Creepy Tracking Tech Gone Too Far: “Police Surveillance Now Fully Automated and Integrated Into Wireless Networks”

by | Mar 4, 2015 | Headline News | 92 comments

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    Surveillance Expansion Across America and the World

    Welcome to 2015. We’re certainly not in Kansas anymore.

    Not only is the police state here, but it is upgrading all the time.

    While people are busy fighting an uphill battle with apparently rampant cases of abuse, excessive force and a misguided and failed War on Drugs, many are too far behind the times to keep up with these technologies – now being tested or used in police departments across the country.

    While the use of technology in policing is nothing new, it might surprise you have far things have gone – with much of police surveillance now fully automated and integrated into wireless networks, and monitored by Homeland Security-funded fusion centers. rounded up these examples of creepy, robot, privacy destroying police tactics (and it’s only just beginning):

    • Smart street lights created a stir in the alternative media a few years ago, with news that Homeland Security grants were putting big brother funding on the streets quite literally. Now, they are being tested in Las Vegas. The intelligent street lights are equipped with two-way communication and monitoring devices, and may be used to record conversations on the streets, or to broadcast official messages from the authorities during an emergency, or in the midst of a crime. Apparently, they can also broadcast music. Maybe that will give them enough street cred to keep the creepy level off the radar. Paul Joseph Watson wrote:

    The Intellistreets system comprises of a wireless digital infrastructure that allows street lights to be controlled remotely by means of a ubiquitous wi-fi link and a miniature computer housed inside each street light, allowing for “security, energy management, data harvesting and digital media,” according to the Illuminating Concepts website.

    In terms of Homeland Security applications, each of the light poles contains a speaker system that can be used to broadcast emergency alerts, as well as a display that transmits “security levels” (presumably a similar system to the DHS’ much maligned color-coded terror alert designation), in addition to showing instructions by way of its LED video screen.

    The lights also include proximity sensors that can record both pedestrian and road traffic. The video display and speaker system will also be used to transmit Minority Report-style advertising, as well as Amber Alerts and other “civic announcements”.

    • Location tracking Wi-Fi is now being tested in Seattle and other locations as part of a wireless mesh network. Of course, most already know that their cell phones and computers share data with their providers, the NSA and a host of other data hungry watchers, but now the police are using boxes set up at numerous street intersections to ping and track cell phones in the area, logging location data for thousands of drivers, passengers and pedestrians that could be used to establish the whereabouts of a suspect, pursue criminals, as evidence in traffic disputes or perhaps for crowd control.

    The Wi-Fi tracking devices appear as white boxes mounted on poles or street lights. The data interconnects through a wireless mesh network with existing traffic cameras, police squad vehicles, networks of cameras and other interfaces on the emerging fiber network, and a host of authorities in the region, including police, the Sheriff’s Department and the regional fusion center. Officially, the mesh network aides communication during emergency scenarios, but also functions as a roaming live-time surveillance network. reports that Seattle residents been reporting wi-fi networks popping up on their cell service with the names of intersections (such as 3rd & Union) since 2013.

    • Sting Ray cell phone interceptor / cell phone tower impersonator devices are now being secretly used by the FBI, local police departments and… probably other spy agencies, foreign and domestic, as well. The use of this technology remains less known than other techniques, in part because the Justice Department has pressured local law enforcement to keep hush hush about the use of this tool, even in the face of court testimony.

    The best part, from a policing point of view, is the kid-in-a-candy store, fish-in-a-barrel opportunity for revealing data on everyone from suspects to innocent bystanders who may have data wanted by the authorities… now or later. No warrants need apply.

    Melissa Melton writes:

    According to the Associated Press, the Obama Administration has been actively advising police departments to refuse disclosure about certain cell phone surveillance technologies, including the widely used “StingRay” device, even in routine state records requests.

    Evidently, the StingRay technology allows law enforcement to “trick” cell devices into sharing identifying personal and location data with them that would ordinary be sent to communications companies and require request procedures.

    Instead, police are bypassing company assistance and collecting unique information on suspects, persons of interests, and – as the AP reports – they can even “sweep up basic cellphone data from entire neighborhoods,” all without any court orders or oversight.

    • See-through-radar, as used in such on the market technologies as the Range-R, allows police to see the location of all the people inside a building through the walls, again, without a warrant.

    USA Today reports:

    At least 50 U.S. law enforcement agencies have secretly equipped their officers with radar devices that allow them to effectively peer through the walls of houses to see whether anyone is inside, a practice raising new concerns about the extent of government surveillance.

    Those agencies, including the FBI and the U.S. Marshals Service, began deploying the radar systems more than two years ago with little notice to the courts and no public disclosure of when or how they would be used. The technology raises legal and privacy issues because the U.S. Supreme Court has said officers generally cannot use high-tech sensors to tell them about the inside of a person’s house without first obtaining a search warrant.

    Knightscope Photography Team, Creative Commons

    Knightscope Photography Team, Creative Commons

    • PoliceBots – Right now, the Knightscope K5 looks like an inept R2D2 unit, but soon people will see it as the early deployment prototype of the dangerous Robocop type units that science fiction has long warned us about.

    They are scheduled to begin actual patrols in the Silicon Valley area sometime this year, and will principally be used to detect criminal activity and alert human officers… for now, of course. Later, they are supposed to be capable of crime prediction as well as prevention, but we already know that Minority Report is no-knocking at the door.

    According to the Daily Mail, these bot-officers carry a number of advanced and perhaps troubling capabilities, including rapid license plate scanning and something referred to as ‘odor detection’:

    The five foot tall robots have a combination of laser scanning, wheel encoders, inertial measurements, and GPS that allows fully autonomous operation and charging.

    It also has odour detectors, and can even monitor air pollution as it travels around.

    Using cameras they can also read up to 300 car number plates a minute, allowing them to monitor traffic.

    • Drones – The use of drones is, unsurprisingly, also expanding, but the devices are become so cheap at the same time that their use is becoming accepted. Hence, police departments and law enforcement are snatching them up and making purchases that often fly under the radar of public controversy. Infinitely cheaper than helicopters and other aerial devices, drones are poised to be anywhere and everywhere that law enforcement wants eyes.

    • “Eye in the Sky” – also included an “Eye in the Sky” HD camera mounted inside a Cessna-style aircraft that flies over a city locale for up to six hours, recording everything that takes place in the community – with options to zoom in on areas of interest in live-time and play back to review what officers weren’t focusing on.

    The Atlantic reported on how the device was used secretly in Compton, California, and only revealed to the public years afterwards – kept hush hush by law enforcement to quell privacy concerns:

    In a secret test of mass surveillance technology, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department sent a civilian aircraft* over Compton, California, capturing high-resolution video of everything that happened inside that 10-square-mile municipality.

    Compton residents weren’t told about the spying, which happened in 2012. “We literally watched all of Compton during the times that we were flying, so we could zoom in anywhere within the city of Compton and follow cars and see people,” Ross McNutt of Persistence Surveillance Systems told the Center for Investigative Reporting, which unearthed and did the first reporting on this important story. The technology he’s trying to sell to police departments all over America can stay aloft for up to six hours. Like Google Earth, it enables police to zoom in on certain areas. And like TiVo, it permits them to rewind, so that they can look back and see what happened anywhere they weren’t watching in real time.

    The question is, where does it all end?

    Are there any limits to how far police or government authorities will go or can go?

    The Fourth Amendment seems clear enough in its intent to protect people from unwarranted searches and seizure, but it has been all but trashed and scrapped in the wake of the paranoid War on Terrorism and unparalleled mass surveillance technologies.

    The problem is that there may simply be no turning back. Expectation of privacy are now as low as a fat, bald, unemployed dude hoping for a date with a supermodel. Basically, freedom is dormant and privacy is, for the time being, now all but nonexistent.

    Further Reading: 2014 Year in Review: 7 Examples of Police State Technology Making Our Rights Obsolete


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      1. They will be bored to death watching my life go by.

        • Outwest,
          that is NOT the issue! what is that they can invade your privacy anytime they want to and label you anything they deem! so now your going to be labeled a trouble maker and so forth and so forth!that is the issue!

          • We are watching them too. How they behave towards us will factor in whether they get to keep breathing.

            • apache54. The Issue is nothing we can do about.
              What we can do is the smokescreen of a double
              identity. Show them a sheep instead of the wolf
              that lurks within. Savvy?

          • The PTB have built up the control grid around us and right before our eyes. When this system is done they will maintain control while the new system is rolled out.

            Also, anyone can see that they are training the cops to be brutal thugs. They wont arrest everyone, they will just beat the sh@t out of you. Or kill you if you resist.

            Finally I saw I recent survey that said white people will be a minority by 2030. People we have been invaded. Why is it that only white countries have massive immigration?

            China has no immigration. Neither does Japan. I don’t believe South American countries have much, if any, immigration. We have lost our country. I am truly a stranger in a strange land!

            • The whole immigration=prosperity meme is so very 19th/20th century. The very fact China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea are prosperous and thriving DESPITE not receiving waves of migrants from Africa and Latin America, is ample proof immigration in and of itself does not lead to wealth. Western governments are still operating a policy that no longer has any evidence to back it up. Want a good laugh: tell a senior Chinese official their country, only to be fair of course, needs to import tens of millions of Africans every year to create prosperity. They would think you were insane.

              The US of 2030 will not be a prosperous place for the simple reason the current wave of immigration is not emphasizing the right things. The US became wealthy because it brought in the world’s best ideas and the most hungry and clever people to execute them. Take a look at the majority of today’s migrants and tell me a) are they bringing in cutting-edge new ideas?, b) do they have the brains to execute cutting-edge new ideas?

              The US in 2030 will be operating an economy of low-wage, dumbed down debt serfs assembling crap for the Asian markets. It won’t even be the good end of manufacturing, just trinkets: key chains with furry dogs on them etc. The Asians will get their cutting-edge electronics etc. from South Korea, China and Japan. The US military will have switched completely to robots by then too. Just a vicious, electronic overlord system that will keep the trade routes open but all the economic energy will be in Asia.

              • Immigration in this case, is a weapon. The Euro Commies of 1930, said they would destroy the West through multiculturalism and diversity. They did. We lost. 52% of all kids entering kindergarten this September will be non-white. Whites have a birth rate of 1 white kid per white couple. Do the math.

                • …and they kill half of those kids off with vaccines…at least those that didn’t get aborted. I have no words for how evil this country has become.

              • This world will cease to exist before 2030 (rapture!!) so we won’t have to worry about that!

          • In a large way, OutWest is right. DO NOT let a bunch of perverted federal snoops scare or intimidate you from prepping. Just keep on prepping because it is the only way out of this kind of hellhole.

            Second, this hellhole we have to live under today will all vanish, and so will the majority of the federal government – and let me explain why. To keep up all this spy gear costs A LOT of money. The feds are already trillions in DEBT. This whole system was built up on DEBT – meaning once they result to squeezing blood from a rock (from the to-become THIRD WORLD America public) … they won’t be able to afford keeping up with all of this spy gear, or even paying their damned perverted snooping employees either. This very fascist system is only killing itself!

            The Greatest Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound in 2,000 Years:


            All based on a true story. Also, China is going to become the next superpower, the United States is not too far from fading into a third world shit-hole. It looks like the federal gestapo did not really care to think all of this through very well.

        • Yea, thats my sentiment as well,
          Feel sorry for the poor bassturd stuck having to check in on me, hell, if Im bored, just imagine how bad it must be for some boinker trying to find the conservative terrorist!

          • Same shit, new day.

            GMAFB please…

          • That might be true now, what happens if one night you see the sheriff’s brother committing a serious crime? Still OK with the cops watching you? How about if you decide to leave your abusive partner, still OK with god knows who knowing where you go and when you’re alone?

            There are so many people who have good reason to hide information from the government. If you can’t think of 5 types of people who legitimately should be alarmed by this surveillance then you’re n
            ot thinking.

          • Acid we direct linked to this article over the weekend and will be sending a link out to our newsletter subscribers later today. Thanks!


          • I dam sure hope if they or anyone is coming to protest this site they do so armed.. enough bullshit already

          • I already posted that link yesterday…thanks for the reminder.

        • Technology should be handled with the same level of responsibility as the atomic bomb. Yah we can do it but do we really need to? What could be the long term repercussions? But nobody asks these questions, especially with the damn millenials, they just think ooh look what I can do with my cute lil phone, never realizing what they’re giving away. My damn brother in law all he ever wants to do is talk about his stupid new technologies and how he can talk to his TV’s or text his recliner or something else absolutely useless. And hell he’s older than I am. Worst part is he’s raising my nephew to be the exact same way. God help the younger generation. Sometimes I think electricity was the beginning of the end. And one last thing, It’s appalling to me when these people ask…Do we have a right to privacy? As if that is even a question or up for debate. Its just sad people cant see more than 10 feet in front of them and know where all this will lead. Its one thing for someone to be blind to big brother and tyranny, but most assholes these days think its neat!

          • “Yah we can do it but do we really need to?”

            I guess that depends on what your objective is.

            So far, TPTB have gathered enough covert info on key people to literally run the planet. In their case, it was worth it to them, just to get the blackmail material on key power players.

            We wouldn’t need all of this surveillance, IF the only objective was catching criminals…but that is NOT their only objective. In fact, I’d say that catching criminals is pretty LOW on their list.

            Who they really want to catch, is their OPPOSITION and future advocates who might be able to challenge their rule.

            You see, once you realize their true objective, the answer is pretty clear.


          I do not support giving a cent to any foreign country (especially giving $3 billion worth of weapons every year to brutal dictators and then having those same weapons used on us), I do not like the unduly influence the zebras have with our government, and I think that Israel is a terrorist apartheid state, but calling Bibi “a child” for voicing concerns over a deal giving Iran free reign to build as many fucking nukes as they want is patently insane. BOMB IRAN. This is one military adventure that is justified.

          Nancy Pelosi “insulted” by the speech? #hysterical cunts

          • Acid.

            I got to watch several episodes of HBOs VICE series a few days ago. We sunk 60 Million USD into a Diesel fired power plant in IRAQ which is never turned on to supply power. They purchase power from other “___-Stan” countries because it’s cheaper by the kilowatt hour.
            To beat it all we have a General appointed to call out this graft in a DC office.

            Since our Gov can print money from thin air it’s no wonder they’re spending it on .

          • No it didn’t. Do some more research.

            • Apparently he thinks fucking monkeys is a more likely explanation than eating them. Why does he think this? Draw your own conclusions.

          • You need to research better. If that was the case, why did HIV(nitwit) just began to spring up in the 70″s? Look up the the bio-defense programs strated back then. Maybe you can grow mentalling then.

      2. The first proviso is to not be naive: anything electronic can be tracked and traced and stored in a server. You have no personal liberty built into these devices. Once you understand this, adjust your behavior accordingly. During the 2011 riots in London, the prime minister gave GCHQ permission to throw the switch on a full device surveillance system they already had waiting in the wings. They just needed the causus beli to throw the switch on the system. A load of black kids burning, stealing and raping seemed perfect.

        Travel through Canadian airports and you will find your devices data hoovered before being allowed to connect to the internet. They have a system that just sucks everything up from your device. Because of the ‘Five Eyes’ agreement, this is then sent to the NSA for analysis and storage.

        Like I have said before, your only option is to have some fun with all of this. Get several devices and set up parallel, fictional personas for yourself. With one of your personas, let’s call it your Dog Day Afternoon, sign up for transgender workshops, surf sex change doctor websites: basically, make the government think you are a vulnerable guy who wants to be a woman. Another persona, why not sign up for dating websites to meet the ‘black woman of your dreams’. With another, endlessly sign up for shopping services and downloading Wolfgang Puck recipes and Oprah’s magazine. The personality clouds for you will look crazzzzy! “Hey, Malcolm, come check this out: it seems John Williams has a thing for black women, loves shopping and cooking and wants a sex change.”

        “Wow! You are right: I can see the lawyers all over this if we apprehend him: let’s hold off and keep watching. Yeah, I tried that website myself: it’s just ghetto queens: can you say obeeesitay!”

        “Cool, dude: beers tonight?”

        “Most def! Laters…”

        • You’re the “strange” uncle that shows up on occasion at family reunions aren’t you.

        • @frank

          Or was that just the excuse you used after your wife checked your history

      3. When Uncle Vlad and Backed Up O’bastard begin trading nukes mid this year, none of this will matter…..wi-fi….Internet…..gone forever.
        In the mean time, keep prepping.
        Take the SIM card out of your phone and turn it off when not making calls.
        That’ll phuck ’em.

        • When you want to go somewhere you don’t want tracked don’t disable your phone, just make sure you phone goes somewhere else. Let then openly track the places you don’t care about to give a false profile of your movements.

          Turning the thing off during times it normally is on is an alert for anyone that is deliberately tracking you that you may need more intensive surveillance.

          Surveillance works two ways, make it work for you when “they” are using it against you.

          As for those WiFi things? Well maybe a hackers dream in the making (there is currently some anonymous hacker group hacking LE websites for the fun of it, and they’re pretty successful at it so far).

          Wonder if a simple radar detector type of device can alert on the use and location of those see through the walls devices? You know when and where they are, you know how to deal with them.

          Always keep in mind that surveillance, like tracers, works two ways.

          “Spy shops” have been around with counter surveillance devices for years, the new stuff will generate its own antithesis as it becomes common and devices to counter them will become readily available.

          FWIW, keep your home, office, vehicles, etc. under constant surveillance of your own with the readily available “spy” cameras and dash cams that are available today, keep them in locations not likely to be noticed by anyone not specifically looking for them (some are capable of storing the data off site on the cloud, making finding and avoiding or disabling them a negative thing).

          For that matter, a dash cam arrangement can be used to keep yourself under your own surveillance if you’re doing something like recording a raid on someone with your cell phone and the police decide to attack you for it and destroy what you have recorded (or if you see this happening to someone else). All this can actually be done rather inexpensively at the price of today’s technology.


            They can patch into any surveillance device you have, no problem. You will save them money, because you’ll be deploying all of their equipment for them, making full surveillance of your home almost effortless.

            Sorry, but yours is A STUPID IDEA that cuts your nose off, to spite your face.

            • Theyu can patch into my non internet connected surveillance camera watching my doors?

              Nice trick.

              So far, I personally know of at least one smart phone video the police deleted that was recovered from the cloud backup and used against the police to prove they did it, they can’t tap into that with anything short of NSA level hack work and most police departments and such don’t have that.

              But since you call my (very valid, and from an area I have a good deal of expertise in) posts “stupid” perhaps you could propose something?

              I’m all ears.

              • That’s a sixpack smack. Nicely done, Sharon.

                • Think again, HT.

              • If your devices use a wireless or bluetooth signal, you’re damned right they can. You don’t have to have it hooked up to the internet. BEFORE YOU THINK YOU GOT A “SMACK DOWN” HERE, I SUGGEST YOU DO SOME READING…

                Here are some links:

                ht tp://

                ht tp://

                ht tp://

                ht tp://

                ht tps://

                ht tp://

                ht tp://

          • Always remember to stick a piece of black electric tape over you’re cellphone and laptop camera. Me? I’m a geek, I just yank the little cord from the circuit terminal. Ether way does the trick, and if you plan on bugging out you should leave you’re cell phone at home – don’t let “them” know the specific location of where you plan to stay. Good advice from Sharon, technology works both ways, they just wish we didn’t know that.

        • I made a bag that i can put my Iphone and Ipad in, completely isolates them, is padded and has a soft liner so it protects them when in my pack or bouncing around in my vehicle, they cant track what they cant connect with,,,

          • @Kula

            How about instructions? And are you certain that it works? Even for GPS or triangulation or whatever the hell THEY do to know where you are?

            • Yes it works,
              I used a product called Shield it Super from Less EMF Inc.
              Has a hot melt gue on one side, sewed a bag the size i wanted out of a nice Flannel material, with a flap on it, then hot sealed two layers over the outside of the pouch to completely cover it then covered that with a thin flexible high density foan, anout 1/8″ thick that someone gave me a roll of, then i made a pouch out of waxed canvas fabric for that whole thing to slide into with a velcro closure,
              Completely isolates whatever you put into the bag, i would assume it would also protect from an EMP.
              Anyway, was simple but effective.

              • Tested it both by trying to call the phone and by using an ultra sensitive RF meter for finding any sort of bugs or signals of any sort,

                • K,
                  try a sheet of aluminum foil and wrap the phone in it.

                  • I wonder at what people intend to accomplish by this.

                    If you make a call it pops up on the surveillance grid the same as if it was on all the time in order to connect to the system.

                    So you accomplish what by having it on and shielding it from incoming or outgoing signals other than running the battery down that wouldn’t be accomplished as well by not having it with you or having it off and the battery removed?

                    Not being critical, just wanting to know.

                    Now, keeping your credit and ID cards shielded this way makes sense since it protects them from easily obtained remote readers.

                    • it’s not so much where you are, you want to keep them guessing where you’ve been. make them go to the video. 😉

      4. The brave new world is here and advancing on a daily basis

        Yet nearly all do not even notice,nor care, as they are so well distracted by wilsons magic balls madness,kabuki theater in washington, and the calvacade of stars parading across their flickering magical hi def screens..

        They are totally mesmerized by the same technology that enslaves them..yet they do not care..

        Perhaps I should join them and spend my precious little time off from work to see what I am missing..

        Ignorance is bliss..

        I think not!


        • My attic is cluttered but my mind is not. I think its best to keep it that way.

      5. Well, the police and local authorities are going to need more revenue in order to keep up with the ever increasing costs of things thanks to the U.S. debt based monetary system and the ever increasing cost of various wealth redistribution schemes. So they are going to want to see if you’re doing anything in your home that they can charge you money for, like wearing dirty underwear, in fact, everyone should be required to wear their underwear on the outside so the authorities can see if they are clean.

        But all seriousness aside, isn’t poisoning the water illegal? You would think that if the police were really concerned about themselves and others that they would arrest and charge people that poison the water with fluoride with attempted murder or something. Does that indicate that the police are too stupid or cowardly to do something about this?

        • It shows us who they really work for…and it ain’t US.

      6. Not to mention how private sector software tracks you every time you log in to web sites. There are no less than twelve trackers that load when you click in to SHTFPlan. Last time I looked there were 31 on Beck’s site. (For contrast, Drudge has only five.) These people know more about you than you know yourself. And it’s all for sale.

        I run Firefox with Ghostery and Privacy Badger. I don’t doubt for a minute that there’s trackers they don’t catch.

        • Block java scripts from any source you are not familiar with. You will lose functionality or even access on some websites, but you will avoid certain other issues that are, IMO, more important.

          Keep an eye on your cookies -particularly LSO’s or Flash/Super cookies- as well. Some are needed but most are not and can be accessed by third parties not related to the site that set them. You’ll need them to access some websites but they can be deleted or destroyed on a regular basis to prevent data accumulation you don’t know about or agree to.

          • Most cookies you think you need to access a web site are just so that you don’t need to type in your log in info again. You can tell which sites log your IP in by double-clicking the sign in name box. If a drop down box with your log in info drops down, you have a cookie for that. For example, if you’ve logged in to Amazon before, all you have to do is go to your Amazon bookmark. If your info does not appear, refresh the page and it should appear, ready for you to click ‘submit’.

            That’s what most harmless cookies do…however, those cookies can be hacked from your device, and used to access your accounts by third parties. I know, I’ve done it.

            Perhaps our greatest weakness, is LAZINESS.

        • I show 57 cookies when I loaded this page. I assume many are not trackers, but needed to load content.

          • All cookies are trackers, it’s just who is doing the tracking and what is being tracked that needs scrutiny.

            And, yes, cookies are often needed to load content and sometimes very useful to have as well (such as storing your login information and viewing preferences and such). Most really don’t matter at all, but they do have a record of your visit to that site if you’re visiting sites you would rather have remain private knowledge only (there are many sites that are totally innocent to look at or visit, or that you accidentally visit by clicking a link without knowing you don’t want to go there, that you may not want anyone knowing you visited such as ending up on an Islamic Jihadist or porno site -or maybe some political site- by accident).

            The biggest problem with most cookies is that it is almost impossible to know what information they gather and who has access to it, or whether or not anyone other than the site setting it is secure from anyone else having access to it without anyone’s knowledge or permission.

        • I use a cookie killer on Firefox from their list of add-ins. It destroys any cookies from a site once I leave it. It is amazing the amount of stuff that is gets rid of.

      7. There are still more of us than them. In the real world numbers still mean something. IMHO.

      8. 1984….ugh!

      9. Once again it becomes a matter of whether the technology is used for good or evil.

      10. I think my hair dryer is being monitored! Crap! If it gets out I have dandruff its all over! Hair coloring too.

        • Its ok Jim. Only your hairdresser will know for sure.

        • I see a subliminal ghost of a Star of David on my monitor.

      11. It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood.

      12. most of this technology is easily defeated…

        with a:

        electronics jammer

        .17/.22 air rifle pellet

        spray paint/ paintball gun

        sledge hammer

        air drone armed with a .22 rifle.

        bullet tipped arrows/ crossbow bolts


        homemade mortar

        12 gauge bird shotgun

        bird netting

        bucket of water

        molotov cocktail

        home made napalm

        home made flame thrower

        use your imaginations and the u.s. constitution to live unmolested free of tyranny , an protect your natural right to personal privacy.

        *just remember to conceal your identity and use a concealed path of travel. be wary of surveillance camera’s within your a.o. and opsec.


          Making napalm at home from household products.

          First, take a metal can and fill the can up about quarter of the way with gas.

          Break apart some Styrofoam and put it in the gas. Mix this until the Styrofoam dissolves and becomes a gooey mix.

          Let the gas soak into the piece of Styrofoam that is in the can. Once the Styrofoam is saturated with gas you can pull it out of the can and light it.

          You do not want to get this on you once it is lit. It will stick to you and burn you very badly.

          Please use caution when doing this.

      13. Lead based paint can still be purchased.

      14. If the thechnology exists they will use it regardless of the law. You can always count on human nature. Human nature is not nice.

        • Human nature, humane nature. The seven sins are too strong and they control us because we do not control them. Can you imagine being at the Manhattan Project meeting where they discussed the possibility of the first nuclear bomb test spontaneously igniting the atmosphere and deciding to push the button anyway. “You boys, stand in this trench and watch, take these sunglasses”.

      15. a devastating unlicensed untraceable short range weapon you can all easily reproduce in mass production is a …

        single shot 12 gauge pipe shotgun!

        with modern sabot loads you can easily with practice shoot it past 100 yards and hit your target.

        just don’t exceed the allowable load limitations.

        links attached…

        • Pretty easy to blow yourself up with one of those, even with the reduced pressures (and power) of the loose fit of the shell in the tube if the load jams on that rough internal pipe surface, which if really fairly likely, or the welded seam which is meant to handle only gas line pressures fails to hold up under shotgun pressure, (which is more than just fairly likely, on top of that it weakens every time it is fired making eventual failure predictable).

          Think pipe bomb in your face to get a picture of what you may face.

          There’s no law in most jurisdictions about making one if it meets minimum requirements for a shotgun (18 inch barrel, 26 inch overall. Less than that can net you 10 years at the graybar) but using one is not very wise. A remotely fired one will probably be considered a “booby trap” or destructive device in most cases and again you’ll face 10 years unless you’ve properly registered it.

          Low end single shot shotguns are cheap, especially used ones. Just buy one, it won’t kill you when you use it.

        • A wooden dowl down a shotgun barrel, extending far enough above to attach a rubber plunger, to which you affix a molotov cocktail (preferably napalm). The dowl fits into a shell with the shot removed – leave only the wad before the powder. Homebrew mortar (right out of the Anarchist Cookbook). I have seen this done using a bipod and a primitive ranging system, and it was fun to fire, with easy 20-30 yds in a plunging ballistic mode.

      16. Time to bring back lead paint

      17. The Breakdown Of U.S.-Israeli Relations Brings Us Several Steps Closer To World War III

        when ww3 does kick off…

        i encourage you all to become american patriot partisans and rebel against the zog fedgov , fight to reestablish the u.s. constitution and defeat the zio-jew zog tyranny in your own states.


        link attached…

      18. Back to plain old paper for me!!!!!

      19. I know most people can’t imagine, but I don’t have Internet at home and do not have a cell phone. I am still living and breathing just fine.

      20. Was talking to a friend of mine who has a PhD. in Law. He said it’s a good idea that the feds spy on all of us. A lawyer. A lawyer is urging the violation of our privacy. A lawyer is promoting the end of freedom. This is what they teach in Universities. By the way, no more training to write cursive. Dumb everybody down. The kids can’t even sign their names anymore.

        • Had a friend who said something similar…havent seen/spoken to him in decades…dont need “friends” who think that way,thats just me, REB

          • 110% agree!

      21. I have defeated electronic surveillance. After I use my etch-o-sketch, I turn it upside down and shake it. So there.

      22. Got my own surveillance so when tptb show up I know they are coming my cameras over lap each other. I can see every square inch of my property and the neighbors too. Never wanted to go this route but my neighbors house was broken into. The alarm was going off and it never does. Cops didn’t show up for over a half hour. I Kidd you not. I talk to neighbor told him I had wife call police he said good cause his alarm was not hooked into the call center that monitors it. Just the siren works like on a car alarm. Well they broke in through the back window by prying it open then went out the side door. I decided to put up a camera system it works good too. No problems here. I never had any but you know how shit is these days. It’s good to know what goes on around here.

      23. I have always said uncontrolled technology will be the death of us. Just because we can do something should not give anyone a right to arbitrarily do it. Especially the government. And liability should be retroactive and forever applicable. Take nuclear energy, a war time idea is now killing the Pacific ocean and every place it is utilized or stored. When the root of the problem is war, greed and control of our moralities. Can this technology help me kill or control someone or thing better? This is the criteria on which technology advances into the physical realm. Expedited if it controls freedom, liberty and secures the government. That is why I had to suddenly leave the phone store once to crack up outside. A distinguished silver haired lady had asked the clerk “Sonny, I just want a phone, nothing else, I don’t want to text email surf take pictures or videos, I just want a phone”. It was the look on the clerks face that made me try to save that just sipped coffee. Now think about weapons systems that self determine their own targets. Think weapons too deadly for a man to deploy. Think land, sea and air. Think hard, but don’t take too long. To control the technology you control the funding. That is why we do neither. But it is possible. I’ll bet DARPA has an algorithm ready and waiting for that possibility as it is technology that makes possible their outmaneuvering and is their preparation. Funding is where we begin ours.

      24. I was sitting here at the computer, my more than five year old, cell phone off beside me. My computer speaker emitted a burst of static, the cell phon turned itself on for a few seconds. There was anoter burst of static and the phone turned itself off again. I only use it for emergency communiation and keep it off. This creeped me out. It is an old, cheap, flip-phone.

        That said, I don’t think that tptb have any clue about the truth of what WE are. There are always unintended consequences. As Princess Leia said, “The tighter you squeeze, the more will slip through your fingers!”

        Prepare your mind first, and always, for surprizes.

      25. So the KnightScope PoliceBot “has odour detectors”? I guess if I see one, I’ll fart in its detectors before I use the Sledge-O-Matic on its pointy head.

      26. Here’s something snooping law enforcement and the Feds hate.

        Get yourself a laptop and encrypt the hard drive. Boot using a tails live CD, using Tor with no-scripts set. The feds and local law enforcement cannot decode transmissions from this kind of set up. Man in the middle and even end to end correlation attacks are hard for them to set up against you.

        If you’re using a laptop, be mobile, there’s plenty of free, legal access points.

        Screw you 4th amendment rights breaking feds and cops. Kiss my ass.

        • If you get an older laptop without wifi, you can get a USB wifi and mount it on an old DirecTV dish. Then you can use commercial hotspots without being near enough for surveillance cameras to pick you up. Vary the hotspots you use, and park in different directions from the hotspots.

          Also, if you’re only using the laptop for this purpose and using a live CD, you can remove the hard drive entirely. That will make the computer lighter and also harder to trace if you have to abandon it.

          You can run a TOR browser from a live CD or memory stick.

          Even if you don’t think you need to do this now, go ahead and get everything now while old laptops and old satellite dishes are cheap. There are YouTube videos on all of this.

      27. When the scenario the government seems to be planning on comes about, the dollar will have collapsed and the governments ability to buy weapons with confetti will cease. Then once their bullets run out and the electricity is permanently halted, it will be the mass of our flesh against theirs. They and their dead-end edifice of theft and spoilage will be gone and eventually we will start over with our own pledge of “Never Again” which may upset those who before claimed that pledge as their own.

      28. One thing for damn sure,there are more of us then them! They were originally received their jobs to Honor & Protect the community & Citizens AND to UPHOLD THE LAW!
        And we citizens Expect and DEMAND YOU DO!

        We not only have ourselves to protect, but our Children,our Senior Citizens and the Disabled, AND this message also applies to any of our men & women serving in our U.S Armed Services that may be considering acting out & against any of us U.S Citizens!

        We haven’t ever forgotten the Constitution,Nor do we regard it as just a G.D piece of paper!

        Not all of us are completely brain-dead!
        We will DEFEND OURSELVES and FAMILY!
        GOT THAT?

      29. Big brother everywhere. Why? Because no one stopped it when they had the opportunity years ago. Of course their excuse is to prevent crime and enhance public safety. A lie only they perpetuate and the sheeple believe.

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