Creating the Narrative: Blaming Russia for Hillary’s Loss

by | Dec 7, 2016 | Headline News | 38 comments

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    We have already seen a tremendous amount of finger-pointing by the mainstream media (MSM) at the alternative/independent news media of being “complicit with Russian propaganda” regarding the presidential election. and several hundred other websites and blogs are implicated by the MSM as taking orders directly from Russia.

    I take artistic license and hereby dub the MSM as being “Marxist State Media,” with the term being inclusive of the Television and Newspaper outlets.  The term also includes the endless online Marxist proselytizing found on Facebook, Google (Zuckerberg owns it; therefore, Zuckerberg directs it), and other sites in the name of “social justice” or “benefit to the community.”

    The Democrats have already accused Russia of tampering with the election.  As pointed out in other articles, the DHS (who nobly “volunteered” to help the states monitor the elections) said that tampering occurred.  Now we have a challenge to the electoral votes and the popular vote by Jill Stein, of course supported by (driven by) Hillary Clinton.  Of course, the Russians were prohibited from monitoring the election, threatened by the Justice Department with potential charges if they did so for “tampering with the election.”

    So, the Russians were prohibited from monitoring the election for tampering while simultaneously accused of tampering with it by the Democrats – those who really tampered with it.

    To further take the narrative, an open question is posed for you, the Readers: Have you noticed an increase in the claims of “hacking” and “security issues” with the major websites?  Please share with us your experiences, if such is the case.

    Yahoo is adamant about “changing your password and increasing your security.”  They want to verify your telephone number ad infinitum.  Why?  Why all the sudden increased “security” measures?

    I’ll tell you why: Since the ICANN takeover in October of this year, the whole Internet is in “disarray,” (uncontrolled) and these engines must “feed” the Chinese data on 320 million Americans…passwords, telephone numbers, etc. …so that the Chinese and the rest of ICANN can put the screws to us.

    But wait, there’s more: by setting it up to look as though the whole United States Internet infrastructure is “compromised” and “unsecured,” they can craft this, spinning it within the fabric of the narrative to tie in with the voting machines to claim the whole election was hacked and compromised. 

    I’m going to cite the original page of Yahoo’s entitled “Account Security Issue FAQ’s,” searchable at that “confronted” me a couple of days ago.  Here’s a quote that I find very interesting, and this is just one small example from Yahoo, mind you, as such:

    “We have confirmed, based on a recent investigation, that a copy of certain user account information was stolen from our network in late 2014 by what we believe is a state-sponsored actor.”

    A “state-sponsored actor,” huh?  How dubious and nebulous does that sound? In confusing language, they are likening the “character” to a Snidely Whiplash-type of personality.  All of these new terms…a “state-sponsored actor.”

    They are doing this to implicate Russia as the “state” and the never-caught, always-anonymous hackers as the “sponsored actors.”  The problem is the “state” in this case, is either the Democratic party or the United States government, and the “actors” are their hackers, paid for by U.S. taxpayer dollars fleeced from the never-ending herds of uncomprehending beeves buying to the limit of their credit cards.

    There were many examples of voter fraud as well as computer “malfunctions” and “problems” with many voting machines.  In order to further build a case for a recount and a challenge, Clinton must craft this narrative of an omnipresent problem with hacking throughout all of the Internet and related systems.  Furthermore, the Clinton machine must tie it in to Russia.

    They’ll kill two birds with one stone and hand all of our data to the Chinese while they create this storyline of a hacked U.S. presidential election.

    So, we welcome any comments or personal experiences you have similar to my own with the “increased security” narrative perhaps pushed on your e-mail, bank account, cell phone, or other connected electronic device or gizmo you may have.  While we are taking this into account, let us not exonerate the Republicans from any of this, as Bush Jr. laid the groundwork for the totalitarian measures that will come eventually, as with the John Warner Defense Act of 2006.

    Also, recall it was Petraeus that marveled at the “internet of things” who is now being considered for Secretary of State under Trump.  State sponsored actors?  You can bank on the fact that any action of the State is an act, performed by actors, liars, and charlatans.  The problem is that the curtain does not fall on their act, but instead falls on us, and we have to reap the whirlwind from their performance.  Pre-campaign and post-campaign are two completely different productions with the latter’s “script” usually negating that of the former either in part or in total.

    The audience will clap loudly and smile dumbly, congratulating the actions without ever comprehending that they, the audience, was just another prop used to further their own narrative.  The show must go on, and we have not seen the end of the election showdown as the challenge is underway.  Let’s just hope Clinton doesn’t steal the show and continue with a four-year sequel to Obama’s “American Destruction” in two four-year acts.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. Thanks, but I’ll blame Hillary for Hillary’s loss.

        • If they steal it they will get the gunfight they’ve been wanting.

        • It’s not George Bush’s fault?

        • I’m not a big fan of always fighting with words. A right hook is sometimes worth a thousand words.

          Let me know when we make contact, then get some!

          B. T. K.

      2. What a bunch of crap
        Actually had a libtard tell me they thought that they shoud throw Trump in prizon for working with the Russians to steal hillarys presidency

        • Hey Nail. I hear it is snowing in Hawaii.. Fill us in.

          Also Boycott ALL Kelloggs Products.
          Kellogg’s found to have financial ties to the money man for cop-killing left-wing HATE groups: George Soros

          Friday, December 02, 2016 by: Mike Adams
          link: ht tp://

          • Its been snowing on MaunaKea and MaunaLoa on the big island, guess they have pretty good cover, isnt all that unusual actually, what with all the “global warming”

          • I’ll help you out as I can see Mauna Kea snow from my front yard.
            go here –
            ht tp://

            remove the space.

            Mauna loa in the background. UKIRT and snow is melting really fast.

            • Back in the late 70s we got real heavy snows up there, stuck around for months,,,
              Good times

      3. Fine, leftists. Blame Russia. Whatever you do, DON’T deal with reality. Have Islamofascist, Farrakhan supporter lead you in the House; or continue with the Botox lady, Learjet leftist Pelosi. Have faux Indian Pocahontas Warren lead you in the Senate. Heck, maybe run mid-70s year old Hilary again next time as well. Blame the Russians. Blame the electoral college. Heck, blame it on the Klingons.

        Your ignorance and inability to process reality is EXACTLY why you are in that state you are. I say, continue down that path.

        • Romulans
          It was the Romulans,,, yea thats the ticket

        • It sounds like you are describing the failure and immaturity to accept accountability for one’s own actions. 8 years of Oblamer was not the easiest thing to endure. I think we may have a real grown up heading into the Whitehouse now. Yea us!

        • TEST

          Best of all the Democrats are chastising Trump for saving US jobs. The world is upside down as the Democrats, 5 decades ago labors friend, has become its greatest enemy. Republicans, known for right or wrong for an anti labor stand, has now quite possibly become labors strongest supporter in history with Trump at the helm. The Democrats have abandoned the middle class, the traditional Republicans ignored them, Trump, able to do basic math seen their numbers and embraced them.

          • Hi Kev. Yeah, the willingly ignorant left has managed to grasp defeat out of the jaws of victory. I say to them, well done, and continue as is!

      4. Ineptitude and incompetence are synonyms to describe people who have absolutely no idea what they’re doing. Not a description I would levy upon the Russians. The paradigm has shifted. To all liberal progressives that means to move 20 cents from your left pocket to your right pocket.

      5. So.,if they end up delaying the electoral voting and throw this country into a constitutional crises and create numerous false flags to bring about a violent civil reaction. It will be clear who is to blame. It will be clear who the enemy is. It will be clear who has the moral high around. It will be clear wherever you are, that your response must be with extreme prejudice.

        Live Free or Die…purge 2017

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        • Zeus, was at a auction two weeks ago, morgan silver dollars were bringing $35.00. they sold 200 of them, one man from va. took them all.

      7. TROJAN HORSE TRUMP: a very special kind of vile disgusting evil fascist gift from the genocidal psychopaths controlling Police State hell on earth America to the dumbed down programmed indoctrinated Trumpbots, who were so desperate for a savior for their disease ridden, dumbed down, depressed, addicted to everything, poisonous toxic GMO gobbling obese unhealthy dying country and society.

        Please tell me dumbed down Trumpbot cowards… How and when are you going to spend all your Trojan Horse Trump riches and new found materialistic wealth when you cowards are all disease ridden, depressed, addicted to Big Pharma poisonous horror, gobbling deadly GMO fake food garbage, and are drunken bum alcoholics, who are dead at an early age from the toxic hell of psychopath controlled genocidal collapsing Police State America????

        • RA

          How and when are you going to spend all your Trojan Horse Trump riches and new found materialistic wealth when you cowards are all disease ridden, depressed, addicted to Big Pharma poisonous horror, gobbling deadly GMO fake food garbage, and are drunken bum alcoholics, who are dead at an early age from the toxic hell of psychopath controlled genocidal collapsing Police State America????

          In a Fucking Whore House. Thank you very much.

          • At least you are honest

          • Also, in my hundreds of hours spent speaking with whores on a professional basis, I learned a great deal about them, and they do charge a great deal extra for disease ridden toxic dump drunken fat guys. They all have horror stories themselves or they have seen their colleagues have to remove obese disease ridden drunken Big Pharma Viagra pill popping ignorant men off of them after heart attacks, so you are going to need a lot of those Trojan Horse Trump riches and a good healthy disease free heart and body for your future plans.

        • RA, I am 70 years old and been living my whole life like that except for 2 years in Vietnam. that 2 years was pretty clean with the children pulling dead rats up and down the street pretending they were cars and trucks. Get over yourself.

          • Living your whole life like what??? A dumbed down programmed indoctrinated toxic dump…Please tell me you have some of your mind left, and you understand Vietnam was a created death machine by psychopaths, which they easily got away with after they murdered our last REAL PRESIDENT in 1963???? If you do not understand what Vietnam truly was, and why it was just another planned psychopath war, then please just go get drunk and be a COWARD like you have always been…okay Snowflake

        • Ron;
          Lay off the Crack Pipe. Seriously.

          • Dave:
            Lay off the programmed indoctrinated USA were #1 complete INSANITY..Seriously Snowflake, wake the fuck up and stop being an ignorant patsy stooge coward your entire life, who uses one line non-sense as a coping mechanism for your COWARDICE.

      8. Sitting in my frozen M60 tank, not too far from the Fulda Gap, I would never have guessed that almost 50 years later I would be accused of working for the Rooskies.

        • The Russians are no longer communist, if anything they’re very capitalist, with its oligarchic trappings. I don’t have any idea why the US public bought into militarily backing an economic system instead of just freedom. Somehow capitalism became freedom and communism totalitarian when many capitalist countries, allied with the US are fascist and totalitarian. The US has itself moved significantly in that very direction. Now TPTB using the Main Stream Media that they own, are playing on decades of cold war indoctrination confusing Russia with the USSR. The masses rising in an insurrection toppling nations is now the preview of the West and the US. Communism as a viable system of government / economics appears only to be popular in the US via the Democrat party. Its simply not viably exportable. Its confusingly interesting that the Democrats, embracing communism, are pointing their finger at former communists and confusing the public into believing that Russia is the USSR. Its believability is witness to a failed US educational system where the public has no idea where they are because they have no foundation where they have been.


        Typical lefties. It is everyone else Fault! Damn I’m waiting for them to blame Bush!!!!

        I’m happy the Four legged female dog lose the election. Now “B” just F@#K go away. Go away Go away Go away!!!!!!


        • “Why doesn’t she just go home?” quoted from my father-in-law.

          She didn’t need any help blowing her chances.

          She did that all by herself 🙂

      10. Social Revolution to create Societal Change resulting in the Change the Government
        Overthrow all government

        Destruction of Religion (mainly Christian)

        Death of the Individual (idea) and Family

        Deification of Sensuality

        Repudiation of Marriage

        State control of children
        Establishment of World Government

        How many of our elected officials and court have legalized agenda items from this list?
        How much of this list is being spewed by the Media, Hollywood, clothing designers, corporate goofs, and Soros paid shrills? The list written above is by Karl Marx. FYI: the history of Marx and the surroundings of his ideology is quite revealing and very much affects each us today not just on the surface but quite deeply. This article Matters Much!
        Therefore, I challenge everyone here today to cite a law (Government Change) or accepted norm Social Change) that is consistent with Marxism. Bonus points for citing the source of the social action.

        So Wake Up, place your seat in the upright position, buckle up, clear the cobwebs from your free mind, dry off the dusty key board and fire back with words of TRUTH the American way, for Liberties sake!

        Great article, keep writing! I would like to see articles for each of the items on this list. Job security there mate. The articles of Liberty by Jefferson were very clear on this subject!

      11. When California breaks away from the union Hillary can go and run for president there. Its already run into the ground.

      12. I fail to understand why everyone thinks Russia wanted Hillary to lose. She would have completed the destruction of America as we know it. When your enemy is committing suicide you stand back and watch with glee.
        Democrats = total destruction of America, as long as a Democrat is in any sort of government position, and you are a freedom loving person, you are in danger of being eliminated.

        • rellik

          Why is Russia the enemy? What provocation have they done to the US? What provocations has the US done to them? See any Russians in our hemisphere? Russia derives over 50% of its GDP from energy sales and Natural Gas is a major component of that. The Ukraine is their distribution hub. Any wonder why the west overthrew that democratically elected government? Syria is stopping a Natural Gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe that must transit their nation for NG sale to Europe. This is why the US created, funded and supplied ISIS is overthrowing Assad.

          Simply put, “Who is threatening who”?

      13. Isn’t Mexico complicit also in that their emmigration certainly helped Hilary….It could be said that Mexico interfered in our election also.

      14. Wisconsin has halted their recount. Michigan has uncovered evidence of massive election fraud favoring Hillary, and Pennsylvania may pull their plug Friday, so now they are trying to start a recount in Florida, filing their suit just 12 minutes before the deadline!
        What’s next, recount the entire nation?
        Hillary’s goal is to block as many Trump electors from taking part in the Electoral College on December 19th, so that only a handful of bribed/blackmailed/threatened faithless electors can steal the White House for her!
        Hillary is going to start a civil war with this nonsense!

      15. The leftist Dems in their usual method in not being able to take ANY responsibility for their own actions initially pulled the old stand-by ” the Russians did it” excuse out of their butt to explain their own epic failure for not being able to jam the $Hillary Beast down the countries throat (despite any evidence I might add) After the HUGE EXPOSURE VIA WikiLeaks, and not wanting to expose themselves as further LIARS, they opted to just go with blame they had already started. All of these websites being blamed are just, to them, a part of keeping that LIE moving forward. They do not give a shit about any of these people that may have their work destroyed. I strongly, again, advise all of these website owners to get together and start a class action suit against all these Dem actors, share the costs, and destroy them legally for their actions against you. It is the only thing that will curb this behavior, – $$$$$ pain to them.
        Also, kudos to the article author for new twist on the true meaning of MSM, it is very accurate, as they have been for a long time willing participants in true social Marxism, and being the propaganda arm for the govt. in every sense of the word
        True knowledge of who the enemy is, is the first step to any successful battle.

      16. I believe that the election is over a and we have nothing to worry about it be makes good news and brings in good money to people who are stirring the pot,but thats all it is.i am concerned about sites like this being shutdown though,they do not want a informed citizen .

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