COVID-19 Cases “Spike” In US Capitol In Fully Vaccinated Members Of The Ruling Class

by | Jan 4, 2022 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    Coronavirus infections in the United States Capitol have skyrocketed lately. Most of the cases are impacting those members of the ruling class who have been fully “vaccinated” as well.

    The seven-day average positivity rate rose from less than 1 percent to greater than 13 percent, according to a memo sent to lawmakers Monday from Capitol physician Brian Monahan. According to Monahan’s memo, the daily case rates will increase even more substantially in the coming weeks. Dozens of infections are discovered daily, and the cases represent both a rising rate of “breakthrough infections” among mostly vaccinated individuals as well as cases in a few unvaccinated individuals, according to a report by The Hill. 

    “The most common risk of acquiring infection is the individual’s activities outside the workplace, such as attendance at receptions, entertainment venues, celebrations, family gatherings, travel, and crowded indoor situations,” Monahan wrote.

    Most cases are relatively mild, but older individuals and those with underlying medical conditions may experience severe disease even if vaccinated. But The Hill goes on to push the narrative that the booster is the “best” way to protect against omicron. We are not going to escape this mass vaccination agenda. It’s pushing forward regardless of what the Supreme Court decides on Friday. Businesses and private companies are already requiring the shot, or testing and masking (both of which have been proven to be little more than scams) in order to work for them.

    What Is the True Vaccine Breakthrough Rate? The CDC Doesn’t Want You to Know

    Monahan said the problem is the masks and that they will need to be upgraded.  “Blue surgical masks, cloth face masks, and gaiter masks must be replaced by the more protective KN95 or N95 masks,” Monahan wrote.

    This isn’t going to end. It continues to ramp up. Stay alert. They are admitting that the shots aren’t working in the way they told us they should. Not only do they not work, but the deaths and side effect reports also continue to ramp up as people get more of these things injected into their bodies. Stay aware and alert. That’s the best preparation we can have right now. Continue to employ critical thinking.


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      1. Most cases are relatively mild, but older individuals and those with underlying medical conditions may experience severe disease even if vaccinated.

        Going by the history of these
        “vaccines” so far, those with
        underlying medical conditions may experience severe disease ESPECIALLY
        if “vaccinated”.

      2. Those without the injection need to get it because “it works”. Those with the injection need to get the same formula again, because it doesn’t work.

      3. If you ask them they will tell you that they never claimed the vaccines would protect you from catching it, only that it would make the disease less severe.

        Which seems to be reinforced by what we are seeing take place in the current wave of infections.

      4. Entering year number 3 of
        this covid unstoppable “pandemic”. My only question would be why are
        we all not dead yet?????

        • Soon those candles will sell for 90% off during the GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE!!

      5. The insanity never ends, sober 5 years and I reached my breaking point to cope . Norm McDonald set something about beer and RIP sir you were right! We are going to have a mental health crisis to which we have never seen before, if this BS does not stop.

        People can only take so much! Its like a endless nightmare you cannot wake up from, you keep telling yourself to wake up while the wild animals devour you. End the Fed and throw congress out on their Asses, start from scratch! Peace and goodwill to mankind!

      6. Anyone else remember the good old days of going to work with a cold and getting through it? Wow seems so long ago! I’m tired and worn out mentally from this Shyte and do not care anymore. I will never comply and will be homeless before I ever inject a pathogenic toxin into my veins, and let’s go Brandon!

      7. Time to upgrade masks. Make them cost ten times as much.

        Chi nah win

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