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    This article was contributed by Tom Beck of Portfolio Wealth Global. 

    The U.S. dollar is, WITHOUT A DOUBT, a weapon at this point. The Federal Reserve uses it to PROP UP American businesses, mostly with the thought in mind that ANYTHING IS BETTER than seeing a debt deflation.

    It’s true; a debt-deflation would lead to riots ONE HUNDRED TIMES worse than the ones you’re currently seeing. A debt deflation would lead to MARTIAL LAW, to curfews, to ROBBED ATM machines, to a WORLD OF PAIN, so you know the central bank cannot let this happen.

    In the movie The Godfather, the head of the family Michael Corleone is confronted by his wife and mother of his children, Katherine “Kay” Corleone, saying she doesn’t love him and that she wants to take his children from his house and raise them on her own. He tells her that “He will use all of his resources and power to stop that.” It’s a powerful scene.

    To Jerome Powell, a debt deflation is what taking children from their father is to Al Pacino’s character. He will turn heaven and earth before he lets it happen.


    This is the reason the system IS BROKEN. It can’t undergo recessions and slowdowns; TOO MUCH DEBT allows it to work only in boom times.

    The world is too divided to DECIDE ON a new monetary structure, so when China finally HAS ENOUGH of American currency dominance, THE SEPARATION will be like an earthquake.

    My analysis doesn’t show the Yuan becoming the new reserve currency, but that China will be able to persuade ITS BLOCK OF COUNTRIES – which give more of their allegiance to China than they do to the U.S. – to trade in a basket of Chinese-led currencies/commodities.

    The dollar will NOT CEASE being the world reserve currency, but it will have competition.

    As can be seen above, the number of bankruptcies IS INCREASING; no doubt Covid-19’s economic damage has been PAPERED OVER, but you can’t bail out everyone – it’s NOT POSSIBLE.

    This will put additional pressure on government and central banks – more stimulus packages WILL FOLLOW.


    This crisis has hit both the young and the elderly, FINANCIALLY SPEAKING (check it above).

    It mostly hurt the ALREADY-STRUGGLING, who are laid off more quickly since they’re replaceable. And if a competitor recruits them, it doesn’t create long-lasting damage.

    For America, Covid-19 will be remembered as the crisis in which the Federal Reserve showed what it means to be ALL-IN, and I believe this will change how investors view future crises.

    The reason I say that is because from now on, the focus will no longer be on the Federal Reserve, but on the DEBT OVERHANG that its programs create. It will be considered a given that the central bank fixes market issues, but the debate will revolve around the unintended consequences of their policies.

    Central banks have entered a NEW ERA. They will need to prove that their actions don’t create UNSOLVABLE problems for countries.

    Everyone understands now that central banks simply print currency; nothing fancy about it… they are just COUNTERFEITERS WITH A LICENSE.

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      1. They are shamelessly evil. Everyone knows it. They just keep getting busted with each one worse than the last. They have lost all credibility and the purchases of worthless debt and junk is totally illegal, in addition to what Mnuchin, the worst treasury secretary in American history has done! It is pretty hard to be the worst treasury secretary in history, considering how lousy all of them have been, but Mnuchin managed to be the worst. Powell is the worst Fed head in American history too, also a very difficult title to acheive, but to have both the worst Fed and treasury heads at the same time is not a good place for honest Americans to be in. Scum rose to the top in this country!

        -Andrea Iravani

        • It’s not hare to be the worst treasury secretary in history when you’re appointed by the worst President in history.

          We wouldn’t be seeing these problems if Hillary had won instead of being cheated out of the Presidency.

          • Yes. Goldman Sachs is the worst president in U.S. history, and has been the president since 1992, in case you haven’t noticed.
            -Andrea Iravani

      2. It looks more like a game of marbles that they are losing badly from my perspective!

        The governments at all levels, the media, and Wall Street have been rendered impotent and incompetent as a result of the surveillance state. This includes even low level local government employees, including teachers. 

        People that work in the governments, media, technology, and financial sectors have indicated that they are illegally surveiling me, indicated by gas-lighting references of repeating or re-enacting things that I have said or done by people that could only know these things if they were illegaly spying on me. This also includes many of my neighbors. I realize that this sounds totally delusional and paranoid to say something like that, and my guess is that they thought that I would not say it because it does sound so delusional and paranoid.

        The important thing at stake here though, factoring me out of the equation is that if they can do this to me, they are very likely doing it to each other, which would explain why the corruption has not only persisted, but mushroomed, and nobody has been held accountable. 

        This is an intimidation tactic. They are obviously using such intimidation tactics on each other, as evidenced by the oveewhelming body of evidence of systemic corruption for which nobody has ever been held accountable. 

        If the government is rendered incapable of governing, and law enforcement is rendered incapable of enforcing the law, and reporters  are rendered incapable of reporting, and financiers are rendered incapable of financing and all through intimidation of illegal surveillance, then they all must resign for the good of the country.

        They are attempting to get me to join them. You are wasting your time! I would rather die than join you and your fucked up cult of surveillance! I am not bluffing! Your way of life is a crime! Everything about you and your fucked up life style is totally revolting! You do not have Qualified immunity! You are Qualified for prison for violating my rights, property, and many class one felony laws! Your lives are sick jokes! Your actions are inexcusable, unjustifiable, and absolutely unforgivable! Who the fuck do you think you are?! It is a sick cult that only perverted freaks and thieves would ever have the sightest interest in being a part of! Fuck you and your communal surveillance kleptocratic cult of perversion! So I am supposed to relinquish my fourth amendment rights, and in exchange I have to tolerate fucking pieces of shit like you?! What’s in that for me? Do you seriously think that I would waste my limited time on earth spying on you sick morally depraved fucking retards?! I would never be at such a loss to have nothing better to do with my time than that!

        Wake up and read the constitution you sick fucking retards! 

        It’s just another day in McCarthy Dahmerville! 
        End the surveillance to end the corruption!
        It is not even legal in the first place, retards!

        -Andrea Iravani

      3. “The dollar will NOT CEASE being the world reserve currency, but it will have competition.”

        Competing brands are made by the same soda pop and candy manufacturers and drawn by the same cartoonists — for the “competition.”

        Competition in the sense that strategists prolong wars on purpose.

      4. The Jews are on the loose. National debt tops $26 trillion.

        • And, exactly and specifically, how is that the fault of the Jews?

          I admit, Trump is a Jew but it is Congress that is doing all that spending, Trump just signs the bills they send him.

          • Anon – you are a rather simple fellow, aren’t you.

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