Democrat Predicts: Trump Will Resign Before He’s Impeached Citing “Poor Health”

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Headline News | 2 comments

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    One thing we aren’t short on right now is predictions. One Democrat and activist is making the claim that Donald Trump will resign before he can be impeached, and the president will claim it’s due to his “poor health.”

    Jon Cooper, the chairman of the Democratic Coalition, suggested on Sunday that Trump is on very thin ice and despite his promises to win re-election in 2020, the president may not even make it to the next election. Trump is currently in the crosshairs of the pro-impeachment Democrats in Congress, who are looking for any excuse to derail his presidency.  Public hearings began last week and will recommence Tuesday.

    According to Newsweek, it now seems a foregone conclusion that he will be impeached a party-line House vote, though it remains unlikely that the Republican-controlled Senate will convict him. But Cooper is assuming that Trump won’t even make it through his first term, but not because of impeachment…

    Cooper believes president Donald Trump will resign due to health concerns.

    This prediction comes on the heels of a two-hour unscheduled checkup that Trump had undergone. Although the announcement of the checkup spurred rumors of the president’s ailing health, the White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham was quick to dismiss such reports, according to Reuters. When asked if Trump’s health was of concern, Grisham replied: “Absolutely not. He is healthy as can be.” Regardless, Cooper said the rumors were that Trump had experienced some chest pain related to anxiety over the ongoing impeachment proceedings.

    Cooper also believes that vice president Mike Pence would do anything to become president, including “stab [Trump] in the back.”

    Cooper appears to be implying that Trump should watch his back and that Mike Pence is nothing more than his enemy seeking his demise so the vice president can grab power.

    That’s one heck of a prediction!


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      1. This is starting to get funny.
        – Russian collution – nope
        – Ukraine quid pro quo – nope
        – start rumor trump will resign if house votes to impeach – nope

        We are waching history
        The destruction of the Democratic Party as a national party

      2. “Cooper appears to be implying that Trump should watch his back and that Mike Pence is nothing more than his enemy seeking his demise so the vice president can grab power.”

        Pence is a typical RINO / neocon / globalist flavored, war mongering for Israel type of politician, cut from the same cancer tumor as the entire Bush Crime Family. Trump was a moron for choosing him as his running mate, but then – can anyone name a single pick Trump has made for any position in his administration for the last 3 and half years that hasn’t been equally as stupid?

        Incidentally, I’ve been watching the vile and despicable Nicky Haley’s highly suspicious maneuverings as of late, and my instincts tell me that this evil witch is up to something that merits paying very close attention to. She spent her entire time in the Trump Administration doing everything she could to stymie and undermine Trump’s 2016 promised agenda – and even had the gall on several occasions to be openly, publicly and arrogantly insubordinate and disrespectful to the President – and finally, Trump decided to fire her.

        But, lately – Nicky has suddenly been all over the TV networks, giving interviews and falling all over herself to kiss The Donald’s back side and pretending as though she is a big pro-Trumper. I’m not buying her bull-shyte.

        Haley is owned by the Israel First, America Never Lobby – and my gut instincts are telling me that she has been told to start kissing up to Trump for some yet to be determined reason. There have been a few rumors floating around that Trump might dump Pence as his VP in 2020 and Nicky could be taking his place on the ticket. Personally, I find that hard to believe – but, then – the Orange Man has a 3 and one half year long record of repeatedly making unbelievably stupid decisions which has lead to him filling up his administration with never Trumpers, globalists, neocons, RINOs and vile swamp creatures – which has resulted in a near total betrayal of the promised 2016 campaign agenda.

        I’m now wondering if these new rumors about Pence being willing to stab Trump in the back are part of a deliberate scheme to tap into Trump’s paranoia, and get him to distrust Pence enough to bump him off the VP spot on the 2020 ticket – opening up a spot for this diabolically evil witch Nicky Haley?

        I’m no fan of Mike Pence, but I will flat not vote for Nicky Haley for any political office.

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