Creepy Proposal: Government’s Plans to “Track” COVID-19 at Schools

by | Jun 10, 2020 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    Parents who are chomping at the bit to get the schools reopened in the fall are in for a big surprise.  If they do want their child to back to a public school, it will, first of all, look more like a prison than it did before.  The government wants beacons on every child so they can be tracked at all times- to prevent COVID-19, of course.

    When it comes to being overly disturbing, the government has proven it knows no bounds. After all of the evidence the coronavirus is not nearly as deadly as they told us, nor are asymptomatic carriers likely to spread it, they still want to track and monitor and control every tiny aspect of even a child’s life.

    When students return to school in New Albany, Ohio, in August, they’ll be carefully watched as they wander through red-brick buildings and across well-kept lawns—and not only by teachers.

    The school district, with five schools and 4,800 students, plans to test a system that would require each student to wear an electronic beacon to track their location to within a few feet throughout the day. It will record where students sit in each classroom, show who they meet and talk to, and reveal how they gather in groups. The hope is such technology could prevent or minimize an outbreak of Covid-19, the deadly respiratory disease at the center of a global pandemic.

    Many plan to proceed gradually and carefully while keeping kids spread out as much as possible. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines for reopening schools recommend staggered schedules that allow for smaller classes, opening windows to provide more air circulation, avoiding sharing books and computers, regular cleaning of buses and classes, and requiring masks and handwashing. Many see some form of distance learning continuing through next year. –Wired

    Before this horrific announcement about how they intend to treat our children, many parents had already said there’s no way they will send their child back to a government school.  In fact, 40% of parents intend to homeschool their children next year according to one survey that was conducted about a month ago.  Some parents fear another coronavirus outbreak, but some have found out that is isn’t so bad to actually teach your children morals and ethics instead of how to blindly obey orders.

    Homeschooling is a big problem for governments, as children who are educated at home often come to the conclusion that the state is an unnecessary impedance on human life and intolerable.  Homeschooling has been on the rise already, and this could be a huge problem for all public schools.  People are figuring out that they don’t need the state to educate indoctrinate their children.

    Homeschooling Expands As Parents Seethe Over Liberal Social Engineering And Violence

    If you thought schools were becoming indoctrination camps and resembled prisons more and more, you aren’t the only one.  Parents have noticed and many are opting out of the system.


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      1. in my county thair are 24362 people only 23 ever had covid yet the gov closed everything down and continues with the stay at home comercials 24 7

      2. There they go again! Back to attacking Russia in bi-partisan unity! Wonder why the guy that was elected might be insulted by people telling him that if it wasn’t for Russia, he never could have even been elected! Denying the Russian election rigging is proof of guilt in their eyes! ( Kind of like wearing masks! You are either going to wear a mask, or murder me with your germs! ) They want to investigate if Russia a state sponsor of terror if Trump leaves NATO.

        If it is really state sponsors of terrorism that is a concern, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and America should be investigated for state sponsored terrorist groups. It won’t be difficult to investigate or prove, since the CIA has come right out and said that it is true.
        -Andrea Iravani

      3. The idea of wearing a “beacon” is as much to inculcate the kids into submission to authority as it is to help prevent spread of disease. This measure can be easily stopped, all that is required is for a sufficient number of parents to say no, and not let their kids go to school until the school acquiesces. The schools, being a state function works for the citizens and parents of the students, not the other way around. Public schools have become more than an institution of learning, it is also an indoctrination institution to ingrain obedience, conformity, and statism to a each generation.
        Many students have parents that both need to work, so that they don’t have an opportunity to home school. Some areas have something like homeschool co-ops. Instead of one parent performing all instruction to their own children, a number of parents can get together and pool their resources to assist teaching each other’s children. For example, one parent can teach math to the kids in the co-op, another one science, and so on. Thereby dramatically reducing the work load. They can organize field trips, etc. I know of one case where the kids of several families meet in a church basement. They all share the expense of buying school materials and the power bill for heating and lighting.
        There is always a solution to state intrusion. Solutions are mostly simple, but do require some effort and sacrifice.

      4. There are many people in this country that are sick as hell. So sick that they speak through appliances and Directed Energy Weapons and spy on people in their homes. The COVID hoax is another excuse. The surveillance state obviously is filled with the worst elements of society, and has made them even worse than they would have been, if they had not been given the opportunities to be in the positions that they are in, with the technology and the abilities that they have been given. It has to stop now! It is not as if everyone in this country has everything that they need, and it is not as if this country has everythimg that it needs, but one thing is for damned sure, this country sure as hell not need more surveillance, and more people spying on citizens, in fact this country and the people in it need to start abiding by the constitution and its amendments which specifically prohibits the spying in the 4th amendment. This is all just an excuse to keep the perverted and kleptocratic cult of surveillance and technology companies coffers being filled. I have a better idea, have them set up customer service centers where they actually answer the phones and help customers with their products and resolve disputes over censorship or account hackings, or problems with their technology instead! Maybe they are not even hiring people and just keeping the money, who in the hell knows? They are as corrupt as hell and the surveillance of, hacking of, theft of, and the cannibalization of users business model is not what the consumer is interested in. And it is also not what the companies have marketed to the users! It is a business model of complete fraud! It’s time to end the spying now!
        -Andrea Iravani

      5. In one (probably, urban legend) story coming out of NK, monolithic statues were designed to fall, so they would block tanks, if it ever came down an invasion.

        Similarly, every too-big-to-fail, fake, busywork institution, in this country, is for dual use, imo. Firm.

        You didn’t need to train me, to get onto evacuation buses, to we-knew-not-where. You didn’t need to ask questions about our household routines in elementary school. You didn’t need to know my literacy or fitness level or dental health, either.

        Intelligent people don’t need this social service. Unintelligent people don’t need it, even in the most deadpan, normie interpretation of the social contract.

      6. “40% of parents intend to homeschool their children next year”? I don’t believe that for a minute. Today’s parents love Big Brother.

      7. “40% of parents intend to home school their kids next year”

        Wishful thinking Mac,it’s not happening.
        What will happen is that 90-95% of parents are going to turn around and send their kids right back to public schools just as soon as they reopen.
        How many posters here home school their kids?

        • I DID IT………………IT’S NOT HARD!!

      8. I don’t believe most parents are educated on America or committed to the founding principles to home school their children. It’s simply too convenient to ship the kids off to the state for X hours per day of indoctrination.

        Likewise, website after website complains about being demonetized on Youtube and censorship on Facebook, but their websites are loaded with Facebook and google scripts. It appears they absolutely determined to feed the beast.

        PS — I’m seeing Cloudflare everywhere; operating DNS servers and many other scripts. I can’t help but wonder if we should be looking into this company?

      9. One time, when we were evacuated, due to a field fire, I just walked away from the queue to get on the buses. Rather than being driven out of area, I just walked home, immediately nearby.

        After driving some way, all of those parents had to jump through many hoops, to get their kids back. They become bargaining chit, upon being physically separated from you, or whenever they can be kidnapped in an official capacity.

        I don’t consider myself preachy or churchian, but, I swear, I could live on a monastic level. I could give up so many civil rights, to be weird, if I had the natural rights, which would be wanted by wild animals.

      10. Hands down, Apple’s app store wins by a mile. It’s a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I’m not sure I’d want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.

      11. Feel free to toss these challenges out there online. Troll away my friends, troll away. Fun challenges for youth and adults alike.

        Beacon redirection challenge:
        Attach your beacon to a dog running around, a cat, a chicken, a squirrel, whatever you can find. Claim yours was stolen if they ask.

        Beacon signal hack challenge:
        Identify the outbound signal, identify other outbound signals. Cause your device to mirror and mimic other signals and become proficient in switching back to your unique signal later. Repeat daily. Find ways to do this without others knowing to other bluetooth generating devices.

        Beacon battery drain challenge:
        Identify unique and interesting ways to cause the battery to fail or run out of energy in an expedient fashion, or for the battery or power coupling to fail repeatedly.

        Beacon fashion challenge:
        Design and create a faraday cage like device to block the signal output. Disguise it as an accent bracelet which is meant to make the wrist beacon more fashionable.

        Bluetooth signal general signal jamming challenge:
        Research the wavelength that bluetooth uses, build and implement a signal jammer to stop all bluetooth connectivity within at least a 6 foot sphere around the device. Bonus points if your signal jammer can be disguised as an inanimate object people would otherwise assume would normally be present in that area.

        You know, I’ve been asking them to open up the windows my entire life. If one good thing comes of this, people will finally open up more windows. The only downside is I won’t be able to be there to enjoy it.

        If you’re on a cell phone, you’ll have to constantly monitor to assure your bluetooth is turned off. But that’s always just a flip of a digital switch away. It can be turned on and off without your knowledge. We’re thinking of the Libre phone, supposedly linux and you can have complete control. On my personal computer; Device manager, blue tooth off. Services app (microsoft management console), 3 or 4 bluetooth services there, turn all to disable, that or manual trigger start and take no action upon failure. Then go to GUI bluetooth if you’re on 10, and turn that off too. Check firewall and stop associated bluetooth outbound. Also good idea to turn off everything related to wifi and remote desktop. If you’re technically proficient, hot glue over the actual hardware or rip it off the board.

        People may be unaware a normal bluetooth device communicates quite a bit in the back ground and can routinely reach 50 to 100 yards, sometimes more. Those nifty alerts that you’re within range of your car or another phone or home syncing pc, that is just an illusion to keep the user comfortable to have them thinking they’re in control. Nope. If you’ve got a bluetooth capable device, it’s talking to everything else capable within range. 5g is necessary for the monitoring aspect. Although the individual device can process that much data, without 5g or some other proximate or direct line of site vector for high volume packet transmission, it’s just noise and the data goes nowhere. Think of it like a spider web, that’s a lot of information when 10 blue tooth users get together, then all go somewhere else and talk to 10 more, etc. Contact tracing is synonymous with internet of things and full time human location awareness monitoring. They don’t give a hoot about the virus, but it makes a great excuse to roll out the location monitoring applications they’ve been perfecting for many decades now. What you just thought they tossed the bluetooth into everything because of consumer demand? Bluetooth proliferated rapidly before people even knew what it was. No coincidences.

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