Deep State Coup Underway! Lawmakers Discussed Trump’s ‘Mental Health’ With Psychiatrist

by | Jan 4, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Forecasting, Headline News | 73 comments

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    Lawmakers have called in a psychiatrist to discuss president Donald Trump’s “mental health.” The psychiatry professor at Yale, who believes President Trump’s mental health is a mounting emergency, made her case to more than a dozen members of Congress last month.

    This appears to be “Plan B” right out of the deep state’s playbook. Yesterday, SHTFPlan reported on an interview with Roger Stone, in which Stone details the lengths the deep state will go to in order to oust Trump.

    But the deep state’s Plan B is to invoke the 25th Amendment.

    So we’ll see an uptick in all of this ‘Trump is mentally imbalanced, Trump is insane, Trump must be removed,’” Stone warned. “Now you have to examine the extent to which they can whip up that hysteria as a backdrop because, without that hysteria, such a political move on the president will fail.” And once Plan B fails, the globalists will move on to Plan C, which is simply an assassination. -SHTFPlan.

    According to Axios, one Republican Senator was present at the meetings, along with a dozen or so Democrats. Dr. Bandy X. Lee, said Trump is “going to unravel,” and that “the rush of tweeting is an indication of his falling apart under stress. Trump is going to get worse and will become uncontainable with the pressures of the presidency.” Politico reports that Lee has been invited to speak again at Rep. Rose DeLauro’s house later this month with other lawmakers. These meetings lasted over 16 and took place over the course of two days back in December.

    The Deep State’s “Plan A,” Stone said, is the imploding “investigation” into alleged “Russian collusion” by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. If and when that fails, which Stone suggested was likely, the establishment would move to “Plan B.” In essence, that plot would involve trying to get a majority of Trump’s cabinet to declare him unfit for office. This would allow Trump to be removed under the U.S. Constitution’s 25th Amendment — another scheme Stone said would probably flop. Last but not least, though, if all else fails, Stone warned of “Plan C”: Killing the president.   –The New American

    It certainly looks like we are being told exactly what’s going to take place, and it’s unfolding before our very eyes. According to AOL, Lee’s remarks were clear. “From a medical perspective, when we see someone unraveling like this, it’s an emergency,” Lee said. “We’ve never come so close in my career to this level of catastrophic violence that could be the end of humankind.” While Lee made it clear that psychiatrists are prohibited from diagnosing from afar, she pointed out that President Trump’s pattern of behavior was a worrying sign.

    Plan B could very well be in full swing as another example of manufactured outrage made headlines. Take into account yesterday’s article by SHTFPlan in which Green Day’s Billy Joe demands the 25th amendment “be enforced.”

    The latest example comes in the form of an Instagram rant in which Green Day frontman Billy Joe Armstrong had a mini meltdown over the presidents latest tweet about North Korea, eventually going on to attack his own fans who support the president while joining with the deep state echo chamber in calling for the use of the 25th Amendment to remove him from office.

    “This isn’t funny. This is our president acting like a madman drunk on power THREATENING to kill innocent starving people by way of nuclear war. The 25th amendment needs to be enforced. This man is sick and unfit for office. I don’t care if your liberal or conservative.. this has to stop . Please share #impeachtrump.” -SHTFPlan

    For the deep state’s plan B to work, a hysteria must be whipped up to convince the easily manipulated that their very lives are in danger. And as we can plainly see, that’s exactly what’s happening. However, when Plan B fails, the deep state’s Plan C is to assassinate the president.


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      1. if anything happens to Trump it wont be the end of anything, but the start. I would not want my name associated with Trumps removal given the number of supporters and the number of firearms in this country. Its scary.

        • Goofygal, agreed. BTW, your moniker is rather curious. You don’t sound goofy at all.

        • goofygal – I hear you. But, I’m also very pragmatic. I wonder – honestly wonder – how many would actually take up arms to right that action should it occur? I’m afraid I know the truth – not enough.

          • Heartless, 3 to 5 % and thats about it. Same here at this site and every other.

            I cannot even imagine what events it would take for the masses to actually standup to anything ? Even if many say they are patriots, few have shown that to be true by their actions.

            Not any different than prepper sites where everybody is an expert and few can even run a mile or do 10 real pushups, its laughable. These supposed experts are largely self proclaimed and most have never even in any kind if conflict, war or even a fist fight ?

          • The author of the explosive new Trump book says he can’t be sure if parts of it are true


            “The author of the explosive new book about Donald Trump’s presidency acknowledged in an author’s note that he wasn’t certain all of its content was true.

            Michael Wolff, the author of “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” included a note at the start that casts significant doubt on the reliability of the specifics contained in the rest of its pages.

            Several of his sources, he says, were definitely lying to him, while some offered accounts that flatly contradicted those of others.”

            ht tp://

          • Heartless: agree, not many real patriot males alive today, most are in cemeteries. Liberals are infiltrating the S.E. like the A hole that replaced Jeff Sessions in the senate (Ala). Not enough patriots left to impact anything in 2018 except in small pockets of the S.E., Mid west maybe.

            • laurann, I guess you nailed me – I live in Florida; but, raised/from Kansas. Don’t give up. There are quite a few non-liberals in my area. More than people’d think. Trick is to never surrender no matter the odds. It’s not a matter of if I (or you) live, it’s for those generations (like a couple now I’m personally responsible for their having life) to come and live free.

        • It’s going to happen. Bannon is exactly what they needed to get that ball rolling. I seriously doubt anyone is going to do anything. Seriously, Americans don’t even care that demon trannies are teaching toddlers lgbtq at public libraries. The demonrats, and rinos, can do anything they want now. There is no one to stop them.

          • Liberals are mentally deranged. Liberalsm is a mental disorder. They have nothing on Trump.

            • Cracker J: liberals lack certain brain cells controlling logic/critical thinking. Genetic or brain injury in youth, or brainwashing in universities, not sure. Some raised by leftist parents do wake up turn around, (several I know). I tried talking to a liberal 60ish man recently about Muslim agendas, like speaking to a retard. All he said is “we can’t call all of them terororists” so we have to let them in assuming they are not, not seeing the Muslim doctrine of world conquest and killing of infidels, etc. duh.

          • FBI Chief FOIA Officer: “Every Single Memo Comey Leaked Was Classified”

            “As James Comey trots around the country on his book-selling tour, tweeting bible quotes and nature scenes, a less serene series of events is playing out in Washington D.C. which suggests the former FBI Director may be in trouble over the memos he leaked to Columbia law professor Daniel Richman, allegedly detailing conversations between Comey and President Trump.”

            “Hardy says that all of Comey’s memos – ALL of them, were classified at the time they were written, and they remain classified.” -Chris Farrell, Judicial Watch

            ht tps://

      2. If they declair Trump mentally ill and get rid of him how they gonna get rid of the 100+ million of us who back him 100% cus that would mean we b crazy too and we have guns so what do you do with 100+ million insane people with guns? Well once you poke them with a stick you have no choice but run.

        • i never met a psychologist who was not nuts themselves?

          • No question the people who still believe and foment the psychiatric supposed sciences are some of the sickest and stupidest people in the country. It is a complete farce and nothing less and not any kind of science at all, just voodoo. Beyond that how many of the people with initials behind their names are in fact criminals and charlatans ?


            Who created the 2007/08 financial debacle and many other nightmares here in USA in the last 30 years ? It was the PHDs and MBAs.

            The American people gave away their common sense and capacity to think a long tome ago to these criminals and morons who claim to be the smart guys and the good guys, remember Gruber and many others like H Paulson ? Nothing could be further from the truth or any reality ! Been exposing it all for years now and people are finally waking the fuck up !

            But as I have said many times clearly, Americans are some serious slow, fat ass dumb people ! Hopefully things will get better now as people begin to see their own idiocy and how they gave up their powers to the elite criminals to control them.

            MAGA people and don’t stop and let Trump know you are serious as hell !

            •, I wholeheartedy agree about shrinks. I never saw them as legitimate.

          • Word, yo.

        • It’s “declare” not “declair.” You must have been thinking of the pastry “éclair.” Now, if these goons “éclair” PRESIDENT Trump mentally ill then sedition and treason would be the frosting on the cake. Please learn to spell.

          • Speaking police strike again. You should learn to not be a dic. Oops, better correct me too!

            • Spell Checker is unconstitutional? Learning to read and write in your native tongue is Un-American? Is that the best you can do? I do “éclair!”

          • Blame-e, I LOVE eclairs. You’re making me hungry.

        • 100+ million will sit on their ass’s as per usual if Trump was removed. That will be the reality.

          • Ouch. But SO true.

        • Get rid of him, for what exactly ?

          These DSA types know they are caught and they know there are people out their that would deal with them if they even consider assassination. It would be El Salvador all over again and they know that part. They are just devious MOFOs and basically cowards of the highest order. Lawyers and pussies that hide behind their false sources of power that are being removed daily !~ Fuck em all

      3. And no one questions the mental health of the people who want Trump gone at any cost? If they push this they’ll be opening Pandora’s Box and the lid won’t get put back on until the libturds, neocons, etc. have been eliminated.

        • No need to question their mental health cus we know they are crazy cus of the shit they come up with. And besides that i think they are anti gun cus they are jelouse hatters who cant own one cus of the question on the back ground check regarding mental illness aint nothin but a bunch of pill popping anxiety ridden depressed poor me faggot pussies who arnt sure if they are a man or woman or even a plant. Crazy shit…crazy shit

      4. Godsoldier, I’m a gun owner so if any of them poke me with a stick, AT A MINIMUM I’ll take that stick and shove it as far into their ass as it will go. They need to back off from Trump if they know what’s good for them.

      5. They’re not gonna do shit except run their mouth cus thats all the little snowflake bitches can do. Just like when Hillary the cunt finally gets crucified all they gonna do is run their mouth and have a march.

      6. all this to keep us looking at this shit rather than the real issues

        • You got that right.

        • Therefore I have to ask you to state the real issues.

      7. Pence would be worse, a wolf in sheeps clothing. Humorless evil awaits. There will be no justice served in the common peoples behalf. Blind trust for those who are and will continue to destroy America. Clear as a bell noting the irreversible decline presently.

      8. The American Psychiatrist Association has declared it unethical for psychiatrists and psychologists to “comment on an individual’s mental state without examining him personally and having the patient’s consent to do so.

        The members of congress doing this should be brought up on ethics violations.

        • It is not illegal to practice professional politics from “a far.” The quack psychologist, however, should immediately have their license revoked.

          Just a quick question. Is this quack, bitch, psychiatrist, Dr. Bandy X. Lee any relation to Dr. “Bambi” X. Lee, the naked Confederate flag dancer and deer hunter?

          • Does Dr. Bandy X. Lee even have a license? Those who can’t make it in the real world go teach!

      9. Psychiatry is a total joke and I know because I have to interact with these folks. I do all I can to prevent patients from seeing these drug pushing narcissist egomaniacs. I’ve read the DSM-V and the previous version and use the diagnosis codes for my professional work. Most of it is total bullshit to justify prescribing harmful, not adequately tested medications on the sheep. I do what I can to minimize the harmful effects of these people and structure from inside this system.

        • Psychiatry and psychology are there to protect society from the person not the person from a very, very, very sick society.

          • Thanks for the laugh.

        • Same here Menzo. Psychiatrists are good for prescribing meds. Not really good for much more.

          • Helping someone to grab onto a little hope when there was none before appears to work better than any medication.

      10. I don’t know people…Brave, GS, we are spread so far apart around the country…a few protesters with ordnance like us would be put down in no time.
        How are you going to organize a march on DC in the dead of winter? It’s be tough even in summer.
        Somehow I think we’re just along for the ride. As tax slaves.

        Now then. I am in final edit of our shtf total collapse and would like to put it out there for anyone who might want to read it.
        But where? (I’ve found that if I mention this site’s owner by name, it goes into moderation), so, I’ll say this:
        I have emailed him 3 times (put me on that list!) asking if there is any interest in such an account, and have been ignored 3 times.
        I could do a cut and paste, but don’t know how much to post at a time, as it is somewhat long.
        I haven’t counted words or lines yet but it’s between 5 and 6 pages on Open Office.
        Any suggestions?

        • Ketchup, I find it strange that Mac would ignore you like that. I’m definitely interested in whatever you want to post. Do it any way you see fit. Braveheart will be glad to read it.

          • Me too and there are thousands of people just waiting for the starting gun to right all thats wrong .

        • Sun Tzu says “In battle numbers alone do not assure victory.”

      11. Without higher than mob level leadership, resistance to the Federales is going to be relatively ineffective on any confrontational basis.

        We would need significant portions of the Military to join and lead any resistance.

        Local armed people could be an irritant to the Feds by guerilla (for all PC idiots – this is not racist :-))actions, but who would I be hurting?

        If I blow up the local Post Office or Social Security Office, I would be hurting or killing neighbors,friends, fellow church members, and relatives.

        These people are just going to work every day to make a living. Are we gonna use the Nazi Prison Guard card on them, that they don’t get a pass for just following orders?

        At this point, am I mean enough or committed enough to do that?

        No, I am not.


        • BB, the feds don’t have anywhere near the numbers necessary to take us on so they would have to call SOMEONE for help. I don’t trust the military. They’ll follow their orders without question or hesitation, just like the Nazis of WW2. We’ll be on our own. So be it.

      12. Trump….Crazy like a Fox.

        • Si’

      13. Same here Menzo. Psychiatrists are good for prescribing meds. Not really good for much more.

      14. Take advice from a head shrink at your own risk. Suicide rate is the
        highest among doctors and psycologists.
        Yes, as somone said, they push pills for everything. Most of the time the
        patients lie to them….so how do you treat deceit?

        Don’t worry about the Trumpster…..he has power and knows how to use
        it. However, if he is lying to ‘all of us’……then ‘we’ will deal with him as a
        Btw, we should, deal with the O’bammy who cheated his way to the top
        without even having proper documentations to be our leader.
        Look at the damage that idiot did to us and our country?

      15. As long as the people with guns protect the criminal politicians, nothing will change.

      16. Without violating OpSec, I can unequivocally state that Mr. Trump does NOT have a DSM-5 diagnosis!

        So where WAS this psychiatrist when Mr. Obama displayed features of Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

        Where WAS she when Mr. Bush displayed features of Malignant Narcissism?

        Read Paul Levy’s book, “The Madness of George W. Bush”, and THEN tell me Mr. TRUMP has mental health issues.

        If this Psychiatrist says the sky is green, is it green because a Psychiatrist said it is so?

        Like each of us individually, all professions must submit themselves to Truth, total Truth, and from what I can see both professionally and personally, Truth has taken a beating.

        But it will never EVER become LESS so!

        As I said in a post last night, yes, let’s PLEASE invoke the 25th Amendment, but for the Office’s FORMER occupants: Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush! Much evidence exists that EACH of them lacked dedication to reality at all costs.

        When Mr. Trump proclaimed his nuclear button is bigger, that’s not madness; rather, that’s a high school senior football-playing lineman putting a 6th grade pipsqueak in his place when the 6th grader says he can annihilate the lineman.

        The “Niceness” which permeated the Office of Presidents Obama/Bush/Clinton/Bush PROMOTED evil (= human destructiveness).

        Mr. Trump’s Goodness, however roughly communicated, is there to OBLITERATE it.

        Fortunately, no amount of darkness will ever snuff out the Light that is Truth. That’s why the CREEP State are so maniacally pissed off and why they so arrogantly state their lies with their prostituted titles.

        Those of us who live in the Truth see it for what it is: pathetic.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Truth never damages a cause that is just.” – Gandhi

        “Truth needs to be repeated as long as there are men who disbelieve it.” – Gandhi

        • “I wouldn’t give a hoot in hell for somebody that lost, and laughed!”
          Movie trivia. Anyone?

      17. Naked guy goes into the psychiatrist office, the doc says” I can see you’re nuts”

      18. “Her”.

        … of course.

      19. So she did this briefing for free?

      20. Lawmakers went to the psychiatrist to check on Trump’s mental health. The Doctor had the lawmakers confined for observation for thinking that they actually wrote laws!

      21. Goldwater rule?

      22. Dems….Be careful what you wish for. You think Hillary was on the up and up?

      23. Trump is pretty smart. Trump aint going anyplace. He issued a execuitive order in December that lets him sieze the criminals assets. He is throwing the deep state cabal in GITMO. and letting Mattis give them a military tribunial. Its rumored that the two Bush’s could face a firing squad for their role in the 911 event. The Marenes have already taken some high profile prisoners off of airplanes in handcuffs. The Arizona national guard has sent 800 troops to gitmo for a three month time period. Trump is spending 500 million on improvements to GITMO.

      24. Good Grief they let Ronnie Raygun be president when he had altizmers. Hellery has Dementia and they thought she was ok to be president.

      25. The decision to remove the President rests in the hands of the Vice President and the cabinet;not the Democrats. Trump isn’t going anywhere!

      26. The Don is an alpha male and as a former employee , 89 to 1991 , He was a good boss , I did know him and have frequent interaction with him . He was well liked by a lot of his employee’s . I would hope the commie-crats , and femi-crats in Congress would talk to us , before they continue down this road . Could he be a tough boss , yes , but never unfair , I personally saw him help a lot of people who according to the msm he supposedly hates , and I never saw any signs of mental illness , He ment what he said , and did what he said he would do . The Donald was a straight up kind of guy , drain the swamp.

      27. I wasn’t aware that a doctor of any kind could make a diagnosis without the patient being present. Doctors always insist on the patient coming into the office. As a nurse, my doctor allowed me to call him with my S/SX and call me in ATBS; as I also made my own diagnosis. He would even ask me which ATB I wanted and how many milligrams I wanted. I often did this in my job as a telephone order for my Patients, and had the doctor sign it the next day. This is a common practice in nursing homes, because there is one doctor for the home and the doctor only sees the patient once a month. But I do give the patient a head to toe physical exam….the person is present. DX of mental illness ,and which mental illness can be difficult to make; also ruling out if the S/SX of mental illness could be caused by an actual physical cause, e.g. brain tumor. There is no way a doctor can diagnos without interviewing the patient and doing a battery of tests. This doctor is not a doctor I would put much faith in. A reputable doctor would refuse to even discuss it.

      28. It’s hilarious – and obviously ironic – that all you revolutionaries-wannabe’s call for violence first thing. You are just like the “controllers” in your contempt for human life. Not a Christian among you.

        Remember, the founders took YEARS submitting grievances and calling for justice, convening and considering, meeting and discussing, before they took up arms (except in a few cases of clear self defense). Yet you gun-toting yokels want to start the killing right up front.

        Shame on all of you. The devil is smiling ….

        • Not all are calling for violence “first thing”. And you’re wrong about “not a Christian among you”. I do challenge the status quo, and will be willing to defend the rights of Americans when the TPTB come down on the citizens of this country in a dictatory manner. We are almost to this point now. Just waiting.

      29. LOL
        Wow. A lot of talk about Patriots on here. Seems to me most are Neocons that think they are the only Patriots and that they are only ones that own guns.
        Sorry but real patriots know trump is mentally deranged and a criminal.
        Come on down to Texas where a bunch of patriots will show you what it’s really like.
        You’re good for a lush though. And say goodbye to traitor trump !!!!!
        Won’t last long now.

      30. So Trump is a loony? How does that make him different from other presidents?

      31. These leftist liberals are soooo paranoid that Trump’s going to end their game of massive corruption and land them in prison, that they are pushing as many buttons as possible in an attempt to remove a sitting potus from office. It’s going to take much more than one psycho shrink to declare the potus incompetent, and if they do happen to succeed, all that will happen is Pence will take office and the massive corruption will resume, the people are far too self absorbed to do anything to change it and if they did, the UN, NATO and their buddies from ISIS, Mossad, MI-5/6 and Saudi friend will all come to their rescue as they are ALL involved in the “Game”!

      32. Anyone psychiatrist carrying water for Hillary Clinton needs an intervention.

      33. Where were all the inactive Patriots when Traitor in Chief Obummer was enacting his destruct on our beloved country? It’s an embarrassmtent to see between the contrast of that and how the Looney Liberals are almost violent in their protests against the VOTED IN President Trump

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