Criminal Cartel Attacks: “We Will Have No Shelter From Their Crimes Until They Have Taken Our Pensions, Our Social Security, Our 401k’s, and Our Savings Accounts”

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    The recent attacks on gold and silver markets are only a part of a broader strategy from the criminal cartels behind the global financial and political systems.

    We’ve seen what they did to stock markets in 2008.

    We’ve seen them steal trillions of dollars through government sponsored bailouts and currency machinations over the last five years.

    We’ve seen them collapse the economies of entire nations.

    We’ve seen them authorize the theft of personal deposit accounts.

    But they’re not done. In fact, as it pertains to the United States, they’re just getting started.

    We’re next on their list.

    Via SGT Report:

    It seems to me that the great collapse we’ve all been talking about for so long is upon us. The criminals will give us no harbor. They will give us no shelter from their crimes.

    They will throw billions and billions of ounces of paper metal at the markets so they can steal the physical cheaply. And, they will continue to steal.

    We will have no shelter from their crimes until they have taken our pensions, our social security, our 401k’s, and our savings accounts as we have seen in Cyprus.

    Meanwhile, there’s a Colorado bill that will give Secret Service agents local policing power, which means they can arrest or supersede the powers of sheriffs.

    This criminal government is out of control.

    It’s clear that the criminal cartel is taking delivery. They are stealing the physical gold, they are stealing the physical silver as fast as they can get it. The paper price to them matters not, because this whole paper game, this whole paper Ponzi is coming down.

    I’ve concluded that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    These people are going to eat out our sustenance. They want to strip us of our liberties, of our wealth and of our lives.

    Watch: THE CRIMINAL CARTEL ATTACKS: No Shelter From Their Crimes

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      1. But Larry Kudlow said the gold price drop was due to US energy independence and the strong “king”dollar. The rest of the media will chime in with the usual “Don’t Worry,Be Happy”mantra. Bronco Bomber gonna save us all,it’s all good………

        • Kudlow…

          The ONLY one I can think of who is more of a ‘paid shill’ than him – or worse, Kramer – is Dick Bove…

          But ANY of them would sell thier own Grand-Children into prostitution in an Arab Bothel if it would would just ‘feed thier need’.

          Those who have risen to hold the tiller of the Ship of the World are little more than ‘Evil made Flesh’..

          Remember what the Hopi say, “In the End, those in ‘High Places’ will be Hunted…it WILL get out of hand.”


          • Ha! You’re right,I forgot about Dick {anytime’s a good time to buy the big banks}Bove.And you can’t discount the wisdom of jared bernstein and keith boykin,I’m surprised they have’nt made it official and switched the show to the comedy channel right after jon stewart.

          • Well, at least THAT is something to look forward to, JustOneGuy!

            • Complete this sentence:

              “If the US Government was a stock … “

            • I see on NBC News tonight they are talking about the
              bombs in Boston being made from gun powder that can
              be bought in any sporting-goods store for reloading
              Do I have to say what is next on their confiscation
              list, whether they catch a perpetrator or not?

              • I thought about this yesterday, you are right about “what is next”. The smoke was the give-away. Think about who benefits from this. Already officials are talking about cities needing federal help with security at events. Cross TSA and SWAT teams, what do you get? Use your imagination.

              • I’ve been waiting to see how long it would take for them to realize that gun powder can be easily bought in large quantities and therefore needs to be outlawed.

          • JOG; I hope the indians and us can get revenge!

          • Which is worse is like deciding Mao over Hitler over Stalin over Pol Pot. Kind of depends on proximity. On the topic, all I can say is I already got my money back from SS/Pension with interest, so I can live with it. Never expected to get this much. 401, oh well, But if they come after my Chocolate or P-Nut Butter it’s WAR.

          • Two things: Despite being someone who believes the Bible has a lot more wisdom than reading it just as an historical document, I still have slowly come around to the idea that, indeed, what we face is the culmination of a great age in our world history…and that in fact, we are looking at the final battle between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness.

            What we are seeing in “leaders” world-wide is a level of moral corruption, power seeking and sheer depravity that only someone who has given themselves completely over to Evil would even think of entertaining. To force children and the elderly to starve, to torture and maim, to rain destruction on the innocent, to call those terrorists who are fighting an occupying force in their own country: They are the face of Evil.

            I also believe the Hopi prophecy will play out. After horrendous suffering and exposure of the ruling elite as the monsters they truly are, they will be hunted down like animals as the Hopi predict. There is no doubt in my mind we are living in an extraordinary time, when mankind will have to make a decision whether they stand on the side of Light or Darkness. We will be asked to fight and we will face death, no matter our choice. It’s what comes after that will determine who the real victor is.

            • You have to remember that some of the people we have been fighting are evil terrorists and those who wish for a “cultural jihad” on western nations. If you would pay attention more to the news, and not talking about MSM who never or hardly cover it, many of our western nations already have islamic leaders, imams and ideological groups preaching to their flocks to help destroy western culture. The cultural jihad has no violence….it is the infiltration of islam into western political, legal, and educational systems.

              In some western places, it is already happening. Throwing into the mix our own stupidity of political correctness/”multiculturalism”(which says shhhh be quiet we must be inclusive of everyone and everything and don’t be a bigot), throwing away cultural values like judeo-Christian beliefs etc….the followers of islam have a superhighway to move forward.

        • I don’t even care why PMs have dropped, I’m BUYING. They WILL go up again shortly. TPTB are heavily invested, they will not let their investments perish, bet on it.

        • Kudlow was touting the purchase of precious metals on his show right after 2008.
          4000 years of commerce, gold and silver have never been worth -0-.

          Keep buying the dips if you can still find physical. Price discovery will be astonishing to the PM investors. Remember.. the new SDR will be based on sovereign held PM’s.

      2. Which is why I got out of a 401k, and converted it into tangibles, physical stuff that I can touch. The US government has policies in place which will allow it to “Cyprus” our various financial accounts. Beware,

        • What neither of us can explain is why there are so many supposedly intelligent people that are still in them.

          • GC are you living in a cave? Many of us are FORCED into 401ks. Any time I work government subsidized jobs (construction) they CONFISCATE a percentage and force me to put it into this crap. You talk big lines about not paying taxes and how people are stupid, but you seem to be totally naive of the real world. Do some research.

            • .02,

              “””GC are you living in a cave? Many of us are FORCED into 401ks. Any time I work government subsidized jobs (construction) they CONFISCATE a percentage and force me to put it into this crap.”””

              Nobody is FORCED to do anything. If you work a government subsidized job, you have chosen it. if you use a corp number, you chose to. If it then takes your money, you have chosen to give it to them.

              Nobody can force you to do anything.

              You can choose to be dependent on the corp, or you can choose to be free from it. You can’t choose dependency and then complain about paying the cost with your freedom.

              If you choose to work for thieves, you should expect them to steal from you.

              • Nobody is FORCED to do anything.

                I bet Wesley Snipes would argue with you on that line.

          • GC, addicts! There are many intelligent people that are addicts of something. What is stark madness to me is the cartel being free to pillage people right in front of their noses. They are called sheeple, I know.
            As the writer says: we wrestle not with flesh and blood…

            Stay in His grace and pray for light in this dark world.

            • AS I have said before, ‘sheeple’ is the perfect name for Americans. I worked on a sheep ranch many years ago and my job was to chop the hay and feed about 1,200 of them. They would crowd where I was pitching the hay into their feed lot and I had to actually prod some of them with the sharp prongs of the pitchfork to get them to move. Even then, they would just stand there and let me do it and look at me as if I were just scratching their backs.

              Stupid animals that follow one old, Ewe with a bell, and which could be herded by a few small dogs. If a wolf grabbed one, they would watch until it drug it’s prey away and then they would go back to eating. Doesn’t this sound like most American’s today?

          • Gods C. & Wilson: We have been drawing out our 401k since Jan 2012 as retirees. But rich people can afford to pull theirs out and buy tangibles. Otherwise how can you live on just S.S. and maybe several div. paying stocks?? Most people need monthly income whether retired or working for living expenses. I don’t trust the gov anymore than you do, and friends are doing the same thing as us.

            • laura m,

              Looking back, don’t you wish you had taken some of the money you made over your lifetime and built yourself a house on patented land, and set it up to provide food for you. Maybe a few solar panels, a well, and septic system?

              You can live with very little money IF YOU WANT TO.

              Just depends on what you want, and what you are willing to sacrifice to get it, or do without it.

          • greed

          • It’s the “Normalcy Bias” spoken of by Glenn Beck.

            • Actually, Alex Jones started “normalcy bias” as it pertains to the state of the sheeple.

          • Fine. But what if you have a lot of money? You just can’t put a couple of million dollars under your bed.

            • Most people here don’t have that worry.

            • Get a much bigger bed?

            • @GEO,

              I know what you are saying. I am on the cusp of that financial dilemma as well. But I know that if I keep it in the system some one, some where will figure out how to take it from me. That leaves me with only one option and that is to re-invest in companies I have some type of hands on control of and hope that in having a share of the company I have a right to the profits. Of course that also means that if they go belly up I have lost my money that I invested.


            • The rich should be doing the same as you and me, get physical, real estate, gold, silver, food, guns and bullets. Paper wealth is always controlled by someone else which means not you !

          • The only people losing money are the sellers. You are forced to sell only if you did something brilliant like borrow money to play the paper gold market. Obviously there are few sellers of physical gold (I have always wondered how anybody can value paper gold certificates any higher than any other paper investment).

        • Bravo Wilson!

          “If the game is ‘rigged’…then don’t PLAY the game.”


        • Exactly Wilson, Exactly. On or about 2/20/13 I warned each and every member of this board that as of March 1st 2013 the sh*t was hitting the fan. I did not give anyone any hope or belief that things would be stalled off any longer. It began 3/1/2013. My exact words were some thing of the nature that you needed to sell your PM’s or at least hold no more than 20% of what you had. I also said that at that time that everyone needed to get out of any savings such as 401K, IRA’s, Bonds etcetera. It was time to buy tangibles.

          The fix was in. You that held out or purchased more were just being greedy. Who would believe PM’s and the stock market in just seven years after the impact of the worst financial crash since 1929 would rebound? Not just rebound but set records.

          When gold peaked out 6 months ago and since then you have seen about a 20% decline. When it started to decline why did you not sell out at $1,700.00? You bought into the hype the gold merchants, Glenn Beckites and the like have been peddling. I got out when I doubled my money at $1,500.00. I doubled my money!!!! Who would or could believe or think you can do better than that? I just wished I would have had more money when I bought in at $750.00

          The ones who thought they could do better were and are greedy. Get out now. It was a good run but it is a rigged deck you are playing with. The house is going to win every time.

          Those of you who have not gotten out of the markets do it now! It rebounded (the Dow)from 7 years ago at 6500 to todays incredible, incredible being the operative word, to 15,000. It has almost tripled in 7 years and again I have to remind you from the worst financial collapse since the depression. What do you want? If it is more then again you are being greedy and deserve to lose it all over again.

          But don’t ask me or others who saw this coming that invested into tangibles such land, food, equipment, you know tangible assets to join in your outrage at the man who you after being warned repeatedly still trusted. You who invested in PM’s put your money on black and the ball fell into a red slot. Get out now while you can still cut your losses.

          If you are still in the stock markets, thank your lucky stars for the boon and gift you have received because it is all going away as well. If you don’t, well, you have no one to blame but your self.

          The party already started my friends. On March 1st 2013 it all began. Make your way to the exits and drive home safe. There is always a tomorrow and most of you have others who depend on you being around.

          Now go ahead and if you can honestly say that everything I just said is not true then red thumb me. Take out your anger on those of us who warned you.


          • Howdy BigB!

            Stroke-for-STROKE Brother! 🙂 “Nailed that ONE flat!”

            I’m a SHTFPlan ‘lover’ from the first time I came here…so it’s a rare day when I stumble over something at another ‘prepper’ site that MEETS the high standards we get here. That said, you all WILL want to look at what follows;

            A bit ago, some few weeks, Modern Survival Blog ran a video showing
            the ACTUAL distibution of ‘Wealth’ as compared to both what People
            generally THINK it is, as well as what the ‘Ideal’ would be in a
            Capitalist system. The ACTUAL distribution – Today – is BEYOND BELIEF.
            Think you KNOW what it is? Stop in and SEE…

            “Perception of Wealth Distribution”


            I ASSURE you your estimation will be off…

            ….by MULTIPLE ORDERS of magnitude.

            There IS but ONE logical conclusion, ONE end-point to what is being done in the world today…

            WHO does not know this?


            • @JOG,

              Good video. Shows that the 1% clearly are the shapers of our future. While watching it I got stuck on how he refered to the 1 % could not be working harder to earn the money they have and he hints that they were born into it.

              And I am sure that in some or most cases it is true. However this is America where working harder some times is not what it takes to succeed. Some times it is working smarter.

              And for those of you who red thumbed me I see that not one of you could disagree with my assessment. It leaves me to believe that you cannot disagree with me but just don’t like hearing the truth. I will give lastmanstanding a thumbs up for at least indicating that I am just to ignorant to waste his time on.


              • This forum has been hyjacked by many idiots who are brainwashed and cannot handle the real truth about several Key issues. None ever counter anyones point, they just thumb down to hide comments they Disaprove of.

                Same as stupid libs do when they cannot argue a point yet are stuck in, unable to admit it is correct. Most are folks that know alot about non trust of msm and fed gov spew. Yet they continue to base their knowledge or beliefs on “Certain” Non PC issues upon what that very Same MSM or Fed gov has told them again and again as fact or truth. WWII is a real Biggie!

                Even if 99% awake, if you cannot even attempt to research or consider those few other issues you aint awake yet period. That will likly be your downfall when you trust the Wrong people and too late discover your vast mistake. Lot good it will do then huh.

                Personally I think such not fully awake folks are near as bad as the sheeples are. Their Mental Blocks of a few issues holds them back from true awakeness. They Know I am right too! “Stiff necked and Stuborn” folks…Look up That phrase in the bible!

                ps My Favorites are the ones who Always complaign and say Do Not Include all people of Two special groups(you Know which two) yet they Always violate their Own advice when they Blame ALL islamics or Muslims as “Evil Bad”!!

                I bet they think, “God will Bless me and America” if I side with that group! Fools.

                • Them Guys

                  Keep the faith, TG.

                  Someone has to be the fisher of men.

                  If you can enlighten even one of them

                  you have furthered the cause of liberty.

                  • OutWest, thanks and yes you are right about that. But after over 40 yrs now I can say in all honesty I think I have gotten thru to awaken “maybe” one dozen if that many!

                    Regardless how much they are willing to listen to or read when advised what to read for proof info, and no matter how much truth or fact’s they are able to digest and believe, 99% Always falter and lose intrest whenever you mention “certain” non pc off topic issues. And it is those few issues that are Key components of true understanding of the overall larger picture.

                    Most never ask “Who are those TPTB persons?” They nevr ask “What do Those eliets believe?”. What if the eliets also have religious beliefs? What religion is that?

                    And good luck if you provide the answers! After 40 yrs of it needless to say, I have alot less of what I used to think were real true friends etc. Family mostly is no different. They just cannot get passed it and Re-Think what they were told to believe all their lives. It is a true shame too, as most all are actually good fine folks in most other ways or areas. But unless they FULLY awaken and get over their bias they may be the worst folks to be near when evil makes its main move against us.

                    I guess like you said plant the knowledge seed and pray/hope it awakens them some day. For now I plan to keep far away from them types till they do wake up if ever. A Very frustrating thing it is.

          • I didn’t sell PM’s or a simple reason: It’s down, so what? You go and try to buy any! It’s all a scam to get you to sell and never find any more. KMA! I’m out of the system as much as is reasonably possible and won’t get back in until some honesty starts showing up, if ever. You want to buy and sell fine; you are in the paper game not PM’s. On real money the in and out cost is high and you cannot find what you want, takes little guys years to build up anything. Unless you go to someone like MONEX, but they keep your records forever.

          • BigB…You no absolutely nothing about why people purchase precious metals…and I have no intention of wasting a second to explaining it to you.

            • Lastmanstanding,

              Your argument for owing pm’s is concise and poignant in it’s simplicity. Thank you for the information. Hope the pretty stuff works out for you. 🙂


              • better luck in California.


          • Every one who puts dates on predictions, without plainly declaring substantial evidence, is just playing with your mind.

            I’ve been hearing this stuff for the past couple of decades, and note that voices get louder after significant ‘events’.

            Here is my suggestion. Stop speculating, trying to make a quick buck, outsmart the market etc etc. If you are able, just split your investments so that you can cover 6 months without relying upon work or a financial institution. Get control of your assets, 401k etc, and ensure you spread out the risk between different asset classes. When there is safety nowhere, you don’t want to be holding only one asset class. It is the path to ruin.

            Therefore, hold cash, PMs, hard assets, shares in hard assets (blue chips) etc etc

          • BigB: Congratulations on doing well with your “investment” in PMs. However, most folks here haven’t “invested” in PMs because investment implies buying something one thinks will go up in value in order to sell it at a profit. The operative phrase is “sell at a profit”. Most of us bought PMs for a much more basic reason-trade. The continued printing of dollars will eventually cause it to become worhtless as a means of exchange, as has happened to every nation that has done so in history, without exception. When the local currency becomes worthless, something always comes in and takes it place as history has shown again and again. PMs have held their appeal as a meadium of exchange for over 5000 years and all indications is they will continue to do so. If you need a tooth pulled but the dentist doesn’t need your carpentry skills, what would you be willing to trade? Perhaps some of your food or ammo. Daily necessities like those will be very hard to replace once traded away. Now if you have a means of food production that’s great. But again, if the dentist has enough walnuts, or whatever you’re growing, what are you going to trade with. It’s much better to have a medium of exchange when direct barter won’t work and PMs fill that need perfectly. Beans, bullets, bandaids, and bullion are the necessities in a collapsing economy. I hope you saved some (PMs) for a rainy day. Good luck.

            • Thanks Gregory8. I did stay in silver. Won’t buy anymore but kept all I had.


        • If your still employed with the employer that provided the 401K you can’t “get out”. You can transfer some (not all) to an IRA and take the 10% penalty and cash it out.

      3. There is plenty of shelter outside the corp. It’s those who still VOLUNTARILY associate with it, support it financially, and use it’s numbers, that will lose everything that is on paper.

        • GC I been reading here over 2 years at least. So far I never yet read any post by you that actually describes various needed info items for us to exist as you promote.

          Can you Please give an fairly easy to understand method for example on How do we drive vehicles with Zero paperwork(plates-veh reg-insurance certs).

          And at least some of the other many areas of life where so many required things exist such as driver lic etc.

          I really like your ideas, but I have read quite a bit prior of many various articles and writers who promote several methods such as never use all large cap letters for name and gold fringe on flag stuff.

          Then I read various Patriot Anti irs and progun type lawyers who have much respect from most sectors of the freedom/patriot movnt. folks nationwide. Devvy Kidd includes some of those lawerys advise or won-cases info. And to be honest so far every lawyer I read has stated in no uncertain wordings that fed prisons are filled with many folks who acted on such info or seminars.

          I don’t say you are not living as you say. I just would appreciate it alot if you can also include Methods that from Personal experience You have has worked as advertized so to speak.

          If the stuf you promote of no lic’s & numbers etc. actualy worked for You or have you done this stuf but never yet got stopped by cops or whatever? I have a few pals who insisted not to obtain a CPL lic. And they all carried guns concealed for quite awhile based on 2nd amendt and zero papers or lic. But every single guy finally got stopped for whatever, and when cops found his firearm withOUT CPL Lic. One guy got 2 1/2 to 5 yrs in Jackson Prison(mich state pen) the other two guys avoided jail, but forever have firearm felonies and both spent considerable amount’s of money to get probation instead of prison. But those two guys also now are firearm felonies. Not to mention $20,000 Lighter in the wallets.

          So if it is not to difficult Please post a few tried and true workable methods that YOU KNOW from personal tried it experience works. I thank you in advance if you can reply on this stuff.

          • Them Guys: GC talks tough but I think it’s hot air. We’d all like to live as far off the grid/under-the-radar as possible so that when TSHTF we’ll be invisible to TPTB. But to do that you’d have to go live remotely because any interaction with most others could lead to dealing with some form of authority and that means paperwork and questions. Drive without a license plate anywhere and it’s a sure ticket once spotted by any cop. Couple that with no driver’s license, insurance, and registration and you’re going to jail and getting your vehicle towed-PERIOD! GC, if true to form, would probably start spouting of whith his sovereign citizen crap and the next thing he knows his name and address are entered into the local fusion center and spread all over the LEO network. After that, GC and others like him, wouldn’t be able to even fart without the government knowing it. He and the others would be living under a microscope. I say “NO THANKS”. Smart folks like us will be living free and hiding “in-plain-sight”. If that means obeying a few rules, so be it. The last place anyone with brains wants to be just before TSHTF is in jail or under the governemtnt’s watchful eye. The old saying “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. That’s GC in a nutshell. Time is getting very short and we don’t don’t need to stand out.

      4. Mac,
        I was really enjoying the article until I got to the end and saw the “From the Web” section. Right there, in the middle, front and center, a picture of Kim K’s. rear. Talk about a bubble!!!!!!!!!

        • I got Kate Upton wearing a painted on bikini!

          Ruh-roh… went back and looked and there was that nasty butt-crack you were talking about. Never saw it the first time. Breast man myself. One and done. Make that two.

          • Wouldn’t that be interesting if the bikini paints were water colors?

            • I got “5 ways you’re going to get cancer”


              • I got “Leader in Custom Tents”.


                • Where’d ya see that about custom tents—my mother-in-law is looking for some new clothes…

      5. Everything I am seeing is reactionary and not some contrived plan to enslave us. When they take our 401Ks and IRAs it will be because the entitlement bomb that has been ticking since the Social Security Act of 1935 has exploded.

        I’ve met many of our elected leaders and they are not nearly as smart as you think they are.

        • “I’ve met many of our elected leaders and they are not nearly as smart as you think they are.”

          They’re not nearly as smart as they think they are either.

          They are, however, cunningly and capably greedy.

          • LOL that is so true branefrees.

          • The level of incompitence of our electeds doesen’t bother me as much as realizing that a dorito has a higher iq than the people that vote these anointed few into power.

        • Once the country of the “Good Guys”,

          we have now become the scourge of the world

          • OutWest, do you find it ironic and Hypocritical that the very same Dual Citizen antigun polititions, such as Finestien-Bloomberg-Schumer et al, who are hellbent on disarming us folks. All are using Our fed tax paid cash to Furnish fully automatic AR-16’s-Ouzzies-9mm Berettas and more type guns to litterally every citizen that resides in the Jewsih State of Israel? While all these wars on other nation’s that so far have Never harmed the usa have been due to the same antigun pols and dual citizens.

            I believe totally not anything will change for better here in america untill the vast silent majority stop Blind support for their scum and blind acceptance of wars that bennifit nobody else but israel and of course their esteemed dual citizen fed bankster class who treat Our usa, which is Their current “Host” nation like some cheep Bitch country.

            In late 1890’s a Pastor I think it was Albert Finny(?) who many claim led the way to americas 2nd awakening back then, wrote a sermon and it was him stating basically that “If America ever see’s corrupt govnt and corrupted ethics & morals and goes on to list most all areas of societal woes….Finny said we can Blame the Pastors in their Pulpits, for it will be They primarily if they ever drop the ball and switch truth and instead begin to preach a bunch on non biblical doctrines etc.

            His pastor speech/sermon is about one page long only yet outlines everything wrong with america and it’s people today. A 5 min gander at todays TV preachers and mega churches spew of, get rich with jesus-Once save always saved-OBEY ALL Govnt no matter what they say is law(while they say Obey usa govnt no matter what laws or doctrines spouted…the same preachers vastly promote Your kids join the US Military to wreck other nations and Their Govn’ts! even when those nations never harmed Us).

            And they finish most sermons today with staunch warnings to blidly support Israel and It’s wars regardless of circumstances. As They can Do Zero Wrongs. It amazes me how so many folks in todays info age go along with such crap and still thing america will get “Blessed”!

            Take a good LONG look around the entire usa today, and a Look Backwards about 50 years from today. Ask yourself(if you are old enough to know) does todays america when compared to back 35-50 yrs ago actually seem as if it is being “Blessed” by God? For undying, unquestionable,Blind support of all issues Israel or jewsih? To me it seems as if america and Us folks are being CURSED by GOD Himself and it all began about the same time we began such Blind support right after WWII.

            If this is Gods full blessings due to such Blind support for them people and their nation?…I Hope I am Dead and Gone before any real Curses occures! And occure they most certainly will unless people awaken to this mass deception from msm, pols, and Led by as albert finny said “The Pastors of Americas Pulpits”. I wonder what most americans would think or do if We got attacked and leveled as a nation by any other country like we do to so many nations? Read what a “Just War” means by a few Older christian writers of the past. You will not find any references to all these Unjust nation wrecker wars we been doing, and doing for another rouge bandit nation.

        • You don’t get to be an apex shark by being a guppy, so they only have to be smart at one thing and average at best for all else.

        • It is reactionary, but it’s planned reaction. Fiat money always produces the fiscal justification for their reactions.

        • The T Rex in “Jurassic Park” probably wasn’t all that smart either, but I sure as fuck don’t want to have to face one down, mano a mano. Since when do monsters and villains need brains to actually be dangerous?

          • We just have to figure out a way to out-flank them SonofSam.

        • @GG,
          Indeed they are not that smart which is why the consider various gun control measures after seeing the Sandy Hook families, why they won’t lock down the borders, why they won’t round up the folks here illegally and send them home, why they…..

        • GG: They are not stupid either. They know EXACTLY what they are doing and what they are doing to US. The difference between incompetence and deliberate action is the difference between malfeasance in office and treason.

          The penalty for treason is death. Death to TRAITORS! 🙂

          • Death should be in Caps.

        • The first time I ever met with senators and such I was amazed at how stupid and arrogant most of them were…it changed my perspective from then on…

      6. “There are persons, too, who see not the full extent of the evil which threatens them; they solace themselves with hopes that the enemy, if he succeed, will be merciful. It is the madness of folly, to expect mercy from those who have refused to do justice; and even mercy, where conquest is the object, is only a trick of war; the cunning of the fox is as murderous as the violence of the wolf, and we ought to guard equally against both.”
        ~ Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776 ~

      7. I don’t see ANY collapse on food prices and other basic necessities, or in the future. Kind of a nice investment to have everything you need within a few feet of you, and you don’t lose the value of it. If anything value of food goes up practically every single year. There are scenarioes, as rare and unthinkable as people want to feel in which precious metals would have little value, it can happen believe it or not. Food and supplies are that most stable investment there is because we all need it to live.

        • That’s b/c food prices aren’t an artificial speculative bubble like gold and the stock market. Food prices are high and are getting higher b/c of supply and demand. The ‘Green Revolution’ was a one time increase in food production that is barely sustainable, while the world population has increased enormously over the last 45 years.

      8. Funny how the big investors and government mouthpieces dismiss gold and silver as investments, while secretly stockpiling it for themselves. Actions are more important than words.

        • Not funny at all when you think about it—if you find one bush full of berries in the woods, you don’t bring it to the attention of the whole damn village, you just quietly pick the bush clean all by yourself.

          If everyone started buying gold, it would go up in price and be out of lots of people’s reach, so like the berries, you keep your mouth shut while to reap the rewards.

      9. Finish this sentence:

        “If the government was a stock … “

        • ShareholderRevolt

          If the government was a stockyard

          the bullshit would be piled a mile high

          • Do they really want to play Cowboys and ________?

            Saw a good sign today. “Why do we teach Reading and Math? Congress uses neither”

        • … it would be part of a rifle.


        • Enron would be it’s Clone

      10. “they are not nearly as smart as you think they are”

        True Dat. But they’re greedier and more dishonest than almost anyone who’s not a sociopath can imagine. What’s been happening is all that money that the Fed Res has been fashioning out of thin air has been going to the wealthiest of the wealthy and they’ve been speculating with the funny money creating asset bubbles much like the real estate bubble that continues to burst, except these bubbles are bigger and are everywhere. One of the bubbles is in gold, another is the stock market, the largest is still in derivatives. The derivatives bubble is so large that it literally cannot be imagined and the bets are so convoluted and interwoven with one another that literally nobody does or could ever understand how they work. IOW these greedy sociopaths have collectively created a ‘financial system’ whose only defining feature is chaos. No one knows what will trigger the collapse, many think the next european banking failure. To me it looks as likely as not that Cyprus WAS the trigger, and the collapse is unfolding right now. If anything, it appears the cartel has stepped in to prop up the deflating Gold and Stock bubbles in a vain attempt to stave off the inevitable cascading collapses throughout the economies. In any case, once the cartel does become desperate they will seize any of our assets that they can get their greedy hands on which haven’t disappeared into the ‘black hole’ that their dark and evil hearts created.

      11. It is easy to get sidetracked by all of the nice toys out there (which I ashamedly did when I bought the Samsung tab2. sorry guys, I let you down. But it is pretty cool) Pms are nice, but the essentials are still food, water, and a way to protect them. Everything else is icing, including chocolate and cool gadgets.

        • sorry to get off track there. Anyways, I just had a chance to talk to a friend who holds a senate seat here in Michigan, and he was telling me all of the horror stories of corruption he has seen in the short time since he was elected. We started talking about the Fed Gov, and he just shook his head, saying there wasn’t enough power to crack that shell. He is a pretty good guy who I believe is looking out for us. He actually submitted the bill to fight the 2A attacks, but he said it is going to fail here. He told me to go become an aux police officer in the county. Since I attend church with the sheriff here and our daughters graduated together, I am thinking about it. They are out to take everything we have, and I don’t know how to stop them

          • Did you hear about the 7.5 earthquake this morning it was in either Iran or Iraq can’t remember which (old age).

            I have been seeing something on an ebay site that I look at for antique jewlery and lately they have been having silver somethings that are going for almost nothing, don’t know what to call them but they are rectangle and are going for around 8 or 9 $$$. Would they be a good investment??

            • Southeast Iran, Pakistan, and India.

            • Mallardhen,

              I would say probably not. If the item listing uses the words Clad or plated anywhere in the description, and it maybe in the very fine print – its basically worthless.
              And as long as the seller uses those words you’ve got no recourse against them.

          • Thanks for that Jim (aj)…God bless us all.

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

        • you never know, you might need one of those to hack into a drone sometime…

      12. The U.N. NWO ZOG PUPPET MASTERS don’t care about You !!!

        * just remember this each time you come across a U.S. MILITARY SOLDIER-MARINE-SAILOR-AIRMAN , POLICE OFFICER , DHS GESTAPO THUG , CIA , FBI , ATF , DEA , IRS etc etc

        THEIR REAL MASTERS AND CONTROLLERS – THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT (family rothchilds and banker super criminal friends) that really runs ZOG AMERIKA want 95% of you D.E.A.D. !!!






        Arm Up Stock Up Prepare to DEFEND YOURSELVES from the NWO ZOG FEDGOV !!!


        • Active Duty Soldier peacefully hiking with his son LEGALLY CARRYING A RIFLE is Illegally Disarmed and Arrested by a WANNA BE DHS GESTAPO THUG COP

          • WAR and NATION WIDE CIVIL UNREST is coming … all too often war is the manifestation of simple economic entropy played to its logical conclusion. We believe that war is an inevitable consequence of the current global economic situation.

            Prepare .


          • Red head, that video is just unbelievable! the Vet is actually lucky though, because sometimes the cops simply assassinate them– for no reason. I saw it in Delaware and saw video on Internet of another Vet who was assassinated by the Government. (I no longer call it “our government” because they obviously do not represent me.)

          • Did anybody giving a thumbs down actually watch the video?! Those cops crossed so many lines and violated I dont even know how many of his civil rights- unlawful stop, illegal search, unlawful detainment… Not even counting what they were willfully ignorant of- open carry is illegal?! Like hell!
            People, watch this video, please.
            It NEEDS to be seen, so that others will know what some police are willfully doing to law abiding citizens!

            • Did anyone giving a thumbs up actually read the rest of this joker’s posts? We don’t need to listen to anti-Semitic Israel-bashing goose-stepping retards like ;0p to find videos like this for ourselves, and neither do you. It is unwise to let a fool associate his racist conspiracy theories with more legitimate causes.

              • Bwaaahahaha ;0)

                whatsa matter @galactipuss CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH ???

                ;0p pssszzt

                • Looks like I just ate your lunch.

            • Hey, look! I can post a link to the very same thing!


              That was easy. Didn’t even have to start spewing any ZOG NWO WTF shit or praising anyone who does spew that shit to do it.

              Unlike you.

        • Cop Claims You Need a Permit to Film Him then Breaks Camera

      13. I don’t know if the Boston Bomb was a false flag or not. Not sure yet what they are false flagging. I don’t know about you, but I am on Defcon 3 at my work, house, and daily life. Instances like this make me wish for more personal protection, not less.

      14. Beans, beer, and bullets. You know, the basic necessities first. PM’s can be used initially in the downfall. In a total and widespread SHTF, as others have said, they are useless. For me, their primary value is after a SHTF event. You do believe we’ll rebuild, don’t you?

        • Maryland’s Second Amendment Nightmare: Coming Soon to a State Near You?

          “If you want to see how firearm sales can be effectively banned, look no farther than the so-called “free state” of Maryland.

          Although Maryland’s newly promulgated “assault gun” ban and licensing requirements will not go into effect until October, it is already nearly impossible to reasonably purchase a pistol or other “regulated” weapon in the state, and those who do face waiting periods of 50-60 days and increasing daily.

          After October 1, with additional training requirements (including range time), fingerprinting, and licensing, it’s likely that waiting times will increase exponentially, and that would-be legal gun owners will face periods of additional months, or conceivably years, before they can receive a pistol or other regulated weapon (though nevermore a so-called “assault weapon.”)

          Under this scenario, it’s hard to see how many gun dealers will remain in business, or why online outfits would bother to sell here (some already don’t)…”

          “But what really might kill gun ownership in Maryland is the new training, fingerprinting, and licensing requirements for owners of regulated firearms. With the MSP already denying rightful gun owners their weapons for up to two months (or more), the newer regulations promise to bring the system to a grinding halt.”

          • Marylander here KY Mom. We tried our best. Even spent two days@ 14 hours each at the state house fighting this thing. Didn’t even phase them. Until the politicians’ blood runs in the streets it never will.

            • Oh PO’d…

              “Marylander”? My condolences for your loss…

              ON the Brighter side…You can do JUST like the Firearms manufacturer’s are doing…Come on out and AWAY from that poisonous ‘salt-air’ Btother (the STUFF that seems to ROT People’s brains) to the plains…we DON’T have that problem.

              Except of course for the momo’s in CO..but they’re almost all afflicted with that ‘CA transplant’ disease …similar to most of the blight’s that plants get, but gee…that EXPLAINS it! CA’s are mostly ‘plants’ anyway!

              But seriously Friend, if you can’t beat em…LEAVE; and take your skills and everything else that makes you a valuable Citizen to some place that doesn’t SHIT on your Constutuional Rights. I grieve for you Brother.

              JOG *PISSED*

            • PO’D, bless you for trying! I also spent a long time– about 1 1/2 years– fighting the DMV over Federal I.D. card… violation of our privacy. Fighting IS important, even if we don’t always win. Winning the war is the most important thing– even if we don’t always win some of the battles.

            • Don’t give up. The assault gun ban in NJ 20 + years ago was somewhat watered down (with a less anti gun AG) post Jim Florio departure. If the gun owners did not politically strike back at the next election handguns would have surely been banned. Their legacy is still in the minds of that States Government.

              I feel for you spending two days @ 14 hrs per day. We had 100s maybe a thousand that gave up every spare bit of time for two years and lots of money to be “Florio Free in 93”.

              Vote them out, vote them out, vote them out. Find out their dirt and make sure it’s known (and their all dirty). They have family on government payroll expose it (the author of the NJ ban S-166 Russo had damn near his entire family in cushy NJ State high paying jobs). Teach these crooks that if your going to be nasty you better be a saint (and they’re not).

              As it stands now, “The pen is mightier than the sword”.

              • I ain’t never gonna give up and have no intentions of leaving. THEY need to leave, go to California or Hell. Thank God Nancy Pelosi left Maryland years ago. I just wish that “ol’ bag-a-rags” took the likes of her with her.

            • PO’d Patriot,

              I am sorry to hear you were unable to stop this bill from passing.

              What I find alarming is so many states as well as the federal government are proposing and PUSHING numerous new laws to further restrict, tax, and/or ban gun rights.

            • PO you did what you were supposed to do, the way you were supposed to do. They effectively just showed you you do not matter, your rights do not matter, your thoughts do not matter, and your vote does not matter.

              Nope nothing to worry about.

              The second was put in place to protect the freedoms of the citizens and the constitution of the united states. Hows it going so far?

              Lets run the score board again people yes one more time in yet another post in yet another article.

              First Amendment…. done and gone.

              Second Amendment…. Slowly going going going… almost gone.

              Third Amendment… Still going, This is the one everyone will stand up for OMG NO TROOPS IN MY HOUSE!!!! ( sarc )

              Fourth Amendment…. done and gone.

              Fifth Amendment…. This one is still waving around wording makes it difficult to say they fucked us on this one..( then again they can just water board you like they did manning until you confess )

              Sixth Amendment.. DONE and gone

              Seventh Amendment…. still going

              Eighth Amendment…. Still going

              Ninth Amendment…. WAY gone, seeing how it refers to the First and Second and others, Also stating rights not listed to be included. ( this one was never followed EVER )

              Tenth Amendment… really? you think that the fed gives a shit what the constitution says? after all they are already proving it with the attacks on the other amendments.

              OK so 6 out of 10 amendments down and out…. 1 of which ( the second ) is like watching Tyson ( gov ) beating on someone like Gary Coleman ( the second amendment )its being TKO’d.. hell we just talked about maryland.

              Truth be told, they are winning. NO? then where has our freedoms gone?

          • While on the topic of Maryland, was based there and just moved across the border to PA. (Not sure if it was the whole operation, but I think so). I hope Beretta USA moves too.

            Screw the Commies.


        • Interesting perspective. Although history points out that when the SHTF in previous calamities the people that start at the top on the other side of conflict are the ones with all the metals. There was a time in Wiemar, Germany that you could buy a whole city block with structures for an ounce of gold. No one stores gold so that they can eat, they store it so they can thrive. If gold has no value it would not leave a trail of slaughter in its wake.

      15. Off-topic…

        Responding to the recent volatility if the Metals markets…and elsewhere.

        What follows is – simply put – the best description of what has lately
        transpired in the Metals complex that I have yet seen…this is WHO
        the battle against US is being waged BY, (at Z’Hedge..of course)

        Guest Post: This Gold Slam Is A Massive Wealth Transfer From Our Pockets To The Banks

        A single pair of lines – back-to-back – in the piece points to
        the modus and the INTENT of those invovled…exquisitely clearly,

        “In February Credit Suisse ‘predicted’ the gold market had peaked,
        SocGen said the end of the gold era was upon us, and recently Goldman
        Sachs told everyone to short the metal….you should first know that
        the largest bullion banks had amassed huge short positions in precious
        metals by January.”

        Remember, “Knowing of the exisitence of a trap is the first step in
        avoiding it…” to quote Mr Frank Herbert (Dune). BEYOND the shadow of
        any remaining DOUBT the intent of the CB’s and Bullion Banks is to
        REPATRIATE – to themselves – the BULK of planetary Gold reserves…
        after having told us for sooooo long now that Gold is ‘ a barbaric
        relic that ‘it’s not money’.

        Yet they WANT IT enough to gamble with Fate of the entire financial
        World – and US with it…..WHY?

        Those of you who yet have the wherewithall to participate in the
        ‘Game’ would do well to ‘read the bones’ as this demonstrates. Do
        not – however – FORGET that with EACH iteration of this the probabilty
        of another “Bear stearns”, another “Lehmen Brothers” rises each time
        …it WILL evaporate when at last THEY misjudge the circumstance…
        the system has almost NO remaining resiliancy now…and it will NOT
        improve as the ‘Wealth’ is siphoned off into the hands of the

        Know your adversary….and Watch your Six.


      16. I am totally surprised that we have lasted this long as a country. The greed to which our .gov exerts over us passed up astounding years ago. Paper money is just that, paper and a promise, and the promise is crumbling. I feel sorry for people that don’t study history. I would hesitate to bet that 999 out of 1000 people have absolutely no clue what the Weimar Republic of pre WWII Germany was, or what bearing it had on their society at the time. Yes, we are doomed to repeat history due to .gov criminal behaviour.

        Our savings and what money we do have will eventually be swiped as is going on in Cyprus, leaving us with nothing. I absolutely count on nothing to retire on, and I have been working in that direction for 30 years. Most likely for nothing. Hell, they might as well swipe it and give it to the do nothings and the military/industrial complex which has been swindling us for years.

        I would love to have hope, but it is long gone. I’m just trying to enjoy life now before the collapse comes. I try to keep my comments to a minimum at home since I have small kids. However, it won’t take them long to figure out what a massive shit sandwich we have let our .gov make for our generation, and generations to come eat.

      17. Whats the difference between the mafia and the government?

        The mafia’s honest.

        • The Mafia has a code of honor.

        • Everyone knows the mafia is a crime ring.

        • ” There is No Honor amongst thieves … no matter what level of the social ladder they exist .”

          Predator or Prey … which are you ?


          • Mafia dont speak Yiddish, they speak Italian.

            • Don’t be naive … there’s more than a few MAFIA’S running the world and none of them know honor or honest labor .

              Only Profit $$$ and Control !!!



        • NONE… that’s why I have always called them “the Maffia Elite”.

          • The mafia turns green with envy when they consider that the GB’s can print all of the money they want!

        • Nah, why would we ridicule them when we have you. You’re much more funner.

          • Dang…. was sure you would call me out on the word “funner”. Oh well, can’t catch fish everytime you go.

      18. The big Q is how mad max will it be? If this is the time of Revelation as the bible says, then we are in so deep there is no prepping in the world other that Jesus that will save the flesh. As a BAC we are supposed to look for Him to return, but it is hard knowing 2/3rds of the planet is toast. Even so, COME LORD JESUS.

      19. They all have their handsin our pockets groping for our wallets and spare change. I put a mousetrap in my pants pocket once and caught me a politician. Boy did he squeal.

        Time to splice the main brace with graphite control rods, borax, and water with an extra neutron.

      20. The only way to thwart these people is to be fully self-reliant. Be prepared to barter and put what money you have in tangible goods. Get out of the cities and get off the grid.

      21. That’s a good question spidey. I suppose it depends on what you think causes the collapse or “event”. I’m more inclined to think we will have an economic and financial collapse due to the lack of cheap oil. These countries like Greece, Cyprus and the other PIIGS are being taken down and the excess hydrocarbons they no longer use since their economies are collapsing is then captured by the core EU countries to keep their engines running a while longer. Eventually all those countries that cannot produce or defend their hydrocarbons will go down. The paradox is when the price of oil comes down drillers slow down on new wells since they can’t make a profit. When the price goes up to where they can make a profit the common man slows down spending since he needs gas to run to work. This is what tanks the economy since it is a consumption “waste based” economy. Eventually the whole financial system collapses since it can only survive by constant new debt and spending to pay the interest usury fees it charges. I personally don’t think the world economies will hold together more than 10 more years. I could be wrong and I hope I am. It has been a good 150+ year bubble in civilization enabled by cheap energy. The elites need several billion liabilities liquidated so they can survive. I hope I am not one of them.

        • JRS,
          Amen to all of that….
          …’waste based’… economies… never heard it put so succinctly…
          may I use that?

          • PM…Actually the thoughts on a waste based economy come from a guy who uses the handle “steve in virginia” or something like that. He has a website called Economic Undertow that makes a lot of sense out of what is going on in the world today.

        • Saudis and venesuala together have a 20 yr world supply in Oil Known Reserves Now and thats the entire world oil daily usage for 20 More yrs. Add Alaska-russia-many more areas and there is ZWERO oil peaks or shortages.

          And they got more high tech methods so its BS to say too costly to get oil out. The world is swiming in oil. Stop buying the envirowhacks hype.

          • What tech are you referring to? Fracking has been around for many years…it just cost too much to use on scale when the price of oil was low. It is only profitable when the price is high. Perhaps you are talking about drilling and melting shale to extract kerogen? The price will have to REALLY go up to make that profitable. The fact that there many years of “proven reserves” means nothing. When it costs too much to extract they will either remain in the ground or you won’t be able to afford to buy them. The Alaskan North Slope is in major decline. There have been no new major fields of light sweet crude discovered in years. Venezuela’s fields are heavy sour that require more refining and contain less BTUs per barrel thus driving up costs. Canadian bitumen has to be washed, heated and combined with condensate just to get it to move through the pipes since it is so thick(costly). Saudi’s main field is showing signs of falling production. Russia exports are mainly NG to the EU. The cheap, easy to get oil is gone and when the EROEI gets too low on the remaining hydrocarbons they will stay in the ground. Stop listening to Rush and Fox News entertainment channel and dig a little deeper.

            • JRS,
              I have found the subject of Peak oil, and EROEI is like talking advanced physics to monkeys…

              Them Guys,
              Listen to JRS, he is exactly right… technology will not save you, or, the generation that has to be around 20 years from now…

              But, there are many of us working on solutions.
              Still, oil needs to be conserved for no other reason other than down stream products… like that technology you’re so fond of? No oil, no plastic… dude.

      22. At this point,any one that gets burned financially by these cabalists is a tried and true idiot. I would keep my distance from them as it may be contagious They have laughed and giggled all the while you have scrimped and saved and put away for what you knew was the inevitable. Unfortunately, under these circumstances, there is no glory in being correct. Only a small inner sense of a bit of security.

      23. Hmmmm reports are coming in all american airlines planes are now grounded due to computer problems

      24. So THAT’S why they lowered the price of gold– because they are coming after that now? I mean, full speed ahead for the gold?

      25. Oh! I just now started listening to the video– that IS why they lowered the price of gold! (I always make comments before listening to the video!)– jumping ahead.

        • Oops sorry, posted this in the wrong SHTF article.

          Ah well.

      26. @ Mac. May I ask what others are probably wondering? What is that from the web with various pictures? That ugly Kim Kardashian’s rear end and the really ugly picture of BO kind of makes me wonder.

        Are you planning to use that article I sent anytime soon? Or are you planning to use it when times calm down a bit? Just wondering.

      27. When the price is 20% over spot, one cannot deny the gouge or the game. To buy PMs as a means to preserve wealth, the market may be dictating that some of us invest in other tangibles like antiques, paintings, physical property, or gems. The USD or any other paper product with no value attached is a guaranteed loss (let the buyer beware) and all charts and signals prove this.


      29. Keep calm. Gold and silver will continue to have a value not only as tools to hedge assets, but as THE safe currency. This situation might even be a good chance for buyers who weren`t in during the run on precious metals. Together with some shares, some cash, property, a garden or fertile soil and other valuables like antiques or a veteran car (not to mention guns and ammunition), gold and silver will at least keep their value over time. Ignore the ongoing turmoil and just wait and see what is going to happen.

        Thats for the economic part. For the liberties it is probably time to make a stand.

      30. Just watched. The 5 pm news conference of mass. Gov Deval and that group of
        Misfits that surrounded him. Fbi, da,& various suited and uniformed geeks..
        If these people are charged with finding the guilty parties we are doomed.
        These worthless jackasses cant find there ass with two hands and a mirror.

      31. Warning: To everyone here; there are more GOOKS IN THE WIRE! Get PUFF on station.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Watchman, I’m from that era too. The historical fact is the gooks in the wire were the embattled farmers trying to expel foreign invaders. We were the Redcoats. The banksters made their billions. Hundreds of thousands of people died. And for what?
          When the military, ours the UN or someone else’s, comes here to pacify us we’ll be the “gooks in the wire.” If you call yourself a freedom fighter have some respect for people who were.

          • @ A-6.8: The warning of GOOKS IN THE WIRE is to watch what is said here, because of the GOVERNMENT EAR’S, get my DRIFT!
            There is a Black Wall in D.C. with names, (one is a best friend) on it. The foreign invaders, where the N V A to my thinking.

            Keep the FAITH

          • Hey 6.8,your white guilt show is really starting to run thin,Go shed your tears elsewhere and not on everybody else’s collective shoulder.Whiner.

            • Blow it out your tuba. Learn some history then run your mouth.

              • History has nothing to do with the fact you’re a whiny lil’ bitch.

        • I really need to get to the mountains!!

          • I need to go to the bathroom. I’m about to crap in my pants…..

      32. “Meanwhile, there’s a Colorado bill that will give Secret Service agents local policing power, which means they can arrest or supersede the powers of sheriffs”.

        What about: “The Supreme Court affirmed in the 1997 case Printz v. United States, county sheriffs are the chief law-enforcement officers in their jurisdictions, with more authority than even federal agents”.

        How can a Colorado bill void that 1997 decision?

        • SS…
          I didn’t think the SS HAD policing powers beyond treasury issues or protecting executives?

          I would hate to be a CO legislator driving around in any county that has a 2nd amendment supporting sheriff…

          That’s what that’s all about… sheriffs who say they will not enforce Federal mandates.

          • I didn’t see that Piper. You are right, that is why they are trying to say that the Secret Service trumps the Sherriff. The 1997 case that was cited by Jay will be ignored by the feds as they do with anything they don’t like. I always thought the Secret Service was authorized to do two things. Guard the President and for some reason which I never understood investigate counterfeiting. I don’t know why that isn’t under the guise of the Treasury Department. Good call.


            • I guess, the SS now becomes the REAL SS…
              Did anyone catch the rumor, that the CONgress, by UNANIMOUS consent, just repealed the STOCK act?
              (The act disallowing congress critters from trading on inside information?) Done while Boston was taking place…

              Only saw a rumor on a blog…
              But would fit the criminally self righteous bunch of bastards up there.
              (When are we going to learn, term limits is enforceable.)

        • Jay, you cite a Supreme Court decision so you seem to have some background.

          The Secret Service is part of the Treasury Department, which derives its authority through the President by Article II of the Constitution. And the list of enumerated powers in Article I, Section 8.

          By the intent of the Framers and men who ratified the Constitution, the Supremacy Clause is restricted to the national government’s proper sphere: war, diplomacy and foreign trade. It was never intended to have unlimited authority in everything.

          A state legislature can’t give a federal agency authority within its borders to do something the federal agency has no constitutional authority to do. The Secret Service in its authorizing legislation was created to deter counterfeiting and to protect the president. Not to be local law enforcement.

          A state lacks the authority to void a Supreme Court decision. Although it might try under the Tenth Amendment. And might actually prevail within its own borders if the federal government is acting outside its constitutional authority.

          • Thanks anon, I thought so.

            But hey, we don’t need no stinkin’ constitutional authority anymore, eh what?


      33. Very interesting, in the article above it states “We will have no shelter from their crimes until they have taken our pensions, social security, 401k’s and our savings accounts as we have seen in Cypress.”
        Should say “They will have no shelter from their crimes when they take our pensions, social security, 401k’s and our savings accounts. We have seen these Ba$$tards work in Cypress and we will hunt them down and hang them from the nearest tree!!!!

      34. The new breadwinner in the
        emergency room physician told me that a woman in
        her late 20’s came to the ER today with her
        She told
        the first doctor she saw: “My Mama told me that
        I am the
        breadwinner for the family.” He asked
        her to explain. She said that she can make
        babies, and babies get money from the State for
        the family. It goes like this:
        The Grandma calls the Department of Child &
        Family Services, and states that the unemployed
        daughter is not capable of caring for all of her
        DCFS agrees, and tells her the
        Children will need
        to go into foster care.

        The Grandma then
        volunteers to be the foster
        parent, and receives a check for
        $1500 per child each month in
        Total yearly income:
        tax-free and nobody
        has to go to work!
        fact, they get more if there is
        husband/father/man in the home!
        to mention free healthcare (Medicaid), plus a
        monthly card entitling them to free groceries
        and a voucher for 250 free Obama phone minutes
        each month. This does not include WIC and other
        welfare benefits…that they are “entitled” to.
        Indeed, Grandma
        was correct that her fertile daughter is the
        “breadwinner” for the family.

        This is how the liberal
        politicians spend our tax dollars. When this
        generous program was invented in the ’60s, the
        Great Society architects forgot to craft
        an end date…
        And now we are hopelessly
        overrun with people who vote only for those who
        will continue to keep them on the dole….
        No wonder our country is broke!
        Worse, the Muslims have been paying attention, and by mandating that each Muslim family have eleven children, they will soon replace the voting bloc above and can be running this country within 25 years. Read the above again, until it sinks in, and then ask yourself if your Children, Grandchildren, and Great Grandchildren will survive these severe changes to America!!!
        Are you alarmed yet? Is anybody listening?
        Is this a GREATCOUNTRY or
        Don’t forget to pay your
        are a lot of “breadwinners”
        depending on

        E-Mail from a Friend

        Keep the FAITH

        • No, there aren’t as many ‘breadwinners’ as people like you would like to think there is. Grow the hell up, I’m not going to even get started on that this time.

      35. This is a real no-brainer. When so called spot on gold is $1370 and you cannot find it anywhere for less than $1470 what is real value of gold? As it goes up, the spread gets larger, and as it comes down the spread gets smaller. So just my thoughts are, if you watch the price for a few days, and give it a chance to stablize, and you don’t see the spread narrow,chances are it will go back up. The real question is how long do you give it a chance to stablize. Does any of this make any sense? Trekker Out.

        • Howdy MT,

          I have a sneaking suspicion that we have NOT concluded this drop as yet….careful, careful. WHAT would be the absolute best way to finalize the route that we saw yesterday…another drop. Such would break the faith of even the stauchest ‘Gold-Bug’…think about what a drop from current levels – anytime in the next 10 business days – to , say, the 900’s would do.


          • JOG I agree 100% I think the big money as always, will shake out the weakhand, and who knows how far it could drop, 900’s is not out of reason. But gold unlike the stock market will always have value and regain it’s losses, even though it could take years. But I have bought stocks that just totally disappeared. I do know that one must take these articles written by CEO’s of Mining Companies, Bullion Dealers, Coin Dealers, and Stock Brokers with a grain of salt. This house of cards could fall at any time, but as long as the FEDS pump this fiat currency into the system it will continue to go into the Market. There will be a price, to jump on the PM wagon and load up. But as usual the Question is WHEN! Trekker Out.

      36. Nothing new here, the same metrics keep coming back ‘bad’…as we
        all knew they would.

        Up at the ‘Hedge,

        “CAPEX”, which is a contraction of “Captial Expenditures” continues
        to sink. In the words of the author, summarized to a single sentence;

        “The logic is simple: if management itself is not confident on
        growth prospects, it will not replenish it’s asset base (already at
        a record old age across the world) and will not invest in projects
        that have a high hurdle rate but only after several years of

        The circumstance to date is that after a prolonged period of
        refusal to expend capital on corporate infrastructure and research
        the aging, existent mechanisms of business are beginning to show
        the wear and tear one would expect. WHAT then is the implication
        for future growth under that condition? In a word….NONE.

        The IMF, whose forecast are vitually invariantly generated through
        a ‘rose-colored filter’ has just today revised it’s estimates for
        global growth…care to guess in which direction? This isn’t getting
        better Folks, it won’t get better. Pointedly, it CAN’T get better…so
        long as a miniscule percentage of Humankind consistantly garner ALL
        the benefit of the labor and resources produced by Humanity unto

        Dwell on it a bit…


        • You beat me to it…
          Are we being setup?
          This very eerily following the 911 script… remember the Anthrax envelopes?

          • Meanwhile they have stopped all mail going to senators just before the gun control vote. How convenient for the anti gun extremists.

            • makes perfect sense, but it’s a pity that our congressmen have such short memories that we must remind them of our wishes on their way in to vote…

        • Don’t worry satori I saw that movie in 2001. Sorry to spoil the end but none of the bad guys in d.c. get killed off.
          But we did get a brand new law called the patriot act. I wonder if we will get another one. Seeing how great the last temporary one was.
          Damn you’d think these ass clowns would get a new script.

          • Blockbuster Videos has a this Week Only special on all rentals of the famous video by the 9/11 5-Dancing Israelis atop their apt balcony rented days Prior to the trade center collapses!

      37. Let the ruling elite take it all. Do they not realize that this is going to end badly for then. Do they think they can change the future. The future is already set,the paper trail to finding them will be easy. This is not the 18th century where they can hide their wealth. They think they can pin this on their puppets and be scot free. Let the revolution begin.

      38. The obvious problem is the American people have failed to demand our Constitution stop being usurped and eroded. The original document supported our success and survival as citizens. Executive orders are unconstitutional period. Obama and past latter day presidents are traitors to our very existance. The so called Supreme Court is not the lawful arbitrator of our laws, that would be our Constitution. These usurpers have replaced the genius of the framers of our Constitution that protected all of the people against government tyranny, aka the United States Corporation.

      39. A few years ago premiums on silver were even higher than they are currently.
        That situation didn’t last very long however.
        I remember reading the same warning about a COMEX default and nothing came of it.
        I remember reading Ted Butler’s dire warnings about a silver shortage that would send prices to the moon.
        Unfortuntely, Ted has been wrong so many times that I don’t even read him much anymore.
        We’ll see if anything comes of it this time.
        Obviously, the CFTC is useless in stopping concentrated selling that is used to manipulate price.
        The criminals own the entire system.
        I’m 100% in agreement that they want it all, but it’s a question of how many times they can pull rabbits out of their hat and simply plug the dyke with more gum.
        I’m at the point where I’d much prefer a collapse rather than this slow drip, drip, drip, of corruption, fraud, and manipulation eating away at the lives of people that are not born predators but simply want to exist on a level playing field.

      40. Register all pressure cookers and outlaw all politicians.

        • I agree. All pressure cookers should have a taxed permit to can. I can’t vote.

          • maybe a limit on how many pounds of pressure you can put in them?

            • The bottom of physical today? B. Quick is looking FINE this morning.

          • Wrong place, wrong time. Hang them all.

        • Thats right. Register your All Americans. No jiggle weight over ten pounds. High altitude owners will have to become flatlanders to do any canning. No Ball Jars or Ball Bearings in your possession.

          • Get out of NEFL.

      41. You old bastards praised that fucking piece of shit Chris Kyle for murdering hundreds of people but you’re so sad over the marathon bombing.

        Who’s the real terrorist, you assholes?


        • @Eisencrap….

          Careful or your mommy will revoke your computer privileges again.

      42. 6.6 in New Guinea again. The Australian plate is in bad shape and more will come later here. The real worry is still the Nazca and Cocos plates in connection with the South American plate. This area is a ticking bomb ready to break. To witness the Andes mountains and the collison that goes on to form these very tall peaks. This area has a lot of energy coming from it right now. I was not surprised at the 7.8 in Iran because all the movement of the African plate, the increase volcanic activity in the Canary Islands was a result of this. I would also not be surprised at one of these mega quakes down in Central and/or South America. The really only subduction zones of the Antarctic plate is south Chile and the Scotia plate. This region has the potential to top the Chile quake of 1960 by .1 or .2, all the way up the coast of South America to about Ecuador.

        Another couple of regions I have always thought possible of super mega quakes are the Philippine plate and the area off the Kamchatka Peninsula in eastern Russia, you know the region with all the volcanoes. While to have a 10 pointer it would take something from Chile to California to break and have vertical movement on top of horizontal movement. You could have something in the higher 9 range at some of the most prone areas. Just last year the largest strike slip ever occurred at 8.6 or 8.7 west of Indonesia depending on the seismic station. That would be almost a 9.7 in comparison to a mega thrust fault. So they can happen. Something right now is going on that has a hell of a lot of energy coming from that Central America and South America area as all these previous plate boundary quakes have shown to have the energy signature from these regions.

        • BI ~

          I just read that there has been a series of earthquakes in the Fukushima area of Japan since midnight last night, all over 5.). Do you think that these are foreshocks, indicating something bigger impending in that area?

          ~ Daisy

      43. Go to to find out more about the Boston
        Marathan. Michael Savage had the owner of this website
        on his show tonight. The information he presented was
        eyeopening and frightening on the American Political and
        Governmental system.

      44. I’m so Thankful for where I LIVE:

        I was standing in the yard this afternoon, just kind of taking everything in and looking to see what needed to be done next, when I realized how good we have it living out in the country.

        The neighbors can throw a loud all night party in the middle of the week, but I don’t have to get upset because I can’t hear it.

        I generally try to keep the yard looking nice, but if I get busy and the grass gets a little long, I don’t have to worry about getting a ticket from code enforcement.

        Clothing is optional. I’m not saying that I run around naked, just that I could as long as I don’t walk to the mailbox that way.

        You get a lot less door bell ringing by purveyors of goods or religions.

        I can urinate or shoot off of either porch.

        Parking is never a problem.

        I am the homeowners association.

        In fall the leaves take care of themselves.

        Animal control is a .22 rifle or pistol.

        Dead tree limbs don’t go to the landfill; they go on the burn pile.

        No matter how loud your car stereo is, I can’t hear it in my house.

        The only light that shines in our windows at night is from the moon.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Amen…
          Nice ain’t it?
          I hate to even go to town anymore, fills me with anxiety always checking my six…

      45. Indications of the end times? When I was a kid I was told by someone something that haunts me. This person told me that when the end of the world was nearing the really good people, the ones with total unselfish peaceful natures would be taken away before the real hell of Earth would begin. Again and again during these tragedies some of the nicest people it seems like are the ones that die. You look at that 29 year old woman killed in the bombing and how absolutely wonderful she was to her elderly grandmother and how much she was well liked by others. This was horrible watching the excruciating pain experienced by the grandmother and mother. That poor little 8 year child that had a sign beforehand that said don’t hurt anymore people was a such a good kid. Those kids at Sandy Hook, some of them were unusually good spirits. The shooting at the movie theatre by joker in Colorado was another example of a few truly kind people that were butchered.

        I know the old adage that says the good die young, but there seems like this is increasing expotentially. I have known some expectionally nice people that have also recently died unexpected. It is like there is some serious evil, or total negative energy that is taking over this world and certain people are not meant to be here during the end. I could just be seeing something that is over dramatized by the media to pay tribute to those that died, but these people that have died sure seem like really good people. Anyone else noticed this, or had some excellent quality people taken from them unexpected recently? Just curious.

        • There has been an increase of deaths (from all causes) in 2012 compared to 2011 of around 100,000 people in the US, acccording to one of my medical publications. As a physician, I thought I was seeing an increase in deaths but the statistics back this up.

          I have had friends who have lost family members (five since the first of 2013), I have also seen patients who seem to be doing well just suddenly have a stroke or heart attack and die.

          I agree with BI. I think people can sense what is coming and some are making their exit or are being called home. I also think that when times are rough, the gentle people have the hardest time handling the changes. They become stressed and more susceptible to illness. Those of us who have had lives that toughen us up are better able to handle the storm. There are so many people I worry about and pray for.

        • BI,
          Yup, like I said last year, something wicked this way comes… which ties in at the quantum entanglement layer with Earth quakes and volcanoes, Sun ‘quakes’, asteroids being moved out of place…
          When you see the Universe as a spiritual place, a place made from energy, then you see the ‘prince of the POWER of the air’, as truly dark energy, not just metaphorical rantings, but measurable and understandable connections between all things as One Thing.

          Our ‘authorities’ of science and religion too, should have listened to Einstein… an ‘Imponderable Aether’ of General Relativity, explains many of the so called ‘mysteries’ of our existence. Unfortunately, to accept the dual energy model of the Unified field, you have to accept that a Creator created, and they ain’t going there. And the rest of us, are lost in great confusion and mystery, as Plato said, arguing over the shadows on the wall of our prison cave.

      46. Be Informed : that was cryptic, thought-provoking, and scary thoughts you just said but hard to not completely agree with you. And that is a huge compliment coming from me who is a career cynic with at best minimul religious faith and at worst deep spiritual issues. Regardless of where we all fall in the faith department (except for the Haji’s to hell with all of them, I guess we must all decide what it is that keeps us going during the worst of times (City-slicker’s that “1-damned thing” maybe?) That will make the difference between panic, despair, and hopelessness or continued passion, resolve, and dedication to wake up the next dawn and fight the good fight even when the writing appears to already been written and set in stone.

        • I thought the opposite: that only the really spiritually strong are being kept alive now to deal with all the chaos on our door step… Whio knows?: Only God.

          Yes, I have noticed that almost every close friend I kknow have been losing loved ones…in our own family, we lost our mom and little sister in one year (2012) and my 2 cats also the same year…

      47. Be informed, that might be the scariest yet most accurate post I’ve ever read on this site in the 2+ years i’ve been on here. I guess what it boils down to is what keeps us fighting the good fight even after the mexicans have breached the walls of the Alamo?

      48. Be informed, I lost my dad 4 years ago while I was in Iraq (I was able to make it home in time to hold his hand before he passed) and he was literally the most moral and loving person I will ever know. I guess what keeps me going even when the worst seems inevitable is that he would want me to fight for the family he loved more than himself times a zillion. If things get as bad as all of us fear it very well could, I’ll find peace knowing that I did all I could and was willing to take the lives if necessary to anyone that would try to harm what he protected me, my mom, and my sister from.

        • @ mclovin. Your father was a beautiful person, whenever we lose someone like this it leaves a terrible void that is extremely difficult to fill. It is most unfortunate that this seems like a trend that is becoming way too often for many people.

          @ Everyone interested in future quakes. Just had an earthquake on the West Chile Rise, and in the past when this exact area gets hit, 11 out of 11 times a major earthquake has followed within 15 days. Of course many times in Chile, but also New Guinea, Fiji to the Kermadec Islands and New Zealand, western Indonesia, China, and the Kuril Islands. That is it, 100% of the time in the past. This is the 13th out of the 14th time that Mexico to Chile has had a pre-earthquake along the plate boundaries that lead to a major quake in this region. This one especially points to Chile and southern Peru.

      49. @ Be Informed. First off, thank you for your tireless work with the quakes. I really do appreciate it.

        With respect to the good dying young…I am a believer that the people who have accepted Christ as their savior will disappear at one time and not sporadically. If you can get your hands on the movie “Left Behind” I think that pretty much sums up what I believe will happen.

        I too have had 3 wonderful people pass and coincidentally it was on the same day. It was heartbreaking for me but I believe they all went to a better place.

        I think that we are getting closer and closer to the end times. All hell is going to break loose when societies financially collapse. The nice people being killed to me is a sign of the amount of evil there is in this world.

        This Boston bombing further cements me in my position that people need to get out of the big cities. Terrorists don’t target podunk Midwest population 250. They target New York, Boston…big cities. To those still there it is like playing Russian roulette.

        The end times are rapidly approaching. Prepare spiritually and physically through your preps people. Some day you will look back and say “If only I had….”. Try to figure out the missing part of that sentence and get er done soon!

        God Bless Mac and the positive contributors to this site.


        • @ Norse Prepper. You know what worries me the most is that we have not seen the rampant true evil yet. We all got a awful taste when that demon gunned down a bunch of little children that harmed no one, and some of those children you would describe as angelic. It just really upset me a lot to see that poor mother and grandmother losing that 29 year old woman after being told that she survived. Then to see what happened to the 8 year old that was a truly good soul and his sister losing at least one leg, probably two, their mother with metal stuck in her brain. Then to hear about how open and giving they were in their community and how horrible the father is suffering.

          I mean it was like some truly evil force made sure that they were just in the right spot for this maximum force of suffering possible to the nicest of people. It makes you sick. Why can’t these evil gang members be the ones rather than giving good people that have only done right and good in their lives? It reeks. Natural disasters are tremendous killers, but they can be forewarned against and hopefully at least earthquakes will be totally predicted, and I am working on this. I totally agree with you 100% that major cities are death traps. It just is so awful to see these poor people that suffer such horrid losses from losing their “angels” to some devil’s evil acts.

        • There is a reason why the Rapture theory, is called a ‘theory’. That is because it is an interpretation of preachers not Biblical doctrine. I listen to the words of the Lord over preachers, and He specifically stated ‘after the tribulation of those days’. The writings of Enoch also specifically back that up… but, Enoch was ‘forbidden’ from the Roman Canon, the basis of our Bibles.
          Logically, it makes more sense, that we should suffer, as He did, in order to turn more hearts towards God over time. The Rapture, keeps people in apathy, and complacency, and has, more than anything else imho, caused God’s people to allow and enable and compromise with evil more than any other thing. Thus, I place the label ‘doctrines of devils’ upon it.

          Believe what you will.

          • John ch 8 vs 44 tells you Who those sons of darkness are, aka Offspring of Satan. They totally control the usa fed gov and msms also. This will be thumbed down as it contains too much truth for the whimps here. They will reject reading that bible verse as well as Rev ch 2 vs 9 what Christ Himself said of them evil ones.

            And about 50 Million enangelicals in america fall for anything pastors tells em of that group! No wonder usa is in such a fuckin mess with so many wrong wars etc.

      50. The entire market is manipulated. That must first be understood. There is no free market in prices. There is no ‘price discovery’. So, the next question you must ask is this: to whom does it benefit? And to whom does it harm?

        As a result of the biggest speculative, global bubble in human history, we had the 2008 financial crisis. Since then, the Fed and its friends have been trying to control things so that the following goals are served: money circulation – the velocity of money – is restored. The next goal is to drain speculative wealth. This is done by pump-and-dump scams on property, commodities and other bubbles. Gold is just the latest to get burned. The Fed deliberately lets a bubble go, draw in vast quantities of wealth, and then detonates that wealth with a crash. Rinse, repeat.

        The final goal is global balancing. This means the standard of living in Western, indebted countries must come down, while the standard of living in developing countries must come up. The way to do this is through financial repression (low interest rates), deliberate inflation, currency destruction, higher taxes and red tape (gum up the works), and massive wealth transfers.

        If you want to survive, you better get on the right side of this trend, big time. Pork and beans ain’t going to be good enough.

        • Gold doesn’t get burned. It just stacks there.

      51. The reason for the high silver premiums is because dealers do not want to take a loss on existing stock, there is no shortage. As stock turns over and dealers purchase new silver at the lower price, you will eventually benefit from lower prices.

      52. Bombing In Boston

        “Operation Northwoods was a series of false flag proposals that originated within the United States government in 1962, but were rejected by the Kennedy administration.[2] The proposals called for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), or other operatives, to commit perceived acts of terrorism in U.S. cities and elsewhere. These acts of terrorism were to be blamed on Cuba in order to create public support for a war against that nation, which had recently become communist under Fidel Castro.”

        part of the plan of Operation Northwoods was to fly American passenger planes into buildings!……….. Don’t believe me, look it up!

        Kennedy was assasinated..are you able to connect the dots?

        this is going to be just another tool for them to steal your rights if we allow it!

        • Wait until they roll Fidel out on a slab & see what happens.

        • And not just gun rights.

          Expect them now to press for the following:

          1. Increased presence of TSA and DHS personnel…as well as armed national guard on streets …. particularly at sporting events and large venues.

          2. Surveillance cameras…..everywhere.

          3. Random vehicle checkpoints w/accompanying vehicle searches. No warrant. Just stop everyone and search vehicles just like they do at the border.

          4. Restriction on purchase of powder for reloading firearms. Possible complete ban on black powder and pyrodex.(used for black powder firearms) They will either require background checks for purchase, or just outright ban the sale of these products.

        • VRF Yes and also JFK besides printing us treasury dollar notes to screw zio banksters, he also was strongly opposed to Israel getting Nukes! They cannot pose a massive threat to the world nations unless they have nukes. Now besieds 300 of them they also have 4 of 6 nuke capable subs thanks to germanys recent agreements to build and pay most of 6 subs for them war monger Bolsheviks.

      53. I can safely say that there are quite a few of us here that are excellent Hunters. Thi being in answer to the Hopi quote made previous.


      54. Don’t think evil had increased, only it’s visibility with our instant news age. Just take a look back in American history a hundred or so years ago with massive bombings by radical socialists, anarchists, unions et al. After all, this is earth, not heaven.

        One thing that had changed is a great increase in the power of central banks, an evil our founders warned against, but to which most Americans accept, mostly in gross ignorance. This has created today’s corporatocracy, which has destroyed every last vestige of true Republican government. Yet 99% of Americans live in blissful ignorance, wholly propagandized by the corporate media, by thevWall Street cheerleaders, by very disingenuous pop financial gurus like Dave Ramsey and Suzie Ormond, who are gloating now with the recent takedown of PMs.

        The violence of these takedowns is indicative of the desperation that is setting among the banksters, PTB, NWO, whatever we choose to call them. The world’s central banks are technically insolvent. The world, from the standpoint of fiat currency, is broke. Worse yet, most people are in deep denial that there exists a group of elites who look upon we masses as ignorant “eaters” that the world would be better off without. This is the ultimate hubris. But history also teaches that those with such hubris always eventually fail.

        Until they do fail, and after they fail, I will still be clinging to my guns, gold and Bible, ready to re- build, provided, God willing, I survive.

        At one time I was one of the sheeple. And I thought I was pretty smart, a university graduate, a successful businessman, a daily reader of Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Fortune, Forbes, and a good mainstream “conservative”. But I am also a guy with Midwestern, common sense farmer roots, and too many things simply were not adding up, so hence began my quest to discover what was really going on. And holy crap! As I peeled back layers of this economic onion, a very rotten, corrupt one at that, the shock set in, then came the action.

        One encouraging note: More and more people are opening their eyes. I’m coming across people today that I never would have expected to get it. But they are. Still, we remain a small minority, but we do have to hang together, to continue to exchange ideas, to trade information. Very, very important.

        So I have been prepping majorly for about six years now, food preps, tools, guns, ammo, and gold and silver. Have a great remote hideaway as well, and like-minded folks nearby. Believe me, I ‘m not looking forward to any of this. Pray daily it won’t happen. But it is going to happen, and the signs could not be more blatantly evident.

        The only thing on this site that really gets me pretty honked off are one or two freaked wing nuts who spew their vile bigotry and sociopathic, psychotic drivel, even justifying terrorism. This just provides more fodder for the progressives, statist and commie freaks to come after us and vilify us. Not good.

        • Ralphieboy,
          Amen, although, methinks ‘fail’ is a vague and valueless term in this land of shadows and lies…
          To ‘fail’ means to fall into collapse and become something unimaginably different from what we are…
          In my mind, ‘fail’ means failure of currencies, but not governments, since they are the ones assisting the ‘failure’…
          I think we see yet another ‘beast’ arise, global, at least in the western democracies and the UN, with another block in the East. ‘Money’ will be the issue, and it will simply be changed to a form that most of the sheep already love… ‘credit’ cards, tied to a new global system.
          Those who are supporting the scam, get a seat at the table, those who don’t, die. Thus we see the convergence of our political masters supporting irrational nonsense… nonsense designed from the beginning to collapse the current regimes. But, the ones doing the collapsing, become the Phoenix, and arise from the ashes… that is why they are accumulating physical gold and silver. They know what’s coming.

          Thus, we need to trim our wicks, fill our lamps, and hide in a back room, for something wicked this way comes… and it would be best if that back room was by way of going ‘into the wilderness’, which is just a way of saying, leave The System. What many people are doing through the strength of their consciences and doctrines of truth.

      55. Texas Soldier Arrested for ‘Rudely Displaying’ Weapon

        “”I just got off the phone with Army Master Sergeant. C. J. Grisham, a serving American soldier and veteran of the the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, who recently was illegally disarmed by the Temple Police Department while out for a walk with his son.

        “We live out in the country in Texas, near Temple,” he told me. “My son and I were on a ten-mile hike so that he could earn his hiking merit badge – it’s the last badge he needs to become an Eagle Scout.” But half way into the hike, Grisham said, “a police officer pulled up.” Initially, he was “cordial” and he “asked what we were doing.” Grisham told him. “Then he looked at my rifle. I carry a rifle any time I walk around because there are feral hogs and cougars and things like that.”

        From here, things took a turn for the worse.

        “‘Where you going with that rifle?’ he asked me. I said, ‘does it matter? Am I breaking any laws?’” Then, he says, the officer “grabbed the rifle without telling me – but it was attached to me. My immediate reaction as a combat veteran was to grab it back and then take a step back. I asked him what he was doing. So he pulled his gun on me. Then I thought about my son, so I put my hands off my gun and he told me to move over to the car. Luckily my son had the video camera to document the hike for his merit badge. I told him to turn it on.”

        The video of the incident is below. I’d recommend you watch the whole thing. Note the officers’ ignorance of the rules they are there to uphold, the suggestion that the law doesn’t apply in this “day and age,” and the persistent claim that American citzens are presumed to have their weapons illegally unless otherwise demonstrated. Note the officer’s claim that merely owning a gun makes someone dangerous.””

        LTF in moderation

          • I can’t even put in words the anger I feel when seeing videos like this. And this is happening in Texas. Shit, I thought everyone carried a handgun/rifle in Texas. This country is fucked.


              • ok crappentrouser

          • THIS, is in TEXAS?!!!?

          • This should be on the news,course it will not,. Makes me really angry, sure hope there is more to the story. Time to stay low.

          • VRF,

            I just watched the video.

            We used to live in Texas. My, how times have changed.

            Unbelievable and alarming!

            • I hear ya Boss, I got pals in Texas, and thier jaws are on the ground over this..
              Hell I was thinking of moving to Texas because I thought out of all the dam states in the country this one would have my dam back!

              Whisky Tango Foxtrott

              • Devvy Kidd had several articles recently regarding her move from Kalif TO Texas a couple years back. Since she moved into TX she has relentlessly tried to get state legislators there to at least read a few law proposals she and Edwin Viera designed. So far all but maybe one or two tx lawmakers rejected those good law ideas.

                Devvys last article on this issue basically said she is wondering if she made a mistake going to tx thinking it was so pro patriot. I do not think any of the 50 states are patriotic any longer. All but a very small few fed and state pols have sold out america period. Most have also sold out their Own White Race also.

                Hope to see at least a single treasonous politition and at least one such MSM idiot get HUNG for being Traitors before my end on earth comes around. Even a single such hanging and I can go to the grave feeling there is still a slight chance of an american renewal posible.

          • These clowns in police uniforms need to be fired today. They give the rest of them a bad name. A gun does not give them the right to violate the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th amendments.

            I hope he gets a great attorney and a pig pile of cash.

            • EXACTLY! THE OTHER NIGHT I was thinking about that video: why is it OK for someone who has a badge to carry a gun and yet if someone has a plaid shirt and no badge, its considered “dangerous”? Why is it the clothes one wears distinguishes a “safe” person versus an “unsafe” person? I’ve seen videos of cops beating up and even killing people illegally. Just because a person wears a badge that does not mean he and he only has a God given right to protect those he sees fit… these laws make NO SENSE! Clothes or a badge do not define safe and unsafe people. These are irrational laws.

      56. ” THEY TOOK YOUR GUNS !!!” ;0p

        just remember folks …

        the nwo zog fedgov primary goal is to DIS-ARM YOU and CRIMINALIZE THOSE WHO REFUSE TO BE DISARMED !!!

        got ammo ???


        • “The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.” Thomas Jefferson

      57. AmeriKan CIA Isreahell MOSSAD backed financed armed Terrorists in Syria Smuggling Human Organs


        TEHRAN (FNA)- The terrorists who kill the innocent people in Syria receive a large amount of money for any corpse and injured person whose body organs are trafficked out of the Arab country, witnesses in Aleppo said on Tuesday.

      58. SECOND letter containing ‘powdery substance’, was sent to our Dear Leader…
        Now the S will H the F.

      59. People need to wake up and understand that the local cops, state cops and fed cops are the “brown shirts” used by the banker cartel to protect them from US !!!
        Wake up….

      60. @BI: Talked to a U.S.G.S person today about what is going on with the New Madrid.

        Was told this unofficially; “They are closely monitoring the fault, as indications of major events are unfolding. We are looking at a 5.5 to 6.0 event to occur possibly this year. If an event dose happens the West Side will exhibit the most movement.” I asked if that would affect other Faults. “This will put more pressure on the San Andres, because of the Western movement.” What if we have a larger one than a 6.0 say 7+ and were told “All bets are off, San Andres, and Cascadia Faults will more than likely fail shortly thereafter.” I then asked if these events could happen in reverse, “Yes a large possibly, I have to go now.” Well there you have it BI, I don’t know if this means anything, or is just Horse Sh-t. Their voice echoed with a lot of concern.

        Keep the FAITH

      61. Arrest made in Boston Bombing, thats all I got at this point, watch closely

        • at 1:47 this in
          An arrest has been made in the Boston bombings investigation based on two videos showing images of the suspect, a federal law enforcement source told CNN’s Fran Townsend.

          • Ha! Beat me to it VRF!!



            • Probably a patsy. Over at is some really good photos of some very suspicious guys in tan pants, tan boots and big black backpacks. Then in the next series of photos they don’t have the big heavy backpacks. Ya gotta check it out

          • Dark skinned individual. If this is true the media will be disappointed, they were hoping for a white ~ skinhead ~ tea party member.

            My guess it will be a he, with associations to Pakistan, and a Engineering Student.

            • Or it will be same as 1980’s US Marine barraks lebonon where Mossad Operatives Dressed to look like Arabs when they did that explosion. Almost 300 US Marines got murdered while sleeping in beds. And as per Usual: Zero Israeli Mossad agents got charged nor convicted.

              Do a web search for all instances where spies(almost 295 spies since WWII & only about 3-4 were NOT israeli or us dual citizens) and US Liberty ship and Levon Affair(king david hotel blast this one israelis admited to doing, almost 100 British soldiers along with other civilians got blowed up!) and after reading how many events them people did or had others do ask the question.

              Can all these times/events be a simple coincidence? Would they also do events like Boston marathon race here? Hows about 9/11? How much longer before enough americans get fed up enough to Halt thses Nation Wreckers from wrecking the usa and Us?

              PS, of that 1 out of 1000 who know about Wiemere germany Hyper-inflation stuff…How many do ya suppose actually found the info on the Rest of the story? As in what Led up to wiemere collapse? Who ran banks there, then? and all msm forms, newspapers-radio mainly?

              If any actually find out those answers, compare to Todays america and our troubles. Then repeat ask same questions of usa what/Who led to all our woes? Amaze yourself and your friends with the info you find! MSM or public school text books won’t never tell you them answers!

          • Ha, now they are saying no arrests made. Did the photos going viral and again displayed at mess up their scripted MSM patsy perp walk?

            Makes ya wonder…

            • They…can make and pull anything out of their ass that they want.

              Anytime, anywhere…their time is coming to an end.

              I hope we can hear every fucking one of them screaming all the way to hell.

      62. Put yourself in the government’s position. Why would you want to “take” all the 401k’s, all the social security, and everyone’s savings? Why would you want to put everyone into poverty? What ends does it serve? As a government bureaucrat, why would you want to impoverish millions of people? Would you want to deal with refugees, riots, mass thefts and looting, a mob of ten million people (with nothing more to lose) descending on your office in Washington to haul you into the street? Moreover, will WallStreet and corporate America stand for such an assault to the public (their consumer base) where the entire economy is completely halted? Do you think labor unions are going to stand for such an impact on consumerism? Hey, if everyone’s poor, who is gonna buy the cars to keep the UAW afloat? WHO?? You know, I’m surprised that there are people who actually live in fear and believe that the government wants to kill every single person. Ok if so, what happens then?? Those who buy into these ideas seem to have it all figured out — “they’re coming NOW, dammit!” “they’re coming to kick in my door!” — ok, what happens then? See, the conspiracy theorists say they know what’s going on in the back rooms and dark sinister hallways, so why don’t they know what happens after everyone is locked up, shot, starved, dead, killed, or whatever? What happens 3 years down the road? Describe the world economy with the US totally shut down. Describe the conditions with everyone or locked up.

        Really! THINK ABOUT IT!! Such outlandish “theories” make no sense at all. Those buying into the fear-mongering kooks are wasting their precious time and emotional energy; whereas, they could be doing other things to better themselves and their families. The conspiracy theorists are getting rich off your fear! Now, who really are the sheeple? Who is really being played these days? Conspiracy theorist wackos or those who understand how an economy works?

        • The governments position? You mean running a ponzi system that is soon to burst. Study your history.

          • SPIKE,

            #1 they do NOT want to kill everyone! only kill the WHITEYS and Christians.

            #2 they do not plan to crash it all at once. They do plan to create a situation where they can convince, almost force but not quite, everybody to switch to cashless NEW type “dollars” or they cannot Buy Nor sell Anything. And of course make em all accept a chip implant in back of right hand or forehead to use that new system.

            Except maybe a few folks will be able to use gold or silver then. But bet yer ass a cashless system Will include bans and heavy jail time for any use of any other form of cash trade except for Their cashless system. Kinda like Bit Coin! but with a Mark/Implant chip too!

            Funny to see so many bible believers here who Reject that bible part where it states “Their GOLD will be Taken, and their SILVER they will Toss into the street/gutter as it then will do them NO good nor save then in that Day of the Lord(when God pours out His Wrath on the entire world) I wonder if america will get a Double cupfull of wrath for so many evils we see now?

            • ThemGuys, you make some good points, but WHITEYS and Christians are what…… 170 million of the population? Dude, that’s a sizable portion of the consumer base. I doubt our country would survive such a hit economically.

              The embedded chip may be a bit far fetched, IMO. Major privacy issues there that Congress would howl about. Forcing us to move to cashless system may be a challenge — possible yes, but not probable. hell, they can’t even implement obamacare right, how they gonna roll out a cashless system complete with enforcement, heavy jail, and bans?

              Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You made some very good points worth considering and thinking about.

      63. Truth is, I still make more money than most people. I follow certain rules and keep it simple. I make a lot compared to most people. I have seen a lot and done a lot. It never surprises me, when people blame people like me, for having so much. I know something that they will never be able to comprehend. It is the simplest of all things to do. You can copy it and make your dreams come true. You can take this simple idea and create the life that you always wanted. Anyone anywhere can do it. I have personally seen a man who was born in horrific poverty in India in a slum where his chances of survival were none to zero. This very same man is now one of the most wealthy men in the world. He followed a very simple idea, a simple plan. Anyone can do it and it takes no real effort to begin doing it. If you know it then you don’t need to read further because you have already realized what it is. Those of you that don’t know what it is, you will never comprehend it, so it is mute to repeat it to you. You will never know, you will die in abject poverty and live a miserable unhappy life and your children will end up the same unless the idea is created within and then they comprehend it, but the chances are slim if they are born to someone like you. God help us all!

        • Hey Olden! By Jove! You are simply just TOO Good for This Planet acording to what You say about yourself huh!

          You remind me of a chick I went with for awhile. She kept telling me she needed More Space!…One nite I told her Go Join NASA and they can provide you with all the Space you want since thats all nasa does mainly! Then I gave her the BOOT!….No telling how far into Space she travled by now, but if ya hurry perhaps you can hook up with her as she always seemed too good for This Planet also. Do us a favor when ya exit earth take a few ghetto ratt monkys along so we got less to deal with here ok, thanks. Say hello for me too if you run into that space chick I Booted.


        Keep buying gold and silver.
        When you are old… you’ll be glad you have it.

        Its very hard for them to steal your basement safe.
        They’d have many houses to invade.

        Safer than a bank.

        Just go ask the Cyprus account victims.
        Let’s call them what they area….VICTIMS of THEFT…it wasn’t a “haircut”. Lies.

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