DEADLY THREAT: A Secret Drug-Resistant Mysterious INFECTION Is Spanning The Globe

by | Apr 8, 2019 | Headline News | 23 comments

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    A mysterious fungal infection is spanning the globe under a shroud of secrecy.  The drug-resistant and dangerous infection is, so far, not being widely reported on, however, Candida auris has been causing severe illnesses in hospitalized patients around the world.

    Drug-resistant infections have been a growing concern among doctors.  With the overuse of antibiotics, the evolutionary rise of “superbugs” has begun.  Candida auris does not respond to anti-fungal drugs, making it difficult to treat.  In some patients, the infection is so deep that the yeast causing it can enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body. This causes a serious invasive infection which, again, doesn’t respond to drugs.

    Patients who have been hospitalized in a healthcare facility a long time, have a central venous catheter, or other lines or tubes entering their body, or have previously received antibiotics or antifungal medications, appear to be at highest risk of infection with this yeast, according to a report by Tunis Iesoir. Another complication comes when attempting to identify this fungal infection.  Specialized lab tests are needed to discover the fungi lurking in a person’s body.

    Based on information from a limited number of patients, 30–60% of people with Candida auris infections have died. However, many of these people had other serious illnesses that also increased their risk of death. But the secrecy isn’t helping much either.

    Worldwide cases of an infection known as Candida auris have become an “urgent threat,” unveiling the dangers of drug-resistant germs for both bacteria and fungi from a cloud of secrecy over the fear of public hysteriaThe New York Times reported. However, any fear and hysteria are likely due to the secrecy surrounding infections that are resistant to drug interventions.

    “It’s an enormous problem,” professor of fungal epidemiology at Imperial College London Matthew Fisher told the Times, as reported by Newsweek. “We depend on being able to treat those patients with antifungals.” The symptoms of this fungal infection are similar to those of the flu.  Fever, aches, and fatigue have all been commonly reported.

    The “superbugs” resistant to medicine are most problematic for people, fatal even, with weak immune systems, particularly newborns, the elderly, and diabetics, according to the report.  But we, as a society, have done this to ourselves and are wholly to blame.  We attack our immune systems and destroy them with toxic vaccines and use antibiotics to treat the common cold.  The human body was designed to attack infections, but we’ve taken away the ability through massive medical interventions.

    While antimicrobial soaps and hand sanitizers have long been blamed for the evolution of these “superbugs,” the use of it in pesticides extends the issue to our food chain. “On everything — potatoes, beans, wheat, anything you can think of, tomatoes, onions — we are driving this with the use of anti-fungicides on crops,” Imperial College London infectious disease expert Dr. Johanna Rhodes told the Times. 

    Again, we’ve done this to ourselves.  We have all but ensured our immune systems no longer work.  We’ve given infections the evolutionary edge while not allowing our own immune systems the same advantage.  It’ll catch up to us sooner or later.


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      1. I used to date a fun-gal in high school. We called her ‘Eggy’ cause she was always over easy.

        • The globalists scum and the islamic savages are by far the worst diseases and they’re spreading fast. This other stuff sucks too.

          • Bioweapon. It’s ramping up…

      2. There’s nothing mysterious about this. Chicken feed is created out of yeast in a factory that makes several types of grain and mixes. Between batches of different grains, the hose comes out and the machine sprayed down by sometimes lazy employees, some of which are on work release. The yeast slurry created in the cleaning process pours into the sewer system of perhaps a low-budget town. No soap is used. . . only warm water blasted all over it.

        The town suddenly has incurable yeast issues. Things mutate. I’m not in shock because it happens. Do you really, really think Fukushima is what killed the sea? Look again at what California washes into the oceans. . . look at all that lovely candida. Did you know that currently citric acid is a GMO corn frankenfood with fungal intentions? And, think. . . vegetarian food is now made with brewer’s yeast. They say cancer is a yeast infection.

        Not with a bang but a whimper.

        Imagine thrush that lasts three years, and no fluconazole will cure it. Imagine terrifying diaper rash or uticaria caused from fungal allergies that are suddenly crazy. Imagine your neighbor with yeast eating her skin. . . . and they say her intestines are dying because too much of the flora.

        Not to terrify anyone, but I lived in that little town. My kid worked in that little factory. Everyone’s bathroom has black mold growing on the ceiling from the vapor of their shower. Everyone has at least one family member with an incurable yeast infection, crotch rot, foot fungus, or even hands covered in a fungal nightmare. There’s cancer there. Cancer is in at least every other house in one way or another. Little pets die early at age five or six. There are people with weird rare cancers. In some homes, more than one individual is affected. You eat chicken that ate basically yeast, corn, and sugar. During slaughter, that chicken may have crapped on itself, which got on the meat. Oops.

        And just so you know, there is slime mold on the outside of most of the houses. They are fungus eaters.

        Isn’t modern food manufacturing an incredible thing?

        • ADM
          You seem familiar with subject.

          Do you know if UV is a cure?
          Maybe sunlamps like those used in tanning booths/tables?

          Anyone have info? Biologist here?

          Is that what chem trail spraying trying to mitigate?
          Are chem trails CAUSE or Cure?
          Any ideas based on science?


          • Nothing keeps it at bay. You have to re-paint with killz regularly, clean with boric acid, and deal with it in your pipes. If you make coffee, there is a scum all over the top of the water, even with a decent water softener. UV doesn’t seem to help, as we had that in a pet’s cage, and that cage still had the fungus regularly. Only people using bottled water seem to have mild thrush. Everybody else has flesh rot in the family in one way or another, but not one of them has attributed it to the fact there is a factory in town that makes yeast based frankenfoods.

            My son had rotten feet while working there. He used everything, went on pills, used sprays and powders as well as creams, even prescription. This is just one little town. California has a serious yeast problem. People I knew who went to Mississippi to fish got it in their lungs after Katrina, and it took years to be right. We have a lot of yeast issues due to the fact that we’ve made a fungus-based treatment for plants to kill bugs.

            This substance is in the seed. When the bee, bug, or worm invades the plant, they explode eventually from said yeast. This is not being told to people, but the colony collapse of bats is something you all need to look into pronto. Bats and bees are dying of this fungus. The fungus is being spread far and wide, but a lot of the bee farmers who take their bees to the almond groves in California are ending up with it through both contagion and whatever the bees are getting into. Most vegetarian food today isn’t soy now. It’s brewer’s yeast.

            As far as stuff put into the air, the aluminum and boron, it’s to create a greenhouse affect. They’re not telling everyone but the climate is shifting. This is NOT human caused. It’s caused by the natural cycle. They are trying to help without causing a panic.

            Here’s another FYI, and I don’t know how many people will read this because it’s an old article. Q-anon hasn’t been a patriot insider since Donald Trump’s assistant was perp walked out for security reasons. Since then, it’s been the executive branch in a LARP. Also, Dark Overlord likely was no hacker. He was, instead, an inside guy who knew about the 9-11 insurance. The time DO stopped really functioning, Jason Spindler, who may have been an insurance investment guy from Building 7 though that info is no longer available, was killed in a really weird random terror attack in Nairobi.

            Stay safe, folks. I’m really, really sick right now. We got out of that town but are often still affected by it.

            • AMD,
              Apologies for message length. My condolances concerning health issues. Loosing ones health is most difficult challenge.

              I too had similiar problems. This formula works for me.
              —Exercise-Sunshine-Good food-Sleep
              Improved my situation tremendously. 150% improvement:
              – Morning. Start day with cup of hot tea. No sugar.
              – Drink HOT tea three times daily.
              Morning-Afternoon tea time-Night before bed.
              – Morning. Two glasses of well water before morning walk/workout/bike ride/push ups. (Well tested twice a year for water quality.)
              – Walk twice daily 4 days week. Hike with 40-70lb backpack if your health allows it after first few weeks break in.
              – Oatmeal for breakfast. Good for horses. Good for man.
              – Cold showers 4 to 5 of 7 days. Helped with skin issues.
              – Limit sugar intake. Avoid ALL white sugar.
              – Avoid high fructose corn syrup. This is very difficult to do. It is in everything!
              – Never artficial sweetners.
              – Avoid GMO corn. (My friend died of stomach cancer. Mexican, that ate corn tortillas every meal. Not sure if gmo corn or city water got him.? Was good man.)
              – NEVER drink soft drinks.
              – Water. I only drink well water. Never city water. This cured my stomach issues. City water made me sick.

              – Get Sunshine on skin Everyday for minimum of 30 minutes. I uncover even in dead of winter cold. I have walked in short sleeves and shorts in below 30F cold, just for sunshine. 30min to 1 hour exposure.
              – No food after 6pm. Nothing. This helps with sleep uninterupted.
              – Before sleep. No TV. No internet. No screen time two hours before sleep. Read kjv bible/book, to unwind.
              – Make room entirely Black dark for sleep. Blacked out.
              – Sleep naked for air circulation. Use fan in summer.
              – Never allow wireless anything in your home.
              – Unplug all routers, cable box, etc. before sleep.
              – Turn off cell phone if you have one. Keep it far away from sleep area even if off.

              Will admit Some of this might seem weird to most? But trial and error have lead me to this routine. It works for me. Was having severe sleep issues, stomach pain, itching skin, head aches, poor health was affecting quality of life.

              I sleep well now. Early to bed, early to rise.
              Fewer skin issues.
              Mood improved.
              Thinking clear. Learn rate improved. Focused.
              Range time improved. In the ten ring. Good reaction times for shots.
              Lost weight.
              Backpack walks/bike rides, strengthens ankles, knees, shoulder muscles, all my joints are high milage damaged.

              Your sons feet issues:
              – Throw away ALL cotton socks ASAP TODAY!!. Go with Quality wool/poly blend, minimum 70% wool. Marines learn this early.
              – Change sock three times daily minumum, wool socks. Clean feet, dry, then foot powder.
              – No gortex boots. They cause Swamp foot.
              – Have two pairs of work boots. remove and Air dry insoles, rotate between pairs boots. Get boot dryer.
              Will take up to three weeks to see improvement. Don’t quit routine early. Give it time.

              Skin issues:
              Apply by spray bottle to skin. Then let air dry before add clothing. Also use a powder to skin issue area after air dried, three times daily minimum.
              1/3 witch hazel
              1/3 rubbing alcohol
              1/3 castor oil
              Mix/shake thoroughly. Apply by spray bottle to outside skin. This formula from neighbors elderly old granny cured jungle rot from tropics. No medicine from the base doctors/VA did anything to improve!
              Bleach underwear and t-shirts when wash. Change twice daily. Go old school white. Same with bed sheets, white, bleached.

              Above is everything I know. Took years of trial and misery. Base docs/VA hospital NO help. Meds always Made things worse.

              Exercise, bike, walks, backpack humps, push ups, sit ups
              Sunshine daily when possible, arms, legs, face.
              Hot Tea 3-times daily
              Well water. morning-noon-night
              No white sugar. Limit high fructose corn syrup.
              No fast food. None. Never.
              No soft drinks/sodas
              cold showers
              Blacked out sleep area. Get enough sleep. No screens.
              No wireless anything in home

              Final Radical idea. Move north to a cold scandanavian climate. Life expectancy improves.
              I lost weight. Can now outwork men half my age. But all this takes Work, Discipline, Effort, Self Control, that most people don’t want to do.

              And some is a real hassle. But it works for me. Also worked for couple of friends that were having same issues upon our return stateside. Some of these ideas from them, that I tried.

              I’m not doctor or expert. But these methods work for us.
              Doctors/VA/meds, did NOT. Try at your own risk. –Good luck.

              Anyone here have better suggestions ideas actually tried?

              • Thank you for the advice. We’re doing a lot better since moving away from the town. It’s only been a little over a year, and the brain fog is gone, fungus is nearly controllable, and most of the symptoms have waned. I will copy and print your advice to help us complete our recovery. My main point in posting was to warn people that fungus needs better regulation. In the sea, seals and fish have huge fungal sores, and everyone keeps blaming Fukushima. I suppose it’s easier to blame the incident as an ELE, but one must wonder if anyone had a reason to make sure that the place had an accident to blame the obvious killing of the oceans through overuse of plastic and gmo fungus washing into the seas.

          • I was permanently silenced on Reddit when my account was brand new for trying to bring up a few valid questions about Dark Overlord, so this information is probably going to get people totally squelched if anybody out there reads it and tries to repost. I know that 9-11 conspiracy makes me look like an idiot, but that guy worked in building 7 for the firm Salomon Smith Barney. That place occupied over 60% of the building. He wasn’t a hacker, boys and girls. He was an insider. He was selfish to try to drum up money instead of getting the truth out. And now, he’s dead of a weird terror attack.

      3. Candida? That’s been around since the early seventies. Tony Orlando talked about getting it.

        • Nah, you’re thinkin’ of that Country up north there.

        • Tony Orlando died! They found him at the crack of Dawn!

      4. Remember Ebola? What happened to that? Wasn’t it going to sweep across the planet and kill millions. Or was it in fact a disease of filth and ignorance and couldn’t travel far once it encountered science and hygiene?

        Like most of these things, it tends to be drug company time to re-up with some more government grants, or for Bill Clinton to go on another sex holiday somewhere exotic. Didn’t Bill say he screwed about 2,000 women? Hey, why not take it to 5,000?

      5. Stick out your tongue. If it is coated with a white film, you probably have candida. Spit into a glass of water. Let it sit. If something whitish floats to the top, that’s candida.

        Candida lives off sugar. Cook from scratch. Read labels. Eliminate sugar, grains, beans, fruit.

        Stop sexing around. Candida can be spread by intimate contact with an infected person.


      6. It was only a matter of time
        We will see other incurable pathogins that will be more dangerous and air born.
        Are you all set with hepa fillters?

      7. Indonesian gobstoppers. Me wuv u wong time.

      8. Natural News has an extensive write-up.

        ht tps://

        • Yahooie – Thank you for the link to that article. Very informative.

          They should at least tell us the names of the hospitals to avoid, at least for the time being, until the fungus is cleaned up and no longer a major threat. But they are not releasing the names of the hospitals which could cause an increase in new cases.

      9. Fire, famine, pestilence, death…

      10. The usual cause for Candida is an imbalance in the flora of your gut. Your stomach usually contains beneficial bacteria, but when these are killed off by antibiotics or by a sustained and concentrated intake of sugar, Candida dominates over all the other strains and completely imbalances the flora of the gut. When this happens, digestion is inevitably affected. With the beneficial bacteria dominated by Candida, you will find that your body has considerable difficulty dealing with starches and certain kinds of sugar and that it is impossible for you to digest fiber.

        Don’t know how accurate this is but?


        ^ Obamacare doctors and food preparers. This problem was reported in literal EPA offices, where you have given them social promotions.

      12. problem
        Have white fungus? Mold? In Garage on floor.
        Not sure what it is?
        White, very fluffy, powders if disturbed?

        Is this stuff dangerous? Anyone here know?
        The stuff seems to take over entire garage floor?
        White, puffy fluffy, 1/8 to 1/2 inch layer. Turns to powder instantly when touched/disturbed.

        Is this yeast?

        Bleached floor, Mopped. Will see if stays away?
        Tried just mopping with water several times prior. But it always returns.

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