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Do you LOVE America?


    This article was contributed by James Davis with Future Money Trends. 

    Do you think Donald Trump is going to win or do you think it’s Biden? Whatever your answer is, MY RESPONSE remains the same: MARKETS are headed M-U-C-H H-I-G-H-E-R!

    The amount of cash on the sidelines that’s EARNING NOTHING is just SO EXAGGERATED that we expect that another $1tn to $1.5tn is HEADING BACK to the stock market and risk assets.

    Treat this pandemic AT FACE VALUE: highly contagious and lethal only to a very small percentage of the population.

    The media has convinced some people that they’re living THROUGH END TIMES, but I implore you to shake it off and THINK FOR YOURSELF now that you KNOW the facts. You should be protecting your OWN FAMILY and your OWN CAREER from imminent danger and FINANCIAL RUIN from DRACONIAN measures being implemented.

    Wake up!

    This is a giant wealth transfer; the ramifications of what just happened to the world in the past few months are yet TO BE DETERMINED. I will not be doing you a disservice by encouraging you to GET INSPIRED to get on with your life IMMEDIATELY.

    The markets believe they’ve FIGURED IT OUT; they’re betting on a BIDEN VICTORY and a massive stimulus package that will offset the tax hikes and all the increased regulations that will SURELY COME with a Democrat victory; they believe America has HAD ENOUGH of Trump, but I’m not convinced it’s that cut and dry.

    I’ll crawl over broken glass to make sure you TRULY UNDERSTAND that there’s a BULL MARKET going on, no matter HOW UNLIKELY or how weird it is to put MONEY TO WORK.

    You don’t ALWAYS have to understand why prices are rising, but you SURE AS HELL must have seen the gains that we’ve BEEN MAKING – they’re off the charts!

    Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

    Your heart will tell you when TO MOVE. Your fate has NOTHING TO DO with this election; the country’s future has a lot TO DO with it, but you have to SEPARATE FROM THE HERD – are you ready to accept BETTER CONDITIONS?

    Entire industries, whole economies, great nations, and giant corporations will be built as a result of this COVID-19 WORLD; take what’s yours and STOP AT NOTHING.

    Be a dreamer.


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      1. I have not read this book that was republished, but I have to say that I am surprised that this group has not sued publishers of the Bible.

        If the Bible in The Book of Kings, repeatedly accuses Jews of worshipping 666 talons of gold, and statues, sleeping with their mothers, having male prosititutes, 700 wives, and 300 concubines, it is really surprising that this group of extra sensitive Jews let the religious organizations get away with publishing the Bible!

        But at least they were circumsised! Oy Veh! 
        Get over yourselves!

        Andrea Iravani

      2. Sure, “All Time Highs Imminent” is a good stock market prediction. We still haven’t caught up with years & years of “monopoly-money” currency printing. I contend that the USA is much more than the stock market.

        On another note, the Biden INFLUENCE PEDDLING / MONEY LAUNDERING fiasco reminds me of the admonition by Ike. Dwight David Eisenhaur admonished the country in 1959 / 1960 to “Beware of the military industrial complex”. An adjunct to that should be Michael Savage’s admonition to “Beware of the enemies within”.

      3. If the democrats get in you can kiss america good by. High taxes, open borders, gun control, Green Energy… just a disaster coming to America.

        If people of voteing age in America vote the deomcrats in… I hope you all starve.

      4. Yes, we can “thank” the Japanese for normalizing the end of life time warranties, and engineered obsolescence, in addition to paying for a warranty for a product!

        Not to mention computerization of things that do not need computers at all! Cadillac was the first American carr manufacturer to computerize their cars, and the computerization led to mechanical failures by design, exactly as it is with appliances, where they can be hacked especially with the Internet of Things, that people’s appliances with smart meters are connected to against the will of the owner! 

        And Vault 7 hacking technology! A money makng fraud scam for the unions! Brotherhoods sworn to secrecy about their spying, data theft, data sale,  and hacking rackets!

        This country is full of losers! Perverted freaks and thieves! What a racket, and it is why America will never be MAGA as long as the surveillance state is free to data farm and violate people’s 4th amendment rights, thereby also violating people’s 13th amendment rights, in illegal enslavement as well as endangering people’s lives and selling data to people who are accomplices in crime! Many of these freaked out, perverted, predatory, psychos do not even hold any security clearance at all! It is fraud to sell something that does not belong to you and it is fraud to purchase property that does not belong to the seller! For example, your neighbor cannot sell your house to someone and keep the profits and kick you out of your house, and the puchaser cannot kick you out of your house and move in, because the sale was a fraud!

        Andrea Iravani

        I posted the above comment of TheSaker, and it was posted in total, then, a few minutes later, this section was removec by the moderator:

        “It is fraud to sell something that does not belong to you and it is fraud to purchase property that does not belong to the seller! For example, your neighbor cannot sell your house to someone and keep the profits and kick you out of your house, and the puchaser cannot kick you out of your house and move in, because the sale was a fraud!”

        I told the moderator that they did not have my permission to edit my comments, because it is fraud and identity theft and speaking on my behalf, and requested that it be reposted with an apology and gave them 10 minutes to correct but refused to do. It has my signature on it and to change my comment makes them guilty of impersonating me and impersonation is identity theft. 

        There are some really freaked out moderators with an extreme form of deviant personality disorder that work for Saker and are posters. Amarynth is one of them which she said in one of her posts,  and I believe that Bro93 and Ioan who also posts as Dimitar is another one, and it is sick as hell because they let me know tbat they are spying on me! 

        Bro93 is a Trumpet, and will not post criticisms of Trump. Bro93 censors, and  refuses to post things that discredits his pro-Trump propaganda. I believe that he is a moderator, because I kept posting a reply to him, which never was posted, and even changed search engines, and all said that the comment was received. Even though my comment to him never appeared, he kept posting new comments, and he was the only one posting new comments for about an hour, so that is why I think that he is a moderator, in addition to his gas-lighting and letting me know that he is spying on me, which is just sick! Why would he spy on me of all people in the world?  If he is spy, why not spy on someone in a high position of power?!  Not that that is right either, but to spy on me?! WTF?! What a psycho and a total fucking loser! 

        To make matters worse, The Saker, aka Andrei Revskey has stated in his autobiography that he is getting a degree in Theology. He worked for Swiss intelligence agencies, according to his autobiography. This is very troubling that another fraud with apparently deviant personality disorder and wolf in sheep’s clothing will be pretending to preach Gospell, when in actuality it is selling God! God is free. Nobody has to pay to have God in their life, as disappointing as that may be to some! 

        Death to data farmers, hackers, and spies! It is the only way to MAGA, unless they are sent to prison where they belong! They endanger our lives and property! They steal our lives and property! They are parasites that we cannot live with! They do not deserve respect, kindness, forgiveness, or mercey! They have destroyed the world and the meaning of life, and are guilty of the most heinous crimes against humanity conceivable! Why do they refuse to accept that no legitimate person would ever condone their sick, evil, predatory, deviant, life styles?! I would rather die! Who in the hell wants to associate with scumbags that violate an individuals rights?! What in the hell is supposed to be in that for me?! Hell! That’s what! No thanks! It would be a fate worse than death! Misery loves company! 

        Andrea Iravani

        Of course the illegitimate God damned fucking hackers just won’t stop hacking this comment! There is not anything that is legitimate about the God damned fucking low life hacks, spies, data farmers, data  sellers, and data purchasers! Nobody needs someone’s data to advertise! It’s just a lame rationalization for intellectual property theft and identity theft!

        It has to stop!

      5. This society is too corrupt for me. Most people are evil. That is just the way that it is. Gamers play. People that have morals live by a different set of rules than the Gamers. They are frauds that are full of shit. Being with them or like them would be a fate worse than death for me. When someone has sold out their morality, any other gains will never be enjoyed, which is why they are easily bored thrill seekers, always in search of something to replace their soul, which they have lost, so that is certainly not winning. They have lost and are too delusional to even realize it. If everyone requires a support group just to be able to cope with society, then this is obviously an uninhabitable society, and society is the problem, and a support group will not have the solution, since it is part of a dysfunctional society.

        We are at a time when more people are corrupt than honest, which was not the case before. The risks are too high. The con artists are complete frauds that live the exact opposite of what they preach. Many of them are in the media and alternative media and many of them are accomplices in crime, or in fact out right criminals. Concealing knowledge of a crime makes someone an accomplice of that crime.

        Andrea Iravani

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