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Do you LOVE America?


    This article was contributed by James Davis with Future Money Trends. 

    Donald J. Trump reportedly didn’t even have a victory speech ready on election eve in 2016. Crooked Hillary supposedly DIDN’T DRAFT a concession speech on her end. Halfway through the day, the big story was still going to be that America had its first female Commander in Chief, but towards the end, WINDS WERE BLOWING in the opposite direction.

    Three weeks before the elections, this is what the New York Times published:


    Not one mainstream media outlet
    DARED TO FORECAST a Trump win. It was almost unfathomable and I can still remember how shocking it was, JUST MOMENTS AFTER the official announcement, as the Trump family made their way down the stairs to celebrate the SHOCKING RESULT.

    Trump’s first term has been FILLED WITH attempts to crush him openly and directly. We have never seen a more ridiculed and mocked leader of the free world – the media coverage is RUTHLESS and Donald is pounding back at them as well. Trump is either LOVED FANATICALLY by his supporters, who view his agenda as pro-nationalist and anti-globalist or is HATED LIKE THE DEVIL by the other half of the country.

    When I was on an African safari in June 2019, I saw this firsthand. At our resort, only 10 rooms were built; it was a boutique vacation spot and dinners were served on a gorgeous wooden table that was capable of serving 30 people. It was the most exquisite piece of furniture I’ve ever seen. On one particular night, another guest began to express their hatred towards Donald while a Republican guest intervened and attempted to debate her.

    The discussion HEATED UP within seconds, followed by an AWKWARD SILENCE, after which the lady Trump-hater excused herself.

    I had never seen such a clear division of opinions, where each side was so convinced that the other party has NOTHING TO OFFER and there is no common ground and no compromises made.

    The trust level between the camps
    is NEXT TO ZERO.

    A couple of days ago, I saw this poll come out:


    Let’s, for just a SPLIT SECOND, act as though it were true. In that case, Trump’s reelection hopes are virtually non-existent, while his opponent has chosen to implement a strategy of being quiet. The thesis is that Donald would UPSET AND AGGRAVATE so many voters that they would just choose “the other guy.”

    Biden has just been keeping to himself all this time.

    It is very true that when it comes to the average voter, they ask themselves ONE QUESTION before making a decision: AM I HAPPY with the way things are?

    If the answer is “YES” or if the answer is that it is surely better than having the other party in charge, Americans would prefer the person they know compared with the one they’re UNSURE OF.

    If the answer is “NO,” they will choose CHANGE!

    Up until
    the coronavirus, America was mostly happy. Things weren’t great but the economy, which is Trump’s weapon, was fundamentally sound. That ISN’T THE CASE today!

    Therefore, on September 1st, when the summer is over and the eyes of the whole world are focused on the EPIC DUEL between left and right, red and blue, Biden vs. Trump, we will see Democrats DRAG THEIR FEET on additional stimulus packages. That’s GUARANTEED!

    Think about it: with stimulus checks DRYING UP, the real economy will reveal its face.

    The recession will be visible for all to see.

    Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

    Gold has OFFICIALLY ENTERED a stupendous bull market. The precious metal will soon be priced at over $2,000 for a single ounce.

    Yesterday, a friend asked me what I would tell President Trump if I had his ear for 60 seconds.

    Without hesitation, my answer was that the Trump administration should address the nation without any fear, LAYING OUT the naked truth, raw and unfiltered, without sugarcoating the genuine issues facing it.

    America is SHYING AWAY from hard work. It is losing its vigor, its vitality, and its strength, which come from ITS UNITY around the ideas of progress, innovation, personal growth, and HARD WORK.

    It is hooked on debt and credit. “Gold could save your presidency, Mr. President,” I would say. “Gold is

    This country needs to go back to basics and REEDUCATE ITSELF on what is effective for it.
    It won’t do it until it is tired of trying all the so-called shortcuts, but none will prevail.

    Gold is going to be $2,000 by election time and $2,500 by July 2021.



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      1. Meh… I found something really cool! Utah has legal tender gold notes and Nevada will too this fall. They are notes infused with different amounts of gold called goldbacks. Made with new tech they came out last year. They are not denominated in dollars but are in 1,5,10,25,and50 goldback notes. They did their homework on this and avoided the mistakes of the liberty dollar gang. It is officially legal tender in Utah and a lot of businesses accept it. I’m going to git me sum! Go to the website for all the info… google search utah goldbacks and click on the site.

        • Yep Goldbacks been out since 2011. BOTH Nevada and New Hampshire are going to be done in production with them and will be for sale in those states too. Been showing people for a while what REAL money is and is currency. is the best price on them and shipping is same day.

      2. Sorry Sir but this is the worst advice ever one could give to Prez Trump to save his presidency.
        “Saved by Gold” ??? Are you kidding ???
        As the American motto be changed into “in Gold we trust”?, Yes it has been changed for quite a long time now!
        Its Gold that is precipitating America and the whole world into chaos, because God’s hand is falling hard on all the Gold worshipers, destroying what Gold can purchase and the unfolding destruction will be mind-boggling.
        It is Gold who’s financing the nascent BLM/Antifa marxist revolution burning the US cities, onward to total control.
        No, prez Trump will be doomed if he puts his trust in Gold.
        But he may be saved if he starts “trusting in God” and call upon His Name, as will be saved all those who do likewise

        • Honestly John you sound like you are a real NUT. Or a troll. What you have expressed is pure stupidity. And you example that GOLD is funding terrorists is not based on fact as Federal Reserve notes and credit is doing that. The bible even talks about GOLD as one of the only things of substance that when thrown in the fire it comes back. Even God’s throne is made of GOLD .. You John need some mental help.

      3. Collecting interest, regardless of what type of currency it happens to be in not hard work. It is the lazy financiers that are afraid to actually work that destroy the economy and our country. The gold standard cannot work because there is not enough gold, and if interest still exists if it is implemented, it would be even more problematic, since the gold supply would have to increase with the interest. It is interest that is the problem, and that causes inflation, which still happened under the gold standard, and is why America left the gold standard to begin with.

        Andrea Iravani

      4. Demented Donny EPSTEIN GUILTY Drumpf is part of the PROBLEM not the solution. He partied WITH Epstein, Clinton, GATES and others. He has installed ALL SWAMP creatures like Mnunchin, Elliot Abrams, GAY Israeli firster Grinnel and more. He is loyal to our ENEMY. 911 MURDERING / EPSTEIN BLACKMAILING ISIS ISRAHELL. He is not the saint painted in this story.

        • Totally agree!!

          Donald The Controlled Paedo Trump and the Democratic candidate, Joe The Controlled Paedo Biden, are both puppets to their pay masters.

          Trump has done jack for most people in his time in office and worse, he is leaving a smouldering dung heap of what is left of the American economy and society. Like Amber Heard, he took a dookie on the American bed and blamed the dog (black people, the left etc. etc.).

          Trump is heading for the exits. Most Americans will want anything but Trump as president. But, sadly, we now live in an iron-clad control system so no candidate offered will be a free agent. Finance and the military control system run the world and they call the shots. Politicians are just the controlled trash they get to play the fool and take all the heat.

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