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    This article was contributed by Lior Gantz at The Wealth Research Group. 

    Not even FOUR MONTHS AGO, the Chinese government and the U.S. administration signed the HISTORIC Phase 1 trade deal. The biggest concern that markets had on the geopolitical front, ASIDE FROM BREXIT, was over.

    Confidence in the future was on the rise and valuations HEADED HIGHER into all-time highs.

    In fact, markets got so EUPHORIC that, pandemic or not, we were EMPHASIZING the importance of trimming down exposure and taking profits, regardless. COINCIDENTLY, just one month afterward, in March 2020, the public panicked and CASHED-OUT.

    Fear, not coronavirus, is the MOST CONTAGIOUS disease ever created. Fear lurks in the mind of every living being. Fear is an intense emotion, which PROMPTS ACTION. When your small child crosses the road and fails to notice an oncoming vehicle if you notice it, FEAR REACHES EXTREME levels in milliseconds and you RUSH TO ACTION to save him/her.

    Our ancestors used fear to their advantage in order to SURVIVE on this planet for millions of years. But fear can also lead you to make decisions that aren’t to your advantage, resulting in DAMAGES.

    Life wasn’t always as relatively comfortable as ours is today. Even as recently as 1966, more than 50% of the GLOBAL POPULATION got by on the equivalent of $2/day salaries.

    Today, less than 9% of the world lives in this type of ABJECT POVERTY-STRICKEN condition!


    One week ago, before this SELL-OFF began, we WARNED YOU about it!

    We published a number of reports that a ROUND 2 was SUPER-LIKELY to occur and it has.

    We even ISSUED a POTENTIAL BUY LIST; a select few of the featured companies are at or even within the buy range.

    In the chart above, there’s AN INSIDIOUS hint that the world in the 1918-1933 era ought to be compared, APPLES TO APPLES, with the 2009-2020 period.

    It can’t and it SHOULDN’T. While fear and greed still rule supreme, countless other things have evolved. Could the price of the Dow Jones Industrial Average fall by 89% as it did in The Great Depression? Many INTELLIGENT VOICES are sounding the alarm on that possibility, but I’m not one of them.

    It took stocks until 1951 to GIVE BACK all of the losses suffered by the 1929 to 1933 crash – nearly two decades of gains to return to the price levels reached in 1931. The markets are NOTHING LIKE THAT today.

    The control over the downside is ENORMOUS; some call it even RIGGED or socialized.

    The Federal Reserve of 2020 is A BEAST. It almost FORBIDS recessions or large market declines. Even Warren Buffett acknowledged in his annual meeting that the FED is acting TOO FAST for investors to truly capitalize on the volatility.

    Buffett is also aware that, in his own words, NO ONE knows the consequences of the actions of Jerome Powell and his GANG OF THIEVES on the future of banking and finance, but I can tell you one thing: BUFFETT ISN’T BULLISH in the near-term yet.


    He sees what we do. He sees more REAL-WORLD TROUBLE in the not-so-distant future and believes, although he doesn’t ADMIT IT PUBLICLY, that the Federal Reserve’s actions the next time around WON’T STOP bargains from emerging.

    Unlike us, Berkshire holds the MAJORITY of its liquid cash in Treasuries. Berkshire has LOANED WASHINGTON $114B and it gets ALMOST NOTHING in return.

    On the other hand, we hold most of our cash in GOLD and that’s up 70% in the past five years and 11% this year alone. If gold was a stock, it would be ranked among the 25 BEST-PERFORMING companies in the world this year (in the S&P 500).

    In fact, Newmont Mining is the No.1 stock on the planet in 2020, within the index.

    Right now, Mike Pompeo, former director of the CIA and current Secretary of State, is publicly pointing the finger at China for concealing information early on and for making the problem worse.

    Most people don’t know this, but between 1959 and 1962, the Chinese government hid a GIANT SECRET from the world. Only 34 years later, in 1996, did the international community learn about what is now called The Great Chinese Famine.

    It is estimated that a combination of DROUGHTS, FLOODING, a poor CENTRALIZED APPROACH to agriculture and an even worse CULTURE OF COVER-UPS sealed the fate of anywhere between 15-40 million hungry men, women, and children, whose burials were CONCEALED.

    Hatred towards China is hitting extremes. The U.S. may decide it is time to strike – the markets are NOT PREPARED for this. If there’s one uncertainty, greater than anything else hovering above us, it is the return of FRICTION between West and East.


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      1. We will soon be effectively unable to help with any market recovery because tyrannical discriminatory medical edicts appear to be forcing us out of job, home, and state.

        So it begins. I was just denied these services for refusing to wear a mask; Physical therapy, orthopedic surgery on my arm, any and all medical treatments at Kaiser Permanente clinics, dental for us as adults, and dental for the children. Basically we lost all medical and are now effectively uninsured because we refuse to comply with mandatory mask wearing. Even though we’re supposed to have a free ride 100% covered insurance through our employer. So now we have no other insurance options, and no access. No optical. No preventative. No ortho. No nothing. Wear the mask or lose all access to any and all hospitals or health based facilities in Colorado.

        This is discrimination and just because ‘it applies to everyone’ does not mean it’s not discrimination. Broadly applied discrimination is still discrimination.

        We will not partake in training our children to live in fear, and we will not live that way either.

        We’re not afraid of the mask, we’re afraid of everything that comes after that. Hospitals, dentists, and most health practitioners are abandoning the principals of voluntarism and medical autonomy right now.

        This is likely to disrupt our entire lives. We will have to sell the home, find new jobs, travel to do so, and find another state. We will need a state that does not force masks, does not force vaccines, allows vaccine objectors opt outs to still obtain public and adult collegiate schooling, in a non-urban setting. We’re going to take what is likely to be a $50,000-$100,000 loss, possibly much more, as we find new jobs at the worst possible time, walk away from only 8 years left on our home payment schedule, repurchase in an unknown area, deal with insurance, legistics, moving, and then hope a similar discriminatory state does not befall us in a different state location.

        The mask is not for your protection. The mask is to signal your submission.

        It will be your turn to deal with this soon. You are next in line. If you do not stand up for me now, I will be unable to stand with you in the future. Requesting assistance in Colorado.

        • Do you realize how soft, sensitive,entitled,and petty you sound?

          Good grief,my 19 year old niece is tougher than you.
          Suck it up Buttercup and deal with it.
          Nobody gonna feel sorry for you.
          Welcome to the REAL WORLD snowflake.

        • They would probably have to remove the mask, for dentistry and general anesthesia, though.

        • Are they incorporated?

          Your rights to do as you please end when you enter their property.

        • Mr Yesterday, I commend you for standing up to the tyrants despite what it is costing you for refusing to wear a mask. The arrogance of these commies, and the sheep who make they’re job enforcing ridiculous rules that much easier. I refuse all the bullshit myself, like the “one way” aisles at the stores now. All nothing more than commie indoctrination. Free men don’t ask for permission to go outside, or to work. I lived in Colorado once myself, way to leftist in the city’s for me. It was against the law to collect rain water when I lived there !! Who the hell do these people think they are!? Perhaps you might consider looking into central Arizona, a much freer state than Colorado. I sure like it here and masks are optional.

      2. You must be pretty young Lior, because the Chinese famine was not a secret. Everyone knew about. Maybe some forgot, but it was common knowledge in America.

        Selling stocks and crypto currencies must be outlawed once and for all!

        The stock market is just a low operating expense cassino and pyramid scheme that is marketed as a viable economic engine and path to retirement, which it is not for the majority.

        Most people buy high and sell low. That is the reality.

        People don’t get bailed out by the government for their losses in Las Vegas and they shouldn’t get bailed out by the government for their losses in the stock market.

        To pretend that they were oblivious to the risks of the stock market is totally insane and totally unbelieveable!

        It is only those who have colluded to deny reality and math that have reaped obscene profits, not because the stock market is a good investment, but because it keeps getting bailed-out by people, many of whom can’t even afford to pay the rent.

        They ( the corporations and investors ) just don’t anyone to
        that it is 100% socialist because it is privatized gains, socialized losses, and people like me are pretty God damn fucking sick and tired of being forced to pay for psychopaths that spy on me and steal from me!

        How is that supposed to benefit me?!

        Death to the fucking psychopaths!

        I come from the land of Dahmer, where people stalk and hack and cannibalize!

        It’s just another day in McCarthy Dahmerville!

      3. Piss off the terrorists! Have faith in God! They get mad as hell and go totally insane when people have faith in God because it diminishes their self-perceived sense of power! They demand that people capitiulate and cave to them begging and pleading for the terrorists to stop terrorizing. Not going to happen!

      4. You saying you are unwilling to use what health insurance you have because you don’t want to where a mask? REALLY? You sound like a completely out-of-touch rich idiot. The mask is for THEIR protection from YOUR germs. Poor you to make so much money that you can still survive after a $50-$100,000 pay cut are considering taking that kind of loss so you don’t have to wear a mask? I have no insurance, no health option at all unless I pay directly out of pocket… Wear the mask and quit your stupid bitching and enjoy the insurance you say is free! Making $50-$100,000 and STILL getting free health coverage is unheard of. Sorry – but your complaint is ridiculous.

        • No. You sound totally full of shit. The mask is not to protect them from others germs. It is why it has always been up to the medical community to wear masks. You are just another one of the fucking psychopaths, obviously! There always have been and always will be germs. How fucking stupid can you be?!

        • Agree unreal!!! This guy is just talks trash? Won’t wear a mask, and then ask for help?? What a nut!!!

      5. “The control over the downside is ENORMOUS; some call it even RIGGED or socialized.”

        You have mentioned several, localized, natural disasters, but there has never been an act of God so meaningful and so pervasive as to keep modern men from lending, borrowing, imagining wealth into, and out of existence.

        Short of cosmological doom, the state is the one and only market force; speculate according to what is formally guaranteed.

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