Democrat Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg Thinks Forced Labor (Slavery) Is Fine

by | May 5, 2019 | Headline News | 36 comments

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    Anyone with even a remotely limited amount of logic knows that forced labor is slavery.  Concentration camps and Russia’s Gulags were two examples until democrat and presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg decided to endorse forced labor in the USSA.

    While complaining to MSNBC‘s Rachel Maddow about what he sees as the United State’s lack of “social cohesion,” Buttigieg called for one year of national service as a solution. That’s forced labor, or gulags, or slavery no matter how you decide to slice it up. The USSA seems a more appropriate acronym to use when democrats discuss ideas.  As Reason so aptly put it: no doubt he would take offense at any comparison of his scheme to chattel slavery—a comparison such as that offered by former slave Frederick Douglass.

    “What is freedom? It is the right to choose one’s own employment. Certainly, it means that, if it means anything,” Douglass thundered in response to Union General Nathaniel P. Banks’s policy as military commander of Louisiana of extracting one year of forced agricultural labor from freedmen on behalf of the federal government. “And when any individual or combination of individuals, undertakes to decide for any man when he shall work, where he shall work, at what he shall work, and for what he shall work, he or they practically reduce him to slavery.” –Reason

    Although Buttigieg didn’t explicitly call for conscription to build “social cohesion,” he made it seem as though that’s an option. He allowed himself a little deniability by telling Maddow, “One thing we could do that would change that would be to make it, if not legally obligatory, but certainly a social norm that anybody, after they’re 18, spends a year in national service.”

    It sure sounds like somehow, Buttigieg wants everyone to volunteer themselves for service to the government. It would be nice to know how he’d enforce any such human rights violation without force and putting guns to the heads of those who refuse to comply. And the public seems to disagree with his enslavement idea.

    2017 survey by Gallup found 49 percent of Americans favoring the idea and 45 percent opposed. Unsurprisingly, support for mandatory national service rises among older cohorts who are highly unlikely to ever receive a draft notice, winning the nod from a solid two-thirds of those over 65. By contrast, the 18- to 29-year-olds actually targeted by forced labor schemes despise the idea by 57 percent to 39 percent. –Reason

    Buttigieg seems to think that allowing a choice of civilian or military tasks to fulfill the whims of politicians addresses concerns about mandatory national service. But when compared to historical slavery, telling a slave they can choose to pick cotton or they can sow seeds still isn’t freedom.

    After General William Westmoreland objected that he did not want to command “an army of mercenaries” as he characterized paid volunteers when he and Milton Friedman famously sparred (PDF) over ending the draft during the Vietnam War, Friedman riposted, “would you rather command an army of slaves?”-Reason

    Welcome to the USSA! A communist’s paradise, where freedom is now forced labor and the Democrats want to hold the whip.



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      1. I’m far too old as are my kids. Assuming they made this happen before 5 more years our subsequent generation wouldn’t be “drafted”. I hate to say it but I would pay to watch a millennial with shovel in hand. I would be shouting from a safe distance, “beware what you ask for because you might get it”.

        • somebody please call 911 !!!
          is he on crack ?

      2. I love reading your articles even though I mostly have a different opinion. However, I’ve read his speech and it’s clear you have made the case his proposal is “slavery”. He never said mandatory. He never said it was work for free. He did say his opinion was it would allow Americans from different backgrounds to have an opportunity to do service work and interact with people from different backgrounds. It’s a proposal. Not a roundup of unwilling participants to do free labor.

        • The standard term of service, in admittedly-Communist countries, is usually 2yrs.

          Whatever the position, it does not seem competitive in the free market, or we might be doing that work, already.

      3. Well what do you expect from a guy who is fecked up in the head.

        • repr, it ain’t a matter of what is “F’d” up in his head, he already believes and practices having things forced in directions that are just not natural.

          • Yeah I forgot he likes to play the ‘slobber blues’ on his boyfriend’s meat whistle.

            • This shit is already “law”. It is in several declarations. Has been for a long time. I think it is in the emergency war powers act and the patriot act and the act for govt. continuity (can’t remember the name) and another one too. They can’t force me to do shit except die in a shootout with them. If I was young I might go along with it just to get inside and fook there shit up. I would be a very, very bad slave.

              • Genius, same here. They’d have to bury me UNDER the concentration camp.

      4. im for forced labor slavery. It’s a great idea one that has worked time and time again. freedom doesn’t work cus people think it means free shit. I think the American experiment is a failure that wastes resources on useless parasites while allows them to hide behind religion and human rights to be provided for by the fruits of others labor. you don’t have a right to live off others labor. Some people need to be forced to do what they need to do. Some don’t they already work.

      5. His name is pronounced “Booty Gig”. Why?

        • Because he is a godless heathen who believes his sexual perversion is somehow condoned by our creator. This guy is worse than delusional and if he and others like him were dead the country would be a better place.

          • Menzo, I guess we can’t get rid of these heathen fast enough.

      6. Ho-hum, just another Demonrat that doesn’t know his head from his a**. Bernie Sanders is a blatant communist. Kamala Harris is just another California communist. Corey Booker, what can I say. Pocahontas is all over the place. Joe Biden is still dumber than a rock. I could go on and on.

      7. Sounds like a GREAT idea for all Democrat voters.

      8. Sure as hell can’t get the young ones to work in Mcdonalds for money. Maybe give them college credit or instead of military service. Let them make the choice…

        • Jim in Va

          Seriously its absolutely un-American, communistic and It would be a failure of epic proportions regarding adding of value or discipline. It would likely morph into a “make work” of no work program. My father has a saying regarding hiring youth to do work. “One boy is a boy”, “Two boys are half a boy”, “Three boys are no boy at all”. The more that are there the more they goof off.

      9. I see Stockton California is passing out money to families as though they’re working for it.

        • Exactly

          • I wish they would just nuke the san andreas fault and get rid of those roaches.

            • Gen,
              Stockton is on the safe side of the fault.

              • Well I suppose we will have to bulldoze the remnants off the cliff lol.

      10. MSM is really pushing and promoting him. I don’t get where this guy gets off thinking he’s qualified for the presidency with only 7 years as mayor of a small town, population 100,000, to govern and lead a country of 335,000,000. WTF? What an arrogant sob.

        • Get Real, this is the Marxist deconstruction of Western Civilization. What it will be replaced with is not very pleasant.

          • He doesn’t need to know anything. He just needs to sell himself to the body politic in sufficient number to get elected. The people, or better said interests that put him there will tell him what to do. Trump bess the guy but he did open the door for a popularity contest. Obama, a city ward politician with a short stay in State Legislature and I believe an even shorter one in US Senate where his accomplishments were uneventful started the trend. It’s difficult to get experienced politicians w/o baggage. Social Media creates popularity and popularity gets people elected. The “normal” progression is bypassed. Remove the Electoral College and Bill Of Rights individual protections it will become a mass mob of “tyranny of the masses” with TPTB leading the orchestra. How can so many have access to so much information and remain so ignorant and oblivious to reality?

        • You left out POS

      11. Worse than his beliefs is the reality that there’s probably thousands upon thousands of idiots out there–common sense and logic being a fleeing commodity–who will go along with this. Unbelievable.

      12. Peter Buttigieg. The name of the totalitarian homo who may run for president. It would almost be funny if it wasn’t so nauseating. And really, terrifying. God only knows what sordid BS he would do to whats left of this country.

      13. Once the Dems are back in power (through massive fraud) they will come after any citizen who did not voice opposition to Trump loudly enough to satisfy the state. Expect total gun bans with forced confiscation, prison terms and FEMA camps. 2020 is the year the USA becomes the Peoples Republic of Socialist America.


        • Na…..

          They’ll reach for registration, they’ll methodically isolate and strangle opposition thus molding public opinion. The political climate isn’t right just yet for a dystopian “final solution” of confiscation and mass incarceration. That will come when a severe economic collapse (interesting phraseology as if there can be an economic collapse that is less then severe) greases the treads of acceptability for authoritarian control. The body politic will hand over rights if they’re convinced that it’s necessary; they just create the perception of necessity. Regarding Trump “School Is Still Out”; he certainly is no libertarian.

      14. LET MY PEOPLE GO…………

      15. This is my freedom of speech so if this does not make the cut to this site I’ll know this site is a fraud.

        We don’t need a professing homosexual in the white house. Pete is married to a man. I am sure that will go over with all the policies over the world like in Russia or any of the middle eastern countries. I don’t share Pete’s view on anything and anyone reading this if you were from South Bend, Indiana you would know that he has none nothing for South Bend to be remembered for anything.

      16. I would support 2-year mandatory military service

      17. Pete Buttplug wants to force millineals and Gen Z to *gasp* actually WORK?
        Good luck with that, son.
        You’re going to spend more making sure they’re not crying their eyes out, running away, or sodomizing each other consensually.

      18. The Democrats held the whip in the Antebellum South. Their Northern brethren inflicted the War Between the States on the South to “preserve” their “Union” (impose their empire) on the South to enable that “military commander of (erstwhile free) Louisiana” to force the blacks whom the Northerners–we’re incessantly told– destroyed whole Southern states to “free” into “Union” slavery. We’ve all been in “Union” (Northern imperial) slavery ever since. To paraphrase Harriet Tubman’s description: most them are so brainwashed by it they “don’t even know they’re slaves” of it.

      19. He is just continuing what the Edward M Kennedy Serve America Act was championing and what The Plan: Big Ideas for America by Rahm Emanuel laid out.

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