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COVID Response Sparks Spike In Americans’ Anxiety & Depression

Tyler Durden
January 27th, 2021
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This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.

Aside from killing nearly 400,000 Americans to date and wreaking havoc on the country’s economy, Statista’s Felix Richter notes that the COVID-19 pandemic is also taking a heavy toll on mental health.

That’s according to data compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau and the National Center for Health Statistics, showing that more than 4 in 10 U.S. adults had developed symptoms of depression or anxiety by the end of 2020, a sharp increase over the results of a comparable survey conducted in the first half of 2019.



Infographic: Pandemic Causes Spike in Anxiety & Depression | Statista

You will find more infographics at Statista

The latest findings are derived from the Household Pulse Survey, which has been launched to produce data on the social and economic impacts of COVID-19 on American households. A total of 60,000 Americans were surveyed about their mental health between December 9 and 21, asked to report how often they have felt down, depressed, hopeless, or anxious in the last week, how often they have been unable to stop worrying or shown little interest or pleasure in doing things – all symptoms that have been shown to be associated with diagnoses of generalized anxiety disorder or major depressive disorder.

As the chart above shows, the share of respondents showing signs of anxiety or depression has nearly quadrupled compared to results obtained before the pandemic. As hundreds of thousands have died and millions have lost their jobs, Americans are facing a plethora of uncertainties with respect to their and their families’ health and financial wellbeing, worries which are only exacerbated when dealt with alone amid a time of social distancing.


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    Author: Tyler Durden
    Date: January 27th, 2021

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    1. No Way!! says:

      A little off topic but I heard that they are planning on testing people for covid by doing an anal swab.Don’t know if it’s true.Imagine the insanity of a rectal test for a so called respiratory illness?

    2. Wide Awake says:

      For me,just seeing so many folks with masks on is enough to cause me a great deal of anxiety.This entire covid production has felt like some sort of Twilight Zone episode that will never end. Also,knowing that so many people have bought into this phony 19 hoax so easily, fills me with so much anxiety and sadness and the very real realization that there is such a large segment of our society that won’t ever wake up and realize that we have all been played from the very beginning of this “pandemic”.

    3. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Davos is calling for rebuilding trust. I will trust them after they are dead. They are psychopathic terrorists, as long as they are alive and not in prison, I can do nothing other than trust that they will continue to be psychopathic terrorists and mentally incompetent intellectual property thieves.

      Jeffrey Dahmer was a gay homophobic, serial killing cannibal that was so terrified of people finding out that he was gay that he lured at least 33 young men into his apartment, raped them, and murdered them to kill the evidence that he was gay, and then cannibalized them to destroy the evidence that he was also a murderer.

      The mentally incompetent psychopaths that spy on me are extremely similar to Dahmer, their darkest secret is that they are mentally incompetent, so mentally incompetent that they have had to resort to spying on me, data theft, invading my property and even my brain. Their fear of being discovered for being mentally incompetent, unimaginative, frauds is a much greater fear for them than being exposed as sadistic, terrorists with deviant and sadistic personality disorder that have violated my rights, property, and even brain.

      They would be much better off if they realized and accepted that they are unqualified to be in any field that entails any thinking, leadership, or authority, because if they were qualified for any of those, they would not be doing to me what they have been, and have disqualified themselves from all such fields for abuse of authority or abuse power if they are in such positions.

      Intelligence cannot be purchased. A teacher or university cannot make an idiot intelligent. A degree is not any indication of intelligence. You are idiots. Just accept it and get jobs in manual labor or factories if you have had to resort to hacking, invading my life, property, brain, data theft, or impersonation.

      The sooner that you accept the fact that you belong in manual labor or factory positions, the better off you will be.

      What they have done to me is every bit as monstrous, outrageous, unforgiveable, unacceptable, inexcuseable, and tabu as what Jeffrey Dahmer did. They really need to make amends and end their lives. The world would be better off if they were dead. There is no way to deny it. They are psychopaths. They are hell bent on annihilating the world. Let it begin with them annihilating themselves in a mass suicide. If their is any doubt about this, ask yourselves why they just keep using fraud, terrorism, corruption,crimes against humanity, and nihilism to cover up their previous fraud, corruption, terrorism, crimes against humanity, and nihilsm.

      Ask yourselves why it is that every major corporation had offices in the World Trade Towers and only 3,000 people died on 9/11 with destruction of four buildings and four plane crashes. Think of how many just did not show up for work that day in order for there to be such a low fatality rate for such an occurrence. It is because they were terrorists in an organized crime ring that conspired to save their own lives, reap wind fall profits, and go to war against seven innocent countries murdering millions of innocent people. They are evil terrorist monsters unentitled to forgiveness. They are every bit as bad as the government that they conspired to do it with. The government never would have gotten away with it if it were not for their collusion. The government that colluded with these monsters that worked in those buildings are now on a crusade to save the terrorists that have reaped not only all of the economic gains, but reaped $21 trillion in accounting errors, mass grand scale bail outs for incompetent, corrupt, businesses, corrupt  government institutions, and corrupt individuals at every one elses expense.

      They are still pretending that they were justified in the covid response. You can’t reason with a lunatic or a mentally incompetent half wit, and pathological lying psychopaths refuse to confess their crimes. Terrorism is a religion for them, obviously! They won’t stop doing it!

      Why in the hell would the terrorists that have been terrorizing me, the nation, and world expect to be called anything other than terrorists?!  I know my rights, and I know the law, and the law is the constitution and its amendments and they are violating my rights and the law! What the fuck did they expect?! Obedience?! Get a dog!

      All crimes are not covered under NDAs. Any illegal activity is exempt from NDAs. If you need to know what is legal, read the constitution, including its amendments. 

      All criminal activity is null and void from non disclosure under any and all NDAs.

      A corrupt judge’s ruling in no way nullifies or undermines the constitution or any of its amendments. It simply means that the judge was corrupt and must be removed from office.

      Forced arbitration has also been outlawed. 

      There is no point in negotiating with terrorists or thieves. It rewards corrupt and evil behavior at the victims expense and acts as positive reinforcement for more corrupt evil behavior. If we forgive them for this, what will they ask us to forgive them for next, and who will be their next victims? They are serial criminal psychopaths and pathologically driven to abuse. It just keeps going from bad to worse. Why would that trend change? An object in motion will remain in motion unless interrupted by an external force.

      Andrea Iravani

    4. Zach says:

      Considering most American’s seem to have their head up their azz, that doesn’t surprise me…

    5. Mr_Yesterday says:

      Lessons learned from covid-19.

      #1. Never trust the government.

      People are just learning to live with conditions many of us have lived with and been wide awake to, for a long time.

      “We’re from the government, and we are here to help.”

      The most frightening words in the English language.

    6. Darth Skippy says:

      Like in Calhoun’s rat utopia (only with bath salts) what effectively counts as resort living would result in morbid thoughts.

      His pets had all their material needs provided. That is all.

      But, we are also subject to vapid demoralization campaigns.

    7. Bill says:

      The graph featured in this post is apparently sourced from a variety of gov’t agencies. As such, its accuracy is automatically suspect. Additionally, all gov’t data concerning covid is highly suspect. I don’t know a single person who is stressed or depressed or has anxiety because of covid. If these disorders are widespread it is solely due to the way officialdom has managed this covid, causing major destruction to the economy. Now there are millions unemployed or under-employed, who can’t make the house payment or pay the rent, or pay utilities, etc. This is what is causing the stress. It all can be laid at the feet of our officials for their total incompetence. Rather, their priority was to make covid a political weapon for duplicitous purposes. This is a fact, gov’t stimulus payments were delayed in an effort to thwart DT’s reelection.
      On a different note, you can be absolutely sure this site is monitored by elements of officialdom, both the posts and the comments. Furthermore, there is likely an occasional provocateur whose job is to incite commenters to make damaging and discrediting remarks. I will peacefully not believe anything officialdom says and I will peacefully reject any overtures of “healing and unity”. I will peacefully not cooperate, peacefully not willfully obey, and peacefully not render loyalty. I will continue to peacefully discredit officialdom at every opportunity, and peacefully point out official corruption, incompetence, and hypocrisy.

    8. FreemanSteed says:

      Terrorist attacks are traumatic events that may result in a wide range of psychological disorders for people exposed.
      source -NIH

      People around the globe were terrorized by the outlandish claims coming from China, CDC , and W.H.O in regards to the lethality of covid-19 in early January 2020.


      I can remember listening to the police scanner in the early going .
      Cops were scared shitless and had no training on how to deal with this unknown Chinese virus.
      They were seeing the same conjured up bs news reels with the mobile crematoriums etc…like the rest of us.

      One thing I noticed right away…the cops refused to wear mask.
      Our Sheriff almost immediately said he would not enforce mask mandates.
      If anybody can sniff out a scam it’s a cop.
      They deal with scammers on a daily basis.
      The scam wreaked then and it wreaks now.

      Nonetheless they were terrorized like the rest of us for a while and for that somebody needs to pay.


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