive the day IT does happen. Mmany of are probably, in a sick perverted way, looking forward to it happening as it may be the chance for a reset

          • Be very careful who you pick as we or they. My we is my family and tribe. My they is the NWO. I know this is very Alex Joneish, but they are planning. Why do you think we have over 1000 channels on TV to choose from, why do you think Hollywood and Sports are so wildly popular and sought after? Dull the mind, easier to control! Our motto ought to be NO YOU CAN”T!!!!

            • I Tossed the satellite receiver in the crick . All those channels weren’t worth the cost of subscribing. Me, watch Opra? The Cooking channel? Life Styles of the Rich and Famous?
              Jeeze, Louise…

        • scooter thsts because this is still years in the making …..this is not imminent like we have been told year after year . It’s 5-8 more years

          • RICH99, you are delusional…IT is already happening. The coming acceleration will leave you wondering/wandering in an unrecognizable landscape. Convert your “years prediction-to-months” and you will be “in-the-ballpark”.

            I wish you were right…you are not. And I have the distinct “feeling” that you already know this. Which makes your comment all the more perplexing/irrelevant.

            Perhaps you would care to elaborate on the substance of your “time-line”, because the “substance” of mine…is bright enough for the blind to see/taste/feel/and smell.

          • My two cents and guess would put us at 2-5 years out from a major collapse. I’d say the European crisis will affect us, banks will close, some may get bailed out and the economy will slow and the market will drop. However I think that’s another wave (a bigger one) before the US falls into a full blown collapse that forces a reset. I also think there are things we can do to help but I don’t think they’ll be done because some rich person will bribe their way out of it.

        • ScooterP, Trust your gut/instincts before placing one iota of trust in TPTB.

          Be sure to take note of the real economic data, the factors that contribute to both America’s economy, and the data and actions of our global economy. And while all of the lying goes on in-our-face, Congress has just now realized that all of the weekly unemployment numbers have been wrong week upon week upon week, always needing corrections, so they might “investigate”. Shocker.

          And finally, think about this: Yesterday, Bernanke said the economy is recovering at a “moderate rate”.

          TPTB believe they’re fooling people. Don’t let it happen to you.

        • First post here. Great site.
          I feel the same way many days. my office doubles as a storage for preps, I live it day in and day out. My wife and I go through phases of “are we doing the right thing” and “heck yes we are doing the right thing”, mostly the latter! Reading the email from manos puts me back on track for what I KNOW is the right path. When you and your family eat safley in shelter, you will know it was right as well. It is almost an impossibility that we can come back from what has been put in place without a lot of pain first. We can lessen the pain though.

          To manos, good luck and get out of the city before it is too late. A shotgun can only protect you for a little while.

          • Bulldog


            Take care

        • Crisis is only predictable in general terms. No one knows when things will go over the edge, but when they do, it usually happens really fast. Faster than anyone not prepped can react to it. Better a year early than a day late. Be patient. Your preps will pay off. Remember, they laughed at Noah. He was the original prepper.

          • Right on with “Crisis is only predictable in general terms.” The more ready and more prepped, the less the “shock” will be. You may be right about it happening really fast, at least here in America. Manos had time to prepare and adjust. I think he has his priorities straight and should be fine. I do feel for him and his family and send greetings and prayers for God’s blessings to be upon them. We were warned that in the end times it will be just like in the days of Noah. Many people that visit this site are offended when we say something biblical or about God. They want to refer to us as “bible thumpers” and say they had rather get their “preaching” in church or on another site. Oh well, let the chips fall were they may. Thank God , Mac doesn’t see it that way.

        • Scooter:

          Benchmarks in a rigged game, with spin in place of reportage? There are very few.

          Here’s one:
          You very rarely see 2+moves in a bull market, but you see many of them in a bear market. The high volatility is the time when the market reclaims its money for the house. Market goes up 2%+, shorts pay the market. Stocks go down 2%+, longs pay the market. Markets are like hillsides in that they both seek equilibrium. They can also remain irrational longer than the players can remain solvent.

          Stocks are the future, 6 months out. It is all guessing. All the trading programs have *benchmarks* where the computer executes pre-programmed trades, up or down. Various *systems* are available for anyone to figure these out and act accordingly, if you are so inclined.

          The gains yesterday were based on the hope that the Fed/Treasury are going to make more free money available, which will buoy the stock market. Today, the hope was tempered by reality, when The Bernank said, “But not yet.”

          This could be a good time to use up some of your preps, put the saved grocery money aside, and replace/rotate as prices decline a bit. If there’s anything left over, go out for an evening or a weekend. Things will happen when they happen. If you are already prepared, you’re fine.

          Without knowing your location and other facts, it is difficult to reassure you that you (or any of us) will/won’t need your already achieved level of preparation. Can you get through rolling blackouts? Higher electric/heat costs? Replace/repair a vehicle? Have cash on hand, if needed quickly or on a Sunday? Have your tax and utility costs covered for the rest of the year if you lose your income or it is reduced?

          None of those are *crazy*.

          As for your spouse: stop discussing your preps. Make sure you have some of her favorite shampoos, cleaning products and packaged luxuries with a decent shelf life set aside. She’ll be thrilled and impressed when they are in short supply or the price increases.

          We all have irrational days when we wonder if we’re doing the right thing. But the unprepared have them, too, when bad days happen and they realize they are not prepared. No one knows what or when. A report on the Bilderburg meeting was informative: they are divided between a quick brutal Depression or a slow, agonizing decline and collapse, after which, either way, they will set up a global government/global currency. These are the people who own the world and/or influence the owners.

          How’s that for a benchmark?

        • I hear ya scooterP, same thought process here. But when I question myself, I say these words, its real simple actually, it condenses down to this:

          Its all about the debt. The debt isn’t going away.

          Game over.

          Now where did I leave my shoutgun…

        • scooter. the ripples are now turning into waves. you just dont see it. you must do what feels right to you. not what someone convinces you of. im not sure if you will get it though until the ripple turns from wave to tsunami. good luck to you.

        • ScooterP,

          There are several things that must eventually happen. The problem is, some of them happen very slowly.

          Never get on the crazy train. Prep for what might happen. Never assume that it will or won’t. Prepping is about the hypothetical.

          You say you’re getting off the “crazy train” but are you really? Are you going to drop your homeowners insurance? I should. I’ve never had a fire. Never had any damage. Never had a break in, yet, I pay $78 a month “just in case” ….”the crazy train stops at my house” on the way through.

          I also have a $500,000 life insurance policy that I pay $90 a month for. More crazy train tickets huh?

          I bought a generator and I’ve got a couple barrels of fuel? More gas for the crazy train?

          Look, nothing you’re storing or doing is crazy. Crazy is an attitude. Personally, I’ve worked my food storage up to the point of rotation for 6 months worth. 12 with good conservation. Indefinate as I get better at gardening.

          The people that are on the “crazy train” are the ones who think nothing will ever happen.

          If you have a .22 handgun and 2 extra jars of peanut butter to ARs, AKs, Shotguns and 2000lbs of food, you’re ahead of the game in every way.

          Storms and other natural disasters won’t get you down if you have some stuff to help yourself. But, if you go around storing 1000s of pounds of stuff for whatever disaster, its wasteful and finatical.

          I’ve been prepping pretty heaby now for 3 years. I’ve wasted nothing. I have 110 gal of fuel in rotation and 200 cans of vegetables, meats and other stuff, in rotation. A few hundred pounds of corn, wheat and rice.

          If you’re throwing stuff out, you’re doing it wrong.

          I have a friend that spends 10k a year on stuff and then ends up throwing stuff out or giving it away.

          The problem with the problems in the world now is that once it manifests itself it will be big and it will be fast. You may want to tone it down a bit.

          I never really believe its going to happen, but, I can see, one day it will. Like manos’s conditions.

          One day, your prepping is done and you go into maintenance mode.

          I saw it in 1999. I prepped. Extra food, guns, some wheat, a generator. Nothing happened and I saw all the expensive generators and survival food hit the market at dirt cheap prices. Doesn’t matter to me. Those people were “manic preppers”. They spend 10 times what I did and then sold it for a 95% loss. People are shallow and stupid. I still have the wheat I bought in 1999, and the generator and some of the other supplies.

          Being a prepper is like being in the boy scout: always be prepared.

          I carry a gun a lot. I’ve never had an altercation with another human being. So, am I nuts for carrying? If you see yes, I can point you to at least 2 dozen articles written in the last year that will prove you wrong.

          • I need water so minimum $25 for filtering almost anything.
            buy water filter very inexpensive
            shop.monolithic com/products/just-water-ceramic-drip-filter

            buy bleach for killing virus and instructions at
            ready gov/water

            I don’t want to starve so minimum is rice at sams club is $15 for 50lbs. and beans was, I think, $25 for 50 lbs.

            Has to have artillery and ammo for zombies of course 😉

            I’ve prepared much more than this for myself and family. If I could get most of the neighbors on board with just this minimum I’d have that much more ammo for zombies 😉

            The Lord is Righteous.
            Standing by in Texas.

            • One good thing about living in the Texas Hill country is ample streams and LOTS of deer! !Am seriously thinking about buying a food dehydrator, which I assume can be used to make jerky. Also Steve Quale is selling Bison chile which sounds good. HEB is selling fresh bison ground and is better than beef. (costs, tho’). I really need to look at the prep sites, as I’m just starting out. Mom used to can a lot, but that got to seem a bit old fashioned, at the time. A garden is work, but I’m retired and have the time.

              I never darken the door of a church, but the Mormons might be a good source on info.
              My aunt says that they try to keep at least a year’s food supply on hand. Also, some books on nuclear preparedness and survival (a la Mad Max?) would be a plus.

            • Rambo, google solar dehydrators and solar ovens, I am in process of building both, zero electricity with same result… Deer jerky is great, with the right spices on it.

      8. Always thinking of you Manos

        cocked, locked, and ready to rock..its not necessarily a bad thing..and I agree ..I hope you never have to use it.

      9. manos, please take care. we pray for you and your family. thank you so much for keeping us abreast of what is happening there. many think that just because things appear well in tourist areas that there is not a problem…same thoughts everywhere else also…but many of us know that we are not being told the real story of regular people.

      10. wow
        reading about collapse and living it are two very different things
        God’s speed Manos
        glad you had the foresight to prepare
        your friends in America are praying for you
        and wish and hope for the best

      11. I hope after everyone sends their regards to Manos in Greece, they take a minute to send their best wishes to the thousands of anonymous Americans living in tents in Florida or their cars in California. These folks certainly aren’t eating gas-cooked meals, accessing the internet, or in possession of a fraction of the preps that Manos has.

        • Thats been popping up in my mind lately. I remember back in 2009 all the stories about the tent cities in the south. I know things ain’t no better. What about all the people who used up there 99 weeks? So what happened to all those people? Is MSM blacking it out, or is something more sinister going on?

          • I think you can assume the MSM is intentionally not reporting on any of that anymore. Cakes and circuses is the theme of the day/year. After many years on this planet, I’ve simply learned to trust my gut….it’s right about 95% of the time and while I don’t always like what it tells me, I’ve learned to heed the warnings. Trust what you know to be true….regardless of what idiots on the television or the internet try to convince you of. Stay safe Manos and everyone here in the US.

          • you do what you can with what you have or good friends and family share with you. sell what you have to and prepare as best you can for the big collapse

          • arco – there are more homeless ppl all the time. There are so many now, they’ve become “invisible”. And in a lot of ways they *are* invisible because the first rule when you’re homeless is, Don’t Appear Homeless.

            When *I* was homeless and spare-changing it, I had a policy of being polite, thankful, and of asking, nicely, everyone who looked like they wouldn’t bite my head off. The end result is, not only did I get back on my feet so that this phase only lasted a few months, but I learned that a hell of a lot of normal looking people are actually homeless themselves. I got to meet a lot of nice people (and a very few jerks) and that phase of my life really heightened my faith in humanity.

      12. Manos, I will think of you and wish you safe passage in this world as I do all my former Greek in-laws, relatives and family from my ex-Greek wife.
        I have spent many months in Greece, most in Drama/ Kavala (sorry sure I misspelled) I know most Greek people are tough my ex’s Yay ya and Thea both lived through WWII and are still with us, I think and worry about them daily.
        Stay safe and know in spirit and thought you’re not alone.

      13. Godspeed Manos.

        Take care of you and your family first.

      14. I’m surprised he even has a shotgun. My nephews in Italy are moving everything to different countries, even Montengro. I think we have begun the last dance. Good luck Manos.

      15. Hell ya Manos I hope you you find whatever strength inside yourself to survive this living hell. Although I have been through some rough shit in these past 3 years everything from sleeping in my car and getting meals in a soupline nothing compares to that brother! Hang in there man you are not alone and soon your American brethern will be in the same boat! I hope that all of us can find the intestinal fortitude that you have God Bless!

      16. we should cange to the eoupiean money system. jk there domb ass’ just print more and ceep it sceret

      17. sorry..O/T

        Congressman Walter B. Jones, Jr


      18. Ditto to thoughts and prayers.

        @ Manos “…I’m considering to buy a caravan and put it in the biggest olive-field. A small one with 2 beds, light enough to be dragged by my car, costs around 5.000 euros…”

        I believe that’s what we here call a travel trailer??? Is that like bugging out??? Or something else?

        Interesting, I’ve been spending my money and time reconditioning a 1974 18ft trailer – solar/wind/wood burning stove and have some remote land spotted if things are going upside down. Need one more month.

        • @LH
          never a bad idea. Just make sure other preps are taken care of as well. Depending on the shape its in, dont forget extra tarps that are quite strong as if you had to move, its probably pretty bad and you might be there a while. My experience with older trailers like that is that the roofs will eventually leak, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.

        • Lady hawk

          A caravan is a sleep in trailer you can tow behind a car or truck…like a smallWinnebago without an engine.

          They have a couple of bunks, cas canister cooking and a mini sink etc, many have a chemical toilet and small shower as well.

          Hope this helps

          Take care

          • in north america a caravan is a vehicle from chrysler. half car half van was the original meaning of the name.

            • Eeder

              I never knew that…I learn something new here every day

              Take care

          • Burt; thanks for the clarification.., the first thing to come to mind is what Eeder mentioned., but I had an idea that is what Manos met.

            PRAYERS MANOS !!!!!

          • Ones I saw in Europe were as you described. Compared to American version, it’s a small camper trailer.

            • Most European roads are very narrow compared to those here? large vehicles are a real pain to drive around for that reason.

          • Yeppers Burt a caravan is what I live in. 23 feet long by 7.5 wide, it’s not bad for one person. Doing the math gives me 175 sq. ft or so but that’s based on external measurements, it’s about 160 inside.

            I have one of those office trailers nearby full of electronic and telephone etc junk I find, plus I have power out to it with a few things I don’t want to have in here like a printer and convection oven and some work space with power.

            I’m just ready to harvest my fava beans as dry beans, I want to learn how to deep fry ’em like the Chinese do, those things are GOOD. I want to put in a whole field of ’em next winter. There’s tons of greens etc around here and I could probably get plenty of meat using bird and squirrel traps. In short, I could “live off of the land” here but if everyone’s doing it, then it gets harder.

            • Domestic

              I have tried that, they are good, but nowhere near as good as my local Chinese lol

              That’s actually not accurate thinking about it…they are edible….good is an exaggeration.

              When you work out how to do it can you let me know?

              All my stuff is container grown, at the moment I am glad, we have had torrential rain for days and so many have lost all their garden crops, so far my container stuff is battered but okay as the pots drain well. It’s also cold here for this time of year.

              Take care

      19. be safe Manos…keep that shotgun handy

      20. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, manos. Stay sharp.

      21. We should have a SHTFPlan Fund Raiser and got get Manos and his family; bring them to America so they can put off this inevitable – at least till the Nov elections. The fed won’t let this happen before Nov.

        • Out of the fryin’ pan……

          Couldn’t resist… Gratefull we’re still in one peice.

          • Mac, Thanks for the post.
            Good luck, Manos

        • Jim it’d be a great idea if it weren’t so damned difficult. Ferfal wanted to come to the US, and simply could not. He’s in Ireland now. I actually suggested he wet back it here but he’s got a wife and kids.

          Same with Manos. He could probably wetback it here somehow with some help from us, but he’s got a family.

      22. I will pray for you Manos and everyone else.

      23. It would seem the canary in the coalmine is wobbling on its’ perch. My prayers go out to Manos and all of his countrymen.

        • the canary was smart enough t leave the coal mine a long time ago. some have not heeded his warning.

      24. toomanyfakeconservatives. You are right and I will continue to pray for those people as well.

      25. This is my first reply also.My prayers are with you Manos. I thank God for this site and the people that comment. Thank you for the “Truth”.

        • Fritznout


          Take care

        • youre welcome fritz

      26. Praying for you and your family, Manos!

      27. I posted a great buy on garden fencing (less than 3 dollars a foot and it is basically gates you put together so no tech required). I strongly suggest everyone practice growing something. I love the new vertical towers you make out of PVC.. I like them lined along along a south wall…and fed from a drip that runs off of your rain gutter/water barrel. Just put a shut off on your downspout and fill your gutter and rain barrel. If you use a whicking inner pipe you have a reservoir waterer… no weeding.. not too much hassel to water…

        Click on my name above to check it out…& pray 4 manos

        • Survival chic

          Could you at least have the decency to mention Manos and his family first and go for the cash second?

          Take care

        • DON’T CLICK ON THIS SITE!!!!! I did and my computer was attacked, but Norton stopped it. Thumbs down slut!

          • Same here; AVAST blocked the site.

            • Use Linux distro. Problem solved.

      28. Always praying for you Manos and your family.

        Folks, I have Italian cousins who sent me a message today saying “the bank will not let us get more than 300 euros a week”. this is for a family of 5 “the money supply is very limited and the government has reduced benefits by up to 50%.

        I guess the ripple effect is spreading rapidly, and we will not be immune.

        Hoard cash, silver, #10 cans, ammo, water and a bug-out plan….Now.

        • I have several small businesses and a bank account associated with each one. It ties up some of my money with yearly registrations with the state and the minimum balance in each account. However, it has already given me flexibility and I think if the US started limiting bank withdrawals, I would have several sources to draw on to get to my money. (Unfortunately, some of my income sources insist on direct deposit or I would avoid the banks altogether.)
          My question is: when the banks place limits, has it been only limiting the amount of cash that can be withdrawn or do they limit electronic transactions too?

          • Merree

            When the Feds and the banks slap a hold on funds, that means all transactions. We will not like what is coming. I am a federal IT contractor (for now) at least, but sources say it will be nasty and instantaneous. The overall scenario afterwards being anticipated will be ugly.

            • DOD will be hit hard when the budget committe cuts a half trillion this fall. I expect many to be sent home. I worry that forces in Afghanistan will end up stranded with no money to buy fuel to get them out.

      29. I just like to play around with the libs(and the neocons) and yank their chain. I realize the modern left/right thing is just a show. Aint a nickels worth of difference between most of them. Still, it’s fun to mess with their little heads…

        Merl is the liberal, even has an Obama sticker on his car. (might be the only one in town)
        Buck is the conservative, he has a faded “Reagan ’80” sticker on his pickup. Right next to the less faded W sticker, next to the NRA sticker, next to the spankin new Romney sticker. He says the Romney was a compromise- he couldn’t get a Gingrich sticker.
        I saw them both Sunday at the cafe:

        Me: So, you guys ready for the election?
        Merl: I don’t want to discuss it.
        Buck: He’s just sore cause he knows our fifth round draft pick is still gonna beat his man.
        Me: Let’s see…Bachman, Santorum, Gingrich, Paul, whatsisname the pizza guy, and a couple more I forgot…better make that your eighth round pick.
        Buck: Well, whatever. Come november we’re throwin’ the Kenyan out of office and Merl knows it.
        Merl: You wanna bet?!
        Me: Hold on a minute, guys. Maybe you can actually make a little wager on the election.
        Buck: What ya got in mind?
        Me: Well, lets say the two of you agree that whoever loses has to mow all three of our lawns for the next summer. If Merl loses he mows for us, and it should be a snap with his shiney new John Deere Rider. And if you lose, Buck, you mow for us.
        Buck: Well, I don’t know…
        Merl: What’s the matter? You losin’ your nerve when there’s actual work riding on the outcome. You don’t seem so confident now!
        Buck: You’re on buddy! (they shook on it and Buck stalked out.)
        Me: Looks like he stuck you with the check, Merl. Here, let me pay for all of us.
        Merl: Hey, thanks, okie. You’re bein’ mighty generous today.
        Me: Yeah, I’m just in a generous mood I guess.

        I paid the check and left. Then I got to thinking- $16 for a whole summer of free mowing…not a bad deal!

        • Okie, I just lost all respect for you. The Left/Right thing is all show? Tell that to the 100 million killed by the Left in the last 100 years.

          To quote an old movie; “The greatest trick the Devil ever played on Man, was to convince people that He does not exist”

          • Wake up!!! Listen to Okie. He has a lot to teach you.

            • Okie, I like your creativity.
              Left/Right = house divided.

            • @ Nehweh Gahnin

              Bite me bozo

          • Snake, I’m not saying there hasn’t been a difference in the two parties in the past. I’m talking about today.
            In past decades there genuinely was a difference. We could have called it constitutionalist/communist just as easily as left/right. But today we have ‘progressive’ democrats who want ever increasing gov control of everything.
            Or we have crony capitalists masquerading as conservatives but what they actually want is bought and paid for legislation that gives them control of economic markets as well as the people who rely on those markets for jobs, goods and services. Hence we have two supposedly different parties but neither of them respects the people or wants to allow them their freedoms.
            Now, if we’re just talking about the atrocities comitted by the socialists in the last century, you won’t get any argument from me. I just believe in giving the so-called ‘conservatives’ their share of the blame for the things they’ve done (like waging wars in an unwinable fashion, or when a war wasn’t even necessary but they do it for profit, or for outsourcing a huge chunk of our nations manufacturing capabilities). They are just as guilty as the other side. In fact, today it’s a two headed coin and we, the people, lose either way.

            • @ SmokinOkie

              Amen and a thumbs up. Two headed coin has value, more like a two headed snake. Dangerous and cold blooded.

            • More crap from the far left wing of the Libertarian Party. You guys are being “played” to help pull down the Republic!

              Sure the Republocrats are all pretty much the same, but that doesn’t mean that a good Christian should turn to a world view which is based on legal drug use, homosexual marriage, and legalized hookers. All Left-wing positions.

              (Now comes the same Bullshit, “Ron Paul is the only true Conservative in the race”. To that I say, “He’s NOT a Conservative, He’s a LIBERTARIAN!

              Okie, you have great talent, too bad you’ve taken up with a bunch of Radicals. Good Bye

            • Snake, you really don’t seem to like it when people disagree with your opinion. It damages the credibility of every meaningful thing you have ever said when you become foul and insulting.

              It’s perfectly fine that you disagree with Okie and that you address that, but when you become demeaning towards those who dissent with you, like ScoutMotto, it’s no longer a debate.

              Okie is much beloved here – you’ve picked a fight you cannot win with this one. Maybe you need to take your bat and your ball and go home.

            • snake, you are the radical one. you are speaking of non issues to most people. you are essentially a republican, you are not a libertarian. a libertarian really does not concern himself with other peoples foolish acts even if they are vile. so long as they do not harm others , i do not care what they do.

            • “All my radical friends have settled down…” Hank Jr 1975 (while under the influence of demerol after that skiing accident)

              Snake, no need to lump me in with the ‘legal drug use, homosexual marriage, legalized hookers’ wing of the Libertarian party. I never said I was in favor of any of that. I’m not.
              I just checked my voter registration card, same one I’ve had since 1979, and it says Republican. Even my drivers license says republican (so I can drive on the Right side of the road) Hell, even my library card says Republican. (they only let me check out books by Pat Buchanan) Only thing is- I’m NO LONGER a Republican.
              I’ve kept the (R) registration card mainly so they’ll let me in at the golf course.
              Seriously, the reason I don’t identify with the(R)’s is because the party has left me. I didn’t leave them. When they decided to sell their souls for crony capitalism (and please don’t confuse that with true capitalism) they left me behind.
              When they decided to join the leftists, who had likewise hijacked the (D) party, and open our borders to an invasion, the party LEFT ME. The (R)’s want non-sovereignty for our country in order to get cheap labor and to drive down the wages of real Americans. Their puppet masters on Wall Street pay them well for that little favor. The (D)’s on the other hand, want masses of foreigners in order to give them the right to vote, which presumably keeps the (D)’s in office. Either way, the citizens get screwed.
              When the (R) party decided it was more profitable to prolong a war, rather than fight it and win quickly (which we could do) they LEFT ME. When they decided to gallop around the globe starting shit with other sovereign nations, which, while those countries may have a tyrant for a leader, it still is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS, the party LEFT ME. And anybody that buys the (R) or (D) lie that we’re somehow ‘helping’ the poor people of those countries by waging war, is delusional.
              They, both parties, are LYING to us. They don’t give a damn about self-determination or freedom or getting rid of a despot for the poor oppressed people. They don’t care about anything but Money and Power. Trace the source of the armaments, usually on both sides, of all the conflicts of the past 30 years. THERE’S the motivation for the war. Sure, a few Tutsi’s might be chunking sharp sticks at a few Hutu’s (or vice versa), but they wouldn’t be slaughtering whole villages with AKs or .50 cal BMGs, except for the fact that somebody in Brussels or London or New York is making a boatload of money by selling them the weapons.
              When the (R)’s decided it was more profitable to export thousands of factories, and millions of jobs, then import the goods back to the US, rather than impose reasonable tariffs on imports in order to not place American labor at a huge disadvantage, the party LEFT ME.
              If you want to continue to identify with the (R)s, that’s your right to do so. I can’t, considering the direction the party is going.
              By the way, I’m not really a Libertarian either. The very things you mentioned (drugs, hookers, homo marriage) are the reasons I won’t join them. I don’t support those things. What I do like about the (L)’s is their support for the Constitution and limited government.
              And, at the risk of ruining my sterling reputation here, let me go on record and say: I’ve never used illegal drugs in my life(ever), never patronized a hooker (ever), and contrary to my silly-ass stories about the still, I don’t even drink alcohol (t-totaler for 28 years). So, don’t you dare insinuate that I’ve joined the Libertarians just for the sex, drugs and rock & roll. Ok, I’m guilty of the rock & roll, but dammit, I still love C&W more!

            • Okie,

              Are they coming back together, you think? I mean, basically back in the 1800s they were the democratic repbulicans. They were one party.

              I think they split as a propaganda stunt to run the others off.

              While you say there were differences decades ago, I do agree, however THE AGENDA for both parties has been the same. They played off each other for the ultimate goal: grow government, reduce our rights, take our guns, take our property.

              Its pretty evident to me that guys like McCain are just about as liberal as they come, even though he talks the fiscal conservative talk.

              Basically, it is (and may have always been) theatre. They fight like cats and dogs on C-Span and then slap themselves on the back at the boozer and swap whores on weekends. They’re all buddies and *YOU* and *YOUR* *FAMILY* are the last things on their mind.

              To dredge up one of the old terms I created. They are the criminal bastard thieves. Burning in hell for eternity if far to easy for them.

              There are very few of them that are worth electing. Ron Paul appears to be one of those. I know, I know, some of you will say that he can’t save us, blah, blah, blah. Probably true. Some say “Oh, he’s a mason and he’s really and NWO proponent and the instant he gets elected he’ll really dismantle the USA.”

              I believe future performance can only estimated by past performance. Ron Paul’s past performance is nothing less than *STELLAR*. When he becomes our president, I will be *SUPER* critical of any deviations and I will be very vocal about it.

              I find it comical how Obama’s deviation does not engender cat calls and booing from his followers that voted for him and now he’s turned his back on all this things he promised. I believe, more than any other president, The Kenyan (Yes, I know, its not a nice term, but, it *IS* accurate.) is a good example of a bad president. Good luck getting his young worshipers to believe it. They love him just because.

              The delegate count is coming. When Ron Paul wins the nomination, the country will explode with hate speech toward him. The establishment republicans can’t stand him because he won’t feed *THEIR* pig. He wants to represent us. If you know whats good for America, you shoudl know that he is.

            • You need to pay closer attention. It seems the plan has worked in that the dim witted believe that good and evil are the same.

            • As an old Confederate soldier once said, “the party of our fathers is no more”.

        • Okie, you still got my vote. Thank you!

          • ScoutMotto,

            You can bite it too, dickweed!

            • Snake, I remember classier retorts from classmates in high school.

              I’m not impressed.

            • hes a cold blooded snnnake he do nt play by rules!

            • hey snake. there is an AIPAC meeting in progress. lucifer is calling you. time to go , goodbye.

      30. Praying for you and your family, Manos. May the Lord be your Protector and Provider.

      31. Manos:
        You will survive and thrive with your attitude…

      32. Bugging out had better be a friend’s house. Have you ever seen “Out of the wild”? Living off of the land is NOT an option. It won’t work. Please find a friend or family member that is like minded.

        • idahoen. some people could live off the land. its not impossible. but it would be trying or most.

          • and i mean truly living off the land, as in no permanent structure. if you have a structure to heat and shelter you, it is not at all impossible. if you think it is , you are weak

            • Eeder

              I disagree a bit there. I am VERY strong minded but I am pretty sure I couldnt manage a good sized plot on my own. Oh the will is there, the ideas are there and some of the knowledge is there,but I still think I would be half starved by the end of the first season.

              I can see your point to an extent, but age infirmity and lack of knowledge could be the end of many people .

              Take care

            • sadly burt, i think youre right in that sense. i wish we could get back to more community oriented society where we have freedoms but also responsibilities. sadly, im not sure it will work out well for everyone.

      33. My colt Ar-15 with A 90 round beta clip is also ready for action.. so is my .50 cal tri-pod mount snipper riffle with 4 round mag.. Soon to be mounted inconspicuously in my roofline..

        Yes.. We all have guns.. Put people pilfering in mass groups are the fear factor to us all..

      34. keep your powder dry and good luck. Remember the meaning of life is no more than what you make it.

      35. This is the first time I have posted on this site, though I have been reading the articles and comments for several months now. Felt compelled to write something in response to Scooter’s reply. I too question my decisions over the past year with my hasty prepping after I woke up and saw the writing on the wall. I’ve invested much time and money in my preps, and it has put a slight strain on my marriage as a result. My wife is for the idea of putting a little bit of food and water aside in case of an emergency. She doesn’t understand my obsession with preparing for the possibility of a breakdown of law and order should something catastrophic happen. If she only knew the preps I have stored at a remote location.
        I wonder if I too have been foolish in preparing for the worst when things seem relatively stable, at least in the states. Only time will tell. All I can say is, Scooter, I refuse to have my wife and daughter in a situation where I cannot defend nor provide for them should things go sour. This is enough justification for me prepping, even if it has become a bit obsessive!

        • We have long been sold into bondage, since at least 1913 and incrementally fleeced as wage slaves in perpetuity. Debilitated in body and mind with toxic foods and brainwashing, we are indeed the vestiges of a once-proud forward-looking people. Now look at us. This entire global fleecing has been engineered to perfection. But hey, America ‘Idle’ is on. Whatcha gonna do, yo? Ü

        • Veggietales:
          Explain to your wife that not long ago, there was a
          seed blight in one or two states. No big thing at that time for corn.
          My dh also got a field of beautiful plants one season, but not 10 pumpkins, also said to be due to a seed blight.
          Now, consider a seed blight of all vegetables, including all feed crops for all livestock.
          Think about that for a few minutes.
          The water drought for beef is gonna affect us next year when mamas that were sold don’t have babies;–those non-babies produced our beef.
          Think about that and analyze the seeds with the beef scenario.
          ‘Nuff said for my way of thinking. Thanks for prepping ideas to all here.
          Peace…jayjay…but I’m easy to convince; I like to eat!!

          • And expanding on that thought —EVERY night, I thank God for our farmers and their staff and pray for safety for them and their families.

      36. As I read the posts tonight, I realize that we are a true community of like minded people. All the prayers going out to Manos are truly touching. What I have come to understand is that we are all in manos’s shoes. The country is different but the fear, uncertainty, and tension are very much the same. Our nation is at present a living lie. The govt is digitally creating $.40 cents of every dollar it spends. Fantasy money. It goes out to S.S., medicare/caid, unemployment, millitary, and a myriad of other programs to put money into the economy. We all, on one level or another know this to be true. Yet we are powerless to change any facet of this lie. As a prepared person I have sought to control at least one aspect of an uncontrollable situation. This will not stop the inevitable, but it gives me some comfort. We as a community feel a bond with Manos, because we are manos. A man trying to hold his family together while his country comes apart. That we all ask God for his protection, gives me hope. For in selfless prayer, we show we are not selfish. Again, I thank each of you for your thoughts and input. And a special thanks to Mac for his unflagging devotion in bringing us together with the truth.

      37. Manos,

        Over here we have jokes called Blonde Jokes. Where we as a people make fun of the supposed lack of intelligence of women that have blonde hair. So here are a few that might put a smile on your face and the video below as we say in the south is a hoot (very funny).

        Enjoy and remember – keep smiling.

        Parachute Jumping
        On the first day of training for parachute jumping, a blonde listened intently to the instructor. He told them to start preparing for landing when they are at 300 feet.
        The blonde asked, “How am I supposed to know when I’m at 300 feet?”
        “That’s a good question. When you get to 300 feet, you can recognize the faces of people on the ground.”
        After pondering his answer, she asked, “What happens if there’s no one there I know?”

        Blondes Are Not the Only Ones to Lock Their Keys in the Car
        Two blondes were in a parking lot trying to unlock the door of their Mercedes with a coat hanger. They tried and tried to get the door open, but they couldn’t. The blond with the coat hanger stopped for a moment to catch her breath, and her friend said anxiously, “Hurry up! It’s starting to rain and the top is down.”

        Hiding from the Cops
        A blonde, a brunette and a redhead are running from the cops. They hide on a potato farm. They crawl into some potato bags. The first cop pokes the bag with the brunette in it. She says, “Meow.” The cop confirms that it is just a cat. The second cop pokes the bag with the redhead in it. She says, “Woof.” The cop says that it is just a dog. The third cop pokes the bag with the blonde in it. She said in her sweetest voice, “Potato.”

        Non-Stop Flight
        On a plane flight from Seattle to Chicago, a blonde was sitting in economy class. About half way through the flight, she got up and moved to an empty seat in first class. A flight attendant who observed this, went over to her and politely explained that she had to move back to economy class because that was what her ticket was for. The blonde replied, “I’m blonde, I’m beautiful, I’m going to Chicago and I’m staying right here.”
        After several attempts to explain to the blonde why she had to return to economy class, the flight attendant gave up. She went to the cockpit and explained the situation to the pilot and co-pilot. The co-pilot said, “Let me try.” He went up to the blonde and politely tried to explain to her why she needed to return to her seat in economy class.
        But the blonde only replied, “I’m blonde, I’m beautiful, I’m going to Chicago and I’m staying right here.” Frustrated, the co-pilot returned to the cockpit. He suggested that perhaps they should have the airline call the police and have her arrested when they land.
        “Wait a minute,” said the pilot. “Did you say she’s blonde? I can handle this. My wife is a blonde. I speak Blonde.” So he went up to the woman sitting in first class and whispered something in her ear.
        “I’m sorry,” said the blonde, and she promptly got up and returned to her seat in economy class.
        “What did you say to her?” ask the astonished flight attendant and co-pilot.
        To which the pilot replied, “I just told her that first class isn’t going to Chicago.”

        This blonde went to the pizza place and ordered a pizza. The pizza guy asked her if she wanted it cut into six pieces or twelve.
        “Oh, six,” she said. “I could never eat twelve pieces.”

        Y’all Beware! Cause we care!

        • Y’all

          I am going to say absolutely nothing about your post, I have to go, I need to call the hairdresser regarding an appointment….I fancy a nice dark brown.

          Only kidding, I am fake blond highlights so it doesn’t count lol

          Take care

        • Just as an FYI, this all got started because in the old Roman empire Hookers were required to die their hair blonde, avoided mistakes. Same issue with Lipstick, you figure it out.

      38. Mac,

        Thanks for posting Manos’ email. I have been wonder how he was doing for sometime.

      39. Godspeed Manos

      40. Manos, your insight via the posts are invaluable.

        Americans are going to go through the same thing Greece is going though right now. Only it will take a full year to get here.

        You are a man of character and I will pray for your success as well as the welfare and health of your family.

        Do what you must. Survive. That is the goal.

        With God’s help we will all make through the troubles that are coming.

      41. Shotguns have their place, just like pistols and rifles… and they are surrounded by more myths and misinformation than both. Absolutely devastating at short and mid range, not entirely bad at long ranges either. Hugely versatile and by far the widest range of ammunition. I’ve seen 12 year old girls handle 12 gauges just fine, the recoil thing is a myth. What kind of gun can spit out massive 1 3/8oz projectiles or fifteen .33 lead balls at the flick of the wrist?

        • I have to admit that for the longest time I was afraid of firing a shotgun
          but I found someone who knows weapons and took a couple of lessons
          in handling both pistols and a shotgun
          smartest thing I ever did
          a shotgun is now my weapon of choice
          and your right about the recoil,
          if your doing things right
          the recoil is no big deal
          although I wouldn’t want to be firing 3″ magnum shells all day !!!

          • Most shotguns nowadays have aftermarket stocks that reduce a good deal of recoil. Between the compression spring and butt padding, it helps. You may have to change to a pistol grip at the same time but I’ve found them to be extremely helpful.

        • when i’m shooting a 3 1/2″ 12gauge at an animal or bird, i don’t “feel” the recoil. i imagine it would same if shooting a human. maybe it’s the adrenalin. but if i shoot at a target, it kicks like a mule.

        • No one cares what you think, twit.

        • just remember guns only kick at the range. once the adrenalin start pumping the kick disappears

      42. “Truth is the greatest of all national possessions. A state, a people, a system which suppresses the truth or fears to publish it, deserves to collapse.” — Kurt Eisner

        “Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it” — Thomas Sowell

        “Socialism is workable only in heaven where it isn’t needed, and in hell where they’ve got it”
        — Cecil Palmer

        “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” — Winston Churchill

      43. Exactly right Satori. Take some down time Scooter. I’ve been neck deep in activism for the past year, and in our group, we all understand that sometimes you just have to step away. When we get to grid-down, we will still need to play ball with the kids, still fish, still love on our peeps. That is, after all, what we are all working to preserve, right?

        Manos, no matter where your future takes you, know that your human experience is felt by many here. What you are going through resonates with us, even as it saddens us. It is now inevitable, but it wasn’t necessary. But it is what it is. Travel well, friend. I hope we hear from you many many more times.

      44. Hang in there Manos. I hope we aren’t headed to the same place here.

        • watermain, our nation has made it acceptable to just give up and over half have…where does that leave us?

          looking for govt to save us, look for them to enslave us.

          it will not end well.

      45. God keep you and your family, Manos. It’s one thing to read about theory and speculation. It’s another to hear about collapse from someone who is living it. I’m betting you have saved some lives by sharing your experiences. These things always happen to “somebody else” and the sheeple can kind of tune it out. You’re a real person with a life much like ours, and your experiences can’t be dismissed as speculation. Instead of telling my family “what if?” I’m telling them “Right now in Greece, there’s a family just like us who are searching for ways to deal with all these troubles.” You’re in our prayers.

      46. My heart goes out to Manos and his family too, but WE should learn from Greek mistakes and do something about OUR situation while WE can. He would want US too.

        Let your Barnhardt out.

        Greece was at more than 400% Debt to GDP ratio when their problems started. America is at only 100% Debt to GDP, not so much higher than China or Germany; and WE have many advantages. WE also have lots of time to do something for ourselves. All politics are local.

        Join your local Tea party. It was the Surprise Arizona Tea Party that prompted Sheriff Joe to investigate the Obama Birth Certificate and prove it a fraud.

        Its OUR choice. Its YOUR choice. Get busy. The SHTF Plan Prepper Posse can make a difference all across the country in your local communities by banding together and working together.

        If the Surprise Arizona Tea Party can change the world, so can you.

        Engage your employees or be enslaved by them.

        • “Join your local Tea party. It was the Surprise Arizona Tea Party that prompted Sheriff Joe to investigate the Obama Birth Certificate and prove it a fraud.”

          I’m not defending the man, but to play devil’s advocate for a second, what exactly did this accomplish? Fraud or not, it hasn’t and won’t make a bit of difference. People can scream fraud but it’s falling on deaf ears. I don’t like it anymore than you but this is a dog chasing a car that it will never catch. Even if the dog does catch the car, what exactly does the dog do next other than look at it?

          In a perfect world, yes, he’d be removed from office and every thing he touched would be nullified. That. Will. Never. Happen. I’d say the best thing we can do at this point is remove him, but the other choice will just pick up the baton.

          • Arkaden: Patience lad. It takes a little time to bake a cake. It’s not over til the fat lady sings! The wheels are in motion!

            The birth certificate has been proven a fraud. The State of Hawaii has responded to the Arizona Secretary of State, stating that they are in possession of proof of birth.

            That is evidence. It will be supenaed at the right time. Success is 90% preparation, 10% timing.

        • It’s too late for America. Not only is there a $1.3 trillion deficit for this year, there’s an additional $5 trillion in unfunded liabilities. The real deficit is at least $6.3 trillion and it’s politically impossible to cut anything. Besides that, the Federal Reserve started monetizing the debt in 2009. Whatever money the Treasury can’t raise by 2% borrowing the Fed creates the difference. At least $2 trillion so far with billions of new money created every month. It’s only a matter of time before we have hyperinflation like Germany had in the 1920s.

          • Barn Cat: And its only a matter of time before the Sun expands into a Red Giant and swallows the inner solar system. 🙂

            You better get down to Home Depot and buy a wheel barrow to carry your FRN’s in when that hyperinflation hits!

            Don’t hold your breath.

            WE are about to experience a double dip recession to eliminate any chance of the Kenyan getting re-elected, and WE will get QE 3 & 4 to replace bank losses for the assets that they mark down to market.

            Its not too late for America but unfortunately, its probably too late for you.

          • Folks, you need to pay off all your variable rate debt.
            Before the hyperinflation, there will be great inflation.
            The fed will crank up rates so high…that will kill any change of paying off debt.

            I use the set it and forget it plan.
            Calculate all your debts.
            Figure out your payment…then cut up your cards…
            Anyone can get out of debt…the key is to not use the cards anymore and always make more than the minimum payment.

            today the wife wanted to go out for pancakes.
            That wold have cost the family $50 easy.
            Instead… I pulled out some mix, and pulled out a pan.
            No big deal. Start by no eating out.
            Then….buy less daily food. It’s amazing how much we toss out. Start getting the family used to eating soup, salad and sandwiches. Have hot dog night with all the trimmings…grill or toast the buns…make a big deal of it. Get good quality dogs.
            We have nights…
            Hot dogs
            mac n cheese.
            Taco night.
            pot luck.
            Pasta night….just boiled pasta and put out a bunch of stuff and let the kids do their own creation.
            I ran up too much credit card debt by eating out.
            Fuck that …we’re done.
            Also.. Buy a nice new gas grill if you don’t have one… Handy if the power goes out and keeps you home.

            The restaruants will be the first industry to fail.

            ps. In Upstate NY…we’re getting hit with the army worm real bad. Better get some powdered milk…soon the farmers won’t have hay to feed the cows…and the beef will be in the market.

            One final thing….and don’t thumbs down this…
            The United States is finished…better figure out a way to have a job in the NWO. I’m moving into computer sys. work. Don’t think you and a bunch of middle aged hillbillies will take of the govt. from our military.

            I’m just being realistic. Don’t fall for all that patriot shit. Sure I love the country and thank our vets…but it’s all been a scam to make money for the bankers.

            If you thumbs down this..that means you are still in denial. Think about it. Wake up time.

      47. “Your fellow citizens are still living in their utopia. When they realize the danger, they will turn into ruthless beasts.”

        That’s the one part of all this that bothers me the most. I hate the idea of being put in a position to defend my home from those who would take me down to get what I worked and paid and planned ahead for. I won’t boast about it like I’m Rambo-esque. I really hate the idea. I’m hoping it doesn’t come to this, but ammo IS being stocked.

        • you or them, what’s it gonna be?

          I have made my decision…yours will be the same.

          • Yeah, I already know. I’m just saying I hate the idea that it wil come down to even threatening people I know.

      48. Good luck and God bless you and your people!

      49. Manos, find a small island. Take a bunch of hand tools. Your guns and ammo. Some barrels for water. Fishing poles and nets. A small Solar panel array and some deep cycle batterys. A couple radios (redundancy) a CB radio for long distance communication. Some educational books.

        Localism is better than globalism. You and your family can produce all you need. Create a surplus and then trade for what you might need.

        • Unfortunately this is not a Hollywood film or a prepper novel. The coming reality will be harsh but not the doomsday Apocalypse requiring us to live like Robinson Crusoe.

        • Please post link to maps of small, unihabited, islands.
          Thank You. (been looking for one myself)

          • Johnson Island out in Eastern Bay. Owned by my great-grandfather in the 30’s-40’s. still has an old house on it, though it might be empty now.

          • He lives in Greece. There are about 1400 islands. Look it up yourself.

            Besides avoiding the violence. There’s the risk of disease getting out of hand.

            • I stand corrected. There are a lot of G-Damned! islands around Greece. Un-inhabited, no less.
              I may relocate. lol

      50. Manos as always you are in my prayers. May God keep you and protect you and yours. Thanx for keeping us up tp speed. Take care.

      51. Have fun starving to death Manos!

        • Wish I could rate more then once. Thumbs down! Thumbs down! Thumbs down!

          • LadyHawk, I wish I could rate more then once for you. Thumbs up! Thumbs up! Thumbs up! When omegaman is starving himself he will remember his thoughtless post and he’ll be sorry.

          • omegaman: there is no point in being rude. If that is the best you can come up with maybe you should go away.

        • Moronic troll.

          • Daisy, you should add this creep to your latest post about the Zombies….. He’s the kind that would join in on that “fun”.

            • Matt

              I am so sorry I caught the wrong button, THUMBS UP. Sorry.

              Take care

            • Burt

              I helped you out 🙂

            • you goof ! :^D

        • Omegaman

          Alpha and Omega, beginning and end. Easy to see why you chose that name, end of the queue when the brains and empathy were handed out weren’t you?

          Every so often someone like you pops up, not here to learn, converse, banter or even disagree, you just come to cause as many waves as you can, and then you will vanish because your work is done. I would invite you to stay, but being the eunuch that you are your complete lack of balls will prevent this in the long run.

          I know Manos away from this site, and I have to say, you would not say that to his face and stay upright, he’s a big bloke as we say here in the UK.

          People like you make me sick, in fact, I hope you get all what you deserve from life Omega, grab it with both hands, it will not be much.

          Now, a polite suggestion…FUCK OFF

          I usually sign off with take care, but for you I make an exception

          • @Burt the Brit

            “…I would invite you to stay, but being the eunuch that you are your complete lack of balls will prevent this in the long run…”

            Well said Burt, well said..

          • Did B the B just say FO??
            My kind of lady–Tennessee style(okay, I’m not having much fun teaching this in Ky)!!

            • Jay jay

              Sorry, lost my temper

              Take care

            • @burt awesome!!! lose it again!

          • Burt – I love your posts and this one is no exception! Right on!

            Manos – stay safe!!!

          • @ Burt the Brit. I have been coming to this site just for a few months and I cannot understand why omegaman or anyone else would say anything so cruel to Manos or anyone going through something like what he is going through. Is there some bad blood going on or what? Over here it takes someone with an unbelivable streak of rotteness to kick someone when they are down. I really don’t understand what is going on.

            I read that someone thinks Manos doesn’t exist and this is some ploy of some sort. Really, please clue me in. I just know that all of us are someday, probably sooner than later, be faced with what those in Greece and more likely those in Syria are going through. If anything, all of us should be trying to help each other prepare and be as ready as possible. I just don’t get it why anyone would attack someone in a dire dilemma.

            Burt the Brit, Thank you for all that you contribute and all that everyone else contributes to what we read, and thank you Mac for having this site.

            • I 2nd that.

            • Be informed

              I have come to the conclusion that some people are just vile and nasty…arseholes as we say in the UK.

              They are just what they are, but they do serve to remind us what we are not. Most are probably cowards that would run if given the chance to say something to someone’s face. It is easy to condemn, lambast and generally lash out when you are on a screen.

              There are people on here who I have argued with until we are both blue in the face. I know I can be very irritating without trying, and supremely irritating if I put some effort into it, but for the most part the next post sees us moving on and things get back to normal. This is the grown up way to deal with it, you cannot get along with everyone all of the time, life is not like that.

              I have made friends on here that are now real world pen pals, and this is great, who knows, with Gods grace and the cash for a ticket I may get to met one or two of them sometime.

              As for Manos not existing, if they want to believe that, fine. Their choice, it will make no difference to him. Burt the Brit only exists on this page, as does Be Informed, and people like Omegaman are the reason why. Most are all bluster, but there are some very strange people walking amongst us and our pseudonyms keep those people away from that which we hold dear.

              Take care

            • @ Burt the Brit. Well said. I personally have gone to bat, tried to help people that no one else cared or had the time to even say a few kind words and felt quite alone (akin to some lone crusader) like no one was worth it left in the world. Then I come to this site several months ago and I see the outpouring of support for someone in dire situations and it is so refreshing and of course all those people including yourself that take their own personally time to try to add what they know to aid others in survial situations.

              There is some real substance and goodness to the people here and the preppers/survivalists that the regular population fails to see. The general person, at least over here in the United States, sees the prepper/survivalist as radical and a total selfish hoarder that wants to take on the government in some blazing glory last stand on some remote hillside. While the general person wastes their lives on superficial meaningless garbage, the prepper/survivalist sacrifices much for their family and friends so they have at least a chance at a tomorrow after the world collapses.

              Another excellent quality of preppers/survivalists is that they think and use their minds and they feel. The common person doesn’t even feel anything anymore, they have become totally “unattached” to anything other than their own gratifications of their desires and pleasures, talk about a zombie. It happened in ancient Rome, and is happening again. The common person lives solely for the moment and nothing more, and only thinks, if that is what someone calls it, when it is absolutely necessary. I will take a prepper/survivalist anyday of the week, anyday of the year, all 365 days of them, 366 days this year, to majority of the populace.

            • Amen to that, BI – beautifully put!

            • Well said.

          • Urban dictionary; The Omega male is the polar opposite of the Alpha Male.

            Yep; omegaman has no BALLS!!! Awesome choice for a handle. 🙂

          • Relax Bert, Everyone has a purpose, for some it’s just Jerkey. Love

        • omegaman, I highly recommend watching the film “After Armageddon.” I see you being the crazed man asking the guy in the car if he has any food.

          • For what it’s worth, if I was the guy in the suburban I would have probably run him and his shopping cart over. Either that or my sidearm would have come out and been pointed at his head through the window.

            • Arkaden, I would likely have chosen the latter as well. I bought a copy of that movie to add to the growing file of apocalyptic info, though certainly not for the Oscar-winning acting. There are several good survival points made by the commentors. History Channel did good on this one.

        • May the stone you just cast into the Cosmic Aether,
          return to visit your house 1000 fold.
          May the zombies eat your liver,
          with relish.

          This is the working of the Universe,
          “what goes around, comes around”.

          May God Bless Manos to keep him and his family safe Lord.

        • Something I wouldn’t wish even on my enemies. Until you’ve been there & seen it, troll elsewhere for attention.

        • Omegaman,

          Speak truth in humility to all people.
          Only then can you be a true man. (Sioux)

          • @ Ohcumgache. You are wise and you and others can see what happened above. Here you have all this goodwill going out to someone (Manos) that needs good thoughts directed at him, and then someone directs hateful words towards Manos and all of a sudden all this good positive energy is now directed and focused at the hateful statement and the individual that wished that another human being would starve to death.

            It reminds me of a scenario in which some elderly person is helped out by a group of people that has fallen down and needs help. Even if you are not one of the person’s that helped out you go away feeling good inside that there are still people that still care about helping those in need. It is like a ripple effect that many take with them and perhaps they help someone else or are more polite and courteous to those around them.

            Then you have someone that is filled with total negative energy that not only wants to hurt the elderly person but cause pain to others, goes and kicks the elderly person’s walker away from them before they can get to their means of transporation back home. The old person ends up on their back staring up at the sky and now hundreds of people that saw this are now directing pure hate towards the hated individual that could do this act of utter cruelty.

            This is what is happening to to this world more and more often, people that actually want to cause the maximum amount of suffering from an act. It is not just trolling around either with some individuals, it is a calculated attack to cause the most pain. To me a troll is someone that just wants attention, childish tantrums that toddlers throw, the terrible two’s. Someone that goes out and actually tries to bring more suffering to a world already in anguish, fear, and agony is a different story and a different entity. I guess this is the definition of evil.

            I will end this with another best and safe wishes to Manos and all the people trying so hard to survive in an upside down world becoming worse each minute, there are many out there that want your lives to become better and give you much hope for the future. There are so many more people that lose everything each day. May your lives be filled with much more peace and far less fear.

            • Be informed,

              You write from your heart and soul. What you have to say is important and I thank you for sharing your thoughts.

        • omegaman:
          Is that the best retort you can come up with?
          You sound very much like some of the other feckless twit-trolls that surface here.
          A sad example of one of the lesser lights in God’s creation.

        • I’m # 92. Sounds like omegaman needs a good dose of the whoop-ass.

      52. Manos is a fictitious character to keep you in a mindset of purchasing crap that you will never use. Wake up you zombie sheep. posted 12:01 am pacific time June 7, 2012.

        • And you do not have the balls to put a name on your post.

          Now, I have emails, photographs, know the name of his wife and daughter and I think one of the pictures show the make of bicycle he rides. I know where in Greece he is and where some of his wider family are located.

          I am not the only one either, Mac, and at least four other people from this site know these things.

          Now, where’s your proof that he does not exist?

          People like you are miserable, small minded idiots with no feelings for anyone else, why not join forces with omega man, that’s if you are not him.

          Bugger off idiot

        • Yes, someone with a name is far more fictitious than “Anonymous”.

          I can vouch for Manos’s existence as well, having recently received a package in the mail from him. But gee, maybe it’s all a conspiracy just to get me to buy more freeze dried food and it wasn’t from Manos at all! OMGosh!!!!! I’ve been duped!!!

          Many trolls afoot today.

        • Rich 99 is that you?

        • Anonynous,

          We will be known forever by the tracks
          we leave. (Dakota)

          I am certain that Manos will leave very deep tracks that will last an eternity, but yours will blow away with the first, gentle gust of wind.

        • screw you ..we have corresponded and I personally received a Crete cookbook from manos..

          and dozens of e mails and pictures as had burt and several others here..

          fuck off..


          • Possee

            Well said, and for the record I am very proud to be part of Possee’s posse lol

            Take care mate

        • Anonymous….you are a waste of good human protoplasm

      53. Earlier I had asked about what is referred to as “SWAT-ting” (method being deployed by insidious types to get people killed by our LEOs by calling false reports to 911). Drudge had an ABC report about it here. TY all.

        abcnews.go com/blogs/politics/2012/06/senator-asks-doj-to-investigate-swat-ting-attacks-on-conservative-bloggers/

        The Lord is Righteous.
        Standing by in Texas.

        • Wow, that’s alarming, especially as gung-ho as some of the officers are of late to do violence. This is going to be ugly one day when the SWAT bursts in on one of the more “prepared” members of the blogosphere and meets up with extreme resistance from someone simply defending his or her home.

          • I can’t get my head around how to get our LEOs to honour the
            Bill of Rights. To preserve and defend Constitution.

            The Lord is Righteous.
            Standing by in Texas.

            • bow slaves , to the might of nazi zionist israel ; all you cockroach goyin gentiles will soon be dead by our hand ; or your children especially your “little boys” will become our bedroom bath bugger boy slaves .

              jews all over the world will soon rise up and take our rightful place as your global banker masters .


      54. I’d be interested to hear what Manos is experiencing first hand that makes him so fearful. Is he seeing empty shelves at the store? He talks about people saying this or that, but it’s not any different than what you can read online. I’m especially curious to hear what makes him fear that he might need his shotgun. I’ve stated before, that I was just there traveling throughout Greece, and despite two failed elections and all the bad news, there was definitely not a feeling of imminent anarchy. This is coming from someone like myself who is tuned into this kinda thing. So I’m honestly curious what I missed, since Manos is probably in some location that is off the beaten track (i.e. maybe he’s experiencing far different day to day scenes).

        Also, if a left-wing government comes to power, they’ll be coming to power exactly because people want more from their government in terms of services. So the last thing that will happen is for the government to shutoff power. The power companies will all be nationalized and Greece will become even more of a nanny state than it is now.

        Sorry if this all seems callous, but with as high-profile as this situation is, people will not be starving in the streets of Greece. It simply will not be allowed to happen. I haven’t read or heard anyone articulate how or why they think that an EU country (remember, even if they drop out of the Eurozone, they’ll still be an EU member state) will erupt into starvation and madness. I hear people say that it will happen, but beyond the hyperbole, I don’t see any evidence that it will happen.

        • Hiya Dan

          Manos lives in a decent sized population centre. A lot of the problem stems from the massive cuts in salaries that the people are experiencing every month or so. This is leaving them so short of money to provide for their families that they live in fear of getting to the point where the genuinely can no longer put food on the table.

          Many schools have closed and some only open for a few hours each day due to the fact that they cannot afford to pay the teachers a full salary.

          Quite a few new taxes have been implemented. For fear that the people would not pay the tax has been added to their utility bills, so if you don’t pay the tax your electricity, gas or water is cut off.

          Many non-tourist businesses have closed down, again throwing people out of work.

          It is not the government shutting off the power, it is the power companies who have not been paid their subsidies etc that the government owe them. They are hoping that by turning it off completely the people will go mad and that this will force the government to pay what they owe.

          I hope this helps a bit.

          Take care

          • Burt…I believe this is what awaits the rest of us.A slow grinding of the boot to the neck by way of “austerity” and more and more insidious taxes.It is been happening here across the pond with temps taking job that permanent workers once held. Low wages and no benefits. When your fiat no longer pays your bills and food expenses you hit the fan.What the Greek people are experiencing is coming to us all.BTW how’s that pasty tax working for ya? I guess you have to eat your food cold or heat it up at the office.

            • JRS

              I believe it has been shelved for a while. Shame the British public can’t get that worked up over something that actually matters.

              Take care

          • Yeah, B t B, that does help. I guess I was simply looking for some practical examples for concern. I’m going to assume that there are a range of experiences in Greece as anywhere, and so while someone like Manos might be experiencing hardship, other people, like our very middle class Greek friends, don’t seem to be as affected…having more of a “it’ll all work itself out but it might be shitty for awhile” mindset.

            I mis-stated the “government shutting off the power” portion of my comment. I understand the dynamic playing out. I guess my thinking is that once the Syriza coalition comes to power (likely), the utilities will probably all be nationalized and the situation will be moot. Until then, maybe there is reason to fear, who knows.

            Let’s all hope, as we always should, that the doomsayers are completely wrong, and there never is a collapse, and that Manos and company are simply being smartly prepared for anything other than a smooth resolution to the crisis.


            • Dan

              I hope that not only for Greece but the rest of us. Did you say a while back you are UK based?

              If so, we can see the lies daily..if inflation is falling I would love to know why everything’s getting more expensive here.

              I am going before that turns into my usual cost-related rant…I would not want to expose you to that so soon after we have met lol

              Take care

            • Dan,

              Welcome to the discussion. I appreciate your contributions as stating something observed and seeking information in a positive way.

              Keep posting, you are an asset to this site!

              God Bless!

            • The Socialists can WANT all day. The eviiilll Russians at Gazprom will cut off supplies if they are not paid. Nothing in this world is free. If they give away enough natural gas, they get to relive the 90s, or worse. The new Greek nanny gubermint can wish in one hand and sheiit in the other….

        • I agree with that, things are not as bad as Manos says. I live in a town in central Greece and there is no lack of food , gas, power.I think that the most dangerous option is a hot situation with our “friends” the Turks than to have a social crash.So all stay put and frosty.

          • Aspi

            I am glad itis not bad for you. Manos does not live in the centre of Greece. I suppose it depends on your personal circumstances. Good luck to you I hope things stay as they are in your area.

            Take care

      55. Sometimes all this insanity overwhelms me. Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Cyprus and others, all on the verge of collapse, yet the stock market goes up 286 points on “hope”. False flag events, the FBI becoming the largest domestic terror group in the country, SWAT raids on Amish farmers, SWAT raids on people behind on payments on student loans, SWAT raids on wrong addresses with innocent people having submachine guns pointed at their heads, speed traps, cameras and quotas to raise local revenue, school boards constantly gouging the community for more taxes, a congress that refuses to listen. I think I’ll take the day and go brush hog my fields. The purr of my old diesel tractor’s engine somehow has a calming effect on me. Yep, I’m going to enjoy this day and the worries of tomorrow can wait. Tired of seething with anger.

        • Personal pet peeve, Every Piss Ant agency needs a SWAT team. Recently watched a local PBS doc about the DNR’s (dept of natural resources) SWAT team. Seriously? The frickin’ DNR. They were on the water practicing raiding vessels.
          Every police agency seems to have a multi-million dollar ” Mobile Command Center”. One local town has two. They park side by side at particular sporting events and train their cameras on the field of play, and the stands. Each manned by at least two “technicians”.
          Zoot-suited wanna-bees. If you guys want action so bad, volunteer for Afganistan. I’m sure you’ll get all the “excitement” you require.

          • Rand Paul introduced a bill to “dis-arm” the FDA, USDA, etc, basically saying if they need support while trying to enforce regulations they need to bring the FBI along and not pack their own heat. The two senators, both (D), from Montana shot it down.

      56. First off, I want to say that I think America is the best country in the world. We have so many possibilities. Can we get out of this mess we’re in? Absolutely! But will we? NO. Anyone who thinks Romney is going to fix anything, PLEASE explain to me how he’s going to fix 700 Trillion is derivatives? How’s he going to slow down all the freebies out there? How’s he going to bring together the ever widening gap between the left and right?

        I have no hope for this election, one will only slow down the inevitable. I’m saving all my energy for the reset. I’m prepped and waiting.

        • after the last election I became very involved in what was happening. (I am sure alot of us here did) I have seen nothing change for the better for all of the effort.

          I 100% agree with your statement,” I have no hope for this election, one will only slow down the inevitable. I’m saving all my energy for the reset. I’m prepped and waiting.”

          I am tired of casting pearls before swine. I dont wish for TSHTF, but hope to be around to help with the reset after.

      57. Red Dawn is the cult classic prepper movie. On the other hand The Pianist is a good motivational movie too. Mostly on the lines of what not to do to prepare but it motivates me. The Polish Jews didn’t have a precedent to look to for their situation. We do however.

        The Lord is Righteous.
        Standing by in Texas.

      58. This article of SHTFPlan is on Infowars website. Check it ->

        http://www.infowars com/despair-as-collapse-accelerates-my-shotgun-is-full-and-well-equipped-i-hope-i-dont-need-to-use-it/

      59. This article of SHTFPlan is on Infowars website. Check it ->

        infowars com/despair-as-collapse-accelerates-my-shotgun-is-full-and-well-equipped-i-hope-i-dont-need-to-use-it/

      60. I appreciate reading a first-person account from Manos — thank you.

        I have more trust in this man from Greece than I do for Bernanke or the bulk of American “leaders”. Manos speaks the truth and his real life experiences show how the Greek collapse is affecting him and his family. How sad that we get the truth from a Greek citizen far far away, not through “professional” journalists or main-stream reporters, or our lying politicians.

      61. I spoke to my friend in Athens this morning (I am in the UK)and I noticed her mood is changing she is becoming more and more tense and fearful. She told me there is over a dozen robberies each day and increasing numbers of suicides. Children are being orphaned because their parents cant afford to feed them. Education is patchy and they cant get hold of medicines and certain foods are in short supply. The situation is deteriorating, I have contacted the Prime Ministers office and the leader of the opposition because Im fed up of seeing bailout after bailout going to the banks and nothing going to the people. They need humanitarian aid and they need it now.

      62. BY the time you get to here the post has nothing to do with the original message!!!SORRY Manos!

      63. omegaman,

        I hope you are a male.

        I would feel better in knowing that you were just handed your balls by three women, and the good part was that they didn’t even touch your slimy ass!

        Y’all Beware! Thank you ladies and others for taking out the garbage!

        • Y’all

          I am sure I speak for my sisters as well as myself when I say it was our pleasure.

          Take care my friend

      64. Its like looking into a future mirror. Wow.

        Stay safe!

        • Reminds me of a joke…..Two good old boys stopped in to the local watering hole for a few drinks. They sat down across from a couple of old drunks. The one fella says to his buddy ” That’s us in ten years”. His buddy replies ” No, that’s the mirror behind the bar”.

          • An American indian asked the cheif how people got their names. The cheif replided that HE named everyone after whatever was thefirst thing he saw when he came outside in the morning, like Frightened Rabbit, Soaring Eagle, or Running Deer. The cheif then questioned “Why you ask, Two dog f**king?”

      65. First time commenting on this site. My heart bleeds for Manos as he handles his situation with grace and dignity. That is so sad how things have gotten in Greece. And he is correct what he is experiencing will spread to Europe and will come here to the US.

      66. Bless the man in Greece and his family… I have something very important to say you may think I’m nut or crazy but think what you want, but the last words the man from Greece said ruthless beast not only evil people but there is a sickness going on. For those who have not heard about Rudy Eugene look up Miami man, there are many more things like this that have happened, Louisiana man bites chunk out of mans face, listen to the video of the Miami police chief about another man had to be tasered 3 times and it did not faze him Eugene was shot 4 times super human strenght, your going to have to deal with a sickness that is going around, call it zombie but I am real serious. There is a way to deal with the zombie, what is the most needed thing humans and animals have, sight they may have a good sence of smell or hearing but you need to see, that is a must. If you are on the ground with a super strong being facing them use your thumbs you can put your hands on each side of ther face and us your thumbs to put there eyes out, you can us that on a dog when it attacks you, take out there sight.

        • Karen, I don’t believe the majority of people are degrading en masse. It’s the way “journalists” are reporting so that society can be manipulated into thinking everything is going way off kilter. Re-examine the “news” for the past year and you will find this tactic of social engineering all over the place. It’s part of the Progressive strategy to frighten everyone into believing this is all new and happening everywhere. We’ve had the Soros/Union funded and engineered Occupy garbage that was propelled into the MSM. We have had “flash mob” scenes propelled into the MSM. We are seeing more and more news about government spying, encroaching upon us, drones in the sky, SWATing situations. Now we also have the zany cannibal behavior. Just hang on — it will get worse, too. Each new MSM theme seems to outdo the previous one. Please don’t fall for it! It is part of the Progressive/Obama agenda to create atrocities to force people to react negatively. They are trying to take people down from every angle. TPTB want to frighten the masses because they are desperate and NEED CHAOS. TPTB want more control and they are trying to incite the observers to get angry and act on their angers in an aggressive manner. Don’t give them the excuse to declare Marshall Law because this is what they want.

          All of this Progressive/Totalitarian crap is BY DESIGN. TPTB want the shock-factor to stimulate negative behavior. Step back and be a cautious observer and analyze the big picture. If you allow them to get you so mad you’re ready to boil over, they’ve succeeded.

          • Zoltanne you are correct, but there are things in this world that are out of your hands and mine, that you nor I can stop, things that are unnatural,things that can be done to people with out them knowing. Project MKULTRA-wikipedia, I am trying to say something in a round-about way, I want to wake-up tommorrow, alive.

            • Karen, no worries.
              From all accounts online, TPTB are ‘in your face’ with what they are doing, including KMULTRA.
              Monsanto to starve us with their ‘new’ hybrid seeds and kill our farmland with fertilizers?? No problem.
              Chemtrails to bring on sickness, cancer, infertility?? No problem.

            • Bath Salts. Here’s some info and video on that zombie ambrosia.

              kslc com/?nid=148&sid=13296004

              Lord is Righteous.
              Standing by in Texas.

            • Ivory Wave Bath Salt. You can go ape-s*** crazy sinking your front teeth into the one you love most, and have clean feet while doing it. 😉

        • Bath Salts. Here’s some info and video on that zombie ambrosia.


          Lord is Righteous.
          Standing by in Texas.

      67. Manos says: “Your fellow citizens are still living in their utopia. When they realize the danger, they will turn into ruthless beasts.”

        I believe this will prove to be the case. Two years ago I saw a low-budget movie from 1962 “Panic in Year Zero” about an nuclear attack (on LA I think it was). It seemed goofy at first with old style cars and clothes etc but the depiction of human nature and the survival instinct was more accurate than you find in today’s movies. No magic crystals or space aliens to save the day.

        • I picked up a DVD of “Panic in the Year Zero” a couple of months ago, I remembered seeing it at the B-Movie matinee as a kid. Decent acting from Raymond Massey and Jean Hagen, and you’re right, it’s a lot more credible than the stuff being written and filmed today, no fantasy there.

      68. something to think do you prep for this?

        This Is the Way the World Ends? Volcanoes Could Darken World
        COLUMN by LEE DYE | ABC News – 23 hrs ago.

        link below

        • VRF

          It’s happened before and it will happen again and will go on happening periodically until the Earth is no more.

          Check out Laki (Iceland) Pinatubo (Phillipines) and Katla (Iceland) you will get good info on ow people survived.

          Two things, volcanic ash is very heavy and a few inches can bring a roof down, and you must not breathe the ash, ever. It mixes with moisture in the lungs and sets like concrete, you suffocate from the inside. Masks covering the face and nose, surgical grade as the particles are very fine, should be worn at all times outside.The silica in it makes it terribly irritant to eyes and close fitting goggles, like swimming goggles are the best bet if you are going out in it.

          Take care

        • @ VRF. There have been a lot of earthquakes since June 7:

          There has been one south of 60 degrees south, Only 25 or so miles south of 60 degrees, but still a 5.1. I have been very closely watching the Mid Atlantic Ridge as on June 5 there was a 4.9 near the Azores and a 5.1 further down south. The Mid Atlantic Ridge affects both east and west of the Ridge. New Madrid fault for one thing, but also Europe and especially the Carribean.

          The activity the past few days seems to be pointing towards the area of eastern Russia and Alaska, maybe as far south as Japan and the Kuril Islands, AND northern Mexico and Southern California and Columbia and Ecudor area. The more earthquakes there are the more narrow I can pinpoint where future earthquakes will occur. This is one reason I gave such a broad area with the previous cycles. There is a new cycle that begun late June 5.

          I would say within 3-4 days there should be a good size earthquake in one of more of these areas, 6.3-6.9. I am about 65-75% confident of this. If nothing happens within 4 days, I would say a 7.0-7.5 within 4-8 days, with a confidence rate right now at 50-60%. Have more earthquakes south of 60 degrees south or north of 70 degrees north and that confident percentage will go more up more towards 90% of higher. I will study the patterns in more detail today and see if I can come up with anything else.

          Volcanoes I do not know enough about because there is not enough information in the past to formulate any conclusion. I just go by what John Seach at: says because he is truly the expert on volcanoes.

      69. No one can say when the economy will collapse. Soros says the Euro and the EU will collapse in 3 months. Paul Craig Roberts gives it only 3 weeks. Runs on banks will happen. But taking your money out won’t help. It won’t be worth much. I’m always amazed at how the Feds can stretch things out. But the system is unsustainable. It’s only a matter of time. Very little time. I can’t wait. It won’t ever get better, until it breaks. And we start over.

        • Every bit of Federal Reserve Note monoploy money I get my hands is immediately traded for commodities and durable goods. If the oath fakers don’t turn into oath keepers and arrest the whole criminal racket called the federal government real soon, I may really them. Even if the mass arrest do occur, there will be serious disruptions and it will take years to reset the system, douche the courts, and make the Consitution the true law of the land.

      70. Remember, the Russians and Mexicans devalued their currency. You had 30 days to switch over your old money or it was no good. If your money wasn’t in a bank they wouldn’t accept it for exchange. They would allow small deposits into existing accounts. They said that it was to deny criminal organizations the ability to switch huge amounts of currency. What to do? What to do?

        • That’s why you get your money out of banks now, if at all possible.
          If you can get it and there’s not ONE thing you need for prepping, use it for prepping food, water, and supplies for a family out of work…and research that need first.(like cable, ipads, frequent pizzas and Big Macs, needless expenditures??..move on to another family)
          One must make an effort to help oneself before I care to help.

        • The same thing will happen here after the mass arrests, but in a more fair manner. Legitimate deposits and cash holdings will be exchanged 1:1 and financial institution funny money will be exhanged for pennies on the dollar if they get anything at all. I believe cash, savings accounts, and some legitimately earned stuff like 401k accounts will be relatively safe, but all the manufactured puffed-air money will be swept away. Average Americans will be on a far more equal footing, perhaps even a better footing than the criminal-bankster-politicians who will be largely behind bars in repurposed FEMA camps.

        • Old Fuzzy… I hadn’t thought of this. I guess the corp will have all the bases covered.I may or may not have had some FRNs stashed so the banks couldn’t steal them.Now I’m not sure if this is a good idea.I would hate to just have PMs if there is a bank holiday, but I would hate to lose any cash(if I did have any) by being locked out.Any ideas?

      71. Good luck, Manos. You are in our thoughts here. That said, I agree with others that have expressed the need for a break. You have to let go of the idea of being completely and 100% prepared for everything. It will never happen. Your mental state is a huge part of prep. If you never take time to do the things you like, step away from prep for awhile, or just go out and have a beer with your friends, your mental state will deteriorate. Being constantly focused on how and when things go down is stressful. Fear is healthy, and motivates us to prep, learn, and plan. But, uncontrolled fear turns into panic. And panic is never healthy. If you don’t give yourself a mental break once in awhile, you will no longer be in the strong mental state you need. You just have to give yourself permission to step away, for your own sanity.

      72. It is important to realize that NO candidate will get to the White House that the system does not own. Compromised elections do not render winners that the inbreeding powers that be do not approve of.

        • Solution… arrest the whole federal gang of criminals and install Ron Paul temporarily until legit elections with legit candidates can be held. It can be done. It will be done.

      73. May Zeus extends his benevolent, sheltering hand over Manos and all the Greek people in this time of trial.

        A story on the Economic Collapse Blog contains the very intriguing report that soldiers at one Greek Army base near Corinth have run out of food. If this phenomenon spreads, history proves that this will mean the inevitable END of the puppet government that was installed on the demand of the banksters. The Greek people — from which the Greek army draws its personnel after all — are OBVIOUSLY being left to wither and die, and it’s only a matter of time before some group of officers (captains, majors and colonels would be my guess) draws its conclusions and ACTS.

        There are other aggravating developments of which Greek patriots must certainly be aware. For example, according to Russian news sources, Greece was recently offered loans on generous terms by Russia (with negligible interest or NO interest, and no fixed repayment date), and the EU-installed government in Athens cursorily declined this REAL bailout on foreign bankster orders.

        Secondly, even while its economy has been imploding, Greece was and is being pressured by Washington, as part of the buildup to the attack on Iran demanded by Israel, to cease buying oil from Iran, even though Teheran supplies Greece with a large percentage of its oil requirements at LOW prices AND with a comparatively long payment period. Thus the Greek people can now not only starve, but FREEZE as far as these financial vampires are concerned, as long as their “pet” interests are taken care of. In their actions, the Bankster Republic of Amerika and the European Bankster Union reveal to the Greek people just how high they rank on the banksters’ scale of values.

        I have often wondered: what would happen if, in a number of the OTHER European countries beyond Greece that are being eaten alive by bankster vampirism, patriotic civil servants, diplomats and military elements coordinated with their colleagues in other AFFECTED nations and “removed” their local Quisling regimes SIMULTANEOUSLY, installing governments of national salvation in their respective capitals? What if their first act was the nationalization of ALL bankster assets and the reorganization of their financial systems to SERVE, rather than RUIN, their respective peoples? One thing seems clear — if this process were to spread beyond the countries contemptuously dubbed “PIIGS” by some unknown half-baked, nap-haired, sunken-chested golden boy in the USan financial “elite,” it is the BANKSTERS who would starve, not the EUROPEANS.

        Let us make a further leap of imagination and picture German and French patriots joining this hypothetical Europe-wide movement, in a new and veritable Napoleonic “continental system,” protected by the nuclear umbrella of Russia while the regime of Bankster Amerika rages impotently? What could reborn European nations DO with the ENTIRE European assets of the House of ROTHSCHILD, nationalized and under EUROPEAN control? What would happen when the internal records of the “great” banking houses were fully AUDITED and the results PUBLISHED?

        This is one way the European peoples, especially the so-called “PIIGS” (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain, nations which have given so much to European culture), can regain their freedom. Among the other winners would be the badly strapped GERMAN taxpayers, who through no fault of their own are being called on to underwrite bailouts not of their brothers the Greek people, but only of the banksters. The only losers would be the REAL “pigs” of Wall Street, Frankfurt, London and Tel Aviv.

        This is not an incitement, but a discussion of one possible outcome to this artificially ENGINEERED “crisis.”

        • Wow – very interesting post – thank you, Ahab! A great deal of that was new information to me. 🙂

          • You’re very welcome, Daisy. I always know you’ll keep me in line if I go too far.

            Judging by the “thumbs down” left in response to my post above, it appears that there is a contingent here that “weeps” for the Greek people only as much as their allegiance to other agendas (which of course take precedence) allows them.

            In light of current events, it’s very interesting to note that the Prime Minister of Greece from November 2011 to May 2012 was one Lucas Papademos, whose prior career included a stint at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and a Vice Presidency at the European Central Bank.

            It’s even MORE interesting to note that his predecessor George Papandreou, a Socialist, suddenly “resigned” (for mysterious reasons) in November after calling for a referendum on the EU austerity measures proposed for Greece. Needless to say, NO such referendum ever took place. This is yet another classic display of “democracy” in action, EU, Bankster and USan style.

            Tellingly, as a condition of the last “bailout” deal that was consummated between the Bankster occupation government of Germany (led by the former East German communist youth leader Angela Merkel) and the Bankster occupation government of Greece, the funds “loaned” to Athens were to be used ONLY to purchase weapons and military equipment from Germany. The Greek people didn’t see a Euro-Cent of it. That doesn’t stop the neocon gutter press in Germany from inciting the German people against the supposed “irresponsibility” of the Greek people, and deflecting blame form the real culprits, the banksters. Just see the Bild Zeitung of Hamburg, owned by the Zionist Springer Verlag, Germany’s own version of Rupert Murdoch, for a glimpse at their technique which should be eerily familiar to all heavily propagandized USans.

            Even more tellingly, the former Greek government was pressured (probably by the USans, whose Congress is filled with Likudniks) to support Israel’s acquisition, at fire sale prices, of offshore oil drilling rights in Greek waters. Logic would dictate that Greece actually be helped to develop this resource so it could better pay off its supposed “debts” to the Banksters. This proves more than anything else that there much more going on in Greece than a “financial” crisis. It’s the dismantling of a nation, and not just ANY nation, but the one that gave the Western peoples their very CIVILIZATION.

            A few years back, Clinton’s SoS Madeleine Korbel Albright said that the old Ottoman Empire was a force for “stability” in the Balkans. I have no doubt that if open revolution breaks out in Greece, these bankster swine would be delighted to bring in TURKISH troops to suppress the Greek people. Do the USans, who have been raised like lowing, fattened cattle to be “sensitive” to the “lessons of the Holocaust,” know what THIS would mean to the GREEKS, in terms of THEIR history? I doubt they even care.

            • You’ve become a “kinder, gentler Ahab”. 🙂

              So, if I understand you correctly, the Greeks are being propagandized into objects of scorn so that the Bankster scum can carry on with their gutting of the country without concern of reprisal?

              Federal Reserves seem to be training grounds for the scourges set loose on the people of the world. If you check boards of directors of the Big 7 in media and entertainment, directors of various government agencies and companies like Monsanto, a huge percentage were formerly at various FRs. It doesn’t surprise me at all to hear that the PM of Greece has that background as well.

            • So, Ahab, USan is the “United States Adopted Name” or the Federal Corporation? Help me out with this.


            • Daisy, in the end, I’m only “kinder and gentler” to those who deserve it.

              I talk to a lot of Germans, who are rightfully p-o’d about having to prop up the Euro with their tax money. For many of them, Greece IS a sore point, and the “German” tabloid press does its best to stoke this sentiment. This is the same press by the way that bangs the drum endlessly about the holocaust and the supposed “eternal” guilt and responsibility to Israel of all Germans, including those yet unborn.

              When Germans go off on “the Greeks” to me, I usually succeed in redirecting their outrage toward the banksters. The encouraging thing is that many of them KNOW they have been sold out, and that Germany itself is not doing very well under bankster rule, independently of what’s happening in Greece.

        • Ahab

          Very interesting. I get your point totally

          Take care

          • @ Burt the Brit —

            Thanks! I’ve enjoyed your posts for some time now. By the way, your take-down of the troll at June 7, 6:18 pm was a work of art, yea a masterpiece! Multiple salutes and respect!

            @ JC Son of God —

            I use USan (and sometimes “Amurikans”) as a rhetorical device, I suppose, to distinguish the mindless, cheerleading, jingoistic adherents and supporters of the CORRUPT and treasonous “corporation” from TRUE Americans. For the sake of establishing a definition but retaining some modicum of brevity, let’s call Thomas Jefferson the epitome of a TRUE American. If he were alive today, Lieberman and Levin would be sending drones to Monticello.

            • Ahab

              Thank you for the compliment.

              Take care

      74. Dixon: RE: Your “Care Package” idea for Manos….Good idea. Count me in. I’m unemployed & on food stamps, but I’m sure I can help him in some way. Feel free to reach me via E-mail ([email protected])

        • Not defending a NAZI, but Communists need to be beaten savagely. If anything, it’s a reminder of how savagely they treated people in the 20th century.

      75. web bot a computer program you should check it out.

      76. Senator Asks DOJ to Investigate SWAT-ting Attacks on Conservative Bloggers

        A number of conservative bloggers allege they have been targeted through the use of harassment tactics such as SWAT-ting (fooling 911 operators into sending emergency teams to their homes), in retaliation for posts they have written, and now Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., has stepped into the matter. He has sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder urging him to investigate the SWAT-ting cases to see if federal laws have been violated.

        • I’m sure Holder will get right on it. He feels so strongly about constitutional violations.

          (Please note my sarcasm.)

          • sarcasm noted dais.

          • kidding.

      77. A true story about Greeks

        Last year I was in Macedonia to celebrate a Greek wedding of a friend whom I met on a student exchange in England. It was a fantastic experience and we keep in touch all the time. What Manos is writing is sadly enough reality in many places in Greece. The friends of mine tell similar stories though they seem not that bad affected. What I know is that they have a difficult time. She is unemployed and he has a badly paid job which was cut down to a 75 percent. Prices are rising and businesses closing.

        When asked if there was anything I could do for them in these difficult times, their answer was:

        “Yes, when you have time, come and visit us. We would like to see you again.”

      78. Does anyone know if Manos lives near the border? I mean that Greece borders four countries (Albania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, and Turkey). If it get’s too crazy Manos could make a trip up north to get something needed bad enough.

        The Lord is Righteous.
        Standing by in Texas.

        • JC son of God

          No he doesn’t sadly.

          Take care

          • Do you know which border is closest?

        • He posted that he lives on an island….there are many of them.

      79. JC son of God

        Yes, but the option has been explored, and at this point it is not an option for him and his family.

        He would want to thank you for thinking of him.

        Take care

        • I was exploring ways to reach him from the US. For example if he had to have meds or currency from outside it looks as though Turkey would be the best avenue, say for family here in US to send to them. I’ve not been party to what you’ve explored already. I am now copacetic.

          The Lord is Righteous.
          Standing by in Texas.

          • JCSG, also note that the Greek customs agency is highly corrupt and very little, if any, of what we send, would reach him.

            I second Burt in saying that Manos is greatly appreciative of the warm kindness expressed by his friends here.

          • JC Son of God

            We have looked at most things, as has Manos. There is a plan on the back burner for a truly desperate situation, we have floated it with Manos and he has agreed to let us know if plan D needs to be implemented.

            I am not being deliberately evasive, but it is at his request that this is not mentioned at this point.

            I do know that he and his family take great comfort from the well wishers here, should things deteriorate we will be letting everyone here know exactly how they can help. Manos does not feel that time has arrived yet, and we all pray it never will.

            Take care

            • 😀

      80. Manos, though we’ve never met, there ain’t a day that doesn’t go by that you and your family don’t find a way into my thoughts. Take care, be safe, stay strong, keep the faith.

      81. We are praying for you and your country.Sending you lots of love and hope.

        Remember, the Lord is with us always.

      82. In helping Manos, it would probably be best to wire money to him. I would imagine that mailing a package might arrive too late.

      83. Best wishes Manos. Let us know if we can help.

      84. Look don’t have that round of golf, go water sking, turn off mlb, just stay home this week end and research of what is going on in Greece and the rest of the world. When you do that you will see what is coming our way here in the good old USA. Prepare for the times ahead, Manos is right in everything he is saying your freind will turn on you in tuff times. We will be praying for Manos and his family.
        LIVE FREE

      85. Terrible news:

        Rand Paul has endorsed Romney

        Ron Paul has conceded he will not have enough delegates to win the nomination.

        Link to follow

        • Daisy,

          Concerning the choice the people have made reminds me of this…

          1 Samuel 8:7 And the Lord said unto Samuel, Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee: for they have not have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them.

          Read the full chapter to see the manner of the king that shall reign over us.

          The Lord is Righteous.
          Standing by in Texas.

        • Daisy

          This is no surprise at all..the followers of Paul have been led to the slaughter in REVOLUTION propaganda just as did the HOPE AND CHANGE followers.
          Webster Tarpley was correct on usual..

          We’ve all been had for quite some time.
          The game is rigged .. period.

          Everything is planned to the minute detail..

          This notion of the good guys defeating Goliath is another internet myth to keep us off the track of cognitive thought..

          Witness what this post is about..the destruction of sovereignty and humanity..

          Manos’ situation will be worldwide in a short he has repeatedly warned us in his e mails.

          I would take heed from his sound “boots on the ground” advice and prepare prepare prepare..!!

          Take care


          • Possee,

            Does Ron Paul seem to you a man that lacks integrity, honesty, or love for the Constitutional Republic?

            The Lord is Righteous.
            Standing by in Texas.

          • Possee, to me this seems like just another step leading us to the revolution. Paul supporters really came together and gave a great showing. I hope the momentum that came from Dr. Paul’s campaign can continue, despite the fact that he will not be the president. I have not witnessed such a passionate group of activists in many years.

            I can’t wrap my brain around Ron Paul being in the pocket of Bilderberg, AIPAC and the PTB, I really can’t. I was disappointed that Rand Paul endorsed Romney, though, very disappointed. The lesser of two evils is still evil.

            One thing is sure, though, prepping is the order of the day.

            • Daisy, it is a delusion to fall in love with any politician.

              Bilderberg invites people across the political spectrum. Jon Huntsman Jr. was an invitee, for example. These folks don’t even really need to network at an event. They socialize in the same venues. Afterwards, this year, they supposedly were only divided on whether to bring the world down quickly or slowly, but still have the intent to install a NWO after a collapse.

              I never understood the Ron Paul fever. This guy has made millions just by running and by selling his financial newsletter, while being a lifetime Congressman on government salary/benefits. Yes, his fight against the Fed is a good one, but he is not some selfless champion of the people. His son endorsed Romney. Both Pauls, of course, were Bilderberg invitees. I beware of any dynasty, because the personal devotion to family will eventually trump any other loyalty.

            • Unless Rand Paul is making a move to gain a Vice Presidential nominee consideration

            • Well, here goes.
              Ring ring ring ring..
              Tell XXXXX to be careful on that playground; and we really like the dress XXXX bought yesterday.
              Tell XXXXX to be careful on that playground now.

              Nuff said???

              WWYD????? what would you do???

              Ya’ll knew this was coming.

            • Blue….Where did you get the info on who was invited to the Bilderberger conference?

            • JRS ~ I hope you don’t mind if I jump in and answer for Blue. 🙂 Infowars has a list of who attended this year. Click on the Bilderberg 2012 link.


            • you guys forget one thing. Mitt Romney is not yet the republican nominee. he is still only the presumptive nominee.

          • No surprise to me either, but those who attacked me last year when I posted that I admire him, but there is no way he is going to win should consider working on their critical thinking skills.

            Ironically, I voted for Ron Paul on principle while my friend who ranted and raved about him for months and posted ‘Ron Paul 2012’ as a comment to every Facebook post he could find didn’t bother to vote at all.

            • If we can’t accept a fair and honest patriot like Ron Paul, how much more is the Son of Almighty God honest, fair, and righteous in judgement and grace would be rejected by this generation of Americans. Still I hold hope for a restored Republic.

              The Lord is Righteous.
              Standing by in Texas.

            • @Prepared Pastor…

              Perhaps your friend no longer desires to lend his support to a rigged system.

              Who is the bigger fool? One who realizes that the whole system is a sham and fraud and refuses to participate?…or one who thinks that TPTB will allow their power to be curtailed just because the people want it?

              Look at our what our elected officials do….By all accounts, some 70% of the population did not want Obamacare…..yet….they shoved it down our throats anyway.

              I could go on and on here, and cite other examples, but I think you understand my point.

              At this point, the government in D.C. has as much legitimacy as the King of England had in 1775. In fact, it could be argued that what our forefathers revolted against, was far less intrusive than what we endure today.

              When people have had enough, it will change.

          • @possee…

            This is why I continue to say, “If voting could change anything, it would be illegal.”

            Yes…the game is rigged. Has been for quite some time.

            The “legitimate” means of real change has been denied us by TPTB.

            • You are the TPTB.

              We The People are a self ruled people under God in heaven. We The People are The Powers That Be in this our Constitutional Republic. We recognize no presumptive kingly powers or any form of tyrrany as legitimate in our dominion, the United States of America. Check the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, if you please, as they testify of these truths.

              And to those that honor the Declaration and Constitution, consider also Romans 13: 1-2. “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: THE POWERS THAT BE are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall recieve to themselves damnation.” We The People are The Powers That Be. Any who resisteth the Lawful Constitutional Power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall recieve to themselves damnation.

              And especially to those that have given Oath to the Consitution. Remember the true higher powers. Forsake not your Oath. You beareth not the sword in vain: for you are the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon them that do evil. Romans 13: 4 “For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that deoth evil.”

              And to those usurpers who would overthrow our Lawful Constitutional Power. You have made a fatal error. By allowing us our Oaths to the Constitutional Republic, which is not rescinded at our term of service, Oathkeepers and WE THE PEOPLE are in authority to execute wrath on any unconstitutional evil no matter the guise. Therefore repent and WE THE PEOPLE should forgive. Romans 13: 5-7 “Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake. For for this cause pay ye tribute also: for they are God’s ministers, attending continually upon this very thing. Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour.”

              Fear God. For he is Righteous in Judgement and Grace.
              Standing by in Texas.

            • Walt and others

              I am foremost a political atheist with no apologies.

              I loved Ron Pauls stance period..
              I would have voted for him undeniably..period..but I knew it was a false veil only to be silenced..too good to be true no matter what.

              The game is rigged everywhere..
              there is no hope and change nor revolution coming..

              These charlatans only hope to gain monetary gain on our angst..

              This I know as fact..
              My family was involved in state dept and other nefarious black bag opps years ago..

              If we knew 1% of what really is going on…we’d be in mass hysteria..
              Everything is planned..think tanks abound on every scenario imagined that none of us civilians could even imagine..and then some..get over it.

              The only revolution or change is within you..and you all best be ready for what’s to come..

              and it ain’t gonna be pretty..and nothing we all ever experienced in our lifetimes..

              Keep on stacking

              Keep on prepping

              and opsec is the key

              lay low..


        • So you would rather have O – shithead then !!!!!

          • COF ~

            Really they are one and the same – Obama and Romney have both attended Bilderberg previously – that sums up their agenda to me. The difference between the two is so negligible as to be non-existent – neither of them is out to make the United States better. They are both puppets to AIPAC, which means their primary concern is the happiness of Israel. Romney’s already made his pilgrimage there to kiss butt and swear fealty. Look it up.

            I no longer have a horse in this race.

            • Daisy, thank you for this post.

            • @Daisy, you may have under-estimated the “behind-the-scenes” threat factor that is very much alive and well in the SEWER that passes for “political choice” in Amerika.

              Ron Paul was never the choice of THOSE that govern ALL things in OUR world. I hope this will wake up those that still believe an election, judicial action, or basically anything short of a “populist revolution” has even the slightest chance of changing OUR COLLECTIVE FUTURES.

              The “system” is a scam and chronically exposed as the “mental/optical/auditory illusion that it truely is. Time to seriously spend more time on PLAN B.

            • Yental ~

              I’m not sure why you are getting “thumbs down” for your thought-provoking post. The whole situation certainly begs the question, “What happened behind the scenes?” Whatever the case, though, the whole thing is a disenheartening blow to the Patriots.

              As always, you have a “thumbs up” from me! 😉

      86. Manos,
        God Bless and protect you and your family. Thank you for all you are doing for us, even during your time of strife. While we are not there to help, we are there in spirit. Let us know if there is any way for us to assist you in your time of need.
        I am interested in helping Manos, if we can find a way for things to make it to him.

      87. This morning at Pragmatic Capitalism…

        The Stock Market is on Life Support

        “The stock market continues to be on life-support, depending on the actions of the Fed and other central banks to arouse it from its lethargy…”

        “With no big demand increase in sight there is no reason for businesses to hire additional workers or to boost capital spending.

        Add in the uncertainty of Washington gridlock, the well-publicized “fiscal cliff”, the severe sovereign debt problems in Europe and the slowdown in the previously rapidly-growing “BRIC” nations, and we have all the ingredients of an economy in great danger…”


      88. I live in Texas and I see Japanese people in groups walking around here. They speak only Japanese and they can barely speak English well enough to understand. I spoke to a group of older women and I asked if their was a migration taking place that we didn’t know about? One of them told the other women to walk away, but one of them, stayed behind and told me that they had lost every thing and that they came here to escape the radiation, but that they have found out that it has followed them all the way here. After this I began to notice more Japanese people. Some alone reading a book, others in small groups. I saw a group of men entering into a barbecue restaurant, I could here them speak they spoke in hush tones and spoke in Japanese, as if they were discussing something of importance and as if they were here to find a suitable place to bring the rest of the family. These were men of prominent positions back in Japan. I know a little Japanese and I know successful people from Japan. These people are running for their lives. Why is no one reporting these things to us? Who is hiding information from us?

        • Wow, thanks for the heads up Lucille. News like this is good to know. Gives better perspective on how dire it might be for the Japanese and maybe all of us for that matter.

          If we were to have migrants come to Texas, I think we would be hard pressed to find better. My experience of the Japanese when stationed in Japan is that they are highly innovative, disciplined, and most of them xenophobic I think is a fair description.

          I would welcome them as long as they don’t beef with my 2nd Amendment.

          What area of Texas did you see them scouting Lucille? Texas is a big State.

          The Lord is Righteous.
          Standing by in Texas.

          • Xenophobia is not an entirely bad thing. “Diversity ” is killing America.

            • Agreed. I will not abide sharia law multiculturalism.

        • China Grove?

      89. In denial…

        Obama: “The Private Sector Is Doing Fine”

        Yet, Food stamp spending up 100% since Obama took office.

        Direct links on Drudge Report

      90. Following an armed robbery at a local Wells Fargo bank, police in Aurora, Colorado arrested everyone in the vicinity until the suspect was found. This action amounted to limited-scale martial law.

        Believing that the alleged robber was stopped a nearby red light, the police barricaded that section of the street – which could be considered a reasonable tactic. However, they dragged more than forty people from their vehicles, handcuffed them, and held them for more than four hours – which is not.

        Drivers and passengers “were handcuffed, then were told what was going on and were asked for permission to search the car,” recalled Officer Frank Fania. “They all granted permission, and once nothing was found in their cars, they were un-handcuffed.”

        Why was it supposedly necessary to handcuff people before asking permission? If the detention was justified, why did the police bother to ask for permission?

        • they should have been grateful that they were not shot. When the time comes, the police will shoot everyone they handcuffed, invent some excuse , and the court will rubber stamp it. THe vehicles will be distributed among the officers’ friends.

      91. fake name is me–I could reply but not post…I was just testing..but was sincere with the post/comment.

      92. which disappeared.

      93. Oh, poo…to make a long comment short, Daisy…don’t know why it took them this long…..the threats of life, family, harm, photoshopping blackmail, etc.
        Ya’ll knew it was coming!!

      94. I look at the article dates and it must be a slow DOOM month

      95. It pains me to see Greeks suffer. I am a Greek living abroad.

      96. I think the police have been militarized. Even the forest police are using intimidating tactics.
        I saw a video-the cops crashed into a suspect who rear ended another car which caused the airbag to trigger. The innocent guy leaps out of his car and a huge cloud of ‘smoke’ pours out and a cops rush over and hand cuff him. His airbag exploded and the cops think ‘Weed Smokers’ and cuff him. Did the powder in the air smell like weed? Doesn’t matter-it LOOKS like weed smoke. lol
        We’re guilty until proven innocent.

        • The police will be all too happy to kill all of us. After all, the Mongol Empire was an all-vigilante empire, with no need for subjects since it pillaged whenever it felt like.

      97. I wonder what kind of shotgun Manos has?
        I envision a sawed off double barrel for some reason.

        Anyway,… while reading this other link I got to thinking about a long winded comment SmokinOkie made up above.
        I’m thinking SmokinOkie is a Hamiltonian, and a few others here. I wish they’d wise up:

        Tax-Loving Conservatives

        “… he wanted investors in government IOUs to commit to the survival of the United States.

        … Tariffs were taxes favored by big-government conservatives. They still are.

        [And this, wow, the mantra of Hamiltonians everywhere:]

        “Reduced opportunities are the basis of wealth. The fewer opportunities you have to trade, the richer you are.” …”

        Is that what the big-wigs in Greece say too?

        Yeesh, SmokinOkie, do you love badges and guns?

        Think about it, will ya?

      98. Here’s the link, and one last bit:

        “I will now give you a test. See if you are a Hamiltonian. If you cannot follow this argument, you are a Hamiltonian.” …

        Well, go take the Simple Easy test and find out for sure.


        It’s written quite like SmokinOkie’s own words on these here pages. Go on, check it out.

        • clark- you poor misguided soul. Unfurl your sails, there’s a long winded explanation of human nature and its interconnectedness to economics, as well as everything else, coming your way!
          In the land of ‘wishful thinking’ there is always sunshine, cool breezes and frolicking unicorns prancing smartly down the street. Lou Rockwell is the mayor and he has all he ever wanted in life. Namely, absolutely free trade among everybody in ‘wishful thinking’ land, as well as 4 other known galaxies. There is never any greed or selfishnes anywhere. Kind hearted business owners always make superior products, price them fairly, pay excellent wages to their happy employees, and still earn a wonderful profit. It’s all good!
          A few galaxies away is ‘reality land.’ Not nearly as pretty or well behaved as ‘wishful thinking’ land, but nonetheless, it’s there. Exisitng. Being real. The mayor of ‘reality land’ doesn’t have it nearly as good as Lew Rockwell. He has to contend with business owners who, because of their greed and the fact that there’s no penalty for doing so, move their production facilities to places where people are desperate and willing to work for very low wages.
          These same business owners then bring their products back to ‘reality land’ and sell them for far less than the products made locally. Consumers get shoddy quality, but lower prices, so naturally many of them buy those inferior goods. Then the local shops begin to export their production to the same third-galaxy countries to exploit the cheaper labor. It’s their only option if they want to stay in business.
          Sadly, the greedy exploiters have taken control of the town council in ‘reality land’ and the only way things will change is if enough of the citizens realize what’s happening and force the council to place tarrifs on the imported goods. They can’t legislate the greed out of the hearts of the men, but they could compel them to better behavior. If only the people would unite. Sadly, that’s another attribute of ‘reality land’, the people aren’t united, so they are stuck with the unrestrained actions of the greedy ones.
          If things don’t change, the people of ‘reality land’ will soon find themselves living and working at the same level as the folks in the third-galaxy countries. That is, if they are lucky enough to still have a job.
          Oh, if only the mayor of ‘reality land’ could be like Lew. If only he could click his heels three times and say “There’s no place like Free Trade, There’s no place like Free Trade.” Then all the greed would disappear from the hearts of the business owners, the people would be happy, and the unicorns would come prancing back into town.

          • Ok then, I take it you didn’t read the link or give it any thought.

            Free choice is criminal in your book, I see.

            Enjoy your guns and badges.

          • And wow, are you ever clueless about how markets work.

            • Actually, I read it twice. And again a third time just now. And, yes, I’m clueless about how markets work. My ignorance manifests itself rather quickly when discussing anything with folks from Wall Street. They speak a language I don’t understand. I think it’s Greedlish.
              What, I’m not clueless about, is human nature. And how it has influenced the sum total of world history. Evidently, Mr. North (or is it Dr?) has spent all his time studying economics (when he isn’t sending telepathic messages to his pen pals on Jupiter) because his argument only works in an alternate universe where there is none of the greed, selfishness or any bad traits of human nature. He obviously has a brilliant plan, but it just won’t work with REAL people in a REAL world. Never has. Never will.
              In all honesty, I wish things could be as he says. That ‘free trade’ would automatically lift the standards of everyone involved. But all of human history is a continual testament to the manipulation of people by somebody who is willing and able to do the manipulating.
              We’ll never be able to change the hearts of those manipulators. So what do we do? Pass laws restricting the ability of the manipulators? Admittedly, that can just as easily be turned into a nightmare of freedom-killing restrictions that hurt the very ones it claims to protect.
              But what’s the other option? Let the manipulaors run rampant? and HOPE we don’t suffer just as badly as we would have under the laws? Is it possible to find a balance, with the least amount of laws and taxes, and still somehow keep the exploiters from hurting people?
              clark, I don’t really know the answer. And, you’re right, I don’t know much about economics. But I just can’t ignore what I know to be true of history, and sadly, people in our world today. If you can explain this to me, I’m willing to learn. Just don’t expect me to assume that human nature won’t affect whatever plans are proposed by the economists.(no sarcasm intended at all)
              We probably won’t ever be in total agreement on this, but a healthy debate is always beneficial to me. And, no, I’m really not too fond of badges and guns!

              I’d have responded sooner, but I have a hot debate on religion going with a fellow Christian in Norway and I’m jumping between sites. sorry

            • clark,

              “Learn how to talk, then learn how to teach”
              – Nez Perce

            • SmokinOkie,

              Clark could learn much from you, you know how to talk and teach.

            • You focus too much on greed.

              Do you go to work every day because quality is job one?
              Or do you go to work every day because you’re “greedy” and want a paycheck for your efforts?

              Most People I know work for the paycheck, the market is the same, everyone is motivated by self-interest, that’s the human nature part of things.

              Spend a little time at they are based on looking at things from a human nature perspective, it’s called, human action.

              Also, did you ever read, The Culture of Violence in the American West: Myth versus Reality

              by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

              You should.

            • Interesting observation, Ohcumgache.
              I wasn’t teaching anyone anything, I was just pointing the way.
              It’s up to each individual to learn,… if they want to.

      99. Here’s a clickable link if you’re feeling too laid back to copy and paste it into your browser:

        I’d rather you read it and think, than ignore it and … love the blue pill… as so many others do.

      100. I am getting the feeling that Greece is/was used as a trial run by TPTB. With only four months to presidential elections here in U.S., the wheels of destruction are turning fast. My wheels of prepping are turning even faster. Gotta run, canning discount chicken and putting in another row of green beans in the a.m. Got some more glass jugs cleaned and ready for rice/beans storage. good luck to all, with the prepping and security details.

      101. Manos,

        First, harden your house. Plywood over the windows, nail the windows and doors shut. If you don’t have plywood, use mattresses over the main windows. Place obstacles in your house that will constrict or slow down an advancing horde. From your front door to your shooting position, move the couch and the love seat in the way, forcing their movement around the obstacles, throw some kids toys in the way, anything to trip them and force them to trip over each other, will work.

        Sandbag your windows and walls if possible. You can use trash bags, grocery bags, purses, feed bags, anything really, to fill with dirt and help bullet proof your position.

        Create one place in your house that is your final refuge, your Alamo. Determine at which point that you move to your next position and keep fighting. Example, once they’re half way across the living room you displace to the master bedroom doorway and keep fighting. When they’re at the kitchen, you move back to the master bathroom, with the family already inside, and you keep fighting. When they’re halfway through the bedroom, you close the bathroom door. Reload, hand out knives to the family and get ready to give it your all.

        Also, whenever there is a lull in the action (the fighting stops for a few moments), reload. Staying alive involves topping off that weapon constantly. Practice rapid reloading in your spare time and adjust your gear and ammo to make it more ergonomic. Have ear protection during this, you’ll need it. Also have the wife watch your back in case they try to come through the sliding glass door, or whatever back door you have, to avoid being surprised.

        On power. This may be too late to mention it, but if you have two car batteries (marine preferably), an inverter, and a car battery charger, you can probably use the fridge. Connect the batteries in parallel, this gives you twelve volts with 2 battery capacity. Connect it to the inverter, it’ll turn DC into AC. In one of the AC sockets, plug in the Car battery charger and hook the positive to one of the positive battery terminals, and the negative cable to a negative battery terminal. To make this useful requires a power factor charger, but a standard charger will allow you to use low amperage devices. It provides 12 volts dc, to be inverted to AC, which powers a charger that recharges the batteries, and then you plug in your fridge and keep some of your food. Use intermittently. At the very least, if you can get an inverter, connect the cables to your car battery, plug the fridge into that. Just ensure that you run the car often to keep the batteries charged. Either way this will provide enough power for low end applications, cell phone recharger, CB radio, etc. I’ve found that the setting on the charger for 6volt/40 amp recharges well because it uses less volts and recharges faster. A 12v 100 amp setting will also do well, but a little slower on the recharge.

        And be ready to protect everything with force and violence. Lock and load, we’ll be waiting.

      102. This made my day!! Hope it does same for you.
        My kinda lady…from the south??

        • “Republicans poured $45.6 million into the election and Democrats spent $17.9 million. The cash disparity was even greater when comparing what the two campaigns raised, without factoring in all the outside cash: Walker had a nearly eight-to-one advantage.”

          I think a lot of people on the board here have become smart enough to understand it’s about the money; who has enough money to buy the politician, which politician can buy the media. The party hysteria is not relevant. Two. Headed. Snake.

      103. I mean, Dude, Hamiltonianism is, “”saving the planet” from capitalism” – WTF wants to be like that? Big goberment lovers, that’s who:

        Thomas DiLorenzo writes:

        An “environmentalist” is a totalitarian socialist whose real objective is to revive socialism and economic central planning under the subterfuge of “saving the planet” from capitalism. He is “green” on the outside, but red on the inside, and is hence appropriately labeled a “watermelon.”

      104. Shotguns are overated, the biggest threat to citizens is from their government, therefore you should have 30.06 armor piercing (still legal in that caliber)

      105. Manos I am sorry to hear about the situation, I would like to try to help anyone as much as possible. IF YOU OR ANYONE READING THIS POST NEEDS HELP,{ADVICE,EMOTIONAL SUPPORT OR ANYTHING ELSE} PLEASE MESSAGE ME AT [email protected].

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