Dane Wigington: The Geoengineering Kill Switch Has Been Activated

by | Sep 3, 2022 | Headline News

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    Dane Wigington of GeoengineeringWatch.org, a site dedicated to the scientific investigation of weather control and modification says that the entire planet is being deliberately plunged into a global famine nightmare.  That means, the global “kill switch” portfolio of technologies being used to control the weather and cause the collapse of the world’s life-sustaining biosphere has been activated to achieve global depopulation.

    The world’s governments are actively trying to make the human race as sick as possible. Not only are the ruling classes trying to eliminate clean drinking water so the slaves become even more dependent, but they are also trying to make sure nothing grows. Anywhere. Ever.

    That’s the warning from Wigington. This will eventually cause the entire social system to erode and could lead to riots and civil unrest. But that’s exactly what the masters are hoping for. The simultaneous droughts, floods, and freak weather events we are observing right now across the globe are not natural weather events, Wigington warns. They are “engineered” weapons being deployed against humanity under the cover of blaming “climate change.”

    Wigington spent an hour speaking with Natual News and outlined a grim future if we continue to allow psychopaths to modify the weather and use it as a weapon against us to control us.

    Did you know that Amazon fulfillment centers are catching on fire due to solar panel installations on their roofs? It turns out all that “green” energy is a fire hazard. Remarkably, as CNBC.com reports, 12.7% of Amazon’s buildings that feature solar installations have caught on fire due to “arcing” from the solar installations.

    It looks like “going green” also means going up in flames.

    If you were a business owner and saw that a new energy system was setting fire to 12.7% of your warehouses, you would shut it down. That’s exactly what Amazon did, too.

    So when the sun is shining, solar power is catching buildings on fire. When the sun isn’t shining, solar power produces zero energy.

    It’s a lot like when it’s not raining, the municipal water system in Jackson, Mississippi works great. But when it’s raining, the entire system fails, leaving 180,000 people without running water, even as water is literally falling out of the sky. The estimated repair time on that failure? Four months. And that’s if they can even find the parts. (Side question: Where are all the people of Jackson currently crapping, given that nobody can flush toilets across the entire city?)

    Remember, too, that you’re supposed to buy an electric vehicle but not charge it, because charging it might collapse the power grid in California, utility officials have warned. –Natural News

    If you’ve been paying attention, you can see there’s a global coordinated simultaneous attack on the food supply, water supply, and on people’s immune systems. What comes when all of this fails together is going to be nothing short of catastrophic.


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