Del Bigtree: Censored For Stating Vaccine Truths

by | Aug 25, 2020 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts, Headline News, ORIGINAL | 4 comments

We all know that those who censor others, for any reason, do not do so because of misinformation or lies, they do so to control the narrative and push an agenda. Del Bigtree is one of those many voices censored since the scamdemic began, but he’s dedicated to getting the truth about vaccines out to the public.

Bigtree created the documentary “Vaxxed” which details the scientific community’s fraud when it comes to vaccines, specifically the MMR vaccine.  That was Bigtree’s first experience with being censored for speaking the truth about the fraudulent vaccine “science” publically. Later in the interview with Portfolio Wealth Global’s Michelle Holiday,  the point is made that censorship isn’t republican or democrat. It’s the people versus the ruling class at this point.

Bigtree is also saying with a known treatment, hydroxychloroquine, people are recovering, but the media, at the commands of government are blocking this treatment. The ruling class seems to want people to suffer as much as possible so they can keep the fear going until the military forced vaccine is ready. 

But what’s in those vaccines? Listen in at 23:00. “Not a single childhood vaccine…is safe.” He added: “How can we say vaccines are safe when they contain mercury? Mercury is the second most toxic substance on earth.” Vaccines also contain aluminum which is found on the brains of people with Alzheimer’s and children with autism.

Keep in mind too, AstraZeneca is not liable for damages caused by this vaccine. In addition, vaccines are not effective, says Bigtree. So why do we continue to et them? Propaganda thanks to the lobbying efforts of big pharma and the mainstream media’s advertisements for them.

“The beauty of this coronavirus vaccine, is that for the first time, maybe ever, people are asking ‘how is a vaccine approved for safety?'” You’re watching the public really start to question this vaccine and what they are putting in their bodies an the bodies of their children.

This virus ticks off all the boxed of the New World Order, and things will not improve after the election, regardless of who wins, and things will not ever go back to normal, vaccine or not.

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    1. Frank Thoughts

      Something they never tell you is the role of genetic heritage and health and viruses. All of us either benefit from or are harmed by our genetic makeup and how it interacts with the environment. This is known as epigenetics as well as genetics.

      So the reason some races and ethnicities experience Covid worse is how much Vitamin D they have. Another reason is genetic inheritance from past virus outbreaks. Because Europeans have been settled and living in dense urban environments longer, they have an extraordinary genetic inheritance because of Europe’s centuries of epidemics. Keep in mind when people came into contact with Europeans, they died like flies from the diseases they spread.

      The groups that are dying like flies now (apart from the very sick and very old) are blacks and Muslims. Blacks because of lack of Vitamin D, and Muslims because of a very high presence of genetic disorders because of intermarriage.

    2. Andrea.Iravani.

      Probably better off in most cases not to go to the doctor but to drink tonic water which contains the active ingredient in hydroxychloroquine – quinine, and was developed for combatting malaria during the British Invasion of India. Quinine is made from the bark of the Peruvian Quina tree. The problem is that most children would hate drinking tonic water because of its bitter taste. Most physicians in most countries are prescribing hydroxychloroquine and have had high success rates. I do not know the equivalent dose of tonic water to hydroxychloroquine.

      Andrea Iravani

    3. Frank Thoughts

      A little historical perspective is important in understanding the Covid-19 pandemic. Unlike the 1918 pandemic, Western urban populations are EXTREMELY ethnically and racially diverse now. Whatever you may think of that what it does do is make the population more vulnerable, not less vulnerable. By mixing in races and ethnicities without the genetic inheritance of past pandemics, the virus has many vectors in which to spread like wildfire and to take out groups who do not have strong immune systems, ie: blacks living on fried chicken with low Vitamin D levels/diabetes and/or Muslims with inherited diseases because they banged their cousins.

      What this means is interesting: 1) current distancing and other measures are about a failed attempt to protect these groups, not about actually fighting the virus. 2) any vaccine will not be a magic bullet because of the wide variation in race and ethnicity.

      Sweden is the only Western country taking the right approach by not destroying their economy and society and by letting the virus take out the non-whites, the old and the very ill.

    4. The Deplorable Renegade

      I never take any kind of vaccine for anything and I won’t under any circumstances.

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