Death Of The Middle Class: The Suburbs Have Absorbed Half Of America’s Poverty Growth

by | Jul 10, 2017 | Headline News | 78 comments

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    For decades suburbia was home to the highest concentration of wealth in America, and perhaps even the entire world. It was the seat of our nation’s thriving middle class and a beacon of economic mobility. The streets were clean and safe, the schools were highly regarded, and there were plenty of middle class jobs to be had.

    But something has changed in suburbia. While offshoring and automation have destroyed millions of jobs across the country, the decimation of brick and mortar stores by online retailers has pounded the wealth base of suburbia. So much so, that there are more people living in poverty in suburbia than any other place in America.

    According to a new book, “Places in Need: The Changing Geography of Poverty,” by University of Washington professor Scott Allard, American suburbs are facing economic hardship on a massive, if poorly understood, scale.

    As of 2014, urban areas in the US had 13 million people living in poverty. Meanwhile, the suburbs had just shy of 17 million.

    The Great Recession of 2008 helped accelerate much of the poverty that emerged in the early 2000s, Allard’s research has found. But another disrupting factor was the technological shift that enabled — and continues to enable — online retailers like Amazon and other e-commerce sites to replace shopping malls and big-box stores.

    This ongoing demise has hollowed out many of the jobs suburban Americans once turned to as a means of supporting themselves.

    So where did the wealth go? It appears to have fled suburbia, and made its way back to the cities.

    The kinds of jobs that do entice younger people — mostly higher-skill, white-collar work — are increasingly found in cities. Suburban office parks are becoming a thing of the past as millennials flock to nearby metropolitan areas for work, accelerating the speed at which the suburban workforce hollows out overall.

    Allard said it’s a reversal of several decades ago, when businesses moved to the suburbs to attract people who had recently vacated the city in search of a safer, greener place to live

    Of course there are many factors that have killed jobs and wealth creation in suburbia, and those factors are contributing to poverty across the board. When you look at the data, you’ll find that the number of people living under the poverty line has skyrocketed in the suburbs, the cities, and rural areas. It’s happening everywhere. But suburbia is being hit the hardest.

    Between 2000 and 2015, the poor population in smaller metropolitan areas grew at double the pace of the urban and rural poor populations, outstripped only by poverty’s growth in the nation’s suburbs. Suburbs in the country’s largest metro areas saw the number of residents living below the poverty line grow by 57 percent between 2000 and 2015. All together, suburbs accounted for nearly half (48 percent) of the total national increase in the poor population over that time period.

    The truth is this is emblematic of a much wider trend. The middle class in America is clearly dying, and the suburbs are where the middle class used to be concentrated. But like I said, it’s happening all over the place.

    It used to be that you could escape poverty by moving from one place to another. During the industrial revolution, millions fled the subsistence living conditions in the countryside for factory jobs in the city. After World War Two, millions more left the cities for the suburbs.

    But where can people run to now for economic opportunity? The middle class jobs in the suburbs have been hollowed out by the digital age. Offshoring, automation, environmental regulations, and illegal immigration have driven down wages and killed many of the highest paying jobs in rural areas. For most people, the only good paying jobs are in the cities, where the cost of living is so high that you can barely raise a family on a six figure income, which of course negates any of the benefits of having a high paying urban job.

    If trends like this continue, then someday we’re going to wake up in a country that is like many that came before, where a few coastal elites are incredibly wealthy, and poverty is the norm for everyone else.


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      1. In a world where CORPORATIONS receive all of the tax benefits, you MUST have a corporation and your own small business to survive and thrive.

        Find a niche and fill it. 🙂

        • BS. No such thing as a business/corporation. Do you know what business means? It means PRIVATE transaction between two individuals. Contracts. Public business is an oxymoron. That’s how you lost all your freedoms. If you do your trade with a permission from anyone… I won’t say anymore cuz i will get censored.

      2. I’m glad I live in the country where I can pretty much do as I please. Part of my yard isn’t mowed. No one bothers me about it. If I want to, I can target practice in the back yard. No one cares. Many of the neighbors do the same. Neighbors down the street have sheep in the back yard. Others have goats and chickens.

        I even have live entertainment occasionally. A while back, the yahoos across the street had three pickups stuck in the mud in their front yard at the same time. Really. A couple of weeks ago, one of them was backing out of the driveway when another one came zooming in with his pickup and smashed her rear end. Tow trucks had to haul them both away. Fun to watch.

        • Archvist- I look for your posts because you are in my neck of the woods. I’m in Durants neck. Moved from Philly area a while back.(yes- a transplanted yankee. Hate grits but love my neighbors and my new church, and the “real” people ) Fell in love with what”s here and fell in love with a wonderful “redneck”. You are right about HERE. It’s wonderful. I could watch the yahoos all day! Perfect.

          • George Durant, first owner of Durant’s Neck, is an ancestor of my wife. Of course, he’s also ancestor to most of the people around here. The first deed in Perquimans Co. is where he bought his property from an Indian.

            I went to Philadelphia one time, because my ancestors used to live in Germantown on that cobblestone street with the streetcar. I saw ugly women standing on street corners. I guess they were “working girls,” but I can’t believe they made much. People were double-parked, triple-parked, parked on the sidewalks, parked down the center of the street, and the police cars weren’t even stopping for red lights. My wife and I got a pizza at a place that was supposed to have been there since 1949. We were hungry and ordered a large one. It would barely fit on the table. We ate supper off it, took it back to the room and ate again later, and still threw over half of it away.

            I can tell you some good places to eat in the area. In Elizabeth City, get seafood at Quality Seafood Restaurant. For a treat, get an SOB at Cypress Creek on the waterfront. An SOB is a shrimp and oyster wrapped in bacon and deep-fried. There is another seafood restaurant in the area called Frog Island, ht tp://

            A lot of people like Montero’s in EC, but it’s expensive.

            I was almost a Yankee, but my parents moved back down here just in time.

            • Not just an SOB, an order of SOBs, which I believe is seven of them. It’s an appetizer, but it’s a lot to eat.

        • Suburbs absorbed the poor, and the country absorbed the red neck hillbillies, take your pick.

          • Country folks can survive.

          • I pick the country every time.

            Jeff Foxworthy will tell you that there are rednecks everywhere, and he’s written whole books on how to identify them.

        • Sounds like a cool place you live. Our closest neighbors are at least a thousand yards away and we are surrounded by thick woods. Mostly country folks around but that has not stopped me from building a defense perimeter that’s mostly invisible due to the woods and have cut off all vehicle access to our home unless we open up. I sure do not want someone to have the ability to roll right up to our home or ram it. If they attempt that their vehicle would be destroyed in the attempt. I want intruders on foot so I can blow their brains out. We look like a normal place for the most part but we are not.

          • Menzo, where my BOL is located is also really cool. My only neighbors are the family. The cabin is located one quarter-mile from the road and is surrounded by woods; can’t be seen from the road. We’ve got a similar defensive setup for our place. We also do what we want out there and no one else cares. We’ve got our own range setup and have target practice on occasion. One side of the land borders on a year-round creek. So we go fishing or even rafting in the creek and no one cares. Once I make the bugout I’ll be there for life.

      3. Yep there are places where you can do pretty much whatever you want and nobody bats a eye. Where I live there isn’t any building codes . No zoning ect. Im pretty much a hoarder. Ive got well over a 100 vehicles Lots of farm tractors bulldozers and sawmill machinery. Its not visible from the main road. But you can see it on google earth. And nobody except my wife bothers me about it. I sold a great amount when scrap prices where high. And now scrap is low again and I am buying more stuff. Ive got a grandson who is ate up with the junk and loves turning wrenches. He stays with us for weeks at a time and never wants to go back home. We have some 4 wheel drive jalopys we like to play in the mud with.

        • Sounds a lot like my cousin’s husband. He collects tractors. He had so many tractors, buses, cars, and trucks at his former home, he went ahead and concreted the entire yard so he wouldn’t have to mow around stuff (the yard wasn’t all that big). I haven’t seen his new location, as it’s miles from anywhere.

          • I have goats sheep and a few cattle that do my mowing. I pull the weeds they don’t eat and add them to the compost pile.

      4. The trend since the 1980s is for the US to resemble a third world country. What are the hallmarks of a third world country? One of them is bifarcation: you have a small wealthy elite, a small middle class that serves them, and the majority of the population is poor and works either doing piecework (Uber, etc.) or just scrabbles about doing whatever (drug dealing, sex work etc.). Sound familiar to your lived life?

        The trend is too far down the line to be stopped at this point. I would recommend doing the following to make the trend the friend:

        – massively improving knowledge of diet and excercise amongst the poorer US demographic. They are only hurting their chances of ever making money by getting fatter by the year.
        – fashion and deportment tips. Most Americans have no clue how to dress or behave. This is also a big impediment to getting ahead. Learn to shut their mouths more often.
        – sex skills: once they get in shape and start dressing better, then, I am afraid, the best job for them is sex work. Fulfill the fantasies of Chinese men and you will soon be pulling down a six-figure income.

        • Thanks Frank for the chuckle this morning. There is some truth in your post. Gonna shut my mouth now.

        • Frank Thoughts

          Their goal is global equalization to more smoothly merge into a one world government. The US along with the developed world drops and the undeveloped / developing world rises; they meet where they meet. The US is a bit unique because TPTB need o maintain its enforcer capability. Sufficient political stability would have to be maintained to not jeopardize this capability.

          The “Global Equalization” is in essence intra national communism s opposed to its “ground up / grassroots” traditional inter governmental variety. Elements of capitalism may exist within these merging nations but their wealth is being transferred globally.

          • K2

            Again you are so right! I have been spending time researching about this issue. It stems from Obama’s executive order/marxist ideologies, where he calls for Social Justice in the Suburbs due to white flight from the inner cities in the 70’s. Essentially unelected boards are guiding elected county commissioners to support this issue. In return they keep going for over broke on budgets to fund county books with Fed dollars form more unelected officials and say they have to provide SERVICES. Its all a ruse!
            Communists are in charge and commissioners say yes to every overspent budget. Then you have the other block of elected officials who do nothing but support special corporate interests and give contracts to golf buddies.
            Most Americans fall for the gibberish terminologies without doing any research. This is the greatest threat we face to date our own people! Incompetence or Complicity?
            Counties are now implementing Land Banks were they will cease blighted properties and resell them for profit and increased tax dollars. Property axes are being raised all over the country! Meanwhile the country is broke.
            I attended a local board meeting and decided I was in the wrong business. Apparently they want lots of landscaping to make things Look pretty. These are grown Men!
            So I went home cut the grass and planted flowers, it’s all good now.
            Just read an article where some in congress are investing in healthcare type stocks!
            The US must get out of the UN, PERIOD!
            Multinational corps must be told to show allegiance or get booted out of the US and taxed to kingdom come if they don’t.
            All globalist ties Must be cut. Its past time to sort these folks out! AMERICA FIRST!
            John Locke on Property Rights!

          • Equalization = Slavery

        • I don’t guess you have to stretch your butt too much for those Chinese men. Is that all you think about?

      5. Your only poor if you want to be imo. I live in the burbs and not poor work everyday 10plus hrs. City living isn’t that hard people just gotta know how to hustle. Don’t know what the fear of the streets is about. There is no work in the sticks that’s why most farmers around here have landscaping and construction businesses and they go into the city to do jobs. There is plenty of work that don’t pay. If your wasting your time doing it of course your gonna be poor. Know the difference between a good job and temporary work.

      6. Traditionally, suburbanites have spent a lot of time and money on maintaining their homes. The baby boomers who remained in their suburban homes are physically and financially less able to maintain them. There is an increasing divide of the neighborhoods among those who can keep their homes up and those who can’t. It is one more point of friction to add to the others. Neighbors who try to keep “classic” cars to “fix up” and never do (no space on the street to park). The neighbors with kids who play in your yard. The neighbors who make too much noise. If neighbors are like this in good times, can you imagine neighborhoods after SHTF? I envy the people with BOLs.

        • Boy, when it all “pops off” ,it is going to be a shit storm like none of us have ever a witnessed. It will be like Mel Gibson Mad Max or even worse if you can imagine that mess. So many people are so rude and have no respect at all for anyone or anything, i.e. the vast majority of Blacks and their kind…

      7. Finally made the move out of suburbia into the country last December and I’m never looking back. The peace, tranquility and freedom are hard to describe to those who have never lived it. 8 chickens wandering around the yard, huge 8-foot fence around the garden (darn deer), shooting berm out in my forested area, the list goes on. Actually a bit cheaper to live in the country if you don’t mind the commute into town – no water bill, much lower taxes and no darn HOA dues!

        • but the trash and non whites will follow you into the country. They are already there. Went to a gas station that was white run. Now its run by Pakistani’s. Eventually you will have no where to run to.

      8. No mention of the fact that governments are draining the populace? Ask yourself, where the hell is all that money going? By this time, we should all be driving on roads paved with gold.

        • I was asking my GF that very question just the other day: Tell me where in the Sam hell is all of the $$ really going? The US looks more and more like a 3 rd world country as the days go by. To busy giving it all away to the blacks, foreigners, muslims, he-she’s and all of the other no good scum trash the have invaded the U.S.

      9. Off Topic:

        On the Rense Radio Network, Jeff Rense said that when Nicholas Tesla died, it was President Donald Trump’s uncle, a scientist, who was given Tesla’s papers. It was he who claimed there was nothing new or interesting in the Tesla papers. However, “Project Nick” was given enormous funding.

        Trump was told by his uncle that in the future we would have such powerful weapons…


      10. Umm… You’re completely ignoring the housing collapse… which mostly effected the suburbs… Houses went for cheap… investors then rented these places out… to people in/near poverty.

        In other words, you saw a mass exodus of poor MOVING to the suburbs.
        (I know this, because I’m one of those investors that bought tons of houses in the suburbs for $30k, and rented them out.) Houses worth $200k in 2006/7 sold for $30k the following year, no repairs needed.

      11. The only folks doing decent in our burbs are retirees and the elderly. The others succumb to the system, many divorce and move out. A few have multiple families, (the siblings have returned).

        We get along quite well with the retirees, often helping each other out (cup of sugar, move something heavy, share leftovers, watch each others house, etc.).

        Virtually none of the younger ones communicate or associate with the others. Keeping to themselves. Most likely can’t survive outside the AC and keep their noses on their phones or computers.

        I see growing trends. I watch and observe. People are lazier, fatter, and unhappy about nonsense. Many have zero goals and don’t think past the next paycheck.

        Society is slowing losing it’s empathy and I don’t care, (kidding. I do care).

        These people have been brought under the false pretense of the post war American dream: Go to school, get a job, work a few decades and retire in comfort and luxury. In short: Just show up and let someone else take care of your problems. Well, there are much fewer places to “show up” to and many lack the means to come up with a plan b, (other than move back home).

        My kids are the opposite. They can’t wait to move. They’re on autopilot. My eldest son married and moved to Texas to find his job. My daughter scheduled her own drivers test, got a job and is looking at used cars. She’s still in high school. No tattoos, no pierces. We go to church, but like me, she thinks it’s controlled BS, but it’s the only way she can find honest friends.

        The only folks whom don’t seem to mind and are always happy? The non-whites. They have the right mindset. They get it. They work hard. Most of them moved out of the city. They’re perfectly happy with owning their own porch and a trimmed lawn. They had reduced expectations and moving to the burbs have elevated their lifestyle. I’m happy for them.

        Everyone is waiting for the “big one”, and yet this is the reality that has been slowly creeping up. Whether the “big one” happens or not. Eventually the last of the stores and gas stations will shutter. It won’t be a loud bang, but a soft whimper. What takes it’s place might be interesting, or not.

        I just remember to always be thankful for each day of peace and quiet.

      12. The suburbs where I live have definitely gone downhill. One particular suburb where my parents lived until retirement has about 75% of its total retail and office space empty. We’ve got office buildings that are empty. There’s panhandlers, whores, scammers, etc.; same shit you find in the inner city. Plus gunfire at night. Won’t be much longer before the whole city is a ghetto. It’s not far from it now.

        • Stone Mountian Georgia is a good example.

          • What happened to Stone Mountain? I used to enjoy visiting there with the kids. It has been more than 20 years since I was there.

        • Germantown or Collierville?

        • Same thing happened to the ‘burb where I grew up but still have to visit to see my parents. I hate going there because it gets worse and worse. They had their first drive-by shooting two years ago: that never happened in the past. The local strip mall has been taken over by Muslims in head gear (some are very good looking but most of them are dumpy or fat). The Section 8 housing is now all black (it used to be all white). Really sketchy looking people shuffle to the bus stop and wander around in a daze. The area used to be 90% civil servants, soldiers and doctors and was boring but a nice, safe place to live. Also see the new generation of drug abusers on opioids: sunken cheeks, aggressive, violent.

          To summerize what has changed: lots more blacks, many Muslims, lots of drug abusers, lots of people on low wages, not professionals. Gone are the guys in the crew cuts with the good government jobs, liked to work on the cottage on the weekend, would run the baseball team or the cub troop.

          • FT: you hit the nail on the head. In my local area, the big migration to the suburbs from the inner city and the connected urban-suburban interface went full speed ahead.

            The parents of gangsters moved here to get way from the gangs, but brought the gangs with them, their own kids with tats and felonies. Add to this the explosion of rentals to section 8 and multiple “occupants.” The high paying jobs in the city and suburbs moved off shore.

            The majority of work left was healthcare, services, retail, construction, and fast food. Construction, repair, and landscaping got taken over by the “undocumented.” Retail is crashing, fast food was taken over by the undocumented in many places as well. Currently warehousing and distribution are the big employers, mainly minimum or close to it.

            Lastly, it is very difficult to get a job doing anything if one has a felony or two. Drug dealing, shootings, and assaults keep a lot of people unemployable in the suburbs. But hey, they got cool tats, piercings, smart phones, and the latest gangsta fashions.

            • I watch documentary footage from the 1960s, early 1970s to try and remember a different place; an America where most people were skinny or healthy, where they were mostly hard-working and white, where the only people who had tattoos were sailors, where there was no such thing as a ‘gang banger’. There are some good docs put together by the Pentagon that help to remind what the world was like back then; the quality of the young men and women sent to Vietnam.

              Now, if you want to see ambitious, hard-working, smart middle class people and communities, you have to get on a plane and fly to Asia.

          • The country really has gone to shit. I was born I the early 70’s, America was still mostly acceptable and decent and white, well, the is definitely not the case anymore. Think about it guys, we are only talking 40 some odd years and look at this shit hole we call the almighty, wonderful ,great United States….Unites States of shit, blacks, muslims, queers, he-she’s and all other types of fucking shit non-whites – that HATE whites I may just point out the lil fact for you all.

      13. Sad to read this but we all know it’s been in the works for quite some time.

        Been thinking lately about the phrase mentioned, “the digital age”…and what the next “age” will be called.
        I still haven’t come up with a working title but you might have some ideas.

        The Dystopian Age
        “a state or place where the condition of life is extremely bad, as from deprivation, oppression, or terror.”

        The Egalitarian Age
        basically equal political, economic and social rights for all people.
        That sounds great, except we know (but others don’t) that some people are MORE equal than others.

        The post SHTF Age..

        What can you come up with?

        • Newclear age (as the people that survive won’t be able to spell)… or Post-Apocalyptic hell age.
          Great age of tyranny
          Age of the Great Holy War
          The age of cleansing (As in cleasing the earth of 99.9999% of the population.)

          The movie Idiocracy is a GREAT documentary.

          • I’m Not Sure about that. . .

        • The Final deal is a nation like INDIA , already here in lots of places.

          So do like the RED indians before it’s TO LATE!

          The USA is OWNED BY it’s CITIZENS, not the scum of the EARTH lets PROVE IT NOW!

      14. You’re building McMansions, with styrofoam elements, that begin decaying, before you have finished the entire development, and expect us to believe that only ghetto people can pay the exorbitant prices.

        It can’t be explained without subsidies and red lining.

        “Of course there are many factors that have killed jobs and wealth creation in suburbia…”

        It was made as a Keynesian sort-of hamster wheel, by intentional design. Futile makework and, real property, designed for obsolescence. Contrived social problems, all with objective answers.

      15. Trump said he was going to take care of veterans. Yeah, by finding ways to continue making it harder to obtain veteran benefits. Only veterans should head the Veterans Administration. Foreign doctors flooding in and way too much income at the top. In healthcare generally who puts out the truth more than Naturalnews who exposes the overwhelming corruption of the entire existing medical establishment who own the government through massive bribes? Sickness into perpetuity bought and paid for.

      16. Dumbed-down Americans will be the last to know. Like the line in the Forest Gump movie, “And then one day it was over, just like that.”

        As for those here boasting of their freedom, just try not paying your property taxes.

      17. The suburbs where I live have changed drastically. Section 8. The demographics have changed significantly. Lower class of people. More violent. Widespread drug use. The one’s that are working, are working in restaurants at very low pay. I was around in the sixties and seventies. I have never seen this much drug usage in my life. We’re getting almost daily drug overdoses. Burglaries to homes, apartments, and cars are way up. We had a stabbing in the afternoon last week, near me. Darkies. Incapable of peaceful conflict resolution.

        • Yup….spend some time in West Africa and it all makes sense.

        • Yep, Section 8… designed to place scum into middle class houses… because apparently “Middle class is a right” and doesn’t have to be earned.

          It had a huge part in the destruction of suburbs. A *single* house rented out to section 8 will plummet the value of all homes in that area… which creates more opportunities for scum to move in… and since they breed like rabbits… and spread like a disease… they are everywhere. (They referring to scum, not a specific race or class, as I’ve seen quite a few high quality working poor… I’m talking about scumbags, druggies, pimps, thugs, etc.)

        • This is the God’s honest truth: Blacks = Are wild, crazed savage animals that cannot and will not control themselves. All they know is violence – you cannot reason with sub-humans the are a good 500 yrs. behind the average white man in the evolution chain. And blacks have the nerve to blame everyone ELSE for their own Brough upon issues and problems…I am so beyond done with those Gar’s.

      18. Fifty years go when I was a kid a nice home was 1400 sq/ft and Physicians lived in 3500 sq/ft homes. Granted free trade had the major impact but peoples expectations went way too high.

      19. Mac, I would say this is not true in the People’s Socialist Thugoacracy of Chicago (yes, I am making plans to get out as soon as possible; have remained due to family issues). But this may be unique to just this city. Chicago is the ONLY city among the top 20 to have lost population last year – crime, taxes, corruption, leftist school systems that are just a vehicle for rhinestone commie Learjet leftists to scam us, etc. The usual leftist drill, nothing new.

        In the Chicago area, people can get into the Loop via Metra train, which is VERY efficient and cheap, so you can still work downtown and not live there. But the burbs – for those companies that haven’t fled yet (the nut cases in Springfield just raised corp taxes another 2% or so, which will drive out even MORE biz… can you say “Detroit?”) – still are on the outskirts of the city. So… here is what they are doing in my area, the western burbs: they are moving the inner city folks out this way. What WAS conservative is now a disgusting Democrud stronghold. I give it 10 years before the Naperville/Aurora area looks JUST like Chicago. I **am** glad that inner city kids are getting a better education. In contrast to some of the racists here, I want ALL people to have an opportunity. The problem is when the blacks bring out their ignorant, knee-jerk Democrat un-values. Of course, they are totally unaware that Planned Parenthood VERY disproportionately targets blacks, but the left loves to give people enough rope to hang themselves (as long as THEY can live in luxury). Of course this area is now infested with burqua wearing Muslims as well.

        I don’t hate Muslims – all people deserve respect – but I DO hate the murderous cult of Islam the religion itself. Why? I have done two graduate papers on the rise of Islam, and it is categorically a religion of the sword. Starting with Mohammed who murdered people, up thru the Battle of Tours, the Siege of Vienna, etc. it has always been Islam killing and murdering. One phrase that I recall ipssisima verba from my papers is one Muslim khan leaving an inscription after he massacred Zoroastrians, Christians etc. in present day Iran was “60,000 skulls I left piled at the gates of Isfahan.” Just another gem from the religion of (human) pieces. And those irenic passages in the Qu’ran (which I have read twice)? Please don’t insult the intelligence of readers. The well accepted exegetical practice among Muslims is “abrogation,” where those passages are superseded by the commands to “smite the necks” of non-believers, etc. Anyhow, at least here the burbs are FULL of Muslims. I don’t hate anyone, but this will lead to no good, and indeed is part of the vile Geo. Soros scam to corrupt Western culture. I will accept what this vile, evil, disgusting Soros does the first time he houses a thousand Muslim refugees in HIS mansion (same goes for George Clooney and all the other Hollywierd Learjet leftists). Moreover, the Muslim presuppositions about the very nature of man are at strict loggerheads with the West’s Judeo-Christian assumptions. These presuppositions DO lead somewhere, and it won’t be good.

        • Test: Yeah, good luck with all of those coons and radical crazed muzzles you seem to love. You are a damn fool and keep up with your excuses for staying near Chi-Congo haha, suckers born every second.

        • Test,
          I’m impressed. Muslims never speak of the abrogation of the words of their prophet or how the Koran is really interpreted, and infidels save a few are clueless.

          For those interested: the Koran and Hadith together make up the teachings of the prophet, the Hadith represents a history book and the Koran the religious sayings as well as the legal basis of Islamic life. Essentially the Koran has many conflicting passages. To determine what saying applies you must have a complete knowledge of the Koran, Hadith and historical knowledge of the prophet. Abrogation basicly says the last thing Mohamed said is what applies. It requires a learned imam with a lifetime of knowledge to interpret the Koran. For any average Muslim to interpret the Koran is blasphemy. To question a recognized Imam is to commit blasphemy. The average Muslim can only memorize and recite the Koran, they can’t interpret it. For any nonbeliever (infidel) to try to tell a Muslim what the Koran teaches is blasphemy. Blasphemy is punishable by death.

          What we’re saying here is there is no outside force that can change Islam, and there is no way it can be changed from within, it is what it is, the Koran and Hadith say what they say. It controls completely the private, public, business, political, and legal aspects of the worlds Muslims and it commands them to work with one mind until everyone on earth is Muslim or dead.

      20. We as a people are being attacked by the elites who operate on a mega scale globally. The country is being flooded with cheap unskilled labor from south of the border They are starting to bring in the same from Africa as the population explodes there. These folk may be good for picking farm crops and manual labor bot that is it as many do no speak englich they end up on welfare and increasing the poverty rate Obama/Holder were moving the poor minorities around to rig elections in favor of the Democrats. That increases the poverty level people in the suburbs folks

        • ME, is NOT a good source of information.

        • That entire article is bogus. The plane was going from Camp Lejeune, NC to Arizona. It was refueling when something went wrong.

      21. The TURN AROUND may be just around the corner in your old neighborhood, where the aliens are attacked and stripped of everything, by the US CITIZENS, then on to DC for the hangings , not unlike the FRENCH revolution.

        HOPE in the USA is a POOR little town in backwards Arkansas.

      22. Bullshit! Almost nobody wants to live in Democrat run shit holes.The cities are sewers of queers, minorities who want freeshit and leftwing loonies and snobs. All run by corrupt Democrats.

      23. Frank has it right. Everybody is poorer now that ptb have outsourced so many jobs in the last 30 years.

      24. You can thank LBJ and his ” great society ” BS for all of the problems today.

      25. The suburbs were the place white Americans lived. White-flight is the result of non-white migration into the suburbs. When non-whites first come, they are on their best behavior. After their numbers become significant, they terrorize and abuse whites causing rapid white-flight. Home values drop and poor non-whites are able to move into even previously upper middle class homes.

        Where do white people go? Some move to rural locations that are still white. Some leave the Country. A white person can live for less in South America. White people who are living with non-whites in America, live in fear, and pay exorbitant taxes to provide for non-whites.

        President Trump put a cap of 50,000 legal importation of mentally retarded non-white but is now exceeding that limit.

        Rothschild bankers are behind this migration. These migrants are already radicalized to rape and seduce little white girls. White genius is dangerous to the planned goal for enslavement. The Rothschild bankers paying for this project are committing genocide. They are creating a mixed race of people, too dumb to fight. Resist.


        • Agreed with everything you said B from CA except one thing: Stupid liberal whites live in fear of non-whites. Real men live life to the fullest with 2 friends: Smith & Wesson.

          • whites are their own worst enemy. they should look in the mirror and blame themselves. all inferior races disappear. Bye Bye whitey.

      26. I wonder how many guys had to sell their guns to feed the kids? If they put a slow squeeze on us ? Guns for food?

      27. The banks handed out $500,000 mortgages to ghetto hood rats working at McDonalds fleeing the inner cities. Then the banks gave those same ghetto rats loans on $70,000 Escalades and shit like that. THEN the whole thing burst. OF COURSE the suburbs have some of the poorest. THEY ARE GHETTO HOOD RATS that tried fleeing a sinking ship (the inner cities). Then the monkeys destroyed the suburbs.

        We should have picked our own fucking cotton…..

      28. I never experienced white trash until I bought my first home in a Middle Class neighborhood. I spent fourteen (14) times what my parents did for a house and got nothing but trouble.

        My next door neighbors, on both sides, and across the street, were single parents. Some neighbors had all their extended family living under one roof because only on person was bringing home any bacon (employed). Imagine six (6) cars parked in one driveway.

        One neighbor had a sixteen-year-old daughter going on twenty-six. You haven’t lived until you are woken-up at 2 AM because six (6) police cars, lights ablazing, are parked outside. All because this daughter has dragged home an older man and his druggie friends with their pimped-out whores.

        I put the house on the market the following month and have never looked back. At least with renting, security is somebody else’s problem. And if it gets really bad, I can just move.

        Home ownership is for losers. Hell, even millionaires, rock stars, jocks, and celebrities have to endure having shit for neighbors and all the white trash behavior that comes with home ownership.

        Suburbia is just the modern word for ghetto.

      29. What the awesome Gov’t has done is this: Move the scum trash blacks and the like from the hood ghetto of the cities, out into the burbs and help to destroy that, as they have already done years ago to the inner cities – GREAT flipping idea. At least keep those savage gorillas I the hood in the inner cities and let them kill each other down there.
        Blacks & the like deserve to be in nice places, like Africa.

      30. To those under 35: take it from this older guy in his 50s who lived through the suburb explosion in the 70s and the fake wealth of the 80s and who worked for large corporations. If you have a good job or some money stashed away, or inheritance, etc., start looking for inexpensive property in the country, like 30 miles from a medium sized city and at least 60 miles away from a large city. For example, property in WV can be purchased for as low as $600/acre and I am talking about beautiful property with hills, hollows, woods, and flat farming areas all in a 20 acre parcel. Other properties can be found in Ohio, KY, MI, etc. at low prices as well. If you can, pay cash for the property and throw up a nice log home or modular home for $30,000- 75,000. Even a single wide for $25,000 is fine. Many of these properties of 20 – 50 acres have property taxes of only a couple of hundred dollars per year and not much more with a house (nothing more for a single wide as they are not attached to land). Spend your money on solar power, gasification systems, wood burners, water well, good hand tools, and other items to eliminate as many utilities as possible. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION: income taxes, property taxes, interest on loans, overpriced utilities, and working 40 hours a week for inflation dollars TAKES YOUR LIFE AWAY. TIME = MONEY and TIME = LIFE. If you spend your time trying to make money to pay interest on a house loan, you are wasting your life. A $200,000 home will cost you about $600,000 over 30 years. Do you really want to commit to all of YOUR LIFE being given away to some banker? You are not paying interest and taxes with money, you pay them with your life so be very careful what you give your life for. The suburban American dream was a great thing at one time but now its over. If you want to survive the future and be happy , safe, freedom, privacy, and less stress, move to to the rural areas if you can. And when you do, plant as many fruit and nut trees as possible as there is no gardening work for food from trees as compared to vegetables- you can literally have tons of food every year.

        • Good advice! I would add also look for this sort of land in better countries. Argentina is a good example as is Chile (both countries are packed with lovely ladies). There are still some parts of Europe that can offer this or better (more babes again) but be aware of geo-political tensions: you do not want a Russian or an American tank coming across your property.

          I agree the suburban dream is dead: the idea has already got out there to move the inner city problem ethnicities and races to these places. Medium size and even small cities are being targeted for locating Muslim and African refugees, so you can wake up on your leafy suburban street and find a load of women in burkhas and some skinnies chewing kat while you are out for the morning jog.

      31. It’s where all the meth goes, leaving a shortage for the poor inner city children. Racist white people at it again.

      32. There are a whole culture of folks who don’t own a home. The live in a RV. If you don’t like the weather location or neighbors. Start it up and relocate. Some older folks sell the house and get a RV just to get away from their mooching offspring.

        • Never understood why so many grandparents let themselves get suckered into being the principle care givers for their kids’ children? I see it all the time: they are worn out trying to be the parents while their kids are having drinks after work with their colleagues. Knew one woman who was a career high-flyer, she had her worn-out parents doing 80% of the child-care stuff while she was jetting around the world. She had mutiple guys on the go in various places, was always Instagraming from some exotic location pics of the beach, her drinks, food while hanging out with these buff dudes she was banging.

      33. I recently came to visit the Prince William, Virginia area, which is just outside Washington D.C. The number of cars that are parked on streets is unreal. Homes have two/three cars in the driveway and numerous cars parked on the street. Young adults are still living at home and there are many two family homes. BTW, Prince William County is one of the richest counties in the nation.

      34. In 2016, 50,000 people left New York State. I just read that recently, I’ll see if I can find the link. Doesn’t surprise me at all.

      35. One thing is many people tend to equate money with wealth. There are lots of folks who have very little money who are wealthy. I measure wealth in the ability to do as you wish with your time.

      36. There is an area called The Main Line in Philadelphia that once had the homes of the wealthy from the Gilded Age. These homes became 30 unit apartments. I see the US suburbs adapting. The 4000 sq/ft McMansions will become two 2000 sq/ft twin homes. Expensive housing developments currently not gated will be. Abandoned enclosed shopping malls will become condos with entire communities with a satellite police station, Dr / Dentist, grocery store, indoor park all with central heating and cooling. Developers are going to make a lot of money as society adapts to downsizing.

      37. Two great quotes should confirm this reality has been in the planning stages for quite a while. Taken from the quote section of

        “The powers of financial capitalism had another far reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements, arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the worlds’ central banks which were themselves private corporations. The growth of financial capitalism made possible a centralization of world economic control and use of this power for the direct benefit of financiers and the indirect injury of all other economic groups.”

        Tragedy and Hope: A History of The World in Our Time (Macmillan Company, 1966,) Professor Carroll Quigley of Georgetown University, highly esteemed by his former student, William Jefferson Blythe Clinton.

        “The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining supercapitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control…. Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent.”

        Congressman Larry P. McDonald, 1976, killed in the Korean Airlines 747 that was shot down by the Soviets

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