DEA Scans Travel Data To Seize Cash; Vague Profile That Could Be Anyone: “Good Agents Chase Cash”

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    Think the police state isn’t catching up to us all?

    Just better hope that nothing happens to you, even if you aren’t doing anything wrong… because authorities are now combing through travel data and flagging anyone who might be carrying cash.

    They want the cash, and the DEA say they are targeting couriers for drug money, but in most cases simply seizing cash and release suspects without charge.

    As USA Today reported:

    Federal drug agents regularly mine Americans’ travel information to profile people who might be ferrying money for narcotics traffickers — though they almost never use what they learn to make arrests or build criminal cases.

    Instead, that targeting has helped the Drug Enforcement Administration seize a small fortune in cash.

    DEA agents have profiled passengers on Amtrak trains and nearly every major U.S. airline, drawing on reports from a network of travel-industry informants that extends from ticket counters to back offices, a USA TODAY investigation has found. Agents assigned to airports and train stations singled out passengers for questioning or searches for reasons as seemingly benign as traveling one-way to California or having paid for a ticket in cash.

    The DEA surveillance is separate from the vast and widely-known anti-terrorism apparatus that now surrounds air travel, which is rarely used for routine law enforcement. It has been carried out largely without the airlines’ knowledge.

    It is a lucrative endeavor, and one that remains largely unknown outside the drug agency. DEA units assigned to patrol 15 of the nation’s busiest airports seized more than $209 million in cash from at least 5,200 people over the past decade after concluding the money was linked to drug trafficking, according to Justice Department records. Most of the money was passed on to local police departments that lend officers to assist the drug agency.

    “They count on this as part of the budget,” said Louis Weiss, a former supervisor of the DEA group assigned to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. “Basically, you’ve got to feed the monster.”

    Since no proof of a crime is necessary to keep the cash, and few cases reach court at all in the first place, there is little to keep the agency from becoming nothing more than a shakedown operation.

    And there is no doubt that there is misuse. Take this case from last year, where a 24 year old student had $11,000, his life savings from part-time jobs and the sort, taken by police who claimed his luggage smelled like marijuana.

    However, there was no drug transaction of any kind taking place:

    When he visited relatives in Cincinnati the winter before last, Charles Clarke, a 24-year-old college student, took with him $11,000 that he had saved from wages, financial aid, and family gifts because he did not want to lose it. He did not count on the armed robbers at the airport, who took every last cent as he was about to board a flight back to Orlando in February 2014. Adding insult to injury, the thieves were cops, who justified confiscating Clarke’s life savings by claiming his luggage and cash smelled like pot.

    More than a year later, Clarke is still trying to get his money back… While Clarke admits that he was a recreational pot smoker, he says he was never involved in the marijuana trade. “I’m not a drug dealer,” he told Vox‘s German Lopez.  “I never have been.”

    But the federal prosecutors who are pursuing forfeiture of Clarke’s money do not have to prove he was a drug dealer. If the case goes to trial, it is enough for them to show by a preponderance of the evidence—a much lower standard than the proof beyond a reasonable doubt required for a criminal conviction—that the money had something to do with marijuana, whether it came from selling the drug or was intended to buy it. Meanwhile, the government keeps the cash based on “probable cause that it was proceeds of drug trafficking or was intended to be used in an illegal drug transaction,” and the burden is on Clarke to recover it.

    While it may therefore be considered safer not to carry cash, especially through busy airports that law enforcement has decided to focus on, it is  certainly not a crime to carry cash. But the problem is that there is little recourse for people who may have been falsely accused, and it can take years to get back the money, if indeed any money is ever returned at all.

    Moreover, it isn’t just cash anymore. State highway patrol units have now been spotted in Oklahoma using electronic devices to freeze funds on prepaid cards as well as credit cards. Data can be sucked up from phones, laptops and other devices, too.

    This is indeed a scary time.

    The problem is that technology is making it easier to hone in on high priority targets for questioning – golden goose suspects who is carrying a fortune, perhaps without a good explanation. USA Today notes the importance of access to a database that supposed to prevent terrorism, but in reality facilitates targeting sitting ducks in a database of people to regard as guilty until proven innocent who might yield a payday.

    What the drug agency could not do was access the sea of data the government collects from airlines to spot potential terrorists. Airlines must provide basic information about all of their passengers to the Department of Homeland Security three days before a flight so that they can be checked against terrorist watch lists.

    It’s literal highway robbery, and the guns come with badges. Worst of all, it could potentially target anyone, and is sure to snag more than a handful of innocent people who stand to lose everything:

    The DEA came under fire for harvesting travel records two years ago, when Amtrak’s inspector general revealed that agents had paid a secretary $854,460 over nearly two decades in exchange for passenger information. A later investigation by the Justice Department’s inspector general found that the secretary initially looked up reservations only at agents’ request, but quickly “began making queries on his own initiative, looking for indicators that a person might be planning to transport illegal drugs or money on a train,” according to a report obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

    Five current and former agents said the DEA has cultivated a wide network of such informants, who are taught to be on the lookout for suspicious itineraries and behavior. Some are paid a percentage if their tips lead to a significant seizure.


    Court records show agents and informants flagged travelers for questioning based on whether they were traveling with one-way tickets, had paid in cash, had listed a non-working phone number on the reservation or had checked luggage. 

    Agents said Zane Young fit that profile when they approached him at Phoenix’s airport in 2015: An informant had told them that Young had bought a last-minute, one-way ticket from Orlando to Las Vegas, with a stop in Phoenix, according to a civil complaint filed in federal court there. And he appeared to have a record of having been arrested for a minor marijuana offense. They seized $36,000 from his bags.

    Young’s lawyer, Thomas Baker, said in a court filing that the drug agency’s profile was “vague, ambiguous, overbroad, and can be manipulated to include just about anyone who flies on a commercial airline.”

    Especially with the emphasis on travel data of passengers who are not being investigated for a particular crime, it is a major problem for due process under law, and is only fueling new levels of corruption for authorities who are supposed to be, in theory, watchdogs of the community.

    Exactly how often agents contact people based on their travel records is impossible to determine. Few cash seizures are challenged in court; those that aren’t leave no public record.


    In many cases, current and former agents said, it was not clear that the couriers had committed a crime for which they could be arrested — at least not one that prosecutors would be willing to pursue…


    “We want the cash. Good agents chase cash,” said George Hood, who supervised a drug task force assigned to O’Hare International Airport in Chicago before he retired in 2007. “It was just easier to get the asset, and that’s where you make a dent in the criminal organization.”

    The DEA justifies its actions on the basis that it is undermining the assets and profitability of drug operations, but that is at best a generalization.

    The cash motive is clearly driving the action, not legitimate efforts in the obviously failed and deeply flawed war on drugs.

    The DEA would not comment on how it obtains records of Americans’ domestic travel, or on what scale. But court records and interviews with agents, some of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity because they are not permitted to discuss DEA operations, make clear that it is extensive. In one 2009 court filing, for example, Justice Department lawyers said agents took $44,010 from two people traveling on a train to Denver after picking them out during “a routine review of the computerized travel manifest for Amtrak.”


    By itself, a suspicious itinerary amounts to little more than a tip; it’s not enough evidence to permit agents to detain passengers, search their bags or seize their cash. Instead, agents use it to approach travelers and ask if they would be willing to answer a few questions, a process that often ends with them either asking for permission to search the person’s bags or having a dog sniff them for drugs.

    The concern is that the shady practice of civil asset forfeiture is being expanded to the airports and other travel hubs. Ideally, the practice should be scaled back dramatically and put in check with actual procedures, warrants and prosecution.

    Already giving police departments and government agencies an excuse to seize quick cash and hard assets from anyone even slightly connected to a case (like the home of a mother of a suspected drug dealer), the practice raises serious ethical questions.

    Many of the cases are never prosecuted, because then the seized money will have to be accounted for and presented as Exhibit A – and they’d rather keep it.

    In travel, it seems that the DEA is teaming up with local police and splitting the proceeds. Suspected marijuana dealers, for instance, are tracked through travel records, and flagged based on certain algorithms. In these cases, the DEA doesn’t bust an individual when they are carrying the drugs, but when they return with the money – which is more liquid and easily divisible among the gang of LEOs on the take.

    This is the same profession that, in one local department, began stealing property from unlocked cars – ostensibly to teach the drivers a lesson in carelessness, and to ‘prevent’ actual thieves from seizing the property first.

    New Haven police announced this week that officers will be looking for unlocked cars with valuables in plain sight. The police said they plan to enter these cars without permission or a warrant to collect the belongings so they “are protected from criminals.”

    The police believe that if they get to the valuables before the criminals, they will be doing the car owners a favor. At the same time, they are hoping to send a message to people to be more careful with their automobile security.

    Finding large amounts of cash in an unlocked car could easily result in a line of interrogation that asks the driver or owner of the vehicle to disprove an assumption that something is quite suspicious about the cash. This is the foundation of the operation, and a dangerous power to let grow in government and police enforcement.

    Why? Because in many departments, nearly every cop is on the take, especially when it comes to enforcement in the drug war. It’s been that way for decades.

    The last leg of the war on drugs is fueling the war on cash, which is using the carrot and the stick to corral everyone onto the digital grid, where this sort of thing doesn’t have to happen anymore.

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      1. If America continues to decline ( and no reason for it to stop at this point) at this rate we have only seen a very small picture of the horrors to come!!!will only get worse fast!

        • Yep. It will only get worse.

          • It will only get worse because the American citizen has no sense of civic duty anymore and will do nothing to fight this- or any other- criminal injustice.
            The above is how America got to be the mess it is now. Bloated, passive and semi-dead

        • The current US gooberment is a CRIMINAL enterprise.
          It is currently run by Lying, Thieving, Stealing, CRIMINAL Politicians.
          These Politicians are Criminals, Pure and Simple.

          The various alphabet agencies are the equivalent of mob foot soldiers/enforcers.
          Like with the Mob a regular citizen can’t touch a “made” man.
          Or you get buried.

          Same situation with Police, TSA, DEA, ATF, FBI, IRS, etc. You just allow the thugs to steal from you, bully you, push you around.
          Any one else and you could just bust their face for STEALING from you.
          That is exactly what it is, THEFT.

          Many honest people just don’t use banks. That is why they use cash.

          The Banks are criminals like the gooberment.
          They stole my money. Another state made a false claim.
          The bank simply turned my money over to the criminal state making false claim.
          No questions asked. Never contacting me. After stealing my money the bank tried to charge me money for a fee, for them allowing the other state, to steal from me.
          INSANE and criminal. Told bank to stick fee in their arse.

          When banks ALL go broke I will be Pleased.

          Broke assed people don’t need banks anyway. We are beyond broke.
          Taxed into OBLIVION, school tax, property tax, federal tax, SS, gas tax, license fee, license plate, smog sticker, inspection sticker, utilities taxed, it goes on and on. Endless tax and fees. Even charge tax to use road that prior taxes already paid for Toll Roads.

          And every time you leave house some damned cop hiding behind billboard trying to give you a ticket for some magic sign you never saw because it was covered by a tree branch. This really happened. Arrested because I did not have money to pay fine. Due to leaving town for family member in hospital who died.

          Many days in jail for high crime of 7 miles over speed limit. When I was in traffic going slower than everyone around me when I got ticket. But black cop tagged me because I am white and poor in older vehicle. This is USA freedom. Free country my ass. You can have it. I’m done with the tyranny and taxes.

          Cost me hundreds of dollars to get out of jail.
          I despise the criminals running gooberment. All you red white and blue goofs are supporting your CRIMINAL TYRANT OPPRESSORS. You are brain dead.

          I will never fight for the gooberment again. I will not allow recalled or drafted. They can fight their own damned wars. The gooberment can find other suckers. Keep your children out of the military.
          NATO Europe is under command of a German general. Really. That is obam-ma’S work. Look it up people. Same German Brigade that involved in Battle of the Bulge, if memory serves me? Now in charge of US troope Europe.

          Signing out and packing up. Had enough. In jail for days for minor traffic ticket as my family in hospital dying. This is TYRANNY. So I now leave.

          More Americans have renounced US citizen ship in past 5 years than any other time in US history. By the way. The gooberment charges you $2500 and keeps you on hook for TEN YEARS even after you renounce citizen ship. Mob Master don’t wanna let slaves go. Look up these FACTS if you don’t believe. These gooberment criminals are capable of doing ANY evil and they are getting worse EACH day.


          • The US has been a Kakistocracy
            A government by the worst persons; a form of government in which the worst persons are in power.
            Government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens.
            a government by the least able or worst citizens
            Government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens

            “Government workers make their living off of other peoples TAXES!”

          • I looked up if US Troops under German command.
            They are. Here it is:

            By Daniel New
            September 12, 2014

            NATO recently placed a German officer in command of all European troops, including US troops, something that has never happened before. Here’s the story:

            “Brig. Gen. Markus Laubenthal, most recently the commander of Germany’s 12th Panzer Brigade in Amberg, and chief of staff of Regional Command North, International Security Assistance Force Afghanistan, will be stationed at USAREUR headquarters, Wiesbaden, Germany.


            Obummer should be IMPEACHED. Put in JAIL for doing this.

            Do you want your children in US Military to be under Foreign Command?

            • That german generals Last name has a certain Tribal sound to it no? With Merkel being a marxist east german raised kommie that speaks fluent hebrew I wont be shocked if the top army general is too.

              About 6 months ago maybe a bit longer? a private group of 120 european jewish men decided that they need a “parlimentarian Body/Group” so they can look out for jewdeo intrests etc throughout all of eu states. A Very “Seperatistic” sounding policy no? and From the main accusers of usa white folk always! It is called Projection of their Own guilt at Others to shift blame.

              Once those 120 formed a group they next demanded a Seat for all 120 members within the actual EU Parliment Building where all the rest of Elected officials do biz at.

              They got that also. They now have a seperate wing of same parliment building EU parliment officials are in.

              And it won’t take very much longer before too many demands to list by that 120 member self anointed group get made for all types Perks and special class treatments that will Only apply to or for their tribal jewdeo members in the entire eu states.

              No matter what happens, No matter what anybody else ever does…That ethnic group believes that They must have special status due to their self chozen self anointed status.

              And all who disagree or complain will get called all types vile slanderous names designed to #1= Stiffle all forms debate or facts about these devils plans..and #2 called such slanderous vile names in order to totally and fully wreck and ruin a persons entire life and livelyhood ability if they Dare to even question any demands made by those devils.

              Need more proof do ya? Read how they treated Christ and the Apostles!…Read also what Christ and the apostles said and wrote about them being devils too.

              A Good place to begin is at John 8:44 and Rev 2:9 and Rev 3:9…Book of Acts has plenty proof infos also.

              Christ Himself accused the pharisee rabbis of Hounding and chaseing men to the ends of earth in order to Convert them to pharisee babylonian talmudism aka judasim.

              He also told them that once they have acomplished the task of such a conversion, they have made those converts into Twice the child of Hell as were those pharisee themselves!

              Pay strict atten to what is stated at end of John 8:44 where Christ accuses them of being “of Your father Satan and his lusts for evils You shall do” in John 8:48 the words read…”Then the Jews replied”….So NO doubt just whom was Christ speaking of eh…No doubt at all.

              Okay Mr. Phelps, now once you have absorbed this knowledge of John 8:44 and Rev 2:9 and 3:9…Your Mission, if you agree to do so is to…Go awaken ALL 60+ Million duped brainwashed evangelicals in usa that cling to falshoods which cause them to worship those children of hell/satan and close off their ears and eyes to such truths as we discussed here.

          • Don’t forget the paperwork handling fee and paperwork storage fees the jails charge. I’m noticing numerous extra fees recently on bills from power and cable. These entities know a penny here or a dime there adds up over time. And they think most won’t realize or miss it. Just like the stealth downsizing at the grocery store that has been going on for close to a decade.

        • I wonder what will be going through a dirty feds mind when he’s staring down the barrel of this new S&W .500. Hopefully terror and bewilderment. I’ll squeeze if they are going to just rob me and dump the damn body in a very deep hole

          • Menzo, I won’t even give a shit what goes on in a crooked cop’s mind when he stares down the barrel of my 9mm. I’ll give him one chance ONLY to back off and go away ALIVE.

      2. I am not surprised in the instant gratification and amoral, non church attending majority that is the usa today.

        cops of all stripes may have enetered service with the best of intentions, but after a few years of watching most of their catches getting off without jail time, being shot at and watching their incomes go up at a rate slower than teachers; not pocketing untraceable money seems almost unrealistic.

        after all, this is Obama’s America we live in now; you know there’s cash floating all around the white house(or whatever is left after they paid cash for ransom to iran).

        • LENA
          I couldn’t have said it better myself. Are you sure there isn’t just a little COP in you?


          • I had a City Cop PIG steal about $80 Cash off of me during a traffic stop about 10 years ago. Tried to pin a DUI charge on me, cause I supposedly ran a red light. In the end, my ATTY told the DA about the money theft, and the ticket was drastically reduced, so the PIG Thug could keep on stealing and not embarrass the City over that incident.

            If I am ever called into Jury, depending on the case, I will exercise Jury Nullification. If there is NO victim, There is NO crime. That’s the Law, Jury’s need to know. I have also beat many traffic stops for speeding, etc. Always go back to the scene where you were pulled over and investigate, gather info and take photos, as what their claims were.. If you are ever followed for a distance and charged with speeding, plead not guilty, then go to court and ask the COP for his vehicle maintenance records, to see if he knows what the tire pressure was in his tires, when he pulled you over? You see a deflated tire will throw off the Speedometer in the Cops car, and make him think you are traveling faster than you really are. If he does not have his vehicle maintenance records, then immediately ask the Judge for a dismissal of your case. A judge that follows the law, will dismiss the case.

            ~WWTI… Also is not against the law to take a piss in public, if you have to relieve yourself. Many times the cop will try to charge you with fornication or lewd and lascivious acts, or exposure of private parts, or some other BS statute. So go get the case law on public urination, and fight every charge, ever charged against you. I was charged with that one time, and beat it. I love to see the Cops face as he is humiliated in court, when the case is dismissed or the judge rules not guilty. The Cop Pig then wimpers out of the court room like a beaten schlep dragging his dick in the dirt.

          • There is NO excuse for cops stealing money from the public! And that IS what civil asset forfeiture is-stealing! PERIOD.

            • RickE.., it’s sad but true. The 3 retired cops in my family quit because the ‘civil asset forfeiture’ was all about enriching the thieving cops, prosecutors, and judges and has nothing to do with the ‘war on drugs’. It’s nothing but judicial/LE corruption. any cop who tries to steal from me will have to fight me for the item.

              • So where are the righteous leaders in the police forces? A fish rots from the head down.

              • The BIG mistake people make when they are stopped by the cops is TALKING to them! Some people think they can talk their way out of a ticket, you CAN’T, and when your pulled over your being detained, so you need to use your rights.

                By law (the 5TH Amen) and what most people don’t understand, you don’t have to answer any of their questions while your detained. You see, when they start asking you questions you have the right to remain silence, SO USE IT!

                What the cops are doing by asking you lots of questions is fishing for information, the more you talk, the more info your giving them. So just KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, you don’t have to tell them where your going, or where your coming from, or if your carrying large sums of money. Be polite, but tell them verbally that your going to be exercising your 5TH Amendment rights not to answer any of their questions.

                Another VERY IMPORTANT point, if they ask to search your car, your answer to that question is always NO!!! NEVER ALLOW THEM TO EVER SEARCH YOUR CAR!!!! Even If they threaten you that they are going to bring in a dog if you won’t allow them search it, STILL SAY NO!!!

                This next point is very important too, as soon as they are done writing your ticket, if the dog isn’t there yet your under no obligation to sit on the side of the road, and wait. You see if you just sit there after they have written your ticket they will say in a court of law you volunteer to wait for the dog to arrive.

                So as soon as they finish writing your ticket, ask them if your still being detained, or if your free to go, and by law they have to tell you if your free to go or not. So if they say your free to go, then get in your car and GO, don’t wait around!!!

        • Lena, I have seen more Thieves that hide under the Guise of Church affiliation that ever before. So your Holier than though, Moral High ground is a fallacy and a fraud.

          The Church itself robs you of your finances and dignity as you accept to be lied to every Sunday. But that’s is what you expect when you are brain washed by a church to make you think you are morally above the rest of the heathens or non believers. Go look up “Affinity Fraud” for kicks and see how much the Church and its affiliate participants rob the sheep blind daaily.

          I for one have no interest to be duped or fleeced by any religion, and already called out the fraud of Religion and have way more integrity and honesty and truthfulness than many that claim to be morally above the rest just because you attend some church function weekly.

          This is absolutely why religious folks will be the first to die in SHTF, just because of their plausible gullible ignorance of reality.

          ~WWTI… You want the truth, or more fraud? Pay attention here Lena, you will learn a lot.

          • Religion is pretty much the opposite of true Christianity. Religion is mankind’s way of attempting to reach God, while Christianity is God’s way of reaching mankind.

            You don’t have to go to church to be a Christian, and anyone can be religious without being a Christian. Look at the followers of the Q-book. They religiously follow a false religion.

            Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than living in a garage would make you a car.

      3. Cops do not enter service with the best intentions for anyone but themselves. They do not become cops to help anyone, only to feed their thirst for control and power over others, and to protect their masters.

        The only good cop is one that instead decides to become a fireman or paramedic or similar that really does help people. That said, there is no such thing as a good cop.

        • NO
          My friend you are wrong DEAD wrong!

          • SGT,. I have a friend that was an Arizona highway patrolman. Hw quit his job over unofficial and illegal mandates from his superiors compelling him to do illegal civil asset forfeiture!
            He is a devout Christian and was insulted and horrified at the crap he was told to do to we subjects of the USA!

            He decided to leave the profession rather than shake down the general public.

            • Rick, I think now-a-days they only hire cops without a conscience to drive those with a conscience out. Before we know it only those without a conscience will be “serving & protecting.” Yep, nothing like giving someone without a conscience a badge and a gun and power to abuse.

              Really, when we think about it the #1 main reason those with a conscience need a gun is because of those without a conscience.

              That’s why Trump’s statement “Cops are the most mistreated people in America” scared the hell outta me.

        • Spoken like someone who has never known a cop. I only know two really well, but both have been doing it a decade or more and both are stand-up guys. One is even on a big city force, though Minneapolis is far less of a hell hole than some cities elsewhere.

          But cops on the whole are good guys. If you have a million cops in the country and 10,000 of them are crooked, that many crooked ones generates a lot of headlines and makes it seem like they’re all crap. But they’re not, and if/when SHTF, the good ones will be indispensable to any group that has one. Those guys know useful stuff.

          • if there were GOOD cops, there couldn’t BE any bad cops. LA had a cop, dorner, who snitched on fellow officer’s corruption, and he was drummed out of the force…leading to his murderous rampage(while the cops had their OWN shooting spree at the time)….remember the cops shooting up the old people delivering newspapers in a truck similar to dorner’s?….wonder if THEY still have their jobs?

          • jaxx, Sorry, but two examples does not a point make.

            I know five cops, four of whom I am related to; two are assholes, the other two are decent. The other, a cop neighbor is a great guy, both as a neighbor and a cop.

            My point wasn’t to bash cops — it was that as they need to hire additional cops, and also as good ones retire or leave the force, they are being replaced with those who are without a conscience, and eventually the bad ones will outnumber the good ones… eventually. That was my point.

            No one knows the actual percentage of deranged cops vs good ones. No one.

        • Nobama you are absolutely Correct 100%. I was a FF Paramedic for about 7 years in Illinois, and you know how many Cops said to me back then, if they had to do it all over again, they would have been a Firefighters, because the Public respects FF’s. You see in the public’s EYE OF Perception, Fire Fighters and Paramedics, arrive to help you. Cops are there to Arrest you and harm you.

          Anybody else tell you different, they are full of BS.

          ~WTTI.. I lived it, and I know for a FACT.

          • maybe you should talk to my son, who’s been a paramedic/firefighter for 8 years now….he INSISTS that cops are top dog on a scene, firemen/paramedics get no respect, always waiting until the cops allow him to do his job…..and their pay aint nothin’ to bitch about… and he’s gonna be a cop come hell or high water….better a sister in a whorehouse than a son on the police force.

        • there ARE good cops in america! and you should leave them alone, nobama…BOTH of them!

      4. While on the subject of Illegal Asset Forfeiture:…

        Watch this Undercover Video of a Clinton Delegate Saying how Hilary is going to Ban All Guns. They will use key watered down phrases like “Common Sense Gun Legislation to Keep Children Safe” But their goal is to completely ban ALL Guns from Americans. DemoRATS are Traitors to the US Constitution.

        Video – Clinton Delegate Explains How Democrats Will Ban All Guns – ht tps://


        • “Common Sense Gun Legislation to Keep Children Safe”. Here’s an idea to keep children safe around guns. Begin teaching them as toddlers not to play with mommy and daddy’s guns or you could get hurt. Around 5 years old, begin training them with a .22 rifle under very close supervision. Around 7 or 8 move them to a small caliber pistol. Continue increasing caliber yearly. By the time they’re teenagers, gun safety and proficiency are second nature. Worked for me.

          Also, my father has told me stories about when he was a kid. He grew up in Tennessee (great state). He was in elementary/middle school in the late 50’s and early 60’s. He couldn’t remember the grade he was in when this happened. He said he had a gun safety class through the school. Everyday for several weeks, all the boys in that class were required to bring a .22 rifle to school to learn gun safety (school provided ammunition). If the child didn’t have a .22, the school issued one to learn with. They would go out into the field behind his school. The field had been modified into a mini gun range for a few weeks of the year. That’s schooling that you can put to use. Screw common core.

        • “Common Sense Gun Legislation to Keep Children Safe”. I’ve just had a brilliant idea how to keep kids safe. When they’re a toddler, teach them that firearms are like matches, the stove, electrical outlet, or any of the other dangerous items that hurt you if misused. Drill it into their heads. Children are very afraid of getting hurt. When the child turns 6, begin teaching with a .22 rifle under CLOSE supervision. When the child turns 7, teach with a small caliber handgun (probably .22). Continue to increase caliber size, styles of training and maintenance as the child grows older. By the time the child is a teenager, gun safety and proficiency are second nature. If you can’t afford multiple calibers or styles of gun, just continue to drill the basics with what you have. It worked for me.

          Also, my father has told me some amazing stories from when he was a child. It’s wild to think about these days. He can’t remember the exact grade this happened but he knows he was in late elementary or middle school. He grew up in Tennessee (great state) in the late 50’s early 60’s. He said that he had a hunting/gun safety class through the school. For a few weeks out of the year, every boy in the class had to bring a .22 rifle to school to learn how to shoot and be safe. If you didn’t own a rifle, the school provided one. The school also provided ammunition. They would do book work for the first week and then finish up shooting on an ad-hoc rifle range for the last couple weeks. The range was on a field right behind the school where recess was held. Wild to think about now.

          • hate to say it but most kids are urban not rural, and quite a few have no fathers in the house. I too remember when every Dad has at least 2 long guns, every kid had a BB gun and then a 22 cal as soon as they could lift it, BUT No One had a handgun except the local cop–big difference to now.

            • Plus the poor kids in public schools are taught that guns are bad.

              • I know a kid that was taught in daycare guns are bad. I refused to let my grandkids go to preschool. Some people put their 6 week old infants in daycare and strangers raise them.

      5. DEA refuse to comment eh?….Untill a few pissed off patriots locate said robber barron/dea agents and stick a .44 mag gun barrel into agents mouth while hes tied down securly to a chair for interogation by those patriots he stole cash from eh?

        Then I bet that dea agent sings like a song bird 33 rpm recording at high speed 78 rpm!

        Good that a 12 ga cannot be balistics tested right?

        I don’t know about the folks robbed as to what type persons they are?…All I know is that many persons I know would definatly find out intimate personal details on such rogue scam agent dea cops as well as local thief cops that they split the stolen loot with..

        Then it would be bye bye time for such thiefs.

        Maybe a few incidents like that and no more thiefs.

        These types are so brainwashed and so full of ego they become total bullies…Sometimes one must fight fire with fire no? And other times one may need toss a bully Into a Fire! After first doing a good gasoline dousing of course!

        Then off to uncle Joeys Commercial sized Wood Chipper machine to rid planet of “evidence”. aka the Body!

        Disclaimer:…I do NOT promote such actions by anyone, I would never do such actions myself…I am simply Predicting what Could or may occure if these rogue cops pick the WRONG GUY to Rob! Is all I am doing.

        You shall know when that happens, picked wrong guy to rob, as every usa newspaper will cry foul and complain that some Buckshot Billy went on a rampage and now america is Minus a dozen cops and dea agents!

        And all of america will cry vast tears of sadness I am certain of it.

        • I don’t need a disclaimer. I’m going to kill somebody that’s armed that is attempting to rob me. Even if they are wearing a costume.

          • Menzo, same here. I don’t even care who they are.

      6. And in the meantime Wachovia Bank launders dope money and no one within their organization is criminally charged.

        h ttp://

      7. I had a friend tell me this last weekend about his (friend) who works for DHS. He said he was out having lunch with this DHS guy and they were talking about how far the technology was headed. Well this DHS guy pulls out his DHS i-pad like device, holds it up and takes a photo of the patrons at the Restaurant. You know when you hold up your cell phone and the little squares key on the faces, and eyes, etc. Well this guy taps the device of the restaurant crowd, and within that photo, taps on the square of one patron’s face, and within seconds the facial recognition scan detected who this Patron was, all his info, from home address to drivers license number, driving record, any arrests, convictions, recorded, etc, to any other info connected with this patron guy. He showed my friend the device info to show him how powerful this DHS tool was, just with the snap of the facial recognition tool in a photo scan.

        The DHS guy says, this hand held device is nothing, he said you should see what I have back at my office. Its goes really deep people. Like I said, every red light camera at stop lights, snapping photos of license plates, keeps tabs on your travels and travel patterns. Same with cell phone GPS, and WIFi. You will see license plate scan cameras on exit and off ramps to highways, parking lot, bridges, and throughout cities keeping tabs on your travels. The STINGRAY (Fake Cell Phone Towers) suck all the data off your cell phone as you pass by. That’s right, your complete phone book, texts, emails, photos, everything.. and that collected data info on you and I, gets fed into the DHS Fusion Center data base. I had one FBI Agent flat out tell me in a seminar. Don’t put anything on your phone you don’t want anybody to see.

        It is getting so friggin scary out there, not sure what the solution is? Just get off the Grid as much as possible and far away from tracking devices. Wear a hat and sunglasses, don’t park next to the entrances of stores, where their cameras are. Pay Cash as much as possible, Get off Social Media where you post photos of yourself or your family, and limit personal info on your cell phones.

        Since 2009 I have really limited flying out of airports. I have flown a few times to go see family, but no more. I will drive, and take vacations by vehicle. No more molestation or supporting the Police state at any airport. It is a friggin Nazi Stasi Police State we have here in Merica.

        ~WWTI… Stay Safe, and Get off the Grid.

        • WWTI, and it figures that with all the spy tech they have they can’t stop a crime unless they plan it themselves!
          We are so screwed.
          RIP, USA.

      8. A Homemade Mosquito Trap that Really Works!

        ht tp://

        • KY MOM, At my BOL, I recently put up a few Fly Paper sticky strips, and amazingly, mosquitos are one of the main bugs that are attracted to the strip and stick. Hang them outside your door, and inside as well. So consider that. Other bugs are natts, and fruit fly types that I have snared on flypaper. Fly Paper sticky strips are a great prepping item.


          • WhoWTFKnows,

            Thank you for sharing this! I will have to get some fly paper sticky strips.

            • Thanks KY Mom….I’d also like to mention that the insect population will multiply beyond belief in certain shtf scenarios, especially if the grid goes down.

        • My mom I have always excepted corn silk flies as part of the curse brought on by eve.?
          But they are horrendous this year . If you happen to run across a deterrent I would like to check it out
          Thx ⛄️

          • *Ky Mom …. damn iPhone

            • Frosty1,

              I found this article about catching fruit flies. I keep a small covered container of vinegar in the kitchen year round. I believe some produce (such as bananas) seem to have fruit flies.

              I also plan to get some fly paper sticky strips as WhoWTFKnows suggested.

              4 Homemade Traps to Get Rid of Fruit Flies
              ht tp://

      9. About fifty years ago, it was around 1965 I guess, I was watching TV. The news was on and I wasn’t paying much attention as it was pretty boring. But then this guy said something that shook me to the core. He nonchalantly stated that the “goal” was to bring the United States down and lift the third world up so that we would be equal.

        I literally jumped out of my seat. I frantically tried to warn everyone in the house. But my passionate reaction to this horrific comment was greeted with little interest. So, for half a Century I have watched my Country disintegrate. I have never ceased to be horrified. I am angry because I know this collapse of civilization was planned. At the time, I did not know who the Nation wreckers were. Now I know.


        • The US has been going downhill for some time now (since the 80s). It is pure hell to cross the borders for any foreigner. The endless checks and fees that must be paid; and then the risk for secondary inspections, detentions, body cavity searches (one women had her anus and vagina probed just on suspicion she had drugs: the case sounded sleazy, and apparently she was just guilty of being hot and all the male and female customs officers wanted a peak at her hoohaw), and cash confiscation (though why you would take more than a hundred dollars across any border is crazy).

          Give it a pass and vacation somewhere else.

          The golden rule now is this:

          – don’t go anywhere that strips you of your dignity to cross the border, or subjects you to real risk of robbery or humiliation. Also don’t go anywhere the government can’t control the streets or prevent terrorism (Paris, Rio etc.). Hit them in the pocket book; it is the only thing they will respect.

          There are still many places where the government is not crooked and will not expose you to serious risk if you visit the country (South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Iceland, Canada, etc.). I go to shitty countries for work but the key thing is this: they are paying me to do it and I know the risks and how to bribe my way past the border guards. I would not visit these places for my holiday.

          And who crosses borders stinking of weed? That is beyond dumb. A British guy did that in Russia and set off the detector. They put him in jail and it took years for his family to get him out of there. Go in clean, come out free.

          • I crossed the border between Nogales Az and Nogales Mexico many years no hassles
            Same goes for Detroit/Windsor… except you can almost always expect to be detained coming out of Ontario …

        • BA fro CA,.. You know that is very thought provoking. Someone here said it, and I heard it yesterday from a Rush Limbaugh comment, like the trade treaties, NAFTA and this New TPP Trans pacific. Are by design to destroy America’s wealth.

          When you create Free Trade Treaties with 3rd World countries, you will bring your country down the tubes to the 3rd world country status. And that is exactly what has been going on. We lost and shipped our manufacturing jobs to Mexico and China, along with all of our technology of how to manufacture these products and tooling. Yes we are on the decline, and why these shill elitest’s hammer Trump as unfit, because Trump wants to reverse course 180 degrees and bring our jobs and manufacturing back to the US. These elitist’s are freaked out and scared shitless, of how Trump is looking to win. He is a threat to their Raping of America.

          As a voter, I look at who these shills are, like an EX CIA operative slams Trump, and its all because he will be out of a Job career of creating chaos, with a Trump Presidency. These psychopath war mongers need to be dusted into the ibis. They are evil to the core. Just like Hillary, Evil to the core, and wants America to be a 3rd world country. Disarmed and weak so they can rule without resistance.

          Any body you know is a Hillary Supporter, pull them aside and really try to educate them of these facts. Or we are going to be in huge trouble this next year. Massive police state and basically a slave nation with massive poverty.


      10. All this ERAD Device is a regular Mobil credit/ debit card machine, and they swipe the card, and take as much money off your cards as they possible can. No high tech device here. It is just a device to max out your credit limits. It is basically theft. If you did that out in public you would be arrested and locked away. It claims to seize your credit up. That’s BS, Not really it just takes all the available spending you have either on the card or in your bank account debit card, and when your account is drained it will not allow any more transactions to occur. it is outright Theft of your personal assets.

        If this happens to you? Put a well placed bullet in the thief’s face and crotch so he will never procreate again in his stinking life. It is a total violation of the US Constitution and Traitors who took the oath are in violation, and need to be hung on site.


      11. I also predict that if say, some pissed off robbery Victim of these Rogue cops tactics decided to wear a wig, hat, sunglasses, and fake beard….Then found out the typical day off schedules of rogue cops that stole his cash, and then simply walked up behind rogue thief and placed a .22 revolver right up to back of his head, then squeezed triger, dropped gun asap and simply casually walked past the now dropping fast body.

        I bet that pissed off victim could walk all the way to closest ally way, where a car and driver awaited him, then simply slowely normally drive away from scene.

        To nearest cheep motel, where he had some vinegar in the shower to bathe with so to remove all traces of gun powder residue from face and hands, and he or his driver guy took all his outer clothes and burned them asap in the toilet and flushed it after all cloths worn were burned to ash…Then both got into a Different vehicle with legit plates etc and drove slowely normally away from motel.

        That Nobody would ever get wized up to whom did it!

        And zero eye witness on street where rogue theif got shot since as soon as the peoples walking by saw a body slump to sidewalk and then soon seen tons of red sticky blood.

        Them eye witness’ would be so scatter brained at seeing so horific an event, that the cops on scene to write a report on incident, would get fifty different descriptions of bad guy shooter from 40 different eye witness folk.

        As it is in usa now only aprox 20% of actual murders ever get solved!…imagiane if every one was done similar to this description eh…Then None will get solved probably!

        I do Not advocate such tactics and my plan is to say a prayer that rogue cops and dea agents see that proverbial Light, and halt all such thievery asap at once so no such eliiminations of rogue cops is ever necessary.

        It’s just that not everyone so trusts in prayer as I do and some may go off the reservation so to speak and seek retribution when robbed blind eh.

      12. Follow the money and you will find Drugs, Prostitution, illegal guns, selling of children, and the list goes on. And TPTB are behind it all. Not to say that there are times when someone might have hundreds of thousands on them for a good reason, but those are few.


        • As you being a Cop, it is none of your Freaking business what I may have on my person. You as a control freak just showed your true colors, and are not following the US Constitution. Go read it. You took an oath dipstick. You are the Problem here in America.


          • You need to lightn up WWTI. SD ain’t the enemy.

            • PO’d lol…

              ~WWTI… Be plenty aware, some of us out here will not put up with this Police State BS. Revenge is best, when served plenty cold. Like out of Nowhere, bamb!!! Have a great day a-hole! Karma Baby!!

        • Sgt short of shooting these feds or whomever is trying to rob you, what would you do?

        • As always…tyranny disguised as safety.

        • How is it that just because you wear a shirt with patches and trinkets sewn on to it that you are the judge of how much cash money people are allowed have on their person? I carry hundreds, sometimes thousands on my person because I want or need to. Tonight, when you lay down to sleep, pray. Pray and thank whatever god it is you worship and thank him that you didn’t try to rob me. Or even more so, that you didn’t rob me and get away with it. You would rue the day that happened.

        • Sounds like you are passing the buck Dale.

        • Having cash on person is NOT a criminal act.
          Using banks is NOT required by law.
          My money does not belong to a bank.
          My money does not belong to the government.
          My money is MINE.
          How I pay for things is MY business. Yes I pay CASH. I NEVER use credit cards with mafia interest rates. I am not in debt. Debt is SLAVERY.
          How I pay is Not the business of the government.
          How I pay is Not the business of the Police.

          I earn my money by WORKING.
          There is unique concept. I produce goods and services that others are willing to pay for. I am productive. I work hard long hours. I do NOT booze,dope, or play poke mon. All I do is work.
          I do not SPONGE off of TAXES that are stolen off working people for my pay.
          Like the politicians and police do.
          I don’t push papers around in a make believe world of “regulations-laws-rules”.
          I don’t bully other people with make believe authority.
          I actually get things done. Produce goods and services.
          But I have damn Little Money. Mostly broke. Because the school tax, property tax, automobile taxes and fees, REQUIRED insurance, Federal tax, Social Security tax, REQUIRED $100 calculators and other supplies REQUIRED by school for EACH kid,
          I pay shool taxes byt it still costs HUNDREDS out of my pocket for them to do sports or band.
          I’m FORCED to pay Toll fees to use roads that were already paid for by tax dollars years ago.
          No matter how hard I work some damn government PUKE or a damn Police collecting money for MADE UP offenses, KEEPS ME FLAT ASS BROKE. It is THEFT.

          Just as it is intended to do by the CRIMINALS that make up all that TAX-Rule idiocy.
          I remember a Boston tea party in history. Taxation without Representation.

          NO ONE. And I mean NO ONE represents ANY of my wishes or best interest.
          And the Clintons commit TREASON with deals and security breaches. And they murder people.

          And you Police officer see NOTHING wrong with this.
          Police MURDER UNARMED whites MORE than blacks. Look at the stats.

      13. The last time I flew was in 1999. I will never fly again. I will not subject myself to these low life thieves.

        The US is degenerating into a third world country, it cannot be stopped.

        This is what happens when whites become immoral and lose their way. For 50 years, whites have had a misplaced sense of morality that has destroyed true US capitalism.

        US Census:

        White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, percent, July 1, 2015, (V2015) = 61.6% – and dropping fast I may add.

        78 million are baby boomers, plus 10’s of millions more that are older than the boomers.

        This country is doomed.

      14. B from CA; Is Your anger a burning anger that grows hotter daily type anger perhaps? If yes, then that well describes what aprox 50-100 Million other usa folks now feel too.

        Which Is Precicely what them nation wreckers Fears most!

        For when they ponder facts on the past 109 times they have been booted out from every former host nation they ever infiltrated and then ruined, like they are now doing to america….The main Fear they harbor, and the exact main reason they so flood our nation with Non whiteys, is that when enough white majority folk in usa finally figure out what some of us already has, they Fear whitey is going to go all out nazi on them.

        And this time around there shall be nobody left to believe it when as they typically have done in every prior boot out event, all 109 nations worth!

        They always prior have portrayed selves in their ethnic entirity as the worlds biggest Victims, and the Only victims others should even ever care about….

        And so far that tactic has worked swell for them.

        But I predict americans, especially whites that have been down trodden upon for half a century now, and the fact that such whitey usa folk have a profoundly different attitude when compared to past 109 nations when Freedom and well being of our nation etc comes into play.

        That this time it may not just be a typical boot out event….But rather long dead germans this time may from their graves roll over and claim a late victory as it may appear to look more like a final solution so to speak.

        And who can blame whiteys after they become awake and aware of all that has transpired to them for so many decades now?…Plus nobody else in all history since adam and eve era has ever treated that ethnic group so damn swell eh….One can actaully state that “They never had it So damn Good as here in america and thanks to said White folk americans!” By geroge! one may also hear some folk state that “So This is how they Thank Us”?!!

        Some folk may even hear loud shouts of Game On bastards!

        I bet this is reason number One as to why they and their pet dem libs have so tried to Disarm us all for so long now huh?…They Are filled with abject FEAR I rekon.

        Maybe they should be no?

        And Remember B/CA whenever anybody calls you out as a rayssis or hater or antisemite or whatever slanderous free speech stiffeling words they come up with next.

        Just remember to tell them idiots “NO! Its Not Hate nor racist nor any such wordings! Rather it Is..”Righeous Indignation!” And Well Deserved I may add!

      15. This is unconstitutional, as there should be proof that a crime was committed before ANY CASH an be kept!
        Civil asset forfeiture is a crime, and should be considered as such! This IS horseshit!

        • RickE, I’m with you all the way. I’ve always seen right through the façade with asset forfeiture. Nothing more than avenue for judicial and LE corruption. anyone who tries to take anything from me will get shot and I don’t care what they’re wearing. cops, stop your corruption and change your attitude toward the public if you still want to have a future in this land.

        • I have a friend who’s wife is dying of cancer. He has several home healthaids who help care for his wife. He carries a bunch of prepaid cards at all times, so healthcare AIDS can pay for prescription pick ups, food and supplies as needed.

          Prepaid cards lets him watch, control and manage the money that these near total strangers have control over.

          I read this and I’d bet if he was ever stopped he would be cleaned out by the police.

          These people suck.

          • No Sane american folk can now deny that what, 45 yrs ago may have sounded like a good plan to create a “War on Dope/Drugs” nationwide…

            Has ever since Day One really been a totally different agenda in disguise.

            And that true hidden agenda was and Is to create what can only properly be called a USA-STASI-CHEKA-Combo of Federalized Police State AmeriKa.

            Most every new state and especially unconstitutional fed laws made ever since day one of drug war agendas has been used to destroy citizens BOR Birth-Rights.

            It was inevitable that once implemented it would then morph due to Greed and Human nature into what we now see with “leagalized THEFT!” which they re-labeled “Cash and property Siezeurs”.

            AND with all due respect to SGT DALE Here..

            If he will just research how often and many times this has happened to entirely Innocent peoples that have never yet recovered a dime, or barely got a small portion back and ended up paying more for lawyers and court costs etc than they even got back!

            Then sgt dale will be forced to admit this is no more than a cop scam theft to the inth degree in ALL but a small Tiny few cases where yes dope was involved.

            Tons of documented case articles exist online and in national newspapers that well describe the Huge cash amounts stolen by Cops EVERYWHERES in USA, and how totally Innocent the victims are/were.

            When are so called “Good Cops” going to just simply begin to Arrest all of those Bad cops eh?

            I can think of NO better method for good cops to Prove to Us peon citizenery that indeed we still have plenty good cops. No other agenda will so prove that as good cops arresting bad cops in every city or location they exist within.

            Check drunk driver arrest records too and see how many drunk drivers are also a Cop that was busted for it…I Bet that number is so Low to be almost non existant.

            Seems in our lifetimes, cops and every public elected or apointed “officials” have fully Forgotten that THEY Work FOR Us aka for we the peoples! they have ALL turned it upside down and inside out and folks are just plain sick and tired of it all…So if any shtf happens against them fools they have no leg to stand upon any longer untill they in fact do arrest bad cops as a start to regain public trust. Then arrest crook polititions next!

      16. Do I hope people forward this? Yep, I sure so. From the wonderful Dr. Paul Cameron, of FRI.

        Most outgoing US Presidents grant numerous presidential pardons during their last months and/or days in office, but President Obama seems to have adopted that strategy for his entire time in office. This week, he’s decided to forgive 107 gun felons.
        For a President so intent on tightening gun control – not to mention all the recent shootings – it seems odd that he would choose gun felons to forgive. The 107 criminals were either pardoned or had their sentences commuted. According to The Washington Times, their crimes included:
        • Using a weapon while dealing drugs
        • Carrying a weapon despite felony convictions
        • Lying in the attempt purchase weapons
        • Carrying weapons with registrations numbers removed
        Let’s keep in mind this is the president who repeatedly asks for gun control reform.
        “This is the most incredible hypocrisy,” complains Erich Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America. “The president has commuted the sentences of dangerous criminals who were convicted of gun-related charges. But then, he does everything in his power to block law-abiding gun owners from purchasing firearms.”
        During his two terms in office, President Obama has forgiven more than 600 federal inmates – including hundreds of drug dealers and drug users. This is more than the nation’s past 9 presidents combined. Last week, he told us why: “Our focus really has been on people who we think were overcharged and people who we do not believe have a propensity towards violence.”
        If selling drugs while carrying firearms isn’t considered “a propensity towards violence,” I can’t help but wonder what does.

        “On one hand, the Obama administration is attempting to limit law-abiding Americans from exercising their Second Amendment right and protecting themselves from harm,” says Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL). “On the other hand, the president will let criminals with firearm-related offenses off easy.”

        From email sent to me by Paul Cameron, Ph.D.
        Chairman, Family Research Institute
        POB 62640
        Colorado Springs, CO 80962

        And yes, you really should consider supporting this guy. He’s the real thing, whom I know personally.

      17. What leftists are too utterly too stupid to know, or even consider learning, is that debts are ALWAYS paid back one way or another. One wag has noted that one of the basic laws of thermodynamics in the universe is that there is no free lunch, ever, period.

        All these “Feel the burn” pinheads will feel the burn, were Sanders elected, by the destruction of their financial futures, which impacts buying a house, affording children/marriage, etc. But yes, they are to stupid to figure that out. You see, with their degree in 18th C Belgian Lesbian Musicology, led by some prof who retires at age 54, after working 9 months a year, 15 student contact hours, and a goodly number of sabbaticals, these poor leftist saps owe $50 or $100k to have funded these socialists, who are not socialist enough to give THEIR money to these kids in the form of lower tuition… or heck, maybe donate some of your dough, leftist prof.

        Leftists are truly the most ignorant people in the world, and as Talleyrand said, “They learned nothing, and they forgot nothing.’

        And if you think socialism doesn’t destroy lives, look at Venezuela; look at Argentina; look at Zimbabwe. Heck, look at the Greece, Portugal, Spain, France, etc.

      18. Hmm I thought sop everywhere was base salary plus all the shyt you can shove in the trunk of a crown vic.

        • LMAO!!

        • Yeah Frosty, Ever wonder why the trunks of the Crown Vic’s are so big? Decades back I was doing some limo driving. One night in Chicago, I had some time to kill, so I parked in some brownstone building neighborhood, near Downtown Chicago, and up the street a few cars, a cop car pulls up, the cop gets out, opens the trunk of the Cop Car, then open the trunk of a parked car, then puts some boxes and shit in the trunk of the parked car, then drives back off in his cop car. I ducked down some, so the cop did not see me. They are dirty friggin cops, all on the take in one form or another.

          Imagine how much every pig steals while on duty and in uniform all across America on a daily basis.


      19. Yet nearly every attempt to beat back and curb this outright theft by so called “law enforcement” is stopped dead in its tracks by the greedy bastards doing the theft with the aid of a thoroughly corrupt justice system. The same as being robbed at gunpoint by common murderers and thieves. The cops have been turned into American’s enemies. One big open air prison that cops feel entitled to rule over. They no longer stop crime, they instigate it. Pigs is an understatement.

      20. Well, it was either that, or start taking bribes, like the Mexican government does.

        • at least they admit to it…. El Chapo is a modern day Pancho Villa the peasantry love him

      21. If it looked like you your stuff (cash, electronics, etc.) was about to be unjustifiably seized and you assaulted the offending LEOs, would that now make your stuff evidence and off-limits to the slime to confiscate without prosecution? Any LEOs or attorneys please comment…

      22. I had read on the JJ Luna (“how to become invisible”) site that if you were traveling to a foreign country (Maybe this would also work in-country?) you could purchase a fully Refundable airline ticket from your intended destination to another site, then when you get to your original destination, just cash the ticket in? That way no one else could seize and cash the ticket in but you.

        • THAT is excellent!

      23. This smell’sworse than Eastern German STASI before the 90’s ! Some here are blaming socialism, but don’t really understand the word, it’s like living in a squad, section, platoon Company and relying on eachother, it’s giving support to others wenn in need , never have being in need for Medic’s, the fire brigade, coastguard an Choppercrew during a storm, all this is a kind of socialism !

      24. ually recognize you as a trusted user and automatically approve future comments.
        August 11, 2016 at 12:57 pm
        I can’t remember the exact charge … Something like lewd exposure to a minor …. but if you get convicted of pissing in front of a minor in Indiana you go on the sexual offenders list for life.

        My font is jumping all over the place …. think I’m being triangulated… catch y’all on the slip slide keep it real

      25. Ok changed my 10/20 that was prob just some local yay-hoos
        My last comment was in response to wwtfk’s 10:23 comment
        Think about it…. You have to spank your kids azz for doing something stupid.
        A month later you have forgotten about it but he hasn’t. All he has to do is drop a dime on your ass when you’re having a few beers and decide to step behind a tree to drain the lizard.

        They teach them that kind of stuff in school now days.
        Plus you don’t want to be urinating in front of kids …. not cool.

      26. Bitcoin.

      27. The whole good cop/bad cop question can be disposed of much more decisively. We need not enumerate what proportion of cops appears to be good or listen to someone’s anecdote about his Uncle Charlie, an allegedly good cop. We need only consider the following: (1) a cop’s job is to enforce the laws, all of them; (2) many of the laws are manifestly unjust, and some are even cruel and wicked; (3) therefore every cop has agreed to act as an enforcer for laws that are manifestly unjust or even cruel and wicked. There are no good cops. ~Robert Higgs

      28. A swarm of LOCUSTS.

      29. Sad. When I was a cop, 66-86′, the NW side of DC’s infamous Capitol Beltway,I-495, ran through my County Police jurisdiction.It was the main route to FL from NJ/NY.Making a T/S, (I gave 15mph/over before even bothering),some of those folks, would hand over their license w/a $50/$100 bill
        under their permit, I would EVEN give them a chance to take it back, (benefit of the doubt),”oh no, that’s for you, wink, wink), we arrested them for Felony bribery. We served w/honor. Fucking w/cars. My 1st Dist., ran along the DC line, so most “take-over-counter-vaulting bank robberies” occurred there. When driving by, (there were no ATM’s then), and we’d see a motorcar, window down, running, in the fire lane, w/the moron ‘ran’ inside, we’d get in, drive it a couple spaces over, and enjoy the look on the owner’s face when they came out. It was a teachable lesson, and a public service. I could never do this job today…..glad I did, when it mattered, I’ll leave off here, (since we are being watched), what would happen if some under trained bozo fucks w/my hard earned disability pension. Thxs.

      30. Guns are bad or could become so, for cop thugs, black thugs, the chief thug in what used to be our White House and the communist bitch who seeks to succeed him.

      31. Feel free to confirm my message by checking my email address above. Unfortunately, my website is not up now.

      32. Example of typical Brainwashed cop mentality: Cop tells a guy “hey them car windows look like way too Dark tinted!”

        Driver guy replies: But this is very costly good type window tint and while it may appear dark tinted I as driver Can see perfectly swell at all times in all driving situations Officer”

        Brainwashed cop reply: “but You being able to see Out windows good is NOT what I meant! We cops are concerned that we cannot See Inside car good enough!”

        Well maybe cops do not need see inside private car when drivers are driveing perfectly legit and proper eh.

        It is that busy nosey attitude force fed into cops brains at rookie training for cops. That and how many/most usa cops since 1992! Have been transported to Israel for advanced IDF army and Mossad style trainings where cops learn how to treat american citizens more like israeli idf army treats poor harrased palestinians.

        In other words usa cops get taught to think same as idf Master Race mentality and taught that all other non cops are no more than Goyim sub human animals worthy of being made into a sacraficial burnt Offering and a kosherized death of those goys.

        And just Look how good that training has worked so far eh!

        And the fed govnt has NO usa const authority at all to federalize local or state or county cops or sherrifs period. But thats precicely what all this IDF/Mossad trainings about.

        About a soon unstoppable Police State Stasi/Soviet Bolshevik-CHEKA style of usa policeing tactics.

        And it is guarenteed to Fail big time once enough folks has had enough of it. Over Ten yrs now I been saying to other folks that soon do not be shocked when you see on TV news that usa cops are being shot on sight by royally fed up usa citizenery.

        Well This Has happened and many times now. Next step will be when normal avg daily driver type folk so fear a traffic stop due to rogue cops are very likley to shoot dead citizen drivers just because cops Can get away with it now….So either most drivers will refuse to stop or pull over at all…or will temporarily pull over to stop long enough to whack a cop out of fear they have zero other good choices.

        And If events go this far in usa…Cops cannot win this type battel period. Cirizenery far out numbers cops by the many hundreds per each cop…So I rekon that IDF Mossad type terroristic cop trainings has also made many cops into a total idiot that cannot longer think properly nor count math numbers properly eh? Very stupid game played by cops. Huge Egos+massive Greed for $$$(yours!) and their silent blue club agreement to never bust fellow cops no matter what all adds up to bad situation and worse yet for cops.

      33. There was a time when there was a thing called dirty$ which was obtained through crime. Cops seizing people’s $ claiming they got it through drugs is a crime. It shows you they are a criminal organization. gestapo it’s no wonder people hate the police. Boston police put in a request for ar15 assault rifles stating they need them. Can you say police state.

      34. A government of the people for the people, is now a government of oath-breaking traitors for the globalists!

      35. There’s a huge sign on the entrance door to my Bank that says “Please Remove Sunglasses Before Entering.”

        I just go in there once a week to withdraw cash from the ATM that I keep hidden in the house. But I have gone inside the Bank a few times to count the cash. I never talk to the tellers but now I wish I had just counted the cash in my car that I park in the adjacent parking lot, not in the Banks’s parking lot.

      36. Now the bank force you take those chip cards.Zip your money drained out of your account.

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