Deadly Plague Could MUTATE And Become Untreatable As It Spreads Globally

by | Nov 13, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 22 comments

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    Face masks are placed on children in Antananarivo, Madagascar (AP Photo/Alexander JOE)

    Face masks are placed on children in Antananarivo, Madagascar (AP Photo/Alexander JOE)

    The pneumonic plague has already infected 2,000 in Madagascar and killed 143 in the country’s worst outbreak in 50 years. But health officials are now warning the deadly bacteria could mutate and become untreatable as it spreads across the globe.

    Coupled with the high likelihood that this disease could spread globally by an infected traveler getting on a plane to Europe or America, health officials are now warning that the strain of plague which has already killed more than 140 Madagascar could mutate and become untreatable.

    Professor Paul Hunter has warned that, while it would be rather easy for an advanced country to contain the disease in its current form, he fears that it could evolve into something far more dangerous. Hunter, who is a disease expert at the University of East Anglia, told the Daily Star: “If it reaches the UK, Europe or the US it would be similar to the Ebola outbreak. We would have a few isolated cases but it shouldn’t spread like it has in Madagascar.” But he had more to add. “As with any disease, it’s a real worry that it mutates and become untreatable,” Hunter said.

    So far, the majority of the recent cases of the black death have the been pneumonic plague, a more deadly form of the bubonic plague which devastated Europe’s population in the 1300s. While the bubonic plague is spread through the bites of infected fleas, pneumonic plague is spread through the air, usually by coughing. Airborne infections are difficult at best to control.

    Symptoms of the plague include a very high fever, coughing (potentially coughing up blood), and headaches. Ten African nations have already been put on alert that the plague could easily spread to their region of the globe. The plague can be fatal 24-48 hours after infection, but antibiotics will take care of the infection.

    Schools and universities have been closed with a ban issued on public gatherings, such as the tradition of “dancing with the dead” which has been partially blamed for the disease’s spread. The current outbreak is also highly unusual as it has affected urban areas increasing the risk of transmission, according to the World Health Organization. WHO has delivered 1.2 million doses of antibiotics to fight the disease while the Red Cross has been training hundreds of volunteers on the island to publicize preventative measures.


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      2. Even more dangerous than the plague, the lie that guns kill people instead of governments and batshit crazy people.

        • “COULD mutate” doesn’t mean it will

        • I am far more concerned and fearful of my own government and the deep state apparatus right here in USA today than any maybe mutated disease in Africa or east LA !

      3. The reason it has killed that many over there is their health care systems, so-called, are shit. Without quality health care and medicine…primarily the right antibiotics and dosages, you end up with fatalities. Quite unlikely the plague could ever become a pandemic in the west. The reason the black plague decimated Europe is simple. No antibiotics, quarantine procedures, modern healthcare and hygiene. Nothing here. Move on please.!!!!

        • maybe it would spread because of bill gates releasing it so he can convince people to use his new vaccine that will altimately kill a lot of people. watch his ted talks on how he will lower the population with vaccines

      4. Oh boy, this is not good. TPTB will probably “release” it on us folks here in the great US of A…

        • TPTB?????

      5. And TPTB refuse to enforce any travel restrictions. This means the plaque will spread. It will come here. No doubt.

      6. The guy in the picture has no idea how to use the face masks.

        He has not covered his, or his children’s noses. Fat lot of good the mask will do without the primary ‘port of entry’ wide open and unprotected.


      7. Well, not really. The bubonic genome has evolved very little over the last ten decades or so and it has never been eliminated from occurring, so it had plenty of mutation opportunity. Genetically modified…now that is more of a concern to me, but then it would be bio-terror and not really just a “plague” anymore.

      8. Brings to mind the movie 12 monkeys. Except in my version 12 Jihadists sneak into America go to our 12 largest cities and travel on the mass transit lines, spreading the disease. Exquisitely simple.

        • I often wonder why they xxxxx’x xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxx.

          They always go for the xxx xxxxxxx xxxxx, lamentable as that is, and never for the more xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxs.

          I probably shouldn’t even be saying this in public. So I xed it all out.

          but… they just don’t really understand our culture. There are so many xxxxxx ways to xxxxx the “boo” outta us.

      9. Not unlike any flu season, have a small stock of N-95 or N-100 masks, exam gloves, thermometers and covers, and medications for fever.

      10. During any outbreak, we immediately quarantine the area or groups that are infected. Someone brought up travel ban …of course. Due to the insidious agenda of the New World DisOrder and their depopulation plans, the parasites in charge may want this to spread. What evil we must deal with.

        Folks there are natural cures out there, and better than any antibiotic, such as crushed natural garlic mixed with a little apple juice, MMS Miracle, colloidal silver, and those items and foods which enhance your immune system. Do you homework folks, and live free !!

        • The absolute best protection is to be healthy and have a very strong immune system. Most Americans have neither because they are fat, dumb and lazy, simple as that.

          The whacked part is that both are very simple to do ! The other issue is simply knowing natural cures for anything out there. Simple things like colloidal silver, whole garlic as well as many other herbs and foods as your medicine. Anybody who has taken too many antibiotics or other pharma, including vcaccinations is already at serious risk of any disease that comes along including simple colds and flu. We are all on our own merits or demerits regarding our own health and well being. Just the truth and the way it actually is ! The single biggest mistake is to trust conventional doctors and what is called our health care system. Both are a sure recipe for suffering and taking all your assets. Nothing new at all.

      11. The World Health Organization website updates figures every days.

        Plague update from Madagascar – 11/9/17
        “From 1 August to 8 November 2017, a total of 2,034 confirmed, probable and suspected cases of plague, including 165 deaths (case fatality rate 8%), have been reported from 55 of the 114 districts in the country.”

      12. Why is this news? It cracks me up when I read shit like this. Just like you read about how a simple scratch can kill you in a SHTF scenario. No antibiotics. Docs hand that shit out like candy to anyone with a fucking sniffle. I cant tell you the last time I took antibiotics for anything. I get scratched/cut all the time. Still here. Didn’t go to a Dr. Unless you are washing your open wounds in piss and shit, I don’t see how you’ll get sick and die from a damned cut. Same with this BS “plague”. Use some god damned common sense and no worries. The only reason people have died is because they are in some backwards ass third world shithole where most of the population can barely speak, let along have a coherent thought.

      13. Only 143 dead out of 2000 infected? That is actually slightly encouraging, rather than, say, 90% dying

      14. 143 divided by 2000 is 7.15 percent of the people catching it dying. What is the percentage of people dying from cancer, heart disease or any other major disease? They might be even higher.
        What percentage of the population of Madagascar is 143? Is that more or less than the percentage of people in the USA dying from car accidents in the same period.
        Is this another chicken little and the sky is falling in episode by paranoid fools?

      15. The possibility of a deadly outbreak happening in the USA is slim unless the government themselves release it (as stated above). Fear of antibiotic-resistant superbugs you hear about all the time in the news. It is true third world countries have very poor sanitation, medical and self-awareness. Viruses are spread quickly through food and water. Take normal precautions to fight these superbugs.

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