Coronavirus Cover-Up Begins: China Threatens Social Media Users with Seven Years in Prison for Reporting Pandemic News that Doesn’t Parrot “Official” Stories

by | Jan 31, 2020 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    This article was originally published by Mike Adams at Natural News. 

    With coronavirus infections having leaped nearly 30% in one day in mainland China, U.S. health officials are rolling out a “parade of lies” about the risks the United States might face. The number of fatalities attributed to coronavirus has already surpassed those of SARS, and the number of infections and deaths is increasing at an exponential (parabolic) rate (see chart below).

    Hundreds of commercial air flights from China continue each day, delivering potentially infected Chinese citizens to large cities around the world, including New York, London, Miami, Los Angeles, and Toronto. The transmissivity of the virus is so high that every one person who carries it — even when they show no symptoms — can transmit the virus to two or three other people. This results in an exponential growth rate that quickly cascades out of control.

    According to a study published in The Lancetthis coronavirus strain has a 15% fatality rate and an 83% infection rate for those exposed. The roughly 8-day incubation period is characterized by high contagiousness combined with a bizarre lack of fever symptoms in some carriers, further contributing to the spread of the virus by allowing “stealth carriers” to bypass airport screening.

    China is burning through 100,000 full-body health hazard suits each day, providing a strong hint about the real scale of this pandemic, despite the official figures released by the communist Chinese government. That government, by the way, has gone out of its way to artificially limit the supply of diagnostic kits in order to suppress the number of people confirmed to be carrying the virus.

    Here’s a chart from just two days ago, showing the parabolic rise in infections. Note that the real numbers are now nearly double what’s shown in this chart:

    Now, the government of China has issued “harsh warnings to silence social media postings” from users who are trying to survive the quarantined cities, which now encompass over 56 million mainland Chinese. The Epoch Times reported earlier today:

    The outbreak of Wuhan coronavirus has made many mainland Chinese realize that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its media mouthpieces do not tell the truth or tell the whole story. Social media users in Wuhan, especially doctors and nurses, share their experiences and post videos on social media to alert everyone of the true situation, which the authorities find embarrassing.

    People who tell the truth online are accused of “spreading rumors” – just like in the USA

    Individuals who dare to report the truth about the lack of supplies or the true numbers of coronavirus infections are accused of “spreading rumors,” a tactic that smacks of Big Tech censorship in the United States. The Epoch Times reports about this warning from the communist Chinese regime:

    “A variety of unsubstantiated comments posted to the internet constantly stir up public panic,” the notice read, “All those who spread fake news and thus disturb social order will face up to three years in prison, detention, or disciplinary action. Those who have caused serious consequences will be given 3-year to 7-year prison terms.”

    That’s right: Prison sentences for anyone who questions the official lies of the corrupt government. Sounds a lot like the way the tech giants operate in America when it comes to vaccines and chemotherapy: Anyone who questions the dogma of the corrupt establishment is immediately condemned as a menace to public health.

    China, it seems, is borrowing Big Tech’s playbook to deal with inconvenient truths they don’t want the public to hear. The first casualty of every pandemic, never forget; is the truth.

    China mirrors Google: All pandemic news FORBIDDEN unless it comes from official sources

    Following in the footsteps of Google, which forbids all news sources unless they are “official” sources (i.e. fake news from the corrupt establishment), China has also announced that all pandemic news is forbidden unless it comes from official sources.

    Via the same article link above:

    A leaked document from the Cyberspace Administration of China also stated that starting on Jan. 26, all social media groups are forbidden to publish any news about Wuhan pneumonia that is not from official sources. The police will arrest all those who spread unconfirmed news.

    As a result of these policies, Chinese citizens are now supposed to pretend that coronavirus isn’t causing people to drop dead in the streets or that infections and deaths are not taking place right in front of their own eyes. This is much the same sort of twisted delusion that’s required of Americans, too, who are demanded to pretend that Joe Biden isn’t a corrupt grifter or that Hillary Clinton isn’t the head of a political mafioso that “eliminates” political enemies as a routine operation.

    In China, citizens who have run out of food, medicine, and fuel in quarantine areas are ordered to imagine they are living bountiful lives with an abundance of everything they need, for to contradict the communist party’s “official stories” is to risk ending up in an organ harvesting prison (which also may not be mentioned without fear of being sentenced to death).

    In the United States, it’s not much different, either: The corporate-controlled media, corrupt CDC and Big Tech monopolists also conspire to not just silence independent sources who question the official lies; they also go out of their way to destroy the reputations of the persons who dare to ask such questions. It’s not quite the same as being thrown in a gulag, but it’s still a character assassination with significant long-term damage.

    Government threats against citizens prove the pandemic is only getting worse… and no government has it under control, not even the U.S. government

    The fact that China’s communist regime is now threatening its own citizens with seven years of prison time for reporting “rumors” about the pandemic only underscores the sheer desperation of the government itself. If the pandemic really isn’t spreading, then why worry about social media posts?

    If people really aren’t dying, then why does the government have to threaten people with prison time to try to shut them up?

    If the coronavirus is under control, why are only “official news sources” allowed to be quoted? And if it’s all just fine, then why are 56 million Chinese under quarantine right now?

    The answer is obvious. Just as in America, the government is lying to the citizens.

    The coronavirus is far, far worse than any official source is reporting. As usual, you are being lied to, and the more “official” the source, the bigger the lie.

    In this important podcast, I explain why both China and Trump are deliberately downplaying the true severity of the coronavirus pandemic:

    Best guess: Minimum 100,000 infections in China, and at least 500 in the USA right now

    My sense right now, based on all the information I’m reading and studying, is that coronavirus infections in China are, at the very moment, probably in excess of 100,000 patients. In another week, that number will likely double to 200,000. At some point, the number of sick and dead Chinese will be too much for even the communist regime to deny. And if the numbers get large enough, the regime itself may be threatened with overthrow from a disgruntled population tired of being lied to about everything.

    That’s the real threat to China here: Not the pandemic but an uprising and a revolt against the communist regime.

    For the situation in the USA, my best guess is that there are at least 500 carriers in America right now, most of them oblivious to the fact that they are infected. These are individuals, mostly at universities, who came into contact with infected Chinese students or who shared commercial air flights with them. These numbers won’t become apparent for several more weeks, however, as the CDC is far behind on its sample testing.

    The CDC’s current claim that it is “observing” somewhere around 110 individuals in America holds about as much credibility as China saying only 130 people have died so far. Both of these numbers of pure fiction presented by corrupt, criminally dishonest regimes that have long histories of deceiving the public and withholding vital information from the public.

    Stay informed. Don’t trust lying governments or lying “media” fake news factories. The only real news comes from real people like the ones who run The Epoch Times, InfoWars, or Natural News.

    We are the real news, and we will tell you the real truth that may just help save your life if this pandemic spins out of control.


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      1. This is terrible news. I am worried it may spread to…

        WAIT! They’re reporting about Kobe and the Super Bowl on teevee. Gotta run…

      2. Yellow Peril click bait from SHTFplan

      3. I don’t know anyone that has died of the Coronavirus.

        For that matter, I don’t know anyone that has caught it.

        Do you?

      4. I’ve found that there’s a segment of the society, mostly on the Left, that are utterly terrified of losing the veneer that everything is “under control”.
        To them, the greatest threat is “stoking fear”. They’d rather 1,000,000 people have Coronavirus than for 1,000,000 to have caught a bad case of “fear”.
        Literally, social media companies are discussing right now how they might need to censor what is being said about this. They claim that the Chinese govt should be trusted, that we should believe their numbers, therefore making claims that the number of infected is 100,000 is “mis-information”, and citing this might “stoke fear”, therefore it needs to be censored.
        Think about this for a second. If right now I mistakenly think that the number of infected is 100,000, but in reality it is 10,000, what is the result of that? NOTHING
        It may have “stoked more fear” in me, is that it?
        LOL, these people are a very, very strange and controlling bunch.
        Their most terrifying thought is that they’ve lost control, and because of that, people have fear.
        I just watched a documentary on the Spanish Flu. There were 2 very different cities. 1) San Francisco who was stoked by fear. They completely quarantined the city, wouldn’t let ships dock, quartered the city off into sections and built temporary hospitals, and did all of this early on. The Spanish Flu had little effect on San Francisco.
        2)Philadelphia. They didn’t want to “stoke fear”, did absolutely nothing when the first signs of the flu started, and went on and held a previously planned parade so everyone could see how normal everything was. Within 10 days thousands were dying. People were burying family members in their back yards, and even piling them up in closets

      5. All I know is this: when you have a major crisis then that is the time to boot up a corrupt black guy to sort things out (Obama etc.)! That always works out really well!!

      6. The Chinese government spoke truthfully in saying it was a demonic plague.
        I’ve seen the Bad Mojo before and know from where it comes so I agree.

      7. Problem-Reaction-Solution:
        Problem. Big bad wolf corona beer virus.
        Reaction. Fear. Panic. Sheep are now afraid of corona beer virus.
        Solution. Then “they” offer solution. Bet you will bend over and take that Vaccine now.
        “Because you are afraid.”

        Not me. Never liked Corona.
        I’m American. I drink American.
        I don’t trust Corona. I sure as hell don’t trust vaccines.
        So No corona for me, No vaccine for me. No NFL for me.

        Hope you had a laugh. Now I’ll drink another American beer.

      8. No corona beer virus. (Drink American)
        No vaccines. (Never bend over)
        No NFL. No SuperBowl. (NEVER support AntiAmerican knee takers of National Anthem)

        We will be playing baseball in the backyard. Baseball is an American sport. Baseball players Love America. NFL has become commies, criminals, fags. Just like Boy Scouts of America, who are now bankrupt not only morally but financially. BSA is now “inclusive” and BROKE.

        God bless Patrick Daniel Tillman.
        (They friendly fired on him before he could tell the truth to Americans.)

        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        another politically incorrect likely censored comment
        By the way. “politically correct” came from communist. The same commies that give you corona virus from thier commie bio weapons labs. The commies are running a test to see the response of other countries and to measure the spread rate and how effective their commie bioweapon is. YOU are the lab rat.

      9. This is interesting :

        Indian Scientists say the corona virus contains 4 sequences copied from HIV…

        Not naturally possible… it is appears to be a man made bioweapon.

        More research in RAPID development in India as their researchers prepare for the worst… in a race against time to understand the corona virus & develop effective counter measures.

        None of this information is verified, please check with the government of India for further developments and research.

        Consider cancelling any trips to China…
        until the situation resolves and things get better.

      10. This is interesting :

        Indian Scientists say the corona virus contains 4 sequences copied from HIV…

        Not naturally possible… it is appears to be a man made bioweapon.

        More research in RAPID development in India as their researchers prepare for the worst… in a race against time to understand the corona virus & develop effective counter measures.

        None of this information is verified, please check with the government of India for further developments and research.

        Consider cancelling any trips to China…
        until the situation resolves and things get better.

      11. The 15% fatality rate and 83% infection rate in the Lancet study was based on sample size of 41 patients. Last I checked there was @11,800 infected and @260 dead. Conclusions were based on 0.3% of the reported totals. Just more hysteria.

      12. Jinping Xi is correct but the Official “OFFICIAL STORY” is incomprehensible for the masses.
        Let’s start at THE END
        This demon will not be stopped until five energies are introduced simultaneously Wood (木 mù), Fire (火 huǒ), Earth (土 tǔ), Metal (金 jīn), and Water (水 shuǐ) followed in systematic succession by fire, water, earth, wind. This can be found in ancient Babalonian text and Mongolian literature as well.
        In the interim anyone empowering the demon should experience harsh repercussion
        Seven “7” years is not random ; It is factual nomenclature. Seven spikes on the original sample used for genome editing e.g.

        China is rapidly building courtship infrastructure in Africa
        If the demon spreads there it will decimate the entire continent.
        Then it’s Nelly bar the door
        No seriously Nelly bar the ****ing door.

        • We can only hope and pray it goes ‘freaky’ in Africa. China is all over Africa and ergo that means the virus will spread there. On the plus side the People’s Liberation Army is fully trained in how to use high power flame throwers.

          When the virus goes out of control they will cook off the corpses to contain the spread.

          It is a bio weapon stolen from Canada. The Chinese will eventually contain it but that will mean some serious life lost (millions in the end).

      13. Wow. It’s been a while. Not a single post? I miss Hicks/Cypress, the guys from Hawaii, etc. Good luck to everyone if this is real. We all prepared as best we could . Lace up your shoes. Smile and breathe. Don’t take any wooden nickels. Peace.

      14. Asange’s crime? Telling the truth. Government doesn’t like truth. Evil loves hiding in the darkness.
        * Government hates informed sheep.
        * Media’s job is to Lie, Decieve, Distract, “entertain.
        * Politicians Lie, Decieve, Distract. A predetermined outcome circus.
        * Public school’s job is to Dumb you down and make you a cog in the wheel.

        What is your job? To see THROUGH the nonsense, lies, deception. Don’t be a chump. Don’t fall for the fear mongering.

        – Grow food
        – Grow your skillset
        – Get into top physical condition
        – Reload ammo. More ammo. Distribute ammo to friends, family, neighbors.
        – Form up like minded people. Get ready for whatever madness the psychopath politician’s puppet masters unleash upon your family. They want to murder us all.
        – Take care of your family, community.
        – Serve the God of Jesus Christ.
        – Have Trust and Faith in Jesus Christ. Because God wins in the end. No fear. Be Men, Women, Children, of Courage.

      15. Mike Adams is a savvy and rare independent critical thinker. I trust him.

      16. Sure China withholds information from the public. Information is power, information and knowledge place power in the people’s hands. All autocratic govt’s withhold information, including and especially the US. If a piece of news is not fake news it is the exception.
        This article makes it seem like it is a headline that China is lying. That’s not a news flash. They ardently punish people who openly tell the truth of official corruption, incompetence, and malfeasance. Same here in the US, such as what happened to Channing, Assange, and Snow for telling the truth. The Amer. people (most of us anyway) are acutely aware officialdom and their propagandists (MSM) lie to us everyday about every issue. Pres. Reagan’s intel director stated that they are successful when everything the Amer. people believe is false. This one statement alone shows we do not have a gov’t that is of, by, or for the people.
        As for the coronavirus, almost every report we hear of conflicts with other reports, even official ones, from dire to not dangerous. I don’t think any official has a full understanding of the situation, nor can they. But, you can bet officialdom’s number one priority will be to protect their power. This coronavirus issue is only one more example of how officialdom and gov’t always resort first to lying, even if the public is harmed by the lies. Again, this shows there is no gov’t that is of, by, or for the people. Gov’t, regardless of ideology, does not exist for the people. Rather, officialdom deems we exist for it, as nothing more than managed disposable resources.
        But what do I know, I’m just a straight white Southern Christian man. That means of course I am uneducated, inbred, and hopelessly racist. And due to my identity I should not even have the right, let alone a platform, to express myself.

      17. Meh. The world could use a good purge-n-reset.

      18. China is likely testing a bioweapon’s spread/infection rate.
        In the future China will engineer a MUCH higher death rate.
        China’s new version will also likely target certain demographic ethnic races.

        Free speech is often first casualty of commie takeover.
        Twitter has Banned the great source of real news ZeroHedge.
        There is a WAR on Journalism.
        There is a WAR on Truth.
        There is a WAR on traditional Family.

        When the people go hungry. When people are afraid. Those People become Extremely Dangerous.

        Communist are Always dangerous.
        Communist take your guns, attempted coup of elected leaders. Then comes Death: Famine, War, Genocide, This is what communism brings. The globalist tech monopoly NWO commie version will be much WORST. This is the Beast System.

        Many Americans will refuse to live under these NWO globalist communist. Amerikkan commies seem to want to provoke a hot war on American soil.
        There is currently a hot war on freedom of speech.
        Stop the Tech Monopoly Bullies. Ban them from your life.


      19. I lived under communist rule. In communism the party replaces itself with God. Anything you say other than the official story is “blasphemy”, and will be treated accordingly. Always has been, its not new.

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