Department of Defense: The Military Has MASS Quarantine Camps Set Up In The U.S.

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 79 comments

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    The United States military has set up mass quarantine camps in the United States to hoard people into. The Department of Defense has confirmed that the U.S. is following in China’s footsteps.

    Areas to quarantine those infected with the coronavirus quickly become places similar to concentration camps and gulags. With China now forcing people from their homes and into mass quarantine camps, it might not be long before the police state in the U.S. comes crashing in to “protect and serve” the public. 

    Eleven military bases near major airports in the United States are setting up quarantine centers for possible coronavirus patients, the Department of Defense said. The Department of Health and Human Services asked the Pentagon for quarantine space in case beds fill up at other coronavirus centers around the country, according to a DOD statement. Additionally, the Pentagon already agreed to house up to 1,000 people for quarantine after they returned to the United States from areas with the virus, the Associated Press reports.

    If you are traveling, a face mask is recommended, as that and good hand washing techniques are the two suggestions to prevent the contraction of this virus.  No one knows just how far this will go.  Right now, face masks are still few and far between, but some N100 face masks are becoming available again.

    Simple Prepper Hacks To AVOID Getting The Flu

    As of this writing, there have been 40,651 official and confirmed cases of the virus and the death toll has surpassed that of SARS, at 910.  The U.S. government is eventually going to use quarantining the infected as an excuse to round people up into camps.  And what happens if you are healthy and tossed into a camp with a bunch of people infected with the coronavirus? I probably don’t need to tell you…

    Epidemiologist: You Can’t Keep The Coronavirus Out of The U.S.

    Mass quarantine camps are tyranny, in the same way, that FEMA camps and gulags and concentration camps were. No one who is innocent should be forced into a living situation they haven’t deserved.  Please prepare and make note that this is happening on American soil.  Don’t trust the government to save you.  Save yourself.

    How To Stay Healthy During Flu Season And Prevent Coronavirus Infection

    Constitutional attorney John W. Whitehead has covered the advancement of the police state in great detail in his book, Battlefield America: The War On The American People.  All the “authorities” need is a crisis to implement complete domination over the voting and tax cattle.

    This book is not for the faint of heart or those unwilling to look at the evidence right in front of their faces.  It’s a brutal reality that has been forced on us all, and a terrifying one at that!  In exchange for safe schools and lower crime rates, we have opened the doors to militarized police, zero-tolerance policies in schools, and SWAT team raids. The insidious shift was so subtle that most of us had no idea it was happening. This follow-up to Whitehead’s award-winning A Government of Wolves is a brutal critique of an America on the verge of destroying the very freedoms that define it. Hands up!―the police state has arrived.


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      1. I think this is BIGGER than you think.

        • That’s what she said

      2. I don’t like how this lines up with the Project Pogo / Zyphr story.

      3. Never get on the truck…

        • Wronghatmatt, B-I-N-G-O! That is Rule #1.

          Remember, they are NOT going to ask nicely. Where you are and who you are with will make all the difference.

      4. China and epidemiologists are suggesting that this will not result in a dreaded pandemic and that fatalities and transmission will start leveling off and declining as has been the case with many other coronavirus contagions in recent history, dating back to 1972. Hopefully they are correct!

        Please do not travel if you know that you are sick, like the woman from China that knew, and soaked in a bathtub of ice water to reduce her temperature, then flew to Paris, and was bought into a hospital by authorities, after posting what she had done online.

        It is highly suspicious that the U.S. government is figuring that thousands of tourists, infected with the coronavirus plan on flying to America.

        It seems that they are trying to kill the tourism industry.

      5. Your Amazon link for N100s says Amazon cannot deliver any N100s.

        But the N95,99,100 masks only filter down to .3 microns. The coronavirus is .12 microns. Therefore, they may not be useful for stopping the spread of this virus. They may keep you from touching your mouth which is useful.

        What you need are surgical masks that say “antiviral” on the package. These are designed to filter out coronavirus…of which there are many types including the flu virus. You need the type of antiviral mask worn by medical professionals if you want to be sure to filter out this small virus. Not a “particulate” mask.

        Personally, I will avoid the maddening crowd rather than worry about surgical masks and gloves. I can camp out here in self appointed quarantine for a long, long time.

        • And now that you’ve posted for all to see, they can find you.

        • that FEMA isolation module looks like half the houses in SWMO and ARK

      6. Judging from the fatality rate, and mostly among the old and infirm, this is about as bad as a common flu season is.

        The Chinese are probably blowing it far out of proportion in their own country to keep the people in fear and under strict control of the communist authorities, notice how there are no more anti communist control demonstrations going on in Hong Kong?

        And if there are no demonstrations there anymore, they won’t be inspiring other Chinese people to take to the streets demanding more freedom and autonomy either.

        • I don’t believe that mortality rate for a second! Looking at the numbers, ignore the number of infected at 43000+, but look at the number of recovered as opposed to dead. Looks more like about 25% mortality rate if you ask me. If those numbers continue to increase as they have been all the way up to the total number of infected, dead will far exceed 10,000 in short order. Open thy eyes

      7. Why is Hunter Biden being looked at concerning Air Force 1 and 2 when he went to China. Not only did he give China F-35 technology but was a transport for several Bioweapons. Article below on the common sense show will explain the players and why this is happening. We all know it is from the Demonrats.

        The Chain of Custody of the Virus Transfer From DARPA to Ukraine to Wuhan, China

      8. when they come for YOU…..don’t be there.

        • THAT’s RIGHT !!! “don’t Be there” …

      9. Report from France that people in different apt got infected. As usual, not enough details. Didn’t say if direct contact or not.

        • FEAR PORN

      10. Now in this case, it would be a good use of the FEMA camps.

      11. It’s about to go down…

        Stock market crash, the ‘quarantine’ camps, rioting, etc.

        Get prepped, my brothers & sisters!

      12. Is someone going to show FEMA coffins that can hold many ?

      13. Thank goodness for the 2nd and thank goodness we’re armed when the 2nd is ripped away.

      14. Anyone remember the Obama executive order describing the round up and mass quarantine of any individuals showing signs of “respiratory distress”, pneumonia, or upper respiratory symptoms? Hillary was supposed to win, and publicly advocated for “re education camps for adults”. They all knew it. The bioweapons deployment had already been initiated, Pelosi says she is afraid the world won’t exist if Trump gets re-elected. Trump needs to nail them and soon.

        • Dipstick, would you rather have infected people out spreading it? If stupid people like you are the future, were screwed

      15. I’m 82, I’ve heard *warnings* like this all my life. It’s pure bullshit…

        • Amen Brother Bob! We have enough people under arms, capable and willing to fight that we out number them 10000 to one. We have the power to put them into camps if we wanted to. This is fear porn.

          • Or gay porn if Barry is involved

          • Willing to fight?…. that’s BS….. Americans will not fight….especially with guns…. otherwise, they would have already done so… We’ve been provoked for far too long… and no one is amassing into groups to do whats required…. So, I call BS…

            • talk is cheap ,,,,what have YOU done to stop the erosion of our freedoms huh? YOU specifically ….start naming them…..I call BS on YOU unless you’ve actively done something useful….

        • Amen brother Bob, pure fear porn. We have 400 million firearms in citizens hands and trillions of rounds of ammunition. The at right alone is 20 million people and we are largely well armed, trained and ready for a fight. You can take every local state and federal law enforcement officer in the country, add to that the entire military and they still don’t have enough people to even green zone a single large American city. We outnumber them 10000 to one and that’s beside that fact the the vast majority of military and law enforcement personal will be on our side, not the gov.

          When push comes to shove, regardless of if it’s over this or a civil war or whatever, it is they who will be put into camps… that is to say the few of them taken alive because we will kill most of them in battlefield executions.

          Their control is an illusion. In reality, they have no control.

          • You need to get real.
            They are confiscating thousands of guns in Florida via Red Flag laws and nobody is even talking about it, much less doing anything about it.
            Maybe because the law was passed by a Republican governor is the reason “pro-gun” groups aren’t talking about it?

        • That’s precisely the point, to organically create apathy… then boom!

        • If you have heard warnings like this all your life, then each one was a warning to get prepared!

          “The prudent see danger and take cover, but the simple keep going and suffer the consequences” Proverbs 22:3

          Sooner or later there will be a “flood”, and if your ark is not ready then you will drown. This could be the “sooner”, but I pray not!

      16. More fear porn.. nothing will happen.

      17. Fear click bait.
        1.This is an old story
        2. The photo with gnarled barbed wire is intended to instill fear
        3. At 1,000 beds each, ALL the emergency quarantine centers together only have enough room to house a couple cruise ships worth of people. We NEED a humane way to deal with people coming into the country who may have been exposed. Look at Japan. The way the are handling the cruise ship situation is horrible. If they had facilities such as these the could have housed the passengers in a more dignified and humane manner, provided them with much better odds for fewer infections and more comfort.
        THINK!!! A cumulative count of the ABILITY to house 12-14,000 people MAX is nothing in a country this large. It’s enough to handle a couple cruise ships. Let’s get a grip!

        • A female camp is a more humane envoronment than a room on a cruise ship? What kind of sense is that?

          • Yes. Far more humane. Ask anyone on board the cruise ship docked in the waters off Japan. They are being kept onboard, being in contact with infected people. And then getting sick. If Japan had a quarantine center set up the people could have disembarked with the ill going to hospital immediately. The remaining passengers could have been housed with proper medical supervision, kept separated enough from each other to prevent spreading infection, and they could have LEFT after 14 days of showing no symptoms. But No! They are on that cruise ship, being moved around in groups and therefore encountering contagious people, and contagious staff, and more and more of them keep falling sick. It’s called COMMON SENSE. Do you think they are dining on fine food, having nightly entertainment and ice sculptures on the Lido Deck? They are in cramped rooms, more falling sick by the day.

      18. All for the public greater good and you cannot have are armed citizens within as this would be too dangerous.
        I’m form the government and here to help you.

      19. Omg! We are ALL going to Die! What to do what to do?
        Will we all freak out?
        Will nature take its course?
        Will governments crumble?
        Tune in next week and see John Wayne kick the red Chinese butts.

        • You got it all wrong Glenn!

          Tune in next week and see Dianne Feinstein’s millionaire husband POLISHING the Red Chinese Butts!

      20. You also need goggles or tight-fitting eye protection. The virus enters through mucus membranes: your mouth, nose, and EYES.
        Loose fitting face masks and no eye protection = stupid

      21. I love reading the messages from you nut-jobs, please keep them coming.

        • Bob;

          Nothing on here anymore but quasi intellectual nonsense,incoherent posts, and doom/gloom articles to keep the fanboys on the edge of their seat.

          It’s the same fanboys every day replying to the same rehashed articles, and rinse/repeat.

      22. Concentration camps and gulags? Seriously?

      23. O.
        We’re all gonna’ diiiieeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      24. Public health measures such as quarantines, for valid reasons, trump [note the small ‘t’] allegations of “tyranny” and always will. “Typhoid Mary” is Exhibit A. And don’t forget that “European diseases” are often blamed for reducing the population then dominant in North America, starting in the 16th Century. Old saying: your liberty stops at the tip of your neighbor’s nose. So you’re not free to punch him, nor to exhale communicable diseases into his airspace.

      25. Don’t believe that mortality rate for a second!

        Looking at the numbers, ignore the number of infected at 43000+, but look at the number of recovered as opposed to dead.

        Looks more like about 25% mortality rate if you ask me. If those numbers continue to increase as they have been all the way up to the total number of infected, dead will far exceed 10,000 in short order.

        Open thy eyes

      26. It’s a Lab made virus and they believe the ChiComs released it on purpose. It’s Dangerous because the ChiComs incorporated encoded the DNA of HIV in it and you know there’s no Cure for Aids, it’s lethal. That’s what the MSM in the U.S. isn’t talking about.

        • aids can’t spread through the air though.

        • Why would the ChiComs do it to themselves? Why wouldn’t the USA False Flag this to negate some of the upcoming Chinese threat short of war?

      27. Megacities: Urban Future, the Emerging Complexity
        Origin of the saying, to “drain the swamp”

        The swamp is the urban domain, parallel systems of commerce and basic, social services, off the official grid.

        It is not backbiting yuppies in honorary positions of power.

        No matter whether you believe in a literal virus, with literal stopping power, no matter whether you believe in 20yrs of security theater, no matter whether they will act upon it, they have created an exigent circumstance, on paper.

      28. The Bible said this would happen. Jesus is returning!! YAY!!

        • The military has also planned for a faked 2nd coming of Christ. The bible warns of incidents like that. If you don’t see corrupt people like the government, and any others that you may know that are essentially evil cast into the gates of hell before your eyes, consider it a head fake.

          • They have also planned for a real second coming. . .

      29. This article is completely false in its characterization of what the military is doing. First of all, the military isn’t in charge of this. The Department of Health and Human Services is. Secondly, the CDC first tried to get hotels around the country to host possibly infected people for their 14-day quarantine, but the hotels refused. The military barracks were chosen as a last resort. Lastly, all DoD did was allow HHS and CDC to use buildings on bases. HHS & CDC are providing all other services to include security. The military isn’t even allowed to go near the barracks.

        The article begins:

        “The United States military has set up mass quarantine camps in the United States to hoard people into. The Department of Defense has confirmed that the U.S. is following in China’s footsteps.

        Areas to quarantine those infected with the coronavirus quickly become places similar to concentration camps and gulags…”

        Preposterous! You don’t have to believe me, but I am an active duty military officer directly working on this issue. It ticks me off that irresponsible “journalists” print these things and an unknowing public believes it. It’s not true, it completely mischaracterizes what Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen & Marines are doing, and it misleads people by trying to make them afraid.

        Fix the first part of this article, or I will never come to this website again. And I normally like it. But since I happen to be working this problem, I can now see how truly misleading this is. So now I do not trust this site.

      30. I have a quick question…will they be treating TDS there?

      31. All of you people are fucking idiots. Trump IS the deep state. Don’t you see?

      32. Read the official notice linked in the article:

        “Under the request, DOD support at each location will be limited to providing housing support for up to 20 people as they undergo a period of quarantined observation. The department will also provide office space for several HHS personnel and their equipment through February 22, 2020.”

        By leaving this little detail out, one is left to imagine something very different than what is supposedly intended.

      33. The Virus was made here in Winnipeg Canada our Virology lab is located on Arlington St

      34. FYI. I’m a military retiree and just retired as a civilian from Ft Carson. The CDC just asked DOD to use one of our guard/reserve barracks here to house these folks. 250 for now, we dont many other rooms The Army IS NOT happy about this since noone knows just how bad this virus is, but we dont have much choice in it. There is no tent city or anything like that planned at this time.



      36. Getting them ready for after the Sanders/Cortez victory, all people with assets exceeding $25.00 will be rounded up and sent to die, property will be given away to those that deserve it….. those that never worked a day in their lives but enjoy the free mooch.

      37. Nano Silver…. make sure to MAKE it or buy it and have it on hand. always keep it in a cool, dry, DARK place.

      38. I want to know whose bright idea it was to bring potentially virus infected persons to U.S. military bases and highly populated areas where more people including our fighting men and women could be infected. If I was a conspiracy-prone person, I’d say this is a good way for China to incapacitate our military.

      39. Yes, potentially bad, however, I’m still waiting for the Ford/Chevy/Chrysler vaccine so those smart people in the pharmaceutical industry can save me from the crippling disease that is the automobile. In 2017 that dangerous virus with 4 wheels killed 40,100 people, down from 2016 which saw 40,327 deaths.
        I’m so scared about my body become infected with automotovirus that I will let them inject anything into my body to save me from myself.

      40. This “article” is so poorly written I can’t believe a single word. The author has a poor grasp of the English language and no grasp of grammatical skills.

      41. The drudge report promoting a website with writers that can’t string together a single cohesive paragraph? New Low. But drudge sucks, anyway.

      42. There is no left, no right, only the freemasons/illuminati bringing about the events in Revelation. God is behind it all folks, he decides what to allow to happen and not to. Know that all rulers in high places, that’s all government leaders have become pawns of the devil and judgment has begun on the earth. These are but birth pains and things will only get worse before Jesus Christ returns. America has become the super power the UN created in order to bring the world into submission for the New World Order, then America will also be brought down. Ever heard the USA referred to as the “world police”? It is the military might (including all local police) of the United Nations. It’s too late, it’s a done deal, not something that is going to happen, it already did. Rom. 10:9-11…be on the winning side, there is no physical fight, only spiritual. I pray you all call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. God bless.

      43. I’m reading on this now. Never heard of this project. Glad I saw your comment.

      44. Fear porn is absolutely what is posted here. That and the people and their moronic ideas of “we’re armed, trained and ready to fight…”
        Should be saying, “we sit on a couch and play video games and we’re ready. Bought a gun I’ve shot twice at the range then put away and haven’t shot since…”

        But, just because I can add some points here.
        I heard that over 200,000 was infected in China. Sources are saying that the US was already rounding up people.
        Im packing my BOB, loading my BOV and heading to my BOL before I become MIA. It’s TEOTWAWKI for sure.
        Can I come stay at your place Bob Denver?
        Think we would get along good.
        You got rice and beans?

      45. Paul, there’s no pain, just rest and go to sleep, when you wake
        you’ll feel better and understand …….

      46. Others here have said it but I will say it again DON ‘T GET ON THE TRUCK. Know what your line in the sand is and hold fast. I am a Christian and I will die before getting a vaccine or getting on the their f—-n’ truck. I will force them to kill me and gladly get on that bullet train to Heaven. They will be on another bullet train!

      47. Rent and Mortgages , food, insurance, car payments are too damn high!

        Take me to the FEMA camp!!!!!

      48. My perspective: 1. Chinese sent RNA code
        to major labs around world.
        2. They are fumigating extensively.
        3. Gilead’s Remistivir seems to be a good
        4. Moderna is so busy with excellent prospects for many medications including
        Corona, that they had to do a secondary.
        Bill and Melinda provided seed money.
        5. The 2nd makes us unbreakable.
        6. Max will fly by Sept 2020
        7. Trump will garner more than 270.
        8. May all Americans be blessed, and realize
        how fortunate we are

      49. Never get on the truck, Never take the vaccine, use any means necessary to stop them from taking or injecting you and your family.

        Stock up on foods, if it spreads like in China expect disruptions in the supply chain. You will not have to go to them for food if you already have it.

        Never get on the truck, Never take the vaccine, if they bring in the blue helmets…….WAR!


      50. in rounding up sick people, it would be easy to include a certain number of political opponents in the mix. Shoot back.

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