Democrats Are Drooling With Glee Over 2 New Legal Developments That They Believe Could End The Trump Presidency

by | Dec 14, 2018 | Headline News | 83 comments

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse

    There never was any “collusion with Russia”, but the Mueller investigation opened the door for investigators to keep turning over rocks, and it was inevitable that they were eventually going to find something.  In America today, we are governed by literally millions of laws, rules and regulations, and nobody has more laws that they must follow than the president of the United States.  So if the Deep State really wants to get the resident of the White House, there are lots of ways that they can do it.  Over the past several days, there have been a couple of new legal developments that potentially represent great threats to the Trump presidency, and Democrats are drooling with delight.

    The first development involves a potential violation of campaign finance laws.  In August, lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to arranging payments to two women “at the direction” of Donald Trump.  A $130,000 payment was made through a shell company to Stormy Daniels, and it was arranged that a $150,000 payment would be made to former Playboy model Karen McDougal through American Media Inc., which is the parent company of the National Enquirer.  It was ruled that these payments were made “for the principal purpose of influencing” the election, and it is one of the reasons why Michael Cohen is going to prison for three years.

    Personally, I am quite skeptical that these hush money payments constitute “campaign expenses” which must be reported, but this is the interpretation that is being pushed by the Deep State, and it is being widely accepted by the mainstream media and by members of both political parties.

    In August 2015, there was a meeting between Michael Cohen, American Media Inc. CEO David Pecker and “at least one other member of the campaign” during which a plan to “catch and kill” negative stories about Trump was discussed.  According to NBC News, it has been confirmed that the “other member” in the room was Trump himself…

    As part of a nonprosecution agreement disclosed Wednesday by federal prosecutors, American Media Inc., the Enquirer’s parent company, admitted that “Pecker offered to help deal with negative stories about that presidential candidate’s relationships with women by, among other things, assisting the campaign in identifying such stories so they could be purchased and their publication avoided.”

    The “statement of admitted facts” says that AMI admitted making a $150,000 payment “in concert with the campaign,” and says that Pecker, Cohen and “at least one other member of the campaign” were in the meeting. According to a person familiar with the matter, the “other member” was Trump.

    With Cohen and Pecker now both cooperating with federal investigators, Trump could potentially be in a huge amount of trouble, and the left is loving it.

    As a former assistant U.S. attorney explained to NBC News, it would essentially be a slam dunk to prove “a conspiracy to commit campaign finance fraud”…

    Daniel Goldman, an NBC News analyst and former assistant U.S. attorney said the agreement doesn’t detail what Trump said and did in the meeting. “But if Trump is now in the room, as early as August of 2015 and in combination with the recording where Trump clearly knows what Cohen is talking about with regarding to David Pecker, you now squarely place Trump in the middle of a conspiracy to commit campaign finance fraud.”

    But once again, that is only true if the hush money payments actually constituted “campaign expenses”, and it is my opinion that they do not.

    Meanwhile, federal authorities have also opened up a new investigation into potential corruption by President Trump’s inauguration committee.  The following comes from USA Today

    The investigation is being led by federal prosecutors in Manhattan and is examining whether donors gave money in return for access to Donald Trump and his administration, the Wall Street Journal and CNN reported.

    The Journal, citing unnamed officials, reports the probe is in its early stages but aims to determine whether some of the donors to Trump’s $107 million inauguration fund attempted to gain influence within the administration on policy decisions, something that could violate federal corruption laws.

    This new investigation never would have occurred if federal authorities had not already been investigating Michael Cohen.

    Reportedly, they came across some potentially incriminating information when they raided his home, office and hotel room in April

    During the April raids on Cohen’s home, office, and hotel room, federal investigators discovered a taped conversation between Cohen and Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, who worked with the inaugural committee, the WSJ reported.

    The contents of the recording are unclear but Wolkoff, according to the Journal, voiced concerns over how some of the inaugural funds were being spent.

    During the Nixon administration, the Department of Justice ruled that a sitting president could not be indicted, but now there are quite a few Democrats that are calling for that ruling to be “reevaluated”.  One of those Democrats is Representative Adam Schiff

    ‘I think the Justice Department needs to re-examine that OLC opinion, the Office of Legal Counsel opinion, that you cannot indict a sitting president under circumstances in which the failure to do so may mean that person escapes justice,’ Schiff told CNN on Wednesday, hours after Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to breaking campaign finance laws and other matters.

    In the short-term, it is probably unlikely that Trump will be indicted, and so if Democrats want to get rid of him they will need to go down the road of impeachment.

    Now that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have taken control of the House, they could probably pull off a vote to impeach Trump.  But the tricky part would be the Senate, because the Republicans still have a majority there.

    But it is a very small majority, and it would only take a handful of Republican votes to remove Trump from office.

    Let us hope that the Democrats do not decide to pursue impeachment, because that would only create even more division in a country that is already greatly divided.

    We live in very troubled times, and unfortunately things are likely to become even more troubled in 2019.


    Michael Snyder is a nationally syndicated writer, media personality and political activist. He is publisher of The Most Important News and the author of four books including The Beginning Of The End and Living A Life That Really Matters.

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

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      1. They use our tax dollars to pay off hookers for the same reason which is why they will die for their hypocrisy if they try to hold this against trump who used HIS OWN MONEY.. f these traitors they will all swing

        • Trump will be taken down.

          It truly does not matter if he committed a crime.

          Trump will be impeached. He will survive a senate trial, but loose in 2020.

          Democracy at it’s finest.

          • The only add on to your scenario is that I believe that after Mr. Trump is out of Office, the Federal Judicial machinery will pursue him and his Family for the rest of his life and the surviving Family members for many years until they get as many of them in jail or under heavy financial penalties as possible.

            They may not ever get Mr T behind bars but they will harass and bleed him of as much $ as they can for the rest of his days.

            This will be a highly publicized Operation and the purpose is to warn all who are Outsiders to the Establishment – DON”T MESS WITH OUR DEAL, WE WILL TAKE YOU OUT.


          • john stiner, you might be right. But ‘2 years’ sounds like forever now. It feels like the republic in free-fall now.

          • President Trump will be the last President of the current US. The only thing Trump has to do is to give an Oval Office message to the patriots of America. State that we have all seen how the rule of law is dead and the law is now only used as a political weapon. He should then through presidential authorization, call for a 15 million AR-15 march to Washington, to remove the sitting congress and senate, and order the states to form a new government using the original Constitution as written.

            • I got bad news for you but the law has only been used as a weapon since 1994, and that’s merely when I woke up to the fact. I bet if you trace it back far enough that was true even pre-1970.

              • Bone, are you talking about “take the guns, worry about due process later” and all for asset forfeiture, bump stock banning, eminent domain loving trump? THAT GUY? Get an armed militia to defend him? The anti-constitutional non defender of the 2nd ammendment guy? OK Butch… whatever lubes yer bunghole…

                • Yep, that’s why he has already lost 2020.

          • Well he does commit fraud, not pay taxes and lie constantly, so not a big surprise.

          • Ask yourself “why” the demorats want so badly to get rid of Trump? Either it’s because he is a danger to their agenda or they are putting on a damn good show!

        • Deplorable Ruski, good points. If any of us lie to a federal investigator we get 5 years in prison. But feds and everyone else in law enforcement lie to the public all the time and not a damn thing happens to them. Always remember, government people are special. They don’t have to live by the same rules everyone else does.

        • These scum politicians also drool over sex with children and killing unborn babies.

          • President Trump May be a Billionaire and have big kahonas but you can’t resist the Globalist and Survive, they will take you down. We The People will one day have to TAKE A STAND or our Once Great Republic will fall by the Way Side. Is the 2ND Amendment really just about hunting? Trekker Out

            • The people’s stand is coming soon, very soon. We’re at
              DEFCON 3.

            • Roger that!

        • Are you a black out baby?

          29 hour black out is meaningless. Try 4 weeks with no electricity after a hurricane.

          • JS, I once went through a 6-week long blackout so I know what you mean. 29 hours is NOTHING.

      2. You are parroting the wrong talking points of the media: Cohen is not going to prison for “campaign finance violations”, he is going to prison for tax evasion.

        Campaign finance violations have historically been punished by being slapped with a fine: Obama paid the largest FEC fine in American history.

        Please keep the proper narrative going: Trump is being hunted by the special prosecutor and the Atty General of the Southern District of New York; they admitted it! Their extreme hatred for Trump and the ideology he embodies should be a wake up call to us all. They cannot be allowed to get away with it.

        • Beth, good points. If anything happens to Trump, the libturds just don’t know what’s going to be unleashed on them.

          • nothing will be unleashed, unfortunately, too many keyboard commandoes

            • We know what you’ll be doing goober, sucking someone’s dick.

              • well you dont have to be rude. Which government agency do you work for ?

                • Would you believe Spiderman (aka Menzoberranzan) is a (wait for it) Therapist! Pity his patients with his attitude to life.

                  Methinks he is sorely in need of psychiatric help himself?.

                  • I make good money ??

                    • Money isn’t everything, and you making that your answer puts your character in question. Your answer should have been “I help people to the best of my ability to do so.”

                • Goober as you say, unfortunately to many key board commandos. I’ve been around in life for way to many years and have taken a few stands and I’ve found out that usually the ones that show the most bravado in their day to day life, are no-where to be found when the SHTF. Trekker Out. The Less Promises you make, the less you have to keep!

                  • Excellent points about the blowhards. Same way with people with money, the ones that really have money would rather people don’t know. Any variation of loudmouth, blowhard would be an extreme liability in any shtf. They sure are fun to watch and read their posts in the meantime. hahahaha

                    • I used to work for a multimillionaire, he never bragged about his money. He bought his suits on sale and had alterations done to them if they didn’t fit. He was a very generous man with his money and treated every man he met with respect no matter his station in life. He made you feel like family, from the maid to the secretary to his right hand man.
                      That’s how truly “rich” men act.

              • And you’re a therapist? Physician heal thyself.

                • Ft is another person who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

                  • I could be a therapist! You may not like it but I can get you to see the truth. Kinda like “A Clockwork Orange”! Sit on my couch and tell me your problem’s, I will have an answer for all of them! Stop going to bed with a problem on your mind only to wake up with a solution in your hand!

                    Truth MD
                    1313 So. GTFOOH Ave.
                    Your town USSA, 762×39

                • I did heal myself and work the fuck up. I will never stop fighting either.

            • Gooberplease is someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

          • NY can go to hell. They do not run this country.

            • Uhhh, so NY can go to NY (hell)? Their already there…

              • Good point.

      3. Notice that the media seldom, if ever, mentions that there is a taxpayer funded account that is used by Congress to pay “hush money” for sexual assault allegations against members of congress, and I think their staffs. Should we, the taxpayers, not know all the details of each and every payment made from this account, who it was paid to, and who it was that was accused of such behavior. Wouldn’t all this coverup constitute using public funds to hide information from the public to improve the possibilities of re-election of members of congress? The hypocrisy of our government is disgusting. And let us not forget that Mueller himself has been proven to suppress evidence that would have cleared those whom he wanted to find guilty. Mueller is a total dirtbag leading a team of political hack dirtbags. Lets air out all the dirty laundry, not just selected bits on one individual.

        • Look at what Ted Kennedy did, and yet the people still re-elected him. Chappaquiddick was right out there in public view and people still idolized him. You or I would have been sent to prison for years.

      4. “…the campaign in identifying such stories so they could be purchased and their publication avoided.”

        You have money for women, but not for men to raise families.

        • Men don’t get to “raise families” anymore, in case it escaped your attention. We get to be sperm donors. Occasionally, at best.

          Why anyone works hard enough to pay significant amounts of tax just to be told they’re totally irrelevant in the most insulting way possible escapes me.

          You don’t want no stinking men then pay for all your own shit. No welfare for that matter, no one will be funding it.

      5. OFF TOPIC:

        Is it possible that this model (slut) didn’t like the guy, so she made this accusation? Does this mean if I say something to the bitch next to me on a plane that she doesn’t like, all she has to do is make an accusation….and I go to prison for 9 years? I’m not defending this guy, but even if the accusation is true….9 friggin years.? What in Gods name is going on with this country.!!!!

        • Yes, it does mean that.

          Are you getting it yet? Your presence is not wanted. All they want is your tax dollars and your infrastructure.

          Denty them both.

      6. Maybe if Trump is kicked out soon, the economy, unemployment, race relations, and other horrid conditions he has brought to this country can make at least a partial recovery from their current disastrous state.

        • Anonymous, whose fantasy world are you from? Trump is NOT responsible for any of our current conditions.

          • DR there are more government shills here by the day. I’m glad they get to hear about their soon to be horribly violent endings. They can snicker and laugh about it now but when their death comes, I hope they see it coming. There aren’t just a few of us that will fight like hell, there are literally millions around the country. Just 3 percent equals over 3 million patriots with billions of rounds and other surprises.

            • That is if the numbers of gun owners is correct. May be a larger number than that. Either way, a guerilla army.

              • “a guerilla army” is made up of people, not guns.

                As is demonstrated almost daily by the Muslims with everything from simple fists, clubs, knives and homemade explosives to illegal automatic weapons.

                Your guerillas are far more likely to come from the left (think Antifa) than they are from the right.

                • Anonymous, the libturds don’t even know one end of a rifle from the other. The only way they operate is in gangs. Try to take on a libturd one-on-one and he/she/it just takes off running. I could send any one of them crying and running home to mommy’s basement.

                • Hope you got your eyes open when the SHTF and you’ll eat your words , that’s a fact.

              • Menzo, oh so true. Even just 10% of all gun owners, with a lot of vets among them, can save this country. The shills are in for the surprise of their lives.

                • There’s hope with a scope!

          • I second that DR

          • They’ve gotten far worse under Trump, unbearably worse.

            Don’t you read the articles and posts here?

            • Anonymous, whose fantasy world are you from?

              • The SHTF one.

                As I said, read the articles and posts here.

            • Anonymous, You need to call 911 and report your brain missing! Did you leave it under the bed? Did your mom wash it in the laundry? Did it grow and grow until it was the size of a BB and roll out your ear? Please do what you can to find it and report back. If you cannot find it perhaps you can get a new one from an expended lab rat. In my professional therapist opinion, you may want to just off yourself.

      7. Yeehaw! Let’s have impeachment hearings on EVERY federal servant who had an affair or was accused of sexual misconduct who paid off their accusers! Two can play at that sordid nonsense. Watch the Demonrats scurry into the shadows…freakin’ cockroaches.

      8. Paying someone to shut up so they will NOT influence an election is not exactly the same thing as spending money to influence an election. The fact that the two things can be considered identical is a consequence of the sloppy language usage with which legislators typically write laws.

      9. The libturds have been out to get Trump ever since the 2016 campaign. They started talking about impeachment right after Election Day AND HE WASN’T EVEN SWORN INTO OFFICE YET. Mueller has been investigating Trump for 2 years, including looking at other things he was never authorized to look into and hasn’t come up with shit. Now they’re fabricating things; something, anything, to try to get him out. They’re desperate and clutching at straws. And of course Hillary is still going on her tours blaming everyone but herself for losing the election. These people make Chicken Little sound sensible. [SARCASM WAS DEFINITELY INTENDED HERE]

      10. Let’s calm down. In the dims mind, impeachment means Trump will no longer be President. Not true. i.e.: Bill Clinton. They have this strange dream that impeaching Trump kicks him out and 2nd-place Hillary automatically steps in as President. Lol, good luck with that.
        Besides this is all theater. They don’t want impeach, just keep talking about it until 2020, and tell their base to just “vote Democrat” if they want to get rid of Trump. Has been the scheme since Trump won.

      11. Cloak, and Dagger at its finest ,and in the middle of it BOOTY

        You know what let’s just drop the gloves, and we all go at it.

        An who ever wins just put in place who you want in place.

        With all the f–king bureaucrats lets just go back to a Monarchy.

        Then if one king wants to attack another king just go at it.

        then you will not have to worry about getting permission from

        any HOUSE or Senate just have a Fool or a joker in there to help the KINGS make up your minds

        Lets just have GLADATORY EVENTS.

        Then we all can whoever survives Drink, Eat, and have Orgies.

        I am tired of this Bullshit

        An please note other military planes, need overhaul so do our ships, and personal.

        Meanwhile Putin is warming up, and China is too

        We have slugs, and tree huggers that are staying home sucking off mom, and dad they could not survive the first cut if the balloon goes up so WTF if THE SHTF.

        I just had to vent.

        Flush the Toilet

      12. Its possible, being as divided as we are, that any dem elected to the high office will be met with equally hostile actions from Day 1.

        • They will be met with equally hostile actions from us, but not the media. If the media was neutral like they are supposed to be,and just reported the news, like they are supposed to do, Trump wouldn’t have all this leftist uproar against him. Savior Obama was a complete waste of air, and down right traitorous when he was president but nary a bad word about him was printed in the media or on TV news. I don’t think we have a chance without the media. Too many people are brain dead, couch taters who believe everything the TV puts out. I hope you are right though.

          • Redwinger, uh, do you think we’d have a chance WITH the MSM? Considering their position toward us? To hell with MSM. We don’t need them.

            • No we don’t have a chance with the MSM. All I was saying is that most people believe what the TV puts out and that our side has no public voice. All we have is maybe a few websites and a few radio programs. We don’t get to bombard the sheeple everyday like the left does with the MSM.

      13. I hope they try to impeach Trump,
        Not because i hate the man, i think he has balls of steel to wade into that crap in DC,
        But i want them to do it, because rats will eat eachother,
        I want these rats to reap the absolute worst unintended consequences possible.
        Unpopular opinion?
        Too bad, ya better get used to it, if you think theres an easier softer way you are kidding yourself.
        The unintended consequences are exactly what we need,
        Its like an adiict getting clean, you have to hit bottom, then the healing can start

        • Nailbanger, I hope the libturds, er, rats eat each other too. That way I can save some of my ammo for OTHER rats, LOL.

      14. The hilarious aspect is impeachment hearings would likely fail to even begin…which makes the Demonrats look impotent. They squint at gnats and swallow camels as they always have when their own hershey highway and rugmuncher politicians/icon get caught paying off same sex prostitutes…and sometimes underage one’s as Harvey Milk notoriously did.

        • I believe you meant to say”Swallow camels and choke on gnats”.

      15. The full might of the deep state globalist is on display and they showing they will use every means necessary to retain control. The second American civil war started many years ago but the battles are being fought in DC behind closed doors, in the media and at the ballot box but it will eventually spill into the streets. The lines are already drawn and when the economy tanks, the lid will blow and the America we once knew will be gone. It’s only a matter of time.

      16. It sure feels to this old coot that the chickens are finally coming home to roost. We now have 2 generations of commies indoctrinated in government schools and academia. Get ready for all hell to break loose when the new House gets seated. The commies will NOT stop attacking Trump until he is removed. Violence is baked into their cake.

      17. Does anyone wonder why there is one reported scandal after another on this administration. Other campaigns have done this for years. Congress itself has a slush fund for paying off ladies that congressmen have been with and that is our tax money for sure.
        Trump is so hated by the media and the democrats. It is a sign that he actually is doing something worth a damn. They are trying everything they know to get rid of him. Including some of the Republicans.
        I for one am sick of this shit. We know both parties have turned this country into something that is unrecognizable. I wish the people would actually take back control and return the country to its original roots.

        But aahhhh that looks like only a fantasy.

        • Spot on MVA

          • Yes, it is a fantasy, because Americans have turned into comfort seeking cowards willing to put up with just about anything. Our ancestors are rolling over in their graves.

            • Just look at how many are sucking at the government teet, and by that i mean both social programs and gov employees, many on SS paid in for decades, so that i dont count, same with medi, most who worked have paid in and in many instances are still paying in, but all the illegals getting benefits, the political class, the gov employees, the other leaches, you think they would go against gov.commy, not a chance
              Were screwed

              • Well hijack a boat and git yer ass over here and join my end of the world party dammit!

      18. Seems like many people have been sleeping under a rock or just following CNN and other fake news channels.

        Trump is actually the good guy here…
        He is surrounded by enemies who enslaved America to believe propaganda. Many people are indoctrinated for many years. I know it’s very hard to come out of it. Some still stack with it! http://fbicorruption.newshttp://deepstate.news Stop blame Trump for your own failure. Start looking for the facts and do your own research.

      19. I wonder if the Russian people thought the Russian army could be defeated and the royal family torture murdered? Don’t underestimate the enemy? Cause it’s the same ((( one )))?

      20. I find it hard to understand why the Democrats want Mike Pence to be president so badly?

      21. They can impeach Trump all they want and it will do no good. The Senate has to vote 67-33 to convict, not a simple majority, so he will never be removed. But the lead-up and trial will take, what, 18 months, and absolutely nothing will be done other than persecute Trump. In the meantime, he can be ruling by Executive Order. When it comes time to defend himself in the Senate, he can declassify and read into the record any classified document, thereby embarrassing the whole Dimorat side of the aisle… Meantime, the real America will become so pissed off at the moron leftists that Trump will win in a landslide in 2020, along with gaining sizable majorities in both Houses… And he will be able to seat at least two more SC justices and lots more Federal judges, making his legacy solid for 20 or 30 years…

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