“Battle Lines Are Being Drawn” – Could Saudi-Qatar Spat Spiral Into Another World War?

by | Jul 5, 2017 | Headline News | 29 comments

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    It’s been nearly a month since Saudi Arabia issued an ultimatum to Qatar, demanding that the Gulf state cut ties with Iran, shut down Al-Jazeera, and perhaps most hypocritically, the Saudi’s demanded that Qatar stop aiding terrorist groups. When Qatar refused to comply with the ultimatum, Saudi Arabia and the UAE placed an embargo on the country, and tried to blockade Qatar’s air, land, and sea borders. Qatar is still refusing to comply with the ultimatum, and the blockade is still in place.

    For now this ongoing Middle Eastern spat has been largely ignored by the media, which shouldn’t be the case. Given the tumultuous history of this region, no conflict there should go unnoticed. Perhaps the media is too busy hyperventilating about the president’s provocative memes to report on a brewing war in the Middle East.

    And that’s exactly what it is. The conflict between Saudi Arabia (and many of that nation’s allies) and Qatar could easily spiral into an Arab on Arab war. By some accounts, it could even set another world war in motion.

    That’s also the opinion of Gefira, which is a financial analysis group from Europe. They see many eerie parallels between what’s going on the Middle East now, and the world wars that devastated Europe in the 20th century.

    Just like the two world wars in Europe were triggered by a single event, so can long standing, unresolved rivalries for power and influence over the Middle East result in the mother of all wars.

    Qatar and Saudi Arabia have collaborated in the recent years to overthrow the Assad presidency in Syria and replace it with a Sunni Muslim leader that would allow the creation of a pipeline from Qatar to Europe, for the benefit of the Gulf countries.

    The failure of the American-Saudi-Qatari coalition however re-opened old wounds. In the recent weeks, the Saudi-led bloc, including Jordan, Egypt and Bahrain has broken all ties with Qatar, accusing it of working with terrorist groups and having too close ties with Iran. Since then, having cashed in on the support of US President Trump, Saudis have given a list of 13 demands to Qatar, which the latter has no intention to comply with.

    In the meanwhile, very much like WW1 preparations, the game of alliances has started: Qatar, having lost the protection of the Arab world, sought it elsewhere, and found in Turkey.

    As for now the Iranian bloc, Iran itself, Iraq and Syria, is standing on the sidelines, and watching the developments.

    The crisis in Qatar has essentially triggered the rise of several alliance blocs in the Middle East, who are competing for dominance in the region. And that competition could soon turn bloody, as it often does in the Middle East.

    Saudis, who have quickly amassed enormous wealth thanks to oil revenues, are now ambitiously and aggressively trying to assert their dominance over their neighours. Battle lines are being drawn: Turkey and Qatar on one side, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Bahrain on another and the Shia bloc of Iran, Iraq and Syria for a three-way dance that might have been ignited by the Qatari-Saudi rift.

    Over a thousand of years ethnic and religious rivalries are readying to culminate in what, thanks to technological development, could easily be the bloodiest chapter of them all.

    Of course, this new conflict is emerging while the US and Russia are still battling it out with their proxy forces in Syria, and many of these nations are either Russian or American allies. If the situation in Qatar blows up, it may not be long before the rest of the world is dragged into the fray.


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      1. Fxck u, you fxxking deplorables. Go sxck Trump’s Dingus.

      2. I will exterminate all of you ignorant deplorables.

      3. 100 minus 96 equals 4.

        When the (((elites))) drum up a war, they don’t run to the front lines to engage the “enemy”. They don’t send their children. They send our children. Then they’ll want to bring dark skinned pissed off people into our back yards to destroy what’s left of our Country.

        Tell the war instigators, “No, No, No”; because we Know, know, know.


        • It all comes down to power and control. This game being played out in the Middle East is like an 8 person chess game, perhaps even more players. With so many players, the moves have become extremely complicated. It is no longer just a chess game of 2 sides, or 2 colors. The possible moves, the permutations, the alliances, are constantly changing at different rates of change and different time tables. The possibilities, the moves, the alliances are infinite. Ultimately the three (or 4) super powers will be drawn in and alliances formed to where two powers/alliances will dominate and have to duke it out. Where will they be duking it out? Preferably away from their centers of power. They will need to project their power and protect their bases of command and control. There is much insight to be gained from studying the ancient prophesies regarding what is developing now in the Middle East. Before it is all over, everyone will have a dog ? In the fight and people will be screaming for a One World ? Government! This is what is playing out before our very eyes. Will it be in our lifetime? What does it look like!

          Louisiana Eagle ?

        • THE US Government Loves Perpetual War and Conflicts. Why check this out: Did you know the US Military Imperialists, now have 46 Military bases +15 outposts in Africa? Yep 46+15= 61 bases in at least 24 African Countries. And wonder why they hate us? Why does the US Now have an Airbase in Libya? That country Hillary Destroyed pushing millions of Libyan Refugees, many terrorists fleeing to Europe by boat to pollute the Continent and dilute the European White Race, and destroying all Countries and their cultures in their wake. What if Africa had 46 Military bases here in the US in 24 different States? And the cost to American Tax Payers? Billions daily. Its such a waste. But somebody is making a killing profiting off of Military Bases. The MIC-Mafia.

          Tomgram: Nick Turse, The U.S. Military Moves Deeper into Africa

          Posted by Nick Turse at 7:48am, April 27, 2017.

          Highly classified internal AFRICOM files offer a radically different picture. A set of previously secret documents, obtained by TomDispatch via the Freedom of Information Act, offers clear evidence of a remarkable, far-ranging, and expanding network of outposts strung across the continent. In official plans for operations in 2015 that were drafted and issued the year before, Africa Command lists 36 U.S. outposts scattered across 24 African countries. These include low-profile locations — from Kenya to South Sudan to a shadowy Libyan airfield — that have never previously been mentioned in published reports.

          Today, according to an AFRICOM spokesperson, the number of these sites has actually swelled to 46, including “15 enduring locations.” The newly disclosed numbers and redacted documents contradict more than a decade’s worth of dissembling by U.S. Africa Command and shed new light on a constellation of bases integral to expanding U.S. military operations on the African continent and in the Middle East.

          link: ht tp://www.tomdispatch.com/blog/176272/tomgram%3A_nick_turse%2C_the_u.s._military_moves_deeper_into_africa

        • You forgot “tarphead.” Still, a spot-on comment. Thank you.

      4. The article says that this situation is “a thousand of years ethnic and religious rivalries”, and it most probably is.
        So why is the US involved?
        The US probably should be at home, attending to her own MASSIVE PHUCKING PROBLEMS.
        But no…….America HAS to be the BOSS of the world….to have it just how IT says it should be.
        You can thank Richard Nixon (and a host of other brutal bastards) mainly for that.
        He had to keep the US “ON TOP” when the Ponzi he was running, the gold backed US dollar, was finished.
        Since then, the US, a once proud nation that stood for freedom in EVERY way, has been lowered to a Slaughterman in the global abattoir.
        Such a shame……wrecked a nation….and a planet along with it.
        But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
        America is INDISPENSABLE…….has the right to kill, maim, lie, cheat, swindle, print to infinity, fuck over ANYONE…..because they are Americans…..and Americans are Special.
        What a joke.
        I hope some of the better people here at SHTF survive what is coming.
        Because a Big Fat Karma Sandwich is about to be rammed fair and square up the arse of the United States of America.
        She brought it COMPLETELY upon herself.
        This comment will offend some, and I am sorry if it does, but the truth often hurts.
        For fuck’s sake, someone hand the USA a mirror.

        • Thats why i say let it all go to shit

        • Duke, one serious correction to your post.
          ((( Henry Kissinger))) was the President, not Nixon.
          Take it from there…

          • Ketch…..good call !!!!!!

      5. Seems EVERYTHING can lead to a World War………

        • But it never does. Kinda breaks your heart.

      6. Well, let’s see. The Saudis attack Qatar. The Iranians come to the aid of their allies in Qatar. Suddenly, everybody knows where Riyadh is. Israel comes to the aid of the Saudis. Turkey launches attacks against the Saudis and Israel from their bases in Qatar and Turkey. Russia steps in “to restore” order. Meanwhile, the Americans have been quietly flying tens-of-thousands of troops and millions of tons of material into their base in Qatar. From there the Americans start launching covert attacks against Iranian and Russian forces. The Russians test one of their new hypersonic air to ship missiles and sinks a U.S. carrier. Somebody lets loose with a “tactical” nuke in Tehran, then Jerusalem. For some reason Damascus gets nuked. Then the sh*t really hits the fan.

        Quite frankly, I can’t wait. The world needs a good extinction event. “The Earth is evil. No one will miss it when it is gone.”

        • The S hit the F quite a while back. We’re just waiting for the last turd to drop.

          Let’s o this thing. Sick of seeing all the talk. That’s all I see people do anymore… talk, talk, talk, but they never say anything… much less do anything.

          @5 people will stand around and video some poor guy getting his brains kicked in by a couple of thugs hiding behind a badge… and not do a thing.

          If they would mob the thugs and beat the holy sh*t-f*ck out of the thugs things would turn around real quick like.

          But no… you sit on your fat a**es and shake your heads while bemoaning what this nation, indeed, the whole world has become.

          Many of you spend all your time on prepper sites like this one, but it’s from your air-conditioned homes and close to your microwave pizza pockets. The only preps you have are in your imagination.

          How many of you can walk more than a hundred feet without sitting down and gasping for breath? Not many, I’d bet.

          You (rhetorical “You” Not personal “you” I agree with the you “you” 100%)aren’t fooling anyone.

          You’d best stop talking and get to doing because it is here and you don’t have much time.

        • There’s a better chance of Israel coming to the aid of Qatar. Saudi Arabia has been trying to make Israel disappear for a long time. Israel can’t stand Jordan or Egypt either. I can see them working something out with Iraq. Iran is another story. They are everyone’s enemy.
          Qatar in itself is a strong country. their military is on the ball and ready to fight. With the Turks on their side, they don’t need to worry about much.

      7. Bring it on. Darwin needs to be let out of his cage.

      8. The Muslim Brotherhood is the grandfather of all the Jihadi groups. After being expelled from Egypt, they moved their operations to Qatar. Erdogan of Turkey wants to be declared Caliph and is supporting Qatar to get their support. Egypt, the Saudis, and the UAE are on one side and Iran, Turkey, and Qatar on the other. Erdogan is the driving force behind the conflict.

      9. Well I am buying more land. Got an opportunity to purchase more land adjacent and next to my BOL. Built the neighbor relationship early when I moved here, and I got first dibs on the property. The people are desperate and need to raise some cash, so they are selling off some of their land. So more lake and canal property coming my way.

        It will really help my buffer zone and expand my nature preserve, and give me more land between my property and any public access road from snoopy eyes. Its all private roads anyway in a private subdivision, but its all out in the country, with a full set of water ways and mass amounts of nature all backed up to miles of preserve. With this new property, I can create an area now for large livestock, or one huge area with great southern exposure for a Solar Farm or even build a house on it. They should have taken my first offer a few years ago, when I bought the first vacant wooded land here. Now I am offering them less and they need money fast. I could buy it with a portion my silver stash in full, but the Silver price are down at the moment, so I’m holding that, and going to raise some cash another way. It pays to have excellent Credit, I could probably go get a signature loan for it, then pay it off in time. I hate to take out any loans. But taking a loan out and paying it off early, just increases my credit score and worthiness.

        Someone on here asked me for advice about where to invest their big money in todays economy, and I said buy up land with resources. I will now bring my total up to about 1400 Ft of Waterfront property and secure my BOL even more.

        I will say this. Any chance you can buy land, buy it. If your Auto is paid off, go get a car loan and buy the land with your auto equity, but buy land first. Always choose Harder assets over weaker assets. Choose land over a vehicle. Vehicles depreciate, land usually does not. Then pay off the vehicle loan. I have done that several times to buy property. But get the land free and clear, as you will always then have a place to live free and clear. Yeah yeah, besides the property taxes which is minute here. $110 an acre per year. Its nothing.

        • Skullman, solar question..do you use a modified sine wave or a pure sine wave, and why?

          • Ketchup…I can answer that, and why a 12v system sucks compared to a 24v or 48v system.I doubt wwti can without looking it up then posting it.

        • Crack: That’s all great, but when the Nukes start flying, your land and all of that bullshit isn’t going to do too much for you boss man…None of your precious land will help with large amounts of radiation and massive atomic Blasts!

          • More land, more mosquitos. He has it all figured out.

      10. Raghead vs. raghead. Let them have at each other. They’ve always fought each other more than they have other people anyway. I’ll sit back with popcorn and watch.

      11. Once again, this is about hydrocarbon resources.

        Qatar wanted a pipeline through Syria to supply gas to Europe. Not happening at this time.

        Qatar shares one of the largest gas fields in the world with Iran. Since they cannot sell their gas by Syrian pipeline, they have made arrangements to ship it eastward through Iran and into China. Deals have been made.

        This pisses off the Empire, so they trot out the terrorist meme and condemn a sovereign country to war unless they relinquish their sovereign rights to Empire. Ever wonder why Qatar (with the largest US base in the ME) suddenly became an enemy? This is why. You don’t cross Empire without suffering dire consequences.

        All wars are resource wars no matter what the propaganda spewed out by DC tells you.

        • If you hate America so much, why the fuck don’t you leave and go live in some 3rd world shithole where you belong? We have enough anti-American commie fucks here as it is.

      12. Those in the Mid East are a bunch of crazed, wild savage dogs thinking they are back in the 7th century. Let them all go at it and be done with it. I am so sick and tired of all of the garbage going on with these filthy, radical nuts.

      13. I don’t blame the Arabs as much as the murderers invading and murdering their family members to steal their resources, while the supposed “free world” peoples look the other way and think isn’t America great. Meanwhile the people think they are “clever, classless and free. But you are still fucking peasants I far as I can see.”

      14. Muzzies killing muzzies = a good thing. We get not only lots of dead muzzies but the oil guys will spend trillions in the west to rearm and rebuild.

      15. north korea

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