Denninger: “Wake Up America Before You Get Shot… And Possibly (Yes, Literally) Eaten”

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Do you LOVE America?



    America’s debt problems aren’t going away. In fact, they will continue to get worse. Karl Denninger recently cited a Bloomberg report to make his point at the Market Ticker:

    Driven by higher interest costs, Social Security and Medicare for baby boomers, as well as tax cuts made permanent in 2012, the federal debt held by the public is expected to hit $40 trillion in 2035, according to calculations by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget based on Congressional Budget Office estimates. Back in 2009, soon after President Barack Obama took office, the forecast for the 2035 burden was at least $7 trillion lower.

    You thought $18 trillion in debt was bad and enough to lead to a collapse? How about more than twice that?

    As Denninger explains, the government will be spending four times more 20 – 30 years from now just to keep things running. But we’ll never actually make it that far because the system will collapse in on itself well before then:

    $40 trillion?

    You have to look at the second graph in this post.  There’s a decimal missing but even so, if you think the federal government will be able to spend north of $17 trillion, which is more than 400% what it spends today by 2045, you’re nuts.

    Let me make a clean prediction: Long before we get to the point where the federal government manages to spend 4x as much as it spends today fully half of the population will be literally starving to death and will turn violent.  It is not that there “might” be a revolution or civil war long before that level of spending comes to pass, it is a certainty that one or both of those events will occur.  Indeed, even those who are the “nominally” rich right now (top 10%) have utterly no means of keeping pace with this projection, should it prove up — and thus it won’t.

    Now that view, incidentally, is what the predicate for your pension fund and your retirement are based on, assuming you are going to live another 30 or more years.  That is, assuming you’re younger than 55 right now you’re going to get to either live this and will probably die in said violence or you had damn well better put a stop to it RIGHT NOW.

    Let’s be very clear. Though we understand a solution is necessary to prevent national disaster, the current trends suggest that no such solution will ever be presented, let alone implemented.

    That means we can fully expect a complete meltdown of the credit worthiness of the United States and a massive detonation of the debt bubble we’ve created.

    Greg Mannarino recently warned that millions upon millions of people will die when the bubble bursts. This is what he was talking about.

    Karl Denninger echoes Mannarino’s warnings and takes them one step further:

    Stopping it means a cessation, now, of all deficit spending.  Period.  Not tomorrow, not the lying Ryan 20 year projections, now.  And there is exactly one way we can do that in this country, and that’s to get rid of Medicare and Medicaid entirely for all but the very poorest Americans.



    It’s that simple folks; this projection by the government is not going to play out, and thus it won’t.  Worse, once the markets figure out that this is what’s actually on the table you’ll be lucky if the S&P trades at 200 — not 2,000+ — as every asset class will get utterly decimated.


    Via Market Ticker

    What it will boil down to is a battle for resources. As the debt bubble bursts and lenders are no longer willing to issue credit the regular flow of commerce as we experience it today will cease to function.

    This will cause disruptions in everything, including food and energy delivery. This is not mere speculation, but fact. And we have already seen such consequences play out in Greece where food and medicine became unattainable following their collapse. The entire country almost fell into black out at one point because the government couldn’t pay its electric bill and no one wanted to lend it money to do so.

    Luckily Greece had a fallback – the European Union and the International Monetary Fund.

    For the United States, no such emergency financial response will be available, which means hundreds of millions of people will have no way of acquiring the resources they desperately need to survive.

    Should that come to pass it is not at all out of the question to suggest that people will turn to cannibalism to meet their protein demands. It was recently reported that in Nigeria, where meat is scarce, a restaurant was actually selling human flesh for lunch and dinner. Trash bags with severed heads and human body parts were found in the kitchen.

    As disgusting and horrific as that is, the reality is that some people will do whatever it takes to survive.

    The following video is disturbing and extremely graphic, but is necessary to get the point across.

    One day, should we continue along this path, this may be America’s reality:

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      1. Mac, thanks for posting this article. This subject matter is one of favourite topics. I will be commenting on this one later on today. Hopefully, we will be in the 5%.. We need to start adding more seasoning to our preps, since our diet is about to change.


        • it will happen in other countries before the USA …. keep prepping, forget the basics, I’m talking the woods,

          • As progressive liberals that depend on the system start to naturally die off from SHTF, we should just cook them up and feed them as charity to other libs that need help so they won’t starve. You see, its the their system feeding itself…great example of communism working the way it should

            • SS

              Man, I like that. Feed them their own kind.

              • Reasonable in all reality. If they are willing to kill to steal food, give em the road kill. In all seriousness. Read Deuteronomy 28:53 and such. Makes it clear, cannibalism is coming. Even within one’s own family…. in a conniving way.

                • Deut. 28:53 And thou shalt eat the fruit of thine own body, the flesh of thy sons and of thy daughters, which the LORD thy God hath given thee, in the siege, and in the straitness, wherewith thine enemies shall distress thee:

                  54 So that the man that is tender among you, and very delicate, his eye shall be evil toward his brother, and toward the wife of his bosom, and toward the remnant of his children which he shall leave:

                  55 So that he will not give to any of them of the flesh of his children whom he shall eat: because he hath nothing left him in the siege, and in the straitness, wherewith thine enemies shall distress thee in all thy gates.

                  56 The tender and delicate woman among you, which would not adventure to set the sole of her foot upon the ground for delicateness and tenderness, her eye shall be evil toward the husband of her bosom, and toward her son, and toward her daughter,

                  57 And toward her young one that cometh out from between her feet, and toward her children which she shall bear: for she shall eat them for want of all things secretly in the siege and straitness, wherewith thine enemy shall distress thee in thy gates.

                  • Curse for the Israelites foretold by God if they didn’t obey/follow God. Fulfilled when the Babylonians conquered Judah around 600 BC.
                    We may be in the times of Revelation 6 ??? I don’t know.

                    • Actually it was fulfilled in 70 AD, which is what Revelation is about, God bringing and end to the Old Covenant and judgment upon the wicked. Josephus records the eating of children in the city as the Romans laid hold to it. In fact, reading Josephus one can see clearly how Revelation was fulfilled to tee in the destruction of Jerusalem.

                  • WTF? Is that really in Deut?

                    • The biblical verse(s) regarding ‘eating the flesh of…” is indeed precisely what was prophesied of and placed into text eons ago …and now it is upon us. So, you see, it will come down to such things. Maybe we should get off here and just watch Game Shows …less stressful but you learn lots right!? 🙂 Watch your 6 and neighbors…

                  • THERE WON’T BE A U.S. GOVERNMENT AFTER 2030… THEY WON’T BE ABLE TO WITHSTAND WHAT IS COMING… I wouldn’t worry about the gov’t past 2030— they won’t be there! Read what climate scientists are saying! What is coming will trash governments. (Famines, water shortages, tsunamis, chaos).

              • SS and Slingshot, I’ll agree on that one. No way I’ll try to eat a lib; might catch something. [SARCASM]

                • I watched the movie “Book of Eli” and I really related to the old cannibal couple the trapped Eli and the girl. Come to my house looking to take my food? Yum, fat assed liberals! Yeh, that movie was fiction, and so is this comment, but wasn’t the scene in the movie intended as food for thought?

                  • There’s nothing fictional about my intention to shoot and kill anyone trying to take what’s mine.

                • No nutrition in a lib. You’ll just get gas because they are full of hot air and shit.

                  • Burt Gummer, good to see you back. if you try to eat a lib, you die. Don’t touch libs for food.

            • Brings new meaning to the phrase “you are what you eat”!!!

              • Now lets just forget all this problem. I’ve got mine; So just stock up on Ketsup and relax. Move on, nothing to see here. Been retired for years managed to suck up 5 times what I put in, all is well. The gravey train will continue forever.
                Karl, quit this, you are just scareing the minions and it will do no good.
                A good guy named Vern Meyers said it 30 years ago, “When you go over the Cliff it makes no differance if you foot is on the gas or the brake.” You always say “Do the Math”; well there are realities other than math. They say, forget the math! People are not going to change. I’m 65, I saw this comming over 30 years ago. As you say; the math was unmistakeable, long ago. Back then I tried, now it’s not ueful. I cannot get to be 25 again, not that it would do any good. No one listened then, there not listening still. Just enjoy life and stockpile good whikey.

                • Dear Mr. Paranoid:
                  I am 76 years old…. (1939 YOU do the math!)… And I “saw it coming more than 30 years ago.
                  But, guess what ??? I am not going “over anybody’s cliff”..
                  I agree that politicians, skum-bags, banksters and the oligarchs are not going to change.. willingly at least, and I agree that I am not going to make any changes happen nor do I expect that any of the masses of potential victims will rise up and make any change in the course of what is coming, …. but..BUT… I don’t own a soul in the world a dime except for the “rent”/property taxes on the roof over my head…
                  And, many years ago my husband and I bought 43 acres of good land in Central America.. in a country that has NOT pegged their currency to the US dollar, and that is quite independent.. (in other words NOT Costa Rica or Panama)… the weather is great the land is fertile and there is plenty of water that is not privately owned and controlled.

                  I can live there in peace… and nobody will stop me from leaving the US.. I am old and a “useless eater” and besides I have no investments, resources or great amount of money to grab as a penalty for leaving the US…
                  I have enough to live on in a country where everything is very inexpensive, but by US standards I am poverty stricken.

                  In short, we planned to survive what we thought was the eventual outcome of the path to the black hole that the US was on. Sadly, my beloved husband left for the great adventure, leaving me behind… but I will make it.

                  • Hang in there, Nancy. Way to go.

                  • Good for you! What I ment was no point in bothering the Sheeple. If they cannot see it, they are not going to. And the train left the station under FDR or LBJ it’s not going to stop now.

                  • I am sooooo jealous, I was in Belize not long ago, loved the people, loved the land, hated the giant freaking poisonous snakes, still so tempting!

                    At your age, where ever your piece of paradise is, leave a wonderful legacy!

                    Just a note: I have a habit of running into the most poisonous snakes. I was in Australia and visited a reptile zoo where the tour guide commented she had never seen a poisonous snake in all her numerous hikes in the outback. The very next day I saw one of the most aggressive poisonous snakes in the country, while on a bus tour! Dare I go to Africa or India? I have pictures!

                    • Traveling to Belize next month. Thanks for the heads up. Going to be looking through different eyes.

                  • God bless Nancy.

                  • Mary – be careful about thinking it won’t cost you much to leave the US. The number of Americans renouncing their citizenship is skyrocketing each year, and the form to do so, which used to be free, is now $2,350. While I’m sure you can afford that, when the tsunami/exodus hits, and people start to bail en mass, who’s to say our government won’t raise the fees to $10k, or $100k? Effectively walling off our ability to leave?

                • Some good drink from my buddies still.

          • yeah, finally! Some good old doom porn you can sink your teeth in! Keep it coming, serve it up on hot platters o’ desperation, we’ll never get enough!

          • Cheri, You can ‘do’ the woods if you wish, but prepare a very, very, very well hidden place of safety now …”they” know that we are going to head for the woods and thus they will have ppl looking for us on the ground and from the air …beginning with day one (there are already “game cameras” out there recording who is trekking where, etc. WATCH your ‘6’ and trust no-one except your very closest and most cherished. Avoid “survival communities” at all costs (or be eaten eventually).
            As an alternative, those who wish to destroy everything so that they can pretend to be gods should be annihilated ASAP …an uprising making 1776 look like a parade ‘gala’ celebration, but I see nobody, I’ve found nobody that seems to be taking the same frame of mind. If it happens that way, you will see me on the front lines at all costs. Otherwise, this gets very nasty very fast.
            Via con Dios.

          • You are on target!

        • HCKS, may I recommend checking out Check out Selco, who survived the siege of Sarajevo in the 90s during the breakup of Yugoslavia. His online course is well worth your time. He’s already survived MEGA-SHTF and his insights are amazing and invaluable. You’ll learn a lot from him.

          • Brave, I don’t disagree; but I do wish to say Yougoslavia was in an odd position. It was really only a problem of a few cities in an agri setting, With a lot of outside support. Good and bad. If Selco was all that smart he would have watched all this from PARIS. The smartest guy in a Death camp was dumber than the dumbest guy that got the hell out. USA is either not going that way or will be much worse: Nato isn’t going to help us.

            • Paranoid, I’m not disputing your points. I’ll admit I don’t know for sure how bad it will get here. A lot of possible scenarios for SHTF have been outlined over the years. I also agree about NATO and let me expand on that one. YOU DON’T WANT NATO’S HELP BECAUSE THEY’RE PART OF THE UN.

              • Ya but they make great ammo.

                • Paranoid, now you’re talking. Weapons, ammo, other gear from dead UN peacekeepers is worth taking.

                  • From what I’ve heard you can just buy it off them cheaper.

            • AGREED!…

              I don’t understand WHY people are so psychologically and emotionally tied to a “country”…
              What is a country? It is a GD piece of dirt/ground/terrain… dirt is dirt… trees are trees… sky is sky (and there are places left in the world where it is still blue and nobody is spraying toxic chemicals into it 12 hours a day 6 days a week)…

              MOVE for goodness sakes!.. Quit fussing about “how you are going to change things.. or how you are going to manage to survive”. If you are smart enough to SEE what is heading toward you, why sit in the middle of the rail-road tracks and get turned into ‘peanut butter’????

              • I agree Nancy, though leaving is a really hard thing to do. When we reluctantly left our beloved Dixie, it was after many years of searching for a new life. We considered several countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, and Canada, but finally decided on Idaho.

                Though it’s sometimes hard being so far away from most of our family we don’t regret leaving.

                That being said we have decided this far and no further. We are not leaving here and my family understands that I intend to be buried on this farm sooner or later. Hopefully decades later, but I’m not leaving again.

              • To steal a quote: The Bones of my ancesters and the temples of my Gods are here; also the bones of my very best dog are burried out in the back yard. I will live free or die here, but I will not dishonor them; molon labe. There was a Frenchman who left the Alamo just before the end, so be it, I don’t think much of the French. Me: To fat to run, to old to change, to stupid to learn. I’m easy to find, come and get me.

              • Nancy, don’t know where you’ve been, but what do you have against America? If you’re referring to the fed govt., OK, we have some common ground. You say move? To what part of the world? Last time I checked, the whole world hates us courtesy of the actions of the US govt. around the world. We’ve already been blamed for as long as I can remember for all of the world’s problems and the whole world will celebrate when the country falls. Well, guess what? This country is my home, the only home I’ve ever known. I’ve done a little raveling myself out of the country, and judging from what I’ve seen, I’d rather stay and try to save my country and that’s what I’m doing. You sound like a libturd if you don’t care about this land. maybe you need to take your own advice.

                • I am not sure what a “Liber-turd” is… apparently you are very familiar with one.

                  I have not found a worthy candidate to “vote” for since 1960 when I voted AGAINST JFK because he was a Catholic.. (I was young and ignorant… I couldn’t spell politics at that time.. I couldn’t even SMELL it let alone spell it.)
                  There is NO difference between “parties”.. the candidates are BOTH picked for their alliance to “THE little man behind the curtain”, and for their obligation to do what they are instructed to do… it makes no difference which evil you trot out and “vote” for the lesser or the other one. They work for the man, not for you.

                  Where have I been?

                  Enough places so that I know that “America” existed only in the propagandized minds of the people who were subjected to the conditioning and techniques of the likes of Edward Bernays….
                  This geographical location has been “The United States” CORPORATION since shortly after the Civil War. Do your homework….
                  And YOU my friend, are NOT “an American”.. you are a “United States citizen”, a “person”, a “resident”, and a HUMAN RESOURCE…… Oh, and a “taxpayer”.
                  You are NOT ‘going to save YOUR country’ because it has never been ‘your country’ in your lifetime… and you sure as hell are not going to “save” the myth of the patriot red white n blue, because it was fabricated from the get go.
                  If any man believes that his “roots” are in a certain place and he would be uncomfortable in some other place… that is good enough for me…
                  …. but to imply that to be a worthwhile woman I have to worship (or even respect), the lies that the government has foisted off onto the population of the corporate United States ..
                  LIES about “democracy” and “patriotism” as the oligarchs (the 1%) become ever increasingly more wealthy and powerful.. and the gullible young people volunteer for a uniform so they can be shipped off to be slaughtered while THEY slaughter millions – *YES millions.. of men, women and children on the other side of the world…. You know, Weapons of Mass Destruction.. ??

                  … Well, then YOU in all your acid-tongued glory will just have to cherish the belief that this old woman is worthless.

                  And BTW… I TOOK “my own advice” 20 years ago.. and I HAVE a place to go when the SHTF….. Humble, but fertile and peaceful, and NOT inside the jurisdiction of the corporate US.
                  ….YOU can choose to stay right here and “save YOUR country”…. Good luck with THAT!!!

                  • Nancy,
                    I have to disagree. The United States was a true place of freedom years ago. It was exceptional for its constitution and its laws. This isn’t fake or a figment, it was true. I lived it. As we all know, in the last 15 years, it has become something very different. It is so sad for our kids. They are going to live through terrible pain. Here’s what I think most people miss, if the U.S. collapses, there will be a world wide catastrophe. There will be no place to hide. The world is interconnected. What happens to China, Russia and the EU if the largest market goes down? Everybody is going to have a big problem. And, this will happen so fast and suddenly, you won’t have a chance to move to your “safe” place. I think most people won’t survive because they aren’t prepared nor do they want to live in a way that is drastically different than now. Everybody thinks all people will become super aggressive. I don’t think that is true. I think if starvation happens we just get weaker until we die. We won’t become flesh eating zombies. But..on another note..there is such innovation and creativity left in this country that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. Neighbors will help each other. Communities with thrive in ways we can’t imagine. Building and recovery will occur. It’s not going to be the 1800s unless the world gets nuked. Then game over. One thing is true, you won’t survive as a long wolf. Preppers who believe this have it wrong. God Bless this great country. I believe in her and what she is capable of doing when SHTF.

                  • Nancy,

                    There is a war for freedom and liberty raging world wide.
                    As any war, this war is won or lost in the hearts and mind of the people fighting it.
                    You do not have a choice whether to fight or not to fight, for you have been born into this world and you will fight for one side or the other, that is just the way things are.
                    Both the heart and the mind are reflected in the works of the hand and words of the mouth when at the height of their passion.
                    Ma’am, I regret to inform that your words indicate that you have already lost your fight for freedom and are fighting in the name of tyranny.
                    With your words you have shown yourself to be an angry and bitter old woman aggravated at the world and lashing her fury upon the backs of innocents – unrelated to the cause of your apparent suffering – with intent of burning the will and opinions of yourself into the hearts and minds of others.
                    …Just as tyrants do.
                    To cut short my admonishment, you are acting the same as those you profess to disdain and as such share in their damnation when judgment falls upon this earth.
                    Thus, as you mock Braveheart, ‘good luck with that’; living with what reality you have created for yourself, a cold and damnable corner of a hell here on earth.
                    As it is, you will hastily deny and refuse to accept my admonishment for what it is lest your illusion of superiority come crashing down around you, and that is fine.
                    It is not my place to drag the unwilling to what light I have, yet in your unjustified chastisement you have deigned to drag others into your darkness.
                    That is where I will speak up.

                    Yes I spoke of words revealing the heart and mind, the accuser is no different in that regard than the accused.
                    But better in my mind a washed-up and vain author willing to fight for what they believe in than an equally vain coward that seems to delight in lashing at others for having what they do not – a spine – while daring to ridicule those that honestly attempted to defend them (even if misguided) in a period of confusion and turmoil and accuse them of slaughter (Aside, WMDs haven’t been used by the US Armed Forces since WW2, the usage of which was a justified action attempting to prevent an estimated 7 million American Deaths, 2 million Allied deaths, and the complete eradication of the Japanese people, and it succeeded).

                    I preface my message with such apparent blatant hostility in order to skip to the inevitable of any such rebuttal – disagreement and rage – and discard it away before getting to the heart of my message which would undoubtedly unnecessarily clutter neural passage in your brain should I have placed such at the end since you would likely have stopped reading this at that point, so you can stop here instead and save yourself the trouble. However, if you are still reading, then know that the rest of my message is just as spiked.

                    ‘America’, after the War Between the States, has come to be as an ideal; such as a dream fighting to be realized, a babe grasping hold to life when the world would seek to have it aborted away for its inconvenience.
                    Lady America herself may have passed as time took its toll and the Union, eldest of her sons, may have slain its brother – the Confederacy – in order to ascend the throne, and in time become a corrupt and hideous beast of a tyrant as kin-slayers tend to do, but the spirit of America and what she stood for is still alive in the hearts of those willing to fight for her ideals and her blood still flows in the veins of the rightful successor to her crown.
                    You may know not what it is to stand for an ideal, or perhaps you have forgotten. To place and hold something higher than yourself, to value something more than your very life, to give everything you have, to be willing to surrender your life to save that of another; so that those following you may have but the chance to see the good that you have seen, to experience life and liberty in the way that you have or better…
                    You say ‘what is a country but a piece of land’, I say ‘a nation is its people, it matters not what ground they hold’.
                    You say ‘the red, white, and blue is a myth; America a sham’, I say ‘not a myth, but an ambition yet unrealized; a purpose to fight for, as a matter of course’.
                    You complain of the electoral corruption; I look around and ask who you claim disagrees, but you should know that all share in the blame of allowing such to be.
                    Neither you nor I are exceptions to this, ma’am.

                    Move, you say?
                    Bah, I say! Bah and Bah again!
                    Are you so shallow as to truly believe that the chains of tyranny and the heel of oppression are so short and limited in reach as to not be able to span the length of the earth time and time again?
                    I tell you the truth, the reach of evil is just short of the distance where the east becomes the west! (That is, infinite.)
                    In truth, there is nowhere upon this earth that one can go to escape its grasp.
                    I say, better to stand and fight the coming storm than to submit or vainly attempt to flee its grasp.

                    You claim that Braveheart, and by extension I, will never save OUR ‘country’, because it has never been OUR country in OUR lifetimes.
                    I feel that I must advise you that spewing bovine defecation from your mouth is a very unhealthy practice.
                    A Country is a Nation, a Nation is its people.
                    The majority of politicians ‘leading’ us today and the thralls that follow them are as whores and prostitutes, selling themselves to the highest bidder seeking but momentary exuberance and gratification. I tell you, they are no countrymen of mine; they are but invaders in the lands of my people.
                    So who are my countrymen, who are the people of which I speak?
                    They are my brothers and they are my sisters, my fathers and my mothers, my sons and my daughters; and for them I am prepared to give my all.
                    If my blood should be the feed at the roots of the tree of Liberty then so be it.
                    When the time comes I will cast aside the crutches revealing of my limitations, and take with my weak hands my rifle to sacrifice my life upon the field of honor, if such be according to the will of God most divine. They may take my liberties from the grasp of my cold dead fingers, but if by my sacrifice for even one second longer my country, my nation, my people should remain free, then my largest regret is that I have but one life to give for my country and her people, for I would give it a thousand times and a thousand times again!
                    They can kill my flesh, but they cannot douse the fire that burns in my heart. The Republic still lives, and her people are willing to fight to the death in order to defend her against her overgrown swine of a brother. We will have our liberty yet, they cannot keep it from us.
                    But you may run, if you so wish.
                    I say go, if you or others wish to flee, go and forget you ever had part with us. The sooner the better! For you, not willing to put hand to proverbial plow, are no blood of mine and no child of my people, and you shall not reap of the harvest that has been sown. May God have mercy upon you in your new life and shower you with his graces before the fires of Armageddon reach you, for regardless of physical location it will reach you all the same.

                    By the by, you know very well what a ‘libturd’ is since you seem to have deigned to alter Braveheart’s spelling of the term into a more complicated but still common variant, proving beyond shadow of doubt that you well knew its meaning; in addition, your comeback was fairly pathetic considering that you hail from an era known for its wit. Also, you simply cannot be so dense as to misunderstand Braveheart’s fairly blunt suggestion that you just go ahead and move already since you seem to hate this place, so NO you have NOT taken your own advice; far from it in fact, you’ve done the exact opposite of your advice and stayed. Leeching from the system while the going is good and fleeing away when you’re called upon to defend it may as well be the definition of damnable coward. Furthermore, the only one that called you worthless in this comment chain was yourself, although as you can tell I’m starting to be inclined to agree with you.
                    “Acid tongued glory”, the nerve of you, you should be ashamed of yourself. Some example you turned out to be, an insult to your era.

                    To borrow the sign off of a wise man:
                    Without apology, I am:

                    • Well now, that was one Hell of a long winded sermon there ” son”. You seem to have put yourself on a really high pedestal there. There’s an old saying about those who talk the most do the least, Nobody knows what they’re reaction is to anything until it happens, sure, you bluster and bloviate about how bad and brave you’re ” going” to be when the time comes, but you know very well that nobody will ever be able to tell if it’s just talk or not. So, on internet chatrooms, why NOT be Rambo or Chuck Norris, after all, you ‘ll never have to PROVE a damn thing you say will You? You can stay up on your cross and preach all like, but you’re the kind that people walk away from, full of yourself and sanctimony.

                      So, to YOU,I say,
                      Without Apology, I am,

                    • To “American Son”…. *(of?)…
                      Child, you are seriously long winded. I have to believe that you are obliquely exhibiting your “prowess with words.. and ability to employ un-punctuated paragraphs.

                      I am 76 years in this experience… there is no personal urge or real need to refute your juvenile accusations and allegations ….
                      …..You are posturing and bragging on yourself… and looking for me to respond in kind so that you can continue to act in your self-directed one act play.

                      Lest I forget the ONE important, at least to me, accusation that you hedonistically slung… I support myself TOTALLY with no assistance from the beleagured taxpayers.

                    • An American Son,
                      I will stand with you big brother. I am a son of the south but your idealization of what America was and is and can be, is spot on! Thank you sir for articulating what so many of us here feel and believe. My blood runs red, white, and blue. “I Pledge allegiance to the Flag of of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Thank you again!
                      Louisiana Eagle

                    • Jimbo,

                      A man identifies himself as vain and yet vanity is the best crime you try to nail to his head? Surely you can do better, the man has already done that much for you!

                      You contend that I have considered myself too highly; I contest that you seem to consider yourself to low!
                      All I have said is that I am willing to die for my beliefs… are you so afraid as to be unable to do the same?
                      Sir, Bravery is not the lack of fear, but the willingness to place something else as more important.
                      I have not claimed to be a hero or even being remotely capable of such, I merely stated that I intend to fight for what I believe in.
                      You will find that at the heart of man, such is not that uncommon when they are pushed to the edge. For even a rat, when cornered, will fight with uncharacteristic vigor. Every man has a core set of tenets and ideologies that they are absolutely unwilling to surrender, even at the cost of their own life; such is basic human psychology. I just so happen to know where my lines are, which is hardly too much to expect of a man.
                      I am not so ignorant as to think that the powers that be will allow a man to contest their rule when silencing the man would cost only 37 cents; the price of that fight is my life, and I have prepared myself for such a conclusion, if that is what God sees fit to allow.

                      It is true, what you say, that no man knows what their reaction to something will be… but only so far as until they have been in situation like it.
                      It stands to reason however, that some have already been in such situation before.
                      Sir, we do not rise to the situation, we fall to our level of training. That is a basic principle of preparedness; without knowledge, material is useless; without training, our knowledge will fail us.
                      Is it that unreasonable to you that a man, however young, has already suffered at the hand of tyranny enough to have fought against it? Is it that unreasonable to you that such a man has already paid a price for his fight, the thorns of which will forever be pain to him until the day he dies? Is it that unreasonable that a man may have sought training as to prevent that scenario from occurring to him and his loved ones? Is it that unreasonable that that man may have passed that knowledge and training down to those who came after him? Is it that unreasonable to you that, on a site about proverbial excrement hitting the fan, a man would have prepared for excrement hitting the fan with what could be the second most important prep of all – training? If so, sir, I recommend you reconsider your position on the validity of your preparedness, because you no longer sound to be as prepared as you think.

                      You demand of me to prove myself. Ha! What would you expect of me, to start a war? To track you down and personally give you a piece of my mind? Such would be against the laws of man and of heaven’s God. There is a time for peace and a time for war, and only in God’s time should this war between the Republic and the Union be begun; it is not for me to decide.
                      Full of myself? Bah. The cauldron scolds the kettle.

                      Perhaps I have been a bit preachy, yes. That can be a bit problematic, at times. Yet, far better to speak of the truths of hell even should the hardened hearts look on with contempt than propagate the lie that God allows all things and everything is sunshine and rainbows; better to cry out from street corners with failing breath the harsh realities of the world and of eternity than to wax eloquent behind the pulpit of a stagnant congregation a pleasurable but momentary illusion here on this earth.
                      May God have mercy upon you and shower you with his grace, but your rebuke is seriously misplaced.

                      Without Apology, I am:

                    • Nancy,

                      Madam, you have wore my patience thin.
                      “OF” You say, “OF”!?!?
                      I identify myself as a Son of America, and you have the gall to demand of me the color of my skin or composition of my DNA in order to be allowed the moniker of which I have chosen!?!?
                      What difference does it make, my heritage? What difference would it make if I traced my lineage to the kings of England, the peoples of Asia, or of those that fought against the colonists in defense of their homes and way of life?
                      I tell you this, I was born in this land and the Spirit of America and a love for my people burns with unyielding passion in my heart, in ways that it has apparently never in yours! That is all you need to know!

                      Posturing and Bragging you accuse me of? Says the 76 year old woman who brags of owning land in Central America and postures as though she has figured out the solution to the coming crisis (and chastises those who disagree) while being completely ignorant of the fact that the entirety of Central America is in the fallout range of nuclear strikes on American soil.
                      I had no idea so many cauldrons loved to speak… or had such loathing for Kettles!
                      I’ve no qualm with letting you about your way in your folly of flight, far be it from the truth! What you are to do, go and do quickly, and may God have mercy upon you and shower you with his grace! But that you lash out at others for having of another opinion and being vocal of such, that is where I draw the line!

                      And the most important thing, I saved for last.
                      I gain no pleasure from my words, I merely speak of the truth that I see (for truth is such a thing as difficult to find as can be, such is the best I can do).
                      You have reaped of the taxes of blood price paid by millions of young men and women who gave of their lives to hold the land and sky that you so profit from.
                      You make accusation of the soldiers, and ignore the good they do bring. You completely ignore the effect of the (adequate) presence of police, fire, and other emergency services, transportation, infrastructure, telecommunications services, weather, and air services have upon your life even if you do not directly make use of them yourself. All of such paid for by tax and tariff.
                      You so focused on silver and gold do not know of the true treasures that you distance yourself from.
                      The God of Heaven does not take kindly to those who refuse to pay their debts when the piper comes to call.
                      Take knee, I warn, and seek the mercy of the most kind God, lest Samael make visit to your bedside in coming nights. As will I, in case my accusations be levied in the wrong; perhaps such is neutral ground we can both agree on.
                      I will not waste my time with you further, it would be better spent for my people.
                      Rest well, madam, for your flight will not be an easy one.

                      Without Apology, I am:

                    • Louisiana Eagle,

                      If you would be willing to have me, brother, than I would be honored to stand by your side.
                      Though my movement is limited and my reach is short, know that I will constantly have you in my prayers.

                      Together, we will see our lady through these trying times and we shall see liberty restored here in America!
                      The prophets of the downfall of the American Dream will once again be put to shame!
                      Stay strong, my brother! Our lady is just now waking, and we have not yet begun to fight!
                      God Bless, and Long live the Republic!

                      Without Apology, I am:

                  • Hi Nancy,

                    I replied to your comment to give you some background about braveheart and why you shouldn’t bother listening to him but for some reason or another it was decided that my comment should be deleted to save bravehearts tender feelings, regardless, if you stay around for a while and read his comments you’ll understand why you have nothing to be concerned about as far as what HE thinks about you, oops, I guess that was probably enough to get THIS post censored.

                    • Thank you Jonesy…
                      I appreciate you. Bless your heart.

          • Hey thanks for this it was very good information

        • I’m going to find me some traitor politicians and banksters and hang them on meat hooks out back and sew their mouths shut. When hungry I will go and slice off a steak or two and cook on the grill. Perhaps they can be kept alive for a while so we can have fresh meat. I’ll probably get heartburn from the scum but oh well. I hope they friggin suffer. I saw this on Z Nation. The people who have betrayed us better fucking run before long.

          • Denninger: “Wake Up America Before You Get Shot… And Possibly (Yes, Literally) Eaten”

            Ai-yi-yi. Lot of sheeple are nay-sayers and dismiss concerns by claiming that preppers are purveyors of…

            “Fear Porn”

            “Prepper Porn”

            “Doom and Gloomers”

            “Chicken Littles”

            And other names. I could see the “life is fine” folks using any one of those names above to dismiss this article as excessive hyperbole.

            • Nothing like a nice big hunk of GMO fed, fat, full of chemicals, flouridated, toxified, disease ridden, bag of medical waste american citizen steak! I think I will just stick to eating weeds and grass 🙂

              • No doubt. I probably won’t eat them but I may still torture the shit out of them.

              • …or dandelion root and leaf, makes an excellent salad.

              • Yeah I’m not sure they would even make good compost, too many chemicals.

              • Lends credence to the argument of:
                1. Don’t open your door if your neighbor is holding a bottle of B-B-Q sauce.
                2. Don’t be the fattest guy on your block.

          • Yummy! Smell like crap but taste like chicken.

          • Anonymous4 I have the movie THE ROAD I watch it about once a month I agree that’s what is going to take us out EMP millions will die . man made or natural

            • Just don’t eat the brains, or spinal cord.

              Assuming this is purely fictional of course!

        • I have been reading SHTF for a year now. Caution in joining has been on my mind. I am a novelist on Amazon with Homeland Security at my doorstep. Interesting article. I wrote Starvation Nation, the fourth book of my FEMA Camp series and the government doesn’t like it, simply because as a work of fiction it may very well become true. Glad to be here. R.E. Riepe

          • Nice to read your posting. Being an investigative journalist takes courage.
            Bless you and keep you.

      2. Debt under a debt based fiat money system isn’t repayable. If it were to be paid, admittedly an imaginary situation, there would be no money left since it originated as debt and disappears if that debt is repaid.

        But it can’t be repaid since it originates as debt which bears interest with no money existing before that.

        That means, say, one million dollars is originally issued bearing a simple .00001% interest. That in turn means that $1,000,010 is needed to pay it back. That extra 10 dollars doesn’t exist since all the money in existence to start with was only 1,000,000 dollars and if you repay every cent that was issued you are still in debt for $10.00.

        So if you want to pay it back you have to borrow more, and this is issued from nothing and bearing interest as well which means it can’t be paid back either without borrowing more and so on and so on till eventually money, debt, and repayment of it means nothing and things get settled up by giving up ownership of your property to gain relief from the burden of the debt.

        But you need increasingly larger loans of created money to keep anything in circulation and keep the economy running, so you don’t ever pay back the original principle, you borrow more on it to cover the interest which continuously increases the amount of interest due and the amount that must be borrowed to cover it.

        So, in the end, you will have traded ownership of everything which is real for that which was nothing to start with and remained such throughout the process. Those on top get something for nothing and the rest of us get nothing for something.

        • I always hear this “they get something for nothing” thing.

          Sorry I don’t get it. If the entire system is based on “surfing the wave of debt” then they get… worthless paper, or rapidly depreciating assets that have no one to maintain them or make them productive. Let alone anyone to pay to consume the production.

          Land, ok I can see land. But now you’re talking about collapsing back to a small population steady-state economic system. They didn’t need to do all this shit to fall back to that. They could do that any time they wanted, it doesn’t take this much money for them.

          • No, the paper is only worthless by the time it gets to you. Initially the criminal banks and other early recipients of the created money get the value (at our expense of course) of the new money. It’s a very subtle way to steal and very few people can think it through long enough to realize that the 0.1% are stealing from the bottom 90% this way.

            Of course as more and more debt is created out of thin air the value for each extra unit decreases as well as decreasing with each step of circulation. If your one of the early steps in the process though (big banks, crony capitalists, corporations) who cares if the increase money supply has no value by the time it finally gets issued to us as paychecks? They already stole the value long before we were even aware of the increase in supply.

        • Outstanding. This comment contains excellent insight, and it is stated in an intelligent manner.

        • I have been entertaining, (and buying), items that would be of interest (without want of money) …to be used in “bartering.” Like, I will reload your ammo, or trade you ‘x’ number of Wise Mountain food buckets for an ‘X’ number of things that YOU have that I may want. It used to be used far more than money …(and it can’t be taxed …and I’ll be D’..d if I would even THINK about allowing taxation yet again. I do not think that a government is needed to run a nation, as “power corrupts.” Just look at this mess and all the horrors that accompany it which are all based upon what the money mongers and feds are doing!!!!! Disgusting – maddening – irrating (is that a word). :-\ Cheers all.

      3. I’m waiting for my favorite subject; “Means Testing for Social Security”, the ultimate ‘Redistribution of Wealth’.

        It’s coming.

        • Yes, but not for long. They are so close to broke, means testing won’t last long enough to matter. Besides with the bunch we have in power I figure they will decide only to give it to the rich, rich; baised on the fact they really NEED it.

      4. Nice, skipped lunch because I watched vid. I watched 1/2 a show one time, now I remember why.

        • It’s the same reason why i’ve never watched “The Road”. I didn’t make it to the 1 minute mark of this video.

      5. What Karl fails to realize is that this is all done by design against the U.S..

        • I suspect Karl understands this is the case… as do most of those who see all of the signs… This cannot be an accident.

          • Mac, people will just flock to the fema camp for a promise of food. They will also rat out anyone for anything. The population at large is pathetic and have no survival instinct. Millions of slaves for a cup of rice a day, the rest will be furnace food. I can just smell the stench of burning fat now. Not to be insensitive but good riddance.

      6. Things would have to be real bad for people to eat people. Unless you become a Zombie. Get you some Rat and Mouse traps. Bird snares. All those Canadian geese that hang around the retention ponds will be prime targets. They say the Muschovy Ducks (ugly as hell and walk funny) are good to eat. Might have to eat Cooter (Turtle).
        As far as the DEBT. Full Speed Ahead. What does a few trillion more matter.

        • Given the poison in the food supply and these are the head of their food chain, all animals are getting to be very bad to eat.
          Go Vegetarian. Eggs whose history you know, and then all vegan. Best, safest.

        • Eating just average people, yes; it would be tough. There are a number of specific people that would not be a problem.

      7. Before we actually experience famine we will have war or widespread grid outage. Currency collapse won’t do it. Come to the fema camp for free food.

        • I agree with you Sodbuster. Obama will start a war in order to continue with his presidency and to keep the economy going.

        • I agree. War has always been the “reset button”. 🙁

      8. This is a topic I brought up about two weeks ago on the site, think I’ll opt out of “long meat”.

        • I think the term is “long pig”. Make sure the internal meat temp is 165 degrees to ensure you kill the AIDS and Ebola viruses.

        • I’m with you. I’m opting out of it too.

          Prep a bit more of the safe and tasty proteins.

      9. In a collapse scenero this would be a distinct possibility, probably in the city mostly, and probably not right away but eventually will get that bad, I myself prefer death to eating human flesh but i have made a decision that my demise will be with honor and i would rather go in good terms, no baggage etc. With that said unfortunately i estimate a large portion of the population will go flat insane, zombies in their own right, operating on instint and not sensibilities. If everything did just stop i estimate maybe 15% could bug in and be fine for 6 months maybe. 5% a year..i think in the fist week 10 percent could die, after that it would be worse than any distopia/apocalypse film we have ever seen. Absolutely nightmarish.


        • You know it would be interesting to see how the scenarios could play out if there was software developed to do so. I’m sure the goobermint has it. I’d be interested in seeing it put to graphs, etc.

      10. It seems that many on this site are truly living in a fantasy world, and a sick one at that, sounds like one too many movies or fictional survival books. People buying human flesh in a restaurant,starving people eating in a restaurant? Really! Remember some years ago in Somalia and Angola when millions were starving to death? Never heard much about cannibalism. Could it happen here, sure but not likely. But I’ll try and lighten this up a little.”Did you hear the one about the three Somalia’s crossing a crocodile infested river in a boat, and one of them fell out of the boat, and he ate two crocodiles before they could get him back in”. Trekker Out. Bon Appitte, Or Something Like That!

        • I does seem like fantasy, but lets entertain the idea that, unlike some other collapses that it was never intended to be rectified.. After a year of no services there is no way to predict what lenghts some people will go to survive..

          • Yeah, it would suck to have your shit in order and up and running after SHTF. You can obtain your own “normal” food and each day you run into people that cannot and you have to freaking kill them so you don’t get eaten. What a nightmare world that would be. Don’t get me wrong, I would kill the shit out of someone to keep my ass from being eaten, but that would be one nasty world to exist in. Hope it never happens in the US. Prep up folks. Share your knowledge with like-minded. Your gonna need help at some point. We do live in an extremely resource rich country and we can get through some tough shit. TRUSTING the right people will be the key. Culling the untrustworthy is the other key.

        • Nigerian restaurant got busted the other day for serving soilent green — Its people! Yes, heads still bleeding in the bag in the kitchen. Google it.

          North Korea stopped burying their dead in some places a few years ago because starved crazed people were digging up the bodies and eating them. That is fact. So yes, crazy things will happen again. They have in the past.

          Finger-steaks anyone?

          • SS, I saw “Soylent Green” when it first came out in 1973. Towards the end of the movie when it was revealed that soylent green was dead people, I literally threw up the popcorn and soda I had. I know it was just a movie, but the very idea…..

            • Yeah. I just can’t even go there. I read ‘Patty Reeds Doll’ years ago as one of our homeschool books. Even that was too much.

              I can stomach a lot, blood, guts, and even feces don’t get to me. My little girl had Hirschsprung’s disease and needed wash outs for six weeks until they removed her non functioning colon….did them all myself at home with no queseainess.

              But I draw the line at eating human flesh.

        • Donner Party? SS Dumaru (launched from Portland Oregon), 1972 Andies flight disaster, William Seabrook, artist Rick Gibson, Albert Fish, Boone Helm, Great Famine of 1315,(extreme cannibalism and were Caucasian Europeans),Jamestown colonist, Ukraine famine, wide spread cannibalism 1932-3, Siege of Leningrad, Battle of Stalingrad, and many more.

      11. I’ll leave the ribs, and hams for others,, now the back straps the tenderloin ,, if it was prepared right, and the meat was corn fed


        • EotS
          friend where did you come from??have you even seen a dead hunan???if i remember right there isnt much back strap on our frames. I have eaten rats snakes dogs cats
          bugs,,worms wood pecker lips and will do so agaimn befor i start eating humans


          • I came out of the deep recesses of your mind…lol

            dude or dudette ..chill

            um yep ive seen dead people.. i actually see a lot of dead people every day .. or should i say people who will be dead

      12. Really people..? be honest with yourself .. who gives a shit once your dead whats done with your left overs , its not like your gonna get a do-over

        • Thats it, we need a do over, everyone get your Representatives to call a mulligan…..pfffffffff

      13. Funny thing is, we are the point that nothing can be done to meaningfully curtail the inevitable. IF the right person came along in great enough numbers that would vote for the correct ideas to start to reverse course, that person would either never get voted into office, or once there, would be recalled after making the first intelligent change in government. Nothing can be done at this point politically. Too many dumb, ignorant people now inhabit the US from shore to shore. Nobody will be able to change a damn thing even if they had the strongest desire in the world to do so. We must go through our cycle of destruction before anyone “gets it”. Therefore, don’t let the upcoming events blow your blood pressure. Take it with the best stride you can. Prep the best you can. Pray it all works out for you and your’s.

        • Gonetoolong.

          You got that right. Too many dumb ignorant people coast to coast. The cycle of destruction will be great.
          Things going to get WILD.

          Watched a driver of a small car ride up on the sidewalk to enter a parking lot because the traffic was not moving fast enough for him. The watched another person weave in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed. There is no speed limit. Most slide right pass Stop Signs. Forget about using signals. What the hell is a traffic signal. Mad Max is here.

          Embrace the Chaos. Are you ready?

          • Ready?

            Hell, I’m looking forward to it.

            It will be GLORIOUS.

          • Slingshot, sound like you’ve been in my city. I see stupid things like that all the time where I live.

            • Braveheart.

              I saw this older women cross a major highway, two lanes on both sides, by holding her hand up to stop traffic on a curve in the road. Running red lights is common and you better count two before you proceed on green. There was a rash of Cyclist vs. Cars. Hit and runs were like hitting deer and some are still not solved. Road Rage is common.
              If people behave like this now, imagine how they will behave when there is a problem.

              The problem with us is that we are more in tune with our surroundings than others. Doesn’t look good.

              • Slingshot, sadly I have to agree. People will be a thousand times worse in a post-SHTF scenario. That’s what I dread the most. Just hope I can spot the signs early enough to go ahead and bugout beforehand.

          • That is a good example of what our society has become, traffic or just traveling the road.
            I get a giggle driving the roads of Hou, of course I drive a 350 with $1k front bumper and my airbag disabled, what fun.
            Still considerate people in the country that wave, pull over to the right to let others pass, don’t pull out in front of others doing 70, use their turn signals.

            Life is good.

      14. I’m beginning to see a theme here and it has to do with American Exceptionalism. Even when we project our own downfall and suffering, it has to be a hundred times worse than what other countries experienced during a currency collapse, regime change or natural disaster. (I’m thinking the Ruble, Greece and Fukashima just off the top of my head.) Hard? Inconvenient? Uncomfortable? Life or death for SOME? Yes. Eating each other? Wow. We are grandiose even in our end times fantasies.

        • I think you miss the issue. Never has anything been this large. It won’t be just the US and 315 million, it will likely be most of the world. Never has there been a country that had only 2% of it’s people on farms, or so dependent on just in time. You can list lots of thimgs that never were before. 50 million on food stamps another 50 on Social Sec. Tens of thousands of medical keep alives. It really is different this time. I don’t think it’s going that far, but if it does. WOW bad.

          • Perhaps what is really happening, is the U.S. is joining the rest of the world in suffering. Severe SHTF has been going on in the middle east for decades. SHTF has been going on in many other countries for some time now—just look at the countries the U.S. has been sanctioning and embargoing for years and years. Cuba. Russia. Syria. Libya. Iraq.

            Most of Africa has been starving in a financial collapse for a long time. I think Cabingirl is on to something.

            Reality is, we here in the united States have been exceptional for far too long. Now, we’re going to feel some of what the rest of the world had been feeling.

            It hurts to finally fall from Grace, doesn’t it?

        • Not even close to correct. You are forgetting the tens of millions that were murdered after the collapse of the last chinese republic, then tens of millions murdered and starved after the collapse of the Tsars (wonder if any ukranians ate each other as millions starved to death?). Then there are the millions murdered in Myanmar, oh and I seem to recall the French Revolution was pretty bloody too. Blood in the streets, mass public beheadings and such.

          Economic collapse leads to extreme violence more often than not. In you examples, Greece and Fukushima aren’t collapses at all (at least not yet for Greece), though the Ruble is a good example of a scenario that isn’t zombie terrible. True life expectancy dropped by 10 years in short order, but they had many things going fo them that we don’t. For example the property in the USSR wasn’t owned by banks, and when it dissolved people mostly just kept living where they were and said they owned their property now instead of the state.

          Still most Russians don’t consider those fun times and that is pretty much the best we can hope for. Good luck.

      15. The only solution is repudiation of debt to the Judeo-Masonic bankers, and a National Bank replacing the Fed. Of course, that won’t happen. The U.S. has had more Presidents assassinated than most banana republics – and all tried to resist the bankers. Our last real President was Kennedy, who actually signed an executive order to issue Silver Certificates. He also warned of a global conspiracy to enslave all. But it was issuing of silver-backed dollars that signed his death certificate, as it did Lincoln’s. When SHTF, eat the remaining rich – they will be Kosher. Simmer on a fire made of fiat bank notes. I bet Sheldon Adelson would make good long pig – if one had enough spice to disguise the inner rot.

        • JUBILEE,
          is what we need, to even say the word, will probably get you arrested and disappeared.
          The black horseman will fall and the Pale Green horseman will ride. The black heart of bankers, the scales, will fall and the Greens will come to bear on the wind of global fascist socialism with a single approved religion, ChrislamGaia. The pope even approves and works towards this global socialist state, he is coming in the fall, to tell us our God given rights, are not God given after all… don’t ya know? The only God given rights, in his mind, is (social) justice and charity, the rallying cry of the left, who worship the environment, the Greens, or, their new world order of climate change.
          Do you hear his hoofs beating in the wind?

          • PM, welcome back, and I couldn’t have said it any better.

      16. Yes Sir. Within a few weeks of starvation we will be eating people like Chicken McNuggets, Hahahaha!

      17. After everything burns down that they want burned down and the population has been reduced to a number they feel is manageable, then the food will come out…but you won’t get any unless and until you take The Mark. They have been stockpiling for years but they know they can’t feed everybody. So the strong will survive but will have become desperate and compliant. The weak and infirm (i.e. the useless eaters in their minds) will have long since died off. The “strong” albeit unprepared will be begging them for the very thing “they” wanted in the first place. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

      18. Democratic progressive libs on the menu ?

        FEEB….it’s whats for dinner.

        Be safe…stay the course….BA.

      19. 1. Thorium reactors like now.
        2. Solar desalination plants like now.
        3. Throughout history, what have societies in this situation done? Take it out on their own? Bahaha no. I mean to some small extent to slow the bleeding sure but then… it comes down to “take other peoples’ shit” doesn’t it?

        If you’re talking about toasting 30% or greater of your own population anyway… I mean… there’s a down side to #3?

        The rest of the world should have a good long look at the Weimar treaty, as contrasted with the post World War 2 reconstruction, and then look at the consequences that arose from each of these approaches. Because this time ain’t different, and if the world thinks they’re going to “Weimar” a state with enough nukes to fry the entire globe… well. That would be a mistake I think.

      20. At least you can eat your doctor.

      21. STOPPING all the phony WARS will take care of most poor Americans.

      22. Long before this happens, money itself will be converted into global electronic credits. ‘Capitalist’ money, will be turned into socialist electronic credit, to ‘save the system’, for your own good don’t ya know… then, identity theft will become a big problem, so you’ll have to have a biometric id to access your new government credit accounts…

        Oh wait… where did I read this?
        Yeah, right, its a two thousand year old prophecy… silly me.

      23. If you read up on the Donner party or the soccer team that crashed in the Andy’s mountains. These people were not fighting a war with anyone. They were not rebelling against a racist government. I believe that under extreme conditions any one could and would eat a fellow human being just to survive. And I believe that that person(s) would lay traps for human meat to continue to survive.

        Parents are eating their own children in North Korea. Read up on North Korea because our S H T F could be very similar to what they are going through.

        • Oh, It won’t be like North Korea when it happens here.

          It will be much, much worse.

          They’re already used to it, and have been for a long time, we’re not.

      24. The BUBBA GUMP HUMAN Cookbook!

        Now you can open to any page… and just like Forrest’s mama said about life… “You never know what you’re gonna get!” There are Kiddie Kabobs, O’l Man Creole, Fat Mama Gumbo, Sexy Lady Cock or Tail (For those that like it both ways!)… over 75 recipes and everyone is mouth-watering and heaven-sent!
        And speaking of heaven, Forrest cooked up his mama with these recipes, and his best friend, Bubba, too! And he didn’t want Li’l Forrest to grow up without knowing the Gump family secrets. These recipes are so downright delicious; you’ll know that “miracles do happen every day.”
        Even if the President of the United States comes and knocks on your door, you’ll have the very thing to put on his plate too! Tell him Forrest Gump said to say hello and don’t forget the Green Fried Tomatoes and BBQ sauce as a side dish!

      25. The hand is supposed to be great, easy to skin out, and seasons well with a little salt and pepper.

      26. sick, you people are just sick. its not even funny. IT IS SICK….I mean I get being prepared but YOU ARE ALL SICK IN THE HEAD!!!! and why would you want to entertain yourself with this sickness…The LORD regretted that he had made human beings on the earth, and his heart was deeply troubled.

        I can see why He would reach this point…I mean even if they haven’t prepared and they are people. the problem is that this is a spiritual war and the darkness is winning…even with some of you…because you entertain and are entertained and even longing for this…you have no clue what you are asking for. I prepare for the worst and pray for the best….

        • I’ve never read ANYWHERE, where the Lord “said” he regretted creating people at all. Please enlighten me.
          Gallows humor has long been an effective method for reliving stress of conditions that none we mere mortals can do anything about.
          While we can and should be as prepared as we can possibly be, I highly doubt the “lord” is displeased with His children at all, or, in their creation. That doesn’t sound at all like the kind loving Savior of the World to me.
          I’ve not seen a single post from anyone on this forum, that “longs” for such an apocalyptic event to occur. I certainly don’t but I do “get” the gallows humor. I’ve personally witnessed and seen the inhumanity of mankind up close and personal, and yet, I still find great comfort in a peaceful unconditionally loving Savior of the World. Sorry, you think He’s completely conditional(as evidenced by your post). Good luck with that one.

          • Genesis 6:6.

            In the Bible.

            • Then they were all swept away.

            • Not in the King James Version and translation, it doesn’t say that at all.
              However, I’ve found those that prefer are “more modern” interpretation of the Bible, usually are seeking to tailor the Bible to their own personal interpretation.
              The KJV is good enough for me, and has been for my entire life.
              Good Luck in your preparations.

        • Disgusted.

          Did you think that all of us were going to be Bible Thumping, Goodie Two Shoes. We are realist.

          • I’m a definite realist, AND I read the King James Bible translation. I’m also a cynical pessimist. We are all responsible for our OWN salvation, preparations and destiny.
            If there’s thumping to be done, I try hard to be ready for it as well. I would prefer to NOT have to thump at all, but being a realist, thumping on people is sometimes required even as evidenced in the Bible itself.

        • KJ Version:

          And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. 6And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. 7And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them.

          Repented used in these verses means regret.

          This was in the days of Noah when man was vile and wicked and had no goodness in them.
          Kinda sound familiar?

        • I agree with you disgusted.

      27. There are many collapse scenarios, and this is just one idea. The US could easily spend $45 trillion a year in 2030 – but it would take a dollar worth 1/5th of what it is today. That means everything you can buy today will cost 5 times more in 2030.

        • WEC problem is to get to that point requires three things: low interest rates, high inflation, and a willingness of prople to keep loaning the US cash. I think such a combination is impossible.

      28. I ain’t gonna say this will/would never happen but it is definitely fringe discussion. There’s plenty of other greens growing right in a lot of your yards that would help sustain you (if wild game couldn’t be found). How many wild pigs roaming the countryside down south. Over run ain’t you? You think them dumb shits from the city gonna be able to handle some sow with young uns? (just an example). No, even though its a topic that definitely has happened down through history, and even though I love me some “Walking Dead” I thinks we first gotta make it through the “reckoning” before we have to worry about someone giving us the “once over” to see if we’re worth landing on the Barbie-Q.

      29. Alright, just another great day to talk about shtf pending..You all know me by now on this site. The guy who claimed to know a real scientist, that does in fact know a real scientist who has himself been briefed on whats coming. I dont have to get into the details all over again, however i have to admit, its going to go down really, and truly nasty. Since i have literally starved to near death, waiting to receive sweet Jesus, i can honestly say that i have decipline. I have competed in bodybuilding and have won competitions in the past, and the diets that i was one was a joke, in comparison to starvation. The average desperate person who eats fat all the time does not even know that fat curves appetitite. Its works, cut out the fat, begin to crave really bad but your gut is still full of food. Bodybuilders have good dicipline, and can endure hell on earth to lower body fat levels to 4% like i have done many a time. When i went throuth economic shtf in my city, not only was i craving and starving, i had nothing to eat with all the above. I taught about going to eat from a trash can, but was too proud to do that, i let it burn, and lived with the hell. I had water so it wasen’t as bad. This that i went through is nothing comparing to Mac, Fernando, and other shtf-ers.


        Guys, never mind the stuck up attractive women that roam round town, you know the types, they mimic all the Hollywood women, acting like them, changing and behaving just like them. Your a man, you go up to them, try talking to them, they blow you off, tell you that you aint sh…. You will be the one that is desirable and no matter how fat or ugly you are, you will get any hot woman to talk to you. I am literally laughing at them. They will throw themselves at you literally when shtf hits. They will realize that no one is going to be there to defend them from the 10,000 black dread locks gansters, armed with guns, and other crap that look for women. My scientist buddy laughed his azz and told me that-

        scientist-you know all those atracvive rude women, they are going raped in mass in the apartment complexes by the men who live in them, and wont be able to excape and when they leave the complex, the black thugs are waiting for them in the streets. ha, ha, haa, they are f….k….d. Gets guns and lots of food, and lots of bullets.

        me-holy crap, this is not looking good. In the study in that third world country…?

        Sci-they have to leave to excape to the hell only to meet worst hell outside in the streets.


        As a good looking stud, i can tell you that alot of women are full of sh…..t. I generally avoid those types, and i laught at them, because they are going to get it really bad from the roaming thugs.

        me-damn, this is not a good turn our form and EMP.

        Now, with all the above commensing, now you have 7,000,000 people in my city all at the same time experiencing all the above. This is what is bothering me, So the numbers given to the scientist made him, according to him, crap his pants. He already ran the hell out of town. He is gone. 340,000,000 people in this country, and only 3-5 million survive. Within one year, 90% of 340k die out from bullet wounds, disease and other violence, you name it. The remainding 35,000,000, they know turn against each other, the end result about 3- 5 million. You never have enought food or ammo. The Movie “The Road” is what he told me about. One Second After is a discription of the first year of survival, the next 2 yrs, the road. This is when the hell really begins.

        Prepers will turn against preppers, red neck against red neck, gangs verus cops, cops verus civilians and cops, it’s not looking good. The best solution according to him, is lots of bullets and guns to match the population, and to have enough to stop the threat as you retreat and hall azz out of the city. So as you can see, we have a very serious, serious, extremely serious problem on the horizon.

        • What your scientist guys leaves little hope of survival for anyone. That’s pretty depressing and hopeless.

          I think it’s wise to prepare for the above but keep you hope alive by not giving totally in to that mental death trap.

          It’s really amusing how a few guys on here are regularly touting how hot, hard, and strong they are. Then saying how beautiful women won’t give them the time of day. Hence, they can’t wait for TSTHTF so they will have a little harem all to themselves. Me thinks you might not be that fox you say you are. You also seem a bit masoganistic.

          Men and women really benefit from mutual respect of the opposite sex. You will go a long, long way by respecting the differences between us. I admire a man who is decisive, thoughtful, kind and yet not a little cry baby. I know a lot of men like that. I truly esteem them for how different they are.

          Brutish, foul men deserve feminists who are controlling and hateful. They go together.

          Let’s all try to be admirable to each other.

      30. Thank you to everybody at SHTF Plan for working real hard and being an alternative to the lies of Mainstream dinosaur media. I too have started my own independent news outlet to try to expose all the lies on how we as a society are being manipulated, mainly by the central bankers. Please check out my news site for valuable information. Thank you and God Bless!

        • He’s back. ;0)

      31. I believe that the power will go out, people will become more creative, friendly, helpful and more Christian. We will return to a generation seen in the early years of our country. Certainly there will be bad people but the good people will outnumber that group. When the power goes out we won’t be listening to bad news from other countries that might be false… When the power goes out, folks will be talking to each other (without those little square things in front of them… Very likely finding jokes to tell and revisit kind memories… Actually when power goes out we probably will be ‘nice’ and happy folks!

        • and then you woke up and realized that was a dream ? right ? have you seen society lately ?
          You can ignore reality , but you cant ignore the consequences of ignoring reality , quote from ann ryand I think .

        • My neighbors never come out in their front yards, I’m out every morning and evening, no one. Watching TV or drinking is my guess. I do live in Hou, hot, humid and mosquitoes.

      32. If things really get bad, many people will die off during the first three to six months. The unprepared, the fatties, the sick and the very young/old will be the first to “go” if someone does not provide for them.

        CA will not be able to produce crops very soon for obvious reasons. Poultry (chickens primarily) are dying off by the thousands due to “infectious avian flu”. Fukushima radiation continues to poison our air, water and soil, nonstop. Chem trails. All by design and intended to depopulate.

        Karl Denninger is not a “crazy”: he’s just being brutally honest.

      33. “Oh what a day, what a lovely day!”

      34. People, are easy to kill compared to many animals. The problems will come from disease, packs of wild dogs, bad water, etc. Many will be useless with 102+ fever soon,because of bad water. Yes the road is a good example. Yet it never touched on the misfortune of the masses who died from septicemia, or typhoid fever, or insanity. If it comes to that God have mercy on us all….

      35. What if we ended the hundred of billions of dollars spent on foreign aid,corporate welfare and the military industrial security complex? There would be plenty left over to fund our roads, schools and healthcare like the rest of the civilized world.
        The problem in this country is we have forgotten that funding infrastructure projects helps everyone, its all Me, Me, Me, I want mine and don’t want to share. Guess what, we all drive on roads, use electricity, rely on food and water safety inspections and other basic essential services. This country would never have achieved greatness if it were not for hydroelectric power and the interstate highway system.
        I would think that all of the good people here who pine for old fashioned Christian values would be more Christian about it.

        • Roads, schools, and healthcare are not the responsibility of the federal government. The main responsibility of the federal government is our common defense. Almost everything beyond that is unconstitutional.

          Also, this country was great before the interstates. I remember when my part of the country didn’t even have any four-lane highways. The first ones in eastern NC were built in the 1960s. The main north-south highway in eastern NC, US17, is still not all four-laned.

        • That’s a load of hooey. The federal deficit is nearly half of the spending. Go ahead and cut out all the big, bad stuff you don’t like and spend that on something else? You’re still deficit spending, no matter what it’s being spent on.

          I get tired of hearing pipe dreams about infrastructure and civilized countries. We have plenty of money for exactly one-half of what we want.

      36. Here in Arizona, just had a conversation with the head manager of produce for a major grocery store chain here. After engaging him in questioning supply and cost, he was quite forthright that he had just came out of a mandatory emergency corporate meeting for produce supply. He made it clear prices are on the way up as supply has been hit hard from California. He stated the the company is looking into creative was to keep the prices artificially low so that they can even sell produce. It was sujested that profit loss and subsidies are in the equation just to keep produce on the shelves.

        • Here in Arizona, just had a conversation with the head manager of produce for a major grocery store chain here. After engaging him in questioning supply and cost, he was quite forthright that he had just came out of a mandatory emergency corporate meeting for produce supply. He made it clear prices are on the way up as supply has been hit hard from California. He stated the company is looking into creative was to keep the prices artificially low so that they can even sell produce. It was suggested that profit loss and subsidies are in the equation just to keep produce on the shelves.

      37. Good Lord who would want to eat this old man. There are still a lot of muscle left but it would be so frigging tuff. Damn I just remember what I do with old tuff deer meat. “Burger”.
        Please if you grind me up please make Chili out of me Because I want to pay you back with GAS!!!

        • Sarge, if any commies wanted to eat me I would be poison for them. BTW, on deer meat, I had some deer steaks with the family in GA back in March on my last trip. You just can’t do better than venison. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

          • We eat venison year round with 2 1/2 deer feeding family of four. Back strap is the only thing I don’t grind into hamburger. Three med size hog will do for 120lbs of sausage. We still have to buy chicken and eggs, in an HOA, and twice a month the thick NY strip. $9lbs is at my upper price limit, when it goes over 10 a pound, I’m out.

      38. They won’t eat me unless they bring plenty of curry, I taste like old goat.
        (Ay least I’m told I smell that way after a few days without a shower :>)

      39. As disgusting and horrific as that is, the reality is that some people will do whatever it takes to survive.

        except prepare……

        • 🙂

      40. this is a hotly disputed article to say the least
        but I’m gonna throw it into the mix

        Famine killed 7 million people in USA

        h ttp://

        if it is true
        you know the government would NEVER admit to something like this happening in this country

      41. Prep with tradeables, recruit neighbors to prep, and pray…

        Gardening, canning, fishing, hunting. Buy a bow and make your own arrows, learn trapping. Survival skills will keep many alive besides yourself. Teach everyone you know. Join oathkeepers, get a CB or Ham Radio.

      42. Brave, thanks for reminding me about the shtf course. I got it a year ago, it’s was some really extremely serious stuff. I highly recommend that new posters or current posters who have not gotten the course to get it, it will teach you alot..he will survive the next shtf event, he has immunity to shtf. Also get the Argentinian calapse by Fernando Feral. This one was a good one. The shtf course, this my friends was a whole other level.

      43. Wow, a whole article about debt and not one single word about why it exists: the banksters.
        If there’s ever a “collapse” of the financial system, it will be an intentional operation, not an unavoidable disaster.
        All this debt in the world is not a result of poor judgment. It’s a result of a crime inflicted upon America and the rest of humanity.
        If you’re mugged while sitting in your own living room, is that because you’re stupid? No, it’s because you are a victim of a criminal act.
        Transnational criminals (aka the banksters) have hijacked the planet. They are responsible for all this intentional debt. Getting someone indebted to you is a means of controlling them. Debt is one of the ways banksters control governments.
        These horrific wars don’t just happen. The banksters plan these endless wars and instigate them.
        If they want to, these loansharking banksters can keep their debt racket going forever.
        If there’s any “collapse” of the financial system it will be because that’s what the banksters wanted to happen.
        Wars and debt are not calamities resulting from the poor judgment of ordinary people.
        Wars and debt are criminality the banksters create and inflict upon humanity.
        And what about the ridiculous notion that resources are so scarce that people will resort to cannibalism?
        The truth is simply this: All scarcity is contrived; we live on an opulent planet that has been hijacked by a transnational criminal elite (aka the banksters) who manipulate the supply and price of every commodity, including water, food, energy, labor, entertainment, information, and even clean air.
        Like war, famine is an engineered event of mass murder that is committed by the banksters and their ruthless government minions.

        • Truth Linker
          you hit the freakin’ nail on the head
          dead center

          it doesn’t have to be this way

        • Truth Linker
          you hit the freakin’ nail on the head
          dead center

          it doesn’t have to be this way

      44. If you knew what day you were going to die, would you make any changes?

        Let’s say you get between six months and ten years from now.
        But you have a date set with the Reaper. You are not going to die before that date. That’s the deal. On that date you go to sleep and pass on.

        Base your answer on what is going on in the world now.

      45. Honestly, the world is so corrupt at almost every level that the only way to begin again is to let this rotten system fold in upon itself. When the new way arises will it be based on human helping human or human eating human? Unless people change the human race will continue to repeat the same mistakes over and over.

        I think it will be human eating human unless and until another catalyst is injected causing humans to change in such a way as not to repeat the past. A new way requires new humans. The humans that exist now have shown what they are capable of, perhaps the next wave of evolution will bring improvement…..or not.

      46. What a bunch of morons – quoting Bronze Age black magic and relishing the demise of mankind. Bye bye. This Planet will continue with or without YOU…you who are as guilty as those you chide. Give up your evil & hate and have compassion. Fluoridated fools still practicing a barbaric Roman One World religion based on Cannibalism… his body and drink his blood……how you have devolved and fallen back into the very traps set for you and how you GLOAT and your own demise….khazarian whores… that story in Nigeria is an OLD one put back on the rounds to sate your filthy appetites for human flesh ( which by the way gives you a brain disease)…and he only noticed the meats because of the PRICE I.e more expensive like a delicacy….your reptilians master have worked well exploiting you fools

      47. Honestly, the world is so corrupt at almost every level that the only way to begin again is to let this rotten system fold in upon itself. When the new way arises will it be based on human helping human or human eating human? Until people change the human race will continue to repeat the same mistakes over and over.

        I think it will be human eating human unless and until another catalyst is injected causing humans to change in such a way as not to repeat the past. A new way requires new humans. The humans that exist now have shown what they are capable of, perhaps the next wave of evolution will bring improvement…..or not.

      48. The way to stop it is by negating all this debt.

      49. Debt should NOT be currency

      50. You think you will escape this? The answer is in the same book that you all reference to all the time. You won’t, and if you think you can go to some other country and escape it, your wrong. No one there likes you and they will take it from you. You will end up homeless in a foreign land. Then killed. No one likes you or can stand you. Your like that fat ugly kid that always talks loud and is sarcastic and doesn’t know it. You stink and no one tells you, some because they feel sorry for you. Others because they hate you. Your government has insured that people around the world hate you and when they think of murder and killing someone, you always come up in the idea of it. Every time they think of their own nations and how they have been decimated and made poor through Americas intervention, do you really think they want to give you a big hug? And say ” I love you!”. Your insanity is beyond belief! Your nation has caused people to immigrate and they have become refugees because of your government and because you supported them. They are going to take everything that you hold dear from you! First and foremost they will burn this nation down, it will happen with war inside America and with nuclear bombs. God himself will let it happen. The entire nation will burn and shake and cause everything to come crashing down. Then he will unload the heavens on you bringing his own judgements on you. When you think you can jump on a plane and go somewhere it won’t work like that. It will happen fast! You wont have time. All those acres that you bought in south America or where ever you think that you can escape will be used by the people that live over there. Those houses will be occupied by others. Your money, your gold and silver will be worthless! Your ammo and your rifles will last for a very little time and soon you will trade them for food and eventually the radiation will make you sick and deranged along with the fact that all your food will be radiated and worthless. The water will not be drinkable and you will fade into the ground. Your children will die next to you along with their own children. Very few of you will make it out alive. You will walk into the southern border and their you will find that your southern neighbour will already have died of the same reasons. You wont make it past The Mexican capital, and if you do, you will be so sick and worthless that when some Indian in Mexico finds you he will think that you are dead and will bury you alive in the ground. No use going north, they will have been nuked too! They all will be dead from both the radiation and the long winter brought on from the nukes. No food they will have eaten themselves way before you ever got the idea that your fat wife looked tasty. Some of you will think to get on a boat and sail away, that won’t work! When others find you they will kill you and take what little you have. Very few of you will escape what is coming. Handfuls, all the rest are dead bodies walking around with a pie hole being boisterous and sarcastic thinking the world owes them something when it’s actually the other way around. The days of your Empire are numbered! You are not mentioned in the new millennium, except for being another Chernobyl with coyotes and jackals being it’s only inhabitants and that is hundreds of years from now. God have mercy on you fat kid!

      51. Youthink,

        You’re taking all the FUN of being a ‘prepper’ away from all these old geezers! They want to believe that ” they” are going to survive whatever happens and of course, rebuild the good old USA into the nation it was 200 years ago. Old people simply want to dwell in the land of fantasy, not hear facts like you’ve put down on the table. You know, if you keep this up, you’re going to RUIN the ” end of the world” for them!

      52. Cannot say that I disagree with “YouThink” in everything he lists…
        …. and I do believe that some of what he wrote is worth considering seriously.
        Maybe a lot more of the possibilities that he spoke of are likely than any of us want, or can, deal with.
        And, I agree that the geographical land mass now legally labeled the “United States” is fading away.
        Anyone who reads history will see the parallel between the “now” that we are experiencing and the multitude of civilizations and individual “nations that have seeded, grown, risen to power, over-reached their capabilities politically and militarily…. and finally inevitably were conquered, absorbed by other nations, or just faded into history.
        “Those who refuse to review history are doomed to repeat history”…
        …. this cliche has proven to be spot on.. over and over.
        Everybody has an opinion, and we know about that quotation… that said, my ‘opinion’ is: there are always a few men who “see the trend” and move themselves (and their loved ones) OUT of the path of the oncoming thundering freight train of corruption, greed and politicians.
        Of course Germany during the 20’s – 30’s – 40’s is one of the most recent examples that is not THAT far back in history.
        Today’s population has been reminded of that period frequently. There were the few individuals who packed up and moved themselves and whatever resources they could, OUT of the path of what was coming at them.
        We look at them and say “They were smart…”…
        So, on the basis of that .. and all the other historic “rises and falls”.. and the few who survived and even prospered because of their timely decisions…. WHY does anyone in the US today think that our situation is any different?
        No brick-bats thrown toward “preppers”.. they have strong survival instincts and deserve respect.
        But how is it that I get lambasted if I mention getting OFF the rail road track?

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