Cops Raid Licensed Chef’s Home, Steal His Cooking Equipment For Feeding the Homeless

by | Feb 3, 2018 | Headline News | 156 comments

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    A local chef, who had his food handler’s license was raided by a dozen cops and health department officials who stole all of his equipment because he fed the homeless without a proper permit.

    Decatur, IL — A kind and loving local chef woke up Tuesday morning to a dozen cops and health department officials raiding his home. Khemuel “Chef” Sanders had his business shut down, all of his equipment stolen by the state, and his life ruined because he made food in his home to give to the homeless.

    Unfortunately, in the land of the free, it is against the law to help others or try to make a dollar without first paying the government for the privilege of doing so. While the state will claim this is for the safety of others who may consume the food, the reality is that it is a revenue generation scheme.

    To be clear, Sanders is a licensed food handler. He paid the government for the privilege to handle food, however, he was doing it in a manner which they disapproved.

    “I have my food handlers license. Expires at the end of this month. I was in a restaurant but the owner got in some trouble and shut everything down. It was out of my control that’s the only reason why I was cooking out of my home,” Sanders explained.

    Instead of cooking the food in a restaurant, Sanders used the industrial equipment at his home. He cooked everything exactly the same way, but this now gave authorities a reason to steal his things, charge him exorbitant fees, and ruin his life.

    The raid has left Sanders a broken man and in a Facebook post Wednesday night, we can see just how broken.

    “I’m at the point I’m praying God please please take me,” Sanders wrote.

    Below is a copy of the warrant police used to justify the raid. If it wasn’t real it would be comical. The warrant gives police permission to confiscate (steal) all of Sanders’ commercial food preparation equipment—for feeding people—and they did.


    Sanders filmed part of the raid and in the video, we can see a large yellow truck backed into his driveway as the ‘heroes’ from the Macon County Sheriff’s Office and the Health Department steal this otherwise innocent man’s livelihood for daring to feed the homeless and make a living without the proper permit.

    “It’s a health issue with people consuming foods,” said Lt. Jamie Belcher. “[The Health Department] wants to make sure the food is actually consumable.”

    Missing the point entirely is the fact that homeless people are voluntarily eating the food—which makes it consumable. In fact, the other people who were buying the food also made it consumable by voluntarily giving Sanders money in exchange for it. There is no need for the state to enter this scenario at all.

    Still, however, the department said it is illegal to distribute food from your home without first paying them and so they claimed the right to invade an innocent man’s home, rob him, and ruin his life.

    To show just how ridiculous this raid was and how authorities will go to any length just to do what those above them say—just to do their job—according to Sanders, deputies frequently purchased food from him, as well as the sheriff. Yet still, when it came down to it, instead of a warning or merely telling him to stop until he got the right permit, the sheriff’s office and the health department put discretion aside and raided this man’s home and stole his belongings—for cooking food.

    To show just how big of a heart Sanders has, amid the horrific nightmare that is having the state steal your livelihood, he is still calling for peace and love and wrote the following in a Facebook post Thursday morning:

    Good morning fb friends and family. I just need to put this out there. The hate that I seen come across my notifications is hurting me more then me losing my business. It’s sad how some of us as a black generation feel we can make racist remarks and think that’s ok. It’s not right at all for no one to be racist no matter what color you are. God bless….

    Please share this story to show the atrocities carried out by the supposed “protectors” of society and the innocent lives ruined by that “protection.”


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      1. If there was an issue they could simply had a conversation with him or even help a small, informal hearing. This reaction was drastic and unjustified. I hope those in a position to help him out, as he did the homeless, come forward and do so right away.

        • His stolen equipment will wind up at the State auction.

          • I support making it legal, justified and PROPER to kill cops that do this. we need more dead highwaymen, not less.

            • IT ISN’T THE COPS FAULT, STUPID , IT IS THE TOWN COUNCIL’S AND THE HEALTH JACK ASS’S that need shaking up! Here is a man legally helping out the down pressed folks and getting SCREWED by the CITY COUNCIL! ATTACK THEM NOT THE COPS UNDER ORDERS TO DO WHAT HAPPENED!

              • What? The cops just doing their job? Great excuse.

              • The sheriff works for the county; he is not an employee of the town or answerable to the town council.

              • Did the cops take an oath to uphold the constitution? Or did the cops take an oath to the city council and courts and what ever illegal laws they enact?
                He was denied his liberty and happiness and property without charges being filed or due process of law!
                I hope he is able to sue for millions!

        • Unfortunately this is what government is and does. I have served and something happened at the end of the cold war. The state slowly became everything it fought. A veteran.

        • This is the Marxist attack on Biblical principles. It is born out of hatred for anything that God has ordained. The Bible says to “give, not reluctantly or out of compulsion, for God LOVES a cheerful giver.”
          They are directly attacking God’s principles. We no communists hate Christ and their plan is to destroy faith in God as spelled out in their “45 goals of Communism”.
          Everything the leftist/Marxist do is to subvert, Faith, Family and love of country. Christians believe God is the source of all things including the clothes on their back and home they live in. It says in the Bible “it is God that gives the power to get wealth”. So God our source.
          Communists hate that. They must kill Godliness, so the State becomes God, and thus, becomes our source. Fora communist, NOTHING can have higher authority than the State. Pure evil that is obviously the government-system that Satan has created.

        • He did get multiple warnings to stop. The selling food part is what got him in real trouble. If he didn’t sell it they probably would not have risked the bad publicity, but the restaurants in the area were complaining that he was taking business from them because he was able to sell at lower prices due to not having to have proper facilities.

      2. I don’t care what the “authorities” claim. You force your way into my home and you die. I don’t care who you are, what you’re wearing, or what your reason is. Totally illegitimate. Just give it time and the entire system will come apart.

        • How much longer do we have to grit our teeth and bear this insanity ?? Something has to give, and SOON !

          • ALONG THE SAME LINES: I read that the guy that supposedly sold the ammunition to Paddock in the Vegas shit was arrested for doing so. These freaks need to be executed for treason! What a bunch of pathetic little faggots and weasles they are!

          • CIB, “How much longer?” As long as psychopaths are running the systems and the country as they are now. That’s how long.

        • TDBh, I had a conversation yesterday with a friend. What if a law-enforcement officer were to force their way into a home in the middle of the night with a warrant? One for some other address? In other words, an illegal act. Does not the home-owner have the right to defend their life and property the same as if it was a common street criminal? I feel absolutely that they do. The laws however support the officer. Until that is changed, there is no such thing as equal application of the legal process. No citizen regardless of employment or some public office has any right superseding that of any other. Period.

          • Indiana is the only state where if a PIG enters your home without your permission, and without a search warrant, that you can legally kill him.

          • Heartless, everyone has the natural, God-given right to defend themselves, their loved ones, and their property. I don’t care what anyone’s law says. I carry certain ‘non-lethal’ defensive weapons in my truck everywhere I go. While that may be illegal I don’t care. I don’t follow any law that can interfere with self-defense. I don’t recognize the concept of ‘restrictions on self-defense’. Following such laws has a price tag, the highest of which is losing your life. The system is totally illegitimate. The law gives so much special treatment to real criminals and punishes good people for defending themselves against such scum. Not me. If I have to take out a scumbag who points a weapon at me then so be it. If anyone interferes with my efforts at self-defense they’ll die also. I agree it’s wrong for law enforcement, prosecutors, defense lawyers, and judges to be above the law. They don’t really have any more rights than the rest of us. As for law enforcement, they always pick and choose what they will or will not enforce aka selective enforcement. Prosecutors always have the discretion to decide what cases they’ll prosecute or not. There’s no equal treatment under the law, especially federal law which is notorious for showing favoritism to minority groups and foreigners. Heartless, I cannot really advise you on what to do except to say think very long and hard before you decide on what to do. It is your decision to make and no one else’s. As for me I made my decision on the day I saw Mt. Carmel going up in flames on TV and will not deviate from that. I’m using my own discretion. I’m staying the course.

        • He had these pigs lined up on the street pretty as you please and a semi .308 would have fucked up their plans for him in a big way.

          • Our so called “leaders and lawmakers” appear to believe they don’t have to follow the law. What happens when we decide we won’t follow the law either. Bloody hell that’s what. I’m beginning to not care about being involved in a confrontation with the enforcers of tyranny, especially since I have stopped the practice of unloading a rifle and putting out of reach in my vehicle. Kinda puts us on a level playing field with the trigger-happy wannabe gods. Uncle Sam did one thing right; taught me how to fight and kill. So let’s see what happens. God forbid they come to my home. All of the fist wave would surely die.

            • Menzo, that’s going to be happening at homes everywhere before we even know it. It appears the only way to stop them is to have them start taking casualties until the price becomes too much for them to bear it. They’re forcing us all into something we don’t want.

              • Pull that shit on me and first the dog will get you giving me a sec to grab the rifle and unload numerous 30 rd. mags into them from true cover (I mentioned how to set your house up for this before). I will die in the end BUT I will also take a lot of A-holes with me. Wanna try it beeches?

                • Genius, as I always say, it’s the same for me. It doesn’t matter who they are. Force your way into my home and you die. Avoid me altogether and you will live.

        • I’m from the Gov. & this is a stick-up! Give me all your pots & pans!

          • I was listening to Mark Passio the other day and he had an interesting point of view. Abolish ALL cops period so that people can really see the state of humanity. Without cops you would quickly see what a pile of shit people really are. I might actually agree with that statement. The ultimate good vs. bad scenario. I’m up for it!

            • let’s get ready to RUUUMMMBLLLLE!

          • from the pamphlet “Share No More” the criminalization of efforts to feed people in need 2014

            ht tp://

            In recent years, cities across the nation have established
            a precedent of criminalizing homelessness and
            pushing the problem out of sight. One method that
            has become more popular has been to introduce new
            legislation, designed with the intention of restricting
            individuals and groups from sharing food with
            people experiencing homelessness.

        • Dep. B’heart: agree, I feed stray cats am currently feeding one several months, but since I don’t run an animal rescue/shelter it’s only a matter of time that laws will be passed that un vaccinated animals running loose will be picked up by the city and those feeding them will be fined and bowls will be confiscated. Can’t touch my bowls folks. Now feeding the homeless: most cities have feeding centers and so called shelters lic. by local health dept. Food can be donated to them, clothing and other items which I have done. Homeless need to be retrained in a trade and get a job, work at big box stores, etc.,handicapped can live in group homes and get SSI/snap cards,etc. No laws in this city yet, on feeding anyone I know of.

          • Laura Ann, agreed about helping the homeless but they have to be willing to try to go back to a normal life. They have to want to be helped. It’s a fact that some homeless people prefer their current situation and don’t want to go back to a normal situation. I see homeless standing on street corners with their cardboard signs begging in my city all the time, except for the downtown area. The cops run off the homeless from downtown all the time because they like to go to certain ‘tourist spots’ to do their begging. It’s also one part of the city where the upper class live and EVERYTHING is so expensive there. Cops in the suburbs outside the city are the same way toward the homeless. But in the rest of the city the cops just leave them alone. I’m not aware of any ‘anti-homeless’ laws in my area yet but they may be coming soon.

            • I have much more empathy for animals than humans. Humans for the most part are in control of their destiny.

        • In the USSR, they FORBADE the church from helping the poor.

        • DepBrave, In theory that sounds all good and well, but in a raid the cops (or whatever authorities) all swarm the home. They arrive in a group, a hostile one at that. Raids are not carried out by 2 guys with a badge and a gun. So you may survive but after gunning them all down, they would send more backups and you would be brutally assaulted and thrown in a prison cell for life where you would be of no use or help to your family. That is the sad reality.

          • Marie, I understand your points but in my view surrender is not an option for me. I don’t submit to any illegitimate campaign being waged against me by anyone, regardless of the reason. I don’t go around hurting other people so no one has any business trying that on me.

      3. A couple of thousand years ago the question was raised, “Who protects us from our protectors”. To date its never been sufficiently addressed.

        • The answer is the same now as it was then, but we’re still sitting on our hands like Pelosi at a Trump SOTU.

          • Correct bama, and that answer is and always has been: ourselves.

            • There are several answers…. Smith and Wesson, Beretta, Winchester, Remington, etc.

              • Genius, my answers are Taurus PT-111 9mm, Universal M1 Carbine .30-cal., Ruger 10/22 in .22LR, Mossberg 590A1 12-gauge.

        • kevin2, the real question should be, “Who protects us from out-of-control government people?” I can answer it: We the people. As individuals we’re responsible for our own personal safety. If you don’t do it yourself then you’re toast. No one else will do it for you. YOYO [You’re On Your Own}.

          • The point they made was just that. Who protects us FROM those that are paid to protect us namely government and its agents. This has been a recurring problem throughout history.

          • Actually that is the point they were making. They just spoke differently back then and latin to English tends to lose something in the translation. This problem has been with us since government was created. For very fleeting moments its adequately addressed only for subsequent generations to blindly trust their leadership. The Federalist Papers are filled with distrusting government.

            • I am 100% for NO govt. but 99.9% of sheeple couldn’t handle it.

              • Anyone with a govt. IS A SLAVE! So we are basically slaves of democracy?

      4. So i guess its all right to feed them as long as they are not homeless? that’s the state of Illinoiss for you,so broke they tax or require permits for everything.

        • Certain liberal N. cities (city ord.) like Madison, Wisc, etc. have lic. fees paid by the yr for each pet over and above the rabies shots. Which makes finding homes for shelter pets harder. People so dumbed down so people should refuse to pay it. solution: keep pets confined to yard/house, get pets from friends in the country.

          • Solution 2: Get out of the city!

      5. It is ultimately all about revenue and control.

        The other thing is being an attractive nuisance.
        That will get you burned if you aren’t fully
        squared away.

        If one of the people in my area opened up an unsanctioned feeding place for the homeless and subsequently, crime and filth increased, and general quality of life went down, I’d talk to the people once.
        There would be no twice.

        • rellik, you make a point there.
          Better to make it and deliver it to their sh#thole center!
          (test post, I’ve been blocked once again and this gets really old, Mac. No explanation from you this the spam block or what??)

          • Ok,back again. for Part 3

            (If you want to read Part 1, go to the search box at top left, enter “Proof: The LVMPD.. (from Jan.20) and scroll down.

            Part 2, same, but enter “Report: Hillary Clinton Protected..
            from Jan. 27.
            Part 3, Hurricane: One version of a SHTF event

            Backing up a bit again, to day 2 and 3. And a message about bartering.
            A small landslide blocked our road out to connecting main roads.
            We have one neighbor about 100 yards away that is in need of cigarettes. Why he didn’t prepare is a whole ‘nother story.
            But when he tried to drive his 4WD truck around the slide the tires dug into the heavy mud and the truck began slipping sideways. Four times he came perilously close to going over and rolling the truck. The tires actually started slipping off the edge.
            His demand for nicotine had become so overwhelming that he risked dying for a cigarette. The behavior was psychotic, without a doubt, complete with tantrums.
            He later admitted his addiction was so strong there was nothing he wouldn’t do for a cigarette.
            If you plan on stocking cigarettes for barter, plan on bartering with a non-smoker.
            If a person was willing to risk dying for a cigarette, someone desperate enough will kill you without much thought in a permanent SHTF.

            A word on self defense. The last thing I want to do is kill someone in self defense. But if necessary, I will, and I won’t think twice about it. The shotgun was always close by during these times and only after 6 weeks did it get put away.
            But the situation may come when you might have to dispatch someone (singular) silently. Industrial strength pepper spray, blowgun, crossbow…baseball bat….it’s a possibility. I like the idea of a crossbow.

            By day 11 we were able to send a text to family.
            Then cell service went down for quite some time.
            Day 16.
            We attempted a grocery shopping trip to a major chain store. About 60-70 people were in line outside the store. Police were letting in just a few at a time to minimize shoplifting. Several police were also inside the store.
            Shelves were fairly well stocked but the produce was old and stale. We passed on it, but were able to buy a few items.

            We see a line of people waiting to enter a bank. The line had 150-200 people, waiting in the tropical sun. The smart ones have umbrellas. I feel smarter by holding cash at home.

            Most things are still in a state of collapse. No stoplights work. Some police are working major intersections but after a few days they abandon the effort and intersections become free-for-alls, as no one treats them as a 4 way stop. Roadways are uncleared, with only single lane passage in many areas.

            There is, and has been, a night time curfew from 6:00 PM until 6:00 AM. But almost no one knows about it because there is no news available. And for some reason, it is not enforced.
            Very few people drive the first week or two after dark. It’s just too risky.
            Our emergency radio still has no broadcast. It will be several weeks before it’s back.

            • Update: Power came back in our area yesterday. Woohoo!
              4 and a half months without..

              • Hang in there guy! Your insights are invaluable!
                What I find interesting is that you still have a
                police presence albeit a rather impotent police force.
                But it looks like they keep the looting to a minimum.
                The tobacco insights are interesting. I quit smoking 38
                years ago going from 10 years of 2 packs a day to none,
                cold turkey quit, so I know it can be done. But I have seen people go apeshit because they didn’t get their daily
                dose of nicotine. My wife smokes so I worry about her
                but she could quit if she wanted to, I’d just stay out
                of the house for a week or two.

                go nuts without

            • Ketchup,sounds a lot like my neighbor. Once pawned some of her stuff to get a pack of smokes

              • I have always recommended having tobacco as barter (papers too). Cheap at reservation stores. Thanks for the post Ketchup!

            • ketchup, do you have SW radio by chance? That sounds like your best bet as far as receiving news goes and would seem to be essential living on an island. Your experience is the closest thing we have to Selco right now.

            • Sure appreciate the status updates. The news never covers such stories. The way the commercials run showing beautiful Carib vacays, you’d think everything was picture perfect again on all the areas that went through the hurricanes in 2017.

      6. These arrests of people feeding the hungry and homeless are happening increasingly all across this country. The people doing this are doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. Heavy handed police state tactics like this are ridiculous and parallel the overall direction of the decline of common sense and empathy towards fellow humanity.

        • Individual charity is cutting in on socialist government who’s existence depends upon them deciding who, where, how much, when and most importantly at what cost. They look upon this as scab labor. The enforcers of government rule work for government too. Ask their leadership if “We The People” should have the means to effectively defend ourselves and they feel that doubling, tripling, quadrupling their ranks would be preferable. Once again its for the same reason, its the government job.

          • “The State in all, all in the State, nothing outside the State.”

            Benito Mussolini

        • Aljamo, agreed. It’s high time for resistance to their insanity.

          • Where are the church congregations? There should be a significant protest that the news cannot avoid. Let the mayor and town council think they’ll be voted out (and lose their privileges) and you’ll see it changed.

        • aljamo: People need to take food donations to food banks or homeless centers. Volunteers will cook it and serve it. Rellik, yes it creates a nuisance and health issues as trash is strewn everywhere and public parks are trashed. Many homeless are retarded, need to be put in institutions or group homes for the retarded.

      7. We have theft, human trafficking, murder, that is out of control and the PO-PO is worried about a chef cooking food? Ridiculous!

      8. So it would be legal if the man served all the food he prepared without a permit or license to the homeless at his own premises. Rhetorical, would it be illegal for me to prepare food at my home and then drive it over to a friends home to have a ‘Stupid Bowel’ party. I can feed the entire county without a fucking permit or license if I want to, as long as no money changes hands.

      9. Start raiding these so called Thanksgiving dinners at these so called Grandmas houses. Grandma deserves 30 to life for serving her shit without a permit.

      10. Just a cotton picking minute here! What about the box of donuts brought to the police station every morning? Admittedly, they probably come from a fully ‘licensed’, state approved Krispy Kreme shop. But what about the person who delivers them? Is that person trained, licensed and state-sanctioned to be transporting food? Did they wash their hands and wear rubber gloves before carrying the donut box into the station?
        Does the transporter have a Food Handlers Permit? Is the transporting squad car regularly inspected by the Health Department? Are the donuts kept at proper temperature to avoid spoilage? What about E.coli from the drunk who puked in the squad car last night while being arrested? Has the car interior been washed and sanitized? So many potential areas of cross-contamination. For the cops own safety they should never be fed possibly tainted Krispy Kremes. In fact, the transporting officer should be arrested, his badge, gun, uniform, AND the squad car should be seized.
        After all, it’s only for the good of the other officers. We must protect them from donut-borne disease and other dangers.

      11. This story appears to be a bad fabrication, There is no legitimate Police signage, id, the people in this house are not who they claim in the story, they don’t act in any way like legitimate police, this is really kind of a joke, if you watch the video. Pure Bullshit. What is this, shtfplan?
        pretty pitiful, if you you think this is for real…

      12. Everywhere people are acting of their own volition, without waiting for permission. I see people picking up the tab, or dropping off a bag with a hamburger for an old guy who is looking through public trash cans.

        Government employees have the misguided belief that because their job allows them certain decisions regarding how our taxes are spent, that they are superior. In reality, they are not even equal to the productive middle class. Deep down they know it, and they resent it. Being jerks towards people is the only way they know to get even.


        • In the land of the free you can do what you want to do… as long as you have a permit to…

      13. Macdonalds has a license but poisons Americans every day with fake food. Recontructed chicken parts added with saw dust and sells them as chicken Macnuggets. Soda which is mostly sugar which causes cancer with dark color flavoring, fake potato fries and ground beef which who knows whats really the percentage of real beef in it. Any time I have eaten Macdonald products I get a stomach ache and have to immedietly have to take a sh!t. Its MacFrankenstein Food. If you want to poison and kill Americans faster and legally just buy a Macdonalds franchise.

        • If…”Any time I have eaten Macdonald products I get a stomach ache and have to immedietly have to take a sh!t.”…then WHY do you keep eating it?

        • TSB, anything in my preps beats fast food hands down. I don’t touch the stuff.

      14. Maybe they are practicing for SHTF?

      15. =paid mercs /petition traitors want all the shekels for their ((((((((masters)))))))bankers to control goyim….me thinkz
        on —-immigrantz can eat/prosper ,us citizenz can eat SH5t.

      16. Again. Bureaucrats OUT OF CONTROL!!!!

      17. This is so sad.
        This man is doing whats right, feeding the poor.
        These police officers should be ashamed, do they not have a back bone, can’t they say NO.
        Grow a pair of balls and tell your idiot superior NO This is wrong!

      18. This is why one person moves out of Illinois every 4.3 minutes. Democrat police/welfare state = economic depression.

        • And I bet the vast majority of those people are white lol.

      19. Make no mistake about it government operates with the consent of the governed. This statement brings anger as they one is thinking bullshit they don’t have my consent. While this is correct they do have the active and passive by inaction consent of the body politic that are far more concerned with todays “Circus”, the super bowl than the who, what and why of government. We have the government that we collectively deserve. The internet is the flashlight, the loss of good employment the catalyst that are abet slowly, but methodically, awakening the masses.

        • Pitchforks and ropes, people. The first one to hang in this case should be the judge who signed that unjustified warrant.

          • The Judge followed the law, their was probable cause. Its the law that’s bad. The people should have 1000 people protesting this but they’re too busy. Such attention would result in votes. Sufficient votes change thing. I make this point, SUFFICIENT.

            In the meantime unregulated home prepared, maybe even tailgate food will be served across the land to the worshippers of the spheroid today with no repercussions. The crime is being poor.

            • But I am NOT a collectivist, therefor I don’t deserve this shit.

              • Genius, AMEN to that comment! I put pictures of ‘collectivists’ on my targets, LOL.

              • Voting is a collectivist activity and either its action or inaction has facilitated these laws.

                I find the application of such law rater fascinating. Its implies that you can’t give food away. what are BBQs, cookouts, neighborly cover dishes and the like? If its family how and why is that exempt?

                The crime here is not ignoring those in need.

      20. These ain’t cops, they are assholes. Shoot these faggats in the face.

      21. “Unfortunately, in the land of the free, it is against the law to help others or try to make a dollar without first paying the government for the privilege of doing so.”

        The govt will pay you to do it. There is a fed grant, called ‘crisis housing.’

        Possibly, 1 in 5 houses in suburbia is using it, in my part of the country.

        They’re putting these people in walk-in closets, sheds, RV’s, etc, etc.

        Occupants say that their movements are restricted, there is forced religious observance, labor, and emotional abuse.

        Now, why should there be restrictions.

        Because, you didn’t want these people around, or you didn’t want them to be mistreated.

        Historically, in different workhouse and plantation kinds of situations, it was justified by the belief that it was a form of charity. They were seen as children of the household.

        You want illegals to be kicked out, to make room. Where. Doing what. Were they to be immediately, forcibly evacuated from the country, the same work would be performed by indigents, at the lowest possible standards to support life.

        Homeless are now given a choice between the halfway house (as a laborer) and prison (as a laborer). Slaves still exist, and you can become one, without some kind of documentation. They’ll ask about your work.

        • The homeless population is growing in all the cities of the West: from steps away from Canada’s gay, Liberal, selfie-loving prime minister, to milling around the historic monuments of Europe, the homeless are everywhere now. I can’t go to any grocery store without crawling over the homeless begging at the entrance, and then some charity begging on the inside.

          Most of them are drug or alcohol addicts. Their lives fell apart and nobody gives a crap about them since.

          The first steps should involve getting them off the streets no matter what. They are dragging places down and they are bad for business and tourism. Once scooped off the streets, they should be placed under military supervision in barracks outside of main cities where they can be assessed, sorted and then rehabilitated under a disciplined regime of excercise and work. Build their characters and self-esteem back up again under the watchful eye of a drill sargeant. They should not be allowed anywhere near major cities.

          • Think maybe we shouldn’t have shipped their jobs to China?

            Just a thought.

            • @Kevin2



          • Frank Thoughts:
            Right Frank. The only thing you left of is the sign as you go in. “Work will make you free”.


            • Left OFF

              For anyone who doesn’t know. That sign in German greeted those entering the concentration camps during WWII.

              Actually, more like Gulag Russian prison camp, or reducation camp in Communist China.


            • A new group needs to be formed called TFF TOTALITARIANS FOR FREEDOM that desires forced conscripted labor, military tribunals in place of courts, state control of family and procreation all the while having indoctrination classes on the virtues of the American Way and the evils of communism.

          • We’re enacting this same basic plan, except they’re still in residential neighborhoods.

            Would you like to own some slaves?

          • FT, I like your idea but what will they do once they’ve finished the ‘boot camp’? In many parts of the country there are NO jobs. There has to be some kind of work available for them first so they can get themselves back together. And the ones who are drug addicts and alcoholics? What if they don’t want to kick their habit? What happens to them? Granted it’s a tough problem with no easy solution. And who knows how many more are out there only a step or two away from becoming homeless themselves?

          • Frank Thoughts

            “The homeless population is growing…”


      22. True, we would be the first to complain if we
        were fed food that was illegally prepared and
        poisoned us by some unknown terrorist. Lawsuits
        are the norm in this country and we expect to be
        protected from that possibility.
        However, when the government poisons us, kills us
        with bacteria, disease, poverty, fake info, pollution,
        chem-trails, floride, glyphosate (round-up), pesticides,
        comtaminated food and fish….. that is all OK….isn’t it?

        Our priorities in this country are as screwed up as the
        uneducated, unconnected, disfunctional, idiots who
        are running our government.
        It is not about what is best for the country and the tax paying
        citizen anymore…… it IS ABOUT WHO (is…or is not)

        • “It is not about what is best for the country and the tax paying
          citizen anymore…”

          It NEVER has been.

      23. They had to pass a law here to keep crazy cat ladies from feeding feral housecats. They would establish colonys of feral cats and feed them. attracted hundreds of cats to those locations. Those varmits hunted and killed the songbirds. shit everyplace and carry disease. I would imagine where this do gooder was feeding the homeless was also a attraction to undesirable varmits who are diseased ,druggies thieves, street shitters ect. I bet if it was your neighbor you would be glad he was stopped. I have no sympathy for any able bodied human who cannot feed themselves. I don’t care if theyre in some third world shithole or on the Streets of a US city. I will not endorse enabling anyone.

        • Old Guy:

          I understand that sentiment and it is not without merit. But, I hope you will excuse me, I smell pancakes and eggs. Somebody is trying to enable me.


        • Anyone who can be supportive of the COPS jack boot jackassery swat teaming someone (let alone a chef) for helping the homless has to be a mental patient.

          A lot of the reasons government is out of control and is causing all these problems is because of unprincipled dipshits who are supportive of these police state antics.

        • So, there are feral cats hiding under every bed? Is that my take-away here?

      24. Ah, the thin blue line standing army strikes again.

        When good becomes bad and bad becomes good.

        Just be good little sheeple and eat your agenda 21 GMO POPS and keep swiging on roundup laced beverages. Don’t forget to take your big pharma pills (that are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths annually.) The FDA and big pharma will keep you safe along with the jack boot sociopathic luntatics who call themselves COPS just following orders. Just don’t get caught with that chickweed salve because big unelected corrupt illegitimate beurocracy knows best.

        The FDA is not legitimate and should be shutdown right along with every illegitimate communist controlled weaponized government agency and or department.

        As most informed people know the new world order AKA the deep state has been working around the clock to loot and destabilize the USA from within, everything from the saul alinsky divide and conquer tactics, state run mainstream propaganda horseshit, to fractinal reserve banking for a long while now, which are the reasons they are militarizing the police against the American public. Everyone is now a suspect and of course under the lie and guise of safety and security… you got a Ron Paul bumper sticker or something patriotic on your car… your considered to be a terrorist by these people. Most people with a room temperature IQ understand that the militarization of COPS isn’t for your security it for their own security as they know there is going to be a whole lot of pissed off people once they realize the traitors in government have sold them out and committed all the treason they have against our republic, the Constitution, and the American people.

        It is also why more and more departments are not hiring good competent men dedicated to defending the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic, but rather hiring men and women who are ignorant and carless of such who are in the catagory of sociopath narccistic cluster B type personalities of whom typically have an axe to grind towards the general public (communists, low lifes, homosexuals, foreigners from the third world, wife beaters, drug/alcohol addicts, child abuser types) the preferential hiring of men and women who only care for themselves and are not capable of remorse, guilt, or conscience as it is not in their genomes, makes them animals who are only able to follow orders on demand no matter what for the promotions into higher ranking goon squads. Order out of government manufactured chaos… yeah buddy…

        Problem- Reaction – Solution

        20,000,000,000,000 in national debt is not by accident. Fiat currency, and the whole 9 yards of fractional reserve banking is by no accident.

        The servailance state apparatus is not by accident either. It is not to keep you safe and secure as it is to track and monitor your every move to control you.

        The secret police and secret police state powers they’ve granted themselves (NDAA NOT so patriot act) is by no accident.

        Lastly, but most certainly not the least is the militarization/lawlessness, agressive, abusive, hostile, careless, reckless, profane, and predatory nature of their so called 21st century style of policing which is by no accident and these jack boot behaviors are going to become more and more common.

        The COPS are going to be murdering a lot more people as to get society conditioned and acclimated to it, as to make it a normal thing for the police to be acting as a military force the goes around murdering citizens) it is what those no hezitation targets are all about. As something right out of a third world police state is coming to a neighborhood near you. They play the roles of judge, jury, and executioner.

        The list of crimes against the American people, the US Constitution, and our republic goes on and on and on but must not be construed as light and transient causes.

        • Great post Viktoria! The awake is strong in this one 🙂

        • Viktoria, welcome aboard and I agree with your post. Russian?

      25. There are two sides to every situation. Where another persons rights begin another persons right ends. Any one preparing and distributing food for a patronage on a regular basis is performing a commercial business. It don’t matter whether they charge for that service or not. So this Guy needed to jump thru the proper channels before undertaking the endavior. We still are a nation of laws. Feral cat feeders are really stupid. The housecat isn’t native to the Americas. They haven’t any Nich in the natural environment. They love to hunt songbirds. They carry fatal diseases to children. Spinal Menenginnetis is one of the pletoria of diseases cats carry. I kill every free roaming house cat whenever I get a chance to. Around here I never see any since the coyote population increased. The coyotes eat those cats.

        • OG,
          When I lived in WA state we had no cat problems because of our Coyotes’. However they would kill my ducks, geese, and chickens. I found that if you periodically gut shot a coyote with 22, so they would run off and die elsewhere, the whole pack would generally avoid my place till that generation died off and I’d have to repeat it.

        • Yeah well, the former soviet union was a nation of laws too. How did that work out for them…

          You’re incorrect about the United States being a nation of laws, it used to be, but has become a nation of men ruling our republic like a democracy.
          You’re either for freedom or you’re not. You cannot have it both ways. Your logic is the type logic that leads to failure, in fact that type of logic is primarily responsible for why we are where we are as a nation today. I understand why you think that way and that is because you were indoctrinated to think that way. You’re ways and logic do not lend well to principaled American values

          You would make a good citizen in England or maybe even a good Canadian.

          • I agree that we have morphed from a Republic( which means the rights of the few are equal to the wishes and wants of the many. Even if the few is just one person and the many is everyone else)into a Mob Rule Democracy. And the Rights outlined in the Bill of Rights Are God Given Rights. But im Realistic. The hard fact is that good or bad -right or wrong. Whatever type of society that you find yourself living in. If you do not conduct yourself in a manner that is acceptiable to the majority who make the rules they will not let you cohabit peacefully amoung them. No point in being pig headed stubborn just because you know your right. In Arkansas they have these well head protection areas. So they run rural water lines and state by law you must connect to the water line. And if you do not they come and fill your drilled well with cement and fine you and place a lien on your land. I did not connect. I simply installed gutters and a cistern and told them I didn’t use any well. And moved the pressure tank and controls inside the house. cut off the well casing below the ground surface and covered it up. you would not be able to find that well if you don’t know where to look. I have since sold that place and moved 200 miles away. I think the present owner has Rural water? What we need to do is try to do the best we can with whatever we have to work with.

          • ” the former soviet union was a nation of laws too. How did that work out for them…”

            No they weren’t, they were a nation of men. The state routinely broke its own laws, the state and therefore by extension those in power were the law.

            • A nation of men pretending to be a nation of laws.

      26. Seems one needs a nuclear bomb to protect oneself from the american police state. The Constitution is no longer protective Kevlar. The ‘progressives’ have destroyed that. Just ask President Kim Jong-Un.

        • “The ‘progressives’ have destroyed that.”

          The Patriot Ac, mass spying, confiscation of property without charges or trial were solidly in the corner with the Neo-Conservatives. TPTB foster this “left v right” chasing your tail like a dog when they are the puppet masters of both.

      27. Only in Illinois? Of course! Too many crooked Officials there not surprising at all.

      28. I keep livestock. And we keep then locked up in varmit proof coops during the nite. I check my premeter fences and when I see any place where something is crawling under the fence I set a conibar trap. And ive caught coyotes ,bobcat,coon, fox ,opposson and the occasional house cat.Our sheep and goats go in a shed at dark and we fasten them in so the varmits don’t eat them also. You can get large treble hooks and hang them with stout wire from springy tree branches. place some bacon or other meat on the hook. any you will catch coyotes and free roaming cannines who haven’t any right to be on your land. In the past I had cattle killed by packs of dogs that are folks pets. We now keep a dog killing burro with our cattle.

        • I have a mule that will kill anything that gets in the field. Damn thing even tried to kick me once! But we have that under control now. Beauty of a mule is we can ride it, if we can just it a little better trained. I’m afraid we spoiled him and it being so young sometimes he is in control and we are not. 1,000 pounds of a spoiled brat is not fun to deal with.

          • Im too old to get bucked off and land on the hard ground. Our burro is trained as a pack animal. It can easily carry a 100 pound LP bottle. It could be rode but why? It also chases the deer and wild turkey out of the pasture. Doesn’t bother the cattle. Would probably chase the goats & sheep.

            • He doesn’t buck, he just wants to run! Not walk. He is also very reluctant to leave the property.
              There are lots of birds in the field and he doesn’t bother them. We have a wild hen turkey that has nested in the same place every year for the past few years.
              It will be interesting to see if he chases her off this year, we only got the mule last summer.
              It would be interesting to see how you rig your donkey up to carry a #100 LP bottle. I would use a cart. There is an old abandoned road into town that I could use that avoids the main highway. Hopefully you are close to something like that.

      29. I suspect what this guy was doing was inadvertently attracting for lack of a better term Lowlifes. Many like the story posted earlier are addicted to cigarettes or drugs. And they where stealing or selling their bodies to get their fix. Just who in their right mind wants that sort of activity in their neighborhood? We are not free to infringe upon others right to peaceful quiet enjoyment of our homes and property. Anyone who actively does things to attract undesirable folks & activity to their place has no respect for their neighbors rights. There are folks who live in town. And they love bambi and don’t approve of hunting or eating meat. So they pour great piles of corn out in their back yard. Attracted Dozens of deer into the city limits. Those deer ate everything shrubs , gardens ect. Some seen their reflections in picture windows and attacked the window junping right in the houses. Even humans where attacked by rutting deer. So The city and Game & fish worked out a deal to allow Bow hunting within the city limits. We could kill any deer and a many as we wanted. But we did not get the carcass. They gave the meat to food kitchens at a big city a couple of hundred miles away. The Deer feeding folks where enraged and some where arrested for threatening the hunters. My opinion if im on the jury the do gooder subject of this article got what he deserved.

      30. Ether for anesthesia any one here stocking it for just in case? Read up on it no Over dose risk get vomiting post op but if i needed an amputation or a bullet dug out of me it would be better than nothing. Or a broken bone reset. Takes 15 to 20 min to be out from what i read but lingers post op

        • So it helps with the pain . Cheap too just think starting fluid but read the can to make sure only ingredient. What do you all know think about it???

          • Its all 3rd world countries usually have on use for surgery. Also pulling a tooth would be easier. ..

            • Sorry kid, I’m the ETHER BUNNY LOL!

              • Seriously, if you could get it pure and legal, why not do it?

      31. Ok I think that in the USA and most of the world its not race religion, politics or skin color that is the real problem. I firmly believe we have far too many Parasite Takers Leeching off of the Too few and shrinking number Producing Makers,. No matter what that situation is never long term sustainable. So the people this guy was feeding are apparently not Producing Makers. Nope they are for whatever reason parasite culls. Back in the early days of the Colonys John Smith has the same problem. He made a rule. Those who do not work. Shall not eat. And that fixed his problem. As mean as it is we need to let those cull parasites either go to work or starve. That is what will happen when We have the much ballyhooed SHTF-WROL. There needs to be a big culling let it begin.

        • Your position and philosophy is what makes the liberals demand for open borders and the flood of illegal and undocumented workers into this country so imperative.

          The original parasites here is this dysfunctional government. They are desperate for money and will do anything to get it — inflict taxation without representation upon the rest of us, destroy American institutions, like the family, rob the old-age pensions of tens of millions of Americans.

          In the past you denied a parasitic government its existence by by refusing to participate in their wage enslavement and debt serfdom. Starving the parasitic government to death doesn’t work anymore. The parasite has learned.

          With unrestricted immigration, this government can bring in all the slaves they want. These illegal and undocumented workers will be more compliant. They will be happy to live in whatever slums are provided to them. They will be happy to hand over more and more of their money than the previous slaves did. They will gladly fill more government coffers, work for no benefits, no vacations, no pension, no 401K and won’t make any noises about some Constitution or Bill or Rights, and these endless wars and endless war-mongering.

          The only thing left is to wipe out the parasitic government and stop all immigration into this country. Period.

      32. Last fire season in Ca, a bunch of people made food for the firefighters. Took it to the camp where it was graciously accepted, then summarily tossed in the dumpster…I doubt there is any risk from the food. I have been to many large events where home cooked food is served..never heard of there being a problem..

      33. Old Guy, you make a lot of good points. Every time I see homeless anywhere I just pass them right on by. I don’t give them a damn thing. You never know for sure if you’re supporting a drug habit, drinking habit, or some retarded moron. I don’t know how they ended up like they did and don’t care. that ‘great culling’ is coming no matter what.

        • Yup, if they held up a sign that says I NEED A BEER! I would definately hand them a five spot lol 😛

        • I was raised to not feed stray dogs unless you wanted to feed them for the rest of their lives. I will take care of me and mine. and if others take care of them and theirs everything will be ok. Ok if it boils down to a SHTF-WROL you better be mentally able to take a hard line. Everything you give others could potentelly be taking away from those you have the actual responsibility of providing for.

          • And with civil forfeiture the state can take anything you never really owned anyway. So much for private property, the cornerstone of our society — the Rule of Law that no longer exists.

          • I’ll die a human being rather than live as an animal.

      34. Let’s recognize the REAL issue here: all those who legislated and authorized the raiding of this Chef’s home who was feeding the homeless SERVE SATAN, the Destroyer of ALL Human Life, the one who HATES ALL humans, be it through hijacked vaccines, genetically modified food, illicit drugs like opiates, or chemtrailed skies/air.

        Such an attack on the homeless, like the others I just mentioned, is an attack on ME, and an attack on YOU.

        Don’t kid yourself otherwise. Once they can attack and eliminate the homeLESS, they will come for YOU!

        Attacks on ANY human LIFE must be REPELLED by GUTSY legislators, ministers, and the rest of the populace by DEFYING any UNJUST law!

        Raiding this Chef’s home is yet ANOTHER way of KILLING people, and it’s part of their aforementioned war, and it’s purposefully, deliberately systematic!


        We DO remember THAT Commandment, right?

        Therefore, we must stand AGAINST ANY attack on LIVELINESS, that is, on life itself!

        So let’s stand WITH this Chef AND our fellow (homeless) humans and REPEL all those who, whether they know it or not, are carrying out Satan’s plan to annihilate every single human being he can.

        The choice is yours. Speak UP.

        Or, be crushed and bulldozered with the indifferent and the victims.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” Christ

        “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” Louise Ulrich

      35. Wow a holy roller judging me because I judged some cull who cant or wont feed themselves. I believe in Reincarnation. and quite possibly that miserable creature picked and is living the life they now have to atone for wrongdoing in a past life? When they pass from this reincarnation who knows they may be born with a silver spoon? Actually I don’t judge the homeless or druggies ect. I might even feel a bit sorry for them. But I worked for what I have. Ad expect others to do the same or do without. I will not willingly enable anyone. Most types of welfare are enabling and the enabled folks get to actually believing that somehow they are deficient. That they are somehow lacking & inadequate and cannot survive on their own. And those who are doing the enabling often like to perpetuate and reinforce that wrong core concept. The Do Gooder enablers in their way of thinking are somehow elevated above those they enable. And they will continue with the Do Gooding & enabling as long as the recipient’s continue to willingly follow the conditions set forth by the enabler. This is a sick relationship that harms the soul’s of both party’s.

        • Old Guy, I don’t consider myself holy, not at all, and I was not attacking you. If I were, I would have mentioned you by name.

          If you re-read what I wrote, I was stating that the cops’ raid on the Chef was part of a larger effort to snuff out human life– to “kill” any form of “liveliness” or that which builds up human life.

          Nothing less, nothing more. Nothing was written with you or your thoughts in mind.

          – the Lone Ranger

      36. You people at the health department should be ashamed of yourselves going along with this scheme. You have no ethics.

      37. In SC if you feed a stray animal, you own it. Usually there is no problem unless there is a complaint. Then your problems begin with fines from animal control.

      38. While realizing some don’t have the mental capacity to make good decisions? And retardation does exist. Who has the capacity to feed them all? A million tragedies? Or a billion? Our current situation? Survival of the fittest? Or collective dismiss? Take your pick? Hard choises? Or not?

      39. Maybe he wasn’t giving a government employee discount?

      40. I hear the cops even took the chef’s Ginsu knives. Now, that’s just cruel.

        On the other hand, attendance at police auctions stands to get a whole lot more popular — with extra-legal civil forfeiture taking a bigger and bigger bite out of the daily lives of helpless Americans.

      41. Our Boy Trump took civil forfeiture a step farther with his Dec 21 execuitive order. yes we do not actually own anything but our soul.

      42. Centurian! Arrest that robed man feeding the masses with fishes & loaves!

        • Centurian! Arrest that robed man feeding the masses with fishes & loaves! They most certainly did arrest him and after being found guilty by a military Tribunal they nailed him to a cross. He wasn’t a licenced fish monger or licenced baker. and did not belong to the union. See im not always serious. I can make a joke?

      43. Anything taken by the police usually takes legal action to regain (especially guns). It would be interesting to see what happens to the cooking equipment. Perhaps an audit?

      44. Many people are only a paycheck away from being homeless. Life in America, 2018.

        • Many people are only a paycheck away from being homeless. Life in America, 2018. That may be true. But for many its their own durn fault. They purchased a big debt and gambled that they could pay for it or they could later sell at a huge profit. They never saved for a rainy day. always spent more than they earned. took vacations. bought luxury items. they simply do not know how to live poor and do without. Its not my fault, Not my problem, and They certainly should not be bailed out. Bailing them out is rewarding poor decisions.

          • Old Guy

            You know that many people to know their individual situation?

            Think eviscerating manufacturing shipping it to the 3rd world might have something to do with it? Going from a livable wage to minimum at best, couple of kids, newsflash, its not Ozzie and Harriet 1960.

            • Well Kevin there are shit piles of illegals who come here and manage to find work. I find it strange that in what is the new normal preppers here are advocates of feeding the have nots. Yet when the Proverbal SHTF happens they advocate using firepower to protect every can of beans they have hoarded from those too stupid or too lazy to prep. At least Im consistiant. These homeless & hungry folks in question. Apparently for whatever reason are homeless & hungry because they where too stupid or lazy to prep. Like it or not at present they are Parasite culls. Just the same as the anticipated hungry hordes that will be Hungry and homeless in the Aftermath of the anticipated SHTF collapse we are Prepping for. If one my neighbor’s started feeding and attracting homeless culls to my location I wouldn’t tolerate it today any more than I would in a full blown no holds barred survival of the fittest SHTF.

          • All it takes is the loss of a job (a layoff, a plant closing), and you are tapping into your savings just looking for the next job.

            As most Americans can expect to change careers — get let-go, fired, out-sourced, laid off, butt-sized, down-sized, from their last job (you name it) — on of average of seven (7) SEVEN times during their working career, it is unavoidable that their savings will have taken repeated hits just before they commence their last career change — homelessness.

            “Old Guy.” You keep blaming the victim. You have to stop this. All you are doing is echoing Hillary Clinton and her “despicable” and “deplorable” shtick.

            • the blame-e, You are so correct most people truly are a paycheck or two away from being homeless. I live in
              in central Arizona, and in the crash of 08 moved to Colorado to keep working.It was horrible here, many business’s went under no jobs terrible situation. I found a decent job in Colorado very quickly, and me @ my late wife got by well enough. But we never really liked living in Colorado Springs, we missed Arizona.Then it seemed like it was altercation after altercation with the savages…Some kids went around our block, shooting all the windows out of everybody’s cars.A couple gangbangers popped a few rounds off in MY YARD at 430 am one morning…I was half awake, as I get up early….I grabbed my Beretta on the nightstand,ran out and popped a few back at them as they were running down the street. Had they shot into my house or hit my wife, I would have killed them.But even half awake, I could see they were just dumb kids. Frantically looking for the two shell casings at 430am in my underwear,I realized city life wasen’t for me and even a depression was better than living there. So we moved back to Arizona and small town life.Things went ok for awhile, but again I found myself having trouble finding jobs painting. I’ve worked for myself most of my life. We gave up our nice rental home and put our belongings in storage while we still had money and camped in the Mazatazal mountain range foothills. It was actually fun for a week or so, then it proceeded to rain non stop for two weeks turning our campsite into a quagmire.I was 47 at the time, she was 57 and I thought, I’ve worked WAY to hard my entire life to end up like this. Very humbling.She had health problems anyway,she got very sick and cried one night..asked, what did we ever do to deserve this? It just couldn’t get any worse! I told her, well, what if we didn’t even have this van to live in? A day or two later she was in bad shape, I knew I had to get her out of the cold and rain. I went to a small hotel in the middle of nowhere, spent most of the last of our money to rent a room for a week. Figured, at least maybe she will shake this cold. The next morning I get a call from a friend, needing help with a big job. Off to work I went. When I got back, she had gotten a job at the hotel cleaning rooms(sick even), which made her an employee and the room became 1/2 price. When the owners found out I was a painter, carpenter, ect. they gave me all kinds of work…it paid off the room always. We lived there six months, and I only payed rent twice..the first week, then once when I needed a break for a week. After all, now I had full time work and worked for them evenings and weekends. We stayed there six months, and I left with thousands saved and them paying my final wages for the work I had done. I always bid the work by the job, never by the hour. That was five years ago, and things work wise are great. I’m much better connected now than I was then, work for myself and never seem to run out. I do a top notch job, people seek me out I don’t even have to advertise.But I will never forget being homeless for a month, and the lessons it taught me.I save money like a miser now. I take nothing for granted, and am grateful for all I have. And if the economy falls apart again, I won’t leave this place…I’ll go deep into the forest and ride it out. In 08 on the way to Colorado I saw entire family’s, nicely dressed, walking down the highway carrying suitcases looking bewildered. I wasn’t the only one who had a hard time then. This whole country is built on a house of cards, and ready to implode ! May you all fare well.

          • Old Guy: “They certainly should not be bailed out. Bailing them out is rewarding poor decisions.”

            Funny, but we heard the same thing back during the Crash of ’08-’09 when then Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulson, said how there would be “rioting in the streets” and “Martial Law,” if the banks were not bailed out.

            Where were you then?

            • Where was I? I was saying no bail out let it collapse. Better to let it adjust back then than to wait and keep throwing goob money after bad. And the stock market at this vey moment is deflating. The balloon is shrinking. I consistantly take a hard line I do not tolerate Tresspassers and thieves. Don’t approve of enabling parasites. The reason behind why they are hungry & homeless Parasites is of no importance too me. I don’t care. If you do not work you do not eat. They should be rounded up and put to work. Make them pick up the litter clean the streets ect. Heck we have Debetors Prisons. Lots of people are jailed and forced to labor to pay fines or child Support. Do the same with homeless vagrants. Not all of Hitlers ideas where bad ones.

      45. he was doing it in a manner which they disapproved.

        I am thinking that his NEIGHBORS turned him in-maybe they did not appreciate people they did not know loitering around their children. This guy was pretty inconsiderate of his neighbors-

        • Yes I would say his neighbors are relieved that he is no longer attracting & feeding strays.

      46. Any revolution should start with city halls. We need to stop letting psychopaths get into office. Since it is a non paid job only control freaks want it. This is what you get for free.

      47. Well Trump is not accepting the presidential salary. He is doing it for free?

      48. Ok This guy was breaking a law. and they did haave a proper warrant. Our opinion of if the law was just or not is not revelant at the moment. The reason for such laws Goes way back to the time of Thypoid Mary. She wouldn’t quit nursing and spreading disease. They had to isolate her from the public by force. Now about prepping Today I went and cut a load of firewood. I have plenty cut. And its cold just above freezing. And I would of rather stayed inside doing nothing. But its about being productive. You can bet all those homeless do is stand around waiting for the daily handout. I would bet noneof them would plant a seed or help in a community garden. Probably very few would even help the guy in question wash dishes. I think in the 50,s they glamorized that do nuthin lifestyle by calling them Beat Kick’s on a show called Dobie Gillis ?

      49. How is that not fascism and tyranny?

      50. Who said we have a perfect government. All goverments are Facisist and tyrannical. Your local HOA can be Tryannical. But that is what the lions share of HOA members want. This guy was behaving in a manner that was at odds with the society where he was doing so. And now he faced the wrath that came as a result of his activity being a do gooder nuisance and attracting low lifes to where they weren’t wanted. He gets no sympathy from me. I would have burnt his house down.

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