Creator Of Russian COVID Vaccine Says Pets Are A Threat

by | Mar 29, 2021 | Headline News | 4 comments

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    The creator of the Russian Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine says the disease can spread through your dog or cat.  It’s time to fear our pets now, right?

    Alexander Gintsburg, the director of Moscow’s Gamaleya Institute which developed the Sputnik V COVID vaccine claimed in an interview with Moscow outlet Izvestiya, that the virus could become more infectious and spread to a whole new group of potential hosts.

    “The coronavirus has not yet realized its pathogenic potential, Gintsburg said, arguing that the pandemic is here to stay for the foreseeable future. “The next stage is the infection of farm and domestic animals. And when we protect humanity with the help of good vaccines within a year, pets will be infected by that time, and no one is going to get rid of their beloved pets.”

    “Therefore,” he argued, “the focus of this pathogen will constantly be around us, and it will keep evolving. That is to say, we must be prepared for a long existence with this pathogen. The beauty of how evolution creates something perfect, even something negative, surprises and delights me,” Gintsburg said according to a report by RT. “If you try to draw the most unpleasant infectious threat for humanity, then [Covid-19] would be what you’d come up with… And nature not only invented it but also created it.”

    Once again, we have another “scientist” who created a “vaccine” coming out to tell us this is never going to end. That’s what happens with plandemics.  The fear must continue and now we should all fear our pets.

    Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated

    We are already being bombarded by the news of new mutations, and variants and now this. It just gets more and more ridiculous.

    New mutations in the pathogen’s genetic code, such as those found in the UK, Brazil, South Africa, and Russia, have sparked concerns that the existing vaccines being rolled out might end up offering less protection against new variants. The creators of Sputnik V, however, say their formula is effective against these recently evolved strains, although a further mutation that circumvents the immunity the vaccines provide is still possible. –RT

    We had all better wake up.  This isn’t going to end unless we all wake up. If we ever want to be truly free, we had better realize no one should ever have power over any other human.  Right now, we are in big trouble because too many people still think the right master to rule over them will fix it while missing the big picture: government is slavery.


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      1. “we had better realize no one should ever have power over any other human. ”

        The Chinese threw all different species out the window of tall buildings. Should they be controlled?

      2. The domestic pets effected are only bats, snakes and pangolins!

      3. This covid is truly the most amazing “virus” in the history of our civilization.
        This thing infects it all.
        It’s on surfaces,in the air, in droplets,on fruits,in coke, in farts,in smoke,in water,in the rain,in the snow,on the moons surface,on doorknobs,in fish,on prehistoric fossilized bones,
        in the attic,in the cellar,on your cat, on your dog,on your clothes,on vegetables,in the washing machine,in your dryer,on buses,in trains,on cruise ships,in airplanes,on skateboards, on your kids,on your friends,on your family,on your loved ones,on paper,on leather,on plastic,on trees,on metal,in gases,on windows, on pens,on pencils,on crayons,the list goes on and on – Covid is EVERYWHERE!!

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