Cyber Warfare? Air Force Kept Silent on Possible Russian Attack Against “Secret Drone Support Network”

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 43 comments

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    Officially, they aren’t admitting anything.

    Unofficially, the possibility that Russia or some independent hacking group caused the failure is clear to most observers, and a great worry to the military leaders and politicians running the system.

    It wasn’t just some glitch, and it wasn’t an insignificant system that went offline.

    The DoD’s secret computer network, SIPRNet, which serves as a support network for classified intelligence on drone targets, as well as target location data, was interrupted. And during the time period when the system interference occurred, a number of drone strikes went wrong.

    The problem was only noticed after-the-fact, but was later attributed as a possible source of the operational failures throughout the Middle East region – including Syria. But nothing is proven.

    via RT:

    The US Air Force is reportedly looking into a computer system outage at a base it uses to operate armed drones over Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria. The failure could be linked to a number of fatal battlefield incidents days after it was revealed.

    However, the Air Force has kept silent, refusing to publicly elaborate on either the outage or the possible impact it had.


    The system failure dates back to September 9, but was only discovered nearly a month later from a contractor notice from the government.

    The Air Force posted a bid on FedBizOpps, the government’s primary tender market, on October 7, saying that “the SIPRNet system currently in operation at Creech AFB failed and critical services were impacted.”


    SIPRNet stands for the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network, a “hidden” intranet that lets the Department of Defense exchange classified information, intelligence, data on strategic targets and more.

    The network is essential for Nevada-located Creech Air Force Base, a “launch pad” for America’s armed drones, such as Predators and Reapers, which the US military operates over Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and elsewhere.


    The notice read that the services were “somewhat restored” and stabilized via “multiple less powerful devices,” but help was need to upgrade the system.

    As SHTF just reported in an exclusive, the Navy has been soliciting major upgrades and investing in new protocols to protect its electronic communications on board SSBN nuclear submarines and other classes of subs.

    Solicitation notices on reveals that there is considerable effort going into upgrading, fortifying and securing communications technology– particularly for SSBNs, one of the most important pieces on the chess board.

    Nuclear submarines must be in constant communication around the world, in any waters, and be able to avoid detection. However, compromised communications could cutoff communications or render subs ineffective when they are needed most.

    Here’s a list of just some of the very recent solicitation notices for some serious electronic warfare defense upgrades (click to enlarge):



    There is obviously a major problem, and it appears that the U.S. military is working feverishly to cover the gaps in its network security. But vulnerabilities will always appear.

    The coming age of warfare will be deadly and unpredictable.

    Both Russia and China now possess immense powers in electronic and cyber warfare, and have been gearing up for a 21st Century world war on all fronts.

    Now, there is a real world incident (not just hypothetical). A drone base was effectively taken offline; and drones have become an essential part of the Obama Administration’s strategy in the region. It seems that the U.S. was caught with its pants down – not that they have admitted it to the public.

    If this is indeed what took place, it is a potent and chilling demonstration of the new factors in warfare that will come into play in a huge way, especially if two or more world powers were to clash in warfare.

    Electronic Over-Dependence in a Collapsing Empire?

    The big problem that United States faces is not an issue of military superiority directly; obviously, more money is poured into wars and weapons than anything else. It is part and parcel to why foreign policy is so aggressive.

    The problem is one of empire strain, of fatigue in the American public’s support for war and a depletion of the strength and numbers of its service men and women.

    After 14 long years in Afghanistan, bitter blowback in Iraq and a problem with radical Islam that keeps cropping up like the hydra, the United States is in danger of being sapped in the long game. If it is compensating through leverage in the cyber war, then it has even greater vulnerabilities.

    This problem of fatigue contributed significantly to the long, painful and confusing military loss in the quagmire of Vietnam.

    And it was mirrored in Russian’s futile Afghanistan adventure in the 80s – the effect was intentional. This tactic was claimed by elite strategist of the grand chessboard, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was Carter’s National Security Advisor; it was Brzezinski who directed Operation Cyclone and other secret programs to arm and fund the Mujahideen as a proxy against the Soviets.

    In the end, Brzezinski attributes this to the collapse of the Soviet Union. As Counterpunch reported:

    Brzezinski: Regret what? That secret operation was an excellent idea. It had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap and you want me to regret it? The day that the Soviets officially crossed the border, I wrote to President Carter: We now have the opportunity of giving to the USSR its Vietnam war. Indeed, for almost 10 years, Moscow had to carry on a war unsupportable by the government, a conflict that brought about the demoralization and finally the breakup of the Soviet empire.

    Afghanistan has gained a reputation as the graveyard of empires over the decades, centuries and millenia of human wars and conquests. The U.S. has now been actively engaged in the region for even longer than the Russians were, and the economic pressures on the dollar are bringing things to a head.

    Yet, with this knowledge clear and present, the Americans continue to be drawn into a deeply flawed and unwinnable struggle in the middle east to inflame, then control, radical Islamic terrorists in the form of ISIS, al Nusra, al Qaeda and other sponsored groups (who are given Western arms, funds, training, air cover and proxy support, etc.).

    Even as this dangerous and ill-advised path to regime change continues, the U.S. intentionally prods for war against Russia and Iran, among others.

    The remaking of world order is going to be nasty and brutal indeed. Prepare accordingly.

    Russia Showcases Its New Class of Electromagnetic Weapons

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    “Doomsday EMP Weapon” Could Kill 90% of U.S. Population… And Government Won’t Save You


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      1. GO RUSSIA.

      2. Writing in Enemies of Freedom, about political campaign, freedom and propaganda in the US, Huxley says: “All that is needed is money, and the candidate who can be coached to look sincere. Political principles and plans for specific action have come to lose most of their importance; the personality of the candidate, the way he is projected by the advertising experts are the things that really matter.”

        Now you know why Hilary is the VERY best candidate Goldman Sachs, George Soros and JP Morgan money can buy, and why the leftist, lamestream blitz finds so many gullible takers. You also know now why Boy Wonder Trudeau won in Canada recently.

        I am not a fan of Huxley, but some things he said are good. This is one. Video of Mike Wallace interviewing him on this subject at
        Anyone for another “Yes we can, yes we have no bananas” chant-in right about now?

      3. If this is so? Russia just showed her hand and now the US knows how to counter it.

        Looks like WW3 is getting closer. Oh SHIT!!!!!!!!


      4. Well, the US knows that Russia has all this cool, new technology which can make the enemy’s stuff non-functioning… just one zap and a fighter jet’s GPS and everything else no longer works. Basically, Russia has already won the war.

      5. WOW!. SO, i guess buying military components and electronics made in places like CHINA might have been an absolutely stupid idea?

        ALL INVOLVED in deciding to buy military hardware, software, etc from foreigners should be in prison or face firing squad for GROSS NEGLIGENCE!

        • Semper Fortis: I have to question your name, if it indicates prior service. My reason is simple.

          1. Anyone who has served minimal time (2-6 years depending on which branch) in the military is aware that Uncle Sam buys NOTHING that is not made in The USA (with a few, danged few, exceptions). It’s illegal to do so, for one.

          Most anything and everything purchased by the military is first presented to a large number (but no less than three) of competitors, and whomever can offer the “X” number of “Y”‘s for the least number of “$$$$”s gets the contract …and none of them can be remotely foreign in ANY fashion
          Ya ain’t gonna go throw up the hood on an F-16 and see MADE IN CHINA stamped on any of the parts! 🙂

          • Equorial,
            You’d be surprised, military electronics is often sourced from commercial sources.

            There’s a lot of electronics on the market used in military equipment, that simply is not made on American soil anymore. They source it where they can.

          • Equortial, more on electronics.

            To be clear the US military may buy a radio, or other electronic device, they are all American made. Open up that radio or device and most of the components inside are commercial off the shelf parts that come from all over the world. Under close examination you will even run into counterfeit parts.

      6. Keep in mind, every month in China, the PLA takes over a province. Everyone in the province must take part in war games. Computer specialists practice hacking enemy computer systems. Transport people practice moving military equipment. Hospital staff, well, I think you see my point. What did you and your government practice this month? Oh, I forgot, it’s not your government. The government doesn’t care if you survive. They’re already bringing in your replacements. All of the countries that our politicians are messing with are preparing for what’s coming. I think we’re in deeper crap than most of us expected.

        • We preppers best be running our own war games!

          Did preppers practice this week??????

          We are indeed on our own !

      7. “the Navy has been soliciting major upgrades and investing in new protocols to protect its electronic communications on board SSBN nuclear submarines and other classes of subs.”

        Hey … ain’t Windows 10 awesome, what could possibly go wrong?

        • HAHAHAHA , yeah 10 is awesome , but i still cant figure out how i got it ?
          Just auto downloaded one day , LMAO , spyware .

      8. Does anyone think RT is gonna report on all the hacking the US has done on their systems ? HMMM ?
        Hell no , this shit has been going on for years , its called espionage , nothin new .
        Tit for tat , one black eye for another , on and on it goes…
        While it could be an indicator of the possiblity of a war , it dont mean there will be one.
        We still have mutually assured destruction , make no mistake.
        Nobody is racin towards the end of the gravy train , that includes the oligarchs in both the US and Russia .
        It seems more like a goal of world governance.

      9. WHAT truly scares the Hell out of me; Is the incident that took place approximately this time last year; I guess. I don’t remember the exact location; but the U.S.S. Donald Cook; an Aegis Class Destroyer; was pretty much rendered dead in the water when I believe a Russian Bomber did a fly over; and pretty much killed all the electronic on the Cook’s bridge. IF I was high in the Navy food chain; THAT would have given me pause.

        • Interesting… don’t remember that one off hand, but sounds like it fits the pattern pretty well.

          • Happened April of 2014, when Obama sent the Donald Duck to the Black Sea to support his puppet in the Ukraine. Russia flew a couple of SU-24’s at the Donald Duck. One was equipped with the Khibiny EW system, which we have no answers for. The Khibiny completely shut down the Aegis system. The pilot then simulated 12 bombing passes on the Donald Duck before heading home. Other reports related to the incident state that many of the crew on the Donald Duck requested state-side duty immediately afterward.

            Goes to show what kind of a mismatch advantage Russia has. For all intents and purposes, they can obliterate our so-called latest and greatest naval vessels and systems any time they want. They simulated such with a dinosaur aircraft that is still far superior to the F-35. Imagine what they’ll be able to do when they turn the SU-35 loose: 40% faster than anything the US can muster up, with twice the range. Something tells me it won’t be long before the USS Zumwalt is reduced to the DumbWalt.

            • Mac,

              I have read about that as well. I am surprised you dont remember!

              Louisiana Eagle

            • Maybe its long past due time that usa military heads send in the Mid east regions USS-zio Nuttyahoo fleet and It’s military perps eh. Since all these wars are to benifit israel mainly. Let Them have a go at ISIS and terrorists for a change.

              ALSO: For Very updated Great Rusaian Arms etc Infos research read at Vetranstoday website. They are another truth site that aint afraind to name names even when those names belong to the Big Taboo tribe.

              They also have several ex military guys and others that have extensive first hand knowledges and probably also have Inside info guys in russia that feed arms and weaponery type update infos to vetranstoday.

              Many folks from SHTF will definaty recognize several regular writers at that website too, since they write for several Other websites and/or maintain their own website like PC Roberts for example.

          • I do Mac, he’s dead on.

            • The USS Donald Cook was showing off America’s big gonads goading the Russians in the Black Sea until a Sukhoi 24 used their Khibny system to completely destroy the Cook’s electronics. The Cook limped back to the Balkans. According to a related story, the Cook was ordered back to the Black Sea, but instead of returning, 24 USN officers resigned their commissions.

            • This happened in April of ’14 when the USS Cook was on maneuvers in the Black Sea.

          • I remember it too.

            Made me really push the prepping.

            I have things now I might not have had were it not for that very incident.

      10. For the record…

        “This problem of fatigue contributed significantly to the long, painful and confusing military loss in the quagmire of Vietnam.”

        The US military did not lose the VN war. The last US combat troops were withdrawn in August of 1972. Saigon fell in 1975.

        Though our clients (the South VN military and govt) were corrupt, they continued the fight on with our financing. The Liberals cut the $ off and our mercenaries refused to fight on and the South fell.

        The loss was political and Liberals did it.


        • BBin GA: Not exactly as to your Claim. The last US “combat troops” were withdrawn in August of 1972. Saigon fell in 1975. Other troops were still there protecting the embassy and other operations.

          By The Associated Press
          Follow on Twitter
          on March 29, 2013 at 11:56 AM

          The last U.S. combat troops left Vietnam 40 years ago Friday, {March 29th 1973} and the date holds great meaning for many who fought the war, protested it or otherwise lived it.

          While the fall of Saigon two years later is remembered as the final day of the Vietnam War, many had already seen their involvement in the war finished — and their lives altered — by March 29, 1973.

          US Troops were fighting at the US Embassy in Saigon as they loaded up civilian from the rooftop April 30, 1975.. Those were the last official US Troops to withdraw as Saigon Fell.


          • May of 1975 is the Official Declaration of ‘whatever’ for The Vietnam ‘Conflict’…

          • Don’t get lost in the dates here. If I’m wrong, fine, and it may be your way.

            My point stands, the US military was not running combat operations after some date in 72 or 73, the South VN military was responsible and we paid $ for their operations. Of course there were US ‘advisors’ and trainers that I’m sure engaged in the fight.

            I understand our people were still in harms way, that is not the point. Our military did not lose the War. The damn politicians decided to pull the plug on the proxy war it tuned into (and where it started from) and they were mostly the Liberal ones. <bb

        • General Giap accurately stated, “I’ll lose 10 of my men for every one of yours but you will eventually tyre and leave”. “I cannot leave because I have nowhere else to go”. There were in effect two wars going on simultaneously in South Vietnam. One with the NVA which while inflicting casualties and living to fight another day were always defeated in battle if one uses the “body count” analysis for victory. The thought, actually impossible fight was against the VC (Vietnamese Communist) guerrillas. SVN was a fabricated government that for practical purpose was devoid of popular support. President Johnson often lambasted, “Why do their Vietnamese fight better than our Vietnamese”. The guerrilla doesn’t have to ever win a battle to win. All they need to to is to make an area un-governable. US military intelligence estimated that less than 20 2 1/2 ton trucks could maintain the VC activity which was impossible to stop. The reality is the Vietnamese fought China for 1000 years. They are very tenacious. You will eventually tyre and leave and they aren’t leaving as they have nowhere else to go. Think Minutemen and the US Revolution.

      11. A number of people that I have spoken with have asserted the need for an actual First Lady and not a First Gentleman. One particular obstinate person kept pointing to Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn. At first, I didn’t know what that had to do with Bill Clinton. When I found out what he was suggesting, I was thoroughly grossed out! I have to concede that if the internet rumors about Hillary and the ex-wife of Anthony wiener are true,then gender reassignment might rekindle the romance. Also, Bill would be less prone to scandals involving women. He is, however, the ex-President. Even if you don’t like Bill Clinton, then you should respect the office. The problems this country faces are far more important than the picadillos of either Bill Clinton or Donald Trump. Are we in the Twilight Zone?

        • Brian,
          Please read up on the supposed stories of Trumps sexual attacks.

          The one woman claims Trump groped her on a plane after she was upgraded to the seat next to Trump in first class. She said in the complaint that trump folded up the armrest between them and slid over close and had his hands all over her like an octopus! I’ve never seen or sat in a first class seat that had an armrest between seats that folds up. They aren’t made that way. There are very few details in the suit by this woman. A glaringly false detail like this is very telling.

          The second woman complained in her suit that Trump groped her at a concert. Only problem is a fact check finds there was no concert at the named place on that date! The Devils in the details but that never stopped CNN from smearing Trump before.


        • Electing Hillary and putting Clintons back in the White House is equivalent to making Slick Willy Sutton the bank President. Its my bet that Hillary would actually push the envelope too far for even TPTB as her greed is unrivaled and untempered. This of course assumes that the world survives that long. As Dr Paul Craig Roberts said, and I’m paraphrasing, “Don’t concern yourself with your IRA”.

      12. Yet Obama the liar won the Nobel Peace Prize. WTF!

      13. As the ashes drifted down the artificial intelligence general stated. “It was a strange game. The only way to win was not to play”. But we all know that, don’t we? It is the arrogance of blinding greed that will kill us. Damn the western elites. Who is able to condemn them, and when? If not we all will be condemned. Has time run out? That answer will come faster than the question.

      14. No one is better at spying and doing cyber-attacks than the USA due to most of the world running microsoft windows with all of its back doors and spyware.

        Please USA give Russia a good kicking in any Cyber attack because they need to throw windowes in the bin and build their own operating systems and I for one would also like a copy when it’s built becauses its getting too hard to stop windows calling home now developers are being lock out of windows all over the place.

        Not buying your own hardware firewall and blocking outbound traffic is no longer an option, the danger is not hackers, it’s windows and android being used to record your every move or word and encrypting the data and uploading it back to NSA servers in the states.

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