COVID-19 Quarantine Camps In Australia: People Are Trying To Escape

by | Dec 1, 2021 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    As it turns out, people don’t really seem to be enjoying their slavery anymore. In Australia, people are attempting to escape the modern-day concentration camps, otherwise known as COVID-19 quarantine camps.

    Australian police have arrested three people who escaped a Covid-19 quarantine compound near Darwin in the Northern Territory. They had all tested negative the day before they broke out.  This is incredibly disturbing, and any law enforcement official or military member “just following orders” is going to go down in history similarly as the Nazis.

    On Wednesday, police alleged that three people had scaled the perimeter fence of the compound in order to break out of the facility situated near Darwin in the Northern Territory, according to a report by RT Police say the trio escaped the concentration camp called Centre for National Resilience just before 4:40 am.

    Officers had set up checkpoints and were inspecting cars in the area in an attempt to find the absconders. The three were swiftly caught and taken into custody.  “Police and staff at the Centre for National Resilience are currently confirming the absconder’s identities prior to releasing further information,” authorities stated.

    The Howard Springs site can hold up to 2,000 people; it is situated within an old mining camp which was turned into a quarantine center by the Australian government in August.

    The three individuals arrested had tested negative for Covid-19 on Tuesday. -RT

    Then another person attempted to escape the concentration camp on Friday. According to reports, a 27-year-old man scaled the facility’s perimeter fence and jumped into a waiting car. He was later arrested but tested negative for Covid-19.

    This is obviously not about COVID-19 or any other cold or flu.  This is about complete compliance. Those who resist further enslavement are going to be punished.

    Harsh Penalties Coming For Those Who Refuse To Be “Vaccinated” In Austria

    Humans have learned little from history. It’s time to stop believing in the lie of authority or that anyone has any right to rule over anyone else. This all starts with us and in our own minds.  Until we realize we have no obligation to obey and stand together, they will continue to round people up for not being good enough slaves.


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      1. ” …. any law enforcement official or military member “just following orders” is going to go down in history similarly as the Nazis.”

        Or go down in history as the hero of the federation, depending on who wins.

        History is written by the victor.

        • “History is written by the victor.”


          The Nazis are one of the most demonized groups in history, as well as one of the most LIED about.

          But those lies were created to cover up the TRUE holocaust – 66 million+ murdered by the Bolshevic Edomite jews (Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, Marx and other leaders were all jews).

      2. It’s truly sickening what is
        being done to people:

        read this recently:
        My name is CJ Hopkins. I live in Berlin, Germany. I am banned from restaurants, bars, stores, cultural events, travel, public transport, etc. I’m not allowed to protest and my writing is censored. All because I won’t comply with the new official ideology. How are you doing?

      3. Concentration camps for
        those allegedly “infected” with an imaginary “virus” which even if it existed has
        an over 99% survival rate.
        Is there still anyone out there who still believes any of this has anything whatsoever to
        do with “protecting our health” – anyone at all?????

      4. See how those uniformed “heroes” act? What more will it take to convince you they are all foot soldiers for the state? The same thing will be tried in the states when the time comes.

        Didn’t RT get the memo? Stop calling it “manhunt”. The correct term nowadays is “personhunt”.

      5. Cops and military will balk at forcing people to get the jab. Many of them have been fired or quit themselves. If the UN is brought in there will a civil war…guess who would win?

      6. These fools gave up their rights to own weapons.
        They are now slaves.
        I will never be a slave to anyone or anything – Period
        I will never get the regimes’ death jab.

        This is all a scam for a massive depopulation action.
        The sheeple are lining up to get the death jab- How sad but eloquent on the masters part

      7. As prisoners of war it is their duty to escape. This is what we were taught in the US Military. I believe it is in the Geneva Convention.

      8. So the Alternative media sources have been saying they will be using quarantine camps even in the US and here they are in Australia forcing people. Really? When will the world wake up? Next these people will never come out. They will say they died of the virus. Obviously the leaders of this country have been taking millions from Pharma.

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