David Dubyne: Brace Yourself For What Happens Between Now and September

by | Jul 6, 2022 | Headline News

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    David Dubyne of Adapt 2030 says there will be some major disruptive changes between now and September of this year. Most notably, the ruling classes will need to take down the entire global economy in order to reset it to their liking.

    We will need to brace ourselves for what’s in store for us during the next few months if Dubyne is correct. The fertilizer shortage is going to cause widespread issues, including food shortages and a rapid increase in the cost of the food that is going to be available. Dubyne has spoken about this for months and it looks to be coming to a head right now.

    There’s so much based on food production that this will also impact the economy, which is one big thing the rulers need to take down to make sure they can get a “global reset” and control literally everything on this planet, including us.

    All of this is going to come to fruition and hit in September. “You know they’re passing [cost increases] on to you at the supermarket. So then you can add on to all those calls that I was making that have come to fruition so quickly, you know. And I am scared, myself. Pit of my stomach. I’m just here today and I know we’re in July…this is all gonna hit and roost at home in September. So what’s gonna happen next is you’re gonna start, this is the priming for you so you understand crop yield losses, declines, wipeouts, non-harvesting. This is your primer right here! They’re telling you ‘get it ready for lower yields and even total losses!'”

    “It’s already been primed for the world to understand that there’s some problem with the food,” Dubyne continues. “There’s a serious very succinct timeline going on with this.” The bottom is going to drop out of what is considered “stable food production” in August, making September the month we all start to feel the effects of the upcoming famine, according to Dubyne.


    The warning gets more intense as we know that once this all comes crashing down, it will be used as an excuse to force everyone to use a digital currency that will be controlled by those in power. If you want to eat, you will do what the master commands. We are already owned but the master is about to make it a permanent and inescapable enslavement.

    “The prices are gonna run like a scolded dog and I mean, seriously. You are gonna see things that you are not thought possible happen in September with pricing. And from that point forward, Humpty Dumpty never goes back together again.  EVER. This is just the precursor to it.”

    “It’s really gonna get painful coming up here, so please prepare yourselves,” Dubyne said.


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