Denying Reality: University’s Diversity Training Course Suggests That It’s Racist to Expect Foreigners to Show up on Time

by | May 8, 2017 | Headline News | 75 comments

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    When Albert Einstein unveiled his theory of relativity, it must have been a mind blowing bombshell for people at the time. It’s still pretty incredible today. The idea that time may be experienced differently for objects traveling at different speeds, can be difficult to grasp and appreciate.

    Still, for all practical purposes, time is pretty much the same for everyone on Earth. No matter who you are or where you live, an hour is an hour, a minute is a minute, and a second is a second. Time may move forward for us Earthlings at a rate that is different from an asteroid hurtling through space, but there isn’t any significant “relativity” between you and me, and it certainly isn’t different for people living in different cultures, right?

    Don’t tell that to Clemson University in South Carolina. The taxpayer funded school recently spent almost $27,000 on diversity training materials for their professors. The course consists of slides depicting fictional characters in various scenarios, which are designed to teach them how to make the campus a more inclusive environment. Among those slides, is one that claims that people from different cultures can’t be held to the same standard as everyone else in our society, because their perspective on time is just different. According to the Daily Caller:

    One slide features a guy named Alejandro who plans a meeting between two groups. Each group contains foreign professors and students. One group shows up 15 minutes early. The second group shows up 10 minutes late.

    A question-and-answer section then instructs Clemson’s professors that Alejandro would be insufficiently “inclusive” if he were to “politely ask the second group to apologize.” Alejandro would also be wrong to advise the straggling, late people who aren’t respecting everyone else’s time that “in our country, 9:00 a.m. means 9:00 a.m.”

    The “inclusive” thing for Alejandro to do, the taxpayer-funded diversity materials instruct Clemson professors, is to “recognize cultural differences that may impact the meeting and adjust accordingly.” Alejandro must understand “that his cultural perspective regarding time is neither more nor less valid than any other.”

    From there, the scenarios go from being laughable to creepy. One slide condemned “Language that is derogatory with regard to race, sex, or other protected or emerging forms of diversity,” before reminding professors that “freedom of speech and academic freedom are not limitless.”

    Sorry Clemson University, but if freedom of speech isn’t limitless, then it can’t be called freedom of speech. And in addition to that, when my phone says it’s 9:00 a.m., then it’s going to say the same thing on every phone in my time zone, regardless of what culture the phone’s owner was born in. Everyone, no matter where they come from, is perfectly capable of showing up to events on time, and to suggest otherwise is an exercise in denying reality.

    And ironically, it’s a little bit racist and ethnocentric too (don’t you love it when SJW’s are guilty of their own shallow buzzwords?). After all, what is this diversity course trying to say? That foreigners are incapable of reading a clock or showing up on time?

    You can’t make this stuff up.


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      1. It is time to move on! Don’t let the chill set in!

        • This will go on and on and on.

          All because nobody will teach about iq differences as a function of race.

          The universities have no intention of pursuing academic truths.

          Did you know that the Le Pen vote was concentrated on the coastal cities of southern France where people have the most contact with Muslims?

          Did you know that the Trump vote was concentrated in areas of the USA where whites have the most contact with non-whites?

          • White people have a few problems:

            1) They are generally, genuinely naive.
            2) They are generally good natured, and easily played.
            3) They are heavily conditioned from birth, to be “nice”.
            4) White people are conditioned from birth to only accept information from an “authority figure”.
            5) White females have been conditioned to see White males, as adversaries.
            6) White males have been mentally neutered, many no longer know what “manhood” is.
            7) White people fear, (more than death, more than watching their family, friends, their race be murdered, their civilization being destroyed) being ostracized.
            8) White people refuse to face the cold, hard, blunt truths about how we got to this point.
            9) White people are conditioned to disregard that which is not “fun”, and/or emotionally comforting.
            10) White people have been conditioned to hate themselves, and to see their own people as bad.

            No other race of people has these character flaws, that is why they see White people as easy meat.

            • They aren’t so much character flaws as they are a result of generations of propaganda and psych warfare. Yes some of us are genuinely dumb, but most are just ignorant to the true nature of our jewed up situation. Like most ppl they accept what they are taught and that’s it.


              • Awesome 🙂

        • TBTB have no intention of stopping. They will continue until all our countries lie in ruin. Forget about a political solution.

        • The reason you want to come here is that my ancestors built something that your ancestors were too stupid to build.

          And the more of you that come here the less America will look like America.

          And it’s totally normal and healthy for me to want to oppose you coming here.

        • To all you wrinkled old farts telling kids to go get jobs…



          • Not true. There are help wanted signs all over the place- we live near a tourist Mecca- but the applicants are required to be on time for their interviews, dress neatly, be clean shaven, with most tattoos covered, and be able to read and write simple standard English, and have basic( 10th grade) math skills. Is that too much to ask?

            • Yeah “help wanted ” signs
              But have you ever looked into those 8$-10$ jobs with less than 38 hours of schedule to avoid having to offer health care ?
              How TF are you going to support even yourself , rent , bills , utilities, car , insurance etc?
              Now I realize that education and experience could get you a higher paid job
              Yet , those are not the jobs you’ll see “help wanted” signs for

              • I’ve worked three part time jobs before, to put a roof over my children’s and my head. Didn’t apply for or got any assistance. Was very frugal, but the kids didn’t realize how poor we were till they went to college( paid their own way thru, youngest is in now after 6 years in the Navy. ) I basically raised them on about $500 a month. Helped farmers in their fields to get extra food. Canned, froze, traded yard work for meat. Worked in a restaurant. And was going to school myself, got an AAS which I later parlayed into a Bachelors degree. It CAN be done. We didn’t have TV or spend money on new clothes. I made outfits for special occasions. Tithed, gave to the truly poor. It wasn’t easy, but we made it, and the kids appreciate what they have now.

          • if you want it bad enough, you will figure out how to get it.

          • I can go out here tomorrow and get a job. May not be the exact job I want but I can get a job. Most jobs are part time any more, but I can work two jobs if need be. And I’m one of those Baby Boomers and I’m 70 years old. Quit your whining.

            • Waiting, damn good points. I’m also a boomer and ‘old school’ myself.

        • Freedom Of Speech = Badthink.
          Political Correctness = Goodthink.
          Punctuality = Racist Time.
          Tardiness = Inclusive Time.
          Good Grammar = Racist Unjust Language Structure.
          Leftist Politicized Rhetoric = Goodspeak.
          Passing Grades = Racist Grades

        • Macron is an investment banker for fuck sake.

          What the fuck is wrong with baby boomers?

          What. The. Fuck. Is. Wrong. With. Baby. Boomers.

          • We try harder!

          • They are attached to their comfort level. They will fight you to the death, to remain mentally asleep. They are conditioned into mindless cowardice. I could go on, but you get the idea.

            And remember, these attitudes were fostered not by the baby boomers, but the WW2 generation. Who were a product of the early 1900’s take over, and beginnings of socialist indoctrination.

            It has taken a century to destroy Western Civilization from within. And it gets a little easier with every generation…

      2. It is racist to expect she-boons to stop turning trix and make the white men leave the brothel so the whores can go to their day job. I think.

        • Gandhi, if it’s racist for me to say what I say then so be it. I don’t follow PC shit. The libturds can take ‘diversity training’ and stuff it!

      3. Wow, I love this one! Pure genius.

        Were Communists on time for work in Russia? Yep, until they starved to death or were hauled off to some labor camp in the frozen tundra.

        Chinese communist never leave work they sleep there. So late is never a problem.

        The American Communist better get with the program. China will not put up with slackers!

      4. This is like that shit in Europe where they’re letting muslim trash get away with rape for not understanding the word NO or because rape is a part of their culture. This ain’t their fucking country and we have a shitpile of guns. We need to use them on these motherfuckers.

        • Menzo, that day is coming sooner than anyone thinks.

      5. I am all for understanding, appreciating, honoring other cultures for the sake of getting along as well as for the sake of enriching ourselves. There is nothing wrong with being ecumenical until you force others to do the same thing or feel the same way. Our relationship with time is a personal matter but there are many ways time is measured. From the crowing of the roosters in the village, to chattering of the birds in the morning and evening as they prepare to leave their roosts and settle down for the night. The phases of the moon, the seasons of nature, the height of the sun are all significant. Modern man depends on the clock based on Universal Time or Greenwich Mean Time (not as precise).

        • You left out “Cultural Enrichment Time”…

          • I was on time, for once!?

            Cultural enrichment indeed!

            Time is short. Enjoy ? the moment! Eisenkreutz is a smart kid but he needs to chill BIG time! Enjoy your sun ☀️ and fun! Father Time says, ‘Life is too short!’

            Let the good times roll!

            Louisiana Eagle ?

            PS Is time relative?

          • And most important of all: MILLER TIME !!!

      6. 2nd comment.

        Well the test would be on the material covered in the first ten minutes! No curve grading either. Weed them out!
        Taxpayer funding says start on the hour!

      7. I have a simple way to look at cultures. You moved to my country. This place is therefore superior thats why your here. My Grandfather, an immigrant would talk lovingly about Italy. My father, a first generation American would tell him if it was so good why did you come here? Why don’t you go back?

        • Kevin2; you said it best…when you come here you live by our rules and regs,don’t like it…go home.

          • Jim in Va

            The mere fact that “they” left “there” to come here presupposes the fact that here is better.

        • Kids say the darndest things. That is why my kids are not welcome at my home?

      8. Do the people who are always calling other people “racist” do so in the belief that it keeps other people from seeing them as racist? If you are always criticizing other people as racist, you must be anti-racist and, therefore, cannot be racist.

      9. I’m white. EVERYTHING I do or say is “racist” according to the non-racist people judging me …

        • I’m Christian. Everything I do or say is “bigoted” according to the non-bigoted people judging me. ?

          • Grandee, I was originally raised Southern Baptist. Although I haven’t been in a church since the early 70s, I’m still considered a ‘bigot’; well, so be it. I’m not obligated to consider any ‘opposing viewpoints’.

      10. It is time to pull our children out

      11. One student said to another “…the more courses I take here diverse it gets….”

      12. It is a matter of civility.
        I grew up in a culture that
        taught that wasting other
        peoples time was disrespectful.
        You are only given so much time to
        live. Don’t waste any of it.

        I served in a military that said
        not being where you were supposed to be
        at a certain time could/would be dangerous
        and life threatening.

        Cultures that don’t respect your life
        don’t respect a clock, or an agreement period.
        Their life’s time have more meaning than yours.

        Hard to resolve and negotiate with a culture
        that could care less about your life.

        • Rellik, good points. I only care about my own culture, not someone else’s. As far as the military goes, I refused to serve only because they are so bogus. I refused to be someone’s mindless robot or good little Nazi to be used and thrown under a bus for no good reason later. The military is notorious for using people.

        • thanks for the memories, it takes me back to when i was free!!

      13. I totally support what this article is saying that is happening…

        You know why?

        Because WHITE people are weak.

        Conservatives often say liberals are such wimps and need their safe spaces to be shielded from different ideas, which is true… but….

        WHITE people by and large are even bigger pussies than liberals are. Because white people by and large are absolutely petrified to be called a “racist” as if lightning will strike them down if someone calls them the oh so scary R-word.

        So until white people get a backbone and say I don’t give a **** if you call me “racist….” then I definitely have no problem with blacks, muslims, hispanics, etc, crying “racism.”

        Because you know what? Minorities understand that white people are petrified to be called a “racist” and they don’t call us “racists” because they want “EQUALITY” they call us “racist” because they know we will keep submitting and giving up more and more.

        Ever notice how stupid white people will sometimes say…..”no, it is actually the left and minorities that are the REAL “racists.” Yet these white people haven’t figured out in their stupid brains that the left and minorities don’t give a **** if you call them “racist,” it is only pansy ass white people who are scared to be called the oh so scary R-word.

        So WHITE people need to wake up because the ONLY reason they call everything “racist” is because they KNOW white peole are weak and always on the defensive and say stupid **** like. “how is that “racist?” orrrrrrrrr “I’m not racist but……” or something along those lines.

        When someone calls me “racist” i just say…. “yeah? So what?” And I don’t make any excuses, because even if I am “racist.” Who gives a ****?

        Like the great Thomas Sowell says…. “Racism is like ketchup, you can put it on practically anything- and demanding evidence makes you a racist.”

        • I think you are referring to white Democrats.
          Call me a racist all you want, I don’t
          give a fuck about your life or your fucked
          up culture.

          • +1
            I dont give a fuck about these skidmark minorities

        • Russians laugh about how most Americans are deathly afraid of the words “racist” and “nigger”.

          The west is doomed unless we stop lying to ourselves that the world is whatever we pretend it to be. Most people pretend that niggers and spics are the intellectual equal of whites. This is completely false. We all know it, just as we know that when push comes to shove, a nigger is NEVER a friend to anybody. They are evolutionally closer to homo erectus than they are to homo sapien. “Multiculturalism” and racial “integration have never worked, and never will.
          The “third world” is not a geographic location. Anywhere these mongrels exist is the third world. Non-whites’ contribution to human civilization is insignificant.

          • The problem is being solved. Slowly but surely the interbreeding agenda that is being foisted upon the USA is turning the next generation into a horde of dumbed down half monkeys.

        • AZcats, truer words were never spoken. I’ve already been following the advice you recommend since I was a teenager.

      14. Poincaire and Lorenze are the true relativists.

        Read the book that exposes the myth created by the Supremists behind the creation of this plagiarist and fraud, Albert Einstein. His papers did not reference even one Scientist, not even Newton, whose genius was the basis of further work, including that which Einstein, alone, claimed.

        What a disappointment when ones heroes turn out to be fake.

        But Tesla is still shining brightly. Thank goodness.


      15. Fuck all of these worthless shitskins. Get ready to send them all straight to hell!

      16. Wait until these idiot faux professors find out that paying TUITION to attend these communist indoctrination camps… er, universities… is also culturally relative. Gee… watch these Learjet leftist profs WHINE when they don’t get their Brobdignagian salaries, sabbaticals, summers off, early retirement, etc. Then they’ll be marching in the streets.

        I watched all this hypocrisy as a student, and boy, did it sure wake me up. See Peter Schweizer’s Do As I Say, Not As I Do: Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy for a fun read.

      17. Hey Mac, a request. IMHO, you really need to add Canada Free Press to your web destinations. They do a GREAT job, widely read in Canada. Just a suggestion

        • Thanks test — will try to get that added tomorrow

          • Mac, I second TEST’s recommendation. CFP is a GREAT source of info.

            • Oh, I’m glad you reminded me. Just added to the blogroll. (I will go clean up broken links in that area soon!)

      18. “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date.”

        Alice in Wonderland

        It is amazing what bs professors come up with. The point of all the racist political correctness is to squelch free speech, period.

        The foreigners are here to steal our Country, rape, and cause chaos so the NWO Global Communist Zio Chews can suppress us like they did native Russians. Making it so that blacks, and Rag Head Muslims can do no wrong while white Christians have to walk on eggshells. Well, to hell with all of them. They are a bunch of puffed up teacups.


        • sounds like an enactment of vengeance on white people for the past

      19. Freedom of speech, my backside.
        Try talking about Chews.


        • Judicial Watch is one of the very sharpest tools in the shed. Worth every penny one donates to them (along Alliance Defending Freedom). Klayman is a true hero.

      20. Meh

      21. Until ALL races are held to the EXACT same standards NOTHING will ever change for the better..

      22. I look at time like this: My job expects me to show up on time, well i expect to eat on time and get off work on time!

      23. Dark is light
        War is peace
        Down is up
        Madness is sanity

        Diversity training against rasism is implemented via the racism of lowered expectation

        Forward! is backwards…

        Same play, different cast, still no happy ending…

      24. Proof yet again that “higher” education establishments are frauds for the money only and brainwashing their anti-American professors push. These days only fools go on to college. people with real lives go to trade schools to learn how to be useful, bankers and traitors got to college to be “educated” in communist theories.

      25. “The meeting will begin promptly at nine o’clock. If you are late or not present, you will still be held responsible for knowing the information, the same as if you had shown up on time or attended. To treat you differently from the others would be racist.

      26. No it’s not racist to remind people that different cultures have different norms and mores. In fact that is exactly what you are supposed to do. And just to be clear, there is a different set of rules in Europe regarding punctuality. It’s not a matter of being lazy it’s an actual different set of cultural rules. They firmly believe that if someone is running late it’s because they needed to and that they had a good reason. It’s not at all uncommon for any meeting to start late for exactly this reason. This is the norm there and you wouldn’t start a meeting “on time” if you know that people are still arriving because it’s not actually expected to start “on time”.

        So yes in this case time is relative. However, that is a far cry from saying that it’s racist to explain to people from a different culture how this culture operates. In fact you would be remiss if you didn’t explain to them the difference. You wouldn’t exactly be doing them any favors if you didn’t explain this to them. In the US 9:00 is the start of the meeting and you are expected to show up early so you are ready for it to start at 9:00.

        In Europe you are not expected to show up early and if you are late it’s assumed you actually had a good reason. This isn’t the worst way possible to run things. For instance it might simply not be a good idea to rush your last meeting, which might have been more important for a number of reasons. However, this system only works well if you can also assume that people are respectful enough to not abuse it. In Europe, where respect and a generally decent work ethic prevail, they actually can expect people to only show up late if they have a good reason. We know the same is no longer true in this country, so it’s doubtful that a change to the European norms would be beneficial.

        Any way you want to cut it it’s not racist to remind people that different cultures have different rules.

      27. Brad……you are a shmuck. Now go away, and don’t come back here anymore. We don’t want to hear from morons.!!!

      28. What this report proves is that two (or more) “cultures” (read: races) cannot exist in the same place. One culture will die. The other will dance on its grave.

      29. Sorry raghead no show up on time no job or pay dummy. Snowflake I don’t give a shit about your feelings you rights or twisted view on life.

      30. Try being 10 minutes late for court and see what you get.

      31. Whatever you do, don’t tell slackers about Americans’ opinions of slackers. Just let them go along blissfully ignorant of their new country’s expectations until they wonder someday why they can’t keep a job.

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