Coronavirus Cases Surge: Pandemic Becomes More Likely As Cases Jump In Italy

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 3 comments

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    Source: MSN

    The coronavirus outbreak is inching closer to becoming a pandemic.  Italy has seen cases surge and now reports one death as global infections continue to rise. Authoritative containment efforts have not been effective to this point.

    Authorities are struggling to contain and understand the outbreak in countries that have had a surge in infections, such as South Korea, Italy, and Iran.  Infected cases have skyrocketed and have increased over 2,000 percent in the past couple of weeks, according to a report by Fox News.  Italy is considered the site of Europe’s first major outbreak and the largest outside of Asia. The number of infected cases jumped to 152, compared to just three 10 days ago.

    Italy’s outbreak is of concern to many health officials.  The country has seen 110 cases in Milan, which is its financial district and Venice, known as a famous hub for tourists throughout the world. The possibility of spreading the virus from a tourist destination like Venice to the entire globe is now possible. Events and soccer matches were canceled in the country, while some of its movie theatres were reportedly shuttered, including Milan’s legendary La Scala.

    “We are worried about the situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran and in Italy,” World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told a news conference in Stockholm via a video link.

    Food and water provisions should be made before this virus has a chance to become a pandemic, if at all possible. Face masks may help, however, avoiding the general public is the best chance at the prevention right now.  Make sure your first aid kit is up to par and that you are able to care for yourself or a sick family member if need be.  Quarantining on your own may be the best advice yet. It’s times like this that I like to say “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  If you can prevent the contraction of the virus (and transmission to your family members), that will be your best chance. However, if you do get sick, you will want to be prepared for the long haul, especially in hospitals fill up in the event that this virus becomes a pandemic.

    Prepping For The Coronavirus: Hand Washing Is Vital

    Most Americans Are Not Taking This Coronavirus Outbreak Seriously, And That Is Potentially Very Dangerous

    Iran Reports 9 Coronavirus-Linked Deaths As WHO Warns Number Of Cases Outside China ‘Won’t Stay Low For Very Long’




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      1. So how do we prepare I have some n95 masks and food need more water plenty of ammo and boomsticks its the virus itself how do you defend against with no drugs to treat hand washing isn’t going to stop this thing any ideas are welcome thank you, my first post longtime lurker.

        Thank you!

        • “hand washing isn’t going to stop this thing”

          actually, hand washing is going to be the first line of defense, right alongside social distancing. The less advanced cultures who aren’t quite so *ahem* hygienic are where you see the highest spread of infection.

          If you feel inclined to prepare further, I’d start with hand sanitizer, masks and goggles/shields for personal social protection. Keep your home as clean (sterile…) as possible. set up a decon area with plastic sheeting, a garden sprayer, and a diluted bleach solution so if this thing does blow up and you have to go out, you can decon before you go back in. Garage or back porch. Plan for setting up a “sick room”, preferable a bedroom with an adjoining bathroom. build a simple exhaust fan to maintain negative pressure and vent as far outside as possible (or filter). The idea being if things got to the point of compromising the infrastructure, you can care for your family without outside help.
          All the other preps still apply- food, water, first aid, comms. Guns sure, but they are secondary, especially if you cant feed or shelter yourself.

      2. Italy’s neighbor across the lake, Africa, has avoided Coronavirus scrutiny even though China is entrenched there. Lots of people, little health services, rampant compromised immune systems and unregulated immigration bode for an escalation of cases unparalleled in, but destined for, the developed world.

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