“Delete Twitter” Internet Searches Soar After Elon Musk’s Twitter Deal

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    Elon Musk’s $54.20 per share offer buyout (approximately worth $46.5 billion) was unanimously approved by the Twitter Board of Directors and expected to close this year. Musk has promised to return free speech to the social media platform, but there are plenty who want to “delete Twitter” rather than be “subjected” to free speech.

    After weeks of pro-establishment slaves screaming that Musk will ruin so-called “free speech” on the social media platform, there’s been an uptick in internet searches to “delete Twitter,” according to AskGamblers.  Total global search trends, including all countries, suggest an increase of 698% in searches for “delete Twitter,” a spokesperson for AskGamblers said. As if there’s free speech on Twitter to begin with.

    “It’s interesting to see how Twitter users are disappointed when the world’s richest man buys out one of the most popular social media platforms in the world for $44bn,” the spokesperson added. What’s more ridiculous, is that they seem to be ticked off that the official narrative may now be questioned.

    And obviously, the establishment media is quite literally melting down and publishing articles on “How to Delete Your Twitter Account.”

    Musk has described himself as a free speech absolutist. And perhaps under his leadership, Twitter will get out of the business of censoring anyone who challenges or has a different opinion than the establishment. Perhaps. But it may not change anything at all either. In this day and age, it would do most of humanity a lot of good to question anyone, especially the wealthiest man in the world. 

    While concern over Twitter’s “free speech” or lack thereof is valid, ruling classes, such as the one in the United States and its propaganda outlets known as the mainstream media will continue to make sure their narrative is the one that matters. A transfer of power to Musk may mean nothing more than a different face on a puppet, but we will see.



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      1. I hope Musk turns out to be what so many people expect him to be and dose with twitter what they think he will..

        I suppose we’ll know shortly.

      2. Back in 1991 John Coleman wrote a book, 21 Goals of the illuminati and the committee of 300. You can read them as a list, here: https://educate-yourself.org/cn/johncolemangoalsofIlluminati.shtml#top
        They have completed almost all of them. Covid was a way to do away with sovereignty.
        I will tell you a secret. The devil has to get permission from God, to do anything.
        The only way he can accomplish anything is one way: with lies.
        God is watching. If you believe the devils lies, and that evil is good, as it is presented with ever lie, the devil wins.
        All of this is to bring Hell to the earth as the NWO.
        The devil planned to erase all christianity, and the bible forever, in order to implement the mark of the Beast.
        But, his time is shortened to prevent that.
        It is all about people believing one lie after another, that leads to one goal: the mark of the beast, a digital Id chip in the habnd followed by the neurolink chip in the brain.
        Many people will reject it, because they read the Bible.
        They want to get to that point of forcing the chips, vaccines with chips and neurolink chips on humans to make them into demons of Hell. That is exactly what it will do, make you lose your souls and become demons under the total control of Lucifer.
        The evil psychopaths of the NWO and their freemasonry, have no souls, they already belong to the evil one.
        Lucifer’s money made them powerful and wealthy, if they were useful to implement his plan.
        Gates with vaccines and Elon especially with neurolink, are wealthy and powerful because they will make you believe the lies, that evil (the digital ID) and (the neurolink) are good. That is why they are working so hard to make Elon popular.
        Don’t be fooled. Save your souls, the end comes in 2023. Jesus will return, but if you have lost your soul, you will not be here to see him.
        Everyone of the NWO, all the serpents of freemasonry, and the illuminati, will be gone forever, in 2023. They will take with them all who believed the devils lies and followed and obeyed their commands.

      3. The “woke snowflakes” can NOT stand free speech – or any other challenge to their factually-bereft ideology. The MSM propaganda machines detest the free exchange of ideas.

      4. 5G and Neuralink —

        Different branches of the IT sector can argue whether it starts in the right hand or forehead but are ultimately in favor of upload into a Metaverse.

      5. The snowflakes are melting ahhhh! I can eat this up with a spoon.

      6. Hmm, I’ve never been on twitter, as far as I was concerned, it was just another liberal, democratic, commie bull snot operation used by a bunch air heads and lazy rear ended idiots who think or thought they were the only ones who knew which end was up and which end was down.

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